General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 11, 2019 on GH
Anna and Jason saved the day. Charlotte was reunited with her family. Valentin made certain that Cassandra met an explosive end. Sonny took Avery to visit her mother. Carly made a shocking discovery. Lucas confronted Julian. Violet learned that Finn was her father. T.J. suspected rat poison in Alexis' ailment.
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Valentin made certain that Cassandra met an explosive end
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The search for Charlotte escalates The search for Charlotte escalates
Monday, November 11, 2019

In the interrogation room at the police station, Jordan firmly tried to dissuade Jason from trying to investigate Cassandra's disappearance on his own. Jordan said that even though she believed what had happened with Sam at the park, there were several ways in which it could be interpreted. She needed to have a press conference, and she wanted to make certain that Jason stayed out of it.

Out in the lobby area, Nina and Valentin were enraged to have been summoned to the station. Laura assured them that she'd checked with Jordan, and they were merely hopeful that Valentin would be able to provide any leads in finding Cassandra. Laura reminded Valentin that Cassandra had phoned him when she'd first been apprehended.

On his way out, Jason stopped to phone Spinelli. He asked for any information on the partial license plate number and van that Sam had spotted in the park. Jordan emerged from the interrogation room and received an update from Laura. Valentin explained that Cassandra had wanted his help because they'd known each other briefly in the past. He claimed that he'd broken all ties with her.

Laura doubted Valentin's claim, and Jordan wondered why Valentin had allowed Cassandra to summon him. She assumed that Cassandra had some kind of leverage on Valentin. He recalled a previous conversation with Cassandra regarding Nina's drugging her, and he related that Cassandra had wanted to blame him for something. He'd "called her bluff" because she had had nothing on him.

Nina noted that Cassandra had targeted Sasha, and she wanted the criminal to be prosecuted. Valentin asked why Cassandra had been in Port Charles in the first place. A cop summoned Jordan to the phone to talk to Lulu, who was crying.

At Kelly's, Lulu and Maxie continued to chat at their table. Lulu inquired about Peter moving in, and Maxie offered to host a dinner with Peter, Lulu, and "hot Dustin." Lulu thought it was too soon for a couples' dinner, and she got up to fetch Charlotte, who had been sitting at the counter, doing homework.

Charlotte was gone, and Lulu and Maxie frantically began to search for her. The little girl was not to be found, and Lulu was unable to reach her daughter on the phone.

Nearby, Liesl sat herself next to Brad at the counter. He was annoyed to see her, but she asked what he had done to cover his tracks. Brad explained that he'd told Lucas he'd been working on extracurricular lab work, and Liesl called Brad a "furtive little weasel." Brad informed her that he did not want her to ask him to do any other projects. Liesl promised that he would have lots to worry about if Lucas learned that Wiley had been stolen.

Finn plopped down on the sofa at Anna's house with a drink and a turkey sandwich. He pulled his laptop onto his lap and began to nibble a potato chip. Just then, the doorbell sounded. He got up to answer it, and it was Hayden and Violet. Hayden wondered if Finn was "up for visitors." Finn spoke to Violet and told her he lived there. The little girl was glad Finn was their friend, and Hayden agreed.

As Finn and Hayden chatted, Violet ran around and investigated. She stopped to pick up a large and heavy bulldog on display, and Hayden told her the bulldog was English because there was a British flag on it. Hayden added that Violet was familiar with England because she enjoyed having tea parties, and the little girl announced that she wanted to have one.

Finn, Hayden, and Violet gathered on the sofa with the good china that was filled with apple juice. Hayden filled Finn in on the two stuffed animals that usually joined her and Violet for the parties.

Nikolas sneaked through the patio door at Jax's darkened place, only to be surprised when Jax flicked on the lights. He was annoyed and wanted to know where Nikolas had been. Nikolas admitted that he'd helped Cassandra to escape prison, but she'd jumped out of the van he'd been driving. He didn't know where she'd gone. He had tried to reach Jax but had had to call the police himself.

Nikolas was afraid that Cassandra could reveal the fact that he was still alive, and Jax was angered. He declared that he hadn't signed up for the sequence of events that had occurred. Jax stated that he hadn't been aware that Nikolas even knew Cassandra, and Nikolas revealed that he had been the one to find her and have her revived previously. He had thought that Cassandra would have helpful information on Valentin.

Jason knocked on the front door and called out for Jax. Nikolas ran back out through the patio door, and Jax let Jason inside. Jason revealed that Cassandra had escaped after hitting the guard, and Sam might be charged in the incident. Jason stated that a man had picked Cassandra up at the park in a white van, and he'd learned that the van had been rented with a credit card from Jax's holding company.

Jax replied that he had nothing to do with Cassandra, and Jason agreed that the card might have been stolen. Jax explained that the particular card was used internationally, and he would make some phone calls about it. Jason noticed some muddy footprints on the floor and asked about them.

Jax remained calm and assured Jason that it could have been from anyone, including the numerous workers he'd had around the place. Jason thought that Jax could be withholding information from him, and he reminded Jax that he'd do anything to help Carly and Josslyn. He offered to help Jax if he was in trouble.

Outside, Nikolas looked down at his muddy shoes and continued to peer inside and listen to the conversation. Jason continued to lecture Jax, and he said that he hoped Jax wasn't involved in something that could hurt Carly and Josslyn. Jax denied that anything was wrong, and Jason headed to the door. He told Jax to let him know if he had any information on Cassandra.

Once Jason was gone, Jax lost his temper and yelled as he smashed a potted plant. He was furious that Nikolas had used his card and left a trail.

Julian met with Lucas at the cemetery, and Lucas recalled how they'd met for the first time in the same place. Lucas reminded Julian that he'd rejected Lucas because he'd been gay, and he believed that any progress Julian had made had been an illusion. He said Julian was still a liar, and he wanted nothing to do with Julian.

Lucas proceeded to accuse Julian of framing Brad and breaking Lucas' heart. Julian insisted he had not been hurting Lucas or Wiley but had been trying to protect them. Lucas revealed that Brad had recorded his conversation with Julian, and Julian insisted that Brad had been involved in something "shady." Lucas declared that Julian should have spoken to him. Julian insisted it wouldn't have worked, and Lucas still would have chosen to believe Brad over him.

Julian attempted to justify the methods he'd used, but Lucas wouldn't hear of it. He wanted to be finished with his father. Julian agreed he'd probably overreacted, but he had gotten to know Lucas and Wiley and had bonded with them. Lucas called Julian's move a "calculated attack." Julian wondered if there was anything he could do or say to make Lucas understand. Lucas received a phone call from Brad, who told him about the missing Charlotte.

Back at Kelly's, Lulu shared a photo and description of Charlotte with a police officer. She explained that the little girl had been at the counter with her homework. The cop mentioned that Cassandra had escaped.

Nearby, another police officer interviewed Liesl and Brad, who revealed that he might have seen Cassandra, but he wasn't certain. He had seen Charlotte. Liesl prayed that Charlotte was okay, and Brad couldn't believe that Liesl prayed. She snapped that she did so when the situation merited it, and she suggested that Brad try it. Brad thought that everyone was overreacting, and he called Charlotte a brat.

Liesl took exception and noted a little boy with the same personality as Charlotte would be called assertive. Brad realized that Lucas would be showing up, and he urged Liesl to leave. As Lucas began to walk through the front door, Brad chased Liesl out the back door.

Brad told Lucas about the search for Charlotte. He noted that he believed that Cassandra had been there, but he wasn't sure. Lucas was worried that something bad might have happened. Julian peered through the front window and glared at the men as they hugged.

At the pier, Cassandra ordered Charlotte to cooperate. Charlotte wondered why Cassandra was playing with her phone, and Cassandra threatened to expose Nina for something bad she'd done, which would send her to jail if Charlotte didn't listen to her. Cassandra found the tracking device on the phone and disabled it. She promised that no one would find them until she was ready. She also told Charlotte that her loving attitude toward her dad would eventually change.

Charlotte demanded that Cassandra call Valentin and make her demands, but Cassandra admitted that she wanted to wait a bit longer until Valentin was scared enough. She wanted to take advantage of his fear that something had happened to his daughter.

At the police station, Laura suggested to Jordan that maybe Charlotte had attempted to go home herself because the little girl was independent. Jordan agreed to send police officers to Crimson, as well, and Nina and Laura gave additional information on all of the spots that Charlotte enjoyed. Valentin looked at his phone and admitted to Nina that he was waiting for Cassandra to call.

Later, Jordan advised Laura that there had been no sign of Charlotte, and no one had seen her leave Kelly's. There had been no sign of Cassandra, either. Valentin and Nina talked about the possibility that Charlotte was with Cassandra. Nina asked if he would tell the police if he received a call from the fugitive. Valentin didn't think the police would be able to handle Cassandra, and he needed Nina's help.

Lulu and Maxie arrived. Laura and Maxie both consoled Lulu. Laura was hopeful that Charlotte had run off and that the worst would be the tough consequences that would follow. Nina walked over to Lulu and picked a fight with her. She asked what Lulu had done to upset Charlotte, and she proceeded to make accusations. Lulu denied that she had been fighting with her daughter.

As Nina and Lulu shouted, Valentin received a phone call from Cassandra. "Where's my daughter?" he asked. He agreed to meet Cassandra's terms, but he wanted Charlotte to be released in a public place right away. Laura finally put a stop to the argument between Nina and Lulu, and Maxie scolded Nina, too. Laura ordered Nina and Valentin to go home and wait for news, and Jordan agreed.

Valentin and Nina left, and as soon as they were out of sight, Nina told Valentin that the argument had been difficult. Valentin assured her that she might have saved Charlotte's life.

At Finn and Anna's house, Hayden gently covered up a sleeping Violet on the sofa. She offered to clean up, and Finn admitted he'd enjoyed his first tea party. He stated that it would always be his favorite. He suggested they move Violet to a guest room first, and Hayden agreed. Finn wanted to take her himself, and he carefully picked up his sleeping daughter.

At the pier, Cassandra reminded Charlotte that she was a hostage, and Cassandra couldn't give the girl back to Valentin yet because she believed he was "tricky." Charlotte vowed not to help Cassandra, and suddenly, she kicked the fugitive and tried to run away. Cassandra quickly grabbed her. "Do as you're told -- or else," Cassandra threatened. She added that she was able to hurt little girls.

"Unhand that child," a voice suddenly called out. Cassandra turned. It was Anna.

 Jason and Anna save Charlotte Jason and Anna save Charlotte
Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Jax was beside himself with anger as he shouted at Nikolas in the living room of his home. "Son of a bitch! You implicated me in Cassandra's escape!" Jax yelled. Nikolas calmly told him that they couldn't change things, but Jax wanted to call the cops. Nikolas stopped him and told him they needed to find Helena's portrait first. Jax screamed at him again until they were interrupted by a loud knocking on the front door.

Nikolas ran out to the patio as Jax opened the door to admit Carly, who wanted to talk to him about Josslyn. She added that Josslyn loved her new room there but couldn't understand why Jax wouldn't let her stay because the room wasn't ready yet. She wanted to know what was really going on. Jax admitted that he was involved with something that wasn't dangerous, but he couldn't have Josslyn around. He stated that it was temporary, and he would cut his losses within a couple of days.

Carly replied that a couple of days could be a "big deal" to Josslyn. Just then, Nikolas walked in from the patio and announced that it was his fault because Jax had been helping him out, "one father to another." Jax shook his head, and Carly looked as though she'd seen a ghost.

"Nikolas, it's you!" Carly exclaimed. "Alive and in person," Nikolas replied. He explained that Valentin had shot him, but he'd been rescued from the water. He'd been in recovery and had returned to reclaim his estate. Jax informed Carly that they were the only ones who knew about Nikolas aside from Hayden. Carly demanded that Laura be informed right away.

Carly disclosed that she and Laura had grown close because they had both shared the loss of a son. Carly grew tearful and tried to convey how much Laura ached for Nikolas, and she vowed to tell Laura herself if Nikolas wouldn't do it. Nikolas told her about the codicil he'd been after that would return the estate to him and his heirs, and Jax added that they had been close to locating it.

Nikolas proceeded to tell Laura that Valentin couldn't know he was alive, although Carly wouldn't listen. She told him she was concerned with family and love and not money and the estate. Nikolas was afraid that his family members would be in danger, and Valentin would go after them if he learned that Nikolas wasn't dead. He needed some time to continue his search. He turned and headed out to the patio again.

Carly wanted to know how Jax had gotten involved, and he told her about a meeting he'd had in Rome through another party. He informed her that he would also be getting the Cassadine shipping division at a great price. Carly reminded him that Nikolas had faked his death twice, but Jax told her that Spencer had been a factor in his decision to be involved.

Jax recalled Carly helping him out when he'd claimed Spencer as his own son. Carly wondered if she was being made to pay penance for that. Jax told her that if he exposed Nikolas, then he'd be exposing himself, as well, because Nikolas had used his credit card to help Cassandra escape. He clarified that only Jason knew about the credit card, but he was expecting the cops to show up if all was revealed. Carly worried that Jax would be charged as an accessory, and she realized that she would have to keep the secret.

Finn and Hayden descended the stairs at Finn's place. Finn was all smiles as he told Hayden that he'd never forget the experience of his first time at being able to tuck Violet into bed. They began to clean up after their tea party, and Hayden thanked Finn for allowing them to spend the night. Finn admitted that he would not allow his anger of being deprived of his daughter take away from the gift of being able to say "our daughter."

Hayden replied that she had dreamed of hearing him say that, and Finn realized that she could have chosen to never return to Port Charles. Hayden explained that she had planned on raising Violet alone, just like she'd been raised without a father. She had realized how that had been harmful to her. As they stood and talked by the fireplace, Finn warmed his hands.

Finn poured a couple of glasses of red wine and handed one to Hayden. He told her that Anna was an important part of the situation they found themselves in, and Hayden asked how he had gotten together with Anna. He explained that it had been an accident. She had helped him to look for Hayden and had then blackmailed him into looking for a criminal in Monaco. He added that they both had baggage and always tried to protect their hearts.

Hayden wondered if Anna was presently running, although she admitted that it was mostly none of her business except for Violet's sake. Finn agreed it was none of Hayden's business, but Anna always had reasons to stay away. Hayden asked if Finn felt abandoned, but Finn admitted that he hadn't been honest with Anna, either.

Finn revealed that he hadn't told Anna about Violet yet because he'd wanted to tell her face to face. He suggested they tell Violet the truth and proposed they have breakfast as a family the following morning. They could tell Violet then. Hayden agreed.

At the police station, Robert found Jordan, and she told him about Cassandra's escape and the possibility that she had a hostage. In the interrogation room, Laura and Maxie attempted to console Lulu, and Laura assured Lulu that it wasn't her fault that Charlotte was missing.

Robert and Jordan went to the interrogation room, and Jordan revealed that Cassandra might have been spotted both near and inside of Kelly's. Lulu told Robert about the incident. Peter ran in, and Robert immediately began shouting that no press was allowed and tried to chase him out. Maxie quickly clarified that Peter was there as a friend.

Lulu hugged Peter, and he told her that his resources were available to her. Robert declared that it wouldn't be smart to advertise that a rich child was missing, and Jordan agreed with him. Lulu revealed that Charlotte could be with Cassandra. Peter asked if Valentin knew, and Maxie announced that Peter had just missed him. Lulu confessed that Nina blamed her for the ordeal.

Maxie clarified that Nina had been scared, but Lulu confessed that Nina had been right because she had ruined Charlotte's excitement over the wedding. She also knew that Charlotte was aware of how Lulu really felt about Valentin. Peter said he didn't buy it. He thought that Lulu and Charlotte had a great relationship, and Lulu had great parenting skills.

Jordan and Robert took Laura aside. Robert wondered how she'd located Cassandra previously but she told him she'd only found her "by chance." Robert wanted to check the bureau for any leads, and Jordan mentioned that she was aware that Laura and Curtis had been working on a "mystery case." She wondered if Cassandra was somehow involved.

Laura replied that she didn't think that Cassandra was tied in, and she assured Jordan that what she and Curtis were doing was legal but she couldn't say anything. Jordan admitted she'd had to try, and Laura was amused. Jordan asked what Laura had spoken to Cassandra about, and Laura confirmed that she'd wanted dirt on Valentin.

Robert, Jordan, and Laura returned to the interrogation room. Robert announced he'd gone through files but couldn't learn anything. He needed a "new angle." He wondered why Cassandra had been on the work detail, and he compared it to the fake guard on duty with Shiloh.

Jordan guessed that someone had helped Cassandra to get away, but Laura couldn't imagine who that could have been. Robert also wondered why Peter had visited Shiloh twice in one day at Pentonville. He also thought it strange that Peter had been on the pier when Shiloh had died.

Maxie jumped in and told Robert off. She accused him of having a grudge against Peter, and she noted that he wouldn't have said anything if Anna had been around. The men glared at each other.

Nina and Valentin returned to Wyndemere. Nina suggested drinks, but Valentin declared that he wanted to have a "clear head" to deal with Cassandra. He was afraid the fugitive would double-cross him. They were interrupted when the doorbell rang. It was Jason, who announced that he had questions about Cassandra.

Valentin made it clear that he had no idea where Cassandra would be, and Jason was adamant that he needed the information because Sam was in the hot seat for Cassandra's escape. He thought that Valentin was Cassandra's only known associate. Valentin snapped that he had only known Cassandra in the past and was not an associate of hers. His phone began to ring, but he ignored it.

Jason thought it would be a good idea for them to work together, and he continued to question Valentin until Nina began to shout. She told him that they didn't know anything, and she ordered Jason to leave. Nina apologized to Valentin for losing control, and she hoped that Jason didn't harbor any suspicions. She added that Maxie thought highly of Jason, he had killed Faison, and they should team up.

Valentin disagreed and stated that no one knew Cassandra like he did. He would be the one to save Charlotte. The phone began to ring again.

On the pier, Cassandra kept her hands around Charlotte's neck and face and asked a newly arrived Anna if she was armed and had a phone. She demanded that Anna toss both items into the water. The fugitive announced that she would be taking Charlotte with her as soon as her arrangements to leave were finalized. Anna identified herself to Charlotte as Emma's grandmother.

Cassandra tried to reach Valentin without success as Anna made it clear that Cassandra would not take Charlotte with her. She taunted Cassandra's "dropped call." Cassandra maintained that she didn't want the little girl to see what would happen to Anna due to Anna's interference. Anna responded that both civilians and law enforcement would not take kindly to Cassandra taking a child hostage. She suggested that Cassandra let Charlotte go, and she would allow Cassandra to walk.

Anna clarified that Cassandra would not be free, but she would give her a head start. Cassandra declared that she wanted full immunity, and she ordered Anna to lay on the ground facedown with her arms raised. Anna told her she didn't have the power to meet the demand. She pointed out that Cassandra would not be able to keep an eye on both her and Charlotte while making a phone call at the same time.

"Turn around," Cassandra said. Two thugs had shown up, and one of them told Anna he was a private contractor. Cassandra pointed out that she had resources and stated that the men did "brutal and excellent work." She attempted to phone Valentin again, and when she finally reached him, she advised him not to ignore her again. Valentin announced that he was ready to make arrangements.

Cassandra told Anna that Valentin would get the job done because he was a genius. Cassandra had continued to keep her hands around Charlotte the entire time, but suddenly, Charlotte took a bite out of Cassandra's hand. Anna tried to follow the little girl as she urged her to run, but the thugs grabbed Anna. Cassandra shrieked for one of the men to go after Charlotte, and she told the other to break Anna's neck. Cassandra grabbed her hand in pain.

"Well, it's done," Valentin told Nina. He had met Cassandra's demands. Nina was also afraid that the fugitive would double-cross Valentin. He stated that Cassandra would possibly use Charlotte as leverage or let her go. He vowed to hunt her down if need be.

Nina comforted Valentin as he broke down. He stated that he'd never wanted a child nor wanted to be a father. He had done bad things and had been okay living a life alone. The "demented" Helena had created an embryo, and he had been changed forever. He had promised that no harm would ever come to Charlotte, and he had built a wall between his former life and his new life. The wall had been breached, and he was scared.

Nina assured Valentin that he was a good father, regardless of the mistakes he'd made in the past. Valentin asked her to grab the locket that he'd wanted to give to Charlotte so that he could feel close to her. Nina kissed him and went off to fetch the piece of jewelry.

Charlotte managed to escape and hide. Anna taunted Cassandra as Cassandra continued to wait for her associate to return with the little girl. Cassandra complained that she was bleeding and prone to infection. Anna laughed, but Cassandra was sure that her man would return and that Charlotte would be able to watch Anna die.

Instead, the thug ran into Jason, and the men fought. Charlotte continued to watch from her hiding spot. Jason won, and he tied the man up. He saw Charlotte. "You okay?" he asked. Jason headed to Anna and Cassandra, and Anna managed to kick her guard and get free. She fought with Cassandra as Jason took on the thug.

"Take that, loser," Charlotte said as she returned to find Anna and Jason the clear winners. Jason reminded the little girl that he had told her to stay where she'd been. Charlotte thanked him and Anna for saving her, but they realized that Cassandra was gone. Anna wrapped her arms around the little girl, and the group looked out into the water.

Charlotte borrowed Jason's phone in order to call Valentin. He answered cautiously but was happy and grateful to hear her voice. She told him she was safe and that Jason had saved her. He received a call from Charlotte's phone that Cassandra still had in her possession. She was on the boat that Valentin had provided, and she thanked him. She was ready to tell him who had broken her out of WSB custody.

Valentin informed Cassandra that he didn't care. Cassandra looked down and saw a blinking light. She was frantic as Valentin set off the explosion. "That's the end of that," Anna declared. Charlotte turned and saw Nikolas lurking behind them with a gun. She and Nikolas exchanged stares.

PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air PREEMPTION: General Hospital did not air
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Due to ABC News coverage of the House Impeachment Hearings, General Hospital did not air. The episode originally scheduled to air was broadcast on Thursday, November 14. There were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Anna returns home Anna returns home
Thursday, November 14, 2019

There was a knock on Ava's door, and she called out that she'd asked for no visitors that early. Sonny poked his head in and wondered if she would make an exception. Avery ran into the room, and Ava immediately got out of bed to hug her daughter. A few minutes later, Ava got up from helping Avery with a puzzle on the floor to talk to Sonny. She admitted her surprise at the visit and wondered what had prompted it. Sonny informed her that he'd spoken to Laura, who had assured him that Ava wasn't a danger, and she'd also reminded Sonny of his own history.

Sonny continued that mental illness ran on both sides of Avery's family, and he didn't want her to feel like there was a stigma around it. Ava told Sonny the reason why she was in Shadybrook, but she feared what he would do with the information regarding Avery. Sonny replied that he only wanted her to get better for Avery's sake. Sonny told Avery that it was time to go, so she gave her mother a hug. Ava sincerely thanked Sonny, and he and Avery left.

A nurse entered Ava's room with her medication, complimenting Ava on her "doll" of a daughter. Ava took her medication, but she told the nurse that she didn't think she would need the drugs for much longer.

At Sonny's, Josslyn explained to Trina why she wanted to move to Jax's. Carly entered the living room, looking tired, and Josslyn wondered if she'd had a rough night. Carly claimed that she'd been up with Donna for much of the night, though Josslyn didn't remember hearing Donna at all. Trina had to get to her internship, so she left. Josslyn wanted to talk to Carly again about moving to Jax's, but Carly replied that Josslyn couldn't move in with Jax until his situation had cleared up. Josslyn insisted that she understood, and it was all right.

Carly checked in with Josslyn, who felt "all over the place" and missed feeling confident. Carly assured her that she was right where she was supposed to be, and she just needed to think things through a little more than usual. Carly continued that grief impaired judgment like alcohol did, so she implored Josslyn to go easier on herself. Sonny arrived home, so Josslyn excused herself to go write in her journal. Upstairs, she sat in her room and wrote a song in her journal.

Downstairs, Carly expressed her need for Sonny to put in more effort with Jax, as she believed he owed her that for her putting up with Dev. Sonny guessed that Jax was in trouble, and Carly knew about it. Carly covered that she thought Jax was seeing someone, and it was his prerogative if he didn't want Josslyn to meet the person. She asked if he had a problem with that. "No, but it seems like you do," he replied, and he went upstairs.

There was a knock on Ava's door, and Trina entered, wanting to check in on her. She also mentioned that she wouldn't make it to the gallery the next day, as she was serving a detention at school. "Don't worry about it, Kiki," Ava replied. Trina corrected Ava, who apologized and explained that the medication made everything hazy. "As long as you're getting better," Trina said. "That's the plan," Ava confirmed. She told Trina that she needed rest, so Trina promised to visit again soon and left.

At the PCPD, Lulu cried to Laura, Jordan conferred with Chase and Robert, and Nina and Valentin paced together. Just then, Charlotte ran into the station, followed by Anna. She went right to Valentin, who picked her up and hugged her tightly. Nina picked her up next, and Lulu approached and got her turn squeezing her daughter. Valentin wondered if Anna was a part of the rescue, and she replied that she'd just been in the right place at the right time. Charlotte chimed in that Anna had saved her from Cassandra. Valentin told Anna that he owed her, and she added that Jason had also helped.

Valentin continued that Anna saving Charlotte had transcended anything he ever could have been angry at her for. She hoped that Charlotte never got in trouble like that again, but Anna assured Valentin that Charlotte was very resourceful. He noticed a bruise on her face, so he kissed his fingers and touched them to the bruise. As Robert's phone went off, Lulu asked Charlotte why she'd left Kelly's alone. Charlotte claimed that she'd wanted to see if the launch to Spoon Island had been there so she could talk Lulu into letting Charlotte visit her horse.

Lulu informed Charlotte that going off alone was unacceptable, and Valentin agreed. Lulu said they'd have time to talk once they got home, but Charlotte asked to go home with Valentin, since it was his week with her. Lulu had hoped to make up for lost time, but Valentin thought that they should stick to the schedule. Lulu tearfully accepted the decision and hugged Charlotte tightly. Charlotte left with Nina and Valentin. Lulu couldn't believe she'd let Charlotte leave, and Laura comforted her.

An officer gave a paper to Jordan, who then asked Chase to take the lead on interrogating the Pentonville guard. She welcomed Anna home and left to follow up on a lead. Chase was happy to have Anna home, but he knew someone who would be happier. Just then, Chase's phone went off. He welcomed Anna home and walked away to take care of business.

In the interrogation room, Chase told the Pentonville guard that the police had evidence that, hours after a transfer into her bank account, she had switched rotations for the prison work detail. He continued that Cassandra wasn't supposed to have been cleared to leave, but she had been. He demanded a name, but the guard insisted she hadn't had any idea that the person who'd paid her had been planning a jailbreak. She asked about her lawyer, and he assured her that the lawyer was on his way. He advised her to think about the fact that her mistake had almost cost a colleague her life, and he left.

Anna gave her statement to an officer as Robert greeted her with a compliment on her "nice entrance" back into town. She asked what she'd missed, but she thought better of it, as she wanted to go home. He thought that there was something she should know first, and he stammered that Hayden had returned to town. Anna knew all about Hayden and insisted that she didn't feel threatened. Chase interrupted for a word with Robert, so Anna took the opening to leave. When she was gone, Robert mentioned Finn's child to a shocked Chase. He was initially disappointed that Finn hadn't told him, but he happily realized that he was an uncle. Robert advised Chase to give Finn some time, as he'd just found out about his daughter.

Nikolas entered Jax's house, and Jax demanded to know where Nikolas had been. He ripped Nikolas apart for forcing him and Carly to lie to Josslyn. "Stop leaving this house!" he commanded. The doorbell rang, and Nikolas ran off to hide as Jax opened the door to Jordan. Inside, Jordan told him about his credit card being used to rent the van that had helped Cassandra escape, and he replied that he'd reported his card as stolen the day before. He wondered how else he could help her. Jordan informed Jax that Cassandra was dead, so it could turn into a murder investigation.

A shocked Jax insisted that he'd had nothing to do with it, but she told him that it was the time to talk if he knew anything. He promised that he'd told her everything he knew. She promised to be in touch, and she left. Nikolas returned and appreciated Jax keeping quiet. Jax accused Nikolas of killing Cassandra, but Nikolas believed that Valentin had done it, since Cassandra had taken Charlotte. Jax demanded that Nikolas figure it out, or Jax would walk -- it was Nikolas' final warning.

Nina, Valentin, and Charlotte sat at home, and Valentin asked Charlotte how Cassandra had gotten to her. Charlotte told them that Cassandra had threatened to send Nina to jail, so Charlotte had had no choice but to help. Nina loved Charlotte for trying to protect her, but she made Charlotte promise to never put herself in danger on Nina's behalf ever again. Charlotte continued that she'd known everything would be all right when Cassandra had called Valentin, because he always fixed things.

The doorbell rang, and Valentin let Lulu and Laura in. Lulu suggested that she and Charlotte have a snack together, since Lulu missed her so much. Valentin overenthusiastically endorsed the idea, but Charlotte told them to stop, as she knew they couldn't stand each other. Laura proposed that Charlotte go with her and give the parents a chance to talk. When the two were gone, Lulu revealed that she'd thought she'd been hiding her hatred of Valentin better, and Valentin agreed with the sentiment. Nina insisted that they needed to have a united front in order to get Charlotte past the ordeal, and Valentin and Lulu agreed that they would do anything for Charlotte.

Outside the living room, Laura was relieved that Charlotte had been so far away from the explosion. Charlotte revealed that, while everyone had been looking at the flames, she'd seen a man on the docks, and he'd disappeared quickly. Laura figured it had probably been a dock worker, and Charlotte assumed that Laura was right.

Finn descended the stairs to find that Hayden had set up a breakfast spread. He admitted to Hayden, clad only in one of Finn's button-down shirts, that he'd hardly slept all night, thinking about telling Violet that he was her father. She gave him one last chance to back out, but he refused to do so. Violet ran down the stairs, and Finn and Hayden helped her with her breakfast. When they were finished eating, Finn said that they had something to talk to Violet about.

Hayden reminded Violet of all the times she'd asked about her father, and she divulged that "the time is now." Finn told Violet that he was her father. "For real?" she asked, and he confirmed it. She asked if it meant that he loved her, and he replied that he loved her more than he'd ever thought possible. "Does that mean Roxy is my sister?" she asked, and he agreed. He asked if she would give him a hug, and she nodded and ran into his arms.

Violet asked where he'd been, and Hayden explained that there had been a "misunderstanding" between Violet's parents. Finn chimed in that it was important to forgive people for their mistakes, as everyone could always do better. Hayden suggested that Violet play in Emma's room before they went to the park, and the girl hugged Finn and ran upstairs.

Finn was amazed at how well the reveal had gone, and Hayden assured him that Violet thought it was her "best day ever." "Mine too," he admitted. They agreed to always make parenting their first priority, but Hayden confided that she couldn't guarantee that she would only ever see him as Violet's father. "Hey, Finn!" Anna called out as she entered the house. "Are you here? I'm home!" she said, and she suddenly caught sight of Finn and Hayden and stopped dead in her tracks.

Franco has a realization Franco has a realization
Friday, November 15, 2019

Finn and Hayden talked about how co-parenting would be their first priority, but Hayden admitted that she couldn't promise to only ever see Finn as Violet's father. Just then, Anna burst into the house, calling out for Finn. She caught sight of Finn and Hayden in the living room, and he welcomed her home. A shocked Anna admitted that she'd had a long night, and her nerves were shot. Hayden promised that she'd stayed in the guest bedroom, but Anna replied that she hadn't expected to find Hayden in her house at all. She asked what was going on, and Violet ran into the room right on cue.

Violet wondered if Anna was a friend of her dad's, and Finn picked the little girl up. He told her that Anna was a very good friend who'd traveled a long way to see him, and he was happy to see her. Hayden took Violet and ran up the stairs with her to get ready for Violet's appointment at the hospital. Anna didn't want to hear about anything yet, so he asked about her trip. When she was about to answer, Hayden and Violet returned downstairs, said goodbye, and left.

Finn didn't want Anna to think that anything had happened, and she believed him. She was surprised that he hadn't told her about Violet, but he insisted that he would have told her sooner if he'd known that she would be home. His phone rang, but he was only concerned with Anna. He explained that he'd only found out three days before, and he told her about Hayden taking Violet to the hospital. He'd wanted to tell Anna face to face, and he hadn't expected her to be gone so long. She explained that she was only upset with how she'd found out about Violet, and she thought that they would both need a few days to adjust. Anna was sure that Finn would be a good father, and she suspected that Hayden knew that, too.

Finn insisted that Anna didn't have to worry about Hayden, but Anna knew that Hayden still had feelings for him. He assured her that he'd made it clear to Hayden that he had a life with Anna, and Anna was happy to hear it. She knew that Violet would change their lives, but Finn thought that he and Anna were "as solid as ever." His phone went off again, and Anna told him to answer it. He answered it, said that he was on his way, and hung up. "Duty calls," she observed, and she told him patients were his first priority. He didn't want to leave her, but he promised to be back soon. She promised to be there waiting, so he kissed her and left.

Elizabeth and Cameron arrived at Sonny's, and she told him that she would be back to pick him up after she stopped by the hospital. When she was gone, Sonny sat him down for a "man-to-man" talk. Sonny reasoned that Cameron had every right to be angry, but it was his choice how to react to what life threw at him. Cameron apologized for having the alcohol at all, let alone for sharing it with Josslyn, and he knew that there was no excuse. Sonny said that nothing good happened while drunk, and he wondered what would have happened if Cameron had decided to get behind the wheel. Cameron gave his word that he would never drink and drive, and Sonny lectured that Cameron's word meant making smart and safe choices, even if they were "boring" to his friends. "Yes, sir," Cameron replied.

Elizabeth bumped into Scott at the hospital, and they found that neither had heard from Franco. Scott informed Elizabeth that he'd told "Drew" about what had happened to Franco as a child, hoping to change Franco's mind about staying Drew. Elizabeth observed that they could say that they'd tried literally everything. "Short of kidnapping and forcing him to go through the procedure," Scott said, adding that he'd considered doing just that.

Later, Elizabeth found Hayden at the hospital, and Hayden told her sister about her night with Finn and Violet and about telling Violet that Finn was her father. She commented that it had been "magical" -- until Anna had returned home. Elizabeth gently said that she'd watched Finn take a long time to put himself back together after Hayden had left, and Anna made him really happy. Hayden insisted that she didn't want to drive a wedge between the couple, and she just wanted everyone to be happy, especially Violet. Elizabeth advised her to be careful, as Hayden would be "playing with Violet's family." A short while later, Elizabeth was gone, and Hayden carried Violet out of the hospital with the good news that she was all better.

Elizabeth returned to Sonny's, and Sonny sent Cameron to the kitchen to get a jar of sauce for his mother. Sonny took the opportunity to assure Elizabeth that Cameron would "think twice" before he did anything. Elizabeth thanked Sonny, and she'd known that Cameron would benefit from a conversation with a man he respected. Sonny assured her that he was there for her whenever she needed him, but he thought that she was doing a great job. Cameron returned with the sauce, and Sonny invited him back to Volonino's anytime. "You got this," Sonny told Elizabeth, and she left with her son.

At Alexis', Neil and T.J. put rubber gloves on in order to look for anything around the house that might have caused Alexis' illness. They agreed that it was strange to be going through the house without Alexis there. A short while later, they put all the bottles they'd found into two boxes to take to the lab for testing. T.J. urgently hoped that there would soon be an answer, and Neil wondered why, aside from the concern for his girlfriend's mother. T.J. confided that he'd decided to propose to Molly, and he'd wanted to ask Alexis for her blessing. Neil shook T.J.'s hand and congratulated him. He thought that T.J. should ask Alexis soon, as good news was always good medicine.

Alexis was in her hospital bed with her eyes closed when Julian entered. He turned to leave until Alexis opened her eyes and told him to stay, as she needed a distraction. He insisted that he wasn't very good company, and she asked, "What's wrong now?" He asked her to do something about "Olivia's rats," and he told her about all the dead rats littering the back alley of his restaurant. He added that no one else in the area was having the same issue, but Alexis thought that he had plenty to be upset about without using the rats as an excuse. He thought that his problems were the last things she needed, and he advised her to focus on getting better.

Later, Neil updated Alexis on their search through her house and said that it didn't look promising. T.J. arrived and informed them that he'd dropped off the boxes of chemicals at the lab. He wished he could do more to help, but Alexis assured him that being Molly's support was enough. Neil had patients to see, and T.J. promised to return when the lab results were ready. Alexis yelled at their backs about being rats "fleeing the sinking ship." T.J. returned a few minutes later and told her that her comment about rats had gotten him thinking. He suggested that rat poison could be making her sick.

Kim found Monica at the hospital to say goodbye to her. She commented that the nurses weren't speaking to her, as they were loyal to Elizabeth. Monica wished that Kim and Franco could stay, but she understood why they couldn't. She wanted them to have happy lives. They talked about Oscar and the legacy he had left behind in Port Charles. Kim promised to persuade "Drew" to keep in touch, and Monica promised to visit them wherever they ended up.

A few minutes later, Kim was on her way out when Julian happened upon her. She didn't want to talk to him, but he wanted to part on better terms. She blamed everything on him, but he insisted that loving her had made him the better man that he'd known he could be. She shot back that he'd been pretending to be someone he could never be. "Good news -- you don't have to pretend anymore," she spat, and she said goodbye and stormed off.

Jason was at the docks, supervising a shipment, when Franco entered. Franco explained that he wanted to be near water, as he'd been a SEAL. He acknowledged that he'd only been able to grow up to be a hero because Franco had already been one. He explained what he'd learned about Drew and Franco's childhood. Jason commented that he'd never understood the friendship between the two men, but that explained it. Franco wondered how he was supposed to hold onto the life of the guy who'd saved him when they'd been kids, and he wondered if he should "step up" like Franco had. Jason reminded Franco that, according to the court, Franco could make his own decisions. He added that, whatever Franco chose, someone he cared about would lose.

Franco knelt next to the water and talked about how water was dangerous, and one could join it and not beat it. He talked about his extensive training in the water and how he knew all of his limits. "That was before," he said. He continued that his mind thought like Drew, but something was "off" with his muscle memory. He was starting to believe that, since it wasn't his body, it wasn't his life, and his life belonged to Franco.

Later, Jason arrived at the hospital to check in on Monica on his way to Sam's trial. She was touched by the gesture and gave him a hug.

Kim finished packing her things in her empty apartment. There was a knock on her door, and she was happy to answer it to Franco, who was "right on time." "Drew?" she asked as she saw the solemn look on his face.

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