General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 21, 2017 on GH
Dillon left town for an assignment. Carly learned that Sam shot Sonny. Julian was convicted and sent to jail. Parker revealed that her marriage was over. Michael offered Ned a job at ELQ.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 21, 2017 on GH
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Nationwide preemption due to eclipse coverage Nationwide preemption due to eclipse coverage
Monday, August 21, 2017

Due to ABC News coverage of the "Great American Eclipse", General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no "lost" episodes as a result.

Regular programming resumed on Tuesday, August 22, and picked up where there Friday, August 18 episode concluded.

Alexis and Carly find common ground Alexis and Carly find common ground
Tuesday, August 22, 2017

At the hospital, Sam insisted that Carly needed to be told the truth, but Jason begged Sam to postpone the talk until later. Sam reluctantly agreed, so Jason quickly shifted gears to remind her to finish filling out the hospital release forms while he called Monica to check on the children. Shortly after Jason left, Andre entered Sam's room and told her that he'd talked to Jason about Sam being sent home and to ask if she would like to talk about what she'd done during her illness. Sam became uncomfortable when he broached the subject of her hallucinations. Andre conceded that hallucinations and dreams could be innocent, but they could also be the manifestation of a person's subconscious mind. Alarmed, Sam asked if he were suggesting that she had hallucinated what she'd wanted to happen.

Andre sat down as Sam carefully told him that she'd had visions of Jason being in trouble. Andre was curious if she'd always been worried about her husband's safety, but Sam shook her head and explained that Jason had been different since he'd returned to her. She admitted that she'd once thought that Jason could survive anything, but she no longer believed that. Sam revealed that the more Jason invested in their lives together, the more she felt that she had to protect what they had. Andre suggested that she'd been repressing the feelings, which had led to the hallucinations. He advised Sam to talk to someone, even if it was just a trusted friend.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth left Franco a voicemail message letting him know that her shift would end soon, so she intended to stop by his art studio because she was eager to see the paintings that had been returned to him. After she ended the call, Elizabeth ran into Jason. She admitted that she wanted to speak to him because she had asked Franco to move in with her, and Franco had agreed. Jason was not happy because he didn't want Franco near Jake, but Elizabeth reminded Jason that it was her life -- and her decision. Before Jason could reply, Jordan walked up and asked to have a word with him. Elizabeth excused herself and walked away.

Jordan told Jason that she'd heard that he'd stopped by the police station the previous day to see her. Jason confirmed that he had, so she questioned him about the gun that had vanished from the evidence room. Jason denied any involvement, and he pointed out that there were cameras all over the police station that would have caught him on tape if he had committed the theft. Jordan suspected that Jason and Sonny were working hard to hide the identity of the shooter because Jason and Sonny intended to deal with the person on their own. Nearby, Sam eavesdropped on Jason and Jordan's conversation as Jordan warned Jason that she would keep a close eye on Jason until she got to the bottom of things.

A short time later, Jason entered Sam's hospital room, but she was gone. Jason tracked down Andre to ask if the doctor knew where Sam had gone. Andre had no idea, but he revealed that Sam had mentioned there was someone she needed to talk to, and it had seemed important.

Outside Perks, Kristina and Valerie greeted each other and agreed that it had been awhile, since they'd last seen each other. Kristina had to run an errand, but she offered to fetch Valerie a coffee. Valerie declined because she was meeting a blind date. Kristina wished Valerie luck then left.

Nearby, Curtis questioned why his aunt had insisted on him wearing a nice dress jacket. He suspected that Stella was up to something, so she admitted that she wanted him to meet a friend. Curtis groaned because he realized that his aunt had tried to play matchmaker, but Stella was unapologetic because she was confident that Curtis and the young lady would hit it off. Moments later, Stella rounded the corner. Valerie brightened when she saw Stella, and she greeted her warmly, but Valerie's smile faded when she saw Curtis standing behind Stella. Curtis' smile faded, too, because it was clear that Stella had hoped to fix him up with Valerie.

Stella was delighted when she realized that Curtis and Valerie knew each other, but Curtis explained that he and Valerie had history. Stella gathered that things hadn't ended well, but she suggested that Curtis and Valerie take the opportunity to try to hash things out. Valerie revealed that it wouldn't be possible because Curtis had jeopardized Valerie's career by using her position in the police department to gain access to a file on an open case. Valerie added that soon after their breakup, Curtis had dated her boss. Stella wasn't surprised that Jordan was to blame for everything, but Curtis clarified that he alone was responsible for the breakup.

Curtis confessed that he'd taken advantage of Valerie because he'd been working a case that had involved a kid who had been killed. Stella was disappointed in Curtis, but Valerie assured Stella that everything had worked out in the end, so there hadn't been lasting damage. After Valerie walked away, Curtis offered to take Stella home.

A short time later, Curtis bumped into Jordan at the hospital. He explained that he was there to talk to Finn, but Jordan noticed that he was dressed up and asked if it was for a case. Curtis told her about his aunt's attempt to set him up on a blind date. Jordan claimed she was happy for him because she thought it was a good idea for him to find someone. Curtis admitted that the date hadn't gone well because the woman hadn't been Jordan. He immediately regretted the admission and apologized, but Jordan reminded him that they needed to do the right thing.

Jordan encouraged Curtis to keep dating because he should find someone who made him happy. After Jordan entered the elevator, Curtis sighed. "Yeah, so should you," he said.

At the Jerome penthouse, Ava was not happy to see Franco, but he told her that he had a proposal for her. Ava's answer was to slam the door in his face. Undaunted, Franco knocked on the door and refused to leave until Ava heard him out. Ava told him to go away because she'd had her fill of deranged men's harebrained schemes, but Franco revealed that it had been Kiki's idea. Resigned, Ava opened the door and agreed to give Franco thirty seconds to state his business.

Franco entered the penthouse and explained that he'd settled his civil lawsuit out of court, and his paintings had been returned to him. He admitted that he'd been tempted to destroy them, but Kiki had persuaded him to use them for good. Franco revealed that he wanted Ava to host the art show, but Ava flatly turned him down because she refused to set foot inside the gallery again. She also pointed out that the warehouse was a burned-out shell, so she had no desire to be reminded of all she had lost. Franco knew what Ava felt like because all he saw when he looked at his paintings was the pain he had caused. Franco had been tempted to destroy each of his paintings, but Kiki had urged him to reconsider because the paintings were valuable, and the money he could make from selling them could be used for good.

Franco wanted to help Elizabeth and her sons. He implored Ava to assist him in selling the paintings and offered to pay her well because he was certain there had to be something that her heart desired. Ava glanced at Valentin's business card then told Franco that she couldn't help even if she wanted to because the gallery had been closed. Franco argued that she could do a pop-up gallery to showcase and sell his art, but Ava was curious why he seemed determined to enlist her help. Franco admitted that he couldn't say no to Kiki, and she had encouraged Franco to work with Ava.

Ava sighed then agreed to think about it. After Franco left, Ava called the bank and instructed the person on the other end to transfer money into the gallery's account.

At Franco's studio, Elizabeth was waiting when Franco arrived. She'd been looking at the paintings, but he admitted they were a painful reminder of his dark impulses. Elizabeth reminded him that he'd been sick, but Franco explained that he couldn't move past what he'd done if he didn't acknowledge who he'd been. He told her that he wanted to grow and evolve, not just for himself but also for her, the boys, and their future. "Then do it," she encouraged him, but Franco confessed that he was afraid because a part of him worried that he might lose her if he stopped pretending that the man he used to be didn't exist. Elizabeth assured him that she had heard everything he'd said, but the past was in the past, and the future was theirs.

After Franco and Elizabeth made love then got dressed, Franco reminded Elizabeth that most people ran screaming from him, but she argued that they didn't know him the way she did. Franco was touched by the faith she had in him, and he assured her that he didn't want to go back to the man he'd been. Frowning, Elizabeth wondered why he'd said that. She was curious what had happened to him in Manhattan; his phone rang, and he excused himself to take the call from Ava. After Franco stepped into the next room, Elizabeth picked up her purse, but a painting caught her eye.

At Greystone Manor, Alexis stopped by to visit Sonny. They talked about his slow recovery and his physical therapy before the conversation turned Julian's trial. Sonny imagined it had been difficult for Alexis to testify, so she admitted that she hadn't been able to stop thinking that Sam had been in the hospital because of what Julian had done. Sonny reminded Alexis that Sam was recovering, but Alexis remained concerned about her daughter. Kristina entered the room in time to overhear what her mother had said, and she immediately jumped to the conclusion that Alexis had been telling Sonny about Parker. Kristina started to blast her mother, but Sonny set his daughter straight by informing her that he and Alexis had been talking about Sam.

Chastised, Kristina apologized, but Sonny was curious what was going on with Parker. Kristina revealed that Parker had taken a job at Port Charles University. Sonny was curious why Alexis hadn't mentioned anything sooner. Kristina interjected that she was an adult, and it wasn't necessary to get her parents' permission. Alexis confessed that she'd traded words with Parker, but Sonny didn't blame Alexis because he questioned Parker's motives. Kristina defended Parker by revealing that Parker had been going through some "personal upheaval" and had hoped to get a fresh start -- but not with Kristina. Alexis' eyes narrowed because she didn't recall Parker mentioning any of that during their encounter in the park.

Kristina defiantly admitted that she had met up with Parker later, and they had talked. Frustrated, Alexis asked why Kristina would think about getting involved with Parker again after the way Parker had hurt Kristina, but Kristina denied that she and Parker were romantically involved. However, Kristina made it clear that if she chose to be with Parker, then it wouldn't be any of Alexis' business, especially since they were still dealing with the aftermath of Alexis' choices. Kristina regretted her harsh words and apologized, but Alexis assured her daughter that it was all good. Alexis wished Kristina luck recovering from the broken heart that Parker would inevitably leave Kristina with. "It's your life," Alexis acknowledged.

After Alexis stormed out, Kristina complained to her father about Alexis. Kristina believed that her mother only wanted what was best for Kristina if it was on Alexis' terms. Sonny reminded Kristina that Parker had taken advantage of her, which was why he and Alexis were not happy. Kristina argued that the difference was that Sonny expressed how he felt, while Alexis tried to dictate how Kristina should feel. Sonny empathized, but Alexis had her reasons. Kristina conceded that things hadn't ended well with Parker, but Parker had helped Kristina discover a part of herself that she'd been hiding her whole life.

Sonny was curious if Kristina was still happy with that part of her life, but Kristina thought "happy" was a tall order. However, she assured her father that she was at peace, and she refused to cut Parker out of her life when Parker had helped Kristina discover herself. Sonny explained that parents didn't want to see their children hurt, but Kristina argued that it taught her to learn from her mistakes.

At Metro Court Restaurant, the man Anna met with asked where she'd gotten the diamond. Anna told him that it was part of an unofficial investigation, but she couldn't divulge more. Anna was eager to know about the diamond that Spencer had embedded into the ceramic keepsake that he'd given Emma. She was surprised when the man put his jeweler's eyeglass away then informed her that he could be arrested just for handling the stolen diamond. Anna was confused because Raymond Berlin had legally bought the famous diamonds from Raffaele.

According to the man, diamonds of a certain value were embedded with a laser "GIA" code, and the diamond Anna had shown him had been part of a high-profile jewelry heist in Montenegro a few years earlier. The man revealed that it had been part of a well-organized smash-and-grab set of robberies around central Europe. Anna was curious about the suspects, but the man didn't have any additional information to provide. After he left, Anna took a close look at the diamond, but she quickly put it away when she heard Andre greet her. Andre and Anna chatted, but he noticed that she seemed distracted. Anna admitted that her mind was on a case.

Elsewhere in the restaurant, Josslyn was in a sour mood because she felt she'd been "roped" into having lunch with Carly. Carly had hoped to talk things out, but Josslyn remained sullen because she was grounded until school started. Carly refused to back down because Josslyn needed to understand how dangerous it had been for Josslyn and Oscar to sneak off to the distillery. Carly pointed out that Josslyn and Oscar could have been caught in the crossfire or they could have been kidnapped, but no one would have known where to begin the search for them. Josslyn acknowledged that it had been dangerous, but she was curious why Carly refused to trust that Josslyn and Oscar wouldn't do anything like that again. Carly was certain of it because Josslyn was not allowed to hang out with Oscar.

Josslyn was upset because she thought her mother had been okay with Josslyn and Oscar spending time together, but Carly argued that had been back when she had trusted Josslyn. Josslyn refused to apologize because Carly had been the same way at Josslyn's age, but Carly wanted better for her daughter. Annoyed, Josslyn decided to go to the bathroom -- unless Carly thought she needed a chaperon for that too.

Shortly after Josslyn marched away, Alexis walked up. She noticed that Carly looked like she'd been having a bad day, too, so Carly grumbled that she'd been having trouble with Josslyn. Alexis sat down as she confessed that she'd walked out on an argument with Kristina. Carly despaired that she would never get back the close relationship she'd once shared with Josslyn, but Alexis suggested that they needed to find a balance. Alexis acknowledged that they had to let their daughters make mistakes -- but within reason. She warned Carly that the worst mistake was to warn a child not to do something because it would make them want it more.

Moments later, Josslyn returned to the table. She invited Alexis to stay, but Alexis declined then offered Carly an encouraging smile. After Alexis left, Carly asked if Josslyn thought she'd been a little harsh on her mother earlier. Josslyn apologized for the way she'd spoken to Carly. Carly thanked Josslyn then revealed that she wouldn't stop Josslyn from seeing Oscar. Josslyn was thrilled, but Carly warned her daughter that she would remain grounded until school started, and there would be rules

Josslyn thanked her mother, but Josslyn insisted that she and Oscar were just friends. Carly smiled knowingly then announced that she had to take care of something. Carly promised to see Josslyn at home within an hour then left.

At Perks, Kristina was surprised when she saw Valerie seated at an outside table. Valerie admitted that her blind date had been a disaster because she'd been fixed up with Curtis. Kristina knew she wasn't in a position to offer advice, especially since she'd just had a terrible argument with Alexis. Kristina filled Valerie in about what had happened, but Valerie suggested that Alexis had simply been a caring parent. Kristina scoffed because Alexis was an "insane control freak." Valerie confessed that her mother had been the opposite. "You're lucky," Kristina replied before she realized how insensitive it had been to say because Valerie's mother had passed.

Valerie assured Kristina that it was fine then clarified that she and her mother had had their troubles too. However, Valerie would give anything to have one more argument with Patricia Spencer. Valerie reminded Kristina that time was precious, and she urged Kristina not to waste it. Kristina smiled then announced that she had to get back to work. Valerie was intrigued when Kristina mentioned that the boss was Kristina's ex-boyfriend. Valerie was eager to hear more about Kristina and Aaron, but Kristina warned Valerie that they would need something stronger than coffee.

Moments later, Alexis walked up. Valerie decided to check in with the police station to give Alexis and Kristina some privacy. Alexis apologized and promised to try to respect Kristina's choices because she loved her daughter. Kristina told her mother that she loved her then hugged her. Nearby, Valerie smiled.

Across town, Sam stopped by to talk to Sonny. Sonny sensed Sam was agitated and carefully asked where Jason was. Sam cut to the chase and explained that she needed to tell the truth about the night Sonny had been shot. Sonny asked Sam to wait, but Sam insisted that it was time for Carly to know the truth. "I couldn't agree more," Carly replied as she stood in the doorway. Carly demanded to know what was going on, but Sonny wanted a chance to talk to his wife first. Carly admitted that it had been foolish for her and Sonny to promise each other that they wouldn't keep any more secrets from each other because they inevitably broke the promise.

Sam apologized to Carly then admitted that what she had to tell Carly was difficult. Just then, Jason arrived. He rushed into the living room, hoping to stop Sam from confessing, but Carly wanted answers. Sam apologized again then revealed that she had shot Sonny.

Winston Rudge testifies against Julian Winston Rudge testifies against Julian> Winston Rudge testifies against Julian Winston Rudge testifies against Julian
Wednesday, August 23, 2017

In Franco's art studio, Elizabeth picked up a painting that had been tucked between several others, but she didn't study it for long because Franco returned. She slid it back into place then admitted that she had missed spending time with him in his studio, surrounded by art and creativity. She confessed that it felt like home, so Franco assured her that she was welcome to use the studio whenever she liked, but she laughingly reminded him that she was too busy to paint. She was content to live vicariously through him because he was both talented and brilliant. Franco raised his injured hand as he argued that it was debatable, but Elizabeth pointed out that he'd been famous for a reason. Franco's smiled fade because he wasn't particularly proud of what had inspired his fame.

Elizabeth tactfully reminded Franco that art was subjective, but he explained that he'd intended for the people who viewed his paintings to feel the darkness. Elizabeth knew that Franco was afraid to revisit the parts of the past when he'd created the paintings, but he worried that the darkness and his talent were intrinsically connected and that one couldn't exist without the other. She insisted that he'd been in a different headspace back then, but he refused to blame everything on his brain tumor because his work had always had an edge to it. Elizabeth believed that was the reason for Franco's success. "In the art world," Franco conceded, but she wondered what other kind of world there was.

"Ours," Franco answered. Elizabeth smiled, but Franco admitted that it scared him. She worried that he might have reservations about her. He assured her that she calmed him, but he was afraid because he was in uncharted territory. Elizabeth scoffed because she knew he'd had serious relationships in the past, but Franco explained that she was the first "sane" person he'd been involved with. Franco was amazed by how smart, funny, generous, and beautiful she was, and she spent her days saving lives then went home to raise three boys. He knew that he didn't deserve her, but he loved the world they had created.

However, Franco was terrified that he would do something to mess things up with Elizabeth. She reminded him that everyone carried a bit of darkness in them, but there was also light in all of them, including Franco. Elizabeth knew the paintings had dredged up bad memories, but she confessed that there had been one in particular that had caught her eye. She pulled out the painting of two boys standing in a field, looking at two trees in the distance. Elizabeth was curious about the painting because it had a lighter energy than the others, and it seemed almost hopeful. Franco smiled, but he became distracted when his cell phone chimed with a text message from Ava. Franco was delighted when he read the message informing him that Ava intended to exhibit his paintings.

Elizabeth congratulated Franco and asked him what he planned to do with the money. Franco admitted that he wanted to help her and the boys out and to pay Kiki's rent. The conversation turned back to the painting when he told her that it was the only painting that he intended to keep. Elizabeth thought it was interesting because it had a lot of "doubling," as if everything was a counterpoint. She was curious if the mirror effect had been significant, so Franco confided that as a child, he'd had an imaginary friend who had lived in a world that had mirrored the real world that Franco had lived in. Franco had eventually outgrown the imaginary friend, but he'd always remembered him -- and missed him. Franco revealed that the painting depicted him and his imaginary friend, each in their own respective opposite realities.

Franco thought it was ironic that his nicest painting had been inspired by a manifestation of his childhood psychosis. Elizabeth realized that he'd been lonely and had felt isolated, which accounted for the painting's haunting quality. She knew he'd created the imaginary friend because he had needed someone to understand him. Franco smiled and told her that she was perfect, so she admitted that she felt the same about him. Franco's expression turned serious because he didn't want to lose Elizabeth. "Then don't," Elizabeth told him.

Franco confided that he'd had a vague memory -- or something that felt like one -- of being on a merry-go-round that was spinning, but he'd had no idea how to jump off until his imaginary friend had shown him how by leaping first. Elizabeth realized that he wanted to keep the painting as a reminder. Franco nodded, but he promised her that he didn't have any other imaginary friends. The painting had been a memento of how he'd felt a long time before. Elizabeth assured him that she loved the painting, especially after hearing the story behind it.

At the courthouse, the judge resumed Julian's trial by inviting the prosecutor to proceed. The prosecutor announced that he wanted to add a last-minute witness to the list, but Scott objected because he hadn't been informed of the change, and he hadn't had time to prepare. The prosecutor argued that the witness could speak to Julian's motive, so the judge agreed to let the witness testify. Frustrated, Scott sat down. Julian feared that his sister would testify, but Scott doubted it because Olivia was locked up in a mental institution. Julian learned the identity of the surprise witness when the prosecutor called Winston Rudge to the stand.

Scott recognized the name of Olivia's "stooge" and immediately objected, but the prosecutor argued that Rudge had worked closely with Olivia and could testify to what had happened. Scott pointed out that Rudge hadn't been part of every conversation between Julian and his sister, but the judge wanted to hear from Rudge, so Rudge was sworn in. Rudge's testimony was damaging, and he painted Julian as a willing participant in Olivia's schemes while minimizing his own actions by claiming that he'd just been a driver who had been hired to open a business that Olivia had used as her home base. Scott pointed out to the judge that everything Rudge had said had been hearsay, but the judge refused to throw out the testimony.

Determined, Scott questioned Rudge about why Julian would agree to help his sister wreak havoc in town when she'd spent decades in hiding after Julian had tried to kill her. Rudge shrugged his shoulders then claimed that Olivia had told him that Julian had wanted to atone for what he'd done. Scott recalled Alexis' testimony when she had described Julian as being on edge when Rudge had visited Julian in Alexis' home, but Rudge suggested that Julian hadn't been feeling well. Scott switched tactics by confronting Rudge about following Julian to monitor his movements for Olivia, but Rudge remained calm as he denied being given the order. Scott didn't believe any of Rudge's testimony had been true, so he asked what prison was like for Rudge. Rudge conceded that he'd had better accommodations.

Scott suspected things would change for Rudge after his testimony, prompting Rudge to acknowledge that a reduced sentence had been discussed. Scott smiled victoriously because he was certain that Rudge's testimony had been intentionally damaging to secure an early release, but Rudge claimed that he had told the truth and that he'd been motivated by doing the right thing for Alexis, Sam, and everyone else that Julian and Olivia had hurt. Furious, Julian jumped out of his chair and lunged at Rudge as he accused Rudge of lying. Rudge smirked as a court officer reached Julian in time to hold him back.

The judge ordered Julian to calm down, but Julian was too incensed and continued to spew threats as he vowed to make Rudge pay. The prosecutor smiled with satisfaction as he rested his case.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Ned bumped into Alexis at the bar as she picked up her order. He was glad that he'd run into her because he had a favor to ask; he needed her services. Alexis and Ned sat down as Ned explained that he wanted to change his will to include Olivia and Leo, and he wanted to formally adopt Leo. Alexis was surprised that Ned would talk about adopting Leo before Julian's trial was over. Ned was curious if Alexis would take the case if Julian were convicted. "No," Alexis admitted.

Alexis questioned why Ned would ask her to represent him, so Ned reminded her that she was a brilliant lawyer, and he thought she would have the best chance at persuading Julian to sign the papers. Alexis conceded that Ned was right, but there were millions of reasons that she couldn't get involved. Ned wondered if one of the reasons was because she was still hung up on her ex-husband. Alexis admitted that she did have feelings for her husband, but she wasn't certain which one would win out. Her eyes filled with tears as she asked Ned what was wrong with her, but Ned promised her that she was a smart, beautiful, and complicated woman who was too good for Julian.

Alexis knew that she shouldn't love Julian, but she couldn't let go. She had no idea what was wrong with her that she continually picked men who were no good for her. Ned acknowledged that she had a type, but that hadn't always been the case. Alexis wished that she could go back in time and marry him rather than call off the wedding, but Ned doubted it. Alexis agreed; she was drawn to men like Mikkos Cassadine because her father had never loved her. She also recognized that it was a destructive pattern. Ned encouraged her to break it, but Alexis explained that it wasn't easy because Julian made huge proclamations of love that overwhelmed her.

Alexis knew that Julian meant what he said, but there was another side of Julian that was darker, which he'd been born into. She realized that she was making an excuse for Julian, but it was hard not to because she'd been deeply in love with him, and they shared a child. Alexis admitted that it was hard to let go, but she wanted to figure out a way to do it because she was tired of holding on. Ned offered to be a sounding board if she needed one, so Alexis smiled. She wanted to find a good guy like Ned, who was gentle and sweet -- and sane -- but she worried that she wouldn't be able to get out of her own way. Ned was confident that if anyone could break the cycle, it was Alexis.

In Sonny's living room, Sam tearfully confessed that she had shot Sonny, but Carly frowned with confusion because Garvey had claimed that he'd pulled the trigger. Jason promised to explain everything, but first he wanted to take his wife home because Sam needed rest. Sam refused to leave because she insisted that Carly deserved to know what had happened. Carly also reminded Sam that Sam had been in the hospital the night Sonny had been shot, so Sam revealed that she had shot Sonny, returned to the penthouse, and then collapsed. Carly was staggered by the confession.

Sam's eyes filled with tears as she explained that she had seen Sonny as an imminent threat to Jason because she hadn't been able to differentiate between what was real and what wasn't. Sonny assured Sam that she was not to blame because she'd been ill, but Sam was horrified that she had thought that Sonny was a danger to her and her family. Carly wanted to know exactly what had happened, so Sam revealed that she had followed Sonny to the distillery and that she had confronted Sonny after Sonny's Kevlar vest had stopped Garvey's bullet. Sam became increasingly emotional as she recalled how calm and kind Sonny had been as he had tried to talk her down. However, Sam admitted that she had pulled the trigger intentionally when she'd shot Sonny in the leg.

Sam was filled with remorse and guilt because she had kicked Sonny into the hole then walked away, satisfied that she had killed him because he'd been left bloody and unmoving at the bottom. Sonny called Sam over and put his hand on her shoulder as he gently assured her that she was not at fault because she'd been sick, but Sam tearfully argued that he could have died. Sonny promised that everything had worked out and that she'd been no more responsible for what had happened to him than he was for his actions during his manic episodes. Jason told Sam that if she wanted to blame someone, then she should blame him because Jason had failed to notice how ill Sam had been. Sam reminded Jason that she had hidden her hallucinations from him, and he was the person that she trusted most in the world.

Sonny knew it was terrifying for a person to lose their mind, which was why people tried to hide it, especially from their loved ones. Sonny explained that the closest people became the enemy because they knew a person best. Sam appreciated Sonny's attempt to make her feel better, but she didn't think that she deserved it. Sonny and Jason reiterated that Sam had been sick, but she worried that she might still be. Jason was curious if she still had visions, so Sam shook her head.

Sonny asked if Sam still felt anger toward him. "No," she assured him. Pleased, Jason suggested that Sam start trusting herself again. Sonny agreed because it was over. "No, it's not," Carly interjected. Carly reminded Sonny, Jason, and Sam that the police were still investigating the shooting. Carly's voice quivered with emotion as she demanded to know how Sonny and Jason could have lied to her.

Sam questions her connection with Jason Sam questions her connection with Jason
Thursday, August 24, 2017

At Crimson, Nina wrapped up a frustrating business call when Valentin poked his head into her office. He saw the irritation in her expression and told her that he had something that would cheer her up, but Nina insisted that she didn't have time. Valentin explained that he was an intermediary for a third party then switched to French as he introduced "Charlotte Honor Cassadine." Charlotte entered the office and twirled to show off her pink ballerina outfit. Nina was delighted and praised Charlotte's grace.

Charlotte giggled then revealed that she had a special dance class in the hotel's ballroom, but she had wanted to visit Nina first. Charlotte hugged Nina as she confessed that she had missed her. Touched, Nina assured Charlotte that she had missed Charlotte, too. She asked about Charlotte's ballet classes. Charlotte loved ballet and credited Nina with inspiring her to dance. She was curious how long Nina had been a ballerina. Nina admitted that she had stopped dancing when she'd turned 13 years old and grown too tall, but she had picked up horseback riding. Charlotte wanted to be like Nina, but Nina encouraged Charlotte to follow her heart and find her own way in life.

Nina promised that she and Valentin would support whatever Charlotte decided, but Charlotte was skeptical because Nina and Valentin weren't married. Nina and Valentin carefully explained that what happened between them was complicated, but Charlotte wanted to know if they still loved each other because she wanted them to be a family and return to Wyndemere. Valentin admitted that things were not that simple because everyone had been forced to make different living arrangements when he'd gone away, which was why a judge had sent Charlotte to live with Lulu. Concerned, Nina asked if Charlotte liked living with Lulu, Dante, and Rocco, and Charlotte assured Nina that she did. However, she couldn't understand why Valentin and Nina couldn't get married again if they loved each other.

Nina explained that marriage wasn't just about love, but Charlotte disagreed and talked about Beauty and the Beast. Nina reminded Charlotte that the story was a fairy tale. Valentin agreed then added that marriage was -- in part -- a legal arrangement, but Charlotte was not satisfied. Nina conceded that she had been pressured to sign the divorce papers and that she regretted not following her heart, which had been a mistake. Charlotte was curious what Nina's heart told her to do about Valentin, but Valentin quickly cut Charlotte off by reminding her that it was time to go. Charlotte implored Nina to attend the dance class, so Nina agreed.

A short time later, Valentin and Nina returned to her office as Nina sang Charlotte's praises as a dancer. Nina decided that Charlotte had been the best ballerina in the class because Charlotte could do anything that she set her mind to. Valentin "selfishly" hoped Nina was right because Charlotte had made up her mind to reunite Valentin and Nina. He admitted that his daughter always talked about it, but he had no idea how to respond because he didn't want to get her hopes up. Valentin was curious if it was even possible. To his surprise, Nina revealed that she'd made a decision about their relationship, but she had to get some work done and would discuss it with him over dinner.

At Greystone Manor, Carly blasted Sonny and Jason for not telling her the truth about Sam shooting Sonny. Sonny explained that it had been a volatile time, but Carly wasn't satisfied because she felt betrayed -- especially by Jason, who had been her best friend for decades. Sam quietly confessed that Sonny and Jason had done it for her, but Carly wondered if Sam had asked the men to lie. "No," Sam answered as she shook her head. Vindicated, Carly pointed out that Sam had wanted both Sonny and Jason to be honest with Carly, but the two people that Carly had trusted the most in the world had opted to lie.

Carly found it ironic that for years she'd thrown it in Sam's face that Sonny, Jason, and Carly had shared a special bond that Sam would never understand because the loyalty between the three of them would always be first. However, it was Sam who had wanted to tell the truth, while Sonny and Jason had treated Carly as if she'd been the police. Sonny insisted that he had tried to tell Carly the truth, but Carly wasn't satisfied because he'd ultimately kept silent. Carly conceded that she'd known that Sonny had been keeping a secret, but she hadn't pushed him on it because she had realized that it had concerned Jason. Jason promised that it had never been about lying to Carly; it had been about protecting Sam because they had feared that Sam might confess to the police.

According to Jason, he and Sonny hadn't wanted to get Carly involved, but Carly wondered why because they'd always trusted each other with their secrets in the past. "When did that change?" Carly asked as her eyes filled with pain. Carly understood why Sonny had kept quiet at the hospital, but she questioned why he'd keep the secret once he had arrived home. Sonny explained that it had been Jason and Sam's secret to tell, but Carly reminded him that Sam had never wanted to keep the secret -- only Jason had. Carly was crushed that Jason would shut her out, but Jason admitted that things were different because they knew what they stood to lose.

Jason explained that being gone for two years then getting his memory back had made him realize that he had to make different choices for his family. He pointed out that Carly had done the same after Morgan's death, but she wanted to know what that had to do with Jason lying to her. Sonny clarified that Jason was trying to explain that they all had different priorities than they'd had in the past. Carly admitted that it made sense, but it also made her sad because Jason had always known that she was there for him -- but that had obviously changed. Jason apologized for hurting Carly, but she assured him that she would find a way to get used to how things were. Sam felt bad that Carly had been hurt, but Carly insisted that Sam was not to blame because Sam had been sick.

After Jason and Sam left, Sonny asked if Carly was okay. "No," she answered. She wondered how Sonny would feel if their situations had been reversed, and he admitted that he would hate it. Sonny confessed that he hadn't told Carly because he'd been afraid they'd argue and that she would question if she could trust him. Carly was startled when Sonny acknowledged that he wasn't perfect, so she asked him to say it again. Sonny smiled and indulged her. Carly returned the smile then admitted that she didn't really blame Sonny because it had been Jason's decision.

Carly confided that it hadn't surprised her because Jason had been different since he'd returned to them. Sonny agreed then told her about his plans for the Black Duck Distillery. He had hoped that Jason would go into business with him, but Jason had declined because Jason had claimed that it would give the impression that the project was a front for Sonny's organization and that Jason was back in the mob. Sonny knew Jason had a point, but the rejection had hurt. Carly thought it was another example of how Jason had changed because the old Jason would never have worried about "risks and projections." She appreciated that Jason's priorities were different because he was married and a father, but she missed her old friend, especially when it felt like her life was spiraling.

Carly would always miss what she'd had with Jason, but she took comfort in knowing that he was still a part of her life and a good friend. Carly shifted gears and told Sonny that she wanted to focus on the fact that he was alive and well rather than the secret he'd kept, but she warned him never to keep another secret about their family again.

At Perks, Jason and Sam sat at an outdoor table and sipped coffee before they headed home to meet Monica and the kids. Sam hoped that she could get past what she had done to Sonny once she held Danny and Scout in her arms, but it bothered her that she'd been sick for weeks yet hadn't asked Jason for help. "Why didn't I trust you?" she wondered, but Jason didn't think logic applied to her situation because of her illness. Sam remained troubled because she couldn't understand why she hadn't remembered that he was her biggest champion and that she could talk to him about anything, but Jason reminded her that she'd had a powerful infection that had compromised her thinking.

Sam admitted that she had previously believed that she and Jason could overcome anything or anyone because the connection they shared had been that strong. However, the connection Jason and Sam had shared had failed her. Jason assured her that their connection was as strong as ever and that she could trust that it would never fail her again. Sam trusted Jason, but she didn't know if she could trust herself.

In Hayden's office, Finn rifled through Hayden's desk, looking for a clue that might lead him to her, but he tensed when he found a copy of the ultrasound picture of his baby with Hayden. Moments later, Anna appeared in the doorway, looking for Hayden. Finn was vague as he told her that Hayden wasn't there. Anna needed to talk to her, so she decided to wait. Finn wondered if there was something he could help her with, prompting her to ask what he knew about the Berlin diamonds. Finn admitted that he didn't know much, but he recalled that Naomi had confessed to taking them.

Anna showed Finn the diamond that she'd found, but Finn argued that the Berlin diamonds had been turned over to the proper authorities. Anna decided to save her questions for Hayden, but Lucy entered the office, looking for Finn. Lucy and Anna exchanged greetings then Lucy told Finn that she had wanted to check in with him about the house that he and Hayden had intended to buy. Lucy assured him that he could back out of the deal, since Hayden had left him, but Finn became defensive and made it clear that he planned to go through with the sale. Lucy was taken aback by his reaction, but she assured him that she would take care of everything and see him at the closing.

After Lucy left, Anna apologized because she hadn't realized that Hayden had left town. Finn assured Anna that he would find Hayden, and they would work things out. Anna felt bad for carrying on about the diamond when he'd been going through a difficult time, but Finn was curious how Anna had ended up with the diamond, so she explained that it had been imbedded in a keepsake that Spencer had given to Emma. She revealed that she'd had the diamond examined by a jeweler who had told her that the diamond had been stolen by an international heist ring. Finn was surprised, but he pointed out Nikolas had been more likely to associate with international jewel thieves than Hayden. Anna agreed that Nikolas had had his share of shady deals, but she couldn't question Nikolas because the prince was dead.

Finn assured Anna that he would track down Hayden, but Anna carefully suggested that perhaps Hayden didn't want to be found. Finn tensed, so Anna apologized because she realized that she'd been out of line. Satisfied, Finn advised Anna to talk to Raymond Berlin because Hayden had paid her father a visit a few days earlier. Anna made a call to where Raymond was incarcerated, but she was told that Raymond refused to see anyone except his attorney. After she ended the call, Anna turned to Finn for help because she suspected that Raymond might be more inclined to talk to Finn.

In the courtroom, Judge Chua admonished Scott for not controlling his client then warned Julian that his thinly veiled threat to kill Winston Rudge hadn't helped Julian's case. After Judge Chua called a brief recess, Julian told the prosecutor to wipe the smirk off his face. Scott urged Julian to take it easy, but Julian was furious because everything that Rudge had said on the stand had been a lie. Scott advised Julian to get himself under control, or he might end up spending the rest of his life in jail. Julian looked past Scott's shoulder and saw Alexis standing in the doorway.

Alexis explained that she'd heard Julian's trial had been delayed, but he revealed that it had only been delayed long enough for Rudge to memorize lies. Alexis was shocked that Rudge had testified, so Julian filled her in on Rudge's misleading testimony that had painted Julian as his sister's diabolical co-conspirator who had planted the bomb in his own car to kill his enemy's son. Stunned, Alexis asked about Scott's cross-examination, but Julian revealed that it hadn't gone well, and Scott had reserved the right to call Rudge. Julian didn't see the point of trying to mount a defense, but Scott assured him that he would call Olivia Falconeri to testify.

Alexis advised Scott against it because Olivia Falconeri had a vested interest in sending Julian to jail. Scott proposed calling Lucas and Sam, but Julian and Alexis agreed that it would be a bad idea because Lucas was furious with Julian, and Sam would be considered a hostile witness. Scott wondered what other options he had, so Julian asked to testify. Scott objected, but Alexis agreed that it would be Julian's best chance to undo Rudge's damaging testimony.

A short time later, Julian took the witness stand and testified that he'd never intended to kill Alexis on the docks. He explained that it had all been for his sister's benefit, and he had fully intended to let Alexis go and flee the country. However, Olivia Jerome had stepped up the threats to include Sam, Lucas, and Leo when he'd failed to kill Alexis. Julian added that Leo had ended up in the hospital because of Olivia, and his deranged sister had left his daughter to give birth in the snow. Next, Julian talked about finding Alexis handcuffed to the bridge and how he'd saved her from his sister's deadly intentions.

After Scott finished, the prosecutor questioned Julian about shooting Olivia years earlier, but Julian insisted that he'd paid for the crime and done his time. The prosecutor shifted gears by trying to get Julian to admit that he'd given the order to kill Duke Lavery, but Scott objected. Judge Chua warned the prosecutor to move on, so the prosecutor listed all of Olivia Jerome's crimes then accused Julian of being a willing accomplice because Julian hadn't done anything to stop Olivia's crime spree. Julian tried to defend himself, but the prosecutor cut him off by abruptly ending the questioning.

Scott stood to redirect and gave Julian an opportunity to explain that Olivia had coerced him to do her bidding because she had threatened his family. Julian admitted that if he went to jail for the rest of his life for protecting his family, then he was okay with that. After Julian's testimony, both Scott and the prosecutor gave their closing statements. Judge Chua called a recess to deliberate. Alexis felt bad for everything that Julian had endured because of his sister Olivia, but he insisted that he'd done what he'd had to do.

Julian was curious what his chances for an acquittal were. Alexis admitted it was possible. Scott praised Julian's testimony. Moments later, Scott's phone chimed. The judge had reached a verdict.

Julian is found guilty Julian is found guilty
Friday, August 25, 2017

Ava arrived at the courthouse, and Griffin followed her inside quickly. He confessed that he was there to offer Ava support. Alexis and Scott tried to stay positive for Julian, but to everyone's disappointment, the judge found Julian guilty on all counts. The judge suggested a four-week delay in the sentencing portion, but Julian requested that they not prolong the agony. Julian explained that he was ready to get on with the rest of his life. He turned to glance at Alexis.

Julian rose to make his statement after the victim impacts were read. He stated that he regretted the pain he'd caused his family and others, and he took full responsibility for that. Julian believed that his family deserved a life without him. Alexis began to cry. The judge responded that Julian's family had suffered harm, he had threatened a witness, and he remained a danger. She sentenced Julian to a maximum of 20 years in the state penitentiary, with a minimum of 15 years served. Griffin grabbed Ava's hand.

Ava and Julian said their goodbyes. Ava declared that Julian had done everything to himself. Alexis sobbed as Julian advised her that his real sentence was in understanding what he'd done. He wanted Alexis to forget him. Julian was led out of the courtroom.

Ava and Griffin remained behind as the courtroom cleared out. Ava stated that she and Julian had always been available for each other, but she hadn't been able to save him from himself. Julian had wanted to impress Alexis with his remorse, Ava added. He would be rotting in prison while Ava rotted in her penthouse.

Just then, a reporter and his cameraman walked in. Spotting Ava, the reporter asked her for a comment and made mention of her disfigured face. Griffin knocked the cameraman to the floor, and the reporter yelled out that they'd been assaulted. Ava threatened to sue, and the men left. "What were you thinking?" she asked Griffin. The doctor announced that he'd just seen the real Ava.

Scott found Alexis sitting outside of Kelly's. She admitted that Julian shouldn't have testified, though Scott assured her that Rudge's testimony along with Julian's threats were what had secured Julian's sentence. Scott thought he should appeal, but Alexis thought the case had been airtight. He suggested she visit Julian, but Alexis confided that Julian no longer wanted to see her.

Valentin sat in Nina's office and made dinner reservations after she had agreed to answer his question about their relationship at that time. As soon as he left, Nina frantically summoned Nelle to find their best cocktail dresses on hand. She wanted to look her best when she met with Valentin. After looking at all of the dresses, Nina was less than satisfied. Nelle was happy to hear that Nina planned on a positive answer for Valentin. She didn't think that Nina would go to so much trouble for anything less.

Later, the women learned that they would have to fly to Morocco to save a photo shoot; the models had planned to walk off the job due to an unethical photographer. Nelle was excited to be included, though Nina quickly advised her that it would not be a vacation. They would be in "full damage control mode." Suddenly, Nina realized that she would have to miss her dinner with Valentin.

Dante arrived home and found Lulu decked out in Yankees regalia, complete with eye black under her eyes. Ballpark food awaited him. He quickly advised her that there was no game that evening, though he was overdue for a home run. Lulu informed him that their children were gone for the evening. The couple quickly got hot and heavy on the sofa until the doorbell rang. "Hope we're not interrupting something," Valentin said cheerfully. Charlotte was confused with Lulu's appearance.

Valentin sent Charlotte off to get ready for bed and explained that he would not be able to watch Charlotte for the evening. He had "something pressing" to take care of. Valentin reminded Lulu that she only had temporary custody of Charlotte, and he planned on heading back to family court. If all went well that evening, as he thought it might, he would be staying in Port Charles. He thought they would be able to have a custody agreement in place. Pleased, he left the house.

Lulu and Dante agreed that Valentin was a monster, though he was also a great father, and that Charlotte was not aware of what he was really like. She loved Valentin. Lulu sighed, as her evening hadn't gone as planned. Dante reminded her that they'd had a little romance, and he thought that they shouldn't worry about Valentin. He would "screw up" again one day. "We'll be waiting," Lulu replied.

Valentin waited for Nina in Metro Court. She rushed over to him, still wearing the same dress as earlier. She had to leave and promised to give him his answer when she returned. She told him that he was sexy when he was frustrated.

Kiki tried to study by the pool at the Quartermaine mansion. Dillon did his best to distract her, even removing his bathing trunks. Kiki refused to be taken away from her studying and tried to explain the importance of it in relation to his job at Crimson. Dillon regretted that they had been spending so little time together. Just then, he received a phone call and announced that he needed to fly to Morocco. He invited Kiki to go with him, but she sadly told him that she needed to stay for a test.

Inside the mansion, Ned drew the blinds overlooking the pool. Michael stormed into the room and asked if Ned had been planning a coup at ELQ. He was irate that Ned had given a donation to Mayor Lomax, who stood for everything that ELQ did not. Ned would have a fight on his hands, Michael shouted. Ned insisted that fracking would be lucrative, but Michael would not hear of it. Finally, Ned apologized for overstepping, and Michael apologized for being defensive. Michael suggested they have better communication, and Ned mentioned the family history at ELQ.

Michael invited Ned to accept a position at the company, as he thought that Ned would be invaluable. "The more Quartermaines, the better," Michael declared. He thought of them as allies, and he wanted to forget the ugly family history. He had no special role in mind, as he'd just thought of it, but suggested Vice President of New Business. Just then, Michael looked at his watch and announced that he had to leave to pick up Nelle. He thought it would be good on many levels for Ned to accept his offer.

Dillon let himself in and told Ned about his sudden trip to Morocco. Ned disclosed Michael's job offer, and Dillon thought it would be a great idea for Ned to accept. Ned reminded Dillon that Michael's vision for ELQ was different from his own, but Dillon felt that Ned should forget his pride. Michael admired Ned, and they would be able to get the family back together. Dillon reminded Ned that that was why Ned had changed his name.

Dillon packed his things and stopped to say goodbye to Kiki. He would miss her. Kiki replied that she would be waiting for him.

Michael found Nelle at the Crimson office. She told him of her travel plans, and Michael asked if he would be able to go with her. He could turn it into a business trip and visit the company's North African holdings. Nelle didn't want Michael's job to suffer if he left. Michael's phone rang. It was Ned, who admitted that he was intrigued with Michael's offer. There would be no scheming or backstabbing like in the past. Michael disclosed that he was leaving the country, and he asked Ned to take over while he was gone.

Julian was ushered to his cell.

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