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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 4, 2010 on GH
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Molly went to see Michael at Dante's apartment. She was worried that Kristina would freak out when she learned that Sonny was dating Claire Walsh. Molly wanted to know how Michael felt about his dad dating the prosecutor who had sent him to prison.

Michael said that Claire had also sent Jason to prison to protect him, and he was grateful. He said that he thought Sonny was lonely and that it was okay with him if his dad dated Claire. As Michael and Molly left the loft together, Molly was curious if Sonny would break up with Claire because Brenda had returned to Port Charles.

Michael went to Kelly's to meet Kristina for a milkshake. Kristina's friend and schoolmate, Ali, showed up instead, and they started talking. She said that she had not liked Kiefer because he was stuck up, but she had no idea that he had been hitting Kristina.

Michael reacted angrily when Ali mentioned his prison time. Michael was quick to apologize and bought her ice cream to make up for his outburst.

She said that she should apologize because she'd spoken without thinking. She said that she was trying to say that she did not blame him for what he had done and that she thought that he had acted heroically. Michael said that he had overreacted and that she was funny and nice to talk to. He said he was not brave or heroic. He said that the events had unfolded so quickly that he had just reacted.

Ali said that Michael's humility did not change her high opinion of him. Michael said it was nice of her to be so kind to her friend's ex-con brother. Ali looked at Michael and told him that she had asked Kristina to get Michael to Kelly's because she wanted to invite him to a party at her house on the weekend. Michael was surprised and flattered that she was interested in him.

Michael agreed to be her date, but said that he would have to be home by curfew. When Ali dropped her phone, they both reached for it and made a brief connection when their fingers touched.

In Ireland, Dante and Lulu argued about what to do after Lulu knocked out an Interpol agent that she had mistaken for one of the Balkan's thugs. She wanted to run away so that they could keep helping Lucky, but Dante wanted to make sure that the agent was not hurt seriously. While they argued, the agent recovered and insisted that Lulu and Dante return to Port Charles. The agent told them that they would distract Lucky, not help him.

Agents escorted Dante and a reluctant Lulu to a plane, which they boarded. Lulu wanted to get off and worried that Lucky would be killed. Dante said that she was upset because Lucky got the life of adventure and Lulu was going home with Dante. Lulu fretted about work at Crimson and started leafing through fashion magazines. Dante was stunned speechless when one of the magazines fell open to a picture of Brenda.

In Port Charles, at his penthouse, Jason refused to let Sam break up with him. He told her that he loved her and had no interest in Brenda. Sam said that she was being insecure. Jason told Sam that she was the one he loved and the one that he wanted to be with. Sam apologized for being needy and said that she liked things the way they were and did not want to change. She said that she like being in her apartment some of the time, and that with Brenda staying in the penthouse, Jason would want to go to Sam's when Brenda started driving him crazy.

Jason laughed when he said, "Starts?" Then he asked Sam if she noticed how quiet it was with Brenda gone and Spinelli out running errands to get all Brenda's organic products. They snuggled and started kissing. Just as they were about to go upstairs, someone knocked in the door.

It was Michael. He said that he had to talk to Jason. Sam excused herself. When they were alone, Michael told Jason about Ali. He said that he really liked her and did not want to disappoint her. He said that girls expected guys to sleep with them, and he did not want to be clumsy about sex the first time he was with a girl he liked. Michael asked Jason to get him someone who could teach him about sex.

Brenda went to see Sonny. She said that she was not in Port Charles because of him, but because Jason had insisted. She said that she loved Rome and would go back to the city as soon as her security issues were resolved.

Sonny offered Brenda champagne and a chance to catch up. Brenda said that they had done that in Rome, and nothing good could result. She told him that she would do her best to avoid him while she was in town. Sonny said that they had shared a lot together and that they would always be friends. Brenda said that she did not want to be friends with him. Sonny said that when he had been in Rome, she had helped him, and he felt like that meant something.

Sonny said he felt like they were being given a second chance. Brenda said it was more like a tenth or fifteenth chance. Sonny said that they had both grown up and knew what really mattered. Brenda said for Sonny, that was showing his children that he loved them.

Brenda said that she had met Michael. She commented that he had been a baby the last time that she had seen him. She said that even though she and Sonny had been together many times over the years, the sum total of time they had spent together only amounted to two or three years. Sonny said that time did not matter, what mattered was the connection. He told Brenda that she could not fight the pull, that it was inevitable. Diane walked in before Brenda could respond.

Diane complimented Brenda's style then reminded Sonny of the meeting they had scheduled. Brenda took that as her cue to leave, but Sonny cancelled the meeting with Diane instead and sent her away, but not before Diane told Brenda how glad she was that Brenda had a man like Murphy Sinclair in her life. After Diane was gone, Sonny said that he regretted not going to Rome to see Brenda sooner. Brenda said that it did not look like Sonny had been pining away for her. Sonny said that he had been content, but nothing as special as the relationship he had with Brenda had happened.

Brenda admitted that when their relationship was working, nothing was better, but when it was not, it was hurtful and painful for both of them. Sonny said that Brenda could have sent Jason to deliver her message, but she had decided to see him in person. He told Brenda that the real reason she was there was so he could convince her to give them another chance.

Brenda said that their problem in the past was trust, and it was a decade later, and he still did not trust her to mean what she said. Brenda said that no matter what she and Sonny tried, there was no way they could make it work because their relationship would always fall apart. Sonny said that the connection they had to each other was still there and that nothing could match what they had always felt for each other. Brenda had tears in her eyes as she and Sonny moved slowly into each other's arms.

Alexis was at the courthouse when Claire walked in. Claire was on the phone with her bosses telling them that she had done her best on the case, which had been dumped in her lap at the eleventh hour and forced her to cut short her vacation.

When Alexis asked if she had gone to the island, Claire happily acknowledged that she had been with Sonny. Alexis asked if she had found a dress on her bed, flowers in her room and champagne on ice. When Claire nodded, Alexis told her to use a condom and not get knocked up by a manic depressive mobster. Claire told Alexis that she was aware of Sonny's other women. She said that she knew what she was doing and that her relationship with Sonny was different. As Claire walked away, Alexis called out, "Good luck with that."

Diane caught up with Alexis, who told her that Sonny and Claire had been on vacation together. Diane wanted to know if she was the only one immune to Sonny's charm. Alexis said that Sonny's attempt to compromise the prosecutor had paid off in spades. Diane said that was about to change because Brenda Barrett was back in town, and hell had no fury like a prosecutor scorned.

Patrick rescued Robin from the well, but Lisa found them in the woods and held them at gunpoint. She told Patrick how much she loved him and how she did not want to live without him. She threatened suicide. Patrick tried to talk her out of it, but Lisa became increasingly hysterical.

When she put the gun to her head, Patrick lunged for the gun. Mac, who Patrick had contacted on the way to rescue Robin, arrived with help as the shot was fired. Patrick was able to deflect the gun, and the bullet missed its target. Patrick urged Mac to send Lisa to Shadybrook on suicide watch instead of to jail, which he did.

In the police car, awaiting transport, Lisa apologized for her actions. She asked Patrick if he hated her. He told her not as much as he hated himself. Lisa said that she never tried to hurt Emma and she never would because Emma was a part of Patrick. Patrick said that he believed her.

Lisa wondered how she would ever live with herself. Patrick said that she had to let the doctors help her. Patrick did not answer when she asked if he would visit her there.

At General Hospital, Robin was recovering. Steve sent Maya the test results so that Robin could see her prognosis. Robin asked Maya about what had been said to staff. Maya said that rumor had it that Robin had been trapped in a well. Robin said that Lisa had drugged and kidnapped her. Robin said that when she escaped from Lisa, she fell in the well. Maya said she was surprised because Lisa seemed so normal. Robin said that until a few weeks before, no one had known how crazy Lisa was.

Patrick caught up with Robin in the hospital. She said that she had no serious damage and that she would be released on the following day. Patrick said that Emma was fine, that Mac was checking on her and would see Robin soon. Robin told Patrick about seeing Stone in the well. Patrick apologized for not being there. Robin told him not to feel bad because he had saved her life. She said that what Stone had done was make her realize how much she still loved Patrick, despite what they had been through.

Patrick apologized again and told Robin how much he regretted sleeping with Lisa and breaking his vows to Robin. He told he that he loved her and Emma more than anything. He said that Robin and Emma were his whole life and meant the world to him. Robin acknowledged that she believed that he loved her, but said that love had not been enough to keep him from cheating on her with Lisa, and she was not sure it was enough to make her want to stay in their marriage.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

At the hospital, Patrick admitted that he had made mistakes, but he was desperate to save his marriage. He begged Robin not to make any rash decisions. Robin's eyes filled with tears as she assured him that she had thought about it while she had been in the well. Robin had known when she had met Patrick that he had been a womanizer, so it had been unrealistic for her to expect Patrick to change. Patrick admitted that sleeping with Lisa had been indefensible, but he insisted that it had been a one-time thing.

Robin knew that Patrick hadn't meant to hurt her, but he hadn't resisted temptation. Patrick argued that he loved Robin too much to ever betray her like that again. Robin didn't think that it was enough. She suggested that sometimes people were too different. Robin wanted fidelity, consistency, and commitment in her marriage; she didn't think that Patrick was capable of giving her those things.

Robin doubted that Patrick could ever be faithful to someone, no matter how hard he tried. Patrick didn't think that giving up on their marriage was fair to anyone, especially Emma. Robin pointed out that plenty of children grew up with divorced parents. She refused to put Emma through needless heartache because her parents didn't make each other happy. Patrick claimed that Robin made him happy, but Robin insisted that she would never be able to trust him.

Patrick was crushed when Robin confessed that she couldn't get past his infidelity. Patrick offered to go to therapy to help him understand why he had cheated. He was determined to do whatever it took to make things work with Robin because he loved her. Robin hated how she had yelled at Patrick in front of their coworkers because of Lisa; she didn't want to be that person again, even if it was justified. Robin was certain that she would be setting them both up for disappointment by expecting Patrick to remain faithful to her.

Patrick continued to plead with Robin to work on their marriage, to no avail. Patrick suggested that Robin was taking the safe way out instead of honoring the commitment that she had made to him. Robin quickly reminded Patrick that he had been the one to forsake their vows, not her. Patrick conceded her point, but he thought that they should make every effort to save their marriage. Robin grew weary of talking in circles.

Robin conceded that she loved him, but she needed time to let everything settle. She decided to stay with Mac, but Patrick didn't think that it was necessary. He offered to get a hotel room, so that Robin and Emma could have the house. Robin didn't want to return to the place where they had been a family, so she preferred to stay with Mac. Patrick accepted Robin's decision, but he reminded her that he didn't want a divorce. "Duly noted," Robin tearfully replied as Patrick rose to leave.

A short time later, Mac stopped by to check on his niece. Mac made it clear that he wasn't happy with Patrick, but he conceded that Patrick's idea, to let Lisa believe that she was no longer a suspect in Robin's disappearance, had worked. Mac let Robin know that Patrick had refused to let anything stop him from finding Robin. Robin didn't doubt that Patrick loved her, but she didn't think that she could ever forgive him for the betrayal. Mac assured Robin that she had his complete support if she wanted a divorce.

Matt spotted Patrick at the nurses' station. He noticed that Patrick looked ragged, so he hoped that Patrick didn't intend to work. Patrick explained that he was at the hospital to see Robin and that Robin had decided to file for a divorce.

On the plane, Lulu questioned what Dante found so fascinating about the fashion magazine that he was looking at. She was unaware that Dante was actually staring at an image of Brenda. Dante ignored the question as he closed the magazine and then admitted that Lulu had been right to suggest that the Balkan was getting stronger. Lulu wondered how Dante knew so much about the Balkan. Dante explained that he had worked on the peripheral edges of a case involving the Balkan when he had been a beat cop in Bensonhurst. He had learned then that the Balkan's men were hardcore Russian mafia who were not to be messed with.

Lulu was curious what had happened to the case. Dante shrugged his shoulders as he revealed that it had gone cold and that the Balkan's men had returned to Europe. Lulu realized that Dante was disappointed because Interpol hadn't recruited him to help. She knew that Dante hated leaving anything unfinished. Later, Dante had a nightmare of standing in an alleyway while he heard a woman's bloodcurdling scream.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny tried to kiss Brenda, but she stepped back before their lips touched. Brenda was determined not to act on her feelings for Sonny. She explained that she hadn't wanted to return to Port Charles because she knew that it would be too painful for her. "Why?" Sonny wondered. Brenda smiled sadly as she simply explained that they couldn't be together. Sonny disagreed.

Sonny acknowledged that years before, they had faced obstacles that had kept them apart, but Sonny insisted that those obstacles were gone. Sonny believed that they could finally get things right if they gave their relationship a chance. Brenda welled up as she conceded that she had been crazy in love with Sonny, which had driven her to do stupid things. She didn't want to be that person again. She feared that she would lose herself in Sonny again if she became involved with him.

Brenda backed away and then turned to leave, despite Sonny's attempts to persuade her to stay. Shortly after Brenda left, Claire walked in. Claire had found a tropical plant flower at flower stand that she had bought on a whim because it reminded her of the island. Sonny smiled as he thanked her, but it was clear that Sonny was uncomfortable. Claire noticed the two glasses of champagne on the coffee table.

Sonny admitted that he had something to tell her. Claire was certain that it had to do with the person that he'd been drinking champagne with. Sonny gently explained that he had recently visited Brenda in Rome and that Brenda had returned to Port Charles. He didn't think it would be fair to continue seeing Claire when he had feelings for Brenda. Claire was clearly hurt as she informed Sonny that he had broken the law by flying to Rome.

"Don't do this," Sonny implored Claire. He didn't want things to turn ugly between them. He explained that he had believed that things were over between him and Brenda when he had left Rome, so he had decided to move forward with Claire, only to discover that Brenda had been waiting for him when he had returned from the island. Sonny acknowledged that he and Brenda had loved each other off and on for years. He realized that the timing was horrible, but he wanted Claire to know what was going on.

Claire admired his honesty, but she wasn't thrilled that Sonny wanted to be with Brenda. Sonny admitted that he and Claire could have been great if things had been different. "It's pretty to think so," Claire responded. Sonny thought that was an odd way to put it. Claire credited Ernest Hemmingway. She explained that it was the last line of The Sun Also Rises.

Claire was happy that she and Sonny hadn't spent the entire week on the island because it had spared her added pain. Sonny felt bad; he apologized and then assured her that it hadn't been her fault. Claire admitted that she had been warned, so she had gone into the affair with her eyes wide open. She couldn't blame him for wanting to try to work things out with Brenda because he had made it very clear how much he had loved Brenda. Sonny wondered why he sensed that their breakup was very difficult for Claire.

Claire brushed off his concerns as she announced that she had to leave. Sonny thanked Claire for everything and then admitted that he had enjoyed their time together. "Yeah, I had fun," Claire responded before she turned and then left. Later, Claire entered her darkened office and then picked up her messages. Claire glanced at the pink slips of paper, but didn't read them as tears began to flow down her cheeks.

Claire sobbed for a while, dried her tears, and then picked up the phone. She told the person on the other end that she wanted back in on the Corinthos case. She realized that she couldn't prosecute Sonny, but she could help gather enough evidence to put Sonny away for life.

At Jason's penthouse, Sam eavesdropped on Jason and Michael's conversation. Jason was stunned by Michael's request to hire an escort. Michael believed that a professional could help him gain sexual experience, so that he wouldn't mess things up with Ali. Jason didn't understand why Michael couldn't take things slowly by getting to know Ali. "You know why," Michael reminded Jason.

Michael insisted that Pentonville had damaged him, so he couldn't trust himself to be with someone like Ali without fear of hurting her. Jason thought that Michael should give it a chance before turning to a call girl, but Michael disagreed. Michael argued that he wasn't normal and that no one could understand what he had gone through in Pentonville.

Jason suggested that Michael's protective instincts towards Ali indicated that Michael would be careful around her. Jason conceded that the first time with a girl was scary for any guy. Michael insisted that he would feel more comfortable if he were with a woman that he didn't have feelings for because then he wouldn't feel bad if he hurt her. Jason didn't think that calling some random escort was the answer. Michael threatened to find a prostitute on his own if Jason didn't help him. Before Jason could respond, Sam entered the living room.

Sam apologized to Michael as she explained that she needed to have a private word with Jason. Michael agreed to leave, but Jason wanted Michael to promise not to do anything until they had finished their conversation. Michael agreed and then left. Sam immediately admitted that she had overheard Jason's talk with Michael. She was certain that she had a way to help Michael.

Jason didn't think that a call girl would help Michael, but Sam disagreed. Jason doubted that a professional would erase what had happened to Michael in jail. Sam pointed out that Michael wasn't ready to talk to a therapist, so an experienced woman who knew how to be gentle and caring was better for Michael than a young girl who would be just as nervous as Michael. Sam urged Jason to help Michael, but Jason remained reluctant.

Sam revealed that she knew the perfect girl. Sam explained that she had worked undercover with a young woman named Candy, who was trying to put herself through college. Sam assured Jason that Candy was beautiful and understanding. Jason was certain that it was a bad idea. Shortly after Sam left, Brenda arrived home.

Jason made it clear that he wasn't in the mood to deal with Brenda's problems. Brenda ignored Jason as she told him about her visit to Greystone Manor to see Sonny. She was desperate for Jason to help her stay away from Sonny. Jason explained that he had more important things to deal with. Brenda reminded him that the only reason that she was in Port Charles was because Jason had talked her into it. She begged him, as a friend, to keep her from blowing her life apart.

Jason realized that Brenda was genuinely upset, so he apologized for snapping at her. Brenda admitted that she should be able to stay away from Sonny without Jason's help. Jason assured her that Sonny wasn't trying to hurt her. Brenda realized that, but she was certain that if she stayed in Port Charles that she'd end up being destroyed. Brenda implored Jason to get the situation with the Balkan resolved as soon as possible, so that she could return to Rome.

At Pozzulo's, Max and Milo were going over the racing forms, to pick winning horses, but Max's mind was on Sonny and Brenda. Max was concerned because he believed that Brenda was a lightning rod for trouble. Max was also worried about Carly's reaction when she found out about Brenda and Sonny. Max warned Milo that it had disaster written all over it. Moments later, Suzanne entered the restaurant, looking for Jason.

Max informed Suzanne that Jason wasn't there, but Suzanne argued that Jason had given her the address in the event that she needed to find him. Max stood firm until Suzanne threatened to make him wear his "balls for earrings" if he didn't track down Jason. Moments later, Max called Jason.

Sam asked Michael to meet her at a hotel room. Sam invited Michael into the room and then explained that she had overheard his discussion with Jason, so she knew about his problem. Michael immediately became uncomfortable. Michael reminded her that it wasn't any of her business. Sam realized that, but she had heard what Michael had threatened to do if Jason didn't help. Michael's discomfort grew when Sam invited Michael to join her on the sofa.

Sam immediately realized that Michael thought that she was offering herself. She quickly clarified that she had a friend named Candy who could help Michael. Sam confessed that she had told Candy about Michael's situation and that Candy was willing to meet with him. Michael seemed to have reservations about it, but Sam assured him that everything would be fine.

A short time later, Candy arrived. Michael was nervous, so Sam offered to send Candy home. Michael was determined to see things through, so he declined. Sam opened the door, introduced Candy to Michael, and then left. Candy acknowledged that it was an awkward situation, so she suggested that they take some time to talk and get to know each other.

Michael started to relax as Candy revealed that her real name was Abigail. However, she added that her friends called her Abby. Michael liked Abby better than Candy, so he asked if it would be okay for him to call her Abby. Abby didn't mind. She scooted closer to Michael on the sofa, but Michael immediately stood up and then walked across the room. Abby noticed, but didn't comment on it. Instead, she asked him about his plans for the weekend.

Michael told her that he had been invited to a party. Abby wondered if Michael danced. Michael chuckled as he admitted that he was a lousy dancer. Abby turned on the radio and then invited Michael to show her his moves. The music was slow, so Michael and Abby stood close as they swayed to the music. Eventually, Abby kissed Michael. Things quickly became heated, but Michael jerked away when Abby tried to run her hands under his shirt. He violently shoved her away as he screamed at her, "Get off me!"

In the office at Pozzulo's, Suzanne informed Jason that she didn't think that the Balkan would give up on Brenda. She was certain that he would follow Brenda to Port Charles. Jason confessed that he hoped the Balkan showed up in Port Charles because it would put the crime lord at a disadvantage. Suzanne wondered what would stop the Balkan from going after Brenda on her next trip. Jason made it clear that Brenda would not be traveling until the Balkan had been dealt with.

Suzanne argued that it was unreasonable to expect Brenda not to travel, because she had commitments to fulfill for Cartullo. Jason insisted that all of Brenda's trips would be suspended until it was safe for Brenda to travel. Suzanne doubted that Brenda would go along with those plans. Sam entered the office seconds later. Jason introduced Suzanne to Sam.

Suzanne smiled politely and then explained that she needed a few more minutes alone with Jason to discuss Brenda's security. Sam realized that Suzanne had been the one to call Jason to help Brenda. Sam was curious why Suzanne hadn't been able to provide adequate protection for Brenda.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On the plane, Lulu questioned what Dante's nightmare had been about. Dante was reluctant to discuss it, so he told her that there had just been images that he couldn't really make sense of. Dante attributed the bad dream to being keyed up about Lucky and the Balkan. Lulu let the matter drop and then suggested that Dante try to go back to sleep. Dante had something else in mind as he hinted that they join the Mile High Club. Lulu would have been tempted if the blankets weren't the size of handkerchiefs. Dante settled for kissing Lulu.

Lulu and Dante were relieved when they arrived at the loft. They headed straight to bed, but moments later, Maxie pounded on the door. Maxie knew that Lulu was there, so she ordered Lulu to open the door. After Maxie entered the loft, Lulu demanded to know what Maxie wanted. Maxie explained that they had to work, so she had picked up a couple of cups of coffee for her and Lulu. Dante decided that it was his cue to leave. He pointedly looked at Maxie as he promised Lulu that he would return with dinner for two and then excused himself.

Maxie revealed that she wanted to get Kate's dream cover model for Crimson: Brenda Barrett. Lulu was certain that Carly would never stand for it. Maxie argued that Carly couldn't make or break their careers, so Maxie was more interested in pleasing Kate. Lulu was surprised to learn that no one had talked to Brenda about posing for the magazine. Maxie hoped that she and Lulu could do that together, but Lulu didn't think that it would work. Maxie insisted that they had to try because Brenda was extremely popular with women and men.

Olivia strolled into Jake's and ordered a couple of beers. Kate glared at her cousin as Olivia made her way to a nearby table. Moments later, Steve approached Olivia to see if she wanted company. Olivia admitted that Johnny had cancelled on her, so she invited Steve to join her. Steve thought that Johnny's loss was his gain. Kate continued to watch Olivia as Olivia and Steve chatted and sipped beers.

Steve told Olivia about Lisa's obsession with Patrick and the events that had led to Lisa's stay at Shadybrook. Olivia acknowledged that people got crazy ideas that were hard to shake. She pointed to Johnny as an example. Steve wondered if Olivia thought that she could save Johnny. Olivia turned the question around on him; she was curious if he thought that he could save Lisa. "No," Steve admitted.

Meanwhile, Coleman joked to Kate that Olivia appeared to have "scored herself a new one." Kate's scowl intensified as she watched Olivia and Steve laugh and drink beer. Moments later, Kate sauntered over to Olivia's table to ask her cousin, "Another notch on your belt, cuz?" Olivia responded by suggesting that Coleman had "over-served" Kate. Kate decided to offer Steve some advice; "Don't let the bodywork fool you. Olivia has a lot of miles on that chassis."

Kate found it amusing how Olivia moved from guy to guy. Olivia was livid as she stood up, took off her earrings, and then threatened to "bitch-slap" Kate "into next Tuesday." The cousins' argument quickly escalated to a catfight just as Dante entered the bar. Steve and Dante quickly pulled Kate and Olivia apart as the women continued to fling insults at each other. Eventually, Coleman managed to drag Kate back to the bar.

Olivia threw her arms around her son and then enthusiastically welcomed her son home. Olivia scolded him for not letting her know about his travel plans. Dante assured his mother that it had been a little vacation getaway to Ireland to help out Lucky. Dante promised to let his mother know the next time that he left town. After Dante left, Steve wanted Olivia to remind him not to get on her bad side. Olivia smiled with pride.

At a nearby table, Brook thanked Nikolas for his generosity. Nikolas was happy to help her out, but he was curious if she would continue to accompany him to social functions. Nikolas explained that the upcoming holidays meant that he would be expected to attend more parties and gatherings, so he would like her to go with him. Brook appreciated the offer, but she wasn't interested in being a professional escort. Nikolas suggested that they could call the position whatever she wanted, but he needed a companion for a few months.

At the bar, Coleman confessed that he loved it when Kate went all "Bensonhurst" on him. Kate smiled, but she was frustrated that Olivia seemed to push her buttons. A short time later, Olivia approached the bar to order more beer. Kate suggested that Olivia return to the table and stay there. The cousins' bickering drowned out Brook as she tried to sing a Spanish ballad.

Nikolas grew frustrated with Kate and Olivia's antics, but Brook forced the cousins to be quiet by pointing out to them that they were being rude. Olivia sat down next to Kate, while Brook turned to serenade Nikolas. Nikolas looked captivated as Brook's sexy ballad ended. At the bar, Kate and Olivia silently toasted each other with their beer bottles and then smiled.

In Robin's hospital room, Mac recalled how his marriage to Felicia had fallen apart. He admitted that he had loved Felicia, but it hadn't been enough to save their marriage. Robin thought that her situation with Patrick was different because she had abandoned Patrick when she had gone to Africa. Mac refused to let Robin blame herself for her failed marriage. Robin argued that she had to accept her role in what had happened. Mac didn't want Robin to justify Patrick's cheating. Robin assured her uncle that she wasn't, but she suspected that perhaps it was too soon to call a divorce lawyer.

At the nurses' station, Patrick told Matt about Robin's decision to file for a divorce. Patrick conceded that he had no one to blame but himself. Matt thought that it was great that Patrick owned up to his role in what had happened. Patrick was desperate to win back Robin's trust, so he was willing to go to marriage counseling if it would help. Matt thought that Patrick should carefully consider what he wanted before making a decision about his marriage.

Patrick wished that he could turn time back, so that Robin wouldn't have been hurt and he wouldn't have lost his family. Matt advised Patrick to give Robin some space. Matt suggested that therapy might help, but the only way for Patrick to understand why he had cheated was to figure out what he truly wanted. Later, Mac spotted Patrick. Mac informed Patrick that Robin was contemplating a divorce. Patrick admitted that he intended to try to change Robin's mind.

Mac wasn't surprised by the news; he knew that Patrick loved Robin. Mac conceded that, despite all the pain that Patrick had caused, there were things about Patrick that Mac respected. Mac urged Patrick to accept responsibility for the infidelity. Mac suggested that Patrick not drag things out by trying to go to counseling. Mac wanted Patrick to "man up" by making a clean, quick break of things. He believed that Patrick owed it to Robin. Later, Patrick went to Robin's hospital room, but he didn't enter when he saw that she was resting.

Dante returned to the loft to find Lulu fast asleep. He picked up a magazine to stare at a picture of Brenda. Dante dropped the magazine on the table when Lulu woke up. Dante joined Lulu in bed and then confessed that all he wanted to do was to love her and never take her for granted. Lulu smiled as she returned the declaration of love and then kissed him

In the hotel room, Abby turned on the radio and then invited Michael to slow dance with her. Michael and Abby swayed to the music as she gently kissed him. The kiss quickly heated up. However, things took an unexpected turn for Abby when she slid her hands under Michael's shirt. Michael violently shoved her away as he shouted, "Get off me!" Abby landed on the bed, but Michael was horrified by what he had done.

Michael immediately apologized, but Abby assured him that she was fine. She insisted that it had been her fault because she had been moving too fast. Abby thought that Michael was a great guy, so she invited him to join her on the bed. She assured him that they would just talk, but Michael declined because he realized that their encounter had been a bad idea. Abby disagreed, but Michael was worried that she would have bruises on her arms because of him.

Abby revealed that she had dated a guy who had once been in prison. She told him how her ex-boyfriend had moved forward after being released from jail. According to Abby, her ex-boyfriend had credited her for healing him better than anything else had. Michael was sure that she was a wonderful person, but he didn't think that they should continue. Abby tried to change Michael's mind, to no avail. Michael insisted that he was too much of a mess, but he offered to pay her for her time.

Abby refused to accept Michael's money; however, she invited him to call her if he changed his mind. After Abby left, Michael sat down on the bed as his eyes filled with tears.

At Pozzulo's, Sam informed Suzanne that just because Jason had been married to Brenda, for a few months a long time before, didn't mean that he had to take care of Brenda forever. Sam was curious why Suzanne couldn't provide Brenda with adequate protection. Suzanne explained that Brenda had listed Jason as her next of kin and emergency contact, so Suzanne had merely called Jason to let him know what was going on. Suzanne suggested that perhaps Sam should ask Jason why he had felt compelled to hop on the first plane to Rome and then take over Brenda's life.

Sam turned to Jason; she realized that he had a job to do, but she resented Suzanne dismissing her from the office. Suzanne explained to Sam that the Balkan wasn't a simple threat; he was an international crime figure and a killer. Suzanne didn't think that Brenda deserved to die because Sam didn't want to share her boyfriend. Suzanne insisted that Brenda was important for countless children who benefited from the work that the Alliance to Save Exploited Children did.

Sam wondered why Suzanne was incapable of keeping Brenda in line. Suzanne confessed that she would love to be able to control Brenda, but Brenda would only listen to Jason. Moments later, Sam's phone rang. Jason immediately realized that something was wrong. Sam explained that it was about Michael, but she refused to elaborate. After Sam left, with promises to call Jason, Suzanne commented that it was clear that Michael was someone important to Jason.

Jason explained that Michael was his nephew and that he and Michael's parents had made a lot of poor choices for Michael. Suzanne was sympathetic as Jason revealed that Michael had gone to jail for killing someone in self-defense. Suzanne had learned through her work with ASEC that taking a life changed a person. She suggested that the best way to help Michael heal was through time and effort.

Later, Suzanne wondered who she had to sleep with to get a drink. Milo offered to fetch Suzanne some wine, but he assured her that she didn't have to sleep with him for it. Suzanne smiled as she explained that she had been joking. As Milo poured Suzanne a glass of white wine, Suzanne questioned Max about Brenda's contact list that Jason had provided. She wasn't happy that it was limited to a few people, but Max explained that he wasn't in a position to do anything about it.

Suzanne wondered if Max and Milo were ready to protect Brenda. She warned them that Brenda could be difficult. Max bragged that he had a knack for handling difficult women. Diane was not pleased to hear Max's comment as she entered the restaurant. Max quickly introduced Diane to Suzanne. Diane and Suzanne appeared to take an instant disliking to each other. Diane accused Suzanne of using the charity to line her pockets, but Suzanne clarified that ninety-five percent of the donations went to the children that ASEC represented.

Diane was curious who was footing the bill for Brenda's security because she didn't think that it was fair that her two clients had to pay for Brenda's protection. Suzanne didn't realize that Diane represented Max and Milo. Diane quickly clarified that she had been referring to Jason Morgan and Sonny Corinthos. Suzanne insisted that Sonny wasn't allowed anywhere near Brenda. Diane smugly informed Suzanne that Sonny was all over Brenda like "white on rice."

Sam went to the hotel room to check on Michael. Michael explained that things hadn't worked out with her friend. Sam was surprised because Abby had given Sam a different impression. Michael revealed that he had blown it with Abby. Sam thought that Michael was exaggerating. Michael didn't think that Sam could possibly understand what he was talking about, so he left.

Jason arrived home to find Michael sitting in the hallway. Michael was clearly despondent. Jason assured Michael that he was welcome inside whenever he liked. Michael confessed that he had been hoping to avoid Sam and Brenda. Jason revealed that Brenda was sleeping and that Sam had gone looking for Michael. Jason opened the door and then invited Michael inside.

As they sat down on the sofa, Michael revealed that Sam had tried to help him. Michael assured Jason that it had not been her fault that he was a train wreck. Jason was curious what had happened. Michael told Jason about Abby. Michael confessed that he had lost it when Abby tried to take his shirt off; he'd been transported back to the moment in Pentonville when Carter had attacked him. Michael confided that he had been filled with rage, so he had inadvertently hurt Abby when he had pushed her away.

Michael was certain that Abby had been freaked out even though she had tried to hide it. "How messed up is it that I can't even be with a girl?" Michael forlornly asked. Jason didn't think that Michael should be so hard on himself. Jason assured Michael that it was normal to be nervous the first time. Michael disagreed; he would never be normal. Michael had tried to follow Jason's advice by giving it some time, but nothing had gotten better.

Jason insisted that Michael was a survivor who had been through hell. Michael argued that being a survivor meant that he was alive, not that he was actually living. According to Michael, Ali was a sweet girl, but he couldn't let her see who he really was. Jason suggested that bad things had happened to Michael, but it didn't have to define him. Jason vowed that he would not give up on Michael.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lucky languished in an Irish prison until a guard announced that Ronan had a visitor. Lucky was stunned to see Luke, dressed as a priest, standing at the jail cell door. Luke adopted an Irish brogue as he greeted "Ronan" and then entered the jail cell. Luke played the part of a priest until the guard gave them some privacy. Luke then quietly demanded to know why Lucky was impersonating Ronan O'Reilly. Lucky was curious how Luke had tracked him down.

Luke revealed that he had seen a newspaper with Lucky's picture and a caption that had identified Lucky as Ronan O'Reilly, a hired assassin. Lucky insisted that he didn't need Luke's help, but Luke refused to leave. The two kept up their act for the guard's benefit until Luke decided that he needed to take Ronan to a church to save his soul. Luke was frustrated when Lucky refused to go along with the plan. Luke decided that he would create a diversion, so that Lucky could escape.

Luke was in the process of giving Lucky some instructions when the guard returned to inform them that Ronan was free to leave because Interpol had claimed that there had been a mix-up. A short time later, Luke and Lucky entered Ronan's apartment. Luke was curious how Lucky had ended up working for Interpol. Lucky revealed that he had been recruited to help capture the Balkan. Luke wondered what had happened; Lucky had been happy to be a cop when Luke had left Port Charles. Luke spotted a bottle of alcohol on the table. He was curious if Lucky had started drinking again. Lucky explained that it was part of his cover.

As Luke poured himself a drink, Lucky admitted that Port Charles had been closing in on him for some time. Luke knew the feeling, but he didn't understand how that had translated to working for Interpol. Luke was curious if Interpol had used him to manipulate Lucky. Lucky denied it, but Luke saw through the lie; he warned Lucky that the Balkan was bad news. Lucky conceded that he had made a few mistakes, but he was following his instincts for the first time in a long while. Lucky confessed that he felt better than he had in years. Luke insisted that Lucky was expendable to Interpol, so they would trade Lucky for the Balkan in a heartbeat. Lucky didn't have any illusions about the danger that he faced.

Luke was curious how the Balkan's thugs had ended up dead in an alley. Lucky assured his father that it had been self-defense, but he carefully avoided any mention of Dante or Lulu. Luke feared that Lucky was too rusty, so he was determined to help his son. Moments later, the police knocked on the door. Lucky reminded the officers that he had been cleared of the charges. Lucky and Luke were stunned when the police officers explained that they were there to arrest Luke for breaking and entering and impersonating a priest.

On the Haunted Star, Tracy was thrilled that the profits had been up since Luke had left. Tracy credited the new security measures on the till. Ethan chuckled as he assured her that Luke would get a kick out of them. Tracy didn't care because she intended to make certain that Luke would be arrested the moment that he returned to Port Charles. Tracy made it clear that Luke was not her husband; he was a thief who belonged in jail. Tracy quoted Emily by admitting that she'd rather "stick cocktail forks in her eyes" than see Luke again.

Tracy was annoyed when Johnny entered the casino to have a private word with Ethan. She insisted that Ethan was busy. Tracy suggested that just because Johnny was "slightly less smarmy" than Sonny, it didn't mean that Ethan should risk his life. Ethan was touched by Tracy's concern. Tracy clarified that she cared about the bottom line. She didn't want Ethan to die in a drive-by shooting because she needed him to open that evening. Tracy added that she also needed Johnny to vanish into the ether.

After Tracy left, Johnny wondered why Ethan continued to work on the Haunted Star when Johnny paid him so well. Ethan confessed that it kept him in practice, and Tracy was good to him. Ethan confided that Tracy missed Luke like crazy and that she was starting to worry because Luke had been gone for so long.

Maya entered a short time later, so Johnny left. Maya was thrilled when Ethan handed her the bracelet that she had lost. She explained that it had belonged to her grandmother, Mary Mae. Maya was curious where Ethan had found it. Ethan claimed that it had been on the floor in Jake's. Maya wondered how he had known that it was hers, but Ethan ignored the question by inviting her to play a game of blackjack.

A short time later, May a realized that Ethan was letting her win. Ethan denied it, but he suggested that they up the ante. Ethan offered to take Maya to Manhattan if she won another hand, but Maya refused. Ethan settled for a kiss. Maya agreed, but only if she lost a hand. Ethan dealt the cards: a jack and a five. Maya couldn't decide if she should keep going or quit. "That's the gamblers question," he told her.

"Hit me," Maya ordered. Ethan dealt her the next card: a seven. Maya wasn't surprised that she had gone over twenty-one. Ethan quickly collected his reward, but the kiss didn't last long. Maya revealed that she had to get to the hospital. Ethan suspected that it had been Maya's plan all along.

Maya assured him that she wouldn't do that any more than he would steal her grandmother's bracelet just to have an excuse to see her. Ethan was wounded that she had such a low opinion of him. Maya offered to make him feel better by kissing him again. After the kiss, she left, but she suggested that she might see him again soon. Ethan smiled confidently once he was alone because he had Mary Mae's bracelet.

In Jax's office, Jax insisted that he didn't want Brenda on the cover of Crimson. Maxie argued that the timing couldn't be more perfect because Brenda was in Port Charles. Jax was stunned by the news, which surprised Maxie. Maxie thought that everyone knew. "Knew what?" Carly wondered as she entered the office. Jax quickly changed the subject. He instructed Maxie to have Kate get back to him about the travel expenses because Kate had been over budget every quarter.

Maxie reminded Jax that he was the owner of the magazine, so he should address budget issues with Kate. After Maxie left, Carly wondered why Kate didn't move to New York, or some place else, if she didn't like Port Charles. Carly suggested that if Kate left, then Jax could shut down the magazine. Jax explained that Crimson held its own because of Kate, so he didn't have any plans to end the magazine. Jax then switched gears to remind Carly that they had a budget meeting to attend.

Carly revealed that she had stopped by to let him know that she wouldn't be able to go to the meeting because she had to check on Michael. According to Carly, Michael had called in sick, so the school had contacted her when they hadn't been able to reach Dante. Jax was surprised that Dante wasn't making certain that Michael attended school. Carly didn't know what was going on, so she decided to find out.

Later, Carly arrived at the loft. Michael admitted that he couldn't deal with school that day, so he had decided to stay home. Carly wondered if something had happened. Michael confessed that he had been invited to a party. Carly was delighted by the news, but she was curious who had invited him. Michael revealed that Ali, Kristina's friend, had asked him to go, but he had decided against it because there would be alcohol at the party. Carly suggested that Michael could simply not drink.

Michael was concerned that someone might want to fight him. He claimed that many viewed it as a challenge because of his history and family connections. Carly wondered if Michael had discussed it with Jason. "Yes," Michael assured her, but he insisted that he just wasn't ready to deal with certain situations. Carly was curious what Michael planned to do. "Sit around and brood like your father?" she asked.

Carly broached the subject of therapy, but Michael refused to consider talking to a professional about his problems. Carly offered to transfer Michael from Madison Prep to Port Charles High, but Michael wasn't interested in going to a new school. Carly argued that he couldn't sit around and just shut down. She reminded him of the times she'd let him play hooky from school, so that she could treat him to something special. Michael smiled as he admitted that he had enjoyed those times.

Carly wished that she could do that for Michael again, but she knew that it wouldn't fix things. She assured him that he was strong enough to get through the difficult time, but she didn't want him to sit around the loft. Michael agreed to go to school, but he warned her that he'd be written up for being late. Carly offered to tell the attendance office that she had taken him to see the doctor. Michael thanked her for being such a great mom. Carly insisted that he was her kid, so she would always fight for him.

At Pozzulo's, Dante let Sonny know that the investigation into the bombing of Johnny's car had been reopened. Sonny reminded Dante that the Lopez brothers had been responsible, but Dante revealed that the Lopez brothers had been cleared. Sonny wondered why Dante was trying to rock the boat by reopening an investigation that might end the truce between Sonny and Johnny. Sonny urged Dante to leave it alone.

Dante explained that he hadn't asked for the case; it had been assigned to him because Lucky had been out of town. However, Dante couldn't ignore that Kristina and Johnny had almost been killed in the bombing, so he felt compelled to investigate. Dante insisted that Sonny had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to plant the bomb under Johnny's car. Sonny warned Dante not to repeat the mistake that Dante had made with Michael.

Dante argued that it was an entirely different situation, but Sonny disagreed. Sonny reminded Dante that Michael had paid a much higher price than Dante had expected. Sonny didn't understand why Dante wanted to stir things up and put the truce in jeopardy. Sonny claimed that sometimes it was best to leave well enough alone. After Dante left, Sonny placed a call to Diane. Sonny wanted Diane to find a way to get the investigation closed.

Jax strolled into the restaurant as Sonny ended the call. Jax bluntly informed Sonny that Brenda was in town, so Jax wanted Sonny to leave her alone. Sonny took great pleasure in revealing that Brenda had been waiting at Greystone Manor when Sonny had returned from the island. Sonny let Jax know that he had opened a bottle of champagne and that he and Brenda had enjoyed a nice talk. Sonny then wondered what Jax was doing there. "Aren't you married?" Sonny asked.

Jax had hoped that Sonny had finally realized how much danger Sonny's lifestyle posed to everyone. Jax thought that Sonny would put Brenda's welfare first. Sonny suggested that Jax go home to take care of Carly. Meanwhile, Sonny planned to do his best to take care of Brenda.

Carly returned to the loft to have a talk with Dante about Michael. Carly was curious why Dante hadn't answered his phone. Dante explained that he had turned it off. Carly suggested that it was never a good idea to turn off a phone when a person was responsible for children. Carly explained that the school had contacted her after Michael had called in sick and Dante hadn't answered their calls. Dante revealed that he and Lulu had taken a short trip to Ireland. Carly wondered why he hadn't told her because Michael could have stayed with her while Dante had been out of town.

Dante didn't think that the judge would have approved. "But it's okay that he stays by himself?" Carly asked. Dante acknowledged that he had messed up and that he should have called her to let her know what was going on. Carly realized that Michael wasn't a priority for Dante, but Dante assured her that he was. Carly didn't believe him. She suggested that if he were having a hard time with the living arrangements then she would petition the courts to make some changes. Dante didn't think that it would be a good idea. Carly argued that Michael needed to be with his family, so that he could have someone to talk to. Dante insisted that Michael could talk to him.

Carly acknowledged that she and Michael were grateful for Dante securing Michael's release from Pentonville, but she didn't want anything to go wrong with Michael's parole. Dante explained that he had a clean record, which was the only thing that Judge Carroll cared about. Dante insisted that it wasn't the time to make changes.

At the hospital, Robin was on the phone with Mac as she packed the last of her belongings. Robin assured Mac that she had been cleared to go home, so she would be there soon. After Robin ended the call, Brenda popped her head into Robin's hospital room. Robin was delighted to see Brenda. Max and Milo waited in the hallway while the two friends reunited. Brenda explained that Jason had arranged for them to guard her, but she didn't want to talk about that; she wanted to know what was going on with Robin.

Robin told Brenda about the fall down the well, Lisa's obsession with Patrick, Patrick's one-night stand with Lisa, and Lisa's suicide attempt. Brenda wondered where Lisa was. Robin explained that Lisa had been taken to Shadybrook for an evaluation. Robin hoped that Lisa would be transferred to a prison for the criminally insane. Robin then admitted that she had seen Stone while she had been in the well. Robin acknowledged that Stone hadn't been real, but it had been wonderful to see him nonetheless.

Brenda understood; she knew that there wasn't anything like a person's first love. Robin and Brenda talked about what had led to Patrick's infidelity. Robin admitted that she had shut Patrick out before she had gone to Africa. Brenda didn't think that it was an excuse for Patrick to sleep with another woman. However, Robin assured Brenda that Patrick was a wonderful father.

Robin wanted to change the subject, so Brenda offered to talk about herself. Brenda revealed how she had ended up in Port Charles. Brenda hoped that Jason would catch the Balkan soon, so that she could return to Rome. Brenda admitted that Jason was the best bodyguard, but she didn't want Robin to tell him. Robin assured Brenda that she never got involved in one of Jason's relationships. Brenda burst out laughing as she explained that she and Jason didn't have a relationship. According to Brenda, a person couldn't have one with someone who never listened and always ordered people around.

Robin wondered if Brenda had gotten a chance to see Sonny. Brenda told Robin about her encounter with Sonny in Rome and then admitted that she had gone to Greystone Manor to tell Sonny that she wouldn't be able to see him while she was in Port Charles. Brenda revealed that Sonny wanted to try to make their relationship work, but Brenda didn't think that it was a good idea. Robin didn't understand why, but Brenda confided that she had shed countless tears over Sonny through the years. Robin suggested that perhaps Sonny had been too much for Brenda in the past, but the timing might finally be right for them.

After Robin left the hospital, she stopped by Pozzulo's to talk to Sonny. Sonny wondered if Robin had second thoughts about Sonny and Brenda reconnecting. Robin revealed that it was just the opposite; she urged Sonny to "go for it." Robin was certain that Sonny and Brenda would be happy together. Sonny argued that he and Brenda had destroyed each other, so it might not be a good idea. Robin pointed out that things were different; Sonny had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and Brenda had grown up.

Robin was confident that Brenda was a stronger person than she had been in the past. Sonny agreed, but he suggested that it was because he wasn't in Brenda's life. Robin thought that Sonny and Brenda had a chance to make things work, but she warned Sonny not to assume that they would have another chance.

At Jason's penthouse, Brenda was stunned to discover that Suzanne was in Port Charles. Suzanne revealed that the Balkan had struck in Rome. According to Suzanne, the Balkan had destroyed Brenda's apartment and the hotel suite. Suzanne broke the news that everything that Brenda owned had been destroyed. Suzanne begged Brenda to follow Jason's instructions carefully because the Balkan was clearly a dangerous man. Brenda decided that she needed to see someone, so she left. A short time later, Brenda entered Jax's office.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Robin visited Sonny at his office. She urged him to pursue Brenda, but Sonny was resistant. He told Robin that he wanted Brenda to be happy, and letting Brenda build a life with Murphy would do that. Robin said that Brenda and Sonny's love could have been the greatest ever. Sonny wondered if it would work since they'd both matured--if they were each brave enough to give it another try.

The Irish police questioned Luke, who posed as Father Lucius, a priest. Lucky told the officers he had no idea who the man was. The men led Luke away in handcuffs. Lucky then called Tracy, who claimed not to care what happened to Luke.

Later, Lucky visited Luke in jail and explained that Luke would be on his own. Lucky was too far undercover to risk it all for his father. Lucky did share, however, that he'd perceived a crack in Tracy's icy heart when she'd learned that Luke was in trouble. Luke took that as a good sign but appealed to his son for help.

Lucky explained that his priority was to find the woman who could blow his cover and convince her not to. He told Luke that Siobhan had overheard a conversation between Lucky, Dante, and Lulu. Luke suggested Lucky woo her.

Lucky returned to his room to find Siobhan. He apologized for having lied to her but said he hadn't had a choice. She angrily replied that he hadn't needed to make her like him. His story of redemption had made her fall for him. Lucky admitted that he had feelings for her as well. Because she stated that she didn't believe him, Lucky grabbed Siobhan and kissed her.

At Crimson, Lulu worried about how Carly would react with Brenda in town. Dante arrived and explained that Carly planned to petition the judge to compel Michael to live with her and Jax, because Dante had let Michael skip school. Dante worried about the effect on Michael if Dante needed to prove that Sonny had put the bomb that had almost killed Kristina in Johnny's car. Lulu urged him to investigate the case to his fullest abilities.

As Dante left, Tracy arrived to tell Lulu that Luke had turned up in an Irish jail. Once Lulu established that her father was all right, she suggested that Tracy chase down her husband because, Lulu stated, they both knew that was what Tracy wanted. Stunned, Tracy left.

Sam arrived to return the clothes Maxie had lent her. She explained to Lulu that she had used the new look in an insecure bid for Jason's affections. Lulu commiserated. Sam said that she wished anyone but Jason had rescued Brenda.

Brenda surprised Jax as he worked in his office. Carly showed up, and Max and Milo tried to prevent her from going into the office. Carly barged through the door and caught Brenda and Jax in an embrace. Carly's face cracked when Brenda explained that Jason had insisted that Brenda stay in Port Charles. Carly didn't let on that she was angry and left Brenda and Jax to catch up.

As Brenda and Jax reminisced, Brenda expressed that she loved her life, despite the fact that she still regretted that Jax had left her. Later, Jax stood alone in his office and reminisced about his days with Brenda. Carly entered the room, prompting Jax to apologize. Carly told him that if he loved her, he'd never see Brenda again.

While Spinelli ran around Jason's penthouse, trying to make the place pretty for Brenda, Jason walked in and told Spinelli to stop fawning all over Brenda. Jason angrily reminded Spinelli that the top priority was to gain information on the Balkan. Spinelli ran out anyway, to get organic produce from the farmer's market before it closed.

Carly stormed in and berated Jason for not warning her that he'd convinced Brenda to return to Port Charles. Carly assumed that Brenda wanted to resume a relationship either with Jax or Sonny. Jason made it clear that he was not enjoying Brenda living with him but that it was the only way to keep her safe. He explained to Carly who the Balkan was and that Jason wanted the man to go to Port Charles where he'd be on Jason's turf. Carly shared her concern that Jax might fall back in love with Brenda.

Later, Suzanne paid Brenda a visit. They sparred over Brenda's unwillingness to discuss work and Brenda's desire to have a personal life. She needed to face her demons, Brenda elaborated. There was someone she wanted to allow herself to love. After Brenda left, Suzanne complained to Jason that Brenda was on her way to see Sonny.

Suzanne worried that Brenda was in love with Sonny and planned to tell him. Jason said he didn't care about what went on between Sonny and Brenda. Suzanne replied that at least she had control over Brenda's career. To that end, Brenda would do a fashion shoot in Paris the following week. Jason replied that it was not feasible.

Sam met Spinelli on the waterfront. He appealed to her to help him support Brenda in her time of need. He explained that Brenda's bravado was simply a cover for her delicate sensibilities. Sam shared that she had been insecure for a moment, once Brenda had arrived, but had since reassured herself. Brenda and Jason, Sam declared, could not stand one another. Spinelli left to shop for groceries.

As he returned from the market, Spinelli ran into Maxie and gushed over the "divine" Brenda. Maxie noted that it sounded as if Spinelli were in love with Brenda. Maxie expressed that it hurt to hear him talk about Brenda the way he had talked about her in the past. Spinelli stated that the conversation wasn't beneficial for either of them and left to cook dinner for Brenda. After he left, Maxie ripped up the Crimson artwork she was carrying, the mock-up of the cover with Brenda's face on it.

Dante went to Sonny's home to see him. While waiting, Brenda walked in and surprised Dante. It was obvious the two knew each other. Sonny arrived and introduced Brenda to his son, Dante. Brenda was shocked.

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