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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 17, 2008 on GH
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Ric found Marianna at the docks. Randy was lying on the ground, apparently dead. Elsewhere on the docks Carly led Michael away after she told him that he would never be a part of his father's world. Claudia also met Sonny on the docks to exchange Zacchara shipping lanes for her brother Johnny's release. As Trevor's assassin zeroed in on her and pulled the trigger, a bomb, set by Diego Alcazar before he died, exploded on the docks and blew up the cannery warehouse where they were all meeting.

Sonny was the first to regain consciousness after the explosion. He wandered outside. Johnny survived and began calling for Claudia, but found and rescued Michael instead. Jax ran to the burning warehouse. He found Sonny, who was perplexed to learn that Carly and Michael might still be in the burning building. As Jax and Sonny argued about how to conduct a search, Johnny brought Michael out. Michael told Sonny that he and Johnny had looked for Carly but could not find her. Sonny took Michael aside and Michael revealed that he had shot Kate. Sonny told him that he knew and that it was an accident. Sonny assured Michael of his love and told him that nothing could ever change that. Sonny also apologized to Michael for telling him to "run and keep running" if Michael ever disobeyed Sonny and used a gun.

The fire department and police arrived on the scene. Sonny sent Michael away with an EMT. He stayed behind to search for Carly. Mac prevented him from entering the cannery. Sonny answered Mac's questions about who was inside. When Mac told Sonny that his department was responding to reports of shots fired, Sonny responded truthfully that no one in his party had fired a gun or heard gunfire. When Mac turned away, Sonny rushed inside the burning warehouse. Sonny called for Carly, but found Trevor. While Sonny questioned Trevor's motives for being in the warehouse, Johnny snuck up, grabbed the gun of a dead thug, and then pointed it at Trevor and Sonny. The police arrived and Trevor left with them. Johnny played innocent, but continued his search for Claudia while Sonny looked for Carly.

Ric and Mariana escaped unscathed. Randy was not so lucky. Mariana denied killing Randy. She told Ric that Randy demanded that she meet him, but he was already dead when she arrived. Since Randy did not have any visible wounds, Ric told Mariana that the explosion would work in their favor because Randy would be assumed to be a victim of the explosion. Mariana kept professing her innocence, but Ric told her that there was powerful circumstantial evidence that she was guilty. Ric convinced her to let him tamper with the evidence and move the body closer to the origin of the explosion to cover Randy's death. He sent her outside ahead of him, so that if he were caught, she would not be blamed.

Alexis arrived on the scene in her official capacity as DA to assess the scene. She met Jax who was about to enter the warehouse to hunt for Carly. She tried to stop him, but he was adamant that he would not be stopped in his search for Carly, just like he would not be stopped if it were Alexis who were missing. Jax went into the building. Jerry arrived and followed him in with Alexis' blessing.

Robin had a bad moment in the hospital locker room. Patrick noticed that Robin was nauseous from morning sickness. She immediately blamed Patrick for her stress, then ran away gagging and about to vomit. Later at the nurses' station Epiphany gave Robin advice about her morning sickness. Robin seemed to have a chip on her shoulder as she was short-tempered with everyone. When Patrick tried to consult with her, she snapped at him. Before they could get into their usual argument about the baby, Epiphany told Robin that she was needed to look after Michael. She and Michael talked about how she had known him when he was a baby. After Michael was treated, Bobby picked him up.

Lulu arrived at Logan's room and wondered out loud if he was glad to see her or if it was hurting him inside. Lulu shared her heart with Logan and told him how much she wanted him to recover. After she left, his fingers moved. Lulu asked Patrick about Logan's odds for recovery. Patrick gave her hope that Logan would recover. When Lulu heard about the explosion from Robin, she rushed off.

Robin tried to apologize to Patrick for her earlier behavior, but he was curt to her as he left a chart behind for her to study. Robin followed Patrick to the locker room. He told her that he did not want to argue. She told him that she was sorry, because she had realized earlier that shift that she was the biggest hypocrite of all.

Trevor hounded Alexis to find Johnny. He told her that it was a coincidence that he was there at the same time as Sonny and Claudia. Lulu arrived and asked about Carly. Johnny staggered out of the building and Lulu ran to him and they hugged each other. Trevor latched onto Marianna and demanded to know why Ric was still inside. Ric dragged Randy's body closer to the center of the explosion so he could dump it in the water. A hurting Sonny heard a moan under some beams and boards that he assumed was Carly. He struggled to remove the debris, only to discover Claudia, who sat up and asked if Johnny was okay.

A woman with red shoes wandered away from the explosion and entered Jake's. When the camera revealed her face, it was Carly. A seemingly unconcerned Carly shot pool and drank beer in Jake's bar. At the other end of the table, Jason, or a look-a-like, put money on the table. Carly won the right to break.

The camera panned across the burning docks. An unconscious woman was laying in the water. A close-up revealed that it was Carly. She was unconscious and dreaming about the time she first met Jason.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Robin admitted to Patrick she knew better than to lie about her child.

Johnny told Lulu about saving Michael, and he said he looked for Carly but could not find her. He said no one would be looking for Claudia, though, and he had to try to find her. Lulu tried to convince him the police would find Claudia, but Johnny said his family didn't work that way. He had to find his sister.

Sonny thought he was pulling Carly out of the wreckage, but ended up finding Claudia instead. He wasn't very happy and quickly left. Johnny found his injured sister not long after leaving Lulu.

After Alexis ordered the police to make sure Jerry and Jax stayed out of the building, Jerry tried to convince his brother to let the police do their job. When Sonny came out of the building, Alexis gave him the same speech. She then asked him what he had been doing in the building.

An unconscious Carly dreamt about playing pool with Jason. Ric found her floating in the water beneath the piers, and he reached under and pulled her up. He did CPR until the medics arrived. The medics quickly whisked Carly away on a stretcher, but not before Sonny overheard Jax telling the fire department personnel about Carly being two months pregnant. Sonny looked over and saw Ric coming out of the building behind Carly. He realized Ric had saved Carly. A detective briefly interrogated Ric, until Alexis put a stop to it. Sonny came over after Alexis and the detective left and asked Ric what he was doing in the building. Ric tried to tell him the explosion wasn't his fault, but Sonny was hesitant to believe him. Ric said Sonny was just looking for an excuse to continue hating him, but Sonny said he didn't need an excuse. He owed Ric for saving Carly, though. After Sonny left, Marianna walked closer and asked what his conversation with Sonny was about. Ric said it was just a typical conversation with his brother and he had other priorities now. Marianna convinced Ric to go home and let her care for him.

Alexis watched Ric and Marianna's exchange until Jerry asked her if he should be jealous. She reminded him they did not have a relationship, so he had no reason to be jealous. She also told him it was the second-worst time he'd chosen to flirt with her. Alexis revealed to Jerry that she had seen Marianna speaking with Trevor earlier in the night, and worried it could mean bad things for Ric.

Epiphany told Robin that Claudia Zacchara was in one of the emergency rooms, and Robin went in to examine her. Claudia wanted Robin to look at Johnny first, but Johnny insisted that Claudia be the one examined. Robin told Claudia she would need stitches but informed Claudia of her own HIV status before beginning the procedure. Claudia freaked out and said she didn't want Robin treating her. Patrick walked in and told Claudia she needed education on HIV, but Claudia retorted by asking him if he would want to take a chance with his own life or that of someone he cared about by letting her treat them. Patrick announced Robin was carrying his child.

As Carly was being treated at the hospital, Lulu arrived to check in with Jax and get an update on Carly. Lulu reminded Jax that Carly was a fighter, and suddenly Dr. Lee came out to tell them Carly was breathing on her own. There were still battles to fight, but Jax could go in to see Carly shortly. Lulu left to find Johnny, whom Jax said was probably on the 8th floor with his sister. After Lulu was gone, Jax was allowed to see Carly. Dr. Lee told him there was no indication Carly had a miscarriage. Suddenly, Carly's heart rate dropped and she flat-lined. Jax was rushed out of the room. While he waited outside, Sonny came and asked how Carly was doing. Jax told him he was tired of hearing Sonny's excuses, and he wanted Sonny to stay away from his family. Sonny reminded him that it was his family, too. Jax told Sonny to leave. Meanwhile, in Carly's dream, she and Jason finished their game of pool and started to dance. He told her it was time to go back. She kissed him and walked out the door. Back in the hospital, Carly gasped and opened her eyes.

Patrick walked into the locker room to find Robin crying on the bench. Robin commented that although Claudia's comments were ignorant, she was still worried about the risk of HIV to her baby. Patrick reminded Robin their child only had a 2% chance of contracting HIV from her, meaning the child had a 98% chance of not getting the virus. Those were better odds than a surgeon could give. Even if their child would be one of the 2%, the child would have a mother who would teach it how to deal with the virus and ignorant people. Robin told him he picked the perfect moment to be wonderful. He offered to take her home and, after contemplating, she decided to take him up on the offer. He asked her to give him enough time to pull over if her morning sickness was going to rear its ugly head.

Sonny entered Claudia's hospital room and demanded to know who set the bombs. He saw Trevor around the docks afterwards. He asked if Claudia told Trevor about the meeting. Claudia swore she did not, but Johnny interrupted them when he came in and pushed Sonny against the wall with a gun to his head. He threatened and hit Sonny. Their fight moved out into the hall. Lulu was coming around the corner and ducked back behind the wall. She witnessed part of the fight and ran off in shock and disbelief over Johnny's behavior. Johnny, not realizing Lulu was ever there, went back to check on his sister. Claudia told him that Sonny would be out for blood after Johnny humiliated him. Johnny said Sonny had more to lose than Johnny did. They talked about what life was like for them growing up and how Claudia had always told her little brother she would never let anyone hurt him. They share a touching moment as Claudia continued to tell Johnny how the only time she ever felt loved was when Johnny was little and would crawl in bed with her and fall asleep. She hated her parents for making her leave him. Johnny told her he had missed her.

Lulu rushed into Logan's hospital room and wondered if Johnny had split personalities. She asked herself if she should just move on, and suddenly the machines started beeping. Lulu looked over and Logan was awake.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lucky found Sam in the hospital garage looking at Liz's car. He tried to find out if Sam remembered anything about the accident. She accused him of covering up for Liz. He defended himself by saying that he had only found out about Liz's potential involvement the previous day. Sam inquired if protecting Liz was more important than getting justice for Sam. When Lucky did not answer, Sam walked away saying that she had her answer.

Lulu had a conversation with Liz in the hospital waiting room after Liz finished her shift. Liz encouraged Lulu to go talk to Logan, who had recovered from his coma, but Lulu said she could not face Logan until she could tell him about Johnny. Lulu told Liz that even though she had seen Johnny's dark side she was still attracted to him. Liz agreed that she understood because she felt the same way about Jason. They parted company. Lulu went to Logan's room and Liz went to her car. She found Lucky in the garage. He told her about his encounter with Sam, so Liz prepared for the possibility that Sam would seek revenge.

Scott visited Logan in the hospital. They talked about getting a second chance. When Scott told Logan that Diego Alcazar was the Text Message Killer and wanted Logan to press charges against Lulu, Logan took the blame on his shoulders, because he grabbed Lulu and did look guilty. Lulu was outside the door and overheard Logan's defense of her. Scott left in disgust. Lulu told Logan how sorry she was. He said he understood and apologized for his own behavior. He told Lulu that he appreciated the many hours that she sat and talked to him. It was those talks that made him want to recover, he said. Lulu came clean about her feelings for Johnny. She told Logan truthfully that she cared for both of them and she needed time to figure out what she wanted. She said that Logan was free to meet someone else and that if he did, she would understand. Logan responded that he had been too pushy in the past and he would give Lulu whatever time she needed to make her decision. After Lulu left, Scott came back in. He warned Logan that Lulu would go to Johnny because Logan was healing and her guilt was assuaged. He compared Lulu to her mother, Laura, but Logan would not agree that there was any similarity between his situation with Lulu and Scott's situation with Laura.

Johnny brought Claudia home from the hospital. He was angry about Sonny's treatment of Claudia, especially, he told her, after Johnny had saved Michael's life. Sonny's lack of gratitude was too much for Johnny and he wanted to make Sonny pay. Claudia stopped him from going off to kill Sonny. She told him that she could handle men like Sonny. She agreed with Johnny that they would kill Sonny, but Claudia cautioned, "We'll be smart about it." Claudia told Johnny that it was necessary to secure the Alcazar Piers first. She also feared that if Johnny killed Sonny, Jason would kill Johnny. Johnny retorted that if that happened, she would be in charge of the family. A hurt Claudia asked him if he really thought that she came home to take over. Trevor eavesdropped outside the office door while Claudia told Johnny that she was there to support him and that the reason that she had not come home before was because she needed ammunition to fight Trevor. Johnny noticed Trevor and asked him if he had heard enough. Trevor entered the room and warned Johnny not to trust Claudia because she would put a bullet in his back. Trevor was very convincing when he kept insisting that Claudia wanted Johnny dead. After Trevor departed the room, Claudia kissed Johnny on the cheek and told him not to believe Trevor, then left. Alone, Johnny made a call to Lulu and left a message that he needed to see her. She arrived a shortly thereafter, and before she could say anything he gave her a passionate kiss.

Jax was sitting by Carly's side when she awoke. He told her that Michael was not hurt and that both boys were worried about her. Jax quickly assured Carly that their baby was unharmed. When Carly asked what had happened, Jax blamed an unknown enemy of Sonny's. Kelly came in to examine Carly. She told Carly and Jax that the baby was okay, but Carly needed to stay in the hospital for a few days more and take it easy. Carly was surprised that Ric was the person who saved her. Carly thought that Ric had some private agenda. Jax said he did not care. All that mattered to him was that Carly was safe. Carly begged Jax to bring Morgan and Michael to see her. Jax brought the boys to Carly and she told them that she was pregnant. Michael worried about what would happen to him because he shot Kate. Carly told him that she and his father would never let him go to jail. She added that Sonny would talk to Kate and if Kate agreed to keep quiet, no one would ever know.

After the boys left, Jax was unhappy to be the last to know about Kate's shooting. Carly told him that she meant to tell him but had not had time. Jax wanted to know if she intended to cover up Michael's crime. When she told him that Michael had paid enough, Jax got upset. He told Carly that Michael needed to take responsibility for what he had done and go to the police. When Carly worried that Michael would go to prison, Jax pointed out that not only was Michael a child, but it had been an accident. The problem, according to him, was that Michael felt he had to buy a gun in the first place instead of depending on the police. Jax blamed Sonny and Jason for teaching Michael that the law did not apply to them. After telling Carly that he would not allow their child to be surrounded by Sonny's violent world, he stalked out and left a tearful Carly wiping her eyes.

A few minutes later, Claudia walked in and reminded Carly of their previous meeting. When Carly remembered meeting Claudia at the hotel, Claudia told her that it was her brother who saved Michael from the burning building. When a dazed Carly asked her name, Claudia gave her full name, Claudia Zacchara. Then she told Carly about Sonny's behavior and treatment of Johnny while Michael was missing. She told Carly to control Sonny and explained in no uncertain terms what would happen if Sonny started a mob war. As Carly began responding to Claudia's implied verbal threats, her monitor started beeping and she held her abdomen and gasped in pain.

Alexis was in her office. Sam came in and asked questions about what would happen to the person who hit her. Alexis salivated at the chance to mete out justice to the person who hurt Sam. After promising to tell Alexis if she remembered any details about the accident, Sam left. She knocked on Liz's door and gloated about having the power to put Liz in jail and make her pay. She played on Liz's guilt until Liz realized that Sam was not remembering, but had overheard her conversation with Lucky earlier. When Sam threatened to lie on the stand and pretend that she remembered Liz hitting her, Liz turned the tables and threatened to have Sam prosecuted for her part in Jake's kidnapping.

Trevor visited Anthony in the hospital and told him that Claudia was causing trouble and would murder Johnny. Anthony told Trevor that if he wanted to get out of the situation alive, he had to trust Anthony.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sam threatened to press charges against Liz for hitting her with her car. Liz threatened to have Sam brought up on charges for aiding and abetting in Jake's kidnapping if she did. Sam told Liz she had no solid evidence to prove anything. Liz told her that Jason and Amelia found out what Sam did when she let the woman kidnap Jake in the park and didn't try to stop her. Sam pointed out that if Jason and Amelia had to testify in court, the secret of Jake's paternity would have to come out. She asked Liz if she would sacrifice her son's safety to save her own skin. Sam asked Liz if she was even sorry for hitting her with the car. Liz insisted that it was an accident. Liz told her that she wanted Lucky to be happy but felt that Sam wasn't the woman who could make him happy. Sam wished that all of Liz's secrets and lies caught up to her someday and said that she planned to celebrate when that happened.

Lucky went to Alexis' office to tell her that he was going to continue to investigate Sam's accident. Alexis was pleased about that and asked him what the police were doing to find out who blew up the canneries. Lucky told her they were still investigating it. Alexis told him about her concerns that the Zacchara family would start a war with Sonny and was worried about her daughter's safety. She told him that she was lucky to have such a beautiful daughter but that she couldn't understand why she had to have sex with a dangerous man like Sonny to get her. Liz ran into Lucky at the hospital. He told her he was there to question Carly about the explosion. Liz told him that Carly was having some tests done but she would check to see if Carly was available to be questioned. She was about to tell him that Sam came over to her house to say she was going to press charges against Liz, but Sam stepped off of the elevator and approached them. Liz never finished what she was going to say to him. Sam apologized to them for interrupting their conversation. Sam told Lucky that she decided not to press charges against Liz and that she felt it would be best for everyone if she kept quiet about it. Lucky thanked her and told her she was doing the right thing. Sam earned points with Lucky when she mentioned that she felt that everyone, including Jake, had suffered enough lately with everything that had happened.

Carly suffered more cramping after Claudia visited her hospital room and upset her. Jason showed up to see her, found Claudia standing over Carlys's bed, and got suspicious. Kelly Lee entered the room and kicked Jason and Claudia out so she could examine Carly. Jason demanded to know why Claudia was in Carly's room. Claudia told him she wouldn't be to blame if Carly had a miscarriage. She told him she had come to ask Carly to persuade Sonny not to start a war with Claudia's family. She filled Jason in on what happened in Port Charles while he was out of town. She told him that Johnny saved Michael's life, even after Sonny had kidnapped Johnny and locked him up in some padded room. She told Jason that she didn't want to start a war with Sonny, but if he kept things going, she would have no choice but to start a war.

Jax went to see Sonny at his office and told him off for being the cause of the explosion at the cannery and said he had almost cost Michael and Carly their lives. He said that Sonny needed to get Michael counseling and to stay out of his life if he wanted to help Michael. Sonny told Jax to let him take care of Michael since he, not Jax, was Michael's father. Jax got a call on his cell phone concerning Carly and told Sonny he had to leave because Carly needed him. Jason stayed with Carly and tried to get her to calm down so her blood pressure would go back to normal. She told Jason that she dreamed about them playing pool when she was unconscious in the water at the cannery after the explosion. Jax showed up, so Jason left the room. Dr. Lee told her that her blood pressure was back to normal and advised her to stay as calm as possible. Jax asked Dr. Lee if she could do another ultrasound. Jax told Carly that he would make sure that she and the baby lacked nothing. Kelly did an ultrasound and had sad news for them-Carly had a miscarriage.

Sonny went to Kate's house to see her. He found her working on the couch and was concerned she was pushing herself too hard after she just got out of the hospital. He told her that Michael was the one who shot her. He explained to her that Michael had bought a gun off of the streets but in the end decided not to use it and tried to throw it away in a dumpster. The gun had fallen out of his hand when he tried to get rid of it and it accidentally went off and hit her. Kate told Sonny that he should get Michael some counseling to deal with what he did. Sonny told her that he handled it all wrong with Michael when he told him that if he ever caught him with a gun, Michael should run as far away from him as he could. Sonny told her that he needed to arrange for more protection for her since he may have started a war with the Zaccharas.

Jason met with Diane in his office. She told him that Michael was the one who shot Kate accidentally and that there were options for them on how to handle it. She said that the police wanted to question Sonny and Jason about the explosion on the waterfront. Jason told her that he and Sonny had nothing to do with it and asked her to stall the police somehow. She also told Jason that Sonny kidnapped Johnny when he thought Johnny had kidnapped Michael. Jason met with Sonny and told him that Diane had brought him up to speed on what happened while he was gone. Sonny asked him how the surgery went in Seattle. Jason told him that it went fine and he planned on having full use of his hands soon. Sonny told Jason that Johnny beat him up at the hospital and that he may have no other choice but to kill Johnny before Johnny killed him first. Jason told him he couldn't do that. Diane went to see Alexis at her office to say that her clients wouldn't be questioned by the police without an arrest warrant. They argued about who caused the explosion but also managed to discuss what each of them was wearing and where they bought it. They made plans to go shopping the next day.

Lulu went to talk to Johnny at his home. He kissed her when he saw her. She pulled away from him and told him she had seen him at the hospital and saw that he had put a gun to Sonny's head and had threatened to kill Sonny. Johnny didn't deny it and told her he was protecting his sister. Lulu tried to persuade him not to go after Sonny and kill him because he was not a murderer. Johnny told her that if she wasn't comfortable with his lifestyle she should leave. She told him that she wasn't going to end up like her mother because she loved someone and then found out he wasn't the man she thought he was. Claudia showed up and apologized for interrupting them. Lulu told her that she was leaving anyway. Claudia asked Johnny how he met Lulu. He told her that he had met her when he was out driving late one night. He told her that there was something about Lulu that allowed him to be himself. Claudia told him he was probably play-acting for Lulu's benefit. She also told him he was a nice guy who always brought home stray dogs, cats, and three-legged frogs when he was a little boy. She suggested to him that maybe he thought of Lulu as someone he had to save. They ended up discussing Sonny. Claudia suggested that he not go after Sonny by himself and that she could help him. He told her he wanted Sonny dead.

Scott visited Logan at the hospital while he was eating dinner. He told Logan that Lulu's mother, Laura, chose a man who didn't deserve her love and that Lulu was just like her and would end up hurting Logan. Lulu came to see Logan and told him she broke things off with Johnny for good. Logan told her that he hoped that she was happy to see him and that she wasn't coming by because she felt guilty about hitting him in the head with the wrench. Lulu told him she was happy to see him. He asked her to smuggle in some food from Kelly's for him because the hospital food was horrible. She told him she would do that.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Sam told Liz the only reason why she did not press charges against Liz for the hit-and-run was because Sam had grown up without a mother and she didn't want the same for Liz's children. Sam also told Lucky he was a good father and she did not want him to lose custody of the boys. Liz and Lucky both thanked Sam before she left for therapy. Liz talked to Lucky about how relieved they were when Monica walked over and demanded to know why a patient was moved. Liz informed her the patient was discharged yesterday. Later, Lucky found Spinelli and thought he was there to spy on Monica in order to clear Liz from the hit-and-run charges. Lucky told Spinelli to leave, and he limped away. Lucky approached Monica, who was sitting on a bench, and talked to her. He told her she had the same look he would have when he was high. He knew she was drunk and he told her so. After Lucky left, Monica had Alice pick her up and take her home. She thanked Alice, who told her she could do it everyday. Monica said no and asked to be left alone. Jason walked through the door as Monica was pouring herself a drink. He told her she was the one who hit Sam.

Lucky went to see Sam, who thought he was only there to talk to him about Liz again. Lucky admitted he tried to move on from his relationship with Sam, but he still has feelings for her. He missed her and wanted to try again. Sam grinned and told him she would have to think about it. They hugged as Liz walked in the door.

Emily told Nikolas she was showing herself again because he was taking illegal drugs from Dr. Devlin. She told him she didn't like Dr. Devlin. Emily asked if Nikolas had even inquired about any possible side effects the medication could cause. Nikolas made excuses and told Emily the hospital would not have hired Dr. Devlin if he wasn't a good doctor. The situation became even more suspicious when Dr. Devlin gave Nikolas the price tag for his illegal medication: 10 million in a Swiss bank account. Nikolas agreed to the terms of the offer. The next time Emily appeared, she told Nikolas she was upset with him for taking the deal with Dr. Devlin. Nikolas said he would pay any price and do anything to keep her with him. She said he was postponing the inevitable, but Nikolas thought they should make the most of the time they had together. They kissed.

Dr. Devlin went to see Claudia Zacchara, where it was apparent they knew each other. He told her she was more beautiful than ever. He said he needed her family to ship some drugs for him, and Claudia said it could be arranged.

Carly continued to apologize to Jax for taking such chances and ultimately losing their baby. Jax told her it wasn't her fault and she was a strong woman. Carly talked about all the things they were going to do with the baby, including a father-daughter dance. Jax admitted he didn't realize how much the baby meant to him until now. Carly asked what Jax was thinking about, but he didn't want to tell her. Finally, Jax confided they would still have the baby if it weren't for Sonny. Jax felt Michael should have some form of therapy, because he wanted to be just like his father. When Jax talked to Sonny, he felt he should spend more time with his son. Jax thought less time would be better, though. Patrick walked into Carly's hospital room to talk about when she could be released. Carly told him she lost the baby, and he apologized and left. Outside the room, Patrick was clearly bothered by the news. Dr. Lee came back later and told Jax and Carly they could try for another baby soon, but they needed to wait for right now.

Jason tried to convince Sonny to stay out of a potential mob war. He listed all the people who could get hurt. Sonny thought more guards would protect the people he cared about, but Jason pointed out they are already short on guards. They could not go to war now, because Sonny was too vulnerable. They continued to talk about the Zacchara family and the past wars Sonny and Jason had gone through together. Later, Liz went to see Jason and they talked about his surgery and recovery. He told her Spinelli was working on getting her cleared from Sam's hit-and-run case. Jason confided Monica was drunk that night when she was behind the wheel. Liz felt she should go to the police station to confess. She was afraid because Sam would not need proof to convict her. Jason tried to convince her (again) not to go to the police station and confess. After Liz left, Spinelli came to talk to Jason. He kept asking questions about Jason's hands and asked if Jason would be interested in trying yoga. Spinelli kept dodging the questions Jason was asking, until finally Spinelli handed over a piece of paper with evidence of the hit-and-run driver.

Johnny told Claudia he would be the head of the family unless she wanted it for herself. Claudia told him he was the reason she came back. She didn't want him to get in the middle of this mob war. Trevor was going to fight them every step of the way. Claudia wanted Johnny to take back what was his but to do it in a way it could not be traced back to him. Johnny said he wanted everyone to know what he was going to do. They talked about killing Sonny, and Claudia said Jason would also have to be "taken out". She thought they should use a third party for the killings. Sonny showed up, and Johnny had him patted down twice. Sonny admitted he made a mistake and wanted to make a deal with them. Sonny left and went to see Michael and Morgan at Carly and Jax's house. Sonny sent Morgan upstairs to make a card for Carly. Sonny told Michael that Kate would not press charges but things would have to change. Michael tried to explain he was just trying to protect his mother like Sonny and Jason did. Sonny said things would be different now and they will all be safe. Michael asked if they would be like a normal family, but Sonny didn't know if things could become normal. Carly and Jax walked in to find Michael and Sonny in the living room, clearly surprised to see Sonny there. Michael blurted out that Sonny would be around more and they would have a normal family life.

When Sonny left the Zacchara house, Claudia told Johnny she thought Sonny bought their little ploy. Johnny agreed to do it Claudia's way. They would use a third party to kill Sonny and Jason.

Patrick asked Epiphany to page Robin, but Epiphany said Robin wouldn't be in today. She told him not to bother calling her, because her mood swings had gone into triple overtime. Dr. Devlin walked over to Patrick and told him to leave Robin alone. If he kept this behavior up, Patrick would be going to get ice cream for Robin every time she wanted it. Later, Patrick ran into Liz and they talked about Carly losing her baby. Patrick admitted when Robin first started talking about having a baby, he was against it and didn't want a child. Now, if Robin lost their baby, he would be upset.

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