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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 14, 2010 on GH
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Monday, June 14, 2010

At Sonny's home, Claire and Sonny had a talk. She warned him that she would come down hard on him if he provoked Johnny into committing an illegal act and then used it as an excuse to kill Johnny, even if it was in self-defense.

Claire told Sonny that he was just a stepping-stone to get where she was going. She said that she would prosecute him and send him to jail if he killed Johnny. Sonny responded that it was all about his kids and that he would do anything to guarantee their welfare. Sonny told Claire that he would abide by her rules and wanted to know if they still had a deal. Before leaving, Claire said that they did.

Kristina went to Johnny's apartment and told him about her plan to upset Sonny. She wanted to pretend that she and Johnny were dating, because she knew that Sonny's reaction would be rage. Johnny refused to help her. He told her that he did not want to do anything that would hurt her, not to mention that he was too old for her.

Kristina told Johnny that their relationship would only be pretend and that she knew that he was being noble when he refused to involve her in his feud with Sonny. Before leaving, she told him to get in touch if he changed his mind about going along with her plan.

Dante was distracted by a photo of a dead body and was not as attentive to Lulu as she would have liked. At first, Lulu thought that Dante was upset with her, but he told her that it was an old case that had come back to haunt him. When Lulu received a call from Maxie, Dante encouraged Lulu to go help Maxie.

After Lulu left, Dante called Ronnie to join him. When Dante showed Ronnie the photo and told him it might be from Franco, Ronnie told Dante to give the picture to the Feds and get back to work making a case against Sonny.

Carter and Jason had it out in the shower and Jason killed Carter. Before he died, Carter told Jason that Franco was sending him a message. Michael walked in and saw the blood on Jason's hands. Jason sent Michael away and told him to get an alibi while he cleaned up.

In Helena's dungeon in Greece, Tracy stewed about the fact that she and Luke were not really married. Luke vowed his eternal love for her, but Tracy was not buying his act. Nikolas arrived with the key to release them but before he could do so, Lucky also managed to find his way into the dungeon.

Tracy and Luke left to find a good hotel, but Lucky and Nikolas stayed behind. Nikolas was standing inside the cell door and Lucky was standing outside. Nikolas tried to defend the feud between Luke and Helena as mutual, but Lucky pointed out that he was a bystander when Helena had kidnapped and held him in this same dungeon.

Lucky told Nikolas that Helena had taken everything from him. Lucky said that one of the reasons that he had gotten reengaged to Liz was that she represented everything that had been taken from him. Lucky told Nikolas that he could not look at him without remembering what Helena had done.

When Nikolas tried to justify his behavior and say that he was not involved with the feud that Lucky was using as an excuse to hate him, Lucky said it was not about the feud, but about the brother who had betrayed him. Lucky said that he did not forgive Nikolas and never would.

Lucky then locked the cell door with Nikolas inside. He said that he would leave the keys at the door and Helena's henchman would let Nikolas out soon. Lucky said that it might be an empty gesture, but for a few minutes, Nikolas could get a small taste of what it had meant to be Lucky while he had been in Helena's clutches.

Carly joined Patrick while he was having a drink at the Metro Court bar. When she wanted to know why he had not joined Lisa and Steve for dinner, Patrick made a snarky remark about Steve and Lisa wanting to be alone.

Carly called Patrick on his jealousy and noted that Lisa was throwing herself at Patrick and using Steve to make him jealous. Patrick denied that he would ever cheat on Robin, who Carly called "dense" not to notice Lisa's tricks. Patrick assured Carly that his jealousy was strictly professional and not personal.

They were interrupted when Carly got a call from Brook telling her that Dante was away and Lulu was alone in the apartment. Carly said that she would be right over.

In their Pentonville cell, Jason told Michael to keep mum about what he had witnessed in the shower. Michael said that he had learned his lesson about telling the truth to the cops.

Jason was pensive and Michael wanted to know what was bothering him. Jason said it was the same thing that always bothered him. He had promised Michael a good life when he was a baby, but instead had given him one filled with prison and violence.

Michael told Jason that he had always wanted to be like him, but had begun to see something different. Michael said that before he thought that killing was glamorous, but finally he saw that it was about staying alive and that it sometimes came down to that choice.

Sonny caught up with Olivia in the Metro Court and told her that he was waiting for Johnny so that he could address an issue with him. Olivia asked Sonny to meet with Johnny elsewhere, but Johnny arrived and Sonny asked Johnny to stop provoking him for Michael's sake. Johnny had a big laugh and accused Sonny of hiding behind Michael. He refused Sonny's plea, told him to forget it, and walked away.

Dante went to see Jason to show him the picture he had received. Jason refused to talk to Dante or open the envelope that Dante had with him. Dante took out the picture and told Jason that he believed it Franco had sent it. Before Jason could comment, the warden walked in, looked directly at Jason, and said, "I warned you what would happen if you brought trouble here."

Outside Dante's loft, Carly and Brook staged a scene for Lulu to overhear. Carly pretended to be offended with Brook for going after Dante and threatened to fire her. Lulu rushed out of her apartment and defended Brook. She told Carly that she was secure in her relationship with Dante, and Brook was not a threat.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Steve was surprised to discover that Lisa was staying at the hotel. Lisa explained that her landlord had to make some repairs, so she had to temporarily to move to the hotel. Lisa fetched a bottle of wine and then changed the subject. As she joined Steve on the sofa, Steve confessed that he knew that Lisa had been using him to make Patrick jealous. Lisa smiled, but she didn't deny it.

Steve told Lisa a heartwarming story about a patient who had nearly lost his leg in a chainsaw accident. The man's wife had held it together until she had been assured that her husband would make a full recovery. The story made Lisa curious if Steve were looking for the kind of loving relationship that his patient had. Instead of answering Lisa, he wondered where he stood with her. Lisa slowly unbuttoned Steve's shirt as she admitted that he was Mr. Right, "for right now." Steve tugged off his shirt and then kissed Lisa.

At the Haunted Star, Skye found Ethan counting his winnings after several people that he had fleeced left the casino. Skye revealed that she had received a call from Luke to let her know that he and Tracy were on their way home, in separate jets, after having been freed from Helena's dungeon. Ethan seemed mildly surprised to discover that Helena had been behind Luke and Tracy's disappearance after all. He was curious if Luke had arranged to meet Skye.

"Just the opposite," Skye confessed. Skye admitted that Luke had asked her to make herself scarce before he returned home. She suspected that Luke and Tracy's marriage was in crisis. Ethan wondered where Skye intended to go. Skye was cryptic as she explained that she was on a mission to find something. Ethan was intrigued enough to offer his services, but Skye declined. She confessed that he was too late.

As if on cue, Jax entered the casino. Jax greeted his ex-wife and then questioned why she had called him. Before Skye could respond, May a walked in. Maya wanted Ethan to pass along a message to Luke. According to Maya, Tracy had called to order Alice to dump all of Luke's belongings on the front lawn along with a can of gasoline. Ethan chuckled; he was certain that Luke would find a way to turn things around with Tracy.

Nearby, Jax wondered how he could help Skye. Skye realized that Jax didn't like to get his hands dirty, but she needed his help. Jax was willing to make an exception for Skye, so he made plans to meet her for dinner at the hotel to discuss it further. After Jax left, Skye overheard Maya admit to Ethan that she didn't understand the attraction between Luke and Tracy. Skye and Ethan explained that, in an odd way, Luke and Tracy were good for each other.

Maya wondered where the romance was. Skye suggested that it wasn't always about romance; sometimes, it was about what kept the spark going. After Skye left, May a decided to follow suit, but Ethan invited her to stay. She was curious why she should. Ethan grinned as he confided that he had a "spark." Maya decided to join Ethan for a game off cards. Ethan took the opportunity to flirt with Maya, but she didn't seem interested.

Ethan questioned why Maya was so hostile towards him. Maya acknowledged that Ethan was the kind of guy who was all "flash and fun." He was a great time until everything fell apart. Maya wasn't interested in watching Ethan bail out when that happened. Ethan was quiet as Maya stood up and then left.

At the lake house, Alexis arrived home to find Kristina writing a letter to Michael. Alexis was proud of what a good sister Kristina was. Kristina and Alexis chatted about their day until Alexis mentioned that Dr. Spaulding wanted Sonny to attend another therapy session with Kristina. Kristina was strongly opposed to it, but Alexis argued that Kristina needed to work things out with Sonny, in order to get through what had happened with Kiefer. "I already am," Kristina insisted.

Alexis realized that the first session hadn't gone well. Kristina quickly clarified that it had been a disaster because Sonny had been in denial. Kristina hated how Sonny seemed to blame everyone but himself. Alexis wondered if Kristina could agree that her relationship with Kiefer had been a result of Kristina's issues with Sonny. Kristina nodded her head. Alexis explained that it was important for Kristina to continue the therapy sessions with Sonny because Sonny was at the root of why Kristina had stayed with Kiefer.

Kristina thought that it was pointless to try because Sonny wouldn't even admit that he had been abusive to Claudia. Alexis refused to paint Sonny as the villain; she suggested that Kristina not rush to judgment. Kristina was infuriated. She accused Alexis of making excuses for Sonny just as Kristina had made excuses for Kiefer. Alexis conceded that she might have failed at trying to shield Kristina from the harsh realities of Sonny's life.

Kristina believed that Alexis had been right to try to protect her from Sonny because he was a domineering, violent, and angry man. Alexis insisted that Sonny loved Kristina. Alexis realized that Johnny had filled Kristina's head with a lot of things, many of which had stuck, but Alexis was adamant that not all of it had been accurate. "Yes, they are," Kristina stubbornly argued. Kristina was certain that Sonny had been abusive to Claudia.

Alexis suggested that Claudia had been an unbalanced, sick, and vindictive woman who had been cruel in her own right. Kristina admitted that Johnny had confessed that his sister had been "messed up," but Kristina didn't think that Claudia had deserved to die. Kristina couldn't understand why Alexis was defending Sonny. Alexis clarified that understanding the situation wasn't the same as condoning it. Kristina wanted Sonny to pay for what he had done.

Later, Kristina and Molly were writing letters to Michael when Kristina grumbled that Sonny wasn't helping Michael. Molly reminded Kristina that Sonny had visited Michael. Kristina complained that Sonny had only seen Michael to persuade him to convince Kristina that Sonny loved his children and would never hurt them. Molly argued that it was human nature for a child to love their parent, so she wasn't surprised that Michael had spoken on Sonny's behalf. Kristina didn't care; she blamed her father for Claudia losing her mind.

Molly seemed disappointed by her sister's unwavering hatred of Sonny. Kristina justified her attitude by suggesting that it was Sonny's fault that Michael was in jail. Kristina revealed that Johnny agreed with her assessment. Molly was stunned when Kristina admitted that she intended to make Sonny pay by pretending to date Johnny. Molly wondered if Kristina had a secret crush on Johnny. Kristina vehemently denied it; she wasn't interested in anyone.

Kristina thought that Johnny was perfect because he had made it clear that he wouldn't touch her. Kristina also believed that the guys at school would leave her alone once they learned that she was involved with Johnny. Molly realized that Kristina had thought everything through. Kristina proudly admitted that the best part was that Sonny would freak out when he learned that Kristina was dating Johnny.

At Johnny's penthouse, Olivia pounded on the front door as she yelled for Johnny to open the door. As soon as Johnny complied, Olivia marched into the penthouse and then dropped her purse on the sofa. It was clear that Olivia was fit to be tied. Johnny suspected that she was mad because he refused to stop causing trouble for Sonny. Olivia insisted that Johnny was trying to start a mob war for nothing.

Johnny reminded her that he was doing it for Claudia, but Olivia argued that Claudia was dead. Johnny was livid when Olivia suggested that he was using Claudia's death as an excuse. Johnny informed her that he wanted Sonny to pay for what had happened to Claudia, but Olivia warned him that innocent people would get hurt. Olivia urged him to reconsider because if he pulled Sonny into a mob war then it would hurt Michael's chances for parole. She begged Johnny not to let Michael suffer for Sonny's mistakes.

Johnny resented Olivia trying to manipulate him by invoking Michael's name. He accused her of only being interested in protecting Dante. Olivia reminded Johnny that Dante was trying to put Sonny in jail, but Johnny didn't buy it. He was certain that Dante would throw innocent people under the bus, in order to protect Sonny. Johnny reminded Olivia that Dante had his chance to send Sonny to prison, but he had failed.

Johnny warned Olivia that siding with Dante was the same as siding with Sonny. Olivia was at a loss for words, so she picked up her purse and then stormed out of the penthouse. Johnny threw his drink across the room. Later, Olivia returned. She explained that she had gone home, but everything had reminded her of Johnny, including a half-empty bottle of Pinot wine.

Johnny wished that they had finished the wine. Olivia smiled as she held up the bottle. Johnny warned her that he wouldn't back down from his quest to go after Sonny. Olivia realized that she couldn't change Johnny, but she made it clear that she would stand by her son's side at the end of the day. Until then, Olivia wasn't ready to end things with Johnny, because she loved him.

Johnny was curious how he could trust her not to walk out on him. "You don't," Olivia answered. She explained that life was full of risks. Johnny agreed that they should take it one day at a time because he loved her too. Olivia smiled as Johnny pulled her close and then kissed her.

In the hallway, Lulu appreciated Carly's concern, but she insisted that it wasn't necessary to fire Brook. Lulu insisted that Brook was like a sister to Dante, so there wasn't any need to fear that Brook was any kind of threat to Lulu's relationship with Dante. Brook pretended to be embarrassed by the scene that Carly had made, so she asked Lulu and Carly to keep it down. Brook insisted that she didn't want Dante to overhear. Lulu confessed that Dante wasn't at home.

Carly wondered where Dante had gone. Lulu quietly admitted that she wasn't sure. Brook took the opportunity to slip into her apartment while Lulu and Carly entered Dante's loft. Carly apologized; she claimed that she hadn't intended for Lulu to overhear any of it. Lulu was curious why Carly seemed so certain that Dante would be unfaithful.

Carly masterfully downplayed the scene with Brook, which only fueled Lulu's curiosity. Eventually, Carly explained that, even before they had known that they were father and son, everyone had noticed similarities between Sonny and Dante. Lulu agreed. Carly reminded Lulu how faithless Sonny had been over the years, so she was worried that Dante would turn out to be exactly like his father. Lulu insisted that Dante only had eyes for Lulu and that Sonny had cheated because he had always been emotionally needy.

Carly was curious what Lulu knew of Dante's past. Lulu seemed a bit uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation; however, she revealed that Dante hadn't been seriously involved with anyone until he had met Lulu. Carly confided that Sonny was the same way; he made women feel as if they were the only woman in the world for him. Lulu steadfastly insisted that Dante loved her, so she wasn't worried about him cheating on her. Carly backed off, but she urged Lulu to give it some thought if Dante started to behave differently.

Carly then went to Brook's apartment to knock on the door. While Lulu looked on, Carly informed Brook that her job was safe, thanks to Lulu. After Carly left, Brook thanked Lulu. Lulu assured Brook that it wasn't a problem. However, Lulu appeared a bit troubled once she returned to the loft.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly was on the phone with Brook and was commending her on her performance in front of Lulu. Carly made plans to meet Brook the following day to plan their next move and then disconnected the call. She was sipping champagne when Jax walked up. Carly and Jax talked amicably about the new champagne, Carly's yoga class, and Morgan, so she decided to invite him for dinner. Jax looked up as Skye approached the bar. He explained that he had plans with Skye and then left. Carly appeared hurt as Jax and Skye walked away.

In the visitor's room at Pentonville, the warden revealed that they had found Carter's body, so Jason was headed to solitary confinement. Dante demanded to know what was going on, but the warden informed Dante that it didn't concern him. Dante identified himself as a police officer, but the warden was unmoved. Dante tried to remind the warden that Jason was in Pentonville to protect Michael, but the warden insisted that Jason be taken away.

Michael was admitted to the visitor's room a short time later. Dante explained that the warden was questioning Jason about Carter's murder. Dante wanted to know who Carter was and why the warden suspected Jason of murdering him. Michael refused to discuss it, but Dante insisted that he was trying to help. Eventually, Michael admitted that Carter had attacked him just before Jason had arrived at Pentonville. However, Michael refused to elaborate beyond that.

Dante realized that Jason had good reason to go after Carter. Michael insisted that Jason couldn't have killed Carter because Jason had been with Michael at the time of Carter's murder. Dante suspected that Michael was lying; he urged Michael to reconsider because Michael could end up doing more time in jail if the authorities found out. Dante was frustrated when Michael refused to change his story.

In the warden's office, three prisoners were questioned about what they had witnessed during the minutes leading up to Carter's murder. All three prisoners denied having seen Jason near the showers at the time of the attack. The warden was frustrated because he was certain that they were lying. After the warden dismissed the prisoners, he admitted that he wasn't surprised that no one had stepped forward with the truth. The warden realized that Carter hadn't been a nice guy and therefore hadn't been liked by the prisoners.

The warden remained determined to send Jason to solitary confinement while he investigated Carter's slaying. Jason promised that he didn't want to cause trouble. He begged the warden to reconsider because it meant that Michael would be left unprotected. The warden didn't like the idea of a brain-damaged kid being sent to Pentonville, so he agreed to let Jason return to his jail cell.

Later, Michael questioned Jason about what had happened in the warden's office. Jason was curious how Michael had heard about it. Michael revealed that Dante had told him. Jason warned Michael that they would have to keep a low profile, but he wondered what Michael had told Dante. Michael admitted that he had mentioned that Carter had attacked him before Jason's arrival. Michael realized that Dante had jumped to a bunch of conclusions and probably intended to share them with Sonny.

Jason was upset when Michael confessed that he had given Jason an alibi for the time of Carter's murder. Michael explained that he didn't trust Dante with the truth because Dante was a master at "screwing people over" and then claiming that he hadn't meant any harm.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Helena encountered Nikolas on the street. She was stunned that Nikolas had her things packed up and then tossed onto the docks. Nikolas couldn't believe that Helena was surprised that he would throw her out of Wyndemere after she had kidnapped Luke and Tracy. He pointed out that Tracy could have died. Helena was unrepentant. She insisted that Luke had enjoyed the adventure. Nikolas hadn't; Lucky had locked him in the dungeon because he had blamed Nikolas for Helena's antics. Helena suggested that Nikolas should be mad at Lucky, not her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward wanted to speak to Maya about something important, but she insisted on thanking Edward first. Maya appreciated that he had sent Zo? to boarding school. Edward assured her that it had been his pleasure. However, he was curious if she knew what day it was. Maya had no idea, so Edward revealed that June 16th was the anniversary of her uncle's death.

Edward's grief was visible as he talked about Justus' tragic slaying. Edward believed that Justus had been a blessing, but Edward had squandered his grandson's love away by manipulating him. Edward wanted to take Maya to a special place, so Maya agreed to go. When they returned to the mansion they were in a solemn mood. Edward had taken Maya to see her grandfather's grave in the rose garden.

Edward realized that it hadn't been fun for Maya, but she promised him that it was okay. Edward smiled sadly as he confessed that he wanted to do so much more for Maya because he was filled with regret for the things he hadn't been able to do for Bradley. Maya insisted that Edward had been more than generous; however, she couldn't be his shot at redemption.

Wearing a sharp black suit and holding a huge bouquet of flowers, Luke entered Tracy's hospital room. Tracy coldly informed Luke that she would make a full recovery. Steve, who stood at Tracy's bedside, admitted that it was a miracle that she had recovered without any medical intervention. Luke proudly declared that his love for Tracy had pulled her through. Tracy quickly corrected Luke; her determination to make Luke suffer, for every day that he had lied to her about their marriage, had given her the will to live.

Tracy complained to Steve about the "rats and leeches" that she had endured in the dungeon. Steve assured her that he would be happy to review her blood work, but he hadn't recalled seeing any leech marks on her when he had examined her. Steve explained that Tracy didn't have to worry about parasites, either, since they were usually found in tropical regions. Tracy disagreed as she glared pointedly at Luke. Steve ignored the exchange as he informed Tracy that she was free to leave.

After Steve left, Luke suggested that he and Tracy fly to Las Vegas to get married. "Why?" Tracy wondered. Luke suggested that she loved him, but Tracy snorted. "What's to love?" she asked. Tracy accused Luke of being an embarrassment who drank too much, wasted her money, disappeared, and got her kidnapped. It occurred to Tracy that Luke should marry Helena, since it appeared that he had enjoyed himself in Greece.

Luke vowed that Tracy was the only woman for him. Tracy suggested that there were lots of men for her, who would treat her with respect. She reminded Luke that he had lied to her about something that had meant a lot to her. She vowed never to trust Luke or to give him another opportunity to hurt her again. Luke implored Tracy to work with him because he loved her.

Things went from bad to worse for Luke when Helena strolled into Tracy's hospital room. Helena was disappointed to see that Tracy was recovering. Tracy suggested that Helena take her flying monkeys and leave town before the police arrested Helena for kidnapping. Helena confidently informed Tracy that there wasn't any proof that Helena had committed a crime. Tracy handed her wedding rings to Luke and then ordered Luke and Helena out of her room.

In the hallway, Luke warned Helena that she had gone too far. Helena suggested that Luke was losing it. She recalled a time when Luke would have escaped the dungeon within minutes and then held a knife to her throat. Helena scoffed that instead, Luke had been rescued by two boys.

Liz caught up with Steve at the bank of elevators. She revealed that she had met with her attorney, who had made it possible for her to access the money in the trust funds that Jason had set up for the boys. Liz was eager to invest in the experimental drug that Steve's friend had developed. Steve didn't think that Jason intended for Liz to gamble with the boys' future like that. She reminded her brother that he was also investing his savings in the drug and that he had told her that it was a "no-brainer."

Steve acknowledged that he didn't think that there would be a downside to investing, but he warned her that there were always risks. Liz trusted Steve's judgment. If it worked out then Liz would be able to replace the money that she had taken from the trust funds. She was confident that she would have enough money left over, so that she wouldn't have to rely on Nikolas. Later, Nikolas found Liz working at a computer.

Nikolas started to explain that he had just returned from Greece, but Liz cut him off to let him know that Tracy had been admitted to the hospital, so she knew all about the abduction. Nikolas assured her that he had kicked Helena out of Wyndemere. Liz was happy to hear it, but she made it clear that nothing had changed. She refused to move into Wyndemere. Nikolas was frustrated that she was always pushing him away.

Liz didn't think that it was fair for him to keep pressuring her to move in with him. She also thought that Nikolas was being unrealistic if he thought that Helena would stay away just because Nikolas had evicted Helena from Wyndemere. Nikolas was curious how long it would be until Liz pushed him out of their baby's life. Liz denied that she would ever do that.

Liz accused Nikolas of putting distance between them by always trying to control the situation. She resented that he continually implied that she couldn't take care of her children. Nikolas insisted that he merely meant that he could provide better for them. "Not for long," Liz argued. Nikolas wondered what she meant by that. Liz revealed that she intended to make some financial moves that would secure her independence. She also confirmed that she intended to wait for Lucky, no matter how long it took.

At the loft, Dante finished getting dressed while Lulu stretched in bed. She had noticed that Dante had been restless all night. Dante seemed reluctant to talk about what was troubling him, but Lulu was persistent. Dante opened up about his trip to Pentonville to see Jason. Lulu was stunned to learn that someone had attacked Michael and that Jason had killed the man. Lulu admitted that she had never really wrapped her head around how dangerous prison could be.

Dante acknowledged that Michael and Jason were surrounded by violent criminals, which was why Dante was desperate to get Michael out of Pentonville. According to Dante, Michael lost a little bit of his humanity each day he remained behind bars. Dante feared that Michael would be lost to them if Dante didn't find a way to get his brother out of jail quickly. Dante and Lulu moved to the living room after Lulu got dressed.

Dante was frustrated because he couldn't help Michael. Lulu suggested that what was done was done. Dante argued that there was a point when a person had to stop relying on others and step up for their family. Lulu was gone when Claire arrived a short time later. Claire assured Dante that she was doing everything in her power to get Michael released from jail, but she explained that it would take time.

Claire sensed that Dante was troubled. Dante didn't want to discuss it, so he showed her the crime scene photograph that Franco had sent to him. Claire and Dante couldn't figure out if the picture had been taken at an actual crime scene or if it had been staged; however, Dante was determined to find out. Claire wondered if Franco had sent the picture to Dante because he had saved Franco's last intended victim, Lulu. Dante revealed that he had once arrested Franco; he suspected that it had been shortly after Franco's first murder.

Claire vowed to arrest Franco, but Dante feared that it might pull Claire away from working on Michael's case. Claire promised that it wouldn't. After Claire left, Dante went to see Judge Carroll. Judge Carroll made it clear that he didn't have any regrets. Dante informed the judge about Michael's attack. Judge Carroll was sorry to hear about it, but he believed that the assault had been beyond his control.

Dante revealed that the assailant had been killed and that Jason had likely been responsible. Dante clarified that there hadn't been any proof that Jason had killed the man, but Dante was glad that Michael's attacker was dead. Dante insisted that Judge Carroll had the power to make certain that "real justice" was served by releasing Michael from prison.

Ethan dropped by Johnny's penthouse to be paid. Johnny handed Ethan a wad of cash, but grumbled that Ethan hadn't returned his call. Ethan explained that he didn't "do messages." Johnny suggested that Ethan change his policy on messages if he wanted to be Johnny's right-hand man. Ethan reminded Johnny that he had pushed Johnny to reach out to the Lopez brothers and that he had accompanied Johnny to the meeting with the Lopez brothers. Ethan believed that his help had made Johnny appear stronger.

Johnny revealed that Sonny had confronted him the previous night at the Metro Court Restaurant because of the Lopez brothers. Ethan didn't understand why that was a problem, since the intention had been to rile up Sonny. Johnny clarified that there had been one catch with the plan: the more that they pissed off Sonny, the shorter the timeline became before Sonny turned violent. Ethan admitted that he didn't mind going after Sonny. Ethan hadn't forgotten how determined Sonny had been to kill Ethan when Kristina had lied.

"That's Sonny," Johnny observed. Ethan quickly clarified that he hadn't blamed Kristina because he understood that she had been afraid. Johnny took the opportunity to mention that he had bumped into Kristina on the docks a few days earlier. Johnny revealed that a couple of Kristina's classmates had been bullying her, so he had defended Kristina. Johnny feared that he might have been too nice because Kristina had hatched a plan to pretend to date Johnny, in order to hurt Sonny. Ethan agreed that it was a great idea, but he cautioned Johnny against involving Kristina in his vendetta against Sonny. Johnny admitted that he had been tempted; however, he didn't want to use Kristina like that.

After Ethan left Johnny's penthouse, he spotted Maya walking along the sidewalk. Maya stumbled as she was adjusting the lid on her coffee cup. Ethan burst out laughing when coffee splashed onto her shirt. Maya immediately blamed Ethan for the incident. She insisted that he was bad luck for her.

Ethan offered her a place to clean up, so Maya followed him. She was stunned when Ethan ushered her into a luxury penthouse. Ethan passed off Johnny's penthouse as his. He explained that he had moved into the place the previous month, but he complained that he got quite lonely in the roomy penthouse. Maya raised an eyebrow when he suggested that her lovely company would be nice.

At the lake house, Kristina and Molly discussed Kristina's plans to use Johnny to get back at Sonny. Kristina confessed that Johnny had been reluctant to agree because he didn't want to use Kristina; however, she was hopeful that she could persuade Johnny to change his mind. Sam entered in time to hear the tail end of Kristina's comment. Sam immediately wondered what her sisters had been talking about. Kristina claimed that they had been discussing an extra-credit project for school. Sam was proud of Kristina for getting her life back on track after everything that had happened. Kristina credited Michael's situation for reminding her not to take anything for granted.

Sonny went to Pentonville to visit Michael. Michael assured Sonny that Jason was teaching him how to defend himself, so everything was good. "I think we both know better, son," Sonny responded. Sonny promised that he was doing everything he could to get Michael out. Sonny hated that Michael was missing out on so much. Michael was moved when Sonny confessed that he loved all of his kids equally, but Michael was the one that Sonny felt closest to.

Shortly after Sonny left, Michael received a visit from Sam. Sam admitted that she had hoped to see Jason, but Jason had been denied visitors. Michael explained that Jason had gotten into some trouble with the warden, so Jason wasn't allowed visitors. Sam was worried that Jason might be in solitary confinement, but Michael assured her that Jason remained in a cell with Michael. Sam was relieved; it was where Jason wanted to be.

Michael was surprised when he was escorted to the visitors' room for a third visit. It was Lulu. Lulu admitted that she was there because Dante had told her about what had happened. Michael was curious what exactly Dante had said. Lulu revealed that she knew about the attack and that Jason had killed the man responsible. Lulu realized that Michael had mixed feelings about Dante, but she promised Michael that Dante was working hard to help Michael.

Lulu confessed that she was concerned that things might be more complicated because Jason had killed a man to protect Michael. Lulu had no idea what Dante would do next. Michael wondered if she wanted him to tell Dante that he didn't need Dante's help to get out of jail. "No," Lulu quickly assured Michael. She just wanted Michael to understand how hard Dante was fighting for him. Lulu revealed that Dante was so disillusioned about the justice system that he had considered giving up his badge.

Sonny stopped by the lake house to talk to Kristina, but Molly revealed that her sister wasn't home. Sonny's suspicions were aroused when Molly was vague about where Kristina had gone. As Sonny and Molly talked, it became clear to Sonny that Molly was hiding something. Sonny questioned Molly until he managed to discover that Kristina was seeing someone new.

Kristina bumped into Johnny on the street. Johnny was happy to see Kristina; however, he didn't think that her plan to pretend to date was a good idea. When Kristina spotted Sonny rounding the corner, she grabbed Johnny's hand and then begged him to play along. Sonny was livid as he demanded to know what she was doing. Kristina smiled innocently at Sonny while she defiantly held onto Johnny's hand.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sonny was outraged when he saw Johnny and Kristina holding hands on a street corner. Things quickly turned ugly when Sonny demanded that Johnny release Kristina's hand. Sonny reminded Johnny that Kristina was only seventeen. Johnny defiantly informed Sonny that the age of consent in New York was seventeen, so Sonny didn't have any say in the matter. Sonny turned to Kristina to warn her that Johnny was only using her. Sonny insisted that Kristina deserved someone better than Johnny.

Kristina argued that Johnny understood what she had gone through with Kiefer because Johnny had witnessed Claudia's abuse. Sonny denied that he had physically hurt Claudia, but Johnny shot back that Sonny had beaten down Claudia emotionally. Sonny asserted that Claudia had been crazy, like the rest of the Zaccharas. Kristina was disgusted that her father continued to degrade Claudia, even though Claudia was deceased. Kristina smugly informed her father that at least Johnny knew how to treat a woman.

Sonny thought that it was sick for a grown man like Johnny to be interested in a child like Kristina. Kristina took delight in reminding her father that Sonny was powerless to stop her and Johnny from having a relationship. Sonny promised Johnny that it wasn't over and then left. Kristina smiled as she watched her father walk away. "I told you it would work," she gloated.

Johnny worried that he might have made Kristina uncomfortable by draping his arm possessively over her while they had argued with Sonny. Kristina assured Johnny that she had thoroughly enjoyed seeing her father's reaction. Johnny feared that it was too dangerous for Kristina to be caught between him and Sonny, so he made it clear that their charade had been a one-time thing.

At Pozzulos, Conan tried to show Olivia the menu, but Olivia informed the waiter that Sonny had summoned her. Moments later, Olivia entered Sonny's office. "This better be good," she warned him. "Your boyfriend is screwing my daughter," Sonny revealed without preamble. Olivia refused to believe it, but Sonny insisted that he had seen it with his own eyes. Olivia was certain that Sonny must have been mistaken. She suggested that perhaps Johnny had been comforting Kristina.

Sonny shook his head in denial as he maintained that Johnny wanted to have sex with Kristina. Sonny declared that Olivia didn't want to admit that she was wrong about Johnny because it meant that she might be wrong about other things. Olivia cautioned Sonny against dragging Dante's name into their argument. Sonny backed down, but he wanted her to understand that Johnny was going to die for touching Kristina.

Alexis arrived shortly after Olivia left. Sonny quickly filled in Alexis about his encounter with Kristina and Johnny. Alexis was livid that Sonny hadn't done anything to stop Kristina from seeing Johnny. "What did you expect me to do? Drag her away kicking and screaming?" Sonny wondered. "Yes," Alexis answered without hesitation. She reminded Sonny that their daughter was only seventeen. Sonny revealed that, according to the state of New York, Kristina was old enough to consent to sex. Alexis was stunned; she refused to believe that Johnny would take advantage of Kristina.

Sonny assured Alexis that Johnny most certainly would sleep with Kristina. He went a step further by betting that Johnny and Kristina had already had sex. "Want a drink?" Sonny asked as Alexis tried to wrap her mind around the possibility. Alexis nodded. After she took a hearty gulp of alcohol, Sonny reminded Alexis of how effectively Johnny had lied on the stand. He speculated that Johnny had used that same power of persuasion to seduce their daughter.

Alexis didn't think it was possible for Kristina to have slept with Johnny because Alexis had been watching Kristina like a hawk. She had been on Kristina like "white to rice," so Kristina hadn't had the opportunity. Sonny relayed the details of his heated exchange with Johnny and Kristina. Alexis feared that Kristina might be trying to punish herself because of what had happened to Kiefer. Sonny didn't care; he intended to kill Johnny for touching Kristina.

At Johnny's penthouse, May a wondered how Ethan could afford such a lavish place. "I do all right," Ethan claimed and then explained that he had used the profits from a big win to pay for the penthouse. Maya was curious why he had stolen from the Quartermaines if he had plenty of money at his disposal. Ethan claimed that it had been insurance in case his lucky streak ended. Maya advised him that he might want to try not living beyond his means. "Where's the fun in that?" Ethan wondered.

Ethan deftly changed the subject by offering Maya something to drink. Maya asked if he had any red wine. Ethan jumped up to check, but Maya noticed an opened bottle of wine on a nearby table. Ethan chuckled and then fetched the bottle. A short time later, Ethan and Maya stepped out onto the balcony. Ethan pointed out that he had spared her the humiliation of having to walk around with iced coffee on her shirt for the remainder of the day. Maya agreed that the seltzer water had done the trick

Ethan jokingly asked if that were a compliment. "There it is," Maya groaned. Maya accused Ethan of being a typical man who was looking for praise and a way to make a quick buck. Ethan assured her that he only wanted a good time and a great view. Maya gazed out over the city as she admitted that the view from the balcony was impressive. She noticed something in the distance, which Ethan revealed was Spoon Island, home to the Cassadines.

Maya was curious if Ethan had plans to steal from Wyndemere. Before Ethan could answer, Johnny stepped out onto the balcony and then immediately apologized for interrupting them. Ethan quickly explained that he had invited Johnny to drop by any time, but Ethan clarified that he hadn't meant it quite so literally. Maya took the opportunity to dash to the living room to retrieve her things.

Ethan invited Maya to stay, but she declined. After Maya left, Johnny admitted that he was surprised that she had actually believed that the penthouse had belonged to Ethan. Ethan suggested that one day it could be his, but Johnny cautioned Ethan not to jump ahead of himself. Johnny explained that their future was precarious because Johnny had given in to his worst impulse by allowing Sonny to think that Johnny had slept with Kristina. Ethan decided that it was time for them to move because they were toast if Sonny owned a rocket launcher, which Ethan was certain Sonny did. Johnny confessed that it had almost been worth it to see the look on Sonny's face.

After Ethan left, Kristina stopped by to talk to Johnny. She wanted to know if he had plans for Friday night. Johnny reiterated that their game with Sonny had been a one-time deal. Johnny clarified that there were plenty of other ways to push Sonny's buttons without involving Kristina. "But they won't be as much fun," Kristina argued as she picked up a discarded glass of wine and then plopped down on the sofa. Johnny was in the process of taking the drink away from Kristina when Olivia entered the penthouse. Olivia took one look at them and then demanded to know, "What the hell are you thinking?'

At Metro Court Restaurant, Lulu let Carly know that she had gone to see Michael. As Lulu talked about the visit, it quickly became clear to Lulu that Carly had no idea who Carter was or why Jason would kill him. Lulu was forced to fill Carly in on the details, but she assured Carly that Michael was fine. Carly argued that Michael wouldn't be okay until he was out of Pentonville.

At Pentonville, Michael told Jason about Lulu's visit. Jason reminded Michael that it wasn't Michael's job to make Lulu and Dante feel better about what they had done to Michael. Michael revealed that Dante was considering leaving the police force. Michael was certain that it would make Sonny happy; however, it would also cut Michael and Jason out of the organization. Jason believed that Dante would always choose his badge over anyone else, including Michael.

Michael wondered why Dante would lie to protect Sonny about the shooting if Dante were only interested in his badge. Jason speculated that Dante had been trying to safeguard the case that Dante had built against Sonny for killing Claudia. Jason conceded that Sonny was extremely loyal and that family was very important to him, so Jason was certain that Sonny loved Dante. Michael suggested that Sonny had groomed Dante to take over the mob and that there was a strong connection between Sonny and Dante. It bothered Michael that Sonny saw Dante as a man, while Sonny still considered Michael to be a child.

Michael revealed that Sonny wanted Michael to take some correspondence classes, so that Michael would be able to attend college after he was released from Pentonville. Jason agreed that it was a great idea. Michael argued that it was pointless because he doubted that any college would accept a convicted killer. Besides, Michael added, he intended to join Sonny's organization after prison. Jason couldn't understand why Michael would want to do that. Michael explained that it was all that he knew because he had grown up in that world.

Jason made it clear that he and Sonny wanted more for Michael. Michael pointed out that he wasn't a kid, so it wasn't up to them. Jason acknowledged that he had agreed to work for Sonny when he was Michael's age. However, Jason admitted that he hadn't realized that he had been giving up family, peace, and security. Jason understood that those things didn't mean much to Michael at that point in his life, but it might one day. Jason didn't want Michael to have any regrets. Their heads turned when a guard announced that they both had visitors.

Michael was happy to see his mother in the visitors' room. He quickly assured her that he was okay and that Jason was taking care of him. Carly confessed that she missed her son and that she was trying to arrange for Morgan, Molly, and Josslyn to visit him. Michael didn't think that it was a good idea; he didn't want the kids to see him in jail. Carly revealed that she knew Lulu had paid him a visit. She started to ask him questions about Carter, but Michael became upset. He made it clear that he didn't want Sonny to know about the attack, so Carly promised that she wouldn't say anything to Sonny.

Michael changed the subject. He let his mother know that he had learned quite a bit from Jason and that he grew stronger each day. Carly offered to block any future visits from Lulu if it had upset Michael, but he promised Carly that he hadn't minded. Michael admitted that he felt sorry for Lulu because she had fallen for Dante's act. He was certain that Lulu would end up hurt. Carly agreed; however she pledged that Dante would feel the same pain.

Jason was surprised to discover that Claire wanted to talk to him. Claire got straight to the point. She explained that Dante had received a photograph from Franco the previous day. Claire had been able to confirm that the picture had been taken at an actual crime scene in Chicago just before the police had arrived. It was clear that only the killer could have snapped the photograph. Claire was determined to arrest Franco, so she wanted Jason to tell her everything that he knew about the serial killer. "Why would I do that?" Jason wondered.

Claire reminded Jason that she had helped him get into Pentonville to protect Michael, so she expected a favor in return. Jason agreed to help, but first he wanted Claire to secure Michael's release from prison.

In Judge Carroll's chambers, Dante pleaded his case for Michael's sentence to be reduced to time served. Dante argued that prison wasn't the place for Michael. Judge Carroll reminded Dante that Michael had confessed to killing a woman, so the sentence had been very lenient given the numerous laws that Michael had broken while trying to cover up the crime. Dante put all the blame on Sonny. Dante argued that Michael loved Sonny, so it had been impossible for Michael to go against Sonny's wishes.

Judge Carroll was unmoved; he insisted that Michael needed to learn that there were consequences for his actions. Dante urged the judge to show compassion because Michael had been attacked in jail. The judge pointed out that if he released Michael then Michael would just return to Sonny. "Where's the justice in that?" the judge wondered. Dante didn't think that it was too late to save Michael; he believed that Michael would learn a valuable lesson about the justice system if the judge showed mercy. Judge Carroll made it clear that there would be some conditions if he were to consider releasing Michael. "Anything," Dante promised.

Lulu was waiting when Dante arrived home. She was curious why he had called her to meet him, but Dante wasn't in the mood to talk. He swept Lulu into his arms and then began to make love to her. Afterwards, Lulu confessed that she was proud of Dante. He had vowed to find a way to get Michael out of jail and he hadn't stopped until he had succeeded. Dante was surprised that she had figured out why he was in such a good mood. Lulu explained that his smile, when he had arrived home, had given him away.

Dante revealed that there were some stipulations for Michael's release from Pentonville. Dante had to take full responsibility for Michael, which meant that Michael would be moving in with him. Also, Dante had to make certain that Sonny and Jason were stayed away from Michael.

Friday, June 18, 2010

At Johnny's penthouse, Olivia lectured Kristina for drinking wine and hanging out with an older man. Olivia had trouble finding the words to express her anger and disappointment at Johnny.

Kristina deduced that Sonny had sent Olivia over to Johnny's. Olivia warned Kristina that Johnny was only using her to get back at Sonny. Ethan arrived, and Johnny asked Ethan to take Kristina home. After Ethan and Kristina left, Olivia asked Johnny to explain himself. Johnny thought that Olivia seemed to have figured everything out for herself so he challenged her with, "You tell me."

Olivia explained that Sonny had told her about Johnny and Kristina's involvement. She revealed how she defended Johnny, but she demanded Johnny tell her the truth. Johnny told her that he had slept with Kristina.

Olivia tore into Johnny for using an abused teenage girl for his vendetta against Sonny. She reminded Johnny what a miserable and horrible person Claudia was. Johnny snapped that Claudia was still his sister and that Sonny had to pay for killing her. Olivia begged Johnny not ruin everything they have together. Johnny claimed that it was Olivia's choice to believe what Sonny told her. Emotional, Olivia declared that Johnny had turned into what he set out to destroy. Olivia left.

At Pozzulos, Alexis blasted Sonny's idea of killing Johnny in order to keep Johnny from sleeping with Kristina. Alexis thought that if Sonny killed Johnny, Sonny would destroy their daughter.

Alexis believed that she could make Kristina see reason. Sonny finally relented and agreed to have Alexis try to talk to Kristina first. Sonny warned that if Alexis didn't succeed with Kristina, he'd take the appropriate actions to take care of the situation his way.

At the lake house, Ethan asked Kristina if she and Johnny were really involved. She admitted that she was only pretending to be with Johnny to get back at Sonny. Ethan questioned if Sonny and Johnny trying to kill each other was what Kristina really wanted.

Kristina admitted that she hadn't thought about someone dying as a result of her pretending to be with Johnny. She insisted that Johnny didn't want to take advantage of her. Ethan gently explained how consumed with revenge Johnny was and cautioned Kristina to stay away from the drama surrounding Johnny and Sonny. Alexis entered and asked Ethan to give her time to talk with Kristina. Alexis told Kristina that they were going to have a talk about her relationship with Johnny.

Alexis asked Kristina to be straight with her about Johnny. Kristina stated that she liked Johnny and that Johnny was the only person that called Sonny out for the horrible person Sonny was. Kristina yelled that she didn't need anyone's permission to see Johnny and ran off.

A little while later, Ethan visited Johnny again. Ethan hoped that Johnny told Olivia the truth, but Johnny said that Olivia was gone for good. Ethan wondered why Johnny had lied to Olivia. Johnny believed a part of Olivia's heart still belonged with Sonny. Johnny reminisced over his history with Olivia. Johnny thought that he could deal with Olivia's past with Sonny, but after Sonny was revealed to be Dante's father, Johnny knew that he had no future with Olivia.

At Pozzulos, Olivia stormed in and relayed to Sonny that she had seen Kristina at Johnny's. Olivia admitted that she believed that Johnny would use Kristina to get back at Sonny.

Sonny empathized with Olivia's heartbreak over Johnny. Olivia maintained that Johnny was a good and loving man, but Johnny was allowing himself to be overpowered by the mob, his loyalty to Claudia, and his hatred of Sonny. Sonny asked for Olivia's advice on how to keep Johnny away from his daughter. Olivia claimed that Johnny was hoping that Sonny would gun after him. Olivia cautioned Sonny to learn restraint in order to prevent Kristina from hating Sonny even more.

At the Pentonville visiting room, Claire tried to understand why Jason would withhold information about a known serial killer. Jason insisted that Michael had to be released first. While sympathetic to his cause, Claire pointed out that people's lives were at stake while Jason wanted to punish the justice system for what it did to Michael.

Claire believed that Michael would never want Jason to withhold information on Franco under any circumstances. Jason agreed that it was wrong of him to try to bargain for Michael's release that way. Jason opened up to Claire about his whole sordid history with Franco, including how Franco tried to force a death match between them. Jason revealed that Franco warned if Jason killed, Franco would also kill. Claire asked Jason if he had murdered anyone recently.

Jason explained how Carter, another inmate, had been giving Michael trouble. Jason admitted that he killed Carter in self-defense after Carter went after him. Claire decided that she would trace the origins of Carter's connection to Franco. She agreed to update Jason if she found any information.

At Dante's apartment, Lulu and Dante were lying together after making love. Lulu lauded Dante for getting Michael released. Dante was happy that Michael was finally leaving prison, but he realized that Michael living with him might make the apartment a bit crowded.

Lulu asked Dante to define the parameters of Michael's release. Dante stated that Michael was going to be his responsibility. Michael would have to have a curfew, an ankle monitor, community service, and be prohibited from seeing Sonny. Dante agreed with the judge's opinion that Sonny was a bad influence, and declared he would enforce that completely.

Later, Lulu told Brook that Michael was going to live with Dante as a condition of Michael's release. Brook commented that Michael's presence might put a damper on Lulu's romance with Dante. Lulu said why Dante agreed to having Michael live with him. Lulu conceded that she and Dante would just have to spend more time at her place, but then Brook pointed out that Dante had to stay close to Michael. Brook offered to keep Michael company if Lulu and Dante ever needed some private time.

In another Pentonville visiting room, Carly implored Michael to tell her how she could help him. Michael stressed the importance of Carly being a good mother to Josslyn and Morgan, and he asked his mother to be there for Kristina. Michael pleaded with his mother not to waste her energy punishing people she thought were to blame for his imprisonment. Carly admitted she blamed Sonny and herself, but she also believed Dante and Lulu had to be held accountable for their actions. Michael begged his mother not to waste her energy on Dante and Kristina. The guard entered and announced their time was up. Michael and Carly shared a heartfelt goodbye. After Michael left, Carly cried.

Back in the cell, Jason inquired how Carly was doing. Michael believed that he and his mother were both trying not to show how difficult the situation was for them. Michael commented on how miserable prison life was. Dante entered and told Michael that he was free to go home.

Jason asked Dante how Michael was able to go free. Dante revealed how he begged Judge Carroll to release Michael. Dante stated the conditions: Michael would have to live with Dante, go to counseling, do community service, and wear an ankle monitor. Michael didn't want to leave Jason behind, but Jason insisted Michael take the chance at freedom. Michael hugged Jason goodbye and followed Dante.

Alone in the cell, Jason faced his first night alone in prison without Michael.

At Jason and Spinelli's, Carly demanded an update of Spinelli's work to frame Dante as a crooked cop. Spinelli revealed that everything was in order for their plan to be executed. Carly felt like the only thing she had to look forward to was bringing down Dante. She sadly related her visit to Pentonville with Michael. She spoke of how Michael was beginning to look like Jason, but how the last thing she wanted was for Michael to lead Jason's life.

Spinelli claimed that he didn't visit Jason because he didn't want Jason to sway them from their plan of revenge. Carly received a call and learned that Michael was being released. Carly left the apartment in a hurry.

Back at home, Carly announced to Jax and Morgan that Michael was returning home. Carly, Jax, Molly, Kristina, Morgan, and Josslyn gathered together to welcome Michael home. When Michael wanted in with Dante, everyone rushed to give Michael a hug. Dante quietly slipped out as Michael bonded with his family.

At Pozzulos, Dante announced to Sonny that Michael had been released. Sonny wanted to see Michael, but Dante revealed that one of the conditions of Michael's release was minimal contact with Sonny.

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