General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 23, 2018 on GH
Jordan had a health scare. Curtis proposed marriage. Maxie was concerned about Lulu. Robert realized that Henrik was Anna's son. Ava took advantage of a situation to push for custody of Avery.
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Mike Corbin fears he is ruining Sonny's happiness
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Avery goes home with Ava Avery goes home with Ava
Monday, April 23, 2018

Nina carried a tray of hors d'oeuvres into the living room, and Valentin wondered what was going on. She realized that she'd forgotten to tell him that they were having a dinner party. As if on cue, someone was at the door, and she invited Peter into the house. Peter went into the living room, and Valentin muttered that he'd thought she wasn't digging into Peter's past. She revealed that she wasn't, but Curtis was. She added that she'd invited someone else over in order to occupy Peter's time away from Maxie. The doorbell rang, and Maxie entered the house.

Nina kept Maxie from the living room, and Valentin offered to "see to our guest." Maxie handed Nina some proofs from a photo shoot that she thought Nina should have immediately. Nina promised to look them over the next day and ushered Maxie toward the door. However, the doorbell rang again, and Nina opened it to Rylie, a cover model frequently used by Crimson. Rylie wondered where her "tall, dark, and handsome dinner date" was. Nina informed Rylie that the date was Peter, the COO of Aurora, and Maxie's jaw dropped.

In the living room, Valentin warned Peter that he shouldn't have accepted Nina's invitation, but Peter insisted that he wanted to "cultivate a better relationship" with Nina. Valentin informed Peter that Nina was onto him and had Curtis digging around in Peter's past. Nina, Rylie, and Maxie entered the living room, and Nina introduced Rylie and Peter. The two made small talk about different cities they'd visited, and Nina remarked to Valentin that things would be easier without Maxie there. Valentin bet that he could make her leave.

Maxie asked Nina if her invitation to the dinner party had gotten "lost in the mail." She was happy that Nina was finally being nice to Peter. Nina commented that Peter and Rylie made a cute couple, but Maxie thought he looked like she needed to "save" him. Maxie interrupted Peter and Rylie's conversation about the fashion industry to inform Rylie that the crab puff she was eating had gluten in it. Rylie quickly put the crab puff down and excused herself. "My hero," Peter smiled. Maxie informed him that if he wanted to date someone, Maxie knew "the best people."

Nina announced that dinner was ready, and Peter promised to join them soon. Nina wondered where Rylie was, and Maxie informed her that Rylie had almost made Peter "die of boredom." When Nina and Maxie were gone, Valentin again advised Peter to leave Port Charles. Peter shot back that Valentin needed to deal with Nina and her investigation and that he wasn't going anywhere.

Spinelli showed Jason and Sam the picture of Henrik on the computer, and Bruhl confirmed that it was Henrik. Spinelli quickly ran it through a program and discovered that the picture was actually a composite of elements of hundreds of other faces. Bruhl admitted that he'd never met Henrik in person. Spinelli did some more digging and found that both Faison and his son had safe deposit boxes at the bank. He saw that Bruhl had accessed Faison's after his death.

Bruhl explained that Henrik had wanted the letters from the box addressed to Drew and Jason, one of which contained a flash drive. Bruhl had left them in a birdhouse in a park for Henrik. Sam instructed Bruhl to go get Faison's safe deposit box and take Jason along so he didn't "get lost." A short while later, the two returned with the box. Sam pulled out piles of Euros, a bag of sapphires, and a clipped pile of papers with code written on them. Jason pulled out an old photo of Anna, which he pocketed in order to return it to Anna. Jason also pulled out a storage box with a scanner and keypad, but Spinelli yelled at him not to touch it, or else they were all dead.

Spinelli identified the box as a "conundrum box," which was only to be opened by one specific person. If anyone else attempted to open the box, it would destroy everything and everyone in its proximity. He did assure them that it was safe to transport, as long as no one tried to open it. He and Sam packed up the contents of the safe deposit box into Spinelli's briefcase and decided that they would donate the money and jewels to charity.

Spinelli uploaded proof of Bruhl's embezzlements to "the cloud," and he configured the security system to go back up long after he, Sam, and Jason were gone. Sam informed Bruhl that he was safe as long as he continued to cooperate with them and didn't cross them. The three left arm in arm with the briefcase.

Robert wondered what Anna's connection was to Henrik, until he had a sudden realization. "He's not just Faison's son. He's also your son," he guessed, and Anna confirmed it. Robert asked to hear the story, and Anna reluctantly obliged. She concluded her story and added that she'd been "playing" Faison when she'd been a double agent for the DVX. She'd been trapped within the organization until Sean Donely had arrived with Robert. She thought back to the first time she'd met Robert, who'd given her "reason to hope."

Anna was sorry that Robert had missed so much time with Robin, and he was sorry for all the pain she'd gone through. Robert offered to help her hunt for Henrik on one condition -- he made her promise that she wouldn't tell Henrik that she was his mother. She promised, and he wondered who else knew about Henrik. She revealed that she'd told Andre and that Valentin had known since day one, but she hadn't told Finn. There was a knock on the door, and Anna opened it to Jason, Sam, and Spinelli, who had the briefcase. They quickly updated Anna and Robert on their visit to the bank and showed her the conundrum box, which was marked with the Cassadine family crest.

Ava refused to allow Avery to spend another night under the same roof as Mike. She and Sonny argued about it until Jordan interrupted, telling them to calm down. Sonny stated that he would be taking Avery home, as he had full custody, but Ava vowed to make the family "pay" if he did. Ava wanted Mike arrested, and Jordan asked Dante for all the details. Dante updated her, and Griffin chimed in that Mike was indeed his patient, who'd just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Ava used that information to her advantage, as Mike had nearly made a victim of his own granddaughter. "Who will it be tomorrow?" she wondered.

Diane entered and asked for a moment with her client, which Jordan granted. Ava immediately pulled out her phone to contact Scott, but Griffin wondered if that was really how Ava wanted to handle the situation. Sonny and Carly insisted to Diane that the incident had been an accident and that there had been no criminal intent on Mike's part. Diane informed them that, unfortunately, intent didn't mean that a crime hadn't been committed. She promised to argue that Mike's illness rendered him not responsible for his actions. Sonny thought the only way around that was "through her," he said, staring down Ava.

Sonny sauntered over to Ava and asked what she wanted. "Full custody," she replied quickly. Sonny refused, and Ava vowed to make sure Mike spent the rest of his life in a cell, "padded or not." Diane advised Sonny not to "win the battle just to lose the war." Sonny agreed to let Ava have Avery until the next day. Carly retrieved Avery from the interrogation room, and Sonny and Carly said goodbye. Ava picked Avery up, and Avery said, "Bye, mommy. Bye, daddy," much to Ava's disgust.

When Ava, Avery, and Griffin were gone, Sonny assured Carly and Diane that he knew what he was doing. Mike passionately told Sonny not to make the same mistake Mike had, and he told Sonny to choose his child first. Sonny hugged his father, and he and Carly left. Dante was ready to hear more of Mike's stories. Mike said the worst thing about his life was "coming back to myself" and seeing people try to figure out whether to talk to him straight or to lie to him "like a child." Dante put an arm around Mike, and they walked toward the holding cells together.

At Ava's, Ava informed Griffin that Avery had fallen asleep immediately, but Ava had been upset to find hay in Avery's pockets. Ava exclaimed that Avery had spent the night in a barn with a man who hadn't known who she was. "Never again," she resolved. Griffin assured her that she didn't need to worry anymore. "Do I look worried to you?" Ava asked stonily.

Nelle arrived at Sonny's to ask if Michael had gotten an update on Avery. He hadn't, and he offered her some of the takeout that Sonny and Carly hadn't had time to touch before they'd been called to the police station. Michael got her some food, but she felt "insensitive" eating at a time like that. He understood that she was trying to take care of their baby.

Nelle looked around at the family pictures and remarked on how happy the family seemed. Michael replied that his parents had always done their best to put their kids first, which was a quality that all parents needed. He could see that quality in her, and she agreed that she only wanted to give the baby the best life she could.

Just then, Michael's phone went off, and he answered it to good news about Avery and Mike. Nelle hugged him just as Sonny and Carly returned home. He asked about where Avery and Mike were, and Carly bitterly told him that Mike was with Dante, and Avery was with Ava. Nelle took that as her cue to leave, and she expressed how glad she was that everything had worked out.

Carly told Sonny that they needed to use their "trump card" on Ava -- the recording of Ava with Paul. "Leave it," he instructed her, promising to "take care" of Ava and Avery. He urged her to take care of herself, as she was the one who needed help.

Jordan thinks she's ill; Curtis proposes Jordan thinks she's ill; Curtis proposes
Tuesday, April 24, 2018

At Ava's penthouse, Ava glowed as she described her time with Avery to Scott. The lawyer sat on the couch next to Ava and played around with one of Avery's toys. Scott suggested various scenarios to Ava, including joint-custody of Avery with Sonny, but Ava quickly declared that she planned on going for full custody of her daughter. Scott was surprised to hear that Ava would attempt full custody. Ava insisted that she had leverage, and she would gain her daughter while Sonny could have his father.

Griffin had begun to walk into the room but thought better of it and lingered out of sight in order to listen. Scott stressed that Ava would have to prove that Mike was a threat to Avery and society and needed to be in a facility. Ava wanted to know if Scott was willing to do whatever it took for her to win custody. Griffin wandered into the room and asked to talk to Ava. Scott left the couple alone.

Griffin wondered whether Ava was making a smart move, but Ava insisted that while she empathized with Mike, there had been no excuse for Avery's kidnapping. She did not care that there had been no intent. Griffin tried to persuade Ava that she would be adding to the family's misery, and he wanted her to be compassionate. Ava refused to accept responsibility for Morgan's death, and she said she'd had a tough time during the past few years. She was tired of compromising, and she wanted Avery's custody to be permanent.

Nelle and Michael attended a routine exam together at the hospital. They sat down on a bench in the hallway. Nelle explained that she'd wanted to be more of a help during the time that Avery and Mike had been missing but hadn't wanted to provoke Carly. Michael thought it would be a while before Carly accepted Nelle's actions. Nelle flashed back to her own actions at the cemetery and smiled to herself. Michael told her about recording Mike's memories for Avery and the baby.

Nelle realized that things had been difficult for Sonny and Carly, and Michael was concerned about a possible new battle between Sonny and Ava. Nelle received a text message from Ava about work and had to leave. Michael wondered if Nelle might ask Ava to consider joint-custody because it would be better in the long run. Nelle couldn't promise, but she agreed to try.

Later, Nelle arrived at Ava's and overheard Griffin and Ava arguing. The doctor wanted to know if Ava was willing to risk Mike's well-being. Ava retorted that she was more concerned with Avery, who wasn't safe at Sonny's house with Mike around. Ava declared that she lived in the real world and knew what was happening. She couldn't be a "saint living in paradise." Griffin had to leave, and he hoped that Ava wouldn't do anything until they could talk again.

Griffin opened the partially opened door and saw Nelle standing there. "Nelle," Griffin said as he stormed off. Nelle admitted to having heard some of the intense argument. Ava was certain that both Sonny and Carly would be just as ruthless, and she wouldn't allow them to stand in her way. Nelle suggested that shared custody might be reasonable, and Ava was surprised to hear her say that. Nelle realized that Griffin wouldn't make Ava choose between him and Avery, so she was okay with Ava's decision.

Kiki arrived on time for her shadowing with Dr. Bensch, and he berated her for being on time rather than early. He abruptly ordered her to pull her hair back and strode off, with Kiki rushing to catch up. They entered a patient's room and found a young man who'd been struck in the head. Bensch quizzed him and ordered Deanna to take the patient for an MRI.

Afterwards, Bensch gruffly demanded to know about Kiki's diagnosis of the case, although Kiki reminded him that she hadn't started medical training yet. Kiki was unable to get her words out as Bensch counted down the seconds then accused her of killing her patient. The doctor continued to give Kiki a difficult time and told her she was incompetent.

Kiki had heard enough and called Bensch unfair. He continued to criticize her, and Kiki called him on trying to intimidate her. She noted that she had yet to get any training. Bensch decided that he had been wrong in thinking that she had any potential, and he told her to go home and "hit the books." He didn't want her just taking up space.

Griffin found Kiki crying in a corner and asked if she was okay. He'd seen Bensch ripping into her. Kiki acknowledged that she always felt like everything was wrong, but she was also very tired after Avery had been missing. Griffin offered to talk to Bensch on Kiki's behalf, but Kiki made him promise not to say anything. He thought that Bensch needed some sleep, too, because he shouldn't have spoken to anyone like he had. Kiki hugged Griffin, and Bensch saw them together.

Sonny and Carly were at the police station, waiting for Mike to be released. Sonny paced the floor, and Carly reassured her husband the best that she could. They saw Dante, who told them there was a problem. The judge was not a fan of anyone using dementia as an excuse for their actions due to a previous problem with crime families doing just that. Sonny didn't understand, because his father had been confused.

Carly received a reminder on her phone that she had an appointment with Kevin. She offered to stay behind, since the only reason she'd agreed to see Kevin had been for Sonny's peace of mind. Carly was disappointed when Sonny insisted that she keep the appointment.

Scott arrived looking for Diane, but he saw Sonny instead. Sonny wondered if Scott had seen Ava because he thought that Ava shouldn't get used to being with Avery. Scott admitted that he had seen his client, and he was having fun because of what Sonny had done to his daughter Karen. Sonny clarified that Scott had a problem with Sonny, not with Avery or Mike. Scott gloated that he would get to spend more time with Avery than Sonny would. Sonny went after Scott at that point, and Dante arrived in time to pull his father off of the lawyer.

Scott noted that Sonny had always turned to violence. Mike stood by, and Sonny assured him that things were okay. Scott asked for Diane, and Dante sent him off. Mike was taken to the interrogation room, and Dante yelled at Sonny, who slammed his hand on the desk. Dante revealed that Mike hadn't known where he was for half the night. Sonny went to his father and sat down at the table with him.

Mike began to blame himself for everything and talked about "Little Avery," who had to have been confused. He'd remembered everything when he'd woken up and had realized he'd "screwed up" Sonny's life again. He was sorry. Sonny denied that anything was Mike's fault, but Mike thought that Sonny would be better off without him in Port Charles. He had been worse than useless. Dante wanted to see Sonny again and have a word with him.

Dante announced that Diane had still been arguing for bail, but he would have to return Mike to his cell. He thought that things would end badly without Ava's cooperation. Sonny stated that the longer Mike spent in the cell without anything familiar, the faster he would slip away.

Jordan coughed as she waited on a phone call in her office. Curtis arrived with breakfast, noting that she hadn't eaten earlier. Jordan hung up the phone quickly and stated that she was behind in her paperwork. Curtis asked about the phone call. Jordan replied that it was not a big deal, but Curtis reminded her that he was a private investigator who picked up on clues. He had noticed her hanging up the phone pretty fast.

Jordan coughed and told Curtis that his connections were off. She sat down and began to pull the food from the bag to eat. When her phone began to ring, she ignored it at first but finally picked it up. She spoke to someone about medical records and, after hanging up, told Curtis that she'd finally decided to get a physical after being in town for so long. She stuttered as she spoke, and Curtis was suspicious.

Jordan finally told Curtis that she'd had her cough checked out, and something had been found. Curtis closed the office door. "They found a spot on my lung," Jordan said. She wasn't certain about the details and admitted that it could have been a benign freckle, there since birth. She'd had an x-ray taken of her ribs in a previous fall, and they were going to compare the records.

Curtis wondered what it could be if it were a new spot, and he picked up his phone to search for information. Jordan was anxious and asked him not to look, but it was too late. The first thing Curtis saw was lung cancer. Jordan yelled at him for checking, and she told him that she wouldn't dwell on something that might not be true. She admitted that the disease had been in her family, though, which made her not immune to it. Curtis was sorry. Jordan wanted him to "not lose it" because she had been doing her best not to panic. She'd already researched it on her own.

Jordan admitted she was most concerned about T.J., who had already lost his father. Suddenly, Curtis got down on one knee and proposed.

After waiting briefly and impatiently for Kevin in his office, Carly decided to head out. Kevin showed up just then, but she told him the appointment had been a mistake. She offered to pay for his time, anyway. Kevin assured her that second thoughts were normal, and since she'd paid for the time, perhaps there was something she wanted to say. Carly insisted she'd only made the appointment because Sonny had wanted her to. Kevin asked why.

Carly stated that things had been happening, and Kevin urged her to start at the beginning. Carly sat down again and told Kevin about all the incidents of the recent past; the phone calls, the scarf, and the broken picture frame when someone had been in the house. Kevin took notes and looked at her over his glasses when he was through. He explained that he only wanted to help her deal with her experiences. He was not there to make any judgments.

Kevin advised Carly that he recommended further sessions, and he wanted her to take antianxiety pills for her stress. He wanted to prevent her from having another breakdown like she'd had in the past.

After the appointment, Carly and Kevin stepped off the elevator. He gave her instructions and told her of the possible side effects from the pills. Michael saw them and walked over. Carly hastily stuffed the prescription into her purse. Kevin left them, and Carly told her son that she'd had an appointment because his father thought she was crazy. She was fine, though, she promised.

Jordan learns the results of her tests Jordan learns the results of her tests
Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Kim yelled for whoever was in the elevator at the hospital to hold it for her, but the doors closed anyway. Finn remarked that it was a good thing, as Lucy, who'd been trying to recruit performers for the Nurses Ball, had been in the elevator. Kim informed him that she'd already turned Lucy down, but she was going to the ball and already had a date.

Alexis left a message for Lucy that she would be attending the Nurses Ball but not performing. Her doorbell rang, and she hung up the phone. She let Drew in, and he was looking for Danny and Scout. She informed him that she'd dropped the kids off at Monica's. Drew asked about Sam, and Alexis revealed that Sam was in Switzerland, working with Jason to get Spinelli out of jail and helping with an investigation. Drew thanked Alexis, hugged her, and quickly left. "Daughter, I hope you know what you're doing," Alexis muttered.

At Kelly's, Lucas was on the phone with Brad while ordering a crib on his computer. Julian entered the restaurant and listened in, smiling. When Lucas was off the phone, Julian expressed his happiness for Lucas and Brad. Lucas was grateful to Julian for telling the birth mother's representatives that he wouldn't be involved in the baby's life. Julian didn't want his past mistake to jeopardize Lucas and his family's happiness.

Julian assured Lucas that he and Brad would be great parents. Lucas replied that he and Brad were just focusing on putting their child first, like Julian had done for him when it had counted. Julian wished he could change the previous few years, but he vowed that he was trying to do better and prove himself. He informed Lucas that he'd been thinking of his son a lot, and he promised to do anything that Lucas needed. Lucas smiled, thanked his father, and left.

Drew bumped into Kim outside of Kelly's, and she wondered if he'd heard from Oscar. She revealed that Oscar had written something for the school paper, and she'd hoped that Oscar had sent it to him. Drew wanted to read the article, but he didn't want to mention it to Oscar first. Drew had an idea, and Kim offered to buy him lunch while they discussed it.

Inside Kelly's, Julian spotted Kim and invited her to join him, but she informed him that she was there with Drew. He offered for them both to join him so that Drew could update him on Sam. Drew growled that Sam was still in Switzerland, and he excused himself. Kim pulled him back, and Julian made sure that he and Kim were still attending the Nurses Ball together. "Nothing's changed," she assured him, and he left. Drew was surprised that Kim and Julian were seeing each other. "Casually," she replied, and she apologized on behalf of Julian and how he'd mentioned Sam on purpose. He suggested that they talk about Oscar.

Josslyn greeted Oscar at the hospital and commended him on his editorial in the school newspaper. She assured him that it was a good article and that he should send it to Drew. Oscar was unsure, but Josslyn thought that Drew would be very proud of Oscar -- and that Drew and Kim would bond over it, and "sparks will fly." Just then, Oscar got a text message from Drew inviting him to go hiking.

Drew hoped that Oscar would accept his invitation, and Kim assured him that Oscar would. Kim informed Drew that Oscar had written about the alternative dance and standing up for his friends. She confessed that, while there had been a time she would have blamed Drew for teaching Oscar how to fight, sometimes violence was the appropriate way to handle a situation. "Don't tell Oscar I said that!" she added.

Drew's phone went off. He was delighted to see that Oscar had accepted his invitation for hiking, and he'd also sent Drew an attachment. A few minutes later, Drew was shocked and proud that Oscar had written something so "moving." Drew thought that Oscar had gotten his perception and insight from Kim, but she assured Drew that Oscar had a lot of Drew's qualities. She stated that they'd made an "extraordinary kid together."

Oscar couldn't believe Josslyn had talked him into sending the article to Drew. He got a text back, and it was Drew proposing dinner with Kim after their hike. "Be warned, I have a few miles worth of compliments on your editorial," Drew said, adding that it was because Oscar was a "great writer" and not just because he was Drew's son.

Alexis was relieved to let Finn into her house, as she'd feared it had been Drew returning for more information about Sam. She admitted that she felt sorry for him because "no one wants to be the loser in a love triangle." He wondered why Sam had pulled Alexis into her problem, but Alexis admitted that she'd "dove in," as worrying about her kids' problems was easier that worrying about herself and Finn.

Alexis confessed that she liked Finn, but she didn't think they should be each other's rebound relationship. He replied that he would shut down his feelings for Anna if he could, but he liked Alexis, as well. He related that he and Alexis were both "vulnerable and damaged," and Alexis suggested that she'd overthought their relationship. He told her that he'd missed her, as it had been a long time since they'd been "close." Alexis guessed that he meant sex, and she asked if he wanted to "do it again."

A few minutes later, Alexis and Finn were kissing passionately. They made their way upstairs as Julian arrived and saw them through the window.

Curtis got down on one knee and asked Jordan to marry him. She told him to stand up and informed him that she couldn't marry him if the only reason he was asking was because he thought she might die. He insisted that, while her possible diagnosis had served as a wake-up call, he wanted to marry her because they loved each other. She reminded him that she'd been a terrible wife to his brother, and it had led to his brother's death. He assured her that it was all in the past and that they both had learned from their mistakes.

Jordan feared a marriage with Curtis wouldn't work out and would cause T.J. pain, not to mention how Stella would react. Curtis reminded her that T.J. was an adult and that their marriage would only concern them and their feelings. "I wanna say yes," she admitted. Just then, her phone rang, and she answered it to her doctor. A few minutes later, she happily told Curtis that her health was fine, and she'd had the spot on her lung for years. While her doctor still wanted her in for a follow-up, he believed that the spot was from an infection she'd had as a child, and it hadn't changed.

Curtis pulled Jordan into a celebratory hug and kiss. She assured him that he was "off the hook" and could take back his proposal. She revealed that she wasn't ready for marriage, as she wanted to work on herself. She wanted to be a better wife to him than she'd been to his brother. She suggested that they "nurture the relationship we have" until they were ready for marriage. He halfheartedly agreed and left. On either side of the door, Jordan looked unsure, and Curtis looked disappointed.

Sam and Jason returned to Sam's room, and Sam expressed how badly she'd needed a good time. She called out for Spinelli, but Jason picked up a note from the coffee table. In the note, Spinelli told them that he'd gotten a nonstop flight to Seattle, and Sam and Jason were to return to Port Charles on Friday. He'd also enclosed a list of restaurants in case they wanted to go out. Sam realized that Spinelli had stranded them there on purpose.

Sam related how many coincidences there had been involving her and Jason. Jason admitted that Spinelli had been keeping tabs on Sam. He'd purposely booked Jason and Anna at the same large hotel as Sam, thinking that it would be "fate" if they'd bumped into each other. Sam vowed to have a conversation with Spinelli about privacy, and Jason promised that Spinelli wouldn't do it again.

Getting back to the investigation, Sam suggested that she and Jason retrace Anna's steps, since it seemed that she knew more than she was saying. He made sure that she wanted to stay on the investigation, as she'd wanted distance. "This isn't it," she realized. Jason confided that, when he'd gotten out of the clinic and realized how much time had passed, he'd just wanted Sam and Danny to be all right. He'd told himself that he could handle anything as long as they were all right. He related that, whatever she decided, "I'm good."

Sam remembered that she'd never heard about Jason's trip back to Port Charles, so he told her the story. He started with Father Stanislav taking care of Jason at his church and then arranging for Jason to be smuggled overseas on a freighter. Jason remembered his fellow "stowaway," and he recounted winning the man's "lucky" watch in a card game. Jason remembered the man's name as Huxley, and Sam exclaimed that she knew the man.

Jason continued with him arriving in New York and bribing a bartender with the watch to throw Klein's men off Jason's trail. Sam remembered that the day she and Drew had bought Aurora, they'd gone into a bar where Sam had admired their waitress' watch. She remembered seeing "Huxley" engraved on the back of the watch. She asked when he'd been there, and he remembered that it had been Friday the thirteenth of October.

Sam realized that Jason had probably been in the small New York bar only hours before her and Drew. Just then, both of their phones went off, and it was the airline telling them that they had seats on a flight in two hours. He had to get his things together, so he said he'd meet her in the lobby. Jason stopped dead, seeing the contemplative look on her face. She told him that they'd been apart for five years, but they'd ended up in the same bar, looking at the same watch, only hours apart. Jason remarked that Huxley had been right about the watch being lucky. Sam replied that Spinelli could be right about fate.

Curtis searches Peter's office Curtis searches Peter's office
Thursday, April 26, 2018

Anna and Robert sat in Kelly's and looked at a picture of the conundrum box on Robert's tablet. Robert implied that the box was meant for Valentin, but Anna didn't think Valentin's path had crossed with Faison's. She assumed that it had been meant for Helena. Suddenly, Anna had an idea, and she quickly left Kelly's with the tablet.

Finn and Alexis returned downstairs, looking disheveled, as Alexis's phone started ringing. Alexis answered the phone to Sam, who wanted to let her mother know that she was home from Switzerland. She promised to tell Alexis about the trip later and got off the phone. Alexis related that it was time to "get back to reality." Finn agreed until Alexis asked, "Wanna do it again?" "Yeah," Finn replied, and Alexis tackled him on the couch.

As Alexis and Finn passionately kissed, a buzzer went off in the kitchen. She informed him that she'd made a casserole, and she went into the kitchen to check it. Just then, the doorbell rang, and she called out for Finn to get the door. He buttoned his shirt as he made his way to the door, and he was surprised to open the door to Anna. "You missed a button," she said. "You're home," he observed. "You're not," she shot back. Alexis emerged from the kitchen, and Anna apologized for not calling first, but she had some questions of a "legal matter." Finn kissed Alexis on the cheek and excused himself.

Anna showed Alexis a picture of the conundrum box, but Alexis only recognized the Cassadine family crest on the box. Anna also wanted to talk to Alexis about amending her will to make sure that her children were provided for. "Children?" Alexis wondered. Anna clarified that she had to include her new grandson, Noah. Alexis recommended Diane if Anna wasn't comfortable with Alexis, but Anna insisted that she trusted Alexis with her affairs. After an awkward moment due to Anna's phrasing, Anna promised to call next time, and she left.

When Anna was gone, Alexis sat on the couch and found Finn's tie on the floor. She thought back to her conversation with Finn about Anna and his relationship with Alexis.

A waitress assured Robert that his "cronut" would be out of the oven shortly, just as his phone rang. He answered it to Frisco, who gave him some information about the conundrum box. Robert took some notes including that it was made of a "trilithium alloy," and "no x-ray." He guessed that the box hadn't been intended for Helena. He advised Frisco to keep in touch, and he hung up.

Finn entered Kelly's and ordered coffee and a cronut. The waitress informed him that they were out of cronuts, but Finn grabbed the one sitting on the counter. Robert claimed it as his own and grabbed the plate from Finn. Finn recognized Robert's voice from the background of Anna's call from Switzerland, and they each realized who the other was. They simultaneously wondered if the other was with Anna, but Finn realized that it was none of his business. He informed Robert that whatever he'd had with Anna was over, and he needed to stay away for his own protection. Robert thought that Finn needed the cronut more than he did, and he left.

Robert bumped into Anna outside Kelly's, and she returned his tablet. He told her there was a man inside Kelly's who was about to "eat his heart out" and who Anna needed to "set straight." Anna curiously entered Kelly's and saw Finn. She sat with him and questioned, "So, you met my ex?" and Finn nodded.

Sam heard a noise at her front door. She opened it and found Maxie trying to slip some papers under the door. Maxie explained that it was Crimson paperwork, and she asked how Sam's trip had been. Sam revealed that she'd had a lot of fun with the kids until she'd helped Jason and Spinelli on a case. Sam asked how Maxie was doing. Maxie replied that work was a distraction for her -- except when she was worried about running into Lulu. She related that real friends would never sell a friend out to advance their career, and she called Sam and Peter her real friends.

Maxie promised a surprised Sam that she wasn't using Peter to fill Lulu's gap in her life, but she explained all the ways Peter had supported her since Nathan's death. She added that Nina didn't like Peter, as she wanted Maxie to only lean on her. Sam commented that Peter seemed like a good friend, and Maxie assured Sam that Peter was still keeping up with his work. Sam related that she felt like she was neglecting Aurora, and she confided that she was thinking about stepping down. Aurora had been Drew's dream, and she wanted to figure out who she was as an "independent woman."

Maxie was glad that Sam had had a good trip, as she wanted her friend to be happy, and Sam repeated the sentiment to Maxie. Sam was also glad that Peter had helped Maxie hold onto the good memories of Nathan, because it made Sam "feel better about what I did." She got a box out of her coat closet and handed it to Maxie. Maxie was extremely thankful that Sam had taken the box of Nathan's things meant for donation. Maxie hugged Sam and excused herself, as both women had things to take care of.

Curtis arrived at Nina's with an invoice for her, and he took the opportunity to ask her for advice about marriage. Nina promised to talk to him when the case was over, because he had to be ready to search Peter's office. Valentin entered and wondered why the two had their heads together. Nina explained that Curtis wanted advice on marriage, but Valentin demanded the truth. Nina admitted that Curtis was still looking into Peter, and Valentin warned them to cease the investigation.

Nina wondered why Valentin seemed more interested in protecting Peter than Maxie, and Valentin claimed that the investigation could get her fired. "Maxie means more to me than the magazine," Nina declared. Valentin sternly instructed Curtis to be discreet, as Nina had a lot to lose. Curtis agreed and left. Valentin demanded that she keep him updated on Curtis' findings, just in case Nina needed an alibi. She agreed, kissed him, and left.

When Nina was gone, Valentin left an urgent message for Peter, demanding that he call Valentin back. Suddenly, Robert entered the living room and sat down. "I love what you've done with the place," he said.

Lulu was on crutches when she arrived in Peter's office, and she explained that she'd hurt herself chasing Rocco. He wondered if she was taking a leave of absence, but she clarified that she'd limped her way to his office to ask for his advice about Henrik. She informed him that the email address was untraceable, so she was considering developing a connection with Henrik so he would be more comfortable with her before meeting. Peter advised her to trust her instincts and commented that Dante was likely relieved that Lulu was taking her time. She confessed that she still hadn't updated Dante.

Peter told Lulu that he had a meeting to prepare for, and she had to get to work anyway. He concluded that her instincts had gotten her far, so she needed to trust them. She figured that Henrik was probably "like everyone else," somewhere in between a good person and a bad person. She didn't think that Henrik could be as bad as his father, and even if he was, it wasn't his fault. She believed he'd had no chance as Faison's son. Peter commended Lulu on her compassion and humanity, and she left.

A short while later, Lulu was sitting outside Kelly's when Maxie showed up. Maxie noticed Lulu's cast and asked what had happened. She wondered if she could do anything for Lulu, like clue in a waitress that Lulu was outside, but Lulu explained that she was just resting. Maxie told Lulu to feel better and entered the diner.

Nina arrived at Peter's office to usher him to their meeting. On their way out of the office, Nina texted Curtis, "coast is clear," turned off the lights, and closed the door. Moments later, a glove-clad Curtis entered the office with a flashlight and looked around. As he searched near Peter's desk, Sam entered and wondered what Curtis was doing there.

The war between Sonny and Ava heats up The war between Sonny and Ava heats up
Friday, April 27, 2018

Curtis began to go through Peter's darkened office at Aurora with only a small flashlight to help him. He was startled when the door opened, and Sam turned the light on and walked inside. Curtis stuttered over an attempted excuse, but Sam stopped him. She told him that she had been a good private investigator herself, and she knew what he was doing. She wanted to know what he was looking for.

Curtis replied that he would know when he found it. Sam wanted to know who had hired Curtis because Peter had been checked out before being hired. She added that she would have called the cops if Curtis hadn't been Drew's friend. She wanted to know what they didn't know about Peter. Curtis declared that he wouldn't reveal his client's identity, but he wanted to assure her that it was nothing to do with corporate espionage. He would never have agreed to that with Drew being his friend.

Curtis revealed that Peter's background was nonexistent, a "blank slate." Peter was either a ghost or a fake, Curtis added. Sam stated that Drew would need to know if Peter was a threat to their company, and Curtis agreed. He mentioned that Aurora was the only thing that Drew had left, but he wanted to find some kind of definite evidence before they said anything to Drew.

Sam revealed that she had planned on quitting and giving her shares to Drew, but she would wait. She would wait until after Curtis completed his investigation, but she wanted Curtis to consider her a partner. "You're in," Curtis said. He added that he had the lead, and it was his case.

Valentin was surprised to find Scorpio in his living room at Wyndemere after finishing up a phone message to Peter. Scorpio sat down on the couch after mentioning how much he loved what Valentin had done to the place. Valentin realized who Robert was and admitted that while they hadn't met, he'd heard all about the spy. "Makes you feel like we're old friends," Robert agreed.

Valentin noted that Anna and Scorpio both had the same annoying habit of showing up uninvited, and he urged Robert to get a warrant. Scorpio showed Valentin a photo of the conundrum box with the Cassadine crest and asked if Valentin knew anything about it. Valentin denied having any knowledge of it, and Scorpio mentioned that the box had been found in Faison's belongings. Valentin suggested that Scorpio look toward Elena for a connection because he knew nothing about it.

Scorpio suggested that was a good guess but incorrect, as the box had only been made within the past six months. Valentin insisted that he had never met Faison, which Scorpio found curious. He noted that both Valentin and Faison had been obsessed with the same woman. Valentin's former self began to emerge as he stuttered, "Anna had nothing to do with this."

Scorpio recalled from reading Valentin's files that Valentin had stuttered in the past . Valentin wondered if Scorpio had read everything, and his hand shook as he took a drink. Scorpio asked whether Valentin had been in Bern, Switzerland, during a specific time, and Valentin declared that he had been in many places. During the time in question, he had been employed in the private sector, he added.

Scorpio was ready to leave, and Valentin questioned whether he would bug the house. Scorpio didn't feel there was a need, since Valentin would find it anyway. Scorpio urged Valentin to hold onto the photo. "Gotcha," Scorpio uttered as he closed the doors and left the house.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth bumped into Drew, who had been looking for Franco. He had something to tell Franco. Elizabeth admitted that Franco was doing everything he could to avoid being distracted by what had happened, and she was concerned about him. She knew how difficult it was to recover, but she thought that Franco wanted to skip the hard parts of recovery. Drew revealed that he had had a chance to talk to Franco, and the artist wanted to be worthy of Elizabeth's trust. Drew thought that with Elizabeth by his side, Franco would get through it.

Lucy saw Elizabeth and Drew chatting, and she reminded them that it was time for the Nurses Ball. Drew successfully made his getaway and told Lucy to call his office for sponsorship. Lucy focused her attention on Elizabeth and asked if the nurse would perform onstage again. Elizabeth regretted that she couldn't because she had been too emotionally exhausted, and her strengths were needed elsewhere. Lucy lowered her voice and replied that she'd once been in love with a tormented man, so she understood. She urged Elizabeth to hold on because it was worth it.

Franco sat with a little girl in the art therapy room, instructing and praising her artwork. Kevin stood in the doorway and observed. When Franco stood to hang Sophie's painting up, he saw the doctor and advised the little girl it was time to go. He walked her into the hallway and called out for someone to get her. Kevin noted how good Franco had been with her and told the artist about a support group for survivors of child abuse that Franco should join. Franco wasn't interested.

Kevin thought that Franco should stop trying to run away, but Franco felt that he couldn't move on if he had to keep reliving his worst moments. He couldn't talk in front of others. Kevin reminded Franco that he hadn't invited or caused the abuse, but Franco thought that others would think poorly of him if they found out he could have stopped it.

Franco pulled the list of Harvey's other victims from his pocket and stated that there would have been no list if he had taken action. Kevin reminded Franco that he had been a child, but Franco was worried that maybe one of those listed children might be in his group and hear him. He thought that he shouldn't have forced Harvey to write the list, and he didn't want to call any of the names on the list. He'd found a few of them through research.

Kevin wondered how Franco would feel if one of the other victims called him. He was certain that at least one of the victims had been a victim before Franco. Kevin wanted Franco to see it from a child's point of view. The adults should have been the ones to protect him, and Franco had, in fact, saved Drew. He wanted Franco to accept that none of it was his responsibility. Drew knocked at the door, and Kevin said goodbye.

Drew announced that he had news. He would not be charged for shooting Harvey. He also mentioned that he'd run into Elizabeth, who had told him she was only worried about Franco processing all that had happened. Drew knew that it would take time, and he hoped that everything would work out for Franco. Drew left.

Shortly after, Elizabeth arrived and joked that Franco had had a lot of visitors. He replied that he was popular, and he told her that Kevin had asked how he'd feel if one of the victims called him. He had realized that he would want to know if it was over. Elizabeth hugged him, and he returned the hug. Later, she proudly stood by as Franco made his first phone call. He told the man, Steven, that there was something Steven should know about Jim Harvey.

Back at Aurora, Sam left Curtis in Peter's office and ran into Drew in the hallway. "So, you're back, huh?" Drew said.

Outside at Kelly's, Ava and Nelle sat at a table and made plans. Ava admitted that she hadn't heard from Griffin. Nelle warned Ava to be cautious with her next steps, but Ava snapped that she remembered all the poor treatment she'd received from Sonny -- and it was payback time. Nelle wanted the older woman to consider all of her options, though she wanted Ava to have everything she wanted.

Ava didn't think she'd lose, but Nelle thought that Griffin might be lost in Ava's fight. Ava grew more anxious but thought that Griffin had either been busy or maybe he'd been avoiding her. At any rate, she thought it was the best chance she had to get custody of her daughter. Nelle wondered if Ava would prefer to have both Avery and Griffin. The women left and headed to their next destination.

Finn and Anna sat at a table inside Kelly's. Finn admitted he'd met Anna's ex-husband, and they'd bonded over a cronut. Finn looked at his watch and got up to leave, but Anna announced that she wanted to talk to Finn, so he sat back down. Anna spoke about how dangerous it was for Finn to be with her. Finn reminded her that he'd heard about that already, and he could either listen to her with a smile or say something that would make her get up and leave.

Anna insisted that she hadn't wanted to work with Robert, but he'd shown up in Switzerland. She had traveled with Emma and Jason, and she proceeded to tell Finn about their plan. Finn wondered why Anna had chosen to work and travel with Jason. Anna explained that she considered Jason to be "lethal," and she had worried that he would get ahead of her in their race to find Henrik. Jason saw Henrik as a threat, and she couldn't allow Jason to have the upper hand.

Finn assumed that Henrik had had criminal activity, and he still wondered why Anna had been involved. Anna grew teary and stated that she had something to tell him. She wasn't the person that everyone thought she was. She had made compromises in her personal life, and there were secrets. Finn grabbed her hand, but Anna pulled it away. She was afraid that Finn would see the person that she saw every time she looked in the mirror. That was why she had pushed him away.

Finn grabbed her hand again, but this time they were interrupted when Lucy saw them together. Finn was annoyed and turned his back. Lucy asked if he was able to dance. Finn said he didn't dance, and Lucy suggested that Finn and Anna perform a duet in the Nurses Ball. Anna shook her head. Scorpio walked in and caught Anna's eye while Lucy tried her best to convince the couple to perform. Anna stood up and announced that she had to leave.

Lucy babbled on to Finn about exes, and she suggested that he allow Anna to teach him to dance. Finn responded that he would support the Nurses Ball, but he would not perform.

Anna met with Scorpio outside, and Finn saw them as he left. Scorpio stated that he had met with Valentin, and his behavior had confirmed Scorpio's belief that Valentin had delivered Faison's son to him personally.

Sonny kept looking at his watch as he sat by Dante's desk at the police station. He was waiting for Diane and some news about Mike's release. Diane arrived and explained that it hadn't been easy, due to Mike's mood swings, and he had been charged with abduction. There was a question that Sonny might be able to get Mike out of town, and she didn't know if Mike would be able to go home. The trio walked to the interrogation room to discuss the case further.

Diane wanted to have the support of Mike's doctors by obtaining reports, but Sonny didn't think that Griffin would help them, since he was Ava's boyfriend. Dante disagreed. Diane thought that an accurate report from Griffin would work, but it had been known that a plea of dementia from organizations like crime families could be ignored. She thought their best bet was to show Mike's incompetence and put him on the stand.

Sonny's voice shook as he stated that he refused to humiliate his father in public. Dante thought their only other choice would be to give Ava full custody of Avery. Sonny snarled that Ava would not get full custody. His daughter had a home, and she'd been shuttled around enough. He added that she would not go to the woman who had been responsible for Morgan's death.

Dante suggested that the cops report that Mike had thought that Avery was his own daughter; they had all seen that with their own eyes. Diane didn't think Dante would be good on the stand, since he was Mike's grandson, but Dante reminded her that Chase had been there, also. Sonny choked up at the thought of having the world see his father's illness. Mike would be confused, and Ava would be "relentless" in having Sonny choose between his father and his daughter.

Ava and Nelle arrived at the police station and saw Dante, Diane, and Sonny. "Good you brought your lawyer," Ava declared to Sonny.

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