General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 24, 2019 on GH
Sonny and Carly received devastating news about their baby. Sasha decided to move to Port Charles. Shiloh learned about Lucas and Brad's custody woes. Willow went to jail. Michael uncovered a murder. Bobbie was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.
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Sonny and Carly received devastating news; Bobbie was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
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Willow's judge makes a ruling Willow's judge makes a ruling
Monday, June 24, 2019

Jason met with Michael at Metro Court, and Michael updated Jason on Michael's conversation with Willow the night before. He confirmed that the man who'd overdosed had been Willow's father and that she'd gone to her initiation instead of meeting with him as she'd arranged to do. Jason replied that a woman named Carol Lockhart had taken the blame for it, and she was out of Pentonville and waiting tables in Beechers Corners. Since Jason was "on the town's radar," Michael suggested that he go in Jason's place.

A short while later, Michael entered a diner in Beechers Corners, and a woman told him that the restaurant was closed. As Jason listened in on his phone from the car, Michael informed "Ms. Lockhart"that he only needed a few minutes of her time to talk.

Carly entered the hospital and went over to Bobbie, who was clearly distracted. Bobbie was relieved that Carly was only there for some vitamins, as only one family member was allowed to have a "medical emergency" at a time. Carly asked what was going on, and Bobbie led her to an exam room. Inside was Brad, who writhed in abdominal pain on the exam table. Brad thought he was dying, but Bobbie believed that it was either acid reflux or an anxiety attack. She proposed that she could order some tests, he could talk to Kevin, or he could talk to his mother-in-law. "We didn't wanna trouble you," Brad muttered. "You haven't told her?" Carly demanded to know.

A few minutes later, Lucas arrived, and Carly met him outside of Brad's room. She updated him on what was going on, and Lucas walked into the room to "face the music." He entered Brad's room with Carly and apologized to Bobbie for keeping Wiley's paternity issues from her. She wondered about the chances of the adoption records being unsealed, but Lucas replied that they couldn't be unsealed if they didn't exist. He admitted to his livid mother that Julian had done what Lucas had asked; Julian had made sure that there were no records left to tie Wiley to Willow. "That you know of," Bobbie spat.

A few minutes later, outside Brad's room, Carly told Bobbie that she knew from experience that "cover-ups always unravel." Bobbie told Carly she would be back shortly, as she had to "take care of business." Bobbie arrived at Charlie's a short while later, and Julian wondered what she wanted. "Our grandson," she replied. He commented that she saw Wiley, who was doing great, more often than Julian, and Lucas and Brad were happy. "No thanks to you!" she yelled as she slapped him across the face.

Jax returned to his and Curtis' table at the Metro Court restaurant, having just concluded a business deal on the phone. Curtis had to go but looked forward to hearing from Jax, even though he was friends with Drew. "Say no more," Jax replied, and he hired Curtis on the spot. The two shook hands, and Curtis left. Before leaving the restaurant, he put in a call to the hospital to arrange for Jordan's discharge. He found out some surprising news and stormed out.

Josslyn entered Metro Court and sat with her father, who offered to treat her to breakfast. She responded that she'd already eaten with her "surprise new family member." Jax revealed that he hadn't bought the story about Sonny's cousin, and he proposed that, if it got crowded, she could move in with him. She appreciated the offer but didn't think it was a good idea. He promised to fix up a room for her for when she visited. She thought it was "weird" to think about the future, just assuming that people would still be around, when it wasn't guaranteed. Jax thought he had something to cheer her up. He grabbed her hand, and they got into the elevator.

At the police station, Chase watched as Jordan addressed everyone, assuring them that she was on her way to recovery. He ordered everyone back to work, and the crowd dispersed. She joked that Chase would have to "relinquish control," since Mac was set to start that day. Chase replied that he had no problem with that but asked if she did. She thought the department would be in good hands with Mac. Curtis stormed in and demanded to know what Jordan was doing. She asked Chase for a minute, and she and Curtis went into the interrogation room.

Jordan was angry at Curtis for chastising her in the middle of the station. However, he was livid that she'd signed herself out of the hospital without telling him and then gone straight to the station, because she'd known that he'd be against it. He assured her that "Mac's got this," and he wished that she wouldn't go against the doctor's advice. Jordan admitted that she worried that Mac would be "too capable" at the job.

Curtis knew that Mac didn't want to stay commissioner, and he reminded Jordan that medical disability leave would protect her. She worried that she was only getting half of her salary while on disability, but he let her know that he'd accepted the job with Aurora. She was surprised and hoped that he hadn't accepted it because of her medical bills. He told her about the "win-win" situation of getting a corporate salary and the "P.I. fee" from Valentin. Jordan didn't like that he was working with Valentin and wondered why Curtis would want to do business with the "bad guy."

At the courthouse, the judge asked Diane where Willow was, and she promised that Willow would be there "shortly." He informed her that he would be moving forward, whether the defendant was there or not. Diane went out into the hall and called Chase. She told him that Willow was late for court, so he needed to find her and get her to the courthouse. He ran out of the station to get Willow.

At school, Willow thanked the parents for the wonderful last day of school, and she excused herself to go to an appointment. Elizabeth begged her to stay, and Lulu promised that it would be worth it. Principal Schultz entered, and he wanted to talk to her about her future at the school. Willow looked down at her vibrating phone and saw that Diane was calling. Schultz divulged that, after many concerned parents and faculty had talked to him, he'd decided to invite her back to teach the next year. He believed that her assets to the school "far outweighed" her missteps. Nina chimed in that, while she hadn't spoken up, she agreed that Willow should stay.

Principal Schultz wanted to talk to Willow and her union representative about her contract, but Willow asked to schedule it for another day. Nina wondered if she had somewhere better to be. Willow insisted that she was very happy and appreciative, but she needed to go. Chase popped his head into the classroom and told Willow that they needed to go, and she left with him.

Minutes later, only Elizabeth, Lulu, and Franco remained in the classroom until Franco left the room to take a call. Elizabeth and Lulu figured that Willow's appointment had to have been really important for her to leave. Lulu excitedly revealed that she'd gotten the wedding invitation, and Elizabeth gushed about their "perfect venue." Franco returned and revealed that their reception wasn't going to happen. He let Elizabeth know that the owners of the venue had canceled all reservations until further notice due to a mold issue. "I knew it was too good to be true," Elizabeth muttered glumly.

Lulu wanted to help Elizabeth and Franco out after what she'd put them through. Franco assured her that no one blamed her for wrongly accusing Franco of her attack, but she told them that she'd be honored to host their reception at the Haunted Star, free of charge. Elizabeth didn't think it was a good idea, as the ship held a lot of bad memories for Franco. However, he told Elizabeth that he wanted the ship associated with happiness, friends, and family. The two finally agreed to Lulu's offer, and Franco commented, "What could possibly go wrong?"

Diane requested a "brief recess" until Willow could get there, but the judge observed that no one else seemed to have a problem making it there on time. Shiloh thought that Willow was probably "fleeing with my child," but Diane reminded him that nothing regarding a child had been established. Zahra referenced Willow's records at Mercy Hospital, saying that she'd given birth to a baby boy. Diane wondered how the records had been obtained, since they were protected by HIPAA and Willow hadn't signed a release.

A few minutes later, Willow and Chase burst into the courtroom. Diane explained that the judge would rule once the recess was over, as he was allowed to rule without hearing from Willow. The judge returned, and Willow apologetically tried to explain why she was late, but he revealed that he'd already made his ruling. He was ruling in favor of Shiloh, and Diane quietly assured Willow that it was a temporary setback that could be overturned. The judge continued that he was ordering Willow to "turn over and divulge all relevant information regarding the child you gave up for adoption to the plaintiff."

At Crimson, Maxie looked through a rack of clothing for something for Ava to wear for the cover shoot, but Ava didn't like any of it. Just then, Ava's phone went off, and she grew tearful looking at an event reminder for dinner with Kiki. Maxie asked what was wrong, and Ava explained that she'd taken Kiki out to a French restaurant outside of town after the article about Dr. Bensch had been printed. She and Kiki had promised that they would return to the restaurant one year later, but Ava had never dreamed that she would have to cancel the plans.

Maxie wondered if Ava wanted to reschedule, but Ava stated that "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Ava" was going to move forward. She looked through the rack as Jax entered with Josslyn. She picked a red dress and walked out to try it on. Josslyn demanded to know what Ava was doing there, and Jax explained that one didn't always have to like the people they did business with. Jax turned his attention to Maxie and asked what she thought about Josslyn having a summer internship at the magazine. Maxie excitedly screeched that she would teach Josslyn everything she knew, and she ran into the office to get something.

Josslyn scolded Jax for not asking her first, which she was surprised about, since he never did that like Carly did. He remembered how excited she'd seemed the last time she'd been there, talking to Maxie, but Josslyn informed him that they hadn't even been talking about Crimson. He promised to do better, and the two embraced. When Maxie returned, she showed Josslyn a small purse and asked for Josslyn's opinion about it.

Nina and Valentin entered the offices, and Jax asked to talk to Nina. They entered her office, but Jax was bewildered to see Valentin follow. Nina promised that Jax could talk to her with Valentin there. Jax told them about Curtis being the new head of security, and Nina was confused as to why Curtis hadn't told her himself. She didn't think a corporate job was Curtis' style, but Valentin reminded her of Jordan's medical expenses. Jax invited her to talk to Curtis herself.

Maxie questioned Josslyn's interest in interning at Crimson, and Josslyn explained the misunderstanding Jax had had. As Ava curiously listened in, Josslyn told Maxie about the sťance and how she'd been happy to feel that Oscar had been there with her, Cameron, and Trina. She felt that she and her friends had gotten some closure, which meant "everything to me." Ava looked at her phone and confirmed the reservation for the French restaurant.

Willow is arrested Willow is arrested
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

In Beechers Corners, Jason listened on the phone as Michael asked Carol to hear him out. Inside the diner, Michael explained that he wanted to help her clean up the mess that Shiloh had left behind, and he told her about Kristina's involvement in Dawn of Day. He mentioned Douglas Miller's overdose, and he assumed that Shiloh had made Carol feel like she was the only one who could make the sacrifice to help him. Ashamed, she explained that she'd gone to see Shiloh in lockup, and he'd convinced her that she would be saving his mission. She'd walked out and immediately confessed.

Michael informed Carol that Shiloh had killed Douglas, but Carol demanded to know why he was telling her when it was too late to do anything. He proposed that she accompany him to Port Charles and put the truth on record. He continued that the cops would reopen the investigation and find evidence that Shiloh had most likely left behind. He handed her one of his cards and urged her to look him up. He offered his lawyer to her and reminded her that she could help stop Shiloh from inflicting any more misery.

Michael took Carol outside and introduced her to Jason, who would take her to Port Charles. Jason knew that she didn't know him, but he promised not to let anything happen to her, especially because she would be helping some people that he cared for. Carol wanted to help, but she gestured to her ankle monitor. Jason commented that he had "a way around that." Minutes later, Michael sat down in the diner and dropped Carol's monitor on the table. Jason and Carol got into his car but were held up by flashing lights. A cop approached Jason's open window and remarked that he'd thought the plates looked familiar. He remembered telling Jason not to return to Beechers Corners.

At Charlie's, Julian assured Bobbie that Wiley was fine, and Brad and Lucas were happy. "No thanks to you," Bobbie spat, and she slapped him across the face. She admonished Julian for destroying Wiley's adoption records, but he explained that Lucas had wanted results, and Julian had delivered. Scott entered as Bobbie yelled that Julian could have lost Wiley for all of them.

Julian replied that he'd done what he'd had to in order to protect Wiley. Bobbie related that the way Julian felt about Shiloh was how Bobbie had felt about Julian "for the last five years," and she demanded that he stay away. Julian turned his back on Bobbie, and she began to rant about Julian. She suddenly became lightheaded and fainted just as a busboy was passing by, and he caught her.

Scott accompanied Bobbie into the hospital and urged her to get checked out. Lucas approached, and Scott immediately told Lucas what had happened. Lucas eventually convinced her to let him check her out. She suggested that he take care of Brad, but Lucas replied that Brad was at home, resting after what had turned out to be an anxiety attack.

A few minutes later, Lucas finished checking Bobbie out, and he ordered fluids for her. After asking a few health questions, he learned that she'd been groggy and had been having blurry vision and headaches. He decided to order a blood test, and Bobbie was horrified that Lucas thought she had diabetes. He took some blood from her and advised her to go home and rest. She thought that he was "projecting" because of his own diabetes, and she assured him that she would take better care of herself. Outside the room, Scott offered that he was there for her for whatever she needed.

Drew entered Kim's apartment to find that the table was set, and she had cooked. There was a knock on the door, and Kim opened the door to Cameron. He handed her a bouquet of flowers and told her they were the first flowers that had bloomed in Oscar's Meadow. She put them in a vase as Drew told Cameron about their trip to Mount Kilimanjaro. Kim asked about Josslyn, and Cameron told them about the sťance. He thought that it had given him, Josslyn, and Trina some comfort, and he hoped for the same for Kim and Drew.

When Cameron was gone, Kim observed how everyone was trying to keep Oscar alive, and she suggested to Drew that they do the same. They ate dinner, and Kim informed Drew that the meal and wine had been Drew's favorites. She admitted that being close to him made her feel like she was close to Oscar, and he felt the same way. After dinner, they listened to the mix CD Drew had made for Kim, and she told him the story of how Oscar had found it. She pointed out that the song playing had been their song. He asked if they'd danced to the song. "Among other things," she replied, and she kissed him.

At Sonny's, Josslyn complimented Dev's American accent as they talked about boats. He thought that driving a boat would be similar to driving a car, but she shot him down and dared him to ask Sonny. He looked out on the deck at Sonny and Carly. Outside, Carly explained to Mike that she and Sonny had loaded all of his favorite television shows and music onto the tablet in his hands. He happily flipped through as Josslyn and Dev emerged from the house. Sonny wanted to introduce Dev to Mike, but Mike thought he recognized Dev as his cousin Gladys' son Brando. "He's not who you think," Sonny said, and he introduced the boy as Devin.

The group returned inside, and Dev asked Sonny if driving a boat was like driving a car. "No," an amused Sonny answered bluntly. Carly asked if Josslyn had plans for the day, and Josslyn replied that she was going to the park. Carly suggested that she take Dev along. Josslyn protested but eventually agreed. She huffed and puffed as she and Dev left the house. Carly remarked that she liked Dev, and Sonny thought he'd figured out a way to keep Dev around.

Sonny asked Mike some questions about Gladys, and Sonny found out that the Corbin family member lived in Connecticut. Changing the subject, Mike asked if Sonny and Carly would stand up for him and Yvonne at their wedding. The two happily agreed, and Mike left the room to call Yvonne. When they were alone, Sonny explained to Carly that Gladys' son could be about Dev's age, and Carly was uneasy about passing Dev off as family. Sonny thought he'd put in a call to Brick. Mike returned, and he and Sonny left so that Sonny could take him back to Turning Woods.

A short while later, Sonny returned and informed Carly that Brick had found a Gladys Corbin in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Carly wondered if there was a legal way to keep Dev around. Sonny feared that Dev would "bolt," and Carly knew that he was probably right.

Josslyn and Dev arrived at the park, and she realized that she'd forgotten her phone at home. "This phone?" Dev asked as he pulled her phone out of his pocket. She accused him of robbing her, but he insisted that he was teaching her to be more aware of her "personal security." Cameron approached and asked what was going on. Josslyn introduced him to Devin and told him what had happened. "Cool, can you teach me?" Cameron wondered excitedly. Josslyn was horrified, but Cameron thought it was a "good life skill." "To get you into jail," Josslyn shot back. She walked off, and Dev asked if she wanted her phone. "I'll buy a new one," she called out. Cameron assured Devin that Josslyn would forgive him eventually.

Cameron and Devin found Josslyn sitting in front of the Oscar's Meadow plaque. Devin tried to return her phone, but she was unresponsive. Cameron explained to Devin about Oscar and the meadow. Josslyn insisted that Oscar had visited them, but Dev admitted that it had been him outside the house. He told her that people died all the time, and while it wasn't fair, it was final. She yelled that she didn't need a lecture from him, as she'd lived through Oscar's death. He acknowledged that it was none of his business and apologized, and she accepted the apology. Cameron wondered if they were going to just stand there or help him pick up garbage for his community service.

The judge ordered Willow to hand over all relevant information regarding her child to Shiloh. Diane objected, as Shiloh had violated HIPAA in order to get any records he'd obtained. Zahra cited a case that allowed it if the child was in danger, but Diane argued that that wasn't the case. The judge decided that, if there was a chance that the child could be in danger, they would proceed with his decision. Diane replied that she would instruct her client not to answer any questions, and Zahra cited a case that prohibited that. The judge ruled that, that day in his courtroom, the questions would be answered.

Diane continued that she wouldn't answer questions, either, as the answers fell under attorney-client privilege. The judge found her in contempt, and he ordered the bailiff to arrest her. "What do you want me to say?" Willow yelled, stopping everyone in their tracks. She admitted that she'd had a baby, but she vowed that Shiloh would never find him. She called Shiloh "evil and vile," among other things, and Diane demanded that she stop talking. Willow continued that Shiloh might have the judge fooled, but Shiloh only cared about himself and would never get her child "no matter how many documents you steal, lies you tell, or people you drug."

Willow concluded that Shiloh would not be getting what he wanted, "not this time." Diane ordered Willow to sit and let her handle everything. The judge once again told Willow to turn over all records of her child to Shiloh. "No," she stated. The judge declared Willow in contempt and ordered the bailiff to arrest her. Chase jumped up and identified himself to the judge, and he insisted that he could take care of Willow. Shiloh countered that Chase was Willow's boyfriend, but the judge allowed it. Chase's voice broke as he read Willow her rights, and he placed handcuffs around her wrists, holding her hands when he was done.

Jason is arrested; Kim wants Drew's baby Jason is arrested; Kim wants Drew's baby
Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Just as Jason was about to leave the Beechers Corners area with Carol, he was stopped by a policeman who recalled that Jason was not supposed to be in the town again and wasn't welcome. Jason noted that he was outside of the town limits, and he informed the cop that he didn't have any jurisdiction. He recognized Billy Price from the past. Billy demanded that Jason's passenger turn to face him, and he realized it was Carol. He wondered why she was with Jason.

Jason replied that Carol wasn't feeling well, and they needed to make a hasty retreat to Port Charles. The cop was curious about Carol's ankle monitor, and he suspected that Jason had removed it and forced Carol into his car. Jason refused to comment without the presence of his lawyer, but Billy ordered Jason to step out of the car. Carol indicated that she had not been hurt, but Billy felt that he was stopping a crime in progress.

Alexis and Brad arrived at Charlie's, and Julian overheard them refer to the court case. He asked what had happened, and Alexis informed him that Willow had been ordered to divulge her baby's whereabouts. Just then, Alexis received a phone call from Diane. Once the quick call was over, she told both Brad and Julian that Willow had refused to talk, and Diane had refused to answer questions.

Alexis added that Willow had told Shiloh off and had advised him that he would never find the baby. She had been taken to jail for contempt, and there would be a court order issued to obtain the adoption records. Alexis assumed that nothing would be found, and she asked Julian if that was correct. Alexis accused Julian of tampering with the files, and Julian made it clear that he would do it again.

Alexis noted that Julian's family could be in danger if anyone found out, and he had merely given Shiloh the "ammunition" he needed. A nervous Brad announced that he wanted to go to the park to collect Wiley and Molly, and Julian assured him that Shiloh wouldn't find the baby. Alexis agreed that it would take time. Brad was upset that Willow was in jail, and he knew that Lucas would be upset, as well.

Julian thought that everything would be fine, and Brad was curious about living his life "business as usual." He thought that, eventually, Willow would crack, and someone would show up at his door. Alexis thought the best move would be for Brad to "get ahead of the problem" and tell the truth about Wiley. Julian was shocked, but Alexis felt that Shiloh would look like the victim unless Brad explained that he and Lucas had been advised that the father had been "out of the picture." Alexis thought she'd be able to build a case.

Julian was opposed to Alexis' suggestion, but Brad thought she was right. Alexis added that they would continue to stall, although the court would eventually order a DNA test. "No, you cannot let that happen," Brad declared. Alexis explained that first, Shiloh would have to prove that he was Wiley's father. She repeated that Brad should be honest. Brad really wanted to leave, and Julian promised that things would work out. Alexis announced that she would arrange an appointment with Brad and Lucas.

Once Brad had gone, Alexis tore into Julian and accused him of feeding into Brad's panic. She and Julian argued, but he insisted that their goals were the same, although they'd used different tactics. They continued to go back and forth, and finally, Alexis demanded that Julian tell her everything. Julian didn't think there was anything to tell other than that there was no way Shiloh would get his hands on Wiley.

Still in the courtroom, Shiloh expressed concern for Willow because it had been difficult for him to see her in handcuffs. Zahra told him that they needed to have the adoption records released, but it could take some time. Shiloh assumed that Willow's powerful friends might have done something with the records. Shiloh thanked Zahra for her hard work and suggested she donate part of her large fee to Dawn of Day, especially because they needed a new home.

Zahra retorted that her fee was a guarantee of her expertise and effort, and Shiloh laughed. Zahra informed him that even if he were to locate the child, they would have to return to court to prove that Shiloh should have custody. Shiloh thought the fact that the child was his would speak for itself, and he proceeded to rant about how he'd been treated like a criminal and had lost his rights. He added that Willow had been the one to break the law, and he wouldn't allow her to get away with it.

Zahra cautioned Shiloh that if he were to take revenge, it would only backfire. Shiloh quickly calmed down and apologized. He stressed that he had allowed his "base emotions" to take control and had forgotten his practices. Zahra wanted him to show concern for the child instead, and she put him through the paces as if he were on the stand. Shiloh emphasized that he wanted the privilege to raise his son to be his own man and to follow his own path. He would want his son to care for others.

Zahra ordered Shiloh to "drop the DOD spiel." She told him he would have to rehearse until he could speak from the heart. She also suspected that he wanted Willow to be by his side again. Shiloh admitted that he did, and it was always good for a child to have both parents.

Lucas found Bobbie behind the nurses' station at the hospital. She asked about Wiley and Shiloh, but Lucas wanted to talk about the results of her blood test. They headed to an office, where Bobbie insisted that the entire thing was ridiculous. She had been stressed out. Lucas ordered her to sit down. He told her that there was no stress involved, and she had type 2 diabetes. Bobbie was dumbfounded.

Lucas revealed that he had had the test run several times to be sure. They discussed the dangers of the disease, and Bobbie realized that it could lead to many problems and even death. Lucas insisted that his mother read the information he handed her, even though she was familiar with it. Lucas declared that he didn't want anything to happen to her, and they shared a hug.

Shortly after, Brad arrived with Wiley in his arms. Lucas took the baby, and Brad informed Lucas that they needed to talk. They were interrupted when Bobbie spotted them. She fawned over the baby and grabbed him from Lucas. She told Wiley that she planned to be around for a long time and joked that the men should never leave her in the dark again. "My family is my life," she stated.

Kim and Drew sat on the sofa, listened to music, and drank some wine at Kim's place. She told him about the music that had been their favorite, and she suddenly leaned over and began to kiss him. Drew stopped her and pulled away. He was aware that she needed comfort and wanted to forget everything just like him. Kim confessed that she knew of one way they could heal. She wanted a baby. "Our baby," she said.

Drew maintained that Kim wasn't thinking clearly, even though she insisted that she had to be a mother. He reminded her that she would always be Oscar's mother, but Kim wanted a child to take care of and to love. Drew reminded her that she wasn't fully recovered yet. They talked about the sťance that Josslyn and her friends had held, and Kim truly believed that Oscar had responded. Drew declared that Oscar was gone.

Kim argued that Drew had told her that Oscar was not gone, but he denied having said that. He stated that he had merely expressed the belief that Oscar was at peace after his ashes had been scattered on Kilimanjaro. He wasn't really there. Kim continued to plead with Drew, and she insisted that another baby would not be a replacement for Oscar. Drew asked about Julian, but Kim replied that it had nothing to do with him.

Drew was certain that there was something between Kim and Julian, and he added that even Oscar had seen it. Kim admitted that Julian had told her maybe someday, but she knew it meant never. Drew clarified that Kim had asked Julian first, he had said no because he cared, and she was asking Drew instead. Kim thought she had been wrong to ask Julian because it was up to her and Drew to create a new child after losing one together.

Drew thought that Kim needed to grieve first, but she replied that he was ready and so was Oscar. They spoke of the sťance again and disagreed on the results and reality of it. Drew reminded her that Josslyn and her friends were just kids. Drew thought that Oscar's presence was more abstract, but Kim wanted to keep her son's spirit alive. Drew didn't think that was the proper way to honor Oscar, and there was always a time to let go.

Kim agreed that Oscar would have said the same thing, but she argued that he had wanted a family and someone to live on after him. Drew again pointed out that Kim and Julian were together, but Kim thought that she and Drew didn't need to be together to have another child. She thought there was another way.

Curtis encountered Sam in the park, and he told her about his new security job at Aurora Media because he needed the steady income. He told her that Jordan had returned to work, but he would not allow her to stay there much longer and would pick her up shortly. He also announced that he wanted to dissolve his partnership with Sam. Sam admitted that she had been too focused on Shiloh and DOD. She added that while DOD had sunk, Shiloh would be motivated to rise again because of his child.

Sam was anxious to hear from Jason, and she revealed that they had never really been apart. It had been a lie while they'd investigated DOD. Curtis admitted that he had never been able to grasp that Sam had really been so involved in DOD. Sam was happy to know that Curtis would be looking out for Drew, but he asked her what she knew about Jax.

Sam revealed that she and Jax had been involved, but it hadn't worked out. She called him a businessman with "shark-like tendencies" but a good boss who would never cross anyone. Curtis was glad to hear it, and Sam asked why Curtis wanted to know about Jax. Curtis claimed that he just wanted to know what to expect so he could be better at his job. Sam thought that Curtis would be valuable to both Jax and Drew, but she wouldn't change their business cards, just in case. She handed a card to Curtis. "I'll keep that in mind," he said as they hugged.

After Curtis and Sam separated, Curtis placed a call to Valentin. He stated that he would have unlimited access to Aurora but wanted it known that he would make sure that no one took advantage of Drew.

Nearby, Sam continued to wait for a message from Jason. She was startled when Shiloh approached. He mentioned that he'd seen Curtis by Oscar's Meadow, and he also said that he still held out hope for Sam. Sam wondered if he'd been sleeping in the park, but Shiloh retorted that he'd had a good day. Sam finally received a text message, but it was an emergency message from Michael. Shiloh received a phone call from Billy, who informed him that Jason was in jail in Beechers Corners. "Well, you know what to do," Shiloh told him. The cop declared that Jason was in serious trouble.

At the jail in Beechers Corners, Billy asked Jason why someone would want Carol and wondered if Jason was someone's errand boy. He asked if Carol was being used against Shiloh. Jason wanted to make his one phone call. Billy replied that the cell phone service was spotty, and the office phone was out of order. He told Jason he'd have to wait until the morning.

Billy wanted to retrieve Carol's statement, and Jason urged him to call Diane. He gave Billy the number and reminded him that his rights were being violated. Jason warned that Billy would lose his badge and wouldn't be able to push people around any longer.

Epiphany delivers some life-changing news to Bobbie Epiphany delivers some life-changing news to Bobbie
Thursday, June 27, 2019

Shiloh encountered Sam in the park and told her he'd had a good day. Before the conversation could continue, Sam received an emergency text message from Michael, and Shiloh received a phone call from Billy in Beechers Corners. The cop informed Shiloh that he'd arrested Jason Morgan. "You know what to do," Shiloh said. He asked if he needed to be explicit. Billy wasn't sure it would be painless, and Shiloh told him to make sure it was done right.

Sam ordered Shiloh to stay away from her, and she reminded him that she had "played" him in the past. Shiloh didn't believe it, and he declared that he would be there for both her and Willow. He would welcome them both back to Dawn of Day. "When hell freezes over," Sam snapped. She added that she would be able to get her tattoo removed, but Shiloh maintained that she would still carry him forever, just like her mother.

Sam demanded to know what Shiloh was talking about, and he mentioned that he'd seen Alexis in court. He thought that Alexis had lacked her normal composure, but Sam noted that that was the effect that Shiloh had on people. Shiloh thought that Alexis was uneasy about Kristina's pledge, but Sam laughed and said it was gone. Shiloh pointed to his head and stated that it was all there. Sam didn't think that Shiloh could prove anything without any proof.

Sam told Shiloh he was about the worst person she'd ever dealt with in all of her cons. Shiloh reminded her of their blindfold exercise. He thought they'd had lots of energy between them, and they could still make it work. He didn't think there was the same spark between Sam and Jason. He held out his hand and urged Sam to accompany him. Just then, Lucas ran up and pushed Shiloh. He screamed for Shiloh to stay away from his sister, his husband, and his son.

Lucas continued to shout and tell Shiloh off. He wanted Shiloh to leave his family alone, or he would regret it. Sam managed to get Lucas to walk away as he continued to rant. She finally calmed him down and told him she appreciated his intervention. She thought he might want to ease up a little.

At Charlie's, Julian exclaimed to Alexis that there was no way that Shiloh would get his hands on Wiley because Wiley wasn't his son. Alexis asked for clarification, and Julian pointed out that DNA alone did not make a father. He cited the changing of diapers and everything else that counted. Alexis reminded him that if that were true, he shouldn't have a relationship with Lucas.

Alexis was trying to figure things out, and she told Julian that there was no guarantee that Lucas and Brad would be able to keep Wiley. Julian wanted the odds, but Alexis thought it was a tricky case because Shiloh's rights had been violated. She explained that the court had petitioned for the adoption records, and she wanted to know what would be found.

Julian admitted that there would be "dummy papers" in the file that would lead to two non-existent people. Alexis told him that the court would then petition Diane's files, which would lead to a DNA test. She was worried that Brad and Lucas would be found complicit, and she ordered Julian not to do anything further outside of the law. Julian insisted that he wanted to be available for his kids, and it had been his fault that things hadn't been different. Alexis thought that he was still self-absorbed.

Alexis accused Julian of trying to feel better by inserting himself into the case, but she still thought they needed to be honest and stay a step ahead of Shiloh. She admitted that Shiloh had her on edge, and she'd had a run-in with him. Julian wanted details, but she refused to divulge them. He disagreed with her strategy and told her they'd left no trail. Alexis wanted to know who else had been involved.

Julian didn't think that Alexis really wanted to know and told her to stay out of it. Alexis continued to press until it dawned on her. "You used our daughter?" she asked incredulously. Julian defended Sam and her involvement, but Alexis was angry and accused him of implicating two of his children. She shouted at him to stay out of it, and she rushed off to fix things.

At the hospital, Bobbie sat at the nurses' station and read up on her diabetes. Epiphany walked up and shared news about the staff, but Bobbie was too engrossed in her reading. She informed Epiphany that there had been a family crisis, but she thought that everything would be okay. Bobbie divulged the news of her diagnosis and admitted that she couldn't believe she'd gotten to that point. Epiphany wanted to go somewhere private to talk, and the women walked over to the elevator and got on.

In an office, Epiphany told Bobbie that the diabetes diagnosis was serious, and she should be proactive about treatment and monitoring. She knew it would be challenging, because she had diabetes, also. Bobbie was surprised, and Epiphany told her that it was a private matter. She admitted that things had been difficult, but she'd been on top of things. She also admitted that she'd had a heart attack about a year after her diagnosis.

Epiphany confessed that she'd been resentful but could do the same things. She warned Bobbie to accept her fate, make accommodations, and be careful about her heart. Epiphany added that her own attack had been minor, while she'd been on vacation, and she'd been scared and angry. She had seen how upset Milo had been, and she'd decided to follow the right path. Bobbie was appreciative of Epiphany's help. Epiphany told her to let her loved ones be involved, too.

At Kim's place, Drew told Kim that he could not fulfill her request to have a baby. Kim thought that they had been a "package deal" with Oscar, and Drew assured her they still were, but they couldn't create another baby. Kim understood and accepted Drew's stance, but she was still insistent that she have another child. She admitted that she had thought she and Drew would be together.

Kim apologized for putting Drew on the spot, but she still wanted him to do one thing for her. She suggested artificial insemination, and she would have no expectations. She would raise their child alone. Drew reminded her of how Oscar had wanted to know his father, and he would never do the same thing again. He would want to be involved. Kim again asked him about having a baby.

Drew didn't want another child to be a "placeholder" who had been conceived out of grief. He thought it would put too much pressure on a child to hear about being conceived for that reason; he was sorry, but he couldn't do it. Kim was embarrassed, and Drew was aware that she was hurting as he was. Kim stated that she had another way, but she refused to divulge any information. Drew wanted her to wait, but Kim didn't want to. She stated that her clock was ticking.

Drew suggested they get back to the wine, music, and talk, but Kim refused and said she wanted to be alone. After Drew left, she sank down to the floor by the door and cried. Suddenly, she heard a baby crying. She searched her apartment but couldn't find it. She looked up and saw Oscar, who opened his mouth and made the sound of a crying baby. Shaking, she picked up the phone and asked someone to stop by.

Shortly after, there was a knock on the door. It was Shiloh, who maintained that he was always available to those in need. Kim apologized for her behavior and stated that she wasn't normally in such a state. Shiloh told her that Oscar had mentioned how strong and loving she was. Kim recalled how angry Oscar had been when he'd lived in the DOD house, but Shiloh told her that love and hate were two sides of the same coin. A distressed Kim whined that she wanted Oscar back, and she had seen him. She complained that no one would help her. She asked Shiloh to help her to get Oscar back, and he declared that he would do anything to help.

At the jail in Beechers Corners, Billy finished up his call with Shiloh. He acknowledged that he would tell people that Jason had tried to escape, and he'd had to take care of him. Suddenly, another cop arrived, escorting a seemingly drunk and staggering Michael, who babbled nonstop. The cop shoved Michael into the jail cell as Jason barely shook his head. The cop cited that Michael had been arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Jason pretended not to know Michael.

Michael slurred that he hadn't been disorderly, and he shouldn't have been arrested. He refused to give his name when asked. The cop explained to Billy that Michael had been talking "mumbo-jumbo" about existentialism and the like. The cops closed the door and walked away. Jason grabbed Michael and asked what he was doing. Michael declared that he was saving Jason, and he'd learned from the best.

Jason turned up his nose. He wondered if Michael had doused himself in whiskey. Michael replied that he'd been getting into character, and Jason owed him. He explained that he'd taken care of Carol and had heard that Jason had been stopped and arrested. He'd walked Carol and her ankle monitor home. He announced that they needed to break out.

Jason told Michael that things could get ugly, and he believed that Billy was Shiloh's enforcer. Michael just happened to have a paper clip that Jason could use to pick the lock. Jason was grateful but he thought that Michael had been too invested in the case. Michael realized that Jason thought that he couldn't separate Wiley and Jonah, but he assured Jason that he could. He thought that Jonah would be alive if he'd made different choices, and he wanted to make sure that Wiley would be okay.

Jason successfully picked the lock, but he and Michael heard the jingle of keys, so they waited. The cops reappeared, and Michael began to carry on and babble again. Billy stated that he would take Michael to a local hotel, but Jason took the moment to slide open the cell door. He managed to kick the cop to the floor and overpowered Billy and knocked him out. He took his gun, and as the other cop began to get up, Jason ordered him to toss his own gun and phone to the floor.

Jason called out to "philosopher guy" and asked him and the second cop to help move Billy into the cell. He ordered Michael to grab the cop's phone, and Jason locked both cops into the cell. He told Michael to leave. The cop told Jason he was "buying a world of trouble." Jason suggested the cop find a better place to work, and he left. "What the hell just happened?" the cop muttered.

Michael jumped into Sam's car and told her that Carol would help them, although it was difficult for her to leave Beechers Corners. Jason arrived shortly after, and the trio took off slowly.

Drew walked into Charlie's, and Julian looked at his face and poured a shot on the house. Drew voiced concern about Kim, and he called her unhealthy and nuts. He thought she was "coming apart at the seams." He didn't think that Julian could see it, but he hoped that Julian would help. Julian wondered what kind of help was needed. Drew urged him to talk, be gentle, and tell Kim to seek help.

Shiloh puts two and two together Shiloh puts two and two together
Friday, June 28, 2019

As Drew placed a photo of Kilimanjaro on his desk at Aurora, Nina walked in and welcomed him home. She asked to speak to him, and she proceeded to rant about his sale of the magazine to Jax. She shouted that she would have appreciated a heads-up, and she added that she thought that Jax had tried to sabotage her. She also believed it possible that Jax was trying to sabotage Crimson. She snapped that Jax bought and sold companies as if they were "vintage handbags."

Jax arrived in the midst of Nina's tirade, and she was mortified when she saw him. He told her to continue, and he marveled at her description of him. "Jax," Nina called out. "Nina," Jax replied. He thought she should express her concerns to him instead. Drew interrupted as it grew apparent that the two would argue, and he told them he didn't want to be involved.

Drew clarified that Jax owned the print media, while he owned the rest of the company. He reminded Nina that Jax was her boss. Jax admitted that while Josslyn had been the major factor for his purchase of part of the company, Nina had also been important. He wanted to keep her and respected her, but it was his magazine. Drew suggested they shake hands and go about their day.

Curtis met with Valentin at Metro Court and announced that he had been cleared as head of security at Aurora. He added that he'd run a background check on Jax, but the information that he passed on to Valentin was something that Valentin had already been familiar with. Valentin thought it was curious that Jax had managed to be successful so quickly after being involved in something that had been unsavory.

Curtis had to head to Aurora, and Valentin told him he wanted better information next time. Curtis suggested that maybe it was nonexistent. Sasha walked in and left a message for Michael about their dinner plans. After Curtis was gone, Valentin joined Sasha at her table. He gave her the latest on wedding plans and informed her that she could leave town right after the wedding.

Sasha revealed that she had decided to stay in Port Charles permanently, but Valentin firmly told her to go home. Sasha stated that there wasn't much going on in Chappaqua, and again, Valentin told her to leave after the wedding. Sasha replied that it was all about him. She cared about Nina, and she liked Port Charles. Valentin was worried that she'd be exposed for the fraud that she was, and he thought it was all because of Michael.

Valentin wondered what Sasha knew about Michael, and she declared that she was not after Michael for his money. Valentin was afraid that Michael would have her investigated, and it would be revealed that she wasn't really Nina's daughter. Sasha was certain that there was no reason for her to be investigated, as she and Michael were merely friends. Valentin thought it was lonely to lie to the person one loved. "Get out now," he demanded.

Sonny and Carly greeted Michael at General Hospital, and Carly asked him what he and Jason had gotten into in Beechers Corners. Michael told them what had happened and that he'd helped Jason to escape after he'd been arrested. Carly was beside herself. Michael assured her that the cops hadn't known his real name, and he hadn't had any identification. He told them that they'd found their witness, and Shiloh was a murderer.

Michael continued that Carol had had nothing to do with Doug's death. Just then, he received a message about his dinner plans with Sasha, and he left. Sonny wanted to contact Brick about Dev, but he didn't want to share any details with Carly. That discussion was cut short when Dr. Navarro arrived to conduct Carly's latest test.

In the examination room, Carly lay on the table, and the doctor proceeded to perform an ultrasound. In the midst of looking at the baby, the doctor paused and announced that she would have to consult a colleague. After a short wait, Dr. Navarro returned and explained the situation. It appeared as though the baby had spina bifida. She added that they wouldn't know the severity until closer to birth.

Dr. Navarro went on to list possible complications, but it was true that the baby could live a normal life. The doctor stated that they would monitor the baby as time went on, and Carly would have to have a C-section. She confirmed that there was no higher risk to Carly, and it was not Carly's fault. She suggested that Sonny and Carly contact her if there were questions, and she left the couple alone to talk.

Carly cried, and Sonny hugged her. Carly wasn't sure she was okay, and she was worried that their baby would have a difficult life. Sonny declared that it would have their love, and that was all that mattered.

In a hallway nearby, Lucas and Brad met. Brad revealed that Bobbie was looking after Wiley. Lucas wondered why Brad hadn't mentioned his conversation with Alexis, and Brad stammered and revealed that Alexis wanted them to step forward with the truth about Wiley. Lucas agreed they should, but Brad was distressed and thought that was wrong. He thought they should take their son and run.

Brad began to list all of the places that he and Lucas could move to with their son, but Lucas stopped him. He declared that it wasn't an option because the suit would still proceed, and the judge would believe they'd known about Shiloh all along. They would be held accountable, and they would be fugitives. Furthermore, they'd have to change their identities, Lucas said. Their son would grow up living a lie.

Brad began to hold his stomach. He thought it was worth it to keep Wiley away from Shiloh. Lucas didn't want to break the law, and he believed that Alexis had been right. They needed to be honest.

At Kim's place, Shiloh told her that Oscar had spoken about her often and had loved her deeply, even with all of their problems. Kim admitted that she both saw and felt Oscar, and she wanted him back. She knew how to do it, and no one would help her. Shiloh replied that he would help, and Kim explained that she needed to be a mother. She had tried to explain to Drew.

Shiloh wanted clarification that Kim wanted him to father a child with her, and Kim quickly informed him that he had the wrong idea. She wanted a new baby to be a part of both her and Drew, and she wanted guidance from Shiloh along spiritual lines. She had read all of Oscar's Dawn of Day literature, and she was interested in some of the classes, like the one where she could learn about persuasive arguments.

Kim stressed that she wanted to get through to Drew, and he needed to know how important it was. She maintained that Drew didn't remember loving her. She also admitted that she and Julian were in a relationship, and he had also turned down her request. She had realized after that that it had to be Drew, especially since Julian had a lot on his mind with a custody issue involving his son.

Shiloh was confused, and Kim clarified that she had referred to Lucas' adopted son. Shiloh realized that Lucas was Brad's husband, and Shiloh wanted further information on the baby. Kim made it clear that she really wasn't familiar with the situation, but it had been stressful to Julian. Apparently, the baby's biological father, who was a dangerous man, had been seeking custody. It was time for Shiloh to leave, and when Kim opened the front door, Julian was standing there. He demanded to know what Shiloh was doing there, but Shiloh left. Kim explained that she had been asking Shiloh for advice.

Julian snapped that he didn't trust Shiloh around women, and there was a lot that Kim didn't know about him. After Julian filled her in, Kim was aghast over what she'd heard. Julian emphasized that he hadn't know about Shiloh being a sexual predator until after Kristina had been involved with DOD. Kim was in shock. She told Julian that she'd wanted help from someone. Julian was worried about Kim, and he said that Drew was, too.

Kim was embarrassed and wondered if Drew had said something to Julian. Julian replied that Drew hadn't said anything, but he'd figured it out. Kim asked if Julian would break up with her, and Julian replied no. He was hurt, but he understood that she wanted a baby to have the same father as Oscar. Kim thanked him for understanding, but Julian suggested she get help. Kim insisted there was no getting better because Oscar was gone. She began to cry, and Julian hugged her.

In the interrogation room at the Port Charles Police Station, Chase handed Willow a cup of tea. He told her he thought there was a better way to protect Wiley, but Willow insisted that she only wanted to remain silent. Chase thought she should cooperate and tell the judge that Shiloh was a danger. They continued to disagree on the possible tactics. Willow vowed to remain quiet, even if it took the rest of her life.

Michael arrived to see Willow, and after he learned that Chase was familiar with what was going on, revealed that he'd learned that Willow's father had been murdered. Willow told him he was mistaken, but Michael explained that Carol had made a false confession in order to cover up for Shiloh. He added that Willow's father had wanted Willow to be out of DOD.

Michael revealed that Carol was willing to testify, but Jason had been stopped by a cop. Willow assumed that had been Billy. Michael began to relate his experience in Beechers Corners, but Chase stopped him because he didn't want to hear it. Willow asked if her mother had known the truth and couldn't believe she would have. Michael was sure things would work out. He left, and Willow was distraught. She couldn't believe that Shiloh had slept with her after he'd killed her father.

Chase hugged Willow and told her he'd changed his mind. He didn't want her to cooperate because the case into her father's death could be reopened. They could prove that Shiloh had murdered him. He wanted her to stay stubborn until Carol's official statement was obtained.

Curtis showed up in Drew's office, and Nina was surprised to see him. He made it clear that he had wanted to get the job on his own without any connections. Drew announced that Curtis was there to drop off papers, and Nina asked Curtis to hang out soon. Jax followed Nina out and congratulated her on the upswing in ad sales because of the upcoming cover with Ava.

Nina asked about the internship for Josslyn, and Jax sheepishly admitted that he'd forgotten that Josslyn was a teenager before asking about the internship. Nina compared it to having daughters of her own, and how she was still glad for the years ahead with Charlotte. Jax pointed out that their daughters were their "common ground."

Jax returned to Drew's office, and Curtis talked about some easy changes that needed to be made. Drew told Jax that Jax was the unknown factor.

Brad ran into Charlie's, looking for Julian, but the bartender told him that Julian was out. He suggested that Brad call him. Shiloh walked in and was happy to see Brad. He asked if Brad was stressed, and Brad replied that he was not. He'd been looking for his father-in-law. Shiloh began to push the DOD classes, and Brad suddenly shouted to stay the hell away from him. He ran out.

Shiloh sat at the bar, looking confused but thoughtful. He recalled a previous conversation with Brad about his son's adoption and the mother who'd wanted to change the terms.

Michael finally arrived at Metro Court and sat down with Sasha. He apologized and cited family craziness. He was evasive. Valentin watched from the bar until Nina arrived. She spotted Michael and Sasha and told Valentin that they were adorable and perfect for each other, just like them. Valentin kept his eye on them as he hugged Nina.

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