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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 14, 2008 on GH
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Monday, April 14, 2008

At the coffee warehouse, a tearful Sonny loaded a gun and remembered hearing Michael say, "I love you, Dad," just before he was shot. Sonny reacted menacingly when he heard a noise, but it turned out to be Robin. Sonny blamed himself for what happened and told Robin that Carly was right to keep him away from Michael. Robin tried to point out that Michel needed both his parents, But Sonny felt differently. He told her that because he instinctively pushed Kate aside, instead of protecting Michael, he had failed Michael in every way that mattered. Robin told Sonny that no one had the right to keep a father out of his child's life. Sonny continued to point out all the ways that he had failed Michael, until finally Robin asked Sonny if he knew what Michael would want. When Sonny told her that Michael would want him to be by his side, Robin told him he should do what Michael would want him to do.

Jason and Liz were at her house. Jason was devastated after Michael's shooting and blamed himself for failing to keep Michael safe. He told Liz that he could no longer promise that she and her children would be safe around him. Liz asked if he was choosing his violent way of life over her and the kids. He told her that choice had been made long before they met. She responded by telling him how much she loved him, but she agreed with him that it was not safe for them to be together in the open. She wanted to continue their secret relationship, but Jason worried that he would still bring danger to Liz. Both Liz and Jason had tears in their eyes as they shared a tender kiss and a bittersweet parting.

Carly found Claudia by Michael's bedside. She was not happy. Claudia tried to express her regret and remorse, but Carly wanted her gone from Michael's side. Jax arrived just in time to support Carly and he, too, asked Claudia to leave and she did. Jax comforted Carly as she blamed Sonny for protecting Kate instead of Michael. Carly finally agreed that Jax was right about Sonny being a bad influence in her kids' lives. When Jason got back, Carly was glad to see him and told him how much Michael needed him and how much she needed him. When Jax asked when Michael would wake up, Jason realized that Carly had not shared Patrick's dismal prognosis with Jax. When Jason questioned her privately, she clung to the belief that Michael was getting better. Back in Michael's room with Jax, Carly told Michael that Jason had come back to read him a story. Jason offered to leave Jax and Carly with Michael, but Jax said he had errands to run and insisted that Jason stay. He watched through the door as Carly put her arm around Jason who read stories about Spain to Michael. Jax could not find Robin or Patrick so he went to Liz for answers about Michael's condition and asked her point blank if Michael would recover. Carly tried to get Jason to agree to her fantasy that when Michael recovered they would take him on a trip to the places that Jason read to him about. When Sonny arrived to look in on Michael and offer his support, Carly told him that he would never be allowed in Michael's life again.

Johnny was at the Zacchara compound tickling the ivories on his baby grand piano when Lulu dropped by to tell him that he would not be blamed for Michael's shooting. He told her he did not need her help. He wanted to know why she kept coming around when he did not call. She responded by asking him why he bought into her father's casino, the Haunted Star, if he had no interest in her, then stormed out. Claudia got back from the hospital. She told Johnny that when she saw Michael all she could think about was her promise to protect Johnny when he was a little boy. He gave her a brotherly hug. He questioned her about whether or not anyone saw her. Claudia said that she let Carly vent on her, but she wondered how Carly would feel if she knew that Claudia was responsible. A tearful Claudia's guilt and remorse was palpable. Johnny vowed to protect her and make sure that no one would know of Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting. They agreed to keep their secret. Claudia found a charm bracelet belonging to Lulu on the floor by the piano and asked about Lulu. Johnny told her that they were over. When Lulu arrived back at Kelly's she found a romantic candlelit table, and Logan, waiting for her.

Alexis interrupted Diane and Max in flagrante in Sonny's living room. Alexis roundly trounced Diane for her behavior with one of Sonny's "thugs." Diane defended Max, who was employed as a bodyguard, so was not technically a thug. She said that he was sensitive and caring and that Alexis was projecting her situation on Diane. Max insisted that he was a bodyguard, not a killer. Alexis was convinced and agreed that she was interfering in matters that were none of her concern. After she left, Max thanked Diane and told her that no one had ever defended him before. They parted with a sweet shyness, and agreed to see each other again. Each looked happy and satisfied.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lulu was surprised at Logan's attempt at a date. He was desperate at a chance to be with her, but Lulu said they could only be friends. Logan demanded Lulu be honest with him. She wasn't providing him with a valid answer to rejecting him. Lulu admitted her feelings for Johnny went above friendship. Her relationship with Logan was over. Logan was hurt and angry so he stormed out of Kelly's.

Johnny told Claudia about Lulu providing him with an alibi to Sonny and Carly. He repaid her by blowing up at her and throwing her out. Claudia asked if he wanted to talk, and Johnny did his best to explain their relationship. Claudia warned her brother not to fall in love, because it would be a death sentence. She used their father as an example, and Johnny took that as a vote against him. Claudia felt that love was a chance not worth taking. Johnny said that was what love was all about. Claudia said he should pick his battles, and love shouldn't be one of them. She witnessed her mother's transformation when their father divorced her. Johnny said Claudia could fall in love at some point, also. Claudia said she would never fall in love, because the type of man she needed didn't exist. Love was a losing proposition. There was only one woman in the world who would always have Johnny's back, and that was Claudia.

Jax asked Liz if Carly was hiding anything from him. He wanted to know what he could do for Michael. Liz tried to explain to him that nothing could be done. Michael's coma was permanent and he would never wake up again. Jax realized his wife was in denial with her certainty that Michael would wake up again. Jax didn't know how to help his wife grieve, but Liz said Carly couldn't handle the truth right away. If Carly needed to cling to hope for a little longer, then what was the harm? Liz said Jax should just hang on and support Carly when she needed it most. Jax thanked Liz for her generosity and kindness, even though Carly hadn't always been nice to her. Liz understood Carly's situation, and thanked God she hadn't made the same mistake.

Jason convinced Carly and Sonny to take their argument outside of Michael's room. Once in the hallway, Carly told Sonny he was no longer Michael's father. Sonny said Carly could be as mad as she wanted, but he wouldn't leave his son. Michael would want him there, and Jason agreed. Michael needed them, and that had to come first. Jason begged them to be parents and get along. Carly said she knew Michael loved Sonny and he was Michael's hero. She told him he could go in there and tell Michael to fight, but he should not think he deserved to be with him. Carly stormed off and found Jax who was just coming back to the hospital. She vented to her husband about Sonny and how he promised to take care of their children. He failed them. Jax agreed with Jason and said Carly and Sonny must try to get along because that was the best thing for Michael.

Meanwhile, Sonny went to speak with an unconscious Michael. He apologized to his son for letting him down and not protecting him. In a very emotional and touching scene, Sonny begged his son to choose to live and come back to them. Mommy and Daddy needed him. Michael should draw from the stubbornness and strength that he got from his mother. Carly and Jax came in, and Sonny said he would call the next day before stopping by the hospital. Carly said he didn't have to do that. He could come see Michael whenever he wanted. Carly agreed to deal with their personal problems later. Michael was the only thing that mattered at that moment. After Sonny left, Jax talked to Michael and thanked him for allowing him to be his step-dad. Carly stopped him and asked why it sounded like he was saying goodbye. He should believe in Michael and his ability to come back to them.

Jason ran into Claudia at the docks. She asked him if he was the one riding down the alley on his motorcycle going 90 miles an hour. He said it was and asked if she was the one speeding down the alley going the wrong direction. Claudia admitted that she was that driver with the need for speed. They couldn't call the cops on each other, though, so maybe it was a standoff. They talked about Michael, and Claudia said she was with Carly at the hotel when she got the call. She didn't think people in their line of work should procreate. It wasn't fair to the kids. Claudia took Jason's silence as if he was agreeing with her.

Sonny arrived home, and Kate came over to see him. She started to leave, thinking it was a bad idea to be there. Sonny allowed her in, though. Kate offered to hold him, and Sonny allowed her to help ease his pain. He told her about Jax convincing Carly to allow Sonny to see Michael. Sonny said he wanted to let his emotions take over, but that would be self-indulgent. He needed to think about Michael and he promised he would never abandon his son.

Robin asked Patrick to stay with her, if he would want the company. She had a change of heart after listening to all of Sonny and Carly's troubles. She realized she was no better than Carly if she was to push Patrick away from being a father to their child. She asked him if his feelings had changed about their baby. Patrick admitted that fatherhood scared him, but their child was coming no matter what. He realized that more and more as Robin's belly was starting to poke out. Robin interpreted that as Patrick calling her fat. Patrick said she wasn't fat, just pregnant. Robin said she couldn't stop eating, and Patrick admitted he thought they were going to share their cookies. Robin said she felt like a cross between a cow and a penguin. Patrick told her she looked like poetry gliding across the floor. Robin was thrilled Patrick thought she was still pretty, and they kissed. They made love and admitted that they missed each other. Both Robin and Patrick said they loved each other, and maybe that should be enough. Patrick told her again that she was more beautiful than ever. Robin said he just liked her big boobs, and they shared a laugh.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

While sleeping on the couch at Wyndemere, Nadine had a romantic dream about Nikolas, but when she woke up, the reality was much different. Nikolas taunted her for hurting her ankle and having to sleep on the uncomfortable couch instead of being able to enjoy one of the luxurious bedrooms upstairs. She responded by blaming her "trip and fall" on Emily, and berated Nikolas for his decision not to have surgery to remove his brain tumor. Nikolas invited her to breakfast, but she insisted on going to work. She told him that she was going to the opening of the Haunted Star because she liked to gamble. He teased her that she did not seem like much of a gambler. She responded that one did not have to be rich and spoiled to have fun in life. Getting in the last word, Nadine told Nikolas to have a nice breakfast and to remember to put extra syrup on Emily's French toast.

At the Zacchara compound, Claudia and Johnny continued to feel guilty over their part in Michael's shooting. Each wanted to protect the other. Johnny decided that he would go to Sonny and swear that he and Claudia were innocent, since that is what they would do if they really were innocent.

At Michael's bedside, Carly was tireless in her effort to bring Michael to consciousness. Jax tried to get her to take a break and get some rest, but she was adamant that she would stay by Michael's side until he woke up. When Jax asked her if Patrick had examined Michael, Carly said that Patrick did not know Michael. Jax tried to get Carly to face the possibility that Michael would not wake up, but she was unmoved. Jax met Alexis outside Michael's room. When he asked for advice from her, she supported Carly. Alexis sincerely believed that a mother's love could work miracles even in a case as severe as Michael's. She told Jax that Carly had to face what was going on with Michael on her own. Jax went back to Carly determined that she needed to get some rest. She would not budge until Jax pointed out that she had another son who was also suffering and needed his mother to tell him what was happening.

A very disheartened Jason returned to his apartment. While he sat dazed on the couch, Spinelli came in carrying groceries, but Jason was not interested in food. He told Spinelli to focus so that he could help Jason find the person who shot Michael. Jason blamed himself for what happened. Spinelli tried to tell him that he was not at fault, but all Jason wanted to think about was finding the person responsible. Spinelli's canvas of the warehouse security cameras did not turn up anything. When Claudia Zacchara stopped in, he went back to his computer to widen the search. She sounded very sincere when she told Jason that Johnny had nothing to do with the shooting. She blamed an unknown third party. She told Jason that Johnny was planning to go to Sonny and tell him that they were innocent. She asked Jason to guarantee Johnny's safety. Jason made it clear that neither he nor Sonny would act until they had proof, but once they did, he said that nothing on earth would stop them from going after the shooter. After Claudia's departure, Jason and Spinelli widened the search area and found a camera they had not checked. When they viewed the footage, they spotted a car with M.D. plates. Jason wondered what a doctor was doing in the warehouse area at that time of night.

Lulu dropped in on Luke as he prepared to open the Haunted Star to customers. They talked about her relationship with Johnny. Luke insisted that Lulu should not insert herself in a mob war. Once again she protested that she and Johnny were history, but Luke did not buy it. She asked Luke to tell Sonny that Johnny was innocent of the shooting. Luke said that he could not do that because Johnny was smart and subtle and could have hired a hit man, and, besides, Luke admired Johnny's style for buying into the Haunted Star so that he could be near Lulu. When Lulu asked Luke if he liked Johnny or if he thought Johnny was a walking disaster, Luke answered with a grin, "Both." After Lulu left, Tracy dropped by. She worried that Luke was not taking good care of himself and would have another heart attack. When Johnny also stopped in, Luke told Tracy that she should be more worried about a mob hit. Johnny again proclaimed his innocence. Tracy was not a happy camper. She asked Johnny to stay away from Lulu, but he demurred, saying that he was part owner of the Casino and he wanted to be on hand for the opening.

Ric went to visit Anthony Zacchara in the prison psychiatric ward. He told Anthony that his children were the ones who were keeping him incarcerated. He also told Anthony that Johnny had threatened to harm Ric if he continued working on Anthony's behalf. Anthony offered Ric anything he wanted if he could get Anthony out of the lockup. Ric said that Anthony could expect a hearing very soon.

Dressed to the nines, Luke presided over the reopening of the Haunted Star. Tracy tried to keep Luke's drinking in check. Lucky asked Liz to the party so that she could be on hand to look out for Luke, too. She agreed to be on "medical" duty in case Luke overdid it. Sam saw Lucky with Liz and jumped to the wrong conclusion. When she told Lucky to go back to Liz, he said that he wanted to be with Sam. Ric also came to the party and told Liz that he was thinking of going into business for himself. He met Leyla at the roulette table and they started talking about how unlucky they both were in love. Nadine was whooping it up after winning at roulette and noticed that Nikolas was watching her. Jerry flirted with Alexis, who left him to talk to Sam. Jerry was not happy to see Dr. Devlin arrive. Claudia was greeted warmly by Luke, but not by Tracy. Claudia and Jerry talked while pretending not to. He told her that earlier in the day, Dr. Devlin had vowed that he would reveal everything he knew about the shooting if he became a suspect. Claudia was not happy when Devlin, from across the room, lifted his glass to her

Lulu missed the boat with Nikolas, whom she had invited to be her date. She was waiting for him at the docks when Johnny showed up. Just as they were laughing and about to leave together, Logan arrived to make it a threesome.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Luke wandered through the crowd, looking pleased that the grand reopening of the Haunted Star was a success. Heads turned when Sonny walked in. Heads turned but everyone wisely kept their distance while Luke, ever the perfect host, welcomed Sonny. He let Sonny know that Johnny was expected to make an appearance. Then Luke tactfully reminded Sonny that the Haunted Star was neutral territory. Sonny assured Luke that his only intention was to gamble. As Sonny stepped up to a table to place his bets, Ric joined him. Ric was concerned for Sonny and urged him to reconsider whatever it was that he was planning. Sonny ignored his brother's advice and continued gambling, but he was careful to keep a close eye on everyone around him.

At the hospital, Jax tried to convince Carly to leave Michael's side long enough to go home and talk to Morgan. Morgan was confused and asking questions about where his brother and mother were. Jax was concerned that Carly's continued absence would only upset and worry Morgan further. Carly realized that she couldn't avoid talking to Morgan about Michael's situation so she reluctantly agreed to go home with Jax for a while. When they walked into their home, Carly was hit hard by the memory of the last time that she spoke to her son. They had been standing in the living room. It brought Carly to tears but she resisted giving in to them. Morgan came running down the stairs and threw himself into his mother's arms, delighted to see her. Carly held Morgan tightly for a moment and then gently sat him down. She carefully told Morgan that Michael had been injured and was in the hospital recuperating. She left out the horrible details and focused on her firm belief that Michael would eventually recover fully from his injuries. Jax listened with a sad heart. He realized that Carly was still firmly entrenched in her denial about Michael's prognosis. After Carly tucked Morgan into bed, showered and changed, she went downstairs and prepared to leave for the hospital. Jax stopped her. He was determined to get through to Carly. He wanted to help her accept that Michael would never wake up from his coma. Carly refused to listen. It hurt her that Jax had so little faith in Michael's inner strength. She asked Jax if he could have given up on his own child so quickly. Jax was taken aback by the question. He defended himself and explained that he had talked to Liz about Michael's case and understood the extent of his injuries. Carly resented the idea of Jax turning to Liz for answers. She pointed out that Liz was merely a nurse and hardly qualified to render an opinion about Michael's chances of recovery. Carly didn't offer any apologies for her unwavering belief that her son would wake up. She left for the hospital alone, looking angry.

Nadine was nervous about her first time gambling. Leyla offered her words of encouragement and decided to take her to the roulette wheel. Nadine proved to be quite lucky. She was happily gambling away when Nikolas entered the casino.

Lulu waited on the pier for Nikolas. As time passed, Lulu realized that Nikolas was not coming. Luckily there wasn't a shortage of available men. Johnny, and then Logan, happened to bump into Lulu on their way to the gala at the Haunted Star. Both men offered to be her escort. Neither option seemed to appeal to her. She turned Johnny's offer down flat and ran him off. She was kinder to Logan. She explained that she didn't want him to get the wrong impression. Logan reassured her that he was very clear that they were over. Lulu relented and accepted Logan's offer to escort her. They made their way to the gambling boat, arriving shortly after Johnny made his entrance. When Lulu saw Nikolas, she pulled away from Logan and approached her brother. Nikolas told Lulu that he had waited for her for half an hour and then tried to call her but she had not picked up her cell phone. That was because Lulu's cell phone battery was dead.

Claudia and Jerry began plotting against Ian. Both realized that he posed a serious threat to them if Sonny should track the shooting to Ian. While Ian confidently made his way around the casino, Claudia and Jerry discussed ways to eliminate him as a threat.

Sam was upset to find that Lucky had brought Liz to the Haunted Star reopening. She admitted that it had hurt. She felt that Lucky could have had enough consideration for her feelings to give her a warning so that she could have been prepared to see Lucky with his ex-wife. Lucky was desperate to explain things and led Sam away from the busy tables so that he could speak privately with her.

Alexis tried her best to keep Diane away from Max but failed miserably. Diane and Max were quite happy to see each other and quickly found a cozy corner to snuggle up together in. Jerry offered to distract Alexis. She unwisely accepted and before she knew it, Alexis was making out with Jerry under one of the tables.

Against Claudia's advice, Johnny decided to approach Sonny. Sonny said nothing as Johnny did his best to convince Sonny that he and Claudia were not involved in the shooting that had left Michael in a coma. He insisted that they continue to honor their peace treaty. Sonny showed little emotion as Johnny spoke. When he was finished, Sonny told Johnny that he would not rush to judgment but made it very clear that he intended to make whoever hurt Michael, pay for what they did. After Johnny walked away, Kate joined Sonny. They stepped outside for some privacy. Kate was worried. She questioned Sonny's reasons for showing up at the Haunted Star. Sonny tried to play it off. He said that he needed a distraction from constantly thinking about Michael, so he decided to go gambling. Kate didn't buy his excuse for a minute but she could see that Sonny wasn't going to cooperate. He convinced her to stop worrying about him and to return to the Haunted Star. Since Kate was at the event working to promote Crimson, she let the matter drop. Later, Kate noticed that both Sonny and Claudia had disappeared.

Robin and Patrick tried to enjoy a night out together by attending the reopening of the Haunted Star. Unfortunately things did not go smoothly. Robin's feet were swollen and hurting by the time they arrived at the casino. A short time later, Robin's stomach became upset. Patrick quickly sprang into action and found something to help settle it down. Determined to have fun, Robin decided to play the roulette wheel. She couldn't decide what number to play so Patrick suggested that she pick the baby's due date. Robin quietly revealed that the baby was due on October 21. It proved to be a lucky number. Robin won a bundle and decided that it was a good time to leave. Patrick and Robin returned to her apartment, got comfortable, and curled up on the sofa with some junk food.

At the penthouse, Jason and Spinelli tried to track the medical plates of the car that they spotted in the surveillance video. They hoped to trace it to a doctor at General Hospital. It was a tedious process with long periods of waiting. While Spinelli worked his magic on the computer, Jason began opening up about Michael's past. Spinelli was surprised to learn that Michael's real father was AJ Quartermaine. He listened as Jason revealed that he, Sonny, and Carly had all decided that AJ wasn't fit to be Michael's father, and yet they were the ones who were ultimately responsible for Michael having been shot. Spinelli saw his friend's pain and tried to shift the discussion to safer ground. He asked Jason how he ended up being the one to name Michael. Jason told him the story of how he became responsibility of naming a newborn. He told Spinelli that he had decided to name the baby after the person that Jason most respected. That person was Sonny. Talk of Sonny led Spinelli to ask if Jason held Sonny responsible for Michael's shooting. Jason admitted that he felt that Sonny had just made a terrible mistake. When the computer alerted them to a completed search, Jason and Spinelli returned their focus to finding the shooter. They were able to trace the medical plates back to a car registered to Dr. Ian Devlin.

Sonny turned up at the hospital after leaving the Haunted Star. He quietly entered Michael's room and sat beside his son then began talking about the evening. Sonny revealed that he had gone to the Haunted Star with the express purpose of drawing out the shooter. Sonny didn't mince words as he confessed that he intended to kill the person responsible for Michael's coma.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Jax and Carly continued to argue about the chances of Michael pulling out of his coma. Jax thought it was necessary for Carly to go home and talk to Morgan about what was happening with Michael. Jax and Carly talked about how Michael was a fighter just like his mother. Jerry stopped by and Jax went out of the hospital room to speak with him and give him an update on Michael. Jax talked to his brother about Michael's condition and how Carly couldn't accept the truth. Jax was afraid what would happen to Carly if Michael didn't wake up. After Jerry left, Jax went into Michael's room and said Jerry had reminded him of all the things Jax had pulled through in the past. Carly was appreciative of Jax's newfound hope. Suddenly, Michael's eyes opened.

Nikolas was upset the medication was not working, but Dr. Devlin told him the medicine was only intended to buy Nikolas more time. He would still need the surgery, or he would die. Nikolas suggested trying other experimental medications, and Dr. Devlin agreed to get them for a price.

Nadine told Leyla she thought something changed in Nikolas the two nights earlier. Nikolas came over to talk to Nadine after meeting with Dr. Devlin, and Leyla was upset he was still trying to buy illegal drugs from Dr. Devlin. Later, Nadine witnessed Nikolas speaking with Dr. Devlin again. Nikolas approached Nadine and told her the past night at the Haunted Star was one of the best nights he'd had in a long while. Nadine didn't want to hear any of it and gave Nikolas his messages before she walked away.

Spinelli didn't think Dr. Devlin could be capable of shooting Michael. Jason said Dr. Devlin sounded like an arrogant man who thought he could get away with murder. Spinelli found out Dr. Devlin graduated right behind Dr. Drake in medical school and then suddenly disappeared. Jason found that interesting and told Spinelli to find out what had happened to Dr. Drake. They were interrupted when Sonny entered the penthouse. Spinelli offered his well wishes for Michael and then left when Sonny said he needed privacy with Jason. Sonny told Jason he had sent his guards away, and Jason asked if he had a death wish. Sonny explained he was trying to draw out the shooter. Jason should follow his lead, and Sonny would follow his own leads. Sonny warned Jason that after a visit with Anthony, he realized the man was not the pathetic madman he wanted everyone to believe he was. After Sonny left, Spinelli rushed downstairs with news about Dr. Devlin. Jason called Nikolas over and asked why he paid Ian Devlin ten million dollars.

Sonny went to the warehouse where the employees told him they were all praying for Michael. Sonny thanked them and said he would personally be overseeing all the coffee shipments. Max came into the warehouse, upset he had been called off Sonny's security detail. Sonny tried to explain it was nothing personal, but Max said he felt responsible for Michael's shooting. Everyone felt responsible. People acted out during periods of grief and did things they shouldn't, like sleep with Diane. Sonny was stunned. Max apologized and asked Sonny not to tell Carly. Sonny said he and Carly couldn't care less whom Max slept with. It didn't make it okay, though. Diane and Max were both good at what they did, and they didn't need to be distracted by romance.

Kate showed up at the warehouse at Milo's request. Sonny was upset and said she shouldn't be there. Kate was worried about him for being back at the same place where Michael was shot.

Alexis told Claudia and Johnny that Trevor's alibi for the night of the warehouse shooting has checked out. She hasn't counted him out, though, as he could have hired someone to shoot Sonny. Claudia and Johnny were also enemies of Sonny and could want him dead. Claudia and Johnny both gave Alexis their alibis for that fateful night. Johnny assured Alexis he had no idea who shot Michael, but he knew it wasn't himself, Claudia, or anyone in their organization. After Alexis left, Johnny said he thought it was time to tell the authorities the name of the person who actually did shoot Michael. Trevor came in to argue with Johnny and Claudia, but Dr. Devlin soon appeared to speak with Claudia. Dr. Devlin said he was just there to check on his patient who hadn't come in for a follow-up. Claudia assured him she would be in for a private consultation soon. Dr. Devlin spoke in code to Claudia and said she better be in quickly, or he wouldn't be able to make good on his promise. When Dr. Devlin left, Trevor told Johnny his sister was a tramp and an embarrassment to the family. Johnny told him he was overstepping his bounds.

Once Claudia was alone, she called Jerry and told him Dr. Devlin was threatening to expose her. She warned Jerry if Ian called her out, Claudia would be bringing Jerry down with her. Jerry warned her not to threaten him. She hung up the phone and Johnny came in. He knew from the conversation with Dr. Devlin that he was the one who shot Michael. Claudia assured Johnny she had everything under control. Later, Ric came to see Johnny and Anthony and told them their father was now a ward of the state and they would not be allowed to visit him. He would be having a trial to see if he was fit to stand trial, and if all went well, Anthony would be released in a few weeks.

As Ian was getting out of the shower, Jerry approached him with a gun. He said all kinds of accidents happened in the shower. At that moment, though, Jerry couldn't remember if he had put two or three bullets in his gun. That was not a good thing for Ian.

Sonny came to talk to Anthony to get information about the warehouse shooting. Anthony wasn't always crazy, and Sonny knew he was capable of having an enemy shot from his hospital room. Anthony told him if Sonny thought he'd had Michael shot, Sonny should kill him right away. Anthony agreed it must be difficult to know someone hurt a child. Sonny knew Anthony was baiting him but didn't fall for it. He said he wasn't about to walk right into a murder conviction. Sonny told Anthony he wouldn't hide from him, and Anthony could come and get him if he could. After Sonny left, Ric came to see Anthony to say Anthony would be granted a hearing to determine if he was competent to stand trial, and would be a ward of the state. The children would have no legal power over Anthony. He would also be moved to a private hospital with no guards. He wasn't considered a flight risk since he was paralyzed from the neck down. Anthony said his motto had always been, "If you have a good lawyer, you can do anything", and he bolted up out of bed. Ric was shocked, but Anthony explained his paralysis was going away quickly. They talked about money, and Anthony assured Ric he would be compensated well. Ric needed to make sure Claudia and Johnny wouldn't find out about Anthony's recovery, though. After Ric left, Anthony's private guard came in and Anthony told him to be on the lookout for Claudia. She was filling Johnny's ears with poison and would have to be dealt with in a timely manner.

Lulu showed up late at work, and Maxie immediately started yelling at her. She showed Lulu her desk and told her she would be given a list of responsibilities to complete each day. The two girls started to argue, first over work, then turning to Johnny, until Kate came in and asked if either of them were going to answer the ringing phones. Later, Kate took an article to Maxie for review. Lulu came over and thought she would be a better person to review the article since she could actually read. The two girls started to argue, until Diane came in and interrupted. She walked past them and went into Kate's office. They talked briefly about the magazine and contracts, until Diane asked if she could get a sneak peak at any new shoe style. Diane was thrilled when Kate offered some samples until Alexis came in the office. Alexis picked up a pair of shoes Diane wanted, and the two lawyers bartered and traded accessories in an amusing exchange. Meanwhile, Lulu and Maxie continued to argue over Johnny.

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