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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 27, 2010 on GH
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Monday, September 27, 2010

After tampering with Robin's HIV medication, Lisa kidnapped Robin and took her to an isolated cabin in the woods. Robin was groggy and wanted to know what had happened to Emma. Lisa denied any knowledge of Emma and said that she had found Robin wandering in the woods and had helped her to the cabin. Lisa tormented Robin by pretending to be helpful. When Robin wanted Lisa to call for help, Lisa refused and said that if she helped, Robin would use it against her.

Lisa made fun of Robin's penchant for order and routine and said that Robin had always been an old lady. Robin responded that Lisa was a slut trying to seduce a married man. Lisa wondered aloud why everyone deferred to Robin and her judgmental attitude. She answered her own question when she said that it was because Robin was HIV positive. Lisa said that Patrick had first slept with Robin because she was a challenge, but stuck with her because he did not want to appear prejudiced about her HIV status.

Robin was appalled and told Lisa that she was crazy and a kidnapper. Lisa said that she had just taken Emma for an ice cream, and Robin had overreacted. Lisa said she felt sorry for Emma because Robin was an attention seeker and probably jealous of Patrick's attention to Emma.

Lisa told Robin that her outbursts at the hospital had probably gotten her some attention as the "cheated on" wife, but it had also gotten her suspended. Lisa advised Robin to get counseling. Robin said she would if Lisa would. Lisa said, "No thanks," and turned her back on Robin, who managed to shove her aside and escape the cabin.

Lisa ran to the door and called out for Robin. She said that she was planning to drive Robin back to Port Charles. When she heard Robin's scream in the distance, she got a big smile on her face as she went back inside the cabin and said, "Oh, well."

Robin regained consciousness and found herself trapped in a deep well. She called out and begged Lisa for help. Lisa found Robin, but did not let Robin know she was nearby. She smiled as she listened to Robin plead for help. In the well, Robin continued to call for help and tried to climb out of the hole by clinging to the bricks that made up the walls.

At the hospital, Steve and Patrick discussed the dead nurse who had recently worked with Lisa. Patrick insisted that Lisa had murdered her, but Steve said that there was no proof. Patrick was convinced that Lisa had taken Robin, but when Ronnie arrived, he said that there was no evidence linking Lisa to Robin's disappearance, and he could not issue an arrest warrant. He told Patrick that Lisa was a person of interest, and he would question her when she was back at the hospital.

Lisa arrived at the hospital after Ronnie left. She said that she had been at the movies and her phone had been turned off, so she had not received her messages. Patrick and Steve tried to play Lisa. When Patrick asked for Lisa's help with a surgery, Steve wanted to know why he was not out looking for Robin. Lisa pretended to know nothing and expressed fake concern.

Steve defended Robin and Patrick dissed her, even when Lisa offered an explanation of Robin's behavior. Patrick said that he had apologized for his affair with Lisa, and if Robin did not want to get past it, then he needed to move on. He and Steve exchanged conspiratorial looks when Lisa left the nurses' station.

At the Metro Court, Carly told Sonny that he was using Claire as a consolation prize for not being able to get Brenda back. She said that his motivation was to keep her from prosecuting him. Sonny told Carly that deflecting prosecution was not the only reason he was sleeping with Claire. Carly said that he liked chasing after buttoned up brunettes and that he was running after Claire because he could not have the brunette he really wanted. Claire joined them before Sonny could reply.

Carly let Claire know that Jason was in Rome with Brenda instead of in Port Charles protecting Michael. She offered to pay for their dinner and made a joke about Sonny's plans for dessert. Sonny said that he wanted to cook for Claire, and they would go to his place. As they exited, Sonny told Carly to say hi to Jax for him.

Once they got to Sonny's home, Claire and Sonny talked about food. Claire told Sonny that she would never have pegged him as a guy who was as comfortable in the kitchen as he was doing business on the docks. Sonny said that everyone had to have a hobby. Claire said that she thought Sonny's hobby was chasing women. Claire laughed when he asked, "How do you think I got all the girls?"

Claire wanted to know if Carly liked Sonny's cooking. Sonny told Claire that Carly's idea of gourmet pasta was frozen pizza. When Claire wanted to know about Brenda, Sonny said that Carly had mentioned Brenda to get a reaction, which was why he had wanted to leave.

Claire said that she was grateful to Carly because it gave her another excuse to go to Sonny's home. He told her that she did not need an excuse. They started kissing and Sonny unbuttoned the back of her dress. Sonny said that they had one decision to make, whether it would be the couch or the bed. Claire walked to the stairs and started up.

Claire lounged on the couch in Sonny's robe while he took delivery of a pizza. He told her that he had pictured candles, not cardboard, for their romantic dinner. He said that he was going to cook dinner and do it right the next time. Claire put her hand on his arm and said that they had done a few things right that night.

They drank wine and toasted to having some privacy. Claire said that it was nice to enjoy Sonny's company without people passing judgment. Sonny said it would be nice to go away for a long weekend. He asked Claire if she would go with him.

In Rome, Jason sat with Brenda as she overcame to effects of the heroin with which she had been forcibly injected. She wanted to know all about Sonny. She asked about Carly's relationship with Sonny. Jason told her that divorce was best for both of them.

Brenda wanted to know if Sonny talked about her to Jason. At first Jason said no, but then relented and told Brenda that Sonny had once said that he would die remembering Brenda's face. Brenda was touched and asked Jason if he thought that she and Sonny could have made it if Sonny had tried harder. Reluctantly, Jason told her that it seemed to him that she and Sonny did not make each other happy for very long.

Brenda was quiet when Jason told her that her life was in serious danger and that he was taking her back to Port Charles to ensure her safety.

In Ireland, Lucky, Lulu, and Dante talked in Ronan's room. Dante and Lulu wanted Lucky to quit his undercover work and return to Port Charles with them. Lucky refused. He said that he was close to discovering the identity of the Balkan.

Lucky said that he knew that he was taking a risk, but it was no different that when Dante had gone undercover to get Sonny. Dante said that there was a big difference between taking a risk and throwing your life away. Lucky was unmoved and asked Dante and Lulu to go home, but they said they were staying as long as Lucky did.

Dante and Lucky went to the warehouse where Lucky had been held captive earlier to look for clues. Dante said that Lucky was impersonating a stone cold killer and as time passed, it would send up red flags if he did not kill anyone. Dante said that the longer Lucky pretended to be Ronan the more likely he was to be discovered.

Dante hid when the henchmen who had grabbed and imprisoned Lucky in the warehouse entered the building. Lucky confronted them in his brash Ronan identity. When the conversation turned hostile, Dante leaped out with his gun and told them to surrender.

The thugs started firing, and Lucky went down. Dante shot one of the thugs. Lucky, who had been pretending to be shot, grabbed a gun and shot the other thug. As sirens blared in the distance, Dante urged Lucky to flee, but Lucky told Dante to go alone while he remained behind.

Siobhan's knock on Ronan's door was answered by Lulu. Siobhan was protective of Ronan and told Lulu, whom she thought was a cop, that she did not have the right to search the room. Lulu told her that Ronan was a killer. Siobhan said that Ronan had changed. She said that she saw compassion in his eyes and he deserved a second chance. Lulu told her that killers did not change.

Siobhan said that men could change if they had an experience with God. She said that Ronan was a man who had felt despair and had found hope again. Lulu was thoughtful when she told Siobhan that it sounded like she was falling for Ronan.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

At Wyndemere, Brook entered the library just as Nikolas wrapped up a business call. Nikolas complimented Brook on her stunning red dress. Brook confessed that she wasn't the least bit nervous about their impending trip to France because she felt well prepared. Nikolas was satisfied, so he suggested that they head to the jet. Once the jet took off, Brook challenged Nikolas to test her on what she had learned about their host. Nikolas was impressed by Brook's extensive knowledge.

Brook's confidence quickly plummeted as she began to worry that something might go wrong. Nikolas was confident that everything would be fine, but Brook continued to be plagued with doubts. Eventually, Brook began to hyperventilate as she decided that she couldn't go through with the trip. She demanded that the jet be turned around, but Nikolas calmly handed her a bag to breathe into and then assured her that he had complete faith in her. Brook's labored breathing eased up as her panic attack subsided.

In Ireland, Lucky and Dante exchanged gunfire with two of the Balkan's thugs. The Balkan's thugs were killed within minutes, while Lucky and Dante escaped unscathed. As the police sirens closed in, Dante decided that he and Lucky should leave before they were spotted. Lucky slipped into the role of Ronan as he explained to Dante that it would be best if the police spotted Ronan near the bodies because it would get back to the Balkan. Lucky promised to flee before the police captured him. Dante agreed to the plan, but he made Lucky promise to rendezvous thirty minutes later.

At Ronan's apartment, Siobhan was curious why two cops from the United States would chase Ronan to Ireland when they couldn't even arrest him. Lulu explained that they believed that Ronan had valuable information about an on-going investigation. Lulu decided to question Siobhan about the Balkan. Siobhan suggested that Lulu might get more information if Lulu weren't a cop. Lulu glanced down when her phone beeped; Dante had asked Lulu to meet him.

Lulu announced that they had to leave, so she held the door open and then followed Siobhan out. A short time later, Lulu, Dante, and Lucky returned to Ronan's room. They were unaware that Siobhan had hidden in the closet. Lulu, Lucky, and Dante talked openly about Lucky's undercover work and his plans to lure the Balkan out. Lucky had found a cell phone on one of the thugs that appeared to have a message sent by the Balkan, so Lucky intended to send the Balkan a picture of the two dead thugs.

Lulu worried that the Balkan might be furious, but Lucky argued that the Balkan would expect Ronan to react with violence. Dante agreed that it was a good opportunity to protect Lucky's cover as Ronan by allowing the police and the Balkan to believe that Ronan had been responsible for the deaths of the thugs. Lucky and Dante urged Lulu to stick with the plan; Lucky was confident that no one would discover that Lucky was an undercover cop.

In Rome, Jason tried to persuade Brenda to return to the United States with him because he believed that he could protect her better in Port Charles. Brenda strongly objected to the idea of going to Port Charles. Jason realized that Brenda was afraid to face Sonny. Brenda clarified that it was more than fear; Sonny was like an addiction to her, so she was determined to avoid him at all costs. Jason wondered if avoiding Sonny was more important than staying alive.

Brenda couldn't believe that Port Charles was the safest place for her. Jason explained that he was familiar with Port Charles, so he could be much more effective as a bodyguard on familiar ground. Jason also reminded Brenda that he had a life in Port Charles that he wanted to get back to. Jason was certain that Brenda knew what the Balkan was looking for, but Brenda denied it. Jason let the matter drop to focus on convincing Brenda to cooperate. Jason explained that he would have more resources at his disposal to track the Balkan in Port Charles.

Brenda suggested that Jason didn't really want her to go back to Port Charles. She reminded him that he had married her to keep her from breaking up Sonny and Carly's marriage. Jason reminded Brenda that Carly was married to Jax. Brenda wondered if Jason had a change of heart and now thought that Brenda was good for Sonny. Jason didn't think that it mattered. He told her that she could choose to do what she wanted with Sonny, but he was determined to make sure that she returned to Port Charles.

Brenda refused to put herself in that position again. She cried that her heart wasn't safe in Port Charles. Jason didn't care about her heart because he was trying to keep her alive. Brenda argued that she couldn't be around the people that she loved because she didn't want them to have the power to hurt her. Jason promised that Brenda could go abroad once he killed the Balkan, but that wasn't enough for Brenda.

Jason made it clear that Brenda didn't have a choice. Defeated, Brenda wondered if perhaps she should call Sonny. Jason let her know that it was up to her. Brenda confessed that she didn't want to resort to her old behavior or to hurt anyone.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny invited Claire to go away with him for a few days. Claire admitted that she was interested, but she suspected that he had an agenda. Sonny assured her that he just wanted to spend some time with her. Claire was touched, but the lawyer in her remained doubtful. Claire laughed at the irony when Sonny lectured her about being distrustful.

Sonny insisted that he just wanted to spend time with her and to show her how he liked to relax. That piqued Claire's interest. Sonny admitted that he liked to go sailing, take long walks, enjoyed deep-tissue massages, and lounging in bed all day. "Alone?" Claire teasingly wondered. Sonny smiled as he assured her that he wouldn't be alone if she joined him on the trip. Claire confessed that it sounded lovely.

However, Claire wondered what Diane's reaction would be to Claire and Sonny's romantic getaway. Claire reminded Sonny that Diane had warned her on several occasions not to get involved with him. Sonny suggested that perhaps he should be concerned that Claire might try to set him up again. Claire kissed Sonny and then pointed out that she had recused herself from prosecuting him in the future. Sonny argued that she could testify against him.

Claire chuckled; she informed him that she would be forced to admit that she had slept with him, which would be the death of her career. Sonny smiled as he pushed her for an answer about the trip. Claire admitted that she could be persuaded. Sonny and Claire started to kiss, but they pulled apart when they heard someone clear their throat. It was Molly.

Claire quickly excused herself, but before she could leave, Sonny reminded her to pack a bikini and a passport for their trip. After Claire left to change and then go home to pack, Molly blasted Sonny for dating the woman who had put Michael in jail. Molly dropped copies of Kristina's senior pictures on Sonny's desk and then warned Sonny that Kristina would not be happy when she found out about Claire. Sonny explained that Claire had never wanted to send Michael to prison; she had been after Sonny.

"Well, I guess she got you now," Molly observed. Sonny offered to explain the situation to his niece if she promised not to judge him. Molly plopped down on the sofa and then asked if Sonny were in love with Claire. Sonny laughed as he sat down on the sofa next to Molly. He revealed that he just wanted to date a nice woman. Molly wondered if he was dating Claire only because she was nice.

Sonny confessed that a person could fall deeply in love with someone, but it didn't always last. Molly suspected that he was referring to Carly, but Sonny surprised her by admitting that he had been talking about someone else. "Brenda Barrett," Molly realized. Sonny seemed startled that Molly knew about Brenda, but Molly explained that Kristina had told her about Sonny's relationship with Brenda. Sonny assured Molly that he was not in love with Claire, but he liked her and enjoyed spending time with her.

Shortly after Molly left, Claire returned to the mansion ready for her trip with Sonny. Sonny arranged for Max to have their bags sent to the airport. Claire was impressed that they would travel by private jet. She was curious if that were a standard second date for Sonny's conquests. Sonny promised Claire that she was one-of-a-kind. Claire smiled while Max rolled her eyes.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny and Olivia entered the living room after they had made love. Olivia and Johnny were enjoying their time together, but Olivia made it clear that she didn't want there to be any mention of the mob for the remainder of the evening. Johnny promised, but moments later someone knocked on the door. It was Maxie. Maxie explained that Dante and Lulu were out of town, so she desperately needed Johnny to use all of his mob resources to help find Robin.

Johnny quickly agreed, but he gave Olivia the opportunity to leave. Olivia appreciated his consideration, but she made it clear that she intended to stay. Maxie quickly filled Johnny in on Robin's trouble with Lisa. Olivia admitted that it was difficult to imagine that Lisa was as unstable as Maxie suggested. Maxie admitted that Lisa had been quite good at making Robin look crazy, but Maxie assured Johnny and Olivia that Lisa was behind Robin's disappearance.

Maxie told Johnny and Olivia that Robin's car had been found in a ditch and that Emma had been left abandoned inside. Johnny recalled the snow storm when Robin had left her newborn daughter bundled in a tree. Maxie argued that that incident had been different because Robin had been suffering from postpartum depression. Johnny suggested that sometimes people did the unexpected when their hearts had been broken; he thought that perhaps Robin might have walked away after learning about Patrick's affair with Lisa. Maxie conceded that Robin's heart had been broken, but Maxie insisted that Robin had been dealing with it.

Olivia found it difficult to believe that Lisa had gone to such lengths to be with Patrick. Maxie assured Olivia that it was easy to rationalize extremely bad behavior, like stealing drugs for an addict and faking a pregnancy to keep a guy, so it was entirely possible for Lisa to have orchestrated Robin's disappearance. Johnny promised to do what he could. After Maxie left, Johnny offered Olivia the opportunity to speak her mind. Olivia admitted that she was glad that Johnny was in a position to help.

At the police station, Mac revealed to Ronnie that Lisa was at the hospital. Ronnie thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to question Lisa about Robin's disappearance, but Mac explained that he had given Patrick an hour to manipulate Lisa into revealing where Robin was. Until then, Mac wanted Ronnie to impound Lisa's car and then to search Lisa's apartment. Ronnie pointed out that they didn't have a search warrant, so anything that they found wouldn't be admissible in court. Mac didn't care; he wanted his niece found.

Later, Ronnie advised Mac against letting Patrick question Lisa. Ronnie explained that Patrick wasn't qualified to question a suspect, so he suggested that Mac go to the hospital and then drag Lisa to the police station for a proper interrogation.

At the hospital, Steve and Patrick put on an act for Lisa's benefit. Patrick pretended to be furious that Robin had left Emma in the car alone and then taken off. Steve insisted that Robin wouldn't leave Emma like that, but Patrick argued that Robin had done it before. Lisa questioned if perhaps it was another stunt for Robin to get some attention. Steve explained that Robin's car had been found in a ditch and that she might have suffered a head injury, which had caused her to wander off.

Patrick complained that Robin had left him and Emma before. Patrick had been frantic with worry that time only to have Robin return to explain that she was taking a break from him and Emma. Steve pointed out that Robin had suffered from postpartum depression at the time. Patrick dismissed the excuse as he continued to act betrayed and angry by Robin's latest abandonment. Steve warned Patrick that they might be on the wrong track and that Robin was hurt; however, Patrick insisted that Robin was just punishing him for cheating on her.

Later, Patrick and Lisa were reviewing a chart. Lisa caught a minor error that Patrick had made, but she attributed it to Patrick being distracted. Patrick wondered why she was being so nice to him suddenly. Lisa admitted that she figured that he had enough to worry about. Lisa then pretended to put a positive spin on Robin's disappearance by reminding him that Robin had returned before. Patrick made it clear that he was not okay with Robin leaving their daughter in a car on the side of the road.

Patrick and Lisa were startled when Mac marched up to the nurses' station to slap a pair of handcuffs on Lisa and then inform her that he was taking her to the police station for questioning. Patrick was livid; he tried to get Mac to back off, but Mac ignored him. Patrick then turned to Steve for help, but there was little that Steve could do to stop Mac. After Lisa was carted away, Patrick complained that Mac had probably just ruined their only chance to learn where Robin was.

Patrick went to Jason's penthouse to enlist Spinelli's help to find Robin. Patrick quickly explained the situation to Spinelli. Spinelli realized that Robin was in a dire situation, so he promised to do everything in his power to find out what he could about Lisa. Patrick was confident that there was a trail to follow because Lisa had planned everything carefully. Patrick was certain that the kidnapping wasn't an exception.

Mac entered the interrogation room where Lisa patiently waited. Mac demanded to know where Robin was. Lisa reminded him that she had a right to legal representation, but she assured him that she had no idea where Robin was. Mac insisted that Robin would never abandon Emma in a car, so Lisa tried to turn the tables on Mac by suggesting that he was targeting her because she was Patrick's lover. Lisa claimed that she had been mortified that he had handcuffed and then led her away in front of her coworkers. Mac was unapologetic as his temper flared over Lisa's lack of cooperation. Lisa swore that she didn't know where Robin was, but Mac didn't believe her.

Mac assured Lisa that she wasn't the first "whack-job" that he had encountered over the years. Mac informed her that he had dealt with people like Ryan Chamberlain, Faith Roscoe, and Jerry Jax. According to Mac, Lisa was an amateur compared to them, so her little act, where she pretended to be normal, didn't fly with him. He made it clear that he would do whatever was necessary to get the truth out of her.

In the well, Robin was determined to climb out. She refused to give in to the panic, so she spoke as if Emma were there with her. Robin slowly made her way up to the top of the well, but at the halfway point, Robin lost her grip and then fell. Robin dusted herself off, gathered her strength and then began the climb again. Robin almost reached the top, but the well proved to be too slippery. Robin once again fell to the bottom of the well.

Robin's strength drained out of her until she heard someone call her name. "Stone?" Robin called out with disbelief. Moments later, Stone appeared before Robin. He knelt down before her and then asked, "Robin, what are you doing down here?"

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In Ireland, Lucky explained to Lulu and Dante that he hadn't been given much of a choice to assume Ronan O'Reilly's identity. Lucky realized that he was flying blind, but he was confident that he had pulled off his undercover assignment because he had been able to fool Siobhan. Lucky, Lulu, and Dante were unaware that Siobhan hid in the closet, eavesdropping on their conversation. Siobhan appeared hurt by Lucky's comment. Lulu was curious how Lucky intended to explain the deaths of the Balkan's two thugs to Siobhan.

Lucky adopted an Irish brogue as he explained that he would claim self-defense. In the closet, Siobhan's expression shifted to disgust. Moments later, Ronan's phone rang. Lulu advised Lucky let it go to voicemail, but Lucky ignored her. It was Seamus, a close friend and business associate of Ronan's. Seamus wanted to stop by to talk to Ronan, but Lucky insisted that it was too dangerous, so he agreed to try to meet Seamus elsewhere.

After Lucky ended the call, Lulu warned Lucky not to meet Seamus. She feared that Seamus could blow Lucky's cover. Lucky reminded Lulu that he had given himself an out by not committing to meeting Seamus. Dante was certain that Seamus would seek out Lucky if Lucky didn't show. Lucky didn't seem concerned because he had been able to convince Siobhan that he was Ronan. Lulu argued that Siobhan had an emotional stake in believing that he was Ronan because she wanted her boyfriend's killer to find redemption.

Lulu thought that it would be more difficult to pull the wool over a hired gun's eyes. Dante decided to intercept Seamus. Dante intended to identify himself as a police officer, and then question Seamus, in an effort to buy Lucky some time. Lulu was determined to go with Dante even though Lucky and Dante objected. Lucky followed Dante and Lulu out, while he gave them directions on where he had arranged to meet Seamus. Siobhan looked shell-shocked as she stepped out of the closet a few moments later. She took a deep breath and then marched to the door. Lucky returned to his room just as Siobhan stepped into the hallway.

Lucky quickly figured out that Siobhan had been hiding inside, just as Siobhan bolted. Lucky chased after her. Siobhan was livid when Lucky finally caught up with her. She made it clear that she knew his true identity and that she'd had enough with his lies. Lucky spoke from his heart as he assured her that everything that he had told her about himself had been true. He admitted that he had been engaged to someone that he had loved for many years.

Lucky confessed that things had ended badly, so he had turned to alcohol. Lucky revealed that he had hit bottom when he had wound up in a church one night. Siobhan didn't care because she didn't want anything to do with him. After Siobhan left, the police closed in on Lucky, thinking that he was Ronan. They promptly arrested Lucky for the murder of the two men found earlier that evening.

Lulu and Dante found themselves lost in the Irish countryside. Lulu decided to take over the driving, so that Dante could read the map. However, things went from bad to worse when their car began to make clanking noises and then slowed down.

Carly went to Sam's apartment to find out if Sam had heard from Jason. Carly was annoyed because Jason and Sam hadn't returned any of her calls. Sam explained that she had been working, but she admitted that Jason had called her to let her know that he would be returning home. Carly's joy was short-lived when Sam added that Brenda was in real trouble and that Jason wasn't certain when he would be back in Port Charles. Carly couldn't understand why Sam hadn't flown to Rome to fight for Jason. According to Carly, Jason was the best thing that had ever happened to Sam.

"Don't you mean the best thing that's ever happened to you?" Sam shot back. Sam assured Carly that she wasn't threatened by Brenda like Carly was. Sam trusted Jason, so she suggested that Carly do the same. Carly insisted that there was a weird bond between Brenda and Jason, despite Jason's claims that Brenda drove him crazy. Carly reminded Sam that Jason had dropped everything to fly to Rome to help Brenda.

Sam suggested that Carly had her "panties in a twist" because Carly and Brenda shared the same place in Jason's life; they were high-maintenance women whom Jason felt compelled to help. Carly resented Sam comparing her to Brenda. Sam strolled to the front door and then held it open for Carly. Carly marched out without another word. After Carly left, Molly stopped by to visit her sister. Molly explained that Alexis had dropped her off with the understanding that Sam would drive Molly home.

Sam invited Molly to join her for dinner, but Molly had already eaten. However, Molly was eager to talk about Sonny. Molly revealed that she had dropped off Kristina's senior pictures at Sonny's house because Kristina had been reluctant to give the appearance that she cared too much. Molly had been stunned to find Claire with Sonny. Molly was certain that Kristina would be furious to learn that Sonny was dating the woman who had put Michael in jail.

Sam confessed that she wasn't surprised that Sonny was seeing Claire, but she pointed out that Claire had tried to help Michael. Molly didn't think that it would matter because Kristina would use Sonny's relationship with Claire as another excuse to hate him. Sam wasn't a fan of Claire's, but she thought that Kristina should realize that she only had one father. "So she should smile and make nice?" Molly wondered. Sam suggested that Molly and Kristina should accept and understand that no one was perfect, even their loved ones.

At Johnny's penthouse, Olivia was leaving a voicemail message for Dante to return her call when Johnny entered the living room. Johnny chuckled as she ended the call. Olivia explained that she feared that Dante was on a dangerous assignment. Johnny doubted that Dante would take Lulu into a dangerous situation, but Olivia disagreed. She argued that Dante might not have had a choice if Lulu had insisted on going. Olivia then reminded Johnny of the adventures that he and Lulu had shared while they had dated.

Johnny admitted that it felt weird that he was dating Olivia while his ex-girlfriend was dating Olivia's son. Olivia agreed that it was a bit awkward, but she confessed that she liked Lulu. Olivia turned serious as she acknowledged that Johnny and Dante were on opposite sides of the law, but she wanted her son to be happy. If Lulu did that for Dante, then Lulu was "golden." Later, Olivia returned to the living room with a DVD. She was curious if Johnny had found a lead on Robin.

Johnny had hesitated to say anything to Maxie, but he suspected that Robin had left of her own free will. Olivia thought that it was nice that he had at least offered to help find Maxie's cousin. Olivia handed him the DVD, but Johnny wasn't really interested in watching the "chick-flick." Olivia chuckled as she assured him that there were lots of action scenes. Moments later, someone knocked on the door. It was Maya.

Maya was embarrassed when she realized that she had interrupted Johnny and Olivia. Maya warned Johnny that she intended to kill Ethan, just as Ethan materialized behind her. Ethan threw his arm across Maya's shoulder and then entered the penthouse. Ethan assured Maya that he'd get everything straightened out before he pulled Johnny aside to explain that he needed Johnny's penthouse for the evening to properly wine and dine Maya. Maya joined Olivia on the sofa and then apologized.

Olivia took pity on Ethan and Maya, so she quickly made up an excuse that she had forgotten a DVD at her place and then practically dragged Johnny out of the penthouse. Maya demanded that Ethan give her one good reason not to leave. Ethan confidently assured Maya that she would have so much more fun if she stayed. Maya laughed; she couldn't believe that Ethan had kicked Johnny out of his own penthouse. She confessed that she had never met anyone like him.

According to Maya, Ethan didn't stress over things and he didn't take anything seriously. Ethan disagreed, so Maya challenged him to name one thing that was really important to him. Ethan admitted that what truly mattered to him was his family. Maya was surprised because he didn't seem like the type to be tied down. Ethan explained that everyone in his family was like him, but they would have his back if he were ever in a jam.

Maya envied Ethan. To her, family was a standard that she had to measure up to. For Ethan, it was something that he could enjoy and be a part of. Ethan decided to take the opportunity to teach Maya some joy. He pulled her into his arms and then began to dance with her. Maya laughed with delight.

At Jason's penthouse, Spinelli informed Patrick that he couldn't find any evidence of wrongdoing in Lisa's emails. Patrick insisted that there had to be some kind of trail that could lead them to where Lisa had taken Robin. Patrick wanted Spinelli to keep searching, but Spinelli suggested that Patrick might be wrong about Lisa. Patrick argued that it didn't make sense for Robin to suddenly disappear, so he was certain that Lisa had kidnapped her. Spinelli continued to search, but eventually he had exhausted all avenues without any new results.

Spinelli worried that Patrick might be missing an important clue because he was indulging in a conspiracy theory. Spinelli advised Patrick to open his eyes to other possibilities. After Patrick left, Carly stopped by to find out if Spinelli had heard from Jason. Spinelli explained that he tended to get carried away talking about Brenda, so Jason had avoided calling him. Carly was certain that Spinelli would be in for a huge disappointment if he ever met Brenda.

Carly decided to take advantage of Spinelli's services while Jason was away. She revealed that she wanted to move forward with their plans to destroy Dante. Spinelli confessed that he had hoped that she had given up on her mission, but Carly made it clear that she hadn't. Carly practiced her feminine wiles on Spinelli by leaning suggestively close to him and then softly kissing his cheek. Spinelli immediately melted.

Carly explained that Michael continued to suffer because of the time that he had spent in Pentonville. Spinelli thought that perhaps Michael was trying to put it all behind him; he advised Carly to do the same. Carly refused to allow Dante to get away with everything that he had put her loved ones through. Spinelli was equally annoyed that Dante never had to answer for his wrongs, so he promised to help Carly. Carly clarified that nothing could happen to Dante while Michael remained in his custody, so they needed to wait until it was safe for Michael. However, she wanted everything ready.

At the hospital, Patrick spotted Lisa near the nurses' station. He approached her to see if she were okay. Lisa confided that she was trying to take everything in stride, but she had been unnerved by Mac's brutal interrogation and the way that Mac had denied her the opportunity to call an attorney. Lisa was also upset because they had impounded her car and then searched her apartment. Patrick pretended to sympathize with Lisa's situation. He explained that Mac was having difficulty accepting that Robin had taken off.

Patrick admitted that everything had changed for him when Robin had abandoned their daughter in the car. He expressed regret over being unfaithful to Robin, but Lisa explained that he had cheated on his wife because he was unhappy, and he knew, in his heart, that Robin was the wrong woman for him. Lisa and Patrick were startled when they saw Mac walk up to them. Patrick insisted that Lisa had been through enough. Mac conceded that Lisa was clean; however, Patrick was under arrest for assault and kidnapping. Lisa was stunned as Mac handcuffed Patrick.

At the bottom of the well, Robin smiled with joy as Stone knelt before her and then asked, "Robin, what are you doing down here?" Robin didn't want to question what Stone was doing in the well with her, but Stone reminded her that she questioned everything. "Am I dying?" Robin wondered. "I hope not," Stone answered. Robin and Stone talked about how much they had missed each other. Robin confessed that his death still hurt her.

Robin admitted that she had tried to prepare herself for his passing, but she had never really been ready to lose him. Stone revealed that he had been able to let go when he had seen her standing by the window. He knew that she would be able to move forward. Robin told Stone how much he had meant to her. Stone smiled as they reminisced about the exciting and special times that they had shared. Robin confessed that it had been the best time of her life.

"Even though I left you to live with HIV?" Stone asked. Stone blamed himself for her illness, but Robin insisted that he had been the love of her life. She realized that he hadn't known that he had passed his disease on to her. Stone wanted Robin to see him for who he was because he feared that she wouldn't be able to move forward otherwise. Robin admitted that she wished that she hadn't because she had met Patrick, fallen in love, and then he had cheated on her. Robin was certain that Stone would never have broken her heart like that.

"How do you know that?" Stone wondered. Robin explained that she knew Stone. Stone argued that she had known a nineteen-year-old boy who had a death sentence. His time had been limited, so they had no way of knowing if their relationship would have stood the test of time. Robin was certain that it would have because they had loved each other.

Stone asked Robin to tell him about Patrick. Robin admitted that she and Patrick had gotten off to a rocky start because he had been a skirt-chasing doctor with a big ego. However, everything changed when he had been exposed to an AIDS patient's blood during surgery. Patrick had been forced to take drug therapy until blood tests had confirmed that he hadn't been infected. According to Robin, during that time, she had gotten to know Patrick as a kind and vulnerable man that she wanted to marry. "Then you got everything that I wished for you," Stone softly replied.

Robin explained that she had believed Patrick when he had told her that he wanted to be a husband and father, but he hadn't really been committed. "Making a new life with someone, while holding on to the past," Stone observed. "Exactly," Robin agreed. "Kind of like what you're doing with me?" Stone wondered. Robin was hurt that Stone would compare her honoring the memory of someone she had loved to Patrick's cheating.

Stone argued that there were two sides to every story. He was curious how Robin had been honoring him. Robin confessed that she had looked at photo albums filled with pictures of her and Stone and that she had read her old diaries from when she had been dating Stone. She had also worked for the AIDS wing. Robin didn't understand what was wrong with any of that. "Nothing," Stone admitted. However, he suggested that if she were to put it all together then it painted a clear picture that there was a part of Robin's heart that was out of Patrick's reach.

Stone was curious if Robin wished that she had died when he had. "No, never," Robin revealed. Robin loved her life, her career, her family, and her daughter. She confessed that she had almost named her Anna Karen, as she and Stone had discussed, but then she had changed her mind because Emma was real, not a dream. Robin refused to let Emma grow up without her because her daughter needed her. Robin was determined to get home, but she promised that she would always love Stone.

Stone assured her that he would always be a part of her. Stone's image slowly faded until Robin was once again alone at the bottom of the well.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spinelli was frantically vacuuming Jason's penthouse, unaware that Molly was knocking on the door. Eventually Molly let herself in and then tapped Spinelli on the shoulder. Spinelli jumped, but then smiled when he saw that Molly was standing in the living room with the flowers that he had ordered. Molly explained that her friend's mother owned the flower shop where Spinelli had ordered the flowers. The shop's delivery van had broken down, so Molly had offered to deliver the flowers. Spinelli was grateful for Molly's help.

Molly wondered what was going on. Spinelli began to recite Lord Byron's "She Walks in Beauty", which Molly assumed was Spinelli's way of telling her that he had worked things out with Maxie. Spinelli quickly clarified that a reunion with Maxie wasn't an option. He explained that he was anticipating Brenda's arrival. "My uncle's supermodel ex-girlfriend?" Molly asked with excitement. Spinelli vigorously nodded as he revealed that Brenda would be living in the penthouse for the foreseeable future. He was certain that Brenda would be an angel of "patience, kindness, and generosity."

Maxie arrived at Sam's apartment with several couture outfits for Sam to select from. Sam was embarrassed to admit that she wanted to find something glamorous to wear for Jason because he was returning to Port Charles with Brenda. Maxie was surprised to hear that Brenda would be staying with Jason. Sam explained that Brenda was in danger, so she needed to lay low for a while. Maxie assured Sam that there wasn't anything wrong with wanting to look good when an ex-girlfriend was around. Sam insisted that she wasn't insecure.

Maxie was saddened when she realized that Robin would be thrilled to know that Brenda was on her way to town. Sam immediately noticed that something was troubling Maxie. Maxie revealed that Robin was missing and that Mac was searching for her; however, Mac had not kept Maxie in the loop. Sam offered to find something in her own closet to wear if Maxie needed to leave, but Maxie insisted that it helped to stay busy.

Sam felt silly for worrying about what to wear because Jason wasn't the type to pay attention to things like clothes. Maxie argued that they were choosing an outfit for Sam to make her feel pretty and confident. Sam agreed. Later, Maxie found an outfit that she thought would look great on Sam. Sam hesitated, but Maxie argued that it would be nice if Sam didn't always look like she was about to head to a shoot-out.

After Maxie left, Sam made some phone calls to see if she could get a lead on Robin. Molly stopped by to beg her sister for a huge favor; she wanted Sam to invite her to Jason's penthouse while Brenda was there. Sam was stunned as Molly expressed admiration for the work that Brenda did for the Alliance to Save Exploited Children. Molly also admitted that it was cool that Brenda had been dating Murphy Sinclair. Sam smiled, but it didn't quite reach her eyes.

On the plane, Brenda dreamed that she and Jason had bumped into Sonny on the docks. Jason stood back, so that Brenda and Sonny could have a private reunion. Brenda's joy quickly turned to horror when two shots rang out and then blood spread across Sonny's shirt. Brenda began to scream as Jason pulled Brenda away from Sonny. Brenda woke up from the nightmare, calling out Sonny's name.

Jason assured Brenda that it had just been a dream; he promised her that she was okay. Brenda was grumpy as she admitted that she'd rather go anywhere except Port Charles. She also resented how everyone, including those on the plane, stared at her. Jason thought that she would be used to it because of her work with A.S.E.C. Brenda admitted that she'd rather crash and drown than go to Port Charles. However, she acknowledged that with her luck, she'd end up stranded on a deserted island with Jason.

Jason wondered if Brenda would like a drink. "Yes," Brenda admitted gratefully. Jason signaled to the flight attendant just as they hit some turbulence. A short time later, Brenda and Jason arrived at the penthouse. Brenda was eager to get inside, so she demanded that Jason hand over the key. Spinelli threw open the door before Jason could dig the key out of his pocket. Spinelli invited Brenda inside and then started babbling.

Brenda quickly realized that Spinelli was the "computer guy." Spinelli was delighted when she recalled speaking to him on the phone and remembered his name. Brenda extended her hand, which Spinelli held and then gazed at with awe. Jason explained that Spinelli was staying in Brenda's room, so she would have to take the guest room. Spinelli quickly objected; he had restored Brenda's room to its original state, so he insisted that she take it back.

Brenda was impressed when Spinelli offered refreshments: coffee and biscotti. She invited Spinelli to join her on the sofa, so that they could chat. Brenda was flattered when Spinelli referred to her as "the Divine One," but she preferred to be called Brenda. Later, Michael stopped by to see if Jason had returned. Jason explained that he had been about to call Michael because he had heard that Michael had encountered some trouble at school.

Michael confessed that if it hadn't been for Dante, he would have been kicked out of Madison Prep on his first day. Michael believed that Jason was the only person who could understand what Michael was going through. Michael revealed that everyone was eager to help him, including Sam, who had expressed concern about Jason in an effort to get Michael to open up. Jason offered to listen if Michael needed to talk, but before Michael could find the words, Brenda entered the living room. Brenda greeted Michael and then asked Jason, "Who's this?"

Moments later, Brenda realized that it was Michael. She was amazed by how much Michael had grown; he had been a baby the last time that she had seen him, but she remembered that he had been obsessed with the Yankees. Michael smiled as he admitted that he was still a Yankees fan. Jason explained that he and Michael had been in the middle of something, but Michael assured Jason that it was okay. Brenda and Michael talked about school and then Josslyn. Brenda was curious how old Josslyn was and when she had been born. Michael became silent and then quickly excused himself.

Brenda turned to Jason to find out what she had said to upset Michael. She was speechless as Jason explained the circumstances of Josslyn's birth and that Michael had only recently been released from prison for killing Claudia. Jason warned her that Michael was going through hell, so he wanted Brenda to be careful. Later, Brenda was having a snack in the living room when Sam let herself into the penthouse. "Brenda?" Sam asked. "Yeah, sorry, who are you?" Brenda wondered. Jason stood on the staircase, looking a bit uncomfortable.

On Sonny's island, Claire stood on the patio as she watched the waves roll in. When Sonny joined her, she confessed that she had loved waking up to the sounds of the ocean. Sonny surprised Claire by giving her a box. Inside the box was a stunning black dress that Sonny hoped that Claire would wear to dinner. Claire was amazed that it was in her size, but she didn't understand why she would need such a fancy dress for dinner. Sonny grinned as he explained that the island had a casino, hotel, and other amenities.

Sonny also revealed that he owned the island, so he wanted to take her to the casino. Claire wondered if it were a standard "Sonny Corinthos getaway package" to lavish his date with attention on his private island and then let her win all night long in the casino. Sonny assured her that he was open to suggestions if she were interested in doing something else. Claire decided to take him up on the offer, but she warned him that he might not like what she wanted to do. Later, Sonny let Claire know that everything had been arranged as she had requested.

Satisfied, Claire and Sonny talked about Sonny's younger years. Sonny explained that he had bought the island for his retirement, but the quiet had gotten to him after a few years of living on the island. Sonny confessed that he had started to drink too much because he had missed his old life, so he had returned to Port Charles. A short time later, Claire and Sonny went deep-sea fishing. When they returned, Claire was certain that Sonny had somehow arranged for her to catch the most fish. She let him know that she had heard a splash, so she suspected that he had thrown some of his fish back into the water while she hadn't been looking.

Sonny chuckled as he offered to have the cook prepare the fish that she had caught. Claire decided that she'd rather make love to Sonny, so she kissed him. Afterwards, Sonny confessed that Claire had surprised him in many ways. He realized that it hadn't been her first time deep-sea fishing, so Claire told him about her first time. She revealed that she had been eleven when a distant cousin, who had been seventeen, had invited her out on his boat.

Claire had been expected to work hard, but she had loved it. Sonny was curious if she had stayed in touch with her cousin. She quietly confided that her cousin had been killed before his eighteenth birthday when he had tried to protect a store owner during a robbery. She admitted that the tragedy had been part of the reason that she had entered into law enforcement. Sonny hadn't meant to stir up sad memories for her. Claire was curious what Sonny wanted.

Sonny revealed that during his youth, he had always promised himself to get everything that he wanted. "Did you?" Claire wondered. "Yes," Sonny answered. He then turned the question on Claire. She confessed that she liked days like the one that they had shared. She didn't need fancy clothes, just a connection with a man that she could trust. Sonny agreed that he needed the same thing. Moments later, Claire's phone rang. Sonny realized that she had to return to Port Charles for work. After she ended the call, he pulled her into his arms. He wanted to enjoy what little time they had left.

In Ireland, Lulu and Dante woke up in an abandoned cottage. They decided to head back to their car, so that they could move it off of the road before something happened to it. Dante confessed that he had known an Irish woman, Katy O'Connor, who had told him about Irish superstitions. Dante warned Lulu to be careful about what she said because it could happen. He used rain as an example. Seconds later, thunder rumbled outside. Lulu laughed and then challenged Dante to a race to the car before the skies opened up.

Lulu and Dante returned to the cottage a short time later. Dante was happy that they had been able to move the car, while Lulu had been thrilled that they had found some stale coffee and a candy bar in the car. Lulu wondered how they would get to Bally Lynde. Dante told Lulu that Katy O'Connor used to pray to Saint Brigid for a sign when she needed guidance. Lulu stepped out of the cottage and then shouted to Saint Brigid to give them a sign.

Dante was startled when he heard a strange noise. Lulu laughed as she revealed that the sound was sheep in a nearby field. She suggested that their sign might mean that they should hang out with the sheep for a while. Later, Lulu and Dante lugged a heavy sack, filled with supplies, into the cottage. A nice farmer, who had offered them the cottage for as long as they needed, had given it to them. The farmer had also let them know that there was a town seven miles from the cottage where a bus stopped once a day.

Lulu wasn't sure if the bus went to Bally Lynde, so she thought that they should stay put until Lucky called them. "If the city boy can handle it," she teasingly added. Dante confessed that if he didn't know better, he'd think that she had grown up on the run as Lucky had. Lulu grinned as she admitted that she would have liked that. As Lulu and Dante started to settle in, Lulu suggested that they fetch some firewood. Dante was impressed by how comfortable she was with everything.

Lulu confided that she had felt cheated out of the fun that Lucky had enjoyed growing up. She was curious if Dante was interested in traveling for a while. Dante questioned if Lulu were trying to live up to the Spencer name.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Patrick was furious that Mac had arrested him. Patrick felt that an entire night had been wasted when he could have been looking for Robin. Steve conceded that Mac had overreacted, but he reminded Patrick that Mac had been looking for Robin. Patrick was worried about Emma, but Steve assured him that Emma's nanny had taken good care of Patrick's daughter. Patrick was frustrated because he knew that there wasn't any evidence against him.

Steve was confident that Patrick would be released, so he suggested that they proceed with Patrick's plan by checking if any of Lisa's wealthy patients had cabins or houseboats, in secluded areas, near where Robin's car had been found. Lisa watched Patrick and Steve through the window for a minute and then entered the interrogation room. Steve and Patrick didn't miss a beat as they explained that they had been discussing hospital business. Lisa suggesting that Robin was likely holed up in a hotel room, enjoying room service. Steve hoped that Lisa was right.

After Steve left, Lisa handed Patrick a cup of coffee and a doughnut that she had picked up for him. He appreciated her consideration; he needed all the friends that he could get. Lisa reached out to gently stroke his hand. She didn't think that Mac could keep him in custody indefinitely. Patrick wanted Robin to return safe and sound for Emma's sake. Lisa was certain that Emma would be fine.

Patrick hid his surprise when Lisa offered to take some ice cream to Emma later that day. Mac entered before Patrick could answer. "Well, isn't this cozy," Mac commented as he looked at Patrick and Lisa with disdain. Mac suggested that Lisa's presence in the interrogation room was a good motive to get rid of Robin. Things quickly became heated between Patrick and Mac as they argued about Robin.

Lisa insisted that Patrick wasn't responsible for Robin's disappearance. According to Lisa, Robin had run away before, so it was obvious that Robin had left because of her failing marriage and problems at work. Mac threatened to arrest Lisa, which didn't sit well with her. "It didn't have to come to this," Lisa told Mac. Mac wondered if she were trying to threaten him. Lisa denied it, but she argued that the fact that he would "go there" proved that Mac was out of control.

After Lisa left, Patrick insisted that he'd never hurt Robin. Mac disagreed; Patrick had confirmed all of Robin's worst fears about marriage by cheating on her. Lisa returned moments later to inform Mac that she had contacted an attorney on Patrick's behalf. The attorney had assured Lisa that Patrick was free to go if he hadn't been charged with a crime. Mac was disgusted as he accused them of being quite a team.

Lisa ignored the insult as she let Patrick know that she would see him at the hospital. Lisa then turned to Mac to warn him that Robin needed psychiatric help. Patrick agreed. Mac argued that Robin had recovered from postpartum depression, but Lisa suggested, "Sometimes the craziest people don't realize how crazy they are." Later, at the hospital, Patrick approached Lisa at the nurses' station to thank her for her support.

Patrick excused himself when he spotted Steve. Patrick and Steve pretended to discuss the surgical rotation, but in reality Steve revealed that one of Lisa's patients had given Lisa permission to use his cabin.

Robin woke up to find that she was still stuck in the bottom of an empty well. She was relieved that she had made it through the night, but despair quickly set in when she realized that help had not arrived. Robin's spirits sagged further when the timer on her wristwatch beeped. Robin noted that she had missed a dose of her HIV medications. Robin promised Emma that she would get out somehow, even if it took a miracle. Later, Robin's watched beeped again to let her know that it was time to take another dose of medication.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sam entered Jason's living room and, in an awkward encounter, met Brenda. Sam got to see another side of Jason as he got flustered arguing with Brenda. Sam commented that it was funny to witness him in such a state. Brenda and Sam sat and got to know each other. Sam uncomfortably shared her past with Jax and Sonny. Brenda reacted with discomfort, since she also had a past with both men.

Brenda offered to stay elsewhere, because she didn't want Sam to feel uncomfortable. Sam insisted that it wasn't a problem and asked Brenda to stay. After Sam left, Brenda berated Jason for not having told her anything about his life. The two continued to spar until Brenda announced that she had to go see Sonny.

Spinelli returned home to witness Jason and Brenda sniping at one another, as Brenda left the penthouse to meet bodyguards downstairs. Sam returned, and Jason asked Spinelli to leave them alone. Sam announced that she thought she and Jason should break up.

On Sonny's plane, Claire propositioned Sonny and proceeded to throw herself at him. He did not object, and they had sex. After, Claire shared how freeing it was to be reckless. However, she expressed some reservation, as she worried that Sonny might still be playing her. He responded that, in time, he'd prove to her his sincerity.

Sonny arrived home to find Brenda. He was pleasantly surprised until she announced that she'd stay in Port Charles for a while, but that she would not see him--ever.

Dante noted to Lulu how much she seemed to enjoy being stuck in a deserted cabin in Ireland. She explained that she'd always felt that she was the reason her parents settled down and how that negatively impacted her father. Being on a case and working to take down a drug lord was exciting. Maybe this was her chance to live up to the Luke and Laura legacy, she thought.

Dante cautioned Lulu not to compare herself to others; she would make herself miserable. Lulu admitted that her parents likely emphasized the romance and excitement of the life they'd led while downplaying the danger and fear.

Dante related his own experiences and could commiserate with what Lulu's parents had probably experienced when they tried to live a normal life after having been on the run for so long. He knew how hard it was to adjust to coming off an undercover case.

Dante walked to town to check on the status of their car. After he left, Agent Bates walked in and remarked that Lulu and Dante had made quite a stir in the village. However, he failed to introduce himself and, at the first chance, Lulu struck him with a fireplace poker and knocked him out. Dante returned and was surprised to discover that Lulu had coldcocked an Interpol agent.

Maxie sat at Kelly's and waited for Mac. Mike offered his support, as she worried about Robin. Mike mentioned that he'd been hoping Maxie and Spinelli would reconcile. Moments later, in walked Spinelli, who bumped into a table and nearly knocked it over. Maxie went to his aid. He thanked her for her help and proceeded to ignore her. Maxie was intrigued. Spinelli, in his way, alluded to the fact that he was smitten with Brenda.

Matt arrived, and Maxie made a big show of how happy she was to see him. Spinelli bragged to Matt that Brenda Barrett was staying at his home. After Spinelli left, Matt sensed that Maxie was jealous of Spinelli's new interest. Matt expressed frustration that she kept pining over her ex-non-husband. Maxie replied that she would always be protective of Spinelli. Matt and Maxie made amends, and he left.

Sam walked in and sat with Maxie. Sam complained that her meeting with Brenda had not been horrible. On the contrary, Brenda was kind. Sam was frustrated because she felt as if she'd made an ass of herself to Brenda. Under other circumstances, Sam surmised, she might actually like Brenda. Sam was frustrated by the chemistry between Jason and Brenda.

Maxie offered to hate Brenda for Sam. According to Maxie, Spinelli thought that "God made Brenda magnificent and then got bored." Sam lamented that she'd allowed herself to become insecure and vowed to do something about it.

At the nurses' station, Steven surreptitiously gave Patrick the address of Mr. Mulvaney's cabin, where he and Patrick suspected Lisa might have been keeping Robin. Lisa walked over and asked Patrick to leave with her. Patrick tried to convince her that, after having been in jail, he really wanted to get back to work. Lisa was insistent, but Steven assigned her to a surgery.

After she left, Patrick worried that Lisa had figured out that he was searching for Robin. He asked Steven to keep Lisa at the hospital as long as he could. Later, Lisa asked Epiphany when Patrick would be out of surgery, and Epiphany replied that he'd already signed out for the day. Lisa called Mr. Mulvaney and confirmed that someone on staff had called him to ask about his cabin. She then left the hospital, even though she was supposed to begin surgery.

Steven happened by and asked Epiphany for an update on Lisa's surgery. He was alarmed when Epiphany replied that Lisa had left the building. Epiphany also informed Steven that Lisa had spoken to Mr. Mulvaney before she'd departed. Steven called Patrick to warn him.

Patrick arrived at the cabin and searched for Robin, to no avail. Robin sat, unconscious, in the well. As he called to her, Robin regained consciousness. Patrick helped Robin out of the well. She recounted that she remembered being at Mac's, then coming to in the cabin with Lisa standing over her. Once Robin had recovered her strength, she'd made a run for it but had fallen into the well.

As they began to head toward the car, Lisa arrived-and was holding a gun.

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