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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 4, 2007 on GH
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Monday, June 4, 2007

Kate goes to Sonny's to bring an insurance estimate and gets drenched by the sprinklers. As Sonny tries to talk her into taking a shower, Det. Rodriguez shows up to question Sonny about conspiring to commit murder. Kate doesn't realize at first what Cruz is there for and believes it is to question them about the statue and the damage to her home. When Kate becomes belligerent, the officer tries to control her and she hits him, thus causing her arrest for assaulting a police officer. While at the station, she tries to talk Ric into letting her and Sonny go. After some time, Ric agrees to let Sonny go but tells Kate she will be held until bail is set.

Jerry searches through the lab at the police station for his DNA samples. Coop comes in and Jerry holds a gun on him. Coop tells him he doesn't know where the samples are. Jerry threatens him and says that if he goes down, he is taking Coop with him. Meanwhile, Georgie and Maxie have breakfast at Kelly's and Maxie talks to Georgie about her relationship with Coop. Georgie suggests to Maxie to find something to do with her life.

Lucky shows up at the coffeehouse to arrest Jason. Liz is there and Jason is holding Jake. Lucky tells Jason to give Jake to Liz and then he asks Liz to leave. She tries to talk Lucky out of arresting Jason, asking for him to allow Jason to turn himself in. Lucky insists he cannot do that and takes Jason down to the station. Once there, Ric tells Jason he has strong evidence against him, proving that he killed Alcazar. As Lucky leaves the holding room, he drops something.

Spinelli visits Lulu who tells him that she will not date him or anyone else. She confides in him about her father raping her mother and says that she doesn't want to be loved. Spinelli respects her wishes and tells her that he would like to remain her close friend. Afterwards, they go to the coffeehouse so that Lulu can talk to Milo and Spinelli can see Jason. Logan tells them that Jason has been arrested. He and Spinelli exchange words and then Logan hits Spinelli. When Spinelli falls to the floor, Logan grabs Lulu and kisses her.

Carly tells Jax that as soon as the DNA results come in, Jerry will go to jail. She says that Jerry will betray him just as he betrayed Arina. Jax doesn't believe the story Carly tells him about Jerry and Arina, but Jerry shows up and corroborates what Carly has already told him. Jerry then informs Carly that Jason was arrested. When Carly leaves, Jerry tells Jax about everything that happened with Nikolas after the hostage crisis then tells Jax that he is leaving town for good. Later, Jax visits Jerry in his hotel room and hands him a piece of paper with the DNA results that will be furnished to the police. It proves that Jerry and Mr. Craig are not the same person. Jax tells Jerry that he has the real samples and that if Jerry ever threatens anyone he loves again, he will give those results to Ric.

Ric visits with Skye and tells her about the flash drive. He tries to make a deal with her. She does not agree to anything and goes to see Jason. Unbeknownst to her, he has already been arrested and Logan informs her of this.

Lucky returns home to a very angry Liz. She doesn't understand why he had to be the one to arrest Jason, after everything he has done for them. Jason is seen in the holding room and Coop offers Jason a chance to make his phone call. As he prepares to leave the room, Jason picks up what Lucky had dropped earlier. It is a picture of Liz and Jake.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday June 5, 2007

Liz accuses Lucky of wanting to arrest Jason in front of her and the baby. Lucky justifies his actions, but Liz is not impressed. She tells him that Jason may hold Jake whenever he wants, and Lucky tells her that unless she plans to attend visiting day at Pentonville prison, there's a good chance Jason may never hold their son again.

Jax tells Jerry that if Jerry threatens one more person he cares about, he will turn him in. Jerry tells Jax that he regrets ruining their bond.

At Ric's office, Carly is furious to see Sonny with Kate while Jason is at the police station facing a murder charge. Kate wonders if Carly is really upset over Sonny's apparent abandonment of Jason, or if she is mad because Sonny is paying attention to her.

Distraught over being grabbed and kissed by Logan, Lulu threatens him holding a broken glass bottle. Cooper walks in and breaks it up and Spinelli takes Lulu away. At the penthouse, Spinelli tries to calm Lulu. She realizes that she overreacted to Logan's kiss, as she vows to not be a victim like her mother. Spinelli senses something and asks Lulu if she is attracted to Logan. She denies it, but asks him to let it go of seeking vengeance against Logan.

Emily stops by to see Liz, and Liz tells her that Jason was arrested for murder by Lucky. Emily defends Lucky's actions as being part of his job. She senses that Liz is still in love with Jason, and suggests that is why she is mad at Lucky. She tells Liz that she is not being fair to anyone. Liz acknowledges that she is committed to Lucky and they are a family. Later, Lucky comes home with flowers, and they apologize to each other.

Two men approach Maxie at the Metro Court and offer her money for Jerry's room number. In the meantime, Lady Jane stops by to see Jerry. She apologizes for initially pushing him to see Jax. She tells him that Jax should not pay for Jerry's mistakes, and asks Jerry to leave and never come back. He asks her if it's worse to refuse a promise to one's mother, or to break that promise later on. Lady Jane storms off.

At the Metro Court, Jax tells Carly that he found a way to exonerate Jerry. She will accept him helping Jerry as long as he does not question her helping Jason.

Alone in Ric's office, Kate notices Carly and Sonny's combative relationship. Ric comes back to take her for a mug shot and fingerprints. Sonny talks Ric out of pressing charges by suggesting the publicity nightmare that could come from it. Back at Sonny's house, Sonny notices how ungrateful Kate appears. He observes that in becoming high society, Connie/Kate lost her manners.

Lulu goes back to the Coffee house and thanks Cooper for his assistance with Logan. He acknowledges that Logan has a lot of anger, but does not excuse his actions towards Lulu. Lulu notes Cooper's kindness, and wonders what he sees in Maxie. She apologizes, and Cooper insists there is another side to Maxie. She warns him not to get hurt. In the meantime, Maxie is furious to see the two of them talking. She goes to Logan and tells him to put the moves on Lulu. He tells her that if he is able to get Lulu to sleep with him, he expects Maxie to do the same. She is reluctant at first, but gives in under the condition that Cooper not find out.

Carly goes to Craig's rooms and asks if he murdered Alcazar. He questions her devotion to Jason and questions if she has the same loyalty for his brother. Jerry tells her that he does not trust her with his brother, and threatens her is she ever hurts Jax.

Jax tells Lady Jane that Jerry is cleared of any wrongdoing. She cannot believe that Jerry has abandoned everything that used to be important to him. She tells him that he has too much to live for, and that he needs to make his own family a priority over Jerry.

The two men show up at Jerry's room and demand their money. He tells them that Alcazar has the money. They decide he is expendable, and start to shoot him. He is able to strike back, and makes his escape by jumping out the window.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Jax tells Lady Jane about Jerry disappearing and the window in his room being broken. Lady Jane isn't concerned and tells him it was probably staged. She tells Jax to go on with his life. Ric shows up and asks to see Jerry. Jax explains what happened, which Ric thinks is suspicious. He indicates that he wants to have forensics take a look in his room. Later, after Ric leaves, Alexis shows up and Jax tells her what happened. He wants her to make sure Ric can't investigate the room. He tells a guard to not let anyone in, warrant or not.

Meanwhile, Carly manages to bribe the guards with food from the hotel in order to bring breakfast to Jason. She asks him if he and Sonny killed Jerry. He says that they did not, and she starts brainstorming on how to get Jason out of jail. She wants to try to get a favor from Lucky. After all, he owes Jason a favor for saving Liz and the baby. Jason wants to leave Lucky out of it. He doesn't want Carly doing anything crazy. Ric shows up and interrogates Carly about the argument she had with Alcazar before his death. She says they weren't arguing, and she was just asking about Mr. Craig. He asks her if that was before or after she found out Mr. Craig was Jerry. Carly says that DNA proved they are not the same person. Besides, there's no body. Alcazar could just be hiding. She says maybe Ric is just railroading Jason. He says he has something better than a body. Spinelli shows up next, asking to speak with Jason. They give him 15 minutes. Spinelli tries to tell Jason that he put a virus in the system that will bust him loose. Jason tells him to stay out of it and delete the virus. Ric comes in and threatens Spinelli. He wants to interrogate him about Alcazar's murder. If Spinelli doesn't tell him everything he knows, he could be charged as an accessory. Carly goes back to the hotel to talk to Jax. She tells him that Jason and Sonny didn't murder his brother. They start to argue over who is worse, Jason or Jerry. Jax tells her that Carly does for Jason what he does for Jerry.

Liz and Lucky talk about Cameron, who is sick. Lucky wants Cameron to stay away from Jake, but Liz says it is just a cold. Emily offers to watch him so Liz can go to the courthouse, but she refuses the help.

Milo and Spinelli talk about Lulu and how they need to support her right now. Georgie decides to intercede and offers to track down Lulu. She finds her and tells her about Milo and Spinelli wanting to support her at the courthouse. Lulu tells her that last year she was horrible to Georgie. Georgie says that was in the past and she has friends to support her now. Lulu decides that the boys should not accompany her to the courthouse. Before Georgie can get back to the boys to tell them about the decision, Coop and Logan enter. Spinelli tells Milo how Logan attacked Lulu and Milo grabs Logan and threatens him. Coop breaks the two up and tells them they are overreacting. Georgie talks to Maxie and tells her that she feels sorry for Lulu. Maxie is surprised that Georgie isn't still holding a grudge. When Georgie leaves, Maxie tells Logan that now is the time to act on Lulu. Logan wants to make sure they still have a deal and Maxie assures him that they do. Logan calls her mean and Maxie says he is a jerk for making a deal to sleep with his best friend's girl. Interrupting the conversation, Coop calls out to Maxie.

Meanwhile at the courthouse, Scott and Nikolas argue. Nikolas wants the whole situation over with, but Scott says not until you sign over Laura to him. Nikolas says Scott is doing this for revenge. Nikolas tries to pay Scott to leave him alone, but Scott doesn't take the offer. Alexis comes in and breaks up the argument. Scott goes and threatens Luke and Tracy and tells him that the judge realizes Luke is a danger to Laura. He says he's just trying to protect Laura, but Tracy tells him he can't cure her with a kiss. Lulu shows up and defends her dad. She says she will stand by her father. Scott tells her that her mother did the same thing and look what happened to her. Alexis warns Luke, Nikolas and Lucky that they all need to act calmly even if the judge rules against them. They shouldn't do anything that will affect an appeal. Lulu wants to know why they are acting like they lost already. Luke admits that the law rarely has anything to do with justice. He thanks Nikolas for everything he has done for Laura. The judge enters and says he has made a decision. Scott is to be Laura's new guardian.

Robin and Patrick talk about Jason. They both think that maybe Jason is the reason why Robin is so protective of her own heart. Robin and Jason both loved and trusted each other completely before they broke each other's hearts. She reminisces about how she had a crush on Jason in high school. They helped each other through Jason's accident and Stone's illness. Eventually, they fell in love. She was the one that introduced Jason to Sonny. She regrets that and wishes he had chosen a different path. He asks if she still carries a torch for Jason, but she replies that the only one she carries a torch for is him.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Everyone in the courtroom is shocked when the judge rules in Scott's favor by rewarding him guardianship over Laura. Alexis strongly questions the judge's ruling by arguing that there is no evidence to suggest that Laura was not in her right mind when she made her decision to make her son Nikolas her guardian. The judge questions Laura's judgment in the past and feels that Scott has Laura's best interests. Scott approaches Alexis and everyone after the hearing and tells Lucky and Lulu that he isn't against them seeing their mother whenever they want. Lulu tells Scott off and lets him know that her mother would hate him for doing this. Luke also tells him off as well. Bobbie tries to make Luke feel better by telling him that this isn't over and that Alexis is going to fight hard to appeal it. Alexis tells him she is going to do just that and win next time. Tracy leaves to go home as well as the others, leaving just Lulu and Luke alone out in the hallway. Lulu tells him that she believes that Laura loved him very much and she has accepted that Laura forgave him and is willing to put the past behind them. Tracy goes home and finds Alan sitting in his favorite chair like he was waiting for her to come home. Tracy isn't in the mood for him to haunt her right now but he refuses to go away. Tracy tells him that the rape was a horrible thing to have happened but she has never wanted to bring it up to Luke. Luke comes home and she can tell by the look on his face that he isn't going to be staying long and asks him when he is leaving her. Luke tells her that he has always managed to one up Scott and he will do it again. Tracy agrees to help him again in trying to kidnap Laura from wherever she is staying and move her somewhere else. Luke thanks her for her help but doesn't know exactly where he is going to place Laura right now. He kisses Tracy and tells her he doesn't know what he would do without her in his life. Meanwhile, Scott shows up at Kelly's to get a cup of coffee. Logan is sitting at a table with Maxie discussing their deal. Maxie agrees to sleep with him if he agrees to seduce Lulu to keep her away from Cooper. Logan sees Scott bragging to Mike about how he won guardianship of Laura. Logan gets in his face and tells him off for hurting Lulu and her family that way when he doesn't even love Laura and never did. Scott is bothered by his remarks and tells Logan that he does love Laura and always will. Logan points out that he could go to the press and tell them that Scott was the one who really killed Rick Webber. Scott tells him he has no evidence to prove that. Logan thinks the press would still report it and it could keep him from keeping guardianship of Laura. Scott takes off with his coffee. Maxie doesn't understand why Logan seems to hate Scott so much and why he cares what happened to Lulu. Logan doesn't give her an answer. Lulu shows up at Kelly's but sits outside at one of the tables. Maxie watches her and tells Logan to try to work his magic and seduce Lulu. Logan goes outside and sits at Lulu's table and asks her how she is doing. She tells him she isn't good company right now. Logan tells her how he confronted Scott earlier and offers to punch Scott for her also if she wants him to. Lulu tells him he will go to jail if he hurts Scott. Logan offers her comfort and she lets him hold her hands. Maxie watches and is pleased her plan is working.

Carly voices her concerns to Jax about Jerry sucking him back into helping him again and worries that Jax will get himself in real deep trouble this time if he goes off to help his brother this time. Jax tries to reassure her that he will not let that happen and that she and his kids are his top priority and he won't let Jerry get between their marriage again. Meanwhile, Kate Howard a.k.a. "Connie Falconerri" shows up at Sonny's office. She drops a plastic bag onto his desk. He asks her what it is. She tells him it is her dead koi fish inside the bag and accuses his sons of harpooning her koi from her backyard. Sonny offers to pay for the dead koi and promises also to talk to his sons and tell them not to trespass on her property. Kate/Connie doesn't like how Sonny reacted to her news about his sons' behaviors and thinks he should be more remorseful than that. Sonny thinks that she is acting like someone she isn't by trying to impress others with her image and thinks she needs to get a sense of humor like she had when they were young. Kate storms off after telling Sonny that his sons take after him more than they do Carly. She heads to the hotel and finds Jax there. Jax greets her like he knows her and the two of them talk about how they spent time together in New York and had a disastrous date together once. Kate tells Jax about her run-ins with Carly and how Carly seems to have hated her guts on first sight. She tells him that she was hoping he would help her smooth things out with Carly so she doesn't have to sue her. Jax defends his stepsons as good kids but doesn't seem to take much offense at her experiences with them after she explains what has happened to her koi fish. Carly shows up and overhears Kate and Jax talking and laughing and she gets very angry. She tells Kate to go after Sonny if she wants to but to stay away from her husband.

Ric tries to intimidate Spinelli by threatening to arrest on charges of conspiracy for his helping Jason kill Alcazar. He demands that Spinelli tell him everything he knows about Alcazar's murder. He takes a tape recorder out to get his statement. Jason tries to warn Spinelli with his eyes not to say anything incriminating. Spinelli agrees to tell all, which scares Jason. Spinelli starts talking gibberish again which angers Ric. Ric demands that Spinelli hand over his personal laptop computer and plans to get a warrant to search Jason's place to get any other computer device that belongs to Spinelli to search it for information on Jason. Ric storms off leaving Spinelli alone with Jason. Spinelli smiles and assures Jason that the laptop he just gave Ric was not his real one but a decoy and that he only pretended to be upset about giving it to Ric so he wouldn't think it was fake. He tells Jason that there is nothing at home that can incriminate Jason or reveal he is baby Jake's biological father. Jason is noticeably relieved. Liz shows up to see Jason while Spinelli is there. The uniformed cop on guard informs Jason that he can only have one visitor at a time. Spinelli leaves when he sees Liz waiting to see Jason. Jason asks her why she came to see him. She tells him that she is sorry he got arrested and she wanted to make sure he was o.k. They talk about their son. Jason tells her that it is probably better this way since he wouldn't want what is happening to him touch Jake's life like this and he is happy he made the decision to let Lucky be the father to his son. Lucky returns to his desk and the uniformed cop tells him that Liz just showed up to see Jason. Lucky comes into the visitor's room to ask Liz what she is doing there. She tells him she came to see if he was alright. Lucky isn't pleased to see her there and tells her to go home. Jason thanks her for coming. Liz gets angry with Lucky and tells him off after they leave the room together. Lucky runs off after her. He catches up to her and confronts her about why she went to see Jason when she told him she couldn't come to the hearing with him because she had to watch their sons. Liz tells him that her grandmother got off work early and offered to watch them so she could go see how Jason was. She tells Lucky that she expected him to at least understand that and feel some sympathy for what Jason is going through after all that he has for them. Lucky tells her that he would have liked it if she had been with him at the hearing instead since Scott won guardianship and he could have used her support then. Lucky storms off and Liz realizes what she has done. Meanwhile, Sam and Amelia talk on the plane on the way home from a two day television shoot in New York City. Sam tells Amelia that she wants to talk to her obstetrician about trying to have a baby with Jason through a surrogate. She goes to the hospital and talks to Dr. Lee. She informs Sam that the tests she got back on Sam came back as inconclusive. Sam doesn't know what that means. Dr. Lee is about to explain things when Ric shows up and approaches them. He asks Sam what she is doing here and applauds her for choosing to stay away from Jason to promote her television career. She asks him what he is talking about. Ric enjoys telling her about Jason's arrest for Alcazar's murder when he realizes she doesn't know because Jason never called her. She thanks Dr. Lee for her time but she has to go see Jason. She shows up to see Jason just as the guard is bringing him back to his cell. She asks to see Jason. The guard tells her that he will let her see Jason since he and his wife are big fans of her new show. Sam hugs Jason and asks him if he is o.k. She tells him that Ric told her about his arrest. Later, Amelia shows up at Sonny's office before he gets there. She is talking on her cell-phone with her assistant, who informs her that Sam once was involved in a car-jacking incident in her past. Sonny walks in and asks what she is doing there. Amelia tucks all her pictures of Sam and the information she has on her back in the folder quickly so Sonny won't see it. She takes off her shoes and tells him she has all this pent-up energy she doesn't know what to do with. Sonny gets the hint that she wants them to have sex in his office again. After they have sex and get dressed again, Sonny sees the folder on the floor and picks it up. Some of the pages fall out while he is picking it up and he sees the pictures of Sam and some information on her. He asks her why she had information like this on Sam. Amelia is speechless.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Liz and Lucky talk about their fight over Jason. Lucky says he was just upset over Scott Baldwin and the trial. He understands that she is very appreciative to Jason for saving their son. She accepts his apology and he leaves. After Spinelli helps Mike fix the blender, Cameron gets a smoothie. Meanwhile, Logan, Lulu, and Spinelli all make up.

Luke and Tracy discuss how to get Laura away from Scott. They decide that Spinelli is their best option in tracking her down. They warn Lulu that her father is attempting to try to find Laura and hide her. She goes to Spinelli and asks for his help in finding her mother. Spinelli gets to work and finds Laura at Roselawn quickly. They go and tell Luke the news, while Scott brings flowers to Laura. He tells her she will be packed up and gone in just a few hours. Meanwhile at Kelly's, Cameron spills his shake and Spinelli goes over and greets "small stone cold one", Jake. Lucky walks in just at that moment and asks why he is obsessed with his son.

Carly tries to tell Kate off but doesn't succeed. Jax decides to "comp" her room and give it to her for free. Kate tells Carly that she is embarrassing herself and Jax. After she leaves, Carly questions Jax and asks him if she embarrasses him. He says no, so she wants to know why he didn't stand up for her. Jax is confused as to why she has it in for Kate. Could it be because of Sonny? Carly says Sonny can date whomever he wants, but she wants her kids left out of it. She leaves and goes over to Sonny's and tells Milo to deliver Sonny the message that her decorating project is done. Meanwhile, Sonny talks to Amelia and finds out that her father was killed by Sam. He hears how Sam used people and then walked away. She used Jax until the relationship soured and then went on to find her next mark, him. Sonny decides he needs to give this information to Jason and heads to the police station. Amelia meets up with Sam who has just come from visiting Jason. Their visit did not go well. She's upset that he didn't call her and tell her about the arrest. Jason didn't feel she could do anything about it, though. Ric also came in and tried to goad them all into a fight by mentioning how they slept together last summer. Jason doesn't fall for it, though, but Sam still leaves upset. Amelia tells her maybe it's because Jason kept the baby a secret from her. Now it's Jason, Liz, and Sam. She feels like she is moving further and further away from Jason. Jason, though, is skeptical of the information Sonny provides to him and decides he's going to call Sam. He's unable to get through to her, though. Amelia tells him she will fill him in.

Alexis, after having overheard the conversation between Ric, Jason, and Sam, decides to visit her friend, Jax, at the Metro Court. Jax introduces her to Kate and the two seem to hit it off nicely. Kate tells Alexis that she just moved in next to Sonny and Alexis apologizes for her neighbor. When Kate leaves, she goes home to find a horrendous statue. She takes it back over to Sonny's house and says she's there to drop the statue through his roof. It's so horrendous she wouldn't be surprised if his decorator is his ex-wife!

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