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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 16, 2009 on GH
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Monday, February 16, 2009

At General Hospital, Rebecca Shaw and Nikolas were successfully evacuated along with Claudia, Kate, and Patrick. Sonny and Carly made it down the stairs, where she reunited with Jax. Maxie snuck past the firefighters in search of Spinelli, and Johnny went after her. On the roof, Jason saved Sam from falling and managed to grab the vial of poison before it rolled off the ledge.

Luke and Ethan were stuck in jail in another town. Luke called the guard and tried to get a phone call through to Lucky, but the guard was not amenable to his request. Ethan asked about Lucky, and Luke said that he was disappointed in Lucky's career choice. He told Ethan what a promising con man Lucky had been as a child. Luke wondered where he had gone wrong as a parent.

Ethan seemed to understand Luke's desire for a son to follow in his footsteps. They shared a laugh. Then Ethan asked Luke if there was anything he could do to help. Luke suggested that they break out of jail.

Rebecca rode with Nadine and Nikolas in the ambulance bound for Mercy. The EMT mentioned the tension, which was obvious. Rebecca tried to reject Nikolas' interest in her, but he was persistent and Nadine was jealous. At the hospital, Nikolas tried to accept responsibility for Rebecca's care, but she refused his help and sent him away when the doctor came to examine her.

Nikolas went straight to Monica's room, where she and Edward both wanted to know more about Rebecca and her remarkable resemblance to Emily. Nikolas told them what he knew, which was not much. They agreed that it must be very unsettling for Rebecca to be the center of their attention.

When Monica wanted to see Rebecca again, Nikolas volunteered to go get her after her examination. When he arrived at her room, the doctor told him that Rebecca was okay and had left the hospital.

Carly and Jax were glad to find each other and they declared their love for each other. Lulu showed up looking for Johnny. Carly told her that Maxie had gone into the building and Johnny had gone after her.

Sonny found Claudia in the police trailer with Kate. Sonny had a warm greeting for Claudia, who thanked him for saving her life. Sonny wanted to know what Kate had been trying to tell him earlier, but before she could say anything, Agent Rayner. Alexis, Olivia, and Jax came in.

Rayner sent Claudia and Kate to a waiting ambulance, and Olivia insisted on going with Kate. When Sonny tried to go along, Rayner held him back. Alexis wanted to know about Sam, who remained in the building along with Spinelli, Jason, and Anthony. Jax wanted to take the helicopter up again to get them, but Alexis vetoed his plan. She confirmed that Trevor Lansing had taken a header off the building.

After Jax and Alexis took their argument across the room, Rayner let Sonny know that he had warrants to search Anthony's homes, businesses, and bank accounts. Sonny wanted to know what it had to do with him. He told Rayner that he was innocent of any wrongdoing.

Rayner told Sonny that the Feds has worked for years to get Anthony. He pointed to Sonny when he said that if Anthony escaped the police net, then the next highest-ranking criminal would take his place. Rayner said that even making a bargain with Jason would not save Sonny if the FBI did not get Anthony.

Sonny was not intimidated by Rayner's tough talk. He told Rayner that he was going to the hospital to see his wife, and the only way to stop him was to arrest him. Rayner let him go.

At Mercy Hospital, Kate made Olivia wheel her to Claudia's room and leave here there alone. Olivia did so, but not without protest. Kate let Claudia know that she knew that Claudia had hired Ian Devlin to shoot Sonny, but had put Michael in a coma instead. Claudia tried to deny it, but Kate had seen the proof and would not be denied.

Kate advised Claudia to tell the truth to Sonny while she was in the hospital and protected long enough for Sonny to get control and not kill her as a reflex action on learning that she was responsible for Michael's coma.

Sonny and Olivia arrived before the women could say more. Olivia left with Kate, but Sonny stayed with Claudia. They shared a tender moment, and then Claudia started talking about their history, especially the time when Sonny had kidnapped Johnny and held him hostage. Despite Sonny's protests about rehashing the past, Claudia continued to explain her emotional state of mind around the time that Michael was shot.

In a hospital room at Mercy, Robin held Emma and told her how lucky they had been to survive. She shared her love with Emma, who continued to improve. Mac came to check on Robin and to let her know that Patrick was safe, but being interrogated by Rayner, because he was an eyewitness.

Robin was glad to see Mac and they talked about the decisions that public servants, like doctors and policemen, had to make between duty and family. Robin felt that she had made the correct decision to send Emma to Mercy with Maxie and Johnny while she helped evacuate GH. Mac agreed.

Johnny found Maxie's shoe and followed the fire until he came upon Maxie, who had passed out from the smoke. He carried her to a stairwell and convinced her that they had to leave because the stairwells were blocked and there was no way to get to Spinelli. She reluctantly agreed.

Johnny and Maxie exited GH and turned to each other. They shared a long hug. Lulu, who was standing nearby, was stunned to see them embrace.

Sam and Jason left the roof to search for Spinelli and to dispose of the poison. The found a raging blaze and tossed the vial into it. As Jason and Sam looked for Spinelli, she remembered that he was trying to get a better Internet connection before he disappeared. They stated looking for the utility closet. When they located it, the surrounding corridor was engulfed in flames.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

While Sonny visited Claudia in her hospital room, Ric came in and told them that Trevor had died. Although Ric hadn't had the greatest relationship with his father, he was still saddened that there would be no chance for a future together. Claudia didn't understand Ric's sadness, and she said she would welcome her father's death. Ric was upset when he learned that Claudia had told Sonny about Anthony's plan. Ric warned Sonny that Claudia couldn't be trusted. The only reason why she had revealed the information to Sonny was so she would end up on Sonny's good side. Once Ric was gone, Sonny wanted to know what Claudia was going to tell Sonny before his brother had interrupted them. Claudia lost her courage, and decided not to tell Sonny the truth about Michael's shooting.

Lulu realized something was different about the way Maxie and Johnny were interacting when she found them celebrating their survival from the hospital chaos. Lulu mentioned Claudia, and Johnny was immediately worried about his sister. He quickly left and Lulu listened as Mac lectured Maxie about the risks she took by going into the hospital. Mac was heading over to the hospital and wanted Maxie to go with him. Maxie wasn't about to leave without knowing if Spinelli was okay, though. Lulu offered to stay with Maxie while she waited for information about Spinelli.

Johnny found his sister at Mercy Hospital and was relieved to find out she was okay. Claudia took that opportunity to tell Johnny that Kate had found one of Jerry's DVDs. Johnny was upset and decided that he and Claudia had to leave town. Claudia managed to convince Johnny that they didn't need to go anywhere. If Kate did tell Sonny about Claudia's role in Michael's shooting, it would be Claudia's word against Kate's word. Kate had no proof, and Claudia was willing to risk it since she had shown her loyalty to Sonny.

Sam and Jason searched the hospital for Spinelli. They found a supply room with a locked door. Both Sam and Jason were sure Spinelli would be in it, but when Jason busted the door open, Spinelli was nowhere to be found. Sam noticed a grate off one of the air vents was off, and Jason helped Sam climb into the ventilation system to search for Spinelli. Sam crawled through the ducts and called out for Spinelli, but was unable to find him. Sam got down from the air ducts and she and Jason continued searching the hospital halls for Spinelli. They heard something from above and discovered Spinelli had been in a different section of air ducts. Spinelli crawled through the ducts into another supply closet but was horrified to find oxygen tanks lining the walls. Sam and Jason approached the door to rescue Spinelli, but suddenly an explosion rocked the hospital.

Winnifred came into the FBI temporary headquarters and asked Maxie if Spinelli had been rescued yet. Maxie was upset that Winnifred had left Spinelli in the hospital, and the two women argued. Both women were speechless when they saw the explosions taking place in the hospital.

Nikolas came into Robin and Emma's hospital room and explained that he had seen a woman who looked just like Emily. Robin thought it was strange, and tried to comfort Nikolas. Later, when the doctor told Robin that Emma would be released, Robin became nervous. She was worried about her little girl and didn't want her to get sick again.

Patrick became increasingly frustrated as the FBI interrogation seemed to be never-ending. He wanted to get home to Emma and Robin. Finally, Agent Rayner seemed satisfied with the information from Patrick and allowed the young father to leave. Patrick went to Mercy Hospital first but arrived after Mac had taken Robin and Emma home. Sonny found Patrick in Emma's room and assured him that Emma was doing fine. Robin also seemed to be doing much better. Patrick appeared relieved to hear his family was doing so well.

As Patrick started to leave, Sonny thanked him for his part in the heroics from the hospital. Patrick wasted no time getting home and reuniting with his family. He was relieved to see Robin holding Emma and acting more affectionate towards their daughter.

Liz was shocked when a visitor slipped through the door into her hospital room. It was Rebecca, who claimed to just be checking on Liz after her previous health scare. Finally, Rebecca revealed that she had slipped into Liz's room in order to avoid seeing Nikolas, who was stalking her. Liz tried explaining that Nikolas was obsessed with Rebecca because of how much she looked like Emily. Nikolas had been in love with Emily, and it was hard for him to let go. Liz told Rebecca that she should give Nikolas a break.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Robin and Patrick snuggled on the sofa with Emma. Both parents were happy to be home with their daughter, safe and sound. Patrick admitted that he assumed there would be more casualties to come as a result of the biotoxin. However, rather than dwell on his dark thoughts, he changed the subject by asking Robin about her race to the hospital during the blizzard.

Robin told Patrick that she was through acting as if she had all of the answers because her arrogance had nearly cost Emma her life. Patrick listened as Robin told him about the van breaking down, her trek through the blizzard, and putting Emma in the shelter of a tree to keep her from perishing in the snow. Patrick felt guilty because he had not been there for his family, but Robin refused to let Patrick take responsibility. She reminded him that the crisis at the hospital was beyond his control.

Robin had her own cross to bear. She told him that she had not acted rationally. Leaving the security of their home to go into a blizzard to seek medical assistance when all Emma needed was fluids had been a mistake. Patrick thought that Robin was too hard on herself, but Robin disagreed.

Later, when Emma began fussing, Patrick stood up to check on his daughter. After he picked the baby up from her bassinette, he asked Robin if she wanted to give Emma her bottle. Robin declined the offer. She said that she knew how much Patrick had missed Emma; therefore she understood that he wanted to feed their daughter.

Lulu visited Tracy at Mercy Hospital. Tracy was in a surly mood because the doctors refused to release her. Lulu accurately guessed that the reason for Tracy's irritation was Luke's continued absence. Tracy admitted that she had tried to get in touch with Luke, to no avail. Tracy couldn't believe that she thought that she and Luke had made progress. Lulu reminded Tracy that Luke often disappeared for no apparent reason; it wasn't meant to be a personal slight. When Lulu said that she thought it was crazy to love anyone, Tracy pointed out that Lulu was too young to be that cynical. Lulu didn't apologize for her attitude. She told Tracy that even when people tried to stay together, things happened to undermine their relationships.

Jason and Sam talked to Spinelli as he made his way through an air duct to a utility room. When he dropped into the room, Jason went to get something to help break the door down so that Spinelli could get out. At the same time, Spinelli realized he was in a room with heat-sensitive canisters. Seconds later, the room exploded.

Jason and Sam were momentarily knocked to the floor as the door blew off. When they brushed themselves off, they realized that the room Spinelli had been in was on fire. Jason told Sam to stay put while he went to rescue Spinelli. Sam tried to help, but Jason made her promise to wait two minutes. If he was not back with Spinelli after two minutes, then Jason wanted Sam to find a way out of the hospital.

Luckily, Jason found Spinelli, but he was unconscious. Jason carried him to temporary safety where Sam managed to resuscitate Spinelli. As soon as Spinelli was on his feet, the three made their way to the stairwell so that they could go down to the lobby. As they reached the bottom floor, smoke filled the stairwell. Jason decided that their best chance for survival was to hold hands and stick together. Jason held Sam's hand while Spinelli held Sam's other hand. Before they left the stairwell, Jason instructed both to keep moving forward no matter what happened.

Maxie was distraught over the idea of Spinelli being trapped in the hospital. Winnifred was equally anxious about Spinelli's welfare. When Maxie started to run into the hospital, Lucky stopped her. He pulled them into the police trailer and instructed them to wait there. Maxie bristled at the order. She reminded Lucky that all of his loved ones had made it safely out of the hospital, but Spinelli didn't have anyone but her to worry about him. As Winnifred and Maxie waited for word on Spinelli, they talked about how wonderful Spinelli was and how much he meant to them.

Later, Maxie and Winnifred stood outside the hospital. Maxie's patience had worn thin when she realized that the firefighters weren't going into the hospital to search for Spinelli. She was just about to rush in when Jason and Sam, holding hands, ran out of the lobby. Spinelli was nowhere to be seen. Luckily, moments later, Spinelli stumbled out of the lobby, coughing. Maxie ran up to Spinelli and threw her arms around him. Winnifred stood nearby, watching as Maxie and Spinelli kissed.

Nikolas approached Marty behind the front desk of the Metro Court. He demanded information about Rebecca Shaw, including her address and a list of phone calls that she made and received since checking into the hotel. When Marty explained that the information was confidential, Nikolas reminded him that he was part owner of the hotel. Rebecca heard the exchange and was not happy. She warned Marty that if he gave Nikolas her personal information, she would call the police to press charges against Nikolas for stalking and she would sue the hotel.

Shortly afterwards, Lucky arrived at the hotel to see Nikolas. The brothers were happy to see that each had made it out of the hospital unharmed. Nikolas then mentioned Rebecca. Lucky told him that Liz had mentioned Rebecca's uncanny resemblance to Emily. When Nikolas explained that Rebecca was unwilling to talk to him, Lucky suggested that perhaps Nikolas should leave Rebecca alone for the time being. Lucky pointed out that Nikolas was unlikely to learn anything new since the night was already half over.

After Nikolas left the hotel, Lucky went to the front desk to ask to speak to Rebecca. When Rebecca entered the lobby, Lucky approached her. After he introduced himself as a police officer, Rebecca assumed he wanted to question her about the fire at the hospital. She was happy to answer his questions until she learned that Lucky was Nikolas' brother.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas stood outside to talk to Emily while the snow gently fell. He promised Emily to find out all he could about Rebecca.

In Claudia's hospital room, Sonny and Claudia talked about their marriage. Claudia wanted to know where they stood. Sonny admitted that with Anthony gone, they no longer had any reason to stay married. Claudia reminded Sonny that she had taken a leap of faith when she had put her trust in him. Sonny said that he appreciated her show of loyalty and agreed that they needed to figure out what they wanted from life and each other.

The arrival of Claudia's doctor cut their conversation short. The doctor asked Sonny to leave the room while he examined Claudia.

Sonny stepped into the hallway where he bumped into Olivia. Olivia told Sonny that he needed to stop giving Kate false hope. Sonny had no idea what Olivia was talking about; he reminded her that he was married. Olivia explained that her cousin continued to talk crazy, convinced that if she just had a chance to talk to Sonny, things would work out between them. Olivia insisted that things were a mess and only Sonny could clean it up.

Sonny decided to go to Kate's room to talk to her. Kate seemed genuinely relieved to finally have a chance to talk to Sonny. She told him how she had put everything on the line for Sonny: her career and her reputation. All she had wanted to do was spend the rest of her life with him. Sonny said that he had wanted the same thing, but had eventually come to the realization that Kate was better off without him.

Kate's confidence began slipping the more Sonny spoke. When Sonny told her that Claudia understood him, Kate was visibly hurt. However, she forged ahead. She asked Sonny if he would return to her if he and Claudia split up. Sonny reminded Kate that he couldn't protect those he cared for, so he saw no reason to end his marriage to Claudia. To Sonny's way of thinking, he and Claudia deserved each other. Kate was stunned.

When Olivia came into Kate's room a short time later, Kate was furious. She told Olivia that she finally realized that the only thing Sonny cared about was power. Kate vowed to make Sonny pay for what he had done to her.

Johnny stopped by to check on Claudia. He wanted to know if Claudia had made plans to leave town, since their father was missing and presumed dead. Claudia surprised Johnny by telling him that she had told Sonny the truth about Anthony's paralysis, his plot to pit Jason and Sonny against each other, and Anthony's role in Kate's shooting. Claudia also told her brother that she thought she and Sonny were in a better place as a result of honesty. Johnny thought Claudia was fooling herself if she thought Sonny wouldn't find out about her role in Michael's shooting. He was certain that eventually the truth would come out, and when it did, Claudia's life would be in peril.

Claudia ignored her brother's dire warnings. She told Johnny that staying married to Sonny was the only way for her to have the life that she wanted. Johnny thought Claudia was crazy if she believed that Sonny would ever care for her. Claudia couldn't understand why Johnny seemed eager to leave town, given his relationship with Lulu. Johnny explained that he loved Lulu, but he accepted that their relationship would not last forever. He turned the conversation back to Claudia's dilemma. He reminded Claudia that Kate knew the truth about Michael's shooting. Johnny warned his sister that, sooner or later, Kate would tell Sonny. Before Claudia could respond, Sonny walked in.

After Johnny left, Sonny told Claudia that he had spoken to Kate. Claudia looked like a deer caught in the headlights until she realized that Sonny did not know about Claudia's secret. Claudia was shocked when Sonny admitted that he wanted to remain married to her.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sam stood outside of General Hospital, looking at the burned out remnants of the lobby, when Agent Rayner and Winnifred walked up. Rayner told Sam that surviving the crisis had been the easy part; their work was not done. Sam pointed out that the toxin had been destroyed. Rayner made it clear that he wasn't referring to the poison. He reminded Sam that Anthony Zacchara remained missing.

Rayner questioned Sam about when she had last seen Anthony. When he determined that she had not witnessed Anthony's demise, Sam rushed to assure him that there was a strong probability that he had perished in the fire. Rayner suggested that she should hope that Anthony had survived for Spinelli's sake.

Alexis came along as Rayner spelled out to Sam and Winnifred the importance of finding Anthony. Rayner was intent on arresting Anthony or someone of similar rank in the criminal organization. If he couldn't have a mob boss, Rayner told them he would be content with sending Spinelli away for the rest of his life. Alexis pulled Sam aside while Winnifred tried to reason with Rayner. Winnifred's pleas to spare Spinelli a life sentence for his cyber crimes fell on deaf ears. Rayner considered Spinelli a criminal. He decided that since Winnifred was fond of Spinelli, he would put her in charge of keeping an eye on Spinelli.

Nearby, Alexis and Sam talked about the crisis at the hospital. Alexis wanted Sam to know that she would have been waiting when Sam had finally managed to escape the hospital. Unfortunately, Alexis had been called away at the last moment. Sam understood and told her mother not to worry about it. They then began talking about Spinelli. Alexis was worried about Sam involving herself in a federal case. Sam appreciated Alexis' concern, but she was determined to help Spinelli. Alexis started to walk away, but after a few steps she turned back to Sam.

Alexis told Sam that she was concerned because she was Sam's mother. Alexis then warned Sam that federal judges were appointed, not elected. For that reason, the judges tended to be brutal when it came to sentencing. Alexis cautioned Sam that federal judges usually handed out maximum penalties without parole. Sam assured her mother that she understood the consequences; she promised she would keep Alexis' warning in mind.

Spinelli woke up in his "regrettably pink room" to find Maxie sitting next to him with a glass of juice in her hand. She handed the beverage to Spinelli as she told him how important he was to her. She wanted Spinelli to stay healthy and stop taking unnecessary risks. Maxie confessed that she needed him in her life. Spinelli was touched by the heartfelt words. Unfortunately, a problem at work called Maxie away before he could do more than thank Maxie for her concern.

Winnifred stopped by to see Spinelli a short time later. She warned Spinelli that Rayner expected Jason to hold up his end of the bargain. When Spinelli learned that part of the deal was for Jason to turn in Sonny if they couldn't find Anthony, he balked. Spinelli refused to allow Jason to give up Sonny in exchange for Spinelli's freedom. Winnifred suggested that the solution to the problem would be for Spinelli to leave town and go into hiding. When Winnifred let it slip that she cared about Spinelli, she realized that she had revealed too much. Winnifred turned, then ran out of the apartment before Spinelli could respond.

Johnny apologized to Lulu about the fight they had before the crisis at the hospital. Johnny admitted that he was wrong for going off on Lulu when the person he was really mad at was himself. They sat down on the sofa, sipped coffee, and talked about their relationship. Lulu wanted Johnny to stop testing her. She felt as if he was waiting for some terrible secret to rip them apart. Johnny didn't have an opportunity to say anything because Lulu's cell phone rang. An emergency at work sent her racing into the bedroom to get dressed.

Olivia went to see Kate at the hospital. After Kate blasted Olivia for destroying the DVD, she told her cousin that she saw clearly for the first time in a year. Kate said that Sonny and Claudia deserved to be miserable and she would ensure that they were.

At Greystone, Claudia blanched when she noticed that Milo held one of Jerry's DVDs. She snatched the DVD out of Milo's hand, explaining that it was hers. Luckily, Claudia managed to come up with plausible answers to various questions so that she didn't rouse Max and Milo's suspicions. She told the brothers that there were more DVDs scattered around the house. She asked them to keep an eye out for them and to return any that they found. She explained that they were private and were never intended for anyone to see. Milo and Max understood what Claudia meant by private; Max revealed that Milo had posed for Mr. Adonis 2006. Milo was clearly embarrassed as he hustled his brother out of the house while explaining that the pictures had been a "celebration of the male art form."

Claudia took her DVD into the living room to watch. On the DVD, Jerry took delight in reminding Claudia that she had no idea how many DVDs he had hidden around the house. Jerry then gave her a clue to where she could find the next incriminating DVD. It was tucked away "in a room close to Sonny's heart."

Claudia nearly jumped out of her skin when Johnny suddenly walked into the room. She chastised her brother for giving her a fright before she showed him Jerry's latest message. Johnny was more convinced than ever that Claudia needed to leave town. Johnny was worried that it was only a matter of time before someone found one of the hidden DVDs or Kate decided to tell Sonny the truth. Claudia told Johnny that things were better between her and Sonny. She went on to tell him about Sonny's desire to stay married to her. Johnny thought Claudia was fooling herself if she believed that it was a sign that Sonny was softening toward her. Johnny said that, more than likely, Sonny was suspicious and determined to keep Claudia close.

Claudia tried to convince her brother that things had changed between her and Sonny. Johnny said that he understood all too well what had changed. He told Claudia that he knew he should end things with Lulu before the truth about Michael came out, but he couldn't do it. He loved Lulu. Johnny thought that Claudia was in a similar predicament.

At Crimson, Lulu and Maxie assessed the catastrophe that they faced. A celebrity model, Natalie, had her flight delayed in Paris. As a result Natalie had been unable to attend the Campbell's Red Dress fashion show. That meant that the dress that had been featured in Crimson, to promote the event, had not been worn or photographed as anticipated. Lulu and Maxie were in a panic because they feared that Kate would hold them personally responsible for the disaster.

When Johnny walked into Crimson, Maxie halted him. She told him that she and Lulu needed to concentrate on their work; he couldn't distract Lulu. Johnny took a seat while Lulu and Maxie made some calls in an effort to salvage the situation. Eventually, Lulu managed to secure two tickets to an important gala for the Go Red campaign. Since Maxie couldn't find a last minute celebrity to showcase the dress at the ball, Maxie decided to attend the event and wear the dress herself. She reminded Lulu that as a heart transplant recipient, Maxie was a suitable choice. Maxie was confident that everyone would believe that she had been the original choice to wear the dress. Maxie's only problem was that she didn't have a date.

As if on cue, Spinelli walked in. Unfortunately, he was sneezing. Maxie quickly realized that he was sick.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Max enlisted Milo's help. He wanted Milo to convince Diane to eat better, exercise, and reduce her stress for the health of her heart. Max thought Milo would make a better impression on Diane because he knew a lot about nutrition and was in great shape through natural means. When Diane joined them, Milo went to work. He convinced Diane to try a heart-healthy dish. While Milo went to the kitchen to oversee its preparation, Diane scolded Max for enlisting Milo to do his dirty work. Max defended himself, explaining that he was worried about her because of her family history of heart disease.

Elsewhere at the Metro Court hotel, Jax and Carly cleared the air. Carly was hurt because Jax had not spent the night with her. Jax said that it had been late when the police had finished questioning him; he didn't want to disturb Carly when she was already asleep. However, Jax made it clear that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Carly. They were in the middle of kissing and making up when Edward approached them.

Edward wanted to discuss a business venture. He was interested in not just rebuilding General Hospital but improving it. Carly and Jax agreed to invest in the endeavor. Unfortunately, Edward wanted more than their agreement, he wanted to go over some of the plans. Jax decided to enlist Olivia's help, so he stepped away for a moment to approach her.

Jax asked Olivia to be the liaison between the Jackses and Edward for the reconstruction project. Olivia agreed, then realized that Jax wanted her to start immediately. She smiled as Jax introduced her to Edward as his personal assistant. With confidence and ease, Olivia charmed Edward as she guided him away from Jax and Carly.

Carly and Jax headed straight to the elevator. As soon as they were inside and alone, they kissed and groped each other. They stopped only when others got on the elevator with them. The moment they were alone, they picked up where they had left off. At one point, the elevator door opened for the hotel's janitor. When he saw Jax, his trousers around his ankles, and Carly tucked into a corner of the elevator, he opted not to get on. Jax smiled at the man as the door slid closed. By the time Carly and Jax reached the 16th floor their clothes were back on and they sported matching expressions of satisfaction. Marty smiled knowingly as he watched the two lovebirds step off of the elevator.

Claudia realized that the next DVD might be hidden in Michael's room. She was unaware that Kate was lurking outside, on the back patio, watching her. When Claudia ran upstairs to look for the hidden DVD in Michael's room, Kate slipped into the house and began searching through the living room. Claudia walked downstairs a few minutes later. When she saw Kate, Claudia demanded to know what she was doing in her home.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Alexis walked into the Metro Court and found Nikolas sitting in the lounge, staring off into space. She asked him what was going on, and he explained about Rebecca being Emily's look-alike. Nikolas didn't get the reaction he expected from Alexis, though, because Alexis couldn't figure out why the similarities between Emily and Rebecca mattered. Nikolas was sure the two women were related somehow, though. Alexis reminded him that Rebecca, no matter how much she looked like Emily, could never take Emily's place.

Nadine walked in and overheard Nikolas just as he said he would never love anyone like he had loved Emily. Nadine also heard Nikolas say he was hoping to talk to Rebecca and convince her they had a possible connection. Alexis wasn't sure that plan would work, though. As Alexis left, Nikolas spotted Nadine. She approached him and said that he had been chasing a ghost when she first met him. Nadine asked him if he was back to chasing ghosts. Nikolas admitted that he was chasing after Rebecca in an effort to get to know her better. He just hadn't had the time to tell Nadine during the hospital crisis. Nadine thanked him for being honest, and excused herself to go work a shift at Mercy Hospital.

Nikolas saw Rebecca as she came down to the lobby and went to the front desk. Nikolas approached her and said they needed to talk.

Winnifred came to see Jason at his apartment because she was worried about Spinelli. She tried to convince Jason to obtain information against Sonny in case Anthony couldn't be found. Jason assured Winnifred he would make sure Spinelli stayed out of jail. They were interrupted when Diane knocked on the door and Jason let her in. Diane was upset to see an FBI agent in Jason's apartment. Winnifred and Jason both agreed that she was on her way out.

Once Winnifred was gone, Diane drank a beer and played a game of pool while explaining her recent fight with Max. Jason decided to change the subject and discuss his legal dilemmas with Diane. He told Diane that he had promised Anthony Zacchara in exchange for Spinelli. The problem was that Anthony had disappeared in the hospital fire. Jason needed to know what would happen if Jason couldn't find Anthony. Diane said that Jason had two options - step up his efforts to find Anthony, or give the Feds someone else.

Claudia walked downstairs at Sonny's house to find Kate pouring herself a drink. The two women argued, with Kate telling Claudia she knew Claudia had a role in Michael's shooting. Claudia wasn't concerned, because she knew Kate had no evidence. The two women stopped arguing when Sonny came in and interrupted them. He didn't think it was a good idea for Kate to visit. Kate couldn't believe Sonny was defending Claudia, so Kate soon stormed out of the house.

After Kate left, Sonny told Claudia she had to be honest with him and tell him what was going on. Claudia lied and said nothing was going on. Kate was just trying to be nosey and find out how close Sonny and Claudia truly were.

Later, Claudia and Sonny talked about their relationship and the things they possibly had in common. Sonny said he needed help from Claudia. He needed to find her father, but he understood that Claudia had no inside information. Claudia offered to look through old phone records to see if she could find any information leading to a safe house. Sonny left satisfied that Claudia was doing her best to help her husband.

Sam and Lucky met up and talked about what they wanted for their future. They both admitted there were other things in their lives that were more important than a relationship. Both Sam and Lucky decided mutually to dissolve their relationship.

After making love in their hotel room, Jax and Carly cuddled until Max burst through the door. He explained that he still had a master key from his days working security at the Metro Court. He was supposed to meet Diane, but it was obvious Diane was avoiding him. Much to Jax and Carly's surprise, Max actually sat down on the bed and explained the situation with Diane. Max had recommended Diane make some diet changes. Carly was appalled, but Max further revealed that he was worried about Diane's heart. Max felt Diane was hot and didn't need to lose any weight. February was Heart Awareness Month, though, and Max just tried to introduce Diane to some healthier foods. She had been avoiding him ever since then, though. Jax offered his best advice and said Max should tell Diane she was beautiful and drop the diet talk. Max was thrilled and thanked his friends before leaving.

After Max was gone, Carly and Jax made love again. Afterwards, Jax talked about trying to get Carly to adopt some more healthful ways. Carly was not about to give up her junk food, though. She suggested they order room service and champagne, but Jax had already done so. There was a knock at the door and the room service worker sounded a lot like Morgan. Carly put a robe on and was happily surprised to see her son when she opened the door. Carly and Jax told Morgan that Jax would be coming home.

While Max was out, Claudia called him and gave him a shopping list so she could make dinner for Sonny. Max soon arrived home with his environmental-friendly shopping bag and the healthy ingredients Claudia had asked for. He asked if she knew the wonderful benefits two glasses of red wine could do for a person's heart, and she laughed at his healthfulness. Max wondered aloud what Claudia and Sonny were celebrating, but before Claudia could answer, Kate appeared and asked what Claudia could possibly have to celebrate. Once Max made himself scarce, Claudia told Kate that Sonny wouldn't believe anything Kate said, even if Claudia had been involved in Michael's shooting.

Maxie, Lulu, and Johnny helped Spinelli sit down after he almost collapsed from a coughing fit. It was obvious Spinelli would not be able to escort Maxie to the Campbell's Gala. A dress had been made specifically for the gala and it had to be shown. Since Spinelli couldn't escort Maxie, everyone decided Federico would be the next best option. Maxie quickly called the man, but he was also unable to escort Maxie. Federico had just had plastic surgery, though, and also could not escort Ms. Jones. He did, however, have a tux that someone who wore size 41 could wear. Maxie immediately looked at Johnny and knew he would be a perfect fit.

Lulu was not happy with the suggestion that Johnny escort Maxie to the gala. Johnny also was not willing to attend the gala. Finally, Lulu realized Johnny was the only person who they would be able to find in a pinch to fit into the tux. Lulu wasn't willing to allow Johnny to escort Maxie, though. Lulu decided she would wear the gown. Maxie thought Spinelli should make the final decision.

Spinelli left Crimson and went home to vent to Jason. He explained the difficult situation he had been put in. Spinelli left the decision of Maxie or Lulu attending the gala up to chance. He flipped a coin. Johnny would be escorting Maxie that evening. Spinelli wasn't the only one upset with that decision, though. Lulu tried her best to give Maxie advice, but it was clear Lulu wasn't happy with the situation. Maxie told Lulu she could be more supportive, especially since the cause was near and dear to Maxie's heart. Lulu didn't need a reminder about BJ's heart being transplanted into Maxie when they were young, and she tried to encourage Maxie.

Spinelli was very upset and worried that Johnny would steal Maxie away from him. He decided to hack into the building where the gala was being held and make the sprinklers go off, causing the gala to be canceled. Jason said Spinelli would be doing no hacking, though. Spinelli agreed that he really shouldn't be hacking at all, especially with his ongoing problems with the FBI.

Sonny knocked on the door and interrupted Spinelli and Jason's conversation. Spinelli let Sonny in, but Sonny wasn't very nice to Spinelli. Sonny asked Spinelli if he knew what Jason was going through to keep Spinelli out of jail. Sonny also felt Spinelli needed to learn when to make himself scarce. Spinelli looked to Jason, but Jason seemed to agree that Sonny and Jason needed to talk privately. Once Spinelli was gone, Sonny and Jason talked about Anthony and where he could be. Sonny asked if Jason was interested in working together with him in order to find Anthony.

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