General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 2, 2016 on GH
Sonny approved of Kristina's date. The eyewitness against Carlos died over an overdose. Alexis grew suspicious of Julian. Jason and Sam caught Franco spying on them. A van transporting Carlos crashed into Jason's motorcycle.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 2, 2016 on GH
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Keep an Eye on the Eyewitness Keep an Eye on the Eyewitness
Monday, May 2, 2016

Anna hugged Andre out of appreciation for vouching for her at her hearing. Jordan entered the courtroom, and Jordan commented that she knew about all Andre had done for Anna. Jordan informed Anna that an eyewitness had emerged, which made their case against Carlos, and possibly Julian, even stronger. Anna was elated to hear the news and left to strategize with Scott.

Andre declared the day a productive one for both him and Jordan and thought that they'd earned their date night. Jordan thought they should just "forget it." She explained to a bewildered Andre that it seemed like he wanted to be with Anna. He suggested that, if she was seeing some ulterior motives on his part, she should see a psychiatrist. He admitted that he cared about Anna, but she was jumping to conclusions about Andre cheating, because Jordan had cheated on her husband. Jordan slapped him and walked away.

A short while later, Jordan stormed into her apartment and threw down her things, grumbling about how Andre didn't deserve her. "Who does he think he is?" she wondered as there was a knock on the door. She answered it to Andre, who assured her that he still had things to say to her. He entered the apartment, and she told him that she didn't need him using her mistakes against her. He told her that she was right about that, which left her speechless.

Andre said he had regretted the comment about Jordan cheating as soon as he'd said it, and he apologized to her. He added that she had been misunderstanding his actions, because if he had wanted to date Anna, he never would have asked Jordan out. Getting closer to her, he informed her that, "I don't pursue a woman unless I want her and only her." He assured her of his interest. "Prove it," she challenged. He kissed her, and the two made their way to the bed while undressing each other.

Hayden walked to her car, exhausted after hours of questioning. Two agents, Russell and Douglas, arrived to ask Hayden some more questions. She assured them that she'd told them everything she knew, which wasn't much. They accused her of hiding more than she'd shared, since she'd changed her name. She answered that she'd needed a fresh start because of being "condemned in the court of public opinion." They scoffed at the fact that she hadn't even told her husband. Just then, Nikolas materialized and stepped in front of his wife.

Agent Russell informed Nikolas that he was "interfering in a federal investigation." Nikolas had only observed two federal agents harassing a citizen, who was a witness and not a suspect, in a parking garage. He advised them to contact his attorney the next time they had any questions for Hayden. The agents promised to do so and left.

Hayden wondered why Nikolas had been there. He replied that he'd been on his way to his car, he'd noticed the "inquisition," and he'd taken charge of a "ridiculous situation." "Welcome to my world," she cracked dryly. She inquired why he'd rescued her when he didn't like her. "I'm a prince. It's what we do," he said in a mock bow. After a little more prodding, Nikolas admitted that he'd wanted to stop the questioning before the agents settled on Nikolas' finances. He couldn't afford to lose any more of Spencer's inheritance.

"Speaking of family," Hayden started as she and Nikolas got into the car. She thought that it was time for them to "cut our losses" and go their separate ways. She intended to invoke their prenuptial agreement that guaranteed her five million dollars. He admitted to being more concerned with "certain knowledge" that Hayden possessed. She assured him that she had no intention of turning him in, but he feared the day when she would inevitably "burn through" his money and blackmail him. Hayden suggested they "wait and see."

Nikolas talked about divorcing and divvying up his and Hayden's assets. She reminded him that she didn't really have any assets. "I don't know about that," he said mysteriously. He pulled her makeup bag out of the center console, speculating about there being more than just makeup in the bag. He opened a small bag and poured diamonds out into his hand.

Griffin sat at the bar of the Floating Rib and talked to Mac. Mac wanted Griffin to tell Mac about himself, but Griffin insisted that he was "boring." Mac countered that he'd heard about how Griffin had saved Tracy and that Duke would be proud of his son. Mac regretted that Griffin had left Maxie's party before they'd had a chance to talk. Mac was happy that Maxie was happy and remarked on how much better Nathan was than any of Maxie's exes, not least of all because Nathan was a cop. He was confident that the two could handle any hardships thrown their way.

Across the restaurant, Alexis worked on Carlos' case. Just then, she saw Hale, the eyewitness in Carlos' case, get a drink at the bar. He sat down at a table, and she approached, asking to talk to him. "I know my rights," he snapped, refusing to talk to her. She warned him of the intimidation of a deposition and explained that she just wanted to hear his story before then. He downed his drink, yelled at Alexis to leave him alone, and ran out of the bar, running into Anna in the process. She asked Alexis what was going on. "I can't discuss it with you," Alexis stated.

Anna sat at the bar with Mac and Griffin, who were both happy to see her out of jail. She thanked Mac for sending Scott, who had done "very well" for her. She was glad to be out of her cell, "especially today." She informed Griffin that it was the anniversary of Duke's death. Anna lamented that the minute she and Duke had gotten their priorities straight, he'd been gunned down. She recalled how gorgeous the night had been one year prior.

Anna missed Duke every day and imagined that she always would, but she was "working my way through it." She knew that Carlos wouldn't spend his life in prison like he deserved if he took the deal, but the man who'd ordered the hit on Duke would, which was a compromise that Anna was willing to make. She thought that Duke would be at peace once Julian was convicted. Griffin wondered if she knew what she was going to do when it was all over. "I do," she said, nodding and smiling.

Sam arrived at Julian's office and asked him point-blank if he'd had anything to do with Sonny's shooting. Julian swore on his life that he hadn't. Sam remarked that she'd gotten a call from an upset Molly about Alexis defending Carlos. Sam knew that Alexis was defending Carlos because of Julian, and Sam didn't think that was fair. She thought that everything happening was the result of his choices, so it was his mess to clean up. He replied that Alexis had "made peace" with her decision.

Julian argued that like Alexis, Sam had always shown complete loyalty to Jason. Sam shot back that Jason had never asked her to go against who she was, and he never would. She was disappointed in the situation, but Julian assured her that it had been the best decision for him and Alexis. Sam asked Julian to give Leo a kiss from her for his birthday. Julian asked about Sam and Jason. She reluctantly told him that they were back together, and nothing could change that.

Later, Alexis arrived at Julian's office and informed him of a "difficulty" with Carlos' case. She couldn't give him any details, but she assured him that the eyewitness checked out. She frantically told him that there was no way she could get the charges dismissed, and she could no longer advise Carlos not to take the deal. Julian took her in his arms and reassured her. He told her that he had faith that the witness wouldn't pose a problem. "From your lips," she said. Citing all the work she had to do, she left.

Julian's phone rang, and he answered it to Hammer. He listened for a minute and then asked, "Are you telling me what I think you're telling me?" He hung up the phone and reasoned, "Well, it's done."

Alexis walked through the parking garage, trying to find her car. She happened upon a car with the door open and the occupant leaning forward against the wheel. "Sir?" she addressed the man. Just then, the body of Hale fell out of the car with a syringe stuck into his bloody arm.

Carlos asked Michael to use his "money and connections" and break him out of jail. Michael bartered, asking for Sabrina's location. Just then, Jason entered the interrogation room. He insisted on talking to Michael. They exited the room, and Michael knowingly asked, "Who sent you?" Jason admitted that Sonny was worried about Michael, but Jason had gone to Michael on his own.

Jason warned Michael that Carlos was desperate and that he wanted to use Michael. Michael countered that he needed to make sure Sabrina was all right. Jason assured Michael that Sonny had his people looking for Sabrina and added that Carlos would never tell Michael where Sabrina was. He instructed Michael to tell Carlos to "go to hell" and then to leave. Michael appreciated Jason's concern. Jason was sure that Michael would make the right decision. They shook hands, and Jason left.

Michael went back into the interrogation room. "Do we have a deal?" Carlos asked. Michael accused Carlos of intending to use Michael to get out of jail without telling him where Sabrina was. Carlos reasoned that if Michael was too scared of disappointing Sonny to help him break out of jail, then Carlos would find someone else who would.

Walking through the park, Sam and Jason agreed that they needed a vacation. Sam was fond of the ocean and added that she had liked Hawaii in the past. She explained that some "bad things" had happened there, but she didn't want to talk about sad things. She imagined a cottage right on the beach where they could tuck Danny in then go look at the stars.

As Sam and Jason shared a kiss, someone watched them from behind the trees. Jason and Sam both heard twigs cracking, and Jason told Sam to stay put. He made a show of telling her that he'd forgotten his phone in the car and that he would be right back. He looked around and quickly found Franco in the bushes.

Anna accuses Alexis of murdering a witness Anna accuses Alexis of murdering a witness
Tuesday, May 3, 2016

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Hayden entered the living room. Nikolas held up a small black velvet bag of diamonds as he questioned Hayden on how they'd ended up in her cosmetic bag. Hayden accused Nikolas of planting the diamonds while the agents for the Federal Bureau of Investigations had detained her. She was certain that Nikolas had hoped the diamonds would be linked to her father's missing money, but she warned him that it wouldn't work. Nikolas disagreed because it was common knowledge that in addition to the missing money, Hayden's parents still had possessions that had been unaccounted for, including expensive jewelry.

Hayden insisted that she had no idea where any of the missing items were, but Nikolas informed her that he'd looked up the inventory list of the items in question online. He knew that Hayden's father had bought her mother a very expensive necklace and added that the diamonds he'd found among Hayden's things had been part of the necklace. Hayden denied it, but Nikolas explained that the necklace had been purchased from a reputable jeweler who had identified the diamonds as belonging to the necklace. According to Nikolas, the diamonds proved that Hayden had been hiding evidence and impeding an investigation, which were serious charges.

Hayden continued to stick to her story until Nikolas offered to call the FBI to ask them to confirm the origin of the diamonds. Resigned, Hayden quickly took the phone from Nikolas and asked what he wanted. Nikolas revealed that he wanted her to sign documents relinquishing her claim on the money promised in the prenuptial agreement, but Hayden balked and refused. She pointed out that he could easily afford it because Jason had paid handsomely for the ELQ shares, but Nikolas refused to give Hayden a dime. Hayden decided to turn the tables on Nikolas by threatening to expose the evidence she had against him. She warned him that Spencer would grow up visiting Nikolas in jail.

Nikolas was disappointed that Hayden would put Spencer through that but agreed to back down. Pleased, Hayden told Nikolas that it was for the best but added that she was still entitled to certain privileges as his wife. Nikolas was disgusted but reluctantly started to unbutton his shirt. Shocked, Hayden quickly clarified that she had been referring to money. Nikolas informed Hayden that everything had changed when he'd found the diamonds because he no longer loved her. However, he agreed to give her a small allowance until their divorce.

Nikolas warned Hayden that her past was catching up with her, and her ride on the "gravy train" would soon be over. After Nikolas left, Hayden smiled. "No, my prince, it's not over," she quietly said.

At the park, Jason and Sam were kissing, but Sam pulled back a bit and quietly asked if Jason had heard the same noise that she had. Jason whispered for Sam to sit tight and stood up to loudly announce that he was headed to the car to look for his phone. Moments after Jason disappeared around the bend, Franco cried out in surprise as Jason reached through the bushes and pulled Franco up. Jason shoved Franco out of the bushes and demanded to know why Franco had been watching Jason and Sam. Sam suddenly realized that Franco had spied on Jason and Sam in the barn, but Franco claimed that he had no idea what Sam was talking about.

Jason and Sam didn't believe Franco and insisted that Franco explain himself. Franco asked Sam to check the bushes for a backpack. Sam quickly found it and handed it Franco. Franco pulled out a sketchbook and showed Jason and Sam the sketches of the wildlife he'd been working on in the quiet corner of the park. Sam remained skeptical because he'd never sketched animals in the past, but Franco explained that the drawings were not for an exhibit. Franco revealed that the sketches were therapeutic and similar to what he did with Jake. Jason growled that Franco wouldn't be around Jake much longer.

Jason didn't believe Franco's excuse for being in the bushes and ripped the sketchbook out of Franco's hand to see what else Franco had drawn. Franco objected, but Jason flipped through the pages until Jason saw the picture of Nina. Jason and Sam agreed it was a "creepy" picture and questioned if Franco intended to harm Nina. Offended, Franco conceded that he'd hated Jason when Franco had thought he and Jason were Alan's "bastard twins," but Franco no longer cared about Jason after learning the truth. Sam didn't believe Franco and continued to question Franco about the picture of Nina.

Franco argued that it didn't concern Jason or Sam, but Jason disagreed because Jason feared that Franco might harm Nina. Franco snatched the sketchbook out of Jason's grasp and insisted that Franco would never hurt Nina. "Not the way you two were talking about, anyway," Franco added. Franco was fed up with Jason and Sam's attitude, but Sam wanted to know about the sketch. Franco reluctantly admitted that he and Nina had had an argument, and the picture had reflected Franco's anger. After Franco left, Jason admitted that he didn't trust Franco and felt bad for Nina.

Jason hoped the sketch of Nina would be enough to convince Elizabeth to get Jake away from Franco. Sam was curious if Jason had talked to Elizabeth about it, but Jason admitted that Elizabeth had been avoiding him. Jason added that he hadn't pushed things because he hadn't wanted to get into an argument with Elizabeth, but Jason thought it was clear that Franco was spiraling out of control, and Jason refused to let Jake be near Franco when it happened.

In Julian's office, Julian spoke to Hammer on the phone. Julian was not happy to hear that Alexis had stumbled across the scene, but it was too late to change anything. "It's done," Julian said as he ended the call. Nina appeared in the doorway and informed Julian that they were far from done. Nina was furious because she'd been forced to delay the final print for Crimson to deal with a problem. Julian pointed out that at least she had caught the problem and fixed it before the deadline, but Nina wasn't satisfied.

Julian sensed there was more to Nina's anger than tight deadlines and problems with the magazine's print. Nina sighed as she sat down and admitted that she and Franco had ended things. Julian felt bad for Nina, but Nina didn't want to discuss Franco because she wanted to know who Julian had been talking to on the phone. Julian insisted that it had been a business call and deftly turned the conversation back to Nina and Franco. Nina remained reluctant to discuss it, so Julian agreed to drop it if she assured him that it wouldn't help her to talk about it.

Nina explained there wasn't much to say but quickly added that she didn't think of Franco as a monster. She assured Julian that Franco was "loving and well-intentioned" but "horrifically misguided." Nina admitted that she still loved Franco, but she and Franco had wanted different things out of life. Nina wondered if she had ever really known Franco but turned the focus on Julian and Alexis because Nina thought Julian was lucky that he and his wife didn't have the same problem. Moments later, Julian received a text message from Alexis and excused himself.

A short time later, Franco appeared in the doorway and explained that he had been told where to find Nina. Nina was curious why Franco was there, prompting him to reveal that "two hypocritical and self-righteous" people had seen something that he had wanted to show Nina before they told her about it. Nina smiled because she knew he'd been referring to Jason and Sam. Franco promised that it wasn't anything horrible and pulled out the picture he had drawn of her. Nina tensed when she looked at it and asked if it was an "art threat." Franco rushed to assure her that he would never hurt her.

Franco explained that he'd sketched the portrait because it was how he had seen her after their breakup. Nina was hurt because she thought the sketch of her was "horrible and ugly." Franco clarified that the sketch represented how angry he had been and his feeling about their relationship. He recalled how strong their love had been and admitted that he had thought it would last forever, but it hadn't. Franco told her that he saw both Nina and himself as "broken and twisted," and their relationship beyond repair.

However, Franco assured Nina that he wanted the best for her because she was an amazing and wonderful person who deserved all the joy and happiness life had to offer. Touched, Nina asked what Franco deserved. He confessed that he didn't think he was meant to be happy because he was the kind of guy who had drawn something like the portrait. Nina's expression clouded with sadness as she watched Franco leave.

Across town, Griffin and Anna arrived at her house. He was curious if she was okay because he'd noticed that she'd barely said anything since they'd left the Floating Rib. Anna admitted that she'd been thinking about Duke. Griffin imagined that it had to be gratifying for Anna to know that Duke's killer was locked up. Anna nodded and added that there'd been a new development in the case because an eyewitness had stepped forward. Anna didn't have the details, but Jordan thought the witness was credible. However, Anna had to make certain the evidence against Carlos would hold up in court because Alexis was a skilled attorney.

Anna and Griffin entered the living room as Anna filled Griffin in about Alexis' success as a defense attorney. She added that Alexis had been the woman who'd been leaving the Floating Rib when Anna had arrived. Griffin had a vague recollection of Alexis, but he also remembered that Alexis had seemed rattled. Anna agreed, which had surprised Anna because Alexis tended to be levelheaded. Anna wondered if it had had anything to do with the man that Alexis had been speaking to, but Griffin thought Anna should be more concerned about herself rather than Alexis.

Anna assured Griffin that she could live with whatever happened to her as long as Duke had justice. Griffin frowned, but Anna quickly changed the subject and announced that she had promised herself that she would celebrate Duke's life on the anniversary of his death rather than wallow in her grief. Later, Anna and Griffin sipped tea as Anna told him about the first time she had met Duke and how he'd asked her to dance. Griffin wondered if Anna and Duke had danced the tango, but she shook her head and smiled because she and Duke had been perfectly matched and had felt an instant connection that had lasted until Duke's death.

Anna admitted that dancing with Duke had felt like floating on air. Griffin put his cup of tea down and admitted that he would love to learn the tango, despite having two left feet. He wondered if Anna would teach him the dance as an act of homage to his father. Anna grinned and readily agreed and guided Griffin through his first lesson. Later, Griffin confessed that it had been far more difficult than he'd realized.

Anna assured Griffin that he'd done well for his first lesson. Pleased, he invited her to dinner to continue their chat and schedule their next lesson. Anna agreed and teased Griffin about using the new dance skill on the ladies. Griffin suddenly coughed, and tea spilled down the front of his shirt. He suggested that they stop off at the hospital to pick up a clean shirt from his locker.

A short time later, Griffin and Anna arrived at the hospital. Griffin confessed that he was glad that they'd decided to commemorate his father. After Griffin left to change, Anna called Jordan, but it went to voicemail. Anna explained that she would like to get together and discuss the witness against Carlos.

In the parking garage, Alexis was horrified when she saw Hale on the ground next to a car, with a needle sticking out of his arm and blood dripping from the injection site. Alexis rushed over and saw that he was unconscious. She cried out for help until Nathan suddenly ran up. Nathan ordered her to call 9-1-1 then asked her what had happened. Alexis explained that she had been on her way to her car when she had seen the young man. Nathan wondered if she knew the guy, but Alexis ignored the question as she talked to the 9-1-1 operator.

Later, Hale was rushed into a trauma bay as Nathan identified himself as a police officer and asked the doctor to keep him apprised of the patient's condition. After the doctor left, Nathan sat down to gently explain that he needed a statement from Alexis. Alexis was confused because she assumed from the syringe that the young man had overdosed. Nathan agreed, but added that he had to investigate the case regardless. Nathan decided to report in and promised to return to get Alexis' statement. Alexis quickly sent Julian a text message telling him that she needed him to meet her at the hospital as quickly as possible.

Moments later, Nathan returned to question her. Alexis admitted that she'd met the young man a few hours earlier at the Floating Rib and added that she had recognized him as a potential witness in one of her cases. Alexis revealed that she had later found the man unconscious in the parking garage with a needle sticking out of his arm. Nathan took notes and asked what case the young man had been involved in. Alexis was curious why it mattered, but Nathan insisted that it was necessary to get a full picture of what had happened. Alexis was given a short reprieve when Nathan's phone rang and he stepped aside to answer the call.

Moments later, Julian arrived and feigned concern that one of the children had been hurt. Alexis quickly filled Julian in about what had transpired in the parking garage. Julian and Alexis looked up when they saw the doctor approach Nathan to inform Nathan that the patient had died. Nathan asked to check the body, but Julian wondered why it was necessary, since the man had died of an overdose. Nathan explained that he had to rule out foul play.

After Nathan left to check Hale's personal items, Alexis told Julian that Hale had been the eyewitness against Carlos. Julian pretended to be surprised, but Alexis was distracted when Jason and Sam suddenly walked up and asked what her parents were doing at the hospital. Julian told Sam that Alexis had been in a parking garage and had stumbled on a junkie who had overdosed, but Alexis reminded Julian that Hale hadn't been just any junkie. Sam realized there was more to the story and tried to question her mother.

Nearby, Nathan instructed a police officer to call the medical examiner because Nathan wanted an autopsy on Hale. Meanwhile, Sam waited for her mother to answer her question, but Julian insisted that it had been a horrible misfortune and advised Sam not to badger Alexis. Alexis ignored Julian and told Sam about Hale's decision to testify against Carlos. Anna happened to overhear Alexis and immediately approached Alexis to demand answers. Alexis was taken aback when Anna accused Alexis of killing Hale to protect Julian.

In the locker room, Griffin pulled off his shirt but frowned when he looked down at a scar on his abdomen. Moments later, Nathan entered the locker room to clean up but stopped short when he saw Griffin.

Molly meets Kristina's date Molly meets Kristina's date> Molly meets Kristina's date Molly meets Kristina's date
Wednesday, May 4, 2016

At the hospital, Maxie approached a nurse to ask for help. Amy Driscoll muttered under her breath that the hospital didn't offer "voice transplants," but Maxie ignored the catty remark to explain that she was looking for a "super handsome" detective who was "seriously built." Maxie flashed her engagement ring to let Amy know that the man was Maxie's fiancé, so Amy suggested that Maxie ask Jason, since he'd talked to some police officers earlier. Maxie was surprised that Amy knew Jason, but Amy pointed out that Jason was a member of the Quartermaine family and had once been engaged to Elizabeth.

Maxie headed toward Jason and Sam, but Amy told Maxie to check the locker room first because Epiphany had sent a detective there to clean up after dealing with a junkie who had overdosed. Annoyed, Maxie went to the elevator.

Nearby, Sam spoke to Alexis on the phone and offered to meet Alexis and Julian at the police station. Alexis assured Sam that it wasn't necessary and promised to call Sam later. After Sam ended the call, Jason assured Sam that Anna had merely accused Alexis of killing the eyewitness to get to Julian. Sam agreed, but Jason was curious if Sam thought her father might be guilty of the crime. Sam admitted that it might be time for her to face reality and accept that Julian hadn't turned his life around; he had merely told Alexis and the family what they had wanted to hear.

Jason offered to go with Sam to the police station, but Sam urged him to talk to Elizabeth about keeping Jake away from Franco. After Jason left, Sam made her way to the elevator, where she bumped into Maxie. Maxie was eager for an update and asked if Sam had any news about Claudette. Sam revealed that marriage records indicated that Claudette's maiden name had been Beaulieu and that Claudette had lived in Hell's Kitchen in New York City prior to marrying Nathan.

In the locker room, Nathan was startled when he saw Griffin. Griffin was curious if Nathan was lost, but Nathan explained that Epiphany had sent Nathan to the locker room to clean up because things had gotten messy with a junkie who had overdosed. Nathan noticed a scar on Griffin's abdomen and asked about it. Griffin claimed that it was nothing, but Nathan recognized a gunshot scar when he saw one. Nathan guessed that Griffin's scar was from a forty-caliber gun.

Griffin was impressed, but Nathan thought Griffin had been lucky the shooter hadn't been trying to kill Griffin. "Or their aim was off," Griffin suggested. Nathan was curious who had shot Griffin and why, but Griffin explained that he'd prefer not to talk about it, since it had been a misunderstanding that Griffin had contributed to. Griffin was certain the person had felt bad about what had happened, which was why Griffin hadn't reported the shooting. Nathan agreed to drop it because Nathan had made rash decisions in the past that Nathan had regretted.

Moments later, Maxie entered and stopped short when she saw both Griffin and Nathan shirtless. She smiled as she confessed that it would have been her lucky day if she hadn't already been engaged. Griffin appeared uncomfortable as he pulled on his shirt and quickly left. Maxie handed Nathan a clean set of clothes and asked why Griffin had seemed in a rush. Nathan admitted that it was his fault and told her about his talk with Griffin.

Nathan confided that Griffin had acted as if Griffin had deserved to be shot, but Maxie feared that Nathan wanted to dig further and begged him to drop it because she wanted him to focus on planning their wedding. Nathan agreed to back off, but he warned Maxie there was something "shady" about Griffin. After Nathan finished changing, Nathan announced that he had to get to the police station. Maxie was disappointed, but she reminded Nathan to leave Griffin alone because they each had a past -- including Nathan.

Meanwhile, Griffin approached the nurses' station to ask Amy if she'd seen Anna. Amy revealed that Anna and a uniformed police officer had detained two suspects and quickly filled Griffin in on the juicy details about the attorney accused of killing an eyewitness to protect the attorney's mobster husband. Sam overheard Amy and marched up to accuse Amy of being an "ignorant loudmouth" who had been gossiping about Sam's parents. Embarrassed, Amy quickly excused herself and left.

Sam immediately regretted her harsh words and asked if she had been too hard on the nurse. Griffin admitted that he wasn't in a position to judge because he knew how difficult it was to hear innuendos about his father, who had also been a mobster. Sam felt bad for Griffin when he added that his father had been killed, but she also sensed something familiar about him and asked if they had met before. Griffin shook his head but introduced himself. Sam shook his hand and admitted that it felt as if she knew him.

Griffin suggested that perhaps Sam had known his father, Duke Lavery. Stunned, Sam revealed that her father was Julian Jerome. Sam suddenly realized that Griffin might not be pleased about her connection to the man accused of ordering Duke's death, but Griffin assured her that the clash between their fathers had nothing to do with either of them. Sam relaxed as Griffin promised her that he meant it. She admitted that she had known Duke and had thought highly of him. Griffin appreciated Sam's kind words, but he regretted that he hadn't had an opportunity to meet his father.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth entered the living room and called out to Nikolas. She jumped when Franco suddenly stepped out of the shadows. Her eyes narrowed as she asked how he'd gotten in, so he confessed that he'd slipped in through the catacombs, which he'd become familiar with while his mother had been on the loose. Elizabeth smiled as she recalled Spencer believing that Heather had been a chupacabra. Franco agreed that children had great imaginations, but Elizabeth was curious why he was there.

Franco explained that he'd wanted to warn Elizabeth that there was a storm headed her way named "Hurricane Jason." Elizabeth was curious what Franco had done to get into trouble with Jason. Franco joked that he it had been something "sketchy," which Elizabeth might find hysterical when he told her what had happened. However, Franco wanted Elizabeth to know that Jason would likely level unfair accusations against Franco, and Franco wanted the chance to tell his side of things first. Franco told Elizabeth about his breakup with Nina, the puppy, and how he'd acted like a "teenager" by painting an ugly picture of Nina's "beautiful" face.

Franco explained that he was angry with Nina, but he also missed her. Elizabeth empathized and could tell that Franco had taken the breakup hard. She asked if he was okay, but Franco admitted that he didn't have a right to be upset because the breakup had been his fault. Elizabeth doubted that Franco was entirely to blame, but he disagreed. Elizabeth shifted gears to remind Franco that at least he'd been drawing again and acknowledged that he'd helped people despite his misguided actions.

Franco appeared skeptical, but Elizabeth insisted that he'd helped Jake. Franco looked up when he saw Jason looming in the doorway. Jason didn't hide his annoyance at seeing Franco with Elizabeth and immediately accused Franco of being dangerous. Jason ordered Franco to leave, but Franco refused to budge because he'd expected Jason to show up and "tattle-tale" to Elizabeth. Jason's temper flared as he angrily warned Franco that he would not allow Franco to get inside of Jake's head the way that Franco had tried to get into Jason's head.

Elizabeth was forced to step between Jason and Franco to keep things from escalating. Franco conceded that he enjoyed pushing Jason's buttons because Jason wasn't clever enough to think of a response. Jason told Elizabeth about Jason and Franco's recent exchanges, including Franco's claim that Elizabeth wouldn't block Jake from attending Franco's art therapy sessions. Elizabeth decided it would be best for Franco to leave so she could speak to Jason privately. Franco was disappointed but left.

Jason warned Elizabeth that Franco was dangerous and reverting back to his old ways. She was surprised when he added that he wanted both Elizabeth and Jake to stay away from Franco. Elizabeth argued that Franco had made more progress with Jake than anyone else, but Jason revealed that Franco had threatened to tell Jake that Jason had been a killer. Elizabeth realized that Jason's mind was made up, but she warned him that Jake had a connection with Franco. Jason was confident that Jake would get over it. After Elizabeth made a quick phone call, Jason assured her that she had done the right thing and promised to return in the morning to help break the news to their son.

At the hospital, Franco approached Amy at the nurses' station to ask her to print up a copy of his schedule for the following day. Amy happily agreed but added that she needed to make a quick change. Franco wondered if he had a new patient, but Amy admitted that Elizabeth had pulled Jake from the art therapy sessions.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Kristina was surprised when she arrived home and saw Molly folding laundry. Kristina hadn't realized that Molly and Alexis had made peace, but Molly explained that Alexis' assistant had assured Molly that Alexis would be working late. Kristina sat down to help Molly fold the laundry as they talked about the situation with Alexis. Molly insisted that Alexis had changed since Julian and added that it was clear Alexis wasn't in love with Julian but rather the idea of a man like Julian being in love with Alexis.

Molly accused Julian of taking advantage of Alexis and working Alexis like a puppet. Kristina reminded Molly that it was Alexis' choice, but Molly implored Kristina to try to get through to their mother. Kristina refused because Kristina didn't want to jeopardize the fragile peace that she had forged with her parents. Kristina also thought it would be like hitting her head against a brick wall because Alexis wouldn't listen. Molly was surprised when Kristina changed the subject to announce that it was time for Kristina to get ready for a date.

Molly smiled as Kristina disappeared into the bedroom. A short time later, Kristina returned and found Molly waiting and eager for details about Kristina's date. Molly assumed that Kristina's date was a woman until Aaron arrived to pick up Kristina. Molly hid her surprise as Kristina introduced Molly to Aaron and remained pleasant as Kristina dashed to the bedroom to fetch a purse.

Moments later, Kristina returned and noticed that Aaron was gone. Molly explained that he was in the bathroom and chastised her sister for leaving out the most vital part about the date. Kristina became defensive as she pointed out that she was free to explore relationships with both men and women, but Molly clarified that she had been referring to Aaron's knitting skills. Molly smiled and left. Aaron returned to the living room and asked if Kristina was ready. Kristina nodded but asked if he knitted. He confirmed that he did but added that he suspected there was more to Kristina that met the eye too.

In the squad room, Anna told Dante about Hale's overdose and Anna's certainty that Julian had been behind the death. Anna doubted that Alexis had killed the witness, but Anna was certain Alexis knew something. Dante assured Anna that they would have the preliminary cause of death soon. Anna was pleased because she was eager to question Alexis, but Dante reminded Anna that she didn't have the authority to sit in on the interrogation. Anna begged Dante to reconsider because she wanted to hear what Alexis had to say and how Julian reacted.

In the interrogation room, Julian warned Alexis that Anna was not someone to be trifled with, but Alexis denied doing anything wrong. Julian urged his wife to retain Diane's services, but Alexis refused. Moments later, Dante and Anna entered the room. Anna assured Julian that he could stay because it was obvious that Julian and Alexis were a team. As the interrogation began, Julian ignored Anna's barely veiled attempt to suggest that Julian and Alexis had conspired to kill the eyewitness.

Alexis explained that, at the Floating Rib, she had recognized Hale as a potential witness in Carlos' case and confirmed that she had talked to the young man about some potential inconsistencies in his statement. Alexis claimed that a few minutes into the talk, Hale had become agitated and left. According to Alexis, a few hours later, she had found him unconscious in Metro Court's parking garage. Alexis explained that she had checked on Hale, realized that he'd overdosed, and cried out for help until Nathan had appeared and told her to call 9-1-1. "Does that answer your questions?" Alexis asked, but Anna was not satisfied.

Anna pointed out that Alexis had had motive and opportunity to kill Hale, but Alexis wondered why a woman facing criminal charges had been allowed to sit in on the interrogation and question Alexis. Dante claimed that Anna had a right because Anna was the district attorney's special investigator for organized crime. Alexis let the matter drop, prompting Anna to point out that Hale's testimony would have damaged Carlos' case. Anna added that without the eyewitness, Carlos' case might not go to trial, but Alexis refused to be baited.

Julian argued that there wasn't any proof that Alexis had done anything wrong. Dante reminded Julian that they were still waiting to hear from the forensics team. As if on cue, Dante's phone rang. Dante glanced at the screen and quickly excused himself. Anna seized the opportunity to question Alexis about Alexis' movements between leaving the Floating Rib and discovering Hale's body. Alexis revealed that she had been with Julian in his office, which Julian confirmed.

Anna decided to turn up the heat by reminding Alexis of Luis Alcazar's death when Alexis had shoved him from a fourteenth floor balcony after learning that he'd been responsible for Alexis' sister's death. Alexis reminded Anna that the court had ruled that Alexis had suffered from diminished capacity at the time. Anna mentioned Kiefer Bauer's death, but Alexis insisted that it had been an accident because Kiefer had jumped into the road as Alexis had rushed a badly beaten Kristina to the hospital. Anna found it suspicious that Hale had been sober for a year but had suddenly overdosed within minutes of Alexis "harassing" him. Anna suggested that it was part of a pattern that would land Alexis in Pentonville, but Alexis was confident that the evidence would exonerate Alexis.

Moments later, Dante entered the interrogation room to fetch Anna. Anna joined him in the squad room, where he informed her that forensics had only found Hale's fingerprints on the syringe, and there hadn't been any evidence of foul play. Anna was frustrated but asked for ten more minutes alone with Alexis and Julian because she was certain that she could push Julian to slip up. Dante argued that any type of confession would be inadmissible in court and returned to the interrogation room to let Alexis and Julian know they were free to leave.

Anna refused to let it go and made a desperate plea for Alexis to do the right thing. Julian ignored Anna and hustled his wife out of the squad room. Dante agreed that Julian had likely been behind Hale's death, but he couldn't prove it. Anna was upset because without Hale, they had nothing on Carlos, which meant that Carlos might walk, and Duke would be denied justice.

After Anna left, Sam showed up looking for her parents. Dante told her that they had left, but Sam asked about the eyewitness. Dante revealed that all signs pointed to an accidental overdose, but professional killers were good at covering their tracks. Dante was certain that Alexis was innocent but Julian wasn't.

At Anna's house, Anna poured a drink and picked up a picture of Duke as she apologized for failing him. She set the picture down when she heard a knock at the door. It was Griffin.

Meanwhile, Julian and Alexis arrived home. Alexis told Julian that she wanted some straight answers, but he insisted that Anna was "unhinged." Alexis demanded to know if he had ordered Hale's murder.

Julian lies when Alexis confronts him Julian lies when Alexis confronts him
Thursday, May 5, 2016

Aaron followed Kristina into her father's office as she apologized for the brief stop to pick up some important papers. Kristina searched the desk unsuccessfully and decided to slip into the back room, while Aaron lingered behind and looked at the artwork in Sonny's office. Seconds later, Sonny walked in and stopped short when he saw the young man. Sonny frowned as Aaron immediately recognized Sonny and introduced himself, but Sonny ignored the extended hand and asked what Aaron was doing in the office. Kristina returned and quickly told her father how she and Aaron had met and added that Aaron was her date.

Sonny grinned as Aaron explained that he was in culinary school and a huge fan of Sonny's gourmet coffee. Kristina was surprised that Aaron had aspirations of becoming a chef and smiled as Aaron easily engaged Sonny in a conversation about Pozzulo's. Sonny acknowledged that his restaurant was an institution in Port Charles and that he'd been in the restaurant business for a decade. Aaron was impressed and knew that it was difficult to get reservations at Pozzulo's because it was only open a few days a week. Sonny invited Aaron to look around the restaurant's kitchen and waited until Aaron left to confess that the young man had made a good first impression.

Kristina was pleased but reminded her father that it was only the first date. Sonny was happy that she had decided to go out with someone her own age after everything that had transpired at college with the professor. Sonny explained that he just wanted Kristina to be happy and to find a man who would treat her right. Kristina braced herself and quietly admitted that she had something to tell Sonny. Kristina promised that she loved Sonny and knew that she'd disappointed him, but Sonny cut her off to assure her that everyone made mistakes, and he was proud of her.

However, Sonny warned Kristina that Aaron might have an issue when he discovered that Sonny was more than a coffee importer. Kristina made it clear that she couldn't be with someone unless they accepted Sonny. Sonny was touched. Moments later, Aaron returned and expressed his excitement about the restaurant's impressive kitchen and brick oven. Kristina hadn't seen it, so he offered to give her a tour. After Aaron and Kristina left, Sonny's phone rang. It was Max reporting an update about Carlos.

Later, Aaron and Kristina returned to Sonny's office. Aaron told Kristina that it was everyone's dream in culinary school to open a restaurant. Aaron realized that it wouldn't be feasible for him right away and confided that he hoped to open a food truck that served both lunch and fun breakfasts. Aaron wondered if perhaps he could persuade Sonny to let Aaron carry Sonny's coffee. Kristina joked that Aaron had only been interested in her because of her connection to Sonny, but Aaron reminded her that he hadn't known who her father was when they'd met because her nametag had read Davis not Corinthos.

Aaron added that he hadn't known anything about Kristina except that they each had family members at the Freedman Clinic. Kristina's smile faded because she realized he was right, and perhaps it had been a mistake to go out on a date, but Aaron quickly reminded her that the point of going on a date was to get to know someone. Kristina feared that Aaron might be disappointed, but Aaron doubted it and offered Kristina the opportunity to tell him what she was worried about. Kristina revealed that she had been suspended from college, but Aaron merely shrugged. Kristina decided to tell him about her failed marriage and the abusive relationship she'd had with Kiefer in high school.

Aaron was surprised and felt bad for Kristina, but he confessed that he still wanted to get to know her and take her to a fusion restaurant that served unique dishes he was eager for her to try. Kristina smiled and admitted that she was hungry.

In lockup, Hammer approached Carlos' jail cell and explained that the visit was to pass along some good news about the witness who had stepped forward claiming to have seen Carlos kill Duke. Hammer revealed that the witness had been a junkie who had overdosed and died. Carlos was elated because it meant that the case against Carlos would be dismissed. Hammer reminded Carlos that the original agreement stood, and he advised Carlos to act surprised when Alexis shared the news with Carlos because it would be best that Alexis knew nothing about Hammer's visit.

Later, Carlos was doing pushups in his jail cell when Sonny strolled in. Sonny was curious why Carlos was working out rather than praying. Startled, Carlos jumped up and began to shout for the guard, but Sonny informed Carlos that the guard was on a permanent break. Sonny revealed that he'd heard about the witness' overdose and added that justice needed to be served. Frightened, Carlos cried out for the guard, but Sonny smiled because he enjoyed seeing the fear in Carlos' eyes. Sonny didn't intend to kill Carlos. However, he wanted Carlos to know that Carlos would be a "dead man walking" if Carlos managed to evade a conviction.

At the hospital, Carly approached the nurses' station to ask for Dr. Finn. The nurse told Carly that Finn was with a patient, so Carly decided to wait. Carly wandered away but stopped when she passed a room were Finn talked to an elderly patient. The elderly man complained he'd made several visits to the hospital because of a racing heart, but all the tests had been negative. Finn listened and gently explained that the tests he'd run had also been negative, but there was still one more that Finn needed the results on.

Mr. Ellis remained concerned because he'd lost four pounds since his last visit to the hospital. Finn asked if there had been any change in diet or exercise. Mr. Ellis shook his head. Finn assured Mr. Ellis that it was normal for people to lose a little weight as they aged because people naturally lost muscle mass -- and muscle weighed more than tissue. Finn told Mr. Ellis to rest and promised to return when the test results were back. Carly stood in the hallway and smiled as she watched Finn.

After Finn left the room, Carly followed him to the nurses' station to sing his praises as a doctor because she'd seen how kind he'd been to the elderly patient. Carly was certain Mr. Ellis was lonely and had appreciated Finn's bedside manner. Carly continued to praise Finn because he'd taken great care of Tracy and had been wonderful with Josslyn. Moments later, Liesl marched up demanding to know why Finn had admitted Mr. Ellis, whom she described as a "notorious hypochondriac" who didn't have any health insurance.

Liesl insisted that patients like Mr. Ellis were a drain on the hospital's resources and would not have been admitted if she'd been chief of staff. Finn pointed out that Mr. Ellis lived alone and was elderly, which put him at high risk for various ailments, but Liesl wasn't moved. Annoyed, Finn reminded Liesl that she didn't have any authority over him then pointedly asked if she had other duties to attend to. Carly chuckled as Liesl stormed off in a huff. Finn smiled but changed the subject to ask why Carly was at the hospital.

Carly sobered as she explained that she needed Finn's help tracking the origin of the kidney Josslyn had received. Finn reminded Carly that it wouldn't be easy and that she might not like the answers she found, but Carly insisted that it was imperative because she had to have answers for Josslyn. Finn remained reluctant to help, but Carly reminded him of everything she'd done to accommodate his pet lizard. Finn explained that Roxy was a service animal, but Carly argued that lizards weren't service animals. Resigned, Finn agreed to help Carly and suggested they start by following the chain of care on the day of the transplant.

Finn led Carly to the elevator and asked when Josslyn had had the transplant. She told him the date as the elevator closed. She couldn't imagine who would fake an organ donation but conceded that Helena had been crazy. Finn warned Carly that Helena had to have had accomplices. Seconds later, the doors opened to a basement level, and the pair approached the Records Department. Finn and Carly were startled when a frazzled Liesl, who had been digging through a pile of paperwork, greeted them.

Finn was curious what Liesl was doing there, so she informed him that she'd been put in charge of the hospital records when she'd been demoted. Liesl blamed Finn for her downfall and grumbled about the deplorable state of the department. Liesl was determined to restore order and properly train the staff, but she shifted gears and demanded to know why Finn was there. Carly reminded Liesl of the sizeable donations Carly and Sonny had made to the hospital over the years. Liesl smiled and acknowledged that Carly and Sonny had been generous. Pleased, Carly explained that she needed information about the kidney Josslyn had received.

Liesl adamantly refused to help Carly access any information that might be used in a lawsuit against the hospital. Finn insisted that Carly was entitled to the information, but Liesl advised Carly to get a court order. Frustrated, Finn and Carly returned to the nurses' station to discuss their options. Carly was certain that Monica would help. Finn agreed, but a nurse walked up to tell Finn that Mr. Ellis wanted to talk to Finn. Finn asked Carly to wait, and he left.

Moments later, Carly saw Liesl exit the elevator. Carly realized that it was her chance to get the records she needed and quickly slipped into the elevator and made her way to the Records Department. Carly waited until a nurse had left then entered the room, opened a file on Liesl's computer, and printed up a list of employees who had been working on March 22, 2011.

Meanwhile, Finn returned to the nurses' station and noticed that Carly was nowhere to be seen. He wasn't surprised, but the nurse returned to inform Finn that he was needed in Mr. Ellis' room immediately. Finn rushed into the patient's room, where Liesl was waiting. Liesl informed Finn that Mr. Ellis had passed away and demanded an explanation because Finn had been with the patient just minutes earlier.

At Anna's house, Anna apologized when she realized that she had forgotten about her dinner plans with Griffin. Griffin assured Anna that it was fine because he'd heard about the turn of events with the witness. Anna led Griffin to the living room as she filled him in about the overdose and her certainty that Julian had been responsible. Anna admitted that she didn't think Alexis had had anything to do with Hale's death, but Anna had accused Alexis in the hopes that it would push Julian to confess. Anna explained that it had been too much of a coincidence for Hale to suddenly relapse after stepping forward to accuse Carlos of killing Duke.

According to Anna, Julian needed Carlos to stay out of jail because it was the only way to make certain that Carlos wouldn't turn against Julian and accuse Julian of ordering the hit on Duke. Griffin wondered why Alexis would help Julian, but Anna admitted that Alexis hadn't been the first strong woman to compromise herself for a criminal who had claimed to be in love. Anna told him how Carly accepted Sonny for who he was, which allowed them to share a mutual trust. However, Anna insisted that things were different for Alexis and Julian because Alexis was more like Anna.

Anna added that the difference between her and Alexis was that Alexis loved a man who was "scum" and a "liar," while Duke had been a good man who had been both honorable and courageous. Anna was certain that Duke would never have put her through what Julian had Alexis. Griffin believed Anna, but Anna was furious that Julian had deprived Griffin of the opportunity to know Duke. Anna feared that Julian and Carlos might get away with their crimes because the witness had been crucial to the case against Carlos. Griffin promised that he wanted the people responsible for his father's murder to pay, but he wished that Anna had the same passion for her own defense as she did for sending both Julian and Carlos to jail.

Anna thought it would be ironic if she ended up going to jail for trying to kill the man who had murdered Duke, while both Julian and Carlos walked away. Griffin urged Anna to have faith, but Anna explained that she didn't have the same trust in God that Griffin had. Anna was curious about Griffin's strong belief in God and wondered if God had ever let Griffin down. Griffin shook his head but admitted that he'd let God down. Intrigued, Anna asked Griffin about it, but he noticed it was late and suggested they talk about it another time.

Anna was disappointed, but Griffin was reluctant to leave her alone and offered to spend the night in one of her guest rooms. Anna smiled and admitted that she would like that.

At Alexis and Julian's house, Alexis demanded to know if Julian had had Hale murdered. Julian was stunned, but Alexis wanted an answer. Julian poured a drink and told her that it was easier for Anna to demonize him than to accept that Duke had put himself into a dangerous situation. Alexis noticed that Julian hadn't answered her question. Julian denied any involvement in Hale's death and pointed out that he hadn't even known the man's name until Julian had met her at the hospital. Alexis knew there were ways around that and wondered if perhaps Ava had ordered the hit.

Julian promised on his children's lives that Ava had not been involved, but Alexis remained skeptical. Alexis suddenly noticed her briefcase and recalled that she'd had the witness statement in her briefcase the day Leo had spent the night. Alexis' voice filled with dread as she asked if Julian had looked at the papers in her briefcase when she had left the room to check on Leo. Julian insisted that he'd always had complete faith in Alexis' ability as an attorney and had trusted her to take care of his potential legal troubles without resorting to killing a witness. Julian insisted that he was a changed man, but Alexis continued to have doubts.

Julian was hurt by Alexis' lack of trust and wondered if they even had a marriage. He started to leave, but she called out to him and assured him that she had heard him. However, Alexis needed to hear Julian tell her that he loved her. "I love you," Julian said, and he continued to repeat it as Alexis' eyes filled with tears and she reached out to him. Julian kissed Alexis, took her to the bedroom, and made love to her. Later, Alexis' expression was clouded with concern as she watched Julian sleep.

A crash leaves several lives in peril A crash leaves several lives in peril
Friday, May 6, 2016

At Jordan's apartment, Jordan and Andre cuddled after they made love. Andre wondered if Jordan had any lingering doubts about his interest in her, but she smiled and admitted that he'd proved his point -- several times. Andre kissed her but pulled away when he suddenly heard strange noises spilling from her sound system. Jordan explained that the sounds were of an ocean and whales, which helped relax her when she was stressed. Andre offered to fetch them each a glass of wine and turn off her "sad whale friends" along the way. After Andre climbed out of bed, Jordan checked her phone and noticed that she'd missed eight messages.

At the loft, Lulu entered the living room to let Dante know that Rocco was asleep. Dante smiled and asked if Lulu had any regrets about moving back in with him. Lulu admitted that staying at the castle hadn't been any fun without Dante and that she'd rather be with him, regardless of where they were. Dante hoped she meant it because he had a surprise for her. Lulu was elated when Dante suggested that they begin looking for a house with a backyard where Rocco could play.

Dante regretted what he'd put Rocco through, but Lulu assured Dante that they had shielded their son well and reminded Dante that Rocco was young enough that he'd likely forget Dante and Lulu's time apart. Dante admitted that losing Lulu had been like losing a part of himself, and he was determined to not repeat the mistake. After he kissed his wife, he suggested that Lulu check her email because he'd sent her links for a couple of listings. Lulu grinned and jumped up as Dante's phone rang. It was Jordan.

Jordan explained that she'd just checked her messages and wanted to know what had happened to the eyewitness against Carlos. Dante quickly filled her in on what had transpired at the hospital and how Anna had hoped to force a confession from Julian by accusing Alexis of killing the young man. Jordan realized that Anna was heavily invested in the case, but Jordan agreed that Anna was right to question the timing of the eyewitness' drug overdose. Dante revealed that he'd received a text message that the security footage from the parking garage had been sent to the police station, so Jordan asked him to take a look at it.

After Dante ended the call, Lulu heard him sigh and knew that he had to leave. Dante confirmed that he had to go to work. Lulu assured him that it was fine, but she asked him to call her if it turned into an "all-nighter." Dante kissed his wife and told her that he couldn't wait to return home to her.

Meanwhile, Andre slid back into bed with Jordan and handed her a glass of wine. Jordan told him about the turn of events with the eyewitness against Carlos. Andre felt terrible for Anna because he knew that Anna had depended on the witness to testify against Carlos. Andre noticed that Jordan had grown quiet and asked if it was okay for him to talk about Anna. Jordan rushed to assure him that it was fine, but she was worried about Anna. Andre decided that he was more concerned about Jordan and kissed her, but he quickly sensed that her mind was elsewhere.

Jordan gently explained that she was needed at the police station, but she invited Andre to stay. Andre appreciated the offer, but he felt energized and decided to head to work too. He started to kiss her again, but Jordan pulled away because it wouldn't take much for her to change her mind.

At the police station, Maxie expressed her frustration with Nathan's lack of input in planning the wedding. Nathan insisted that he only cared about exchanging vows with her, but Maxie argued that the ceremony had to reflect both of them. Nathan relented and promised to help Maxie with the decisions after his shift. However, he warned Maxie that he didn't want it to turn into another interrogation about Claudette as it had in the past. Maxie insisted that she had more important things to worry about than his ex-wife. Relieved, Nathan gave her a quick kiss and told her that he would see her after work.

After Nathan walked away, Maxie unfolded a piece of paper that had Claudette Beaulieu written on it along with an address: 2649 West 49th Street, New York, New York 10019. A short time later, Maxie stopped by to visit Lulu. Maxie warmly greeted Lulu because Maxie was delighted that Lulu had moved back in with Dante and restored Maxie's faith in love. Lulu confessed that Maxie and Nathan had inspired Dante and Lulu to take the step because it was clear how in love both Maxie and Nathan were. Maxie squealed with happiness because both Maxie and Lulu's lives were in sync, and each was with a man she loved.

Lulu smiled and asked about Maxie's wedding plans. Maxie admitted that she couldn't imagine getting married without Lulu by her side and wondered if Lulu would be the "maid of honor." Lulu was touched by the request and gladly accepted. The conversation turned to Maxie's wedding dress. Maxie revealed that she intended to fly to New York City to pick out a dress -- and pay Nathan's ex-wife a visit.

At the hospital, Finn was stunned when Liesl informed him that Mr. Ellis had died. Finn refused to believe it and rushed to his patient's side to check for himself, but Liesl assured Finn that it was true and added that Mr. Ellis had gone into cardiac arrest. Finn checked Mr. Ellis' EKG reading as Liesl added that Finn had obviously missed a grave ailment, which had led to the man's death and proved that Finn was not infallible. Liesl was confident that an autopsy would shed light on things and expose Finn's incompetence.

Finn resented Liesl's snide remarks and questioned why she was in Mr. Ellis' room when she'd been assigned to work in records. Liesl reminded him that she was in charge of reorganization of the department and explained that she'd paid Mr. Ellis a visit to get an update on his records. However, due to Finn's incompetence, she'd be able to close the file once the hospital issued a death certificate. Disgusted, Finn left the room, but Liesl followed him and continued to taunt him for losing a patient. Liesl was certain that the autopsy would confirm that Mr. Ellis' death could have been prevented.

After Liesl left, Carly walked up and asked Finn about the argument she had witnessed. She feared that Liesl was mad about Finn and Carly's earlier request for Josslyn's records, but Finn assured Carly that it was about another matter entirely. Carly proudly confided that she'd managed to get her hands on the schedule for the hospital's staff on the day of Josslyn's kidney transplant. Finn was impressed, but he advised Carly to hold onto it because he couldn't be seen with it. However, he promised to help her figure out who on the list might have hypothetically been involved in the organ transplant. Carly was grateful because she was certain she would need his guidance.

Seconds later, Liesl returned to inform Finn that Mr. Ellis' family had declined an autopsy, citing religious reasons. Liesl conceded that it had been a lucky break, but she warned Finn that she intended to let the board know about the patient's death. Finn welcomed a full investigation because he was eager to know what had killed his patient. "We'll see," Liesl sneered. After Liesl left, Carly asked if Mr. Ellis had been the elderly gentleman she'd seen Finn with earlier. Carly's expression filled with sadness when Finn nodded.

"I'm so sorry," Carly said. Finn reminded Carly that sometimes patients died, and he assured her that he'd be fine. Finn announced that he had to get back to work, so Carly left. A short time later, Andre approached Finn to introduce himself and explain that Mr. Ellis had been Andre's patient. Andre offered Finn his condolences because Andre knew it was difficult to lose a patient, but Finn suggested that sometimes death was a release.

Surprised, Andre wondered what Finn had meant. Finn explained that he'd been referring to a spiritual release because Mr. Ellis had been in and out of the hospital with medical complaints. Andre agreed with Finn, but Andre thought it was a strange view for a doctor to have. Andre became concerned when he noticed that Finn seemed pale, but Finn brushed it off and claimed that he needed some time alone to process everything. Finn quickly found an empty room, locked the door, collapsed on the ground, and pulled out his syringe.

In Sonny's office, Sonny spoke to Max on the phone. Sonny made it clear that he wanted to be notified if Alexis filed a motion to dismiss Carlos' case. After Sonny ended the call, Jason knocked on the door and entered the office. Sonny was surprised when Jason told Sonny that Sonny might have a problem. Jason revealed that he'd tracked Michael down at the police station to talk to Michael about Carlos, but Michael had already had a chat with Carlos. Jason added that Carlos had tried to cut a deal with Michael in exchange for information about Sabrina, but Jason hadn't been privy to the details.

Jason explained that he'd urged Michael not to trust Carlos. Sonny was grateful for the help, but Jason had appreciated Sonny's concern because Jason had two sons of his own. Sonny was thankful that Jason had been there for Michael despite Jason's memory loss, but Jason shifted gears to reveal that Jason knew that the eyewitness against Carlos had overdosed and died. Sonny insisted that Julian had been responsible for the man's death because Julian was desperate to stay out jail.

Sonny was disappointed that Alexis had agreed to defend "scum" like Carlos, but Sonny doubted that she'd been mixed up in the eyewitness' murder. However, Sonny wasn't pleased that Alexis had allowed Julian to drag her down. Jason admitted that there wasn't any love lost between him and Julian, but Jason was determined to remain neutral for Sam's sake. Sonny growled that he didn't have the same luxury as Jason because Julian had arranged the murder of Sonny's second-in-command. Jason felt bad for Sonny, but Jason reiterated that it was Sonny's problem.

Annoyed, Sonny assured Jason that he wouldn't confuse Jason with the man Jason had been because that man had never lied to Sonny or himself. "Wow," Jason replied. Sonny refused to apologize because he couldn't understand why Jason was there if Jason wanted nothing to do with Sonny's business. Sonny admitted that he wanted to be able to discuss things with his old friend, but Jason reminded Sonny that Jason was no longer that man. Carly appeared in the doorway and quickly picked up on the tension. She was curious what was going on, but Jason told Sonny that Jason had just wanted to let Sonny know about Michael.

After Jason left, Carly asked Sonny for an explanation. Sonny admitted that he'd been frustrated because Sonny and Jason had talked, and it had seemed like old times until Jason had acted like none of it had mattered. Carly admitted that she hated it when Jason did the same thing with her. Sonny realized that he should have more compassion for Jason's situation, but it was difficult when Sonny needed his friend. Sonny filled Carly in about the eyewitness' overdose and his certainty that Julian had been responsible. Carly was livid when she realized that Alexis had been defending Carlos after years of lecturing Carly about Sonny.

Carly insisted that Julian was "slime" and "scum." Sonny agreed and added that Alexis had sold her soul. However, Sonny insisted that he needed to take action because he couldn't allow Carlos to go free. Carly begged Sonny to let the legal system deal with Carlos because there had been too much loss. She urged Sonny to have faith that the justice system would prevail.

In the interrogation room, Carlos was relieved when Paul arrived. Carlos explained that he needed Paul's help because Sonny had threatened Carlos. Carlos told Paul about Sonny's visit and how Sonny had blamed Carlos for the eyewitness' death. Paul pointed out that it wasn't inconceivable for an interested party to act on Carlos' behalf by eliminating a witness, but Carlos demanded protection because Sonny had warned Carlos that Carlos was a dead man walking. Paul was curious what Carlos expected Paul to do.

Paul admitted that his options were limited because Carlos had refused to accept the plea deal. Carlos threatened to reveal what he knew about Paul's role in Kyle Sloane's murder, so Paul offered to have Carlos transferred to another facility and add extra guards to Carlos' cellblock. Paul removed a document from his jacket pocket, placed a paperclip on the center of the table, and signed the document. Carlos feared that it wouldn't be enough because Sonny was a powerful man who had men on both sides of the law. Paul produced a handkerchief, wiped his fingerprints off the pen, and set it next to the paperclip as he acknowledged that the situation wasn't perfect, but it was all he could do.

After Paul left, Carlos looked at the paperclip and pen as he realized that Paul had purposely left them behind. Carlos quickly snatched them up and hid them before someone returned to fetch him.

In the squad room, Jordan arrived as Paul stepped out of the interrogation room. Paul informed Jordan that he'd made arrangements for Carlos to be transferred to a safer location because Carlos feared for his safety. Jordan insisted that she'd need at least 24 hours to make arrangements for security, but Paul was confident that Jordan could find someone she trusted. Nathan stood up to volunteer.

Later, Dante arrived for work. Nathan told his partner about Carlos' transfer, so Dante offered to accompany Nathan. Nathan and Dane entered the interrogation room to fetch Carlos, but Carlos objected to Dante being part of the security detail because Dante was Sonny's son. Nathan and Dante ignored Carlos as they unlocked his handcuffs from the table and escorted him to the waiting van.

In the van, Carlos used the paperclip to pick the lock on his handcuffs as he distracted Dante and Nathan by taunting the detectives. The driver kept his eyes on the road as Dante accused Carlos of causing nothing but trouble for the people of Port Charles and kidnapping a pregnant woman. Carlos complained that everyone from the police to Anna had continually threatened him when all Carlos had wanted to do was to live in peace with the mother of his child.

Moments later, Carlos successfully unlocked the handcuffs and lunged at Dante. The driver lost control of the van as Nathan tried to pull Carlos off of Dante. After the van swerved and crashed, silence filled the night as Jason lay motionless and bleeding on the ground between the van and his motorcycle.

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