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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 3, 2007 on GH
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Monday, December 3, 2007

A hidden Jason listens as Liz tells Lucky that Jake would be safer if he kept pretending to be the boy's father. Liz and Jason later meet up at the barn to discuss Jake. Although Jason wants a future with Liz and their child, he agrees to stay out of Jake's life.

Standing up to Trevor's threats, Sonny delivers a few of his own. Meanwhile, Lulu asks why Johnny hasn't left the house he despised, but he doesn't reveal that Trevor is forcing him to run his father's business. Later, Sonny offers to bankroll Johnny if he moves away for good and cuts all ties with Trevor. Too proud to back down, a defiant Johnny tells Sonny that he's in charge now.

Nikolas is haunted by the fact that he may have killed Emily. Meanwhile, Patrick tries to make a compromise with Robin. But in the end, she sadly rejects his offer.

Carly assures Jax that she's not placing herself in danger. However, she doesn't reveal the secret she's keeping. Worried that Carly is still in jeopardy, Jax wants to take her and the boys to Hawaii for a vacation.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Nikolas sees Emily at General Hospital. He is surprised to see her there, but she says this is where she wanted to be. She always loved being at the hospital. Epiphany asks Nikolas if she can help him. He tells her that he has an appointment with Patrick. Epiphany mentions how hard this must be for him. She tells him that Emily will be missed. Emily smiles and tells Nikolas that it was sweet for Epiphany to say those things. Nikolas tells her that he knows why she is there. She is there because he has an appointment with a specialist in Zurich.

Sonny tells Johnny that he hopes he hasn't changed his mind. Before, he was ready to put a bullet in his own father's head. He can't believe he's back in the house he was running from before his father was locked away. Sonny tries to warn him that Trevor is just trying to use Johnny. He tells him he needs to cut him loose. They will both benefit. Johnny doesn't appear interested in listening to Sonny's advice, though.

Kate warns Trevor not to threaten her. He tells her that he's not threatening her. He's just offering her protection. She could still have the life she used to have. She tells him that she isn't interested in her past life. Trevor tells Kate that the magazine she is talking with Jax about pales in comparison to her past life. She deserves so much more, but without him, she will never have it.

Trevor leaves and runs into Alexis. He is glad she is ok. She tells him that Ric is ok, too. He knows. He checked on his son, but he did not visit him. He knows they will never be a part of each other's life. He would like to be a part of Molly's life, though. They had a deal. Alexis says no. What she has heard of him, she doesn't want Molly to have anything to do with Trevor. She will get a restraining order, if necessary.

Trevor is mad when he finds out that Johnny met with Sonny. Johnny tells him that Sonny offered to bankroll him. That would have left Trevor hanging out to dry. Johnny says that his father left the business to him, and he intends to run it himself.

Jason tells Liz that Jake would be safer if he were not a part of his son's life. Liz says that is exactly why Jake couldn't have a better father than him.

Kate and Liz bump into each other in the hospital. Kate asks Liz if she's ok. She says yes, then no. Liz warns her not to get involved with Sonny if she can't take the danger. Get out before it's too late and your heart falls so deeply in love that you belong to him and you can't be together. At home, Kate talks on the phone until Sonny comes in with pasta. He wants to help her relax. She tells him to get out of her house. She set boundaries, and he's not abiding by her rules. He thought she would be tired after community service. He tries to charm her, but she is still mad at him. He comes over to her and kisses her. He reminds her that 2 out of 3 women were strangled because they were connected to him. He intends to protect her. She thanks him, but she says that she can roast her own chicken. He finally relents and leaves.

Liz talks to Robin about how she can't believe what her life has become. Kelly comes over and they all discuss having a girl's night out. Emily would have wanted them to do that.

Lucky tells Sam that he told Liz he would continue being Jake's father. Sam is surprised that Liz agreed. Lucky tells her that Liz knows what is best. Cameron and Jake will always be his kids. Sam asks him what is next, and Lucky says that he is going to set up a schedule so the boys can be a part of his life without Liz. He also wants Sam to be a part of the kid's life. He wants them to get to know her. She acts like she doesn't think it's a very good idea. She especially doesn't want to get to know the kids in the home they all shared with Liz. They decide to let the kids get to know Sam at her place.

Sonny goes to Jason's and tells him they have problems with Johnny. He warns Jason that things are going to get ugly. Trevor is using Johnny to hide behind. Johnny is a loose canon, though. He's never been in the business before. He wants to capitalize on Johnny's vulnerabilities before all hell breaks loose. Jason tells him he will tighten security. Spinelli comes home after Sonny leaves and asks if there is any news from seeing Liz. He tells Spinelli that they decided that Lucky would continue to be Jake's father. Spinelli is shocked, but Jason points out all the danger Sonny's kids have been in due to the business. He doesn't want Jake to become like Johnny. Jason tells Spinelli that his work with Sonny is all he knows. It's all he's ever done. He can't back out of that life now. He never thought about his future before. He can't do this to Jake. He tells Spinelli to rethink being in this with him. The longer he's a part of this type of life, the harder it is to get out of it. Spinelli thanks Jason, but he wouldn't want to work anywhere else. Jason accepts his uniqueness. They make a team much like Sonny and Jason. There's a knock at the door. Spinelli leaves and goes to Kelly's. Jason allows Lucky to come in. Lucky tells him that he agreed to continue being Jake's dad on one condition. Jason must stay away from Liz and Jake.

Alexis stops by Sam's house. They talk about how they are worried about Nikolas. Sam noticed he was really calm when she went to see him. They think he is in shock. Alexis is worried that his fits will come back worse, and with the holidays coming things could get bad quickly. She is inviting him to her house for Christmas. She hopes Sam will come, too. Sam says that he hopes she can make it. Alexis asks her if she has a better offer other than being with her family. Sam says that she will see her a lot over the holidays, but if Lucky wants her to spend Christmas Eve with him and the boys then that's where she's going to be.

Epiphany watches Robin, Patrick, and Leyla talk about their patient. When Robin leaves, Patrick asks Leyla out to dinner. She can't believe it. She knows that he is pining for Robin every day. They are going to be professional from now on. She storms off, and Nadine, who witnesses the exchange, goes after her. The two women go to Jake's. Coleman asks if they are there for the dancing on the table competition. They say no. Leyla orders a vodka, straight up. Nadine asks for a beer. Leyla tells Nadine that she never wanted a long term relationship, until she met Patrick. Falling in love wasn't part of the plan. Leyla decides that she doesn't need a man. She needs someone who will treat her better than second best. She will do better than Patrick. Nadine tells her that she doesn't need a doctor. She's going to become a doctor herself. Leyla says she's going to become a better doctor than Patrick. She's glad he's out of her life. Later, Liz, Robin, and Kelly come to Jake's for their night out. They see the sign outside for table dancing and talk about what kind of woman would subject herself to that. They go inside and are shocked to see a drunk Leyla dancing on top of tables with men throwing money at her.

Nikolas stands on the bridge alone, until Emily appears. He is happy to see her. He wants to keep her a secret, though, because everyone will think he is crazy. She tells him there is a lot about this world they don't know. Maybe she is still real. She asks when he had his last blackout. He hasn't had one since she died. She wants him to tell the specialist everything. He may be able to help and make some sense of this. He tells her not to ever let him go, and they kiss.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jason gives Lucky his word that he'll stay away from Liz and Jake. Still hurting over the situation with Jason, Liz has too much to drink at Jake's. When an unwitting Patrick arrives, Liz unleashes her pent up anger on him. As her friends all cheer her on, Liz calls Patrick a coward for refusing to become a father.

As Harper questions Jason about Emily's murder, he says that the police received an anonymous message claiming that Zacchara didn't kill her. Afterwards, Jason warns Johnny that taking over his father's empire is a mistake. However, the troubled Johnny feels he has no other options. In light of his current situation with Jake, Jason empathizes with Johnny's plight. Later, Lucky and Harper inform Trevor that they want to question Johnny about Emily and Leticia's murders. Meanwhile, Scott offers to help Logan get into the police academy. However, Logan stubbornly turns him down.

Making it clear to Jerry that she won't get involved with him, Alexis walks away. After he runs into a drunken Layla, Jerry takes her back to his room with lovemaking on his mind. Unfortunately, his plans come to a screeching halt when his would-be paramour suddenly gets sick. Arriving at Jerry's room, a shocked Alexis finds Leyla in his bed.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Robin, Lainey, and Kelly initiate new nurse Nadine into their ladies' night group at Jake's. Patrick and his fellow surgeon friend, Julian, watch them and overhear them talk about him not wanting to be a father. They discuss what is great and not so great about women. Patrick ends up joining them at their table to confront them about his choice not to be a father. He points out to Kelly that she doesn't want to have children either and that she shouldn't be a hypocrite. She tells him that if she found the right guy and he wanted to be a father she would be willing to negotiate a compromise. Patrick points out to the women that none of them are mothers and they have no idea if they would even like it if they did have children and had to face the reality of being a mother. Robin tells them that she had a dream about being a mother and it felt so real that she realizes that she will probably have the same feeling if she did hold her baby for the first time. Meanwhile, Alexis shows up at Jerry's hotel room to discuss legal matters with him and finds an inebriated Leyla there in his room wearing his shirt. She assumes that he got Leyla drunk and took advantage of her. He tells her he needs her help with Leyla. Alexis tells him off for how he treated Leyla. Jerry tries to defend himself by explaining that it isn't what it looks like and that Leyla threw up all over his floor before they did anything. Alexis talks to Leyla, who pours her heart out about falling for Patrick, who doesn't want her. Leyla ends up falling asleep on the couch while Jerry talks to Alexis. Alexis tells him she came by to tell him that Scott and the police are looking at him as a possible suspect in Emily's murder. Jerry doesn't take it as a serious threat. He questions Alexis about why she felt the need to come to see him in his hotel room in person to tell him something she could have told him over the phone. Alexis tries to deny her attraction to him. Jerry grabs her suddenly and kisses her passionately. Alexis has a definite reaction to his kiss but then tries to cover her reaction by slapping him across the face. She leaves him in a huff. Later, Patrick and Robin talk alone at Jake's. Patrick tells her he wants to find a way for them to be together and make things work. Robin feels that she is being asked to make an impossible choice for herself by having to choose between being a mother and being with him. She tells him again that she can't compromise on being a mother. Patrick gets a call on his cell-phone from Alexis, who tells him that Leyla is in trouble and needs his help right now. Patrick shows up at Jerry's hotel room and picks Leyla up to take her home. Leyla is still pretty drunk and tells Patrick that she is over him and to leave but then she ends up leaning on him anyway. Patrick carries her out of Jerry's room. Robin shows up at the hotel for another reason and sees Patrick escorting Leyla out of the hotel. She wonders if she is making the right decision about Patrick.

Kate finds an intruder in her home and hits him over the head with a glass vase and knocks him out. She calls Sonny up. Sonny shows up to her home with his bodyguards Max and Milo. Nobody recognizes the guy she knocked out as anyone who works for their organization. The man comes to and has a strong French accent. Sonny and the guards question him. Kate recognizes his name and realizes he is her new interior decorator. She apologizes to him for knocking him out because she thought he was an intruder. Sonny isn't willing to accept this guy's explanation for being there so late at night. Sonny asks him if he always comes walking into someone's home in the middle of the night unannounced without permission. The decorator tells them that the terrace doors were wide open so he came in. Kate admits to Sonny that she left them open on purpose. The decorator doesn't like the presence of Sonny and his men around and tells Kate he can't help her decorate her home. Sonny threatens him with physical harm if he doesn't show up and do the job Kate is paying him for. The man smiles and agrees to help Kate after all. Kate is shocked and upset at first with Sonny for threatening him. Milo and Max wait outside and guard the house. Max thinks that Sonny plans to seduce Kate and spend the night but Milo bets him money that Kate will stick to her guns and ask Sonny to leave her house. Sonny tries to use his charm and seduction skills to persuade Kate to let him protect her the way he wants to. Kate lets him seduce her a little but then sticks to her guns and tells Sonny that she will not allow him to run her life and that she is the only one who will control her life and explains that having his bodyguards around her all the time will hurt the career she is trying to reestablish. Sonny has a hard time just letting her do things her way because he is afraid for her life. Kate asks him to leave if he can't do what she asks of him. Sonny leaves her house and Max is forced to pay up to his little brother in their bet.

Lucky and the new detective show up at Zacchara's estate to question Johnny and Trevor about the night of Emily's murder. Trevor acts as Johnny's attorney and tells them that Johnny didn't kill Emily and that he actually saved Carly's life that night. The cops wonder what Trevor is up to and think he is the one who has been controlling things all along. Meanwhile, Johnny and Lulu talk in the park. Lulu doesn't understand why Johnny would want to live the same kind of life his father had since she always thought he hated living there and being around his father's business. Johnny tells her he thinks that is the only life he can have and that he needs to run things. He tells her he went to visit his father. Lulu tells him about her relationship with her own father and how unconventional he is as well. Luke shows up at the park with a bottle of booze in his hand and obviously drunk. He runs into them. Lulu is alarmed that he is out of the hospital and walking around drunk. Luke grabs his chest suddenly and collapses. Lulu is frantic and tells Johnny that they need to get him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Tracy enters Luke's hospital room and thinks Luke is sleeping in his bed. When Luke doesn't respond to her questions she soon realizes he isn't in his bed and that he made up his bed to look like he was there. Tracy goes to find the doctor to tell them what happened. She finds Epiphany and tells her what is going on. Epiphany tells her that Luke was just brought into the E.R. and that they are bringing him back to his room right now. Luke is brought upstairs in a stretcher and brought back to his room. Lulu and Johnny get off of the elevator. Tracy tells Luke off for scaring her like that. Dr. Julian comes into his room. Luke tells him that his threat that he would have another heart attack and die if he tried to leave the hospital didn't work since he is still alive. Julian tells him that the only reason he is still alive was because Lulu and her friend drove him to the hospital right away and that if they didn't he would have died. Lucky comes by to see him when he finds out what happened. Luke tells them that he wants to live his life on his terms and that he doesn't want someone telling him what to do every minute of the day. He is about to tell Lucky and Tracy that he won't have someone "wiping his....." Tracy stops him from finishing that sentence and tells him not to say anything else. Lucky hides his amusement at Luke's choice of words but Luke tells her he was going to say "wipe my nose for me." Lucky talks briefly with Tracy out of Luke's earshot about his condition. Tracy tells him that she doesn't think Luke is actually afraid of dying but that he is afraid he will be left helpless and in need of constant care by everyone. Tracy returns to Luke's bedside. Luke tells her he will have the bypass surgery after all. Meanwhile, Lulu and Johnny talk at the hospital where Trevor and Zacchara's men show up to find him. Trevor interrupts them to talk to Johnny about leaving with them. Johnny doesn't appreciate the interruption and tells them to leave him alone for a few more minutes. Johnny ends up leaving the hospital with them anyway.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Luke opens his eyes and Tracy asks him how he's feeling. He says he's tired of hearing that every time he wakes up. She says she was asking because of all the drinking he did last night. He says he isn't going to apologize. She reminds him that the surgery won't do any good if he keeps up with his old ways. An orderly comes to take him for more tests and Luke says their conversation is finished. After he leaves, Skye stops by to say hello. Tracy tells her that Luke went for tests and may be gone all day. Skye leaves a note for him. When she leaves, Tracy goes over to read the note. It's a note for Tracy, not Luke. Skye wrote about Tracy's insecurities and tells her that she can't keep her from Luke forever. Alan shows up. He tells Tracy that she is acting spoiled. He feels so bad for Monica that she has to endure yet another loss. He thinks Tracy is acting spoiled and warns her that she will regret it. She should cherish the love she has with Luke, rather than think he's going to constantly run off with other women. Tracy says she has long come to terms about him possibly being unfaithful. He's confused and asks why she wanted Skye to leave. Tracy just didn't want Luke to spend his last moments with Skye. Bobbie walks up from behind and asks what Tracy's talking about. Bobbie is concerned because Tracy is talking to an empty room. Luke comes back and interrupts the two women. He hears Bobbie talking about a visitor and wants to know who came to visit him. They convince Tracy to go search for the test results while Bobbie stays to chat with Luke. He tells her not to lecture him, as he's had enough of that already. She tells him she loves him and doesn't want to lose him. Meanwhile, Tracy finds Monica and they talk about Dr. Julian doing the surgery. Luke has had 3 massive heart attacks and if he has one more, he will die. Monica says she is going to scrub in for the surgery, also. Tracy tells her that right now, she doesn't want Monica operating on her husband. She's too vulnerable and Tracy wants the best surgeon possible. Tracy comes back to Luke's room and after Bobbie leaves Tracy finally admits that it was Skye that came to visit Luke. She wouldn't let her stay, because Luke's in no condition to have visitors.

Trevor goes to check on Ric, who is surprised to see his father. He says he doesn't know what he's more surprised about: Sonny donating blood, or Trevor finding a donor. Trevor says he couldn't let him die. He apologizes for the type of father he was, but he admits that they won't be bonding anytime soon. Ric asks him what he wants, and Trevor asks for the murder of Emily to be pinned on Anthony Zacchara and close the case. Ric remembers that Trevor made a similar demand a few months ago. Anthony is the perfect scapegoat. After Trevor leaves, Skye stops by to see Ric. She thinks he should still be taking it easy and not working so hard. He explains that he doesn't want Scott to take over his job. Ric thanks Skye for keeping him alive during the ball. She was there for him. Skye says she's going to use his gratitude to her advantage. Ric says his father is doing the same thing. She wants to help find Emily's killer. Later, Skye is invited to a restaurant with Trevor. She was surprised to get his invitation, and asks if it has anything to do with Ric. Trevor says he will never have the typical father/son relationship with Ric. He wants to make an offer to Skye in regards to the Zacchara's.

Alexis comes to Kate's house where Kate offers her a drink. Kate wants to retain her services. Alexis asks why she doesn't retain Diane, but Kate explains that she can't use Sonny's attorney to sue him. They are at an impasse and she wants to draw up papers so he realizes she is serious.

Alexis leaves and goes to the station where she runs into Lucky. He asks her about Nikolas, and Alexis tells him about Nikolas going to Zurich to see a doctor. They are both happy that he is getting help. Alexis asks how Lucky is holding up, and Lucky says it hurts not having Emily there to talk to. He especially would like to talk to Emily about Liz. He tells Alexis that he and Liz put aside their differences for the boys. The only thing they have in common anymore is the boys.

Sonny asks Jason if there's anymore evidence about Emily's murder. Jason tells him about the text message. Sonny is starting to think that Anthony did not kill Emily. He wants to know who the murderer is that is still out there targeting the women he loves. Sonny thinks this is about him, but Jason isn't so sure. Sonny says he can't take any chances. He needs to find the murderer now. They talk about Kate and how she doesn't want the guards around her. Jason tells Sonny that he had to agree to stay out of Jake's life to protect him. Sonny asks if he should break up with Kate in order to protect her, too. After Jason leaves, Alexis shows up. He tells her not to even mention the guards he has following her. It's not up for debate. Alexis says that his guards are very discreet and she hardly notices them. She's actually there to serve him papers about the wall on Kate's property. Take it down or go to court. When Alexis leaves, Sonny shows the court order to Diane. She thinks Alexis is trying to get back at her for the custody arrangement between Liz and Lucky. Sonny tells her to focus. He doesn't want to lose Kate over this. Diane gets on the phone with the judge until Alexis shows up. The two women bicker back and forth, so Sonny leaves. When Diane finds out that Kate gave Alexis shoes for a retainer, Diane says it has become war.

Jason shows up at Kate's to try to tell her about the possible danger she is in. He tells her that by refusing protection, she is asking to get hurt or killed. She asks if he is trying to scare her out of her relationship. He tells her she should be scared. This is real. She doesn't want to lose her independence. She will hire her own guards. Jason leaves and goes to the police station to be questioned by Detective Harper. Sonny comes by and tells Kate that she hurt Diane's feelings by asking Alexis to draw up the papers. Kate says she's just trying to get him to respect her boundaries. He asks her to just let him protect her.

Georgie gets a text message asking if she has seen her "sis". Maxie comes in shortly later, and Georgie tells her about the message. Maxie is heading to the PCPD to tell them what she knows about the ball and Emily's murder. She thinks Anthony killed Emily, but Georgie isn't so sure. Maxie goes to the police station where she runs into Coop. He asks her why she's there, and Maxie tells him about her statement. She asks how she can get out of there as quickly as possible. Coop tells her the only way to get out of there quickly is to say she knows nothing at all. Just answer the questions that are asked and don't volunteer any information. Detective Harper comes over and thanks Maxie for coming by for questioning. She tells him that she doesn't know much, because she was with her sister all evening except for a few minutes where Anthony had grabbed her. Harper thinks this is suspicious because Coop said the two of them were together the whole night. Coop says he made it perfectly clear that they were not together the entire night. Detective Harper takes Maxie into a private interrogation room. Maxie tells him that there were several times during the night that Coop went to help people. Harper says that means Coop didn't have an alibi for most of the night. While Harper interrogates Maxie, Jason shows up for questioning. Lucky tells him he will question him since Harper is busy. Jason thinks it is a bad idea. Lucky says he is raising Jason's son, surely Jason trusts him to ask a few questions. Jason says Lucky can't be objective. He can't keep his hate about Jason from interfering with finding who killed Emily. Lucky says that Emily's death was Jason's fault. Anthony Zacchara would have never come to town if it weren't for Sonny and Jason's mob. That's why Jason shouldn't be a part of Jake's life. It will make him a target. They turn and see Ric behind them.

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