General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 1, 2013 on GH

Elizabeth forgave A.J. Connie was not pleased when Olivia decided to recuperate at Sonny's place. Sonny kissed Olivia. Milo accepted Lucy's job offer. Shawn and Alexis broke up.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 1, 2013 on GH
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Monday, July 1, 2013

A.J. sent flowers to Elizabeth at General Hospital. When another nurse admired the bouquet, Elizabeth asked her to cover so that Elizabeth could track someone down.

In Luke's suite at the Metro Court, Tracy tried to convince Luke to take her along on the search for Jerry Jacks. Luke said that it was not Tracy's fight, but Tracy replied that Jerry had escaped with 88 million dollars, and part of it was hers, so it was Tracy's fight, too. Luke then explained the dangers. Luke told Tracy that he was willing to risk his own life because he was a dead man walking, but that he was not willing to risk hers.

Tracy said that although Luke was not her child, husband, or lover, he was very important to her because Luke was her "You," and if there was any way that Tracy could help save Luke's life, she was going to be there for him. Luke said that he had no idea about the dangers or the length of time the search for Jerry might consume. Luke wondered how that would affect Tracy's battle for ELQ.

Tracy said that ELQ did not matter because Tracy could get along without the company but she could not get along without Luke, who was the Clyde to her Bonnie. Tracy begged Luke to take her along and promised not to let him down. Tracy reminded Luke that arguing with her was wasting time that he did not have. Luke reluctantly agreed that Tracy could go with him.

Luke urged Tracy to hurry and pack. When Tracy asked what she should pack, Luke told her "lots of cash." After Tracy left the suite, Luke looked out the window, closed the curtains and picked up a pen from the nearby desk.

Laura and Nikolas met at Kelly's to wait for Lulu, who had summoned them there. Laura wanted to know where Nikolas stood with Elizabeth, but Nikolas wanted to hear about Laura and Scott. Lulu arrived, and they were diverted by the news that the Falconeri family would be welcoming a girl to their family. Nikolas told Lulu that she would be a great mother.

With tears in her eyes, Lulu told Nikolas that Stavros had threatened to kill Lulu's family if she refused to consummate her marriage to him. When Lulu had refused, anyway, Stavros had picked up a phone and ordered that Nikolas be shot. Lulu apologized profusely, but Nikolas assured Lulu that she had done the right thing and that he had survived. Nikolas apologized for everything that his father, Stavros had done.

Nikolas said that he had survived, and it was time to focus on other things, like preparing to meet his beautiful niece. Lulu and Laura laughed. Nikolas noticed Elizabeth at a nearby table and took his leave.

Laura told Lulu that Nikolas had been right. Lulu should focus on the baby. Laura was eager to go shopping for girly things and wondered if Luke would buy the child fishing equipment. Lulu said that she had just seen Luke and Tracy, and they had seemed very intense. Lulu wondered if Tracy had been lying when she told Lulu that Tracy's medical tests had revealed no problems, because Lulu felt that something had been off.

Laura suggested that Tracy had been covering for Luke. Lulu realized that Luke had seemed pale and gray the last time she had seen him and decided to get to the bottom of the mystery. Laura said that she would go along. Lulu said that Laura was with Scotty and did not need to be concerned, but Laura said that she and Luke would always share a bond as long as they shared children, so she would accompany Lulu on her quest to find out about Luke. They left Kelly's together.

Nikolas sat down with Elizabeth, who gave him back his phone. Elizabeth said that she was sorry that she had ever seen the phone in the first place. Elizabeth asked why Nikolas had not told her that A.J. had slept with Carly during a period when Elizabeth and A.J. had broken up. Nikolas said that it would have been self-serving. Elizabeth replied that it would have been honest.

Nikolas asked if Elizabeth intended to forgive A.J. Elizabeth said that she did not know. After Elizabeth left Kelly's, Nikolas deleted A.J.'s admission that he had slept with Carly from the phone.

Michael was frantic when he talked to A.J. at the ELQ offices. Michael told A.J. about searching for Morgan and accidentally walking in on Kiki as she was changing into a bathing suit. Michael begged A.J. to send him out of the country on business so that Michael could get far away from Kiki. A.J. did not want to send Michael away. A.J. said that he needed his son by his side and added that Michael was A.J.'s only friend.

When Michael asked about Elizabeth, A.J. blurted out that they were having problems because A.J. had slept with Carly. Michael spewed out the water he had just sipped as A.J. made that announcement. Michael said that he did not want the details. A.J. observed that it had just been one of those nights, and at least Carly was not his first cousin. A.J. said that he had only slept with Carly one time, and it had been a mistake.

A.J. explained that Elizabeth had broken up with him, and A.J. had gotten pissed off and started in a downward spiral. Carly had been there for him, and events had gotten out of control. A.J. said that there was still hope that Elizabeth would forgive him, but A.J. was starting to freak out because he knew that it was the opening that Nikolas had been waiting for.

Elizabeth showed up at ELQ. Michael left to make phone calls so that A.J. and Elizabeth could be alone. A.J. told Elizabeth that he was really glad that she was there, unless she was there to tell A.J. that it was over between them.

In the Quartermaine drawing room, Carly sparred verbally with Franco and Ava. Carly wanted Morgan to go home with her, while Ava and Franco wanted Morgan to remain with Kiki. Franco threatened to tell Morgan that Carly had tried to have Franco shot, but Carly said that shockingly, someone else had tried to shoot Franco, and she was in the clear. Ava said that it was possible that Carly had hired both assassins. Franco agreed. Carly called Franco "crazy."

Franco and Ava said that Franco was a changed man who would never hurt Morgan. Carly retorted that Franco could prove it by letting Morgan go. Franco said that he had an agenda of his own that concerned his daughter. Ava said that she had met Morgan, and Ava felt that Morgan genuinely cared about Kiki.

When Carly told Ava that Carly did not care what Ava thought, Ava asked if Carly cared about what Morgan thought because Morgan had made it clear to Ava that he felt like he was not wanted by his family and had been banished to a boarding school. Carly was stunned as she rationalized that she had sent Morgan away for his own protection. Franco challenged Carly to bare her soul to Morgan.

Morgan and Kiki waited in the foyer and discussed the turn that events had taken and the strange goings-on between their parents. Morgan was convinced that despite anyone's best efforts, Carly would succeed in dragging him home. Both were surprised when Franco opened the doors to the drawing room and announced that Carly had something to say.

Morgan was shocked when Carly caved in and said that he could stay with Kiki. When Morgan asked what had changed her mind, Franco interrupted and said that he and Ava had. Ava added that it had not been that hard to change Carly's mind once Carly understood that Morgan loved Kiki and that Franco was a changed man, which Ava could guarantee. Ava and Franco kissed. Kiki asked Franco to tone down the "kumbaya" factor.

Carly stared at Ava and Franco and said that she would hold them both personally responsible if anything happened to Morgan. Morgan hugged Carly and thanked her for letting him stay with Kiki. After the kids left the room, Carly told Franco and Ava that they had won the battle, but the war was far from over. Carly said that she had not yet figured out their game, but Franco and Ava had better watch out when she did.

After Carly sailed out of the room, Ava told Franco that they made a good team. Franco told Ava that he did not think that Carly had hired the second shooter. Franco said that he believed that Ava had fired the second shot.

At the lake house, Shawn tried to convince Alexis that everything had changed because his bullet had not been the one that had hit Olivia. Alexis said that it did not change the fact that Shawn had taken the job as a contract killer for Sonny. Shawn wanted to know how Alexis could justify her work for Sonny. Alexis said that it was not the same because she had a daughter with Sonny. Alexis said that she loved Shawn but could not be with him as long as he worked for Sonny.

Shawn said that he would quit working for Sonny if Alexis did the same. Shawn pointed out that even though Alexis did not commit murder, she facilitated for those that did. Alexis said that facilitating was legal and a far cry from shooting someone. She asked Shawn if he had a moral objection to her job. When Shawn said no, Alexis said that she did have a moral objection to his job.

Alexis added that they were done, but Shawn stopped her and said that he loved her and would take Alexis on whatever terms she demanded. They kissed. When Alexis asked what Shawn would do, he said that he knew exactly what to do about Sonny.

Tracy went back to Luke's suite, but it was empty. She found a tender letter from Luke, agreeing that she was Bonnie to his Clyde, but reminding Tracy how badly that had ended. Luke said that Tracy was also his "You." Luke told Tracy that even though his goose might be cooked, he could never forgive himself if Luke let something terrible happen to Tracy. Luke said that he would catch Tracy on the flip side and added that he was counting on her to keep his condition and his mission under her hat.

Tracy was tearful when she responded to a knock on the door. She found Laura and Lulu waiting on the threshold when she opened it.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Laura and Lulu stopped by Luke's hotel suite to talk to him, but Tracy revealed that Luke had left town. Surprised, Lulu wondered where he had gone, but Tracy admitted that she didn't know. Lulu called out to her father because she suspected that he might be hiding. Tracy laughed because she couldn't fathom why Lulu would think that Luke was hiding. Lulu argued that Luke had done it before, so Tracy reminded Lulu that Luke had mentioned that he was leaving town when Lulu had stopped by earlier. Lulu confessed that she was worried about her father because something felt off about his trip.

Lulu confessed that she also had concerns about the recent medical tests. Tracy reiterated that the tests had been for Tracy and that Tracy was fine, but Laura didn't believe Tracy. Laura was certain that the tests had actually been for Luke, so Laura urged Tracy to tell them if something was wrong with Luke. Tracy decided to keep Luke's secret by insisting that she didn't have any reason to cover for Luke. Laura made another appeal to Tracy by warning Tracy that it would be a huge mistake to cover for Luke if he was sick. Tracy stuck to her guns, so Laura and Lulu left.

In the study at the Quartermaine mansion, Ava suggested that she and Franco made a good team. Franco admitted that he wasn't completely convinced that Carly had been the only person to try to kill him on the terrace. Ava carefully hid her alarm as she feigned confusion about what Franco was talking about, but Franco wasn't fooled because he was certain that Ava had been the second sniper. Ava denied it, but Franco didn't believe her, so she quickly deflected by accusing Franco of being a psychopath who created fantasies in his head that spilled over into reality. Franco quickly clarified that he was a "highly functioning sociopath."

Ava switched tactics by reminding Franco that it had been established that Carly had been behind the botched hit. Franco argued that Carly was too shrewd of a woman to double her risk of exposure by arranging for two snipers to shoot at him. Ava sensed Franco's admiration for Carly, so he admitted that he had a weakness for smart, complicated, committed women who never backed down. However, he quickly added that Carly was one of many women. Franco returned to the heart of the matter by revealing that he knew that Ava had been the other shooter.

Ava continued to deny that she'd had anything to do with the attempt on Franco's life. She tried to leave, but Franco reached out to stop her. Ava suggested that he watch his step because if he was right about her being the second sniper then she was dangerous. Franco had no idea why it had taken him so long to figure out that Ava had been the second shooter because she had threatened him at the police station, and she had held a letter opener to his throat. Franco suspected that Ava had turned Metro Court into a shooting gallery because Ava had hoped to increase Kiki's stock in ELQ by killing Franco. However, Franco pointed out that he was a "lucky little sociopath" because Ava had missed her target and had instead shot a poor defenseless woman.

Franco wondered what Ava had considered what Morgan's father would say when Sonny learned that Ava had been the one who had shot the mother of Sonny's eldest child. Ava insisted that she hadn't been responsible for the shooting, but Franco ignored her as he wondered if she had ever met Sonny. Ava admitted that she hadn't, so Franco warned her that Sonny was brutal, volatile, and arrogant, prompting Ava to suggest that Franco and Sonny sounded a lot alike. Franco's temper flared as he assured her that he was nothing like Sonny because Sonny was predictable and unimaginative, so Sonny was likely to bury Olivia's shooter in a shallow grave.

Ava put on a brave front by claiming that she had nothing to hide and then suggested that no one would believe that Ava moonlighted as a sniper. Franco conceded that Ava was so much more than what she allowed people to see, prompting Ava to cut to the chase by inviting Franco to produce proof of his theory that she had been the second shooter. Franco admitted that he didn't have any evidence, so Ava reminded Franco that they had a plan to seize control of ELQ, which meant that she didn't have any reason to want him dead.

Franco argued that Ava hadn't thought that far ahead when she had tried to carry out the hit. He was equally certain that she had only joined forces with him until he had secured control of ELQ and then she intended to kill him. Ava suggested that Franco gave her a lot of credit, so Franco conceded that she deserved it. He admitted that it was what had drawn him to her when they had first met. Franco recalled that he had been intrigued when she had invited him to use her skirt as a canvas. Ava confessed that she still had the skirt in storage, prompting Franco to wonder why she had held onto it for so long. Ava explained that it had been the only reminder of the happy times that she had had with Franco.

Franco seemed uncomfortable with the direction of their conversation, so he turned the topic back to ELQ. Franco assured Ava that their plan would work if she didn't "muck" things up by trying to kill him again. Ava reminded Franco that he wasn't to be trusted either, so he promised not to kill her. Ava decided that they would both be "sleeping with the enemy." She then surprised him by inviting him to bed. Ava pointed out that they needed to convince Kiki that they were a real couple, so they had to sleep in the same bed. Franco watched as Ava left the room and then slowly walked up the staircase.

Connie entered Olivia's hospital room with minestrone soup and cannolis for her cousin. Olivia thanked Connie and admitted that she was eager to get out of the hospital. However, Olivia confided that she would miss Rodrigo's massages. Connie announced that she had hired Rodrigo to care for Olivia while Olivia recuperated at Connie's penthouse.

Connie was surprised when Olivia quietly admitted that Sonny had already made arrangements for Olivia to stay at Greystone Manor until Olivia had fully recovered from the gunshot injuries. Connie was curious when the arrangements had been made, so Olivia revealed that Sonny had been by earlier that day. Olivia claimed that she had graciously tried to decline, but Sonny was persistent when he wanted something.

Connie wondered if Olivia were suggesting that Sonny wanted Olivia. Olivia appeared taken aback by the question, so she rushed to explain that Sonny had felt guilty about what had happened to Olivia. Connie didn't know why Sonny would feel guilty when he hadn't been the intended target. Connie wanted Olivia to call Sonny to let him know about the change of plans, so she handed Olivia the cell phone. Olivia ignored the phone as she argued that she didn't want to inconvenience Connie who was busy with work and valued her privacy.

Connie questioned Olivia's real motives for turning down Connie's offer. Olivia was curious what Connie was trying to say, so Connie asked her cousin to fess up about Olivia's feelings for Sonny. Olivia reminded Connie that they had grown up with Sonny and that Sonny and Olivia had a son together and were about to become grandparents. Connie was certain that there was more to it than that because Olivia had always carried a torch for Sonny, and Sonny was single at that moment. Olivia insisted that Sonny had simply invited Olivia to convalesce at his mansion because it had plenty of room.

Connie was curious what Olivia thought would happen when Sonny arrived home at the end of the day and had dinner with Olivia. Olivia became defensive as she asked if Connie was afraid that Sonny would move on like Connie had urged him to. Olivia suggested that Connie be honest with herself first before expecting it from others. Olivia's voice gentled as she asked if Connie wanted Sonny back. Olivia assured her cousin that all Connie had to do was say the word, and it would happen. Connie confessed that she didn't know if she was mentally ready.

Olivia assured Connie that she would never let anything get between Olivia and Connie, so Olivia offered to turn down Sonny's offer if it bothered Connie. Connie didn't want Olivia to do that on Connie's account, so Connie claimed that she was fine with Olivia staying with Sonny. Olivia asked if Connie was sure. "Yeah," Connie replied with a brittle smile.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny gave Max and Milo instructions to get the house ready for Olivia. Milo wondered if he should do anything special to Sonny's bedroom, prompting Sonny to ask why Milo would ask such a question. Milo realized that he had annoyed Sonny, so he nervously suggested that perhaps Olivia might want some lotion from Sonny's bedroom. Max quickly stepped in to smooth things over, but Sonny was frustrated with the "stupid" things that Milo said and did, like "shacking up" with Sonny's daughter-in-law. Max assured Sonny that Milo knew that it had been wrong, but Max promised Sonny that Milo had only been trying to protect Lulu.

Sonny growled that it was a husband's place to protect a wife, so Milo should have called Dante or taken Lulu to Greystone Manor instead of Milo's apartment. Milo reminded Sonny that Lulu hadn't remembered Dante, but that only infuriated Sonny further. Sonny insisted that loyalty was the most important thing in their line of work, but Milo hadn't shown any to Sonny. The doorbell rang, but Sonny ignored it as he made it clear that he expected Milo to prove Milo's loyalty. Milo agreed and then went to answer the door.

Max assured Sonny that Milo would make things right, but Sonny wasn't satisfied. Sonny explained that Milo had betrayed Sonny. "And you know what happens to people who betray me," Sonny added. Carly appeared in the doorway, followed by Milo, so Sonny excused Max and Milo.

Carly quietly confessed that she had heard that Olivia was expected to recover. Sonny admitted that it was true, but he was still angry at Carly. She was taken aback by the hostility radiating from Sonny, so she asked him if he had talked to Shawn. Sonny nodded, but he insisted that it didn't change anything because Carly had manipulated Shawn to do her dirty work by using Sonny's name. Sonny viewed what she had done as a betrayal. Carly was curious if he would have followed through on the threat to kill her if Olivia had died.

Sonny argued that the question was moot, but Carly disagreed. She reminded Sonny that they had each always had the other's back because they had loved each other, so she needed to know what he would have done. Sonny admitted that Carly was right about what they had meant to each other, but he had meant what he had said. Carly realized that Sonny had to love Olivia if he had been willing to kill someone he loved to avenge Olivia's death. Sonny clarified that he loved Olivia because they were childhood friends and Olivia was the mother of his son, but Carly wanted a real answer.

Sonny insisted that was the real answer, so Carly was curious what Sonny intended to tell Connie when Connie asked questions about his relationship with Olivia. Sonny evaded the question by asking if Carly had stopped by to talk about Sonny and Connie or to discuss where he and Carly stood with each other. "Is there still an us?" Carly asked. Sonny admitted that he wanted there to be, but they needed to reach an understanding. Sonny explained that Carly had broken his trust, so she could never cross that line again. "I know," Carly told him as her eyes filled with tears.

Carly apologized for what she had done and then hugged Sonny. Afterwards, Sonny confessed that he had intended to call her to clear the air between them. Their conversation then turned to Franco. Sonny insisted that they needed to back off from Franco because the police were watching Franco too closely. Carly agreed and confided that she was content to let someone else kill Franco. However, she was concerned about Morgan. Sonny was shocked when Carly revealed that Morgan was living at the Quartermaine mansion.

Carly feared that Morgan, like Olivia, would be caught in the crossfire when someone made another attempt on Franco's life. Sonny assured Carly that she didn't have to worry because he would take care of it. Carly agreed, but she wanted his assurance that they were good, so Sonny promised her that they were.

At ELQ, A.J. confessed that he was happy to see Elizabeth, unless she was there to break up with him. Elizabeth explained that she wanted to discuss where they stood with each other and where they were headed. A.J. feared that he had used up all of his chances with her. Elizabeth recalled the first time that she had seen A.J. when he had returned to Port Charles. She confessed that he hadn't been her favorite person even though she had agreed to treat his injuries.

Elizabeth admitted that she had hurt Jason, too, because she had lied to him. She revealed that Jason had forgiven her, but things had never been the same between them. Elizabeth would always regret what she had done to Jason, so she hadn't been in any position to judge A.J. or to deny him a second chance. A.J. wondered if Elizabeth had regretted that, so she conceded that he had hurt her and that she didn't know if she could trust him. However, she knew that A.J. wasn't the person that he had once been.

A.J. thanked Elizabeth for recognizing that he had changed. She assured him that she didn't expect him to be perfect because no one was perfect. Elizabeth realized that mistakes couldn't be avoided, but she feared that letting A.J. go would be a huge mistake because she would always wonder what might have been. A.J.'s face lit up with hope as he asked if she had forgiven him. Elizabeth admitted that there wasn't anything to forgive.

Overjoyed, A.J. passionately kissed Elizabeth and then promised that he would stop being jealous and picking fights with Nikolas, unless Nikolas gave A.J. a reason. Elizabeth shot A.J. a warning look, so A.J. explained that they couldn't move forward with Nikolas constantly trying to get between them. Elizabeth conceded that A.J. had a point, so she agreed to talk to Nikolas to make it clear where she and A.J. stood. After Elizabeth left, A.J. called his mother. He looked at the picture of him with Elizabeth that had been taken on the red carpet during the Nurses Ball, as he told Monica that he and Elizabeth were back together.

At Kelly's, Nikolas listened to the recording of A.J.'s confession about sleeping with Carly before deleting it from the cell phone. Moments later, Lucy sat down to talk to Nikolas. Nikolas insisted that he had to leave, so Lucy explained that she needed to discuss a business proposition with him. She told him about the plans to revive Deception, but Nikolas cut her off to explain that it didn't fit his business portfolio, so he wasn't interested. Lucy was stunned because Nikolas had invested in Tracy's relish, which she doubted had been a better fit for his portfolio.

Nikolas admitted that his partnership with Tracy had been a mistake. Lucy sensed that she was losing Nikolas, so she played her trump card by revealing that Laura was part of the Deception business venture. Nikolas' interest was piqued, so Lucy told him about Laura's plan for a wellness center and how Laura's face had lit up when Laura had talked about it. Lucy added that each wellness center would also include a fitness center, as well as various spas to cater to each area of the body. Lucy asked Nikolas to invest in Deception, so Nikolas asked her to crunch the numbers for him.

Lucy was confident that Nikolas would provide Deception with financial backing for Laura's sake, so she decided to focus on the next step to revive Deception by finding some able-bodied men. Moments later, she spotted Milo at the counter. After Lucy walked away, Nikolas saw Elizabeth enter the diner. He invited Elizabeth to join him, but Elizabeth declined. She explained that she had stopped by to let Nikolas know that she and A.J. were back together.

At the counter, Max offered Milo advice on how to fix things with Sonny. Milo admitted that he didn't know if he wanted to continue to work for Sonny. Milo explained that he woke up every morning with a sense of dread because he didn't love his job. According to Milo the only thing that made him happy and gave him a sense of satisfaction was exercising. Milo wanted the same endorphin rush from his job that he derived from his workouts because he wanted to feel connected to the world and have a sense of purpose.

Max laughed at Milo's desire to find a job that was more of a calling. Max's phone rang, prompting Max to joke, "Now I have a calling." After Max stepped away to take the call, Lucy sat down next to Milo at the counter. It was clear that Lucy had overheard the brothers' exchange because she told Milo that she might have found his calling.

Lucy told Milo about her plans for a fitness center as part of the new Deception. She handed him a business card with promises that it could change his life if he accepted her offer. Max returned to the counter as Lucy walked away, so Max asked what Lucy had wanted from Milo. "Nothing," Milo answered as he carefully tucked the card away.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sonny pushed Olivia's wheelchair to his front door as they arrived at his home. Max and Milo trailed behind with Olivia's luggage, but Olivia felt bad that Max and Milo had had to work on the Fourth of July. Sonny assured Olivia that Max and Milo hadn't minded and then entered the house. Milo's phone rang, so Milo lingered behind to answer the call.

Inside, Sonny helped Olivia to the sofa and then noticed that Milo had disappeared. Sonny demanded to know where Milo was, so Max went to find his brother. After Max left, Sonny confessed that he had ordered a special lunch from Kelly's for Olivia. Olivia thanked Sonny, but insisted that it hadn't been necessary. Sonny reminded her of his promise to take care of her during her recovery. He sat down next to Olivia, reached for hand, and then gave it a reassuring squeeze.

Olivia pulled her hand away as she admitted that perhaps it had been a mistake to recuperate in Sonny's home. Sonny argued that they were family, but Olivia confessed that she was worried about Connie because Connie had seemed a bit jealous when Olivia had told her about the arrangement. Sonny was surprised, so Olivia begged him not to say anything to Connie. Sonny promised that he wouldn't, but he pointed out that it had been Connie's decision to end things with him. However, he insisted that there was nothing for Connie to be jealous about because there was nothing romantic going on between Sonny and Olivia.

Olivia hid her disappointment behind a polite smile as she agreed. Sonny decided to check Olivia's bedroom to make certain that everything was in place, leaving Olivia alone in the living room. "Right, Liv, nothing romantic at all," Olivia reminded herself.

Outside, Milo spoke to Lucy on the phone about the job offer for him to work in Deception's fitness center. Milo insisted that he needed more time to think things over. Lucy argued that it was a no-brainer because Milo was a perfect fit for the job. Milo quickly ended the call when he saw his brother walk up. Max was curious who Milo had been talking to, so Milo told Max about the job opportunity as a fitness director. Max laughed until he realized that Milo was serious.

Max demanded to know where Milo's loyalty was and then reminded his brother that Max had gone out on a limb to get Milo the job with Sonny. Milo pointed out that he had never asked Max to do that, so Max revealed that their father, Maximus Giambetti, had asked for Max's help because Milo hadn't been cut out for anything else. Milo was hurt when he realized that his father and Max thought that Milo was too stupid to find his own job. Max argued that he hadn't said that, but Milo shot back that it hadn't been necessary. Frustrated, Max insisted that he didn't have time to argue with Milo because Sonny wanted Milo to fetch Olivia's lunch from Kelly's.

After Milo left, Max rolled his eyes. "Fitness director. Give me a break," Max mumbled as he returned to the manor.

At the apartment, Sabrina told Felix that the paternity test had confirmed that Patrick was the father of Britt's baby. Felix refused to believe it, but Britt strolled into the living room in time to assure Felix that it was true. Sabrina was curious why Britt wasn't in a wheelchair, so Britt reminded Sabrina that being on bed rest hadn't made Britt an invalid. Britt made her way to the sofa as she admitted that she also felt better because of the results of the paternity test. Britt thanked Sabrina for filling Felix in and then began to sing, "This is Patrick's baby, like I always said."

Felix glared at Britt and made it clear that he still had doubts. Taylor entered the living room, grumbling because the arguing had woken her up. Felix and Britt continued to bicker about the paternity test until Taylor realized that the paternity test had confirmed Britt's claim. Taylor suggested that Felix and Sabrina owed Britt an apology, but Felix refused to give Britt one. Felix insisted that he and Sabrina needed to leave because Sabrina had to get to Patrick's party in the park, and Felix had a meeting with Lucy.

Sabrina confessed that she regretted going behind Britt's back, but Sabrina refused to let Britt walk all over her. Sabrina insisted that they needed to learn to deal with each other, so Britt claimed that was all that Britt had wanted. After Felix and Sabrina left, Britt complained that she hadn't gotten an "I'm sorry." Taylor warned Britt not to expect one. Britt launched into a small rant about how uncomfortable pregnancy was and how she resented being "persona non grata" to Patrick. Taylor realized that Britt had indeed tried to snare Patrick by getting pregnant, but Britt denied it.

Britt insisted that she had simply tried to make the point that sex didn't always win the guy. Taylor believed Britt. Britt sensed that Taylor had some trouble with T.J., so Taylor admitted that T.J. had made Taylor feel pathetic and used when he had reconciled with Molly. Britt confided that the same thing had happened with Patrick when he had fallen for Sabrina. Taylor confessed that she had made certain that Molly wouldn't end up with T.J. by revealing that T.J. had slept with Taylor.

"Well played," Britt replied as she high-fived Taylor. Taylor bragged that she had been able to convince T.J. that it had been an innocent mistake, even though he wasn't romantically interested in Taylor. Britt assured Taylor that there was still a chance for Taylor to get T.J. back because getting rid of the competition had been more than half the battle. Britt recalled that she'd had Patrick until "that little Betty La Fea" had decided to stake a claim on Patrick. Britt advised Taylor to take advantage of the situation by letting T.J. cry on Taylor's shoulder.

Mac and Felicia joined Patrick and Emma at the park for a Fourth of July celebration. Mac and Felicia were eager to ask Emma something important, but Emma wanted to wait until Sabrina arrived. Patrick assured his daughter that Sabrina would be there shortly, but he thought that Emma should hear what Mac and Felicia had to say. Emma agreed, so Mac and Felicia asked Emma to be the flower girl at their wedding. Emma happily accepted, so Felicia revealed that she and Mac had a present for Emma.

Emma discovered a baby doll inside the gift bag that Felicia had handed to Emma. Felicia explained that it was like a real baby, but Emma threw the doll to the ground and yelled that she didn't want the "stupid baby." Shocked by Emma's outburst, Patrick tried to talk to his daughter about the present and her future sibling, but Emma was adamant that she didn't want the doll or the sibling. Moments later, Sabrina arrived, so Emma ran up to Sabrina and threw her arms around her.

Sabrina asked what was troubling Emma. Emma confessed that she didn't want a baby brother or sister because it would mean that Britt would be around. Sabrina admitted that the baby had been a surprise to all of them and that Sabrina had been upset, too, but they had to find a way to accept the baby. Sabrina reminded Emma that the baby was a part of Patrick and Emma, so Sabrina was confident that they would learn to love the baby.

After the talk with Sabrina, Emma felt better, so she apologized to Mac and Felicia. Felicia offered to buy Emma another present, but Emma declined because she wanted to keep the doll. Mac, Felicia, and Emma walked away to get the grill started, so Patrick sat down on the picnic blanket with Sabrina and thanked her for her help. Sabrina assured Patrick that she had meant what she had said. Sabrina started to explain that she would love the baby because she loved him, but stopped because she was afraid to tell Patrick how she felt about him.

Patrick assured Sabrina that it was okay to say that she loved him because he loved her too. Sabrina smiled as he kissed her.

Later, Mac called out to ask if anyone wanted burgers. "I do," Britt replied as she walked up. Everyone stared at Britt with a mixture of annoyance and disbelief, but Britt ignored them as she reminded them that she was eating for two.

At Kelly's, Shawn thought about his promise to Alexis to quit working for Sonny. T.J. noticed Shawn's distraction, so Shawn explained that he needed T.J. to close up after the morning rush because Shawn had to take care of some business. Shawn promised that they would head to the lake house when Shawn returned, but T.J. revealed that he wouldn't be joining Shawn. Shawn was surprised until T.J. revealed that T.J. and Molly had broken up because Molly had found out that T.J. had slept with Taylor.

Shawn suggested that T.J. make whatever sacrifices were necessary to set things right if T.J.'s relationship with Molly was important and worth fighting for. T.J. didn't know where to begin, so Shawn advised T.J. to figure something out.

Nearby, Felix arrived for his meeting with Lucy. Lucy told Felix about the plans for Deception, including offering injections and face peels. She wanted to hire Felix as the head nurse, but Felix politely declined. Lucy was disappointed, so she offered to pay him well. Felix explained that working in a spa was not for him, prompting Lucy to ask why.

Milo entered the diner as Felix and Lucy discussed Felix's decision not to work for Lucy. Milo's interest was piqued when he overheard Felix admit that selling cosmetics for Lucy had been a way for Felix to put himself through nursing school because treating and healing people was what Felix really wanted to do. According to Felix, nursing was his passion and his calling. Lucy assured Felix that she understood and respected his decision.

Milo quickly approached the table to let Lucy know that he had decided to take the job as fitness director. Lucy jumped up and down with delight. Felix spotted T.J. at the counter, so he excused himself to talk to T.J.

T.J. muttered that he wanted to make things right, so Felix asked how T.J. intended to do that. Felix made it clear that he hadn't appreciated the way that T.J. had treated Taylor after T.J. had slept with her. Taylor walked in during the confrontation, so she ordered Felix to leave T.J. alone because she could handle things for herself. Felix backed down, but he warned T.J. that if T.J. hurt Taylor again, there would be "hell to pay." After Felix left, T.J. thanked Taylor for stepping in.

Taylor admitted that her brother had had a point; T.J. could have handled the whole situation with Molly better without making Taylor feel like trash. T.J. explained that things were complicated, but Taylor wanted an apology. T.J. gave it to her, so Taylor decided that he should watch the fireworks with her to make it up to her.

At Greystone Manor, Shawn arrived to talk to Sonny, so Sonny asked Max to help Olivia to her bedroom. After Max and Olivia left, Sonny wondered what Shawn had wanted to talk to him about. Shawn started to broach the subject of quitting when Milo suddenly entered the room and resigned.

At the lake house, Alexis looked out the window as Molly wondered if Shawn was expected. Alexis recalled Shawn's promise to quit working for Sonny, so she assured Molly that Shawn and T.J. would be there soon. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Alexis answered the door as Rafe realized that Molly hadn't told her mother about what had happened with T.J. Molly explained that she had been horrified that T.J. had slept with Taylor, so she had been unable to break the news to her mother.

Molly didn't want her mother to overhear their conversation, so she took Rafe to her bedroom for privacy. Molly told Rafe that she had been deeply hurt that T.J. had slept with Taylor, so Rafe admitted that he had no idea why T.J. would have done that because it had been clear that T.J. cared about Molly. Molly revealed that T.J. had seen Rafe and Molly kissing in the park, but she assured Rafe that she had told T.J. that it had been a goodbye kiss. However, it had been too late because T.J. had already slept with Taylor. Molly blamed T.J. and Taylor equally for what had happened, but she had a problem with Taylor because Taylor had seemed to enjoy telling Molly about the tryst.

Molly confided that T.J. had believed Taylor's claims that it had been an innocent misunderstanding. Rafe urged Molly to tell T.J. that Taylor had an agenda, but Molly refused because she was upset that T.J. had thrown away his virginity on someone he barely knew. Molly insisted that T.J. and Taylor deserved each other.

Meanwhile, Alexis invited Michael into her home and then explained that she needed to talk to him about his cousin. Michael appeared nervous until he realized that Alexis had been referring to Danny, not Kiki. Alexis explained that Danny's first chemotherapy treatment had gone well, but Danny would need a bone marrow transplant to beat the cancer, so she wanted Michael to get tested. Alexis was relieved when Michael readily agreed. However, Michael tensed when Alexis asked him to talk to Kiki about also getting tested.

Alexis reminded Michael that Kiki was Franco's daughter, so there was a strong possibility that Kiki might be a match because Franco and Jason had been twins. Michael explained that he couldn't do it. Alexis apologized because she appreciated that it was a lot to ask someone to consider donating their bone marrow. Michael assured Alexis that that wasn't the problem, prompting Alexis to assume that it had something to do with Franco's role in what had happened to Michael in Pentonville. Michael explained that he didn't blame Kiki for that, especially since Franco had returned to face what Franco had done and to tell Sam the truth.

Michael decided that Danny was more important than Michael's feelings, so he agreed to call Kiki. Alexis suggested that it was something that should be done in person.

After Michael left, Rafe and Molly returned to the living room. Rafe suggested that he and Molly go to the lake to swim and watch the fireworks, so Molly could get her mind off of things. Alexis entered the living room in time to hear the tail end of what Rafe had said, so she asked what was troubling Molly. Molly floundered for an answer, so Rafe stepped in to explain that they had both been feeling overwhelmed by everything that had been going on with Danny. Alexis believed them, so Rafe invited Alexis to go to the lake with them, but Alexis declined because she wanted to wait for Shawn.

At the Quartermaine estate, Morgan led a blindfolded Kiki to the boathouse because he had a surprise for her. Kiki was stunned when he removed her blindfold and she saw that the boathouse had been transformed into a bedroom. Morgan explained that he had promised to find a place for them, so she wouldn't have to live under the same roof as her parents. He had enlisted Alice's help to make the boathouse habitable. Kiki couldn't believe that Morgan had gone through the trouble for her, but he reminded her that he cared deeply for her. He pointed out that living with Michael hadn't been an option, and his stint as Captain Morgan hadn't worked out, so the boathouse had been the only solution.

Morgan kissed Kiki and then suggested that they christen their new home. Morgan and Kiki started to remove each other's clothes, but Morgan pulled away because he had an idea. He grabbed the blindfold and then covered Kiki's eyes. Kiki nervously agreed to try it, but soon her thoughts drifted to Michael as she fantasized that Michael, not Morgan, was seducing her.

Shaken, Kiki ripped the blindfold off and told Morgan that she couldn't do it. Morgan was curious why Kiki was upset, but she quickly explained that she had simply wanted to see his face when they made love. Morgan believed her, but he decided to try something else with the bandana. He tied Kiki's wrists to the headboard, but Kiki seemed uncertain. Morgan knew that she had thought about it before because he had seen the book Fifty Hues of Blue on her electronic reader. Kiki smiled and agreed to give it a try, so Morgan jumped off of the bed.

Kiki wondered what Morgan was doing, so he explained that he intended to fetch some whipped cream from the kitchen. Kiki seemed nervous about being left alone, tied to the bed, but Morgan assured her that the anticipation would make everything better.

Shortly after Morgan left, Michael arrived at the boathouse. He practiced what he would say to Kiki and then reminded himself that there was nothing sexual about his request.

Inside, Kiki heard the knock on the door, so she assumed that it was Morgan. She invited him to enter, but was shocked when Michael walked through the door instead. Michael was equally stunned when he saw Kiki tied to the bed.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Due to the Independence Day holiday, General Hospital did not air today. This pre-emption was anticipated, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the missed episode.

Regular programming will resume on Friday, July 5, and pick up where the Tuesday, July 3 episode concluded.

Friday, July 5, 2013

At Greystone Manor, Shawn started to resign when Milo suddenly burst through the door to announce, "I quit." Sonny quickly recovered from his shock and started to apologize for how hard he had been on Milo recently, but Milo assured Sonny that it wasn't Sonny's fault. Milo explained that working for Sonny had never been what Milo had wanted for himself because Milo wasn't like Shawn. According to Milo, Shawn was born to do what the job required because Shawn had the passion for the work that Milo lacked.

Milo was surprised when Sonny supported Milo's decision. Milo had feared that Sonny would be angry and refuse to let Milo leave the organization, but Sonny explained that he trusted Milo not to say anything. Milo was relieved, so Sonny suggested that Milo enjoy his independence by taking the rest of the day off. Moments later, Max entered the living room to report that Olivia was settled in bed and watching The Honeymooners. Max's smile disappeared when he saw his brother standing next to Sonny with the bag from Kelly's.

Irritated, Max ordered Milo to take the bag of food to Olivia, but Sonny revealed that it was no longer Milo's job. Max was stunned when Sonny explained that Milo had quit. Max quickly shoved his brother into the foyer with promises to straighten things out. Sonny watched the Giambetti brothers leave and then turned to Shawn to confess to being blindsided by the resignation. Shawn wondered if Sonny was okay, so Sonny admitted that Milo was a good guy, but he conceded that Milo had never really been cut out for the business. Sonny quickly changed the subject by asking what Shawn had wanted to say before Milo's interruption.

Shawn claimed that he had wanted to once again apologize for the night of the shooting. Sonny suggested that, all things considered, it had been best that Shawn had missed his target. Shawn assured Sonny that it would never happen again and then promised that he was one hundred percent in Sonny's corner. Sonny shook Shawn's hand as Sonny confessed that he had needed to hear that after Milo's resignation. Shawn admitted that Milo had been correct; the job was in Shawn's blood. Sonny was pleased because he needed someone like Shawn at his side after losing Jason.

In the foyer, Max insisted that Milo couldn't quit the organization. Milo assured Max that it was okay because Sonny had supported Milo's decision. Milo made it clear that he had to spread his wings by working for Lucy, so he wished Max a happy Fourth of July and left.

Shawn entered the foyer as Max wrapped up a call with Max and Milo's father, Maximus Giambetti. Shawn noticed that Max seemed tense, so Max explained that he had called Maximus to let Maximus know about Milo's decision to quit working for Sonny's organization. According to Max, Maximus had been heartbroken, so Max felt terrible for ruining Maximus' holiday. Shawn suggested that sometimes it was necessary to hurt the ones that they loved, so all they could do was hope that their loved ones understood.

Later, Sonny smiled bittersweet as he looked at a picture of himself flanked by Max and Milo. Olivia entered the room and immediately sensed that something was wrong. Sonny put the snapshot down and told her that he was glad that she was there. Olivia joined him on the sofa then asked about the picture. Sonny revealed that Milo had decided to quit. Olivia was disappointed because she had liked Milo and would miss seeing him. Sonny confided that much had changed in recent months with Jason's death and Connie's decision to end things, so he had been afraid that Shawn had intended to resign as well.

Olivia promised Sonny that she wasn't going anywhere. Before Sonny could reply, Max walked in and offered to serve the food. Sonny told Max that it wasn't necessary and gave his bodyguard the rest of the evening off. After Max left, Olivia confessed that she was disappointed that she wouldn't be able to watch the fireworks. Sonny revealed that he had arranged for her to watch the fireworks from the patio because he knew how much she had enjoyed watching the fireworks on Jones Beach.

Sonny and Olivia reminisced about a special Fourth of July that they had spent together during their youth when they had gone to the beach to catch a Bruce Springsteen concert. Olivia confessed that it had been the best Fourth of July that she'd ever had. Eventually, Sonny and Olivia made their way to the patio to watch the fireworks show. Sonny wondered if Olivia recalled what had happened during the fireworks finale on Jones Beach. Olivia smiled as Sonny leaned in to kiss her.

At the boathouse, Michael was stunned when he saw Kiki tied to the bed. He started to call the police, but Kiki ordered him to stop because Morgan had tied her to the bed as part of a sex game. Shocked, Michael ended the call and then demanded to know why Morgan had left her alone tied to the bed. Michael insisted that it was degrading, so he leaned over to untie Kiki. However, sexual tension quickly flared between them as he looked down at Kiki.

Morgan suddenly appeared in the doorway and was not pleased when he saw Michael hovering over Kiki on the bed. Michael quickly jumped off of the bed as Morgan lit into his brother in a jealous rant. Michael was disgusted by what Morgan had done to Kiki, so Morgan was curious if Michael was a prude or simply angry because Michael hadn't been the one to tie Kiki up. Outraged by the accusation, Michael untied Kiki. Meanwhile, Morgan told Michael that everyone, including Kiki, seemed to understand that Michael and Kiki were first cousins, except for Michael.

Morgan resented Michael always "sniffing" around Kiki, so Morgan wondered if Michael had adopted the philosophy of "Incest is best." Kiki finally told Morgan to knock it off, but Morgan ignored her as he continued to rant at Michael. Morgan ordered Michael to leave, but Michael refused, prompting Morgan to hurl more insults at his brother. Frustrated, Kiki told Morgan to stop because she wanted to know why Michael was there. Michael explained that their cousin, Danny, needed their help, but Morgan accused Michael of using Danny as an excuse to get near Kiki.

"Shut up," Michael yelled at Morgan. Michael explained that it was a matter of life or death because Danny might need a bone marrow transplant, so everyone related to Danny needed to get tested. Morgan showed a smidgen of remorse by apologizing because Morgan hadn't realized that Danny was sick. Kiki assured Michael that she would get tested, but Morgan had concerns about what would happen if Kiki turned out to be a match and donated her bone marrow. Michael conceded that it was a painful procedure, but Kiki didn't care what the risks were because she was determined to do whatever was necessary to help save her young cousin.

Michael thanked Kiki and promised to get in touch with her about the testing. Morgan suggested that Michael email the information to Kiki and then ordered Michael to leave and not let the door hit Michael in the "ass" on the way out. Michael glared at his brother, who slammed the door shut in Michael's face. Michael looked up as fireworks suddenly filled the night sky.

Inside, Morgan tried to pick up where he had left off with Kiki before Michael's arrival, but Kiki wasn't in the mood. Morgan apologized and then kissed Kiki. She didn't object when he gently pushed her to the bed and nuzzled her neck. However, it was clear that she had other things on her mind.

At the lake house, Alexis set the table for a romantic dinner. She ran to the door when she heard a knock, but it was Nikolas. Nikolas looked at the table and asked if she had been expecting someone else. Alexis smiled but didn't answer, so Nikolas explained that he had stopped by because he had received her message about getting tested for a bone marrow donation in case Danny needed it. Nikolas assured his aunt that he would get tested, so Alexis thanked him.

Nikolas once again broached the subject about the romantic table setting by asking if Alexis was planning history's most elegant breakup. Alexis revealed that Shawn was still in her life because Shawn had agreed to quit working for Sonny when she had given Shawn an ultimatum. Nikolas and Alexis made their way to the sofa as Alexis changed the subject by asking how things were going with Nikolas and Elizabeth. Nikolas explained that Elizabeth had decided to give the "alcoholic kidnapper and patricidal failure" another chance.

Nikolas suspected that Elizabeth believed that she could save A.J. by turning A.J. into a decent human being. However, Nikolas feared that she would only end up getting hurt worse in the end because A.J. would inevitably self-destruct. Nikolas realized that it was time for him to get over Elizabeth and to move on. Alexis was certain that he would find someone who could appreciate what a wonderful man he was. Nikolas noticed the time, so he announced that he had to pick up Spencer to take his son to watch the fireworks in the park.

Nikolas opened the door as Shawn arrived. After a brief exchange of pleasantries, Nikolas left, so Alexis invited Shawn inside. She was eager to know how things had gone at Sonny's when Shawn had quit. Shawn admitted that he hadn't resigned because Milo had made Shawn realize that working for Sonny was something that Shawn had felt passionately about. Alexis became increasingly upset as Shawn justified working for Sonny by insisting that the job wasn't about killing people, but rather keeping people safe by whatever means necessary.

Alexis didn't buy Shawn's claim that he wanted to be a hit man for the greater good, but Shawn argued that working for Sonny gave Shawn something that he hadn't realized that he had needed until he had almost thrown it away. Shawn wondered if Alexis could live with that. "No, I can't." Alexis tearfully answered. Shawn and Alexis stepped out onto the porch as the fireworks began. Shawn quietly told Alexis that he was sorry, so she admitted that she was sorry too. Shawn reminded her that he loved her, but Alexis pointed out that he didn't love her enough.

In the park, Patrick, Sabrina, Emma, Mac, and Felicia were shocked when Britt crashed their Fourth of July celebration. Britt ignored their reaction as she asked for a burger and then proudly reminded them that she was eating for two. Emma clung to Sabrina, as Patrick approached Britt to ask what Britt was doing in the park when she should be at home on best rest. Britt explained that she had felt stifled in the apartment, so she had decided to celebrate the holiday by getting out. "Why shouldn't the baby and I celebrate too?" Britt innocently asked.

Patrick urged Britt to think about the baby because Britt wasn't supposed to be up and about. He also warned her that she made Emma uncomfortable, prompting Britt to confess that she wanted to make peace with Emma. Patrick argued that it wasn't the time or the place, so Britt agreed not to look at Emma or to get near the little girl if Britt could stay. Britt explained that her parents lived in Europe, so she was all alone on what was supposed to be a family holiday. Britt then pointed out that even though she wasn't part of the family, their baby was.

Patrick capitulated and agreed to let Britt stay. Britt walked over to the picnic table, while Patrick joined Sabrina and Emma on the blanket. Emma asked her father why Britt was there, so Patrick explained that he had felt bad for Britt because Britt had been alone for the holiday and had had a difficult pregnancy. Sabrina admitted that she wouldn't want to be stuck inside an apartment on the Fourth of July, so even she had felt sorry for Britt. Emma insisted that her doll, Baby Ariel, was scared, so Patrick and Sabrina promised Emma that nothing would happen to Emma or the doll. Eventually, Emma relaxed and smiled.

At the picnic table, Felicia approached Britt to introduce herself. Felicia revealed that she was Maxie's mother and then introduced Mac. Mac confessed that he had met Britt during Patrick and Britt's first date. Britt smiled as she recalled that Patrick hadn't realized that Britt was a vegetarian when he had taken Britt to the Floating Rib. Mac looked at Britt's pregnant belly as he remarked that clearly Patrick had gotten to know Britt better since then. Britt's smile vanished when Felicia pointed out that Patrick and Britt had broken up.

Britt accepted the hamburger that Mac had handed to her, prompting Felicia to observe that it appeared that Britt was no longer a vegetarian. Britt clarified that she was still a vegetarian, but her baby wasn't. Britt suspected that it was a trait that her baby had inherited from its father.

Nearby, Patrick, Emma, and Sabrina had heard Britt's remark about the baby. Sabrina tried to get past the awkward moment by suggesting that Emma show Britt the baby doll that Mac and Felicia had given to Emma. Emma was reluctant to agree until Sabrina promised to stay right by Emma's side. Sabrina held Emma's hand as they approached Britt. Emma tentatively invited Britt to hold Baby Ariel, so Britt took the doll. Emma explained that the doll was like a real baby and even wet its diaper. Britt was startled when she felt something wet on the baby, so she quickly tossed it away.

Emma screamed in horror as her doll landed on the grill and then promptly caught fire. Mac and Patrick rushed to put the fire out, but it was too late. Baby Ariel had melted on the grill. Emma cried as she accused Britt of ruining the doll. "Let's hope you're a little more maternal with Patrick's baby," Sabrina softly whispered to Britt.

Later, Patrick and Sabrina helped Emma bury Baby Ariel, while Mac tried to scrape the melted plastic off of the grill. Patrick and Sabrina assured Emma that the doll would go to heaven, but Emma panicked when she heard Mac remark that he had found the left leg of the doll. Sabrina promised Emma that Baby Ariel didn't need a left leg to get into heaven because the doll just needed a good soul. Emma glared accusingly at Britt as she suggested that not everyone had a good soul. "Do they?" Emma asked Britt.

Britt apologized to Patrick for what had happened and assured him that she hadn't meant to ruin everyone's day. She explained that she hadn't expected to feel the wetness on the doll, so she had panicked. Britt decided to go home, so Patrick offered to drive her. Britt declined, but Patrick reminded her of the baby. Britt argued that she would be fine and insisted that she did have maternal instincts, so she would never endanger their child.

After Britt left, Patrick returned to the blanket where Sabrina and Emma sat. Sabrina told Emma that the fireworks would signal Baby Ariel's arrival into heaven. "With my mommy?" Emma asked. "Yes, with your mommy," Patrick answered his daughter.

Later, Mac and Felicia watched the fireworks. Felicia showed Mac how the light from the colorful fireworks twinkled on her engagement ring. Nearby, Patrick promised Emma that everything would be fine and then smiled at Sabrina.

Elsewhere at the park, A.J. started a grill as Elizabeth and Aiden watched from their picnic blanket. Elizabeth applauded when A.J. lit the grill and confessed that she was glad that Cameron had decided to spend the day with a friend because she was certain that Cam would want to try to light the grill too. A.J. warned Elizabeth that he wouldn't let Cam near the grill without a fire suit. Elizabeth suddenly recalled that she had picked something up for A.J., so she quickly dug through her bag.

Moments later, Elizabeth held up an apron that had a set of lips next to the caption, "Kiss the cook." "Sexy," A.J. said with obvious sarcasm. Elizabeth chuckled as she sat back down on the blanket. A.J. sent Aiden to some nearby bushes to find sticks, so they could roast marshmallows later. Elizabeth confessed that she was impressed with how good A.J. was with Aiden. A.J. thanked Elizabeth for giving him a second chance, so she assured him that he was worth it.

Later, A.J. and Elizabeth were relaxing on the blanket, while Aiden nibbled on a hot dog. A.J. remarked that he had never had a chance to do the same thing with his own son. However, he conceded that he hadn't been in a good place back then, so perhaps it had been for the best. Elizabeth sensed that A.J. was troubled. A.J. confessed that he was worried because he wanted to make his son happy, but he felt powerless to help Michael, who was grappling with a big complicated problem. Elizabeth advised A.J. to be there for his son because sometimes that was all that a parent could do.

A.J. noticed how quiet Elizabeth became, so he asked her if everything was okay. Elizabeth confided that she wanted her sons to have more family moments like the one that she and Aiden were having with A.J. Elizabeth explained that Cam and Aiden needed a man in their life because Lucky wasn't around. She rushed to assure A.J. that she didn't hold anything against Lucky because she had betrayed Lucky on the deepest level. A.J. reminded Elizabeth that Nikolas was a part of her past, and then confessed that he hoped it stayed that way.

Elizabeth assured A.J. that after she had sorted out the mess between A.J. and Carly, Elizabeth had decided to stay with A.J. A.J. insisted that he couldn't apologize enough for what had happened with Carly, but Elizabeth promised him that it wasn't necessary because she understood the circumstances. However, she wanted A.J. to know that she had talked to Nikolas and had made it very clear to Nikolas that she was with A.J.

Nikolas arrived at the park and tried to keep up with Spencer who had sprinted ahead. Milo helped Nikolas out by catching Spencer. Nikolas thanked Milo and then jokingly wondered if Sonny's bodyguards received paid holidays. Milo conceded that Sonny offered great benefits, but Milo was no longer in Sonny's employment. Nikolas was surprised and remarked that perhaps Sonny should contact the mob's human resource department to do some recruiting.

Later, Milo was sitting on a park bench with a troubled expression when his brother walked up. Max sat down next to Milo as he asked how Milo's hot dog was. Milo shrugged. Max admitted that even though they wouldn't be working together, Milo would always be his kid brother. Milo immediately cheered up and took a bite of his hot dog. Max returned the smile then bit into his own hot dog as the fireworks started.

Nikolas spotted Elizabeth sitting on a blanket with A.J. and Aiden. Spencer was excited when he saw his aunt and cousin. Nikolas decided to find another spot for the fireworks show when he saw A.J. kiss Elizabeth.

Moments later, Nikolas encountered Britt. Britt had been crying, so he asked her if she was okay. Britt confessed that she'd had a bad day, so Nikolas admitted that his hadn't been good either. Nikolas invited Britt to watch the fireworks with him and Spencer, so Britt agreed. Britt smiled when Spencer politely introduced himself.

The episode featured the song "Ours To Keep," by Kina Grannis

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