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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 4, 2011 on GH
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Due to the Independence Day holiday, ABC did not air any original episodes of its daytime lineup. All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital all aired special encore episodes.

This programming change was anticipated, and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, July 5, and pick up where the Friday, July 1 episode concluded.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

On the piers, Olivia admitted that she had loved going out with Steve, but she didn't want him to feel as if she were an obligation. Steve assured her that she had been the only bright spot in his day. Olivia was curious what was going on with Steve, so he told her that Liz had made a mistake during surgery that might get her fired. Steve felt responsible because he had agreed to allow Liz to enter the operating room even though he had suspected that she hadn't been ready. Olivia insisted that Steve wasn't to blame for Liz's mistake because Liz was a grown woman. Steve disagreed because he had known that Liz had been going through a very difficult time since Jake's tragic death.

Steve believed that he should have insisted that Liz attend grief counseling. Olivia thought that Steve was being too hard on himself, since Siobhan was recovering. Steve argued that they shouldn't expect Liz to get a slap on the wrist simply because Siobhan hadn't died. Olivia conceded that Steve might have screwed up, but he shouldn't destroy his career by resigning. Olivia advised Steve to admit his wrongdoing to the board and then accept whatever sanctions they decided on. Olivia urged him to learn from his mistakes and then move on.

At ELQ, Michael appeared to be completely bored, so Abby suggested that he take a look at the orientation package. Moments later, Edward entered Michael's office to find out how Abby and Michael's first day had been. Michael confessed that he had been staring out the window, and counting seagulls, while Abby had done all of the work. Edward suggested that Michael just needed some time to acclimate. Seconds later, Carly entered the office, demanding to talk to Edward.

Michael immediately realized that his mother was there to check up on him, but Carly insisted that she needed to discuss the ELQ stocks that Edward had issued to Michael in Carly's name. Edward offered to transfer the stocks to Michael's name, but Carly balked. Carly argued that Michael couldn't have any stocks in his name until he was thirty. Carly then tried to persuade Michael to look for another job, but Edward was quick to remind everyone that Abby wouldn't find a better opportunity. Michael realized that he hadn't done much on his first day at ELQ, but he vowed to do better. Edward smiled with satisfaction as he watched Michael and Abby leave.

Carly insisted that she was prepared to fight Edward. Carly warned Edward that she would not let him have Michael, but Edward chuckled. He was curious what had made Carly believe that she had a choice in the matter. Edward confessed that he'd had high hopes for her when she had been married to AJ. Carly realized that there was a reason for the compliment, so she urged him to get to the point.

Edward admitted that the years had not been kind to the Quartermaines; they had been "decimated," so he needed Michael back in the family fold. Carly argued that there were lots of Quartermaine heirs left, including Dillon, Ned, the Wards, and "that Jimmy Ray Holt guy," whom she was certain had children. Edward revealed that "Jimmy Lee" didn't have any children that Edward knew of. However, Edward wanted to pass the legacy. According to Edward, Michael was the finest of the Quartermaines because Michael had faced many challenges in his short life, and persevered.

Carly argued that Michael was a Corinthos, not a Quartermaine. Edward confided that he knew plenty of judges. He admitted that he would hate for Carly to experience the kind of pain that the Quartermaines had endured when Michael had been taken from them at Josslyn's age. Carly wondered if Edward were threatening her. Edward explained that she had already lost Michael, so if she weren't careful she might also lose Josslyn too.

At Greystone Manor, Jackal burst through the patio door and then demanded that Sonny get his "mitts" off of Maxie. Maxie tried to explain that she had been adjusting Sonny's shirt collar, but Jackal ignored her. Meanwhile, Sonny insisted that Jackal return the missing twenty million dollars from Sonny's off-shore accounts. Jackal claimed that Maxie was his woman, so Maxie pointed out that she was in a committed relationship with Matt. Sonny was furious when Jackal accused him of being a low-life, so he threatened to call Max. Maxie tried to defuse the situation, but Sonny had grown tried of Jackal's histrionics; he ordered Maxie and Jackal to leave.

Brenda entered the parlor moments later to ask everyone to keep their voices down. Jackal was surprised that Sonny would stray when he was married to someone as beautiful as Brenda. Brenda was curious what had happened to Spinelli when she realized that he sounded like an old-fashioned gumshoe. Maxie demanded that Brenda show some compassion towards Spinelli, since he had treated Brenda quite well during her stay at the penthouse. Sonny ordered Maxie and Jackal to leave, so Maxie grabbed Jackal's arm and then dragged him out.

Later, Alexis stopped by at Sonny's request. Sonny explained that he wanted Alexis to resign as Jax's legal counsel. Alexis explained that it would be pointless, since Jax would simply find another attorney to represent him during the custody hearing. Sonny accused Jax of being vindictive, so Alexis reminded Sonny that Sonny had no room to judge anyone. She revealed that she had been trying to get Jax to find some common ground with Carly, in the hopes of working out an amicable custody agreement before the case went to court. Sonny pointed out that her efforts were in vain because Jax only cared about what Jax wanted.

After Alexis left, Sonny opened a bottle of champagne while Brenda watched with delight. The romantic mood was shattered when Carly stormed into the parlor, demanding to see Sonny. Furious, Brenda ordered Carly to leave, but Carly refused to budge. Carly explained that Jax had decided to call Michael and Morgan as witnesses in the custody hearing. Sonny vowed that Jax would not be allowed to get away with using the boys against Carly. Brenda wondered what Sonny planned to do, but all he would say was that "your good buddy is a lousy son of a bitch."

On the sidewalk, Anthony was surprised to find Kristina wandering around Port Charles alone. Kristina tried to walk away, but Anthony stopped her. He accused her of being a "lying little piece of jailbait" who had run Claudia off of the road before Kristina had been old enough to drive. Anthony also blamed Kristina for nearly getting Johnny blown up. Anthony then reminded her that Michael had killed Claudia. Anthony admitted that Kristina's family had cost him a great deal, so he was curious what she thought he should do about that.

Kristina pushed Anthony's hand away as Anthony began to chuckle. He assured her that he wouldn't harm her because he would be more subtle when he decided to make her disappear. Seconds later, Ethan walked up. Ethan immediately warned Anthony to leave Kristina alone. Anthony wasn't intimidated by Ethan because he considered Ethan to be a "wannabe" and "a drunk." Kristina quickly defended Ethan, which made Anthony smile.

Anthony was impressed when Kristina threatened to have Alexis send Anthony back to jail; he hadn't realized that the "kitten had claws." Ethan vowed to kill Anthony if Anthony went near Kristina again. Anthony didn't appreciate being threatened by Johnny's "lackey," so he promised Ethan that it would be addressed. After Anthony walked away, Ethan wondered if Kristina were okay. Kristina flung herself at Ethan and then thanked him for rescuing her. Kristina was certain that Ethan had sensed that she had needed him, but Ethan insisted that he had simply been passing by.

Kristina argued that there was something between them and that Ethan knew it. Ethan tried to downplay their connection as he promised her that she would be over him by the end of summer. Kristina vowed to prove him wrong. Ethan decided to flag down a cab for Kristina and then send her home. Kristina agreed to leave because she was confident that Ethan would be thinking about her for the rest of the day.

At Kelly's, Abby admitted that she wanted to prove that she deserved her new job at ELQ. Michael admitted that it didn't make sense that he had been handed an executive position simply because he was a Quartermaine, yet Abby had been the one who was hard-working, dedicated, and ambitious. Michael promised to stick things out for Abby's sake, so Abby suggested that he take the opportunity to learn a few things. Moments later, Ethan entered the diner, desperate to enlist Michael's help with Kristina. Ethan told Michael about Kristina's encounter with Anthony. Michael was immediately concerned, but Ethan admitted that he hadn't heard what Anthony had said to Kristina.

Ethan explained that he couldn't keep rescuing Kristina because it sent Kristina the wrong message. Ethan insisted that Kristina was too young and from a different world, so it would never work. Michael agreed and then pointed out that Sonny would never approve of the relationship. However, Michael doubted that Kristina would listen to her brother. Abby suggested that Kristina might have a change of heart if Ethan became involved with someone closer to his age. Ethan confessed that he had recently gotten a divorce from Maya, to whom he'd been faithful, so he didn't know anyone.

Ethan also confessed that he had grown a conscience, so he wasn't comfortable with the idea of using someone like that. Michael admitted that he didn't like the idea of deceiving his sister. However, Michael conceded that Abby's idea had merit. Abby suggested that she could be the other woman. Michael seemed surprised by the offer, but he was curious how it would work.

Abby explained that she would pretend to cheat on Michael with Ethan, so that Kristina could catch them. Abby pointed out that Kristina already thought the worst of her, so it wouldn't be a stretch for Kristina to believe that Abby would be unfaithful. Ethan made it clear that it was Michael's call. Michael hated lying to Kristina, but he realized that it was the best solution. Moments later, Kristina entered Kelly's.

Kristina explained that Alexis had to work late, so Kristina had stopped by to pick up some dinner. Ethan immediately put the plan into motion by pretending to have stopped to say hello to Abby. Kristina was stunned when Ethan confessed that he had been a regular at Vaughn's when Abby had worked there and then revealed that Abby had given the best private dances.

On the piers, Maxie insisted that Jackal needed to locate Sonny's missing millions, but Jackal was more interested in stealing another kiss from Maxie. Maxie pulled away and then reminded Jackal that she was with Matt. Jackal argued that her lips had told him otherwise. He reminded her that she had strayed in the past. Maxie ignored the remark as she tried to get Jackal to agree to return to the hospital with her, so that Matt could check the stitches. Jackal suggested that they return to his place instead.

Maxie reiterated that she was committed to Matt and that she was determined to remain faithful to him because she didn't want to hurt anyone else the way that she had hurt Spinelli. She insisted that Jackal was merely a figment of Spinelli's imagination, so he wasn't even real. Maxie became alarmed when she spotted Anthony approaching. She quickly tried to hustle Jackal away, but Jackal turned to see the elder Zacchara. Jackal pulled away from Maxie and then walked up to Anthony to suggest that he and Anthony needed to settle things "mano a mano." Anthony burst out laughing as he realized that Spinelli wasn't himself.

Jackal warned Anthony to stay out of his way because Jackal refused to turn a blind eye to crime. Maxie frantically tried to explain that Spinelli had been injured, but Anthony wasn't interested in humoring Sonny's computer genius. Anthony grabbed Jackal by the shirtfront, pushed him up against the railing, slapped him several times across the face, and then threatened to snap Jackal's neck. Maxie reached for the phone and then started to call 9-1-1. Anthony invited Jackal to "come and get me anytime" because Anthony would welcome the opportunity to kill Jackal in "self-defense." After Anthony walked away, Jackal revealed that he now had a score to settle with the elder Zacchara.

At the brothel, Dante offered to pay Javier double if Javier agreed to let Dante take Lulu to one of the rooms upstairs. Javier insisted that Lulu didn't sleep with the customers, so he offered Dante the pick of one of the other blondes. Lulu was stunned when Dante accepted. Lulu surprised everyone when she agreed to take Dante upstairs. Javier reminded Lulu that she had been hired to serve drinks, but Lulu refused to back down.

In the room, Lulu was livid because she realized that Javier would expect her to sleep with customers. Dante insisted that Lulu didn't belong there. He also expressed concern about the way that Javier had looked at her. Lulu refused to leave until she had news about Luke, but Dante argued that it could be months before Luke surfaced. Dante warned her that even if Luke were to walk through the door, she might not be able to persuade Luke to return to Port Charles. Dante feared that things would end badly for Lulu.

Lulu confessed that she hadn't realized, until she had worked at the brothel, just how difficult Luke's childhood had been. She finally understood what her father had been carrying around all of his life, so she refused to leave until she talked to Luke. Lulu wanted Luke to know how much she loved him, but Dante argued that Luke already knew that. Dante suspected that Lulu was trying to punish herself for failing to save Luke. Dante reminded her that it hadn't been her job. Lulu claimed that she knew that, but she needed her father.

Dante warned Lulu that Luke could be gone for years. He was curious if she were willing to destroy herself to prove how much she loved Luke. Dante begged her to leave with him, but Lulu insisted that she felt as if something were about to break. Dante reminded her that he had to return to his job in Port Charles, so he pleaded with her to promise him that she would go home with him at the end of her shift if she hadn't received any new information about Luke. Lulu reluctantly agreed.

In the parlor, Javier questioned Lupe about Dante. Lupe admitted that she and Dante had simply talked and that all she knew was that Dante liked blondes. Moments later, Javier received a phone call from Luke. Lupe listened as Javier made arrangements to meet Luke. After Javier ended the call, Dante and Lulu returned to the parlor. Javier grumbled that Dante had gone over the allotted time, so Dante had to pay extra.

Dante handed over the money and then Javier instructed Lupe to walk Dante to the door. Lulu went to fetch her purse, but Javier insisted that she stay. Lulu reminded him that her shift was over, but Javier argued that Lulu had arrived late for work, so she couldn't leave until he told her that she could. After Javier walked away, Lupe checked to see how Lulu was doing because Lupe knew that the first time could be difficult. Lulu asked Lupe to keep Javier distracted, but Lupe suggested that Lulu might want to stay. Lulu was stunned when Lupe revealed that Luke had called Javier.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Liz decided that Siobhan had a right to know that Liz had administered the wrong medication during surgery, so she went to Siobhan's room to tell her. Siobhan hadn't realized how close she had been to death until Liz revealed the details of surgery.

At the nurses' station, Patrick warned Matt and Robin that the review board intended to interview everyone who had been involved in Siobhan's surgery. Steve confirmed that he expected Matt, Patrick, and Robin to testify truthfully, but Patrick was uncomfortable with the idea of hanging Liz out to dry. Steve insisted that the board had to make a fair evaluation, so they needed full disclosure. After Steve walked away, Patrick continued to grumble about Liz's situation. Robin suggested that Patrick didn't know the entire story.

Robin confessed that she had been covering for Liz for some time. She told him about several alarming incidents and then reminded Patrick of Liz's angry reaction when they had asked Liz to help them with their project. Patrick argued that Liz had only made one serious mistake, which she had admitted to. Moments later, Liz approached the nurses' station. Matt and Steve gathered close as Liz revealed that she had told Siobhan about the mix-up with the medications.

Robin was curious if Siobhan realized that it had been an honest mistake. Liz admitted that she didn't know, but Siobhan appeared to have been grateful that Matt had saved her life. Liz apologized to her collogues for her unprofessional behavior, but Robin assured her friend that they all understood that Liz was only human. Liz warned them that they would have to testify at her hearing. Patrick was confident that everything would be fine because Liz had a spotless record, except for the one incident.

Matt reminded Liz of the time that she had forgotten to note that a patient had been severely allergic to penicillin on an admissions form, even though it had been listed on the patient's record. Liz acknowledged that she had messed up, but she pointed out that she had quickly corrected the mistake. Later, Liz returned from her meeting with the review board. Matt, Patrick, and Robin were eager to know how it had gone, so Liz admitted that she had no idea what they would decide. However, Liz was prepared to accept the consequences for her actions. Matt, Patrick, and Robin assured Liz that they had put in a good word for her when they had testified.

Liz appreciated their support; she admitted the hospital was like a second home to her, which was why she had returned to work so soon after Jake's death. Moments later, Steve approached the nurses' station. Steve revealed that the board had suspended Liz for three months and then put her on a six-month restriction from assisting during surgery after her return. Liz was surprised because she had expected much worse. Steve added that he had been put on two months probation for granting Liz permission to scrub in for Siobhan's surgery.

Liz felt terrible that she had put Steve through that, but Steve assured her that he was fine. All heads turned when Siobhan suddenly appeared and then angrily wondered if everyone were smiling because Liz had gotten away with attempted murder. Liz reminded Siobhan that the error with the medication had been a terrible mistake, but Siobhan didn't believe her. Siobhan accused Liz of using the operation as a perfect opportunity to get rid of Siobhan because the revelation about Aiden's true paternity hadn't worked out as Liz had anticipated. Siobhan realized that she couldn't get Liz for attempted murder, so she vowed to sue everyone for malpractice.

At Kelly's, Abby spotted Ethan at one of the tables. She jokingly wondered how one of her best-paying customers was doing. Ethan admitted that he had been having second thoughts about lying to Kristina. Abby confessed that it had felt weird deceiving Kristina, even though Michael had been in on it. However, Abby wanted to spare Kristina future heartbreak because Michael cared about his sister. Ethan was curious if Abby felt uncomfortable about the age difference between her and Michael.

Abby admitted that the age gap hadn't been a factor in her relationship with Michael because they shared a strong connection. Ethan confided that Kristina understood him, but if she were to continue to chase him then Sonny would eventually kill him. He confessed that, despite everything, he was leery about hurting Kristina with a lie. Abby saw Kristina approach, so she warned Ethan to make up his mind quickly. Moments later, Kristina stood in the doorway as Ethan and Abby held hands and flirted.

Abby and Ethan pretended to reminisce about their time together at the strip club when Abby had performed private dances for Ethan. Kristina quickly excused herself and then left. Abby was certain that their ruse had worked. Ethan agreed, but he did not seem happy about it. A short time later, Kristina barged into Michael's office at ELQ.

Kristina was infuriated when Michael assured her that he trusted Abby after Kristina told him about Abby and Ethan's encounter at Kelly's. Kristina warned Michael that Abby had been stringing him along for money, and that Abby wanted Ethan. Kristina realized that Michael thought that Abby was irresistible, but Kristina insisted that Ethan was not into Abby. Michael reminded Kristina that Ethan had recently divorced Maya, so he was looking for someone to date. Kristina assured her brother that Ethan cared about her, but Michael argued that obviously it wasn't romantically since Ethan had been flirting with Abby. He suggested that the situation with Abby should be a reality check for Kristina.

Moments later, Abby entered the office. Abby realized why Kristina was there, so she offered to explain the situation to Michael. Kristina was curious how Abby intended to deny that she had been hanging all over Ethan. Kristina angrily accused Abby of using a great guy like Michael for his money, but Abby denied that she was interested in Michael's fortune. Kristina didn't buy Abby's act of innocence because she had been onto Abby from the beginning. Michael pointed out that Kristina had never given Abby a chance.

Kristina wondered why she should, since it was clear that Abby wouldn't have been hired by ELQ if it weren't for Michael. Kristina pointed out that Michael had never shown an interest in working for ELQ. Kristina feared that Abby would make a fool of Michael, but Abby argued that her relationship with Michael was none of Kristina's business. Abby insisted that Ethan had been pursing her, but Kristina disagreed because Abby had been holding Ethan's hand. Abby accused Kristina of acting like a third grader, so Michael urged them to let it go.

Kristina conceded that it was Michael's business if he refused to dump his "slutty girlfriend," but she warned Michael to keep Abby away from Ethan. Abby suggested that Kristina should want Abby and Michael to stay together, otherwise Ethan would be all over Abby. "You're disgusting," Kristina snapped. Abby admitted that she'd had crushes on men when she had been Kristina's age, so she realized that Kristina might have read more into what Ethan said than there actually was.

Kristina argued that Abby had no idea how Ethan felt and then accused Abby of being a predator. Kristina hoped that Michael realized the truth before Abby broke his heart. After Kristina stormed out of the office, Michael admitted that their plan might backfire. Michael warned Abby that there was no telling what Kristina might do when she was mad.

Meanwhile, Ethan went to Johnny's penthouse to warn Johnny that Anthony had been harassing Kristina. Johnny didn't believe it at first, but Ethan insisted that he had witnessed it. According to Ethan, Kristina had been upset after her encounter with Anthony. Johnny suspected that Ethan had also been rattled. Ethan hoped that Johnny didn't intend to put on blinders while Anthony targeted women and children. Johnny doubted that Anthony would hurt Kristina, but he was curious why Ethan seemed so worried.

Ethan admitted that losing Maya had been a kick in the teeth, but Kristina had helped him through it. Ethan confided that he cared about Kristina. Johnny conceded that Kristina was a "good kid," but she was her father's daughter, so she had a tendency towards drama. Ethan assured Johnny that he would have Johnny's back if a mob war broke out, but Ethan expected Kristina, and Sonny's other children, to be left alone. Moments later, Anthony entered the penthouse. Johnny demanded to know why Anthony had been bothering Kristina.

Anthony claimed that it had been a pleasant conversation until Ethan had overreacted. Anthony insisted that Ethan needed a lesson in respect, but Ethan wasn't intimidated by Anthony. Ethan warned Anthony to stay away from Kristina, or Anthony would regret it. Anthony chuckled as he asked Ethan what Ethan intended to do. Ethan admitted that he had a knack for improvisation, so Anthony would do well to back off. After Ethan left, Johnny revealed that he didn't like Anthony talking to Kristina.

Anthony assured Johnny that Kristina didn't interest him. Anthony confessed that his real target was Sonny's "blushing bride." Anthony explained that he intended to push Sonny over the edge by killing Brenda. Anthony warned Johnny that Johnny wouldn't be able to talk him out of it. Johnny admitted that it was an "inspiring" plan, but Johnny had one condition.

Carly went to Jason's penthouse to warn him that Jax intended to call him to testify at the custody hearing. Jason admitted that he had expected it, but Carly feared that Jax would use Jake against him. Jason pointed out that Jake hadn't died because of his lifestyle, so he wasn't concerned. Carly then revealed that Michael and Morgan had also been subpoenaed. Jason was stunned. Carly hated that Jax was hurting so many people in her life; she insisted that he was not the man whom she had married.

Jason was confident that the judge would see that Jax was wrong for forcing Michael and Morgan to testify. Carly feared that Jax might win custody of Josslyn, but Jason insisted that she simply had to be honest. He was certain that the judge would side with her. Carly begged Jason not to let her marry again, no matter how deeply in love she thought she was. Shortly after Carly left, Sam arrived with coffee and bagels. Sam explained that she hadn't seen Spinelli, so she had been trying to pick up the slack despite her lack of computer knowledge.

Jason offered to help, but Sam assured him that it wasn't necessary because she knew that he had more important matters to deal with. Jason told her about Jax's subpoena. Sam didn't understand why Jax believed that taking Josslyn away from Carly was a good idea. Jason agreed and then revealed that Carly had begged him to stop her from marrying again. Sam admitted that she understood Carly's hesitation because fifty percent of marriages ended in divorce. Sam pointed out that Jax had married Carly, believing that he could handle Sonny and Jason being a part of Carly's life, but eventually Jax had grown to resent Carly for it.

Jason reminded Sam that they weren't Carly and Jax. Sam agreed, but she didn't want to risk them ending up resenting each other. Sam insisted that some people were better off not getting married. She reminded him that Maxie hadn't wanted to get married because she had been afraid of losing her freedom. Jason was curious if Sam felt the same way. Sam claimed that she didn't need a piece of paper to prove that he loved her.

Sam then reminded Jason that he didn't have a good track record with marriage. Jason explained that Courtney had expected him to change into someone he wasn't. Sam assured Jason that she accepted him for whom he was, and that she was satisfied with their life.

Shawn entered Jax's office after having received a subpoena to testify at the custody hearing. Shawn reminded Jax that he no longer worked for Carly, but Jax informed Shawn that it didn't matter, since Shawn had guarded Josslyn for a month. Jax revealed that Shawn's dishonorable discharge could be useful to prove that Carly was an unfit mother because she hadn't properly checked Shawn's background before allowing Shawn near Josslyn. Shawn warned Jax that karma would bite Jax "in the ass" eventually. Later, Shawn was at Kelly's when Carly entered.

Carly was happy to see Shawn, so she asked him how his new job was going. Shawn revealed that it had been a short-term gig and then changed the subject to find out how Josslyn was doing. Carly smiled as she gushed about her daughter, but she felt bad that Shawn couldn't spend time with Josslyn until after the custody hearing. Shawn revealed that he had been subpoenaed to testify. Shawn warned her that Jax intended to use the friendly fire incident against Carly. Carly assured Shawn that she wouldn't have done anything differently because Shawn had been the best choice to protect Josslyn from Franco.

Carly felt bad that Jax was targeting everyone she cared about. She assured Shawn that she appreciated that he had been a good friend to her, and great with Josslyn. Carly hated the idea of Jax ripping apart Shawn's past, but Shawn didn't want Carly to worry about it because he had learned to live with the consequences of his actions. Carly confided that she sometimes felt like giving up the custody battle because of what it was doing to everyone; however, she refused to be relegated to being a visitor in Josslyn's life or allowing Jax to decide when and where she could spend time with her daughter.

At the lake house, Jax wondered why Alexis was working on the porch. Alexis explained that her air conditioning had gone out, so she had decided to work on the porch, where there was a breeze, until the repairman arrived. Alexis invited Jax to take a seat and then revealed that she had called him because she was curious how many people he expected her to depose. Jax suggested that she could start with Shawn. Jax appreciated that Alexis had managed to track Shawn down because he was confident that the judge would see how dangerous Shawn was.

Alexis reminded Jax that Shawn had helped Molly when she had struggled with post-traumatic stress following the bus crash. Jax conceded that Jason was also a nice guy, but he was equally dangerous to be around. Alexis confessed that she was uncomfortable going after Shawn, especially since Shawn wasn't even working for Carly. She warned Jax that the judge might question Jax's heavy-handed tactics, but Jax insisted that he was just trying to save his daughter. "That's the problem," Alexis argued. Alexis explained that Jax didn't have any proof that Carly endangered her children.

Jax disagreed because Michael had been shot. Alexis reminded Jax that Michael had been with Sonny at the time of the shooting, and it had happened on Sonny's property. Jax claimed that Carly took Josslyn to Sonny's house for visits. Alexis warned Jax that using the shooting was like saying that a bus could crash, so Carly shouldn't be allowed to take Josslyn on buses. Jax remained determined to prove that Josslyn was safer in his care, so Alexis gently suggested that Jax wanted to punish Carly for hurting him. Jax continued to insist that he simply wanted to protect Josslyn, but Alexis was certain that Jax was channeling his anger into the custody fight because it was more acceptable than admitting that he was furious that Carly hadn't fought to save their marriage.

Jax assured her that he would never put everyone through the ordeal of a custody hearing out of vindictiveness, so Alexis informed him that they didn't need Michael or Morgan's testimony. Jax argued that Michael was a perfect example of what a horrible mother Carly was. Alexis wondered what purpose Morgan's testimony would serve. Jax relented; he told her that Morgan could be scheduled to testify last, in the hopes that Carly would back down before Morgan's testimony became necessary. Alexis was concerned because she believed that Jax seemed "dangerously over-confident." Jax admitted that he and Carly had a meeting with the mediator later that afternoon.

Jax was certain that the mediator would consider him to be the safer choice for Josslyn. Alexis warned him that the mediator might view him as "smug, arrogant, and entitled." "That's not very nice," Jax complained. Alexis admitted that the custody fight wasn't showing Jax in his best light. Jax was certain that Carly would have learned about Shawn's subpoena by the time that they met with the mediator, so he hinted that her temper might be her undoing. Alexis realized that Jax intended to have the mediator walk in on Carly yelling at Jax.

Alexis cautioned Jax to be careful and then confessed that she hoped that Jax did the right thing. After Jax left, Alexis admitted to herself that she was concerned about Jax. Later, Carly entered Jax's office. She was furious that Shawn had been called to testify, but she quickly stopped ranting when she noticed the woman standing next to Jax. Jax introduced Grace Yang, the mediator. Carly was surprised by the unexpected visit.

Grace explained that she preferred to drop in for unscheduled visits because it gave her a better understanding of all parties involved. Carly was curious if Jax had known about the visit. Jax denied it, but he assured Carly that he had cleared his schedule to accommodate the court mediator for the sake of their daughter. Carly pasted on a smile and then sat down. Grace wondered what Carly's goal for Josslyn was, so Carly explained that she wanted to provide Josslyn with a happy and stable environment. The interview took a turn when Grace revealed that her records indicated that Michael was a convicted felon with anger issues.

Carly realized that Jax was behind Grace's implication that Michael was too dangerous for Josslyn to be around. Carly demanded to know how Jax could do that. "Hey, I was just telling the truth," Jax replied smugly. "You sorry son of bitch," Carly snarled at Jax.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

At the penthouse, Sam and Jason discussed marriage. Sam wanted Jason to know that she was okay with how things were between them. She insisted that she didn't need a piece of paper to assure her that he loved her. "Okay, if that's how you feel," Jason responded, prepared to drop the matter. Sam wondered if Jason felt the same way. Jason promised her that he loved her, but he also wanted her to be happy.

Jason explained that he didn't want Sam to feel as if something were missing from their relationship, so Sam was curious if he felt that there was. Jason sensed that Sam might have reservations about marriage for completely different reasons than he realized, so he asked her how she felt about it. Sam admitted that she associated bad things with marriage because of the many times that she had conned men into marrying her to steal their fortunes. Sam wondered what Jason's impression of marriage was. Jason confessed that he didn't have a good view of marriage, either, so he understood Sam's reluctance. She confessed that she didn't want to jeopardize what they had, but Jason didn't want their fears to hold them back from something that they wanted.

At Kelly's, Maxie was on the phone with Spinelli, urging him to go to the hospital to have his stitches checked, but Spinelli refused. She then begged Spinelli to stay away from Anthony. Maxie became irritated when Spinelli called her "sugar lips," so she barked at him to stop calling her that and then ended the call just as Sam walked in. Sam was curious if Maxie had been talking to Spinelli. Maxie clarified that Spinelli's new persona, Jackal, had been on the phone. Maxie feared that she would never see Spinelli again and then blamed herself what had happened.

Sam grumbled that it wasn't as bad as what Maxie had done to Sam. Maxie looked confused, so Sam demanded to know what Maxie had said to convince Jason that Sam wanted to get married. Maxie wondered if they had decided to get married, but Sam quickly explained that the topic of marriage had been raised. Maxie insisted that Sam and Jason needed to discuss marriage because it was time for them to move forward. Sam suggested that Maxie didn't have any room to talk when she had refused to marry Spinelli. Sam complained that Jason wouldn't shut up about marriage, so Maxie offered to help Sam pick out a wedding dress.

Sam explained that it wasn't necessary since she hadn't given Jason an answer. "Leave it to Jason to propose and run," Maxie remarked. Sam admitted that it hadn't been a proposal; they had just talked about what they wanted. Sam insisted that Jason wasn't the marrying kind, but Maxie disagreed. Maxie was curious where a baby fit into Sam and Jason's plans. "What baby?" Sam asked. Maxie ignored the question as she suggested that Sam and Jason put everyone out of their misery by getting married.

At the Zacchara penthouse, Johnny accused Anthony of being reckless and careless. Anthony claimed that he was "unconventional and unpredictable." Johnny admitted that going after Sonny was a great idea, but Johnny didn't want Anthony to target women and children. "It's all or nothing, John," Anthony replied. Anthony explained that it was how he had built his organization, so he refused to let it crumble because Johnny was too polite to do what was necessary. According to Anthony, "brats and wives" were Sonny's weakness.

Johnny suggested that Anthony was too impatient. Johnny claimed that they were making progress with Sonny, but Anthony disagreed. Johnny insisted that he had a code, so women and children were off-limits. Anthony switched tactics by arguing that Sonny had targeted women. Anthony reminded Johnny that Sonny had gone after Claudia, but Johnny shot back that Anthony had pushed Claudia in Sonny's direction. Anthony tried to play on Johnny's emotions by asking what Johnny had done to avenge his sister's murder.

Johnny warned Anthony not to go there with him because Anthony had been the first one to use Claudia. Johnny demanded that Anthony allow Claudia to rest in peace, or Johnny would make certain that Anthony joined Claudia. After Johnny stormed out of the penthouse, Anthony made a phone call. He instructed the person on the other end to carry out the plans exactly as they had discussed.

In Jax's office, Carly resented Grace Yang, the court-appointed mediator, implying that Michael was too dangerous to be around Josslyn. Carly demanded to know why Jax hadn't told the truth about Michael. The question became moot when Sonny barged into the office and then accused Jax of being a "miserable dirt-bag." Sonny promised to kick Jax's "self-righteous ass" and then leave Jax begging for mercy. Jax told Grace who Sonny was, but Sonny ignored Grace as he continued to rant at Jax. Sonny accused Jax of trying to wreck his marriage to Brenda, and causing everyone a lot of unnecessary pain.

Carly desperately tried to get Sonny to calm down. Sonny finally noticed Grace sitting in the room. Sonny wondered who she was, so Grace explained that she was the court mediator. Sonny tried to dismiss Grace by explaining that he needed to have a private conversation with Jax, but Jax insisted that Grace could stay because Jax had nothing to hide. Grace assured everyone that she had heard more than enough and then left. Sonny was certain that Grace was in Jax's back pocket, but Jax merely smiled.

Jax was confident that Sonny's "tantrum" had secured Jax custody of Josslyn. Carly told Jax that she hated him and then left. Jax smiled as he informed Sonny that Sonny had done more damage to Carly's case than Jax could have ever done. Sonny vowed that Jax would be the one to lose everything. Sonny hoped that Jax remembered their conversation, so that Jax would know that he could have prevented what would happen. Jax smiled as he watched Sonny leave.

At Greystone Manor, Brenda talked to Alec about their plans to watch the fireworks in the park. Moments later, Alexis entered the parlor, so Brenda sent Alec to find Max and Milo. Alexis explained that she had stopped by to warn Brenda that she would be expected to testify as to whether or not Sonny was a danger to children. Brenda insisted that her name be taken off of the witness list because Brenda refused to testify that her husband shouldn't be near children. Brenda thought that Carly had been hostile enough, so she didn't want to give Carly more reason to hate her. Brenda admitted that she thought that Jax was only interested in her testimony because it was a way to get back at Sonny.

Alexis doubted that Jax's motives were sinister. Brenda realized that Jax thought that he was protecting Josslyn, and even Alec, from Sonny, but Brenda was certain that there was more behind Jax's determination to have her testify against Sonny. Alexis conceded that Jax would probably be happy if Brenda left Sonny, but she insisted that he wanted to ensure Josslyn's safety. Brenda suggested that Alexis testify at the custody hearing, since Alexis shared a child with Sonny. Alexis explained that she couldn't because she was representing Jax; however, Alexis wanted to do the right thing for everyone concerned, even though she had no idea what that was anymore.

Later, Brenda handed Alec earphones, so that he could listen to some music while they rode in the car. Gunfire erupted seconds after Brenda and Alec got into the limousine. Brenda screamed as she threw herself over Alec. Brenda and Alec were quickly whisked to Greystone Manor, where Sonny was waiting. Sonny handed Brenda a drink to calm her down, but Brenda was too concerned about Alec. Sonny assured her that Alec was fine, but Brenda doubted it.

Brenda decided to see for herself when Jason arrived. After Brenda left the room, Jason revealed that the shooter hadn't intended to hit Brenda or Alec. According to Jason, the gun had been aimed away from the windows, so it appeared that the shooter had simply wanted to scare Brenda. Sonny realized that it been a message, and he was certain that they both knew who had sent it. Sonny explained that they would have to send a message back. After Jason left, Brenda returned to the parlor.

Brenda admitted that the shooting had been reminiscent of the time that gunmen had stormed Sonny's apartment while she had been in the shower. Sonny reminded her that it had happened a long time before, but Brenda insisted that the memory had felt fresh because of what had happened in the limousine. Brenda revealed that it had been terrifying when she had thrown herself over Alec to protect him. Sonny felt terrible, but he assured her that she hadn't been in any real danger from the gunman. Brenda wondered if that were supposed to comfort her, because it didn't. Brenda reminded Sonny that the bullets had been real, so Alec could have been accidentally shot if they had tried to flee the limousine during the shooting.

Sonny explained that it had been a message. Brenda agreed; according to Brenda, the message had been that Sonny's enemies could get to Sonny's family anytime that they wanted. Sonny promised Brenda that it wouldn't happen again, but Brenda didn't know if she were willing to bet her child's life on that. Brenda mentioned Jax's warnings, but Sonny told her to forget about Jax. Brenda didn't know how that was possible when she had to testify the following day at the custody hearing. Sonny vowed that he would take care of everything, so he pleaded with Brenda not to mention the shooting when she took the stand.

Johnny returned home to find his father in a celebratory mood. Johnny realized that something had happened, so he demanded to know what Anthony had done. Anthony reminded Johnny that they had the same goal in regards to Sonny, but Anthony admitted that he had wanted to take things a step further by making Sonny suffer before his downfall. Anthony explained that he had pointed out Sonny's vulnerabilities and then revealed the details about the shooting. Johnny was livid because he had expressly warned his father not to target women and children, but Anthony clarified that Johnny had forbidden him to kill women and children.

Johnny was certain that Sonny would be arriving with a small army at any moment to retaliate. Anthony chuckled and then suggested that Johnny try to keep up with current events. Anthony explained that Sonny couldn't make a move against them because Carly was in the middle of a bitter custody battle, so it had been the perfect time to strike.

At the lake house, Alexis was surprised to find Carly standing on her doorstep. Carly explained that she had dropped by to beg Alexis to stop Jax from trying to take Josslyn. Alexis reminded Carly that she couldn't discuss the case with Carly, but she was confident that the judge would agree to joint custody. Carly admitted that she had her doubts because Jax refused to compromise. Alexis assured Carly that she was trying to find a fair solution for everyone, but Carly was upset at the prospect of Michael and Morgan being forced to testify. Alexis admitted that there might be time to remove Morgan from the witness list.

Carly was curious if Alexis had been the one to suggest to the mediator that Michael was an unstable felon with anger issues. Alexis revealed that she had turned over Michael's criminal record, but she had assured the mediator that Michael had successfully fulfilled all of the conditions of his parole. Carly explained that Grace had implied that Michael shouldn't be alone with Josslyn, which made Carly wonder how long before she was barred from seeing Josslyn. Alexis doubted that would happen because she had been trying to reason with Jax. Carly pleaded with Alexis, as a mother, to drop Jax as a client. Alexis warned Carly that Jax would find someone else to represent him, but Carly begged Alexis to think about it.

Later, Alexis went to Jax's office to ask him to reconsider sharing custody of Josslyn with Carly. Jax was in high spirits because he was certain that the hearing would just be a formality. Jax explained that Carly and Sonny had lost it in front of the mediator. Alexis hoped that it meant that Jax wouldn't force Michael and Morgan to testify. Jax insisted that he had never meant to hurt the boys, but Alexis didn't believe him. She admitted that she couldn't represent him anymore because she thought that Carly was a devoted mother.

Jax argued that Josslyn's life was on the line, but Alexis suggested that was just a convenient excuse to justify what he was doing. Jax promised her that he would patch things up with Carly after the judge granted him custody, but Alexis warned him that it would be too late. Jax realized that Alexis wouldn't change her mind, so he accepted her resignation, but promised her that he still loved her. Alexis hoped that it worked out for Jax and Carly, but most of all for Josslyn.

Carly went to Jason's penthouse to tell him about the fiasco in Jax's office. Carly feared that she wouldn't be able to convince a judge that Sonny was not a danger. Jason argued that Sonny was out of control because of what had happened to Brenda. Carly was stunned when Jason told her about the shooting. She wondered how Brenda and Alec were doing, so Jason revealed that they were fine, and that the sniper hadn't intended to hit them. Carly pointed out that Brenda and Alec hadn't known that at the time of the shooting.

Carly realized that it could have just as easily been her and Josslyn. She worried that Jax might have been right all along. Jason conceded that it was dangerous to be around Sonny; however, it would be more painful for Josslyn to be separated from her mother. Carly realized that Jason would go after the person responsible for the shooting, but she begged him to wait until after the custody hearing.

At the piers, Ethan was livid when he found Kristina standing alone. He reminded her that Anthony remained a threat, but Kristina wasn't concerned because she had known that Ethan would show up. Ethan was frustrated as he insisted that he cared about Kristina, but as a friend only. Kristina couldn't understand why Ethan refused to admit that there was something more than friendship between them. Ethan explained that Kristina merely had a crush on him; he was flattered, but it wasn't worth dying over. Kristina assured Ethan that no one would die.

Ethan warned Kristina that she was underestimating Anthony. Kristina was curious why Ethan was being so harsh, so Ethan explained that she was acting like a na´ve teenager too caught up in her own drama to realize that lives were at stake. Kristina was hurt, but Ethan refused to back down. He wondered if she grasped the concept of hypothetical situations and then painted a terrifying picture of Anthony's men snatching her off of the street, throwing her into a car, and then driving her out to the woods to murder her. Ethan was curious if Kristina had ever considered how Molly, Michael, and her mother would feel when they received a picture of her cold desecrated corpse, all because she had wanted some attention from Ethan.

Kristina was rattled, but she insisted that she just wanted her and Ethan to be honest about how they felt. Ethan argued that Kristina was too young for him, especially when she pulled stunts, and ignored the reality of her life. Kristina grew angry as she invited Ethan to tell her what he thought the realities of her life were. Ethan reminded Kristina that Sonny was a powerful, ruthless man whose enemies could easily target her to get to Sonny. Kristina refused to live in fear, but Ethan argued that she should because it would be better for everyone.

Ethan insisted that she had put him in an impossible situation with Sonny. Kristina argued that she would never allow her father to control her life because Ethan was someone who understood her, respected her, and liked her. Ethan admitted that he felt all of those things for her, but as a friend. Kristina was curious why he had defended her to Sonny on the plane when they had flown back from the Dominican Republic. Ethan attributed it to being upset over his divorce, and a hangover. Ethan continued to impress upon Kristina all the reasons that their relationship could never work, but his arguments fell on deaf ears.

Ethan finally explained that, even if Sonny were a mild-mannered accountant, he wouldn't date Kristina because she was too young emotionally. Ethan explained that he had been living on his own since the age of fifteen, so he was hardened in ways that Kristina couldn't begin to fathom. Ethan also insisted that he was interested in someone else. Kristina didn't believe him; she was certain that he was pushing her away to protect her. Ethan argued that he needed a woman, not a "petulant little girl." Kristina warned Ethan that he sucked at lying to her and then stormed off.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Liz paid Siobhan a visit at the hospital to apologize for the mistake in the operating room, and to assure Siobhan that it had been an accident. Liz understood if Siobhan wanted to sue her, but she pleaded with Siobhan not to sue the hospital, or the rest of the staff in the operating room. Siobhan suggested that they both knew that it was really about Lucky, so she didn't buy Liz's innocent act. Liz reminded Siobhan that Siobhan and Lucky had a real chance at happiness, but it would be jeopardized if Siobhan were to go after Liz. Siobhan doubted that Liz cared about Siobhan and Lucky's marriage.

Liz conceded that she would always have feelings for Lucky. "Isn't it revenge enough that I have to sit on the sidelines and watch the two of you together?" Liz wondered. Siobhan insisted that she couldn't forget that Liz had tried to kill her, so she refused to pretend to forgive Liz. Siobhan made it clear that she would make Liz pay for what she had done.

Lucky, Aiden, and Cameron returned to Lucky's apartment after their camping trip. Cam was curious why Spencer hadn't joined them. Lucky sat down to explain that there had been a mix-up after Aiden had been born. Lucky revealed that they had recently learned that Lucky was Aiden's real father. Cam wondered how his Uncle Nikolas was doing, so Lucky admitted that Nikolas had been hurt. Lucky then explained that Nikolas had decided to take Spencer to Europe and Greece to visit family.

Cam was curious what had been mixed up, so Lucky explained that everyone had DNA inside of them, and that Aiden had Lucky's DNA. Cam was curious if he also had Lucky's DNA. Lucky reminded Cam that Cam's biological father had died, so Lucky had become Cam's father. Lucky assured Cam that Cam had a very special place in his heart because Cam was Lucky's firstborn son. Cam smiled as he hugged his father and then said that he loved Lucky.

Later, Liz arrived to pick up the boys. Lucky explained that the boys had been exhausted after the camping trip, so they had taken a nap. Lucky invited Liz to sit down as he talked to her about the trip. Lucky confessed that it had helped him because it had reminded him of all of the good times that he'd had with Luke. Lucky then revealed that he had told Cam about Aiden's paternity. Liz was relieved to learn that Cam had taken the news well.

Lucky sensed that Liz was troubled, so she told him about Siobhan's accusations, and the malpractice suit. Lucky was stunned; he insisted that it was crazy for Siobhan to blame Liz for a mistake when he had been the one to intentionally set the fire that had landed Siobhan in the hospital. Lucky promised to talk to Siobhan. Liz assured Lucky that she hadn't told him about Aiden's paternity in a desperate attempt to get Lucky back. Lucky believed her.

Later, Siobhan beamed with delight when Lucky entered her hospital room with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. Lucky greeted his wife and then told her that he was happy that he had taken her advice to go camping with the boys. Lucky revealed that Cam knew the truth about Aiden and that he had assured Cam that they would all be a family. "All of us, including Liz," Siobhan replied as her smile faded. Lucky revealed that he had talked to Liz when she had picked up the boys, so he knew about the malpractice suit.

Lucky assured Siobhan that the mix-up in the operating room had been a terrible mistake, so he begged Siobhan to drop the lawsuit for his sake. Siobhan insisted that she couldn't. Meanwhile, Liz quietly approached the room, and then eavesdropped on Lucky and Siobhan's conversation. Lucky explained that the mix-up in the operating room had been a result of Liz returning to work too soon after Jake's death. Siobhan suggested that Lucky was blind to the truth.

According to Siobhan, Liz had been using Jake's death as an excuse for everything. Lucky reminded Siobhan that Liz was Jake's mother, so Liz's grief had been as real as his own. Siobhan insisted that Liz was jealous of their relationship and then reminded him that Liz had shown up on their wedding night in tears. Lucky argued Liz had been hurting because it had been Jake's birthday. Siobhan complained that Liz was always hurting, which led to Lucky always rescuing her.

Siobhan was certain that Liz had taken the opportunity to get rid of the competition without arousing suspicion by trying to claim that the mix-up with the medicine had been a mistake. Lucky insisted that Liz would never do that because it wasn't who Liz was. Siobhan reminded Lucky that he had once told her that he had difficulty seeing Liz, and her motives, clearly.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Steve approached Patrick, Robin, and Matt to reveal that Siobhan had hired an attorney to represent her in a malpractice suit. According to Steve, Matt had been left off of the lawsuit. Patrick wasn't surprised, since Matt had saved Siobhan's life. Robin understood that Siobhan was upset about what had happened, but Robin insisted that it was ridiculous to suggest that Liz had tried to kill Siobhan. Steve explained that Siobhan only saw an ex-wife who wanted her husband back.

Robin suggested that Siobhan might be worried because she realized that Jake's death had drawn Liz and Lucky closer. Steve conceded that the lawsuit had merit because Liz had made several mistakes since Jake's death, including the one that had almost killed Siobhan. Robin argued that they were all at fault because they had known that Liz wasn't ready to return to work. Steve agreed, so he had decided to submit his resignation as chief of staff because of what had happened with Liz, and because of the debacle with Lisa Niles.

Later, Robin felt bad that Steve had decided to step down. Patrick agreed that Steve had been a great chief of staff. He then changed the subject by suggesting that they needed to reward themselves for all of the recent turmoil that they'd endured. Robin perked up because she knew that he had been referring to their new hot tub. Patrick confessed that he couldn't wait to sit under the stars, sip wine, and listen to Sade. Robin was surprised that Patrick liked Sade.

Patrick seemed startled by her reaction. "Don't you?" he wondered. Robin admitted that it wasn't on her playlist, which disappointed Patrick. He revealed that he had purchased front row, center seat, tickets to Sade's concert two weeks from Saturday. He offered to give them away, but Robin refused to hear of it. She looked forward to going to the concert with her husband.

Moments later, Steve returned from a meeting with the board. According to Steve, his resignation hadn't been necessary because the board had decided to suspend him as chief of staff indefinitely. However, Steve would continue to work as the head of the trauma unit in the emergency room. Patrick was relieved that they wouldn't be losing Steve. Steve admitted that he would be glad to be back in action. Steve then revealed that he had been asked to recommend a replacement. Patrick and Robin were surprised when Steve announced that Robin had been named the interim chief of staff.

Patrick wondered why he hadn't been chosen, since he had been more qualified for the position. Steve and Robin pointed out that Patrick's people skills were lacking, so the position wouldn't be a good fit with his personality. Matt joined the group a short time later. Matt was delighted that Robin would be in charge instead of Patrick. Matt confessed that he would have hated taking orders from his brother. Patrick continued to grumble, so Steve pointed out that Patrick wouldn't have liked being the chief of staff because it would have limited his time in the operating room.

Patrick seemed less put out about not being the first choice when Steve added that being the chief of staff was a thankless job. A short time later, Robin handed out the new assignments. Matt was thrilled with the case that he had been given, but Patrick was offended when he saw his. Patrick insisted that the case that he had been assigned was a step above a tonsillectomy. Robin insisted that the patient deserved the best care, but Patrick suspected that she was paying him back for complaining.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny saw Brenda heading to the front door, so he called out to her. Brenda stopped in the doorway of the parlor as he wondered if she were trying to avoid him. Brenda smiled awkwardly as she suggested that it was romantic to be summoned to court on the same day. Brenda then admitted that she had been awake all night, worrying about what she would say at the custody hearing. Sonny reminded her that Jax had known from the beginning that Sonny would be a part of their lives because Sonny and Carly shared children. Brenda suggested that Jax might have been okay with that until Josslyn had been born.

Sonny and Brenda then began to argue about Carly. Sonny insisted that Carly tried to keep her children safe, but Brenda suggested that he save it for the hearing. Sonny was curious what Brenda intended to say when she testified. Brenda admitted that she had no idea. Sonny realized that she was still upset about the shooting the night before, so he assured her that he had guards watching the courthouse closely. Brenda reminded him that she had someone else's safety to consider: Alec. Brenda had no idea how the shooting had affected her son.

Brenda confessed that she'd lie to protect Sonny, but she insisted that Jax had a right to safeguard his daughter. Sonny didn't think that Carly should lose Josslyn, but Brenda disagreed. Brenda argued that Carly was unstable and needed to grow up. Sonny reminded Brenda that Carly loved her children. He wondered how Brenda would feel if someone decided to take Alec away from her because she had married him. Sonny hugged his wife and then admitted that he was confident that she would do the right thing.

At the courthouse, Carly spotted Grace Yang exiting the judge's chambers. Carly quickly apologized for her outburst in Jax's office and then assured the court-appointed mediator that Sonny knew that he had been out of line. Carly assured Grace that she was more than willing to compromise with Jax. Jax walked up just as Grace explained that she couldn't discuss the case with Carly. Jax suggested that he had a right to be present if they were discussing Josslyn's custody, but Grace quickly explained that she had heard more than enough to make a recommendation.

After Grace left, Jax admitted that he had known that Carly would be there. Carly accused Jax of trying to punish her by calling everyone close to her to testify. Jax denied that he wanted to hurt anyone, so Carly begged him to stop the proceedings, and reconsider what he was doing. Jax insisted that he was determined to protect his daughter. Carly clarified that she would not be a visitor in Josslyn's life.

Jax warned Carly that it would happen regardless, so she could spare everyone from testifying by simply accepting the inevitable. Carly refused, so Jax admitted that he hoped that Carly wouldn't continue to be angry with him after he was granted custody of Josslyn, because it wouldn't be good for their daughter. Carly was outraged; she reminded him of her own situation with Bobbie, and how not having her mother in her life had nearly driven Carly to destroy herself, her mother, and those close to Bobbie. Jax argued that the situations were entirely different. Carly confessed that she regretted marrying him because she realized that he had never accepted her for whom she was. Jax disagreed, so she challenged Jax to prove it by sharing custody of Josslyn.

Jax argued that Carly couldn't keep their daughter safe, so Carly vowed not to give up on Josslyn. Later, Brenda arrived. Jax explained that Alexis had resigned, so the hearing would be held in the judge's chambers and that there wouldn't be any attorneys present. Brenda relaxed; she admitted that she had been nervous about testifying. Jax urged Brenda to stick to the truth. Moments later, Sonny joined them.

Carly was pleased to note that everyone was acting civilly towards each other, because it would make a good impression on the judge. Jax promptly took the opportunity to needle Sonny and Carly by pointing out that Brenda stood next to him, while Sonny and Carly had gravitated towards each other. After Jax and Carly were called into the judge's chambers, Sonny suggested that Jax's remark had been an attempt to rattle Brenda. According to Sonny, Carly had been trying to keep her distance from Sonny. Brenda found it interesting that Sonny always seemed to have an answer for everything when it concerned Carly.

Brenda was curious why it was okay for Sonny to help Carly, but Sonny always accused Jax of manipulating Brenda when she tried to help Jax. Sonny insisted that Jax's main goal was to take Josslyn. However, if Jax could cause problems between Sonny and Brenda then Jax might end up walking away with Josslyn and Brenda.

In the judge's chambers, Grace Yang testified that she found Carly to be a volatile person who had been unable to provide a safe home for Josslyn. Carly argued that Grace hadn't even been in her home, so the judge assured Carly that they could arrange for a home visit before he rendered a decision. The judge then invited Grace to continue with her evaluation. Grace proceeded to repeat all of the arguments that Jax had made about why Josslyn shouldn't be with Carly. Grace concluded with her recommendation that Jax be awarded sole custody of Josslyn.

Sonny sat alone in the hallway after Brenda entered the judge's chambers to testify. He was startled when Kristina walked up. Kristina explained that she was there to testify that Sonny was a wonderful, although over-protective father, who loved his children dearly. Sonny appreciated Kristina's support, but he pointed out that it might not be a good idea for her to testify because Jax might want to question her about the car explosion the previous summer. Sonny didn't want Kristina to have to lie on the stand, nor did he think it would be a good idea for her to admit that he had been responsible for the car bomb.

Kristina agreed to leave, so she hugged her father and then walked away. However, Sonny quickly called out that nothing had changed; she still couldn't date Ethan. Kristina chuckled and then replied, "Okay dad."

In the judge's chambers, Brenda told the judge that Sonny loved his children. Brenda also revealed that Jax and Sonny had never liked each other, but both men were devoted fathers. The judge was curious how much contact Carly had with Sonny, so Brenda admitted that it seemed like Carly ran to Sonny with every little thing. The judge wondered if Sonny were a danger to children, but Brenda became evasive. Brenda admitted that she knew for certain that Jax would grant Carly full access to Josslyn if Jax were granted custody of his daughter. According to Brenda, Jax was a man who kept his word.

The judge demanded to know if Brenda had witnessed or been exposed to any violence since she had married Sonny. Brenda tried to avoid the question, but the judge pushed for an answer. Finally, Brenda admitted that she and her son had been shot at the night before as they left the park.

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