General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 23, 2017 on GH
Andre and Dr. Klein were in cahoots. Elizabeth was shot. Claudette surfaced. Patient 6 claimed that he was the real Jason Morgan. Sam was kidnapped to lure Patient 6 out of hiding.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 23, 2017 on GH
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Klein changes his plans Klein changes his plans
Monday, October 23, 2017

Ava read her note from Patient 6 and hoped he found what he was looking for. There was a knock on her door, and she scrambled to clean up the mess that she and Griffin had left behind. She opened the door to Kiki, who was worried about her mother after talking to Scott. She wondered why her mother was paying men for sex, but she didn't blame Ava after what had happened when Ava had crashed Morgan's memorial.

Ava admitted that she'd been ready to leave town after the memorial, but she'd only told Scott that lie because he'd known that she'd had someone over. She hadn't wanted to tell him who she'd had over. Kiki's eyes landed on the note from Patient 6, and she wondered if that was the guy. Ava briefly told Kiki about the patient, who she hadn't slept with. Ava didn't want to tell, but Kiki reminded her mother how good she was at deductive reasoning. After crossing Scott and the patient off the list, Kiki landed on Griffin.

Ava admitted to her shocked daughter that she'd slept with Griffin. "He's a priest!" Kiki shrieked giddily. "Not anymore," Ava muttered. She could hardly believe that someone so "flawless inside and out" could want someone as flawed as her. Kiki remembered how desperately Griffin had wanted to find Ava after she'd run off to Russia. Kiki hoped that it would be a new chapter for her clearly happier mother. She had to go to work, and Ava tagged along so that she could take care of business with Franco.

In his office, Griffin was looking at a box of his priestly tools when Anna entered. She wanted to know if Griffin had heard any "gossip" about her and Finn. He admitted that he'd seen them leave town together, and he'd wondered. She told him that things were complicated, and she wanted to confess something to him. He divulged that he'd given up the priesthood after finally being honest with himself. Shocked, Anna demanded to know what had happened when he'd gone to Russia.

Griffin summed up what had happened when he'd gone after Ava, and Anna regretted not sending in a WSB team. She wondered if he'd given up the priesthood for Ava -- and if he'd lost his mind. Griffin believed that Ava wanted to turn her life around, but Anna was skeptical. He asked Anna about Finn, and she told him that they were together. Griffin reminded Anna that Finn had been drug-free for barely a year, he'd just broken up with his fiancée, and he'd just lost a child. "It's your life. I have mine," he told her. He suggested that they go their separate ways and see where they ended up. She tearfully agreed and left his office.

Later, Kiki and Ava arrived at the hospital and bumped into Griffin. Kiki awkwardly thanked Griffin for all he'd done for her mother then ran off to start her shift. Ava swore that she didn't "kiss and tell," and she blamed Kiki's excellent deductive reasoning. Griffin asked if she had time for coffee, but she answered that she didn't. As Anna observed, Ava proposed dinner, but she thought better of it and rescinded the invitation. "I'd love to," Griffin told her. "It's a date," he added, smiling.

Klein met up with his henchmen in a sauna. One of them told Klein that he'd watched Sam and Jason's apartment all night, but Patient 6 hadn't shown up. Klein warned the men that, if they took someone close to the patient like they'd planned, they could provoke Sonny, which Klein didn't want to do. He wanted to put the men somewhere that Patient 6 was likely to show up.

At Metro Court, Sam revealed to Carly and Olivia that most of the major press outlets were sending a representative to Sam and Jason's party for Derek Wells Media. Olivia walked away to finalize some details. Carly expressed how happy she was for Sam and Jason's new beginning. Sam just wanted to be free of their past, but she assured Carly that she and Jason would always be friends with Sonny and Carly. Olivia returned and told the women that she'd hired extra staff for the party. Carly thought it would be a "great night" for everyone.

Later, Olivia addressed her extra staff and gave them some basic guidelines. Among the staff were Klein's henchmen in server's uniforms.

Jason arrived at Sonny's to ask if he had an update on the man who'd threatened Sonny. Sonny didn't think the mystery man was a threat to him or that the phone taps were related to him. Jason didn't know why Sonny was giving the man the benefit of the doubt, but he still didn't want Sam to know about the man. As Sonny agreed, Sam and Carly entered the house. Sam wondered why she and Carly had been "summoned" there. Jason revealed that the federal investigation they'd talked about "may already be here."

Sam commented that she'd been having problems with her phone, and Jason explained the phone taps, which were on seemingly everyone's phones but his own. He believed that they needed to continue with the party as planned, but Sonny didn't think Jason and Sam would benefit from having an "alleged crime lord" on their guest list. Carly agreed with Sonny, but Jason and Sam still protested. Sonny and Carly promised to cheer on their friends "from a distance" so as to not put any more suspicion on Jason and Sam.

A short while later, Carly had a bottle of Champagne, which Jason offered to open. As he poured four glasses, he toasted to the friendship between the four, because he believed that he and Sam wouldn't be where they were without Sonny and Carly. Jason refused to hide from the "Feds," and he needed Sonny and Carly at the party. They agreed after being assured that they were really wanted there. The four clinked their glasses to "success and friendship."

As Franco touched up his drawing of Jason's pre-accident face, Elizabeth entered his art therapy room, wanting to see what he was working on. He pulled his sketchpad off the easel before she could see it, and he told her that no one could see it until it was done. She wondered if he was drawing the boys from his painting again. He explained that he was just trying to work through his mother's lies through art. She urged him to confide in her. As he pushed her toward the door , he claimed to just want to focus on the future. She left to go Halloween costume shopping with Jake.

Elizabeth sat Jake down on a bench so she could finish her shift up. Noticing that he was quiet, she wondered if he was feeling all right. He divulged that he was thinking about the man in the park. Noting that Jason hadn't found a man, she asked what he'd looked like. Jake answered to a shocked Elizabeth that the man had looked like Jason "before his face changed."

Jake insisted that the man was nice because he'd smiled at Jake. Elizabeth remembered Jake saying that the man had made him feel safe, and she wondered why. "He just did," he answered. He asked if they could finally go costume shopping. She suggested they make a stop at Andre's office so that Jake could tell Andre about the man in the park.

Franco entered Andre's office and sat down on the couch right in front of his painting of the two boys. "Where were we?" he asked. Andre admitted that he'd been expecting Franco, who vented about his mother's lies about Jason's twin. He didn't want to tell Jason that he had a twin somewhere out the world, but Andre wondered why sharing the information would be so bad. Franco didn't need Jason's twin wanting Franco dead as much as Jason wanted him dead. To Franco's surprise, Andre advised Franco to keep quiet.

Andre explained to a confused Franco that the choice was Franco's, but after all of Betsy's lies, Franco couldn't even be sure that the latest story was true. Franco admitted that talking to Andre was a relief, and he left the office. Andre looked up at the painting.

A short while later, Franco was touching up his sketch of Jason when Ava entered his art therapy room. "Just the man I'm looking for," she said, smiling.

On the phone, Klein wondered how close someone was to learning the truth about Patient 6. On the other end of the line, Andre told Klein that, once a few more dots were connected, the person would "know everything."

Sonny comes face-to-face with Patient 6 Sonny comes face-to-face with Patient 6
Tuesday, October 24, 2017

At Metro Court Restaurant, Curtis complained when Jordan kept checking her phone, but she explained that she'd been waiting for a text message. Her expression brightened when her phone chimed, and she read the text message because her two-week vacation in January had been approved. Curtis was delighted because it meant that they could go on vacation together. However, Curtis and Jordan had different ideas about their vacation destination. Jordan wanted to go skiing in Switzerland, while Curtis had his heart set on Fiji. They debated where to go, but Curtis managed to sway Jordan by painting a sensual picture of them on the white-sand beaches of Fiji.

Moments later, Jordan received another text message. It was from Stella asking to talk to Jordan about an urgent matter. Jordan decided to pay Curtis' aunt a visit at the hospital, so she asked Curtis to make the arrangements for their trip. After Jordan left, Curtis' phone alerted him to a text message.

Stella was working at the nurses' station when Jordan walked up. Stella pulled Jordan aside and explained that someone on the staff had alerted Immigration and Customs Enforcement about a young woman who had been admitted to the hospital. However, Stella insisted that the young woman had finished high school in the United States, worked hard to support her family, and done everything possible to remain in the country legally. Stella didn't want the woman deported to Mexico, where the woman didn't know anyone. Jordan glanced at the ICE agent then assured Stella that she was sympathetic to Carla Hernandez's plight, but it was a federal matter. Stella was frustrated as she watched Jordan approach the ICE agent.

Jordan introduced herself to the ICE agent, who revealed that his name was Briggs. Jordan assured Agent Briggs that she appreciated that he had a job to do, but she explained that Carla Hernandez worked undercover with her drug task force as it addressed the opioid crisis by stopping dealers from distributing opioids on Port Charles University's campus. According to Jordan, the federal government had been closely monitoring Jordan's success because they hoped to use the tools she employed on a national level. Agent Briggs coldly informed Jordan that it wasn't his problem, but Jordan disagreed then instructed him to get his boss on the phone.

A short time later, Jordan handed the phone back to Agent Briggs them smiled with satisfaction as he was told to stand down. After he ended the call with his boss, Jordan asked for Carla's removal order. Agent Briggs gave her the paperwork then left. Stella had eavesdropped on the conversation and waited for the agent to leave. Once the coast was clear, Stella admitted that she'd been impressed. Jordan smiled then pointed out that sometimes people could surprise others. Stella appeared thoughtful as she watched Jordan leave.

At ELQ, Nelle entered Michael's office. He was pleasantly surprised to see her, but he was curious why she had stopped by. Nelle handed him the watch that he'd left behind in her apartment during his rush to leave that morning. Michael thanked her, but he assured her that it hadn't been necessary to make a special trip. Nelle admitted that she had hoped he'd left the watch behind because he'd subconsciously wanted to make things between them more permanent. Michael was caught by surprise, so he led Nelle to the sofa and carefully conceded that he'd been spending a lot of time at her place.

Nelle beamed with happiness as she confessed that she was glad that he knew that she had lied to the police about her ability to swim because it meant that there weren't any secrets between them. She admitted that it had been exhausting trying to be perfect, and it meant the world to her that Michael knew the truth and accepted her despite all her imperfections and failings. Michael assured Nelle that he didn't want or expect her to be perfect. Nelle believed him, and she was glad that she could let her guard down for the first time in her life because she knew that he truly accepted her for who she was, which was why she was open to the idea of him moving in with her.

Michael smiled then playfully asked what her landlord would think of their living arrangements. Nelle smiled seductively as she assured him that she had great powers of persuasion with her landlord then kissed Michael. Michael ended the kiss and explained that he had to get back to work. He promised to give her an answer later that evening, so she smiled and reminded him not to work too late. Michael assured her that he wouldn't because they had to attend Jason and Sam's launch party. Nelle frowned as she sighed with disappointment because she had tickets for them to see the Broadway musical Dear Evan Hansen.

Michael was shocked that Nelle had been able to get her hands on two tickets to the popular show. Nelle smiled then explained that Nina had snagged the tickets for her, but Michael wondered why Nina hadn't mentioned the launch party. Nelle admitted that Nina had told her about the party, but the tickets had already been ordered. Nelle quietly assured Michael that they could attend the launch party because she knew that was important to him, but Michael heard the disappointment in her tone. He pointed out that he probably wouldn't get to spend more than five minutes with Jason at the party.

Nelle squealed with excitement when he agreed to skip the launch party and go to the musical with her. He also offered to arrange for a car to drive them to the city. Nelle gave Michael a quick kiss then left the office with a big grin on her face. A short time later, Michael sat behind his desk and was deep in thought when Curtis appeared in the doorway. Michael greeted Curtis, but his smile faded when Curtis revealed that he had information about Nelle. Michael became defensive as he reminded Curtis that he had asked Curtis to drop the investigation, but Curtis explained that parts of the investigation had already been in motion.

Michael wasn't interested in seeing anything that Curtis had uncovered unless it exonerated Nelle or proved that she had killed Zach. Curtis conceded that the information wasn't proof of guilt, but he insisted that Michael needed to see it. Michael stubbornly refused, but Curtis was adamant that Michael look at the file because Nelle had spent nearly a year in a mental institution. Curtis tossed a file on Michael's desk.

At Greystone Manor, Carly was touched that Jason and Sam wanted her and Sonny at their launch party. Conversation turned to the tapped phones as Sonny admitted that he'd been surprised by the government's move because they usually employed a different tactic. However, he acknowledged that the government might be working a different angle as they investigated Jason and Sam. Carly reminded Sonny that Jason and Sam were committed to going legitimate. She was happy for their friends, but she already felt them pulling away. "I miss Jason," Carly added in a forlorn tone.

Sonny showed Carly the note that Ava had given him, and he filled her in about how Ava's claim that an escaped patient from the Russian clinic had written it. Carly was certain that Ava had lied, but she read the note. Carly frowned because she knew where Stone's ashes had been scattered, but she had no idea what the reference to the $40 was about. Sonny told Carly about the night he'd met Jason.

Sonny explained that it had been shortly after Jason had recovered from the head-on collision in A.J.'s car. Ned had been performing in Luke's bar, and A.J. had taken a date and Jason to the show, but Jason had been miserable. Sonny revealed that Jason had flipped a table and stormed out of the bar. Carly was certain that A.J. had said or done something to set Jason off, but Sonny shook his head because Jason had been volatile in those days. Sonny admitted that he'd seen himself in Jason because Jason had been desperate, alone, and angry at the world. Carly admitted that she had a difficult time envisioning Jason like that because Jason had always been the most capable person she'd known. Sonny pointed out that she hadn't met Jason until after he'd left the Quartermaines.

According to Sonny, the Quartermaines had pressured Jason to do things that Jason hadn't wanted. Sonny told Carly that he'd met Jason outside the bar, and Jason had been desperate to leave but penniless. Carly smiled when she realized that Sonny had given Jason $40 for cab fare. Sonny nodded then added that it had been the best money he'd spent because it had been the beginning of his friendship with Jason. Carly enjoyed the story, but she questioned how anyone besides Sonny and Jason could have known about it.

Carly wondered if Sonny intended to go to the rendezvous point, but he revealed that he'd already gone. Carly was not pleased, but he explained that Jason had accompanied him to the footbridge. Sonny told Carly about Troy's encounter with the mystery man then added that the man had had an opportunity to shoot Sonny, but he hadn't taken it. Sonny acknowledged that Jason had reservations about the man, but Sonny hoped the man reached out to him again.

After Carly left, Diane arrived at Sonny's request. She warned him that he would receive a bill, but Sonny didn't mind as long as she secured an injunction to stop the government from tapping his phones. Shocked, Diane asked Sonny to explain. He told her about the government-grade listening devices that Brick had uncovered on Michael, Monica, and Carly's phones. Diane suspected that it was tied to Jason's decision to purchase Derek Wells Media from Julian. Moments later, Max called Sonny to let Sonny know that there had been an intrusion at one of the safe houses.

At Metro Court Restaurant, Carly finished up a call with a vendor as she attended to the last-minute preparations for the launch party. She saw Nelle standing at the bar and decided to greet her. Nelle explained that she was waiting for Nina's order, so Carly smiled politely then mentioned seeing Nelle and Michael later that evening. Nelle frowned with feigned concern because Michael hadn't called Carly to break the news that they wouldn't be able to make it to the party. Carly kept a tight rein on her temper as she asked if Nelle and Michael could postpone the plans, but Nelle claimed that Michael had insisted on following through with their plans because Michael wouldn't get to spend more than a few minutes with Jason at the party. Nelle smiled sweetly then assured Carly that she and Michael would invite Jason and Sam to their "house" for dinner.

"Your place?" Carly asked. Nelle nodded then grabbed the bag of food that had been dropped off. Carly's expression was troubled as Nelle left.

In the hospital's art therapy room, Franco worked on a sketch of Jason prior to facial reconstruction surgery. Ava entered the room and greeted Franco, but he barely glanced at her as he asked what she wanted. Ava' admitted that she had wanted to thank him for paying Kiki's tuition. She also congratulated him on the success of his art show. Franco assured Ava that he hadn't minded paying for Kiki's education because she was a smart young woman with a bright future ahead of her. Ava noticed the sketchbook he'd been holding and asked what he'd been working on, but Franco set it down as he muttered that it was personal.

Ava admitted that Franco had inspired her to open the gallery again. She expressed an interest in collaborating on another show with Franco, but he preferred to keep his work private. He started to clean up, so Ava seized the opportunity to sneak a peek at what he'd been sketching. She was startled when she saw the image of Patient 6 staring back at her. Franco glared at her with disapproval when she whispered the she recognized the man in the sketch. He wasn't surprised by her reaction, since most people recognized "Jason Morgan, the original version," but it dawned on him that Ava hadn't met Jason prior to the accident that had changed his appearance.

Ava shifted the focus off her by claiming she'd seen pictures of Jason then asking why Franco had been sketching a portrait of Jason. She knew that Franco and Jason had a troubled history, but she had thought that they'd made peace because of Franco's relationship with Elizabeth. Franco refused to discuss it and made it clear that he was too busy to visit. Ava let the matter drop, but she reminded Franco that she remained interested in working with him if he changed his mind.

A short time later, Ava watched as Franco left the art therapy room. She waited until the coast was clear then slipped into the room. She picked up the sketchbook then flipped through the pages. Ava saw several portraits of Jason, so she tore one of the pages out, rolled it up, then left the room.

In Andre's office, Andre spoke to Dr. Klein on the phone. He reported to his associate that someone was close to the truth. "If they connect a few more dots, they will know everything," Andre warned. Andre promised that he was on his way then ended the call. He went to the door but stopped in his tracks when he saw Elizabeth and Jake on his doorstep. Elizabeth explained that she had hoped that Andre could talk to Jake, but Andre admitted that it wasn't a good time. Jake asked his mother if she had wanted him to talk to Andre about the man in the park, which snagged Andre's attention.

Andre's tone filled with concern as he invited Elizabeth and Jake into his office. Elizabeth wanted to stay for the session. Jake didn't object, so Andre reluctantly agreed. Andre began the session by asking Jake to tell him about the man in the park. Andre was careful not to show his surprise when Jake revealed that the man had looked like Jason before the accident that had changed his father's face. Jake assured both Elizabeth and Andre that the man hadn't frightened him, but Jake was certain he had whispered Jake's name when Jake had first arrived at the park. Elizabeth explained that Jason had looked for the man where Jake had last seen him, but the man had vanished.

Elizabeth gave Jake some money then asked him to get her something to drink. After he left the office, Elizabeth asked if she should be concerned. Andre told Elizabeth that they would have to proceed with caution. He suspected that Jake had been more fixated on his father's past appearance than they had realized, which had led Jake to project that fixation onto a random stranger in the park. Andre asked Elizabeth to schedule a private session with Jake, and to call him if Jake claimed to see his father again. Andre explained that they might be able to trace things back to a pattern that might shed light onto what had triggered the sightings.

After Elizabeth left, Andre sent Dr. Klein a text message. A short time later, Dr. Klein knocked on Andre's door. Andre ushered Dr. Klein inside then shut the door as he reminded the doctor that it was too dangerous for Dr. Klein to be there. Dr. Klein wanted to know who had been closing in on the truth, but Andre revealed that they had bigger concerns because Jake Webber had seen Patient 6. Andre feared that it was just a matter of time before Patient 6 reached out to someone, but Dr. Klein told Andre not to worry because Dr. Klein knew where Patient 6 would be later that evening, and he'd set a trap for the escaped captive.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth ran into Franco at the vending machine. After Jake scampered off to get a snack from the vending machine, Elizabeth confessed that she was concerned about Jake because her son was suddenly very interested in how Jason had looked before.

In the woods, Patient 6 entered a safe house. He quickly keyed in the code when the alarm beeped. After the alarm fell silent, Patient 6 looked around the house. Satisfied that he was alone, he went to a cabinet and retrieved a kit to clean his gun. He sat down on the sofa then proceeded to take his gun apart and thoroughly clean it.

Later, Sonny approached the cabin. He silently entered the safe house with his gun drawn then looked around. Moments later, he called out to Patient 6 because he was certain the man had been waiting for him. "Sonny," Patient 6 said as he appeared at the top of the stairs with his gun aimed at Sonny. Sonny stared in shock at the man with Jason's old face.

Sonny welcomes Jason home Sonny welcomes Jason home> Sonny welcomes Jason home Sonny welcomes Jason home
Wednesday, October 25, 2017

At the hospital, Nathan exited the elevator and ran into Monica at the nurses' station. She greeted him with a smile then mentioned the success of his book, but Nathan revealed that he had decided to retire as an advice columnist because it had been too time-consuming. Nathan explained that he wanted to focus on his family. Monica applauded him for putting his family first, but she suspected that his readers would be greatly disappointed by his decision. After Monica walked away, Nathan saw Amy as she approached the nurses' station. They exchanged greetings then Amy asked how Maxie had taken the news about his retirement, but Nathan confessed that he hadn't had a chance to tell his wife.

Later, Nathan left a patient's room after interviewing the person about a DUI incident. He saw Amy on her phone, chatting with her brother on a video call. Nathan walked up and smiled when Chet recognized Nathan as Man Landers. Amy quickly ended the call because she had to get back to work. Nathan realized that Amy hadn't told Chet that she was the author of the Ask Man Landers blog and book. Amy explained that she hadn't been able to because Chet believed that the Veteran's Administration had covered his medical expenses, and it would crush Chet to learn that Amy had paid the bills.

Elsewhere, Nina relaxed in a sauna until she heard the door open then close. Without opening her eyes, she told the intruder that she had paid for an hour of privacy in the sauna. Maxie was pleased because it would give them plenty of time to talk about Maxie returning to Crimson. Nina sat up as Maxie held out her benefits package for Nina to review. Nina took it, but she didn't recall opening negotiations. Maxie disagreed because Nina had given Maxie a challenge. Maxie pitched her idea for an article titled, "Inside the world of Ask Man Landers," which would look at Nathan's career from his wife's perspective. Maxie added that the focus would be on their fabulous marriage and partnership, but Nina argued that Maxie hadn't been a part of the brand.

Maxie disagreed; she contributed the glamor because the photo shoot would be at the apartment, and she would wear designer outfits. Maxie was confident that the readers would enjoy it. Nina agreed, but she wondered if Nathan knew about Maxie's plan. Maxie smiled confidently as she assured Nina that he welcomed it with open arms and couldn't wait for the feature. Nina grinned then revealed that she had already decided to hire Maxie back. However, Nina made it clear that she wanted Maxie to respect her boundaries because of Maxie's friendship with Lulu.

Maxie promised that it wouldn't be a problem, but she was curious what had changed Nina's mind. "Not what, who," Nina clarified. Nina credited her new boss -- Jason Morgan.

Later, Nathan entered the sauna. "I'm here," Maxie said as she slid up behind him then wrapped her arms around his waist. Nathan smiled, but he thought a sauna was a strange place to meet. Maxie explained that she had wanted to celebrate because she had news to share. Nathan revealed that he had news, too, so she invited him to go first. Her smile vanished when he announced that he had retired as the face of Man Landers.

At Crimson, Nelle wrapped up a business call as Michael exited the elevator and approached her desk. He observed that she was the perfect assistant then acknowledged that she was "all things to all people." Nelle's smile faltered because she sensed an underlying meaning. Michael claimed that he'd simply been stating fact because she'd been noble and selfless when she had donated a kidney to Josslyn, cheerful and efficient when she had worked for his mother, and kind and sympathetic when Morgan had died. However, Michael conceded that Nelle had schemed to set Sonny up, which hadn't been easy because his father had a gift for seeing other people's motives.

Hurt, Nelle asked why Michael had dredged up her ugly transgressions, so he revealed that he knew that she had spent a year in a mental institution. He asked if she had intended to tell him about it, but she became defensive and insisted that she didn't like to talk about it. Nelle feared that people might judge her, but he reminded her that his father and his brother had both struggled with bipolar disorder, and Morgan had spent time in a treatment facility. Michael was the last person to hold mental illness against Nelle, so she confessed that she had suffered a breakdown, but she refused to elaborate because it had been a terrible time in her life, and she had tried to put it behind her. Michael insisted that he needed answers, but she doubted that he would understand.

Nelle explained that she was afraid of getting hurt, which was why she tended to run away and lie. She acknowledged that some of her lies had caused pain, but she hadn't been born into money, and she hadn't had access to fancy hospitals that she could check herself into for treatment. She also hadn't had loving parents who had cleaned up her messes. Michael felt bad for Nelle, so she implored him to stop digging into her past. Michael assured her that he hadn't been looking for dirt; he'd been trying to prove her innocence. She pointed out that no one was truly innocent, but she wanted to be a better person.

Nelle was curious how Michael would feel if their roles had been reversed because she was certain that he had regrets that he hadn't told her about. Michael realized that she had a valid point. Nelle assured him that she could forgive him, but she wondered if he could do the same for her. Michael promised there was nothing to forgive because her past was her own, and he would respect her privacy. Nelle relaxed then shifted gears to talk about their plans to see a Broadway musical later that evening, but Michael excused himself when his phone buzzed and he saw it was business. Nelle smiled as she disappeared into Nina's office.

A short time later, Nina exited the elevator as Michael ended his call. He apologized for conducting business in her reception area, but she assured him that it was fine. Nina checked her phone and saw a text message from Charlotte inviting Nina to a tea party, so Nina decided to head out. She mentioned that she would see Michael at the launch party, but Michael reminded her that he and Nelle had tickets to Dear Evan Hanson. Michael thanked Nina for getting the tickets, but she had no idea what Michael was talking about. After Nina left, Michael received a text message from Carly asking him if he was moving in with Nelle because Nelle had implied that he was.

In Ava's apartment, Ava ran an online search for Jason Morgan in 2012. Moments later, several mug shots of Jason popped on the screen. Ava smiled with satisfaction because it was clear why Patient 6 had been interested in Jason Morgan. She closed the laptop when someone knocked on the door. It was Griffin. He asked if she was ready to go to dinner, but Ava admitted that she'd gotten distracted.

Ava offered Griffin a cocktail while she changed, but he suggested that they spend a quiet evening in her apartment and order out. Ava bristled because she suspected that Griffin didn't want to be seen with her. Griffin confessed that he had hoped to avoid awkward questions, but he promised that he had never meant to hurt her. He saw a flash of pain cross her expression and apologized because he was clearly new to dating. Ava admitted that she felt like she was being used to help him along until he became accustomed to life as a single man who was no longer encumbered by holy orders.

Griffin explained that Ava had read far too much into his suggestion that they stay in. He assured her that he was perfectly willing to take her out to dinner, but Ava told him that she was busy. Griffin suspected that she was trying to punish him, but she admitted that she'd been researching something before his arrival. Ava showed Griffin the sketch of Jason Morgan prior to reconstruction surgery then filled Griffin in about her encounter with Patient 6, and Patient 6's request for her to deliver a note to Sonny. Finally, she showed Griffin the images she had uncovered online. "He's Jason Morgan, too," Ava concluded.

Ava observed that Patient 6 looked more like Jason Morgan than Jason Morgan. Griffin wondered if they should warn Sonny, but Ava was confident that Patient 6 hadn't meant Sonny any harm. Griffin remained uneasy about the strange development and suggested that they alert the police.

At the Morgan penthouse, Jason buttoned his dress shirt as Danny asked where his father was going. Jason announced that he and Sam had news to share with Danny and Scout. Danny chuckled and pointed out that Scout was too young to understand. Sam smiled as she entered the living room with Scout on her hip. Jason told Danny about the media company then added that he and Sam would be working in an office. Danny was excited and offered to help by suggesting a television program about Monica's dog, Annabelle 2. Jason and Sam laughed. Danny wondered if Jake could help, too, because Jake was a talented artist.

Jason admitted that he eventually wanted all his children to be a part of his new business. Sam beamed with joy because she hadn't realized how much she had wanted the future they faced until Jason had made it happen.

Later, Jason returned to the living room and reported that Danny was sound asleep. Sam smiled. She was certain that their children wouldn't notice when Monica arrived to pick them up. Jason grinned because he was delighted that Danny had been excited about their new business. Sam admitted that she felt exhilarated about their future, but it was frightening to jump into the unknown. Jason assured her that everything would be fine, especially after all they had been through over the years.

After Sam changed into a vibrant blue form-fitting cocktail dress, she practiced Jason's talking points by peppering him with questions about their business venture. Jason assured Sam that they would succeed in business because they had a better eye for things than Julian. Sam agreed, but she worried that they might be asking for trouble. Jason promised that his past wouldn't keep them from the future they wanted. Moments later, Monica arrived.

Monica revealed that Olivia had volunteered to watch Danny and Scout for the evening, so Monica could attend the launch party. Monica had decided to commemorate the special occasion and handed Jason a small black box as she explained that it was a gift from her and his father. Jason opened the box and saw a set of cufflinks. Monica explained that the cufflinks had belonged to Alan, and they depicted a snake consuming itself, which symbolized rebirth. Monica added that to move forward, a person had to consume their past, which was exactly what Jason had done.

Jason was touched by the special gift. Monica told Jason that Alan had adored him, and Alan's greatest regret had been that he hadn't been able to reconnect with Jason. Monica was certain that Alan was happy that Jason had broken things off with Sonny and that he wouldn't be working with Sonny again. Jason admitted that the things he'd done in his twenties no longer served him as an adult. Monica was happy that Jason had a chance at a new beginning and had chosen a new and better life.

After Monica left, Jason expressed his regret for the way he had treated his father because Alan had been a good man. Jason vowed not to let the same thing happen with Jake, Danny, and Scout. Sam smiled then asked if he was ready. Jason assured her that he was, provided she was at his side. Sam promised that she didn't want to be anywhere else.

At the safe house, Sonny was shocked when he faced a man with Jason's face prior to the reconstruction surgery. "Who the hell are you?" Sonny demanded as he aimed his gun at the armed man. "Don't you know?" Patient 6 asked as he slowly descended the stairs then entered the living room. Sonny acknowledged that the man looked exactly like Jason Morgan, but Patient 6 wasn't satisfied. "I am Jason," he clarified. Sonny argued that he knew Jason Morgan well, and Jason Morgan had been back in Port Charles for the past two years. Patient 6 disagreed and begged Sonny to believe him.

Sonny realized it had been futile to point a gun at the man with Jason's face because, if he was Jason, then he could easily kill Sonny in the blink of an eye. Patient 6 promised that he had no intention of shooting Sonny. To prove his point, Patient 6 lowered his gun, pulled a second gun out of his waistband, then set both guns on the coffee table. Patient 6 explained that he'd been armed because he had worried that Sonny would show up with the man posing as him. Patient 6 recalled that the man had seemed "hopped-up" and likely to shoot first then ask questions.

"Where have you been?" Sonny demanded. Patient 6 acknowledged that he'd been gone for five years, but it had seemed like only a few months. He revealed that he'd been held captive and heavily drugged at a clinic in Russia, but he hadn't realized that years had passed. Sonny studied Patient 6 carefully as Patient 6 talked about plotting his escape and meeting Ava Jerome. Sonny tested Ava's story and was surprised when Patient 6 credited Ava with helping him. Sonny was curious who had hired Dr. Klein, but Patient 6 had no idea.

Patient 6 told Sonny about the voyage from Russia and the two mercenaries that had followed him to New York. He warned Sonny that the men were still hunting him, but Sonny wanted to know why he hadn't sought Sonny out sooner. Patient 6 revealed that he had, but he hadn't recognized the guards, and he'd been eager to reunite with Sam. Patient 6 filled Sonny in about the visit to the penthouse and how he'd been overwhelmed by the passage of time as he'd stood in his home. Sonny heard the sincerity in Patient 6's tone as he shared the painful details of watching Sam with her new husband. Sonny reminded him that Sam believed the man was Jason Morgan.

Patient 6 assured Sonny that he was fully aware of the situation because he'd encountered Ava, and she had unwittingly helped him put the pieces together. Sonny argued that there had been a DNA test, and the man had known things that only Sonny and Jason had known. Patient 6 was adamant that he was the real Jason Morgan. "I am. You know that, don't you?" Patient 6 asked. Patient 6 needed to know that Sonny believed him because Sonny was his best friend and his brother.

Patient 6 freely offered to have a DNA test. He couldn't explain how or why another man claimed to be him, but it wasn't true -- Patient 6 was Jason Morgan. His voice filled with emotion as he reminded Sonny that they had met in 1996, and Sonny had taught him everything he knew about business and life, which was why Jason would never turn his back on Sonny or walk away to start a media company. He insisted that he had left because someone had shot him in the back. "Stop!" Sonny shouted.

"I know it's you, Jason," Sonny confessed as his eyes filled with tears. Sonny hugged his friend tightly as he welcomed Jason home.

Gunmen take over Jason and Sam's launch party Gunmen take over Jason and Sam's launch party
Thursday, October 26, 2017

At the hospital, Franco was on his phone when Elizabeth walked up. Franco complimented her colorful print dress, and she wondered if she could convince him to change his mind about the party. Franco shook his head because he was certain that Jason wouldn't appreciate seeing Franco at the party. Elizabeth reminded Franco that he'd told her countless times that he wanted Jason to get used to them as a couple, but Franco insisted that Jason should enjoy his big night without having to deal with Franco. Elizabeth reluctantly accepted Franco's decision.

In Andre's office, Andre reminded Dr. Klein that Patient 6 wasn't supposed to return to Port Charles, but Klein argued that their boss had neglected to mention Patient 6's particular skill set. Andre warned Klein that the longer Patient 6 remained in Port Charles, the more likely it was that someone would learn the truth about what had happened -- and Andre's role in it. Klein assured Andre there was nothing to worry about because Klein's men would take care of everything. Klein advised Andre to stick to Andre's area of expertise, but Andre reminded Klein that Jake Webber had seen Patient 6. Andre had convinced Jake that it had been a delusion, but Franco wouldn't be as easily fooled.

Klein pulled an envelope from his jacket then handed it to Andre with the assurance that the contents would put an end to Franco's questions. Andre unfolded the document and frowned because he was skeptical that it would satisfy Franco's questions. Andre explained that Franco was borderline obsessive about the subject, and he could easily uncover the truth if he continued to dig. Seconds later, Franco burst through the door, but he stopped short when he saw Klein. Andre managed to explain Klein's presence by claiming that he was a patient. Klein thanked Andre for the session then made a hasty exit.

Franco explained that he wanted to talk about the man that Jake had seen in the park, but Andre made it clear that he wasn't at liberty to confirm or deny if Jake had discussed the incident during their session. Franco assured Andre that it wasn't necessary because Elizabeth had shared her concerns about Jake with Franco. Franco cut to the chase and told Andre that the sighting meant that Andrew was alive, but Andre suggested that Franco had simply latched onto a ten-year-old's imagination because Franco was consumed with the idea that Andrew was alive. Andre was curious if Franco had told Elizabeth about Betsy's latest claims, but Franco assured the doctor that he had followed Andre's advice. Satisfied, Andre slid the document that Klein had given him across his desk for Franco to read.

At Crimson, Nelle emerged from Nina's office and smiled when she saw Michael. She asked if the car he'd order was ready, but he told her that they weren't going to the city. Nelle expression clouded with confusion. She realized that he might be upset about skipping Jason and Sam's launch party, so she offered to sell the tickets online and to borrow a dress from Nina. Michael told Nelle that he knew that she had bought the theater tickets recently because she had wanted him to choose between Jason and her. Nelle was taken aback by the accusation and tearfully assured him that she had bought the tickets to Dear Evan Hansen because she had heard it was a great play, and it was the only night available.

Michael showed Nelle the text message from Carly asking if he was moving in with Nelle because Nelle had implied that he was. Nelle denied that she'd said anything to Carly, but he didn't believe her because she had raised the topic with him earlier that morning in his office. Nelle blinked her tears away as she apologized, but she shifted all the blame on Carly by accusing Carly of giving her a hard time about Michael buying the apartment. Nelle promised that she hadn't meant anything by it, but Michael had had enough. "Just stop lying," he told her between gritted teeth.

Nelle regretted that she hadn't been honest with Michael about the tickets. She admitted that she had bought them to get out of going to the launch party because she had dreaded seeing Carly and Bobbie. According to Nelle, the two women never failed to let her know that they didn't think she was good enough for Michael. Nelle claimed that it had also been the reason that she had let Carly think that he was moving in with her. Nelle assured him that they could go to the party so she could clear things up with his mother and apologize, but Michael was tired of Nelle's games.

Shocked, Nelle assured Michael that she wasn't playing games, but he didn't believe her because she couldn't help herself. Michael believed that everything Nelle did was calculated and for effect. He doubted that she'd had a single honest moment, but Nelle blamed everything on Carly and Bobbie for making her life "hell" by making everyone think the worst of her. Michael assured Nelle that she had done that all on her own, but he refused to live his life that way. Nelle quietly asked if he was breaking up with her.

Michael thought it was best if they spent time apart, but Nelle was hurt that he'd give up on her that easily after everything they'd been through. Michael explained that they had irreconcilable differences because he kept catching her in lies. Nelle acknowledged that she'd done terrible things, but she promised that she'd fallen in love with Michael. Michael insisted that it didn't matter because she'd been lying to him since they met. He suggested that the Grants might have been suspicious of Nelle because of her habit of lying.

Stunned, Nelle asked if Michael thought that she had killed Zach, but he admitted that he didn't. He explained that they couldn't have anything real between them because he didn't trust her. Michael removed the key to her apartment from his keychain then set it on the table as he advised her to call the building's superintendent if she had any problems. Nelle was hurt that he'd end things with her after he'd told her that he loved her, but Michael pointed out that he'd been in love with the woman she had claimed to be. He doubted that person had ever existed.

In Ava's apartment, Griffin admitted that he'd only spent a few minutes with Patient 6, but it had been long enough to discover that the patient had been on the run from two menacing men. Ava conceded that the men following Patient 6 might pose a problem, but Griffin pointed out that Patient 6 wasn't the only one in danger because Patient 6 had reached out to Sonny. Ava wondered why she should care about Sonny, but Griffin knew that she was better than that. Ava objected when he suggested they notify the police because she didn't really have proof of anything. Griffin appreciated that Ava had a "strained" relationship with the police, so he offered to contact Anna, since everything had started in Russia. Ava didn't want Anna involved because Ava didn't want to make more trouble for Patient 6 if he entered the country illegally.

A short time later, Ava returned to the living room. She had changed in to a slinky black cocktail dress because she wanted Griffin to take her to the launch party. Griffin didn't think it was a good idea, but Ava explained that there was a possibility that Patient 6 might show up to see Sonny. She was eager to see how things unfolded.

On pier 54, Klein met with an associate because Klein wanted a contingency plan if things didn't go according to plan with his two henchmen. Klein gave the man instructions then handed him a syringe filled with fluid "to get the job done."

At Metro Court Restaurant, photographers snapped pictures as the guest arrived for the launch party. Molly was impressed with the décor. Alexis agreed that Olivia and Carly had done a fabulous job transforming the restaurant, but she was disappointed that T.J. hadn't been able to make it to the party. Molly assured her mother that it was for a good cause because T.J. was working on his application for med school. Molly was certain that there would be plenty of parties for them to attend down the road because Jason and Sam were media moguls, but Alexis warned Molly not to count on it.

Alexis explained that doctors had busy schedules then revealed that David hadn't been able to make it to the party because he'd been waylaid at the hospital. Molly was delighted that Alexis and David were dating, but Alexis clarified that she and David were only friends. Molly didn't care because she was relieved that her mother had finally put Julian behind her. Alexis steered the focus away from her love life and onto Kristina's decision to move all the way across the country, but Molly reminded her mother that they were there to have fun.

Meanwhile, Jason and Sam arrived for the party. Sam whispered to Jason that she felt a little overwhelmed because everything was starting to feel real, but Jason smiled and reminded her that it was the first day of the rest of their lives. Moments later, Carly ran up to greet the couple. Sam looked around then told Carly that Carly had outdone herself. Carly beamed with pride and admitted that she had wanted to make certain that everything went off without a hitch. Carly was curious what Jason and Sam intended to name their media company, but Sam insisted that Carly would have to wait for the official announcement.

Nearby, Klein's two mercenaries kept an eye on things as they posed as waiters.

A short time later, Elizabeth bumped into Carly in a small alcove. Elizabeth greeted Carly then sent Cam a text message to remind him to double check his math homework. Carly mentioned that she was trying to reach Sonny because he was running late.

In the dining room, Nina chatted with Jason and Sam. She looked forward to collaborating with the couple. Later, Jason and Sam mingled with their guests. Dante pulled Jason aside to explain that Lulu hadn't been able to attend the party because of a family commitment. He also congratulated Jason because he knew that it hadn't been easy for Jason to break ties with Sonny. Dante praised Jason for doing the right thing and putting his family first; Sonny had never been able to. Jason admitted that it hadn't been much of a choice because Sam and the children were his life.

In another corner of the restaurant, Sam greeted her mother and sister. Sam admitted that she was nervous, so she warned Alexis and Molly that she would focus on them when she and Jason made their announcement. Alexis assured Sam that she would see her and Molly smiling with pride. Molly decided to take a selfie with Alexis and Sam to send to Kristina. Alexis sarcastically mentioned that Parker would enjoy it. Molly tactfully changed the subject by expressing her surprise that Jason and Sam had bought a media company. Alexis was confident that it would be good for the couple.

Meanwhile, Monica smiled with delight when she saw that Jason had worn his father's cufflinks. Monica was certain that Alan was smiling down with pride, but Jason hoped that Monica was proud too. Monica admitted that all she had ever wanted was for Jason to be happy. She regretted that it had taken her a long time to learn not to control him, but Jason reminded her that it was all in the past. Monica explained that she'd done what she had because she had wanted the little boy that she had raised back, but she promised that she treasured the relationship they had. Jason assured Monica that he would never let her go again then he hugged her.

Near the entrance, Carly was furious when she saw Griffin and Ava. Carly assumed that Ava was there because Derek Wells Media had belonged to Julian, but Carly made it clear that Ava was not welcome and ordered her to leave.

Elsewhere in the dining room, Jason warned Sam that it was too late for them to back out. Sam asked Jason to promise -- whether they succeeded or failed -- that they would do it together. Jason assured her that it was a deal. Moments later, Carly formally introduced Jason and Sam. Jason gave a short speech about his and Sam's decision to purchase a media company then unveiled the name, Aurora Media. Sam explained that the previous year, she and Jason had talked about moving away and starting over in another town named Aurora, which had meant a new dawn.

Sam added that she and Jason had ultimately decided to remain in Port Charles to be close to their loved ones. She hoped that they each could have their own "aurora" every day. The guests applauded. Alexis and Molly congratulated Jason and Sam then said their goodbyes. Later, Elizabeth walked over to congratulate Jason. After she walked away, Sam warned Jason that Ava and Griffin were at the party, but Jason wasn't in the mood for a confrontation, so he suggested that they ignore Ava.

Meanwhile, Griffin recognized the Russian thugs and alerted Ava. They decided to let Dante know about the threat. Dante thanked Griffin and Ava for the tip then instructed them to act casual because he didn't want the men to realize that they'd been recognized. Dante approached Jason and quickly filled him in about the danger. Dante and Jason agreed to lure the men away from the guests so Dante could quietly take them into custody. However, things took an unexpected turn when the Russian thugs pulled out their guns and ordered everyone to the ground. People began to scream as Dante pulled out his own gun and identified himself as a police officer.

At Sonny's safe house in the woods, Sonny hugged his old friend. Afterwards, Sonny admitted that he'd been halfway convinced that Patient 6 was the real Jason when he'd first laid eyes on Jason. Jason knew there had been a lot riding on it. Sonny agreed then added that he trusted Jason 100 percent, even more than Carly. Sonny conceded that his wife's loyalty was unquestionable, but she had terrible judgment. Jason defended Carly, but Sonny chuckled because it was further proof that he was Jason. Sonny couldn't wait until Carly found out. "Her Jason -- our Jason -- is alive," Sonny said in a tone filled with awe.

Sonny admitted that he and Jason had a lot to catch up on, but Jason wanted Sonny to start with Elizabeth. Jason explained that he'd seen Elizabeth and a young boy around ten years old in the park, and he'd heard her mention that he was Cam's younger brother, but Jason thought the boy had been too old to be Aiden. Sonny nodded solemnly as he confirmed that the boy had been Jake. Jason's eyes filled with tears because his son was alive, but he didn't understand how it was possible. Sonny told Jason about Helena's elaborate plot to stage the accident and abduct Jake. Jason was shocked that his son had been kept on Cassadine Island.

Sonny poured them each a drink then handed one to Jason. Their conversation continued as Sonny told Jason how Robin had found the man that everyone believed was Jason in a clinic. Jason was stunned that Robin was alive, so Sonny explained that the Cassadines had taken Robin, too. However, Sonny assured Jason that Robin was fine and living in Berkeley, California, with Patrick, Emma, and her newborn son, Noah Robert. Jason was happy for Robin, but he was curious about Sam's husband. Jason wondered what, beyond a DNA test, had convinced everyone that the man was Jason.

Sonny filled Jason in about the man that had eventually become known as Jake Doe, the car accident that had resulted in Jake Doe's reconstruction surgery, Jake Doe's relationship with Elizabeth, and how Spinelli and Carly had put all the pieces together. Jason wondered if there was a possibility that Sam's husband had been Helena's accomplice, but Sonny shook his head. Sonny admitted that he hadn't liked Sam's husband at first, but Sam's husband had been reluctant to accept that he was Jason Morgan. Sonny explained that Sam's husband had bought a media company and severed ties with Sonny because he'd been worried that Sonny would pull him back into organized crime, but Jason realized that Sam's husband hadn't known Sonny the way that Jason did.

Sonny agreed; Sam's husband wasn't like Jason. Sonny suggested they tell Carly, but Jason balked because it wasn't safe as long as the Russian mercenaries were looking for him. Jason was also reluctant to dump the truth on Sam when it was clear that she was happily married. Sonny disagreed because he knew that Sam had noticed a difference in the man that she believed was Jason. Sonny acknowledged that Sam's husband was a good guy and had good intentions, but Sam's husband couldn't do for Sam what Jason could. Sonny insisted that Jason needed to go to Sam because she deserved to know that Jason was alive.

Jason/Patient 6 shows up at the media party Jason/Patient 6 shows up at the media party
Friday, October 27, 2017

At the safe house, Sonny questioned Jason/Patient 6 about why he had left the Quartermaine house in the past. Jason explained that they'd tried to control him. "Isn't that what you're doing to Sam?" Sonny asked. He thought that Jason needed to tell Sam the truth.

Felicia and Mac made out at the Floating Rib as they waited for Finn and Anna to arrive for their double date. They discussed their friend's relationship and agreed that it probably wouldn't last. Mac thought that Anna was "too much for Finn," and Finn was "uptight." Finn and Anna stood in the doorway. Anna hated to deceive the others, and she thought that she and Finn should stick to the truth as much as they could. She had to make it work until she could bust Cassandra.

Mac, Felicia, Finn, and Anna sat around a table, and Felicia and Mac began to pepper Finn and Anna with questions. Felicia wondered how the pair had grown to be more than friends. Anna called it "unexpected," while Finn declared that Anna had pursued him like a "tiger in the Serengeti." He added that she had dragged him kicking and screaming, but he had his limits. Anna grabbed his hand and squeezed it hard.

Finn turned the tables and began to ask Felicia and Mac some questions instead. The couple agreed that their getting together involved a long story. They noted that Anna and Finn didn't really seem to have anything in common, but Anna revealed that Finn had developed the serum to help cure a disease. She called him a hero, and she stated that they both believed in fighting injustice. When Mac offered to get another round, Finn knew exactly how Anna took her scotch. They each realized that the other had been paying attention.

Later, the women sat at the bar while the guys remained at the table. Mac was annoyed that Finn hadn't known that Mac had been a cop, and he threatened Finn and said that Finn had better not hurt Anna. Finn announced that Anna had called Mac a hero, and Mac visibly softened. Felicia gave Finn the grade of B, and she called him a "fixer-upper," especially since Finn didn't dance. Anna figured her new relationship probably wouldn't last, as she hadn't had any luck with men. Felicia reminded her that Valentin wasn't in the cards, so she urged Anna to give it her all.

At the Metro Court media party, Griffin and Ava found Dante and advised him that they had recognized two of the waiters as thugs they'd seen in Russia. Dante took Jason aside to tell him, and they made a plan, to no avail. The thugs pulled their guns and ordered everyone to the floor. One of the men fired a warning shot at Dante, who had temporarily engaged in a standoff with the other thug. Dante eventually tossed his gun on the floor, and he was shoved to the floor, as well. Nina hunkered down with Elizabeth, who discovered she'd been shot in her side. The women stayed down while Nina did her best to stem the bleeding.

Ava tried to call the police while Carly successfully managed to send a text message to Sonny. The thugs demanded that everyone turn their cell phones over to Sam, who was ordered to collect them.

Sonny received Carly's text, and he urged Jason/Patient 6 to grab his guns. They had an emergency, and they needed to get to Metro Court.

Sonny and Patient 6 arrived at the Metro Court and were surprised to see cops swarming the lobby. When the cop by the elevator grew distracted, Sonny managed to get onto the elevator headed for the restaurant. Sam continued to collect everyone's phones, but she suddenly tossed one at one of the thugs. Jason grabbed the man and pulled him into a headlock on the floor. The other thug grabbed Carly, but Sonny arrived. He trained his gun on the thug and menacingly ordered him to release Carly. The man obeyed, and Dante was able to cuff both of the thugs. Nina continued to aid Elizabeth. Patient 6 peered down from the skylight and watched the scene below.

The thugs were taken care of and led out of the premises. Griffin checked on Elizabeth and pronounced her wound as not serious. Sam apologized to Monica for the drama but thought that things weren't over yet. Carly insisted to Dante and Sonny that she had used her usual temp agency, and everyone on the staff had checked out. Dante explained that Ava and Griffin had recognized the men, who apparently had some ties to Jason. Sonny appeared confused. Jason and Griffin accompanied Elizabeth to the hospital.

Another thug was in the crowd, and he advised someone on the phone that he would be in touch. He grabbed Sam as she walked by and injected her with a needle. She collapsed, and he grabbed her. That was enough for Patient 6. He kicked the skylight in and jumped to the floor below. Sonny shifted his eyes as Carly looked on in shock. The man escaped with Sam, with Patient 6 in pursuit.

The cops began to question the guests, but Monica felt it was imperative to identify the man who had been on the roof. Dante and Sonny were poised to look at the security footage. Carly felt it was more important that Jason be told about Sam than worry about the unknown man from the roof. Dante began to question his father about the man who had jumped as he'd noticed that Sonny had been the only one who hadn't been surprised to see him. Sonny wanted to look for Sam instead.

Cassandra waited for Valentin on the docks. "The cavalry has arrived," he announced when he got there. He handed Cassandra an envelope filled with names of others who might help her on her latest endeavor. She looked at each briefly and tossed the papers in the trash. She wanted Valentin's skill for the job and not for procuring her employees, she told him. Valentin assured her that he was flattered, but he would not be able to work with her. Cassandra reminded him that she'd heard it all before, but this time he didn't have a say in the matter, and she was not making him an offer.

Cassandra handed an angry Valentin an envelope. The item inside "fell into my lap," she stated. She would make sure that no one saw it, but he would have to work with her. She ordered Valentin to ignore his ringing phone, but he took the call anyway. It was a near-hysterical Nina who asked him to pick her up at Metro Court.

Finn received a page and announced that he had to depart for the hospital. He bid everyone goodbye, including Anna. Felicia couldn't believe that the couple hadn't exchanged a kiss. Awkwardly, Finn and Anna leaned in and shared a kiss. Anna smiled as Finn left. Once the doctor was gone, Felicia deemed it time for the "post-mortem." Mac called Finn a nice guy, and the women were surprised. Mac admitted that while Finn hadn't been the expected type of guy, he felt that Finn cared for Anna, and Anna could do worse. Felicia called Finn a "keeper."

Franco sat in Andre's office at General Hospital and looked at the death certificate that Andre had handed him. The name on the paper was Andrew Moore, his real mother's last name. Andre sheepishly admitted that he had looked for the certificate on his own after anticipating Franco's needs. He pointed out that the reason Franco hadn't been able to locate it was because he had searched for Andrew Frank. He urged Franco to drop his pursuit.

Franco insisted that he couldn't drop it. His mother had lied to him too many times. Andre thought that Franco should believe the physical evidence in his hands, though Franco was worried that he'd caused Andrew's death. Andre pointed out the cause of death on the certificate. It was heart failure. Andre suggested that Franco make another appointment for all of his concerns and issues over the missing Andrew. Franco decided that Betsy was the crazy one, and Andre was insistent that Franco stay away from her. She would no doubt make up another story, Andre declared. The men walked out of the office and saw everyone rush by with Elizabeth on the stretcher.

After examining Elizabeth, Griffin assured the waiting parties that she had only suffered a flesh wound. She would be fine. Franco asked Jason how someone could have been injured at a corporate party, and he placed the blame squarely on Jason's shoulders. Andre eavesdropped nearby. Jason wondered why Griffin and Ava had been at the party, and he learned about the thugs being in Russia. Andre checked with Klein on the status of Sam and Patient 6.

Finn assured Elizabeth that she'd be okay. Franco sat with Elizabeth. He reminded her of how much he hated parties but said he should have gone with her to Metro Court. Monica arrived to see Jason. She told him there had been another thug at the party, and it wasn't over. Griffin hugged Ava and told her how worried he'd been that something would happen to her.

Klein stood on the dock with Sam and the thug who had first grabbed her. He was sure that Patient 6 would be looking for Sam. Just then, Patient 6 arrived with his gun pointed at the men. He gave them a chance to release Sam, and he would allow them to walk away. Given the option, the other thug agreed to leave, but he pulled his gun on Patient 6 as he departed. Patient 6 shot him. "Kill me or save her. Not both," Klein called out as he shoved Sam into the water.

Valentin arrived at Metro Court and found Nina covered in blood. She spoke hesitatingly as she told him what had happened and that it was Elizabeth's blood, not hers. She appeared ready to have a nervous breakdown and wanted to go home. She wondered why Valentin had taken so long to get there. He thought back to what he'd found in the envelope that Cassandra had handed him. It was a photo of Claudette with a currently dated newspaper.

Dante decided to tell Sonny that looking at the security footage was police business, not Sonny's. He knew that Sonny was hiding something. Carly approached Sonny after Dante left. "What the hell's going on? Who was that man?" she questioned.

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