General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 31, 2016 on GH
General Hospital reopened. Morgan's journal surfaced. Lulu's hopes of having another biological child were dashed. Valentin claimed to be Charlotte's father. Franco's jealousy caused friction.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 31, 2016 on GH
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The Return of Valentin The Return of Valentin
Monday, October 31, 2016

On the phone, Laura was in shock at what she heard. She hung up and announced that apparently, she couldn't sell Wyndemere because Spencer didn't own it. "I do," Valentin said, removing his mask. Dante immediately drew his gun and patted Valentin down. Still aiming the gun, Dante called Jordan and asked her to make some calls inquiring about Valentin. Ava entered, apologizing for her lateness, but stopped in her tracks when she saw Valentin.

Valentin knew that Jordan would confirm that he was a free man. He removed a document from his pocket and handed it to Alexis. He explained that the Greek authorities had let him go. Moments later, Jordan called Dante, who reported that Greek authorities had been forced to release Valentin on a "legal technicality." Ava and Laura recounted all the crimes they'd observed him commit. Kevin realized that Valentin had tried to kidnap Spencer on U.S. soil, so he could be arrested for that. Alexis answered that he couldn't.

Alexis clarified that Valentin's deal had included the dismissal of all pending charges in the U.S. He invited his guests to have a drink, as it was his house, so he was the host. At the expected outbursts, he handed Alexis the contract that Nikolas had signed right before he'd died. Alexis read that the document transferring Nikolas' assets to Valentin. "You won. You didn't have to shoot him," Ava called out. Valentin hoped that they would all be able to live together peacefully -- and eventually become friends. "Don't bet on it," Laura spat.

Lulu demanded to know why Valentin wanted to live near to all the people he'd terrorized. He claimed that he wanted to apologize for what had happened, and he blamed his actions on "childhood abandonment issues." He wanted to redeem himself to his family because "everyone has a past." He informed them that he had a hotel room, so he would leave to take care of some "personal affairs" and give them time to "process our new reality." He left, and the room was silent.

Ava bet that Valentin would kill anyone who got in his way, and she stormed out. On the phone, Laura got a security update from Spencer's school and a promise to tighten security. Kevin gave her a comforting hug. Sam apologized for making Alexis go to Wyndemere. Alexis was glad to have been there so she could see what she was "dealing with" with her "brother." After they left, Lulu suggested that Dante warn Griffin.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Kiki was surprised to see Franco. He told her that Elizabeth was spending time with her boys, so he was "flying solo." Just then, Elizabeth entered with Jason and Jake. A clearly irked Franco approached them and wondered why they were there. Elizabeth explained that Jake was still wired, so they'd decided to check out the party at the Metro Court before Jake went to visit Monica. Jason was bothered by Franco, so he took Jake and left.

Dillon took a candid picture of a smiling Kiki, who wondered what he was doing there. She explained that every time she looked at him, she remembered everything she'd done wrong regarding Morgan. He assured her that she wasn't responsible for Morgan's death. She begged him to go, and she walked away from him.

Nina was sitting in her office when Charlotte entered. Nina got down on Charlotte's level and introduced herself. Charlotte said she was looking for her mom. Just then, Griffin got off the elevator and made Charlotte promise to never get on the elevator without him again. Nina wondered about the connection between Griffin and the little girl, and he briefly explained the situation involving Claudette.

Moments later, Nina retrieved a box of costumes and told Charlotte to pick one out to wear. As Charlotte looked through the costumes, Nina admitted her disappointment that Charlotte wasn't Nathan's daughter. She congratulated Griffin, who informed her that Claudette had left Charlotte behind because she'd thought it would be safer for the little girl. She suggested that Griffin and Charlotte check out the party at the restaurant upstairs. Meanwhile, Charlotte had picked out a nurse costume. "Like father, like daughter," Nina said with a smile.

A short while later, Dillon entered Nina's office and updated her on his lack of progress with Kiki. She advised him not to give up. He observed the book of baby names on her desk and asked how she was doing with moving on. She told him about what had happened with Charlotte and added that something happened to get her hopes up every time she thought she was doing well with letting go.

Later, Nina was reading a book when the name Charlotte turned up. Just then, she was interrupted when Valentin entered her office.

Elizabeth reminded Franco that she and Jason would always be connected because of Jake. She hated when Franco acted jealous and related that she wouldn't be threatened if she saw him talking to Nina. Just then, Charlotte started screaming from across the room and yelling at Griffin, "I don't want candy. I want my Mommy! Go away! I hate you, Daddy!" He tried in vain to calm her down.

Elizabeth swooped in and pulled Charlotte to her. She introduced herself and assured Charlotte that her mother loved her and was thinking about her, but Charlotte's father loved her too. She complimented Charlotte's costume, and Charlotte proudly stated that she was a nurse. "Guess what? So am I!" Elizabeth shared. She explained that she worked with Griffin, who was a good doctor, which amazed Charlotte. Elizabeth promised to show Charlotte around the hospital when it reopened. Elizabeth invited Charlotte to sit with her and Griffin, and she accepted.

Kiki served a happy Charlotte her "special Halloween ice cream." Griffin thanked Elizabeth for her help and briefly explained the situation with Claudette. She advised him that kids were adaptable.

Kiki approached a sullen Franco and wondered if he was having a tantrum. He mumbled something about another guy being all over his girlfriend. Kiki assured him that Elizabeth and Griffin were just two single parents talking. She added that women thought it was unreasonable when their boyfriends were insecure and jealous. Franco commented that Morgan hadn't been unreasonable to be insecure and jealous about Dillon. Clearly offended, a tearful Kiki got up and told Franco that he was on his own.

Elizabeth instructed Griffin to get Charlotte into a routine. Charlotte asked to go home as an annoyed Franco approached. Griffin agreed to take Charlotte home, and they left. A few minutes later, Griffin got off the phone with Dante about Valentin. He promised Charlotte that he would keep her safe.

Elizabeth turned on Franco and observed that one minute, he was taking care of her, and the next, he was acting like a "jealous tool." She had been helping a friend and wondered what his problem was. He explained that he needed a "moment of real connection" in order to know that what had been going on between them was real. She asked in disbelief if he was referring to sex. "No. Yes," he admitted.

Franco confessed that he needed constant reassurance. Elizabeth insisted that she wanted to get to "really, really know" him. "When the time is right, we'll end up in bed," she told him slowly, and then she kissed him. "Happy Halloween," she said and left.

Dillon returned, and Kiki reminded him that she was working. He was only there to give her the picture he'd taken of her earlier. He wanted her to remember that she would always be able to find happiness, even if it was for a brief moment. He advised her to take time to find a way to forgive herself. "When you do, I'll be there," he promised, and he left.

Sonny dropped the bowl of candy he was holding and tightly hugged Morgan, who was dressed in dirty, shredded clothing. He apologized to Morgan and welcomed him home. He hugged Morgan, but Morgan pushed away, and in his place was a strange kid yelling at Sonny to let him go. Sonny demanded to know what the kid was doing in his house. The kid admitted to participating in a bet to go trick-or-treating at the "godfather's house."

Sonny yelled at the kid for pretending to be Morgan and demanded to know his name. The kid stuttered that his name was Eli, and he called Sonny crazy. As Sonny grabbed Eli by the collar, Jason entered and pulled Sonny off of Eli. Sonny demanded that Eli leave, and the kid ran out of the house. Sonny explained that he'd thought Eli had been Morgan. He asked Jason to make sure the kid got home safely, but Jason assured Sonny that the kid was only scared, and he would be fine.

Changing the subject, Jason informed Sonny that the cops had made progress in their investigation, and they suspected that the man who'd planted the bomb was an old associate of Sonny's. Sonny thought it changed nothing, because the explosion was still his responsibility. Morgan appeared on the couch and remembered that Sonny had always taught his children to take responsibility for their actions. "Now it's your turn," he said.

Noticing Sonny staring intently at the couch, Jason wondered how much Sonny had had to drink. "Not enough," he replied. Jason wanted to stay at the house, but Morgan instructed Sonny to send Jason away. "You know what you gotta do," Morgan said, wanting "peace" for them both. Sonny told Jason to go home to Sam, and he promised Jason that he would get some sleep. Jason instructed Sonny to call him or Max if he needed anything. The two embraced, and Jason left.

Sonny called Diane and asked her to let him know about the properties that he owned. He wanted to get his affairs in order as soon as possible. When he hung up, Morgan approved of his father's decision and disappeared.

Anna takes on a new assignment Anna takes on a new assignment
Tuesday, November 1, 2016

In Carly's office, Nelle pulled a letter from her purse and started to read it. Her expression clouded with concern until Michael appeared in the doorway and asked if she was okay. Nelle quickly tucked the letter back into her purse and told Michael that she'd been finishing up work for Carly. Nelle was surprised when Michael revealed that he'd been looking for Nelle because he'd wanted to thank her for hearing him out on the footbridge. He admitted that she'd helped him see things more clearly, prompting her to ask if he'd had a change of heart about his father.

Michael carefully explained that he needed to focus on his mother, but Nelle wondered if that meant that he couldn't be there for his father. Michael assured Nelle that his mother would never object to him having a relationship with Sonny, but Carly couldn't stand to be in the same room with his father and would be hurt if Michael spent time with Sonny. Michael knew that Sonny was hurting, but he also believed that Morgan would be alive if Sonny had acted differently. Nelle realized that she'd been shortsighted because she hadn't appreciated the depth of pain that Michael and Carly felt over losing Morgan. Michael thanked Nelle and asked her to continue to keep an eye on Avery.

Nelle readily agreed. Pleased, Michael shifted gears to ask what was troubling her because he'd noticed her tense expression when he'd walked in. Nelle claimed that she'd been thinking about everything that Sonny, Carly, and Michael had been going through since Morgan had died, but Michael easily saw through the lie. However, he agreed not to push, and he let the subject drop. Michael offered to walk her to the car, but she declined because she still had work to do. After Michael left, Nelle pulled out the letter, which was from her father and claimed that she owned him.

Meanwhile, Julian objected to his sister dragging him to Metro Court Restaurant because Carly had made it clear that he wasn't welcome. Ava brushed away his concerns and told him that she desperately needed his help because Julian had no idea what "he" had done to them. Concerned, Julian asked what Ava was talking about, so she told him that Valentin was back in town. Julian was surprised, but Ava reminded her brother that they both knew there were ways around criminal charges.

Ava explained that Valentin was free as a bird and knew that she'd been an eyewitness to Nikolas' murder. She worried that Valentin would try to eliminate her, but Julian promised that she was safe because a man like Valentin would have targeted her prior to making his presence known. Ava conceded that Julian was right and relaxed when he vowed to protect her. Ava and Julian sat at the bar as Ava talked about what might have been if Nikolas had lived. Julian wondered if Ava could have fallen in love with Nikolas, but she evaded the question by cryptically telling him that she would have made different choices.

Julian sensed that something else was troubling Ava and urged her to confide in him. Ava explained that it wouldn't change anything and added that they all had their secrets. Intrigued, Julian tried to question her further, but she wanted to know what he intended to do about the car bomb because Sonny was volatile at that moment. Julian assured her that Sonny wouldn't be a problem, but he refused to elaborate. The conversation drifted back to the topic of Valentin because Ava hoped that Alexis or Sam would mention it to Jason. Julian became upset that Alexis had been exposed to a dangerous man like Valentin, but Ava told him to relax because Alexis had been fine.

Ava appreciated that Julian loved Alexis, but she admitted that she was baffled as to why after everything that had happened. Julian reminded Ava of their earlier discussion about Nikolas and how she and Nikolas might have had a chance if the stars had aligned differently. According to Julian, the stars had aligned correctly for him and Alexis, so he was reluctant to give up. Ava assured her brother that Valentin had bigger fish to fry than going after Alexis, but Julian remained concerned about Alexis.

At Alexis' house, Alexis and Sam arrived home from Wyndemere. Seconds later, Jason knocked on the door. Sam invited him inside as Alexis announced that Valentin was back in town. Alexis explained that the criminal charges against her half-brother had been dropped in both the United States and Greece. Sam added that her uncle had slipped into Wyndemere, posing as Kevin. Jason was shocked when Alexis revealed that Valentin had decided to make Port Charles his home. Jason refused to allow Valentin to pose a threat to Jason's family, but Sam begged Jason not to do anything that would jeopardize their future.

Jason sputtered with outrage until Sam suddenly doubled over in pain. Alarmed, Alexis called 9-1-1, but Jason refused to wait and carried his wife to the car. A short time later, a doctor at Mercy Hospital approached Jason and Alexis to let them know that Sam and the baby were fine. Jason relaxed when the doctor agreed that Sam could have visitors -- one at a time. Alexis insisted that Jason check on his wife and asked him to call her at home with an update.

After Alexis left, Jason approached Sam's bed. She glanced at him nervously and asked if she'd lost the baby. Jason smiled as he assured his wife that everything was fine. He blamed himself for the scare because he'd stressed her out by threatening to go after Valentin. Jason promised Sam that he wouldn't make a move against her uncle because he didn't care what Valentin did as long as he didn't harm any of Jason's loved ones. Moments later, the doctor returned to let Sam know that they needed to run a few more tests, which meant that she would have to stay overnight.

After the doctor left, Jason assured his wife that he would spend the night at her side. He offered her words of encouragement, but his expression clouded with concern when he hugged Sam. Jason called Alexis, left her a voicemail message, and then sat down beside Sam. He took her hand and gently held it.

At Alexis' house, Alexis called Molly and left her a voicemail message. Next, she tried to keep herself occupied by getting online, but she quickly became bored and called Kristina. However, the call went to voicemail. After Alexis left a voicemail message, she grabbed a glass of water and began to sift through the mail. Alexis' eyes eventually strayed to the box from the liquor store. Within minutes, she succumbed to temptation and opened it. Alexis was on her second bottle of wine when she passed out on the sofa.

At Anna's house, Anna and Robin nibbled on candy and sipped wine. Robin warned her mother that Emma would be furious when she realized that they'd raided Emma's Halloween candy. Anna smiled and promised to smooth things over with her granddaughter in the morning. Robin confessed that she was glad to be in Port Charles because it still felt like home to her and Emma. Anna was pleased, but she admitted that she was happy to have Robin home because she had wanted to discuss something important with her daughter.

Moments later, the doorbell rang. It was Griffin. He was carrying a sleeping Charlotte in his arms as he told Anna that he needed Anna's help. Anna invited him inside as Robin hovered in the hallway. Griffin and Robin exchanged brief greetings before Griffin asked if he could take Charlotte to the guest room. Robin waited until Anna pointed Griffin to a bedroom, and Griffin left before Robin asked her mother about Charlotte. Anna became evasive until Griffin returned and explained that Charlotte was his daughter.

However, Griffin explained that he had stopped by for another reason. He revealed that Dante had called to let him know that Valentin had been released from jail and was back in town. Griffin admitted that he was a nervous wreck because Claudette had fled town in fear of what Valentin would do to their daughter. Anna decided to give Dante a call, while Robin told Griffin that she'd once been held captive by Victor Cassadine. Robin credited Patrick, Robert, and Anna with rescuing her. After Anna ended the call with Dante, she reported that Valentin had never made any mention of Charlotte when he'd been at Wyndemere.

Griffin wasn't appeased because he couldn't discount what Claudette had said about Valentin, and he suspected that Valentin had been involved in Claudette's mysterious disappearance. Anna agreed with Griffin. Griffin decided to fetch his daughter because he didn't want to leave Charlotte unattended. Robin wondered if Griffin realized who he'd be dealing with by tangling with a Cassadine. Anna conceded that Griffin was an ordinary man who was used to interacting with ordinary people, which was why she was glad that she had agreed to return to work for the WSB.

Anna showed Robin the WSB file on Valentin, which Robert had sent over. Anna revealed that Valentin was a mercenary with powerful friends. Robin was curious how Anna intended to take Valentin down, but Anna was vague on the details. Moments later, Griffin returned to the living room. Charlotte remained asleep, so he put her on the sofa and said a prayer, asking God to protect his daughter and to help him to be a good father. Nearby, Anna called Robert to let him know that she wanted her first assignment to be Valentin.

At Crimson, Nina was surprised when she saw Valentin in her office doorway. Valentin flashed a charming smile as he reminded her that he'd told her he would see her again, but Nina was curious how it was possible. Valentin claimed that Nikolas' death had been ruled self-defense, but she argued that Valentin had also tried to kidnap Spencer. Valentin insisted that it had been a misunderstanding and shifted gears to invite her to have dinner with him. Nina was shocked that he'd ask, since she had been the one to report him to the police. Valentin assured her that he'd forgiven her because she was too beautiful to hold a grudge against.

Offended, Nina insisted that going to the police had been the right thing to do, especially since Valentin had deceived her. Valentin claimed that he was eager to get reacquainted with her, but she accused him of being delusional. Valentin acknowledged that "galloping insanity" ran in his family and that his father and at least one of his brothers had been afflicted with madness, but he assured her that he was completely sane. Valentin admitted that he hadn't been straightforward with Nina when they'd initially met, but he hadn't been able to stop thinking about their night together because it had been special.

Nina didn't believe Valentin because he'd intended to harm Spencer, but Valentin denied having any interest in Spencer. Nina wondered if she'd been Valentin's first stop, so he confessed that he'd visited with his family first. However, he assured her that she'd been just as important to him as his family. Valentin reiterated that he wanted to see Nina again, but she informed him that she wasn't interested. Valentin assured Nina that she was beautiful, but she was a terrible liar. He was certain that she'd also thought about their night together.

Nina clarified that she had thought about the night she had met a kind and charming man named Theo. Valentin smiled knowingly as he asked why she had visited him in jail. Nina claimed that she'd simply been curious and insisted that all they'd shared had been a one-night stand. Nina denied being interested in Valentin, but he was confident that he could change her mind. Annoyed, Nina informed him that he couldn't simply slide by on his charm and warned him that he was in for a rude awakening. Valentine suddenly noticed the book of baby names on her desk and asked if they were having a baby.

Rattled, Nina claimed that it was part of her research for an article. Valentin looked forward to reading it, but Nina asked him to leave because she was bored of their conversation. Valentin assured Nina that he was never boring, but he advised her to look on the middle of page 302 if she was interested. After Valentin left, a perplexed Nina opened the book to the page he had indicated and saw his name along with the Latin definition that it stood for strength, virility, and health.

Valentin makes Alexis an offer Valentin makes Alexis an offer> Valentin makes Alexis an offer Valentin makes Alexis an offer
Wednesday, November 2, 2016

At Mercy Hospital, Jason checked in with Max to ask about Sonny, but he quickly wrapped up the call when Sam stirred in bed. She was curious how Sonny was doing, but Jason reminded her that she had more important things to focus on. Jason revealed that the doctor had stopped by while Sam had been asleep to let him know that both Sam and the baby were fine. Sam was curious what had caused the pain, so he explained that it had been "round ligament pain." Sam relaxed because she had read about it during her pregnancy with Danny and knew it wasn't anything serious. Jason warned Sam that she would have to take it easy and not do anything strenuous until things got back to normal.

Sam laughed because she was certain that her version of normal was vastly different than the doctor's. Jason reminded Sam that they had talked about creating a new normal for themselves, but Sam pointed out that they had agreed to table the discussion until things had settled down. Jason admitted that he was close to something that would tie things up and allow them to slow down their lives. Sam shifted gears to ask if he had talked to her mother, but he told her that Alexis hadn't returned his calls. Alarmed, Sam sensed that something was wrong.

At Alexis' house, Alexis woke up with a hangover and groaned when she saw the mess in her living room. She started to clean up the empty wine bottles when she noticed that her phone was dead and quickly plugged it in to charge. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Alexis assumed it was her maid and yelled to Bev that the door was unlocked. Alexis was startled when Valentin entered. He closed the door behind himself as he greeted his half-sister. Alexis made it clear that he was not welcome in her home, but Valentin flashed a smile and told her that -- like it or not -- they were family.

Alexis became wary when Valentin offered her a consulting job helping to clear up the family estate and proving that he was rightfully entitled to all the Cassadine holdings because Nikolas had legitimately surrendered everything to Valentin. Alexis refused to take the job because she knew that Valentin had killed Nikolas. She warned Valentin that she was not amused by his "Dracula" charm because she was a Cassadine and knew exactly who he was. Valentin assured his sister that they were more alike than she cared to admit, but she adamantly disagreed. Valentin picked up a letter opener as he reminded Alexis that they were both Mikkos' bastard children who had been cast off by their father because Mikkos had been afraid of Helena's wrath.

Valentin described Helena as a "pit viper" who had held the true power in the marriage. He was furious that Helena had denied them their birthright, but he acknowledged that Helena hadn't stopped there with Alexis. Alexis' eyes rounded with horror when he used the letter opener to mimic a throat being slit as he talked about Helena's fatal encounter with Alexis' mother. "We're the same, you and I -- Natasha. Of the Cassadines yet not of the Cassadines," Valentin said as he put the letter opener down. He insisted that they both deserved to inherit everything, but Alexis explained that their father had been an unrepentant misogynist who had taken steps to ensure that women would not inherit the Cassadine estate.

Valentin assured Alexis that he was perfectly willing to share his inheritance with those who had been cast out as he had. Alexis was curious what would happen if she proved that Spencer was the rightful heir. Valentin was confident that his claim was valid, but he agreed to leave town and never bother her or her loved ones again if she determined that the estate belonged to Spencer. Seconds later, Jason and Sam arrived. Sam was worried about her mother as Jason advanced on Valentin and began to issue threats.

Valentin reminded Jason that they were in-laws of sorts, but Jason didn't trust Valentin. Alexis stepped forward to assure Jason that everything was fine. Pleased, Valentin handed Alexis his business card and invited her to call him when she'd made a decision about his offer. Valentin stopped at the door to apologize for sending the box of wine to his sister. Alexis glared at him as he added that he hadn't known that she had quit drinking.

After Valentin left, Jason urged Alexis to call him if Valentin returned. Alexis promised that she would, so Jason relaxed and told Sam that he wanted to stop by Metro Court to check on Carly. He offered to drop his wife off at home, but Sam decided to visit with her mother. After Jason left, Sam questioned Alexis about the offer that Valentin had made. Alexis filled Sam in, but Sam refused to let her mother get near Valentin. Alexis explained that Valentin had promised to leave town if she proved that Spencer was the rightful heir, so she had nothing to lose by accepting the offer. Sam disagreed because Alexis could lose her life.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Curtis sat at the bar and looked at the pictures on his phone that he'd taken at the police station. He regretted that he'd betrayed Valerie, but he hadn't been able to pass up the opportunity. Curtis was startled when Valerie suddenly appeared and asked what he was doing there. Curtis flashed a charming smile as he told her that he'd hoped to switch things up by surprising her with breakfast rather than taking her out to dinner. Valerie was touched, but she pointed out that she was still sweaty from the gym. Curtis assured her that she was sexy and snapped a picture of them on his phone. Valerie warned him not to post it on social media, so he put the phone down and left to fetch a cup of coffee for him and a green smoothie drink for her.

After Curtis walked away, Valerie picked up the phone to delete the picture. Her smile vanished when she saw the picture of Morgan's evidence folder. Valerie confronted Curtis about the pictures as soon as he returned. He desperately tried to explain things away, but Valerie was furious because he'd lied to her and had played her for a fool. Curtis promised that he had fully intended to quit working for Julian, but the file had accidentally fallen to the ground. Valerie argued that he should have done the decent thing by looking away instead of jeopardizing her job. Curtis denied that he had, but Valerie pointed out that Jordan could have fired her if he'd been caught taking the pictures.

Valerie realized that Jordan had been right about Curtis when she'd told Valerie that he couldn't be trusted and that he'd eventually lie to and manipulate her. Curtis argued that Jordan had a tainted view of him, but Valerie disagreed and told him that she needed time to think. Curtis wondered if she was considering ending things with him. Valerie explained that they were over, but she needed to figure out whether or not to turn him in for stealing police evidence.

After Valerie left, Curtis left Julian a voicemail message asking Julian to return the call because Curtis had important information about Sonny. After Curtis ended the call, Jason leaned over Curtis' shoulder to ask what he intended to tell Julian about Sonny.

At Anna's house, Griffin thanked her for letting him and Charlotte spend the night. He suspected that playing with Emma had kept Charlotte distracted from Claudette's absence. Griffin was also grateful that Anna and Robin had agreed to watch his daughter while he was at work. Anna thought it was for the best until they knew that Valentin no longer posed a threat to Charlotte. Moments later, Dante arrived to assure Griffin that guards had been posted around the house, and one would escort Griffin to work.

After Griffin left, Anna asked how Dante had been holding up. Dante believed that Morgan would still be alive if Julian had been convicted, so he felt like a failure for not building a stronger case. Anna insisted that no one person was to blame because a lot had gone wrong with Julian's case. Anna shifted gears by asking for Dante's help. She explained that she had returned to work for the WSB and was investigating Valentin. She was curious what Dante knew about the man.

Dante admitted that he didn't know much. He told Anna about Daphne and how confident Valentin had been that the charges against him would never stick. Anna suspected that Valentin had powerful friends and decided to dig deeper.

Later, Anna stood outside Valentin's hotel room. She tensed when he approached from behind and greeted her. Valentin opened the door and told her that he'd been expecting her.

In the elevator, Elizabeth and Franco shared a tender kiss. Elizabeth assured Franco that it hadn't been necessary for him to pick her up for work because she knew it had been out of the way for him. Franco insisted that he hadn't minded because he was glad that General Hospital would finally reopen. Elizabeth credited Franco for the turn of events because he'd managed to get Heather to confess to attacking both Lucas and Bobbie. Moments later, the doors opened.

"Look, Franco, we're home," Elizabeth said as she and Franco joined a gathering of hospital staff, board members, and the media at the nurses' station. Monica stood next to a large portrait of Dr. Steve Hardy as she addressed the crowd and told them that it was a time to reflect on what had happened from when the hospital had been temporarily closed until its reopening to once again service the community. Everyone clapped, but Monica credited one person for stubbornly refusing to give up on the hospital. Elizabeth smiled because she was certain that Monica would acknowledge Franco's role in the hospital's doors opening again.

Both Elizabeth and Franco were disappointed when Monica credited Tracy with saving the hospital. Tracy thanked Monica and gave a short speech about what it had taken to persuade the board members to reopen the hospital. She warned everyone that some board members had wanted to sell the hospital and encouraged the staff to remind everyone why the hospital was needed. Nearby, Elizabeth assured Franco that it didn't matter if Monica gave him credit for the hospital reopening because Elizabeth knew the truth. Hayden walked up in time to hear what Elizabeth had said.

Hayden laughed at the idea that Franco had played a role in the hospital's reopening, but Elizabeth explained that Franco had gotten Heather to confess. Hayden was unmoved because an argument could easily have been made that Franco's mother had been the reason that the hospital had closed in the first place. Annoyed, Elizabeth suggested that Franco step away because he didn't have to endure Hayden's cruel words. Hayden continued to grumble about Franco and questioned why he'd been hired back at the hospital.

Elizabeth cut Hayden off and asked what Hayden was doing there, since the hospital hadn't been opened to the public yet. Hayden pointed to her employee badge and announced that she'd been hired as the new financial manager. Elizabeth was shocked that anyone would hire Hayden because of her connection to Raymond Berlin. Hayden smugly reminded Elizabeth that Jeff Webber, not Raymond Berlin, was her father. However, Hayden conceded that she had learned a lot about financial management from Raymond, which would benefit the hospital because it was in financial trouble. Hayden made a veiled threat to cut Elizabeth's job if Elizabeth continued to cause trouble then walked away.

At the nurses' station, Finn and Griffin exchanged polite greetings. Griffin quietly admitted that he hadn't felt comfortable covering for Finn, so he hoped that whatever had ailed Finn during their previous encounter had been dealt with. Tracy overheard the exchange and stepped forward to assure Griffin that Finn had told her about the problem and that she had determined that it was a private matter and wouldn't affect the care of the patients. Satisfied, Griffin walked away. Finn warned Tracy that it was only a matter of time before his symptoms returned because he would run out of medication, but she was confident that he would find a cure before that happened.

Tracy added that Finn had something to live for as she glanced pointedly at Hayden, but he pretended that he had no idea what she was talking about. Tracy laughed because she had seen the smoldering looks between Finn and Hayden. Tracy assured Finn that she wanted him to be happy, but she conceded that she had no idea what he saw in Hayden. Finn was surprised that she would say that, since she had hired Hayden to work at the hospital. Tracy admitted that Hayden was smart, savvy, and ruthless, which were qualities needed to turn the hospital's financial woes around.

Finn warned Tracy that there was nothing between him and Hayden. Tracy apologized for misreading things, but Finn found it ironic that she had hired Hayden to work at the hospital but had refused to give her a job at ELQ. Tracy told him that someone on the board had thought it would be a good idea to keep Hayden close, but clearly that person's radar had been off. After Tracy walked away, Finn glanced at Hayden as she looked through a file.

Hayden greeted Finn and credited him for helping her get a new job. Finn assured her that she'd been hired for her own business acumen and started to leave, but Hayden seized the opportunity to apologize. She regretted that she had told him that it was time for him to move on from losing his wife. She realized that she had said some harsh things and admitted that she had been wrong. Finn appreciated the apology and offered to show her around the hospital or be her lunch buddy if she needed one.

Hayden admitted that she had feelings for Finn, so she decided it would be best to remain professional, since he wasn't interested in a romantic relationship. After Hayden walked away, Tracy approached Finn and asked if he was still trying to pretend that he didn't have feelings for Hayden.

Nearby, Liesl saw Franco sitting on the bottom of the stairs, eating a snack. She was curious why he was pouting, but he thought she'd be pleased, since she enjoyed "schaddenfreude." Liesl admitted that being demoted and banished to the records department had given her a new perspective on things, especially when she had realized how happy people had been about her downfall. Franco confided that he'd been disappointed by Monica's refusal to credit him with saving the hospital, but Liesl told him that people had yet to apologize to her for suspecting her of being the serial killer. Franco admitted that the biggest hurdle he faced in his relationship with Elizabeth was being the biggest pariah in upstate New York.

Liesl told Franco that he was the biggest obstacle in his relationship because he always managed to screw things up. Liesl insisted that she accepted him for who he was, which meant that he didn't have to bottle up his emotions when he was with her. However, he'd been doing that with Elizabeth, which made Liesl wonder how long before the ticking time bomb in his head exploded. Franco denied hiding himself from Elizabeth -- he just wanted to be a better person. Liesl expressed her annoyance over the "silly American obsession" with good and evil.

Liesl explained that they were heroes in their own story, but Franco didn't want to be the villain in other people's stories. Liesl assured him that the person who truly loved him would accept all of his flaws, including his twinges of jealousy. She warned Franco that trying to become someone he wasn't would only end in pain for both him and Elizabeth, but Franco insisted that he and Elizabeth had worked things out. Liesl tested him by letting him know that Elizabeth had been talking to "sexy" Dr. Munroe.

Franco followed Liesl's line of sight and saw Elizabeth and Griffin chatting. Annoyed, Franco asked why everyone thought Griffin was sexy. Liesl made a remark about wanting to glaze Griffin's strudel, but Franco walked away.

Nearby, Griffin thanked Elizabeth for her help with Charlotte. Elizabeth smiled and assured him that it hadn't been a problem. She admitted that she and Robin were close friends and that Robin had called her the previous evening to tell her that Griffin and Charlotte had spent the night at Anna's. Griffin smiled and revealed that Anna and Robin had treated him and his daughter like family. Elizabeth assured Griffin that Anna was good at what she did then changed the subject to apologize for Franco's behavior on Halloween.

Elizabeth conceded that Franco had a territorial streak, but Griffin wondered if it bothered Elizabeth. She assured him that she was well aware of Franco's history and promised that it wouldn't happen again. As if on cue, Franco walked up and wrapped his arms possessively around her. Elizabeth's smile was brittle as she carefully untangled herself from Franco's arms and told him that she and Griffin had been talking about Griffin's daughter. Franco flashed a friendly smile as he apologized for his behavior and acknowledged that he'd been jealous. Griffin agreed to give Franco a second chance, so Franco dragged Griffin away for a private chat.

Nearby, Liesl watched with smug satisfaction because Franco's reaction had confirmed her suspicion that he'd been jealous. Moments later, Monica approached to let Liesl know two critical patients would be arriving by ambulance. Liesl was surprised that Monica wanted Liesl's help. Monica explained that it was the beginning of a new era, and she'd work with Liesl -- provided that Liesl played by the rules and kept her nose clean.

Griffin takes a DNA test Griffin takes a DNA test
Thursday, November 3, 2016

At Carly's office, Carly stared at a framed photograph of her and Morgan as he smiled and held up a piece of paper. She brushed away the tears when Nelle entered to drop off a report. Carly thanked Nelle but asked that she hold Carly's calls because Carly wanted to be alone. Sonny cleared his throat from the doorway and asked for a moment alone with Carly, but Carly objected and ordered Nelle to stay. Resigned, Sonny quietly explained that he had set up a foundation in Morgan's name to benefit young people battling mental illness. Sonny handed her the documents as he suggested that she ask if anyone was interested in donating when she went to church. Carly agreed and excused Nelle.

After Nelle left, Carly looked over the documents and realized how much Sonny had invested. She warned him that he couldn't afford it, but he insisted that it had been the right thing to do. "Like it was with Stone?" Carly asked. She knew that Sonny had used the money he'd inherited from Lily when his first wife had died to fund an HIV/AIDS wing in Stone's name at the hospital. Carly appreciated that Sonny wanted to do good, but it was different with Morgan because their son hadn't died of mental illness.

Carly explained that Sonny could start a hundred foundations, but it wouldn't bring their son back -- or absolve Sonny from responsibility in Morgan's death. Sonny assured Carly that he knew that, which was why he intended to return to church. He hoped it would give him peace. Carly hoped he was right. She was surprised when he suddenly asked to say a few words at Morgan's funeral. After Carly agreed, Sonny thanked her and left.

In the reception area, Nelle stopped Sonny to let him know that she thought it had been a beautiful gesture for him to set up a foundation in his son's honor. She was certain that Morgan would be proud. Sonny thanked Nelle for the kind words, but he doubted they were true.

After Sonny left, Carly called out to Nelle. Carly picked up the framed photograph from her desk as she told Nelle that Morgan had once been accepted to Vanderbilt. Carly tearfully recalled how proud Morgan had been and revealed that he'd put the acceptance letter in a frame, which he'd kept in his bedroom. Carly admitted that she couldn't return to Sonny's home yet, but she wanted the letter for the funeral. Nelle agreed to fetch the item for Carly.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny spoke to Diane on the phone. He made it clear that he needed to make certain that his family was taken care of because everything would be done after the funeral. Sonny ended the call and quietly muttered that his family would never have to see his face again. A noise drew his attention to the doorway. It was Nelle. She started to apologize, but he wanted to know how much she had overheard. Nelle admitted that she had heard most of what he'd said, so he was curious what she thought she had heard.

Nelle admitted that it had sounded as if Sonny expected to have legal troubles and intended to skip town. Sonny relaxed and told her that it would be for the best. Nelle disagreed because she knew what it was like to lose a family and urged Sonny to tell Carly and Michael because they both deserved to know what was going on. Sonny explained that he'd only wanted to be a good father, but he'd caused his wife and children too much pain. Nelle assured Sonny that his family loved him, but he was determined to grieve in his own way.

Nelle agreed to keep Sonny's secret, but she hoped that he'd have a change of heart. However, Nelle warned him that she would feel obligated to tell Carly what she knew if Sonny disappeared after the funeral. After Nelle went to collect Morgan's acceptance letter from Vanderbilt, Sonny signed a letter, put it in an envelope, and addressed it to Carly.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Jason was curious what Curtis had found out about Sonny. Curtis was evasive, but Jason insisted that they both wanted the same thing -- the truth. Curtis was skeptical because he was certain that Jason hoped to find evidence that would exonerate Sonny. Jason claimed that he simply wanted answers, but Curtis didn't believe Jason because Curtis suspected that Jason would try to bury any evidence that pointed to Sonny.

Jason changed tactics by threatening to have a hacker dig up the information that Curtis was hiding. Curtis showed Jason a photograph on his phone as he informed Jason that it was all the evidence needed to link Sonny to the bomb. Jason was curious how Curtis had gotten his hands on the police file, but Curtis argued that it didn't matter because the bomb pointed to Sonny's guilt. Curtis revealed that the bomb maker had been an associate of Sonny's, and the material used to make the bomb had been smuggled into the country from Puerto Rico, near Sonny's private island. Jason dismissed the credibility of the evidence because anyone could have used the same route.

Curtis was confident that Sonny's days were numbered, and he left as Carly walked up. Carly was curious why Jason was there, so he told her that he had stopped by to check on her. Touched, Carly hugged him. After they pulled apart, Carly told him about the foundation that Sonny had started. Jason looked at the documents and noticed how much money Sonny had invested. Carly claimed that Sonny hoped to clear his conscience, but Jason suspected there was more to the generous donation. Carly worried that Jason might be referring to a manic episode. Jason admitted that he had feared the same thing, but he'd been told that Sonny had been taking his medications.

However, Jason realized that medications might not be enough because Sonny was not in a good place. Jason suggested that perhaps things had not happened as Carly believed, but she insisted that Sonny had planted the bomb that had killed her son.

At the elevator, Curtis was approached by a police officer who had been sent to pick him up because Jordan wanted to have a chat with her ex-brother-in-law.

In the squad room, Dante greeted his wife and told her that he had someone in custody that Lulu had wanted to talk to for a long time. Intrigued, Lulu followed him to the interrogation room window and looked in. She was shocked when she saw Daphne seated at the table. Dante explained that Daphne been picked up in Auckland with a phony passport, so Robert Scorpio had sent her to Port Charles before transporting her to Geneva for questioning. Lulu eagerly seized the opportunity to talk to Daphne and entered the interrogation room with Dante. Daphne immediately recognized the couple.

Lulu took the lead as she cut to the chase and asked why Daphne had been on Cassadine Island and what her connection was to Valentin. Daphne claimed that her brother had worked as a guard for Helena, and Helena had hired her as a surrogate to carry Stavros' child. Lulu's expression filled with hope as she revealed that she was the child's mother. She asked where the child was. Daphne explained that something had gone wrong because Helena had returned from Paris a defeated woman and had told Daphne that the embryo had no longer been viable. According to Daphne, Helena had been despondent because Stavros would not live on.

Moments later, a WSB agent arrived to transport Daphne to Geneva. After Daphne left, Lulu's eyes filled with tears. She admitted that she had hoped to find the daughter that Olivia had seen in a vision, but she was grateful that she had Dante and Rocco.

At the nurses' station, Griffin left Robin a voicemail message explaining that he'd called to check on Charlotte. Griffin realized it was the third call, but he admitted that he was worried. After Griffin ended the call, Nathan walked up and greeted Griffin. Griffin confessed that he felt bad for Nathan, but Nathan reminded Griffin that Claudette, not Griffin, had lied about Charlotte being Nathan's daughter. Nathan seized the opportunity to let Griffin know that someone had been asking questions about Griffin's daughter.

Griffin became alarmed when Nathan explained that Child Services had been notified of Claudette's disappearance and had sent a representative to the police station to ask about Charlotte. Griffin assured Nathan that Charlotte was being well cared for, but Nathan admitted that it didn't matter because Charlotte was considered a ward of the state until Charlotte's birth certificate was found. Nathan assured Griffin that everything could easily be rectified if Griffin took a DNA test to prove that he was Charlotte's father, which would allow him to petition for custody of Charlotte. Griffin feared that Valentin would be alerted if Griffin filed paperwork to be listed as the father of record, but Nathan insisted that it was necessary to keep Charlotte from disappearing into the foster care system.

After Nathan left, Griffin stopped a nurse to ask her how long it would take to run a DNA test. "Ninety days," the nurse answered. Griffin asked her to contact Brad Cooper because he needed Brad to run a DNA comparison.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Maxie met with Nina and thanked her future sister-in-law for agreeing to throw the bachelorette party. Maxie sat down, but her smile faded when she noticed the tension in Nina. Nina was curious when Maxie and Nathan had planned to tell Nina that she was no longer an aunt. Maxie apologized, but she admitted that she and Nathan had been busy. Nina was shocked when Maxie told her about the kidnapping.

Maxie assured Nina that she was fine, but Maxie admitted that she was concerned about Claudette because the man who had snatched Maxie had been a very dangerous person. "Karma is a bitch, and so is Claudette," Nina replied. Maxie conceded that she didn't care for Claudette, but she didn't wish Claudette harm. Nina was startled when Maxie mentioned that Claudette had crossed Valentin.

Maxie suddenly recalled Nina's night of passion with Valentin and became concerned about Nina's safety. Nina assured Maxie that she was fine, but Maxie thought they should alert Nathan. Nina promised Maxie that it wasn't necessary, but Nathan had approached and overheard the two women talking. After Nina admitted that she'd had an encounter with Valentin, Nathan made it clear that he wanted his sister to call him if Valentin contacted her again. Nina agreed, but she assured her brother that she had made it clear to Valentin that she wanted nothing to do with him.

Meanwhile, Anna stood outside room 809 when Valentin walked up, opened the door, and told Anna that he'd been expecting her. Anna was certain that she and Valentin had met before, but he assured her that he would have remembered meeting a beautiful woman like Anna. Anna wasn't interested in his flattery and questioned why he'd expect her. Valentin invited Anna inside as he told her that Laura had warned him that Anna would be on the case, so he'd done some research on Anna. Valentin confessed that he'd been impressed with her résumé, prompting her to show her badge and explain that she was an active WSB agent.

Anna cut to the chase by asking why Valentin was in town, but he was curious why it mattered to anyone. Anna pointed out that the WSB was interested in anyone with a criminal rap sheet as long as Valentin's. Valentin argued that he'd never been convicted of a crime, but Anna argued that not being convicted wasn't the same as being innocent. Anna revealed that she was curious why there hadn't been a record of Valentin until five years earlier. Valentin smiled and told her that there was a "big ugly book" on Cassadine Island that had a tiny paragraph about him if Anna was interested.

Anna admitted that the timing of Valentin's arrival had been fortuitous because both Helena and Victor -- each of whom could identify Valentin -- were dead. Valentin agreed to take a DNA test to prove that he was who he claimed to be. He added that there was hardly any record of his existence because he'd been the product of an affair and had been cast aside by his father because Mikkos had been terrified of Helena. Anna questioned how someone without any access to the family assets could afford to have a "merry band of mercenaries," but Valentin merely smiled. Anna was certain that Valentin had escaped legal trouble because he was well connected.

Anna threatened to ask questions about Valentin's associates, but he remained calm and stuck to his story about being in Port Charles to reconnect with his family. Anna might have believed him if he hadn't killed Nikolas, but Valentin assured her that it had been ruled self-defense. Anna didn't believe Valentin because she knew exactly the type of man he was. Anna felt bad that he'd been treated cruelly by his family, but she accused him of treating the people around him in the same manner he'd been treated the minute he'd gotten a little power, which made him no different than the people who had hurt him.

Anna struck a nerve as she continued to paint Valentin as a spiteful little man whose father hadn't loved him. Infuriated, Valentin jumped up and shouted for her to "shut up." Anna smiled with satisfaction as Valentin reined in his temper and apologized for his outburst. Anna warned him that if he hurt anyone in Port Charles, she would have him locked up in Steinmauer before he could say extradition. After Anna left, Valentin slammed the door shut, picked up his drink, and threw it across the room.

Moments later, Valentin went to the safe, unlocked it, and retrieved a small wooden box. Inside the box was a snapshot of Anna from decades earlier that had been folded in half.

At the nurses' station, Griffin completed an oral swab and handed the DNA sample to a nurse. After she left to take it to the lab, Anna approached Griffin to tell him about her visit with Valentin. She assured him that Valentin hadn't mentioned Claudette or Charlotte. Griffin hoped that it meant that Valentin had no idea that Charlotte was in Port Charles. Anna agreed that it was possible, but she was certain that Valentin was hiding something dangerous.

Valentin claims that he's Charlotte's father Valentin claims that he's Charlotte's father
Friday, November 4, 2016

In a parking garage, Jason and Sam were seated in their SUV as they waited for someone to arrive. Sam conceded that things looked bad for Sonny. Jason agreed, but he suspected that important evidence was staring them in the face. Jason explained that he'd gone over everything from when Sonny had called off the hit to when Morgan had tragically died, but the only thing that had stood out was Julian's driver stepping away from the car and leaving the key fob in the ignition. Sam suggested there were three possibilities for Pete leaving the car unattended: Pete had been incompetent, he'd been hired away, or he'd been paid to leave the car alone.

Jason suggested that that he and Sam ask Pete directly. Sam glanced out the passenger window and saw the man in question approaching the car. She quickly activated the recorder on her phone and jumped out of the car. She called out to Pete and introduced herself as Julian's daughter. Pete recognized Sam and relaxed until she explained that she had a few questions for him about the night her father's car had exploded. Pete refused to discuss it despite Sam's offer to pay him generously and to keep whatever he said between them.

Pete remained tight-lipped, so Sam changed tactics by threatening to have Jason question Pete. Pete's eyes rounded with fear as Jason hopped out of the car and approached them. Pete began to panic when Sam walked away to give the two men privacy. Jason used Pete's fear to his advantage by making menacing threats until Pete agreed to tell Jason everything. Pete started to tell Jason about the smoke break when a silent shot found its target, and Pete fell to the ground. Jason immediately ducked for cover.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ava checked on Kiki during Kiki's break. Kiki quietly told her mother that Morgan's funeral had been scheduled for November 11, 2016, but Kiki wasn't certain that she'd be welcome at the service. Ava insisted that everyone knew how important Kiki had been to Morgan, but Kiki tearfully explained that she had done the one thing that Carly had asked her not to. Kiki felt terrible that she had broken Morgan's heart and had led him on, but Ava argued that Kiki had gone above and beyond for Morgan. Kiki reminded her mother that it hadn't been enough and added that Carly would never forgive her -- nor would Kiki forgive herself.

Ava was outraged that Carly would blame Kiki and suggested that Kiki consider leaving Port Charles to put everything behind her. Kiki wondered if her mother was trying to get rid of her, but Ava assured Kiki that she only wanted what was best for Kiki. Ava worried that Kiki would continue to blame herself if she remained in town, surrounded by memories of Morgan. Ava explained that no one could have foreseen what Morgan would do and added that Kiki was not to blame for Morgan's needs being greater than what Kiki could give. Kiki disagreed because she had pulled away from Morgan when he'd needed her most.

Ava argued that Sonny was to blame for Morgan's death because everyone knew that Sonny had hoped to kill Kiki's Uncle Julian with the car bomb. Ava added that it didn't matter what Morgan's state of mind had been in the days and hours leading up to the explosion because Morgan had been rational enough to pull over when Jason had asked. Ava reminded her daughter that Morgan had been killed getting out of the car, which meant that Sonny's bomb had killed Morgan. Kiki explained that Morgan wouldn't have stolen the car if it hadn't been for Kiki's betrayal.

Ava conceded that Morgan had been going into a manic spiral, but if Sonny hadn't arranged for the bomb, then Morgan would have gotten out of the car and lived. Ava was adamant that Sonny was to blame for Morgan's tragic fate, but Kiki was curious if Ava was trying to convince Kiki or herself. Ava claimed that she didn't want Kiki to feel guilty, but Kiki explained that it was impossible because Kiki had failed Morgan. Kiki added that she had no intention of leaving Port Charles, but she appreciated her mother's attempt to help. After Kiki left, Ava received a text message from a blocked number, warning her that the sender knew what Ava had done to Morgan.

In Carly's office, Nelle revealed that she had found what appeared to be Morgan's journal, which had been hidden on the bookshelf in his bedroom. Carly took the journal and opened it to the first page. She confirmed that it was Morgan's handwriting and asked if Nelle had read it. Nelle admitted that she'd read the first page only. She offered to leave, but Carly wanted Nelle to stay.

Carly read that Andre had urged Morgan to start the journal during Morgan's stay at the Freedman Clinic. Morgan wrote about all the things that had led to him spending time in the clinic and his hopes for the future. Morgan had been eager to try life again and reconnect with Kiki. Morgan had also vowed to keep taking his medications to treat his bipolar disorder because he'd made a promise to his mother and wanted to make her proud. Carly became choked up as she read the passage, but she quickly wiped away the tears when she realized that Morgan had made a point of noting each day that he'd taken his medications.

The journal also revealed that Sonny had offered Morgan guidance and support about living with bipolar disorder and that Morgan had been hopeful for another chance with Kiki despite seeing her kiss Dillon during the Nurses Ball. Carly admitted that Morgan's entries had sounded both normal and happy. Carly's confusion mounted as she read an entry about Morgan's frustration when a customer had given Kiki a hard time at Perks and how Morgan had reined in his temper to keep from hurting the man. Carly couldn't understand how things had gone so wrong for her son until she read the entry for September 7, 2016, when Morgan had berated himself for screwing up with the promotional baseball caps he'd ordered for Perks.

Carly realized that each subsequent entry had become more despondent and dark. She also noticed that Morgan's penmanship had changed as if he'd written everything in a rush. Nelle looked at the journal and confirmed that Carly was right. Carly realized September 7, 2016, had been the day that things had turned for her son. However, Carly also saw that Morgan had continued to make check marks next to the medications, indicating that he'd continued to take them until his last entry. Carly explained that it didn't make sense that Morgan had spiraled as quickly as he had unless there had been something wrong with the medications.

In the interrogation room, Curtis was curious why Jordan had sent for him. Jordan revealed that she knew about the photos he'd taken of Morgan's evidence file. Curtis tried to explain, but Jordan cut him off because Valerie had already told her what had happened. Jordan was furious that Curtis had put Valerie's career at risk, but he insisted that Valerie had had nothing to do with his choices. He admitted that he'd taken advantage of a situation, but Jordan wasn't satisfied because Valerie might lose her job.

Curtis suggested that Jordan get to the point and tell him what she intended to do. Jordan admitted that she had decided not to take action against Valerie because she had no desire to ruin Valerie's career, and she didn't want T.J.'s uncle to end up in jail next to T.J.'s father. Jordan reminded Curtis that she'd been in Valerie's shoes once because Curtis was a user who only cared about himself. Jordan wanted to know what Curtis' deal was, but he pointed out that he'd gone to bat for her with T.J. Jordan was certain that Curtis had only hoped to score points in the hopes that she'd hire him.

Jordan was relieved that Curtis had proven that hiring him would have been a disaster. Curtis claimed that he owned his wrongs, but Jordan disagreed because if he had, then he would have gone to her with the truth instead of leaving it to Valerie. Jordan thought that Curtis could learn a lesson about integrity from Valerie because Valerie had done the right thing. Jordan vowed that she would do everything in her power to make certain that he never worked as a police officer again. Outraged, Curtis insisted that he'd only made one mistake, but Jordan argued that he wasn't worthy of a badge and lacked both ethics and morality.

Curtis reminded Jordan that she'd been unfaithful to his brother and warned her that he would not allow her to run him out of town. Jordan blasted Curtis for finally finding his calling by working for lowlifes like Julian. "You hypocritical bitch," Curtis growled. He accused Jordan of acting high and mighty because she had sacrificed her family for the greater good, but he suspected the real reason that she wanted him gone was because he reminded her of her past mistakes. Jordan denied it, but Curtis told her that she'd been rolling around in the gutter with him. Jordan went to slap him, but he caught her wrist before her hand connected with his face.

At Alexis' house, Alexis answered the door. "Natasha," Valentin greeted his sister. "Alexis," Alexis corrected him. He smiled and asked if he'd understood her message correctly that she'd accepted his job offer. Alexis confirmed that she had, so he brushed past her as he entered her home and referred to her as "sis." Alexis was not amused and made it clear that her name was Alexis Davis, not Natasha or sis. Alexis also warned him that they would not be having a "bastards unite moment" because she intended to keep their relationship professional.

Alexis reminded Valentin that he'd hired her to confirm that he had a valid claim to the Cassadine estate. Alexis reminded him of his promise to leave town if she could prove otherwise. He assured her that he intended to stand by his promise, so Alexis suggested that they get to work because she had a few questions about the paperwork he'd sent over.

Alexis was confident that it wouldn't take long to determine when he'd be leaving Port Charles permanently. Valentin flashed a friendly smile as he suggested they open a bottle of wine. "Oh, vino veritas?" Alexis asked. Valentin offered an insincere apology for forgetting that she no longer drank. She returned his saccharine smile as she snidely told him that she'd forgotten that he'd shot her nephew. Valentin reminded her that Nikolas had been his nephew, too, but she was more interested in the document that Nikolas had signed turning everything over to Valentin.

Valentin claimed that Nikolas had given him everything because Nikolas had been on the run, but Alexis explained that it didn't make sense for Nikolas to give up his birthright for nothing in return. Valentin argued that the law didn't require things to make sense and warned her that he intended to stick to his story. Alexis reminded Valentin that Ava had been a witness to Nikolas signing the documents and to the shooting, but Valentin dismissed Ava as a credible witness because of her colorful history. Alexis admitted that it didn't matter because the document that Nikolas has signed hadn't been notarized, which meant that it would not hold up in an American court.

Alexis advised Valentin to pack his bags. Valentin was impressed with Alexis because she'd been every bit as clever and capable as he'd hoped. He thought she was a true credit to the Cassadines. Alexis conceded that Cassadines had never been accused of being stupid but reiterated that she had no interest in cultivating a family relationship with him. Valentin was disappointed, but Alexis suggested that he should have thought of that when he'd met Nikolas. Valentin decided to leave, so Alexis advised him not to stop until he felt warm white Polynesian sand between his toes.

At the door, Valentin stopped to hand Alexis another document, which he'd found on the island. He assured her that it had been notarized, but Alexis noticed that it had been written in Greek. Valentin advised her to download an app and translate it. Alexis took the document and slammed the door in Valentin's face. Moments later, her eyes landed on a bottle of wine. On the porch, Valentin smiled when he received a text message.

At Anna's house, Anna wrapped up a call as Griffin anxiously waited. Anna explained that Social Services had been alerted that Charlotte had been abandoned, but the caseworker was Anna's friend and had agreed not to take action until the morning. Griffin relaxed because he was confident that he'd have the results of the DNA test by then, proving that he was Charlotte's father. Anna warned Griffin that it would be foolish to believe that Valentin was in town for one reason because the Cassadines were avid multi-taskers.

Anna talked to Griffin about her chat with Valentin. She admitted that Valentin had been friendly, but she had felt as if she'd been talking to a professional interrogator because he'd kept her slightly off guard. Anna vowed to use her resources to uncover whatever Valentin was hiding. However, she promised that Charlotte would remain their priority. Griffin smiled and revealed that he intended to talk to the bishop because he'd decided to step down from the priesthood.

Surprised, Anna asked if it was what Griffin really wanted to do. Griffin explained that he believed that God sent signs to let people know His will -- Charlotte was Griffin's sign. According to Griffin, his path in life was clearer than ever.

After Charlotte woke up from her nap, Griffin, Anna, and Charlotte played cards until Charlotte complained of being hungry. The three discussed their options and decided to go out for dinner. "Like a family?" Charlotte asked. "Exactly," Anna answered.

A short time later, Griffin, Anna, and Charlotte arrived at Metro Court Restaurant. Griffin was uneasy because he knew that Valentin had been staying at the hotel, but Anna reminded him that she was a professional and could keep Charlotte safe. Anna also doubted that Valentin would make a move in public. Seconds later, Anna's phone chimed. It was a text message informing her that Griffin's DNA results were ready. Anna decided to dash to the lobby to meet the messenger. After Anna left, Griffin and Charlotte looked over the menu, but Griffin's good humor vanished when he saw Valentin enter the restaurant and sit down across from their table to watch Charlotte.

After Anna returned with the test results, Griffin invited her to check the results while he had a chat with Valentin. Anna thought it was a bad idea, but Griffin reminded her that they were in public. Resigned, Anna opened the envelope as Griffin approached Valentin. Griffin warned Valentin to stay away from Griffin's daughter, but Valentin informed Griffin that that Charlotte was Valentin's daughter.

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