General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 14, 2016 on GH
Griffin revealed that he was Duke Lavery's son. Maxie suspected that a saboteur was behind Crimson's printing problems. Kiki woke up. Mayor Lomax played dirty to get Olivia to drop the lawsuit.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 14, 2016 on GH
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Terror From Beyond the Grave Terror From Beyond the Grave
Monday, March 14, 2016

Sam was looking at Jason's plaque when Alexis arrived and asked about the cut on Sam's hand. She jokingly blamed the "curse of Helena." She told her mother about Helena's curse on Sam and mentioned that Laura was a believer. Alexis understood why Laura would be. They left so that they could get the reading of the will over with.

Anna looked at a picture of Griffin on her phone that was captioned "Griffin Fitzhugh Munro." "Oh, no, it can't be," she said in amazement. Andre was passing by and wondered what Anna had found. She didn't want to say anything just in case she was wrong, but she thought she'd figured out who Griffin was and why he was following her. Andre was happy for her and put his hand on top of hers just as Jordan entered.

Knowing what it looked like, Anna explained to Jordan that, in addition to being friends, Anna was Andre's patient. When Jordan seemed all right with it, Anna excused herself. Andre and Jordan sat down to have a drink. Andre was paged about a patient and had to leave. Before he left, he made sure Jordan knew that he hadn't been able to reveal that Anna was his patient due to confidentiality. She insisted that she understood. He kissed her and left.

Maxie arrived at the hospital, looking for Epiphany so that she could show Epiphany her proofs from the Crimson photo shoot she'd done.

In the locker room at the hospital, Griffin stood in front of a mirror in a towel, examining a scar on his stomach. Just then, Maxie burst into the room and bumped right into Griffin, scattering her photographs on the floor. As Griffin helped her get them together, they introduced themselves. Maxie popped up to go find Epiphany, and Griffin warned her to be careful on the wet floor. Griffin caught her as she slipped, twisting her ankle in the process.

Griffin helped Maxie limp to a bench. He informed her that he was going to get dressed and grab some supplies to fix up her ankle. A short while later, Griffin was wrapping her ankle up, and she named him as a "miracle worker." She wanted to put a good word in for him, but he refused, since he hadn't exactly gone through "the proper channels" in order to treat Maxie.

Griffin asked Maxie what the photos were for, and she explained Crimson's "real women" issue. She told him that they'd been considering doing a "real men" feature and exclaimed that he would be perfect for it. Griffin wasn't too fond of the idea and claimed that he didn't look good in pictures. He told her that he had other patients to attend to, and he left, advising her to be careful on her ankle.

Griffin called Brad and left a message asking if he'd heard anything about Tracy's biopsy results. Just as he hung up, Anna emerged from the elevator beside him. He was surprised to see her "so soon." "I had to come. I know who you are and why you're following me," she told him.

At the police station, Nathan noticed that Dante was in a good mood. Dante informed Nathan that he and Lulu had worked some things out. Dante wondered if Nathan had ever told Maxie about Claudette. Nathan replied to an incredulous Dante that Maxie had wanted to let it go. Nathan asked about Lulu, and Dante divulged that they were getting back together, but he needed to get rid of the bed first.

Dante sermonized about how honesty would get him and Lulu back together, but he realized that he was probably making Nathan feel guilty by talking about honesty. Dante assured Nathan that everyone had baggage and a history. Nathan confided that Claudette was his ex-wife. Immediately after Dante asked why Nathan hadn't said anything about it before, Maxie arrived and wondered why they were being so serious.

Dante revealed that he had "huge news" and told her that he and Lulu were back together. She hugged Dante and knew that he and Lulu would be "just as happy" as Maxie and Nathan.

At Wyndemere, Laura noticed that Lulu was in a good mood. Lulu teased that it had to do with Dante, but she wanted to give her mother the news "somewhere less miserable." "Are you talking about the castle or the company?" Nikolas wondered as he entered with Hayden. She clarified that it was the occasion, and it was the last place she thought she'd be that day, especially after all of Helena's torment over the years.

The doorbell rang, and Nikolas went to answer it. "I hope you have your stakes and crucifixes," Elizabeth teased, glad to be leaving the house. Scott entered and wondered where Elizabeth was going, because she was a beneficiary. Sam and Alexis arrived as Scott was setting up the living room. They entered and found Scott standing next to a large television.

The various family members were on edge about finding out "the sick things" that Helena had left to each of them. Nikolas reminded them that they were all family, so they would deal with it together. Scott warned them to brace themselves, and he started the video. Helena appeared on the screen. She stated that, if the video was being watched, then Robin had failed to make Helena immortal. However, she intended to live on through her gifts. She began with Sam, who sarcastically said, "Yay me."

To be equally divided with Kristina and Molly, Helena left Sam "one cent, because that's all any child of Alexis is worth." Scott gave Sam a penny set in a ring box. She and Alexis began to put their coats on, but Scott told Alexis that she was next, so the women sat down. On the video, Helena went on about how being with Alexis' "whore of a mother" had been a huge mistake for Mikkos, but she'd left Alexis something anyway. Scott gave her a large music box which played Madame Butterfly when it was opened. Alexis identified it as the last song her opera singer mother had sung before her death.

Also inside the box was a Madame Butterfly program and two knives. "You bitch," she muttered. She explained that the dagger was the one Helena had used to slit Alexis' mother's throat. Scott played the video, and Helena continued that Alexis' mother had gotten what she'd deserved. Alexis and Sam got ready to leave. "You can keep the penny," Sam said tossing it on the couch, and the two left.

A short while later, Sam and Alexis arrived at the Metro Court restaurant. Alexis grumbled about how Helena couldn't have given Alexis anything more cruel or morbid. Sam suggested that Goodwill would take the box. Alexis thought the "murder weapons" would be hard to sell. Alexis just wanted to throw it all away. Sam had to go, and Alexis assured her not to worry about curses. When Sam was gone, Alexis asked the bartender to throw the box away. The bartender took the box, but Alexis had changed her mind.

Helena's next target was Elizabeth, who was not the "fragile flower" that everyone thought she was. Helena realized that she could never make it up to Elizabeth for taking Jake, but she wanted to try. Scott handed her a box. In the box was a book that Elizabeth opened to reveal a handmade book entitled "Jake's Adventure." Visibly shaken, Elizabeth told Nikolas that she needed to get to work where she could read the book near the psychiatric help that she would inevitably need. Nikolas suggested that she throw the book in the fire, but Elizabeth left with the book.

A short while later, Elizabeth sat alone in the locker room at the hospital. She opened the book to the first page, which talked about a little boy named Jake going into the woods and finding some interesting things. Minutes later, Elizabeth was at the end of the book. It talked about an old woman pulling Jake close and whispering "never forget, never tell" to him. An upset Elizabeth imagined it in Helena's voice.

Helena moved on to Nikolas, "my greatest disappointment." She was leaving her entire fortune to the Cassadine Foundation for medical research because she didn't want him to have anything after his betrayal. "I don't need your money, anyway," he spat. He quickly explained to Hayden that, to Helena, not being the Cassadine that Helena had expected him to be had been like a betrayal to her. Helena continued that he hadn't been cut out completely, and Scott pulled out a large picture on an easel with a cover over it. She warned him that "actions speak louder than words," as he uncovered the portrait of Helena. Nikolas suggested that he hang the portrait in the den so they could throw darts at it.

Nikolas put the portrait facedown against a wall as Helena explained that his possession of the image "signifies that we are never finished." Helena moved on to Lulu, who Helena believed she owed the "greatest debt." Scott handed her an envelope. Helena explained that Lulu might not appreciate the gift right away, but it could one day give Lulu what she needed from an empty life. Lulu opened the envelope and found absolutely nothing. Lulu refused to let Helena "mess with my head."

Helena moved on to Laura, who Helena believed had had the greatest impact on her life. She recalled that Luke and Laura had taken Mikkos away from her, so she would give Laura a key to something Laura had "loved and lost." Laura opened the small box that Scott handed to her and found a black key. The video ended, and Lulu advised Laura to forget about it like everyone else present would. She hugged her mother and left. Nikolas wondered if Laura was going to pursue whatever the key opened.

Griffin reveals that he's Duke's son Griffin reveals that he's Duke's son
Tuesday, March 15, 2016

On the waterfront, Anna held up a picture of Duke and admitted that Griffin's middle name "Fitzhugh" had been a Lavery family name. Anna realized that Griffin had seemed familiar because he was related to Duke. She was stunned when Griffin quietly revealed that Duke had been his father. Griffin clarified that he had never met Duke and hadn't known the truth about his father until after Griffin's deeply devout mother had passed away. He pulled out a letter his mother had written explaining that she had fallen in love with Duke, but Duke had been young and adventurous.

According to Griffin, his mother had discovered that she was pregnant after Duke had moved to Port Charles, so she had waited until after Griffin's birth to travel to Port Charles and tell Duke. However, his mother had changed her mind when she'd discovered that Duke had moved on with Anna and was happily in love. Griffin's mother hadn't wanted to destroy what Duke had with Anna and had left town without telling Duke. Anna felt terrible that Duke had been denied his son because of her, but Griffin assured Anna that he had never blamed her.

Griffin admitted that he had been conflicted about telling Anna because he had been reluctant to add to her pain. Anna smiled because she was struck by how much Griffin was like his father. Griffin confessed that he had hoped to get to know his father through Anna. Anna was touched, but she was curious if he knew that Duke had been killed in an ambush after a mob boss had put a hit on Duke. Anna revealed that the murder had been completely unnecessary because Anna and Duke had intended to leave town and start over.

Anna assured Griffin that she was doing everything possible to make Duke's killers pay. Moments later, Griffin's phone chimed. He glanced down and quickly explained that he had to get back to the hospital, but he hoped to talk to Anna soon. After Griffin left, Anna noticed that he had left behind his mother's letter. She picked it up and read it. Tears welled up in her eyes as she read the poignant story of star-crossed lovers and how having Griffin had lessened the pain of losing Duke.

In Kiki's hospital room, Ava sat next to Kiki's bed. Ava's voice became choked up with emotion as she recalled how contrary her daughter had been and suggested that perhaps she should try reverse psychology to get Kiki to wake up. Ava acknowledged that she and Kiki had had their problems, but Ava promised that she loved Kiki. Ava didn't care if Kiki never spoke to Ava again as long as Kiki woke up and said something. "Morgan," Kiki softly whispered.

Ava was elated and asked Kiki to open her eyes, but Kiki remained still. Alarmed, Ava fetched a nurse. The nurse rushed into the room as Ava explained that Kiki had spoken, but Ava's happiness turned to frustration when the nurse cautioned Ava not to jump to conclusions because it might not be anything. Ava demanded to talk to Griffin and ordered the nurse to call him immediately. A short time later, Ava met Griffin in the hallway and told him that Kiki had uttered Morgan's name.

Ava was furious that the nurse had downplayed the incident, but Griffin gently explained that Kiki might still have a long way to go. Griffin entered Kiki's hospital room to give Kiki a thorough examination. After Griffin finished, he reported that Kiki had shown signs of improvement. He urged Ava to remain patient and offered her words of encouragement to bolster her spirits. After Griffin left, Ava wondered how she could help Kiki. "Morgan," Kiki softly whispered.

At the nurses' station, Anna approached Griffin to return his mother's letter. Griffin wondered if she had read it. "Yes," Anna answered. Griffin was pleased because he hadn't wanted Anna to think badly of his mother for not telling Duke the truth. Anna assured him that it was clear his mother had loved him. Griffin admitted that he wondered how Duke would have felt about him -- or if Duke had even wanted children.

Anna assured Griffin that Duke had loved children and had been a wonderful stepfather and doting grandfather to Anna's daughter and granddaughter. Anna added that she'd been pregnant with Duke's child once but had lost the baby. Griffin was disappointed that he was an only child. Anna offered to give Griffin insight into the kind of man that Duke had been. She admitted that she had seen Griffin talking to Ava earlier and had noticed his kindness and compassion.

Anna revealed that Duke had never lost his humanity, despite his choices. Anna admitted that Duke's loyalty and determination to help a friend had pulled Duke back into organized crime. However, she was certain that Duke would have been proud that a part of him had lived on in a doctor who saved lives.

In the visitor's room at the Freedman Clinic, Morgan was in a sour mood as his father greeted him. Sonny was grateful that Morgan had agreed to see him, but Morgan claimed that he hadn't had a choice in the matter, since no one ever said no to Sonny. Sonny realized that Morgan was angry at him, but Morgan insisted that Morgan didn't have any right to be mad after everything that had happened. Sonny held out a computer tablet for Morgan to use to stay in contact with friends and family, but Morgan wasn't interested in reporting to everyone that he was taking a bunch of pills that made him feel numb.

Sonny promised that it would get better, but Morgan disagreed and added that Sonny had never been committed to a clinic. Morgan shifted gears by asking about Kiki, but Sonny had nothing new to report. Morgan blamed himself for Kiki getting shot, but Sonny reminded Morgan that both Morgan and Kiki were getting the help they needed. Morgan didn't understand why he was in the clinic, since he felt as bad as he had on the rooftop. Sonny explained that it was temporary until the doctors found the right combination of medications, but Morgan doubted that he would ever have a "normal" life.

Morgan admitted that he only saw an endless line of pills in his future that made him feel confused and "like crap." Sonny wished that he could take Morgan's pain away, but a part of him was glad that Morgan felt it because it forced Morgan to deal with it. Sonny promised that things would get better and reminded Morgan that Morgan had friends and family who wanted to help. Moments later, Sonny's phone rang. It was Ava.

Ava asked where Sonny was and was relieved when he told her that he was with Morgan. She quickly explained that Kiki had called out for Morgan, but Kiki hadn't opened her eyes. Ava hoped that it would help Kiki if Kiki heard from Morgan. Sonny smiled and quickly handed the phone to Morgan. Ava put the phone to Kiki's ear as Morgan began to speak.

Kiki softly called out Morgan's name and opened her eyes as she asked how he was. Morgan assured Kiki that he was fine and that he loved her, but Kiki wanted to see him. Morgan's voice sounded stronger as he promised that he would see her soon.

At the police station, Valerie entered the file room, looking for Cadet Anderson. She quickly turned to leave when Dante told Valerie that he hadn't seen the cadet. Dante called out because he wanted to check in with Valerie. She smiled politely and told him that she had just put in a request for her dress uniform because she would soon be graduating. Dante was happy for her.

Valerie noticed that Dante seemed to be in good spirits and wondered if he had good news to share too. He admitted that he and Lulu had decided to get back together. Valerie's smile appeared slightly strained, but she assured him that she was happy for him and Lulu. Dante admitted that he had seen her with someone at the Floating Rib, but Valerie confided that the jury was still out on Curtis. Dante revealed that Nathan had mentioned that Jordan had voiced concerns.

Valerie revealed that Jordan had accused Curtis of having had a cocaine problem in the past. Surprised, Dante suggested that Valerie had dodged a bullet, but she quickly reminded Dante that everyone deserved a second chance, and her personal life didn't concern him. Dante assured Valerie that he knew she could take care of herself, but he considered her a friend. He also reminded her that they would always be a part of each other's lives because Valerie and Lulu were family. Valerie appreciated Dante's desire to move forward, and she promised that she genuinely cared about Dante and Lulu, but she still needed more time to get past everything that had happened.

At Wyndemere, Laura looked at the key Helena had bequeathed to her. Laura realized that she should throw the key into the harbor and forget about it, but she feared that it might haunt her. Nikolas advised his mother to get rid of the key because Helena had wanted each of them to spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders and waiting for something to happen. Laura assured Nikolas that she was well aware of what Helena had hoped to accomplish, but Laura couldn't let it go.

Nikolas noticed that Hayden was silent and asked if his wife was okay. Hayden admitted that she'd been thinking about what it meant to be a Cassadine. Nikolas wondered if Hayden had regrets about marrying him. Laura silently slipped out of the room as Nikolas assured Hayden that Helena was not a threat and that the family finances were secure as long as Nikolas retained control of ELQ. After Nikolas left the room, Hayden's phone rang.

Hayden saw it was Curtis and decided to take the call in the hallway when Laura entered the living room with a glass of wine. Curtis explained that he needed to see Hayden right away and added that it was an emergency. After Hayden ended the call, she grabbed her things. Nikolas was curious where she was headed, so she told him that she wanted to give him time alone with Laura because Laura seemed more rattled by Helena's gift than Laura had let on.

A short time later, Hayden met with Curtis on the waterfront. Curtis revealed that he needed Hayden to cosign for an apartment that he had found. Hayden was livid that Curtis had dragged her away from something important with her husband. "The husband that tried to kill you," Curtis pointed out. Hayden warned Curtis not to say anything negative about her husband because Nikolas had been going through a difficult time. Curtis asked if the drawbridge was broken, but Hayden was not amused.

Hayden explained that Nikolas' grandmother had cut Nikolas out of the will. Curtis realized that Nikolas was not as rich as Hayden had thought. Hayden wasn't in the mood to chat and demanded that he give her the papers to sign. Hayden made it clear that she expected to be repaid for the favor "in services rendered." Curtis assured her that it wouldn't be a problem and promised not to default on his rent.

After Hayden scribbled her name on the documents and left, Curtis saw Valerie exit a coffee shop. He called out to her and invited her to celebrate his good fortune because he had found an apartment. Valerie was happy for Curtis, but Curtis shifted gears and asked her out for a second date. Valerie happily agreed. Curtis was delighted because he wanted an opportunity to address Jordan's accusations.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas entered the living room as Laura tried Helena's key on a cabinet. She explained that the key looked like it belonged to a piece of furniture, but she had no idea what. Nikolas doubted that the key went to anything and reminded his mother that Helena had given Lulu an empty envelope. Laura feared that whatever the key unlocked was not good. Nikolas urged his mother to get rid of the key, but Laura had no doubt that Helena had put something into motion that would have dire consequences if Laura ignored it.

Later, Nikolas met his wife at the door as Hayden returned home. Hayden asked how Nikolas had been holding up. He conceded that he was well despite his grandmother squandering the family's financial resources on immortality and failing to recoup anything from Helena's estate. Hayden pointed out that Nikolas had his grandmother's portrait. Nikolas grimaced, but Hayden offered to distract him in their bedroom.

In the living room, Laura suspected that Helena had hidden the mystery item that the key fit to in plain sight.

At Crimson, Julian wrapped up a call with a man named Arthur. Julian reminded Arthur that Julian couldn't afford for Crimson to have another success like the "green" issue. Julian instructed Arthur to call back when the job was done and quickly ended the call as Alexis appeared in the doorway, clutching a deadly knife. Alarmed, Julian asked if Alexis was okay. Alexis lowered her hand and asked if Nina was there.

Julian explained that he was waiting for Nina to arrive so they could go over some notes for the latest edition of the magazine. Alexis asked if there was a problem, but Julian was more concerned about Alexis. Alexis dropped the knife on the desk as she explained that Helena had left Alexis the knife that Helena had used to slit Alexis' mother's throat. Julian was shocked, but Alexis assured him that she had repressed the memory of her mother's grisly murder until she was an adult. Alexis admitted that she had loathed being a Cassadine and had desperately wanted to kill Helena.

Julian knew what it was like to grow up in a dysfunctional family like the Cassadines and admitted that he had always felt the same way about being a Jerome. Alexis was determined to focus on the future with her new husband and changed the subject to explain that she had to work through the night because Olivia's hearing was in the morning. Alexis wanted extensive news coverage because she was expecting breastfeeding mothers within a twenty-mile radius to appear at the courthouse in support of Olivia. Julian assured her that he would have his top reporters cover the story. Satisfied, Alexis showed him the press release she had written.

After Alexis left, Julian's phone rang. It was Arthur reporting that everything had been taken care of.

Nina is upset by a setback at Crimson Nina is upset by a setback at Crimson> Nina is upset by a setback at Crimson Nina is upset by a setback at Crimson
Wednesday, March 16, 2016

At Greystone Manor, Sonny revealed that he'd seen confirmation that Carlos was alive. Sonny asked Max to make some inquiries and track Carlos down. Sonny wanted Carlos had to be captured and returned to Port Charles to testify against Julian. Max agreed to take care of everything and left as Kristina arrived for a visit. Sonny welcomed his daughter with a warm hug and invited her to join him for coffee.

Sonny worried that Kristina might have suffered lasting trauma from the events at the wedding, but she assured her father that she was fine. Satisfied, Sonny apologized for deceiving her about his recovery. Kristina promised him that she understood and thanked him for attending the wedding despite his feelings for Julian. Sonny shifted gears and asked Kristina about her professor and school, but Kristina assured him that an independent study project wasn't unusual. Sonny questioned her about the project, forcing her to fabricate a story about researching sex and power in Shakespeare's history plays.

Kristina continued to spin a web of lies until she managed to turn the conversation to Morgan. Sonny quickly filled her in about his visit with Morgan the previous day and admitted that he hoped Morgan would soon realize that if Sonny could "beat" bipolar disorder, then Morgan could as well. Sonny had hated sending Morgan away, but it had been for the best. Sonny deftly turned the conversation back to Kristina because he wanted to help her if she was in trouble, but she promised that everything was fine. Sonny warned Kristina that he didn't buy her story about independent study -- in part because of her professor's visit.

Kristina insisted that college was different than high school because professors and students were often friends, but Sonny appeared skeptical. Kristina noticed the time and seized the opportunity to excuse herself because she had to get to the courthouse for Olivia's hearing. Sonny reminded Kristina that she was always welcome to move in with him if Alexis' house became too crowded, but Kristina gave her father a quick hug and left. Moments later, Sonny asked Max to find out what was going on with Kristina's school because the school had refused to cash the tuition check.

At Julian and Alexis' house, Alexis was pleasantly surprised when Julian greeted her in the living room with a breakfast tray. He insisted that she have a hearty breakfast because she had a big day ahead of her. Alexis smiled when she saw the newspaper, which featured a story about Olivia's court hearing. Julian reminded Alexis that he had promised to help then smiled suggestively as he offered to serve her breakfast in bed. Alexis happily agreed and ran up the stairs with Julian close on her heels.

Later, Molly entered the house and called out to her mother. Molly knew Alexis was home because she had seen Alexis' car in the driveway. Moments later, Alexis and Julian appeared at the top of the stairs. Molly noticed Alexis' robe and grimaced because she'd caught her mother and Julian having morning sex. Alexis reminded Molly that Alexis and Julian were newlyweds and added that Molly commenting on Alexis' sex life would open the door for Alexis to question Molly about T.J. Molly backed down and handed her mother a bouquet of flowers that had signified good luck during the Victorian era.

Molly admitted that she was proud of Alexis and revealed that many of Molly's peers were talking about Olivia's lawsuit. Alexis was pleased when Molly added that most were in support of Olivia's right to breastfeed in public. Alexis acknowledged that women had the right to breastfeed in public, but it needed to be enforced. Alexis looked forward to Crimson hitting the stands because it would draw more attention and support to the cause. Alexis and Molly were unaware of Julian's strained smile.

Later, Julian announced that he had to head to Crimson to congratulate Nina on the latest issue before meeting Alexis and Olivia at the courthouse. Alexis hoped that Mayor Lomax would finally realize it had been a mistake to cause problems for Olivia. Julian kissed Alexis, but Molly cleared her throat as she returned to the living room with a basket of laundry. Julian smiled as he pulled away from Alexis and commended Molly on the thoughtful gift. After Julian left, Molly admitted that her mother seemed ridiculously happy.

Alexis and Molly chatted about how things were going well for Molly and T.J. as well as Sam and Jason. Alexis added that they just needed to get a handle on Kristina. Molly grew quiet, prompting Alexis to ask if Molly knew about Kristina's secret. Molly denied any knowledge of a secret, but Alexis explained that Kristina had promised to tell Alexis about it after the wedding. However, Kristina had been avoiding Alexis since the nuptials. Molly was confident that Kristina would talk to Alexis when things settled down.

The conversation was cut short when Olivia called. After Alexis disappeared into her bedroom, Molly picked up her laundry basket and walked to the door as Kristina arrived home. Molly warned Kristina that Alexis had been asking questions and urged her sister to tell Alexis the truth about being gay and the suspension from school. Kristina explained that she wasn't even sure if she was gay because she'd been with several men and Parker had been the only woman she'd ever had feelings for. Molly pointed out that Kristina could simply tell Sonny and Alexis that Kristina was trying to figure things out, but Kristina doubted that Sonny would understand.

Molly was confident that Sonny was more open-minded than Kristina gave him credit for. Kristina wanted to wait until she had things figured out before she talked to her parents, but Alexis returned to the living room and asked what Kristina and Molly had been talking about. Kristina managed to evade her mother's questions by promising to tell Alexis everything after Olivia's court hearing. Alexis intended to hold Kristina to it and went to the door but stopped short when she saw Sonny standing on her doorstep. Sonny asked to speak to Kristina and entered the house. Kristina tensed when Sonny demanded that Kristina tell him what she was hiding.

Across town, Sam stopped by Jason's spacious studio apartment to drop off his plaque from the family mausoleum. Jason smiled as he greeted Sam, who stood in the open doorway and looked around the apartment. She noticed the motorcycle he'd been working on and asked if it was part of the furniture. Jason chuckled but clarified that he was expecting a delivery of furniture. Sam handed him the plaque and showed him her injured finger, which she blamed on Helena's curse.

Jason was surprised that Sam believed in curses, but she admitted that she didn't. She told him about Helena's final wishes and the penny that Helena had left to Sam, Kristina, and Molly. Jason grinned when Sam added that she had left the penny at Wyndemere because Sam wanted nothing to do with Helena. Sam changed the subject by offering to help Jason work on the motorcycle, but Jason doubted Sam knew much about motorcycles. Sam warned him that she could probably teach him a thing or two as she kneeled down to take a look at his Harley-Davidson.

Jason and Sam's flirtatious banter quickly led to a heated kiss. They stumbled to the cot and began to make love until Jason's phone chimed. Jason ran over to check it and announced that his delivery would arrive within ten minutes. Sam smiled seductively as he wondered what they could do to pass the time.

Later, Sam's interest was piqued when Jason started to unwrap a photograph he had picked up. Sam was curious to see his taste in art, so he handed her the package to unwrap. Sam was surprised when she saw the black and white photograph and quickly reached for the second one, which she quickly unwrapped. Alarmed, Jason asked what was wrong, but Sam asked where he had found the photographs. Jason confessed that he had seen the pictures in the window of a store that sold used furniture. Sam explained that the photographs had once belonged to him -- they had sat on the penthouse mantel for years.

At the hospital, Epiphany wrapped up a phone call with Milo. She was eager to celebrate being in the latest issue of Crimson and promised to head home as soon as she clocked out. After Epiphany ended the call, Elizabeth walked up. Epiphany greeted her friend and asked about Jake's first day back at school. Elizabeth smiled and told Epiphany that Jake's classmates had thrown a party to welcome him back. Elizabeth was touched by how supportive everyone had been, including Franco, who had paid Jake a visit in Philadelphia.

Epiphany was curious if anything was going on between Elizabeth and Franco, but Elizabeth was horrified by the suggestion. Epiphany reminded Elizabeth that Elizabeth had attended the Nutcracker Gala with Franco, but Elizabeth insisted that Franco had simply taken pity on her after Jason had walked out. Epiphany wasn't convinced because she had seen Elizabeth and Franco with their heads together several times in recent months. Elizabeth explained that they had been talking about Jake because Jake had grown close to Franco through the art therapy classes. Elizabeth admitted that she wasn't over Jason and insisted that she would never be romantically interested in Franco. Epiphany wasn't done questioning Elizabeth and followed her friend to the locker room.

In the locker room, Franco toweled off and noticed something on top of the locker. It was the handmade book that Helena had left Elizabeth. Franco flipped through the book and was unsettled when he read the last page about the old woman urging Jake to never forget or tell. Nina suddenly appeared and snatched the book out of Franco's hand. She informed him that she was upset because he hadn't noticed that she'd been giving him the silent treatment for two days. Franco pointed out that she couldn't blame him because she left early in the mornings and arrived home late at night.

Nina continued to give Franco the silent treatment, so he asked what he had done to deserve her anger. Nina revealed that she knew about his trip to Philadelphia to visit Elizabeth and Jake, but Franco explained that it had been a spontaneous day trip. Franco added that Jake had called him, but Nina was curious why Jake had Franco's phone number. Franco reminded her that he was Jake's art therapist, but Nina argued that it wasn't Franco's job to fix Jake. Franco refused to turn his back on Jake.

Franco told Nina about his decision to buy Jake a bike and to help Jake get back on it. Franco and Nina were unaware that Elizabeth and Epiphany had entered the locker room as Franco assured Nina that she didn't have any reason to be jealous of Elizabeth because Elizabeth was just a friend. Elizabeth and Epiphany quietly slipped out as Franco explained that he had felt a connection to Elizabeth when Elizabeth had been the town's pariah, but Nina admitted that she wasn't concerned about Franco and Elizabeth. Confused, Franco wondered why she was mad at him.

Nina reminded Franco about her desire to have a baby. Franco appreciated that Nina wanted to be a mother, but he doubted any adoption agency would give them a child. Nina revealed that it might not be necessary because she had reason to believe that Britt had lied about Nina's infertility. Franco was surprised but encouraged Nina to get a second opinion. Delighted, Nina hugged Franco but asked if she had any reason to be worried about Elizabeth. "No," Franco assured Nina.

In the hallway, Epiphany advised Elizabeth to be careful because it was clear that Franco hadn't received the memo that he and Elizabeth weren't friends. A short time later, Elizabeth returned to the locker room to get ready for her shift. She was frustrated when she saw Franco and noticed that he was still shirtless. She admitted that she and Epiphany had walked in while Franco and Nina had been arguing. Elizabeth conceded that he was good for Jake but made it clear that she and Franco could never be friends because Franco had kidnapped Aiden.

Franco insisted that his brain tumor had been to blame, but Elizabeth didn't care because she could never trust Franco. Elizabeth advised Franco not to talk to her unless it was work related, but he wanted to talk about Jake. Elizabeth announced that she intended to find another art therapist for Jake, but Franco objected because Jake trusted Franco. Franco showed her the book he had found. Stunned, Elizabeth took it from him and explained that Helena had left it to her as a means of further tormenting her.

Franco admitted that he had read the story and had found the ending disturbing. Franco thought Elizabeth owed it to Jake to let Franco help Jake figure out what Helena had wanted Jake to remember but not discuss. Elizabeth reluctantly agreed because Jake trusted Franco.

At Crimson, Dillon arrived with a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the new issue, but Maxie thought it was premature. Dillon was confident that the issue would be an instant classic because it was both provocative and timeless, but Maxie reminded Dillon that it was March 15. Dillon had no idea what Maxie was talking about, so she reminded him that the Bible said, "Beware of the Ides of March." Dillon smiled as he clarified that Ides of March was from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. Maxie didn't care because she knew it meant that bad things would happen.

Dillon assured Maxie that he wanted the magazine to succeed because he needed the job, especially since he couldn't afford to leave town while Tracy was sick. Maxie asked how Tracy was doing, but Dillon admitted that the biopsy results weren't back. Maxie assured him that everything would be fine and hugged him. Dillon promised Maxie that everything would be fine with the new issue, but Maxie recalled the printer asking if she wanted the issue to be green again. She confessed that it had made her wonder if the green issue had been a deliberate act of sabotage rather than a mistake.

Maxie added that realizing it was the Ides of March had seemed like a bad omen. Moments later, Maxie received a text message that the new issues were being sent up. Later, Maxie and Dillon admired the cover of the magazine, featuring Olivia and Leo. However, they suddenly realized that the box only contained the cover of the magazine. Dillon checked another box and found a stack of Anna's picture and story.

Concerned, Maxie checked another box and discovered that it was filled with another page of the magazine. Maxie and Dillon were horrified when they realized that the printer had boxed each page of the magazine separately. A short time later, Nina arrived. Maxie told Nina about the disaster and explained that the printer had insisted that Maxie had requested that the magazine not be bound.

Nina believed Maxie's denials because Maxie had been instrumental in the magazine's success. Maxie warned Nina that the printer wanted to be paid for another print run, but Nina refused to pour more money into the magazine and decided that Julian would have to absorb the expense. As if on cue, Julian arrived but quickly made it clear that he couldn't afford to fix the mistake. Julian was confident that Nina would figure something out and left. Nina felt defeated, but Maxie offered Nina words of encouragement. However, Maxie feared they had a saboteur.

Ava receives an ominous gift Ava receives an ominous gift
Thursday, March 17, 2016

At Jason's apartment, Sam assured him that she recognized the black and white photographs from the second-hand store because they had sat on his penthouse mantel for years. She explained that the photographs had vanished years earlier when Maxie had redecorated the penthouse, but Sam was glad he had found them because it indicated that a part of him had recognized the photographs. Jason wished that he could remember the important things from his past like his life with Sam. She assured him that he still had the same qualities that had first drawn her to him and had made her fall for him all over again. Jason smiled because he was falling for Sam too. Sam was pleased but she had one request -- she wanted a divorce.

Sam quickly explained that she wanted a fresh start with Jason instead of dwelling in the past. Jason seemed reluctant to agree to a divorce, but Sam was confident that it would be more fun and less pressure if they started over. Jason relented and sealed their bargain with a tender kiss on her hand.

At Crimson, Maxie admitted that there might be a saboteur in their midst. Dillon was skeptical, but Maxie wondered what the odds were that there would be back-to-back printing disasters. Julian appeared in the doorway and asked what was going on. Nina revealed that a "malevolent fashion-hating force" was out to destroy the magazine. Julian expressed doubt, but Maxie assured him that it was possible because the fashion industry was a cutthroat business. Julian tried to downplay the latest disaster by suggesting that it had been a mistake.

Maxie explained that she had talked to the printer and had been told that a third party had intervened. Dillon suggested that they call the printer to clear things up. Nina started to make the call, but Julian insisted on talking to the printer because he had a longstanding relationship with the man and might be able to get to the bottom of things far easier than Nina. Nina acquiesced and stood back as Julian made the call and talked to Arthur. After Julian wrapped up the call, he informed Nina, Maxie, and Dillon that the unbound magazine had been a result of some miscommunication.

Julian assured Nina, Maxie, and Dillon that he felt bad because he knew they had worked hard on the issue. However, Julian revealed that he only had enough money in the budget to produce one more issue of Crimson then he would be forced to fold the magazine. Julian advised everyone to go home, rest up, and start fresh in the morning to make certain that the last issue went out on a high note. After Julian left, Nina informed Maxie and Dillon that she wasn't ready to give up without a fight.

Maxie and Dillon stayed to brainstorm with Nina. Maxie sarcastically suggested that they pay people to put the magazine together, but Nina thought it was a brilliant idea. Nina proposed running a contest awarding $1,000 to the first twenty people who submitted a bound copy of Crimson. Nina wanted to promote it as the "Real Women/Real Cash Contest" and flood social media with it. Maxie was curious how they would get the magazine pages out to everyone.

Nina smiled and suggested that they hire a Crimson Air Force to drop the pages at malls and colleges in their top markets and hire a team of people wearing Crimson shirts to pick up the pages in the parking lots and on campuses. Maxie and Dillon agreed that it might work. Delighted, Nina held up her hands as they all gave each other a high-five.

At the hospital, Franco flipped through the handbound book titled "Jake's Adventure" as Liesl walked up. Liesl made a joke about Franco's choice of reading material, but he revealed that Helena had written the story. Liesl shuddered and admitted that she wouldn't read a grocery list written by Helena unless a priest had blessed it first, but she was curious what Franco was doing with it. Franco claimed that he was reading it as a favor to a friend -- and reminding himself that he never wanted children of his own.

Liesl was surprised because she had noticed that Franco had an "uncommon affinity" to his young patients, but he pointed out that he didn't have an opportunity to screw them up because he only spent an hour a week with the children. Liesl explained that most people feared that they might somehow ruin their children, but only a few parents actually did. She assured him that children were resilient and bounced back easily then pointed to her own two children as prime examples. Franco grumbled that he was not fit to be a father and complained about Nina's refusal to accept his decision. However, he was grateful that Nina's other baby -- the fashion magazine -- would keep her too busy to focus on having a baby.

Later, Olivia approached Liesl, begging for help because Olivia had broken out in a rash. Olivia explained that she had waited for ages to see a doctor in the emergency room, but she had to get to the courthouse. Liesl was happy to help Olivia because she supported Olivia's cause, but Liesl thought it would be best to drop Leo off at the daycare center so Liesl could focus on Olivia. Moments later, Liesl dropped Leo off with Franco and instructed him to keep an eye on the baby for ten minutes. After Liesl walked away, Franco decided to entertain Leo with a story about Leonardo da Vinci.

According to Franco, Leonardo had been a famous prolific artist who had never had children because Leonardo hadn't had a girlfriend who had been desperate for a child. Franco conceded that there was a strong possibility that Leonardo da Vinci had been gay, but Franco quickly added that many gay couples had children. Franco realized that he had drifted off topic but admitted that he was afraid that he could not be a good father. Moments later, Franco's phone rang. He quickly set Leo down in a laundry bin and answered the call from Nina.

Franco was disappointed when Nina explained that she had to work late. He assured Nina that he understood but asked that she make time for him because they needed to talk. After he ended the call, Franco turned to fetch Leo, but the baby was gone. Franco panicked and desperately searched the hospital floor for the baby. A short time later, Liesl approached Franco to fetch Leo, so he admitted that he'd lost the baby. Liesl was stunned but had to deal with Olivia when Olivia walked up. Franco resumed his search.

Later, Franco returned to report to Liesl that he had failed to find the baby. His confession froze on his lips when he saw Olivia holding her son. After Olivia left, Liesl informed Franco that a nurse had found Leo in the laundry bin and had dropped the baby off at the daycare center. Liesl and Franco retreated to a bench, where Liesl handed Franco a flask. Franco confided that his life had flashed before his eyes when Leo had disappeared.

Franco clarified that he had seen the life that he could have if he and Nina had a baby. Franco knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would eventually screw things up. Liesl acknowledged that the day hadn't gone well, but Franco insisted that he shouldn't be allowed near a child -- his or anyone else's.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Sonny warned Kristina that it was time for Kristina to tell her parents what was really going on. Kristina's eyes rounded with fear as she claimed that she had no idea what her father was talking about. "Yes, you do, and now, so do I," Sonny replied. Kristina went on the offensive by insisting that Sonny didn't have the right to barge into her home and attack her, but Sonny stood his ground because he wanted the truth from her. Molly urged Kristina to talk to Alexis and Sonny, but Kristina ordered Molly to be quiet.

Sonny was upset that Molly knew Kristina's secret, but Kristina argued that Molly was her sister and someone who wouldn't yell at her or judge her. Sonny and Kristina continued to shout at each other until Alexis stepped up and yelled, "Enough." Alexis asked someone to calmly tell her what was going on. Sonny invited Kristina to tell Alexis, but Kristina refused. Resigned, Sonny revealed that Kristina had been kicked out of school.

Kristina relaxed when she realized that her father didn't know her other secret and quickly clarified that she had been suspended for one semester. Kristina resented Sonny prying into her private life, but Sonny argued that she didn't have a right to complain when he and Alexis were footing the bill. Alexis demanded to know what had happened, but Kristina promised that it was being handled. Sonny wasn't satisfied and revealed that Kristina had been accused of harassing a professor.

Sonny was certain that the professor had turned the tables on Kristina after she had rebuffed the professor's advances. Sonny decided that he would deal with the professor personally, but Kristina objected and told her father to drop it. Sonny was furious because he didn't want another student victimized, so Kristina confessed that the accusations were true. Kristina explained that she had stopped going to classes after her last breakup and had ended up in danger of failing.

Kristina tearfully confessed that she had propositioned a teacher with sexual favors in exchange for a passing grade. Sonny and Alexis were stunned as Kristina told them everything except that the professor was a woman. Sonny admitted that he was disappointed in Kristina, but Molly resented Sonny's attitude because he acted as if he had never made a mistake or failed to meet someone's expectations. Molly suggested they ask Michael -- or any of the Quartermaines -- if Sonny had lived a perfect life. Sonny gently explained to Molly that he wanted his children to make better choices than he had, but he shifted gears to assure Kristina that he would talk to the school about lifting the suspension.

Kristina admitted that she wasn't certain that she wanted to return to school because she had no idea who she was or what she wanted to do with her life. Sonny reached out to hug his daughter, but she pulled away. Sonny assured her that he just wanted to make things right, but Alexis told him that it wasn't the time. Reluctantly, Sonny agreed to leave.

After Sonny left, Alexis hugged Kristina. Kristina cried on her mother's shoulder as Molly watched. After Kristina pulled herself together, Alexis asked about Parker and why the professor had paid Kristina a visit. Kristina was spared from having to answer when Olivia called to ask where Alexis was. Kristina assured her mother that everything was fine and went to the bedroom to rest. Alexis asked Molly to keep an eye on Kristina and left for court.

At Greystone Manor, Carly was not pleased when Ava stopped by for a visit. Carly explained that it wasn't a good time because Carly had been about drop off a care package for Morgan. Ava promised to be quick because she was there to pick up Avery for a visit with Kiki. Carly argued that Avery was napping. Ava decided to check for herself. A short time later, Carly and Ava returned to the living room. Ava acknowledged that it was best to leave Avery asleep in the nursery, since Kiki wouldn't enjoy a visit with a cranky baby.

Carly assured Ava that Avery was doing fine and thriving with Carly and Sonny, but Ava reminded Carly that the arrangement was temporary because Avery lived with Ava. Ava hoped that Carly and Sonny hadn't gotten it into their heads that they were going to keep Avery for good, because they were deluding themselves if they thought Ava would agree. Carly admitted that she and Sonny were hopeful that Ava would relinquish custody to them, but Ava pointed out that Sonny wanted Ava dead.

Carly urged Ava to put Avery's needs first, but Ava reminded Carly that the judge had agreed that Avery should be with Ava. Carly was confident that the judge would have a change of heart when he learned that Ava's business had nearly killed Kiki. Ava argued that the shooting could easily be traced back to Morgan, but Carly warned Ava not to go there. Ava assured Carly that she didn't want to, but it might be necessary if Sonny tried to fight Ava for custody. Ava added that the judge would look upon Ava favorably because Ava had cooperated with the Justice Department.

Carly insisted that Ava's role in the sting operation had been a lie. Carly couldn't understand why Kiki's brush with death hadn't given Ava pause, but Ava decided to leave. Ava stopped in the foyer when she saw Morgan's care package and quietly reminded Carly to pack some chocolate because Morgan loved chocolate. Carly made a snide remark about Ava knowing Morgan's preferences because Ava had had an inappropriate relationship with Morgan. Ava ignored the insult and left.

A short time later, Sonny arrived home. Carly quickly filled him in about Ava's visit and warned him that Ava intended to take Avery back sooner rather than later. Sonny assured Carly there was nothing to worry about because he had things covered. Their conversation turned to Kristina as Sonny revealed that Kristina had lied and might still have some secrets.

At the hospital, Julian met up with his sister. He advised Ava to get Avery away from Sonny before Sonny and Carly made a case against Ava. Ava admitted that Sonny and Carly were already working on it because they wanted to use Ava's role in the sting operation with the arms dealer against her. Ava was confident that the judge would rule in her favor, since she was the "prize" witness in the district attorney's case. Ava approached the nurses' station to pick up a package that had been left for Kiki.

Ava and Julian were alarmed when Ava opened the box and saw a single black rose nestled inside. Ava read the card, which was addressed to Kiki but intended for Ava. The message was a veiled threat. Julian suspected that Ava's own people had turned against her.

Steps are taken to shut down Metro Court Steps are taken to shut down Metro Court
Friday, March 18, 2016

At the hospital, Ava explained that Kiki wasn't up for visitors, but Kiki appreciated that Julian had stopped by. Ava and Julian sat down as she confessed that she was glad that he had been with her when she had received the "creepy" black rose and ominous message. She was disappointed that her own people had turned against her, but Julian reminded his sister that Ava had been working with law enforcement. Ava argued that Paul had lied and used the recording of her confession to blackmail her. Ava assured Julian that she hadn't known that Paul had been undercover until Dixon's arrest. Julian pointed out that Ava's people weren't aware of that.

Julian feared that his sister was a dead woman walking, but Ava was confident that she could turn things around. She revealed that she had a meeting with her lieutenants, and she intended to use the opportunity to tell them everything. Julian worried that it might be too dangerous and offered to talk to the lieutenants on her behalf. Ava warned him that Alexis might not approve, but Julian insisted that one meeting wouldn't drag him back into the mob. Ava thanked Julian then shifted gears and announced that she had an errand to run. Julian reminded Ava to be careful.

At Greystone Manor, Carly joined Sonny in the living room and told him that she woke up every morning, fearing that it might be their last day with Avery. She admitted that she felt bad for thinking that, because she wanted Kiki to get better. However, Kiki's recovery meant that Avery would go back to Ava. Sonny assured Carly there was nothing to worry about because he had taken care of things, but Carly wasn't satisfied. She wanted to know how he intended to prove to the judge that their situation had changed when it clearly hadn't. Sonny explained that it wasn't the judge who needed persuading.

Carly scoffed because she doubted that Sonny would ever convince Ava that Avery should stay with them. Sonny disagreed and added that he had a feeling that Ava would soon realize that Avery was better off with them. Carly didn't trust Sonny because Ava had tried several times to destroy their family, and Sonny had zero ability to control his temper when dealing with Ava. Sonny pointed out that Carly wasn't any better, but he explained that Ava had already dug her own grave -- Sonny simply had to gently nudge her into it. Sonny deftly changed the subject by filling Carly in about Kristina's troubles at school.

Carly was stunned that Kristina had been suspended, but she was certain that the professor had instigated things with Kristina then changed his mind at the last minute. Sonny agreed and revealed that he intended to send someone to rough up the professor. Carly warned Sonny that it was a bad idea because it would make things worse for Kristina, but Sonny worried because he knew Kristina was still hiding something. Moments later, Carly received a text message that she was needed at the hotel.

After Carly left, Sonny called Max to instruct Max to get to the bottom of what had happened between Kristina and her professor. A short time later, Ava stopped by. Sonny warned her that she couldn't have Avery, but Ava quietly explained that she needed Sonny to keep Avery awhile longer because Ava needed to focus on helping Kiki. Sonny readily agreed and promised to let Avery know that Ava loved her. After Ava left, Sonny called an associate to thank the person for sending Ava the black rose and message.

At Metro Court, Curtis was impressed when Valerie entered the lobby and approached him. Valerie beamed when he complimented her. She admitted that she had wanted a change of pace from her unisex police uniform. Curtis assured her that she looked beautiful but admitted that she might be overdressed for their date because, instead of drinks, he wanted to take her on an adventure. Valerie reminded him that he had promised to tell her about his history with Jordan.

Valerie admitted that Jordan's concerns had raised red flags because Jordan was not only Valerie's boss but also her friend. Curtis assured Valerie that he would tell her everything, but something lucrative had popped up. Valerie was leery, but he assured her that it was perfectly legal. He showed her his phone as he told her about the Crimson contest that could win them $1,000. Valerie feared that Curtis was stalling, but he promised that he wasn't -- he just wanted to have some fun with her for a few hours.

Curtis admitted that his mother had encouraged him to seize the moment and mentioned that his mother had passed away. Valerie quietly revealed that she had lost her mother too. Curtis and Valerie bonded as they talked about their losses and how it had impacted their lives. Curtis regretted that his mother had died before he had turned his life around, while Valerie was certain that her life wouldn't have gone off the rails if her mother hadn't passed away.

At Crimson, Nina nervously waited for an update on the contest. Maxie reported that "Operation Snowing Crimson" was underway in Port Charles, and pages of the magazine were being dropped over the mall and university. Nina feared that the stunt might blow up in their faces and they would lose Crimson, but Maxie assured Nina that they would rise from the ashes. Nina was disappointed because she had timed the issue to hit the stands to coincide with Olivia's hearing. As they talked about the issue, Nina asked if Maxie had breastfed Georgie.

Maxie explained that things had been complicated with Georgie, but she had tried. Nina admitted that she hoped to experience breastfeeding with her own child. Maxie smiled because she realized that Nina had taken Maxie's advice to get a second opinion. Nina revealed that she had an appointment at General Hospital with a fertility expert when she finished up at Crimson and added that Franco had completely supported the decision. Nina admitted that it gave her something to look forward to in case the magazine failed.

Maxie checked her phone and brightened when she realized that the contest had been trending on social media, and the cover with Olivia's photo had been tweeted all over the country. Later, Maxie announced that Dillon had reported that students at Port Charles University had been running all over campus, trying to piece together the magazine. Maxie was confident that the plan was a success, and whoever had sabotaged the magazine would soon realize that Nina, Maxie, and Dillon could pick themselves up, fight back, and win. Nina was delighted, but she wondered if perhaps Maxie had been paranoid about the saboteur. Maxie was certain that someone had been deliberately tried to make Crimson fail.

Maxie and Nina speculated about the possible culprit and realized that it might be Julian because he had hired Nina with the expectation that the magazine would fail. However, they both quickly agreed that Julian wouldn't risk ruining his own magazine because he could end up in a lot of trouble. They continued to consider other possibilities, including Madeline, but discounted each one. Moments later, a health inspector knocked on the door and ordered Maxie and Nina to vacate the premises immediately.

In the lobby, Carly was shocked when she saw a health inspector post a notice on the door that the hotel was closed. She demanded to know why, so he handed her a report and told her to review the various violations. Moments later, Nina and Maxie entered the lobby and asked why their offices had been closed. Carly immediately objected because none of the violations listed had affected Crimson. The inspector reluctantly agreed that Nina and Maxie could return to Crimson. After the man walked away, Carly, Nina, and Maxie discussed the situation and realized that Mayor Lomax had been behind the health inspector's decision to close the doors.

Nina and Maxie returned to Crimson as they talked about the possibility that the mayor had sabotaged the magazine. They realized that it was unlikely, since the mayor hadn't had a problem with Olivia when the green issue had been printed. Moments later, Curtis and Valerie arrived with a copy of Crimson. The couple was bedraggled from the exciting scavenger hunt, but they agreed that it had been a wonderful adventure. Nina and Maxie were delighted when Curtis and Valerie confirmed that a lot of people in town were participating in the contest.

Maxie confirmed that Curtis and Valerie had a complete copy of Crimson. Nina instructed Maxie to grab a camera to take a picture to post online, while Nina fetched the prize money. Curtis and Valerie complimented each other on a job well done and agreed that they'd had fun.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Kristina entered the living room. She was relieved when Molly revealed that Alexis had left for the courthouse. Kristina admitted that she wasn't ready to deal with Sonny and Alexis, but Molly explained that Kristina's parents were worried because they sensed that Kristina was still hiding something. Molly was curious when Kristina intended to tell Sonny and Alexis that Kristina was gay, but Kristina reminded Molly that Kristina wasn't sure what she was and didn't want to talk to her parents until Kristina had figured things out. Molly argued that the "P" in Kristina's diary hadn't been for Peter, but Kristina was furious that Molly had invaded Kristina's privacy.

Molly refused to apologize but promised that she didn't judge Kristina for having a "mad crush" on a woman. Kristina confided that it was more than a crush because Parker was amazing. Molly was eager for details, but Kristina was upset because Sonny thought that Kristina was a "slut" for propositioning a professor. Kristina appreciated Molly's support but admitted that it was confusing because Kristina had always dated guys. Kristina had never thought that she'd be attracted to a woman until she'd met Parker.

Molly suggested that perhaps Kristina was bisexual, but Kristina couldn't imagine telling Sonny or Alexis that she was bisexual, especially since Sonny had just found out one of his children had bipolar disorder. Molly was confident that Sonny and Alexis would understand because they loved Kristina. Kristina argued that they loved who they thought Kristina was. Molly knew Kristina was scared and hurting, but Sonny and Alexis were confused and worried because they knew there was more to Kristina's story. Kristina decided to put things off until after Olivia's court hearing.

Molly offered to drive to the courthouse if Kristina told her all about Parker. Kristina confessed that Parker was the smartest and most interesting person she had ever met. Molly noticed that Kristina's face lit up when she talked about Parker.

At the courthouse, Alexis wrapped up a press conference and joined Olivia in the courtroom. Olivia was grateful for Alexis' help, but Alexis insisted that none of it would have been possible if Olivia hadn't decided to stand up against the mayor. Alexis admitted that she didn't want her daughters to go through what Olivia had when Olivia had been arrested and handcuffed to a table. Moments later, Mayor Lomax entered the courtroom as Diane told the press that Olivia's lawsuit was frivolous and a waste of taxpayers' money.

Alexis waited until Diane entered the courtroom to confront her friend for representing the mayor, but Diane insisted that the mayor, city, and county were entitled to the best defense money could buy. Alexis was outraged that Diane would defend the mayor's actions, but Diane argued that they wouldn't be in their situation if Alexis hadn't climbed on her "milking stool" and cried foul. Lomax added that Alexis and Olivia had made their point at the police station, which was why Lomax had ultimately dropped the charges.

Olivia was offended by the mayor's attitude, but Lomax urged Olivia to drop the lawsuit before it was too late. Lomax warned Alexis and Olivia that the public would turn against them, and they would end up looking like villains. Lomax insisted that all she had done was object to Olivia baring a breast during a business meeting, but Alexis argued that it was against the law. Diane disagreed because the mayor hadn't hindered Olivia from nursing. Diane pointed out that voicing an objection was protected by free speech, but Alexis accused the mayor of harassment and intimidation.

Lomax clarified that Olivia had been arrested for assault when Olivia had knocked over a table, but Olivia insisted that she had merely jostled it. Lomax claimed that she had tried taking the high road, but she vowed to make Alexis and Olivia regret proceeding with the lawsuit. Olivia wandered back to her side of the courtroom as Alexis and Lomax continued to trade heated words. Alexis was curious what the mayor thought she could do to Alexis and Olivia. Lomax shamelessly threatened to contact the bar association to report that Alexis was married to a well-known criminal, but Alexis reminded the mayor that Julian was a publisher.

Alexis added that the mayor's own attorney was involved with a mob enforcer, but Diane argued that she was not married to Max. Lomax smugly added that Alexis had two children by two different mobsters, which might cast serious doubts on Alexis' ethics. Lomax then turned her attention to Olivia as she pointed out that the city had already canceled all functions at Metro Court and Metro Court Restaurant. Olivia smiled as she assured the mayor that it hadn't hurt the business. Lomax continued to pressure Olivia to drop the lawsuit until Diane noticed that Olivia had been recording the conversation on the phone.

Outraged, Lomax demanded that Olivia hand over the phone, but Olivia refused. Diane argued that it was illegal, but Alexis pointed out that there weren't any laws against recording a public official or police officer. Diane pointed out that they were in court, but Alexis countered that court was not in session. Meanwhile, Lomax reached for Olivia's phone, which promptly led to a tussle between Lomax and Olivia. Alexis quickly stepped forward to pull the ladies apart, while Diane picked up Olivia's phone, which had slipped from Olivia's fingers during the altercation.

After Alexis pulled Olivia and the mayor apart, Olivia asked for her phone. Olivia was furious when she realized that Diane had deleted the recording. Moments later, Kristina and Molly entered the courtroom to announce that a crowd of women supporting Olivia had gathered. Kristina and Molly added that it didn't matter what happened in the courtroom because the court of public opinion had decided that Olivia and Alexis were heroes. A short time later, Julian arrived. Lomax warned him that she intended to put 24-hour surveillance on him because of his criminal history.

Lomax added that she also intended to make certain that Alexis lost her license to practice law. Julian wasn't concerned about himself, but he didn't want Alexis to lose her license. Alexis assured him there was nothing to be concerned about. Meanwhile, Carly entered the courtroom and approached Olivia to implore Olivia to drop the lawsuit.

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