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Franco was arrested for Silas' murder. Carly and Sonny asked their son if Morgan had killed Silas. Hayden woke up from the coma but claimed that she couldn't provide Jake with answers. Sonny sent a deadly warning to possible rival mob families.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 3, 2015 on GH
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Out of Sight, Out of Murder Out of Sight, Out of Murder
Monday, August 3, 2015

Nikolas wanted to speak to Laura about Jason, but she informed him that she and Elizabeth had just discussed the situation. She admitted to struggling with keeping the secret, especially after seeing Monica, who believed that she'd outlived both of her children. Thinking back to her conversation about the lengths Elizabeth believed Nikolas had gone to, Laura informed Nikolas that Elizabeth had convinced her, "mother-to-mother," to stay quiet.

Elizabeth looked relieved, and Nikolas commended Laura for the decision. Elizabeth tried to justify the decision, but Laura stopped her and said that keeping Jason's identity secret would never "sit well" with her. Laura needed time to "get used to" carrying the weight of the secret, since she could barely look Sam or Monica in the eye. She wanted to visit Lucky, who she believed was probably also struggling with keeping the secret. She assured Nikolas that she loved him, and she left.

Elizabeth was irked at Nikolas for not mentioning that Laura had known about Jason. Nikolas had thought he'd had things "under control." Elizabeth feared that Laura would change her mind about keeping the secret, but Nikolas assured her that Laura would keep her word. "The secret is ours," he told her.

At the hospital, Jake asked Patrick if there had been any change in Hayden's condition. Patrick informed Jake and Sam that Hayden happened to be waking up. The two wanted to be there when she woke up, but Patrick warned them that he'd "crossed a line" just giving information to them. Jake rationalized that he was the reason Hayden had been shot, and he begged Patrick to let him talk to Hayden.

A few minutes later, Patrick led Sam and Jake into Hayden's room. Patrick explained to a groggy Hayden where she was and why she was there. Jake described the situation just before she'd been shot and asked if she knew who he was. She told him that he was her husband. Jake and Sam took turns explaining how Ric had paid Hayden to lie about being married to Jake. Patrick thought that Hayden needed rest, and he shooed Sam and Jake out of the room.

Patrick apologized to Hayden on behalf of Sam and Jake for the agitation. Hayden responded that she liked Jake, but "that woman could be nicer." Patrick explained that the two had "a lot riding on your survival." "Not as much as me," she replied. Patrick remarked how well she seemed for just getting out of a coma. He wanted to run more tests just to make sure that she was "out of the woods." She was sure that she was fine because things somehow always turned out "okay" for her in the end.

Outside the hospital room, Jake sympathized with Hayden and felt guilty for bombarding her. Sam thought he was "too close" to the situation. Much to Jake's disbelief, Sam thought that Hayden was faking her lapse in memory.

After fixing a drink, Ava turned on the news in Julian's apartment. There was news about the ongoing mob war and about an email hack on the mayor's computer. "Who cares?" Ava said, and she turned the television off. "I do," Julian said suddenly, making Ava jump. He wondered why she was so jumpy. "You," she replied. She asked if Julian was behind the hijackings of Sonny's shipments. Julian stated that he was retired from the mob. She thought he was just biding his time until the moment was right to strike.

"Denise" continued that she was Julian's sister, so he could trust her. "I'll tell you my secrets if you tell me yours," she suggested, and they clinked their glasses together. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Julian answered it to Alexis. Alexis had seen on the news that Sonny had lost another shipment. Julian knew that she thought he'd done it.

Julian thought he'd given Alexis plenty of reason not to trust him, but Alexis wanted to assure him that she believed in him. He wondered if she had anywhere to be, and she replied that she didn't. The two made their way to Julian's bedroom. Ava turned the television back on just in time to hear about ELQ's sliding stock.

On the phone with Max, Ric said that he'd had a "lousy day," and Sonny would just have to get through the night without him. As he hung up, he entered his room and found Nathan sitting on the couch. Ric tried to argue Nathan out of the hotel room, but Nathan pulled out a search warrant. Ric retrieved the blanked that Nathan wanted and told him that it wasn't connected to the kidnapping.

Ric explained that he'd had the blanket made for Avery as an "olive branch" to help Sonny get visitation rights with Avery, but Michael had returned Avery before the blanket had ever reached anyone. Nathan wondered why Ric hadn't explained that the first time Nathan had asked. Ric replied that Nathan had upset Nina, so he'd wanted to get Nathan out. However, it was "too late" for Nina. At Nathan's questioning, Ric informed Nathan that Nina had voluntarily committed herself to Shadybrook.

Nathan exploded on Ric, who continued that Madeline had agreed that Shadybrook was a good idea for Nina. Nathan thought that Franco had been right all along about Ric and Madeline working together to get ahold of Nina's money. Ric opened the door, implying that Nathan needed to leave. "Just because you're not in jail like you deserve doesn't change what you are," Nathan growled. "Your sister's husband?" Ric guessed. "Dangerous," Nathan spat as he left.

A short while later, Ric was making himself a drink when there was a knock on the door. He let Madeline, who wanted a "progress report," into the room. He confessed that Nathan had found out that Nina was at Shadybrook, and Nathan was on his way to get to Nina.

Just outside the Metro Court restaurant, Sonny told Max on the phone that they would "shut it down tonight." He walked into the restaurant and found Morgan drinking alone at the bar. Morgan insisted he was all right, but Sonny offered to listen if Morgan needed to talk. Sonny guessed it was something about Denise. Morgan reluctantly told Sonny that he'd slept with Denise.

Sonny was disappointed in Morgan. Morgan asserted that the feeling between him and Denise was a "deeper connection," but he didn't know what it was. Sonny advised him to "figure it out quick," because the longer the affair with Denise lasted, the more Morgan would be "disrespecting Kiki." Sonny thought it was "a matter of time" before someone else found out." Morgan admitted that Silas had found Morgan and Denise in bed together.

Morgan continued that Silas had ripped both him and Denise apart, but he believed that Silas had no room to judge, since he'd cheated on his wife. Sonny thought that Silas' past didn't matter as much as Morgan getting caught. He instructed Morgan to tell Kiki before Silas could tell her. Morgan cryptically told Sonny that Silas wasn't going to say anything. Before Sonny could get an explanation, Max called him. He told Morgan that they would discuss the situation later, and he left to take the call. Morgan took a gulp of his drink.

Franco walked up to Silas' apartment and found the door slightly ajar. He called out for Nina and pushed the door opened. When he walked into the apartment, he saw Silas facedown on the floor with a stab wound in his back and Nina kneeling next to him with a bloody knife in her hand.

Franco closed the apartment door behind him and asked Nina what had happened. He sat down next to her on the floor. As she babbled on about performing first aid on Silas or calling 9-1-1, Franco felt for a pulse. He gently told her that it was too late for anyone to help because Silas was dead.

Extremely upset, Nina begged Franco to perform CPR on Silas, but he told her that Silas had no pulse. She remembered how angry she'd been at Silas. She'd wanted to hurt him, "but not like this." Franco pried the knife out of Nina's hand and put it down. He tried to comfort her and asked her to tell him what had happened so he could help her fix it.

Nina told Franco that she'd gone straight to Silas' after learning that he'd kidnapped Avery. She'd pounded on the door so that she could ask Silas why he'd done it. When no one had answered, she'd tried the doorknob, and it had been open. She'd entered the apartment and found Silas facedown on the floor with the knife in his back. She'd pulled it out because she hadn't known what else to do.

Nina suddenly freaked out, saying that Franco didn't believe it, but he assured her that he believed her. He added that no one else would probably believe her, so she needed to get out of the apartment. He hoped that no one had seen that she'd been gone from Shadybrook and told her that she needed to sneak back in. He made her promise not to tell anyone what she knew about Silas and Ava. "I can't leave! I have to say goodbye!" she told him. "Quickly," he urged her.

Nina lay down next to Silas on the floor and put her hand on his. She tearfully reminisced about when they'd met and he'd carried her books across campus for her. She remembered fireworks in the Hamptons and that he'd gotten her away from her parents. "For that, I'll be forever grateful," she said, crying. "This isn't right. This isn't fair. I'll never forget you," she added. She kissed his hand and got up from the floor.

As Nina cried, Franco calmly told her that he needed to clean up and cover her tracked. She just needed to get back to Shadybrook, and all would be well. She thanked him for believed in her, and they exchanged "I love you's". They shared a kiss, and she left.

A short while later, Franco cleaned up as he told Silas that he wasn't surprised that Silas had been murdered. "I've wanted to kill you myself for years," he said, but he never wanted to hurt Kiki like that. He wiped the fingerprints off the knife as he muttered about Kiki having enough to deal with between her "lying mother" and her "cheating bastard boyfriend." Franco stashed the knife in his bag as he wiped the doorknob of fingerprints. "Sorry, Silas, this sucks. It's a terrible way to go, even for you. So long," he said as he left the apartment. He wiped the outside doorknob clean and walked away. Just steps away, he bumped into Kiki in the hallway.

At Shadybrook, Nathan asked an orderly where to find Nina, since she wasn't in her room. The orderly asked for a chance to track her down. Just then, Nina appeared and greeted her brother.

Franco was arrested for murder Franco was arrested for murder
Tuesday, August 4, 2015

At the nurses' station, Felix was on the phone with his boyfriend, explaining that he couldn't meet Donny at the Floating Rib because Felix was stuck working a late night shift. Brad walked up as Felix ended the call with a promise to make it up to Donny. Brad smiled because he was happy things were going well between Felix and Donny. Felix grinned then asked how Lucas had taken the news about Brad's marriage. Brad confessed things were not well, so the two friends each grabbed a cup of coffee then found a quiet corner to talk.

Brad revealed that Lucas hadn't returned home the previous night, which surprised Felix because Lucas hadn't seemed the type to let someone worry needlessly. Brad conceded that Lucas had sent a text message to explain that Lucas had decided to spend the night at Carly's place, but Brad quickly added that there had been "radio silence," since the text message. Felix urged Brad to track Lucas down to explain the whole story, but Brad insisted that Lucas was more focused on the fact that Brad had lied rather than why. Felix was confident that Lucas would be open to hearing what Brad had to say, but Brad argued that it wouldn't change anything because in the end, Brad was still legally wed to someone else.

At Carly's residence, Lucas sat in the living room, thinking about Brad's shocking confession that Brad was married. Lucas pushed the troubling thoughts away as Morgan suddenly walked in. Lucas hadn't expected Morgan because Morgan had been spending a lot of time with Kiki, but Morgan explained that Kiki had gone to the Hamptons for a few days to attend a bridal shower. Lucas picked up on Morgan's tension, so he assumed Morgan was concerned about Sonny's hijacked shipments. Lucas promised that Julian hadn't been involved in the attacks on Sonny's organization because Julian had quit the mob months earlier, but Morgan was skeptical.

Lucas decided to let the matter drop, since he realized that he wasn't the best judge of honesty because he'd never realized that Brad had been lying to him for over a year. Morgan was surprised when Lucas opened up about Brad's stunning confession, which had made Lucas feel like a fool. Morgan urged Lucas to hear Brad out instead of jumping to conclusions because there might be a reasonable explanation for everything. Lucas disagreed because nothing could excuse Brad's lies or being unfaithful to a husband with Lucas. Lucas appreciated how Sam had felt when she had learned about Silas' wife, but Morgan suddenly became annoyed as he suggested Lucas focus on Lucas and Brad's relationship.

Lucas expressed his frustration over Brad's reluctance to be honest. He had no idea how Brad had intended to keep up the fašade with Carly wanting to make it a double wedding. Morgan had no idea what Lucas was talking about, so Lucas apologized because he realized Carly and Sonny hadn't told Morgan about their engagement. Morgan realized that was why his mother had been trying to talk to him, so he assured Lucas that it was fine. Lucas sensed something was weighing heavily on Morgan's mind, but Morgan assured Lucas that it wasn't important.

Lucas didn't believe Morgan, and he reminded his nephew that they were family. Morgan refused to burden his uncle with his problems, so Lucas agreed to back down but he reiterated that he was there for Morgan if Morgan needed him.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava impatiently watched the news as they covered a story about a brewing scandal involving Mayor Lomax then reported an update on Sonny's hijacked shipments. Moments later, someone knocked on the door, but Ava ignored it as she continued to watch the news. Unfortunately for Ava, the person continued to knock until Ava reluctantly turned off the television then answered the door. Ava's mood soured when she saw Carly standing on the doorstep, but she pasted on a saccharine smile.

Carly pushed passed "Denise" to announce that she had a few questions for Denise. Denise assumed it had to do with Sonny's hijacked shipments, so she quickly defended Julian, but Carly clarified that she was there to put Denise on notice because Carly knew about Denise and Morgan's kiss. Denise was curious if Carly always turned into a mama bear when she thought her sons were "getting some action," but Carly was unapologetic because she had dealt with Ava. Carly accused Ava of being a sexual predator who had taken advantage of Morgan, but Denise wondered if it had ever occurred to Carly that Ava had had genuine feelings for Morgan.

"No," Carly answered without hesitation. According to Carly, Ava had only cared about Ava, which was why Ava had killed an innocent woman in cold blood. Denise claimed that she was not Ava, but Carly argued that Denise was following the same pattern of selfishness that Ava had. Carly accused Denise of taking advantage of Morgan then demanded that it stop -- if for no other reason than that it would hurt Kiki. Denise became defensive as she insisted that she loved her niece and would never hurt Kiki, but Carly suggested Denise should have thought about that before making inappropriate advances toward Morgan.

Denise pointed out that she didn't answer to Carly, especially over an accusation that was "lower than low." Carly wasn't fooled because the more self-righteous Denise sounded, the more certain Carly was that Denise was guilty. Denise reminded Carly that Morgan was a big boy who might not appreciate his mother butting into his private business, so she ordered Carly to leave. Carly warned Denise to stay away from Morgan, but Denise quietly growled that she didn't take threats lightly because she could be just as dangerous as her sister Ava had been.

At the Floating Rib, Dillon and Valerie played a game of pool. Dillon was grateful that he hadn't decided to put money on the game because he hadn't expected Valerie to beat him. She grinned then playfully asked if he had regrets about asking her out. Dillon's expression sobered as he admitted that he'd contemplated cancelling their date when he had learned about Dante and Valerie's kiss, but he'd realized it had been none of his business, and he would have missed an opportunity to get to know a "cool girl." Valerie suggested they change the subject, since they were on a date, so Dillon happily agreed. Moments later, Dante and Lulu entered the bar.

Near the entrance, Dante offered to take Lulu somewhere else when he saw Dillon and Valerie, but Lulu assured her husband that it was fine because they were bound to run into Valerie sooner or later. Lulu braced herself, smiled, and then approached Dillon and Valerie to greet them. They exchanged pleasantries before Valerie announced that she and Dillon had been about to leave. Lulu assured her cousin that it wasn't necessary because there wasn't any reason for things to be awkward between them, since Lulu and Valerie were family. Lulu suggested they make it a double date by inviting Dillon and Valerie to join Dante and Lulu.

After Dante, Lulu, Dillon, and Valerie settled in a booth, the two couples chatted. Dillon was curious how Dante handled a situation like the investigation into Sonny's hijacked shipments, since everyone knew the stolen cargo hadn't been coffee. Dante carefully explained that they went by what was listed on the invoices, so Valerie softly explained that police officers were not at liberty to discuss ongoing investigations. Lulu agreed then added that it had been the first lesson she had learned as Dante's wife. Dillon easily changed the subject by mentioning Valerie's new job at the police station.

Dante sang Valerie's praises by assuring everyone that things had never run smoother at the police station. Lulu smiled uncomfortably as Dante and Valerie carefully avoided eye contact. Moments later, Dante received a call from dispatch. After the call, Dante apologized for cutting the evening short, but he had to work a case. Lulu surprised Dante by deciding to stay, but she walked him to the door to give him a quick kiss and remind him that she loved him.

After Lulu returned to the table, Dillon wondered if Dante was often called away. Lulu smiled as she confessed that she had gotten used to it. Lulu explained that no news was considered good news, but it was also rough on her. "Now you must know how Dante felt while you were in Canada," Valerie blurted out. Stunned, Lulu asked her cousin to clarify the remark, but Valerie quickly excused herself then fled to the bathroom. Dillon tried to defend Valerie's inappropriate comment, but Lulu assured him that it wasn't necessary.

Lulu acknowledged that she had spent a long time resenting Valerie for being a third wheel, but Lulu realized she was doing the same thing by intruding on Dillon and Valerie's date. Dillon wasn't bothered because he knew Lulu hated to be alone. Dillon teased Lulu about thriving on adventure but becoming flustered when someone pointed out that she might be wrong or the slightest bit unfair. Lulu feigned offense as she denied it, but Dillon merely chuckled because Lulu was still beautiful, smart, and courageous. Dillon insisted that she needed a few flaws, otherwise people wouldn't be able to stand her.

"Except you," Lulu countered. Dillon admitted that he was different because Lulu and Dillon were related through a "fraudulent marriage." Lulu admitted that Dillon was the only person who could criticize her, while making her smile at the same time. Dillon claimed it was a gift then lifted his glass to toast to fraudulent marriages. Afterwards, Dillon asked if she had read his edited script, but Lulu confessed that she hadn't had an opportunity.

Moments later, Valerie returned, so Dillon suggested that he, Lulu, and Valerie play a game of pool, but Valerie explained that she needed to get home because she needed to be at work early.

In Shadybrook's common room, Nathan was relieved when he saw his sister because he had searched everywhere in the sanitarium, including her room, for her. Nina recalled her conversation with Franco at Silas' apartment when Franco had reminded Nina that it was imperative for her to establish an alibi for the time of Silas' murder. She smiled at Nathan then innocently asked, "Where else would I be?"

Nina quickly changed the subject by apologizing to Nathan for not telling him about her plans to check into Shadybrook, but she was curious how her brother had found her. Nathan admitted that Ric had mentioned something that had led Nathan to her, but Nathan was furious because Ric had manipulated Nina into admitting herself to the sanitarium. Nina assured him that it was best for her to be at Shadybrook because it would be far better than prison. Nathan disagreed because he was certain that Nina had been framed for Avery's kidnapping. Nathan was surprised when Nina agreed.

Nathan was curious who Nina suspected of framing her, but Nina remembered Franco's warning that no one could know that she had been aware that Silas had kidnapped Avery because it would give Nina a motive for killing Silas. Nina smiled at her brother as she carefully explained that she'd merely had her suspicions. Nathan wondered why she would commit herself to Shadybrook, but Nina became evasive. Nathan sensed that his sister was holding back, so he assured her that she could trust him. Nathan wanted to know what was going on, so Nina agreed to tell him, but she warned him that the truth might sound "insane."

Nina was about to elaborate when Nathan's phone rang. It was Dante informing Nathan that the police had received a call about a possible homicide at Silas' apartment. Nathan quickly ended the call then assured his sister that he would return the following day to hear her out. Later, Nina saw a news report on television about Silas' murder.

At Carly's residence, Morgan turned on the news. He sat up straight when a reporter announced that the police were at Silas' apartment, investigating the prominent doctor's murder. Carly entered in time to hear the report on television. Her tone filled with sadness when she remarked about the "terrible" news. "Yeah, it really is," Morgan agreed without emotion.

In Silas' apartment, Franco finished cleaning up the crime scene to eliminate any evidence that Nina had been there. After dropping the knife used to murder Silas into a bag, Franco made his way to the door. He carefully wiped away all fingerprints, opened the door, slipped into the hallway, and then closed the door before wiping away the remaining fingerprints. Franco dropped the rag he had used into his bag then walked down the hallway, but he froze when Kiki suddenly rounded the corner.

Kiki was curious what Franco was doing there, so he claimed that he had stopped to visit with her. Kiki's eyes narrowed as she asked what was in the bag slung over his shoulder. Franco easily lied by claiming it was dinner. However, it had grown cold, so he suggested they dash out for a bite to eat. Kiki explained that she needed to talk to her father, but Franco told her that no one was home because he had knocked for five minutes without anyone answering the door.

Kiki decided to join Franco for dinner, but his relief quickly turned to dismay when she added that she intended to leave her suitcase in the apartment. Franco assured her that she could keep it in his car until he dropped her off later, but Kiki thought it was pointless, since she was standing right outside her apartment. Franco desperately tried to stop her from entering the apartment, but Kiki pulled out her key and inserted it into the door. She was puzzled why the door was unlocked, but proceeded to open it. Franco braced himself as Kiki let out a bloodcurdling scream when she saw Silas dead on the floor.

Horrified, Kiki ran to check on her father, but Franco knelt beside her then gently explained that Silas was dead. Distraught, Kiki fell into Franco's arms as she asked how her father had died. Franco quietly explained that Silas had been stabbed, but Kiki became hysterical at the idea that her father had been murdered. She decided to call the police, but Franco quickly snatched the phone out of her hand as he explained that she couldn't do that. Kiki immediately became suspicious as she asked why not.

Franco explained that the police would jump to the wrong conclusion that he had killed Silas because Franco was always the prime suspect. Kiki's eyes rounded with disbelief as she realized that Franco had not only tried to stop her from entering the apartment, but he had also known that Silas had been dead and how he had been murdered. Kiki demanded to know if Franco had killed her father, but Franco assured her that he hadn't. Kiki didn't believe him, so she asked what was in his bag. Franco refused to answer, so Kiki managed to grab the phone out of his hand and call 9-1-1 to report her father's murder.

A short time later, Franco begged Kiki to work with him. Franco realized that it looked bad, but he promised that he would never kill Silas because he appreciated how much Kiki loved her father. Kiki demanded to know who had killed Silas if Franco hadn't. Franco confessed that he didn't know, but he wanted a chance to find out. Seconds later, Nathan and Dante burst through the door with their guns drawn.

Franco started to explain his presence, but Dante ordered Franco to drop the bag. Meanwhile, Kiki returned to her father's side and wept inconsolably as Nathan tried to comfort her. Moments later, Dante found the murder weapon hidden in Franco's bag, so he immediately placed "Franco Baldwin" under arrest. Devastated, Kiki accused Franco of being a killer and vowed never to believe him again.

News of Silas' murder spread News of Silas' murder spread
Wednesday, August 5, 2015

In New York City, a man approached Ryan's Bar, but a well-dressed gentleman met him at the door to inform the patron that the bar was closed. After the patron left, the gentleman flipped the sign to closed then approached a table where the heads of the five organized crime families representing the "eastern territories" were gathered, including "Ms. Wu of the Triad, Mr. Novak of the Five Points, Mr. Serge of the Russian Bratva, Mr. Buscema of the Cosa Nostra, and Mr. Corinthos, Don of the Northern Sea Front."

The well-dressed gentleman introduced himself as a neutral mediator then explained that Sonny had asked for the meeting to discuss an important matter, so he invited Sonny to speak. Sonny reminded everyone that their alliance had been forged with the understanding that they would each operate their businesses and prosper without fear of anyone making a grab for power, but someone in the group had broken the alliance by hijacking two of Sonny's shipments, which meant they had a traitor in their midst. Sonny suggested that it was in everyone's best interest to resolve things quickly before violence erupted. Mr. Novak was curious if Sonny had any proof to suggest that one of them was responsible for the attacks on Sonny.

Sonny explained that the merchandise from one of the hijacked shipments had ended up in Serge's territory, but Serge denied any involvement in the strike against Sonny. According to Serge, a middleman who had once worked for the Jeromes had presented Serge with a business opportunity that Serge hadn't been able to pass up. Sonny didn't appreciate Serge's arrogant tone or lack of remorse for profiting from Sonny's hijacked shipment, but Serge smirked as he accused Sonny of losing a tight grip on Sonny's territory since Jason's death. Serge wasn't surprised that the sharks had begun to circle, so Sonny chuckled as he stood up. Serge was oblivious to the danger as he continued to goad Sonny.

In an instant, Sonny pulled out a gun then shot Serge dead as the rest of the crime bosses jumped up in alarm, while their henchmen pulled their guns, prepared to shoot Sonny if Sonny turned the gun on the rest of the crime bosses. The mediator was outraged that Sonny had violated the terms of the meeting, but Miss Wu defended Sonny because Serge had broken their alliance. Sonny lowered the gun, but he wanted Serge's death to serve as a warning that Sonny wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger again if anyone tried to muscle in on Sonny's territory.

At the Drake residence, Patrick and Sam kissed as they snuggled together on the sofa. Patrick ended the kiss and let Sam know that he had ordered pizza. He invited her to pick out a movie for them to watch. Sam smiled as she confessed that she had never been more in love with Patrick than at that moment. Patrick grinned as he disappeared into the kitchen while Sam flipped on the television, but her smile quickly faded when she saw a breaking news report about Silas' murder. Shocked, Sam turned off the television as Patrick returned to the living room.

Patrick immediately sensed that something was amiss, so Sam told him about Silas' murder. Patrick quickly recovered from his shock to ask if Sam was okay. Her eyes filled with tears as she explained that Silas had arrived in Port Charles because he had wanted a relationship with his nephew Rafe. Shaken, Sam decided to call to check on Kiki, but Patrick could tell Sam wasn't ready to talk to anyone, so he reached out to hug her. Sam couldn't imagine who would want to kill Silas because he had been a wonderful doctor who had saved Danny's life.

At Patrick's prodding, Sam opened up about how she had first met Silas in a New York City hospital. She admitted that she and Silas had taken an instant disliking to each other, especially when Silas had taken Sam to court to fight for custody of his nephew Rafe. However, Silas had been the first person to notice signs that Danny had cancer. She admitted Silas had given her hope when she hadn't had any and credited him with making it possible to open her heart to love again. Patrick wondered if Sam and Silas might have still been together if Nina hadn't arrived in town, but Sam shook her head because she realized Silas had been a transitional relationship to prepare her for the right man like Patrick.

In Shadybrook's common room, Nina watched the news with horror as the reporter talked about Silas' death. She told the patient holding the television's remote to turn it off, but the woman refused. Frustrated, Nina snatched the remote out of the woman's hand then switched off the television as an orderly entered the room to ask if there was a problem. Nina pleaded with the man to give her a phone because she needed to make an important call, but the orderly reminded Nina that it was against the sanitarium's policy. Nina's temper flared as she reached up to grab the man's face in an effort to impress upon him the urgency.

Madeline suddenly appeared in the doorway then clucked with feigned concern at her daughter's behavior. Nina immediately backed off, so Madeline assured the orderly that she could handle her daughter. After the orderly and patient left, Madeline explained that she had rushed over to check on Nina when Ric had told her about Nina's decision to check herself into Shadybrook. Madeline praised Nina's decision then asked her to sign a few more documents, but Nina announced that she didn't belong in a sanitarium.

Madeline disagreed because Madeline had been present when Nina had suffered a hallucination of a baby crying. Nina couldn't explain why she had heard a baby crying when no one else had, but she was certain that she hadn't kidnapped Avery from the hospital. Madeline wondered how Nina could be certain. "Franco," Nina confided. Nina explained that Franco knew Nina hadn't abducted the baby, but Madeline argued that Franco was a lunatic who would say anything to get back into Nina's good graces.

Nina defended Franco because Madeline had no idea what Franco had done for Nina, so Madeline invited Nina to elaborate. Nina recalled Franco's warnings, so she evaded the question by asking to use Madeline's cell phone. Madeline refused, but Nina explained it was an important call. Things quickly escalated when Madeline continued to withhold her cell phone from Nina, so Nina grabbed her mother's wrist then squeezed tightly as she took the phone from Madeline. The orderly noticed Nina and Madeline scuffling over the phone, so he entered the room to intervene.

Madeline warned Nina to tread carefully because Nina might jeopardize the privilege of signing out, so Nina wisely handed the phone back to Madeline. After the orderly left, Nina complained that Madeline was never on Nina's side. Madeline disagreed because she supported Nina's decision to check into Shadybrook. Madeline promised to return the following day to check on her daughter then left.

At Carly's place, Carly sat down as she watched a news report about Silas' murder. Her expression was filled with disbelief, but Morgan's was closed as he watched his mother's reaction to the shocking development. Carly turned off the television as she tried to wrap her mind around Silas' death. "It's crazy," Morgan said without emotion, but Carly didn't seem to notice because her thoughts quickly turned to Kiki when she realized that Kiki would be devastated by the news.

Carly was curious if Morgan had talked to Kiki, so he calmly explained that Kiki had gone to a bachelorette party in the Hamptons for a few days. Stunned, Carly asked if anyone had told Kiki about Silas' death, but Morgan doubted it, since the ladies were unlikely to watch the news during the festivities. Shocked, Carly insisted that Morgan be the one to break the news to Kiki because he was Kiki's boyfriend. He appeared to snap out of his state of indifference as he realized that his mother was right, so he called Kiki.

Later, Carly was surprised when Morgan decided to give up after three calls went to voicemail, so he asked if she expected him to drive to the Hamptons. "Yes," Carly answered without hesitation. Carly reminded Morgan that Kiki's father had been murdered, so Kiki would need to lean on him. Morgan grumbled that all he had done was hurt Kiki, which prompted Carly to question what he was talking about. Morgan asked Carly to drop it, but she refused because she suspected it had something to do with Denise.

Carly confronted Morgan about his kiss with Denise because she was concerned that Denise might be taking advantage of Morgan's impulsive nature, just as Denise's twin had. Morgan admitted that the kiss had been mutual, but Carly asked if Morgan had considered how Kiki might feel if she learned about it. Morgan resented his mother trying to make him feel worse than he already did, but Carly warned him that he needed to keep his distance from Denise.

Morgan was curious if it had ever occurred to Carly that he and Denise might have genuine feelings for each other and an undeniable attraction, but Carly feared that Denise had put those thoughts into his head. She pointed out that Denise clearly hadn't cared enough about Kiki to keep her hands off of Kiki's boyfriend, so she urged Morgan to end things with Denise because Kiki would need him more than ever. Morgan reminded his mother that he was an adult and capable of handling his own life.

Carly disagreed because Morgan had drugged Michael the last time she had left Morgan to his own devices. Morgan accused his mother of being unfair, since Michael had forgiven him, but Carly knew what it was like to be in Morgan's shoes. She admitted that her own endless lies had once made her an outcast until only Jason had stood by her side. "Do you have a friend like that?" Carly asked. Morgan remained stubbornly silent, so she advised him to rebuild trust, starting with her and Sonny.

Morgan assured Carly that her message had been received, so she admitted that she had paid Denise a visit to warn Denise to stay away from Morgan. Morgan was not pleased, but Carly refused to apologize because she was worried about her son. Morgan appreciated Carly's concern, but he asked her to let him handle things his way. Before Carly could reply, Morgan excused himself to call Kiki.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava watched the news then put it on mute as she confessed that she was responsible for Silas' death. She muttered that he would have been better off if she hadn't been in his life then jumped with fright when Julian suddenly entered the living room and asked if she always watched television on mute. Ava adopted her persona of Denise as she asked what Julian was doing up. He admitted that he had decided to grab a drink because Alexis was sound asleep. Julian glanced at Denise then decided his sister could use a drink too.

Ava thought about Silas' admission during her talk with Silas when she had been on her deathbed, battling cancer. She remembered how he had confessed that he had once loved her, in his own way. Ava pushed the memory away when Julian returned to hand her a martini. She smiled awkwardly as he confessed it had been Ava's favorite drink. As Ava sipped the martini, Julian revealed that Ava had always had a habit of doing whatever had been expedient without ever questioning her own motives.

Ava resented the remark, so she carefully suggested that Julian had made Ava sound unfeeling. Julian assured her that Ava had been very passionate -- about her own interests. According to Julian, Ava had been the "most selfishly passionate person" he had ever met. Ava admitted that it sounded lonely, but Julian confessed that it had never seemed to bother Ava. Hurt, Ava tried to defend herself by suggesting Ava had been desperately looking for someone to love her. Julian's eyes narrowed because he sensed something else was troubling "Denise," so she told him about Silas' murder.

Surprised, Julian admitted that he would always be grateful to Silas for saving Danny's life and for being Kiki's father. Julian noticed that his sister seemed genuinely upset, so he asked why Denise would be crying over a man she had barely known. Ava recalled how she had once told Silas that she had loved him and that their stolen moments had been some of the happiest times in her life, but she remained in character as Denise by explaining that she was concerned about Kiki. Julian felt horrible for their niece because Kiki had lost both her mother and father mere months apart.

Julian decided to wake up Alexis because he didn't want Kiki burdened with the task of funeral arrangements for Silas and estate issues. After Julian went to his bedroom, Ava sat down. She glanced up with surprise when Silas poured her another martini. Silas smiled then reminded her that she had always told him there hadn't been any point in regrets, so it was too late to change her mind. Ava tearfully assured him that she had always loved him, but Silas disappeared in the blink of an eye.

In the squad room, Dante handed Kiki a bottle of water because he feared she was on the verge of going into shock, but Kiki wept inconsolably over her father's death. Moments later, Franco was led through the squad room by two police officers. Franco complained about police brutality until he saw Kiki. Franco froze as Kiki stood up, but Dante berated the officers for exposing Kiki to her father's murderer. The police officers explained they had been following Jordan's instructions as Jordan walked up.

Jordan ordered the police officers to proceed, so Franco desperately tried to assure Kiki that he hadn't killed Silas. Kiki glared at Franco with fury. Meanwhile, Jordan quietly explained to Dante that she had been trying to prevent the press from getting wind that Franco had been arrested until Jordan had had a chance to question Franco. Jordan followed Franco into the interrogation room as Kiki snapped out of her trance and approached the door. Jordan quickly closed the door before Kiki could enter or say anything.

Dante guided Kiki back to his desk then offered to call Morgan, but Kiki wasn't ready to speak to anyone because she couldn't handle hearing everyone telling her how sorry they were for her loss. Dante gently asked her to guide him through the events of the evening, leading to the discovery of Silas' body. She revealed that she had returned early from the Hamptons because her father had wanted to talk to her about something important. Dante was curious what Silas had wanted to tell her, but Kiki had no idea.

Dante asked about Franco. Kiki told him that she had bumped into Franco in the hallway outside the apartment. In hindsight, Kiki realized that Franco had just left her father's apartment. Kiki opened up about Franco's efforts to keep Kiki from entering the apartment then his reaction when Kiki had found her father's body. Kiki wept as she recalled that Franco had known before she had checked Silas' pulse that Silas was dead and how he had died. Kiki regretted how she had defended Franco to everyone because it had cost Silas his life, but Dante insisted that Kiki was not to blame for her father's death.

Meanwhile, Jordan questioned Franco about Silas' murder. She offered Franco an opportunity to explain his side of things if he was innocent. Franco asked Jordan to lean close, so she did. He looked her in the eyes then quietly whispered, "You can go to hell."

A short time later, Jordan exited the interrogation room as she barked orders for Franco to be taken to a holding cell. Kiki angrily advanced on Franco as he insisted it was all a misunderstanding. Kiki violently slapped him as she accused him of being a liar. The police officers dragged Franco away as Dante stepped forward to grab Kiki. Kiki screamed that she regretted ever trusting Franco and letting him into her life then vowed that she would not rest until he paid for Silas' murder.

Franco confided the truth to Liesl Franco confided the truth to Liesl
Thursday, August 6, 2015

Jake entered Elizabeth's bedroom with a steaming cup of coffee and approached the bed to gently wake her up. Elizabeth groggily glanced at the clock then sat up in bed when she realized that she had overslept. Elizabeth accepted the cup of coffee from Jake as she explained that she had to take the boys to camp, but Jake revealed that he had already dropped her sons off. Elizabeth was relieved until she thought of little Jake because she wasn't certain that her middle son had been ready for camp. Jake assured her that little Jake was fine, so she relaxed.

Elizabeth confessed that she had no idea what she would do without Jake, so he gave her a quick affectionate kiss and told her that he hoped she never had to find out. Jake shifted gears to tell Elizabeth about the change in Hayden's condition. Elizabeth tensed until Jake admitted that Hayden hadn't been able to shed light on Jake's real identity. However, Patrick was hopeful that Hayden's memories might return.

Jake and Elizabeth talked about the possibility that Jake might have another life with a wife and children. Elizabeth knew Jake wanted answers, but she admitted that she tried not to dwell on his past because she feared the truth might tear him away from her. Elizabeth realized it was selfish of her, but Jake assured her that he understood because he loved her and didn't want to lose her either. Jake grabbed her cup coffee, which had grown cold, and left to refill it with fresh coffee. After Jake disappeared down the hallway, Elizabeth called Nikolas.

Later, Elizabeth met Nikolas at the Floating Rib to warn him that Hayden had woken up from the coma. Elizabeth feared that Hayden would eventually remember Jake's real identity, but Nikolas encouraged Elizabeth not to worry because Nikolas would take care of it. Elizabeth tensed because he had made a similar promise right before Hayden had been shot. Elizabeth had assumed Hayden had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, but she questioned if perhaps Nikolas might have been responsible for the shooting.

In Hayden's hospital room, Hayden looked at her oatmeal breakfast with distaste. She couldn't believe that she was expected to eat the unappealing food, so she asked for an egg white omelet and toast when she heard the door open. Sam smirked as she clarified that she was not a nurse. Hayden appeared surprised when she saw Sam, but Sam was pleased to notice that Hayden's sweet disposition hadn't changed. Hayden ignored the remark as she acknowledged that she had seen Sam with Jake but couldn't remember Sam's name.

Sam warned Hayden that she wasn't fooled by Hayden's pretense of amnesia. Hayden was offended by the suggestion that she was faking, but Sam was unapologetic because Sam found it odd that Hayden had awakened from a coma, remembering a ruse rather than Hayden's real life. Hayden insisted Patrick had assured Hayden that it wasn't unusual for a patient to be disoriented when they first woke up from a coma, but Sam refused to give Hayden the benefit of the doubt like Patrick had.

Sam claimed that she'd had Hayden's number ever since Hayden had lied about being Jake's wife. "It takes a con artist to know one," Sam explained. Hayden resented Sam's hostile attitude and unflattering accusations, but Sam demanded Hayden tell the truth because Sam wasn't in the mood to play games with Hayden. Sam wanted to know what Hayden knew about Jake, but Hayden claimed she had no idea what Sam was talking about.

Sam vowed to figure out what Hayden was up to just as Patrick appeared in the doorway. Patrick wanted to know what was going on, so Hayden explained that Sam had barged into Hayden's room, throwing around outrageous accusations. Hayden asked Patrick to have Sam removed.

Later, Patrick stopped by the elevators to ask what Sam had been doing in Hayden's hospital room. Sam insisted that Hayden was faking amnesia, but Patrick explained that he needed medical proof. However, he was curious why it mattered so much to Sam. Sam floundered for an answer until she saw Jake exit the elevator. Jake greeted both Patrick and Sam, but he immediately picked up on the tension between the couple. Sam explained that her good friend had been murdered the previous evening, so Jake asked if there was anything he could do to help her.

Sam appreciated the offer but admitted that nothing could be done. Jake changed the subject by asking Patrick if it would be okay for Jake to check in on Hayden. Patrick didn't object, so Jake left. Sam apologized for the confrontation with Hayden but explained that she didn't trust Hayden. Patrick was curious why it was important for Sam to prove that Hayden had lied, so Sam admitted that she was concerned about Nikolas.

Patrick was surprised when Sam revealed that she and Jake had been investigating Nikolas on Michael's behalf. Patrick was upset that she hadn't told him about working with Jake sooner, so she confessed it had been necessary because she didn't trust Elizabeth.

In Hayden's hospital room, Jake greeted Hayden and asked how she was feeling. Hayden was delighted that he had stopped by, and they talked about her amnesia. Jake offered Hayden a few words of encouragement, but she was frustrated that she couldn't remember scheming with Ric Lansing against Jake. Jake was curious if she recognized Nikolas Cassadine's name.

At the nurses' station, Liesl approached Patrick to discuss Silas' shocking murder. Patrick admitted that he and Sam had heard about the tragedy the previous night then added that Sam had been upset because Silas had saved Danny's life. Liesl reminded Patrick that Silas had saved many lives, so she couldn't understand how Silas had met with such a violent end. Patrick didn't have an answer because he couldn't recall Silas having any enemies. Liesl grumbled that the police hadn't released any information, which left them all to wonder who could commit such a "heinous" crime.

Patrick thought it best to leave it to the police to figure things out. Liesl changed the subject by asking if he was relieved that Hayden had emerged from the coma. Liesl credited Patrick's skill as a neurosurgeon, but she couldn't imagine what Hayden had endured during the coma.

At the police station, Dante handed Kiki a cup of coffee, which she gratefully accepted. He offered to fetch her something to eat, but Kiki declined. Her eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she kept replaying everything that had happened the previous evening in her mind. She couldn't understand how she had been blinded by Franco, especially since everyone had warned her that Franco was not to be trusted.

In the interrogation room, Franco sat handcuffed to the table as he thought about finding Nina kneeling over Silas' body with the bloody murder weapon clutched in her hand. He pushed the memory away when Nathan entered the room. Nathan set a doughnut down on the table for Franco to eat then invited Franco to tell him what had transpired at Silas' apartment the previous evening. Nathan conceded that things looked bad for Franco, but Nathan was willing to give Franco an opportunity to tell Franco's side of things. Franco advised Nathan not to rush to judgment, but Franco refused to elaborate.

Nathan warned Franco that the police would proceed with the theory that Franco had murdered Silas unless Franco could point them in a different direction. Franco recalled promising that he believed in Nina's innocence because Franco loved her and had been wrong about her abducting Avery from the hospital. However, Franco decided to keep the information to himself. Disappointed, Nathan prepared to leave, but Franco asked to make a phone call.

A short time later, Liesl entered the squad room. Nathan was surprised by his mother's visit, so she explained that the police had arrested the wrong man because Franco was innocent. Startled, Nathan asked how Liesl had known about Franco's arrest, since the police hadn't released Franco's name to the press. He was stunned when Liesl revealed that Franco had called her.

Moments later, Nathan led Liesl to the interrogation room then closed the door as Liesl warmly greeted Franco. Liesl was curious why Franco had killed Silas, but Franco denied killing Kiki's father. Liesl was relieved that it had been a dreadful mistake, but she was curious why he had called her instead of an attorney. Franco confessed that she was the only person he could trust. Liesl was flattered and offered to help, but Franco needed assurance that she would not reveal what he told her.

Franco decided to have Liesl treat a hangnail, which would provide him with doctor/patient confidentiality. Liesl pulled out a small medical kit then dabbed at his finger, while he opened up about finding Nina in Silas' apartment. Stunned, Liesl urged him to tell the police about Nina's involvement in the murder, but Franco insisted that Nina was innocent. Liesl was skeptical, so Franco confided that Silas had kidnapped Avery. Liesl wondered why Silas would have done such a thing, but Franco cryptically explained that Silas had had his reasons.

Franco's expression suddenly cleared as he realized who had killed Silas. Liesl was eager to hear his theory. "Ava," Franco answered.

At Shadybrook, Nina anxiously waited until the clock struck ten so she could make a phone call. After an orderly handed her a cell phone, she went to a quiet corner to call Franco, but the call went to voicemail. Nina left several messages for Franco then called someone else when Franco failed to return her calls.

A short time later, Ric arrived. Nina was relieved, but Ric warned her that it wasn't a good idea for him to be there when she should be focusing on her treatment. Nina explained that everything had changed with Silas' death. Ric was curious how Nina had heard about the murder. She carefully told him that she had seen a report on the news the previous evening. Ric claimed that he had wanted to tell her, but he had feared that she'd had enough on her plate.

Nina revealed that she hadn't kidnapped Avery, but Ric disagreed because the evidence proved otherwise. Nina insisted she was innocent, and Ric asked who else could have taken the baby. Before Nina could answer, Nathan entered the common room. Nathan explained that he had some bad news to share with his sister, but Ric informed Nathan that Nina had already heard about Silas' death. Nathan hugged his sister, and Ric asked if there had been any leads in the doctor's murder.

Nina was shocked when Nathan admitted that Franco had been arrested. Nina immediately defended Franco, insisting the police had the wrong man, but Nathan assured her that they had evidence against Franco. Desperate, Nina implored Ric to represent Franco, but Ric refused. However, Ric promised to find Franco a good public defender. After Ric left, Nina begged Nathan to help Franco because Franco hadn't killed Silas.

At the Jerome apartment, Ava read the Port Charles Press, which featured a headline about Silas' shocking murder. She quietly whispered that she had really loved Silas, despite everything that had happened. Moments later, Morgan called to ask if she had heard about Silas' murder. Ava, adopting her persona as Denise, admitted that she had been reading a newspaper article about it. She nervously added that she couldn't believe someone had stabbed Silas.

"Yeah, it looks like someone did," Morgan quietly replied. Ava worried about Kiki, so she urged Morgan to find Kiki because her "niece" would need him. Morgan assured her that he had tried to reach Kiki, but the calls had gone to voicemail. He quickly changed the subject by suggesting that he and "Denise" meet to talk. Ava appeared relieved when someone knocked on the door because it gave her an excuse to abruptly end the call.

At Carly's house, Morgan was leaving Kiki a voicemail message when the doorbell rang. It was Kiki. Morgan immediately invited her in and tried to comfort her as she told him about her father's murder. Morgan revealed that he had tried to call her to break the news about Silas' death to her in person, but Kiki explained that she had turned off her phone because she had been at the police station all night. Morgan ushered Kiki into the living room as he asked her if the police had contacted her about the murder.

Kiki admitted that she had discovered her father's body when she had returned home early from the trip because she had missed Morgan and had wanted to speak to her father. Morgan tensed when Kiki explained that Silas had left her a voicemail message explaining that he needed to speak to her about something important. Morgan asked what Silas had wanted to tell her. Kiki tearfully confessed that she hadn't had a chance to talk to her father, so she didn't know. Morgan was startled when Kiki told him about her encounter with Franco outside Silas' apartment and about Franco's arrest.

Meanwhile, Ava was surprised when she saw Dante standing on her doorstep. Dante explained that he was there in an official capacity to ask "Denise" about Silas Clay. Ava invited Dante in but quickly informed the detective that she had barely known the doctor. Dante was curious why, if that were true, she had called Silas shortly before Silas' murder. Ava was stunned by the question, but Dante revealed that they had reviewed Silas' cell phone records, which had listed the incoming call. Ava recalled her frustration the previous evening when she had reached Silas' voicemail because she had been determined to stop Silas from exposing the truth about her identity.

Ava hadn't been concerned about Silas telling Kiki about Ava and Morgan's affair, but she refused to spend the rest of her life in jail. Ava pushed the memory to the back of her mind as she nervously smiled at Dante then invited him to sit down. According to Ava, she had called to invite Silas to a dinner she had planned to put together for her "niece" when Kiki had returned from the Hamptons. Dante was curious why Denise hadn't left a message, so she explained that she hated the way her voice sounded on recordings, which people barely checked.

Dante appeared to accept Denise's explanations. He shifted gears to ask about her relationship with Franco. Ava's eyes rounded with surprise, but she quickly recovered as she claimed that she and Franco were acquaintances who were working together to make Nina jealous. Ava was curious why Dante had asked about Franco, so he confided that Franco had been arrested for Silas' murder. Dante wondered if Franco had ever mentioned Silas, but Ava shook her head.

Dante handed "Denise" a card and asked her to call him if she remembered anything that might help with the investigation. After Dante left, Ava picked up the newspaper, but her thoughts drifted to the previous night when she had slipped out of Silas' apartment in a state of distress.

Nikolas confirmed Elizabeth's worst fears Nikolas confirmed Elizabeth's worst fears
Friday, August 7, 2015

At the Floating Rib, Elizabeth acknowledged that everyone had assumed that a stray bullet meant for Jake had struck Hayden, but Elizabeth wondered if Nikolas had sent a hit man to kill Hayden. Nikolas feigned shock that Elizabeth would think he was capable of such a thing, but she admitted that she had concerns because of Nikolas' lack of concern when Hayden had threatened to tell Jake the truth. Nikolas claimed that he had merely been tired of Hayden blackmailing him, but Elizabeth was skeptical because he had promised to take care of things when she had warned him that Hayden might be emerging from the coma. He had said something similar minutes earlier when she had revealed that Hayden was awake.

Nikolas continued to deny responsibility for Hayden's shooting, but Elizabeth begged him to be honest with her. She finally realized what he had meant when he had warned her that there would be a high cost for lying about Jake's identity. Elizabeth admitted that she felt overwhelmed with guilt because she couldn't stop thinking about how Hayden had been shot right before she'd been able to tell Jake the truth. Elizabeth insisted that she needed an answer, but Nikolas warned her that she couldn't "unknow" the truth once he told her.

Elizabeth braced herself as she asked Nikolas to answer the question. Nikolas quietly confirmed that she had been right; he had tried to have Hayden killed. Shocked, Elizabeth couldn't believe that Nikolas would have someone killed, but Nikolas explained that he had wanted Elizabeth to be happy. He also admitted that he had done it for himself because he had been tired of Hayden trying to pull his strings. Elizabeth wondered if Nikolas intended to finish the job. "Isn't that what you want me to do?" Nikolas asked.

Elizabeth admitted that Hayden was a terrible person, but Elizabeth was one as well. Nikolas insisted that Elizabeth and Hayden were nothing alike, but Elizabeth disagreed because she had gone to extremes to be with Jason. Elizabeth could live with the lies she had told, but she refused to have a woman's death on her conscience. Nikolas explained that Elizabeth need only look the other way, but Elizabeth was determined to save both her and Nikolas' souls. Elizabeth implored Nikolas not to kill Hayden, but Nikolas questioned if Elizabeth had considered what might happen if Hayden revealed the truth to Jake.

Nikolas reminded Elizabeth that she finally had everything she had ever wanted with Jason because Jason was no longer dodging bullets, protecting Carly, or committed to Sam. He warned Elizabeth that she risked losing everything if Hayden remained alive, but Elizabeth argued that Hayden had amnesia. Nikolas reminded Elizabeth that the threat of Hayden remembering would always loom over Elizabeth's head unless Hayden was silenced, but Elizabeth made it clear that she did not want Hayden killed. Elizabeth explained that she would hope for the best, so Nikolas warned her to be prepared for the worst then he left.

In Hayden's hospital room, Jake offered Hayden words of encouragement because she was frustrated that she couldn't remember anything, including Ric Lansing hiring her to pretend to be Jake's wife. Jake was curious if she recognized Nikolas Cassadine's name. Hayden's brow furrowed, but she claimed the name was not familiar. Jake described Nikolas and revealed that she had stayed in Nikolas' castle before she had been shot, but Hayden admitted that she only remembered Jake.

Hayden confided that she hoped her memories returned soon because she was eager to get Jake's "tough talking" friend off her back. Jake apologized for Sam's methods, but Hayden insisted that Sam, not Jake, should be the one apologizing. Moments later, Hayden admitted that she was tired, so Jake wished her well then left.

Later, Nikolas entered Hayden's hospital room as Hayden slept. He quietly shut the door, closed the blinds, and approached the bed as her eyes suddenly snapped open.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Patrick was hurt that Sam hadn't told him about her investigation with Jake. Sam promised that she trusted Patrick, but she had reservations about Elizabeth. Stunned, Patrick wondered if Sam were suggesting that Elizabeth had helped Nikolas take over ELQ. Sam carefully explained that she and Jake couldn't risk Elizabeth tipping Nikolas off about the investigation because Michael needed leverage to force Nikolas to relinquish control of ELQ. Patrick appreciated Sam's concerns about Elizabeth's friendship with Nikolas, but he couldn't understand why she had kept Patrick out of the loop.

Sam apologized, but she hadn't wanted to burden Patrick with having to keep a secret from Elizabeth. Patrick accepted the explanation, but he wanted Sam to be able to trust him with everything. She begged for his forgiveness, and he assured her that he wouldn't let the incident get between them. Sam relaxed and told him that she loved him, which she quickly followed up with a passionate kiss.

Moments later, Jake walked up to report that Hayden's memory loss remained unchanged. Sam was certain Hayden was lying, but Patrick changed the subject by revealing that Sam had told him about Jake and Sam's investigation. Jake appeared annoyed, but Sam explained that she had hated keeping things from Patrick. Jake reminded her that he felt the same about Elizabeth, but they couldn't afford for Nikolas to find out. Patrick advised Jake to be honest with Elizabeth because Patrick doubted that Elizabeth would protect Nikolas if Nikolas had done something wrong or had something to hide.

Patrick warned Jake not to let Jake's work with Sam jeopardize Jake's relationship with Elizabeth, so Jake agreed to take everything Patrick had said into consideration. Satisfied, Patrick left to finish up his rounds. Sam apologized for telling Patrick, but Jake assured her that it wasn't necessary because he wanted to be honest with Elizabeth.

A short time later, Patrick spotted Elizabeth in the hallway, so he called out to her. After they exchanged quick greetings, Elizabeth asked about Hayden. Patrick revealed that Hayden's memory hadn't returned, but he added that Sam suspected Hayden was lying.

At Greystone Manor, Carly was playing with Avery on the back veranda when Sonny joined them. She happily welcomed him home as Sonny took the baby from her arms. Carly teased that Avery had been saying "Mama," so Sonny immediately tried to teach his daughter to say "Dada," but Avery refused to cooperate. Sonny decided to surprise his daughter with a present, which wasn't a surprise to Carly, since he spoiled Avery. Carly chuckled when she followed Sonny inside and saw a New York Yankees pendant on the sofa. Sonny grinned then confessed that he couldn't wait until Carly was legally Avery's mother.

Sonny and Carly talked about the wedding until Carly shifted gears by asking about Sonny's trip because she was curious if Sonny had learned the identity of the person responsible for the hijacked shipments. Sonny revealed that the culprit appeared to be Julian, which didn't surprise Carly.

Later, Carly and Sonny returned to the living room after putting Avery down for a nap. Carly revealed that she had paid Denise a visit to warn Denise to stay away from Morgan. Sonny admitted it was too late because he had bumped into Morgan the previous night at Metro Court Restaurant. Carly was stunned when Sonny told her that Morgan had been tied up in knots because Silas had caught Morgan and Denise in bed together and had threatened to tell Kiki. Carly became concerned when Sonny added that he had urged their son to tell Kiki the truth, but Morgan had been certain Silas wouldn't follow through on the threat.

Carly told Sonny about Silas' murder then talked about Morgan's odd behavior when she had arrived home the previous night and found Morgan watching a news report about the slaying. Sonny was curious how Morgan had reacted to the murder. "Distracted," Carly answered with mounting fear that their son had killed Silas to keep Silas from telling Kiki about the affair. Sonny insisted Morgan was not a killer, but Carly reminded Sonny that Morgan was impulsive and often acted without thinking. She pointed out that their son had destructive patterns, but Sonny refused to assume the worst until they had talked to Morgan.

In the Jerome apartment, Ava stared at the picture of Silas featured on the front page of the Port Charles Press, but her thoughts were on the previous evening when she had sneaked out of Silas' apartment, careful to use the sleeve of her dress as a glove when she'd closed Silas' door. "I'm so sorry, Silas," Ava tearfully said as she looked at his picture. She acknowledged that he hadn't deserved his fate, especially after all he had done to save her life. Ava tensed when she heard a knock at the door, but she quickly pulled herself together when Morgan called out to her.

Ava quickly opened the door then pulled Morgan inside before someone saw him. Morgan assumed she had heard about Silas' murder, so she told him about Dante's visit and the questions Dante had asked about her phone call to Silas an hour before Silas' murder. Morgan was curious what "Denise" had told Dante, so she filled him in then added that they were in the clear because no on knew why Silas had wanted to talk to Kiki. Morgan was relieved because he didn't want to add to Kiki's pain by having her find out about the affair, which was why Morgan had decided to break off his relationship with Denise.

Morgan admitted that the idea of Silas telling Kiki about the affair had been the kick in the gut he had needed to do the right thing. He admitted that he would miss Denise, but he was through with making empty promises. Morgan insisted that he and Denise needed to be there for Kiki because Kiki had been the one to find her father and watch Franco carted off to jail for the murder. He mentioned that Franco had denied killing Silas, but Ava doubted anyone would believe Franco.

Morgan feared that Franco might try to pin the murder on someone else. Ava's eyes briefly rounded with concern, but she quickly masked her worry by urging Morgan to forget about Franco. She advised him to return to Kiki because her "niece" needed him, so the couple shared a tearful goodbye and last embrace before Morgan left. Ava quickly gathered her things then followed him out the door, determined to stop Franco from spilling her secrets.

In the interrogation room, Franco realized that Ava had killed Silas. Liesl appreciated Franco's love for Nina, but she doubted pinning the murder on a dead woman would convince the police that Nina was innocent. Franco reminded Liesl that Ava was alive and masquerading as Denise DeMuccio, but Liesl argued that it wasn't possible because the DNA test had been aboveboard. Franco explained that Ava had managed to fool everyone because Ava had received a bone marrow transplant from Avery. Liesl smiled with understanding because she realized Ava had been Silas' patient in New York City.

Franco explained that Ava had had motive to kill Silas because Silas knew the truth about Ava's identity, but Liesl argued that unmasking Ava would also expose Silas' crimes. Franco revealed that he had mentioned to Silas that Ava and Morgan had slept together, so Silas might have decided to tell Kiki about the affair. Liesl agreed it was a good theory, but she was curious how Nina fit into the scenario, since Franco had found her niece perched over Silas' body with the murder weapon in hand.

Franco suspected Nina had arrived shortly after Ava had left and had rushed to Silas' side to help him by removing the knife that Ava had plunged into Silas' back. He groaned when he realized he had likely removed all traces of Ava's involvement in the crime when he had cleaned up the murder scene to protect Nina. Franco decided to hire a private investigator to help him uncover the truth, but Liesl assured Franco it wasn't necessary because Nathan could help them. Franco appeared skeptical, but Liesl promised Franco that Nathan could be trusted, provided Franco was honest and told her son about everything, including Ava.

In Shadybrook's common room, Nina was upset that Franco had been arrested for Silas' murder because she knew Franco was innocent. Nathan was curious how Nina could be certain, but Nina refused to elaborate. Nathan explained that the only way to exonerate Franco was by telling the truth, but Nina suddenly recalled kneeling over Silas' body with the bloody knife in her hand. She pushed the unsettling memory away as she insisted that she simply knew Franco hadn't killed Silas. Nathan admitted that the police had damaging evidence against Franco, but Nina begged Nathan to trust her.

Nathan was curious if Nina was hiding something, so her thoughts drifted back to the moments after Franco had found her in Silas' apartment. Franco had told her that he loved her and believed in her innocence, but he doubted anyone else would. Nina looked up at Nathan then beseeched him to believe her. She asked her brother to investigate the case thoroughly by checking for anyone who might have had a motive, Silas' financial records, and cell phone records. Nina asked Nathan not to rush to judgment, so he promised that he wouldn't. Nina surprised him by asking Nathan to "pinky swear."

Nathan felt foolish, but honored his sister's request. Moments later, his cell phone rang. It was Liesl. He stepped into the hallway to take the call as Liesl asked him to talk to Franco and listen to everything Franco had to say objectively because Franco had a viable theory about Silas' murder. Liesl added that Silas had had a secret then ended the call. Nathan returned to Nina's side to let her know that there might be a possible new suspect.

At the police station, Ava entered the squad room and asked to speak to Dante. The police officer guarding the interrogation room revealed that Dante was not there, so Ava explained that she needed to talk to the detective. She asked the police officer to double-check, so he glanced into the interrogation room then left to find Dante.

Ava quickly slipped into the room then closed the door. Franco was not surprised when he saw Ava because he had been thinking about her. "I know what you did last night. I know you killed your ex-boyfriend," Franco taunted. Ava calmly checked the window as she made her way to a table behind Franco. She sat down as Franco revealed that he had told Silas about Ava and Morgan's affair, so he was fairly certain how the rest had played out. Ava cautioned Silas to stop talking, but he gloated that there was no way out for her.

Ava quickly leaned close to Franco's ear then quietly threatened to tell the police about Nina's presence at the crime scene if Franco exposed Ava's secrets.

At Greystone Manor, Morgan arrived after receiving numerous text messages from his parents. Carly explained that it was important as she guided him into the living room, where Sonny was waiting. Morgan warned them that he had to get back to Kiki, so Carly tearfully asked if Morgan had killed Silas.

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