General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 4, 2008 on GH
Carly had dinner with Karpov. Sam had concerns about Jerry. Lulu paid her mother a visit at Shadybrook.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 4, 2008 on GH
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Monday, August 4, 2008

At Sonny's place, Kate and Sonny found Jason waiting to have a chat with Sonny. Jason ignored Kate's polite request that he call first and told Sonny that they needed to talk. After Kate left to run errands, Jason wanted to know about Sonny and Karpov.

Sonny told Jason that his motives were pure and that his only intent was to protect Jason. Jason said that Sonny was kidding himself and that what Sonny really wanted was to get back in the business. Jason offered to give the business back to Sonny, but Sonny insisted that he did not want the business because he had promised to go straight.

Jason said that he did not need Sonny's help, and that he was disappointed that Sonny had not told him from the very first that Karpov had approached him. When Jason left, it was apparent that he felt betrayed by Sonny and that Sonny was hurt because Jason did not trust him.

Jerry caught Sam sneaking around a dockside warehouse. He wanted to know what she was up to. She said she was looking for a job. She wanted to know why he was there. He said he was looking for a place to house his import-export business. She accused him of using Alexis to further his nefarious schemes. He told her that they had a lot in common.

Lulu and Johnny were in the professor's apartment, kissing, when Lulu started screaming. Looking over Johnny's shoulder, Lulu saw Logan's ghost, which was pale gray and covered in blood and had a knife in its stomach. When Johnny asked what was wrong. She said that she had seen a rat. Johnny searched the place but did not find the rat.

Lulu was jumpy and started packing. She wanted to run again, but Johnny wanted to know why she was lying to him. She told him that she had seen Logan, who was bloody and pale and had a knife sticking out of him. Lulu feared that she was crazy, but Johnny assured that she had been traumatized and was suffering the effects.

When Johnny called Logan's death an accident, Lulu said no, that Johnny had not been there and had not seen the look on Logan's face. She said he had looked scared and surprised, like the only person he had ever trusted had betrayed him. She said maybe Logan had been right when he'd said that she would never get over him. Johnny insisted that Lulu was suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder and that she had killed Logan in self-defense.

Lulu would not accept that Logan was at fault and took all the guilt on herself for sending Logan mixed signals in the days before Logan's death. Lourdes interrupted and wanted Johnny to help Sal with a moving chore. Despite his misgivings, at Lulu's insistence, he left her alone and went with Lourdes to help Sal. After Johnny left, Lulu started remembering some of the conversations she'd had with Logan. When Johnny returned to the apartment, Lulu was gone.

At the hospital, Patrick could not resist telling Robin how sexy he thought she looked. They started kissing and headed to the supply closet. When they got there, they found it occupied by Anna and Noah, who asked Robin and Patrick to remember that they were adults and could have a relationship if they wanted to. Patrick and Robin agreed that they were right, which surprised Anna and Noah. Robin asked Patrick and Noah to leave so she could talk to Anna.

After the men were gone, Robin wanted to know if Anna truly cared about Noah or if she was still attracted to Eli Love. Anna said she thought she had been attracted to Noah in the first place and that Eli had been the substitute. Her only regret was that she had wasted time on Eli when she could have been getting to know Noah, with whom she had more in common and who she liked better. Robin accepted that and wished Anna well.

Patrick and Noah also had a discussion about Noah and Anna. Noah was surprised when Patrick gave his approval, which made Noah happy. The pair shared a father-son bonding moment.

Nikolas overheard Nadine plotting with Leyla to search Matt's room at the Scorpios'. He told Nadine to leave Matt alone, but as soon as Nikolas was out of earshot, Nadine vowed to Leyla that she would do it, anyway, because Nikolas had no say over her.

After telling Nadine that she had done enough to get Nikolas' attention, a reluctant Leyla knocked on the Scorpio door and occupied Maxie, who answered it, with talk about Spinelli, while Nadine climbed in Matt's upstairs window. Downstairs, Maxie told an amused Leyla all the reasons that Leyla was wrong for Spinelli. Matt, who was supposed to be in the operating room, walked in unannounced. Leyla tried to delay him, but Maxie sent him on his way.

Upstairs, Nadine heard Matt and hid behind a chair. She was trapped there while he sat down at his computer. Leyla was disconcerted. She told Maxie that Maxie should pay more attention to Spinelli then Leyla left the premises. Nadine remained trapped behind the chair as Matt took a shower. After Matt finished showering, Maxie went to his door and berated him for eating her food. Nadine looked for an opportunity to escape.

At the clinic, Nikolas got a visit from Carly, who wanted to know if there was any word about Lulu. Before they could say much, Kate dropped by with an offer of support for the clinic. When Nikolas was called to the phone, Carly took the opportunity to threaten Kate because Kate had made it appear that Carly had lied to Jax. A calm Kate told Carly to just think of it as one of the many times Carly had lied to Jax and not been caught. Before stalking out, Carly told Kate that she and Jax would reunite then Carly would destroy Kate.

Nikolas and Kate concluded their business as Sam walked in. She congratulated Kate, who left. Sam told Nikolas that she suspected Jerry of being involved with Karpov. After seeing him at the warehouse, she'd recalled hearing his voice while she had been on the phone with Karpov. Before they could say more, Scott Baldwin walked in and took a great amount of pleasure in announcing to Nikolas that Lulu had been placed on the FBI's Most Wanted list along with Johnny.

Kate went back to Sonny's and wanted to know what Jason wanted. She feared that Jason was trying to get Sonny back in the business, but Sonny said no -- that Jason did not understand or trust him. Kate took Sonny's side and did not ask questions but believed Sonny when he said he was not back in the business.

In his office, Jason met with Cody, who gave him proof that Karpov was meeting with Sonny. When Jason asked why Cody was taking risks to get photos of Karpov, Cody said it was not for money but to see if he could still do the recon work that he had done in the Army. Jason was suspicious, but Cody said that he was off drugs and in a twelve-step program. He said that he cared more about the work than money. Jason hired Cody to be Bernie's driver and bodyguard.

Jason called Carly to his office and told her that Sonny was working with Karpov.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

At the clinic, Nikolas and Sam confronted Scott about his vendetta against the Spencers, mainly Luke. Scott dismissed the idea that his persecution of Lulu had anything to do with punishing Luke. Scott reminded the cousins that Lulu had nearly killed Logan, months earlier, with a monkey wrench to the head. Scott also pointed to Johnny's recent altercation with Logan at the Metro Court Hotel, which had been about Lulu. Scott insisted that Lulu was not an innocent victim.

Nikolas called Nadine and left her a message when he was unable to reach her. He was concerned about her well-being and worried that she had broken into Matt's room to find evidence against him.

At the Scorpio house, Maxie stood in the doorway of Matt's bedroom and bickered with him. Meanwhile Nadine crouched behind a chair and tried to remain hidden. Maxie proved to be quite observant and quickly exposed Nadine and her hiding spot. Matt was shocked to see Nadine in his room and demanded to know why Nadine had been hiding.

Nadine explained that she had wanted to replace the shirt that she had ruined during their dinner. She had slipped into his room because she had needed to see what size shirt Matt wore before she could buy him a new one. Neither Maxie nor Matt believed her. Maxie was convinced that it was proof of an affair between the doctor and young nurse. Maxie triumphantly announced that the rental agreement prohibited romantic rendezvous in the rooms.

As Matt prepared to leave the house, he found Maxie in the living room, telling Mac that she had caught Matt and Nadine in "flagrante delicto." Matt took the phone away from Maxie and declared his innocence.

Maxie went to see Spinelli at the penthouse to enlist his help. She wanted Spinelli to dig up dirt on Matt. When Spinelli declined, because of prior commitments, Maxie refused to take no for an answer. She offered to help Spinelli with the Karpov situation. Maxie felt that the sooner Spinelli finished with Karpov, the sooner he could start working on helping her with Matt.

At the hideout, Johnny was concerned about Lulu's disappearance. Sal returned to tell "Joe" that he had not found any sign of "Linda." Johnny explained Lulu's absence and his concern by telling Sal that he and "Linda" had argued. After Sal left, Lourdes stopped by to offer Johnny her help. She suggested that Johnny run away with her. Lourdes tried to convince him that it would be an ideal solution because no one expected Johnny to travel with a brunette. Johnny declined the offer and insisted on waiting until Lulu returned.

Lulu went to Shadybrook to visit her mother, Laura. Lulu was afraid that she was more like her mother than her father. Lulu confessed to Laura that she had seen Logan -- since his death. Lulu also admitted that recently, she had been living in constant fear. As she told Laura about the events leading up to Logan's death, Lulu began to realize that it had been self-defense.

Luckily, Lulu managed to slip out of Laura's room before Scott arrived for a visit. Scott stopped at the nurse's station and asked if anyone had been by to see Laura recently. The nurse said the only visitor had been Nikolas, who visited weekly. Satisfied, Scott went into Laura's room.

Scott spoke to Laura and justified his pursuit of Lulu by accusing Lulu of intentionally aiding and abetting Johnny, who had murdered Logan in cold blood. Nikolas and Lucky stepped into the room a short while later. They demanded to speak to Scott in the hallway. Nikolas made it clear that Scott was no longer permitted to visit Laura. Scott had little choice but to leave.

Lulu returned to the hideout just as Lourdes was doing her best to spend the evening with Johnny. Lourdes appeared annoyed when Johnny completely ignored her to sweep Lulu into his arms. After Lourdes left, Lulu told Johnny that she had gone to see her mother. Lulu was confident that the visit had helped her put things into perspective. She admitted that she finally believed Logan's death had been an act of self-defense.

Matt caught up with Nadine at the clinic and demanded to know the real reason that she had hidden in his room earlier that day. Nadine admitted that she had been looking for proof that he was behind the counterfeit drug ring. She went on to say that she suspected that Matt had been stealing drugs from the hospital, substituting them with sugar pills, and then selling the real pills on the black market.

Nadine then made the startling announcement that her intention had not been to turn him in to the police but to get a cut of the action. Matt didn't believe Nadine for a moment. When Nikolas walked in, Matt warned Nikolas to keep Nadine out of his room, or the next time Matt would call the police. After Matt walked away, Nadine let Nikolas know that she did not intend to give up on exposing Matt as a criminal.

Jason invited Carly to his office to discuss the situation with Sonny and Karpov. Carly was stunned to learn that Sonny was in cahoots with Jason's enemy. Initially, Carly suggested that Sonny might be keeping his business dealings strictly out of town but Jason dispelled that notion rather quickly. Carly grew angry as she began to suspect Sonny of aligning himself with Karpov for nefarious reasons. She reminded Jason that he was the head of the organization in Port Charles and that he needed to treat Sonny like any other enemy who had threatened his position.

Jason reminded Carly that Jason dealt with people like that by killing them. He asked Carly if she was telling Jason to kill Sonny. Carly backed down and thought up another method of dealing with Sonny. Carly felt that the way to convince Sonny to sever his ties with Karpov would be for Jason to threaten to expose the connection to Kate. Jason refused to resort to blackmailing Sonny and warned Carly to say nothing.

Carly left Jason's office and made a beeline to Kate's office at Crimson. After dismissing Clarice, Carly warned Kate that she could blow Kate's world apart. Kate remained calm and accused Carly of being threatened by Kate's upcoming marriage to Sonny. Carly didn't tell Kate about Sonny's mob connection to Karpov but she did warn Kate that Jax would not tolerate Sonny, the liar, for long and would soon pull out of Crimson.

Jason asked Diane to arrange a meeting between Jason and Karpov. Diane made quick work of it, and the meeting took place a short time later in Jason's office. Jason warned Karpov that if Karpov made a hostile move, Jason would take action. Karpov showed that he wasn't a man easily intimidated.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Claudia acceded to Sonny's demand that she go to his place. Sonny interrogated Claudia because he suspected that she was the one who had spilled the beans to Jason about Sonny's involvement with Karpov. Claudia told him that she had more to worry about than his relationship with Karpov. Claudia demanded to know what else Sonny would hold over her head. Before he could answer, Kate walked in and wanted to know what was going on.

Kate immediately jumped to Sonny's defense and accused Claudia of trying to get Sonny back in the mob. Claudia made a veiled, sarcastic comment about Sonny's ties to Kate and the mob, so Sonny jumped to Kate's defense. Claudia apologized for any unintended slight but left without telling Kate that Sonny was involved with Karpov or telling Sonny that Ric was the one who had told Jason.

Kate told Sonny that she knew that he would never cheat on her sexually with Claudia, but she feared that both Claudia and Jason were trying to get him back in the mob. He assured her that neither Claudia nor Jason was doing that, but he did not tell her about his arrangement with Karpov.

Jason was in his office with Spinelli when Ric dropped by for a visit. He had a strategy for defending Johnny, and wanted Jason to locate Johnny and Lulu and encourage them to turn themselves in. Jason wanted to know why Ric would think he cared. Ric pointed out that Anthony would become crazed if anything happened to Johnny, and that would affect Jason's business and the balance of power in the area. Spinelli left the duo alone, and Ric could not resist mentioning Sonny's betrayal to Jason. Jason wondered at Ric's motives and asked if Ric's intent was to have Jason kill Sonny.

Sonny met Karpov on the docks. Karpov said he was awaiting two shipments. The first was a cover for the second, which would land that night. Sonny said that the spot they were using was secure. They agreed to meet later to oversee the night shipment. Sonny guaranteed that Jason would not interfere, as Jerry Jax eavesdropped unnoticed.

Carly was in the Metro Court restaurant when Anthony wheeled up. He told her his stay in her hotel had been pleasant, but he would be leaving soon because the rebuilding of his estate was almost completed. Then he asked Carly if she had heard from Lulu. When Carly said that she had not, he told her that she did not seem worried enough for someone whose cousin had been taken hostage. Anthony said they both knew that Lulu had taken in the gun and engineered Johnny's escape. Anthony said he was not happy about that. He much preferred that his son be in jail, where the lawyers could get him out, instead of on the run from trigger-happy cops.

Anthony told Carly that he knew all about Laura, and his biggest fear was that Lulu would get Johnny killed. He suggested that it would be in Carly's best interest to get Lulu and Johnny to return home, or Lulu might not return at all. He then referred to Laura as a "rocking head of cabbage" and said that if Lulu hit the "gene jackpot" and freaked out, then she would be an even bigger liability to Johnny. Anthony said it was to their mutual advantage to get Johnny and Lulu to turn themselves in before Lulu broke like "cheap glass."

Maxie went to the nurses' station, looking for Matt. Liz told her that Matt was in surgery. Maxie was horrified to think that anyone would let Matt operate. Liz was amused, but when Maxie tried to leave a bill for Matt that charged him for food and shampoo, Liz would not get involved. Maxie tried to accuse Liz of holding a grudge, but Liz told her that doing personal chores for the doctor was not in her job description. As she was departing the floor, Maxie was sincere when she told Liz that she was worried about Lulu's safety.

Kate confronted Claudia at the Metro Court restaurant. Claudia tried to leave, but Kate had things to say. She accused Claudia of trying to pull Sonny back into the mob. Claudia took Kate's abuse until Kate asked if she even cared about what had happened to Michael. Claudia said that Kate was the unfeeling one because Michael's shooting had gotten Kate everything she had wanted. Kate was stunned as Claudia said that Michael's shooting had not only been the final break between Carly and Sonny but had left Sonny messed up in the head and dependent on Kate, who had used the shooting to guilt Sonny out of the mob.

Kate responded that Claudia was truly evil if she could believe that Kate would skew the tragedy for her own advantage. Claudia said that was what Kate had done and what she did every day. Claudia said that Kate was in a fantasy world that would soon crash down, because Sonny was borderline psycho and hooked on power. Sooner or later, she continued, the real Sonny would emerge. Claudia said that Sonny was good at the mob business, and he would not be content to hide behind Kate or the fašade of a legitimate coffee business. Claudia said that she did not have to lure Sonny back to the crime business because, sooner or later, Sonny would return to the mob on his own.

Kate told Claudia that she was really good at obfuscation, but Kate was good at focus. Kate said that despite everything that Claudia had said, she and Sonny were getting married, and Sonny had chosen Kate over the mob. Kate warned Claudia to stay away from Sonny then stiffened her back, told Claudia to enjoy her iced tea, and walked away.

Claudia was ordering something stronger than iced tea when Ric joined her. She told him that he owed her big time. She said that Jason had confronted Sonny about Karpov but had not given Ric as the source of his information, so Sonny had jumped to the conclusion that Claudia had been the one who had told Jason, and Sonny had accused her. She had not told Sonny the truth, that Ric had been the one to out him to Jason. She told Ric to take her silence as a sign of her good will. In a seductive voice, Ric said that he had always known that they would make a good team. They toasted each other.

Johnny and Lulu were in the professor's apartment when the police knocked on the door. The pair was frantically trying to get away when the police broke down the door. Johnny remained cool, and when he asked what they wanted, they told him they were looking for Sal. Lourdes crawled in through the window, and Johnny called her "Penelope." The police asked for IDs but were called away before they could check them. Lourdes told Johnny that he had saved her life.

Lourdes gave Johnny a hug and left. When she was gone, Lulu was concerned about the crush Lourdes had on Johnny. Lulu had a question in her voice when she told Johnny that Lourdes might turn them in when she found out Johnny was only interested in Lulu. Johnny asked teasingly if Lulu needed reassurance that he was only interested in her. Laughing, she replied that it could not hurt, and they made love. Later, Lulu awoke on the couch alone to the sounds of piano music. She thought it was Johnny, but when her eyes opened fully, it was a ghostly Logan at the keyboard. Lulu's scream reverberated through the apartment.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy set a private detective on Luke's trail because she wanted to let him know that Lulu was in trouble. Scott entered the room, uninvited and unannounced. Monica told him to leave, and Edward told Alice to call 9-1-1 and report a trespasser. Scott then threatened them all with jail as accessories to Johnny's escape. Monica firmly denied any knowledge of Johnny and Lulu's whereabouts, but Scott was convinced that Tracy knew where they were, and that was the real reason that she was trying to reach Luke. Monica suggested that Scott's behavior and animosity toward Lulu was fueled by regrets over the loss of his child, something she was familiar with.

Scott was in denial, and when Anthony also dropped in uninvited and unannounced, Scott accused all of them of getting together to devise an escape plan for Lulu and Johnny. Anthony told Scott that he knew nothing about Johnny's whereabouts. His purpose there was to ask Tracy out on a date. Scott scoffed that Tracy would be trading one old man for another. Tracy said she would rather die a long, lingering death than date Anthony. Anthony told her that could be arranged. Tracy was not amused.

After Scott left, Anthony got down to business. He told the assembled Quartermaines that he held Lulu responsible for the escape. She was also responsible for Logan's animosity toward Johnny, according to Anthony. Anthony felt that Johnny would be much safer behind bars with good lawyers than on the run with Lulu. He bottom-lined it for the Quartermaines when he told them that if anything happened to Johnny, he would tear Port Charles apart brick-by-brick.

Sam was on the docks, checking cargo, when Lucky arrived. Sam accused him of harassing her, and they used that ruse to have a brief conversation. Lucky wanted Sam to drop the investigation and give him time to investigate Jerry Jax's involvement. Sam refused and went so far as to slap him to remain convincing to those watching. Lucky stalked off, but he was not happy to leave Sam there. Later, as she was checking invoices, a box fell and broke open. As she was about to look at the contents, one of the foremen yelled at her to stop. She did, and the process of checking the boxes went on. After the other workers left the area, Jerry, who was lurking nearby, wanted to know what Sam was up to.

Spinelli went to see Maxie at Crimson. She had researched Karpov and found a photo of him in a magazine with a fashion model. She suggested that Spinelli research the model's purchases as a way to find Karpov's bank account. When Spinelli tried to tell Maxie that he feared for her safety, she worried that Spinelli no longer wanted to be friends with her because they had slept together. Spinelli said they would always be friends, but Jason had told him to leave Maxie out of it, and he did not want to defy Jason. Maxie said that she and Spinelli were good together, and Jason would just have to get used to it.

Carly went to Jason's office to tell him about her conversation with Anthony. He told her not to help him by spying on people. She said that her spying had already paid off. She had been nice to Anthony, and he had confided in her. She told Jason that Anthony knew about Laura and feared that history would repeat itself -- that Lulu would crack under pressure, and Johnny would get killed. Jason said things were stable at that moment because not even the cops had a clue about where Johnny and Lulu were hiding.

Carly sensed something else was wrong and finally got Jason to admit that his worry was that if something bad happened to Johnny, Anthony would go berserk, and Karpov would have the opening he needed to invade the Port Charles crime scene. Carly could not resist adding "with Sonny's help." Jason told her that he did not want to exacerbate the bitterness between Carly and Sonny. He told Carly that he was holding her to her promise not to talk to Sonny about Karpov. She agreed and left Jason's office, but once outside, she used her cell phone to set up a meeting with Karpov.

Kate was steaming by the time she got to the office. She sent Spinelli away and started ordering Maxie to make sure that every detail for her wedding was perfect, including having Maxie phone a top designer and order a change to her wedding gown that the designer had previously vetoed. Maxie respectfully repeated some of the advice Kate had given her about dealing with fashion designers. Kate listened to Maxie and changed her mind because she realized that she was obsessing. She told Maxie that it was because making arrangements was dependable, while her groom was not. Sonny overheard Kate's last words and wondered at her comment.

Kate was happy to see Sonny. She said that she was not upset with him but with herself. She said that she finally had everything that she wanted, and she was afraid to be happy. She said that she believed in him, believed that he loved her, and believed that he had quit the mob. To prove it, she decided to take the rest of the day off and spend it with him. She wanted to take a speedboat ride to the waterfront restaurant that Sonny had wanted to visit. Sonny was secretive, and Kate was confused when Sonny said that he could not go on the excursion with her.

Spinelli went back to Jason's office. He said that he had a way to track Karpov through his spending habits. Jason said that even though he did not understand what Spinelli was saying, all he cared about was the information. Spinelli was agitated, and Jason finally got him to admit that he had told Maxie about Karpov.

Jason was not happy, especially since Maxie was the police commissioner's daughter. He feared a slip of Maxie's lip would bring the law down on all of them, or worse, get Maxie hurt or killed. Spinelli said that he was trying to keep his distance, but before he could say more, Spinelli's computer beeped. The information on it indicated that Karpov's last two lovers had met with fatal accidents, one of which was a fall from a tenth floor balcony.

Carly met with Karpov on the terrace of the Metro Court. She was standing near the railing as Karpov approached her. He called her "Mrs. Corinthos," but Carly quickly corrected him. He assumed that Carly's interest in him was personal. He was intent on seduction, but Carly remained silent when he invited her on a car ride where they could be alone with each other.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kate told Sonny how much she had missed him when she was in Paris. She worried they would not make it and her hurt would be permanent. Sonny promised they would make it. Kate wanted to spend the night with Sonny, but he said not that night.

Kate was suspicious, especially after seeing him with Claudia. She reminded him of the one-night stand. Sonny assured her he was not cheating on her. Kate promised to stay home that night and work on wedding details. She started talking about champagne flutes with diamonds in them. Sonny wasn't paying attention at first, but he did tell her that only the bride should have diamonds on her wedding day.

Kate and Sonny talked about a couple from Bensonhurst, Mary and Nicholas. Sonny had attended the wedding with the Cerrello family, and it had been the biggest wedding of their time. He promised Kate they would be ten times happier than Mary and Nick on their wedding day. If diamond champagne glasses were what Kate wanted, they would order 300 of them and hand them out as favors.

Andre Karpov flirted with Carly at the hotel and offered her a ride in his convertible. He was impressed that she was not intimidated to be in his presence. She said gangsters did not bother her after being married to Sonny. A hotel employee asked to speak with her privately about hotel business, but Carly declined. She decided to take the ride with Mr. Karpov, after all.

Andre took Carly to one of his warehouses, where he offered her diamonds, fur, and wallpaper made out of money. Carly reminded him she was a married woman and could not be bought. Karpov said he had not intended to offend her. Carly told him other women would love all the attention he was doting on her, but Karpov was not interested in other women. He stood close to her and leaned down for a kiss.

Spinelli sat in Jason's office and looked for information on Karpov's girlfriends. He discovered two of them had died suspiciously. Spinelli told Jason they needed to give Sonny the information. Jason wanted to wait, and Spinelli said he thought they should have a stakeout at one of the warehouses. Spinelli started going on about snacks at their stakeout until Jason stopped him.

Maxie rushed in and immediately promised to keep her mouth shut about their mob business. Jason was upset at how much information Spinelli had slipped to Maxie, but Maxie assured him their secrets were safe. They were interrupted when one of Carly's employees at the Metro Court knocked on the door. Since Jax was out of town, he didn't know who to turn to. Carly had left the hotel with Andre Karpov.

Spinelli instantly set to work and used the GPS from Karpov's car to locate him. He was at the same warehouse Spinelli had mentioned having the stakeout at. Maxie was very impressed with Spinelli's genius and complimented him while Jason rushed out the door. He arrived at the warehouse just before Karpov could kiss Carly.

Jason warned Andre that Carly was under his protection. It would be his last warning. If anyone in Karpov's organization touched Carly, Andre would die. Karpov said he meant no harm, and left. Jason and Carly started yelling at each other, and Jason asked what she was doing with Karpov. Carly showed him what she had been doing when she pulled out Andre's PDA.

Sonny showed up at the docks with Milo for the latest shipment from Karpov. Sonny was worried Karpov was dealing in drugs. When Sascha arrived, she told Sonny that Andre might not show up due to other business. The shipment was soon unloaded, and Sonny told Milo to go open one of the crates. Sascha was not pleased, but Sonny said he wanted to make sure Andre was being honest in his deals. Milo opened the crate to reveal boxes loaded with drugs.

In a warehouse, Jerry was suspicious about Sam's place in the business, especially since she was dating a cop. Sam assured him that her relationship with Lucky was over. They argued over Sam's mother and Jerry's infatuation with Alexis. Jerry thought Sam was jealous that he was giving Alexis all the attention and not Sam. He reminded her of the Metro Court explosion and said he and Sam were a lot alike. They both struggled to stay in the light, but they often crossed over into the dark side where it was more fun.

Nadine tried to spy on Matt as he was talking on his cell phone, but Nikolas interrupted her. When a patient started to leave the hospital, Nadine stopped her and asked to check her medicine. Dr. Hunter pulled Nadine away from the patient and told her to leave him alone. He was not giving out counterfeit medicine to cover up any illegal drug activity. Nikolas asked what was going on between them, and Matt said he was thinking about getting a restraining order against their favorite nurse. After Matt left, Nikolas begged Nadine to stop stalking the young doctor. Lucky walked in and asked if either of them had seen Sam.

After leaving the warehouse, Sam went straight to Nikolas' clinic. Lucky was relieved to see her but said they had to stop meeting up with each other, or their cover would be blown. Sam said she was sure Jerry was involved in the drug trafficking, but Lucky didn't want to have a case with circumstantial evidence. They needed to broaden their search for suspects, starting with Matt Hunter.

Nikolas suddenly noticed Nadine was gone. She had followed Matt to the alley, but he had noticed she was there. He pulled her out of the shadows and told her that would be the last time she ever followed him.

Lulu saw Logan playing the piano and refused to believe he was real. Logan looked over at her and smiled. When she reached out to touch him, Johnny walked in and broke her daydream/nightmare. Lulu was hysterical about seeing her dead ex-boyfriend. Johnny tried to comfort her and said it was just a nightmare.

Lulu was concerned because she wasn't asleep. She worried she was going crazy like her mother. Johnny told her to stop saying that, because all she was doing was trying to make herself believe she was going crazy. Johnny knew what Lulu was going through because he had watched his own father turn mad.

Johnny and Lulu were interrupted when Sal knocked on the door. He thanked Johnny for not ratting him out to the cops. Johnny said Sal didn't even need to explain. Sal was very grateful but asked for another favor. Since Sal would need to lay low, he needed "Joe" and "Linda" to watch Lourdes for him.

Johnny promised Sal he would watch Lourdes for a while, and Sal left. Johnny and Lulu started talking about going on the run again when Lourdes climbed through the window. She was excited about getting to stay with Johnny. He said she still needed to stay in her own apartment, though. A disappointed Lourdes asked if he would check on her before she went to bed, and he promised he would be down in a little bit.

Lulu was not happy with the situation and thought Lourdes would be dressed in a little nighty or worse when Johnny went downstairs. Johnny said he would not be going alone, so Lourdes would be disappointed again when Lulu showed up, too. Johnny took the groceries to put them away, and as soon as Lulu was alone, she saw Logan again.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Jason was furious that Carly had put herself in danger just to get Karpov's PDA. They argued over her safety and wanting to help until Jason had finally had enough and grabbed her arm to leave. They argued the entire way back to Jason's office, where Maxie was trying to pump up Spinelli's self-esteem. She had reminded him what a good friend he was, which meant more than brawn. Jason needed Spinelli to get to work, so he told Maxie to leave.

Maxie insisted she wasn't about to leave if Carly was staying. Carly said she was more important to Jason than Maxie was to Spinelli. She would lead by example, though, and leave. Maxie was disappointed Carly gave up so quickly. She told Jason to make sure Spinelli didn't get hurt, and she left.

Jason put Spinelli to work looking up any and all information from Karpov's PDA. Very quickly, Spinelli found information about Pier 52. Suddenly, Jason realized Carly had left to go to Pier 52.

Later, Maxie returned to Jason's office and tried to talk Spinelli out of returning Karpov's PDA to the warehouse. Spinelli was determined to show everyone there was more to him than just the computer. He rushed off to the warehouse. When he arrived, he did his best not to make too much noise. Unfortunately, just as he put the PDA down and started to feel sure of himself, Sasha walked in. She asked what he was doing snooping around. She mentioned the accidents that took place in warehouses such as the one they were in. Maxie suddenly walked in and asked what the thugs were doing to her boyfriend.

Sonny was furious that Karpov was transporting drugs. Karpov walked into the warehouse just as Sonny was going on about the drugs. Andre said it was unfortunate Sonny had investigated the shipments. Sonny said they no longer had a business arrangement. Karpov had broken their deal when he'd broken one of Sonny's two requirements: no drugs and no interference with Jason's territory. Sonny wondered if Karpov had also broken the promise about Jason. He stormed off and told Karpov their conversation was over.

Sonny arrived home and found Kate studying three different floral bouquets. She wanted Sonny's opinion, but he said he didn't care what she carried when they married. Sonny wanted to elope right then, but Kate was determined to walk down the aisle with him as her prize at the end. They kissed, but Mike interrupted. He needed to speak with Sonny, and it couldn't wait.

As soon as Kate was gone, Mike told his son that three Russian men had entered Kelly's and specifically called him Sonny's father, not Mike. Karpov had introduced himself and said they might need to talk at another time. Mike had taken that as a threat, and Sonny agreed that it probably was. Sonny explained he had done business with Karpov briefly, but it was all over after Karpov had gone back on his word.

Mike was worried about Sonny. He knew his son had an addiction to power, and he was worried the small step back into the mob business would cause Sonny to take an even greater step. Sonny said it was just the opposite. The deal had caused Sonny to never want to be a part of the mob again.

Later, Karpov showed up at Sonny's house. He told Sonny he had miscalculated. Sonny said their business dealings together were through. Karpov disagreed.

Lucky, Sam, and Nikolas argued over Matt Hunter and Jerry Jax. Sam was convinced Jerry was involved in the counterfeit drugs, but there wasn't enough evidence. Sam also thought they should check out Matt, especially since Nadine was so sure he was involved. Nikolas noticed Nadine wasn't there. He was worried about her, but he suddenly left for the front of the clinic when Jerry entered and called out for him.

Nikolas approached Jerry but threatened to stab the man with a scalpel. He reminded Jerry of all the trouble Jerry had caused in Nikolas' life. Jerry said he was just there to warn them of the counterfeit drugs. Nikolas and his staff needed to be careful about the medications they were prescribing.

Meanwhile, Matt yelled at Nadine for following him. He was trying to get information about the counterfeit drugs. He grabbed her arm just as Claudia walked over and pulled a gun on them. She thought Matt had been threatening Nadine, and Claudia would be saving the day. Matt left, and Nadine thanked Claudia, even though Claudia had ruined Nadine's chances of getting information from Matt.

Claudia decided Nadine needed to tell Nikolas what she had been doing, and dragged her back to the clinic. While Claudia told on Nadine, Sam and Lucky rushed off to the piers to investigate what Matt could have been doing there. Meanwhile, Nadine was in no mood to be tattled on, so she stormed off. Claudia took the opportunity to tell Nikolas that Nadine had a crush on him.

Nikolas was interested in any news Claudia had from her brother and Lulu. Claudia assured Nikolas that Johnny was in love with Lulu and would protect her. Nikolas was not comforted, and he told Claudia there might be things Johnny could not protect Lulu from.

At the piers, Sam and Lucky talked about Nadine's crush on Nikolas. Sam sided with Nadine and understood her suspicions of Matt. They rushed off when Sam thought she saw something that could be beneficial for their investigation. Meanwhile, Nadine arrived at General Hospital and asked Leyla to join Nurses Without Borders with her. Leyla asked if it was really that bad and guessed Nadine had embarrassed herself with Nikolas.

Nadine started to explain what had happened with Matt, but Leyla interrupted and asked Dr. Hunter if she could help him when he suddenly walked up behind Nadine. Dr. Hunter told Leyla that her friend needed some therapy. After Matt left, Nadine and Leyla talked about Nikolas. Leyla reminded Nadine that Nikolas had needed her at one point, and he had been out of line to berate her for investigating Matt. Nadine rushed off to tell Nikolas that he should be the one to apologize.

Nadine arrived at Wyndemere just as Nikolas was hanging up from talking to Liz. There was still no word from Lulu. Nadine told Nikolas that she was taking back her apology. Nikolas had no idea what she was talking about, so she decided to show him. She rushed over and pulled him into a passionate kiss, and Nikolas appeared to reciprocate.

Andre Karpov met up with Jerry and told him they no longer had an alliance with Sonny. Jason Morgan would need to be taken care of, and Andre told Jerry he was the man to do it.

Meanwhile, Carly noticed some suspicious-looking crates down at the piers. She picked up a crowbar to start to pry open one of the crates when Jason walked up behind her and grabbed her, scaring her. He told her she shouldn't be there; she could get killed. Suddenly Claudia walked up behind them and saw a glint in the distance. She yelled out "gun," and the three of them ducked. Jerry was up in a corner loft, shooting at them.

Lulu stared at Logan standing in front of her until Johnny walked in. He asked if she was okay, and she lied. He knew what was going on, though. Johnny started talking to her about her birthday. Lulu was surprised he knew it was her birthday, but Johnny said he had looked at her driver's license a while before.

Johnny asked what Lulu's favorite birthday memory was, and she reminisced about her tenth birthday. Nikolas had thrown a ball for Lulu and had even waltzed with her. Lulu hadn't realized until the end of the night that her parents hadn't shown up. Nikolas had made a point of telling her that her parents still loved her even if they couldn't be there. Johnny put a record on the record player so they could waltz. They laughed hysterically over how badly they were dancing.

Lulu sat with her eyes closed, waiting for Johnny to surprise her with a cake. When she opened her eyes, she screamed at the sight of Logan with her birthday cake.

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