General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 3, 2020 on GH
Sonny met with a drug lord named Cyrus Renault. Lucas woke up, but he didn't recall Brad's confession. Nelle confided her plans to Martin. Laura offered Nikolas advice. Emma arrived for a visit. Taggert and Jordan feared that a long-buried secret had led to Bob Massicotte's death. Martin and Valentin were behind Brook Lynn's troubles.
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Sonny met with a drug lord named Cyrus Renault, and Taggert and Jordan feared that a long-buried secret had resurfaced
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Nelle moves into the Quartermaine mansion Nelle moves into the Quartermaine mansion
Monday, February 3, 2020

Carly was looking at the picture of Gladys and Dev from Christmas when Sonny arrived at the hospital. Carly ran into his arms, and they shared a kiss. Turning somber, they were glad no one in their family had been hurt, but Carly wondered who was targeting the family and why. Sonny told her about the shooting in Brooklyn, and he feared the long-term effects on Mike. He wondered why Carly was still at the hospital, and she broke the news to him about Brando being alive, and that he'd saved her life.

Gladys held Brando's hand at his bedside and wondered if his presence in Port Charles meant that he'd forgiven her. She wished that she could take back all of the harsh things she'd said to him. He only asked how she'd gotten "mixed up with Sonny," and, as if on cue, Sonny entered the room. He asked Gladys for some privacy with Brando, so she left. Sonny questioned what Brando had been doing at the warehouse when Sonny's family had been ambushed. Brando insisted that he didn't know anything about the ambush, and he'd only been looking for his mother. He'd seen on MyFace that she'd been with Sonny, but he was unsure of the welcome he would get at Sonny's home.

Brando continued that he and Gladys hadn't talked in years after a big fight. He'd seen pictures on social media, and she seemed happy. He wondered who Gladys' "grandson" was, as he'd never had kids. Sonny said that they would talk about that later, and he wondered where Brando had been. Brando answered that he'd been in Chicago, and he asked again who the boy in Gladys' pictures was. Sonny only promised that Brando would get the best care possible in exchange for saving Carly, and he left.

Outside Brando's room, Carly demanded to know why Gladys had lied about Brando being dead. Gladys apologized and admitted that he'd been "dead to me." She explained that he hadn't been himself when he'd returned from the war, and he'd gotten mixed up with a bad crowd. He'd disappeared, so it was easier for her to say that he was dead. Carly showed Gladys the picture she'd nabbed from Brando's bag of Gladys and Dev, and Gladys was ecstatic that Brando cared. Gladys regretted shutting Brando out, and Carly wondered why she had.

Sonny approached and told Carly and Gladys that there were more important things to concentrate on, like how Gladys had lied to him multiple times about Brando. Sonny instructed Gladys that she was to tell Brando that a woman had dropped Dev off with Gladys, claiming him to be Brando's son. He promised to make her regret it if she ever let anything slip to Brando about who Dev really was. Gladys agreed and went into Brando's room.

Sonny and Carly discussed what they knew about Brando, which wasn't much. They agreed that they couldn't trust Gladys or Brando, but it was more important to focus on who was targeting their family.

In Brando's room, Gladys hovered over Brando, who was clearly annoyed. He growled that Sonny had treated him like a suspect, but Gladys assured him that Sonny's bark was worse than his bite. Brando asked his mother who Dev was, and why she claimed that he was her grandson. She replied that Dev was "your son."

Brad was finishing up at the hospital when his phone rang. "What do you want?" he asked when he answered. An excited Nelle replied that she was at the Quartermaines', and he revealed that Michael had filled him in. She wanted to meet up with Brad for lunch the next day, and she demanded that he bring her son along. They ended the call, and Willow spotted Brad as he put his head in his hands. Willow talked about their plan for Wiley for that night, but Brad snapped that she was getting too close to his son. A shocked Willow reminded him that they'd made a schedule that morning, and she wondered what had changed.

Brad accused Willow of "ratting" him out to Chase and Michael, but Willow claimed that Nelle had threatened her. She added that Nelle was dangerous, and everyone could see it but Brad. "Manage her, or I will," Willow stated. Brad yelled that he'd walked through fire for Wiley, and Willow replied that that was what parents were supposed to do. He complained about the annoyance of every family member obsessively trying to help him out, but Willow thought that he should feel lucky for having so many people around that cared.

Brad accused Willow of fantasizing about raising Wiley on her own because she didn't think he was a good father. She observed that he'd said bad things about everyone but Nelle, and she wondered why he was protecting Nelle. "We're friends," he answered. She thought that he was having a breakdown and urged him to let her help. Brad insisted that he could take care of Wiley on his own, and he fired Willow as Wiley's nanny.

Nikolas entered Laura's room and sat at her bedside. He was sorry to have wasted years on revenge when he should have been with his family. He admitted that he'd missed his mother every day, and he wanted to be better. Just then, Laura opened her eyes, and Nikolas wanted to get a doctor. She stopped him and acknowledged all the things he'd said, and she promised that she would always love him.

At Sonny's, Michael, Josslyn, Dev, and Jax talked about how Gladys had lied about Brando being dead. Sasha, who wasn't in the loop, thought it was good news. Sensing the tension in the room, she excused herself to get some air on the terrace. When she was gone, Dev wondered what Brando's appearance would mean for him and Sonny. Michael didn't think there was a point in speculating. Josslyn blamed Gladys for lying, but Jax put all the blame on Sonny.

A few minutes later, Jax hugged Josslyn and walked off to check in on Carly and Sonny. Josslyn urged her father not to be too hard on Sonny, but Jax couldn't promise that. When he was gone, Dev observed that Jax really cared. He made sure that Josslyn was really all right, as he'd been scared for her. It had also made him feel bad about the way he'd reacted to "the thing." Josslyn brushed off the kiss as a dumb mistake and unimportant in the long run. She excused herself to journal about her day.

Jax put in a call to Carly, who told him what little she'd found out about Brando. Jax demanded that she put Sonny on. She looked to Sonny, who shook his head, and she claimed that Sonny had his hands full. Jax promised to wait at the house for Sonny, and they ended the call. Carly informed Sonny that Jax wanted answers, and Sonny commented that Jax would be waiting for a long time, as Sonny wasn't going home. He vowed that he was going to find out who was after the family and why.

Nelle rang the doorbell at the Quartermaine mansion, and an exasperated Brook Lynn answered. Nelle barged in with her suitcases. Brook Lynn informed Nelle that there was no shareholders' meeting that night, and she threatened to call the cops on Nelle for trespassing. "Is this how you treat guests?" Nelle asked innocently, and she informed Brook Lynn that Michael had invited her to stay. Brook Lynn didn't believe it, but Nelle talked about how close she and Monica had once been. Brook Lynn called Nelle a "gold-digging psycho" and demanded that she "go back to where you came from" until Brook Lynn could confirm with Michael.

Nelle informed Brook Lynn that she'd been staying with Brad and Wiley, and Brook Lynn suddenly understood why Michael would rather have Nelle under his own roof. Nelle talked about how Carly had once wronged them both and offered to team up. Brook Lynn maintained that everyone had moved on from that, and she refused to bond with or feel sorry for Nelle. While Brook Lynn had screwed up in life, she knew that she hadn't messed up as badly as Nelle had. She demanded that Nelle call for a ride and start walking down the long driveway.

Michael walked out on the terrace with Sasha, who informed him that there hadn't been any more news about the shootings. Michael broke it to her that they needed to stop seeing each other. He didn't know who was targeting his family, and he didn't want to put her in danger. "No," she said simply. She refused to leave Michael when neither of their hearts was really in breaking up. She added that being apart wouldn't make her worry less about Michael living under the same roof as Nelle. He replied that he was trying to protect her, but she didn't think it was a good enough reason. She demanded to know why, and he blurted out that it was because he loved her.

Sasha smiled and admitted that she loved Michael, too, and they would deal with things together. They shared a kiss but broke apart when his phone rang. He rolled his eyes and answered his phone to Nelle. Nelle complained that Brook Lynn was refusing to let her stay, so Michael asked Nelle to put Brook Lynn on the phone. When she was on, Michael promised to explain later, but he begged her to just give Nelle a room. He hung up and told Sasha that she had no idea what she was getting herself into. "As long as we're together, we can handle anything," she said, and they shared a kiss.

Brook Lynn made light of all the things Nelle and Tracy had in common, so she figured that she would put Nelle in the room that shared a bathroom with Tracy's room. Nelle whined that she'd wanted a room with a lake view, but Brook Lynn ignored her and led her upstairs.

Anna tells Peter she hid his file Anna tells Peter she hid his file
Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Sam sat with Scout at a table in Kelly's. As Scout colored, Sam spoke to Jason on the phone and urged him to get some rest. Her bodyguard stood nearby. Outside, Finn left a message for Anna that Laura's prognosis looked good, and he would be home soon.

Anna missed the phone call from Finn because she was tied to her bannister. Peter told her that no one would save her. He snapped that she'd been playing him for a fool while pretending to be on his side, and she would have to pay the "ultimate price." "Go on then," Anna replied. "I intend to," Peter said. "Not if I have anything to say about it," Violet shouted as she appeared in her Captain Marvel outfit.

Violet and Peter fought, and Violet shot her weapon. Peter fell to the floor, and Violet saved the day for Anna. They thought about playing again, but Peter admitted he didn't want to repeat as the bad guy because it was hard on his back. He wanted a chance to play Fury. Violet insisted that Peter was too good as the bad guy Thanos.

At the Corinthos house, Carly sighed as Michael spoke to someone on the phone and stated that he'd had to get Nelle away from Wiley. Her new residence would be temporary. Jason tried to convince Carly that Michael was handling the situation, and it was his business. He reminded her that they had a bigger problem.

Carly didn't believe that she'd been the target of the shooters but she was upset that both Michael and Sonny had been attacked in public. Jason stated that there was a lead on the organizer. Whoever it had been had taken a risk, gambled, and lost, but Port Charles was a valuable territory; they would try again.

Sasha admitted Jax into the Corinthos house. Jax praised Michael but wanted to warn Sasha that Michael's loyalty drew danger. Sasha related that Michael had been honest with her, but Jax insisted that anyone attached to the Corinthos family would be affected by Sonny's business.

Back at Kelly's, Sam finished up her call to Jason then spoke to Spinelli. She urged him not to rush things, and she assured him that she and Jason would eventually be together again. Finn wandered over after picking up his order. Sam's bodyguard rushed to stop him, but Sam assured the guard it was okay.

Sam told Finn that things were tense, and Finn mentioned that Laura was doing well. He thought she would be focused on finding the responsible party once she was released from the hospital. "Unless Sonny gets to them first," Sam replied. Finn removed his coat and sat down. He and Sam briefly touched on the event with Sonny, and he commented about how relaxed Sam was. After Scout chimed in, Sam suggested that the little girl listen to music, and she placed headphones on her daughter's head.

Sam explained how she had learned to relax because certain events had been a common part of her life. She reminded Finn that with being a spy, the same would hold true for him. She was convinced that people even followed her home at times. Finn admitted that he hadn't wanted anything to do with Anna and her business, but she'd "roped" him in.

Sam revealed that she'd heard details from Cassandra Pierce who had been her roommate in prison. She and Finn talked about Cassandra, and Sam declared that the woman had been bitter over Finn and Anna taking her down. Finn was clear that he no longer wanted to be involved in that kind of thing because he had a daughter, although Sam stated that kids were resilient. She understood his point but believed that it was important that they showed how much they loved their kids by whom they allowed into their kids' lives.

Finn noted that with his daughter missing her mother and being with a new father, he wondered how she processed it all. Sam admitted that Scout didn't ask about Drew anymore, and she was afraid that memories of him had been fading. Sam questioned whether Finn had more information on what had happened to Drew's plane. She believed it had been a coordinated attack along with that on Andre and Franco and that it all went back to the memory transfer. Sam asked if the WSB was still looking into the incident.

Finn flashed back to a conversation with Anna when they had talked about Peter's connection to at least one of the hitmen. Finn stated that Anna didn't share much, and Sam believed that Anna would tell her if she knew anything that didn't reflect poorly on Peter. Sam thought that Finn was aware that Jason believed that Peter was connected to the happenings with Drew, Andre, and Franco.

Finn admitted that he and Anna had probably spoken about it, and Sam couldn't believe that Finn didn't believe it. Finn asked if she had any evidence. Sam declared that Peter had helped Faison and Helena with the memory transfer, and they were both dead. Drew, Franco, and Andre had all been targeted, and that left Peter. She and Finn disagreed on Peter's involvement, and Finn asked that Sam let him know if she heard anything further.

Sam assumed Finn would want to know in order to warn Anna, but Finn smiled and said that it was so he could act accordingly. Sam suggested he make his choices wisely if his involvement with Anna could end up in some harm to Violet because of Peter. "How's that working out for you, your choice to be with Jason?" Finn smirked. He put on his coat and left. Sam phoned Jason again and told him that Finn had doubts about Peter, the same as them. Jason thought they could make it work for them.

Sonny stood by and watched as one of his men beat up one of the shooters at his warehouse. Sonny reminded the man that he'd shot up the warehouse while Sonny's wife had been present. "That's a problem for me!" Sonny screamed at the man. Sonny stated that the man was not his enemy, and he demanded that the man provide the name of his boss. The man remained silent, and Sonny's man began to beat him again.

Sonny phoned Jason and told him he needed him to finish off a job. Jason reminded Carly and Michael to keep the bodyguards informed if they went out. Jason left, and Michael told his mother how worried he was for her and his sisters. Carly thought that it was as safe as Sonny could make it, and he would be able to end things. Michael admitted that Sasha wasn't comfortable with all of it.

Just then, Sasha and Jax entered the room, and Carly assured the young woman that she was safe between all of the guards and the police. Carly warned Michael, though, that having Nelle live at the Quartermaines' was a "different kind of dangerous."

After Michael and Sasha had gone, Jax confessed that he wanted to talk about Josslyn. Carly was too tired. They began to argue, and Jax pointed out that it would be safer to be further away from Sonny. He reminded her of how things had transpired for Michael and Morgan because of Sonny. Carly shouted that she would not be separated from her daughter, and Jax suggested that all of the girls get away. At that moment, Sonny walked in. Carly was obviously upset, and Sonny glared at Jax.

Sonny demanded to know why Jax was there, and Jax wondered if Sonny was any closer to finding the person who had almost shot his daughter. Sonny responded that the police were looking into it, and he suggested that Jax call them. The men began to argue, and Jax asked how Sonny would handle the "Brando situation."

Sonny growled that he took care of his family, and he would handle Brando and anyone else by whatever means were necessary. Jax wanted to make a suggestion. He suggested that Sonny give up his empire, roll over on his associates, and go into Witness Protection. "That's a laugh," Sonny said. Jax asked if Sonny was tired of everything and said he'd put his family and kids at risk.

Carly tried to stop Jax, but he began to tell Sonny off. Jax added that he wasn't over it as long as Josslyn was still living there, and he left. Sonny told Carly he would handle it, and she told him she knew. They shared a hug.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned caught Tracy spying through a doorway, and he did the same. They couldn't believe their eyes. Nelle was helping herself to breakfast. Tracy announced that she was going for "daddy's Winchester," but Ned stopped her. He reminded her that it hadn't been fired in 30 years, and would probably take out an eye. He didn't think that was the right way to go about it and suggested they strategize instead. He said they needed to send Nelle back to the abyss "from whence she came." Nelle opened the door. "Who's going to the abyss?" she asked. "Why, you are, my dear," Tracy replied.

At Anna's house, Peter was exhausted after playing with Anna and Violet. Anna sent the little girl off to get ready for school, and she told Peter how much she appreciated his participation. Peter insisted that he had a great future, thanks to Anna, and he knew she'd gone out on a limb for him. He felt he owed her something for not revealing his past ties to the attempted assassin. He thought she'd bought him some time.

Anna revealed that she wasn't concerned, and Peter shouldn't be either. She flashed back to when she'd hidden the files she'd found. As she and Peter cleaned up and put the furniture back in place, Anna admitted that the information on Peter hadn't made it back to the police file. The incriminating document was out of reach, and the less he knew, the better. Peter thanked her, but Anna assured him it had been the right thing to do.

Peter was more concerned with Jason. Anna confirmed that Jason suspected that Peter had been behind the attack in the hospital as well as Drew's disappearance. She admitted that she'd tried to tell Jason that his beliefs were unfounded, and Peter was concerned. If Jason thought Peter was responsible, he would make a move. Anna made it clear that Jason would have to go through her first.

Peter didn't want Anna to stand between him and Jason. He wanted Anna to let him go in case something happened because of his past. Anna refused and said she would not let Peter go again. They grasped hands, and Anna began to cry. She stated that she had to get Violet's lunch ready. Peter was aware that Jason was important to Robin and hence to Anna. He maintained that Anna would not regret going against Jason, and Peter would make her proud. He would be the son she deserved.

As the family gathered at the Quartermaine house, Ned snatched Nelle's glass of orange juice off the coffee table and away from her. Nelle called him rude, but Ned declared that she had no right to beverages or the house while she contested shares of the family's company. Tracy cackled, but Nelle announced that she needed a key to the house. "When hell freezes over," Tracy declared.

Ned explained that while the family always contributed to the needy, that did not include needy murderers. Nelle reminded him that the man who had built the house had tried to blow up the very woman he'd built the house for. Ned countered that that had been a family member and didn't count. Ned sat down, and he and Tracy informed Nelle that her crimes counted. Nelle sat and insisted that she wasn't going anywhere because she'd been invited. She cited the fact that she and Brooke Lynn were "practically roomies."

Ned couldn't believe that his daughter would have invited Nelle to stay, and he added that only Monica got to decide. Michael and Sasha walked in, and Michael admitted that he'd asked Monica to allow Nelle to stay, and she'd agreed. Tracy and Ned were dumbfounded. Michael explained that he hadn't wanted Nelle near Wiley, but Ned pointed out that there were other kids in the house. Nelle spoke up and stated that she wasn't an ogre who ate children. She'd needed a place to stay. Ned said he would have appreciated a warning.

On her way upstairs, Tracy grumbled that she should have grabbed the Winchester, and she planned on going back to Amsterdam. She called Nelle a "viper with stock," but Ned insisted that Nelle wouldn't be a match for him. He would have her "begging to sell in no time." "Spoken like the true head of this family," Tracy declared. She added that the role of a good CEO was how they handled a crisis, and Michael had created the crisis. "Maybe it is time for a change in leadership," Ned speculated. Tracy announced that she could go home with a clear conscience because her work was done.

In the other room, Michael filled Sasha in on breakfast proceedings as Nelle sat and observed. Sasha disclosed that she was moving in. Nelle walked over to them and suggested that it would be awkward for Michael's ex-wife and his temporary mistress to be living there together. Michael pointed out that he and Nelle had never been married. "Thank God," he added. He informed Nelle that she would be moving to the boathouse, where she'd be comfortable. She could walk back to the house for meals.

At Anna's house, Violet was ready for school and made it clear that she'd be going in her Captain Marvel costume. She and Peter began to play again until Finn walked in. He was surprised at what he saw and clearly not happy.

Jason arrived at the warehouse and heard a gunshot. He pulled his gun and saw a man down on the ground inside. There were more gunshots, and Jason fired his own gun and hit his target. He checked on Sonny's employee, who appeared dead. He threatened to shoot the gunman again, and he demanded the man give up the information he sought. He asked who the man was working for. The man groaned and grunted and finally revealed the name. It was Cyrus Renault.

Nelle reveals her plan to Martin Nelle reveals her plan to Martin
Wednesday, February 5, 2020

At Anna's house, Peter played Captain Marvel with Violet before she headed out to school. Finn walked in on them as Peter's character threatened Violet's character. Violet explained that Peter was the bad guy, and Peter added that the game had been Violet's choice. Finn frowned. Anna joined the group and announced that she would have to drive Violet to school, and Finn suggested that his daughter change out of her costume first.

Peter had to get to work, and Anna told him how good he was with Violet. Peter pointed out that once Anna and Finn were married, he and Violet would officially be brother and sister. Finn grimaced. Peter and Anna shared a hug, and Peter left as Finn stewed. "You left Peter alone with Violet," he accused Anna. Finn acknowledged that he wanted to keep his daughter away from people who killed other people or even pretended to.

Anna was taken aback. She made it clear that Peter would never hurt a child, and they had been playing a game. Finn thought there could be other damage done. He revealed that he'd had a conversation with Sam, and Anna quickly asked him what he'd said. Finn admitted that while he'd said nothing, he had wondered how he would have explained his relationship to a man who had tried to have Andre and Franco killed.

Anna didn't think it was the right time to talk about it, and she reminded Finn of his lack of sleep after being at the hospital all night. Finn accused her of always avoiding his questions, and Anna backed off. She disclosed that she and Peter had had a good talk. She'd learned that one of Faison's associates could have been the one to target Andre and Franco, and so that person could have been connected to Faison and not Peter. Finn wanted more than Peter's word. "Then how about mine?" Anna asked.

Anna asked Finn if he trusted her judgment, but Finn thought she had unresolved guilt and would believe anything that Peter said. Anna agreed that could be true, and Finn asked if Robert had also believed that Peter's connection to the hitman had been meaningless. Anna sat down, and Finn joined her. She admitted that she'd held back some evidence when she'd returned the file to the police.

Finn and Anna began to argue, and Finn wondered if she would have thought another person besides her own son would be innocent in the same circumstances. Anna asked if Finn would be able to see the good in Peter if Violet was not in his life. Finn stated that Violet was there, and he had a responsibility to protect her.

Anna reminded Finn that after their marriage, Peter and Violet would be brother and sister. Finn thanked her for letting him know that was still the plan. He had thought they'd be married already, but she had taken off for six months. Anna replied that she'd thought he'd been okay with it, but Finn declared that he'd never been asked. They were interrupted when Violet returned in a new outfit, and Finn offered to drive her to school. He informed Anna that he wasn't sure he'd be back because he had lots to think about. She began to cry.

Later, Anna received a phone call from Robin to let her know that Emma was on the way for a visit. Anna was thrilled.

Maxie and Nina arrived at Metro Court and grabbed a table. They talked about work until they saw Jax arrive. Nina was bubbly yet awkward as they tried to talk about the shooting until Alexis arrived for a meeting with Jax. "What was that?" Maxie asked Nina after Jax and Alexis had moved on to their own table. She thought that Nina had been flustered, and Maxie knew that something had been going on.

"Jax and I kissed," Nina admitted. She explained that he had wanted to give her a tutorial on fun, and she told Maxie about the Champagne and cheese. She added that the kiss had just happened. Maxie guessed that Jax was a good kisser. Nina added that they'd been interrupted and had left things unresolved. Maxie asked Nina if she was interested in Jax, and Nina turned to look at him.

Alexis and Jax talked about their daughters in regard to the shootings. Jax admitted that he wanted to apologize to Alexis, and she asked if it was about the fact that Nikolas was alive. "Do go on," she urged. Jax insisted that if he could do things over, he wouldn't have kept anything secret. Alexis thought he was too smart to have been involved in a Cassadine scheme, but she sensed that something else was happening.

Jax claimed that he only went to work and was busy, but Alexis asked how things were with Nina. Jax declared that he couldn't run the magazine without her. Alexis thought that Nina had a lot of baggage. She received a phone call just then and got up to take it. In the meantime, Nina walked over to talk to Jax.

Nina told Jax how grateful she was for all of Jax's support. She admitted that she wasn't sure how to act after their kiss. Jax assured her that the kiss shouldn't have happened because he was her boss. It had been inappropriate and ill-timed. He thought they should move forward as friends. Nina was speechless.

Finally, Nina stated that the kiss had been a surprise, and Jax assured her it wouldn't happen again. Nina was glad they both thought it was a mistake, and she held out her hand for a handshake. "Colleagues," she said. The handshake was awkward, and Nina stuttered that she had to get back to work. Jax did, too, and he headed to the elevator. He turned around to look at her again.

Peter joined Maxie and told her about the great time he'd had playing with Violet and Anna. He added that Emma would be visiting, and Anna had made a huge effort to include him in the family. He flashed back to Anna's confession to hiding the incriminating documents and added that Anna had been supportive and on his side. Maxie reminded him that Anna was his mother.

Maxie spotted Alexis standing alone and looking lost, and she invited Alexis to join her and Peter. Alexis sat, and Peter asked her about Nikolas returning from the dead. "No comment," Alexis replied when she guessed that Peter might use it in the Invader. Peter offered to change the subject to something he'd never want to publish.

After Alexis was gone, Maxie told Peter how proud she was of him for backing off of Alexis. Nina returned and announced that she had to get back to work. "It didn't go well," she mouthed at Maxie, who immediately offered to join her. Nina insisted that Maxie stay with Peter.

Spinelli met with Sam at Kelly's. He complained about how he didn't know if it was worse that Sam was prevented from being with the man she loved or the fact that Jason had been labeled as a bad influence. He announced that he was ready and willing to go after Peter, even though Maxie had claimed that Peter had changed. He didn't buy it.

Sam spoke of her belief that Peter had hired the gunman to go after Andre and Franco and had either had second thoughts or been covering his tracks. Spinelli was beside himself that Peter was living with Maxie and therefore near the kids. Sam thought that Peter had played a bigger part in the memory transfer, and Robert would allow her and Jason to be together if they could come up with evidence.

Sam explained her theory about Peter being behind Shiloh's release, her implication in Shiloh's death, and the attack at the hospital. Spinelli jumped up. He was frantic to get to Maxie's. Sam stopped him and informed him that she needed some "solid evidence." Sam thought that Spinelli could get close to Peter as Georgie's father. Spinelli agreed he'd be able to hack Peter's computer, and he thought it was worth the risk.

Julian showed up at Brad's with a couple of cappuccinos and announced that he was there in peace. He thought he could help out with Wiley and therefore be a help to Brad. Julian had realized he'd been selfish. Just then, Wiley began to cry in another room, and Brad ran off to take care of him.

While Brad was gone, Julian opened a capsule and poured it out into one of the cappuccinos. He hid the wrapping in a vase. He daydreamed about Alexis holding Wiley and learning that Brad had taken ill after an opioid overdose. Wiley would need someone to look after him, and Julian would offer to take him. Alexis mentioned how grateful Lucas would be.

Julian dropped the capsule on the floor as Brad returned with Wiley. He asked what Julian was doing. Julian picked up a toy truck and pointed out that he had almost slipped on it. He offered to feed Wiley while Brad took a break and drank his cappuccino.

When Jason arrived at the Corinthos house, Sonny asked if Jason had cleaned up. Jason told him that the gunman had gotten loose, their man Brent was dead, and the gunman was no longer a problem. He added that the gunman had been fearful. Sonny asked if Jason had gotten a name of the man's employer. Carly walked in and demanded to be a part of the conversation. She wanted to know who had tried to kill her children and what Sonny would do about it.

Jason revealed that Cyrus Renault was behind the attack. Sonny explained that Renault was a ruthless drug-trafficker and "heavy hitter." They would not want him as an enemy. Jason went on to explain that the man had always done his business in the Pacific Northwest and was trying to clear the way to operate in Port Charles. The man had not known that Michael wasn't involved in the business, and he had been running his operation from prison. Sonny vowed to strike back hard, and he wanted as much information as possible.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael talked up the boathouse in order to get Nelle to agree to stay there. He opened the door for her to leave, but Nelle didn't think it was fair. She stated that Sasha had committed fraud against Nina, but Sasha noted that Nelle had tried to kill her fiancÚ and committed attempted murder.

Michael thought it best that they all stay away from each other. Nelle thought that Michael had a type, but Michael suggested she not judge anyone. Nelle suggested that Sasha sleep in the toolshed, but Sasha noted that she'd be sleeping in Michael's bed.

Martin arrived, and Nelle carried on that she'd been invited to the Quartermaines' under false pretenses. Michael offered a solution. He would increase his offer, and she could have enough money to move anywhere. Nelle looked at the paper and ripped it up. She stated that she wasn't going anywhere and wasn't changing her mind. Michael informed her that she would be tied up for years, but Nelle replied that she had to stay in Port Charles, anyway, for her parole.

Martin took Nelle into another room and closed the door. He wondered if Nelle actually loved Michael so much that she would not accept his offer. Nelle told her attorney that he wasn't very bright, and she laughed. She declared that she could do better. She was aware that Michael would never love her, and she didn't care.

Martin wasn't sure he believed Nelle, but she asked him if he'd ever heard of the term misdirection. She told him that one made people focus on one thing so they would not be able to see the trap. Nelle explained that the longer she stayed, the more money she would receive. She needed a lot of money to live on because she would be too busy to work. She would have plenty to occupy her time.

Nelle continued that she had one shot at a Quartermaine fortune. "When the offer's high enough, we'll leave Port Charles forever, parole or no parole," Nelle stated. Martin was confused. He thought that Michael was not a part of Nelle's plan. "He's not," Nelle said. "You really are going to enjoy being the houseguest from hell, aren't you?" Martin asked. "Let the games begin," Nelle said as she smiled.

In the foyer, Michael asked Sasha if she had second thoughts. Sasha asked if she was like Nelle, and Michael promised she was not. He stated that Nelle was only trying to hurt Sasha in order to hurt him, and he promised to get Nelle out of their lives. Sasha apologized for her moment of doubt and vowed that Nelle wouldn't scare her off. Michael declared they'd get through it, and they shared a kiss.

Back at the Corinthos house, Jason announced that he had some information on a Canadian entry into the United States. If Renault tried to move the shipment to Port Charles, they'd be able to track it. Sonny revealed that he'd learned via Brick that Renault had received a top-secret transfer from another prison to Pentonville. Jason would pursue it to find out if Renault had had a political connection.

Sonny didn't believe the transfer was a coincidence. He stated that he'd never had an encounter with Renault but would try to find out why Renault was after him. Sonny left, and Carly told Jason about her conflict with Jax, who wanted Josslyn out of Sonny's house. She couldn't blame him, and she worried about how to protect her kids. She wondered if she should move everyone to a beach in California.

Jason pointed out that neither Sonny nor Jax would allow her to take their children, and Michael was grown. Jason thought it was too soon to make a move, and Carly was close to hysterical. Jason thought there was a possibility they would be able to shut down Renault quickly. If it grew dangerous, he would let Carly know, and they would figure it out.

At Brad's place, Julian held Wiley after breakfast and found Brad out on the sofa. Julian woke him, and Brad thanked him again for the break. He added that he hadn't had a chance to enjoy the cappuccino yet. He thought it was good not to be at each other's throats. Julian proposed a toast to the future, and the men grabbed their cups. Brad received a phone call and answered quickly. He learned that Lucas was awake.

"Gracious greetings," Spinelli called out to Maxie and Peter as he spied them sitting at a table in Metro Court. He sat himself at their table cheerfully.

Finn and Sam bumped into each other at Kelly's. Sam noticed that Finn was out of sorts as he stumbled and stuttered. He'd had a long shift at the hospital, but she asked him if it also had anything to do with the conversation they'd had about protecting their children. "What do you do when someone you love is making a mistake so big it's gonna cost someone their life?" Finn asked.

At Pentonville, Sonny picked up a red phone, and the man on the opposite side of the glass picked up his own similar phone. "Mr. Corinthos. We meet at last," Cyrus said.

Sonny has a meeting with Cyrus Sonny has a meeting with Cyrus
Thursday, February 6, 2020

Jason and Michael arrived at the hospital, and Jason told Michael that Cyrus Renault was the one responsible for the three shootings. Curtis entered the hospital from another entrance while he put in a call to Jordan. When she didn't answer, he left her a message to call him back when she got a chance.

Kevin sat at Laura's bedside as she woke up, and she admitted that she'd needed a nap after hearing about problems from Nikolas and Lulu. He offered to have her visitors restricted, but she replied that her kids had needed her. Jason entered to check on Laura, and she wondered if he knew who was responsible for the shootings. Jason answered that Sonny was "working to address the situation." As a friend, Laura was happy that Sonny and his family were all right, but as mayor, she refused to allow the town to be "ground zero" in a mob war. She hoped that Sonny's actions didn't include violence or retaliation, and Jason promised to pass on the message.

When Jason was gone, Laura called Jordan but had to leave a message. Curtis entered the room to check on Laura and offer his security services. Laura appreciated it, but she knew that she'd only been collateral damage. She assumed that Jordan and Taggert knew it was mob violence, too. A suspicious Curtis excused himself to go to the PCPD, so he instructed her to rest, and he left. Kevin agreed that Laura should stop doing work, but she refused to dodge calls when there was a mob war looming. He suggested reaching out to Sonny to try to keep the peace, but she feared that someone else was forcing Sonny's hand and that there would be a lot more collateral damage.

As Jason and Michael left the elevator, Jason filled Michael in on Cyrus Renault. Michael wanted to know how to stop the man, but Jason insisted that that was for Jason and Sonny to worry about. Just then, Michael's phone went off, and he learned that Lucas had woken up.

Outside of Kelly's, Chase greeted Willow, and he wondered if she'd heard from Brad. She hadn't, and she was embarrassed by how important the nannying job had been to her. She suggested that she'd gotten too close and blurred lines. Just then, her phone went off, and she answered it to Michael. When she was off the phone moments later, she informed Chase that Lucas was awake, so everything could go back to normal. Chase suggested that she go visit, but she didn't want to intrude with the family. She figured that she would no longer have a role in Wiley's life.

Inside Kelly's, Finn sat with Sam and wondered how to make someone listen when they didn't want to hear. Sam wondered if he was talking about Anna's blind spot regarding Peter, but Finn backed off. Sam revealed that Finn wasn't the only one who thought Peter was "bad news," as Robert agreed. She told Finn about her and Jason's deal with Robert, and she asked if Finn had any information on Peter. Her phone went off, but she ignored it to continue the conversation with Finn. He insisted that he had nothing to give her, and he left. Her phone went off again, and she answered it to Jason, who informed her that Lucas had woken up.

Anna and Emma arrived home, and Anna babbled on about the snow and ice-skating. She made them some tea and talked about the fun she'd had that morning with Violet and Peter. Emma asked a teary-eyed Anna what was wrong. Anna briefly told Emma that Peter had made bad decisions as a young man, but he was making better choices and doing everything he could to make amends. She continued that Peter wanted to leave the mistakes in the past, but others wouldn't let him.

A short while later, Emma was getting her coat on to go visit Epiphany, and she insisted to Anna that she would be all right walking to the hospital. She listed all of the other people she would visit and added that she would also stop at Metro Court to see Peter. She advised Anna not to listen to whoever was making Anna feel bad about Peter's past, as no one knew him like his family did. Anna agreed and figured that he needed them to believe in him. Finn arrived home and greeted Emma, the "seasoned traveler." Anna advised Emma to call for a ride if she was out after dark. Emma knew that it was a couple hours until dark, so it would give Anna and Finn time to talk.

When Emma was gone, Anna apologized to Finn for not being patient with him. Finn apologized for taking a "cheap shot," and she accepted the apology. He observed that things were strained between them, but he didn't want to be the guy that ran out when things got tough. Anna agreed that that wasn't like him, and they shared a kiss. Finn then told Anna about his conversation with Sam and that Robert was working with Sam and Jason to take Peter down.

At the PCPD, Jordan advised an officer that she was expecting a call from the NYPD about Sonny's experience in Brooklyn. Her phone when off, and she stared at Curtis' name on the incoming call until Taggert interrupted her. Jordan told him about Sonny, but he divulged that he wasn't there for Sonny. He handed her a folder and told her that he'd gotten her some information on her friend Bob, who'd overdosed. She flipped through what looked like Bob's medical records from his doctor and asked how he'd gotten the file. "Don't ask questions if you don't want the answers," he replied, so she let it go.

Taggert explained that Bob had had two checkups every year, and no traces of any drugs had shown up in his bloodwork less than a month before his death. He agreed with Jordan about there being foul play, and she screamed about getting the local authorities to reopen the case. "Unless," he started. "What if it has something to do with what we did?" she questioned. She remembered them saying that they would take it to their graves, and Taggert observed that Bob had kept his end of the bargain.

Curtis arrived and told Jordan that Laura had been trying to reach her. Jordan thanked him for the message and introduced Curtis and Taggert to each other. A suspicious Curtis peppered Taggert with questions. Taggert claimed that he was in town to visit old friends, and he hadn't even known Jordan was the commissioner there. He lied that they'd just run into each other for the first time that day, which Jordan backed up. Curtis wondered how long Taggert would be there. Taggert replied, "For the time being," and he left.

Brad, Wiley, and Julian arrived at Turning Woods, and Carly warned them to take a deep breath before they went in to see Lucas. They entered and saw Bobbie at Lucas' bedside, and he was asleep. Bobbie assured them that Lucas' body was exhausted from fighting to get better, so he needed rest. Bobbie left to talk to Lucas' doctors, and Carly took Wiley so that Brad could have some time with Lucas. She was annoyed that Julian stuck around, but she left anyway.

Brad tried to gently wake Lucas, but Julian demanded that they get their stories straight before Lucas woke up and remembered Brad's confession. "If you get busted, there's no way you're bringing me down with you," Julian growled. Lucas woke up, and Brad expressed his love for his husband. He briefly talked about the accident they'd been in, and he wondered if Lucas remembered anything about it. Lucas only remembered getting home from work after Elizabeth had gotten Terry to cover for him at the hospital.

Lucas spotted Julian, and Brad informed Lucas that Julian had been his "rock" while Lucas had been in the coma. Lucas asked for Wiley, and everyone returned to the room a few minutes later, joined by Michael and Sam. Carly put Wiley down with Lucas and Brad. Lucas teased that he'd been in a coma for longer than Sam had been in jail for manslaughter, and Sam sarcastically expressed how glad she was that he still had his sense of humor. Michael wondered when Lucas could go home, and Bobbie replied that the doctors wanted to watch over Lucas for a few days until he was discharged.

Julian asked to speak with Brad, so the two left the room together. Julian whispered that they needed to get their stories straight immediately, as Lucas might start to remember things the longer he was awake. Brad told Julian to "calm down and chill out." For the first time in months, Brad was sure that everything was going to be all right.

Brad and Julian returned, and Carly noticed that Lucas seemed tired. She assured her brother that she would be back the next morning, and she wanted to give Brad and Lucas some time together. Michael offered to take Wiley for the night, and Lucas thanked Michael. Everyone left the room as Lucas vaguely remembered a conversation with Brad in the car the night of the accident.

Sonny arrived at Pentonville and sat down on one side of the glass. He picked up the phone, and on the other side of the glass, Cyrus Renault picked up his phone. "Mr. Corinthos, we meet at last," Cyrus muttered into the phone. Sonny leaned in and talked about the "big problem" Cyrus had made for himself by commanding three public attacks that ended up not working. Cyrus glared at the guard in the room, who took the hint and left. Cyrus compared his preemptive strike to a Hail Mary pass in football. Sonny growled that it wasn't a game, and Cyrus agreed, as he saw it as a negotiation.

Cyrus offered Sonny ten percent of every shipment that went through Port Charles with a guarantee that none of his merchandise would be sold locally. Sonny wasn't interested, and he wanted Cyrus gone. Cyrus revealed that he had "personal reasons" for his move to Port Charles, and he was "here to stay." Sonny casually mentioned that accidents could happen when someone was so far from home, but Cyrus talked about the "supportive friends" he'd acquired. Sonny shot back that he had friends everywhere and that going up against him could be "very expensive. It could cost your life." Sonny smiled, hung up, and glared at Cyrus before leaving.

Jason's phone went off, and he answered it to Sonny. He asked how the meeting had gone. Sonny replied, "We're in for a fight. The son of a bitch isn't gonna back down."

Martin plots with Valentin, Nelle, and Linc Martin plots with Valentin, Nelle, and Linc
Friday, February 7, 2020

"Darling, I'm here," Ava exclaimed as she stepped off the elevator and saw Nikolas sitting in the hospital hallway. Ava asked about Laura's condition, and Nikolas sighed. "She's much better. Darling," he said sarcastically. Ava hugged him and made a scene of being affectionate. "You have put on your little show," Nikolas said as he patted her shoulder, adding, "You can go now." He thought that Ava had made her point.

Ava insisted that she was truly concerned about Laura, and she handed him a list of rehabilitation therapists that she had already called and checked out. Nikolas was touched and thanked her. Ava reminded him that while her heart did not beat for him, she still had one. She asked him for a kiss goodbye, and he put his arms around her.

"Go away. Go fast. Go for good," he whispered in her ear. Nikolas proceeded to draw Ava into a long kiss. "See you at home, sweetheart," he said. Ava stumbled away as if she was drunk.

Inside Laura's room, Lulu babbled about Dustin and the fact that he'd saved both her mother and her daughter. She was grateful, but Laura recognized that Lulu seemed tense. She realized that Lulu was scared. Lulu admitted that while it was wonderful that Dustin had rushed in and saved the day numerous times, it really did scare her. She didn't want to fall in love with another hero.

Lulu sat on the bed beside Laura. She wondered if she was wrong to resent Dustin's bravery. Laura reminded her that Dante had been a cop, and it wasn't the same thing. Lulu had always spent her life being afraid for him, but Dustin had happened to be in the right places at the right time. Lulu clarified that it had happened three times. Laura didn't think that Dustin was purposely trying to make it a habit.

Lulu had to leave, and she informed Laura that she would fetch Nikolas to visit in her place. She admitted she'd lied to him and told him that Laura was only permitted one visitor at a time. She thought it fair, since Nikolas had put them through a lot. As Lulu left the room, Laura pointed out that only Lulu could decide when to risk falling in love again.

Brook Lynn sat at a table in Kelly's and worked on some song lyrics. She spotted Dustin, and they joked about him being a teacher in disguise as a superhero and about their own early dating days. Dustin sat down, and he looked at what Brook Lynn had written. She complained that she would never be able to sing them, and she told him about her producer.

Dustin thought the lyrics were even better than what Brook Lynn had written in the past, and he hoped that things worked out for her. He stated that music was a part of her DNA and admitted that he'd stopped writing his own music because it had only been a hobby. It hadn't been part of his life like it was with Brook Lynn. She accused Dustin of being nice. He told her he'd always thought of her voice as being her superpower. Brook Lynn had to leave. "Give Ms. Holier-Than-Thou my best," she said grudgingly.

Nina sat at the bar in Metro Court and sipped on a martini. Valentin walked over and pointed out the fully stocked bar without Ava in sight. Nina noted that she and Ava were presently friends. Valentin wanted to know what he'd done wrong because he had only tried to make Nina happy. He realized that some of his methods left something to be desired, though.

Nina declared that she was no longer interested in his type of love, and they needed to move on. She got up and walked away. She acknowledged Martin, who walked past on his way over to Valentin. "She's pretending she doesn't love me," Valentin told his attorney. They grabbed a table.

Martin made it clear that no one would get the Cassadine fortune until the codicil was resolved, and Valentin pointed out that at least they knew where it was. Martin disclosed that he'd kept the DNA test at bay, but Valentin insisted he wasn't worried. He was certain it was all a part of Helena's game, and he was certain he had Cassadine blood.

Valentin asked about his impending acquisition, and Martin assured him it was going well. He declared that their next target would be in position soon. Valentin smiled.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned pointed out the latest headline in the Invader to Michael. He read it out loud. "Hero or Mob Target. How the Rise of Michael Corinthos Impacts the Quartermaine Dynasty." Ned thought it sounded like it could be the start of a problem. Michael maintained that he'd always been transparent on where he stood, but Ned thought that it could be bad if it seemed that ELQ had ties to the mob.

Ned indicated that he was proud to stand by Michael's side. They joked about Edward, and his "complex" ethical code. He had valued family loyalty but had often pitted them against each other. Michael wanted Ned to stay on so that they could show that there were two Quartermaines "minding the shop." Just then, Nelle stomped in and accused Michael of trying to kill her.

Ned thought that "turnabout was fair play," but Nelle began to complain about her dismissal to the boathouse to live. Along with the sound of running water, she'd had men peering into the windows. She had no privacy, and she suggested they could have been hitmen. Ned thought it likely that it was the grounds crew doing their job.

Ned accepted Michael's offer on the way out. Michael suggested he place Nelle's bags on the side of the road if her living conditions were unacceptable. She threatened to move back in with Brad but was taken aback when Michael revealed that it would be crowded with Lucas being awake. "How wonderful" she snapped. "For Brad," she added. Michael reminded her that Lucas would not allow her to be near Wiley.

Michael suggested Nelle's bags be moved to a motel of her choice, but she announced that she would be willing to renegotiate a settlement in order for her to leave. She made it clear that it would depend on how much it was worth for Michael to be rid of her.

At Turning Woods, Lucas recalled being in the car with Brad, who had wanted to make a confession. He remembered being angry and asking a question. He assumed that Brad would remember for him, but Brad replied that he had been falling apart before the accident. Afterward, he'd only been able to focus on Lucas' recovery. Julian declared how worried they'd been. Willow walked in, and Lucas said that he had been thinking about her.

Brad tried to tell Willow that it wasn't a good time for her to be there, but Lucas insisted that things had been harder on Brad. Lucas heard his husband talk about how all of the family members had pitched in, and Willow reminded him that Michael had helped a lot. Sarcastically, Brad made a comment about how he could he have forgotten that. Lucas stated that Michael would make a great father someday, and Willow pointed out that he'd loved Wiley as if he were his own son. Julian turned to look at Brad.

Willow revealed that she'd taken photos of Wiley every day, and she would be sending them on to Lucas. Julian commented on how thoughtful that was, and Lucas was happy to see them. He disclosed that his mind was a blank since before Thanksgiving to the current time, although he seemed to think there was something he was forgetting. He declared that with the photos, it would be like he'd never missed anything.

Nina stopped to visit Ava at the gallery. Ava was surprised to see her, and Nina called it returning the favor, since Ava had visited her. Nina wasn't sure they'd be traditional friends, but she thought of them as comrades in arms or as sisters who were united against the Cassadine men. Ava liked the sound of it. Nina pointed out that she'd disgraced one of the men at the altar while Ava had coerced another into marriage. Neither of the men had seen it coming. "Who says revenge isn't sweet?" she asked.

Ava noted that her romance-free marriage was practical. Both she and Nikolas had gotten what they'd wanted, and they were both obligated to follow their signed post-nup. If anyone committed adultery, that person would forfeit everything. Nina laughed and pointed out that no sex outside of marriage was standard. "Who said anything about sex inside marriage?" Ava asked coyly.

Nina was shocked to learn that there was no sex either in or out of the marriage. Ava believed that she would be able to hold out as long as Nikolas, but Nina was disbelieving. Ava thought it would all end as soon as Nikolas gave in to his urges, and she would win sooner rather than later. "Much sooner," she anticipated.

Back in Laura's room at the hospital, Nikolas visited with his mother and admitted that it was nice that a family member was still talking to him. He revealed that Lulu had only texted him and not looked at him on her way out. Laura refreshed Nikolas' memory and pointed out that Charlotte had almost died because of him. She added that Nikolas had never thought about Charlotte but only about revenge. No one had mattered to him.

Laura was concerned that Nikolas taking revenge was a Cassadine trait, and she was fearful that he could end up like the rest of them. Nikolas revealed that Spencer had said something similar when he'd cut Nikolas out of his life. Laura proclaimed that while Spencer had been hurting, he also had a "knack for grand gestures." She didn't think it would last.

Nikolas sat down by the bed, and he and Laura grasped hands. He asked Laura to speak to Spencer for him, but she refused. She didn't want to disrespect Spencer's feelings. Nikolas admitted that he'd never thought it would be more painful to return. He announced his intention to move Laura and Kevin to Wyndemere when she was released, but Laura laughed. "Absolutely not," she said. Nikolas wanted her protected, but she cited her security detail. In addition, she wondered about Ava's opinion.

Nikolas insisted that Ava had no say in the matter, but Laura couldn't believe that Ava wouldn't "lay claim to something." She asked what the marriage was costing Nikolas. He replied that he and Ava had an agreement. Laura couldn't stand to see him "trapped in a loveless marriage." Nikolas promised that he would not remain married to Ava for the rest of his life.

Brad left Lucas' room at Turning Woods, and Julian followed. Brad was excited that the worst appeared to be over because Lucas didn't remember anything. He added that Lucas had also mentioned the unlikelihood of getting his memory back. Julian wasn't feeling as good about it and worried about what would happen in the event that Lucas did recall anything.

Willow remained in Lucas' room and told him how she'd pitched in when she could, but things hadn't ended well. She told him that Brad had been fragile and emotionally unpredictable, even more than before the accident. She had been concerned. Lucas was startled to hear it, but she thought maybe Brad would be better since Lucas was better.

Brook Lynn sat down at a table with Ned in Metro Court. Ned urged her to not lose her temper and to act as though her producer didn't mean anything. She immediately lost her temper and declared that Linc was holding her voice hostage. She stopped herself and calmly prepared herself for their meeting. Linc arrived, and Ned stood to shake his hand. Both men sat, and Linc declared that he had been looking forward to working with Eddie Maine.

Linc noted that his contract with Brook Lynn had been a "sweet deal," but Ned replied that it wasn't. Brook Lynn tried to control her temper as her father tried to negotiate with the record producer. Linc thought that Brook Lynn was sensitive with a tendency to "lash out," but Ned thought it was a worthy reaction to sexual assault.

Linc insisted that he had not sexually abused anyone and called himself affectionate. He thought that Brook Lynn had overreacted. Brook Lynn felt it difficult to maintain her composure, and Ned held her back. Ned declared that Linc had touched his daughter intimately without her consent. "Time's Up," Ned said. He handed over a check that included the projected revenue on what would have been Brook Lynn's next three albums. Linc rejected the offer. "But if she sings a single note, it's mine," he said.

Brook Lynn stood. She announced that she would make sure that everyone would know that Linc had sexually harassed her, and she would not sing for him. "The next time you put your hand on my ass, I will cut it off," she shouted. She grabbed her purse and headed to the elevator. "Sensitive," Ned said. He added that the army of lawyers at his business would eat Linc alive in ways they would never imagine. He added that the check was a one-time offer, and Linc should take it. Ned walked off.

Lulu met up with Dustin at Kelly's and sat next to him at the counter. He asked about their previously scheduled meeting at the hospital, but she told him that it was impossible to keep any secrets there, even in an empty hallway. "What are we talking about?" he asked. "Us," she replied. She pointed out the extraordinary number of incidents they'd been involved in, and Dustin asked if she always attracted those things to herself. They agreed that a quiet night at home would be nice, and they left Kelly's for an evening of movies and popcorn at Lulu's.

As Brad and Julian returned to Lucas' room, Lucas was thanking Willow for a huge favor. Brad's demeanor was changed, and he was happy that Lucas was awake. Lucas announced that he had a solution to all that Brad had to deal with, including childcare and the revolving door of caretakers. He'd hired Willow to take care of Wiley.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael explained the new offer and terms to Nelle. She looked at the paper and replied that it was the same offer as the last one he'd made. Michael explained that there were added incentives, but she rejected the offer again. Michael asked what she wanted, and Nelle replied that it was more than he was willing to give her. She stated that she would find another buyer.

Out by the staircase, Nelle phoned Martin, who was still at Metro Court. She told him she was ready to sell "that offer." He thought he would be able to deliver.

Martin finished up his brief call with Nelle and walked over to Linc. "You were saying?" Martin asked. "Brook Lynn will do anything, give anything, to get out of her contract," Linc informed him. Martin agreed he'd be in touch. They shook hands, and Martin called Valentin next. Martin told Valentin they were about to go shopping. "I do look forward to joining their family," Valentin responded.

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