General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 3, 2019 on GH
Shiloh was arrested for sexual assault. Margaux decided to resign. Julian and Sam worked together to keep Shiloh from Wiley. Ryan donated a kidney to Jordan, but he slipped into a coma after the transplant. Maxie proposed putting Ava on the cover of Crimson.
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Ryan donated a kidney to Jordan, but he slipped into a coma after the surgery
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Someone empties a syringe into Ryan's IV Someone empties a syringe into Ryan's IV
Monday, June 3, 2019

Ava lay flowers at Kiki's grave and wished her a happy birthday. She turned and saw Franco behind her, and he had his own bouquet to share with Kiki. He lay the flowers down, and he and Ava talked about how much they missed Kiki. Ava revealed that Julian and Scott had convinced her to plead not guilty, and she figured she'd either walk free or be committed to Ferncliff.

Franco mentioned that he'd seen Ryan, and he would live, and Ava was happy. She announced that she would have another chance to kill Ryan, and she promised that she wouldn't fail again. Franco admitted that while Ava's statement made him "tingle," he hoped that she didn't go forward with her plan. He wanted Ryan to pay, but he wanted Ryan to save Jordan's life.

Franco added that he wanted and needed all the loss of life to result in something good for Kiki. He revealed that at one time, Kiki had helped him out of a "destructive spiral" by stopping him from destroying all of his artwork. He wanted to pay the help forward. Ava was sorry, but she couldn't let go of her desire for revenge.

Sasha and Nina were swamped with work in the Crimson office, and Sasha offered to cancel her date with Michael. Nina stopped her and confessed that the work really hadn't been due yet, but she'd wanted to impress Jax. She began to talk about how much she'd been looking forward to working with Jax just as Valentin popped his head into the office.

Valentin knocked and walked in, and Sasha left for her date. Valentin suggested that Nina cancel her meeting to attend a show and have dinner with him. He confessed that he was trying to make things difficult for Nina. He thought that Nina should play "hard to get" with Jax instead. Nina told Valentin he was incredible, but she could not cancel her meeting.

Michael found Sonny sitting at the bar at Metro Court. Sonny was relieved that it was Michael who had walked up behind him and not Jax. Sonny complained that he'd seen Jax everywhere. Just then, Jax stepped off the elevator and joined Alexis at a table. Michael reminded Sonny that Josslyn needed her father, but Sonny confessed that something about Jax rubbed him the wrong way. Jax was also going to stay in town.

Michael hoped that, for family's sake, Sonny would put up with just about anything. He saw Sasha arrive and bid Sonny goodbye.

Alexis confirmed to Jax that he was a new part owner of Aurora Media, and she told him her fee was "on the house." Jax insisted on payment and threatened to find a new lawyer. Alexis finally agreed that he could pay her "market rate." Alexis wanted to warn Jax about a "seriously dangerous" Valentin. She called him an "evil billionaire," as opposed to Jax, who was a nice billionaire.

Jax accused Alexis of always seeing him as better than he really was, but he assured her that he wasn't worried about Valentin. He thanked her for the warning. Alexis was shocked when a deliveryman from another restaurant stopped to deliver a food order to Jax. She called Jax bold. Neil walked over, and Jax kissed Alexis goodbye and left with his food order. Neil commented on how surprised he was to see Alexis on such good terms with her exes. Alexis asked if he was curious.

Neil apologized for his unprofessional comment and took a seat. Alexis admitted that many people were impressed, but her marriage with Jax had never been consummated. She was glad that he was still in her life. She wondered if her talk with Neil would count as a session, and Neil changed the subject to Kristina, calling it a "gray area."

Alexis revealed that Kristina's pledge had been retrieved, and Alexis had learned that the secret had been about her and not Sonny. She admitted that it bothered her because Kristina would never betray Sonny. Alexis went on about the lack of communication between her and Kristina, and she believed they both had resentment. Alexis wasn't sure what to do with her resentment toward Kristina.

Alexis added that Kristina had burned the pledge, and she didn't know what it had been about. She wondered if she should change her usual tactics, tell Kristina how she felt, and ask about the pledge. Neil thought that that would be a mistake, as he didn't consider Kristina to be ready for confrontation. He believed that would cause Alexis to lose her daughter.

Alexis agreed that Neil was right, and she pointed out that Neil really seemed to care about Kristina. She didn't think he was so objective, after all. Neil announced that time was up, and he suggested their next session be in his office. He left, and Alexis plugged his name into a search engine on her tablet. She was curious when she saw a dedication to his wife and daughter.

Sasha and Michael sat at a table and had dinner. Sasha related all of the latest details about the new boss at the magazine. Michael thought it was good for Crimson to have Jax for a boss because Jax was a good businessman. Michael didn't see things ending well, though, because Jax and Sonny didn't get along. He added that the only things the men had in common were Carly and the kids. He thought things would get complicated.

Sasha informed Michael that he appeared to be a mix of both Sonny and Jax. She had seen how he'd taken care of Willow at the Nurses Ball, and she had glimpsed his look of ice. She thought that was like Sonny. Michael thought Sasha was perceptive, but he hoped that he had been influenced by Jax, also. Sasha noted that she might or might not find Michael intriguing, but she liked him more the more she saw of him. Michael felt the same about Sasha. They agreed to go to her room for an after-dinner drink.

Back in the Crimson office, Nina thought that Valentin should leave before the boss showed up. They made plans for later in the evening and begin to kiss. Jax walked in on them, and Valentin bid them goodbye. He overheard Nina's excitement over the food that Jax had provided for their meeting. He stepped onto the elevator grimly.

Valentin joined Sonny at the bar and announced that he wanted to talk about Jasper Jax. He told Sonny about Jax's new acquisition and wondered if Sonny had ever had any joint ventures with Jax. Sonny affirmed that they'd both been involved in ELQ briefly. Valentin thought they'd both be pleased if Jax could find work at the other end of the world. He told Sonny to think about it.

At the magazine meeting, Nina wanted to talk about money, and she announced that she wanted more of it if she successfully raised the circulation of the magazine. She was sure she could do it, and she asked for three months to try. She thought that the magazine's September issue would be a "game changer." Nina and Jax shook hands on their deal, and she thanked him for dinner.

Valentin returned, and Nina told him about her meeting. Valentin offered his help in any way he could, and Nina informed him that she wanted to postpone their wedding. Valentin was taken aback, but Nina thought the magazine would need all of her attention; she was certain that he would do the same thing in the same position. Valentin agreed that was true, and Nina told him he wouldn't regret it. She proposed they get married in September, and she was happy that Sasha would be able to stay longer.

At the hospital, Elizabeth tended to Jordan, who felt sorry for Elizabeth having to be her nurse. Elizabeth voiced that she was happy to have Jordan as a patient, and Jordan agreed that she was happy Elizabeth was her nurse.

Finn and Curtis discussed Ryan's potential as a donor. Curtis was willing to have Ryan's signature forged, and Finn suggested that would mean they'd have to make sure that Ryan didn't wake up from the operating table. Curtis declared that he only cared about Jordan, but Finn reminded him that Jordan would never want that to happen. "As long as she lives, doc," Curtis replied.

Kevin paid Ryan a visit in his room, and Ryan taunted Kevin about leaving him hanging. Kevin pointed out that he'd been lucky to have people that had found him and cared about him, and he was sure that Ryan couldn't say the same thing.

Ryan called Ava passionate about him and stated that she hated to admit that she still wanted him. Kevin called Ryan narcissistic. Kevin admitted he felt bad that he'd messed up and had realized that some evil couldn't be cured. "Even by me," he said. He was hopeful that justice would see to it that Ryan paid and burned in hell. "Maybe," Ryan replied. He stated that Kevin wouldn't be the one to send him.

"Don't be so sure," Kevin retorted. Ryan stated that Kevin was only ordinary without him, while Ryan was a fascinating chapter in the area of capital crime. Kevin snapped that he didn't want Ryan dead because Ryan needed to know that he didn't matter and was only a footnote in that chapter.

Later, Finn and Kevin sat on a bench in the corridor. Kevin declared that he'd done everything he could to help his brother, but the joke had been on him. Ryan didn't have any humanity, and Kevin just wanted him to be gone. He wondered what kind of doctor he could be with those thoughts. Finn thought the Hippocratic Oath was open to interpretation. He thought that do no harm and doing everything to help others were not "mutually exclusive."

Valerie stopped by to visit with Jordan, and she sat by the bed. Jordan admitted that she'd been trying not to be bitter, and she wanted to face the end of life with dignity. She didn't want to give up. Valerie assured her that she was too important to die, and there would be someone to save her. Jordan pointed out that Ryan didn't have to donate his kidney, but Valerie insisted there was still time. She grabbed Jordan's hands and told her to get better. She left and saw Curtis. They shared a hug, and Valerie cried.

Ava ran into Kevin and asked him about Ryan and Jordan. Kevin revealed that Ryan would live, but he wasn't as certain about Jordan. He admitted to being relieved that Ava hadn't been Ryan's next victim, and she said the same about Kevin. He joked that it was probably time for their official breakup, and he offered to help Ava more if needed. Ava maintained that Kevin had done enough, and she wouldn't forget it. Kevin vowed not to forget it, either.

Curtis sat with Jordan, and she told him how much she'd enjoyed being his wife. He told her it wasn't over, and the doctors had been doing what they could. Jordan admitted she could feel her body shutting down. Finn arrived and told her they were pursuing options, and they might still find a donor. Jordan called him a liar.

Later, Curtis informed a sleeping Jordan that she wasn't going anywhere. "Not on my watch," he said. Elizabeth watched through the window, and Finn walked up behind her. He asked if she was okay. Elizabeth wondered about a universe where Ryan could live and Jordan could die.

Kevin received a phone call. "It's better this way," he told someone.

As Ryan lay in bed, asleep, the hospital room door opened and closed. A gloved hand added a syringe full of an unknown liquid into Ryan's I.V.

As Sonny waited to get onto the elevator at Metro Court, Jax stepped off. The men awkwardly discussed sailing on Jax's yacht, and Sonny declined an invitation to sail with other family members. Jax departed, and Sonny got onto the elevator.

Ryan agrees to donate his kidney to Jordan Ryan agrees to donate his kidney to Jordan
Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Sonny found Carly out on the patio at home. They delighted in the fireflies fluttering around and recalled happily how much Morgan had loved them. Carly declared that there were no smiles for Josslyn, and she wondered how to help her daughter. She and Sonny hugged, and just then, Josslyn joined them with Oscar's guitar in hand. She was smiling as she told them she'd managed to learn how to play a little bit via a video she'd found online.

Josslyn confessed that she'd always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, and Sonny suggested that she take lessons after school ended. Josslyn agreed and mentioned how she was supposed to keep busy. Carly told her that she and Sonny would always be there for Josslyn if she needed them, and Sonny confirmed that it would take awhile for Josslyn to feel better.

Josslyn recalled that Oscar's last words had been to tell her she'd be okay, and she had promised. Carly assured her it was a day-to-day process. Josslyn vowed to do it for Oscar and everyone else who had supported her. Suddenly, Carly felt the baby move, and she placed Josslyn's hand on her stomach.

Josslyn thought it was weird. "Stuff just got real," she said. Sonny stated that having a baby was both beautiful and terrifying, and he didn't want to fail it. "Life goes on," he said. Josslyn wondered how she was not supposed to think about Oscar, and Carly assured her that one never got used to a loved one's absence.

Carly added that one just grew around it, and other people entered and took the loved one's space. One day, Josslyn would realize that she had let her thoughts go for a minute, and then an hour. The hole in her heart would still be there, but it would hurt less. Sonny assured Josslyn that her memories would comfort her. Carly promised that the family would always be there to take care of Josslyn.

In Tanzania, Drew stopped by Kim's hotel room to ask who should hold onto the urn with Oscar's ashes. Kim was pouring herself some coffee, and Drew suggested she stop the coffee and catch up on sleep instead. He reminded her that they had a long and difficult climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Kim replied that she didn't want to sleep.

Drew entered the room and tried to calm Kim down. She told him that she couldn't sleep because she always had a dream that Oscar was still alive. She began to cry as she explained that she would wake up and expect to see Oscar, so she'd prefer to stay awake because she couldn't keep losing him. Kim confessed that she'd known that Oscar's death would be the most painful experience of her life, and she hadn't been able to prepare herself as a mother the way she had always prepared as a doctor.

Kim admitted that she never knew how she would feel from one moment to the next and was liable to break down and cry at any time. She wasn't sure how she would make it up the mountain. Drew replied that Kim was a great mother, and that was how she'd do it. Kim didn't know how to say goodbye to her only child, and Drew confessed that he didn't know how to say goodbye, either. He promised that she wouldn't do it alone. They hugged as Kim continued to cry.

Drew urged Kim to get some sleep, and he would be right next door. Kim wondered if Oscar would be on the mountain, and Drew replied that Oscar had to be somewhere with the spirit that he'd had. Kim wanted to know that Oscar was still out there, and Drew told her to just believe.

At General Hospital, T.J. ranted and raved to Jordan about Ryan not being willing to donate a kidney. She told him he needed to forgive both Ryan and her. She was sorry for the time she'd missed with T.J. as well as the secrets she'd kept from him. T.J. assured her he'd accepted everything, and the family had survived. Jordan told him that that gave her peace. T.J. stressed that he couldn't lose her, and he wanted to make her proud. Jordan promised that she was already proud. They hugged.

At the same time, an unknown person in latex gloves injected something into a sleeping Ryan's I.V. The monitors began to beep faster, and Ryan had a seizure. The staff ran into Ryan's room to tend to him, and he appeared to be okay. Finn told him they would run tests. "Don't let me die," Ryan pleaded.

Out in the hallway, Cameron saw Franco removing latex gloves and tossing them away. He asked why Franco had been wearing them, and Franco informed him that he'd been cleaning paint, and the agent tended to eat away at skin. Franco asked how Cameron had been doing, especially after Oscar's death. Cameron sharply retorted that he would let Franco know if he wanted to talk to him.

Elizabeth approached Franco and told him that Ryan had had a seizure. "I hope that's the end of him," he said. She had thought Ryan deserved it, although it was her job as a nurse to tend to him. Elizabeth mentioned that she'd seen Jordan and had thanked her for Franco's award. He didn't know how Jordan had been able to present him with an award because she was so ill.

Franco confessed that he'd "bitched" the entire time he'd been involved in the caper, but he was glad that Jordan had forced him to take part. "Sometimes, the ends justify the means," he said. Franco revealed that he'd gone to Kiki's grave, "spur of the moment," because it would have been her birthday. He had hoped to find peace, but it hadn't worked. After meeting up with Ava there, he'd realized he was still full of rage. He thought the only value to Ryan's life would be if he saved Jordan's.

Stella found Curtis sitting out in the waiting area, and she asked about Ryan's possible kidney donation. After hearing that Ryan had refused, Stella was determined to talk to Ryan herself. She called herself a secret weapon. Curtis didn't want his aunt near Ryan, but she told him she'd be offended if he thought that Ryan might manipulate her. Curtis didn't think it would do any good, but Stella wanted to fight for Jordan. Finn arrived and announced that he had news about Ryan.

Finn, Stella, and Curtis entered Jordan's room, where T.J. was still sitting with his mother. Finn informed the group that Ryan had had an allergic reaction to the medicine but his kidney was still good. T.J. left the room, and Finn confirmed that Ryan was still cuffed. Stella was determined to get Jordan the kidney.

T.J. stopped at Ryan's room, where Valerie stood guard. At first, she refused to let him by, but she gave in. Ryan taunted T.J. for being there to beg for his mother's life. "Save it," Ryan snapped. Stella arrived, and Valerie told her that T.J. was inside, but Stella thought she would fare better. Valerie said that Stella was no match for Ryan. "Watch me," Stella said determinedly. Inside, Ryan told T.J. that he would not give up a kidney unless he got freedom.

Stella walked in and began to tell Ryan off. She told him she would not leave the room until Ryan agreed to give up his kidney for Jordan. She promised that he would get no rest. "Oh, no, the dreaded social worker," Ryan mocked. Stella assured him that she didn't care what he said, and she believed in a higher power. She thought that Ryan had cheated death numerous times -- and everything he'd done and all the crimes he'd committed had led to that moment.

Stella accused Ryan of being obsessed with himself, and she knew he didn't want to die. She stated that if he didn't help Jordan, the forces would bond together and painfully kill him. He would go straight to hell. She ordered him to give up his kidney and live -- or withhold it and die. T.J. chuckled.

In Jordan's room, Jordan told Curtis that the last few years with him and T.J. had been the happiest years of her life. She had finally found joy and peace, and she considered her affairs to be in order. Curtis urged his wife to hang on, but Jordan replied that her body couldn't keep on going. She urged him to find someone else after she was gone. Just then, T.J. ran into the room and announced that Stella had persuaded Ryan to donate his kidney. Curtis went off to check.

In Ryan's room, Ryan told Finn that he would consent to donating the kidney. He declared that he was doing it in order to get Stella to shut up. He added that having no anesthesia would be less painful than listening to her. Finn wanted to confirm that Ryan was giving up anesthesia, but Ryan snapped that it was hyperbole. He never wanted to see Stella again.

Curtis arrived and asked if the news was true. Ryan replied that Stella was the most annoying person he'd ever encountered.

Outside Ryan's room, Valerie told Stella that she'd been right -- Ryan was no match for her. Stella thought it best that they wait until Ryan actually signed the papers before celebrating. Stella reentered Ryan's room with the papers for him to sign. Curtis handed Ryan a pen and told him it was time to "get this ball rolling." Ryan was worried that as the "most loathed man in Port Charles" he'd be vulnerable under anesthesia, but Finn assured him that he would get the same care as all other patients. Stella volunteered to speak up for Ryan at his sentencing. Ryan signed the papers and tossed the pen.

At the Corinthos house, Josslyn practiced the guitar until Cameron arrived. He told her she was sounding better, and he gave her some tips. They talked about his playing, and he told her to stick with it. "Music lets you say the things you don't have the words to say," Cameron explained. Josslyn smiled. She revealed that she'd had a conversation with Carly and Sonny, and she'd felt Carly's baby move.

Josslyn added that she'd felt like she had been out of her body and watching herself function. She didn't want to be okay and to stop thinking about Oscar. That would mean that she would be losing him again. Josslyn revealed that she'd seen Oscar in the crowd when she'd performed at the Nurses Ball, and he had helped her through it. Carly and Sonny had told her she'd feel better in time, but she didn't want to feel better.

Josslyn continued that she wanted to remember Oscar as he had been and still was. Cameron understood. Suddenly, Josslyn spotted some fireflies and caught one. She wanted to make a wish on the first one she'd seen for the season. Cameron grabbed her hands, and they closed their eyes to make a wish. Cameron opened his eyes and looked at Josslyn.

Josslyn let the firefly go. She told Cameron that her first wish with a firefly had been to fall in love with Oscar, and she had. She'd been lucky. Cameron continued to stare at Josslyn lovingly.

Carly and Sonny placed some lilacs at Morgan's grave. Carly spoke to her son and told him how he had always been the one to communicate with Josslyn. She added that Oscar had been able to talk to Josslyn, too. Sonny stated that Josslyn was in pain, and Morgan would have liked Oscar. He hoped that Morgan would keep an eye out for Oscar, who would need a friend.

Sonny told Morgan that no one could take his place, but he and Carly were expecting a baby. They would tell the baby all about Morgan. He and Carly spotted Morgan's favorite fireflies, and they talked about how the insects always lit the place up.

Sonny uses his leverage against Margaux Sonny uses his leverage against Margaux
Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Lulu, Maxie, and Peter ate breakfast at Metro Court and talked about how Ryan had agreed to donate a kidney to Jordan. They agreed that it still didn't redeem Ryan, and Maxie asked how Lulu's next story was going. Lulu admitted that the story about the man using dating sites to rob women "feels cheesy." Maxie countered that it was an important story for women who were looking for love, only to end up getting robbed.

Lulu agreed with Maxie and related that she wanted to make an impact. Peter proposed that Lulu actually let the cops do their job and catch the thief, but Lulu thought that she was in the perfect position to do it herself. Lulu believed that finding the guy would be tricky, as he'd used different profiles and pictures each time. She continued that she'd based her own profile off the profiles of the victims. Maxie suggested that going out and getting a free meal would lift her spirits, but Lulu disagreed, since she would be with a man that wasn't her husband. She excused herself to go to the office.

When Lulu was gone, Maxie thought that she and Peter needed to get moving on their plan to find Dante. Peter didn't think it was a good idea, as Dante was unstable, and Peter didn't want anything to go wrong. Maxie didn't think that Dante could heal without Lulu or that Lulu could be happy without Dante. Peter countered that it wasn't her place to decide either of those things, and she reluctantly agreed. She still believed that they needed to at least locate Dante.

Margaux arrived to see Sonny and informed him that it would be the last time she responded to his summons. Jason cut to the chase and told Margaux about the audio and medical evidence he had against Shiloh. He handed her an envelope containing the recording from the attic and Sam's toxicology report. A skeptical Margaux listened to the recording. When it ended, Jason explained that at that point, Shiloh had taken Sam to a second location without her consent. Sonny talked about how many people Shiloh had probably scammed with the "ritual," and he vowed to do everything in his power to expose Shiloh as a sexual predator.

Margaux explained that there were "circumstances" impeding her from acting on the evidence, but Sonny stated that Jason had found the pledges. He took Margaux's out of a drawer. Jason had somewhere to be, and Sonny promised that he could take care of the rest. "What next?" Sonny asked when Jason was gone. A few minutes later, Margaux told someone on the phone that she wanted to be notified when the arrest warrant was signed. "You won't regret it," Sonny told her when she hung up.

Margaux was angry at Sonny for "dangling" her pledge in her face, but Sonny reminded her that she would end up the hero in the situation. "Take the win," he told her. She muttered that she'd gone "from one blackmailer to another," and her career would be over with the leverage Sonny had. "Congratulations. You win," she said. She stuffed the envelope of evidence in her bag and stormed to the front door. He offered her the only copy of her signed pledge, and she cautiously took it. He assured her that she'd done the right thing, and she left.

Outside the courthouse, Julian handed Sam an envelope with forms and IDs. She entered the office and identified herself as Willow Tait. She requested to amend her son's adoption file with her information should he ever look for her. Julian entered, claiming to be in a hurry to get his business done as the clerk went into the back to find the file. "It's go time," Julian muttered to Sam, and the clerk returned moments later. Julian hit a button on his watch, and a blaring fire alarm went off.

The clerk went into the back to make a call about the finicky fire alarm, and Sam and Julian took the opportunity to swap out some of the papers in the file with some that Julian had carried in. The alarm went off, and the clerk returned, proclaiming it a "false alarm." Julian stormed out, complaining that he didn't have the time to wait. A smiling Sam gave the clerk the document to file and thanked him for making "a big difference in a little boy's life."

Shiloh was asleep in his hospital room when Harmony entered. "Oh, my God," she gasped, waking him up. She wanted to know if he needed her to do anything. He grabbed her arm and demanded to know if she'd had a part in keeping his child from him. Harmony played dumb and pulled her arm back as he explained his hunch about Willow. She reminded him that she was his most loyal follower, and he replied that, because of that, it would be her "mission" to reunite him with his child.

Harmony insisted that finding Shiloh's child, if one even existed, would be impossible. Shiloh called her a "sad, insecure, empty vessel" who was jealous of her own daughter. He reminded her of how lost she'd been when she'd found Shiloh, and he related that, if she didn't find the child, there would be no place left for her at Dawn of Day. She didn't know where to start. However, she promised not to disappoint him, and she left.

At Charlie's, Michael took Wiley from Brad. He began to talk about Willow, but Brad shushed Michael and whispered that the "Dawnies" could be listening. Michael asked how Brad and Lucas were doing, and Brad replied that they would sacrifice anything to keep Wiley safe. Michael assured Brad that Willow's actions regarding Wiley had been necessary, and she was brave for what she'd done. Chase entered, looking for Michael, and Brad said that he needed to get Wiley to Bobbie's, anyway.

When Brad was gone, Chase thanked Michael for staying with Willow at the Nurses Ball, and Michael congratulated Chase on catching Ryan. Chase was happy that Michael had been there for Willow, especially since he didn't know what he would have done to Shiloh. Michael asked how long Chase had known about Wiley, and Chase answered, "Awhile." However, it hadn't been "my truth to tell," and he thought that it would be more dangerous if more people knew. Michael said that Shiloh was prepared to do anything to find his child, so they needed to be willing to do anything to stop him. "I'm in," Chase said.

A short while later, Jason entered Charlie's and sat with Michael, who was alone. He informed Michael that there was a good chance of Shiloh being arrested. Sam and Julian arrived, and Sam joined Jason and Michael. She assured Jason that things on her end had been "taken care of." He told Sam about his and Sonny's conversation with Margaux and told her that Margaux had heard the recording. "Do I wanna know?" Michael wondered. Sam replied that things were "vile, disgusting, and over," and that Shiloh was "thoroughly incriminated."

Michael asked about Danny's birthday, and Sam revealed that the family had gotten the best gift ever: Jason was moving back in. Michael was happy to hear the news, and Jason added that it had been worth the wait. Sam excused herself and went to the bar to get some coffee. As Julian got the coffee, she admitted that he'd done well earlier. He commented that he couldn't have done it without her, and it was nice to be on the same team.

Willow was in her classroom when Lucas entered. He admitted that he couldn't stop thinking about her relationship to Wiley and what it meant for his future. A few minutes later, they sat down, and Willow briefly told him about the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy. Lucas was grateful for her, and he was sorry for how he'd treated her. He added that Michael thought highly of her, and he thought highly of Michael. While he'd been afraid to trust her, he'd realized that they were all "Team Wiley, all the way."

Willow was happy that she'd picked Lucas and Brad, and while it hurt to let Wiley go, she knew that he was where he belonged. Lucas told her that he would be honored for her to be a part of Wiley's life. While she wanted to agree, she couldn't see Wiley again "as long as Shiloh is breathing." She feared that, once he was out of the hospital, he'd have eyes on her at all times. Lucas wished that Wiley would have a chance to know his "brave, remarkable mother," and he promised to tell Wiley how much she loved him.

Brad returned to Charlie's and asked if Julian knew what was going on, as Lucas had asked to meet there. Just then, Lucas arrived, and he greeted Sam and Jason. Sam sent Lucas to Julian for some good news. Lucas approached Brad and Julian and informed them that he'd talked to Willow, and "we're not alone in this fight." Julian divulged that anyone looking for a paper trail connecting Willow to Wiley wouldn't find anything. Brad and Lucas, shocked and happy, embraced.

Michael cracked to Sam and Jason that he'd never thought he would ever cooperate with Julian under any circumstances. Sam advised Michael to stay cautious, as Julian had his own agenda. She added that things were safer than the day before, and that was a win. The three clinked their coffee mugs together in a toast.

Chase entered Willow's classroom, and she updated him on her reassuring conversation with Lucas. Chase reminded her that Shiloh wouldn't be around forever, but she thought that he got out of trouble too easily. Just then, Chase's phone went off, and he listened for a few moments. When he hung up, he excitedly told Willow that he'd just been sent to arrest Shiloh. Willow was ecstatic, but she calmed down immediately, not wanting to jinx it. He assured her that the first step was arresting someone, and "this one will be my pleasure." He kissed her and walked toward the door, exclaiming, "Yes!" and pumping his fist in the air.

Later, Harmony visited Willow, and she informed Willow that Shiloh knew his child was alive. Willow coldly told Harmony that the child had died, but Harmony didn't believe it. Harmony reminded Willow of who they were dealing with, but Willow shot back that Shiloh wasn't an "unstoppable, superhuman force of nature." "You know what kind of man he is," Harmony warned. Harmony said that she'd protected Willow's secret, and Willow needed her help. She asked Willow where the baby was.

Chase entered Shiloh's hospital room and placed him under arrest for "extortion, attempted rape, assault, and lesser included offenses." Clearly enjoying it, he ran through Shiloh's rights as he cuffed Shiloh to the bed. Shiloh listened and glared into Chase's eyes.

Jordan prepares for her surgery Jordan prepares for her surgery
Thursday, June 6, 2019

Laura arrived at the hospital and asked Kevin for an update on Ryan. A jumpy Franco replied that Ryan had been in surgery for three hours, "one hour too long." Finn reminded Franco that it was a "delicate process." Franco spouted off some facts that he'd learned online about the chances of Jordan rejecting the kidney. Finn's phone went off, and he revealed that it could be the news they'd been waiting for, and he walked off.

Curtis entered Jordan's room as Elizabeth assured Jordan, T.J., and Stella that Jordan was in good shape for the transplant surgery. Jordan couldn't wait to see T.J. in a lab coat. T.J. thought that the room was getting crowded, so he and Stella went out to get coffee. Elizabeth left to check in with Jordan's surgical team, leaving Jordan and Curtis alone. Jordan told an eager Curtis that she was a little nervous, and she wondered what had made Ryan agree to donate a kidney. Curtis thought all that mattered was that she was getting her transplant. Finn entered the room and informed Curtis and Jordan that Ryan was out of surgery.

A short while later, Finn explained to Jordan, Curtis, Stella, and T.J. that there were low chances of organ rejection and that Jordan's operating room was being prepped. He explained the surgery and added that it would take two to three hours. When he was done, Jordan asked to speak to Stella alone, so everyone else filed out of the room. Curtis and T.J. watched the two women talk through the window, and T.J. wondered what they were talking about. Curtis didn't know, but he thought that whatever it was wasn't good for his blood pressure.

Inside the room, Jordan informed Stella that she'd signed a Do Not Resuscitate order just in case something went wrong during the surgery. She needed Stella to advocate for Jordan's wishes, because she believed that Curtis and T.J. would fight it. She added that Stella was the only one she trusted with the task. Stella thought that Jordan was asking for something impossible. "Says the woman who stared down Ryan Chamberlain," Jordan cracked. Stella took Jordan's hand and assured her that "you can count on me."

A short while later, Jordan was prepped for surgery, and she was wheeled out toward the operating room. Curtis promised that he, Stella, and T.J. would be waiting for her. "Jordan has got this," Stella declared. "See you on the other side," Jordan promised, and she was wheeled away.

Kevin looked in on an unconscious Ryan, and Finn was concerned that Ryan was still asleep. When Finn entered the room, Laura approached Kevin. She asked if he wanted to join her to meet with Margaux and check in about Ryan's extradition. Kevin wanted to stay, so Laura went without him. Franco walked up, and Kevin informed him that Ryan's surgery had been a success with minimal complications. Franco wondered if that was good or bad news to Kevin.

Franco suggested how easy it would be to sneak into Ryan's room when Finn was gone and hold a pillow over Ryan's face. He continued that Ryan dying would be "one in the plus column," but one in the minus column would be how much Kevin's friends and family would miss him while he was in jail for murder. Franco wondered about the "moral question," as even though Ryan deserved to die, he was defenseless in his hospital bed. Kevin appreciated Franco's support but said that he didn't need to be there. Franco replied that he wanted to be, to which Kevin replied, "Well I sure as hell don't," and he walked away.

In Ryan's room, Finn told Ryan to "rise and shine" and repeated his name. A few minutes later, Finn left the room and told Franco that Ryan should have woken up by then. Finn was off to find a neurologist, as he feared that Ryan had slipped into a coma.

Alexis entered Charlie's and asked why Julian had wanted to see her. He informed her that he knew all about Wiley's parentage, and he wanted to help in the fight against Shiloh. He confided that he'd "handicapped" things in Lucas' favor, but Alexis demanded that he stay out of it or risk "tanking" the case. She told him that it would be hard for Shiloh to get custody from prison, but she was experienced with him in "other areas."

Julian assumed that Alexis was talking about Kristina, and he'd noticed that Kristina had stopped talking about Dawn of Day when she'd returned to the bar. He wondered if she'd been enlightened by herself or if she'd had "help." Alexis answered that it was none of his business, but he called her a hypocrite for meddling in Kristina's affairs while telling Julian to stay out of Lucas'. He asked her to have a little understanding, because if Kristina had known that she could go to Alexis for help, she probably wouldn't have joined Dawn of Day in the first place.

Carly woke up to Sonny holding a fussy baby and facing away from her. He said that the baby was hungry, so Carly reached out for the baby. Sonny turned to reveal that he was actually Ryan, and Carly demanded the baby back. "What baby?" Ryan said as the opened the baby blanket to reveal that it was empty. "My baby!" Carly cried as she woke up, and Sonny was immediately next to her. She told him about her dream, and he assured her that the cops had Ryan, and he instructed her to breathe.

The phone rang, and Sonny picked it up and listened. He said that it wasn't a good time, but Carly wanted to know who was there. He told her that it was Ava, and Carly insisted that they let her in. Sonny gave the instruction to send Ava up, and he hung up. A few minutes later, he let Ava into the house, surprised that she'd been able to get out on bail.

Ava asked to see Avery in order to celebrate Kiki's birthday, but Carly informed her that they'd already celebrated Kiki's birthday. She handed Ava a picture that Avery had drawn. Ava wanted to see Avery, but Sonny replied that Josslyn had taken Avery to the zoo. He advised her to ca garner sympathy ll ahead next time.

Sonny asked Ava about what had happened with Ryan, and she told Sonny and Carly the whole story. She feared that, in court, Ryan would try to garner sympathy by exploiting how he'd donated a kidney. Carly pointedly related that it was "horrible" thinking about the person responsible for the death of one's child going free. Ava promised to call to discuss a time to pick Avery up the next day. Sonny told her to keep the drawing, and she left.

A short while later, Alexis arrived at Sonny and Carly's and informed them that Shiloh was being arrested. She also wanted Carly's help in keeping an eye on Lucas. She explained the situation with Wiley's parentage to the two, who were in shock. She urged Carly to keep Brad and Lucas calm and focused so that they didn't go to Julian for help again.

Julian was taking a shot at the bar at Charlie's when Ava entered. She thought he looked like he needed a drinking buddy, so he poured her a shot. She commented that the circumstances called for a drink like they always did for the Jeromes. The two clinked their glasses together and drank.

Harmony informed Willow that Shiloh knew the truth, so Willow needed to "unburden" herself. Willow insisted that she'd miscarried, but Harmony didn't believe her. Harmony offered to "negotiate a truce" between Willow and Shiloh so that the baby could be with both of his or her parents. She thought it was pointless for Willow to keep lying about it, as it would only be a matter of time before Shiloh was reunited with his child.

Harmony reminded Willow that Shiloh still had Willow's pledge, but Willow smugly informed a stunned Harmony that it was in Willow's possession. She spat that since Shiloh had no leverage left, he was going to be arrested, and he would be going to jail. "We'll see about that," Harmony said, and she quickly left.

Julian entered the classroom when Harmony was gone and told Willow that he had a way to disconnect Willow from Wiley. He told her about the adoption file in Albany being "no longer in play," but he said that Diane having a copy of the records was a problem. Willow knew that Diane would never destroy court documents, but Julian said that Willow would need to.

Shiloh was yelling at Chase about harassment when Margaux entered. Margaux commended Chase for his timely arrest of Shiloh, and she informed a shocked Shiloh that she had "airtight" evidence of his criminal activity. She estimated that he would get "twenty to life" in prison, and he screamed that it was absurd. Margaux asked for a minute with Shiloh, so Chase went out in the hall. Shiloh hoped that Margaux's words had been "for the detective's benefit," but she informed him that she intended to see him in prison where he belonged.

Shiloh believed that Margaux had had a setback, and he threatened to retaliate for the "slander" against him. "Nice try," she said, pulling her pledge from her bag. He divulged that her pledge was all in his head. He said it would cause someone to start digging into her past, and her career would be ruined. She responded that she had beaten him to the punch, as she was about to resign as district attorney. He wondered what she would do. "Maybe it's time to learn something else," she stated. She intended to leave behind a strong case against Shiloh, and she imagined that there would be a lot to find on David Henry Archer, as well.

Harmony arrived outside Shiloh's room, and Chase stopped her from going into the "prisoner's room." Margaux emerged from the room, and Harmony complained to Margaux about not being able to see Shiloh. Margaux immediately peppered Harmony with questions about whether or not she'd been an accessory to Shiloh's crimes, but Harmony denied it. Margaux advised Harmony to work on her denials, as she'd be subpoenaed -- and hopefully charged. Margaux allowed Harmony into the room and muttered to Chase that Harmony would hopefully follow Shiloh to jail.

Shiloh insisted to Harmony that the charges against him were "groundless" and that Margaux had lost her way. "If only we still had the pledges," Harmony thought. Shiloh reminded her that Jason had almost killed him, so he'd had to give the pledges to Jason. She divulged that he was right, and his child was out there somewhere. She promised that he would know everything soon. Shiloh replied that he wouldn't if the police got their way, as they would lock him away from his child. Harmony wished she could help, and he replied thoughtfully, "Maybe you can."

Laura approached and asked for a word with Margaux. She wanted to talk about Ryan, but Margaux wanted to let Laura know of her intention to resign. She assured Laura that the staff was up to date and could carry on until a special election could be held. Though they'd clashed, Laura had always respected Margaux's passion and dedication. Margaux was comforted that Laura was the one looking after Port Charles, and she walked away. Kevin found Laura and told her that Ryan was still unconscious. "God help me, I hope he stays that way," Kevin confessed.

Willow called Diane and left a message updating her that Harmony knew about the baby and was going to tell Shiloh. She begged Diane to fit Willow into her schedule that day because she was scared. She asked Diane to call her back and ended the call as she was getting another. She answered it to Chase, who assured her that he'd arrested Shiloh. He continued that there was "damning evidence," and she was happy to finally get some good news. He said that she could rest easy that night because the law was on her side.

Ryan receives a police escort out of General Hospital Ryan receives a police escort out of General Hospital
Friday, June 7, 2019

Carly was surprised to see Jax enter her house with a surfboard. He explained that he thought a day of surfing would be good for Josslyn. He made a joke about Carly not wanting to learn to surf because she was afraid to be bad at something. She insisted that she loved the beach, but she was glad that Josslyn had learned before she'd even known what she was doing. Jax assured Carly that Josslyn would be all right. Carly suggested that he put the board in Josslyn's room for her to find, and then call her on Saturday to invite her out surfing.

Jax's phone went off, and he was delighted to see that he'd already received the revised budget for Crimson. He updated a confused Carly on his acquisition of the print side of Aurora. She was curious as to how much Drew knew about Jax, and Jax admitted that he could be a "control freak." He informed her that the divisions were separate, so he and Drew had no say in the other's half of the company. Carly congratulated him and gave him a hug.

A few minutes later, Jax descended the stairs after having put the surfboard on Josslyn's bed. Carly asked if Josslyn knew that Jax was staying in town permanently. He figured that he would tell their daughter over the weekend. Carly was happy, but she was nervous about Jax and Sonny spending a lot of time together. Jax conceded that Sonny didn't deserve all the good in his life, but he promised that the two men could coexist peacefully. Carly promised to have Josslyn call Jax, and he left.

Later, Carly was in an exam room at the hospital when her doctor entered to run some more tests. Carly wondered if another test was necessary, but the doctor replied that, with Carly's history, she was "in favor of checking all the boxes." "Let's do it," Carly agreed. A short while later, the test was over, and the doctor advised Carly to try to relax while waiting for the results. Carly promised to try her best, and she asked if her results could be rushed. The doctor promised to try her best, and Carly left.

At Crimson, Nina told Maxie and Sasha that they needed someone high-profile for the next cover. Nina vetoed all of Sasha's suggestions until Maxie suggested Ava. Nina immediately refused, and Sasha called Ava a psychopath. Maxie wanted Sasha and Nina to get their feelings out, so Sasha talked about how Ava had tricked her into going after Griffin, and then Ava had drugged her to break Griffin and Kiki up. Nina talked about Ava's affair with Silas and touched on how she'd stolen Ava's baby after a psychotic break.

Nina continued that Ava was a "poisonous bitch," but Maxie related that that was what sold. She said that, even if they didn't get a lot more subscribers on it, they could at least increase the ad revenue. Sasha's phone went off, and she muttered that Michael wanted to meet. Nina practically pushed Sasha out of the office, and Sasha left. When she was gone, Nina whispered that she hadn't wanted Sasha to see the side of her that hated Ava "more than God hates sin."

Nina didn't want to exploit Kiki's death, but Maxie thought they could focus on Ava and whatever she wanted to talk about. Nina cried that she'd rather bankrupt the magazine than feature Ava, but Maxie thought that would be letting Ava win. She promised that the readers would see Ava for who she was, and she added that making money off of Ava would be a win for Nina.

Jax entered and asked about progress on the September issue, but Nina pushed right by him. She muttered about tracking down Ava, and she left. Jax asked Maxie what Nina was talking about. Maxie replied that Nina was willing to do anything to make sure the magazine was successful, and Jax liked to hear that. Maxie continued that, if everything worked out, which she thought it would, Crimson would get a lot of extra revenue, and Ava would get "exactly what she deserves."

Sasha arrived at Charlie's and sat with Michael. She commented on his cryptic text about how she felt about small planes. He explained that he wanted her to take a small plane with him to Martha's Vineyard. Seeing the look on her face, he immediately took it back and apologized for freaking her out. However, she assured him that she'd just been surprised by the question, and Martha's Vineyard was her favorite place to visit.

A relieved Michael explained that he had to go to Martha's Vineyard for business, and he thought it would be fun for her to tag along. She enthusiastically agreed and started making suggestions for what to do on the trip. She wondered when they were leaving, and he told her that they would leave as soon as she was ready. She needed to pack, so they hopped up from the table and left.

Franco sat with Ava at Charlie's and told her that he had good news for her. "Ryan's dead?" she asked hopefully. "Close. He's in a coma," Franco replied. He thought the worst was over, because as soon as Ryan woke up, he would go to Pentonville, which was "worse than death." He thought it was time for her to move on and not look back. Ava thought that she was a joke after having slept with her daughter's murderer. Franco assured her that, even though there would always be people who "look sideways" at people like them, she could still live a great life, which was the best revenge.

Franco wondered what was going on at the gallery, and Ava replied that it had been locked up for weeks. She added that she'd gotten some calls from artists and collectors, and Franco urged her to call them back, as she had a reputation to uphold. "Ryan's taken enough. Don't let him take anything else," Franco soothed. He kissed her on the head and left. A few minutes later, Ava was returning a collector's call when Nina entered. When Ava was off the phone, Nina approached, and Ava questioned what Nina wanted. "I want to offer you the cover of Crimson," Nina stated.

Finn approached Elizabeth, Curtis, Stella, and T.J., and he assured them that Jordan's surgery was going well. Curtis caught sight of the DNR in Elizabeth's hand and urgently asked about it. Finn explained that, while the surgery was routine, it was just in case. Elizabeth added that the odds were in Jordan's favor, so the paper was likely unnecessary. When Finn and Elizabeth were gone, T.J. assured Curtis that the DNR had probably taken some of Jordan's worry away, which was a good thing. Appreciating the comfort, Curtis knew that T.J. would one day make "one hell of a doctor." Finn and Elizabeth returned smiling, and Finn revealed that the surgery had been a success. Curtis, Stella, and T.J. embraced.

Later, Elizabeth set an unconscious Jordan up in her room. Outside the room, Curtis wondered when he could see Jordan, and Finn replied that he could go in the room as soon as Elizabeth was done. She exited the room and helped Curtis into a protective gown. He went into the room and took Jordan's hand, and she woke up. "Welcome back, baby," he said as he smiled. He assured her that her surgery had gone perfectly, and she croaked that she was already feeling better. "The nightmare is finally over," he said.

Outside the room, T.J. rounded the corner and leaned against the wall, taking a deep breath. Stella followed after him and talked about how proud of him she was. He told Stella that the confidence his family had in him had kept him going, and he hugged his aunt. A few minutes later, the two were in Jordan's room, joking around with Curtis and Jordan. Stella decided to make a good meal for that night, so she took T.J. to the store with her. When they were gone, Jordan couldn't believe that Ryan had changed his mind about donating his kidney. "The Lord works in mysterious ways," Curtis remarked.

Kevin exited Ryan's room, and Kevin informed Laura that the neurologist thought that the coma had been an "unintended consequence of surgery." Laura reasoned that if Ryan didn't wake up, at least "he did something decent on his way out." Kevin reminded Laura that, considering history, Ryan was hard to kill. Kevin revealed that he'd decided to stop enabling his brother, and he would cut off all contact to "truly, finally let go." Laura knew that "horrible circumstances" had led Ryan to being who he was, but she reasoned that plenty of people had gone through similar things without becoming serial killers. She concluded that the past explained Ryan's "twisted" actions but didn't excuse them.

Franco arrived and looked into Ryan's room, and he asked Kevin how Ryan was. Kevin replied that next for Ryan was Pentonville. Elizabeth approached and updated everyone on Jordan. "We pulled it off," Kevin sighed in relief. "Technically, Ryan did, with the stroke of a pen," Laura muttered. Finn, Elizabeth, Laura, Kevin, and Franco watched stoically as two cops wheeled an unconscious Ryan from his room into the elevator, and they dispersed.

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