General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 7, 2019 on GH
Laura was elected mayor. Drew and Kim learned that Oscar's tumor had not responded to the new treatment. Anna suffered a medical emergency that left her blind. "Kevin" suggested that he and Ava leave town.
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Anna suffered a medical emergency that left her blind
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Laura sees a new side to "Kevin" Laura sees a new side to "Kevin"
Monday, January 7, 2019

At Volonino's, "Kevin" lurked behind Laura as she looked at her phone. He put his hand on her shoulder, and she jumped. When she saw it was him, he explained that he hadn't wanted her to be alone while there was a serial killer running around. She thanked him for his kind words at the town hall meeting, and she insisted that she would keep her promise about being an advocate for mental health. "Kevin" volunteered to be her eyes at Ferncliff as he unlaced a boxing glove.

"Kevin" tightly wrapped the lace around his hands as he told Laura that he didn't want her to be manipulated by the criminally insane patients. She noticed the lace stretched between his hands and warned him that he was cutting off his own circulation. He claimed that it was a new "nervous habit" of his. A concerned Laura wondered if he had anything to tell her. He admitted that there was something he'd been meaning to tell her since she'd returned home, but Scott interrupted.

Scott and "Kevin" traded barbs until Scott started talking about the latest murder as an explanation for why he was at the gym. He divulged that the cops had a theory that Peyton had stumbled upon something that the killer didn't want anyone to know about Ryan, so he or she had murdered Peyton and taken all of the documentary footage. He continued that it was believed that the cocky-seeming killer would "slip up" sooner or later. Scott believed that the killer would be caught and cited karma, which Gail had advised him about.

Scott sadly informed Laura that Gail had passed away and related that he felt like an orphan, as he was the only one left to remember Gail and Lee. Laura suggested that they get coffee and go for a walk on the pier. She proposed that he tell her all of his stories about Gail and Lee so she could also remember them. She asked "Kevin" if he still wanted to talk to her, but he told her, "Never mind. It was a passing thought." When Scott and Laura were gone, "Kevin" draped the lace over the ring.

At the hospital, Terry told Kim that Oscar's test results would be ready shortly, and she thought that it was best if Drew was there to hear the results, as well. Kim felt encouraged by how good Oscar had been feeling since the treatment had ended, and she credited Josslyn with helping him look toward the future. Terry related that science had proven that love helped.

Josslyn entered Oscar's hospital room, bearing cookies, and she offered to take him to lunch when he was released the next day. He took out his planner and told her that he'd been adding to it. As they talked about more things to add to the calendar, Kristina and Shiloh entered. Kristina introduced Shiloh to Josslyn, who curiously asked Shiloh what he did for a living. He explained that he provided a space for people to learn how to trust themselves. He invited Josslyn and Oscar to join his next community event.

Oscar wanted to pay Shiloh back for letting him live at the house, but Shiloh assured Oscar that he owed nothing. Oscar wondered if Shiloh could tell Oscar about Drew, but Shiloh replied that he only would with Drew's permission. Kim entered the room, and Oscar introduced her to Shiloh. She was grateful to him for giving Oscar a place to stay, and Shiloh wondered if Oscar would be back at the house. Oscar appreciated Shiloh's generosity, but he asked Kim if he could return home. As she hugged Oscar, Terry appeared in the doorway and caught Kim's eye. Kim excused herself to check on some patients and left the room. Outside the room, Terry advised her to call Drew, as Oscar's results were in.

Later, Kristina and Shiloh were gone, and Josslyn thought it was cool that Shiloh had known Drew. She told Oscar that she was skipping school the next day so that they could spend the day together. He wanted to spend some time at the docks, since he was sick of looking at walls. He worried about how everyone would treat him when he returned to school, but Josslyn promised that they would face everything together.

Kristina was happy that Shiloh had gone to visit Oscar with her. He made sure that she was all settled at the house, and he promised to help her figure out whatever she needed to learn about herself. He urged her to ask him if she needed anything.

Sam was upset with herself for putting Kristina on the defensive at the house, but Jason agreed that Shiloh was lying. She thought that she was doing the same thing that she told Alexis not to do, and she feared that she would do the same thing with Scout. There was a knock on the door, and Sam answered it to Alexis, who was looking for Kristina. Sam informed her mother that Kristina had moved into the same house as Oscar. Alexis talked about how happy she was for Kristina and how she respected Kristina's decision. Sam called Alexis' bluff, and Alexis wondered if her acceptance had been convincing.

Sam told Alexis about her and Jason's visit to the house, and Alexis was glad that Kristina had them looking out for her. She abruptly said goodbye and left. Sam and Jason sat down and began to research Shiloh and the Dawn of Day people. Sam couldn't find any obvious red flags, but she and Jason were sure there Shiloh had an agenda. Jason was interested in Shiloh's life before he'd been Shiloh, and he wanted to know why Shiloh had chosen to reinvent himself.

After some digging, Jason found the first incorporation document for Dawn of Day under "David Henry Archer." Sam recognized the name as the only son and surviving child of Henry Archer, one of her first "big marks." She explained that she'd never met Henry's son, as the son had believed she was a "gold-digging tramp" taking his inheritance. Jason figured that Shiloh had to have known who she was, but he had waited to see if she recognized him first.

Jason read about Shiloh and Dawn of Day, which was described as being about empowerment and community service in order to create a more "meaningful and welcoming community." He thought that Shiloh was connected to too many people in Sam's orbit to be a coincidence. She believed that she was the "bull's-eye."

Drew entered Charlie's and demanded to know what Julian's problem was, and he spat that Julian had never deserved Kim. Julian thought it was good that the relationship was over then, and he asked Drew to leave. Alexis entered as Drew ripped into Julian about being too selfish to date a mother with a dying kid. Julian blurted out that he'd seen Drew and Kim kiss on New Year's Eve. Alexis intervened and directed them to their "separate corners" before someone said something they would regret.

Julian told Drew that he'd thought that he would get to spend New Year's Eve with Kim, but she'd clearly preferred to be with Drew, so Julian had "responded in kind." A shocked Drew inferred that Julian had slept with someone else. Just then, he got a text from Kim summoning him to the hospital to hear Oscar's test results. He repeated that Julian had never deserved Kim, and he left. Alexis called Julian "wimpy" for bailing on Kim after one kiss, but he told Alexis that he wasn't what Kim needed.

Alexis reminded Julian that Kim had a mind of her own, but he thought that Kim had chosen Drew. She guessed that he hadn't slept with anyone else, and she asked why he'd lied. He answered that he'd known that he'd have needed to cross a certain line to get Kim to give up on him. She questioned if he'd made Kim think that he'd slept with Alexis. He said that he hadn't, but he also hadn't denied it.

Drew and Kim sat in Terry's office, and she showed them the scan of Oscar's tumor from before and after the treatment. She explained that the tumor hadn't shrunk, it was entangled in major blood vessels, and it had grown into brain tissue. She concluded that the treatment had failed, as the tumor was still inoperable. Kim tearfully asked how much time Oscar had left, but Terry replied that it was too soon to tell. Terry left so that the parents could have some privacy.

"We're gonna have to tell him," Drew said. Kim suggested waiting until the next day since Oscar had been having such a happy day, but Drew reminded her that they'd given Oscar their word that they would be honest about his life so he could make his own decisions. Kim and Drew went to Oscar's room, and Kim asked Josslyn for a minute with Oscar. Oscar protested, and Drew thought it was a good idea that Josslyn was there. Drew closed the door, and he and Kim told Oscar and Josslyn the news.

Cameron has his day in court Cameron has his day in court
Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Carly, wearing a "Vote for Collins" button, returned home and told Josslyn how long the lines at the polls had been. She couldn't wait for Josslyn to be able to vote, and Josslyn promised that she and Oscar would both vote in the future if Sonny could do them a favor. She explained to her curious mother that she and Oscar needed Sonny's jet, money, and connections. She rattled off all the places in the world she'd researched with options for people in Oscar's situation.

Carly wondered if Josslyn had talked to Kim and Drew, but she didn't think Kim, as part of the "medical mainstream," would believe in any of the treatments that Josslyn had found. Josslyn thought it was worth a shot, and she begged Carly to help keep Oscar alive. Carly would do whatever she could, but she couldn't do anything without the permission of Oscar's parents. She suggested that they might just want to make the most of Oscar's time left, but Josslyn thought that Oscar would die if they didn't do something soon. Carly promised to offer help to Kim and Drew and hugged her crying daughter.

In her office, Kim made numerous phone calls to various hospitals and clinics about Oscar's situation. She looked around on the Port Charles Cancer Institute's website and slammed her computer shut in frustration. There was a knock on her door, and Alexis entered, wanting to "set the record straight." She informed Kim that Julian and Alexis hadn't been together on New Year's Eve, and she urged Kim to cut Julian some slack. Kim growled that she didn't care who Julian slept with and ordered Alexis to leave.

Kim went off on Alexis about how Alexis and Julian clearly still had something between them and said to leave her out of it. Alexis apologized for showing up and trying to make sense of things for Kim. Kim yelled that nothing made sense, and it had nothing to do with Alexis or Julian. She told Alexis about Oscar and how she was desperately searching for another option. She regretted "dangling hope" in front of Oscar, but Alexis reminded Kim that Oscar had chosen to do the trial on his own. She was praying for a miracle. Alexis assured Kim that she would be there for anything Kim needed, and the two embraced. Alexis left, and Kim closed the door and sobbed.

Cameron entered Oscar's hospital room as Oscar packed his things. Cameron excitedly realized that Oscar was getting released, so the treatment had to have worked. Oscar didn't deny it, and he wondered why Cameron was wearing a suit. Cameron admitted that he'd gotten busted buying weed for a friend who'd had no appetite and needed to eat to regain energy. "You idiot! You did it for me?!" Oscar yelled. Cameron believed that Oscar being released from the hospital was a sign that everything would turn out all right.

Cameron found the planner half hidden underneath a blanket and flipped through it. He reminded Oscar how lucky he was to have Josslyn, and Oscar replied that he knew he was. Cameron asked Oscar not to tell Josslyn about his court date, and Oscar agreed. Cameron's phone went off, and he saw that it was Elizabeth summoning him to the courthouse. Josslyn entered as he turned to leave, and she wondered why he was wearing a suit. He replied that it was for Laura's victory party when she was elected mayor.

When Cameron was gone, Oscar admitted that he hadn't felt like telling Cameron the news, and Josslyn assured him that that was fine. Oscar wanted to leave the hospital immediately and do everything they'd planned for the day. Josslyn wondered how he was feeling, and he replied that he was feeling "great. Today with you, I feel alive." They decided not to do any worrying that day, because it would be a waste of time. They shared a kiss and left the room, and the planner was sitting on the chair.

A short while later, Kim told Oscar on the phone to have fun and be careful. She told him that she loved him and hung up. She went into his empty hospital room and saw the planner. She sat down and flipped through it.

Sam entered the living room at the Quartermaines' and found Drew. She told him that she had just dropped the kids off, but she wanted to talk to him about Shiloh. She quickly filled him in about everything she'd read about Shiloh and Dawn of Day, and she believed that he was trying to use Kristina to get to her. She informed a confused Drew about her connection to Shiloh's father. "I feel like I'm being set up," she concluded. He was sorry that he couldn't be more help, and she promised to keep him posted on anything she found out.

Sam turned to leave but turned back and asked if something else was going on with Drew, as he'd had no reaction to her news. As he was about to tell her about Oscar, Carly entered, hoping to talk to Drew, so Sam offered to give them privacy. However, Drew wanted her to know that Oscar's treatment had failed, and Sam was devastated. He hoped that Oscar wouldn't be in any pain, but he wouldn't be going back to the hospital. He added that Oscar had less than a year left. He told Carly that she should be proud of Josslyn for being so supportive and mature.

Carly related that she was there because she'd promised Josslyn that she'd offer Sonny's jet to Kim and Drew if they wanted to take Oscar out of the country for treatment. He appreciated the offer, but he didn't want to waste Oscar's remaining time, chasing a "nonexistent cure." Drew clarified that it was Oscar's choice, and Oscar would get to decide how to spend his remaining time. Carly replied that her daughter was wise enough to know that it was about quality, not quantity, of time spent that mattered.

Franco joined Elizabeth at the courthouse, and she worried that Cameron would be late. Franco informed Elizabeth that he'd bumped into Kim at the hospital, and she'd told him that Oscar's treatment had failed. A stunned Elizabeth called the situation "unthinkable," and she related that she'd never stopped grieving for Jake. However, she'd had a miracle, and Jake had returned. She thought that the only lesson to be learned was to be grateful for the present, and she was grateful for Franco.

Alexis entered, and Elizabeth promised that Cameron would be there any minute. Alexis explained that she was going to ask for "adjournment in contemplation of dismissal," which meant that the charges against Cameron would be dropped if he could stay out of trouble for a specific amount of time. Cameron entered and confidently said, "Let's do this." Elizabeth had thought that he was scared, but he replied that while he was scared, he could easily stand up to a judge if Oscar could stand up to cancer.

Inside the courtroom, Elizabeth straightened Cameron's suit and instructed him to "speak clearly and respectfully, take responsibility, and show remorse." "I absolutely will," Cameron said sincerely, regretting that he hadn't just canceled the drug deal when he'd wanted to. He wished that he could have a do-over, and Alexis commented that he could, depending on the judge. Franco wondered if Cameron should explain the circumstances. Alexis replied that it depended on the judge, as one like Judge Mooney would be more sympathetic, but one like Judge Carson wouldn't. "All rise," the bailiff called out. He announced that the presiding judge was Judge Carson.

Port Charles awaits the results of the mayoral election Port Charles awaits the results of the mayoral election
Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Curtis and Jordan sat at a table at the police station with papers and files spread out everywhere. Margaux arrived and asked if there had been any progress in the search for the killer, although she wasn't comfortable with Curtis being present. Jordan stood up for her husband and the help he'd given her. She informed Margaux that they believed there was a copycat killer who had been "taking cues" from Ryan Chamberlain.

Jordan further stated that there was a possibility that someone had had access to police files. Curtis explained that both the current victims and Ryan's victims in the past had been missing their driver's licenses. Jordan added that no mention had been made of that fact during the previous investigation.

Jordan attempted to reach former police commissioner Sean Donnelly via phone but learned from his wife that the man suffered from memory loss. Jordan revealed that Sean's wife, Tiffany, had suggested she speak to Ryan's obsession.

Lulu welcomed Sonny into her house and explained that Charlotte was visiting Valentin, and Rocco was visiting the Quartermaines. She found it ironic that Rocco was spending time with her mother's opponent in the mayoral election. Sonny revealed that he wanted to talk about Dante, and he wondered if Lulu had heard from him. Lulu admitted that she had heard from Dante on New Year's Eve but had not given him any details of Port Charles events.

Lulu added that Dante had sent his love, and she had had the impression that he had gone deeper undercover. She and Sonny sat down. He admitted that he had his people watching over Lulu's house, and he offered to add further protection. Lulu rejected his offer but was pleased to know that someone had an eye out for her.

Sonny praised his daughter-in-law for raising her kids on her own, and he wanted her to know he was there for her. He announced that he was on his way to Laura's party, and Lulu admitted that she had some work to do and would join them later. "Don't be afraid to kick him in the butt," Sonny said in reference to Dante. He thought Lulu should tell Dante it was time to get home. He hugged Lulu and left.

Shortly after, Margaux showed up and complimented the looks of Lulu's house but accused her of obtaining privileged information on the serial killer. Lulu assured her that as a journalist, it was up to her to write the story. Margaux removed her coat. She wanted to know how Lulu had gotten to classified police files.

Lulu declared that Peter had obtained access for her, and she'd been cleared by the police department. It had been her job to share that information with her readers. Margaux had something to share, and Lulu thought she should record their conversation. Margaux was adamant that it be off the record. She didn't want Lulu to put people at risk.

Margaux revealed that someone had been copying Ryan, and she wondered if Lulu had seen anything in the files that had caught her attention. Lulu stated that she had not noticed anything unusual, but she offered to write about it, in the hopes of drawing the killer out. Margaux didn't want her to do that. She thought it would be safer for Lulu to not write about it, and she wanted Lulu to forget their conversation.

After Margaux was gone, Lulu sat down at her laptop and began to research Ryan Chamberlain and his victims, along with the most recent murdered victims.

As Cameron, Elizabeth, and Franco waited for the judge to arrive, Alexis explained that there was a difference in judges, and she hoped that Judge Carson would not be sitting in on their case. When court was called to order, Judge Carson was announced. The group was disappointed, but Alexis explained that Cameron was there for a first offense and was a minor who had made an error in judgment.

The judge replied that the dealer in the case had also been a minor and had been sentenced to juvenile detention for twelve months. Alexis asked that Cameron be allowed to read the letter he had written to the court on Christmas Eve, and the judge agreed.

Cameron stood and read his letter out loud. He promised not to make another illegal mistake and to learn from his experience. He looked up at the judge as Alexis asked for an adjournment. At that moment, Elizabeth stood and asked to address the court. She identified herself and announced that she was proud of her son for accepting responsibility. She wanted the judge to know why Cameron had done what he had.

Elizabeth proceeded to explain that Cameron had wanted to buy marijuana for his sick friend with cancer. She revealed that she was a nurse and had seen the effects of the disease. She sat down, and the judge asked Cameron if he was a nurse or doctor. Cameron stood and said no. The judge wanted to know how he could have known about any treatment.

Just then, Drew walked in and announced that he wanted to speak. He identified his son as the friend that Cameron had been trying to help. He added that Kim, who was a doctor, would have testified on Cameron's behalf if she could have been there. The judge still thought that Cameron's actions and judgment had been questionable, but Drew declared that the teen had taken action without thinking of results. He considered Cameron a hero.

Judge Carson declared that she had to separate emotion from the law, and she announced that she would ponder the case during a recess. Elizabeth hugged Drew and thanked him for testifying.

Soon after, court reconvened. Cameron stood, and the judge announced a sentence of adjournment in contemplation of dismissal for a period of twelve months. Cameron would have to take part in community service and undergo drug counseling, but all charges would be dismissed after a year if Cameron proved to be a good citizen. Drew smiled. Court was adjourned.

Cameron couldn't believe he would be on probation for an entire year. He and Elizabeth thanked Alexis, who insisted that she hadn't done it alone. She had to rush off to vote, and she left. Elizabeth advised her son that he would need to get a job in order to pay Alexis' fees, and Drew handed the teen a card. He would give Cameron a job and asked that he keep on being a good friend to Oscar. Cameron suggested they take a hiking trip, since Oscar was getting better.

Laura's followers began to gather at the Floating Rib. She thanked Carly and Sam for attending to support her. Laura was happy that she had raised certain issues during her run for mayor. Laura thanked Mac for hosting her party, and he only wished that Kevin could be there. Laura was grateful for Kevin's support, but there would be no reconciliation.

Carly and Sam sat down with a couple of beers, and they talked about Oscar's situation and how difficult it had been for so many people. Sam knew that Carly had been proud of Josslyn, and Carly admitted that her daughter was in denial but would have to face reality soon. Carly declared that she was sorry and furious, but there was no one to blame.

At the bar, Mac informed Laura that the exit polls had been close, and Laura admitted that while she wanted to win, she wouldn't be upset if Ned won instead. She respected him. Carly walked over to the bar to get another couple of beers, and Laura mentioned that Kevin had told her he'd keep an eye on the situation at Ferncliff. Carly stated that she didn't believe him.

Carly explained about the patient named Wilson, and how she had not been able to find out anything about him online. She would have expected to see lots of information, based on what Kevin had disclosed about the man. Laura suggested that maybe the man's name had been an alias. Sam joined the group, and they were all surprised when Curtis and Jordan walked in.

Jordan announced that she and Curtis were there to talk to Mac, and the trio headed off to talk privately. Carly, Sam, and Laura were curious, although Sam disclosed that Curtis had been working with the police to find the killer. Carly suggested that Laura fire the district attorney if she won the election.

In a booth off to the side, Mac heard about the missing driver's licenses from Jordan and Curtis. He wasn't familiar with that from the Ryan Chamberlain cases, and he thought he definitely would have heard about it from Sean. He could only think about Felicia's fear in regard to Ryan, and he jumped up to make a phone call.

Sonny arrived and pulled Laura aside. He informed her that he would be okay if she needed to distance herself from him in the event that she won the election. Laura replied that that wasn't okay. They had been friends for a long time and were related by marriage. She had nothing to hide, and that included her friendship with Sonny. The pair shared a hug.

Mac returned to the table and sat down. He had made a call to someone who had worked at Pentonville for a long time, but the only thing he'd learned was that Ryan had been in isolation and had had minimal contact with the rest of the population. There had been no information revealed. He thought that the killer would be difficult to catch.

Sam announced that she had to leave, and Carly smirked that Sam should say hello to Jason for her. Laura thanked Carly and Sonny for their support and admitted that she would rather be sitting at home with her feet up. She told them it was okay to leave. Carly was grateful to Laura for running for mayor.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned and Olivia were ready to watch television and the interview they'd done with Lulu. Ned held a tub of popcorn. Olivia was angry that people didn't seem to appreciate all of Ned's hard work, but he declared that he was proud. He also complimented Olivia on her work as first lady.

During the interview, Olivia admitted that she was exhausted and excited, and Ned explained that both he and Laura had promised to run fair and disciplined campaigns. Olivia was proud that the two candidates had restored integrity to local politics. Ned declared that he would support Laura if she won.

After the interview was over, Ned announced that he would not sit and watch the election results trickle in. He searched for a television show to binge-watch instead, but Olivia wanted to talk. She believed that her husband was the best candidate, but she wasn't sure she wanted him to win.

Olivia declared that there was a serial killer on the loose, and she was worried about Ned being a target. Ned assured her that he was safer than most other people, but Olivia thought it was an excuse to quit while they were ahead. It had been a lot of work, and she had had to constantly smile and watch what she said. She hated living in a fishbowl.

Ned agreed that he missed their privacy, but he believed in what they had accomplished. Olivia agreed that public service was hard but important and worth it, and she would stay by Ned's side.

Margaux returned to the police station and announced that Lulu had never noticed anything distinctive about the killer. Jordan wasn't certain that the killer had had access to the police files, after all, and she thought that perhaps both killers had enjoyed collecting "trophies."

Alexis arrived at the Floating Rib, certain that Laura would win. They turned toward the television.

Mac tells "Kevin" about an important break in the hunt for the killer Mac tells "Kevin" about an important break in the hunt for the killer
Thursday, January 10, 2019

Sam met Jason at the docks and said that she didn't know how she could still visit the place. He knew it was the site of bad memories for both of them, and she was ready to make better ones. Shiloh entered and asked Sam and Jason for help. He led them to a homeless man named Barney, who took shelter under a broken box. Shiloh needed help convincing Barney to go to one of Dawn of Day's shelters, as it was too cold out, and Barney didn't trust Shiloh. Sam knelt down and gently told the man that it was just one night, and he could always leave the shelter if he wanted to.

A few minutes later, Shiloh returned and thanked Sam for convincing Barney to go to the shelter. He wondered what he could do for her and Jason. "Drop the act," she said. Jason accused Shiloh of going after Sam, but Shiloh wondered why. Sam told him the story of marrying Shiloh's father under an alias, and he replied, "That was you?" He called it fate that he'd become acquainted with Kristina, but Sam dubbed it a "scam."

Shiloh explained that when he'd been younger, he'd been a troublemaker who'd burned through his inheritance too fast. When there had been nothing left in his or his father's names, he'd hit rock bottom, and he'd made money in "unsavory" ways. He'd ended up in Afghanistan, where Drew had saved him and given his life meaning. Sam told him about the emails from Linda Black and accused him of digging into her past. He wondered if she thought a person could change. She did, but she wasn't sure about him. He hoped to get to know her better and to become her friend like he was Kristina's. He wished Sam and Jason "peace and fulfillment," and he left.

Sam complained that Shiloh hadn't let his guard down once, and he'd stuck to his story, which she'd "kind of bought." Jason had observed that Shiloh had fished for information so that he could do whatever he wanted. Jason thought that everything was connected, and Sam wondered what Shiloh was after. "Nothing good," Jason replied.

Lulu was on her computer when there was a knock on the door, and she answered it to Maxie. Maxie entered, ready for Laura's "victory party," but Lulu promised to catch up later. There was another knock on the door, and Maxie opened it to Peter. He explained that he was there to talk "Invader business," and Maxie reminded Lulu about the party. She told Maxie that her conversation with Peter was confidential but said she would meet Maxie at the Floating Rib. Maxie grabbed her things and left.

Lulu explained to Peter about Margaux's visit and that there was apparently a link between Ryan's murder spree and the new murder spree. She continued that she'd tried to get information out of Margaux, but it hadn't worked. She wanted to go through her research again so she could find the link and print it. However, Peter told her that the police hadn't publicized the link for a reason. He warned her not to "publish irresponsibly." She agreed, and she asked if he was going to the Floating Rib. He figured he would go later, as he had another stop to make first.

Mac called "Kevin" and asked to talk to him in person about Ryan. He explained that he was at the Floating Rib, hosting Laura's party, but he had people to cover for him so that he could meet "Kevin" somewhere. "Kevin" thought that it sounded urgent, so he said that he would meet Mac at the Floating Rib.

At the hospital, Finn asked how Anna was feeling after her phlebotomy, and she replied that she was "in good shape for the party." Finn suggested that she could go to the party on her own, but she explained why he should go as they rounded a corner and ran right into "Kevin." He apologized, as he'd been looking down at his phone, and he rushed off. "And people say I'm awkward," Finn commented. Anna's phone went off, and she told Finn that she would meet him at the party, as Peter wanted to meet up with her. He finally agreed, and they parted ways.

Anna sat down with Peter, and he said he appreciated her meeting him. He told her that he'd had a good time at Christmas, but he wanted to ask about the WSB file on her that she'd given him. He continued that "the portrait is incomplete," and he especially wanted to know about their family. "Mac said it was a tribe, and he was right," Peter said. "It's yours, too, if you want it," Anna replied. He told her that he didn't know what he wanted, and she assured him that he had time to figure it out.

Anna suddenly grabbed her head, and Peter worriedly gave her a glass of water. She explained that a side effect of her phlebotomy was often dizziness and headaches. She drank some water and got a strange look on her face. She divulged that she was just having "a bit of pain," so she got up to get to a doctor. However, she fell, and Peter caught her before she hit the floor.

Alexis entered the Floating Rib and asked how Laura was holding up. Laura replied that she was "great," as it had been "a fair fight in a tight race." Alexis thought that regardless, Laura should be proud of how far she'd gotten in such a short time frame. Elizabeth entered and assured Laura, "You got this!" but Laura warned her not to "jinx" it. Elizabeth told Laura about Cameron's hearing and added that she hadn't wanted to distract Laura by telling her about it earlier.

Maxie entered and talked to Elizabeth as Finn arrived and made pleasant small talk with Alexis. Laura noticed "Kevin" enter, and he went right over to Mac. Mac whispered that he wanted to talk to "Kevin" about the murders, and it needed to stay between them. He confided that Jordan and Curtis had told him that both Ryan and the new killer took their victims' driver's licenses, and Mac wondered why. "Kevin" suggested it was because licenses had all of the "essentials of existence" for a person. Mac would never understand how someone could be so "sick," and "Kevin" agreed.

At the Quartermaines', Olivia wondered if Ned wanted to check in on the mayoral race, but he didn't want to drive himself crazy. He added that, as long as she was beside him, he was a winner. She turned on the television, but they saw that the race was still "too close to call." Monica and Michael entered and sat with the couple to monitor the race. Ned joked that Michael wanted Ned to win so that he wouldn't return to ELQ, but Michael assured him that he was always welcome back.

Between the news about Oscar, and Gail passing away, Monica thought it would be good to have something to celebrate. Suddenly, they heard that a winner was able to be declared. The announcer proclaimed that the winner of the mayoral race was Laura. Michael suggested that Ned ask for a recount because of how close the race had been, but Ned replied that "the voters have spoken. If I have to concede to anyone, Laura would be my first choice."

Monica commented that, in Ned's short time in office, he'd accomplished a lot, and Olivia added that he'd touched a lot of lives. Ned was grateful for Olivia and how hard she'd worked at being First Lady, and he apologized that she was "out of a job." She replied that, while she'd loved it, she was happiest because it was something they could do together. A few minutes later, Olivia and Ned were gone, and Monica thought that Ned had a lot of class. Just then, her phone went off, and she saw that the reading of Gail's will was scheduled for the next week.

Lulu ran into the Floating Rib and stood with Laura just in time for Laura to be announced as the winner. The restaurant erupted in cheers and applause, and everyone took turns, hugging and congratulating Laura. "Kevin" tipped his drink in salute in Laura's direction. Maxie approached Mac and asked what his conversation with "Kevin" had been about, but Mac replied that it had been private. He wondered if Peter was still camping out outside her door and reasoned that he just didn't want to see Maxie hurt. She promised that she was taking necessary precautions, and she told him about her self-defense class.

"Kevin" stood at the bar and opened his wallet. He took Peyton's California license out of the wallet. Laura approached and asked what he was doing. He slyly put the license back into his wallet as she accused him of sending mixed signals. He explained that, though they weren't together, he believed that she would make a "magnificent mayor." Lulu approached and pointed out that Ned and Olivia had entered the restaurant.

Ned congratulated Laura and said that he'd wanted to concede in person. He wished her all the best, and he told her that he would do anything he could to help her with a smooth transition. Laura sincerely thanked him, and the two embraced to applause from the bar patrons. He wished her luck, and Ned and Olivia left. Laura's supporters asked for a speech, so she went up to the front of the bar.

Laura thanked everyone who'd attended her party, Mac and Felicia for hosting, her friends and family for their support, and the voters for "entrusting the town to my care." She knew that she would make mistakes or do something that some didn't agree with, but she promised to use every bit of effort she had every day to benefit the welfare and safety of the citizens of Port Charles. As "Kevin" listened with his back turned, she assured everyone that she would work closely with the police to catch the killer, whose days were numbered. As the crowd clapped, "Kevin" got up, turned around, and stoically, slowly, and deliberately joined in on the applause.

Ned and Olivia returned home, and he thanked her for accompanying him to the Floating Rib. She'd been happy to do her part for Port Charles, but she was looking forward to the simple things like sleeping in, attending Leo's soccer games, and going on vacation. She added that they'd gotten their lives back, and she kissed him. "It's the only life I want," he said contentedly, and they lounged together on the couch.

Anna loses her eyesight Anna loses her eyesight
Friday, January 11, 2019

Anna arose from the table she was sharing with Peter and announced that she needed a doctor. Peter grabbed her as she fell to the floor. Shortly after, Peter informed her she'd fainted, and Anna exclaimed that she couldn't see and wanted Finn. Peter helped her to get up and walk as Anna grew hysterical.

Nina sat at her desk at Crimson and looked at the new travel guide for Port Charles. She was interrupted when Valentin walked in, and they shared a kiss. She called his visit a "lovely surprise" as he handed her a large bouquet of flowers. Valentin cited his luck and gratefulness thanks to Nina's return to his life.

Nina reminded him that he had presented her with the greatest gift of all: her daughter. She proceeded to go on about Sasha and her newfound trust in Valentin.

At General Hospital, Drew found Kim in a sorry state after helping a patient give birth to a healthy baby boy. He went to the vending machine for coffees and handed one to Kim, who admitted that she was being selfish and ridiculous. She explained how she had always loved the joy of helping new babies into the world but had been feeling resentment.

Drew tried to reassure Kim, who wiped away tears, but Kim declared, "Medicine has failed him." She was running out of hope.

Ryan sat in Kevin's office and looked through his wallet for a credit card as an online site on his laptop promoted the Bahamas. He pulled out Peyton's driver's license instead and turned to pull a box from a shelf behind him. He opened it and looked at the pile of other driver's licenses inside. "Sleep tight, Peyton," he said as he dropped the new license inside to join the others.

Liesl ran into Finn at the nurses' station and told him she was there to speak to someone in HR. Finn reminded her that she had been fired and that her medical license had been revoked. He didn't think there was any room for her at General Hospital.

Liesl accused Finn of holding a grudge, but he didn't think Monica would appreciate seeing Liesl after all she'd done to the people Monica knew. Liesl agreed that on second thought, she would go to Mercy Hospital. After Liesl was gone, Finn made a phone call to warn a friend of Liesl's possible visit.

Sonny stopped in the chapel to pray for Oscar, but he found Griffin there instead. Sonny sat down beside Griffin and offered his reason for being there. Griffin bitterly noted that miracles were "few and far between," and he didn't think that God listened. Sonny began to talk about Kiki, but Griffin stopped him quickly. He was tired of hearing Kiki stories, and it only made him angry that someone had killed her.

Sonny understood Griffin's reaction but mentioned that Griffin had helped him after Morgan had died. Griffin grasped the St. Aloysius medal around his neck and declared that his words had been a lie. He considered faith to be an illusion. "Your faith is shaken," Sonny replied. Griffin clarified that it was broken.

Griffin went on to talk about St. Aloysius and how he'd wanted to be like him. He laughed sarcastically and ripped the medal from around his neck, calling it merely jewelry. Sonny asked why he was in the chapel, and Griffin admitted that he'd hoped to feel something. Sonny believed that something was listening to them, and he was doing the best he could with prayer.

Griffin stated that his life had been dedicated to healing as a doctor, and he believed that if Oscar got any help, it would be from science, not faith. He announced that he had someone to help, and he left the chapel.

As Finn hung up the phone, Anna was wheeled in with Peter by her side. Anna announced that she couldn't see.

Sonny saw Drew and Kim. He had been at the hospital to pick up Mike's medicine, and he confessed that he'd heard about Oscar. He wanted to offer his resources or anything else they might need. Sonny quickly looked around and softly mentioned that he had referred to any restricted medicine that could be obtained out of the country.

Drew advised Sonny that there was no miracle drug available, and Kim confessed that she had checked out every site, trial, doctor, and clinic. Sonny apologized for overstepping and stated that Oscar was in his prayers. Drew declared that Sonny would know what they were going through, and they appreciated his being there. Sonny just wanted them to ask if anything was needed.

Griffin entered the room where Anna had been situated with Peter and Finn, who explained what had happened. Peter chimed in, and Anna confessed that she'd had an excruciating headache. Griffin announced that he would send Anna for tests, and she lay back as Finn rushed out after Griffin.

Anna was most appreciative of Peter staying with her, due to their complicated relationship. He grabbed her hand and stated that he was happy to help. An aide arrived to pick Anna up for a test, and Peter offered to stick around. Anna was insistent that he go, and she would make sure he was kept informed.

Franco and Griffin chatted at the nurses' station, and Finn asked if Griffin's head was in the game. He wondered if he needed to get another doctor. Griffin insisted that Anna was as close to him as any family would be, and he needed to help her. He didn't know yet if the blindness was permanent.

As Finn continued to question Griffin, Griffin grew angry and asked about Finn's medical degree. The men exchanged words, and Finn told Griffin that his bedside manner sucked. He asked about hope, but Griffin assured him that he only had faith in the data.

At the dock, Ava pulled a gun out of her coat pocket. When she heard a noise behind her, she turned and quickly pointed it at the new arrival, who turned out to be Franco. He demanded to know why she was out and about in the dark but was thankful she had a gun. He announced that he had been on his way to his studio but would stay with her.

Ava refused to divulge her reason for being there, but when Franco declared that he would not leave unless she told him, Ava explained that she had planned to wait for Kiki's killer. She added that the person would be sorry that the cops hadn't found him first by the time she got done with him.

Franco couldn't believe that Ava planned on trying to lure and ambush the killer, and he told her that he didn't think it would work. He knew because he was able to think like a killer, and he didn't think that Ava would be a desired victim. He pointed out that she was known to be lethal, and the killer would want to go after someone less able to fight back. He also thought she was a kindred spirit.

Just then, "Kevin" appeared, and Franco told him why Ava was there. "I see," "Kevin" said simply. Franco couldn't believe that was "Kevin's" only response, but "Kevin" declared that he agreed with however Ava wished to handle her grief. Franco continued to be disbelieving, even more so when "Kevin" suggested that Franco find himself another doctor.

Franco was aghast that "Kevin" was "dumping" him, but "Kevin" thought their relationship had "plateaued." They hadn't been progressing, and maybe they'd gotten too comfortable, "Kevin" added. Franco declared that he didn't want someone else. "Hell with you," he said as he stormed off. Ava advised "Kevin" that Franco really needed him, but "Kevin" thought it was for the best.

Ava wondered if "Kevin" thought she was crazy. He said he didn't, but he believed her move had been counterproductive because the killer wanted attention, and her grief would give him power. He thought they should leave Port Charles for good.

Back at Crimson, Valentin informed Nina that he would try to prove he was worthy of her trust, but he didn't consider himself to be a "knight in shining armor." Liesl agreed with his assessment as she walked through the door. She wanted to speak to Nina alone, but Valentin insisted on staying. Nina mentioned that she'd seen the two of them chatting, and she thought there were no secrets.

Nina urged Liesl to talk. Liesl declared that Valentin had offered her a job at Cassadine Industries, and though there hadn't been any openings, she wanted him to keep her in mind. Valentin glared as Nina replied that she didn't want Valentin to be put in an awkward position. Valentin assured her that they needed to keep Liesl employed, and she was family. Nina agreed. Liesl insisted on talking to Nina alone again.

Valentin kissed Nina goodbye. Nina advised her aunt that the medical column that she had wanted to write was really not a good fit for Nina's readers. Liesl explained that she no longer had her medical license, and it had been difficult to find work. She had noticed that Valentin had been trying to win Nina back, and she warned Nina that there were two sides to his personality.

Nina admitted that she had tried to end things, but Valentin wouldn't give up. When she mentioned moving back to Wyndemere, Liesl shouted at Nina for doing so. Nina reminded her that Valentin had found her daughter, and she didn't think that Liesl could relate, given her relationships with her children. Nina thought that Sasha even resembled Nathan.

Liesl's eyes grew angry as she spat out that Sasha was nothing like Liesl's son. Nina wondered why Liesl was against Sasha, but Liesl took a sip from her bottled water and said to forget it. Liesl thought there was something Nina should know.

At General Hospital, Sonny spotted Griffin and called out to him, but Griffin was short with him. He didn't have time to talk to Sonny, who clutched the St. Aloysius necklace.

Finn tucked Anna into bed and told her it was okay to be scared. Anna admitted that she was. Griffin returned with test results, and Finn looked at the folder. Griffin announced that Anna had suffered a vitreous hemorrhage, and though she was stable, he didn't know why it had occurred. He suggested that a laser treatment might help, but he was unsure whether Anna's vision could be restored.

Kevin's new assistant informed Franco, who was standing by Kevin's office door, that she couldn't release his records. Once she was gone, Franco broke into Kevin's office and began to go through all of his files. He uncovered the box holding the licenses.

Peter met with Valentin and told him what had happened to Anna. He didn't want Valentin to reach out to Anna because he was afraid that Valentin would use her weakness to double-cross her. Peter accused Valentin of using anyone he could. Valentin insisted he was not Peter's enemy, but Peter accused him of protecting his own ass when he had insisted that Peter drop charges.

Peter also stated that Valentin didn't care about him or Maxie, and he was certain that Liesl would use whatever information she had against him.

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