General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 21, 2016 on GH
Nikolas learned the truth about Hayden's identity. Griffin agreed to take a DNA test to prove he was Duke's son. People noticed a striking resemblance between a new doctor and Silas Clay. Paul tipped off the media that Carlos was alive.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 21, 2016 on GH
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The Breast of Times The Breast of Times
Monday, March 21, 2016

Jordan looked at the newspaper headline "Breast of Times, Worst of Times" while on the phone with Dante. She suggested that he stay away from the courthouse, but Dante insisted on supporting his mother.

In the Crimson office, Curtis and Valerie talked about how much fun they'd had putting the magazine together. They shared a kiss and pulled apart just as Dante entered. Valerie introduced the two men. Dante revealed he was looking for the person "in charge."

In the elevator, Nina excitedly told someone on the phone that she would love to do an interview with Barbara Walters about the magazine. When she hung up, Maxie gushed about how big of a hit the issue was. When they exited the elevator at their office, Dante held out some handcuffs and revealed that, "I'm here for you."

Dante explained that having all the pages of the magazine airdropped on the Port Charles University campus was littering, and the college's grounds crew wasn't happy. Maxie informed him that they'd hired their own crew, and Nina offered to make a generous donation to the school. Nina mentioned the attempts made at sabotaging the magazine. Dante told her that "the Feds" take care of corporate espionage and left.

Curtis informed Nina that sabotaging Crimson wouldn't be a priority for anyone, but he would put it at the top of his list. He explained that he was a former cop who was "allergic to the rules," so he had taken up being a private investigator. Valerie vouched for him, and Nina hired him on the spot. He explained his fee and also that he wanted his and Valerie's prize money for putting the magazine together. Nina agreed and told Maxie that Julian wouldn't know anything until there were "findings."

Nina and Maxie had to go to the courthouse to cover Olivia's case, but Nina promised Curtis the money and a job, and the two women left. Valerie reminded Curtis that she would only continue to see him if he told her why Jordan hated him. He explained that he'd helped his sister-in-law get a job with the D.E.A. They'd been partners for a short while, but not a good fit, so they'd moved on.

Valerie wondered why Curtis hadn't just said so. He claimed to have been baiting her for the promise of another date. He wanted to spend more time with her, but she reminded him that he had a new job. He countered that the sooner he started, the sooner he would solve the case, and the sooner he would be without a source of income. "You think it'll be that easy?" Valerie asked. "Piece of cake," he replied.

Griffin approached Brad at the hospital and wondered if Tracy's test results were in. Brad handed Griffin a file just as Dr. Mayes arrived. He instructed Brad that it had been a "bad move helping the new guy." Dr. Mayes took the file, threatened their jobs, and walked away. Brad pulled out a photocopy of the results and stealthily handed it to Griffin, who immediately looked them over. Griffin revealed that it definitely wasn't cancer, but it was something he thought he'd seen before.

On the phone with Ned, Dillon begged his brother to visit. He related that Tracy was "bad," and Dillon was scared.

Tracy woke up from a dream about Alan "waiting for me." She told Monica that it was like her subconscious was trying to tell her that she was dying. Monica instructed Tracy to stay positive and assured her that she wouldn't let Tracy die. "You may have to," Tracy replied, adding that she needed Monica to "pull the plug" if Tracy became a "vegetable." Monica didn't think that would be necessary, and she left the room. Tracy untangled herself from the machines and followed after her.

Monica found Dillon in the hallway, and he wondered how Tracy was. Monica replied that it was "Tracy being Tracy." Dillon assured Monica that Tracy loved her, and Monica "somehow" agreed. She hugged Dillon. Just then, Tracy appeared screaming for Monica to unhand Ned. After they calmly talked to Tracy, she realized her mistake and apologized. Monica instructed Dillon to find Dr. Mayes while she got Tracy settled.

Minutes later, Dillon entered Tracy's room with Dr. Mayes. The doctor told Tracy that the good news was that she didn't have cancer. The bad news was that he had no idea what was wrong with her. Tracy took that as permission to leave the hospital, but Monica warned Tracy that "your next seizure could be your last," so she needed to stay at the hospital. Tracy demanded that Dr. Mayes find someone who knew what was wrong with her.

"Your presence is requested," a grumpy Dr. Mayes told Griffin a few minutes later.

Griffin entered Tracy's room and told her that he'd seen "numerous infections masquerading as cancer." He remembered her saying that she'd recently been to Mexico and asked if she'd eaten or drunk anything outside of her "five-star resort." Tracy denied it but then remembered that Larry had given her some "local delicacies" he'd picked up in town. Griffin thought it was a good place to start and cited the need for a doctor with a specialty in infectious disease. Monica knew of one.

Tracy was relieved that she didn't have cancer and that she could get her infection treated and get back to normal. Tracy cryptically informed Monica that "what I said before still stands." "And it's still unnecessary," Monica shot back as she left the room to make a phone call.

Monica called a Dr. Finn, who she'd met at a conference a couple years before. She was flattered that he remembered her. She knew he was busy, but she was hoping to "get to the head of the line." He instructed her to explain the situation.

Later, Griffin thanked Brad for helping Griffin draw the right conclusion. Dr. Mayes warned them that they were both about to be unemployed and done with medicine.

At the courthouse, Kristina marveled to Molly over the amount of press that the trial had gotten. She showed Molly the cover of Crimson just as Julian sauntered over. Kristina told him to "keep up the good work" with the magazine. The girls continued gushing over the magazine.

Carly updated Olivia on the "bogus health code violations" that had closed down the Metro Court. Alexis entered the conversation and Carly offered to have Sonny set up a garbage collection worker strike. Alexis had a "better solution," and asked for Carly's help. After explaining her idea, Carly agreed to help. After the conversation, Carly paid a visit to the mayor on the other side of the courtroom. Lomax mentioned that the hotel might lose its "five-star" status. "It's won't," Carly said smugly as the judge entered.

Dante entered the courtroom and sat next to Jordan on Olivia's side of the courtroom just as Alexis started her opening argument. Alexis talked about how public breastfeeding was perfectly legal in New York, and the problem was that there were no consequences set up for when the law was broken. Diane stood and announced her intent to prove that the lawsuit was a "frivolous waste of taxpayer money." Next, Alexis called Olivia to the stand.

Olivia recapped what had happened from her point of view. When it was Diane's turn to question Olivia, she revealed that Olivia had actually been arrested for assaulting the mayor. When it was Lomax's turn on the stand, she insisted that she had "no qualms about breastfeeding," but she didn't think it was suitable in a public space. Alexis got out of her that no charges had ended up being filed against Olivia.

Carly was next on the stand, and Diane got Carly to admit that her employees believed that Olivia had "almost flipped a table on the mayor." Jordan was next up, and Diane got her to admit that, to Jordan's knowledge, there hadn't been any calls complaining about public breastfeeding.

During closing arguments, Diane recapped that Lomax had a right to her opinion of breastfeeding in public places, and that Olivia had never been forced to stop breastfeeding. Alexis argued that there were no consequences, especially for elected officials, when the law allowing breastfeeding in public was broken. The judge announced that he was ready to rule. As he began to speak, Carly got up and let someone into the courtroom. A mother with a baby entered, sat down, and began to breastfeed her baby. Another one entered and began to do the same thing.

The judge yelled for order and claimed that the courtroom wasn't the appropriate place to feed babies. "But these kids are hungry!" Carly explained. "Why can't you do that in the bathroom?" the judge shot back. Nina stood and yelled about a man being able to take off his shirt in public, and it was the law in New York that a woman could too. Lomax yelled that no one wanted to see that. "Then they shouldn't look!" Olivia spat.

Nina took off her shirt and asked, "What's out of order about these?" There was applause in the courtroom. As Maxie took her shirt off, the judge yelled about holding the women in contempt. Carly, Olivia, and even Alexis joined in with taking their shirts off. Lomax demanded that Jordan arrest the women, but Jordan shrugged helplessly. Nina announced that she was recording the hearing for Crimson.

The judge finally yelled that, had the women let him finish, he would have said that he'd found in favor of Olivia. The women celebrated. Alexis thanked Carly, who thought the trial had been "more fun than a strike."

With confidence, Carly walked over to Lomax and demanded that the health department drop their "bogus code violations" against Metro Court. If not, she threatened to sue the mayor and the city for loss of business. Lomax exclaimed that Carly had "no case," but Diane disagreed. She cited the Metro Court's "spotless record" and the fact that the violations coincided with Olivia's lawsuit. Diane laughed that the clear abuse of power would "make Bridgegate look like a day at the beach."

Lomax reminded Diane that she was Lomax's lawyer, but Diane informed her of Diane's "longstanding relationship" with the Corinthos family, which trumped everything. The mayor reluctantly agreed to reopen the Metro Court effective immediately. Diane congratulated Alexis on the win and admitted that she thought Olivia's cause was "just." She teased that she had let Alexis win and left. Lomax approached Alexis, openly glaring. She warned Alexis that she'd just made an enemy.

Nina gushed to Julian about the magazine and how they were "trending nationally." She promised an unenthusiastic Julian to make the magazine a success.

Hayden suspects Helena's portrait is a message Hayden suspects Helena's portrait is a message
Tuesday, March 22, 2016

At the hospital, Nina ran into her aunt. Liesl was in a sour mood as she greeted her niece and asked what had "blackbirds" singing over Nina's shoulder. Nina clarified that the expression was "bluebirds," but Liesl informed her that in Germany, it was blackbirds because the various bluebirds had "weak song" and harsh calls. Nina shrugged her shoulders and explained that she was in high spirits because she had an appointment with Dr. Lee to get a second opinion. Liesl was surprised because Britt had diagnosed Nina's infertility. Nina argued that Britt had stolen a couple's frozen embryo and tried to pass the baby off as Britt's, which made Britt untrustworthy.

A short time later, Nina greeted Kelly Lee. Nina told Kelly about Nina's coma, the miscarriage, and Britt's diagnosis. Kelly looked over Britt's notes and admitted that she agreed with Britt's diagnosis based on the test results. Nina insisted that she wanted a second opinion. Nina realized that there was a chance that she could be premenopausal, but she needed Kelly to confirm it.

Elsewhere, a man exited the elevator and approached the nurses' station to ask for Monica. He set a small aquarium with a large lizard inside on the floor and introduced himself as Dr. Hamilton Finn. Elizabeth stared at Dr. Finn with shock because he looked exactly like another doctor she had known. Dr. Finn smiled politely, explained that he was in a hurry, and asked Elizabeth to put his pet lizard Roxy in a room 85 degrees or higher. He also requested that she find a volunteer or candy striper to feed Roxy some crickets. He handed her a paper bag with the crickets and walked away.

Meanwhile, Monica greeted Griffin and explained that she had called a specialist to consult on Tracy's case. Monica smiled when Dr. Finn walked up and greeted her. Monica quickly introduced Dr. Finn to Griffin and admitted that she hadn't realized before how much Dr. Finn resembled another doctor she had known. Dr. Finn admitted that someone else had mentioned that he looked like someone they knew and suggested that perhaps he just had "one of those faces." "Call me Finn," Finn added as he shook Griffin's hand.

Finn, Griffin, and Monica discussed Tracy's condition as Monica led the doctors to Tracy's hospital room. Inside the room, Dillon implored Tracy to stop packing and get back in bed, but Tracy refused because she was tired of dealing with "crazy" people. Monica appeared in the doorway and immediately yelled at Tracy. Tracy tried to argue back, but Monica put her foot down and ordered Tracy into bed. Finn introduced himself and immediately charmed Tracy with his frank manner. Liesl suddenly marched in to meet the mysterious doctor who had frightened half her staff by making them think they had seen the ghost of Silas Clay.

Finn wondered if it bothered Liesl that half her staff believed in the supernatural, but Liesl was not amused and informed Finn that he didn't have permission to treat patients in her hospital. Monica explained that she had called Finn to consult on Tracy's case, but Liesl argued that Monica hadn't had the authority. Liesl agreed to consider processing the necessary paperwork but reiterated that Finn was to do nothing. After Liesl left, Tracy demanded answers. Finn conceded that Griffin deserved the credit because most American doctors wouldn't have looked for the kind of infestation that Tracy had, which most often occurred in South America and Mexico.

Finn explained that Tracy had a larva infestation. Stunned, Tracy asked if she had worms in her brain. Finn nodded and added that the larva were the result of unsanitary conditions. Furious, Tracy realized that she should have known running into her ex-husband Larry Ashton while on vacation had been a bad omen. Finn promised the condition was treatable with medication, and there were other options if the drug protocol failed. Dillon wondered if his mother would have to remain in the hospital. Finn admitted that it would be for the best, so Tracy asked Dillon to fetch her some edible food because she was tired of what the hospital offered.

Moments later, Liesl returned to once again lecture Finn about requiring permission to treat a patient in General Hospital. Tracy insisted that Finn was her doctor, but Liesl remained adamant that Finn did not have permission to practice medicine at the hospital. Monica demanded that Liesl expedite the process to grant Finn temporary privileges, but Liesl insisted that it would take at least a week. Monica ordered Liesl to find a way because Tracy needed medical treatment immediately. Tracy glanced around and noticed that Finn was missing.

At Metro Court, Finn entered his new suite. The bellman was curious how long Finn intended to stay. "Indefinitely," Finn answered as he handed the man a tip. After the bellman left, Finn walked over to his lizard and agreed with Roxy that they had a happy future in Port Charles.

At Kelly's, Franco left a voicemail message for Nina. He assumed she had gone to work early and told her that he intended to grab some food for Kiki, drop it off at the hospital, and then meet Nina at the office for a picnic lunch.

Inside Kelly's, Jason and Sam signed their divorce papers and handed them to Alexis. Alexis explained that Jason and Sam's divorce would be final once Alexis filed the papers. Sam and Jason smiled, but Jason's smile faded when he saw Franco pass the table. Meanwhile, Sam told her mother that the divorce was about Jason and Sam starting fresh and putting the past behind them. Sam shifted gears to talk about Alexis' victory in court, but Alexis admitted that all Alexis wanted was a moment of peace.

Seconds later, Franco approached the table to greet everyone and ask if Jason and Elizabeth had made a decision about the book. Jason had no idea what Franco was referring to, prompting Franco to tell Jason about Helena's gift to Elizabeth. Franco promised that Jason had no reason to worry because Elizabeth had asked Franco to look after Jake. After Franco left, Jason looked at Sam. "What the hell just happened?" Jason asked.

Jason was not pleased that Elizabeth hadn't told him about the book and decided to have a talk with her. After Jason left, Sam's phone rang. It was Spinelli reporting that the phone number Sam had asked him to trace belonged to a woman named Naomi Dreyfus who lived in a rural area of New Jersey. Sam didn't recognize the name but thanked Spinelli for the information. After the call, Sam asked her mother for legal advice because Sam wondered if she was obligated to drop an investigation after a client had asked Sam to.

Alexis explained that Sam was free to continue the work privately. Sam was relieved because she was worried about a child and hadn't been able to let the investigation go. Alexis knew what it was like to not let something go because Alexis hadn't been able to toss away the deadly dagger that Helena had used to murder Alexis' mother. Alexis knew the knife was a way for Helena to mess with Alexis' head, but Alexis needed some answers.

At the hospital, Liesl spotted Franco with a bag from Kelly's and asked what it was for. Franco admitted that he had picked up some food for Kiki. Liesl objected because it was against hospital policy, but Franco wondered what had Liesl's "lederhosen" in a bundle. Liesl immediately apologized because she realized that sneaking in food was a minor transgression. Plus, she didn't want to step on his fatherly instincts. Surprised, Franco asked what she was talking about, so she told him about her chat with Nina.

In an examination room, Nina admitted that she hoped Kelly would have good news for her because it meant the world to Nina to be able to have a baby. Kelly refused to make any promises but agreed to run the tests. Kelly sat down to do the exam, but Franco barged into the room and demanded to speak to Nina. Kelly was furious, but Nina asked for a moment alone with Franco. After Kelly left, Franco asked why Nina hadn't told him about the appointment. Nina was confused because he had encouraged her to get a second opinion, but Franco explained that he'd changed his mind about having children.

Franco insisted that he wasn't cut out to be a father and told Nina about losing Leo when he had put the baby in a laundry bin to answer Nina's phone call. Franco admitted that it had been an awful experience and had made him realize that he'd be a nervous wreck as a father. Nina assured Franco that it was normal to be afraid, but he asked why she couldn't be satisfied with just the two of them. Franco admitted that he loved Nina more than he ever imagined possible, and he enjoyed his job helping people. Franco reminded her that she was also a successful businesswoman with a flourishing magazine.

Franco wondered why he and Nina should trade in what they had for a life of constant worry and potential heartache by having a child. Franco urged Nina to focus on how perfect their lives were. Nina's eyes filled with tears as she agreed. Grateful, Franco kissed her and suggested that they celebrate Crimson's triumph. Nina nodded and watched Franco leave. Moments later, Kelly returned and told Nina that Franco had told her that Nina had changed her mind. Nina confided that she hadn't and asked Kelly to proceed with the examination.

Meanwhile, Jason approached Elizabeth at the nurses' station to ask to see the book that Helena had left for Elizabeth. Elizabeth explained that she had the book at the hospital because she hadn't wanted to risk Jake seeing it. After Elizabeth fetched it, she and Jason sat down as he read it. He agreed that she had been right to keep it away from their son. Elizabeth pointed out that the book was their only decent clue as to what had happened to Jake on Cassadine Island, but Jason advised Elizabeth not to dig too deeply because he feared that it was some kind of trap. Elizabeth reminded Jason that Jake was in therapy and admitted that she wanted to consult with their son's therapist about when to show the book to Jake.

Jason objected to Franco being involved in the decision. Surprised, Elizabeth clarified that she had been referring to Jake's psychologist, Dr. Renault. She was curious why he thought she'd been talking about Franco. Jason told her about his encounter with Franco and added that he didn't like Franco. Jason also resented that Franco had known about the book before Jason had. Elizabeth explained that Franco had found the book and read it without Elizabeth realizing it, but she conceded that she should have told Jason about the book sooner. Jason was curious why she hadn't.

Elizabeth confessed that she hadn't been ready to deal with it after everything Helena had done to Elizabeth's family and Jason. However, she gently reminded Jason that Franco was good with Jake, and Jake trusted and confided to Franco. Jason wasn't happy with the idea of Franco being involved with their son but agreed to put their son first and let Franco help Jake. Elizabeth and Jason agreed to let each other know if either noticed any red flags with Jake.

At Wyndemere, Hayden studied the painting of Helena as Nikolas walked up behind his wife and nuzzled her neck. Hayden smiled but continued to look at the painting. She admitted that she didn't know what it was about the painting of Helena sipping tea, but the portrait spoke to her. Nikolas was tempted to burn it, but Spencer had had an inexplicable fondness for Helena. Hayden acknowledged that she hadn't known Helena, but Hayden sensed that the portrait had captured Helena's essence and given Hayden a glimpse into Helena's soul.

Nikolas scoffed as he informed his wife that his grandmother hadn't had a soul. He explained that the reading of the will had been a tiny sample of Helena's cruelty. Nikolas was grateful that Helena had left him a meaningless painting, but Hayden suspected there was more to the portrait than met the eye. Hayden pointed out that there appeared to be a shadowy figure in the painting's teapot, but Nikolas insisted that the portrait had been intended to provoke him. He decided to move it, but Hayden asked to keep studying it.

Hayden grabbed a magnifying glass, but Nikolas began to nuzzle her neck again as she stood before the portrait. Hayden was curious why he seemed determined to distract her from examining the painting. She suggested that it might help if he knew what Helena was trying to tell him, but he explained there was no way for anyone to anticipate the insanity that Helena had planned for them. "Oh, my God, that's it," Hayden said. Hayden pointed to the reflection of the man in the teapot and suggested that it was a message.

Nikolas explained that his grandmother had been the master of psychological manipulation and revealed how Helena would disappear from his life for long periods of time then suddenly reappear to stir up trouble. Nikolas admitted that he had spent years dreading Helena's returns and added that the portrait was a reminder of what Helena had put him through. He also believed it was Helena's last attempt at a mind game, which Nikolas refused to play. Nikolas advised Hayden not to get sucked in and left for the office.

Hayden continued to study the portrait as she wondered what Helena was trying to say by sipping tea in the painting. Hayden was also curious what the shadowy figure meant. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Hayden was annoyed when she saw Sam standing on the doorstep. Sam asked to speak to Nikolas, but Hayden explained that he had gone to ELQ. Sam decided to talk to Hayden about a woman named Naomi Dreyfus. Sam noticed how Hayden had tensed, but Hayden denied that she had ever heard of anyone by that name.

Sam easily saw through Hayden's lie, but Hayden stuck to her story and ordered Sam to leave. After Sam left, a shaken Hayden returned to the living room.

Outside Kelly's, Alexis ran into Nikolas. They talked about Helena's will and how Helena had tried to play games with them. Alexis was curious what Helena had bequeathed to Nikolas. He told his aunt about the painting, but Alexis advised him to burn it. Nikolas refused to give Helena the satisfaction and attributed the portrait to Helena's narcissism. Alexis warned Nikolas that Helena had always had an agenda.

Elizabeth uncovers Hayden's secret Elizabeth uncovers Hayden's secret> Elizabeth uncovers Hayden's secret Elizabeth uncovers Hayden's secret
Wednesday, March 23, 2016

At Alexis and Julian's house, Kristina wrote in her journal about how strange -- yet great -- it was to be back in Port Charles. She smiled as she added a warning for Molly to stop reading the journal but admitted that it was nice having someone to confide to about Parker without fear of judgment. Kristina opened up about how frightened she had been when Sonny had confronted her about being suspended from school. Kristina was certain that Sonny wouldn't have been able to handle both her suspension and her being gay at the same time, but she amended that perhaps Molly had been right to suggest that Kristina was sexually fluid.

Moments later, Kristina answered a knock at the door. It was Sonny, who wanted to apologize to Kristina for the way he had reacted to her suspension. It had broken his heart when he had seen her cry as she'd told him about the mess at school. Kristina was touched and hugged her father when he told her how much he loved her. She assured him that he had nothing to feel guilty about because she was responsible for her own choices.

Sonny regretted that he'd overreacted to the situation, but Kristina assured him that it was fine. Sonny and Kristina sat down as Sonny admitted that he still had concerns because he doubted Kristina would have propositioned the professor if the professor hadn't given her reason to believe the attraction had been mutual. Sonny wanted the professor to acknowledge "his" role in the situation. Kristina was stunned when Sonny admitted that he had sent Max to the campus to track down the professor.

Horrified, Kristina demanded that Sonny order Max to back down because it would just make things worse for her at school. She also reminded Sonny that she was an adult, and he had no business trying to fix her problems. Sonny explained that he merely wanted to help, but Kristina became increasingly upset because she resented his interference. Eventually, Sonny realized that Kristina was right and handed her the phone to call Max. Relieved, Kristina took the phone.

Later, Kristina was curled up with her journal as she wrote about her visit with Sonny. She was thankful that he hadn't uncovered her secret but admitted that it was difficult for her. Kristina explained that a fourteen-year-old actress recently "came out as queer" on Twitter by acknowledging that she had always been attracted to boys but was open to dating girls in the future. Kristina couldn't understand how someone that young could know what she wanted, while Kristina was in college and still confused. However, Kristina admitted that she was grateful that she was no longer at school and "crushing" on Parker.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. Kristina set the journal down on the table as she walked to the door. She was shocked when she saw Parker on the porch.

In Tracy's hospital room, Liesl felt vindicated because Dr. Finn had disappeared without explanation. Tracy accused Liesl of chasing the doctor away even though he had properly diagnosed Tracy. Tracy couldn't understand why Liesl was in charge of the hospital and threatened to join forces with Monica to have Liesl removed as chief of staff. Liesl doubted that Tracy would carry out the threat. "Watch me," Tracy replied.

Fed up with the bickering, Monica decided to track down Dr. Finn. Liesl insisted that Dr. Finn was a stranger, and she needed more than Monica's recommendation, since Monica had only met the doctor briefly at a convention. Monica insisted that it would be in everyone's best interest to expedite Dr. Finn's paperwork to allow him to treat Tracy, but Liesl refused. Moments later, a nurse entered to give Tracy some medication. Concerned, Monica asked who had ordered it, but the nurse was confused, since Monica had signed the paperwork.

Monica, Liesl, and Tracy realized that Dr. Finn had written the order, but Monica covered for the doctor. Liesl objected, but Monica argued that refusing to properly treat Tracy might open the hospital to a lawsuit, especially since Tracy was a board member. Reluctantly, Liesl agreed to process Dr. Finn's paperwork, but she made it clear that she resented Monica and Tracy's hostility. Tracy didn't care about Liesl's feelings and suggested that Liesl felt threatened by Monica because Monica could do -- and had done -- Liesl's job far better. Liesl insisted their conversation was counterproductive and left.

Tracy smiled and thanked Monica for finding Dr. Finn. Monica was happy that he'd been available. Monica's voice cracked with emotion as she assured Tracy they were on the right track with Tracy's treatment. Tracy jokingly wondered if Monica intended to kiss her again. Monica assured Tracy that it wasn't necessary, since Monica was no longer afraid of losing Tracy.

At Metro Court, Carly was on the phone with one of her employees as she explained that she was dropping off a complimentary bottle of Champagne to welcome Dr. Finn and thank him for staying indefinitely. She admitted that she wanted to put their best foot forward after the bogus health code violations the previous day. Carly ended the call when she heard a woman cry out in fright. Seconds later, a maid exited Dr. Finn's hotel suite and told Carly that she would never enter it again.

Carly watched the terrified maid flee then entered the doctor's suite. Carly called out to Finn and was taken aback when he emerged from the bedroom and correctly guessed that the maid would not be returning. Finn quickly closed the door as he explained that the maid had frightened his "service animal" and told Carly about Roxy. Carly thought a lizard was an odd choice for a service animal, but Finn looked for Roxy until he realized that Carly was staring at him. Carly quickly apologized but explained that he looked exactly like someone she had known.

Finn revealed that he'd already been told that he bore a striking resemblance to a doctor who had worked at General Hospital, but he assured Carly that he was not that man. Carly shifted gears and asked why Finn was in town. He told her about being asked to consult on a case and mentioned Monica's name. As they chatted, Finn wondered if the owner of the hotel always personally greeted the guests with a bottle of Champagne. Carly confessed that she was overcompensating because she'd had some problems with the mayor.

Carly told Finn about Olivia's arrest and Mayor Lomax's attempt to force Olivia to drop the lawsuit. Finn was surprised that women were arrested in Port Charles for breastfeeding but people considered lizards strange service animals. Carly insisted that a lizard would be a strange choice anywhere, but she was curious how Roxy helped him. Finn reminded her that it was illegal to ask, but he agreed not to press charges, since she'd already had enough legal trouble. He disappeared into the bedroom to look for Roxy and returned as Carly fiddled with the thermostat because it was set at 85 degrees. Finn informed her that Roxy preferred warm temperatures. Finn suddenly spotted Roxy on the floor behind Carly.

Carly tensed, but Finn quickly picked Roxy up and placed the lizard in a large aquarium. Carly wondered what it said about a person who had a lizard rather than a dog for a service animal, but Finn pointed out that perhaps he simply liked lizards. Carly smiled when Finn added that Roxy appeared to like Carly, so she conceded that Roxy was cute. After Carly left, Finn fed Roxy and answered his phone. It was Monica letting him know that she had given Tracy the medicine and assuring him that she wanted him to continue to treat Tracy. Monica was delighted when he assured her that he intended to stay in Port Charles.

In Kelly's courtyard, Carly was pleasantly surprised when she ran into her husband. After they hugged, she asked Sonny about his visit with Kristina. Sonny filled her in and admitted that Kristina had persuaded him to take a step back and allow Kristina to handle her own problems. Carly was proud of Sonny and happy that Sonny and Kristina had had a breakthrough. Sonny changed the subject to ask Carly about the hotel. She told him about her day and mentioned her new guest and Finn's service lizard.

Inside Kelly's, Laura approached Nikolas at the counter. He put his phone away as his mother asked why he wasn't at the office. He revealed that he had bumped into Alexis, and they had talked about Helena's will. Laura wondered how Alexis had been holding up after receiving the grisly gift from Helena. Nikolas admitted that his aunt had been upset, but he turned the question around to ask how Laura was.

Laura explained that she wanted answers about the key from Helena and advised Nikolas to find out what was behind the portrait that Helena had left to him. Nikolas and Laura sat down at a table as Laura reminded her son that Helena had never done anything random. Nikolas believed the painting was intended as a constant reminder of Helena and a means to torture his thoughts. Laura agreed, but she couldn't understand why Helena had refused to share her personal wealth. Nikolas believed that his grandmother had acted out of spite, but he was relieved that he'd been wise enough to secure control of ELQ.

Nikolas refused to give Helena a "victory lap" by obsessing over the painting, but Laura confessed that she couldn't ignore the key because Helena had given it to her for a reason. Nikolas believed it had been one of Helena's mind games, but Laura was certain there was more to it. She reminded Nikolas that Helena's plans, once put into motion, couldn't be easily stopped, but he argued that his grandmother only had power when they gave it to Helena -- like Helena's curse on Sam. He insisted that the curse would only work if Sam believed in it.

Laura reminded Nikolas that Helena had cursed both Luke and Laura on their wedding day. Laura assured Nikolas that she and Luke had been deeply in love and committed to each other, but their marriage hadn't lasted. She suggested that perhaps Helena's curse had have played a part in Luke and Laura drifting apart and living different lives. Nikolas explained that it would be even more reason to throw the key away, but Laura revealed that she had taken it to an antiquities dealer who had told her that it belonged to a 19th century Russian steam trunk or valise.

Nikolas revealed that the Cassadines had left Russia before the revolution and taken all of their possessions with them. He admitted that there might be old steam trunks in Wyndemere's attic, but he doubted that the key would lead to anything important. Laura warned her son that she didn't intend to drop her quest until she had some answers, but he thought Laura was allowing Helena to win. Laura argued that Helena had never been petty or frivolous, and she urged Nikolas not to dismiss the painting because she was certain there was a message in it for him.

Nikolas claimed that Hayden and Spencer were his future, but he noticed Laura's reaction when he mentioned his wife's name and asked why Laura continued to object to Hayden. Laura didn't want to argue with her son, but she was glad that he'd taken the precaution to have Hayden sign a prenuptial agreement before their wedding. After Laura left, Nikolas called someone and arranged a meeting to discuss an important matter.

At Wyndemere, Hayden was shaken that Sam had found out about Naomi Dreyfus. She quickly called Diane to ask about the addendum for the disposition of ELQ. Hayden explained that Nikolas was ready to sign it and asked Diane to let her know when it was ready. After Hayden ended the call, she opened the laptop and typed Naomi's name into the search engine to find out what would pop up. As she muttered to herself about Naomi, Elizabeth entered the living room and asked who Naomi Dreyfus was.

Hayden slammed the laptop shut and began to berate Elizabeth and Elizabeth's "three brats" for acting like they were raised in a barn. Hayden suggested that Elizabeth and her sons could learn a lot from Spencer because Spencer was polite and knew not to eavesdrop. Hayden accused Elizabeth of being a freeloader and sponging off Nikolas' decency, but Elizabeth merely smiled as Hayden continued to insult Elizabeth and claim that Elizabeth meant nothing to Nikolas. After Hayden finished, Elizabeth warned Hayden that it wouldn't take Elizabeth and Nikolas long to figure out who Naomi Dreyfus was.

Hayden tensed as Elizabeth confidently added that Nikolas would soon know what Hayden was desperate to hide. Hayden advised Elizabeth to focus on Elizabeth's "brats" and stay away from Hayden and Nikolas, but Elizabeth reminded Hayden that Nikolas and Elizabeth had been friends for a long time. Elizabeth hated that Nikolas would be hurt when Hayden's agenda was exposed, but Elizabeth believed it would be better for both Nikolas and Spencer in the long run. Hayden's temper flared as she threatened to kick Elizabeth out if Elizabeth didn't drop it, but Elizabeth cautioned Hayden not to put Nikolas in a position to chose between Hayden and Elizabeth because Hayden might not like his answer.

Hayden assured Elizabeth that Nikolas would never chose Elizabeth over his wife, but Elizabeth reminded Hayden that Nikolas knew Hayden was a pathological liar, which was why he had hired a private investigator. Hayden argued that Nikolas had instructed Sam to drop the investigation, but Elizabeth laughed because it was proof that Nikolas didn't trust his wife. Elizabeth didn't blame Nikolas because Hayden had been running a con from the beginning and had repeatedly lied. Elizabeth was relieved that Nikolas had insisted on a prenuptial agreement, since it was clear that Hayden had married him for his money. Hayden insisted that Elizabeth wasn't in any position to talk about trust after lying to Jason.

Elizabeth pointed out that Nikolas had had Elizabeth's back the entire time and had never given up on her. Elizabeth invited Hayden to test Nikolas because Elizabeth had nothing to lose if he asked her to leave, since she had plenty of places to go. However, Elizabeth reminded Hayden that Hayden didn't have any friends to turn to if Nikolas tossed Hayden out. Hayden's phone chimed, prompting Elizabeth to ask if it was Naomi Dreyfus. Hayden ignored Elizabeth and read the text message from Diane informing Hayden that the papers were ready to be picked up.

Hayden announced that she had to leave, but she promised to tell Nikolas that she wanted Elizabeth and the boys out of the house. After Hayden left, Elizabeth went to the laptop and saw several links to articles about Naomi Dreyfus-Berlin.

Elizabeth recognized the name but didn't know why. She opened the first link and began to read. "Oh, my God," Elizabeth said as her eyes rounded with shock.

Liz learns Hayden's true identity Liz learns Hayden's true identity
Thursday, March 24, 2016

At Metro Court, Hayden entered Diane's suite and asked for the legal documents, but Hayden tensed when she saw Nikolas lounging in a chair. Diane closed the door as Nikolas casually asked what documents Hayden had been referring to. Diane's veneer of politeness vanished as she blasted Hayden for misleading Diane about the addendum transferring legal ownership of ELQ to Hayden. Diane accused Hayden of lying because Nikolas hadn't known about the documents. Nikolas added that he would never authorize the transfer. Hayden started to explain, but Nikolas asked to speak to his wife privately.

After Diane went to her office, Nikolas demanded answers because he was furious that Hayden had threatened Spencer's inheritance. Hayden insisted that she had done it for Nikolas because it had been the only way to safeguard ELQ if the Quartermaines won the lawsuit. Hayden explained that on paper, ELQ would be hers, but in reality, it would remain business as usual with Nikolas in charge. She acknowledged that she should have discussed it with Nikolas, but she promised that she hadn't been hiding anything because he would have known the truth when she asked him to sign the addendum.

Nikolas appeared to calm down and admitted that the addendum had been a good idea. Relieved, Hayden assured Nikolas that everything she had done had been for him. After they kissed, Hayden asked why Nikolas had stopped by to see Diane. She was stunned when Nikolas confessed he had decided to change his will to give Hayden a larger share of his estate than the prenuptial agreement had provided. Hayden was touched when he added that he intended to go through with the plan despite their misunderstanding. Hayden hugged Nikolas as Diane returned to the living room.

After Hayden left, Diane excused herself to take a call. Nikolas sat down and reviewed his last will and testament, but his eyes strayed to the addendum that Hayden had requested. Moments later, Diane returned. Nikolas questioned Diane about what Hayden had told her when Hayden had requested the addendum. Diane revealed that Hayden had claimed to be acting on his behalf to protect his assets, but Nikolas wondered why Diane hadn't questioned the request. Diane explained that it was an effective strategy as long as both parties trusted each other implicitly. She pointed to Sonny and Carly as a perfect example of a couple who would never betray each other, so she advised Nikolas not to sign the addendum if he had any doubts about Hayden.

Nikolas informed Diane that the addendum wasn't needed, since the lawsuit was still in the very early stages. Diane smiled knowingly and asked about Nikolas' will. She wasn't surprised when he told her to put everything on hold.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth clicked on the link to read about Naomi Dreyfus-Berlin. "Hayden, you bitch," Elizabeth growled as she read the article. She quickly closed the laptop when Laura and Lulu entered the living room and greeted her. Lulu noticed that Elizabeth seemed upset. Elizabeth admitted that she had just found something out but refused to elaborate. Laura feared that it might have something to do with Nikolas, so Elizabeth admitted that she had some questions for Nikolas about Helena's will.

Laura nodded in understanding because Helena's final wishes had put everyone on edge. Lulu was concerned about Jake and asked about the book that Helena had bequeathed to Elizabeth. Elizabeth explained that it appeared to have been a riddle of sorts, and Jason had decided to look into it. The conversation eventually turned to Laura's key when Lulu asked what Laura intended to do with it. Elizabeth and Lulu were surprised when Laura revealed that she had decided to investigate it. Elizabeth and Lulu agreed that it was a bad idea because Helena had been a dangerous woman who had loved mind games.

Laura appreciated Elizabeth and Lulu's concerns, but Laura explained that she needed closure. Lulu was curious where Laura intended to start the search. Laura revealed there were old steam trunks and valises in the castle's attic, but Lulu objected to her mother going to the attic alone and decided to accompany her mother. Laura sensed that Elizabeth still had reservations, but Elizabeth assured Laura that she understood Laura's desire to seek the truth even if it was painful. Elizabeth wished Laura luck as Laura and Lulu left.

Elizabeth fetched the laptop, determined to find out the truth about Hayden. A short time later, Elizabeth found an article on the Barrington Financial Times website about a man named Raymond Berlin who had scammed people out of billons through a crooked hedge fund. Elizabeth closed the laptop and threw a magazine over it when she heard the front door slam shut. Moments later, Hayden entered the living room and glared at Elizabeth. Hayden demanded to know why Elizabeth hadn't packed and moved out yet.

Hayden smiled with smug satisfaction as she bragged that she and Nikolas had spent some quality time together. Hayden promised to have Nikolas show Elizabeth and the boys the door when he arrived home, but Elizabeth warned Hayden that Hayden would be leaving. "Who the hell do you think you are?" Hayden demanded. Elizabeth wanted to talk about who Hayden was instead. "Rachel Berlin," Elizabeth added.

In the attic, Lulu decided to have a talk with her brother because she wondered if Nikolas felt obligated as a Cassadine to make the attic as ominous and creepy as possible. Laura chuckled because she doubted that Wyndemere's attic had ever been cozy. Laura and Lulu began to look around until Laura spotted a steam trunk. Lulu realized that it stood out from everything else because it hadn't been draped with a sheet or covered with a thick layer of dust. Laura pulled out the key and slid it into the lock, which immediately clicked open.

At Nathan and Maxie's apartment, Nathan woke up in bed with Maxie. She slid on top of him, but her smile vanished when she told him that she knew the truth about Claudette. Maxie insisted that Nathan was not a good person and slapped him for being a liar. Nathan jolted awake from the nightmare.

At the hospital, Maxie greeted Griffin and told him that she had a proposition for him. Maxie reminded him that she worked for Crimson and revealed that she had pitched her idea about a feature on real men to compliment the real women issue. Maxie admitted that Nina had liked it, but Griffin cut Maxie off to let her know that he wasn't interested in being a part of the issue. Maxie refused to give up and begged him to give her an hour to change his mind. Maxie was surprised when Griffin coldly refused.

Griffin confessed that he was attracted to Maxie, but it was his policy not to spend private time with women who had boyfriends. Griffin added that he didn't like to have things waved in his face that he couldn't and should have, including Maxie. "So, you're avoiding me like ice cream on a diet?" Maxie asked. Griffin ignored the question and told her that he was glad that her ankle was better. He knew how easy it was for a person to repeat their mistakes, so he advised her to be careful wearing high heels.

Shortly after Griffin walked away, Maxie ran into Nathan. Nathan greeted her with a kiss and asked if her idea for the magazine had panned out. Maxie told Nathan about her talk with Griffin and Griffin's confession that Griffin was attracted to Maxie. However, Maxie rushed to assure Nathan that Griffin respected that Maxie had a boyfriend. Nathan sarcastically told Maxie that Griffin sounded like a "charmer," but she promised that Nathan had nothing to worry about. After Maxie kissed him, Nathan suggested they return home to bed because it was the last day of his medical leave.

Later, Maxie snuggled next to Nathan in bed and asked if he was bothered that Griffin was attracted to her. Nathan admitted that he had been a bit jealous. Maxie thought a little jealousy was healthy, but she assured Nathan that another man couldn't make her stop loving Nathan.

Meanwhile, Michael stopped by Anna's house to talk to her about Carlos. Anna explained that she couldn't really help him because she had no idea where Carlos was. Michael admitted that he was concerned about Sabrina and the baby, but Anna reiterated that the trail had gone cold. She understood Michael's concern, but she had no idea if Sabrina and the baby were still with Carlos. Anna tensed when Michael explained that he was concerned Sabrina and the baby would get caught in the crossfire if Anna caught up to Carlos.

Michael was frustrated because he had no idea if Sabrina had been forced to leave with Carlos or if Sabrina was protecting Carlos. Regardless, Michael couldn't understand how Carlos had managed to disappear for months after murdering Duke. Anna confessed that every time she felt like she was getting her equilibrium back, a new twist would happen like finding out that Carlos was alive. She shifted gears to explain that she was expecting company, but she offered to email Michael all the non-confidential information on Carlos that she had.

Michael thanked Anna and admitted that they would have all been better off if someone had finished Carlos off when they'd had the chance. Moments later, Michael was surprised when he saw Griffin on the doorstep. Griffin introduced himself and asked for Anna. Michael returned the courtesy and invited Griffin inside. After Michael left, Griffin called out to Anna. She appeared in the doorway and ushered him into the living room for tea.

Anna and Griffin talked about Duke as Griffin looked through a photo album filled with pictures of his father. Anna told Griffin about Duke's love for Scotland and admitted that the tango had been a special dance for Duke and Anna. Griffin was curious how Anna and Duke had handled working on opposite sides of the law. Anna admitted that it hadn't been easy, but love had won out in the end because Duke and Anna had decided to leave town and start over. She became emotional as she talked about Duke's murder and how Duke had collapsed in her arms on the pier.

Anna opened up about how Duke had been drawn to the danger of the criminal lifestyle despite Duke's genuinely good heart. Griffin admitted that he felt the same rush of excitement working in the emergency room. Anna assured Griffin that Duke had always been driven by a deep desire to protect his loved ones and added that Duke's loyalty to Sonny had driven Duke to temporarily take over for Sonny. Anna's eyes filled with tears of frustration because she resented that Carlos and Julian had robbed Duke of the opportunity to know Griffin. Griffin regretted that he'd dredged up painful memories, but Anna explained that she couldn't find closure or peace.

Griffin explained that Anna needed to forgive in order to gain peace, but Anna argued that she could never forgive Carlos. According to Anna, Carlos didn't have any remorse for killing Duke, which was why she had no regrets about what she had done. Concerned, Griffin wondered what Anna had done, but she clammed up. Griffin reiterated that she needed to find the strength to forgive because it was the best gift a person could give themselves -- and a gift from God. Anna remained unmoved, prompting Griffin to ask what about Duke's murder she couldn't forgive.

Anna insisted that she wanted to focus on sharing her memories of Duke with Griffin, but Griffin wanted to help Anna move forward. Anna suddenly questioned Griffin's motives and identity.

At the hospital, Michael told Felix that Sabrina was with Carlos. Felix insisted that Carlos was dead, but Michael assured Felix that Sonny had confirmed that Carlos was alive. Michael blamed himself for pushing Sabrina into Carlos' arms, but Michael had a plan to rescue her. Felix immediately offered his help.

At Julian and Alexis' house, Kristina was shocked when she saw Parker standing on the porch. Kristina ordered Parker to leave, but Parker explained that it wasn't that simple anymore and pushed past Kristina. Parker revealed that a man had been snooping around the campus, asking about Kristina's teachers. Parker admitted that she had been alarmed because of who Kristina's father was. Kristina told Parker about Sonny's concerns when he'd learned about Kristina's suspension, but Kristina had taken care of everything and promised that Parker had nothing to worry about.

Kristina grabbed Parker's purse and handed it to Parker as she urged Parker to leave. Parker's hands touched Kristina's as the two women stared into each other's eyes for a long moment. Parker suddenly realized that Kristina hadn't told Sonny and Alexis about Kristina's feelings or how Kristina had continued to pursue Parker even after Parker had made it clear that nothing could ever happen between them. Kristina revealed that she had told her parents everything but had been careful to leave Parker's name out of it.

Parker knew Kristina was still struggling, but Kristina wasn't interested in Parker's "phony" sympathy because Kristina knew that Parker hated her. Parker disagreed and added that she had been concerned about Kristina when Parker had heard about the hostage situation at the church. Kristina admitted that it sounded as if Parker actually cared. Parker assured Kristina that she did, but Kristina became angry because she resented the way Parker always gave Kristina mixed signals. Kristina wanted to know why Parker couldn't just leave her alone, but Parker claimed that she wanted to make certain that Kristina was okay. Kristina admitted that she might never be okay, but she didn't blame Parker because Kristina had been confused about who Kristina was and what she wanted since meeting Parker.

Kristina explained that Parker showing up and acting like she cared made things worse. Parker regretted that she couldn't make things better for Kristina. The moment became charged as Parker and Kristina gazed longingly at each other and then kissed.

Hayden is forced to come clean to Nikolas Hayden is forced to come clean to Nikolas
Friday, March 25, 2016

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth was surprised that she hadn't realized the truth sooner because Rachel Berlin and her father had been plastered all over the media. Hayden claimed that she had no idea what Elizabeth was talking about, but Elizabeth warned Hayden that it was pointless because "Rachel" hadn't covered her tracks very well. Elizabeth pointed to the laptop as she added that Hayden hadn't erased the browser history. Hayden was furious that Elizabeth had been snooping, but Elizabeth was unapologetic and bragged that it had taken just a few clicks to uncover the truth about Rachel and her father.

Hayden was forced to admit the truth because Elizabeth had seen pictures of "Rachel" and intended to tell Nikolas everything. Hayden begged Elizabeth to let Hayden talk to him, but Elizabeth didn't trust Hayden to be honest. Moments later, Nikolas entered the living room and asked what was going on. Hayden pleaded with Elizabeth to keep quiet, but Elizabeth refused to pretend she didn't know about Hayden's secret. Desperate, Hayden accused Elizabeth of being in love with Nikolas and trying to break up his marriage with lies, but Nikolas demanded an answer.

Hayden begged for Elizabeth not to say anything, but Elizabeth was unmoved and told Nikolas that Hayden's real name was Rachel Berlin. Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that Rachel's father had been the infamous investment advisor who had bilked his clients out of billions through a Ponzi scheme. Hayden reluctantly admitted it was true, but she immediately tried to tell her side of things. Nikolas refused to listen because he realized she had lied about everything, including the story about her dead parents. Hayden denied lying; she had reinvented herself.

Hayden explained that it had been necessary to distance herself from her old life because she had been ostracized by everyone and treated with scorn. Hayden insisted that she had been forced to leave Manhattan and change her identity to escape her ruined reputation, but Nikolas reminded Hayden that she had also been fleeing prosecution because she'd had a part in her father's crimes. Elizabeth believed that Hayden had reinvented herself as a way to hold onto the stolen money, but Hayden denied it. According to Hayden, she had lost her family, her husband, her home, her friends, and every single penny. Elizabeth wondered why Hayden had decided to settle in Port Charles, but Hayden clarified that she'd been in Beechers Corners, rebuilding her life, when Ric Lansing had approached Hayden with the opportunity to make money.

Nikolas suspected that Hayden had been delighted when she'd found a prince "just waiting to be swindled," but Hayden assured him that everything between them had been real. Nikolas didn't believe her and had no reason to trust her. Hayden asked to speak to Nikolas privately, but he told her not to embarrass herself because he had stopped trusting Hayden when he'd found out about the addendum she had secretly asked Diane to draw up. Hayden assured him that she had merely wanted to protect him if the Quartermaines prevailed in court, but he hadn't believed the lie when she had told it the first time.

Nikolas wondered if he should call his wife Hayden or Rachel and asked what her intentions had been when she had married him. He was curious if she had hoped to use ELQ to get back into the game or use it to repay the investors she and her father had scammed out of money. Hayden assured Nikolas that she hadn't known about her father's illegal activities, but Nikolas didn't believe her, since she had continually lied to him. Hayden claimed that she had been afraid their marriage would end before it began, but Elizabeth warned Nikolas not to trust Hayden. Hayden snidely asked Elizabeth to find somewhere else to gloat.

Elizabeth cautioned Nikolas to be careful and left. Hayden immediately apologized and explained that she had been both ashamed and humiliated about her past. She reached for Nikolas and hugged him, but he tensed in her arms. Hayden held on tightly as she promised that she loved him.

In the attic, Laura unlocked the steam trunk, but Lulu stopped her mother from opening it because Lulu feared they were opening Pandora's box that would lead to a trap. Laura was determined to get answers and opened the steam trunk. Lulu breathed a sigh of relief that it hadn't blown up, but Laura reminded Lulu that Helena preferred riddles and mind games. Lulu spotted a book in the trunk, so Laura picked it up and examined it. It was a textbook with Scott's name written inside. Laura suddenly realized that she had bought it for Scott when he had been in law school.

Laura admitted that she had wanted to surprise her husband by buying all the textbooks he had needed for law school without realizing the exorbitant cost. Laura recalled how strapped for money she and Scott had been, which had led to her taking a job at the campus disco where she had met Luke. Laura looked at the textbook and wondered if the message had something to do with Scott or Luke, but Lulu thought Helena had simply been messing with Laura's mind. Laura agreed and tossed the book down as she walked away from the trunk.

Lulu started to follow her mother but stopped when she noticed an old wrist corsage had tumbled out of the book. Laura returned to find out what had been keeping Lulu and saw the corsage. Laura picked it up and recognized it as a present from Scott when he had taken her to a formal at school. Laura admitted that it had been a magical night and the last truly happy moment of her marriage to Scott. However, Laura was confused because Laura hadn't met Helena until after Laura and Scott's marriage had ended.

Laura looked through the book for more clues and noticed that various letters had been circled throughout the book. Laura and Lulu realized that it was a message, but Lulu feared that it might be encrypted, which would make it impossible to decipher. Laura announced that she would find someone to figure it out if she had to. Laura was relieved that she at least had a piece of the puzzle.

At Anna's house, Griffin explained that he just wanted to know more about his father through Anna, but she was curious how they went from that to Griffin offering unsolicited advice about a confession. Griffin explained that he knew pain and grief when he saw it and thought talking about her loss would help give her peace. Anna coldly asked if Griffin was wearing a wire. Stunned, Griffin denied it, but Anna suspected that he worked for Paul. Griffin insisted that he didn't know anyone named Paul, but Anna remained skeptical.

Anna admitted that she wouldn't put it past her enemies to send someone posing as Duke's son and pointed out that she'd only had the letter as proof of Griffin's claim. Griffin unbuttoned his shirt to prove that he wasn't wearing a wire and picked up the teacup to finish his tea and offer her the cup for DNA testing. Anna fetched a plastic baggie and an old-fashioned razor she had picked up for Duke as a gift at a specialty store. She warned him she intended to have the DNA test expedited, but Griffin wasn't concerned and hoped the results gave her peace of mind. Griffin noticed that something was weighing heavily on Anna and urged her to find a way to forgive.

Across town, Paul sat in his office as he answered a call from Carlos. Paul made it clear that he wasn't in the mood for games and wanted to know if Carlos intended to return to Port Charles. Paul assured Carlos that Carlos would have full immunity if he testified against Julian and sent Julian to jail, but Carlos knew that Paul also expected Carlos to keep quiet about Paul killing Kyle Sloane and Anna opening fire on Carlos. Paul thought it was a win-win solution for everyone, but Carlos disagreed because there were too many people in Port Charles who wanted Carlos dead -- Anna included.

Paul promised that Anna wanted Julian to go to jail for Duke's murder more than she wanted Carlos dead, but Carlos didn't believe Paul because Anna had tried to kill him. Paul added that Paul was the district attorney and couldn't kill Carlos, but Carlos argued that it hadn't stopped Paul from killing a federal agent. Paul reminded Carlos that Kyle had raped Paul's daughter, but Carlos explained that the point was that Paul could kill if needed. Frustrated, Paul asked why Carlos had called, so Carlos reminded Paul that Paul hadn't sent a payment. Paul refused to continue sending Carlos money, but Carlos threatened to let the authorities know about Kyle's murder.

After Paul ended the call, someone knocked on the door. It was Anna. She was curious if Paul had gotten any closer to finding Carlos. Paul explained that it would take time, but Anna wasn't satisfied and announced that she intended to use her own sources to track Carlos down. Paul thought it was a mistake to involve the World Security Bureau because Carlos wouldn't hesitate to take Anna down. Anna didn't care if she ended up in jail as long as Julian paid for ordering Carlos to kill Duke.

Anna vowed to do everything in her power to find Carlos, and she left. Paul decided to do some damage control and contacted someone in the media to share that Carlos Rivera was alive. Paul made it clear that Paul's name was not to be mentioned in the article.

At the nurses' station, Sonny greeted Epiphany and handed her a bouquet of flowers. Epiphany saw through his attempt to butter her up and warned him that she was still mad that he had lied to his family about not being able to walk. Sonny regretted upsetting Epiphany because she had made him view the wheelchair as a challenge rather than allow it to define his life. Epiphany grinned and admitted that she had heard about what had transpired at the church. She was happy that he'd been able to overpower the gunman, but she imagined that Carly and the children had been furious when they'd realized that Sonny had deceived them.

Sonny assured Epiphany that his family had forgiven him, but she warned him that they might not quite trust Sonny as much as they once had. Sonny changed the subject by asking if Epiphany could forgive and forget. Epiphany agreed, even though she had been put in a bad position by lying to Dr. Munro. Sonny grinned because he sensed she was attracted to the young doctor, but Epiphany insisted her heart belonged to Milo. They chatted about how proud Milo had been of Epiphany's feature in Crimson before the conversation drifted to Sonny's shooting. Epiphany confided that Milo would have killed Carlos if someone else hadn't beaten Milo to it.

Later, Griffin arrived and apologized to Sonny for running late. Griffin admitted that he'd been talking to Anna about Duke. Sonny was surprised, but Griffin revealed that he was Duke's son. Sonny realized why he had felt an instant connection to Griffin when they'd first met, and Sonny told Griffin that Duke had been a true gentleman. Sonny sang Duke's praises but regretted that Duke hadn't gotten to know Griffin. Griffin broached the subject of forgiveness as he opened up about his conversation with Anna.

Griffin explained that he was familiar with loss and that bitterness had seeped into his blood until he'd realized that forgiveness would set him free. Griffin admitted that he hadn't been able to move on with his life until he had stopped seeking revenge. Sonny argued that it wasn't an option for Sonny, but Griffin warned Sonny that plotting revenge and meeting bloodshed with bloodshed wouldn't honor Griffin's father's memory. Griffin believed that Sonny was better than that and asked Sonny to leave Carlos' fate in God's hands.

At Julian and Alexis' house, Kristina and Parker shared a passionate kiss until Parker pulled away and breathlessly told Kristina that it couldn't happen again. "Why not?" Kristina asked. Kristina was frustrated that Parker continued to send mixed signals, but Parker promised that she cared about Kristina. However, Parker was adamant that they not kiss again. Kristina wondered if Parker enjoyed watching Kristina embarrass herself, but Parker assured Kristina that Kristina had no reason to feel embarrassed.

Parker promised that she wasn't interested in pressuring Kristina to talk to Sonny and Alexis about Kristina's sexuality because Kristina needed to figure out who she was first. Kristina confessed that she had no idea who that was, so Parker urged Kristina to talk to someone who could help her work through the confusion. Kristina didn't want to talk about therapy with Parker; she wanted to focus on their kiss. Kristina was certain that Parker had shown up on her doorstep, expecting something to happen.

Parker conceded that she was attracted to Kristina, but Parker was married and loved her wife. Kristina asked why, if that were true, Parker was there. Parker realized that it had been a mistake because Kristina needed time and space to figure out what she wanted. Kristina insisted that she wanted Parker. Kristina explained that she had always been "straight" until Parker. Kristina didn't care about labels, but she had never felt the kind of attraction that she felt for Parker. Parker was flattered, but she was certain that Kristina had been drawn to women in the past and hadn't been able to express those feelings.

Parker suggested that perhaps Kristina saw Parker as someone safe and out of reach, since Parker would never risk her career or betray her wife for a student. Parker wanted Kristina to explore that side of herself without fear or shame -- but not with Parker. Kristina's eyes welled up with tears because she couldn't help how she felt about Parker. Parker encouraged Kristina to continue to embrace her sexuality because it was a part of the extraordinary woman Kristina was becoming. Parker hugged Kristina one last time and left.

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