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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 30, 2009 on GH
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Nikolas comforted Rebecca at the hospital when doctors told her that her mammogram revealed a suspicious area. They recommended that she have a core biopsy, which they scheduled for two weeks later. The long wait frightened Rebecca.

Nikolas took charge and got the doctor to schedule the biopsy sooner. Rebecca was grateful and when Nikolas invited her to stay at Wyndermere, she accepted.

Jason got home and found Spinelli moaning in pain. Spinelli was disappointed to see Jason, whom he begged to leave before Maxie arrived. When Jason did not leave immediately, Spinelli told Jason he was faking sick to keep Maxie from going on a Crimson assignment with Johnny.

Maxie opened the door and overheard. She chastised Spinelli for faking sick and interfering with a work assignment. Spinelli shot back that he feared she might get involved with Johnny, and she explained that the only reason that would happen was if Spinelli left her. Maxie chattered on and Spinelli found himself agreeing with her before she breezed out of the penthouse.

After Maxie left, Spinelli wondered what exactly had happened. "She just played you, Spinelli," was Jason's response.

Carly tried to comfort Jax because she thought that his melancholy was due to his guilt over Jerry. She told him that he was not responsible for Jerry's behavior, but Jax disagreed. Jax had regrets that he had not held Jerry responsible for the Metro Court hostage crisis. Jax felt that if he had, Jerry's subsequent crimes would not have occurred.

Carly was very comforting to Jax, but despite Carly's reassurances, Jax did not come clean and tell her that Jerry had incriminated himself in Michael's shooting. Instead, he told her that he loved her and did not want to cause her pain.

Claudia was in bed with an unconscious Ric, whom she had poisoned with pills and alcohol, when Sonny knocked on her door. She was trying to revive Ric because, just before he passed out, he told her that Sonny would get the incriminating DVD if anything happened to him.

She immediately dumped Ric on the floor and covered him with a quilt before letting Sonny in. She pretended that she had been sleeping. Sonny did not notice Ric and started taking off his clothes. He wanted to have sex, but Claudia said that she needed to freshen up and convinced Sonny to wait for her downstairs. A reluctant Sonny said, "Don't take long, I need it right now."

Lulu and Johnny were having a heart-to-heart talk, as he got ready to go to a fashion event with Maxie. She told him that she did not want him to change for her. She just wanted him to be honest and not keep secrets from her. Before Johnny could respond, Maxie walked in and told him they had to leave for the fashion party in Manhattan.

Lulu wanted to take care of her personal business with Johnny first, but Maxie made it all about work. Lulu agreed that work came first and sent Johnny and Maxie on their way.

Johnny and Maxie were in a limo headed for the airport when Claudia called. She told Johnny that she needed his help. Johnny told her he would be there. Maxie wanted to protest, but Johnny said he had to help Claudia. It reminded Maxie of the times she had helped Georgie. She agreed to help Johnny without asking any questions, and to keep his secrets.

Claudia met Johnny and Maxie and directed them to Ric. She made it clear to Johnny that Ric had to have his stomach pumped, because it was important that he live. She told Johnny that she would keep Sonny occupied while they removed Ric from her bedroom.

When Maxie and Johnny reached the hospital, Maxie pretended that Ric was her boyfriend and that he had been drinking and ingesting pills. As soon as the doctors wheeled Ric into the emergency room, Johnny and Maxie scurried out of the hospital.

Sonny wanted to know what had been going on upstairs, but Claudia distracted him by talking about the party. Sonny recognized her ploy, but was flattered by her attention and praise. One thing led to another and they were on the verge of having sex when Jason interrupted.

Sonny told Claudia that he needed to talk to Jason, so she opted to leave the house and give them some privacy.

Nikolas took Rebecca to Wyndermere. She was surprised to find hot tea and brandy waiting. Nikolas said that he had phoned ahead to Alfred. Rebecca said that Wyndermere still felt like a mausoleum to her, but she was grateful for Nikolas' support.

Nikolas said he just wanted to help, because she had no friends or family in the area, and he did not want her to be alone. He told her that he was not thinking of her as Emily. He said that Rebecca's body and its illness was his primary concern. Rebecca said that since Emily had beaten breast cancer, she wanted to know everything about Emily and what she had done to recover. Nikolas was stunned when Rebecca asked him to put his arms around her.

Spinelli went to see Lulu and was vocal in his unhappiness about the pairing of Johnny and Maxie. He almost blurted out that Maxie had threatened to sleep with Johnny if Spinelli left her, but caught himself before he did. Lulu was calm until Clarice called to say that Johnny and Maxie did not show up for the party.

Carly and Jax went to see Michael. Carly broke down while she was talking to him and Jax comforted her. They vowed their love for each other. Before leaving the room, both Carly and Jax told Michael how much he meant to them. Carly came back to turn off the lights and saw Michael's right hand move.

Even though Jason had warned him in advance, Sonny wanted to know why Jason had worn a wire to the mob party. Jason told him about the bind the FBI had put him in. When Sonny wondered about his loyalty, Jason was adamant when he told Sonny that he would never give Sonny up and that he had only worn the wire to buy time. Then Jason told Sonny that if Sonny had trust issues, he should get rid of Claudia.

Sonny defended Claudia and said that he had tried to go straight, but that had ended with Michael getting shot. He said that with Claudia, he had the life he deserved and the wife he deserved.

Sonny was glad that Jason's plan had succeeded and all the evidence against Spinelli and Jason had been destroyed. Sonny was pleased that Spinelli had finally gotten something right, but told Jason not to get involved with Spinelli anymore, because Spinelli was a flake.

Then Sonny said that he needed Jason and his undivided attention. Sonny told Jason to start investigating Ian Devlin, and bring proof that Ian had acted alone and that there were no other parties responsible for Michael's shooting. Sonny insisted that Jason leave no stone unturned.

Johnny and Maxie returned to the apartment where Spinelli and Lulu waited for them. Maxie tried to bluff by spinning a story about the party they were supposed to attend, but Lulu confronted her and demanded the truth.

Ric woke up in the hospital with Claudia by his bedside. She pretended concern, but Ric realized that she had tried to kill him. He was irate and threatened to take revenge.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sam was thrilled to get a phone call from Jason, and she immediately went over to his penthouse. Jason understood that her new businesses needed money, so he was willing to provide Spinelli's half of the start-up costs. Sam was grateful, but it was evident that Jason was even more grateful to Sam for giving Spinelli a chance. Jason warned Sam about Spinelli's downfalls, such as not being good on a stakeout and the need to keep him far away from guns. Sam could tell how much Jason cared about Spinelli and thought it was endearing.

While Sam and Jason were talking, Carly called Jason's cell phone. Michael's hand had just twitched, and it was the first sign of movement since he had been shot. Carly was encouraged by that development, but Patrick was checking the monitors and charts to see if there was any change in brain activity. Since Carly was unable to get in contact with Sonny, she asked Jason to relay the information. Carly promised to keep Jason updated as Patrick had more information for her.

Patrick finished examining Michael and told Carly and Jax that he hadn't found any signs that Michael was coming out of the coma. Carly refused to believe that and thought Patrick might have missed something, since he was preoccupied with Robin and Emma. Patrick agreed to have Michael's file ready for another doctor to give a second opinion.

After Patrick left, Carly asked Jax if he thought she was just trying to get a doctor to agree with her. Jax said that Carly had every reason to believe Michael could be coming out of his coma, and he would get a million different specialists if that was what was necessary.

Jax and Carly left the long-term care facility and went their separate ways. Jax went back to his office, where he watched the DVD from Jerry again. Clearly upset, he took the DVD from the computer and broke it into two pieces. Meanwhile, Carly went to Jason's penthouse to tell him what Patrick had said.

At Lulu and Maxie's apartment, Lulu confronted Johnny and Maxie about not showing up at the club earlier. Spinelli anxiously awaited Maxie's answer, as he was distressed that Maxie and Johnny were growing closer. Maxie said that they were ushered into a back room due to all the paparazzi. It had been a total waste of time, because no one had been able to photograph them for the event.

Lulu wasn't sure what to think of the story, but Johnny stood by it and agreed with Maxie. As soon as Spinelli and Johnny were gone, Lulu asked Maxie to at least admit to Lulu's face if Maxie were trying to get with Johnny. Maxie's answer was to simply walk away.

Spinelli met up with Johnny on the docks and wanted to fight him for Maxie. Johnny refused to fight Spinelli, but he did agree that it wasn't fair to love Lulu and lust after Maxie.

At the Haunted Star, Alexis walked in and the new bartender, Ethan, offered her a drink. He chatted with her until Luke showed up and warned Ethan not to pull any tricks on the District Attorney of Port Charles. Alexis checked her purse and realized her wallet was gone, but Ethan tried to tell her the wallet had simply fallen out of her purse. Neither Luke nor Alexis bought the story, though, and Luke told Ethan to find a chore in order to escape their presence.

As soon as Ethan was gone, Luke asked Alexis what she was doing and who she was hiding from. Alexis admitted she was trying to avoid Nikolas. He was getting too involved with Emily's look-alike, Rebecca. Alexis wasn't sure what else to do, but she asked if Laura could talk to Nikolas.

Meanwhile, Ethan decided to deliver Lulu's scarf to her apartment. Maxie opened the door, and Ethan walked right in. Maxie wasn't too sure of Ethan, but once she realized he was the thief Lulu had talked about, everything changed. Lulu wanted him out of the apartment immediately and warned Maxie that if she had any pockets, Ethan would pick them. Maxie mentioned that she had always wanted to learn how to pick pockets, and Ethan offered to teach her one day. Once Ethan left, Maxie told Lulu she had no right to act so jealous over Johnny when Lulu was flirting with another man behind his back.

Lulu stormed off to her room to sulk over Maxie's comments about Ethan and Lulu's supposed flirtations. Maxie didn't realize that Lulu could hear her when Maxie answered the phone and told Johnny that Lulu would never find out what had happened during their club venture.

At Wyndemere, Rebecca lay on Nikolas' chest as they talked and even kissed. Rebecca hastily ended the kiss and apologized to Nikolas. She thanked him for being such a gentleman, though. She had been able to forget about the biopsy for a little while. Rebecca decided it was time to go home, and Nikolas offered to escort her home. Before leaving Rebecca, Nikolas gave her a book and offered to be there for her no matter what the outcome of the biopsy was.

When Nikolas returned home, Alexis showed up and said Alfred had called her. They were worried about him, especially since the Cassadine family had a history of becoming obsessed with people they loved. Alexis feared Nikolas was obsessing over Rebecca. Nikolas said it was different, and told his aunt about Rebecca's medical tests. Alexis was shocked to learn Emily's look-alike might have breast cancer.

Back in Rebecca's apartment, she began reading the book Nikolas gave her until her phone rang. She answered it and said it had been a rough day. She wasn't sure if she could continue with the original plan.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In the lobby of the Metro Court, Carly told Sonny that Michael had moved his hand. Sonny wanted to know what the doctors had said about the movement. Carly admitted that the doctors warned her that it could have been a muscle reflex. However, Carly was certain that it was a sign that Michael was improving.

Kate overheard Sonny and Carly talking. Kate approached Sonny to ask if it was true that Michael had moved his hand. Carly told Kate to mind her own business. Sonny seemed to take pity on Kate. He told Kate that Michael moved his hand, which could be a sign of recovery. Sonny explained that further testing was needed, but he seemed hopeful.

After Kate thanked Sonny, she walked away. Carly asked Sonny if he believed there was reason to hope. Sonny said that he had complete faith in Carly. If Carly believed that the movement had been intentional, rather than reflex, then Sonny would do everything in his power to make sure Michael received the help that he needed.

In Jax's office, Olivia was wary when Jax revealed that Michael's hand had moved. He was eager to line up a specialist to examine Michael. Olivia suggested that Jax's eagerness for treatment stemmed from a guilty conscience because of Jerry's role in Michael's shooting.

Jax insisted that he was hopeful that Michael was fighting to wake up. Olivia remained doubtful. She believed that Jax was desperate to atone for Jerry's role in the shooting. Jax admitted that he felt guilty over what had happened to Michael because Jerry was Jax's brother. However, Jax had faith in Carly's certainty that Michael was struggling to emerge from the coma.

Jax confided that he had decided not to tell Carly about Jerry's role in the shooting. Jax wanted Carly to be able to focus on her son. Olivia agreed that the secret should remain buried for everyone's sake.

Later, Carly joined Jax in his office. She was eager to hear if the specialist had agreed to examine Michael. Jax confirmed that he had contacted the doctor and scheduled a consultation. He reminded Carly that nothing was guaranteed; the doctor could tell them that Michael's condition was unchanged.

Carly understood the risk, but she remained upbeat. Carly was certain that Michael could hear them when they visited him. It was the reason Carly focused on positive thoughts when she spent time with Michael.

At Mercy Hospital, Robin mentioned that she was tired. Robin bristled when Liz asked if Robin's fatigue was because Emma did not sleep through the night. Robin wondered why everything had to be about Emma. Liz apologized for the misunderstanding.

Robin's mood didn't improve when Patrick offered to take Robin to her first appointment for her postpartum depression. Liz quietly stepped away while Robin confronted Patrick. Robin accused Patrick of not trusting her to go to the appointment. Patrick denied the accusation; he was trying to be supportive. Robin asked why she always said the wrong thing to Patrick. Patrick apologized for making Robin feel that way. He offered to buy her lunch before her appointment to make amends.

Later, Patrick asked Liz if she had seen Robin. He was frustrated when Liz told him that she no idea where Robin had gone. Patrick feared that Robin intended to skip her first appointment with Dr. Brown.

Liz tried to offer Patrick words of encouragement. She confided that Lucky had cheated on her when he had been in the grips of drug addiction. Liz eventually realized that Lucky's infidelity was a symptom of the addiction just like Robin's erratic behavior was a symptom of the PPD.

Patrick admitted that he wasn't certain he wanted to continue to fight for his marriage. Liz reminded Patrick that PPD was treatable. Patrick believed that, to some degree, Robin had to take responsibility for some of her choices. Liz urged Patrick to seek counseling. Liz claimed it had helped her deal with Lucky's struggles.

Sonny bumped into Robin at the docks. Robin confessed that she was procrastinating to avoid her first appointment for treatment of PPD. Sonny didn't think Robin had any reason to feel ashamed because she needed help. Robin opened up about her difficulties adjusting to motherhood. She was uncomfortable with the idea of discussing those things with a doctor.

Sonny talked about his battle with bipolar disorder. Sonny said that his first therapy session had been the most difficult for him. He followed through with it, and the rest of the treatment, for the sake of his children. He continued to take his medications, and attend occasional therapy sessions, for the same reason. However, Sonny did admit that he missed having the highs of manic-depression. They had made him feel invincible. The lows were what had made his illness impossible to cope with.

Robin told Sonny that she had never experienced any highs. Every day was a low to her because she felt like a failure. Robin admitted that she resented Patrick turning to Carly for advice. Robin's anger toward Patrick grew when she realized that Sonny was already aware of the incident.

Sonny advised Robin to fight for her mental well-being by focusing on her recovery.

Robin arrived at her appointment a short time later. Dr. Lauren Brown introduced herself before she invited Robin into her office. Robin became defensive when Dr. Brown asked about Emma. Robin was frustrated because felt as if everyone expected her life to revolve around Emma.

As the session continued, Robin talked about her HIV-positive diagnosis and how badly she had wanted to have a baby. However, it had become painfully clear to Robin that she no longer wanted to be a mother.

Johnny walked into Crimson while Lulu and Maxie were working. Moments later, Ethan strolled into the office. Maxie ordered Ethan to scat, but Lulu stopped her. Lulu announced that she had invited Ethan to the office. Lulu wanted Ethan to replace Johnny as Maxie's escort. Kate nixed the idea when Lulu presented it to her.

After Ethan left, Maxie discovered that all of the money in the cashbox had been stolen.

Ethan was counting his ill-gotten gains when Luke walked in. Luke demanded a cut of the action, since Ethan was using the Haunted Star as his base of operations. Ethan reluctantly agreed to give Luke some of the stolen money. Ethan refused to give Luke a direct answer when Luke asked Ethan where he had filched the money. Instead, Ethan asked Luke why Lulu was always so cranky.

Luke figured out what had happened. Rather than scold Ethan for stealing the money, he answered Ethan's question. Luke suspected that part of Lulu's problem was that she gravitated toward bad boys.

As if on cue, Lulu marched in demanding that Ethan return the money he had stolen. Eventually Ethan agreed, but he warned Lulu that it wasn't the entire amount. Lulu couldn't believe that Ethan had spent part of the money so quickly. Ethan corrected Lulu's erroneous assumption by pointing to Luke.

To Lulu's surprise, Luke refused to hand over the rest of the money. Luke believed that Lulu knew what she had gotten into when she had invited Ethan to Crimson. As Ethan re-pocketed the money, Luke suggested that Lulu figure out another way to get the money back. Lulu was hurt by her father's lack of support. Luke clarified that it was a compliment. Luke had complete confidence that Lulu would prevail.

Lulu decided to call Lucky, but Luke quashed that idea. Luke did not want the police involved. Ethan offered Lulu the opportunity to win the money back from Ethan. Lulu agreed to Ethan's proposal, but only if they played poker. Luke beamed at his daughter with pride.

At Greystone Manor, Claudia was frantic when she heard Jerry's DVD blaring from the living room. She raced downstairs, where she found Ric sitting in a chair while the DVD played on his laptop computer. She asked Ric if he was insane; anyone could have heard the DVD. Ric smiled as he turned the DVD off. He told Claudia that, luckily for her, no one else was around.

Ric then confronted Claudia about the sleeping pills she had slipped into his drink. He told Claudia that after he had his stomach pumped, an experience he wouldn't soon forget, he was informed that he had enough sleeping pills and alcohol in his system to "choke a horse."

Claudia played innocent; she claimed she had no idea how Ric ended up with sleeping pills in his system. Ric wasn't fooled by Claudia's lies. Claudia panicked when Ric announced that he had decided to show Sonny the DVD. She warned Ric that if he followed through with his promise, then he would lose his leverage over Claudia. She would have no reason to help Ric gather incriminating evidence.

Claudia eventually managed to convince Ric that she would cooperate. Ric warned Claudia that he was done playing games with her.

Later, Claudia called Johnny for help. When Johnny arrived at Greystone Manor, Claudia told him about Ric's threat. She wanted Johnny to take a job with Sonny in order to gather evidence for Ric. Meanwhile, Claudia intended to find a way to get the DVD away from Ric. Johnny urged Claudia to reconsider, but Claudia refused. Ric walked in while the siblings were conspiring.

Ric quickly surmised that Johnny had been aware of the DVD and Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting from the beginning. Ric gloated that Claudia was at his mercy; she had to do everything that he asked. Johnny didn't miss the sexual implication in Ric's words. Before Claudia could stop him, Johnny attacked Ric.

Sonny greeted Olivia warmly when he spotted her on the pier. The two took a moment to catch up. The conversation quickly turned to Michael. Sonny admitted that he had made a lot of mistakes with his son. Sonny was hopeful that he might have a second chance to be a better father to Michael.

Olivia was touched by Sonny's candid admissions. As her eyes filled with tears, Olivia told Sonny that he deserved to know. Sonny found the comment curious. He asked Olivia what he deserved to know.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

At the Haunted Star, Lulu threw her hands up in defeat then gathered her belongings. She was frustrated; she had lost the money Ethan had stolen out of Crimson's cashbox as well as two weeks worth of pay. Luke stopped Lulu before she could make good on her escape. Luke noticed that his cashbox, behind the bar, was missing all of its money.

Luke immediately suspected Lulu of committing the theft. Lulu denied the accusation. She suggested that the likely culprit was Ethan. Ethan hotly denied stealing the money. However, Ethan did admit that he was impressed; he never saw Lulu near the cashbox. Before she marched out of the casino, Lulu warned her father not to side with Ethan.

Ethan asked Luke why he didn't stop Lulu. Luke explained that the cashbox had been broken into during Ethan's watch. Luke demanded that Ethan replenish the missing cash with Ethan's winnings. Ethan grumbled as he handed over the money.

Robin apologized for giving Dr. Brown the wrong impression about how Robin viewed motherhood. Robin explained that she had always longed to be a mother, but the reality of being a parent was a lot more difficult than she had anticipated. Robin reiterated that she felt like a failure.

Dr. Brown observed that, in Robin's world, Robin was either perfect or a failure; Robin didn't appear to have any middle ground. Dr. Brown didn't give Robin a chance to respond; she asked Robin why Robin hadn't sought therapy sooner. Robin explained that she believed she just needed time to adjust. Again, Robin expressed her fear that she wasn't cut out to be a mother.

Dr. Brown pointed out that it was the second time Robin made such a confession. Robin insisted that she had not meant it the way it had sounded. Robin began talking about her journey to motherhood. Dr. Brown noticed that Robin spoke quite a bit about how things should have been to avoid expressing her feelings. Dr. Brown wanted to know how Robin felt about her life in that moment.

Robin admitted that she was frustrated and angry. Dr. Brown asked how Robin's love life was. Robin revealed that her sex drive was nonexistent. Robin also confessed that she had certain thoughts at times, but Robin refused to elaborate.

Dr. Brown then broached the subject of treatment. Robin expressed a desire to treat herself through exercise, diet, and occasional therapy. Dr. Brown agreed that exercise and diet were a good start, but they were not enough. Dr. Brown diagnosed Robin as clinically depressed. She prescribed an antidepressant to Robin and urged Robin to attend daily therapy sessions. Robin reluctantly took the prescription and promised to return the following day.

Patrick was worried when he had not heard from Robin. He was talking to Liz about his concerns when an accident victim was brought into Mercy Hospital. Patrick and Liz rushed to treat the patient. The young woman had been involved in a car accident.

Patrick questioned the paramedics about the patient's medical history. The paramedics revealed that the young woman had given birth three months prior to the accident. Patrick was also informed that the patient had not been wearing her seatbelt at the time of the crash.

A blood panel on the patient revealed that she didn't have any alcohol or drugs in her system. Nothing explained why the woman had swerved onto an overpass then crashed. Patrick ordered more tests on the unconscious woman.

A short time later, the woman's husband arrived at the hospital. He was distraught when he heard that his wife had been injured in a car accident. The husband seemed to blame himself for what had happened; he believed that he should have kept a closer eye on his wife. The husband claimed that his wife didn't have a history of seizures. Patrick decided to order additional tests.

On the pier, Olivia stumbled for an answer when Sonny asked her what she thought he should know. Olivia salvaged the awkward moment; she told Sonny that she wanted him to know that he was a good father. Sonny appreciated Olivia's confidence in him.

Sonny and Olivia sat down as they reminisced about their past. Olivia was nostalgic as she talked about her breakup with Sonny. She admitted that she had ended their relationship because of Sonny's involvement with the mob. Sonny recalled their last argument. Olivia admitted that it had shocked her when she had struck Sonny. Olivia recalled Sonny's reaction: he had changed before her eyes, then walked away without uttering a word.

Sonny confessed that he had turned away from Olivia because he had seen his stepfather hit his mother. Sonny didn't want to go down that dark road with Olivia. Olivia admitted that, later that evening, she had tracked Sonny down to apologize. However, she had found Sonny flirting with Connie, so Olivia had kept quiet.

Sonny and Olivia wondered what would have happened if Olivia had talked to Sonny that night. Sonny suggested that things might have worked out between them and he might have been the father of her son. Olivia was rattled by the comment, but she covered it up quickly.

Jason walked into Greystone Manor while Johnny was at Ric's throat. Claudia pleaded with Jason to help her pull Johnny off of Ric. Jason preferred to watch the fight rather than intervene. Eventually, Claudia managed to pry her brother away from Ric. Ric was furious as he invited Claudia to explain to Jason why Johnny had attacked him. Claudia remained silent. Johnny made another threatening move, to shake Ric up, then stormed out of the house.

Meanwhile, Claudia suggested to Ric that Ric crawl back under his rock. Ric wasn't impressed by Claudia's act of bravado, but he did leave. Jason turned to Claudia; he demanded to know what Ric was blackmailing her with. Claudia tried to deny that Ric was holding anything over her head, but Jason didn't believe her. Jason warned Claudia that she could tell him or she could tell Sonny.

Claudia insisted that she wasn't the enemy. She told Jason that Sonny respected her. She also admitted that she had feelings for her husband. Sonny overheard the tail end of the conversation as he walked into the living room. Sonny wanted to know why Claudia was discussing their marriage with Jason.

Claudia confirmed Jason's suspicions; she revealed that Ric was blackmailing her. Sonny asked Jason to leave so that Sonny could have a private talk with his wife. After Jason left, Claudia spun a web of lies. Claudia claimed that Ric had used his past sexual history with her to force Claudia to work Sonny on Ric's behalf. Claudia warned Sonny that Ric could not be trusted. Sonny apologized for exposing Claudia to Ric's relentless quest to get closer to Sonny.

Claudia wondered why Sonny kept Ric around. Sonny explained that Ric was useful. However, Sonny refused to allow his brother to harass Claudia. Sonny asked Claudia to turn to Sonny the next time Ric caused any problems for her. Sonny made it clear that he would deal with Ric. Claudia's eyes filled with tears as Sonny thanked Claudia for her loyalty.

Jason went to Mercy Hospital at Patrick's request. Patrick was worried about Robin's continued absence; he had hoped that Jason knew where Robin was. Jason told Patrick that he had not heard from Robin. Patrick admitted that he knew Robin had turned to Jason about her recent troubles. Patrick asked Jason to tell him what Robin had told Jason. Jason refused to betray Robin's confidence. Jason became distracted when he saw Liz approach Patrick.

Liz seemed momentarily shaken when she saw Jason. She quickly pulled herself together to focus on her work. Liz told Patrick that the husband of the young mother, involved in the accident, had revealed that his wife suffered from acute postpartum depression.

Robin went to see Sonny at Greystone Manor after her appointment with Dr. Brown. Robin was angry because the doctor had prescribed antidepressants to Robin. Robin wanted to try the holistic route for treatment. Sonny admitted that he had felt the same way when he had first undergone treatment for bipolar disorder. However, he quickly realized that the medication prescribed to him had been essential to his recovery. Sonny urged Robin to give the antidepressants a chance to work.

Robin remained resistant to the idea of taking antidepressants. She asked Sonny what the point of being a mother was if she needed to be medicated in order to be one.

Carly entered Jax's office as he wrapped up an overseas phone call. Jax explained that he had been on the phone with a research assistant who worked for the specialist who might treat Michael. Jax didn't have good news. The research assistant had informed Jax that a patient had died of complications resulting from the experimental treatment that they wanted for Michael.

Carly was undeterred; she believed Michael wouldn't share the same fate if he underwent the treatment. Jax urged Carly to give Michael more time to recover. He reminded Carly that it had only been a year since Michael had suffered his injury. Carly countered that it had been a year too long. Carly refused to give up on her son.

Later, Jax arranged for a meeting with the specialist. Olivia walked in as Jax ended the call. Olivia confessed that she had a change of heart about the advice she had given Jax. Jax told Olivia that he had decided to keep the secret. Jax didn't think there was anything to be gained by telling Carly that Jerry had been involved in Michael's shooting.

Claudia paid Michael a visit at the aftercare facility. She was upset as she revealed that Ric was blackmailing her. Claudia was convinced that Sonny would kill her when he learned of her role in Michael's shooting.

Claudia admitted that she never wanted kids; she was pretty sure she still didn't want them. However, she didn't see that she had any other choice. She hoped that Sonny and Michael could forgive her for what she was about to do. As Claudia spoke, Carly walked in.

Carly stopped in her tracks and said, "You've got to be kidding me."

Friday, April 3, 2009

Nikolas walked into Kelly's and told Rebecca he had gotten her biopsy scheduled for that evening. Rebecca had decided not to have the biopsy at all. She didn't have any risk factors such as a family history of breast cancer, and hospitals were known for performing unnecessary procedures in order to make more money. It didn't take long for Nikolas to convince her to change her mind, though.

Soon, Rebecca and Nikolas were at Mercy Hospital, and Rebecca was being put under anesthesia. Rebecca was heavily sedated when Nikolas came into the room with words of encouragement. Alone with Rebecca, Nikolas was shocked to hear Rebecca mumbling about him and how he could never find out.

Down the hall, Patrick was yelling at Jason to tell him where Robin was. Jason wouldn't be intimidated, and said Robin had talked to him in confidence. Liz interrupted and tried convincing Patrick to allow Robin some space. Besides, there was a patient waiting for him who needed surgery after she had crashed her car in a suicide attempt. Patrick worried Robin was in a suicidal state, but Liz and Jason assured him that Robin would never take her own life.

Liz and Patrick discussed their patient, Tricia, and her suicide attempt. She was suffering from postpartum depression, also. Tricia began to wake up, and Patrick told her she needed immediate surgery. She didn't want the surgery, though, because she wanted to succeed at her earlier goal of killing herself.

Meanwhile, Robin sat in Sonny's living room and talked to him about her postpartum depression. Sonny could relate to Robin's ordeal because of his battle with being bipolar. He told her that being a parent meant doing whatever was necessary for your child, even if it meant taking medication to deal with an illness.

Robin left Sonny's house and went down to the docks. She pulled out her prescription and ripped it up, allowing the scraps of paper to fall to the ground. Robin walked too close to the edge of the docks. She looked up and saw a little girl who told her to be careful not to fall in the frigid water. The young child introduced herself as Emma. Robin and Emma talked, and Robin learned that Emma's father was a surgeon. When Emma said her mother hadn't wanted her, it was clear that Robin was talking to a future version of her little Emma.

After performing the life-saving surgery on Tricia, Patrick realized something was wrong when no one had talked to Robin yet. He rushed down to the docks, calling out to Robin as he ran. He briefly stopped to look around, but left when he found no signs of his wife.

Sonny visited Mike at Kelly's, where the older man congratulated him on his child's good news. Sonny didn't know what he was talking about until Mike mentioned Kristina's good grades and making the honor role. Sonny hadn't known of his daughter's accomplishments, though, because Alexis kept canceling his visits.

Sonny asked his father if Robin had been to the café recently. Mike hadn't seen her as much as he used to, but the new mom was probably just busy. Sonny explained that Robin was having a hard time with motherhood, but he stopped short of betraying her confidence and saying she had postpartum depression. Mike could tell from the discussion that Sonny related to Robin's mental state, and it was reminding him of Michael.

Carly was furious when she found Claudia in Michael's room. The two women started to argue until Carly decided they shouldn't argue in front of Michael, cognizant or not. Outside the room, Carly said Sonny would be furious if he found out Claudia claimed to be Michael's family in order to get into his room. Carly made it very clear that Claudia and Sonny's marriage had been a business deal, but Sonny would never love Claudia. She was a mob princess and convenient sex for Sonny. Claudia could have Sonny, but that marriage didn't give Claudia any rights to Michael.

Claudia said Carly must have such guilt over her role in Michael's shooting. Carly's desire to be with Sonny had put the child in the middle of a mob family. Carly had wanted to be with Sonny, no matter what the cost. Michael had been the cost.

Claudia came home to an empty house, which allowed her the opportunity to find a safety pin to make holes in the condoms she had recently purchased. It wasn't long before Sonny came home in a foul mood. He asked Claudia to make a toast with him, and poured them both a drink. Sonny toasted to never bringing another child into that world.

Claudia knew why Sonny was in such a foul mood, and she told him she knew what he needed to feel better. She started to undress him as she kissed his chest. They decided to head upstairs, and Claudia grabbed the box of condoms she had just bought.

Jason arrived home and found Maxie waiting for him. She was irritated that he had been late meeting her after he had asked her to come over. Jason said he needed a favor, and Maxie was instantly at a loss for words. Jason needed Maxie to tell him everything about the night he had killed Ian Devlin.

As much as she didn't want to, Maxie retold the story of Ian's shooting. As Ian had lay on the floor dying, he whispered something to Jason. Maxie hadn't known what Ian said, though. Jason revealed that Ian said, "There's more."

Carly went to the warehouse where Michael had been shot, and she imagined the event as if she had been there. She had just started to cry when Jason walked in silently and hugged her. It had been a year, and Carly still couldn't understand why that had happened to Michael.

The two best friends talked about the past year and all the questions they didn't have answers to. Carly had to make a decision whether or not to risk Michael's life by choosing the experimental surgery. She had recently found out that the surgery had killed two out of ten patients. While the surgery could bring Michael out of the coma, it could also kill him.

Carly wanted Jason's advice with Michael's surgery options. Jason didn't want to give that kind of advice, though. He felt that all his past advice had been wrong. Jason's advice to Carly about her relationship with Sonny had put Michael in a life full of danger. Carly persisted until Jason said he thought Michael would rather take the risk of having the surgery than to continue living in a coma.

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