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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 6, 2009 on GH
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Monday, July 6, 2009

The mayor's wife, Andrea Floyd, was lurking in General Hospital and eavesdropping on a conversation between Robin and Patrick. She heard Robin name her as Robin's prime suspect in the murder of Brianna Hughes, the mayor's mistress. Robin told Patrick that Andrea's motive was that she would lose her position and political influence if the mayor divorced her and married Brianna as he claimed he intended.

Andrea was still lurking when Alexis approached Robin and Patrick. Robin told Alexis that she did have a suspect in mind, but she did not want to jump the gun as she had previously with the mayor, so she would keep mum until she had evidence. While Alexis, Patrick, and Robin chatted, Andrea slipped away.

Maxie was knocking on the penthouse door when Jason arrived home to let her in. Both heard Spinelli's less than dulcet tones as he crooned in the shower. When he went downstairs in a towel, expecting praise for his singing, Jason told him to go upstairs and get dressed. Maxie was evasive with her praise.

Jason left before Spinelli got dressed and returned downstairs. Maxie tried to talk Spinelli out of singing karaoke at Jake's, but Spinelli was focused on the bliss of courtly love. Eventually Maxie decided to support Spinelli's plan to pursue courtly love before carnal love. She told him she was in his corner and made a hurried exit.

Spinelli remembered something and ran to catch Maxie before she caught the elevator. Maxie did not see him, but he overheard her phone conversation with Patrick. She was begging Patrick to convince Coleman to cancel karaoke night. She told Patrick that she feared that Spinelli might look foolish and she did not want Spinelli to think himself less manly if people laughed at his singing.

Dominic wanted Kristina's help to get into Sonny's. He told her that he wanted to become one of the men on Sonny's security detail and asked her for the security code. Kristina was suspicious and did not answer him. Molly arrived home and Dominic left after telling her he was the pizza delivery guy. Kristina persuaded Molly to keep Dominic's visit secret from Alexis.

Alexis arrived home shortly thereafter and wanted to take the girls to the movies. Molly was ecstatic, but Kristina opted to stay home. Alexis left with Molly, and Kristina locked up, turned off the lights, and went to bed.

Sonny was at home berating Johnny for letting Dominic escape; Claudia entered. She also chided Johnny for not completing the task he had been assigned. Olivia walked in with some papers for Sonny. She asked Sonny why he was being so petty with Johnny. Claudia called Olivia a few names and they exchanged insults. Johnny said that Sonny was his boss and had the right to tell him what to do. He left, but squeezed Olivia's hand as he went by her.

Claudia wanted to throw Olivia out the door, but Olivia explained that she was there with papers for Sonny because the car he had purchased for Michael had been moved to the Quartermaines.

Michael and Morgan took a ride around the Quartermaine property in Michael's car. Morgan wanted to go faster, but Michael refused and showed good judgment in front of his younger brother.

Carly gave Edward hell for letting Michael manipulate him. She reminded him that Jason had been hurt in an accident on Quartermaine property. A little later, when the boys arrived home, Carly kept her emotions under tight control. She asked if they'd had a good time. When both boys said yes, she merely said she was glad. Morgan and Michael heaved a sigh of relief, and Michael was more relaxed and comfortable with Carly.

After leaving the Quartermaines', Carly rushed straight to Jax, who made her calm down with deep breathing exercises. After Jax heard what she wanted for Michael, he pointed out that perhaps her plan was too permissive. She responded that what Michael needed was control, and she believed that her idea would give it to him.

Johnny and Jason met at the garage and strapped on their bulletproof vests so they could finish off the job Sonny had given them earlier. Jason acknowledged that Johnny had saved his life in their last encounter with Sonny's mutinous mobsters, and Johnny admitted that even though he thought he could stay out of the business, that once in, there was no way out.

Edward tried to convince Michael to visit ELQ with him. Michael finally agreed, though he warned Edward that he did not want a corporate career. Edward was not thrilled, but Michael was ecstatic when Sonny arrived to visit.

Michael listened while Sonny explained why Michael could not drive until he had a license. As Sonny laid out the rules about driving, Carly burst in to announce that she had procured a driver's license for Michael.

Dominic brought pizza to two of his rebel cronies who were hiding in a cabin in the woods. They were making plans to go after Sonny again. Dominic told them that he was working on a better way.

Andrea Floyd went to Alexis' house, found the spare key, and let herself into the house. She searched, then went to Alexis' computer and began typing.

Johnny led Jason to a cabin in the woods that belonged to the Zacarras. They burst in firing their weapons. When they were done, two men lay dead alongside a suitcase full of drugs. Jason and Johnny examined the bodies looking for a bullet wound that marked the man who had threatened Morgan, Michael, and Carly in the woods.

As Olivia opened her door, Dominic grabbed her from behind and shoved her inside.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Due to ABC News coverage of the Michael Jackson memorial, General Hospital did not air today. The show was preempted nationwide, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the special news coverage.

Regular programming will resume on July 8, and picked up where the July 6 episode concluded.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly surprised everyone when she presented Michael with a driver's license. Michael was stunned by his mother's change of heart. After Edward took Michael out for a drive, Sonny accused Carly of going behind his back. Carly reminded Sonny the he had bought Michael a car without consulting her.

Sonny asked if the driver's license was payback for what he had done. Carly explained that she had taken Jason's advice to demonstrate that she trusted Michael. Carly believed that supporting Michael's decision to drive was the perfect opportunity to show her son that she had faith in him. Moments later, Sonny's cell phone rang. It was Jason; he had bad news.

Michael thanked Carly for her gift. Carly made it clear that she expected Michael to follow the driving laws. Michael readily agreed to Carly's terms and hugged his mother. Carly beamed with joy when Michael added, "I love you."

A short time later, Michael shared the good news about his driver's license with Morgan. Morgan was happy for his brother and realized that it had been an extraordinary gesture on Carly's part because of her intense dislike of driving. Morgan shared an amusing story about a fender bender in a parking garage to illustrate their mother's terrible driving history. Michael chuckled as he took off his necklace, with a St. Christopher pendant, and handed it to Morgan. Michael thought Morgan needed it more than he did.

Jason and Johnny were forced to flee the secluded cabin when they heard police sirens in the distance. They were unable to dispose of the drugs that they had found or the bodies of the men they had just gunned down during a shootout.

At Greystone Manor, Claudia was on the phone. She was frustrated because Jason remained a thorn in her side. Claudia decided to bide some time for herself while she focused on the baby. Just as she ended the call, Jason and Johnny walked in. They told her that they had followed up on a lead that had resulted in a shootout. Johnny added that they had nearly been "popped" for drug trafficking because someone had called the police.

Jason wondered if Claudia had any information about the incident or knew of anyone in the organization who was moving drugs through Port Charles. Claudia realized that Jason suspected her of being involved. She adamantly denied that she would have "dropped the dime" on her brother. After Claudia stormed out, Johnny agreed with Jason that they had been set up. However, Johnny had no idea who had done the deed.

When Sonny returned home to find his enforcer waiting in the living room, he fired questions at Jason. When Sonny suggested that Johnny might have tipped off the police, Jason defended Johnny. Sonny ordered a temporary cease-fire until they could determine who had alerted the police. Sonny made one exception: the man who had threatened Carly and the boys in the woods.

At the Davis residence, Andrea Floyd planted incriminating emails on Alexis' computer while Kristina, in her bedroom, chatted on the phone. Andrea managed to slip out of the house before Kristina went downstairs. When Kristina picked up her copy of the book, The Sound and the Fury, she decided to check something online. As Kristina sat down at her mother's laptop, she noticed numerous emails between her mother and Mayor Floyd. Kristina read several of the emails. Each had made Alexis appear as if she had been obsessed with the mayor. Kristina was startled when Alexis walked in through the front door.

Alexis scolded Kristina for using the laptop. She reminded Kristina that it contained sensitive, work-related material. Kristina apologized and then carefully questioned her mother about her relationship with the mayor. Alexis assured Kristina that she didn't have any lingering feelings of affection for Garrett Floyd, but Kristina didn't appear convinced. Later, when Michael stopped by, Kristina broke down in tears as she showed her brother the emails that she had found.

At the penthouse, Spinelli continued to practice his singing with disastrous results. His frustrations mounted when someone knocked on the door. It was Robin and Patrick. Spinelli was embarrassed when the doctors confessed that they thought they had heard someone screaming. Spinelli admitted that he had been singing. Relieved that no one had been hurt, Robin revealed the reason for their visit.

They had hoped to enlist Spinelli's cyber skills to investigate their new suspect, the mayor's wife. They were surprised when Spinelli turned down their request for help. Spinelli explained that he was busy with a personal project. When Patrick realized what it was, he suggested that they help each other. Patrick confided that, thanks to Eli Love, he knew of pitch correction software, which could be the solution to Spinelli's problem.

Shortly after Robin and Patrick left, Maxie turned up on Spinelli's doorstep. Maxie was upset because she didn't want to hurt Spinelli. However, she felt compelled to warn him that as a singer he "sucked." Spinelli appreciated Maxie's honesty, but he was confident that true love would prevail. He remained determined to prove, through the power of song, that he was worthy of her love.

Some time later, Spinelli had his hands on a microphone that transformed his voice. When Jason heard Spinelli sing, he admitted that Spinelli's practice had paid off. Spinelli confessed that he was using a special microphone. Spinelli wondered if using the "electronic enhancement" made him "less of a man." Jason appeared at a loss for words.

Carly stopped by to share the news about Michael's driver's license with Jason. Jason was pleased that his advice had helped Carly, but he changed the subject. Jason wanted Carly's help to find man who had held her and the boys at gunpoint. Instead of agreeing, Carly asked Jason, "Why?"

As Robin and Patrick settled into their seats at Metro Court's restaurant, Andrea breezed in. Andrea acknowledged the doctors as she passed by. Once Andrea reached the bar, she pulled out her phone to call Alexis. Andrea demanded an explanation from Alexis, but Alexis had no idea what Andrea was talking about. Andrea offered to clarify things if Alexis met her at the restaurant.

Andrea took full advantage of Robin and Patrick's undivided attention when Alexis approached. She loudly accused Alexis of stalking her husband. Andrea begged Alexis to stop emailing and harassing the mayor. Horrified by the outrageous allegations, Alexis practically ran out of the restaurant. When Patrick checked on the mayor's wife, Andrea pretended to be distraught over the ugly confrontation. She also made a point of claiming that Alexis had arranged the meeting. Robin sat at the table, carefully studying Andrea.

At her apartment, Olivia briefly struggled with Dominic until she realized that he was her son, Dante. Dante seemed surprised that he had frightened his mother when he had grabbed her from behind and covered her mouth with his hand. Olivia chastised Dante and then pulled him to her for a warm hug. While Olivia fetched them each a bottle of beer, Dante found a man's wristwatch on the coffee table. He asked his mother about it when she returned. Dante wanted reassurance that she wasn't involved with Sonny. Olivia managed to ease her son's concerns without revealing anything about the man she was seeing.

After Dante left his mother's apartment, he bumped into Claudia on the docks. Claudia was furious when she realized that her hit man had remained in Port Charles. Claudia pointed out that he had made a grave error when he had threatened Sonny's ex-wife and children. Claudia was stunned when Dante told her that intended to work for Sonny. Claudia reminded the man, whom she knew as Dominic, that two of Sonny's children and Carly could easily identify him. Claudia refused to risk being linked to Dominic; she ordered him to leave town.

Dante secretly followed Claudia back to Greystone Manor. While Dante lurked on the terrace, eavesdropping, Sonny questioned Claudia about the men that Johnny and Jason had killed earlier that night. Claudia deflected the questions by firing off insults about Olivia. The argument came to an abrupt end when Claudia felt the baby kick. She reached out for Sonny's hand, so that he could feel the movement for himself.

Johnny went to Olivia's apartment. Johnny sensed something was amiss when Olivia hesitated to respond to his kiss. Olivia admitted that Dante had stopped by for a visit. As the two sat down to talk, Olivia revealed that she had been sixteen when she discovered that she was pregnant. Olivia confessed that she had never regretted her decision to have her baby.

When Johnny asked if Dante was like his father, Olivia told him that she had no idea who Dante's father was. Olivia admitted that it had been difficult at times, but she never minded that Dante didn't have a father. Johnny asked how Dante felt about growing up without a father. Olivia confided that she had told Dante the truth and eventually he had accepted it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

In Rebecca's room, Ethan was not pleased when Rebecca informed him that she was moving in with Nikolas. Ethan suspected that Rebecca's interest in Nikolas was personal. Rebecca denied that she had romantic feelings for Nikolas. She insisted that she only wanted Nikolas' money. Rebecca explained that she needed to get close to Nikolas in order to get her hands on the Cassadine fortune. According to Rebecca, moving into Wyndemere helped her achieve that goal.

Rebecca promised Ethan that as soon as she swindled Nikolas out of his money, Ethan would get his share of fortune and then she would leave Port Charles with Ethan. Ethan kissed Rebecca, but when he tried to take it further, Rebecca pulled back. Ethan was furious. He accused Rebecca of trying to back out of their deal. Before Ethan stormed out of the room, he warned Rebecca that he refused to be double-crossed.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas climbed a ladder to tear down a tapestry. When he heard a woman clear her throat, Nikolas promised a kiss in exchange for some help. Liz chuckled as she asked him, "Didn't that already get us in trouble?" Nikolas turned around when he realized that it had been Liz, not Rebecca, who stood behind him. Liz advised Nikolas to make sure he knew whom he was talking to before he offered kisses. After all, it could have been Alfred who had walked into the room.

Nikolas revealed that Alfred was upstairs preparing for Rebecca's arrival. Liz vowed to keep her promise not to lecture Nikolas about Rebecca. She explained that she had just stopped by to see how Nikolas was doing. Nikolas enlisted her help clearing out the living room. As the two worked together, Nikolas confessed that he understood why some were concerned about his relationship with Rebecca. Liz conceded that there were times when a person needed to grab love where they could find it.

Liz wondered if Nikolas would donate some of the items that he was clearing out to the silent auction at Cameron's school. Nikolas readily agreed. Nikolas was touched when Liz invited Nikolas and Rebecca to the auction. Liz admitted that she didn't want Nikolas isolated from the family, regardless what happened with Rebecca. Nikolas took the opportunity to ask Liz about her relationship with Lucky. Liz told him that she and Lucky were determined not to drag the boys through another breakup, so they had decided to take things slowly.

Nikolas quipped that he and Rebecca had taken the opposite approach with their relationship. Liz observed that Rebecca had appeared to have a change of heart after she had seen Liz and Nikolas kiss. Nikolas confessed that the kiss he had shared with Liz had caught him off-guard, but it had put things into perspective. Liz agreed; the kiss had sent them running to other people. Liz viewed it as a great reminder for her and Nikolas not to get drunk at Jake's again.

Lulu arrived moments later and invited them to Jake's for Karaoke Night. Liz thought it sounded like a fun evening. Nikolas was less enthusiastic, so Lulu reminded them that Jake's served alcohol. Liz made it clear that she would not drink. Nikolas teased Liz, asking her if she was afraid. Lulu sensed that Nikolas and Liz were referring to something else, but Rebecca's arrival distracted her. Nikolas leaped at the excuse to bow out of joining Lulu at Jake's. He insisted that he and Rebecca had plans for Rebecca's first night at Wyndemere.

After Lulu and Liz left, Nikolas broached the subject of supplementing Rebecca's income. Rebecca appeared offended by the suggestion. She told Nikolas that the offer made her feel as if she were being paid to live with him, so Nikolas reluctantly dropped the matter. Later, Rebecca decided to surprise Nikolas by taking him out. She refused to tell Nikolas where she intended to take him.

Maxie went to the penthouse to ask Jason for a favor. Maxie wanted Jason to force Coleman to cancel Karaoke Night. Maxie changed her mind when she heard Spinelli crooning as he made his way downstairs. Maxie was amazed by Spinelli's much improved singing voice. Maxie didn't realize that the reason Spinelli sounded good was because he was using a special microphone. Spinelli tried to tell Maxie the truth, but couldn't bring himself to do it when Maxie admitted that she was eager to hear Spinelli perform at Jake's.

As soon as Maxie left, Spinelli turned to Jason for advice. Spinelli didn't know if he should risk telling Maxie the truth about the microphone. Jason wondered why Spinelli felt he had to prove something to Maxie when she already loved him. Spinelli explained that he wanted the opportunity to stand out to Maxie. Jason suggested that Spinelli had put too much importance on Karaoke Night; he advised Spinelli to tell Maxie the truth. Jason was confident that Maxie would continue to love Spinelli. Spinelli decided follow Jason's advice. He begged Jason to join him at Jake's for moral support.

Jason reluctantly agreed to Spinelli's request. Unfortunately, moments later, two police officers showed up at the penthouse. Mac wanted Jason brought in for questioning in the murder of two Zacchara henchmen.

At the David residence, Alexis asked Kristina about her horseback riding lesson, while Molly read a book, Pandora Gets Jealous, by Carolyn Hennesey. All heads turned when Diane threw open the front door and walked in. Diane quickly realized that Alexis and the girls had no idea that incriminating emails, supposedly sent by Alexis, had surfaced on the Internet. Alexis hustled the girls out of the room, so that Diane could talk freely.

Diane revealed that an anonymous source from the mayor's office had leaked personal emails sent by Alexis to the mayor. Diane confirmed that the emails painted Alexis as an obsessed stalker who was capable of killing the mayor's mistress. Alexis denied that she had sent the email. However, when Alexis checked her email account, the scandalous emails were displayed. As they read the emails, Diane realized that Alexis hadn't written them. Diane claimed that the emails sounded desperate and fabricated; like greeting cards written by a lunatic. Alexis was convinced that someone had set her up.

A short time later, Alexis sat down to eat dinner with her daughters. Alexis warned Molly and Kristina that some emails had surfaced, but she promised that she had not written them. She asked her daughters to have patience. Alexis was confident that the truth would prevail and she would be vindicated.

After dinner, Alexis received word that Jason had been arrested. Alexis was startled when Mac urged Alexis to stay home. Alexis refused to consider it and gathered her things. As Molly watched her mother leave, she realized that Alexis was in trouble.

At the police station, Diane asked Jason for a favor. She wanted Jason to agree to stay in jail for one week. Diane hoped the arrest would help Alexis' public image. Meanwhile, Mac informed Alexis that the city counsel had taken a vote and decided that they did not have confidence in her ability to perform her job. Alexis was given a choice: she could resign or she could wait to be fired.

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick invited Matt to join them for Karaoke Night at Jake's. Matt declined because of work. When Matt asked Epiphany to hand him a patient's file, Matt discovered that the patient had opted to switch doctors. Patrick tried to offer words of comfort, but Matt was too angry to appreciate Patrick's effort. Matt was convinced that everyone believed that Patrick could have saved Brianna.

As Matt stormed off, Andrea Floyd approached Patrick to thank him for his kindness following Andrea's confrontation with Alexis. Andrea was eager to show her appreciation by promising to push Brianna's family to drop their malpractice suit. Andrea pointed out that if Brianna had been murdered then she couldn't have been a victim of malpractice.

Later, Patrick and Robin discussed the possibility of Alexis murdering Brianna. Patrick had been surprised to learn that Alexis had once killed a man. Robin explained that Alexis, who had just given birth to Kristina, had pled temporary insanity for Luis Alcazar's murder. Robin couldn't dispute Alexis' claim, given Robin's own experience with postpartum depression. Patrick noted that Andrea Floyd had never been convicted of a parking ticket, much less another person's murder.

Maxie went to Jake's to ensure that Coleman had plans to host Karaoke Night. Coleman was baffled by Maxie's change of heart. Maxie explained that she had discovered that Spinelli could sing. When Matt walked in minutes later, Coleman refused to serve him alcohol. Maxie didn't want Matt to ruin her night with Spinelli, so she decided to have a talk with Matt about her own experience with self-destructive behavior.

Maxie's heart-to-heart chat appeared to have made an impression on Matt. He returned to the hospital and apologized to Patrick and Robin for continually dumping his frustrations on them. Matt revealed that he wanted to work with Patrick and Robin to find out what had really happened to Brianna.

Upon his arrival at Jake's, Ethan ordered a drink. When Lucky walked in moments later, he told Ethan that, despite Lulu's wishes, Lucky would never consider Ethan a part of his family. Ethan and Lucky said little when Lulu, determined to have fun, joined them.

Coleman gave Spinelli a free pitcher of beer to thank Spinelli for giving him the idea to host Karaoke Night. As Coleman walked away, Maxie threw her arms around Spinelli's neck and kissed him. Spinelli was horrified when he realized that he had accidentally dropped his special microphone in the pitcher of brew.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Olivia was on the phone, making plans for the evening, while she let herself into her apartment. Olivia was surprised when she found Dante sitting on the sofa. Olivia wondered why her son was in town for the second time that week. Dante replied that he had been looking for a new job and then slyly changed the subject by teasing Olivia about the romantic dinner plans. Dante wanted to know whom she was seeing. Olivia reminded Dante of their agreement to stay out each other's personal lives. As she playfully slapped Dante's arm, Olivia noticed that he had winced. Dante deftly sidestepped her questions about the injury before he left.

Olivia was teary-eyed, as she looked at a picture of herself, with Sonny, in younger days. A knock on the door forced Olivia to quickly dry her eyes before she answered it. Olivia was thrilled to see Johnny standing on her doorstep. She invited him in and then threw her arms around him. After Johnny sat down, he noticed the picture on Olivia's coffee table. Johnny was surprised when he realized that Sonny was in the picture with her. As Olivia reminisced about the past, Johnny realized that Olivia might have unresolved feelings for Sonny.

Dante met an acquaintance at a laundromat. While the men folded laundry, Dante confidently assured his companion that he was working to get close to Sonny.

At home, Carly awoke from a bad dream. Carly told Jax that she had a feeling that something bad would happen. Concerned, Jax asked Carly about the dream. Carly realized she had alarmed Jax, so she tried to brush the dream off. Jax suspected that Carly's nightmare had stemmed from missing a meal earlier. He decided to rectify the problem by fetching Carly something to eat. After Jax left the bedroom, Carly remained troubled.

When Jax returned, Carly suggested that she would feel better if they made love. Jax was reluctant, but Carly reminded him that she had orders from her doctor. Jax chuckled as he leaned in to kiss his wife. After they made love, Jax and Carly talked about their new house. Carly was eager to move in.

When she mentioned Michael, Carly noticed that Jax became quiet. Jax cautioned Carly about getting her hopes up; he didn't want Carly to be disappointed if Michael didn't move into the new house with them. Carly assured Jax that she would always have a connection with Michael, regardless where he lived.

GH Recap Photo 090710 Later, after Jax left, Carly decided to call Jason to talk about her dream. She was stunned to learn that he had been arrested and was expected to remain in jail for a week.

At the police station, Sonny had a surprising reaction to Diane's suggestion that Jason remain in lockup for a week. Sonny thought it was a good idea. When Alexis entered the interrogation room, Sonny made a hasty exit. Meanwhile, Jason received a phone call from Carly. Alexis snatched the phone out of Jason's hand to inform Carly that Jason had been arrested.

After Alexis ended the call, Louise, an assistant district attorney, walked in. Louise had been assigned to the case because Alexis had been suspended. Alexis had no choice, but to leave. Diane made mincemeat of Louise, and within minutes, Louise ordered Mac to release Jason. As Jason left the police station, he received a phone call.

A short time later, Jason was at the penitentiary where Anthony Zacchara was being held. Anthony revealed that he had asked for Jason because Anthony had vital information that could save Jason's life.

Carly went to Greystone Manor to talk to Sonny about Jason's arrest. While they talked, Dante strolled in through the back door. Sonny was speechless as Dante admitted to being the gunman who had threatened Carly and the children in the woods. Before Sonny could react, Dante made a point to remind Sonny that he had not harmed Carly or the children. Carly confirmed that Dante had not hurt her or the boys. Sonny offered Dante an opportunity to leave town without retribution, but Dante wasn't interested. Dante wanted Sonny to hire him.

GH Recap Photo 090710 Lulu, Ethan, Lucky, and Liz were seated at a table in Jake's. Lucky continued to be a wet blanket, but the others at the table ignored him. When Liz raised her glass to toast to Nikolas and Rebecca's happiness, Ethan and Lucky objected. Lulu giggled over the idea that Ethan and Lucky would end up bonding over their concern for Nikolas' love life.

Lucky questioned why Ethan was concerned about Nikolas. Ethan explained that he considered Nikolas a part of his extended family. As they talked, Nikolas and Rebecca entered Jake's. Nikolas gave Rebecca the opportunity to leave when he saw his family at a nearby table. Rebecca declined the offer. While Rebecca joined the Spencers at their table, Nikolas followed Liz to the bar.

Nikolas thanked Liz again for her support. Nikolas wanted Liz to know that Rebecca had turned down his offer of money. Liz was pleased to hear it, but she made it clear that she would kill Rebecca if Rebecca ever hurt Nikolas. Nikolas smiled his appreciation at the reminder of Liz's fierce loyalty. Neither Liz nor Nikolas realized that Ethan had overheard their conversation.

Ethan was furious when he realized that Rebecca had declined Nikolas' money. When Ethan cornered Rebecca at the bar, he asked her why he shouldn't tell Nikolas the truth. Rebecca didn't have an answer for Ethan.

At another table, in Jake's, Spinelli had a case of stage fright after his special microphone landed in a pitcher of beer. Maxie didn't understand Spinelli's reaction and he couldn't bring himself to explain it to her. Spinelli panicked when Coleman opened the microphone for Karaoke Night and invited patrons to sing. Luckily for Spinelli, Patrick and Robin walked in.

GH Recap Photo 090710 When Coleman saw Patrick, he tried to introduce Patrick as the first performer of the evening. Patrick refused to sing. However, Robin was game if Patrick agreed to join her on stage.

As the night wore on, and no one took the stage, Maxie asked Spinelli why he didn't get up to sing. Spinelli made several excuses. At one point Spinelli made a desperate attempt to get his hands on another pitch-correction microphone, to no avail. Maxie assured Spinelli that she would love whatever song he sang to her.

Just before Coleman turned off the microphone, Robin and Patrick took to the stage. The crowd cheered wildly as Patrick and Robin entertained them with their rendition of "The Time of My Life."

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