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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 9, 2008 on GH
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Nurse Nadine got all dressed up when she responded to Nikolas' invitation to visit him at Wyndermere. She was nervous when she thought that he had a personal interest in her. She was disappointed to find that his interest was not personal, but professional. Nikolas had called her there to offer her a job helping him set up the program he was funding that would provide medical services for the uninsured. She was nonplussed when he offered to pay her $5,000 a week. She refused the money in favor of volunteering her expertise. She took Nikolas to a run-down storefront that she visualized as the new home for his medical clinic. The lock was broken, so they went inside to check out the premises. Nadine climbed up on a rickety table to look at the top of a cabinet. She fell and knocked Nikolas to the ground. As she floundered around trying to get off him, a police officer came in and arrested them for breaking and entering and solicitation.

Claudia insisted that Johnny dump Lulu because Claudia thought Lulu was crazy and irrational. Johnny told Claudia to stay out of his personal life, and Claudia responded in kind. Lulu walked in on their conversation and started calling Claudia names. Claudia pointed out to Johnny that Lulu's immaturity and loose lips would sink more than a few Zacchara ships. Lulu insisted that Claudia stay away from Nikolas and Claudia was adamant that she and Nikolas were friends and nothing more. When neither Claudia nor Lulu would back off, Johnny interceded. He told Lulu that she needed to believe Nikolas and leave Claudia alone. He told Claudia that she should stay out of his personal life. Claudia responded that Lulu would get him killed. Lulu retorted that Claudia's recent disappearing act with Nikolas had almost cost Johnny his life, when Johnny had blamed Sonny for her disappearance and fired a bullet at Sonny point blank. Johnny again stepped between the two feuding women and told them that if they could not get along for his sake then they would have to spend time with him separately. A disgruntled Claudia left Lulu and Johnny alone together in the Zacchara gatehouse. The lovers argued about whether it was Claudia taking advantage of Nikolas or Nikolas taking advantage of Claudia. Both decided that they did not want to spend their time together fighting. They shared a tender hug. Claudia went to the Crimson offices where she offered Maxie $10,000 to seduce Johnny and $20,000 if she could do it in such a way that Lulu would see it happen.

At the nurses' station Lucky stopped by to invite Liz and the boys to a family dinner at Kelly's. In Jason's office, Sonny ordered Jason to take care of Mike's debt to a loan shark and protect Mike in the future. When Sonny tried to give orders, Jason told Sonny that he could not have it both ways. Either he was out of the mob or he was not. Jason told Sonny that he would kill those who hurt anyone under Jason's protection, which included Carly and her kids, and Alexis and Christina, but did not include Sonny's father, Mike, who chose to gamble and welsh on his debts because he knew that he could get by with it as long as Sonny was in charge. Sonny was not happy with Jason's answer and left in a huff. After he was gone, Jason ordered Max to run the loan shark out of town. Lucky stopped by ostensibly to interview Jason about the Zacchara fire. When Jason said no comment, Lucky agreed to let him stop by the station later with his lawyer. Lucky was really there to tell Jason that he felt privileged to be part of Jake's life and that he admired Jason for making the decision that kept Jake safe and let Lucky be the father of the boy. The two men shook hands. Lucky went to GH to pick up Liz and the boys. Jason went to Kelly's to tell Mike that he had run the loan shark out of town. He made Mike aware that Sonny was trying to make a clean break. Jason told Mike to come to him if he needed money or got in trouble again. Mike said he would, but that he hoped that he had finally learned his lesson. As Jason left, Mike told him to isolate himself and not make the same mistakes as Sonny. Cameron ran into Jason as he, Lucky, Liz, and Jake walked into Kelly's. Jason looked on sadly as the happy family shared time together.

Sonny went to Kate's house and shared his feelings about the loss of his power. He told her how hard it was to watch Jason take actions that he perceived as mistakes. Kate wanted to know if Sonny wanted to go back to the organization. Sonny wanted to know if she would stay with him if he did.

Spinelli was Leyla's last-minute date at a wedding. When Leyla's mother wondered why Leyla was not there with the "nice Persian boy," Dr. Leo, Spinelli told her that Leo had to work. He went on to paint a glowing picture of Leo and his regard for Leyla. Leyla hastily sent her mother away and feared that Spinelli had made Leo sound so good that her mother would tell everyone that Leyla and Leo were betrothed. Leyla worried that she was a coward because she was afraid to tell her mother that she was not ready to marry and settle down. Spinelli told her how much he admired her courage when she took a bullet for Patrick. He also told her that she was the prettiest girl there. Leyla told Spinelli that he was the perfect date and that there was no one she would rather be with. Then they danced together.

At the PCPD, Mac gave Carly the news about Michael's shooting. The case was officially closed. According to Mac, all evidence indicated that Ian Devlin acted alone and that his reasons for shooting at Sonny had died with him. Carly wanted to know if things would have been different if Sonny had moved toward Michael instead of away from him. Mac told a teary Carly that there was no clear answer. He said that he had asked himself the same kinds of questions when Georgie was murdered and the conclusion he had reached was that there was no answer to the question "Why?"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Claudia offered Maxie $10,000 to sleep with Johnny and an extra $10,000 if Lulu caught them sleeping together. They were interrupted when Lulu and Johnny came into the office. Claudia quickly hid in a coat rack. Lulu and Maxie continued their usual banter until Maxie asked Johnny to give her a boost so she could put some purses away on a high shelf. Lulu ran after them as they went into Kate's office, which gave Claudia a perfect chance to get away. Lulu walked back into the lobby when she heard the elevators open and close. She wondered aloud who had been there, but Maxie reminded her they were in a hotel so any guest could have accidentally pressed the wrong button on the elevator.

After Claudia left the Metro Court, she went to look at an apartment directly across from the hotel. She told the real estate agent she would take the apartment without even discussing a price or a lease agreement. As soon as the agent left to prepare the paperwork, Claudia called Johnny and told him she could see him at the Crimson office from their new home. Johnny came over to see the apartment himself and seemed pleased. He told Claudia she would have to learn to tolerate Lulu. Johnny later showed Lulu around the new apartment, where he told her she would have to learn to tolerate his sister. Claudia was his only family.

At her house, Kate tried to reassure Sonny he had made the right decision to give up the mob business. Sonny wanted to "take back what was his," though. He compared leaving the mob business to Kate being fired from Couture. Kate said they were not alike. She tried to kiss him, but he pulled away and left.

Alexis went to talk to Jax and begged him for help convincing Sonny to give up custody of Kristina. Jax didn't think he could do anything to persuade Sonny. Carly came in and told Alexis she also would be of no help. Carly and Sonny were no longer married, so Carly had no influence over her ex-husband. Alexis was upset and told them that Sonny thought if was all an act. Carly took the boys away from Sonny to punish him. Carly and Sonny would be back together soon and it would all be over. Carly told Alexis to get out of her hotel, and Alexis went to Kate's house. Alexis begged Kate for her help, but Kate told her she didn't think Sonny should have given up his parental rights to Michael and Morgan. Kate would not be Alexis' ally to get Sonny to give up custody of his daughter. Alexis reiterated the same message to Kate about Carly and Sonny getting back together in the near future and stormed out.

Outside the wedding, Leyla and Spinelli danced. Leyla was impressed with Spinelli's dancing skills, and he told her he had learned through an online tutorial. He started to swing her around and bumped into a woman coming out on the terrace. She made fun of Leyla dancing with a loser like Spinelli while Leyla's mother was inside talking about Leyla's Persian-doctor boyfriend. When the girl left, Leyla explained about the rivalry between herself and the woman. Leyla said she was having a wonderful time, and Spinelli seemed happy. Leyla's mother came out to tell them goodbye and thanked Spinelli for escorting her daughter to the wedding. As Spinelli and Leyla were leaving, two men came out on the terrace and one made some derogatory remarks towards Leyla and her heritage. Spinelli came to the rescue and knocked the man out with one punch to the face.

Mayor Floyd yelled at Mac and said the police department was a joke. He wanted Mac to make some high profile arrests so the citizens of Port Charles would not have to live in fear. Mayor Floyd was appalled when a police officer brought Nikolas and Nadine into the station in handcuffs. The mayor wanted high profile arrests of criminals, not of the biggest taxpayer in all of Port Charles. Nikolas and Nadine had been looking at a warehouse he wanted to use as a clinic, but it had been the site of a prostitution ring. When the police found the two at the warehouse, they arrested them on sight for prostitution. The mayor insisted the two be released, and Alexis cemented their release when she walked in. Also arriving in handcuffs was Spinelli for his assault at the wedding. He was soon released, also, and Leyla kissed him in appreciation for defending her.

Diane came to Sonny's house and was very upset when Sonny mentioned undoing the custody papers she had just filed. She told him she had warned him all along they could not be undone. Sonny said the circumstances had changed, but Diane told him he needed to enjoy his new life and let everyone else get on with their lives. After Diane left, Carly soon arrived. She had expected to see him at the police station when Mac had closed the file into Michael's shooting. Ian Devlin had acted alone and he was dead. Case closed. Sonny said he got the message too late so he couldn't get there in time. Carly said she was there on Alexis' behalf to convince him to give up custody of Kristina. The two started arguing, and Carly told him he was being a fake. He wasn't the coffee importer dating Kate Howard. Sonny was the man he always had been with Carly.

Meanwhile Kate and Jax met up and talked about Carly and Sonny. Kate was concerned about Alexis' comments. She wanted to know what they were going to do about Sonny and Carly.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Diane and Max shared a kiss in the coffeehouse office. Their amorous activities were interrupted by Jason, who told them that he did not want to walk into to his office again and find them indulging in monkey business instead of his business. Both Diane and Max were chastened and quickly agreed that their behavior was inappropriate for the workplace. After Max left, Diane told Jason that she was very glad that he was in charge and that she would miss him. He wanted to know if she was leaving. She said that she had delivered papers to Sonny the previous evening and that she was convinced that Sonny would not be able to continue much longer without the power of his mob kingpin position. In the coffeehouse proper, the man whom Spinelli had decked the night before, in defense of Leyla, captured him in a headlock. Before he could hurt Spinelli, he heard the sound of guns cocking. When he looked up Max, Milo, and Jason were holding guns on him. Diane remarked that Jason and his men would be within their rights to use deadly force, since he was hurting Spinelli, a valuable member of Jason's staff. He quickly apologized to Spinelli for his racial slurs about Leyla's heritage. After the man left, Spinelli crowed about his defense of Leyla on the previous evening. Milo was incredulous and Jason told a downcast Spinelli to call if he got in trouble instead of trying to handle it himself.

At the nurses' station, Robin and Patrick were trading barbs about each other's blogs, when a man arrived to see Dr. Ford. The gentleman knew Robin from the time when she had been involved in the care of his pregnant, HIV positive wife. The woman died during childbirth and the man, noting Robin's pregnancy, and knowing that Robin was HIV positive, warned Patrick that if Robin died, Patrick would be entirely responsible for the child's care. Later, in the staff lounge, Liz comforted a tearful Robin, who worried about the effects of HIV on her pregnancy, even though, as a medical professional, she knew that HIV was not a deterrent to a successful pregnancy. She also wanted to make arrangements for her child in case something happened to her. She was afraid it would be too much for Mac to handle. Liz gently suggested that Patrick would be the logical choice since he was the father, but Robin did not want to force the responsibility on Patrick, who she thought was, at best, a reluctant participant in the process. Later, Robin eavesdropped as Liz gently probed Patrick about his intentions toward Robin and his child.

At Sonny's place, Kate learned that Sonny had no intention of returning to his former business. They shared coffee and conversation. He told her about Carly's visit. She told him about her visit from Alexis. Kate told Sonny that she loved him and then she left for work.

Carly and Jax sat in the hotel lobby. She told him that she had been unable to convince Sonny to give up custody of Kristina. Jax thanked her for trying before going away on other hotel business. Kate caught up to Carly at the front desk. She was polite as she asked Carly to leave Sonny alone. Carly replied viciously and threw every insult at Kate that she could think of. Carly insisted that she knew Sonny longer and better than Kate did or ever would. Kate was not defensive and did not reveal her childhood history with Sonny. Though she bore Carly's insults without flinching, Carly did not back off and her words got even more mean-spirited. When Carly ran out of steam, Kate left the lobby, but not before making one more futile attempt to persuade Carly to go easy on Sonny.

An irate Carly rushed out of the hotel and off to Jason to cry on his shoulder. She spewed out her anger and animosity about Kate. She toyed with the idea of having sex with Sonny just to get revenge on Kate, an idea she discarded during another venomous tirade. Jason listened to her and made a few calm remarks. He told her that giving up the boys and the business was also hard on Sonny. He suggested that she give Sonny a chance to be happy in his new life. Jason continued to comfort Carly as best he could while she plotted ways to separate Sonny and Kate.

Spinelli caught up with Jax in the lobby of the hotel. Spinelli told Jax how much he admired him and asked for his help in becoming more sophisticated and debonair around the ladies. Jax was flattered and agreed to aid Spinelli in his quest.

On the Haunted Star, Tracy walked in on Lucky and Sam, who were discussing a cryptic email that Sam had received from Luke. Tracy wanted to know if they had heard from Luke. She figured that he would need money, since she had taken all of his when she left him. Tracy exited the boat when both Sam and Lucky denied having any word from Luke. As soon as Tracy was gone, Lucky and Sam deciphered the clues in Luke's email. They discovered a cache of gems hidden under the roulette table. They left the Haunted Star together after deciding that they would both go to Mexico to deliver the jewels to Luke.

In the Crimson offices Lulu warned a smug Maxie to stay away from Johnny. When Kate arrived, she found Sonny waiting in her office. He wanted her to take time off so that they could go to his island together. Kate was tempted, but told him she had too much work and could not walk away from the launch of her new magazine. Too many people were depending on her, she told Sonny, but she added lovingly, just the thought of a picnic under the stars with him would help her make it through the day.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jax and Spinelli were at the Haunted Star where Jax was teaching Spinelli the finer points of gambling and tips on being debonair. Spinelli became frustrated with his ineptness but didn't give up trying to follow the suggestions that Jax made. Jax wasn't deterred either. He arranged for a tailor to stop by and fit Spinelli for an expensive suit.

Anthony stopped by Claudia and Johnny's new penthouse apartment. He was critical of everything but still insisted on having a key to the place so that he could visit whenever the urge struck him. Tensions rose when Anthony took for granted that his children would move back in with him after the repairs to the mansion were made. Johnny was not happy about the prospect and told his father that the penthouse was his new permanent residence. Claudia looked to defuse her father's anger so she lied to Anthony. She promised that she and Johnny would return to the mansion as soon as it became ready. After Anthony left, Johnny turned on his sister. He told her that he refused to give up his freedom by living under their father's roof again. Claudia reminded Johnny that it would take time for the mansion to become habitable, during which time many things could happen to Anthony, including his demise.

Kate turned to her assistants for creative ideas. Unfortunately, Kate's business rival, Giselle, walked into Crimson and overheard the exchange. Giselle didn't waste any time trying to undermine Kate's confidence. Giselle directed several subtle, and not so subtle, barbs at Kate until Kate took action. She pawned Giselle off on Lulu then ordered Maxie to call Jax. Kate felt that Jax could successfully divert Giselle's attention from Crimson. After Maxie stepped away to attend to her errand, Kate rejoined Lulu and Giselle. Giselle continued to cause trouble by shredding Lulu's fashion sense to pieces. Giselle felt that Lulu's taste in clothing reflected poorly on Kate. Things went from bad to worse for Kate when Anthony Zacchara arrived at Crimson and proceeded to brag about being a mobster before he gave Lulu a message for Johnny. He told Lulu to tell Johnny that it was nice to know that he could find Lulu whenever he wanted to. After Anthony departed, Giselle asked Kate if her magazine was funded by mob money. Kate quickly denied it and reminded Giselle that Jax was also an investor. Kate was relieved when Jax walked into Crimson and managed to redirect Giselle's attention. When he invited Giselle and Kate to go gambling, the trio left. Lulu was right behind them, intent on finding Johnny. Maxie was left alone to deal with the office, but not for long. Johnny showed up looking for Lulu. Maxie took advantage of the situation and asked Johnny to help by carrying a few heavy boxes down to storage.

Before heading over to the Haunted Star, Jax brought Kate and Giselle to the Metro Court Hotel where a new and improved Damian Spinelli joined them.

Lulu let herself into Johnny's penthouse only to find Claudia at home, not Johnny. Claudia didn't appreciate Lulu walking into her home, uninvited, and ordered Lulu to leave. Lulu refused to comply and insisted on waiting for Johnny. Claudia took the opportunity to warn Lulu that her days were numbered. She said that Lulu continued to live only because Anthony had use of her. Lulu's only chance of saving herself, according to Claudia, would be to end her relationship with Johnny. Lulu eventually decided to leave, but she made it clear that she would not break things off with Johnny.

Nikolas began work on opening up the free clinic in Emily's honor. Nadine joined him at the warehouse she had picked out and was pleasantly surprised when she learned that Nikolas had purchased it. They were soon joined by Leyla, who didn't waste any time chatting up Nadine. Uncomfortable with her friend's efforts on her behalf, Nadine offered to show her friend around the warehouse. As soon as they were alone, Nadine asked Leyla to stop playing matchmaker.

Meanwhile, Nikolas had stepped out to make a business call on his cell phone. Claudia approached him as he ended the call. She seemed surprised to see Nikolas and stopped to talk to him. When she learned that Nikolas had bought the warehouse and intended to open the Emily Bowden-Quartermaine Free Clinic, Claudia was impressed. She offered to become one of his investors but Nikolas declined. Claudia was slightly offended because she assumed Nikolas thought she would try to launder mob money through the clinic. Nikolas assured Claudia that he had not thought any such thing. He explained that it was his final gift to Emily and that he wanted everything, including the money, to come from him. Inside the warehouse, Nadine and Leyla watched Nikolas and Claudia as they talked. Leyla was certain that, if they weren't already, Nikolas and Claudia would soon become lovers. Nadine bristled at the suggestion and was equally certain that Nikolas wasn't interested in Claudia. She reminded Leyla that Nikolas was still very much in love with Emily. Later, after Leyla and Claudia left, Nadine and Nikolas resumed discussing the plans for the clinic. Nikolas sensed that Nadine was distracted and commented on it. Initially, Nadine tried to pretend that she was fine but it had been an exercise in futility. As soon as Nikolas began talking about the warehouse, Nadine blurted out, "Are you sleeping with Claudia Zacchara?"

At General Hospital, Liz and Patrick talked about parenthood and the role a father had in a child's life. Robin walked in while they were talking. She thanked Liz for her friendship but told Patrick that Liz was wrong. Robin was quite vocal about raising her child alone as a single parent. Patrick seemed annoyed by Robin's attitude and walked out of the break room. Later, Robin and Liz were in the locker room. Robin once again thanked Liz for trying to talk to Patrick about the baby. She admitted that she had given Liz reason to believe that Robin wanted Patrick to be involved with their child, but reiterated that Patrick did not want to be a father. Liz told Robin that she felt that Robin was not giving Patrick enough credit. After Robin left the hospital, she went home to record another blog entry. She was interrupted when Patrick stopped by to talk to her about the baby. Patrick felt that they needed to decide once and for all what his role would be after the baby was born. Robin tried to listen but she was distracted by hunger and cravings. She asked Patrick if he would mind picking up a pizza. When Patrick returned to the apartment with the food, he found Robin on the floor. She had collapsed and was unconscious.

Lucky and Sam found themselves in a dive bar across the Mexican border. They were looking for Luke and ended up finding trouble instead. When Sam went to order tequila, one of the patrons tried to get Sam to leave the bar with him. Sam declined the crude offer but the man refused to accept no for an answer. Lucky was forced to step in and the confrontation escalated. Within moments Lucky was involved in a brawl. Sam brought an abrupt end to the fight when she took a gun and fired a warning shot in the air. The man and his friends quickly fled the bar. As soon as the men were gone, Lucky and Sam began questioning the bartender. The bartender admitted that he knew Luke. Luke had been a patron of the bar and had left a message for Lucky. Unfortunately, the message was coded so Lucky was unable to decipher its meaning. He and Sam sat down at a nearby table and started talking. Sam admitted that she enjoyed their adventure and felt that it gave her an opportunity to see the real Lucky Spencer. Neither was aware that nearby, at another table, there was a blonde mystery woman who was watching them. After a few moments she approached Sam from behind and said "Hey Cindy, who's your friend?" Sam turned around and looked at the woman with an expression of displeasure.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Patrick was very frantic as he watched Robin get wheeled away at the hospital. He wanted to leave to check on patients, but Liz sat down with him in the waiting area and asked what the baby meant to Patrick. He was not sure this was the time to discover what his unborn child meant to him. Patrick was relieved when he was quickly called into Robin's room. She had an incompetent cervix, so a small procedure would need to be done and she would need a few days of bed rest. Robin wasn't sure bed rest was really necessary, but Patrick assured Kelly he would wait on Robin hand and foot. Once they were alone, Robin told Patrick the scare had proven they could do it and would pull through. She corrected herself and said SHE could do it and pull through. Patrick said he was in it for the long haul and he would not be leaving her.

Lucky and Sam sat in a bar in Mexico where a long lost friend of Sam's told stories of Sam's past. The woman had met Sam years ago and had known her as Cindy. She was surprised to see the woman who stole "Dennis" from her on TV a few months earlier telling how to escape house fires. The woman claimed to know where Luke was hiding but would not talk without a dance from Lucky. While they danced, the woman grabbed Lucky's butt, prompting Sam to walk over and punch her. The Mexican police were called and when Lucky realized he couldn't reason with them, he started punching his fellow officers.

Carly came home and saw Morgan and Mercedes working on crafts. She was excited to see Morgan's handprint on a tile and thanked him for the gift. Morgan corrected her and said it was a gift for his father. Carly took the time to explain he would no longer see his father. Sonny and Carly had made the decision to keep Morgan safe, and the change did not mean Sonny didn't love his son. After Morgan and Mercedes left, Lulu came to see Carly. She apologized to Carly for her behavior at the hospital when Michael was in ICU. Lulu admitted she was self-absorbed and she was not there for her friend in Carly's time of need. Carly stopped her and accepted the apology. Carly had done worse things and was still forgiven by others. The two women talked, but Carly couldn't help but warn Lulu about the future she would endure with Johnny. She would wake up one day and realize she hadn't been the only one hurt. The people who Lulu cared the most for would also be hurt. Lulu didn't think she and Johnny were like Sonny and Carly. She thanked Carly for the advice and left to meet up with Johnny at the Haunted Star.

Nadine rambled on about all the supplies Nikolas would need for his new pediatric clinic. He stopped her, and Nadine mentioned how she was nervous after asking such an inappropriate question regarding his relationship with Claudia Zacchara. Claudia showed up at that same moment and agreed it had been inappropriate of Nadine to ask such personal questions. Nikolas was pulled away by a phone call and left the two women to talk. Claudia warned Nadine she was not sleeping with Nikolas yet, but she intended to be soon. Claudia thought Nadine was crazy for thinking she could date someone as unique as Nikolas Cassadine. Nadine asked if Claudia was saying Nikolas was out of her league. Claudia said she shouldn't have to ask that question to know the answer. Nikolas approached the two women and asked what question Claudia was referring to. Claudia asked if Nikolas would go with her to the Haunted Star that evening. Nikolas declined, and Claudia left to go to the casino on her own. Once they were alone again, Nikolas clarified with Nadine his relationship with Claudia and said he had no intentions of having a romantic relationship with her. Nadine and Nikolas were interrupted again when Mayor Floyd walked in. He apologized to Nikolas but said the clinic would not be allowed to open.

Back in Port Charles, Diane was surprised when Jason walked into his office for their meeting on time. Sonny had always kept her waiting. Jason was equally surprised to see Diane crying. She explained that she was emotional due to Father's Day on the upcoming weekend. Her father had died from cancer previously, and she missed him. Diane always tried to tell him she loved him, but she was never able to explain that her father had been her hero. She talked about seeing other men who gave up fatherhood or were not good fathers and how it frustrated her. After their meeting, Jason decided to go see Sonny. He brought him a box Michael had ordered months earlier for Sonny for Father's Day. Sonny opened the boxes and found life vests. Jason explained that Michael had wanted Sonny to take himself and Morgan out on the boat in the upcoming summer months. Michael loved Sonny and thought he was the best father. Sonny thanked Jason before Jason left. Carly came by later to drop off Morgan's gift. Sonny was disappointed she had not allowed Morgan to bring the gift for the last time so Sonny could say good-bye. Carly said she had told Morgan about their decision, and Sonny said Morgan would come and find him when he turned eighteen. Morgan would hate Carly for what she had done. Carly didn't care, because at least Morgan would be turning eighteen. Sonny gave the lift vests to Carly before she left and told her to have Jax take Morgan out on the river. He wanted her to make sure to tell Morgan it was a gift from his big brother.

After failing to convince Sonny earlier in the day to go fishing with him, Max met up with Diane at the Metro Court. He was upset to learn she had a breakdown in Jason's office and offered to deal with Jason for his behavior. Diane was comforted but reassured Max that Jason had not caused her breakdown. They sat down for drinks before she had to leave on more business. At the tables, Jax and Kate were amused by Spinelli's behavior with Giselle. He spoke with an accent and was very charming to Giselle. Ric pulled Kate aside and asked what the game was. Kate explained they were trying to convince Giselle to advertise for Crimson, but she had no idea what was going on with Spinelli. Leyla, Jerry, and Lulu all came by and were equally amused by Spinelli's behavior. Spinelli was rocked to his core when Maxie showed up, though. He stuttered and went back to his normal ways upon seeing his crush.

Meanwhile, Tracy was annoyed at the Zacchara family's interest in the casino while Luke was away. She tried to talk to Claudia, but Claudia told her Anthony was the one who made decisions and he didn't like women to be involved in the business. When Claudia left, Jerry followed quickly behind her. He threatened her and was getting physical with her on the docks when Jason appeared. Jason asked what was going on, and Jerry told Claudia to explain to Jason what they had been discussing.

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