General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 2, 2020 on GH
Taggert died at the hospital. Dr. Portia Robinson raced to be with her daughter Trina. T.J. seemingly vanished, but Jordan was confident that T.J. wasn't in danger. Nelle's lawyer managed to get the charges against Nelle dropped, thanks to Valentin's secret intervention. Liesl was arrested by the WSB for murder and attempted murder. Michael made some important decisions about his son. Alexis and Neil had a chance encounter.
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Taggert died at the hospital and Dr. Portia Robinson raced to be with her daughter Trina
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Laura has Cyrus put into solitary Laura has Cyrus put into solitary
Monday, March 2, 2020

At the Corinthos house, Sonny confirmed to Carly that Josslyn and Dev were almost back to normal after he'd heard them arguing about a movie. Sonny informed Brando that he and Dev could both stay at the house "under my protection." Brando replied that Dev could stay, but he planned on leaving town. Carly was aghast, and she made it clear that Brando should stay in Port Charles.

Sonny declared that Brando was "part of this now," but Brando urged him to just tell people he'd left to look for a job while Dev remained in school. He added that his life and job were in Chicago. Sonny didn't want to hear it, and he suggested that Brando open up his own shop in town. "Anything you need," Sonny argued.

Brando reminded Sonny that he'd backed up Sonny's story as Sonny had wanted, but Sonny suggested that Brando should go further for his family. Brando snapped that they'd been family for "like five minutes," but Sonny insisted that they'd been family all along and just hadn't known each other. Sonny pointed out that Brando had saved Carly's life and would be a target.

At that moment, Donna began to cry, and Carly went upstairs to get her. Sonny received a phone call from Jason, who filled him in on what had happened with Taggert. Jason pointed out that Taggert and Jordan were somehow connected. Sonny announced that he was on his way to Jason.

Michael spoke to Willow at the Quartermaine mansion and was adamant that he wanted her to remain in both his life and Wiley's. Willow was insistent that while she loved Wiley more than she could say, she had to let him go. She appreciated Michael's sentiment, but she had never been Wiley's mother; since she'd learned the truth, all she could think about was how her real son had been treated.

Willow didn't want Wiley to pick up on her feelings. Michael was sorry, and he understood that it felt like Willow had lost her son all over again. Willow added that she'd never gotten to mourn her son because she'd never known he had died. She felt like she should have known the truth as his mother, but Michael pointed out that he should have known the truth about Wiley as his father.

Michael felt that the two boys were bound together as brothers due to circumstances, and he still believed that Willow deserved to be in Wiley's life. Sasha walked in and apologized for interrupting, although the others assured her she wasn't. Sasha revealed that she'd had some difficulty getting Wiley to go back to sleep, and Michael agreed to check on his son. Before he left, he told Willow that no matter what she ultimately decided, she would always have a place in his family.

Willow told Sasha she was doing okay, but she wasn't better. Sasha disclosed that Michael doubted his abilities as a father. Willow insisted he'd done a good job, and she thought that Wiley was also lucky to have Sasha in his life. Sasha made it clear that she wasn't Wiley's mother, and Willow quickly pointed out that she wasn't, either. Sasha thought that Willow had shown herself to be one of the two best mothers in town, the other being Nina with Charlotte. She added that both Michael and Wiley needed Willow.

Willow insisted it was too painful, and it wasn't good for either her or Wiley to be together. Sasha asked why Willow wanted to stop after giving Wiley a good start in life. She thought they deserved to be in each other's lives, and she added that Willow should try it. She noted that she'd seen how much love Willow had for all the kids she'd been surrounded with in Port Charles, and she thought the love Willow had was "profound." Willow thought it great that Michael and Wiley had someone in their lives that cared.

Sasha and Willow heard Michael returning with Wiley, and Willow hastily put on her coat and ran out the back door before they arrived. Willow peered through the window after her departure.

Elizabeth and Franco rushed into General Hospital and found Cameron. Elizabeth gave Cameron a big hug, and he told her that Trina was worried about her father. Jason was nearby, and he informed Epiphany that Trina was Taggert's daughter. Epiphany announced that Taggert was being prepped for surgery, but she took Trina to see him.

Jordan also rushed into the hospital and found Curtis to give him a big hug. He said that he was okay, but Taggert wasn't. Jordan was furious with her husband and snapped that he should have called her because he could have been killed. Curtis replied that he hadn't called because Trina wasn't his daughter, and Taggert had been advised not to call the cops. Jordan angrily stated that Curtis should have known better.

Curtis explained that Taggert had been afraid that Jordan would have tried to save them both, and his daughter would have paid the price. Jason walked over to Curtis and asked him why he'd been involved. Curtis replied that he'd been helping a friend and wouldn't say anything more. Jason told him that Taggert had been working with Sonny, and there'd been something personal going on between Cyrus Renault and Taggert.

Trina sat beside Taggert and grabbed his hand. She told him she was okay. Jordan and Curtis looked in as Curtis told his wife about Jason's question. Jordan apologized for her behavior but admitted that she was not only angry at Curtis but also at other people as well as the situation. She continued that someone had leaked the names of personnel on the DEA task force, and she hadn't been able to stop others from being killed. She wondered how she'd be able to protect an entire city.

Laura arrived, and Jordan updated her on the situation. Laura wondered if Cyrus had been involved, and Jordan admitted that while she had no definite proof, she thought it had been on his orders.

Cameron told Elizabeth and Franco about his evening, starting with the man who had picked him and Trina up for the dance through Jason shooting and killing the gunman who'd stood over Cameron. "Thank God Jason was there," Elizabeth exclaimed. "He saved me," Cameron declared. He began to cry and was noticeably shaken. Elizabeth did her best to comfort and reassure him, and she gave him a hug.

Back at the Corinthos house, Carly returned to the living room with Donna in her arms. She sat down on the sofa to continue her chat with Brando. She informed him that Sonny hadn't been trying to bribe him by offering to set him up. Quickly, she corrected herself and agreed that maybe it had been a little bit of a bribe. She explained that Brando would be guarded if he stayed, but Brando refused to change his mind. He didn't want to be "beholden" to Sonny.

Carly insisted that Brando was wrong, and she was grateful to him for saving her life. Brando sat down and stared at Donna and told Carly how beautiful the baby was. Carly admitted that she was scared for Brando because she didn't want him to be targeted. He gave in and agreed to stay in town because it was important to her. Carly assured him that it had been a waste of time to argue with her because she always got what she wanted. She walked off with Donna in her arms.

At the hospital, Elizabeth bumped into Jason and thanked him profusely for saving Cameron. Jason thanked her in return for calling him in the first place. She was worried about Cameron's safety, but Jason assured her that he'd been in the wrong place because the thugs had been after Taggert.

Jordan gave Laura information on what was being done to stop the latest violence, but Laura was concerned that Cyrus and his men seemed capable of working around their methods. Jordan insisted there was a trail with all of the latest violence, but Laura suggested that they develop a better plan of attack.

Taggert woke up, and Trina immediately called for help. Epiphany and Lucas rushed into the treatment bay, and Epiphany took Trina out while Lucas worked. Trina spotted Curtis and blamed him for her father's condition. She accused him of ditching Taggert. Shortly after, Lucas emerged from Taggert's room, and Curtis and Jordan visited with the patient. Jason looked on curiously.

Taggert asked Jordan if he was in trouble, and she said no because he was still breathing. She added that if he had been killed she would have been "mad as hell." Taggert thanked Curtis for saving Trina, and Curtis admitted that both Jordan and Trina had been giving him a hard time. Taggert explained to Jordan that he hadn't been able to involve the police, although Jordan insisted that he could always involve her. Taggert maintained that he'd only wanted to save his daughter, but Jordan pointed out that they would need to be ready for another attack. She wanted to finish together as a team.

Cameron happened to see Jason in the hallway, and he thanked Jason for saving him. Just then, Sonny arrived, and he declared how happy he was to see that Cameron was okay. Cameron gracefully bowed out, citing the fact that he knew the two men had a lot to talk about. Sonny and Jason watched as Jordan and Curtis departed from Taggert's treatment bay, and Sonny went in soon after.

Once inside with Taggert, Sonny reprimanded the former cop because he hadn't called Sonny for help. Taggert was sorry he had disappointed Sonny, and he disclosed that he hadn't had enough time for a phone call. Sonny made it known that he was the first one that Taggert should call, and Taggert wondered if that meant they were working together. Sonny assured Taggert it was just the one time, and he joked that Taggert shouldn't make it a habit.

Sonny also noted that he hadn't realized that Taggert was Trina's father, and he hadn't pegged Taggert for a family man. Sonny added that Trina had been a great friend to Josslyn. Taggert confided that he knew it wasn't over. "Look out for her," he pleaded.

Out in the hallway, Jordan left a voicemail for T.J. She was worried about Cyrus and hoped everything was okay with her son. She decided to tell Laura the truth.

Sonny left Taggert's treatment bay and ran into Trina. He was glad she was okay, and he told her that her father was waiting to see her. Trina raced off. Laura saw Sonny and asked him about his visit with Taggert. She wondered if the men had buried the hatchet or if it was an "enemy of my enemy kind of thing." Sonny admitted it was a little of the first but mostly the second.

An emotional Laura proclaimed that Cameron had almost died, and she was grateful to Jason for saving him. She believed it to only be a "temporary fix." She added that Cyrus was dangerous and more so if Sonny retaliated. "Cyrus Renault is now my problem," the mayor announced.

Trina visited with Taggert again and admitted she had been scared she would lose him. She wanted him to stay in Port Charles longer, and she was happy he was there. She named various events that he could attend with her, and Taggert promised to do his best. He asked her to pick him up some malted milk balls and told her he loved her. Trina said she loved him, too. "Man, I love that kid," Taggert muttered after Trina had gone.

Jordan confessed everything to Laura about the DEA and taking down Cyrus. Jordan told her that everyone was fair game, even Taggert's daughter, but she couldn't move him to solitary without cause. She was certain that Cyrus had been working even while behind bars. "I'll give him cause," Laura retorted.

As Trina stopped to talk to Cameron and share her excitement over her father staying in town, Lucas and Epiphany ran into Taggert's treatment bay when his monitor began to beep. Lucas emerged soon after and made the announcement that Taggert was dead. He'd suffered a blood clot from his injury.

Trina arrived and saw the growing crowd. Elizabeth stepped aside and asked to speak to her. "Your dad's gone," Elizabeth said sympathetically. Trina grew hysterical as Lucas tried to explain. Trina sobbed, and Jordan began to cry, too.

A little later, Trina sat beside Taggert. Jordan entered the room and told Trina a little of her history with Trina's father. She noted that all he had ever talked about had been football and his little girl. He had been the best agent she'd ever worked with.

Jason informed Sonny that he'd asked Curtis about his connection to Taggert. Jason believed it was through Jordan because she and Taggert had worked with the DEA. He noted the attempts that had been made on Taggert's life and the fact that Cyrus was in town for personal reasons. He thought the vendetta was personal. "What if it doesn't end with Taggert?" Sonny asked.

Laura arrived at Pentonville and received a message that Taggert was dead. She gasped. She overheard Cyrus complain that it was late and that he didn't want to be disturbed, but he was taken out in cuffs to meet with Laura against his will. He knew who Laura was and noted that she looked well after her ordeal. He asked if the gunmen had been found. Laura declared that she didn't have the patience to deal with him because her friend had just died. Renault was sorry.

Laura replied that her friend had been a good man and cop who had left a daughter behind. Cyrus was sure she was devastated, and Laura replied that he had no idea how she felt. The mayor noted that she had spoken to the warden, and solitude was great for enjoying one's own thoughts. It was part of rehabilitation. Cyrus quickly retorted that she had no cause to put him in solitude, but Laura told him she had some evidence. She was looking at a possible link to violent crimes that had been committed.

Laura added that she couldn't allow Cyrus to be in contact with the outside world, and he shouted that he was behind bars, so he had no contact. Laura lost her temper and began to yell. She was familiar with the fact that contact with the outside world could be made in numerous ways. She began to list the various methods: through attorneys, visitors, other inmates' attorneys, smuggled cell phones, and codes on the pay phone.

Laura snapped that they were in a prison, and she didn't need any proof. She urged Cyrus to file a complaint if he was unhappy. Cyrus declared that he was sorry for Laura's loss. "No, you're not," Laura said, adding, "But you will be." The prisoner was led to solitary.

Back at the hospital, Trina held Taggert's hand until Epiphany arrived to take her away from the room. Trina kissed her father's hand and placed the box of candy on his stomach. Jordan cried and leaned over Taggert. "I will protect your daughter, and I will make this right," she promised. Trina glared at Curtis in the hallway. Elizabeth told Trina that she'd been unable to reach Trina's mother, but she wanted Trina to go home with her.

Franco hoped that Cameron was okay. Cameron told Franco how Trina had been there for him when they hadn't known whether Franco would be returning to the family. He had always had hope, but Trina's father was gone; she didn't have a chance to have any hope. Franco urged Cameron to be there for Trina.

Julian threatens Linc Julian threatens Linc
Tuesday, March 3, 2020

On the phone at home, Ned was incredulous that he'd hit a dead end. He demanded answers from the person on the phone. Down the hall, Brook Lynn imagined that she was accepting a major music award, and she used her brush as a microphone. As she vocalized in the mirror, Michael commented to Olivia in the living room that he just hoped Brook Lynn didn't wake Wiley up. Minutes later, Brook Lynn entered the room in a sunny mood. Ned informed her that her outfit was inappropriate for the office, and she whined that she'd thought he'd been kidding about her working at ELQ.

Ned lectured that Brook Lynn couldn't just ignore the situation with Linc until it went away. Brook Lynn replied that her father shouldn't worry, as she had a feeling that Linc was "coming around." He advised her to stop whatever scheme she had in motion, as he didn't want to clean up another one of her messes. Olivia interrupted and invited Ned to visit Leo before the nanny picked Leo up, so the two left. Michael assured Brook Lynn that Ned was just worried, and Michael hoped that Brook Lynn succeeded. In return, Brook Lynn sincerely wished the best for Wiley, and she suddenly remembered her conversation with Julian. She was sure that everything would work out, and she abruptly left.

Ned and Olivia returned a short while later, and Michael explained away Brook Lynn's attitude as emotions running high with all that had been going on. Michael continued that he had a "pitch" for Ned. He talked about how he needed to get Wiley used to Michael being his father and to spend more quality time with his son. He hated having to ask Ned for more help at ELQ, but he wondered if Ned would take over the company for a month. Ned agreed and shook Michael's hand.

Later, Michael was gone, and Ned was on the phone, setting up a meeting with the staff to announce the change in CEO. When he was off the phone, Olivia commented that Ned had never used the word "temporary." Ned insisted that he only had the best interests of Michael and of ELQ at heart. He continued that "in these turbulent times," the company needed a more "seasoned leader," and he expressed his intention to make his position as CEO permanent.

Later, Michael let Diane into the house, and he asked for her advice on changing Wiley's last name. He wasn't sure whether to make Wiley a Quartermaine or a Corinthos, and he wanted Diane's objective opinion. She commented that both families were "notorious," but she suggested using both. She thought that Wiley Quartermaine-Corinthos was "a name to be reckoned with." She advised him to hold off on the change, as Nelle might have other ideas. Michael believed that she was on her way back to prison, but Diane informed him that, until a judge and jury made that decision, Nelle was "very much a factor" in Wiley's life.

On the terrace at Metro Court, Alexis observed that Valentin seemed to have "come a long way" since the last time she'd found him up there. She wondered what had changed. He answered that finding out that he wasn't a biological Cassadine had only been a "temporary setback." Alexis thought that he should get over the fortune, and that he was better off without the name. He revealed that he intended to keep the name "and all that comes with it." He insisted that Charlotte would see him as a respected man. Alexis confided that she'd only begun to respect herself after she'd left the family and built her own life. Valentin halfheartedly promised to consider it, but she replied that she wouldn't hold her breath. He called her cynical and said that, while they weren't actually related, they were a lot alike.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Peter could sense that something was wrong with Maxie and asked what it was. She divulged that she'd turned down Spinelli's invitation for lunch because she was sick of him constantly interrogating and being suspicious of Peter. Peter didn't want to drive a wedge between the co-parents, and she agreed to think about rescheduling lunch. Peter admitted to Maxie that Spinelli wasn't the only one with questions about Peter's past. He told Maxie the real reason that Finn and Anna had split up, and she wondered why he hadn't told her before. She added that "we tell each other everything, or we don't have a relationship." She believed in their relationship and thought that no one could drive them apart but themselves.

"There's no place like home," Liesl announced when she arrived in front of Maxie and Peter's table. She sat down and handed out souvenirs from her enlightening trip to Switzerland. She explained that Neil had helped her realize that her loneliness was "self-inflicted," as she hadn't been able to forgive herself for her part in Nathan's death. Just then, Maxie got a text message and excused herself to call Nina. Liesl told Peter than she'd crossed many "ethical and legal" lines for Faison, so she knew what it was like to try to live down her past. She promised Peter that she would always listen if Peter ever felt the need to "unburden" himself. "You're too kind," he replied suspiciously.

When Maxie returned ranting about how Nina needed to appreciate her more, she sensed the tension and wondered what she'd missed. Liesl revealed that she felt closer to Peter. "Closer than you know," Peter added. A confused Maxie was glad they were getting along, and the two agreed.

At the park, Finn was getting Violet ready for her ice-skating lesson when she called out a greeting to Anna. Anna, who was on her way to get tea, didn't want to intrude, but Violet insisted that Anna stay. Violet told Finn to get Anna's tea so that Violet could talk to Anna, and an amused Finn obliged. Violet hugged Anna and said that she'd missed Anna, who returned the sentiment. When Finn returned with tea for Anna and hot chocolate for Violet, Violet told them about her two stuffed animals who had separated because they were mad at each other. Violet thought that Anna could help if she visited, but Anna called one of the stuffed animals "stubborn."

Violet's skating teacher arrived and escorted Violet to the rink. Anna told Finn that they didn't have to be separated, and she believed that they could make it work. She wondered if Peter was a wall between them or an obstacle they could find their way around. She reasoned that Peter was an adult with his own life -- and he didn't even live with her -- so she asked if he was worth sacrificing their future together. He wished that they could pick up where they'd left off, but he couldn't risk that with Violet around. When Violet returned a short while later, Violet hugged Anna goodbye, and she asked if they could see Anna again soon. "We'll see," Finn replied, and the two walked away from Anna.

Linc was waiting at the docks when Julian arrived. As Julian put on some leather gloves, he talked about how the neighborhood got a bad rap, as he liked the quiet. He added that Linc could fall into the water, and no one would hear him cry for help. Linc said that he was meeting someone and didn't have time to play games with a stranger. Julian put a hand on Linc's shoulder and started to talk about Brook Lynn. He informed Linc that Brook Lynn didn't want to make music for Linc or wait five more years to do so, so she wanted out of her contract immediately. He pulled Linc to the end of the dock and threatened to push him in the water if he didn't let Brook Lynn out of her contract.

Julian continued that he knew a lot of people in the music industry who could make Linc's life difficult. He proposed that Linc could let Brook Lynn out of her contract, or he could "go for a swim." Just then, Valentin arrived and asked if there was a problem. "Not concerning you," Julian answered. He added that he had just been delivering a message from a "mutual friend." Julian asked Linc if the message was received, and Linc nodded silently. Julian said that he didn't want to have to meet Linc again. He mentioned to Valentin that Valentin was lucky Ava could swim, and Julian left.

Linc told Valentin that he hadn't signed up for ruining his career or losing his life. Valentin assured Linc that Brook Lynn was getting desperate by having Julian help her out, but if Linc wanted to bail out, he could pay Valentin back the money he'd already gotten. Linc replied that he just wanted to make it back to Los Angeles with his life and career intact. Valentin figured that Brook Lynn was bluffing, as she probably didn't want her hands dirty. He added that Brook Lynn was ready for a deal, and he promised that Linc would collect.

As Brook Lynn arrived at the Metro Court restaurant, she left a voicemail for Lucas. She insisted that she'd been thinking about him, but she'd wanted to give him space. She was sorry for everything that he was going through, and she promised that they would still be friends, no matter what. Julian arrived and told Brook Lynn about his meeting with Linc and the interruption by Valentin. Julian concluded that he'd gone as far as he was willing to, so she was on her own.

Brook Lynn threatened to tell Lucas everything if Julian walked away, but he called her bluff. "Try me," she shot back. Julian maintained that he'd lost count of how many tense conversations he -- and many other people -- had had with Brad. He didn't think that Brook Lynn would want to be responsible for Lucas losing his son, husband, and father in such a short period of time. He related that, if Sonny had Julian killed, Brook Lynn wouldn't want that blood on her hands, either. "You think your career is worth my death?" he asked, and he was answered with silence. "I didn't think so," he said, and he left.

A short while later, Brook Lynn sat with Linc at a table, and he advised her to "find new friends." She impatiently asked if he was going to tear up her contract. He assured her that she could have her freedom, but she refused to sleep with him. When he told her that she didn't have to, she asked what the catch was. He gave her a stack of papers and informed her that he wanted her ELQ shares.

Charges against Nelle are dismissed Charges against Nelle are dismissed
Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Valentin sat at the bar in Metro Court and kept his eye on Brook Lynn sitting at a nearby table. Olivia approached Valentin and reported that Nina was out of town on business. He replied that he hadn't been stalking anyone but only people watching. Olivia announced that as co-owner, she reserved the right to throw him out. Valentin assured her that he had no ill will toward the Quartermaines, and, in fact, they had a lot in common. He flashed back to telling Michael not to make him an enemy. He tossed money onto the bar and left.

Linc arrived and sat down at the table with Brook Lynn. She told him off. He informed her that she was free to leave their recording deal, but he wanted her shares of ELQ. Brook Lynn asked why when he didn't even know what ELQ did. "Do you?" Linc asked. He wanted the dividends to invest in his future. "What's a volatile nonqualified rate of return on a short sale?" Brook Lynn asked him.

Linc retorted that he didn't need a quiz, but Brook Lynn wanted to know what he was doing. "You knuckle-dragging, skeevy perv," she declared. Linc insisted he didn't have an ulterior motive but only wanted the best deal. Brook Lynn explained that the shares were only worth what someone else would be willing to pay for them, but Linc wondered if it was worth her independence. They argued until Olivia stopped at the table and asked if there was a problem. Linc left abruptly, and Olivia took his seat.

Olivia looked at Brook Lynn suspiciously. Brook Lynn thanked Olivia for scaring Linc off. She admitted that they'd been conducting new negotiations, but they hadn't involved money. Olivia offered to have Sonny break Linc's legs if the price involved sex. Brook Lynn expressed her appreciation. She couldn't believe they could do that, but she admitted that it involved her dignity. Olivia laughed.

"Haven't you bought and sold that already about ten times over?" Olivia asked. She pointed out that Brook Lynn was a Quartermaine. Brook Lynn admired Olivia's ability to make wicked look easy, but Olivia reminded her that there were books on the family that thrived on scandal. Brook Lynn was worried that if she did what Linc wanted, the family wouldn't look at her in the same way. Olivia urged Brook Lynn to do whatever would provide the best outcome for her, but only if she could live with it. Olivia added that Brook Lynn should consider something other than singing if she didn't do it.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael finished up a business call as Sasha entered the room. He revealed that he planned to take a month-long leave of absence in order to be a full-time father to Wiley. Sasha was happy for him. He also told her that Willow had decided not to be in Wiley's life for a while. He should have respected her decision, but he'd begged her to reconsider. He thought that she and Wiley needed each other.

Sasha and Michael sat on the sofa. Sasha wondered what Michael would do if Willow decided against seeing Wiley. Michael hoped he could accept it, but he didn't think it was a good idea for them to be apart. He received a phone alert that it was time for Nelle's arraignment. He knew it would be a circus, and he didn't think there was a need for Sasha to accompany him.

At the park, Willow sat on a bench and eyed all of the children around her. When a little boy dropped his hot chocolate, she ran to his aid. The boy's father rushed over and thanked Willow for her help. Chase arrived, took one look at Willow, and asked her if she was okay. He gave her a hug. Willow apologized for ruining the afternoon and assumed that everyone in the park thought she was the "crying lady in the park" and crazy.

Willow revealed that Michael had asked her to stay in Wiley's life, and after giving it some thought, she had decided that she did want to do that. She clarified that she wouldn't be Wiley's nanny but just remain in his life with a "consistent presence." She didn't think the relationship would be changed. "Wiley is in my heart," Willow confessed. She added that she missed him. Chase wanted her to take a breath. He thought it would feel different, and he was concerned about her.

Carly ran into Nelle in the courtroom pre-arraignment and told the younger woman that she'd be back in Pentonville soon. Carly had known that Nelle would "screw up" again. Nelle's attorney, Zahra, ordered Carly to stop antagonizing her client. Nelle introduced the women to each other, and Carly recalled that Zahra had been Shiloh's attorney.

Zahra acknowledged her previous client and noted that he'd been a man of contradictions. Carly called them lies and noted that Shiloh had been a rapist and con man. Zahra thought Carly's words were too harsh for Shiloh's grieving widow to hear, but Carly declared that Nelle had only married him for his ELQ shares. Nelle thought that Carly was cruel but should be thanking her for making Carly a grandmother.

Nelle pointed out how she and Carly were connected, and the discussion centered on whether Nelle's crimes were all real or alleged. Carly was sure that one day, Wiley would learn about Nelle's crimes when he was old enough to read about them online himself after Nelle admitted to everything. If she expressed regret, Wiley would know that Nelle had been sorry.

Jordan sat at her desk in her office at the police station. Mac found her on the phone, and he waited patiently until Jordan finished her call. He had a bottle of alcohol and two glasses. He poured them each a drink, and they toasted to Marcus Taggert. Mac noted that the wake would be at the Floating Rib, and he expected the department to be out in "full force."

Jordan declared that Taggert's death needed to be avenged. Mac sat down and confessed that he had a lead. "Your husband," he said. Mac was aware that Curtis had accompanied Taggert to the warehouse. He proceeded to go over all that was known of the subsequent event. Mac wanted Curtis to have a "clear head" when questioned. He rose and headed to the door. "You forgot your bottle," Jordan called out. "No, I didn't," Mac replied.

Sonny and Jason met with Curtis at the pier. Sonny proclaimed that Cyrus was a problem, and they needed a solution. Curtis regretted what had happened at the warehouse, but Sonny assured him that he'd done everything possible. "Except save Taggert," Curtis remarked. Sonny thought that Curtis had made the right call to save Trina, but Curtis didn't think it felt right.

Sonny made it clear that while he'd had issues with Taggert, the cop had been a brave man. Sonny thought the men's plan had been "doomed," but Jason noted that Taggert had contacted Curtis because they hadn't been able to call the cops. "No one wants you taking the heat for something you might have done that crossed the line," Sonny told Curtis.

Sonny maintained that everyone had secrets, but it wasn't a good time to keep them quiet. He added that Cyrus was a threat to all of them. "Good talk," Curtis said as he turned and walked away. Jason thought that Curtis had appeared uncomfortable, and he believed that Jordan was "in deep." Sonny thought that was an interesting theory.

Jason surmised that Taggert and Jordan had been involved in taking Cyrus down, and Sonny guessed that had been why Cyrus had wanted revenge. They heard footsteps, turned, and saw Mac approaching them. Mac asked if the meeting was about the coffee business. Sonny called him Detective Scorpio, and Mac quickly reminded him that it was Chief Scorpio. Sonny expressed his sympathy about Taggert's death and admitted they'd had disagreements over the years.

Mac assumed the disagreements had been over Taggert enforcing the law while Sonny had broken it. Mac understood that Jason had helped during the siege at the warehouse, but Jason replied that he couldn't talk without his attorney. Mac noted that things didn't change, but he wanted to know if Taggert had said anything that could give Trina some peace. Jason informed him that Trina had been the only thing that Taggert had cared about.

Sonny wondered if Mac was there to give him a message or a warning, but Mac indicated that it was merely a courtesy. He explained that Laura had instructed all city agencies to "come down hard" on businesses like the ones that Sonny and Cyrus conducted. He wasn't familiar with Cyrus, but he wanted Sonny to expect a visit from the health department at the coffee warehouse. Sonny wondered if Mac might want something in return.

Mac wanted a favor in case he needed Sonny's thoughts on Cyrus. He believed the case felt different because a cop was dead, and the mayor had been shot. Sonny snapped that the shots had been meant for his family members, so it was different. Both men agreed that they hadn't missed their chats. Sonny shook his head as Mac departed.

Chase arrived at the Quartermaines' and found Sasha on the phone with Lucy. Sasha quickly ended her call, and Chase revealed that he was looking for Michael because he'd been "messing" with Willow's head and needed to stop. He explained that Willow hadn't wanted further contact with Wiley; however, Michael had been pushing her, and she was grieving.

Both Sasha and Chase sat on the sofa. Sasha tried to assure Chase that Michael hadn't been trying to hurt Willow. Chase established that Willow was the strongest person he knew but had been falling apart, and Michael had been speeding things along. Sasha was sorry, and she admitted that she'd also tried to convince Willow to change her mind. Chase was angry and wanted Willow to have her own space. He stood up.

Sasha thought that Willow had needed to hear that it was okay to still see Wiley, but Chase didn't think that Willow had either the distance or perspective to make a decision. Sasha agreed that Michael didn't, either, but she announced that both she and Chase were capable of doing so. She thought they should keep their eyes open and communicate. They wouldn't be spying but supportive.

Sasha wanted Chase to let her know if Willow was having a problem, and she would do the same with Michael. She would think of her and Chase as being safety nets. Chase reluctantly agreed that it wouldn't be forever.

Curtis showed up at Jordan's office and eyed the bottle of alcohol on her desk curiously. Jordan revealed that Mac had left it, and she informed Curtis that Mac had questions for him. Curtis admitted he had been surprised not to have heard from Mac sooner, and Jordan revealed that Mac had held off because of her. She wanted to tell Mac the truth, and she planned on turning herself in. She had already prepared her confession and resignation.

Curtis was appalled and wondered how that would change anything. He thought that Cyrus would then be released from prison, and she would end up inside. He began to argue with Jordan. He was certain that Cyrus would continue to raise the body count, and every case that Jordan had ever worked would be questioned once it was learned she'd fixed the case against Cyrus.

Jordan insisted that all of her cases were "solid." She and Curtis argued over whether Cyrus would look like a victim. Curtis felt that Cyrus would never be given another trial or found guilty. He had an idea that he felt sure Jordan wouldn't like.

Back at court, Carly urged Nelle to put Wiley first for a change. Nelle said, "Of course," but as Willow walked up to them, Nelle pointed out that another woman had created the mess in the first place when she'd given up her child. Carly quickly apologized to Willow, but Willow declared that Nelle couldn't help herself because she'd heard that Nelle was a narcissist and sociopath.

Michael showed up as the courtroom began to fill up. Willow told him she wanted to talk to him while Nelle asked if Michael had told their son she loved him. Michael ignored Nelle, and the court was called into session with Judge Pierce presiding. Nelle pleaded not guilty to assault and possession of forged documents. The prosecuting attorney asked that bail be denied, as Nelle had proven to be a flight risk.

Zahra argued to dismiss all charges. She stood and voiced her opinion that the charges were based on one woman, and they were inconsistent. Valentin sneaked in and sat down. Zahra continued that there had been no forced entry. The opposing attorney argued that they had Willow's medical records, and she pointed out previous crimes. Judge Pierce dismissed the assault charge due to lack of evidence.

Zahra wanted to see the fake passports, and both Robert and the prosecuting attorney revealed that there had been a problem, and the documents were missing. Valentin smirked. The judge pointed out that the charge was for possession but there was no possession, since there were no records. Valentin recalled handing Nelle the forged documents.

The judge cited that without evidence, there could be no charges, and he granted Zahra's motion to dismiss. Zahra informed Nelle she was free, and Nelle hugged her attorney. She exchanged looks with Valentin, who quickly left the courtroom.

Carly stopped to talk to Robert to make sure that he would be charging Brad and Nelle with taking her grandson. Robert suggested they were in the process of building a case, and the prosecuting attorney pointed out that the stories they'd received from Brad and Nelle had differed. Carly was angry. "We can't nail her without a hammer, and we don't have one," Robert remarked.

Zahra urged Nelle not to gloat because they'd been lucky. She added that the opposing side could refile charges, and she reminded Nelle not to leave town. Nelle received a phone call from Valentin who congratulated her. She remarked that she owed it to him, and he told her to "make the most of it." She recalled that Valentin was single, and she invited him to grab a drink with her. He quickly ended the call.

Out in the hallway, Willow couldn't believe that Nelle had gotten out of it after having knocked her unconscious. She worried about the evidence not being located. Carly assured her it wasn't over, and she believed that Robert would have a case. Willow thought that for some reason, the judges always believed Nelle.

Nelle emerged from the courtroom and handed Michael an envelope. She told him it was a notice of her intent to sue for full custody of Wiley. She accused him of keeping her from her child.

At Pozzulo's, Sonny and Jason met with Jordan and Curtis. Sonny thanked Jordan for "reaching out," and called it "a meeting of like minds." They needed to take Cyrus Renault down.

Liesl has unfinished business with Nelle Liesl has unfinished business with Nelle
Thursday, March 5, 2020

Cameron slept fitfully on the couch as he dreamed about the kidnapping. When he awoke, Franco and Elizabeth checked on him. Trina descended the stairs, and Cameron gave her a hug. The adults went into the kitchen to make some food for the kids, leaving Cameron and Trina to talk about how little they'd slept. The doorbell rang, and Elizabeth was irked to open the door to Nikolas and Ava. Ava revealed that she was there to see Trina, so Elizabeth let them in.

Ava went to Trina and expressed her condolences. She gave Trina a hug, and Cameron walked away to give them a minute. Ava had gotten some cookies for Trina, just in case she had an appetite, and she wondered how Trina was feeling. Trina didn't know how to answer the question, and Ava instructed her that that was fine. Ava continued that there was no timeline on grief; Trina would always miss her dad, but she would one day move on from the pain and be stronger. The doorbell rang, and Elizabeth let in Trina's mother, Portia, and Trina ran into her mother's arms.

Portia apologized for not being there the night before, and she expressed her appreciation to Elizabeth for caring for Trina. Ava introduced herself to Portia and offered her condolences. Trina went upstairs to get her things together, and Cameron followed to help her. Ava offered help with anything Portia or Trina needed, but Portia insisted that she had things under control. Ava talked about how much she liked Trina, but Portia interrupted. She informed Ava that they needed clear boundaries, as she knew of Ava's history. She concluded that Trina was Portia's daughter and not Ava's. Portia went upstairs to help Trina, and a dejected Ava grabbed her things and ran out.

Elizabeth wondered if Nikolas was going to go after his wife, but he figured that Ava would rather be alone. "You really are a selfish son of a bitch," Franco spat, and he grabbed his coat and left. Elizabeth chided Nikolas, but he informed her that Ava was nothing more than his business partner. Elizabeth admitted that Nikolas had been reminding her of Stefan, who she'd hated because of the way he'd tried to control Nikolas into being calculating and detached like Stefan. Nikolas explained that, while he didn't enjoy seeing Ava suffer, he was incapable of giving her the comfort she needed. He was grateful that she had Franco in her life.

At the Metro Court bar, Franco sat down next to Ava, who had a martini in front of her. She told Franco to leave, but he sat down anyway. He didn't think that Portia had meant what she'd said. Ava confided that Portia had been right, and Trina reminded her of Kiki and the potential she'd had. Franco put a comforting hand on her arm.

At the park, Spinelli hid behind some bushes as he watched Anna and Peter, who were deep in conversation. Liesl happened upon him and guessed that he was spying on Peter. Spinelli knew that Liesl wasn't a fan of Peter, either, and he informed her that any information she had on Peter could help his case. He told an intrigued Liesl that he wanted to expose Peter's lies before they hurt Spinelli's loved ones. He related that Brad's lies had devastated his family, and he mentioned that Nelle's arraignment had been that day.

Anna told Peter about an investigation into Lumina Industrial Enterprises, one of Faison's cover-up operations that provided visas for its associates. She related that she was supposed to get a list of all of the employees who had traveled to Afghanistan. She also disclosed the discovery of a "large wire transfer" from the company to David Black only weeks before the attack on Franco and Andre. Anna got a text message and looked at the list of names. She was shocked to see Liesl's name on the list -- and even more shocked that she hadn't seen the connection before.

Peter was skeptical of Liesl's involvement, but Anna reminded him that Liesl had murdered before. She didn't think Liesl cared about who died as long as her tracks were covered. Anna instructed Peter to keep the news to himself until she found out from the WSB how to proceed. She promised to be in touch and ran off. Peter made a phone call and informed someone that the WSB had accessed the company's server. He thanked the person for getting the right information out in a timely manner.

At the courthouse, Nelle informed Michael, Carly, and Willow that she intended to sue for full custody of Wiley. She suspected that she would win, as she believed that Michael's family posed a clear threat to Wiley. Michael listed off everything Nelle had ever been charged with and reminded her that it was admissible in family court. Willow spat that Nelle only cared about Wiley as a weapon to use against Michael and his family. Willow volunteered to be a witness against Nelle so she could tell the judge how emotionally unstable Nelle was, and Willow stormed out. Michael added that the judge would see through Nelle like everyone else had, and he left.

Carly muttered that the judge would see that Nelle was "nothing but trash." Nelle countered that Zahra believed their case was strong, but Carly thought the facts would speak louder. Nelle threatened a restraining order against Carly for harassment, and Carly dared her. "If you wanna go to war with my family again, we're ready," Carly uttered, and she left. Outside the courtroom, Carly bumped into Liesl, who asked about Nelle's arraignment. Carly told Liesl the outcome and wondered why Liesl cared. Liesl claimed that she wanted to interview Nelle for an article in the Invader. Carly wished her luck and left.

Liesl entered the courtroom and told Nelle that they had "unfinished business." She made it clear that if Nelle implicated Liesl in any of Nelle's crimes, Liesl would turn Nelle in for kidnapping. Nelle assured Liesl that she had no intention of implicating Liesl. Nelle explained that she was going to claim Brad had switched the babies while Nelle had been unconscious, and Liesl commented, "Better him than us." Liesl decided that Nelle was getting on her nerves and demanded that she leave. When Nelle was gone, Anna burst in and declared to Liesl with a smirk, "You thought you got away with it. You thought wrong."

Michael caught up with Willow at the park, and he thanked her for calling out Nelle. She insisted that she would serve as a witness for him in family court, and he replied that he might take her up on the offer. Carly caught up with the two and informed them that Diane was starting to handle the custody case. She assured Michael that Diane would "crush" Nelle, and she pleaded with him to let Diane do it. Michael knew that he had to win sole custody for Wiley's sake.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Molly told Sam about what had happened with T.J. She revealed that he hadn't returned home the previous night, which was unlike him. Sam suggested that she set up a time to talk to T.J., and she believed that it would make Molly feel better. Molly left to see T.J. at the hospital. Spinelli entered and sat with Sam. He informed her that, while he hadn't yet found anything on Peter, he'd gotten access to Delores' home server. He explained that Sam's parole officer had made frequent calls to a burner phone for the previous few months. Sam hoped that the information would get Delores to back off. Spinelli added that they could then get back to taking Peter down.

Sonny appreciated Curtis and Jordan visiting, and Curtis said that he wanted to team up with Sonny. He revealed Jordan's connection to Cyrus, and Jordan was angry at her husband for giving "classified information to the mob." Curtis knew that Cyrus expanding his business to Port Charles had started as personal, but he believed that Cyrus was also after Sonny's territory. He wanted Sonny and the police to work together, and he offered to act as the intermediary. Jordan flat-out refused to work with the mob and stormed out of Sonny's office.

Jason asked Curtis why Jordan hadn't gone to the DEA for help, and Curtis answered that Jordan was concerned that the identity leak had originated at the DEA. Jason wondered if Cyrus had something on Jordan, but Curtis only promised to be in touch and left. "It must be bad," Jason observed. He was wary of working with the cops, as he didn't want Jordan to also have a chance to put him and Sonny behind bars. He didn't want to work with law enforcement without leverage, and Sonny replied that they just needed to figure out what Cyrus had on Jordan.

Jordan stormed into her office and sat down at her desk. She looked at a picture of her family until there was a knock on the door, and Curtis entered. "I have nothing to say to you," Jordan stated. They argued about Jordan possibly working with Sonny. Curtis admitted that he was terrified for Jordan, and he feared that T.J. would get caught in the crossfire. She again refused to work with Sonny, so Curtis turned and walked away. As he left, Molly appeared at the door to talk to Jordan. She informed Jordan that T.J. hadn't returned home the night before, and he apparently hadn't shown up for work at the hospital that day, either.

Liesl is arrested for Peter's crimes Liesl is arrested for Peter's crimes
Friday, March 6, 2020

In New York City, Alexis finished up a phone call to Diane to thank her for an opera ticket. She presented her ticket to the usher and was told her seat was in a box. Alexis headed to the seat and found Neil sitting in the seat right next to hers.

Alexis mentioned that her ticket was an unused ticket courtesy of a client of Diane's, and she thought the entire scenario was weird. Neil informed her that he had only bought his ticket at the box office moments earlier. He offered to find another seat, but Alexis asked him to stay. Alexis noted it was all a "fluke," and they'd done nothing wrong. She declared that they didn't have to talk. She was looking forward to watching a "tragic tale of forbidden love." Neil looked at her strangely.

During the opera, Alexis stole a glance at Neil, and as soon as he turned toward her, she looked away quickly. She turned back shyly and locked eyes with him. They smiled at each other. As the opera reached the intermission, an emotional Alexis blew her nose. She and Neil discussed the show and compared themselves to the characters.

Alexis noted that the Cassadines liked blood, and Neil admitted he was terrified. He got up to get some water, and the usher stepped forward to tell Alexis that she and her husband were adorable. Alexis stuttered and finally managed to get out that they were only friends.

As the opera drew to a close, Neil and Alexis gave a standing ovation. She noted that it had been a tragic story, but the characters had been together in the end. They were both happy that they had been able to see the show together. Neil offered to share a cab, but when he learned they were at the same hotel, he proposed a late coffee instead. Alexis thought it was risky, but Neil thought it was just fine. The usher smiled at them as they left.

Molly met with Jordan in Jordan's office at the police station. Molly revealed that T.J. had never returned home the previous evening, and she'd learned that he hadn't shown up at work. Molly blamed herself for breaking his heart and giving him a reason to need some space. She admitted that she'd turned down his marriage proposal but hadn't done so in a proper way.

Molly explained that she was against marriage because she believed it caused problems, and she wouldn't ever get married. Jordan understood, though she suggested that "ever" was a long time. Molly believed she'd hurt T.J. by not telling him how much she loved him.

Jordan revealed that she'd received a text from T.J., and she and Molly compared their timelines. Jordan had heard from him last, and she agreed that her son probably needed some space. Molly wanted to find him, but Jordan thought it best that T.J. calm down and come to his senses first. Molly disclosed that she had been honored with the proposal and would have loved to have had Jordan as a mother-in-law. She only wished she'd explained better.

Anna found Liesl in the courthouse and shouted that Liesl had no place in Maxie or James's life. She continued that Liesl's life of deceit was over, and she proceeded to accuse Liesl of carrying on Faison's legacy. Anna said she would make Liesl pay. Liesl was confused and noted that Faison was "burning in hell" as he deserved. She had remade her life and would not allow anything to derail her.

"That's why you had to tie off all your witnesses," Anna accused further. Liesl was adamant that there could be no witnesses when there was nothing to witness in the first place. Anna snapped that Liesl had framed Peter for downing Drew's plane and hiring the assassin to gun down Franco and Andre. Liesl reminded her that Franco was her best friend, and she would have never done anything to harm him. Anna insisted she had proof.

Liesl suggested that Anna talk to Robert because he knew the truth about Henrik. "And deep down, I suspect you do, too," Liesl stated. Anna couldn't believe that Liesl still used the name Henrik. She knew that Liesl had blamed Peter for luring Faison to town and causing Nathan's death. "Because that's exactly what he did," Liesl retorted. She called Nathan collateral damage but said she'd put aside her quest for revenge.

Anna called Liesl an excellent liar. "The only liar here is you," Liesl countered. She added that if anyone tied up witnesses, it had been Peter. Anna summoned a couple of agents who handcuffed Liesl as Anna placed her under arrest. She charged Liesl with murder, attempted murder, and additional charges. Liesl shouted and carried on as the agents led her out.

Maxie sat and talked on the phone during a conference call with Lucy and Sasha in the Crimson office. She informed them that Nina had just returned from an overseas shoot and was not expected in the office. Just then, a bubbly and cheerful Nina strolled in and spilled her coffee as she set it onto a document on the desk. Nina interrupted Maxie's phone call, causing Maxie to end the call. Jax sauntered in to visit with Nina.

Nina got to her desk and told Jax how anxious she'd been to return because she'd missed the office. Jax wondered if that was all she had missed. "I suppose not," Nina replied. Maxie arrived with a budget for Nina to look at, but Nina was bothered by a screen that Maxie had left up on the computer. Maxie suggested that Nina look at the new Deception ad campaign, but Nina announced she'd look later.

Nina handed Jax the budget, and Maxie stormed out. Maxie muttered that she would handle everything else, as usual. Jax asked if something was wrong with Maxie, but Nina stated she was "just being Maxie." Jax suggested he attend the next shoot with Nina, and she admitted that she'd thought about being on the beach with him while she'd been away.

Jax disclosed that H.R. had "signed off" on his relationship with Nina, and they were free to see each other. He thought they'd be able to maintain a distance between their personal and professional lives, but Nina wasn't so sure. They shared a kiss.

Jax received a text from Josslyn, and he told Nina about the warehouse incident that had involved two of Josslyn's friends. He was glad that he could be around for his daughter. Nina suggested they slow down because of Josslyn, but Jax declined. His daughter had been around while he'd dated in the past, and she was busy with being a new aunt. "Who had a baby?" Nina asked. Jax told her about Wiley.

Nina was happy that Charlotte wasn't around Nelle, and she was happy for Michael. Jax admitted he was sad for both Lucas and Willow, and Nina understood and felt sorry for them, too. She had to start work, and she suggested their relationship turn official when she had less to do. Jax asked her to go to dinner, and she accepted. They had a prolonged goodbye, but Jax finally left. Nina pulled out her broken heart necklace from its box.

As Elizabeth and Portia conferred in the living room at Elizabeth's house, Cameron tried to convince Trina to eat some of Ava's cookies in the kitchen. She refused until he mentioned their parents talking, and she relented. Portia told Elizabeth how sorry she was that she'd gone to her conference and hadn't been in town when Trina had been in danger. Elizabeth reminded her that she'd been there, and that hadn't prevented anything. Portia noted that Taggert had never warned her of any danger.

In the kitchen, Cameron grabbed the milk and poured it out to go with the cookies. He spoke about his college visits ,where he'd been forced to eat oatmeal, even though they'd had so much more to offer. Trina mentioned that the college visits had seemed like they'd happened in another life. "My father's life," she said sadly.

Trina admitted she kept thinking about what had happened at the warehouse, and she wondered if she could have done anything differently. Cameron revealed that he'd thought the same way when things had happened with Franco, but it hadn't done any good. Trina pointed out that Franco had returned, and Cameron assured her that he hadn't been comparing the two situations. He somewhat understood what she was going through.

Trina appreciated Cameron's support and admitted that she was angry. She hadn't had a whole lot of time with her father, and she had had lots of questions to ask him. Cameron wished he'd known his father, but he had died before Cameron had been born. He'd committed crimes, but his mother had loved him, so Cameron believed his father had to have had some good in him. He wondered if his dad would have been a good father. He was glad Trina had had her father for as long as she had.

In the living room, Portia told Elizabeth about her divorce from Taggert, which had happened because he'd been more married to his job. She hadn't thought that had been a proper way to raise a child. She didn't understand why he'd returned to Port Charles. Elizabeth divulged that she'd known Taggert in the past because she'd been friends with his sister, Gia. Portia stated that Taggert had been a committed, supportive, and good father.

Outside, Jordan left a voice message for T.J. She told him that Molly didn't deserve the silent treatment, and she wanted him to call both Molly and herself. She knocked on the door, and Elizabeth answered. Elizabeth introduced Portia and Jordan, who admitted that she hated meeting Portia under the circumstances. Portia confessed that she'd heard about Jordan.

Jordan announced that she had a possible lead, and Portia asked if it involved Cyrus Renault. She admitted that Taggert had mentioned that he was following up a case involving the drug trafficker, and he'd been the one to send Cyrus to prison. Jordan noted that Cyrus was in prison but was possibly still targeting those who had wronged him. She thought he could still be operating from within the prison.

Jordan also believed that Trina had been Cyrus' intended hostage. Elizabeth suggested that the kids had been used to get to Taggert, and Portia noted that Taggert had warned her to stay safe.

Portia was ready to take Trina home, and the teen hugged and thanked Elizabeth. Trina let go of Cameron's hand, and she and her mother left. Outside, Portia sent Trina ahead to the car while she spoke to Jordan, who announced that she would have officers keep an eye on Portia and Trina. Portia was okay with it but felt that Cyrus had already gotten what he'd wanted.

At Metro Court, Peter completed a call with one of his reporters at the courthouse while Finn walked in with Violet. The father and daughter sat at a table, where Violet insisted on tea and scones instead of the milk and cookies that Finn had suggested. A waitress took the order, and Peter glanced over at Finn before heading to the table.

Peter stooped down to Violet's level and chatted with her. He wanted to say hello but quickly clarified that he wanted to say cheerio. He had regards from Anna. Finn dismissed Peter, but Maxie had just stepped off the elevator. Peter went to greet her. Maxie was miserable and venting about her usual day at work, where she had been doing everything and had been ignored.

Peter and Maxie sat at a table, and Maxie noted that she had been "steamed" and had had to leave the office. She added that Nina had been going on about her trip while Maxie had had to run everything and had held everything together during Nina's absence. Peter jokingly suggested a stronger drink than coffee and mentioned that Maxie could have taken a job with Deception. He thought she should consider it.

Finn and Violet talked about school, and he looked at her drawings. Robert walked over, and Violet asked him to join them. Robert sat down, and the men made small talk and entertained the little girl. Robert suggested that Violet's stuffed animal looked like Finn, and he told Violet a story. Finn sent Violet over to the waitress for more tea, and Robert offered to listen to Finn because he'd heard that Finn had moved out of Anna's.

Finn hoped things would get easier. "Parenthood?" Robert asked. He laughed. Finn just wanted to keep his daughter safe. Robert agreed that the world was dangerous -- and more so as a parent. Violet returned with Anna, and Anna announced that she had news.

Peter disclosed that he had something to talk about with Maxie, but he was interrupted when he received a message from his reporter. "What the hell?" Peter asked. He informed Maxie that Liesl had been arrested by the WSB for the attempted murder of Franco and Andre. Maxie could have sworn that Liesl had been doing better, and she suggested that Liesl had been tying up loose ends, although she knew that Franco was practically Liesl's only friend.

Suddenly, it dawned on Maxie that Liesl probably had access to Faison's contacts and was familiar with the hospital. She could have been the one to send the assassin to the hospital. Maxie was quite upset and wondered how Liesl could have done such a thing. Peter hugged her as Maxie continued to wonder. She didn't know how she would be able to face Sam if Liesl had been the one to crash Drew's plane.

Maxie was concerned over the fact that Liesl would no longer be in her or James's life, and they would miss her. "At least I have you. Thank God I can trust you," Maxie said to Peter.

Anna sat down with Finn and Robert. She announced that Liesl had been behind everything and had been trying to cover up her crimes by framing Peter. Robert and Finn exchanged a look awkwardly. Robert stood up suddenly and made it known that he had to call the Bureau. Anna exclaimed that that had been the reason for her belief in Peter. He was innocent. She asked Finn if he would return home.

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