General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 9, 2019 on GH
Jason warned Anna about Peter. Elizabeth waited for Franco to wake up from the memory mapping procedure. Nelle conspired with Ryan to get out of jail. Nina and Ava joined forces. Ava made plans for a special auction. Sonny held out hope that a doctor in Sweden could help Mike. Harmony was paroled.
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Ryan agreed to stab Nelle so she would be rushed to General Hospital
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Franco's procedure begins Franco's procedure begins
Monday, December 9, 2019

Nina was looking at the Cassadine ring at the Metro Court when Valentin arrived. She told him that she'd worried about him all night, and she asked if he'd found the portrait. He admitted that he'd encountered a "glitch," and he told her about his and Martin's fight in the gallery. Nina wondered if the man in the mask had been Jax, but Valentin didn't think so. The man had been smaller than Jax, and he thought that there had been something familiar about the way the man had fought Valentin.

Valentin asked if Nina had had any luck with Ava, and Nina slipped the ring into her bag. She answered that Ava had only talked about ghosts, and she questioned him about the man in the mask again. Valentin's phone went off, and he saw a message from Martin. He revealed that Martin had been having Spencer followed, and the boy hadn't exchanged any calls or emails with anyone in the United States. Because of that, he knew that Spencer wasn't the one pulling the strings with Jax. He advised her to try again with Ava, and he left to find the man in the mask.

There was a pounding on Jax's door, and Nikolas announced himself. Jax let Nikolas in, and Nikolas wondered what was wrong with the back door. Jax revealed that he'd changed the locks, and he wanted Nikolas gone. He'd taken the liberty of packing up Nikolas' stuff, and he handed Nikolas two trash bags. He advised Nikolas that he was "opting out" of their agreement, and he hoped that the damage Nikolas had caused was worth it to him. Nikolas divulged that he hadn't gotten the codicil, and he told Jax about running into Valentin and Martin the night before.

A livid Jax regretted putting his trust in Nikolas, and he vowed not to be dragged down with Nikolas. He put in a call to Hayden so he could tell her that it was safe to return, but he found that her number was no longer in service. As Jax tore into Nikolas, Nikolas ripped through the trash bags, frantically searching for something. He admitted that he'd lost his ring with the Cassadine crest, and if someone else found it, it could prove that he was alive. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Valentin called out to Jax that he wanted them to put their cards on the table.

Anna found Peter at Metro Court and inferred that something was wrong with him. He claimed that he was trying to clear his work schedule for the day, as he'd just moved in with Maxie and James. Anna was happy to hear it, but she wondered why he wasn't there, unpacking. He told her that he'd never lived with a woman or a child, and the apartment was smaller than he'd realized.

Anna asked if Peter was having second thoughts, but he insisted that he would do anything to keep from losing Maxie and James. Anna promised that he was a different person, so he didn't have to keep worrying about losing his happiness. She revealed that she was "living proof" that people made their own destiny. She advised him to fight for what was important to him, even if he had to fight himself. She concluded that he was his own man, and she was proud to call him her son. He suddenly excused himself and walked away.

Cameron entered the gallery and found Trina running around. She revealed that someone had broken into the storeroom during the night, so she had to make sure that nothing had been taken and replaced with a fake. She wondered why he wasn't with Elizabeth and Franco, but Ava's arrival interrupted them. A genuinely concerned Trina asked if Ava had escaped Shadybrook, but Ava answered that she had signed herself out and was "perfectly well." Trina updated Ava on the break-in, and Ava thanked Trina for being such a loyal intern.

Ava took a peek into the storeroom, and she was thankful that "clutter" was her preferred method of organization, as no one but Ava could find anything. She told Trina and Cameron that they could go, and she gave them money for lunch. Trina informed Ava that she had a lot of messages from Julian, and she and Cameron left the gallery. He asked if she wanted to get food, but she had a better idea.

As Ava hoped out loud that Helena was enjoying her "disguise," she heard someone enter the gallery. She assured Trina that she was fine, but she peeked around the corner, shocked to see Griffin. He wondered if she was feeling better since getting out of Shadybrook, and she replied that that day was her "reentry into the world." She asked if he'd read her Crimson article, and he commented that she'd always been her own worst enemy.

Ava asked why Griffin was in town, and he told her about Lucas' accident. A shocked Ava realized why Julian had been trying to get ahold of her, and she added that she wouldn't wish losing a child on her worst enemy. Griffin confessed that he was also back to see her and apologized for how things had ended between them. He added that he carried Kiki with him all the time, but Ava dryly laughed that she only saw an unforgiving Kiki in her nightmares. Griffin refuted Ava's picture of an unforgiving Kiki, but Ava said that they would never know.

Nina entered the gallery, surprised to see Griffin, who asked Nina to say hello to Charlotte for him. He was happy to see Ava, and he excused himself. Ava talked to Nina about the break-in and assumed that Nina already knew. Nina figured that Ava would know that Valentin had broken in, but he had no idea who the other man breaking in had been. Nina showed Ava the ring, which she'd found in Ava's room after Nikolas' "haunting." Nina believed that Nikolas was alive, and she suggested that she and Ava "join forces" in order to "take down the Cassadine boys once and for all."

A man sat down on a bench at the hospital and watched Franco and Elizabeth in the waiting area. Franco observed Elizabeth's calmness, and he hoped that she would be reunited with her husband. She assured him that she would always be grateful for his sacrifice, but even if he stayed Drew, at least she would know that one of the men she cared about was all right. The man watching the pair glanced down at the gun in his waistband as he pretended to read.

Andre approached and advised Franco that the operating room was being prepped and would be ready soon. He promised to return when everything was ready, and he walked away. Scott arrived a few minutes later, and Elizabeth excused herself to check in with Andre. Scott took the opportunity to apologize to Franco for how Scott had treated him, and to thank him for his sacrifice. Scott was nervous, but Franco related that it was up to "Andre, God, and fate." He'd made peace with things, and he advised Scott to, as well. Andre and Elizabeth returned to retrieve Franco for the procedure.

Later, Franco was in his hospital room when Trina and Cameron arrived. Cameron admitted that he'd been having a hard time, but Trina had urged him to show up for Franco. Everyone left the room to give Cameron and Franco a minute, and Franco assured Cameron that he would have his stepfather back. If not, Franco needed to know that he could count on Cameron to be the man of the house. It was a lot of responsibility, but he knew that Cameron could handle it. He handed his phone to Cameron to hold onto for him. Elizabeth, Andre, Scott, and Trina returned with a wheelchair, which Franco hopped into. "I'll never forget you," Elizabeth said. "Be happy," Franco replied, and Andre wheeled him away.

The man with the gun spotted Andre and Franco and followed after them. He tossed his burner phone in the trash on the way, just as it began to ring. On the other end of the line, Peter tried to will the man to answer. Anna approached and insisted that he tell her what was going on so that she could help him. He claimed that his reporter had gone radio silent on a potential scoop. Anna wondered if Peter's editor could handle it, but he replied that it was too big. He decided to handle it himself and ran off.

Back in Franco's hotel room, Scott figured that the procedure had probably started, and he called Elizabeth brave. She admitted that she was scared to death, but she chose to believe Franco's last words when he'd said he'd return. She, Cameron, and Scott held hands in hope.

In the operating room, Franco looked around at all of the wires and machinery in the room. He remembered that he had "a form to sign," as he didn't want to be left a vegetable hooked up to machines, and he figured that Franco felt the same way. He signed the form as the man with the gun, clad in scrubs, peered into the room. As the man put a silencer on his gun, Andre put the sedative into Franco's I.V. He instructed Franco to count down from 100, and moments later, Franco fell unconscious.

Nina and Ava join forces Nina and Ava join forces
Tuesday, December 10, 2019

At the hospital, Scott asked Elizabeth if she knew how long the procedure was supposed to take, but she didn't. Cameron knew that Elizabeth was scared, but she believed it was possible to be scared and hopeful at the same time. Cameron wondered what Scott was thinking. Scott replied that he was scared, but they had to have the hope and faith to believe that the procedure would work.

Peter stormed into the hospital, but Laura intercepted him before he could make it to the elevator. She needed to talk to him, but he insisted that he had urgent business to take care of. She hadn't gotten any response to her emails about the overcrowding at Pentonville, and she needed him to write about the fact that prisoners were being released as a result. He assured her that he would fully cover the issue and asked her to email him the details. He got into the elevator and left.

In the operating room, Andre called an unconscious Franco brave, and he promised to do his best to make sure that his sacrifice wasn't in vain. He scrolled through on the computer screen, and a window popped up that read, "Begin Memory Reconstruction?" Andre started the procedure and took notes. Suddenly, a man entered the room with a gun, and he and Andre fought and struggled over the gun, which flew across the room. The man overpowered Andre, who collapsed unconscious on the floor. Just then, Peter entered the room and picked up the gun, glaring at the man.

The doorbell rang at Jax's, and Jax warned Nikolas to hide. Jax let Valentin in, and Valentin proposed joining forces with Jax. Jax immediately replied that that would never happen. Valentin spotted Nikolas' bags and wondered if Jax had a new roommate. Jax answered that Josslyn was staying with him. Valentin decided that he needed to see the view from the terrace, and he burst out the back door. Jax informed Valentin that Nina had hand-delivered a wedding invitation, and he wondered if Nina and Valentin would make it through the ceremony "this time."

Valentin cut to the chase and questioned who Jax was desperate to get the portrait for if not for Spencer. Jax replied that he had his own reasons to want to see Valentin fall. Valentin demanded to know who Jax was working with and promised to top whatever they were paying. "It's not about money," Jax said. Valentin wondered if there was anything he could do to make peace between them, and Jax replied simply, "No."

Valentin decided to assume that Jax wanted Nina to himself, which he couldn't blame Jax for. Jax insisted that Nina was his respected associate. "Whatever happened here between you two, it was the last time," Valentin spat. He wanted Jax at the wedding so that he could see who Nina chose, and he stormed out. Nikolas emerged and wondered if Jax still wanted to quit. "Find your damn ring," Jax said, and he left the house. Nikolas looked through his things as he thought back to his last interaction with Ava. He remembered her grabbing his hand, and he realized that his ring was probably in Ava's room at Shadybrook.

At the gallery, Nina held her hand out to Ava and asked her to "take down the Cassadine boys with me." Ava wasn't interested in partnering with Nina and accused her of wanting to get the portrait for Valentin. Nina insisted that she was on Ava's side and that Ava shouldn't let the Cassadines get away with preying on Ava's vulnerability. Ava wondered why she should trust Nina. Nina replied that she knew that Valentin had been behind Sasha's lies, and she wanted her chance to "turn the tables." She told Ava about the codicil hidden in the portrait, which explained a lot to Ava.

Ava still wasn't convinced, so Nina asked if Ava wanted to right the wrong she'd done to Spencer. Ava did want to help Spencer, but she wondered why she should cut Nina in on her leverage. Nina reminded Ava that she had Nikolas' ring, without which everyone would think that Ava was crazy for seeing Nikolas. As a result, Sonny could try to take Avery away from Ava. Nina apologized for everything she'd done to Ava, and she urged Ava to remember that the Cassadine men's fates were in their hands. "Follow me," Ava beckoned, and she led Nina to a painting. Ava peeled a layer off of the painting to reveal the portrait, and Nina hailed Ava as "brilliant." Nina suggested they cover it back up until they planned their next move. "I already have. I know exactly what to do next, partner," Ava muttered.

Griffin met with Anna at Metro Court, and they caught up. Anna told him about Violet, and Griffin remembered the feeling of being thrust into fatherhood, even if Charlotte hadn't turned out to be his. He asked about Anna's relationship with Peter, and she reported that they were "getting there." She revealed that Peter and Maxie were together, and he marveled over how much had changed since he'd left. She wondered how he'd been coping with the loss of Kiki, and he replied that work kept him busy.

Maxie approached the table and gave Griffin a big hug, thanking him for helping Lucas. Griffin wished he could stick around longer, but he was planning to leave that night. Anna asked for a minute with Griffin, so Maxie went to sit at the bar. Anna was disappointed that he was leaving so soon, but he admitted that the losses he'd suffered in Port Charles were still "too fresh." He was hoping to take her out to dinner, so she said that she would cancel her phlebotomy appointment. He insisted that she keep it, as her health was the most important thing. He promised to do a better job keeping in touch. She commended the good work he was doing and added that Duke would be proud. The two embraced, and Anna left.

Griffin sat down at the bar with Maxie and asked about her and Peter. She revealed that, as of that day, she and Peter were officially "living in sin," and Griffin expressed his sincere happiness for the couple. She told him about the rocky road to the relationship, and she assured him that, one day, Griffin would find love again. Laura arrived and greeted Griffin with a hug. Maxie suggested that she call Peter so they could have dinner before Griffin left. Laura revealed that she'd just seen Peter at the hospital, and he'd been in such a hurry that he'd barely talked to her. Maxie apologized on his behalf and assured her that he could appear rude when he was just focused on work.

Laura invited Maxie and Griffin to her criminal justice reform meeting, but Griffin revealed that he was leaving that night. He would have loved to have seen Lulu, and he asked about her. Laura and Maxie updated him on all that had happened with Lulu and Dante and shared that the kids were doing all right. Valentin made sure that Charlotte was happy with Valentin, and Laura remarked that loving Charlotte was the only good thing Valentin did.

Jax approached Griffin, Maxie, and Laura, and he introduced himself to Griffin. He wondered how Griffin knew Charlotte, and Griffin and Maxie explained the parentage mess involving Claudette. Jax asked about Claudette, and Griffin still didn't believe that she'd committed suicide. He accepted that she was dead, but he thought that she'd loved life too much to kill herself. Unseen by the group, Valentin entered the restaurant on the phone. Leaving a message for Nina, he spotted the group and thought twice about eating there. He immediately turned and left.

Anna had just entered the hospital for her phlebotomy appointment when a gunshot rang out. Anna instructed a nurse to call 9-1-1 for backup. Elizabeth ran up to Anna and believed that the gunshot had been near the operating room. Anna pulled her gun and went to investigate. Elizabeth made Scott and Cameron barricade themselves in a room, and she followed Anna. Cameron wasn't happy to let his mother put herself in danger alone, but Scott knew that Elizabeth and Franco would "have my head" if he allowed Cameron out. In the meantime, he suggested that they think happy thoughts.

Anna arrived in front of the operating room with her gun drawn. She cautiously looked in and entered to find someone standing over Franco. "Don't shoot! I'm unarmed. The gun is over there," Peter said quickly as he pointed to the floor behind him. Elizabeth entered after Anna and spotted Andre and the mysterious man both unconscious on the floor. Andre woke up as Elizabeth checked the pulse of the man, and she found that he was still alive.

Andre told Anna what had happened until the man had knocked him out. Peter continued that he'd been there to do a story for the Invader when he'd seen the suspicious man lurking outside of the operating room. Knowing that Andre had been attacked before, Peter had followed after the man and found him standing over an unconscious Andre and holding a gun. Peter continued that he'd fought the man and had been able to get the gun. The man had "kept coming at me," so he'd just reacted and shot the man.

Andre thanked Peter for saving his life. Elizabeth observed that Franco's vitals were good, but she asked if the program was still running. Andre confessed that the man had entered the room just as the program had started to run, so Andre hadn't been there to supervise or control anything. Elizabeth wondered if he could adjust anything, but he saw that the program had finished running. He added that they wouldn't know if it had worked until Franco woke up. Elizabeth pleaded with Franco to wake up and begged him to be "the man I love."

There was a knock on the door of the room that Scott and Cameron had barricaded themselves in, and Anna announced herself and that it was safe. She entered and assured them that the gunman had been subdued and that Franco had been unharmed. She added that Elizabeth and Andre were trying to figure out what was going on with Franco's procedure. She revealed that someone had tried to kill Andre, but Peter had saved him.

Outside the room, Peter wiped down the silencer and dropped it in a trash can. Scott, Cameron, and Anna emerged from the room, and Scott thanked Peter for intervening in the operating room. Cameron thanked Peter on behalf of his family and shook Peter's hand. Peter was glad that he could help and downplayed his actions. Anna asked for a minute with Peter, and they walked away. He asked for an update on the mysterious man, and she revealed that the man was in surgery in critical condition.

Nelle enlists Ryan's help to get out of jail Nelle enlists Ryan's help to get out of jail
Wednesday, December 11, 2019

At Sonny and Carly's place, Josslyn greeted her brother in the foyer as he stopped by to check on Wiley. Josslyn didn't know if Wiley was better off not knowing about Lucas' condition or if it was scarier for the child because suddenly both of Wiley's fathers were gone. Michael reminded his sister that Wiley was surrounded by love until Lucas recovered. Josslyn felt better, and she told her brother that she loved him. Josslyn explained that she was determined to let the people that she cared about know how much she loved them. Michael assured Josslyn that he loved her too.

In the living room, Carly and Sonny discussed Donna's christening date. Sonny wanted to put it off a bit longer, but Carly warned him that they had to give the priest an answer. Sonny promised to take care of Father Flannigan and give Carly a date once Sonny had talked to the doctor in Sweden about Mike's case. Surprised, Carly thought the trial wouldn't start until March, which was a long time. She reminded Sonny that they had no idea what Mike's condition would be in three months, but Sonny explained that he had contacted a doctor who had been working on a drug to repair the damage done by Alzheimer's disease by focusing on clearing the plaque from the brain.

Sonny was eager to get Mike on the drug in preparation for the trial in March. Before Carly could reply, Michael and Josslyn entered the room. Josslyn announced that she intended to grab a snack then head to Turning Woods to visit Mike. Carly suggested that Josslyn wait until Carly could take her daughter the following day for a visit, but Josslyn and Sonny wondered why Josslyn should wait. Rather than answer, Carly asked if Michael had planned to take Josslyn to Turning Woods, but Michael admitted that he had wanted to check on Wiley before heading to a meeting. After Michael went to the nursery, Carly reminded Josslyn that Mike tended to get worse at night, and it was getting late.

Sonny didn't think a visit would hurt Mike. Josslyn assured her mother that Josslyn would have Milo take her to Turning Woods, and if Mike was not up to the visit, then she would leave. After Carly nodded her agreement, Josslyn went to the kitchen. "What was that about?" Sonny asked his wife, but Carly reminded Sonny that Griffin had been very clear about Mike's condition. Sonny agreed; there was hope.

Astounded, Carly pushed back because she had heard something entirely different. She argued that it was doubtful that Mike's mental deterioration could be stopped or reversed, but Sonny refused to give up on his father. Carly didn't expect that, but she thought that Sonny should consider spending what precious time he had left enjoying Mike's company rather than chasing after a cure. Carly didn't think it was fair to put Mike through an experimental treatment that Mike couldn't consent to or understand, but Sonny explained that he couldn't sit around doing nothing while his father wasted away and died. Carly agreed that it was Sonny's call, and Sonny apologized for snapping at her. He acknowledged that his father had more bad days than good ones, but Sonny didn't think there was any harm in trying to find ways to help Mike.

Later, Josslyn was surprised when she saw Michael descend the stairs because he had mentioned that he had an important meeting, but Michael explained that he had gotten caught up watching Wiley and Donna sleep peacefully. Josslyn wondered if Michael had noticed their mother's reaction to Josslyn's decision to visit Mike and how Sonny had "freaked out" over Carly's concerns. Josslyn admitted that things had been tense between Sonny and Carly, and she wondered if Michael would talk to their parents because he was the family's referee. Michael agreed to try. He explained that Sonny and Carly occasionally slipped out of sync with each other, but it didn't mean that they didn't love each other or their family. Michael appreciated Josslyn's impulse to want to fix things, but there were things that Sonny and Carly needed to work out for themselves.

A short time later, Carly entered the living room and was pleasantly surprised to see her son. Michael explained that the meeting had been with Ned to discuss Oscar's shares, which Michael could do at any time, since he and Ned lived under the same roof. Michael asked if everything was okay between Sonny and Carly because he had noticed how defensive Sonny had gotten about Mike. Carly reminded Michael that Thanksgiving had been difficult for Mike because Mike had been deteriorating. She smiled with relief when Michael decided to stay and spend time with Sonny.

After Carly left to go to the hospital, Sonny entered the living room. He was happy to see his son, and they chatted about Wiley. Michael admitted that he was shocked how fast time flew because Wiley was no longer a baby. He didn't want time to pass like that for him and Sonny. Sonny assured Michael that it wouldn't, prompting Michael to remind Sonny that they only had a short time left with Mike. Before Sonny could respond, his phone rang. It was the doctor from Sweden, so Sonny excused himself to take the call.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia told Ned that she had to run some errands, which should give him some privacy to talk to Brook Lynn. As if on cue, Brook Lynn entered the living room. After Olivia left, Brook Lynn asked when they had opened the ice rink in Rice Plaza because it was far better than the pond that she and her friends had skated on in high school. When Brook Lynn mentioned Christmas, Ned seized the opportunity to ask if she intended to stay for the holiday. Brook Lynn admitted that she didn't have any gigs booked until after the new year. Ned was curious if that was because she had fired her mother.

Brook Lynn realized that Ned and Lois had been talking, which surprised her. "Anything for our pride and joy," Ned quipped. He cut to the chase by asking why she had quit L&B Records. According to Brook Lynn, it hadn't been working out because her mother had been booking venues like county fairs and supper clubs, but Ned revealed that Lois had blamed the split on Brook Lynn's aggressive new producer/manager. Brook Lynn agreed that Linc was a "real shark," but Ned wanted to know why Brook Lynn was able to hang around Port Charles until the new year instead of working.

Brook Lynn admitted that ditching her mother had been premature. She had been certain that once Linc had taken her on, he would launch her into the stratosphere, but that had failed to happen. Ned reminded his daughter that it had only been a few weeks. He advised Brook Lynn to be clear with Linc about her expectations, but she assured her father that she had told Linc what she would and wouldn't do to get ahead in her career. Brook Lynn hoped that Ned could help her, so he asked to look at her contract.

A short time later, Ned put the contract down and expressed his shock that Brook Lynn had signed a five-year contract without discussing it with an attorney. Brook Lynn explained that her career had stalled, and Linc had had a reputation for launching artists. Ned wasn't satisfied because she had grown up in the music industry -- and she was a Quartermaine. Ned was certain that Edward would have been disappointed in Brook Lynn, and he added that even A.J. wouldn't have signed a contract without a lawyer looking it over. Brook Lynn was offended that her father thought she was worse than a man who had driven drunk and faked his own death. Ned denied that he had meant it like that, but Brook Lynn was hurt. She grabbed the contract then stormed out.

At Chase and Willow's apartment, Willow was dressed in pajamas as she announced that they were "all cued up" in the bedroom. She groaned with disappointment when she saw a shirtless Chase standing by the sofa with his phone in his hand and an expression of regret on his face. Chase explained that there had been a shooting at the hospital. Willow's attitude instantly shifted as she assured Chase that she understood. She appreciated that he had a job to do, but she asked him to check on Lucas if he had a chance.

Moments later, someone knocked on the door. Chase answered the door with Willow standing behind him. They were shocked when they saw Willow's mother standing on their doorstep. Harmony introduced herself to Chase then asked if she could talk to Willow. Chase invited Harmony inside while Willow fetched his shirt. Willow returned as Harmony explained that she'd been granted early release, due to prison overcrowding, and transferred to a residential rehabilitation center.

Harmony was required to get a job and follow curfews, and her movements were closely monitored through an ankle monitor, but she assured Willow and Chase that she had no intention of squandering her second chance. Willow was happy for her mother, but Harmony hoped that she and Willow could talk.

After Chase left, Willow made tea then handed her mother a mug. Harmony was impressed with the apartment, but she quickly turned the conversation to more personal matters because she knew that she and her daughter had a lot of healing to do because of everything that had transpired with Shiloh. Willow cut Harmony off because Willow didn't want to hear Shiloh's name. Harmony respected Willow's wishes, but she wanted an opportunity to make amends and prove that she was not "that" woman anymore. Willow was skeptical because her mother still called herself Harmony.

Harmony admitted that she had tried to go back to Lorraine, but she had realized that she was not that woman, either. Harmony thought that Willow might understand because her daughter still called herself Willow, but Willow reminded her mother that Willow had been the name she had chosen to escape Shiloh. Willow accused Harmony of embracing the name that her mother had taken for Shiloh. Harmony conceded that Shiloh had been toxic, and joining his movement had been the second worst mistake of Harmony's life. Harmony's worst mistake had been pressuring Willow to join Shiloh's trust and handing Willow over to him. Harmony knew that she had failed as a mother, but Willow cut her off because they had already hashed that out.

Willow insisted that revisiting the pain only gave Shiloh more power, but she was trying to understand why Harmony wanted to keep the name. Harmony explained that her life as Harmony had been about more than Shiloh because she had done things that she was proud of like building the community center in Beechers Corners. Willow acknowledged that her mother had done good things. Harmony added that she wanted to focus on her strengths rather than the weaknesses of a blind follower to a corrupt man. Harmony wanted to be her true self, including the mother that Willow deserved.

Willow confessed that she wasn't up for that conversation yet because she had a lot going on. She was startled when her mother assumed that there was trouble between Willow and Chase. Harmony admitted that she was sensitive to a man running a woman's life, but Willow made it clear that Harmony was wrong about Chase. Willow insisted that Chase was an amazing and supportive partner. Harmony only wanted Willow's happiness, and she hoped that Willow would grow to trust her in time.

Willow decided to share that Brad and Lucas had been in an accident, and Lucas had been badly injured. Harmony worried about Wiley, but Willow assured her mother that Wiley was with his godfather and surrounded by family. Harmony wondered if Willow could arrange for Harmony to spend time with her grandson, but Willow sternly reminded her mother that Wiley was not Harmony's grandson. Willow explained that she was grateful that Brad and Lucas allowed her to a part of Wiley's life, and Willow wanted Wiley to be happy, which meant respecting boundaries. She was not comfortable giving Harmony access to Wiley without Brad and Lucas' consent.

Harmony promised that she would respect her daughter's wishes. She was just thankful to be a part of Willow's life again, but Willow wanted Harmony's word that Wiley was off limits. Harmony assured Willow that she would not go near Wiley without Willow's permission. Satisfied, Willow offered to show her mother pictures of Wiley. Harmony was delighted when Willow retrieved her phone then scrolled through several pictures of Wiley. Harmony realized that it was time to get back to the halfway house, so Willow walked her mother to the door.

"I love you," Harmony said. "I love you," Willow replied. They shared a hug then Willow watched Harmony leave.

In the hospital's waiting area, Olivia and Lulu exchanged greetings. After Lulu gave Olivia an update on Lucas, the conversation drifted to Brook Lynn. Lulu asked if Brook Lynn had plans to leave town soon, but Olivia warned Lulu not to count on it. Lulu was disappointed, but she realized that Olivia was the one who had to live with Ned's daughter.

Olivia agreed that Brook Lynn was challenging, but she had her good points because she spiced things up. At the reminder of their eventful Thanksgiving, Lulu apologized to Olivia, but Olivia knew that Brook Lynn had pushed Lulu until Lulu had snapped. Lulu wondered how Dante had been doing, but Olivia tensed and curtly said that she would let Lulu know if Olivia heard anything about Dante's health. Olivia suspected that was all Lulu was interested in.

"What does that mean?" Lulu asked. Olivia's shoulders sagged as she tearfully revealed that Dante had returned all of the letters that Olivia had written, and he had requested that she not write to him again. It had driven home to Olivia how powerless she was to help her child. Lulu felt awful for Olivia, so Olivia asked Lulu to be patient with Brook Lynn because she was Ned's child, and Brook Lynn needed her father. Olivia confided that she was a little jealous because she would give anything to be able to help Dante.

A short time later, Lulu spotted Chase. She quickly approached him, eager for news about the shooting, but Chase explained that he couldn't talk to her unless it was off the record. Lulu assured him that she wouldn't print anything that he shared with her. Chase believed her. They retreated to a quiet corner, where Chase filled her in about the gunman who had targeted a doctor in the operating room. He explained that he couldn't divulge any names, but a bystander had heard the commotion and had shot the gunman with the man's own gun.

Later, Lulu saw Chase as he was leaving, and she wondered if he had any new information. She promised that it would remain off the record. Chase admitted that they had the would-be shooter's name, and he had spent time at Pentonville. However, Chase admitted that there hadn't been any apparent link between the gunman, the doctor, or the patient. Lulu suggested that the gunman had been a hired gun. Chase agreed that it was possible, which was why Chase intended to dig further into the ex-con's background.

In Lucas' hospital room, Alexis noticed that Lucas' bed was empty, and Julian was alone. Julian tearfully told her that it was all his fault. Alexis closed the door then asked where Lucas was. Julian wiped away his tears and explained that Lucas had been taken for an MRI to see if the swelling on Lucas' brain had gone down. Julian became upset as he imagined the worst when Lucas woke up. He worried that his son wouldn't be able to talk, walk, or continue working as a doctor, but Alexis assured Julian that Lucas would make a full recovery because Lucas was strong like his father.

Julian offered a weak smile through the tears. Alexis reminded him that she knew what it was like waiting and praying for a sick child. She wanted to know what she could do to help Julian then wondered if he had talked to the police. Julian explained that the undercarriage of the car had been too badly damaged to determine the cause of the crash, but Alexis assured Julian that the forensics department was one of the best.

Alexis offered to help Julian because she had a lot of resources at her disposal, but Julian insisted that he could handle it on his own. Alexis disagreed. She knew that Julian responded to pain by withdrawing and shutting down. Alexis implored him not to do it because he always ended up in trouble when he isolated himself and tried to go it alone.

Later, Olivia saw Alexis exit Lucas' hospital room. After Alexis gave Olivia an update on Lucas, Olivia admitted that she had wanted to talk to Alexis about Charlie's Pub. Alexis didn't think it was the right time, but Olivia rushed to explain that she had decided to drop the lawsuit because life was too short to bicker about money. Olivia also hoped that it would lighten Julian's load a bit. Alexis was grateful, and she assured Olivia that it would help.

After Alexis left, Julian stepped into the hallway. Olivia greeted him and admitted that Leo had wanted Julian to know that he loved Julian very much. Touched, Julian wondered what Olivia had told their son about Lucas. Olivia revealed that she had explained that Lucas had been hurt, but Julian had been looking after Leo's older brother. Julian wiped away tears as Olivia quietly added that Leo had wanted to visit Lucas, but Olivia had told the young boy that it hadn't been a good time. Julian agreed because Lucas was still on a ventilator.

Olivia assured Julian that she would continue to pray for Lucas, and Julian could visit Leo at any time. Julian was grateful, but he didn't think he would be good company for their young son. "The kid's better off without me," Julian added. Olivia's expression filled with a mixture of concern and sadness as Julian walked away.

A few minutes later, Julian encountered Brook Lynn as she exited the elevator. Brook Lynn didn't bother to hide her displeasure when she saw him. Julian tried to apologize, but Carly walked up and noticed Julian and Brook Lynn bickering. They were shocked when Carly introduced them to each other. Brook Lynn admitted that there wasn't any resemblance between Julian and Leo because Leo looked like Dante. Carly agreed with Brook Lynn.

Elsewhere, Lulu and Alexis discussed the accident. Lulu realized that the crash had saved Alexis' life, but Alexis wanted to know if Lulu was working on a story. Lulu admitted that she was, but she promised not to sensationalize the story. She imagined that it had been a shock for Alexis to learn that Kendra had been Kiefer Bauer's sister. Alexis conceded that it had been a lot to process, and she hadn't had a chance to unpack it all. Alexis decided to give Lulu a quote by crediting Neil and Julian with finding Alexis and insisting that Julian had been the real hero because he had saved lives by finding Lucas' car and getting the men help.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia greeted her husband and filled him in about her visit with Julian. Ned admitted that he felt sorry for Julian. Olivia shifted gears and asked about Ned's talk with Brook Lynn. Ned confessed that it hadn't been one of his finer moments because he had compared Brook Lynn to A.J. Ned was concerned because Brook Lynn was in way over her head.

In Pentonville's visitor's room, Nelle was testy as she greeted her attorney. Martin warned Nelle that he wasn't in the mood because he'd had a rough night. Nelle didn't care because she was stuck in jail, but Martin reminded her that he couldn't help her, since her next parole hearing was in 16 months. Nelle demanded that he figure something out because she needed to be released immediately. Martin was unmoved, but Nelle complained that she refused to give Carly and Michael the satisfaction of seeing her rot in prison.

Martin made it clear that he didn't like clients who lied to him, and he knew that Nelle had been holding back pertinent information, which would sabotage her and, by extension, Martin. He gave her one last chance to be honest with him. Nelle wanted assurance that she was protected by attorney/client privilege. Martin assured Nelle that her secrets were safe with him as long as she didn't do anything illegal or drag him into a crime. Nelle explained that her friend Brad and his husband had been in an accident, which meant that Brad needed help with their son, Wiley.

Martin laughed at the idea that anyone would give their child to Nelle. "Who said anything about give?" Nelle asked in an irritated tone. Martin assured Nelle that it was noble of her to want to help her friend, but it was not a compelling reason for her to be granted parole early. He reminded her that she had pleaded no contest to murder, attempted murder, conspiracy, perjury, and obstruction of justice. Martin admitted that the odds of her being given parole in 16 months were slim; anything earlier was nonexistent.

Frustrated, Nelle asked if she could get a special medical dispensation because she only had one kidney. Martin shook his head because she was not in any danger as long as she continued to take her medication. "Interesting. Thanks, Marty," Nelle said as an idea appeared to take root.

Shortly after Nelle left Martin, she entered the infirmary to visit Ryan Chamberlain. Ryan smiled because Nelle was the only bright spot in the prison. Ryan complained that the medics had deemed his infected wound to be self-inflicted, but Nelle wasn't fooled. Ryan wondered what he could do for his friend. Nelle grumbled that Michael had betrayed her, so she needed Ryan to punch her ticket out of Pentonville.

Nelle explained what she had in mind, but Ryan wondered what was in it for him. Nelle promised to replace the Crimson cover featuring Ava that had been confiscated with photographs of Ava at the gallery, buying coffee, and living her life. Nelle offered to be Ryan's link to the woman he loved -- and Port Charles. Ryan agreed that her plan had merit, but he insisted on a few "modifications."

A short time later, Chase and a guard heard a woman cry out in pain. They raced to the infirmary and found Ryan standing over Nelle with a bloody scalpel in his hand. On the floor, Nelle writhed in agony as she clutched her wounded side.

Nelle is rushed to the hospital Nelle is rushed to the hospital
Thursday, December 12, 2019

At Pentonville, Chase and a guard heard a scream and burst into the infirmary to find Ryan standing over Nelle with a bloody knife. The guard got Ryan into handcuffs and helped Chase tend to Nelle. As Nelle moaned and cried, the guard remarked that Nelle had been stabbed right above her kidney. Chase revealed that Nelle only had one kidney, so they needed to get her to the hospital. "Don't let me die," she pleaded, and Chase promised that she wouldn't. Ryan remarked on how cute the two were together.

A few minutes later, Nelle was on her way to the hospital, and Chase questioned why she and Ryan had been in the infirmary together. The guard answered that Nelle had probably been on laundry duty, delivering towels. Ryan commented that he could never resist a pretty girl. Chase ordered Ryan back to his cell, and Ryan wondered if Chase was going to ask why Ryan had done it. "Does it matter?" Chase shot back. Ryan asked Chase to give Nelle his best, and the guard escorted him out.

In the visitation room, Jason and Sam talked about her parole hearing. She knew that the parole board wanted to see her as a model prisoner who took responsibility for her crimes, but she'd told them that while she'd killed Shiloh, it hadn't been planned. He advised her to focus on one day at a time, and he promised to be waiting for her until she got out.

Later, Sam returned to the visitation room and found Alexis waiting. A visibly upset Alexis asked about the hearing and advised her daughter to be patient. Sam was frustrated that Shiloh was dead, but she was still fighting him. She blamed her own actions for putting her on Shiloh's radar in the first place, but Alexis thought that he would have always found a way to be a predator.

Sonny was on the phone with someone from the clinical trial in Sweden when Michael descended the stairs. When Sonny hung up, Michael confessed that he didn't think putting Mike in the clinical trial was a good idea, as he wasn't sure it was what Mike would have wanted. Sonny thought it was for the doctors to decide, and taking Mike into the trial meant that there was hope for him.

Sonny didn't love Michael's opinion, but he respected it. Michael related that other people's problems were easier to deal with than his own. He admitted that he was stalling deals at ELQ because he hadn't had enough time to prepare, and he could hardly stay awake. Sonny urged him to stop taking care of everyone else and take care of himself. Sonny appreciated the talk and hugged his son, and Michael expressed his sympathy for Sonny's situation.

Josslyn entered Turning Woods to visit with Mike, and Dev appeared. "Kid's here to break me out," Mike whispered to her, but Dev reminded Mike that there were no more buses running that night. Mike needed to get to the track to get some money for his son's birthday, but Dev proposed a game of checkers. Mike eventually agreed to a game, and Dev let Mike "trounce" him. During the game, Mike wondered who Josslyn was there to see, and she replied, "You, of course." Mike couldn't believe that a pretty girl was there to see him. He suggested "upping the stakes" with a game of craps.

A few minutes later, Mike, Dev, and Josslyn were playing craps when Sonny arrived. He asked to play, but Mike stood up and yelled at Sonny to "stay away from my son!" Mike continued that his son wouldn't "throw away his life working for you, Joe Scully!" Thinking quickly, Josslyn informed Mike that, while Sonny looked like Joe, he wasn't Joe. She'd invited Sonny to be another craps player, and she thought that Sonny and Mike would get along. Mike apologized to Sonny and asked if he knew Joe. Sonny confirmed that he did, and he knew that Joe was "garbage." Sonny related that he had kids, so he understood Mike's actions.

Later, Mike swept all of the pennies off of the table into his hand and marveled over the best lucky streak he'd ever had. He asked Dev to get Josslyn home safe, and Dev promised that he would. Mike was tired, but he invited Dev back whenever he wanted. Sonny advised the kids to wait for him outside, and the two commended each other on how well they'd navigated Mike's moods. Mike revealed that he liked Sonny, and he invited Sonny back to play again. Sonny offered to walk Mike to his room, but Mike refused the offer and walked away.

Jason entered the Quartermaine living room and asked Ned if he'd heard anything about Sam's parole hearing. Ned replied that there were never any leaks, and the board was "incorruptible." He revealed that he couldn't try to cash in a favor, as it would work against Sam, but Jason was free to do so if he decided. Jason opted to "stay the course," and Ned asked that Jason keep him updated. Michael entered, and he and Jason quickly caught up about Sam and Lucas, and Jason left to visit the hospital.

Ned observed that Michael looked "ragged," and Michael admitted that he had a lot on his plate. Ned offered to pick up some slack at ELQ, since he had some time to spare. Michael replied that that was exactly what Michael was there to ask of Ned. He appreciated the help, and the two shook hands. Michael promised to send over the necessary documents and schedule a briefing meeting first thing in the morning.

There was one issue Ned wanted resolved as soon as possible, and he mentioned Oscar's ELQ shares. Even though the issue was still tied up in probate, Michael thought that it was straightforward enough with Oscar wanting the shares to go to his Kilimanjaro Foundation. Ned vowed that the family would make sure that the foundation would be funded with or without the ELQ shares. Ned wondered if he could buy the shares for Olivia and Leo, and they discussed the different scenarios of how he would need to go about doing that. Michael was too tired to think about it and wanted to "sleep on it." He promised to talk to Ned soon and left.

Willow arrived at the hospital and promised to be there for Brad for whatever he needed. Across the hall, Carly was surprised to learn that Julian and Brook Lynn knew each other. Brook Lynn informed Carly that they'd met briefly, and she blurted out that Julian had thought that she was a hooker because she'd been nice to him. Down the hall, Monica wanted to check on Bobbie before talking to the whole family. Bobbie thanked Monica for keeping an eye on Lucas, and Monica replied that Lucas was important to the hospital and to her.

A few minutes later, Monica gathered Lucas' loved ones and informed them that Lucas was being weaned from the ventilator. His meds were being tapered off so that he would hopefully wake up from the coma. She added that the next few hours were crucial, and she would keep everyone updated. Julian excused himself, and Carly left to get food for Bobbie, leaving Willow and Brad alone. Willow thought that things looked promising, but Brad just wished he could take back everything he'd done that had landed him and Lucas in that car. Willow insisted that he stop punishing himself, as it wasn't his fault.

Willow excused herself and walked over to Julian. She asked if there was anything she could do for him, and he just appreciated her being there. She wanted some advice from him on how to deal with Brad blaming himself for the accident. Julian said that he would talk to Brad and "make sure he understands why this happened." Willow returned to Brad and handed him a granola bar, but he refused to eat. She insisted that Lucas would want him to eat, but Brad yelled at her to stop being so nice to him. Julian overheard and approached as Brad muttered that Willow didn't know the truth.

Bobbie hugged Brook Lynn and appreciated that she was there. She thought that Lucas would be happy to see her when he woke up. Carly returned with food for Bobbie just in time to see Nelle wheeled into a room with a stab wound. A shocked Carly approached the guard at the door and wondered what had happened to her "former daughter-in-law." The guard refused to talk, so she walked away and bumped into Chase. Chase updated her on what had happened to Nelle, and he hoped for the situation to be over as soon as possible.

Chase entered Nelle's room as a doctor revealed that there had been no damage to Nelle's kidney. He explained that they would patch Nelle up, and then Chase could take her back to Pentonville. When the doctor was gone, Nelle though that Chase wouldn't be there with her if he didn't care. He answered that he did care, as he needed her statement about her attack. She explained that she'd been delivering towels to the infirmary by herself when Ryan had shown up. He'd ordered her to help him escape by smuggling him out in a laundry cart. When she'd refused and tried to alert the guard, he'd stabbed her. She concluded that Chase had saved her life. "Don't take it personally," he stated, and he left.

A few minutes later, the guard was in Nelle's room. She thanked him for letting her use his phone, as her family would be relieved to hear from her. She had to leave a voicemail, so she asked for privacy, and the guard left. Moments later, she greeted Martin and identified herself as his favorite client. "You'll never guess where I am," she teased.

A few minutes later, Chase found Willow, and he told her what had happened with Nelle. Monica returned and announced that Lucas was off of the ventilator, and he was breathing on his own. She reiterated that the next 24 hours would be critical, as the longer he was in a coma, the less chance there was that he would wake up.

Brook Lynn listened in as Chase told Brad about what had happened to Nellevgsd and that she was there at the hospital. Chase assured Brad that he would soon be taking her back to Pentonville. Across the hall, Carly told Jason about Nelle. She yelled about how unfair it was that Nelle, a terrible person, was alive and well, while Lucas, a good person, was fighting for his life. "It's wrong!" she concluded.

Ava plans an auction Ava plans an auction
Friday, December 13, 2019

Anna found Elizabeth asleep in a chair in Franco's room at the hospital. Elizabeth disclosed that Franco had gone for an MRI, but she only wanted him to wake up. Anna believed that Andre had been capable of undoing Cabot's work, and Elizabeth declared that they wouldn't even have been there if it hadn't been for Peter, who had saved Franco's life.

As sirens sounded in the background, Peter stood at the nurses' station at the hospital and tried to find out about both the gunman and Franco's conditions. The nurse informed him that the gunman was still in surgery, but she refused to disclose any information about Franco. Peter announced that he would check on Franco via Elizabeth.

Jason stood next to Peter as Peter questioned the nurse. Jason wondered who Franco would be and what he might remember when he finally awakened. Peter walked away. Jason spotted Anna as she emerged from Franco's room, and he told her they needed to talk in private. They stepped onto the elevator.

Jason and Anna found an empty room and went inside. Jason made it known that Peter had been the reason for Sam's imprisonment. He added that Peter had also been connected to Shiloh who had been aware that Peter had played a role in Drew's memory transfer. Anna demanded proof, and Jason admitted he didn't have any but was positive he was right. He stated that Peter could also be connected to Bryce Henderson, who had planned to give Peter up to the authorities before being killed and who had been the one to get Sam arrested.

Jason went on to explain that Peter hadn't wanted anyone to get into Franco's head and had arranged for both Andre and Franco to be murdered. Anna was indignant and asked why Peter had stopped the gunman if he had been behind the attempted murders in the first place. Jason didn't know but found it strange that Peter had been near the operating room when the gunman had been there.

Anna called it all circumstantial evidence and thought that it all worked out perfectly for Jason's use. She pointed out that Peter had remade his life. Jason stated that Peter had kept him prisoner in order to eventually kill Faison, and Jason had put that all behind him. He was convinced, though, that Peter was behind Sam's imprisonment and the murder attempt on Andre and Franco. Anna wasn't sure what Jason wanted her to do, but Jason thought she knew. He didn't know if she would, though.

Peter saw Elizabeth, and she thanked him profusely for saving Franco's life. Peter replied that he'd done what he'd had to do. They took a seat on a bench in the hall. Elizabeth revealed that Franco hadn't opened his eyes yet, and there had been no prognosis. Peter suggested she check on the MRI to find out why it had been taking so long.

At the Corinthos house, Carly admitted to Sonny that she hated Ava being there to visit with Avery. Sonny insisted that the little girl had asked to see her mother. Just then, Ava descended the stairs and thanked Sonny for having taken care of their daughter so well. Sonny replied that he'd done it for Avery, not Ava. Carly recalled the time that Ava had shown a lack of compassion and had had Mike arrested for taking Avery. She found it ironic after Ava had checked herself into a mental facility recently.

"I've never been more sane," Ava declared. Carly taunted her, but Ava made it clear that she was no longer seeing things that weren't really there. She had realized that there was more truth than appeared sometimes. Ava thanked Sonny again and hoped that Lucas would get better.

Charlotte and Valentin walked on the pier as Valentin had a phone conversation about Helena's painting. Nikolas had been standing there, but he quickly hid himself. Charlotte strolled over to the hiding spot as her father continued his phone conversation. "I know who you are," Charlotte whispered. She added that she had seen his photo on Laura's phone, but Nikolas replied that he had saved Laura once.

Charlotte wanted to know where Nikolas had been when she'd fallen off the monkey bars. Everyone at school had laughed at her when she'd called out for him. She thought he was paid to help her. Nikolas declared that Charlotte needed to be in more trouble in order for him to show up and break his cover. Valentin called out to Charlotte, and she returned to her father. She admitted she'd been talking to someone she didn't know, and Valentin was annoyed at her for talking to a stranger. He told her it was time to meet up with Nina.

As Nikolas continued to wait for Jax, he looked at a photo of Spencer on his phone. "We'll see each other again soon," he said.

Nina sat at a table at Metro Court and flashed back to her recent conversation with Ava regarding Helena's painting. She smiled to herself but was startled when Jax showed up and sat down. He revealed that he'd had a visit from Valentin the previous evening, and he admitted he didn't want Nina caught between him and Valentin. Jax thought that his relationship with Valentin had worsened ever since he'd rescued Nina from her wedding.

Jax added that Valentin had been "openly hostile" and had accused Jax of wanting Nina for himself. Jax admitted that he had no plan to take Nina away from Valentin and thought she should remove herself. Nina assured him that her "revenge plot" was progressing, but both Valentin and Charlotte had provided her with lots of happiness.

Jax wondered how Valentin had arrived in town without a child but suddenly had one when Charlotte had appeared. Nina told him about Claudette, who had been Charlotte's surrogate mother, and the story behind Lulu being the biological mother. She concluded that Claudette had reportedly committed suicide, and Jax suggested that Valentin might have had her murdered.

Nina revealed that Claudette wasn't really dead, and the suicide had been staged. She explained that Cassandra had taken Claudette, but Valentin had had Claudette freed after Cassandra's lapse into a coma. She had no idea where Claudette had gone. Jax accused Nina of defending Valentin, but she pointed out that Valentin had kindness, love, and good in him. She had been trying to weigh the good and bad.

Jax insisted that Nina was better off without Valentin, and he was afraid that she and Charlotte would pay the price one day if Nina kept rationalizing about him.

Laura and Curtis shared a hug as they sat down at a table by the Christmas tree at Kelly's. She admitted she'd been busy, especially with the pending early release of prisoners from Pentonville due to overcrowding. Her constituents weren't happy. Curtis thought it was too bad that they wouldn't be able to fill a cell with "Valentin's ass." They proceeded to talk about T.J.'s possible engagement and about Lulu and Dustin.

Laura wanted to talk about Valentin, and Curtis disclosed that he wanted to talk to Nina about working with them to take Valentin down. Laura was incredulous and pointed out that Nina was very involved with Valentin. Curtis didn't think Nina's decision was informed, but Laura laughed. She wondered how much more Nina needed to know. She was the only one who still believed that Sasha had acted alone.

Curtis agreed that he wasn't sure that Nina would commit to helping them, but they had nothing to lose. Laura was concerned that it would harm Curtis' friendship with Nina but added that they needed to work fast. Just then, Valentin and Charlotte walked in. They all exchanged greetings, and Laura hugged her granddaughter and took her over to the counter to check out the scones.

Valentin told Curtis that Nina missed him, and Curtis admitted he missed his friend, as well. He hadn't thought she wanted to hear from him. Valentin stressed that Nina needed her friends; he didn't want Curtis to "ghost" Nina, but he wanted Curtis to accept her relationship with Valentin instead. Curtis vowed to be available for Nina, and Valentin reminded him to RSVP to the wedding.

At the counter, Laura spotted Charlotte's bandaged hand, and the little girl revealed her playground incident. Laura warned her to be careful, but Charlotte disclosed that she had a secret bodyguard to protect her. She added that she wasn't supposed to talk about him, but he'd been hired after the incident with Cassandra. She never saw him.

Valentin summoned Charlotte back to the table, and Curtis returned to Laura. She told him that she thought Charlotte might be suffering from PTSD, as she had been talking about an imaginary bodyguard.

Nina arrived and joined Valentin and Charlotte at the table. Charlotte excused herself to go to the ladies' room, and Nina mentioned Valentin's visit to Jax. Valentin declared that Jax wanted Nina for himself. Valentin affirmed that Jax would not have either Helena's portrait or Nina.

Back at Carly's house, she sneaked a phone call to Jax to warn him that Ava was out of Shadybrook, and she thought it had to do with their mutual friend. Sonny descended the stairs after checking on Donna, and Carly claimed to be leaving a message for Jax about his new roommate. She asked Sonny about his previous evening with Mike, and Sonny was evasive with his response. Carly admitted that she'd already heard about it from Josslyn, and she accused Sonny of being in denial about Mike.

Sonny was angry that Carly was asking him questions if she already knew about the evening, and the argument began to escalate. After Carly suggested they be honest, Sonny began to shout about the secret that Carly and Jax had been keeping from him for weeks. He accused her of whispering on the phone and insisted that Josslyn was old enough to deal with it if her father had a girlfriend. He believed that Carly was lying, and he asked if she was afraid of him finding out about something.

Carly insisted she was doing Sonny a favor by not getting him involved. She had accidentally found out about something, and if he knew about it, things would be worse. She was sorry she knew about it, but she wanted him to trust her. At that moment, Carly received a message from Jax to meet him at the pier. Sonny didn't want her to leave, but she did.

Trina arrived at the art gallery, and Ava thanked her for showing up on an off day. Ava revealed that she was preparing for an auction, and she had thought that Trina would enjoy being involved. She added that it was time for a payoff that was "long overdue." The women worked on the event, and Ava announced that she wanted Trina to order catering and accompanying staff for about 30 people.

Ava went on to say that she would be including select pieces for her auction that would also consist of her most "controversial possession." She pulled out Helena's portrait, and Trina took a photo of Ava standing next to it. She handed the phone back to Ava, who hit "send" on her text messages. Trina asked how much the photo was worth, and Ava told her that there was a fortune to be made if the sale went out to the right audience. She confirmed that the portrait was the kind of art that people killed for.

Sonny received a phone call from Ava who thanked him again for handling things during her struggle. She thought they'd arrived at a "good place" for their co-parenting. Sonny stated that he would set up another visit soon.

Jax and Carly met at the pier, and Carly announced that Sonny was onto them. Jax assured her that he was handling things and planned on cutting Nikolas loose. Nikolas revealed himself and stated that they had lots to discuss. Jax informed Carly that Nikolas' ring was missing, and Carly realized that Nikolas had left it behind at Shadybrook. She announced that Ava knew about Nikolas because she'd said she was seeing things clearly. Nikolas admitted he'd "ghosted" Ava and knew she had the portrait.

Jax, Valentin, and Laura received identical text messages from Ava. She was standing next to the portrait, and she urged everyone to bring their checkbooks.

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