General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 5, 2018 on GH
Robin and Spinelli returned to Port Charles for Nathan's funeral. Maxie felt Georgie's presence. Peter talked about his past. Valentin provided Anna with some answers. Julian and Kim had dinner at the Floating Rib.
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Detective Nathan West is laid to rest
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Sonny is concerned that Mike has reverted to his old ways Sonny is concerned that Mike has reverted to his old ways
Monday, February 5, 2018

Franco handed his rabbit's foot to Kevin, who wondered if the trinket was connected to Franco's claim that he'd hurt someone when he'd been a child. Franco explained that a little boy claiming to be his best friend had given it to him, but Franco had pushed him down the stairs. At Kevin's questioning, Franco confided the full story about Drew. He feared that he'd screwed the other boy up, so Faison had probably done Drew a favor.

Kevin thought the story was hard to prove, and he knew that Betsy was prone to lying. He wondered if Franco had missed Drew when he'd gone. Franco admitted that he'd asked Betsy about Drew so much that Betsy had convinced him that Drew had been an imaginary friend. Kevin still wasn't convinced that Franco had pushed Drew, and he thought that Franco wanted to be labeled as a lost cause. Franco replied that he just wanted to get away from Elizabeth and her boys if there was even "a whisper of a chance" that he could hurt them.

Kevin aimed to find out the "root cause" of Franco's behavior, which would take time, but Franco insisted that he didn't have time, as he was marrying Elizabeth soon. Kevin replied that the process couldn't be rushed, and Franco mentioned Kevin's "serial killer brother Ryan." Kevin revealed that Ryan had been sexually abused by their mother, which had caused his psychosis. He believed that Ryan could have been healed if he hadn't died, and he also believed that Franco could be healed, if he hadn't been already. Franco hoped Kevin was right.

Elizabeth bumped into Griffin and asked how he was holding up. Griffin reasoned that he'd lost patients before, but he was taking the loss of Nathan especially hard. He wondered if there was something else he could have done or if his "history" with Nathan had gotten in the way. Elizabeth assured him that he'd done his best, because he would never let his personal feelings get in the way of helping someone. She concluded that the only person responsible for Nathan's death was Faison.

Changing the subject, Griffin asked what was going on with Elizabeth. She giddily informed him that she and Franco had set a wedding date. She just hoped that Franco would "get out of his own way" by then. Griffin remarked that it was "a lesson for everyone." Elizabeth wondered if Griffin ever thought about Ava reverting to her "old ways" and about how much it would change things. Griffin admitted that he did, but he had faith in Ava.

A few minutes later, Franco found Elizabeth. He told her that he'd seen Kevin, who thought "there might be hope for me, after all." "I know there is," Elizabeth said, and they shared a kiss.

At the Metro Court, Ava advised Nelle not to underestimate Carly, because Carly wouldn't rest until "she takes you out." Nelle responded that it seemed she had no choice but to take Carly out first. Ava instructed Nelle to strategize and be careful. Nelle told Ava how close she was to getting Michael back, but the biggest obstacle was his family. Ava assumed that Michael had had feelings for Nelle at some point and wondered what had happened. Nelle claimed that Carly had "chipped away" at Michael until he'd started to take Carly's word over Nelle's.

Nelle couldn't imagine the pain Ava went through, seeing Avery around town but not being able to spend any time with her. Nelle thought that, if she got her way, Ava wouldn't have trouble seeing Avery. She wanted to "fight fire with fire" and hit Carly "where it hurts. I know exactly how."

When Nelle was gone, Griffin arrived and met Ava at the bar. She wondered how Griffin was holding up. He wasn't doing great, but he said that Ava was "exactly what I need," and the two shared a kiss.

Carly told Jason that Sam's love for him would never go away, so he needed to fight for her. She wondered if he thought Sam would be happy with Drew. Jason shot back that he didn't get to decide what made Sam happy, and he asked Carly to "drop it." Carly agreed, as she would need Jason to talk her down for the approaching six months until Nelle had the baby. She dreaded that Michael would put up with more from Nelle than he should. Jason assured Carly that Michael was a good man who would be a good father, and Michael would put the baby first.

Just then, Michael entered the house and wanted to know what had angered Carly. She revealed that she had a good reason to be mad at Nelle, especially since she was going to be connected to the family "forever." Michael assured Carly that everything would be all right, especially since she had Jason to talk her down. Jason took that as his cue and excused himself. Carly informed Michael that Nelle had tried to hit Carly. Michael asked what Carly had done to provoke Nelle, because he knew that it hadn't been out of nowhere. He guessed that she'd threatened to prove Nelle as an unfit mother, and Carly sheepishly agreed. Michael hoped that "it won't come to that."

Carly explained that no one knew how Nelle would react to a crying child when she was exhausted or overwhelmed. Michael vowed that he would never knowingly put his child in a dangerous situation, and he promised that everything would work out. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Michael let Nelle into the house. She apologized to Carly for losing her temper, and Carly surprised Nelle and Michael by forgiving Nelle. Nelle wanted to make things up to the family for all the pain she'd caused, so she'd decided that, boy or girl, she was going to name her child Morgan.

Sonny banged on Mike's door and called out for his father to open the door. The door opened, and a woman recognized Sonny as Mike's son. She let him in and realized that Mike was probably in more trouble than she'd thought. He wondered if she lived there. The woman introduced herself as Rita, Mike's live-in girlfriend of five years. She explained that they'd met at Gamblers Anonymous, so they understood each other. "Or I thought we did," she muttered.

Rita explained to Sonny that two "goons" had shown up a couple hours before, saying that Mike owed them ten thousand dollars. Mike had gone out to get the paper and had forgotten his cell phone, but he hadn't been acting strangely. She admitted that Mike was supposed to deliver money to someone, but the money had never arrived at its intended destination. She added that Mike was usually very trustworthy, and he was paid well for his work. Just then, the door opened, and Mike entered, happy to see his son.

Sonny asked Rita for some time alone with Mike, and she had to leave for work anyway. She kissed Mike, urged Sonny not to be a stranger, and left. Mike expressed his sympathy about Morgan and apologized for not being there for Sonny more. Sonny demanded to know what kind of trouble Mike had gotten himself into. He informed Mike that he knew about the missing money, but Mike insisted that he took his job seriously. Sonny offered to take care of the situation, but he needed to know the truth. He asked what had happened to the money, and Mike replied that he didn't know.

"Cesar Faison's Reign of Terror Finally Over" was the headline of the article Peter read on his computer. An officer knocked on his door to inform him that the police were almost done at the Crimson office, and they were only looking for the bullet that had missed Peter. Jason entered the office and asked for details of Peter's last conversation with Faison, noting that Peter was the last person to see Faison alive. Jason asked about Henrik and the flash drive, but Peter claimed ignorance.

Jason continued by asking about the night Faison had taken over the Crimson office. He asked a few questions about Faison's thoughts, including why Faison couldn't have just grabbed Maxie at her apartment. Peter regretted that Jason couldn't get answers from Faison, but he insisted he didn't have any, either. There was a knock on the door, and an officer informed Peter that the police couldn't find the bullet. He advised Peter to call the police if someone found the bullet, and he left.

Jason wondered if Peter knew anything about the missing bullet. He shot back that the man who'd just left had a badge, and Jason didn't. He advised Jason to make an appointment if he had any more questions, as he was busy. Jason agreed to make an appointment with Peter through Sam's office, and he left. When he was alone, Peter breathed a sigh of relief.

Sam told Drew that she thought he could remember his past on his own, but he wondered if she had any ideas, because nothing he'd tried had worked. He thought getting the flash drive was his best chance. She urged him to be very careful with the flash drive if he found it, but she reminded him that he couldn't just plug it into his head. He knew that, but he just wanted to start out with finding the flash drive. She feared that he was chasing something dangerous. From the series of events surrounding the ornament with the flash drive, they deduced that someone had known that Anna had it and had beaten her to it at the ornament donation box.

Drew suggested that he call Anna as a starting point. Sam wondered if he wanted to call Jason, as well, but he thought that Anna could tell them all they needed to know. He had a meeting with Peter, so he kissed her and left. A short while later, Jason bumped into Sam in the hallway. She informed him that she and Drew had decided to look for the flash drive. She'd suggested working with Jason, but Drew hadn't wanted to. Jason thought they would go farther if they shared information, but she quietly reminded him that he hadn't shared information.

Sam continued that Jason preferred to work with Sonny and Spinelli, and Drew preferred working with her. She wished the two would treat each other like brothers, but she knew that wouldn't happy anytime soon. "I guess not," Jason agreed. She related that, while nothing would change that they were Danny's parents, she didn't think they would be seeing much of each other outside of that. "Take care," she said tearfully. "You know where to find me," he told her, and he left.

At Metro Court, Drew sat down for his meeting with Peter. Peter informed Drew that Jason had paid him a visit for answers about Faison. Drew wondered why Jason had thought Peter would have answers. Peter didn't know, and he swore that he had never met Faison before that night.

Sonny finds the missing money Sonny finds the missing money
Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Finn and Alexis bumped into each other at General Hospital. As they joked, Deanna approached Alexis and told her that while she supported Alexis in her run for mayor, there was something that Alexis needed to see. They all headed to the nurses' station, and Deanna played an online video. It featured Alexis in a political ad and spoke of her bad choices in her personal life, complete with photos of Julian. The ad suggested that she wouldn't be able to run Port Charles with the same bad choices. Alexis rolled her eyes after the video ended.

It appeared that the ad had been paid for by Ned's campaign. Alexis received a warning text from Diane. Finn commented that all politicians were liars, and he confessed that he was not registered to vote locally. That didn't sit well with Alexis, and she announced that she would take Finn to register at that very moment.

Curtis and Stella finished up dinner at Charlie's Pub. Curtis grabbed the check and told his aunt that she needed to save money because of the instability of the Charles Street redevelopment. She informed him that she was headed out to knock on doors to register voters, and after Curtis expressed his dismay that she'd be out alone, she insisted that the street was safe. He offered to accompany Stella, but she declined. After she left, Curtis received a text message with an attachment from T.J. It wasn't good news.

Kim arrived and headed to the bar. She told Julian she didn't want to cook after a full day. "Beats eating alone," she said. She noted that her social life had been lacking. Julian declared that the bar was a "perfect place to meet someone." Kim enjoyed her avocado toast, and Julian confirmed that he was happy to see her. Suddenly, the press burst in to pepper Julian with questions about a political ad. Curtis jumped into action and threatened to call the police. The press left, and Curtis told Julian about an attack ad he'd seen, courtesy of T.J. Julian offered Curtis dessert on the house for helping him to get rid of the press and invited Kim to dinner.

At the police station, Dante eyed Nathan's empty desk sadly. Jordan thought that Dante should have stayed at home on leave of absence, but Dante assured her that he was fine. He wanted to clear out Nathan's desk for Maxie because his focus was on Nathan's family. Jordan assured him that her door would always be open if he wanted to talk. She thought that he needed to speak to someone after the death of his partner. Dante began to pack up Nathan's belongings and recalled when he and Nathan had first met. He'd thought that Nathan was there to have an easy job after accolades in Manhattan, but after seeing Nathan's travel mug with the Yankees emblem, he'd realized that they had things in common.

Dante noted that Nathan and he had been similar, and Nathan had been more like family than Dante's cousins. It felt like he'd lost his brother. Dante mentioned how good Nathan had been with kids, and he wondered what Rocco would do if Dante died. Jordan thought that Dante should go home, and she reminded him that they would be honoring Nathan the following day.

Just then, Stella arrived, accompanied by an officer, after an assault on Charles Street. Stella was the one in handcuffs. "Uncuff me this minute," Stella demanded. A man walked in after them, and Stella claimed that he had tried to steal her purse. She'd used some moves she'd learned in self-defense class and clobbered the man on the head. The street lights had gone out, and the man had made his move. The man claimed that he'd tried to help Stella cross the street. Stella disagreed and told Jordan they'd struggled over her purse.

Jordan called Curtis, and he arrived shortly after. He said that he had known all along that Stella shouldn't be outside at night by herself. He started to go after the man, and Jordan held him back. Dante noted that along with the lights going off, a camera in the vicinity had also gone down. While Curtis and Jordan both believed Stella's story, Jordan explained that the man was injured, and she had no evidence either way.

Jordan questioned the man and informed him that she'd run his name through the computer and had learned that he was out on parole. She didn't think his parole officer would be happy, and she would find out if the man had been lying. If the man would drop the charges against Stella, she wouldn't have to investigate him further. The man agreed, and Jordan advised Stella that she was free.

Stella shouted that she wanted to press charges against the man instead, but Jordan convinced her that the evidence wasn't great. Jordan would look into it further. Stella went to sign papers and retrieve her purse, and Curtis questioned the coincidence of the lights and camera going off at the same time. Jordan advised him that she had no reason to pursue that angle, but Curtis was free to do so.

Dante finished packing Nathan's things, grabbed his coat, and started out with the box. He had second thoughts and took the Yankees mug out of the box and placed it tenderly on his own desk.

Sonny asked his father what might have happened to the money that Mike was supposed to have delivered. He had a hard time believing that Mike wasn't back to his old ways. Mike didn't know where the money was. It felt like he was an obligation to Sonny, and he promised on Sonny's mother's grave that he had not gambled in seven years. He had made the drop of the money for Caruso like always. Sonny wondered why Mike had a job as a bagman in the first place, and Mike advised him that he'd needed to work. Sonny offered to support him, but Mike didn't want that. Sonny stated that he would give Mike an allowance, and he would straighten everything out with Caruso.

Shortly after, Sonny advised his father that he'd taken care of Mike's debt, though Mike insisted that it wasn't a debt. Sonny didn't want Mike to work for Caruso any longer. Mike poured them drinks and suggested they smoke some of his Cuban cigars. Sonny declined and sat down. He asked his father about Rita, and Mike explained that she took care of him. He sat down.

Mike felt bad that Sonny was taking care of him after Mike hadn't been able to take care of Sonny and his mother. He didn't want to be a burden to Sonny and Courtney. Sonny corrected his father on Carly's name, and Mike joked that it had been a long day. Sonny pointed out that nothing was more important than family.

Mike got up to prepare the guest room, and he announced that chili was on the stove, straight from Ruby's old recipe. He told Sonny to pour another drink because they had lots of catching up to do. Sonny got up, poured a drink, and eyed the cigar box. "Maybe after dinner," Sonny muttered. He opened the lid of the box and found a brown paper bag inside. He opened it up and found a stack of money.

Anna sat alone in the dark by the roaring fireplace, holding a glass of wine. She looked at her laptop but found nothing on the search engine for Henrik Faison. In her head, she heard a baby crying. Suddenly, Robin walked in. Anna and her daughter hugged, and Anna confessed that she'd forgotten about Robin's visit. She'd been distracted. Robin took her coat off. They both declared that they were heartbroken for Maxie, and Robin stated that they could be strong for Maxie with Faison gone. Anna quickly closed her laptop in order to prevent Robin from seeing anything.

When Robin questioned her, Anna stated that she was jumpy, and she had been doing confidential work for the bureau. Robin admitted that she'd underestimated Liesl's ability as a mother, but she had been trying to protect her son. Anna mentioned Liesl showing up drunk and scared, and Anna blamed herself for what had transpired. She hadn't been able to stop Faison, even though he'd been in her house. Robin did not believe it to be Anna's fault. Anna mentioned working with Jason and Sonny, though Robin was more curious about Finn.

Anna confessed that she'd deceived Robin and everyone else because she and Finn were not together and never had been. It had all been part of her operation, and she was sorry that she hadn't told Robin. She was aware that everyone had liked Finn. Robin retorted that the relationship between Finn and Anna hadn't seemed like pretending, and she added that there was acting and being. Robin thought that Anna and Finn ha d not been acting.

Anna was worked up and retorted that Finn had known nothing about espionage and had gone off himself, and she was happy that Finn had gone back to his normal life. She didn't have to worry about him any longer. Robin laughed and said that no one was buying it. She wanted Anna to admit that she had feelings for Finn.

Anna thought that Robin had to be tired, but Robin was hungry and wanted to go out. She turned down Anna's grilled cheese sandwich and noted that they both needed to get out of the house. Robin thought that Anna and Finn had seemed happy, and she thought that Anna should stay open to new possibilities and a new beginning. Anna turned back to her laptop while Robin went up to her room. There was still nothing on Henrik.

Finn was registered to vote, and he and Alexis stopped into the Floating Rib. Alexis couldn't believe that Ned had sunk so low, but Finn suggested that maybe Ned hadn't actually endorsed the attack ad. Alexis admitted that everything had been true in it, even though the ad was slanted. She had made some bad choices. Finn exclaimed that he would be suspicious of someone if they were perfect, and Ned was no match for Alexis.

Just then, Julian and Kim walked in. Julian and Alexis faintly smiled at each other. Kim and Finn knew each other from the hospital, and Kim was happy to meet Alexis, who had her vote. Julian pulled Alexis aside and told her that he'd seen the ad, which he thought was disgraceful.

Julian confessed that while he kept trying to make things right, bad things kept happening because of him. He felt that he kept hurting Alexis, though she didn't blame him. He replied that his bad choices had been used against her, and he would help her to get elected. Alexis joked that it would be better for her if he supported Ned, but she thought that she was capable of fighting on her own.

Kim stood with Finn and asked him what was going on with Alexis and Julian. Finn informed her that Alexis was Julian's ex. Kim was surprised to hear it. Julian and Alexis both returned, and the couple separated to their own tables. Finn asked if Alexis was okay, and she was short with him and told him to enjoy the evening. She didn't want to leave.

Kim wondered if she had been the only one in town to not know about Julian and Alexis. Julian apologized. "I guess it never came up in conversation," he said. He filled her in on the attack ad and admitted he had a "checkered past." He also admitted that he'd done time, several times. Kim confessed that while that wasn't her idea of a dream date, she believed in redemption. She didn't think that Julian had to pay for his mistakes for the rest of his life. Julian agreed that he was committed to a good life.

Alexis advised Finn that she couldn't run out every time she saw Julian, and Finn agreed that he didn't want to leave either. Then Anna and Robin walked in, and Finn thought about changing his mind and running out. Robin saw the way Anna and Finn looked at each other. "Tell me again how this is just a work relationship," Robin said as she looked at her mother.

Peter resigns from Aurora Peter resigns from Aurora
Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Peter entered Kelly's and found Lulu at a table with her computer. She confided how upset she was that the "happy ending" she'd been writing had turned out to be Nathan's obituary, and she believed that she had set the whole thing into motion. He suggested that those who cared for Nathan could take comfort in someone who also loved Nathan writing his obituary. "A small comfort," Lulu replied. She revealed that Maxie hadn't talked to anyone or left her apartment, and Lulu regretted that the baby would never know his or her "great" father.

Ned approached the table and commented to Lulu how he'd been enjoying reading her writing. Addressing Peter, he suggested a one-on-one interview for the paper in support of his campaign. Peter advised Ned to contact the paper directly, and he could request Lulu, if he chose. Ned thanked Peter and left. Peter applauded Lulu for getting recognized for her talent. She apologized that she failed to show any enthusiasm, as she was too upset over her best friend losing her husband.

Lulu noticed how often Peter seemed to catch her in vulnerable moments. He commended her for even being able to cry, as "most journalists can't." She thanked him for being a great mentor, but she realized that she knew nothing about him. He revealed that his life had been boring. His mother had abandoned him, and his father had sent him off to boarding school as soon as he'd been able. He'd had a brother, but his brother had died before they'd gotten a chance to get to know each other. "You deserved better," Lulu said of Peter's life, which sounded like a "Dickens novel" to her.

Peter continued that he'd written a better ending for himself by practicing what he preached. He'd become who he was in spite of his family, not because of them. He admitted that he'd always had a fantasy of his mother returning for him, but his father had assured him that would never happen. Peter explained that he'd been given to his father through an "intermediary," so Faison hadn't known which of his "many lovers" was Peter's mother. Lulu marveled over Peter's interesting life, but he brushed it off as running from "boring to unpleasant." He'd just been thankful that business had kept his father, who'd be "dead for a while," away most of the time.

Peter added that he'd spent most of his childhood seeking his father's approval, but he'd only been dismissed and ignored. He remembered finally realizing that he didn't need his father's approval, and that his father didn't have his approval, which was when he'd been able to "break free." Lulu wanted to write his story, but he called it "a dime a dozen." She thought that someone could read it and realize they weren't alone, but he thought she had plenty of "unique stories" to choose from. She agreed to respect his privacy, and she thanked him for distracting her. "What are friends for?" he said, and he left.

Sam placed a potted orchid on Drew's desk in front of him and gleefully told him to read the card. He opened the card and retrieved two plane tickets to Thailand. She wanted the trip to be a "do-over" for their honeymoon with just the two of them. They shared a kiss just as Alexis entered. Sam sheepishly greeted her mother, who wondered if they'd seen Ned's attack ad. Sam hadn't, so Drew told her about it. Alexis added that she didn't think Ned had known about it, but Sam pointed out that he hadn't made any effort to get it taken down. Sam suggested a counterattack.

Alexis asked for Aurora's endorsement, but Drew thought that their endorsement would "tank" her campaign. Sam agreed that an endorsement wouldn't mean much from the daughter that Alexis shared with Julian. Drew suggested that she get an endorsement straight from the Port Charles Press. Sam suggested that they strategize over lunch. Alexis agreed, so the two left.

Later, Drew was looking at the plane tickets when Ned entered the office. Ned wanted Drew to know that, had the family known about Drew, they would have had his back while he'd been growing up. He explained that Quartermaines were loyal to each other, and Ned took the opportunity to ask Drew for an endorsement. Drew told Ned the same thing he and Sam had told Alexis about not endorsing family, but he appreciated Ned's kind words. Ned thought that recusing himself made Drew "more of a Quartermaine," and Ned commended the decision. He noticed Drew wearing Alan's cufflinks and told him to enjoy them.

A short while later, Peter entered Drew's office. He thanked Drew for the opportunity Drew and Sam had given him at their "great company," but he was there to give his resignation. He'd decided to leave Port Charles.

"Where have you been?" Sonny wondered when Mike returned to his apartment. Sonny threw the bag of money to Mike and demanded to know how the money had gotten into Mike's cigar box. Mike swore that he didn't know. Sonny exploded at Mike for playing games, and Mike yelled back that he didn't need Sonny's help. Rita emerged from the bedroom after hearing the men arguing. She told Sonny that Mike was too proud and stupid to ask, but they needed help. Sonny reasoned that he couldn't help if he didn't know what was going on, and Rita answered that she would tell him if she knew anything. Mike exploded that if Mike's word wasn't good enough for Sonny, then Sonny could leave. Mike stormed off to take a shower after his walk.

Rita commented that Mike hadn't been himself. Sonny looked through the bag of money and realized that there was none missing, which meant Mike was telling the truth about not gambling. Rita urged Sonny to go easy on Mike, as she'd noticed that something had been worrying him. She divulged that Mike only wanted to be someone that Sonny could be proud of.

Mike returned, and Sonny assured Mike that he believed his father. Sonny revealed that he'd paid Caruso back, so Mike could keep the money. However, he suggested a vacation while things calmed down. Sonny invited Mike and Rita to Port Charles to spend time with the family. Rita couldn't, as she had to work, but she urged Mike to go. Mike gave a few flimsy reasons why he couldn't, and Rita told him that everything would still be there when he got back, including her. "It's upstate New York, not Timbuktu!" she joked. "Okay," Mike finally agreed.

Jim arrived at Charlie's and informed Julian that his offer was still on the table. Julian maintained that his bar was not for sale. "You know where to find me if you change your mind," Jim said, and he sat down at a table. From the bar, Curtis confirmed that Jim hadn't smiled -- he'd been baring his teeth.

Alexis and Sam entered Charlie's, and Julian promised to send a server over. Sam conceded that the place was "cool," but she wouldn't be going back often. Alexis assured her daughter that she and Julian wouldn't be getting back together, as Julian appeared to have a girlfriend. Jim approached the table and congratulated Alexis on her candidacy. She invited him to sit, and she introduced Jim and Sam. Jim told Alexis, who clearly wasn't thrilled, that he wanted to share his company's plans for the Charles Street redevelopment, to be fair.

A short while later, Jim handed Sam his card in order to run some things by Sam and Drew. She promised to talk to Drew so they could figure it out. Ned arrived, and Jim left the table to sit with him. The women glared as Jim and Ned laughed at the table.

Julian and Curtis also glared at Jim and Ned, and Julian wondered if Curtis had found anything out. Curtis revealed that Stella's mugger, a "low-level street punk," had disappeared. Julian believed that the mugger had acted on orders, and the person giving the orders had helped the man skip town. He explained that Stella was a very vocal opponent of the Charles Street redevelopment plan. The streetlights and security cameras going out combined with her attacker's injuries were supposed to have made Stella look like the crazy person. Julian and Curtis agreed it hadn't been a coincidence.

Nina was picking out a flower arrangement for Nathan's funeral, with Valentin's help, when Anna entered the house. Nina and Valentin both yelled at Anna that it wasn't a good time, but she revealed that she was there to see Liesl. Nina told Anna that Liesl was resting, so she could give Liesl a message for Anna. "I'd rather hear it in person," Liesl said as she entered the room. Anna stated that the WSB wanted to search the premises for traces of Faison, with Valentin's permission. She was also there to give Faison's personal effects to Liesl, who ran from Anna, wanting nothing to do with Faison.

Anna remembered Liesl talking about Faison's son Henrik and wondered if Liesl knew where he was or how to find him. Nina replied that Nathan didn't have a brother, but Anna briefly explained the situation to Nina. Anna claimed that she didn't want the son of Faison out there, possibly following in Faison's footsteps. Liesl reminded Anna that she had only seen Henrik on a couple occasions when he'd been a boy. Anna needed to stop Henrik before he potentially caused more damage, but Nina yelled at Anna to stop him later, because they needed time to grieve for Nathan. Nina told Liesl that they needed to go to Maxie's to make funeral arrangements. She asked Valentin to make Anna leave, and she and Liesl left.

Anna apologized to Valentin but assured him that she wouldn't be there if the situation wasn't "critical." Valentin wondered how questions about a dead man were critical. She claimed that she and the WSB just wanted the case wrapped up "for good." She asked if he'd crossed paths with Faison after Valentin had left the WSB, but he only laughed that she was "making a mess." He clarified that she needed to cut to the chase and ask what she really wanted to know about the child she'd had with Faison.

Anna learns about her long-lost child Anna learns about her long-lost child
Thursday, February 8, 2018

Kiki and Ava informed Elizabeth that their save the date for the wedding didn't have a location listed for the reception. Elizabeth admitted that she and Franco were having a hard time finding somewhere for the reception, and Ava offered her gallery. Elizabeth thanked Ava for the generous offer and promised to run it by Franco, who'd had a lot on his mind.

In the art therapy room, Franco put some finishing touches on a new painting. Elizabeth entered, and Franco reminded her that he didn't like when she sneaked up on him while he was painting. He moved to cover it up, but she liked to watch him work. She commented that his muse seemed to have returned and hoped that Kevin had helped with that. Franco admitted that he had. Elizabeth thought the painting meant that Franco was emerging from the dark place he'd been in and was moving toward something "new and unknown." She informed him about Ava's offer, and they agreed to discuss it over a meal.

Nelle remarked on how well all of her appointments had gone for "Morgan." Michael admitted that he didn't want to name the child Morgan because he believed that it reminded the family of painful memories. He thought they should wait to find out the sex of the baby, and then they could figure out a name they both liked. "Anything else you wanna dictate?" she wondered sarcastically. He clarified that he wanted to discuss and compromise, if necessary, for all decisions regarding the baby. Nelle touched his arm in an understanding way as Kiki looked on.

Nelle wanted to sign up for the Lamaze classes, but she was exhausted, so she asked Michael to do it. When she was gone, Kiki remarked that Nelle had seemed affectionate, but Michael insisted that Nelle understood that there was no future for them. Kiki had to go change because Ava wanted to celebrate Kiki's admission into medical school. Michael reminded her that there was a party at the hospital for the new students, but Kiki answered that everyone she knew that was going had a date. She didn't feel like fielding questions about Dillon. He urged her not to let Dillon ruin her moment, and she promised to think about it. They embraced, and she left.

Ava remarked to Nelle that she'd seen Nelle with Michael, and it had looked "promising." Nelle answered that the baby had been helping Nelle and Michael grow closer. She admitted that she'd had a "setback" with Carly, and Ava knew that Carly wouldn't go down without a fight. Nelle promised that Carly would have no fight left when Nelle was done with her. Ava wanted to know about Nelle's plan, but she was still finalizing details. She asked if Ava could give her flexible hours at the gallery for the baby's sake, and Ava agreed.

Later, Kiki approached Ava, and Ava wondered where Kiki wanted to go to celebrate. Kiki wanted to go to the Floating Rib, but Ava thought they should go to Metro Court. "You deserve Champagne. Only the best for my girl," Ava explained. She said that she might have something to celebrate soon, too, and the two got into the elevator.

Peter informed Drew that he was resigning but that he would stay on until Sam and Drew found a replacement. Drew refused to accept the resignation without an explanation. "I've accomplished what I came here to do," Peter replied. He admitted that he was still in shock from the shooting, and it had made him question if he wanted to spend his life behind a desk. Drew wondered what Peter's plans were, and Peter admitted that he hadn't decided. Drew advised Peter to take a few days off to think things over.

Peter knew what he needed to do. Drew expressed how grateful he was for all Peter had done for Sam and Drew, and he thought it would be hard to see Peter go, as they considered him part of the family. Peter sincerely thanked Drew for the kind words, as it was hard for him to consider himself part of any family. Drew promised that he would accept Peter's resignation the next day if Peter still felt the same way. Peter doubted that he would change his mind, and he left.

At Charlie's, Sam told Alexis about Henrik and that Drew believed Jason had purposely withheld that information. Alexis suggested that Sam keep her distance from Jason, and Sam insisted that she was. Just then, Sam got a call from Drew, who told her that there was "something up at work." He said he would meet her at Charlie's to fill her in. "I need a favor," she asked Alexis when she was off the phone.

A short while later, Alexis was gone, and Drew entered the bar. They discussed the situation with Peter until Jim interrupted them. Sam introduced Jim and Drew, and Jim talked about using Aurora as a "major advertiser" for the Charles Street project. He walked away to get them drinks as Elizabeth and Franco entered. Franco saw Sam and Drew and wanted to leave, but Elizabeth thought they should stay. They sat at a table, and Franco asked the man standing at the bar for a couple menus. Jim handed Franco two menus and greeted him warmly. He told Franco that he was in the middle of a business meeting, so he returned to Sam and Drew, drinks in hand.

Jim asked Sam and Drew for an endorsement, but they repeated that they were staying neutral, as Sam was related to Alexis, and Drew was related to Ned. "You're a Quartermaine?" Jim asked, surprised. He realized who Drew was and told him about how he'd dated Betsy while Drew had been in her care. As Drew glared at Franco, Sam asked if Jim could tell them anything about Drew's past. Jim answered that he'd heard Drew had died, but it looked like they'd been "meant to reconnect. Cheers!"

As Franco looked on, Jim told Drew that Drew was lucky to be alive after Franco had tried to kill him by shoving him down the basement steps. Drew shot up from the table, yelling at Franco. Franco knocked over his beer and realized that it had just been a daydream. He held the rabbit's foot as Elizabeth asked if he was all right.

Jim told Drew that, while Franco had been a "natural artist," Drew had always been building things. He had to go, but he was looking forward to working with Sam and Drew. When he was gone, Sam divulged that she got the feeling Jim was hiding something. As Elizabeth and Franco headed toward the door, Drew wondered why Franco hadn't told him that Jim had known them as kids. Franco dismissed it as ancient history, and they headed out. Sam realized that Franco had dropped something and handed him the rabbit's foot.

Carly wondered what Jason thought of the new living space she'd designed for him. He admitted that he liked it. "Thank God," she said, relieved. She showed him the boys' room and was glad that she hadn't gotten bunk beds. She related that Michael and Morgan had fought over theirs when they'd been little. She hoped that he would make many memories there. Jason confided that he was nervous about Danny's visit that night. She assured him that "kids pick up on things," and Danny had definitely picked up on how Sam felt about Jason. Carly thought it was only a matter of time until Sam revealed her feelings to Jason.

Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Jason opened it to Alexis with Danny. Danny thought that Jason's new place looked "cool," and Carly informed him that it was his, as well. A few minutes later, Danny remarked on how much Scout liked her Christmas toys, and Jason replied that he would know what to get Danny next year. Danny mentioned a Star Wars game that Jake had gotten, and Carly told Danny to look at the Star Wars things in his room.

When Danny was in his room, Carly wondered why Sam couldn't have dropped Danny off. "Work issue," Alexis said. Carly thought that Sam couldn't trust herself around Jason. When Danny returned, Alexis was gone, and Jason invited Carly to stay for dinner. Jason wondered what kind of pizza Danny wanted. "Whatever you're getting, Dad," Danny replied, which made Jason smile. Carly told him to get used to it, because he would always be a father to Danny. She said her goodbyes and left.

When Carly was outside the apartment, her phone rang. She answered the call from "unknown caller," but no one spoke back to her, so she hung up. Elsewhere, someone wearing gloves hung up a pay phone. The caller was Nelle.

Anna asked Valentin if he'd ever crossed paths with Faison after leaving the WSB. Valentin told her to "cut to the chase" and just ask what had happened to the child she'd had with Faison. She played dumb, but he divulged that he knew her story. He talked of a "lonely, quiet house" in Brussels where a midwife had delivered a child in a private room where "only the mother could hear the baby cry." He'd thought that the woman had been Alex, but he'd realized it had been Anna.

Valentin admitted that he'd followed Anna from school when she'd gone to "destroy" Faison. She'd disguised herself, gotten Faison drunk, and left with him. He remembered the rumors about Anna stealing intel from Faison, but no one could figure out how she'd done it. She wondered how he'd known about the house, and he admitted that he'd followed her on her "spontaneous leave of absence" for "special training." However, by the time he'd gotten there, she'd been gone.

Valentin continued that he'd only had the word of the midwife about what had happened. "No child should have a monster for a father," Anna spat, and he agreed, which was why he'd never told anyone. He'd been told that she hadn't been able to look at the baby because then she wouldn't have wanted to let go. The midwife had said that Anna had begged her to find a good home for the baby, so she would never know who her father was. Anna was confused, and Valentin confirmed that she'd had a daughter who'd had a good life, and Faison had never known about the child. "You got what you wanted," he assured her.

Without any more words, Anna left the house. When she was outside, she smiled at the fact that she'd had a girl, and she left.

At the office, Peter's phone rang, and he answered it icily. "You should be aware that I'm leaving Port Charles," he said into the phone. "That would be a mistake," Valentin answered.

Nathan is laid to rest Nathan is laid to rest
Friday, February 9, 2018

"This is the end of watch call for Detective West," Jordan read solemnly to the assembled police officers clad in dress uniforms at the police station. Dante and Valerie replaced the plaque on the wall with Nathan's newly added nameplate. Jordan read of Nathan's bravery and service. "This is his 10-42. His watch is concluded. He has gone home for the final time," Jordan ended.

Amy and Bobbie prepared for Nathan's post-funeral reception at the Floating Rib.

Robin and Anna sat at the hospital and waited for Griffin. Robin admitted that she felt as though she hadn't been a good support to Maxie after her sister, Georgie, had passed away. She didn't know what to say this time either. Griffin approached the women, and Anna straightened his tie. Griffin apologized for being a mess, but Anna assured him that everyone was feeling the same way. The trio left the hospital arm in arm.

Maxie sat in her apartment and played with Nathan's wedding band on her thumb. Felicia and Sam helped her up so they could be on their way. Mac waited, and Spinelli arrived. Felicia explained that Frisco wouldn't be able to get to the funeral, and Maxie was calm as she replied that she understood. She told everyone that she was okay. Sam left to pick up Drew, and Mac left to get the car. Felicia advised her daughter that a lot of people loved her and would be there for her. She left, and Maxie suggested that Spinelli head out too.

Spinelli revealed that he had something for Maxie from their daughter. He hugged Maxie and said that Georgie loved her mommy. He gave Maxie her space, and Maxie sat on the coffee table. She opened her purse and pulled out the blood-spattered sonogram photo. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and Maxie recalled Nathan knocking on the door in the past. "Please come back to me," Maxie said as she went to open the door. No one was there, and she sank to the floor.

"How do I do this?" Maxie wondered. Someone grabbed her hand. It was her sister Georgie's ghost who sat down on the floor next to Maxie. "How do I go on without him?" Maxie asked. "Any way you can," Georgie replied as she wrapped Maxie in her arms. Maxie declared that she was over saying goodbye to people. She thought that Nathan had been too good to be true and too good for her. She believed that she had always been meant to lose him. Georgie accused Maxie of setting the bar too low. Maxie went on that she had tried not to get close to Nathan because she had known that it would end badly. She didn't want to hear any cliché from Georgie.

Georgie reminded Maxie that Maxie was having Nathan's baby, but Maxie replied that it was without Nathan. She just wanted the pain to stop. "I wish I never met him," Maxie said. Georgie wondered if Maxie would really want to give up her four years of happiness with Nathan. Maxie explained that Nathan had saved her every day and had been a hero. Georgie gently replied that Nathan had known that Maxie hadn't really needed anyone to save her, and she thought that Maxie should show Nathan what she had. Suddenly, Maxie looked around. Georgie was gone. She got up and put her shoes on and sniffed away her tears. She packed the photo, picked up her coat, and left.

Liesl, Valentin, and Anna were at the church and greeted the grieving attendees. Bobbie arrived, followed by Amy and Curtis. Everyone signed the guestbook. Lulu thanked Curtis for taking her to the hospital, and she asked him to sit with her, since Dante would be with the police force. Curtis agreed because Jordan would be with the police also. Jordan, Dante, and members of the Port Charles Police Department arrived.

Nina insisted on greeting everyone. She thought it would be a last act for her brother. Liesl recalled how she had never been there for her son as he had grown up. Franco and Elizabeth extended their condolences to Liesl, and Franco awkwardly gave Liesl a little hug. Franco admitted that Nathan had been the most gentle person to ever arrest him, and Liesl agreed that her son had had a "light touch."

Griffin, Anna, and Robin picked up their programs, and Anna went over to Nina, who was looking for a light for a cigarette. She admitted that she'd only started smoking again within the past few days. She decided against it and handed Anna the pack of cigarettes. Anna promised to get rid of them. Anna glanced over at Valentin. Peter looked at his program and recalled the day that Nathan had been shot. Lulu asked about Peter's attendance, and he revealed that he'd wanted to pay his respects. Lulu admitted that she hadn't spoken to Maxie.

The American flag-draped casket was carried into the church with Dante and Valerie as the first two pallbearers. Everyone stood as Maxie, Felicia, Mac, Nina, and Liesl followed the casket. They sat down in the front pews. The gathered were solemn as Mac, Felicia, and Maxie stood over the open casket. Mac saluted, and Felicia put her arm protectively around her daughter.

Nina gave a eulogy and spoke about her brother as a little boy who had always had a pocketful of jingling coins. He had always saved the coins to give to people who needed the money, from the homeless to street musicians. Her brother had been a giver who had given his words, his coins, and his advice, among many other things. Eventually, he had given his life, and she wanted everyone to keep his soul alive by being giving. Her voice cracked, and she advised those in attendance that she would love to hear their stories about Nathan. Nina placed some coins in Nathan's pocket and sat down. Everyone paid their respects at the casket. Jordan and Dante both saluted, and Amy tenderly brushed Nathan's shoulder.

Following the service, everyone numbly moved to the graveyard to watch and listen to a ceremony for fallen officers. Gunshots rang out. Dante and Valerie folded the American flag as Dante's voice could be heard reading "The Final Inspection," a poem for fallen officers. The tears rolled down Maxie's cheeks. Drums and bagpipes performed "Amazing Grace," and everyone stepped up to the casket to lay a white rose. After the service, everyone extended their condolences to Nina and to Maxie, who stood with her parents. Mac held onto the flag. Lulu stood off to the side by herself. Valentin looked at Peter and gave him a small smile.

After almost everyone had gone except for Lulu, Dante, Nina, and Valentin, Maxie went to the casket and cried. "I don't really know what to say," she said. She told Nathan she loved him and always would. "You saw the best in me," she continued. He always made her better, and she might not succeed, but she would try to stay that way. She didn't know if she could without him. "I guess I need to let you go now," Maxie said as she laid the sonogram photo on top of the casket amidst the roses.

Shortly after, Maxie kneeled on the ground next to the gravesite. Peter looked on, unseen. Maxie stood up and implored her sister, "Georgie, please take care of him." Nathan gently placed his hands on her arms. Maxie leaned back into him. She could feel him there. She looked around, and he was gone, but then she saw Nathan and Georgie standing together. "I love you," Nathan mouthed at Maxie. Then he and Georgie grasped hands, turned, and left.

Lulu walked over to Maxie to tell her how sorry she was. "You should be sorry. You killed him," Maxie snapped.

As everyone gathered at the Floating Rib, Spinelli announced that he wanted to say something. He had difficulty speaking because there were no words. He began to sing "Danny Boy" instead. After a while, he was choked up and was unable to finish the song. Amy rose and began to sing, and together, they sang the rest of the song.

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