General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 21, 2019 on GH
Finn met his daughter -- Violet. The Corinthos clan welcomed Donna home. Kevin offered Ava some advice about Ryan. Sam decided to push for a bench trial. Nina received a gift from Spencer. Franco went to court to plead his case.
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Finn met his daughter -- Violet, and Franco went to court to plead his case
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Ava knows that someone is watching her Ava knows that someone is watching her
Monday, October 21, 2019

Felicia found Robert at the Port Charles Police Station. She revealed that she had spoken to Anna, who had told her she'd found a new clue in her search for Alex and wouldn't be back home anytime soon. Felicia wondered if Robert could help out by speaking to someone to have another agent put on the case. Robert reminded her that he was "out to pasture" and had no say in any agency business.

Felicia informed Robert that Finn had begged Anna to get home because he missed her. Felicia thought that Anna was too close to the case, anyway, and it was causing a strain on Finn and Anna's engagement. Robert told her he had no clout, but Felicia thought he could talk to Anna instead and urge her to get home. Robert laughed and called it a "tall order." He added that he and Anna had established new boundaries, and they couldn't interfere in each other's lives.

Robert declared that he especially couldn't interfere in a relationship situation. Felicia admitted that she was sad to see Anna and Finn ruin what they had, but Robert maintained that they were adults. Felicia explained that she'd been in Finn's shoes when she'd been married to Frisco and hadn't been able to ask for the thing she wanted most, which had been his time.

Robert reminded Felicia that she'd found a happy marriage with his "idiot brother," and Felicia thought that even Finn might find his happy ending with someone else. Robert guessed that would be Hayden, and Felicia looked at him. She realized that Robert wouldn't be upset if Finn and Anna failed.

At General Hospital, Finn asked Curtis if he had known what Hayden had been up to after leaving Port Charles. Curtis assured Finn he hadn't known anything except for her going to Rome for a time, and Hayden had always changed the subject when he'd asked. Finn admitted he'd been thinking about the letter Curtis had found and realized he wouldn't have known about his deceased child if Curtis hadn't found it.

Curtis felt bad, but Finn suggested that maybe Hayden had meant for Curtis to find it to save herself the "fallout." It had been meant to stop Finn from looking for them. Curtis was taken aback and asked Finn if he believed the baby to be alive. Curtis thought that Hayden had used him, and he noted that it wouldn't be her first lie. Finn thought that Hayden would run if she thought he was onto her.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Brad received a flower delivery, and the woman who made the delivery suggested they were from a secret admirer. Lucas wondered who the flowers could be from, and Brad assured him he had no clue. He doubted they were from a coworker. Lucas suggested Brad call the florist for information, but that proved unsuccessful. Brad related that the purchaser had paid in cash.

As Brad and Lucas pondered the flower delivery, Julian and Ava arrived. Julian announced that his sister had fainted at Metro Court. Ava thought Julian was making too big a deal out of things, but she agreed to be checked out in order to prove Julian wrong about her condition. Lucas walked off with Ava, and Julian made a sarcastic comment about Brad's flowers.

Brad admitted he was concerned the flowers might be from Nelle, but Julian suggested that the flowers were the romantic type that a person would send to someone they'd be involved with. He wondered if Brad had someone on the side because he had been under a lot of stress. He thought Brad had been careless. Brad denied he was seeing anyone else. Julian threatened there would be trouble if he found out otherwise.

In an examination room, Julian looked on as Lucas asked Ava questions and checked her out. She accused Julian of causing her to faint with his bad news about Ryan. Lucas mentioned her dehydration, and Ava agreed that she had been drinking lots of martinis. She told Lucas that Ryan had killed his cellmate because Ryan had been obsessed with her. She added that someone had been watching her, also.

Elizabeth and Hayden met at the café for coffee. Elizabeth droned on about Franco and his upcoming hearing but suddenly noticed that Hayden wasn't paying attention. Hayden admitted she had things on her mind related to work, but she hadn't been distracted. She wondered how Elizabeth was holding up, and Elizabeth said she had been trying to keep it all together, especially for her boys.

Hayden confessed that she'd learned a lot about motherhood from Elizabeth, who found Hayden's compliment to be interesting. Hayden claimed that she enjoyed being with kids more and had more experience thanks to Elizabeth and the boys. Elizabeth asked Hayden if she'd try to have another baby, and Hayden professed that she just wanted to be the "cool aunt." Elizabeth replied that the boys enjoyed Hayden, and she thought Hayden would make a wonderful mother someday.

Hayden made it clear that the man she'd want to have a child with was no longer an option. Elizabeth apologized for her statement, and Hayden stressed that she was happy with the family she had. Elizabeth had to rush back to work, and after she left, Hayden received a call from Finn. He needed to see her.

Michael and Sasha walked into Metro Court, and Sasha felt bad about people looking at them. She called herself a pariah, and Michael told her to ignore everyone. They spotted Carly sitting at the bar and walked over. Carly mentioned the many gifts she'd received for Donna, and she asked Michael to retrieve them from her office and put them in her car. She handed Michael her keys and stated that she had to have a long overdue talk with Sasha.

Michael suggested that Sasha text him if she needed him for anything while he was gone. Carly declared that Michael always went for a certain type of woman, and Sasha was yet another con artist. Sasha took a seat and urged Carly to say whatever she wanted. She added that she cared about Michael, and she wasn't after his money as Carly believed.

Carly maintained that Sasha had been after Nina's money, and Sasha talked about how awful she felt about hurting Nina. She had chosen to tell Michael the truth, and she had never asked him to stay with her. He had shown himself to be exactly the type of man that Carly had raised. Carly looked at Sasha suspiciously and assured her that flattery wouldn't get her anywhere.

Carly continued that Sasha could face fraud charges, and Sasha agreed that it was in Nina's hands. She wouldn't drag Michael through everything with her, and she would take full responsibility for her actions. Sasha said that Michael meant a lot to her, but she understood what his family had gone through with Nelle. Carly agreed that Sasha wasn't like Nelle, and she believed that Sasha had lots in common with Carly herself.

Carly divulged that she had pretended to be a stranger when she'd first shown up in town, and she'd resented Bobbie. She'd done worse things than Sasha had done and eventually had had to do "damage control." She'd also had someone who believed in her and stood by her. She couldn't criticize Michael for standing by Sasha. "Wow," Sasha gasped.

Carly admitted that she couldn't be a hypocrite and reject Sasha. She only hoped that Sasha would learn from her experience as Carly had. She was willing to give Sasha a second chance but told her there would not be a third when any of her children were involved. She urged Sasha to "make the most" of her chance.

Michael returned and looked at Carly and Sasha hesitantly. He noted that there were no overturned chairs nearby. Carly revealed that she and Sasha had arrived at an understanding, and they were more alike than first believed. Sasha was all smiles, and Michael was pleased.

Jax was surprised to see Nina at her desk when he walked into the Crimson office. He handed her some files, and Nina exclaimed that she wasn't about to allow Sasha's lies to keep her from work. Jax clarified that she had probably meant to include Valentin in her statement, and she had already scheduled the time off, anyway. He reminded Nina that Sasha couldn't have worked alone.

Jax invited Nina to dinner, and she told him she had a deadline. She quickly added that she had other plans. Just then, Valentin arrived and pointed out that Nina had probably been referring to him. Jax ordered Valentin to leave, but Nina defended his presence and noted that they were back together. Jax looked at her incredulously and proclaimed his shock.

Valentin asserted that Sasha had been the only deceitful party, but Jax didn't buy it. He asked Nina how she knew that Valentin wasn't lying then. Nina replied that it was none of his business. She had to rush out to take care of business and urged Valentin and Jax not to kill each other. Jax didn't want to hear anything that Valentin had to say, although Valentin thanked him for helping Nina.

Jax retorted that he cared about people who were being deceived, but Valentin snapped that he and Nina were back together. He wanted Jax to stay out of Nina's personal life. Nina returned and suggested that Valentin head up to Metro Court to reserve a table. Valentin refused at first, but Nina insisted. Jax smiled.

"Hope you know what you're doing," Jax said to Nina. He thought they were friends, and he wanted her to know he'd be available to her if needed. She agreed to keep it in mind.

Julian had left Ava's examination room but returned. Ava began to yell but decided to ask the technician to leave first. Once the young woman was gone, Ava shouted that she was angry at Julian, and he should have taken her home instead of to the hospital. Lucas returned with Neil, and Ava guessed it was an intervention. The men denied it, and Lucas clarified that Neil had been in the building, and he'd seen Neil's name in Ava's records.

Ava explained why she'd been feeling "unsettled" and why she'd fainted. Julian pointed out that she'd hired psychics and had been obsessed over "online trolls." Neil asked if she'd been drinking or had had compulsive behavior. Julian piped up that Ava believed someone had been watching her. Ava declared that she'd felt it, and she thought that everyone believed she was having a nervous breakdown.

Neil clarified that no one had said anything about Ava's mental health, but she asked if there was a car out front waiting to take her to Shadybrook. Ava mentioned again what Ryan had done and how she had a right to feel pain. She jumped down from the table, grabbed her purse, and fled the room. Julian quickly followed behind her.

Lucas apologized to Neil, and Neil promised to follow up with Ava in private sessions. The men walked to the nurses' station, where Brad had tossed the flowers into the trash. Neil acknowledged that he'd see Brad and Lucas the next day, but after flashing back to Julian's demand that the joint session with Neil be canceled, Brad announced that there had been a change of plans. He stated that Lucas would not be joining the session.

It was a surprise to Lucas, and he declared that he would be there. Brad suggested that Lucas had plenty going on with his family, but Lucas was insistent that he'd make the time because there was a lot to discuss. Neil left, and Lucas asked why Brad didn't want him to attend the counseling session.

Brad claimed he was protective of his solo sessions, but Lucas assured him they would "work wonders" as Curtis had suggested. Brad kissed him and said Lucas was already wonderful. He received a work summons and had to leave.

Ava returned home with Julian. She told him she'd just be going to bed, and she didn't need him to stay. Ava felt she'd been ambushed at the hospital, and she had to deal with Ryan's actions alone. Julian understood. Ava joked that the I.V. had sobered her up. Julian left, and, on her way to the bedroom, Ava spotted her liquor bottles. She poured herself a glass of vodka and stepped out onto the balcony. "I know you're out there," she muttered as she sipped her drink.

Ava changed her clothes and settled onto the sofa that she'd made up into a bed for the night. She unlocked a box and removed a gun.

Later, Ava tossed and turned. The gun sat on the coffee table. Ava woke up, picked up the gun, and placed it under her pillow. She settled in for the night.

Hayden tells Finn she has a daughter Hayden tells Finn she has a daughter
Tuesday, October 22, 2019

In a classroom at the high school, Trina and Josslyn told Dustin which teachers he should use as chaperons for the school dance. Dustin noticed that none of them was past a certain age, and the girls pointed out how embarrassing it would be to watch the older teachers dance. Cameron walked in. He was dressed in a suit, and Trina related that it was for Franco's hearing. Cameron was hopeful that he'd be able to save Franco the way that Franco had saved him.

Trina told Cameron to stop torturing himself. She thought that once Franco returned, he would be more annoying than usual to make up for lost time. "Can't wait," Cameron exclaimed. Josslyn spoke to Dustin privately at his desk. She told him how his suggestion for journaling had been a big help to her. She admitted that she normally spent a couple of hours a day writing, and Dustin thought that was a lot. He informed her that it wasn't a substitute for friends.

As Trina and Cameron began to argue over music choices, Josslyn continued to talk to Dustin. She declared that she didn't have to censor herself when writing, and Dustin agreed that people had different versions of themselves. He understood having a safe place in which to vent. He thought it was still important to spend time with people she cared about.

Josslyn replied that she did spend time with people, but it was less time than in the past. Dustin thought it was a great idea to spend more time with people in order to have more to write about.

At Metro Court, Jason interrupted Laura and Kevin as they sat eating breakfast. He sat down and revealed that he needed Laura's help in order to get into Pentonville to speak to Ryan. He explained that he wanted to know if Bryce had said anything about his employer to Ryan before he'd died. Kevin believed it to be a waste of time and thought that Jason would do better speaking to Bryce's lawyer.

Laura didn't know if she'd believe anything Ryan said, but Jason revealed that Bryce had already confirmed Jason's suspicions of who his employer had been. Laura agreed to call the warden, although Kevin stressed that Ryan didn't help people. He only played games with them. Jason left, and Laura told her husband that she owed it to Jason to make the call, since he had stopped Ryan from dragging Ava to Canada.

Laura proceeded to say that she was dreading Franco's hearing, and she wondered if he had been rational when Kevin had paid him a visit. Kevin replied that Franco believed himself to be Drew Cain. Laura complimented Kevin on "staying grounded" while talking about Ryan. She felt bad for Ava and wished that she would get counseling. Kevin suggested that Ava could be suffering from PTSD. He didn't think Ryan would give up on Ava until she was destroyed.

Finn sat at a table nearby. He spoke to Hayden on the phone to confirm their breakfast date, and he told her he was looking forward to seeing her. Robert stopped at the table and told Finn how "cosmopolitan" he was for having his ex to keep him warm while his fiancée was away. Robert sat down at the table.

Finn urged Robert not to get comfortable, and he assured Robert that Anna had nothing to worry about. Robert believed he could spot a liar easily. Finn cited that it was "swell" talking to Robert but he normally didn't spend his time talking to people who called him a liar. Robert accused him of "playing house" with his ex, but Finn declared that he spoke to Anna every day. He added that he'd even told Anna about his meeting with Hayden.

Robert still thought Finn was lying about something, and he believed the something to be Hayden. Finn decided to "humor" Robert; he stated that while Robert had a connection to Anna, he didn't have one with Hayden, so it was really none of Robert's business. Robert coldly advised Finn not to let anything get in the way of Anna, and he stormed off.

Robert spotted Laura sitting alone, and he joined her. She asked him how long it had been since he'd had roots, and she told him that he'd be running for office uncontested. She wondered how he'd enjoyed his switch from being a spy to a small-town district attorney. They joked around, and Robert agreed that he would be willing to put down roots in Port Charles. He enjoyed working with his baby brother and other friends. He called Port Charles one of the top one hundred places in which to live, so he wondered how he could say no.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth told Hayden that she was ready to meet with Scott before Franco's hearing. Hayden gave her a hug. "This other lawyer has no idea what he's up against," Hayden said.

As Hayden was about to step onto the elevator, Curtis stepped off. He revealed that he was working to have Sasha's DNA tests rerun. He added that he didn't like being used, either to hurt a friend or by a friend. Hayden assured him he was a great friend, and she thought he should be treated as one. He stated that he was also a good listener, and he wondered if Hayden had anything on her mind.

Hayden replied that she had nothing to talk about, and she thought Curtis should stay focused on their other project. She also told him that she was meeting Finn for breakfast. Curtis seemed suspicious, and he aroused Hayden's curiosity. Curtis insisted that he didn't know anything, and Hayden promised to call him if she needed to "unburden" herself.

Finn sent Hayden a text message and asked if he could order her coffee. He knew exactly how she liked it. In the meantime, Hayden received a phone call before she could leave the hospital. "Oh, my God!" she cried out.

Ava strolled around her penthouse. She poured herself a glass of water and drank thirstily. Suddenly, she heard and saw her front door rattle and move. She grabbed her gun as someone knocked on the door, but Julian began to call out to her. She let him in, and she told him she'd been scared. Julian had breakfast for her, but he wondered if she would have shot him first and asked questions later.

Ava assured him that everything in the place had been locked, bolted, and covered, along with the alarm system in place. "Someone is watching me. I can feel it," she said. Julian asked if she could be paranoid because of her drinking, but Ava thought the drinking was helping instead. She added that she could feel the person's breath on her neck.

Julian had believed Ava to be doing better. Ava insisted that it was her home, and she could cover her windows if she wanted to. Julian tried to tell her that she was better and stronger than the way she'd been living, and he suggested she go to the hospital again. Ava snapped that she wasn't sick, and she thought that Julian was the one unable to face reality -- along with all the other people who thought the world to be a safe place.

Julian sat down with Ava, and soon there was a knock on the door. A voice called out, but Ava quickly informed her brother that Kevin and Ryan had the same voice. Julian peeked out, and Kevin held up both hands for identification. Julian let him in, and Kevin disclosed that Laura had asked him to visit. Ava declared that things had been less complicated when Laura had hated her. She added that she didn't want any psychiatric help.

Kevin assured Ava that he was only there as a survivor. Julian announced that he would leave in order for Ryan and Ava to have privacy. "So, about Ryan," Kevin said after Julian had gone.

Franco sat in his room at Shadybrook. He received a visit from Martin, who revealed that he'd obtained a suit for the hearing. He revealed a dress uniform, complete with medals on the front. "Even I'm impressed by me," Franco said. Martin thought Franco should be dressed for battle, and he helped him into his clothing.

Franco declared that he felt like himself. Martin revealed that he had some last-minute preparation like always. He added that the opposition would say that Franco was incompetent when they saw him in uniform. Franco was certain he would prove otherwise. Martin asked his client how he knew who he was, but Franco believed beyond a doubt that he was Chief Petty Officer Drew Cain.

Later, Franco was shining his shoes when there was another knock at the door. It was Jason, who wanted to ask about something that Drew would remember. Jason told him about Bryce and the connection between Andre, Shiloh, and Drew. He showed Franco a photo of Peter.

Franco admitted that he recognized Peter as the man who had bought him a beer at the Floating Rib. Franco continued to say that when he'd first seen Peter, he had had a feeling like "déjà vu." He couldn't remember where he might have seen him previously.

Elizabeth got to Kelly's and found Scott sitting at a table, eating. She admitted she wasn't hungry, but he ordered her some coffee. She revealed that she'd been up all night, trying to figure out the one thing they had missed that would determine Franco's fate.

Scott agreed that things had never been easy for Franco and Elizabeth, and they'd had lots of challenges when they'd only wanted a simple life. He knew they definitely loved each other. Elizabeth said that her two most important days were the day she and Franco had married when he'd been in jail, and the hearing that would determine if promises from the wedding day could be kept.

Scott admitted he'd had a toast planned on the night of the reception and had never gotten to say it. He talked about all the obstacles Franco and Elizabeth had faced, but they'd shown "tenacity and faith." He didn't think that the word love gave it justice. Martin sat at the counter and spotted Scott and Elizabeth. He walked over and sat down at their table.

Scott was angry, and Martin insisted there was no ill will. He would try to spare everyone pain. Elizabeth wondered why he would represent Franco if that was all true, and Scott called out that he heard an ambulance. He suggested that Martin follow it. "See you in court," Elizabeth said.

Back at the penthouse, Ava and Kevin walked from the kitchen with mugs of tea. They sat on the sofa, and Kevin assured Ava that Ryan was locked up. He told her that recovery from PTSD would take a long time. He suggested she face and fight her fear because it wasn't easy to turn off. He suggested she go back to the gallery to work.

Ava disclosed that Julian had said the same, and she wondered if Kevin and Julian were "in cahoots." Kevin laughed but said no. Ava admitted she loved the gallery. "It speaks to me," she professed. It gave her purpose. Kevin urged her to choose that purpose. He urged her to "sever all ties" with Ryan.

Kevin went on to say that it was a process, and Ava would be free once she stopped looking over her shoulder. Ava admitted she was afraid that Ryan would be over her shoulder with a butcher knife, but Kevin told her she needed to keep moving forward. He explained that Ryan would never change, but if she kept moving, Ryan wouldn't be able to catch up.

Ava announced her intent to get dressed and head to the gallery. "Baby steps," Kevin said. Ava thanked him, and she also asked him to thank Laura. She just wanted Kevin to tell Laura she'd given him a hard time. After Kevin had gone, Ava cleaned up. She looked at herself in the mirror and told Ryan he hadn't beaten her. She was very much alive.

At Shadybrook, Jason thanked Franco, and Martin returned. Jason left, and Martin asked if that had been the twin. Franco admitted that Jason didn't consider him as a twin, but he had wanted Drew's help. Martin thought that was interesting.

At Metro Court, Curtis saw Finn sitting alone at the table. He asked where Hayden was, and Finn told him that she'd never shown up. Curtis sat down and sputtered that he thought it might be his fault. He had lost his "poker face" when he'd run into her at the hospital, and he might have tipped her off. Finn received a phone call and hastily gave someone some medical instructions. He told Curtis he had to leave but to make sure that Hayden didn't leave town again.

Julian walked into Kelly's for takeout and saw Elizabeth and Scott. He asked how Elizabeth was, and Scott replied that she was "solid as a rock." Elizabeth confessed that she'd tried to reason with Kim, but Kim believed that Franco was Drew. Scott made it clear that he would do what he had to do to discredit her.

Julian admitted that he would do the same, and he gave his blessing. Elizabeth appreciated it, and Julian told her that Kim needed help. He also had something to tell Elizabeth and Scott. Elizabeth could see that Julian still loved Kim. Julian grabbed his food and left, and Scott announced that he felt good about their chances. He thought that Julian had handed them a win.

Laura walked into the classroom at school to pick up Cameron. Dustin sent his regards and offered to help if needed. "Here goes everything," Cameron said. Trina commented but had to prod Josslyn to say something. She wished Cameron luck. After the others had gone, Trina demanded to know why Josslyn hadn't said anything. She added that Josslyn hadn't even noticed that Cameron had been having a difficult time and hadn't even offered to help him after all he'd done for Josslyn and Oscar.

Later, Ava was dressed and ready to go. She walked out onto her balcony. "Here I am, you son of a bitch! Come get me," she shouted.

Finn rushed into the hospital and ran into Hayden, who wanted to talk. Finn quickly told her he had a patient who needed him. "She's my daughter," Hayden said.

Franco's hearing begins Franco's hearing begins
Wednesday, October 23, 2019

At the hospital, Sonny, Carly, and Bobbie were excited to finally take Donna home. Bobbie informed Sonny that there was one more form he needed to sign, so he went off to sign it. Carly told her mother that she'd already scheduled all of Donna's follow-up appointments, but Bobbie wanted to know how Carly was doing. Carly insisted that she had no signs of postpartum depression, and she felt prepared for the future. The two embraced, and Carly was ready to take Donna home.

At Kelly's, Jason admired a model car that Danny had made, and he was impressed. Danny wanted to make a motorcycle next and thought it would help him to study and ride Jason's bike. Jason replied that Danny would have to ask Sam, and Danny wondered when his mother was returning home. Jason told Danny that he would be staying with Monica for a while, as it was hard to say when Sam would be home.

Monica entered the restaurant, and she gave Danny money to get coffee for her and doughnuts for the two of them. Jason thanked Monica for taking Danny in for the week, and she replied that she loved having the house full of "a new generation." Jason expressed his sympathy about Drew, and Monica said she had hoped that Jason and Drew would grow closer after Oscar's death. Jason insisted that the brothers had started to grow closer. Monica regretted that there was so much that she didn't know about Drew's childhood, and she was thankful that she could ask Franco.

Jason believed that it was a bad idea for Monica to go to Franco, as he didn't want her to get hurt even more. Danny returned with the coffee and doughnuts, and Monica left. Danny related that he'd gotten cupcakes for everyone, and he wished he could give one to Sam. "So do I," Jason admitted.

Michael was attempting to hang a welcome banner at Sonny and Carly's when Josslyn returned home. She saw a silver baby cup sitting on the table, and she wondered who had sent the beautiful gift. Michael admitted that he had gotten it for Jonah, but he wanted Donna to have it. Josslyn promised that he could always count on her just like she knew that she could always count on him. He joked that, if that was the case, he needed her to help him put the banner up.

A short while later, Sonny, Carly, and Bobbie arrived home with Donna. Carly spotted the silver cup and talked to Michael about it as Josslyn took pictures of the baby. Josslyn wanted quotes from everyone about their new addition for her journal. A few minutes later, Michael descended the stairs with Avery, and Josslyn promised that Avery could see the baby if she promised to be quiet. Josslyn took Avery to see Donna, and Sonny related that, as a big sister, Avery would have a lot to teach Donna. Carly had a baby doll for Avery and said that Avery could take care of the baby doll while Carly took care of the baby. Bobbie gathered everyone together and took a family picture.

A short while later, Carly let Jason in. Avery took his hand to lead him to Donna. Moments later, his phone went off, and Jason reacted unhappily. Michael wondered what was going on, and Jason revealed that he'd been summoned to testify at Franco's hearing.

At the hospital, Hayden informed Finn that the patient in question was their daughter. A stunned Finn replied that they would deal with "everything else" later, and he entered the room. He stared at the little girl as Epiphany updated him on her condition. Epiphany snapped him out of it as Hayden entered, and he introduced himself to Violet. He promised to get her fever down, and he talked about how violets were his favorite flower. He and Epiphany had to examine Violet, so he asked Hayden to step outside.

As Hayden looked into the room and paced outside, Finn gently examined Violet. Epiphany gave him a strange look when he called the little girl "Honeybun." Finn left the room and informed Hayden that he had to leave the diagnosis to the pediatrician, as there were "strict rules" against a doctor treating his or her children. He asked where Violet had been living for the past two weeks and who she'd been in contact with. Hayden answered that she had rented a house in Beechers Corners, and Violet had been staying with a nanny.

Hayden promised to give all the information Finn would need, and he said that Epiphany would get it. He turned to walk away, but Hayden pleaded with him not to shut her out. He left to consult with a pediatrician. Hayden returned to Violet, who was asleep, and Epiphany thought that Hayden should stretch her legs while she could. Outside the room, Hayden returned to Finn, who said that the pediatrician would be there soon. "Why is this the first time I'm meeting my daughter?" Finn demanded.

Outside the courtroom, Martin instructed Kim and Franco to stay calm and to stick to the facts. Inside, Scott instructed Elizabeth and Cameron to keep their cool and to not pay attention to Martin. Martin, Kim, and Franco entered, and Elizabeth said that it wasn't too late to stop the proceedings. "I could say the same to you," Franco replied. The bailiff announced the start of the hearing, and Judge Lasser entered and sat.

Cameron took Elizabeth's hand as Scott talked about how he was representing the entire family, including Franco, and including himself as Franco's father. Martin talked about how he was set to prove that Franco was actually Drew, and he was capable of making his own decisions. Cameron's phone went off, and he saw a text from Josslyn that read, "Sorry I can't be there. With you in spirit." Scott began that Franco didn't need the "military costume," as he was already a hero. He showed the judge all of Franco's government-issued identification, and a lab report proving that the man in question had Franco's DNA. Martin got up and didn't dispute that the documents were real, but he revealed that Franco no longer existed.

Jordan took the stand, and she talked about how Franco was one of the bravest people she'd ever met. She talked about Franco helping catch Ryan, and about how he'd sacrificed himself for Cameron "at great personal risk." Scott next put Cameron on the stand, and he talked about how he hadn't been a big fan of Franco at first. He'd seen how much Franco had cared for the family, and his mind had officially changed when Franco had sacrificed himself for Cameron. He mentioned Franco's last words telling Cameron that he would be back. Martin, referencing Cameron's past legal troubles, accused Cameron of lying about the last words, but Cameron insisted that he hadn't. They argued about it until Franco stood and yelled, "That's enough!"

Franco appreciated his lawyer's effort, but he knew that Cameron was a good kid. He regretted that he couldn't remember the moment, but he insisted that none of the situation was Cameron's fault. He sat down, and Scott called Elizabeth to the stand next. Through questioning, she revealed that she would "go to hell and back" for her family, and she intended to keep her vows to Franco. Martin mentioned her past with men, specifically how she'd kept Drew from his true identity. He accused her of doing the same thing to Franco "in the name of love."

Scott brings out his secret weapon Scott brings out his secret weapon
Thursday, October 24, 2019

At Charlie's, Jax sat with Laura and Curtis and asked if they had any leads on the codicil. Laura thought that Helena's portrait was the key, and she explained her and Kevin's discoveries that had led to the belief that the codicil was somewhere on Spoon Island. Curtis updated Jax that Hayden had gone "radio silent" and that he had another plan in the works. Jax had some personal business to attend to. He promised to be in touch, and he left.

Curtis confided in Laura that he believed the key to decoding the painting was the artist. Laura looked at a picture of the painting on her tablet, and they deciphered the artist as J. Garrin. Laura looked the artist up and discovered that he was known for burying clues in portraits. She suggested that another image was underneath Helena's portrait, and Curtis related that they needed to find the painting before it got ruined. "If it's not already," Laura added, and she wondered how they could find it.

Ava was taking care of business in the gallery when she heard the door open. She grabbed the gun out of her purse but put it back when Trina appeared in the doorway. Trina wanted to apply for the internship position she'd seen online, but Ava replied that her interns were usually art majors or graduate students. Trina listed her extensive accomplishments, including a past internship at the Port Charles Fine Arts Museum, and she handed Ava a résumé.

Dev entered and introduced himself to Ava, and he revealed that he had some "rare artwork" for sale. He took the cover off the painting to reveal the portrait of Helena. He explained that he'd found it at a flea market, and he'd thought it could be worth something. Ava replied that she knew the man who owned the painting, so she wasn't convinced that Dev had found it at a flea market. She wasn't interested in the portrait, but Trina took the opportunity to speak thoughtfully about the portrait. It prompted Ava to offer Dev "one hundred dollars, take it or leave it," so he took it.

Dev offered to treat Trina at Kelly's after a couple errands, and he left. Trina was going to leave, as well, but Ava asked her to stay. Ava thanked Trina for changing Ava's mind about the portrait, and the artist was J. Garrin, of whom Ava was an "aficionado." She explained that the artist's paintings were like puzzles, and she and Kiki had enjoyed figuring out the Easter eggs hidden in the paintings.

Trina admitted that she'd heard about Ava's recent misfortunes and that she'd been worried when she'd stopped seeing Ava at the gallery. She couldn't imagine what Ava had been through, and she was glad that Ava had decided to return to the gallery. Ava read through Trina's résumé and observed that she could easily use what little free time she had studying or being with her friends. Trina responded that she wanted to see how a gallery worked, because art was important. "You're hired," Ava said.

Josslyn told Sonny that Carly and Donna were resting in the nursery, and Avery was having a tea party with the nanny. Sonny added that Michael had a "work thing," and Jason announced that he had to go, as he'd been summoned to testify in Franco's hearing. A short while later, Jax arrived with a gift for Donna, much to Sonny's annoyance. Jax let Josslyn open the gift for her baby sister, and Josslyn was happy and touched to see a necklace just like the one Lady Jane had gotten her when she'd been a baby.

As Josslyn hugged her father in gratitude, Dev entered carrying two big boxes. Sonny asked what was in the boxes, and Dev answered that he'd bought some candy bars at the local big box store to sell at school. He explained that the vending machines didn't carry anyone's favorites, so he would make a little money. Jax was skeptical, but Josslyn looked it up on her phone and found that reselling small goods for profit was legal. She helped Dev take the boxes upstairs.

On his way out, Jax warned Sonny that Dev needed to do a better job hiding his "survival instincts" before he crossed into con artist territory. He reminded Sonny that he wouldn't cover for Dev if the cops arrived, and he left. When Dev and Josslyn returned downstairs, Sonny admitted that he wasn't comfortable with Dev's business venture. He urged Dev to rethink it, as it could garner unwanted attention.

At the hospital, Hayden revealed that Violet was asleep, so it was a good time to talk. Finn demanded to know why she hadn't told him about Violet, and she explained that it had been the "cleanest" way out. She continued that she'd been being blackmailed, and she'd been in danger after having stolen money from the hospital. She hadn't wanted the baby to be born in prison, but Finn insisted that he would have stood by her. She related that she hadn't wanted to make his life even more of a mess than she already had. "Next time you want to do me a favor, don't," he replied.

Hayden told him that Violet had been born in Finland on one of the longest and coldest nights of the year. The nurses had called her "Sade," which meant light, but she'd remembered that Finn liked violets. She continued that Violet reminded her very much of Finn, but she was happy that Finn had found happiness with Anna. He reminded her that Anna had children and grandchildren, so Anna wouldn't have had a problem. Hayden confessed that she'd wanted Finn back, so she'd stayed away, as she'd never stopped loving him.

Finn wanted to see Violet as her father and not her doctor. He asked Hayden if that was all right, and she answered, "Of course." She apologized for everything, and she asked to go into Violet's room with him, as the girl didn't know him. "Whose fault is that?" he shot back, and she took all of the blame. "Let's go see our daughter," Finn stated, and they went into Violet's room.

Martin questioned Elizabeth about withholding Jake Doe's identity from him and accused her of doing the same to Franco. Elizabeth stated that the man she'd done that to had been the real Drew Cain. As Jason entered the courtroom, Elizabeth pointed at Kim for fighting for Franco to be who Kim wanted him to be. Elizabeth believed that Kim was holding onto "the next best thing" after losing Oscar and the real Drew. She urged Kim to do the right thing and "let Franco be Franco." Judge Lasser announced a recess, and Elizabeth got down from the stand.

Jason left the courtroom and bumped into Monica, and he wasn't sure why Martin would think that Jason could help. Inside the courtroom, Scott was sorry for what Elizabeth had to go through, and he reminded her that "I still have another arrow in the quiver." Martin apologized to Franco and Kim for how Elizabeth had been able to twist things. Franco replied that she had been telling the truth, and Kim hated that things had to be the way they were.

When the hearing resumed, Martin called Monica to the stand. When Scott questioned her, she talked about how DNA didn't define a person. While she was a doctor, she said that DNA made a human, and neurology made a human who they were. She believed that neurology made Franco into Drew. Later, Martin called Jason to the stand and informed the court that Jason had gone to Franco that morning and asked him a question as Drew. Jason believed that Franco could decide on his own who he wanted to be. When Scott questioned him, he got it out of Jason that he valued Drew over Franco. Scott reminded the court that Jason had also had a memory loss situation, and the town would probably value the old Jason over the current Jason. Minutes later, Judge Lasser called for a break.

Jason was standing outside the courthouse when Cameron stormed out, followed by Elizabeth. Cameron tearfully demanded to know why Jason couldn't just say that he wanted Franco back for Cameron's family's sake. He understood that Jason didn't like Franco, but he believed, "You don't understand. Of all people, you should." He ran back into the courthouse, and Elizabeth followed. Monica emerged from the courtroom and thanked Jason for saying what he had on the stand, and she hugged him.

A short while later, Kim was called to the stand, and she talked about all the details Franco remembered that even Kim had forgotten about. She was sorry that Drew had taken Franco's place, but Franco had made the decision to save Cameron, so she believed Elizabeth and her family should accept that he was gone. When Scott questioned Kim, he wondered if she would fight to get Oscar back if Cameron's memories had been put into Oscar's head. He reminded a stammering Kim that Franco was his son, so he wondered why her son would be worth fighting for, but his wouldn't be.

Scott continued by wondering how far Kim would go to ease her grief over losing Oscar. He knew that she wanted to have another baby. Franco was appalled when Scott announced that Kim had drugged the real Drew so that she could have another baby with him against his will.

Kevin leaves a courtroom in shock Kevin leaves a courtroom in shock
Friday, October 25, 2019

At Crimson, Valentin stopped by Nina's office to invite her to spend the day shopping with him. He had hoped to buy some new artwork for Wyndemere. Nina was tempted, but she had to work. She assured Valentin that she trusted his judgment because he had exquisite taste. Valentin was disappointed, but he conceded that anything would be an improvement over the portrait of Helena that they had removed from the trophy room.

Just then, Judy entered her boss's office to drop off a package that had been left at the reception desk. After Judy returned to her post, Nina opened the box. It contained an expensive bottle of Champagne and a card from Spencer congratulating her on kicking an "unscrupulous malefactor" like Valentin to the curb. Valentin was not amused, but he wished that he could have seen the look on Spencer's face when Spencer realized that the mean-spirited gesture had merely bought Spencer a face full of egg. Nina promised to return the gift.

After Valentin left, Judy returned to fetch the box because Valentin had mentioned that Nina had wanted to return it. Nina assured Judy that it wasn't necessary because it would be a shame to let a good bottle of Champagne go to waste. Nina shifted gears by giving Judy some instructions related to the next issue of the magazine then dismissed her. Once Nina was alone, she set the elegant box on her credenza next to the bottle of scotch that Ava had gifted her.

Meanwhile, Maxie and Peter had been in the outer office. Maxie had tried to eavesdrop on Nina and Valentin because she was uncertain about Valentin. However, Maxie became irritated when she noticed that Peter hadn't been paying attention because he'd been distracted with his phone. Peter apologized, and he explained that he'd been getting alerts about Franco Baldwin's court hearing. Maxie couldn't understand Peter's fascination with the case, but he pointed out that the ruling would be historic regardless of the outcome. Maxie admitted that she was glad that she was not the judge in the case because someone was destined to be devastated.

Shortly after Valentin left, Lucy arrived. She announced that she had good news, and she was about to fulfill all of Peter's dreams. The buyer had backed out on the waterfront condominium that Peter had been interested in. Maxie smiled with glee, but Peter was reluctant to make an offer. Confused, Maxie asked why he would hesitate when he had been ready to put $35,000 in cash down on the place a few short weeks ago. Maxie asked Lucy to give Maxie and Peter some privacy to discuss things.

After Lucy left, Maxie admitted that she had been under the impression that Peter had wanted to find a place big enough for her and James to move in with him. To Maxie's disbelief, Peter glanced at his phone when it chimed. Her anger faded when she saw his expression cloud with concern. He revealed that the judge was ready to hand down a ruling in Franco's case.

At the Jerome Gallery, Ava instructed Trina on the proper storage for the various art pieces in the gallery while Trina took careful notes. At one point, Trina wondered if all of the records were stored on a computer or if Ava had kept hard copies as backup. Ava complimented Trina for the insightful question then explained that the gallery retained hand-written records of everything because provenance was important in the art world. Trina beamed with pride, but she shifted gears to suggest that they put the portrait of Helena in the back room because Helena's creepy eyes appeared to follow a person around the room. Ava chuckled because she heartily agreed with Trina's assessment.

Later, Ava was working on her laptop when she suddenly tensed. She recalled talking to Laura about the feeling that someone had been watching Ava. She jumped when Valentin broke through her thoughts by calling out her name. Ava scolded him for "sneaking" up on her, but Valentin insisted that he'd done nothing wrong. He explained that he was there to buy a piece of art and to discuss commissioning a family portrait of him, Charlotte, and Nina. Ava was stunned when Valentin bragged that Nina had taken him back.

Disgusted that Valentin had once again gotten away with something, Ava grabbed her purse then stormed out of the gallery. Moments later, Trina returned from the back room. She called out to Ava, but the gallery was deserted.

At Crimson, Ava entered Nina's office and demanded that Nina return the bottle of scotch. Ava had heard about Nina and Valentin's reconciliation, and Ava didn't want to try to bury the hatchet with a woman who would take back a man like Valentin. Ava urged Nina to open her eyes because Sasha hadn't been capable of falsifying three DNA tests. Ava pointed out that Valentin was obsessed with Nina, and he would tell any lie, break any rule, and do whatever he had to in order to keep Nina by his side. Ava warned Nina that Valentin would never let Nina move on, but Nina suggested that Ava had been projecting.

Ava was surprised that Nina would sink low enough to throw Ryan in Ava's face. Nina conceded that it had been unfair, but she insisted that Valentin was nothing like Ryan. Ava disagreed because she had seen Valentin murder Nikolas Cassadine. Nina promised that she was "nobody's fool," but Ava was skeptical. "We'll see about that," Ava quietly said. After Ava left, Nina exhaled a deep breath then walked over to the credenza and retrieved the bottle of Champagne. She appeared thoughtful then smiled softly.

At Kelly's, Kevin approached Laura's table as she ended a call. He greeted his wife by teasingly wondering if he had reason to be jealous. Laura returned his smile then explained that she had been talking to Dr. Clark, a professor at Port Charles University who taught art history. Dr. Clark had filled her in about J. Garrin, the artist who had painted the portrait of Helena. Kevin was disappointed to learn that J. Garrin had passed away a few years earlier. Laura agreed that it was a setback, but she was determined to find a way to track down the painting.

Later, Laura asked about Kevin's visit with Ava, but he was reluctant to share the details. Laura appreciated that Kevin wanted to honor Ava's privacy even though Ava wasn't a patient, so Laura asked why he wasn't at Franco's trial. Kevin admitted that he'd been about to head to court then asked if Laura planned to attend. She explained that Elizabeth had asked her to stay away because Elizabeth had been worried that it might make Franco feel like he was on display. Kevin urged Laura to reconsider because Elizabeth would need all the support that she could get.

Kevin and Laura exited the diner, but Valentin called out to Laura because he wanted to have a word with her. Laura assured Kevin that she would meet him at the courthouse. After Kevin left, Valentin informed Laura that Spencer had been stirring up trouble. He filled her in about Spencer's extravagant gift to Nina then warned her to rein in her grandson. Valentin explained that, as a child, Spencer had been a nuisance, but Spencer had become a bit more problematic as a young adult. Valentin vowed to treat Spencer accordingly if Spencer ever became a legitimate threat.

Laura bristled, and she asked if Valentin were threatening to harm her grandson. Valentin immediately backed down, but he cautioned her that he had ways to make Spencer's life difficult. "Like what?" Laura demanded. "Tighten the leash," Valentin replied then marched away without another word.

Across town, Lulu entered Dustin's classroom. He looked up from a stack of papers that he had been working on and smiled. Lulu closed the door as he apologized for canceling their date at the last minute because he'd been held up in a meeting, but Lulu assured him that it was fine. She had decided to take their date to him. Lulu knew that teachers preferred apples, but she hoped that he would like her gift -- a bottle of cider. Dustin grinned then poured them each a glass while she uncovered containers of grapes and other snacks.

Dustin joined Lulu at a desk for their impromptu picnic. She admitted that she was grateful to have someone to confide to about Nina because she couldn't talk to Maxie, since Maxie was too close to everyone involved. Dustin was surprised when Lulu revealed that Nina had taken Valentin back because Sasha had absolved him of wrongdoing. Dustin wasn't surprised that Lulu had become a reporter, but she credited her parents for influencing her "pathological need" to right all wrongs and be everyone's hero. She promised that Dustin would eventually get used to it, prompting him to smile because it implied that he would be around long enough to get used to her.

Later, Dustin and Lulu cleaned up. Lulu assured him that she had enjoyed their picnic, but she wanted a real date. She was curious if Dustin had plans for the following evening. He admitted that he would be busy chaperoning the school's Halloween dance at the Haunted Star. Lulu smiled with delight when Dustin invited her to be his guest to the dance. Lulu had the night off because Rocco had planned to go trick-or-treating with Olivia, Ned, and Leo.

At Pentonville, Jason, Sam, and Diane were gathered in one of the private visitor rooms. Jason reached for Sam's hands as she tearfully told him that she missed the children. However, Sam acknowledged that things could have been worse because she didn't have to share a cell; her cellmate was locked up in solitary. Sam quietly admitted that the woman had attacked her previous cellmate. Jason and Diane were unable to hide their dismay, but Diane shifted gears to discuss Sam's case. Diane explained that Bryce Henderson's death meant that there was no one to corroborate his statement, but it also meant that Diane lacked the evidence to debunk Bryce's claim that Sam had hired him.

Diane added that, ultimately, Bryce's statement had a neutral impact on the case, which left the claim made by Sherri Cottle. Diane was confident that she could call the nurse's statement into question because it was considered hearsay, so Sam's odds were good at trial. Pleased, Jason was curious how long it would take to go to trial. Diane admitted that Sam had the option of requesting a bench trial, which would eliminate the need for jury selection.

According to Diane, one of the benefits of a bench trial, besides getting on the docket quickly, was that a judge was given a set of facts and evidence to dispel or support those facts, which Diane believed would be to their advantage because the prosecution had been unable to establish a motive that could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Sam asked for a moment alone with Jason, so Diane stepped out to make a few phone calls. Jason admitted that he wasn't comfortable putting Sam's fate in the hands of a single person, but he assured her that he would support whatever she decided. Sam worried that a jury might hold her past against her.

When Diane returned, she announced that she had checked the docket, and she'd been encouraged when she'd seen Judge Madrigal's name because she was known as a fair judge. Diane had checked with the judge's clerk, and the judge could hear Sam's case in a couple of days. Sam decided to take a leap of faith with a bench trial because she was desperate to get home to Jason and her children.

At the courthouse, Kim testified on Franco's behalf. Scott confronted her about drugging Drew Cain with the intention of having sex to conceive a child. Kim tearfully admitted that it was true, but she insisted that she hadn't gone through with the plan. Scott was curious what had changed her mind. Kim was forced to admit that someone had stopped her. Scott pointed out that she might have been charged with sexual assault if she had gone through with her plan to have sex with Drew, but Kim insisted that she had been grieving and confused.

Martin objected because Scott had been badgering the witness, but Scott argued that he simply hoped to establish that Franco's biggest advocate might be mentally incompetent herself. Offended, Franco asked Scott to stop. After Kim stepped down from the witness stand, Elizabeth asked Scott if it had been necessary to be so brutal, but Scott reminded Elizabeth that he had warned her that he would do what needed to be done.

Later, Franco was sworn in. Martin posed a series of questions about Drew's life in San Diego and his service record that Franco easily answered. Next, Martin asked Franco about Kim's testimony and if she had drugged Franco. "No," Franco answered. Franco explained that Kim had drugged "the other Drew Cain." Martin smiled with satisfaction because it was proof of Franco's mental competency. According to Martin, Franco was aware of his orientation to time, space, and situation, and Franco could recall events that had just transpired.

Meanwhile, Cameron noticed that Elizabeth appeared troubled. She admitted that there had been something significant about a particular date that Franco had mentioned, but she hadn't been able to put her finger on why. Scott urged Elizabeth to think carefully. Just then, Elizabeth gasped because she realized why July 2010 had been important.

Later, Scott questioned Franco about July 2010, and if he'd been in Turkey on July 23, 2010. Franco confirmed that he had been in Turkey, but Scott submitted a news article into evidence about the murder of two people at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. The artist had been arrested and questioned about the grisly crimes. Scott held up his tablet to show Franco the article, which featured a picture of the artist who had committed the murders. Franco insisted that he hadn't been in Los Angeles, but Scott pointed out that the newspaper proved otherwise.

When Scott returned to the table, Elizabeth made it clear that she was not happy with him. Scott was unapologetic because he would do anything to get his son back. Meanwhile, Martin explained that his next witness had been delayed in Beechers Corners with a patient. Scott saw Kevin enter the courtroom, so he offered to have Kevin testify. Kevin asked Scott for a minute of his time, but Scott assured Kevin that it wasn't necessary. Scott was confident that Kevin would be the lynchpin in Scott's victory.

Cameron was surprised when he saw Trina enter the courtroom and take a seat behind him. She explained that she had wanted to be there for moral support. After Kevin was sworn in, Scott cut to the chase. He explained that Kevin had been Franco's therapist, and that Kevin had met with Franco at the sanitarium. Scott asked if Franco was in complete control of his faculties. "Yes," Kevin quietly but firmly answered. Scott and Elizabeth were stunned, while Martin and Kim smiled with satisfaction.

Kevin explained that even though Franco identified as Drew, Franco was capable of making his own decisions. Martin asked if Kevin believed that Elizabeth should be making medical decisions for Franco. "No," Kevin answered. According to Kevin, Franco understood his decisions, and therefore, Franco was capable of choosing his own medical care.

The judge decided to take a short break to deliberate. Crushed, Elizabeth watched helplessly as Franco hugged Kim. A few minutes later, Judge Lasser returned to the courtroom to render a verdict.

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