General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 9, 2020 on GH
Sonny persuaded Brad to plead guilty. Britt returned to Port Charles. Finn and Violet went home with Anna. Curtis and Portia had history. Cyrus' men abducted T.J. Cyrus sent Harmony to deliver a message to Jordan. Alexis and Neil were intimate.
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Sonny persuaded Brad to plead guilty. Lucas said goodbye to Brad and Britt surprised Brad with a visit.
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Michael goes over his strategy with Diane Michael goes over his strategy with Diane
Monday, March 9, 2020

In New York City, Neil and Alexis had drinks at the bar at their hotel. They toasted to "pleasant surprises," and she wondered if it was risky for them to be spending time together the night before the hearing. He thought it was all right, and she talked about how meaningless their date and kiss had been. Neil admitted that it had been meaningful to him, and she was the only one he'd ever told about singing on the anniversary of his daughter's death.

Alexis confessed that she'd been attracted to him the first time she'd seen him, and Neil assured her that the feeling had been mutual. She kicked herself for not walking right out of his office, and he did the same for not refusing to treat her. The two finished their drinks, and he walked her to her room. They reluctantly said goodnight, and she went into her room. She took a few deep breaths and threw the door open again just as Neil had been about to knock. They shared a kiss as someone watched from down the hall, and they went into Alexis' room.

Sam was at the Quartermaine mansion when Jason entered. She informed him that she'd just dropped the kids off, and she'd hoped to run into him. As they shared a kiss, Diane and Michael entered. Diane asked Michael for a minute with Sam and Jason, so he went to check on Wiley. Diane tore into the couple and advised that one of them needed to leave. Just then, Jason got a text from Anna, summoning him to the Metro Court restaurant, so he left.

Michael returned a few minutes later, and Sam told him that she would gladly testify in a custody trial. She reminded him that she'd been Nelle's cellmate, so she knew how crazy Nelle was. Sam wished him luck, and she left. Michael joked that they should just line everyone up to say terrible things about Nelle, but Diane thought that that was "a sure way to lose." She thought it would be impossible for him to get full custody, but she believed that Nelle couldn't get full custody, either. Michael believed that Nelle would put Wiley in emotional and physical danger, but Diane explained that they needed to prove what a wonderful person Michael was instead.

Diane listed all of the great things about Michael, including his living arrangements and his contributions to society. She also thought it was a plus that Michael had spent time with Wiley for the boy's entire life, while Nelle was a stranger to him. She continued that courts usually favored the mother, but she suggested that he consider getting married in order to show that Wiley would still have a mother figure with Michael.

At the Floating Rib, Willow talked about how angry Nelle made her, and she didn't want Nelle to get anywhere near Wiley. Chase was astonished at how badly the legal system had failed in Nelle's instance. Willow vowed to do anything she could to help Michael protect Wiley from Nelle. "We both will," Chase assured her as he took her hand.

A tearful Nina was looking at her half-heart necklace when Sasha entered Nina's office. Nina had forgotten about their meeting and asked to postpone it, which Sasha accepted. Nina admitted that she was glad to have Sasha aboard to help rein Lucy in. Sasha questioned if Nina was all right, to which Nina replied, "Nothing I can't handle." Nina informed Sasha that they were on the brink of some exciting business, and Sasha left.

A short while later, Willow entered Nina's office and told her about Nelle. Willow asked for Nina's help, but Nina wasn't sure what she could do. Willow asked Nina to run an article in Crimson, exposing Nelle for the criminal she was. Aside from the fact that Nelle wasn't a public figure, Nina told Willow that that could be considered libel, and Nelle could accuse Michael of smearing her in the press. Nina knew that feelings couldn't be turned off, but she gently reminded Willow that Wiley wasn't her concern anymore, no matter how painful it was.

Sasha arrived at the Floating Rib, and Chase approached her. She revealed that she was killing time while Michael met with Diane. Chase replied that Willow had run out to do something that had to do with Wiley, so he was waiting for her. They talked about Nelle, and Sasha was incredulous that anyone could fall for Nelle's act. Chase told her that Nelle's act made good people want to be her hero. As Sam arrived to pick up some food, she heard Sasha tell Chase that Sasha didn't know if she was ready to be a mother figure.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Finn set Violet up at a table with headphones and plenty of paper and crayons. He instructed her to yell if she needed anything, and he approached Anna at the bar. Finn joked that Violet had become an eavesdropper, and he didn't want her to misinterpret anything they said. Anna related that it had been a confusing time for everyone. She admitted that she missed him, and she wondered if there was a way to get past their differences. Just then, Maxie burst into the conversation, followed by Peter. She apologized profusely for not seeing the signs of Liesl's crimes, and she was horrified with herself. "Sometimes the truth is hard to face," Finn commented.

Maxie continued that it had never occurred to her that Liesl would have framed Peter, and she'd thought that love had changed Liesl. Anna excused herself to make a couple phone calls. Violet approached and asked Maxie to look at her drawings, so the two walked to the table Violet was at. Finn apologized to Peter, who assured Finn that Peter had "done plenty to deserve suspicion." "All is forgiven," Peter said, and the two shook hands. Peter apologized for the tension he'd caused between Finn and Anna.

Maxie returned and relayed the message to Finn that Violet wanted him to look at her drawings. He walked away and sat down with Violet. She asked Finn if they could go home to Anna.

Spinelli was watching Peter from around a corner when Jason arrived at the restaurant. Spinelli filled Jason in on Peter framing Liesl for his crimes. He lamented that Maxie was in denial about Peter, but Jason replied that he couldn't make someone believe something that they didn't want to believe. Anna entered and confirmed Jason's statement, and Spinelli left the two alone. Anna informed Jason that he was completely wrong about Peter, and she updated him on the proof she'd found that incriminated Liesl. Jason didn't believe a word of it, and he accused Anna of lying to herself.

Jason listed all the reason that Liesl would never have committed the crimes, first and foremost being her family. He added that Peter was no less guilty just because Anna refused to see it. Anna remembered hearing from multiple people how Jason wouldn't change his mind as soon as he locked onto something, as he couldn't possibly be wrong. "Well, you are wrong," Anna concluded. She warned him that if he caused any harm to Peter, she would go after Jason. He repeated that he couldn't make someone believe something that they didn't want to believe. She agreed and walked away.

Anna joined Finn and Violet, and Violet showed her drawings to Anna. Finn revealed that he and Violet had talked, and they had agreed to go home with Anna. "There's nothing I'd like more," she replied happily. Finn and Anna gathered Violet's things, and the three went hand in hand to the elevator as Jason looked on.

Maxie was still blaming herself for not seeing what Liesl had allegedly been responsible for when Spinelli approached. He asked for a minute with Maxie, but she insisted that he could say anything in front of Peter, as well. Spinelli continued to accuse Peter, but Maxie refused to listen. She said that if the proof against Liesl was good enough for the WSB, it had to be good enough for Spinelli, too. She added that she loved Peter, and she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. A shocked Spinelli stammered that he was going to go before either of them said something they couldn't take back.

A memorial is held for Taggert A memorial is held for Taggert
Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Alexis opened her eyes and turned to Neil, who was sleeping beside her in her hotel room in New York City. She stared at him until he opened his eyes, too. They greeted each other with a simple "hi."

Sasha found Michael on the floor in the Quartermaine house with Wiley's toys. He told her about Diane's visit, which had given him a lot to think about. Diane had suggested he get married in order to have a better case for Wiley's custody. Sasha and Michael talked about the good points of Michael's case, and they agreed that while Michael had a better one, Nelle was a "master manipulator."

At General Hospital, Ava was surprised to run into Julian, who was looking for Lucas. Julian was worried that Brad would rat him out at his arraignment, but Ava pointed out that Julian was Brad's only friend. Julian declared that there were no friends when a ship sunk, only rats. He was concerned about what Sonny would do if he learned that Julian had known the truth about Wiley. "Sonny can't find out," Ava said.

Laura spotted Curtis, who revealed that he had donated blood in order to do a good deed in memory of Taggert after all the blood that had been shed. Laura admitted that she'd missed Curtis at Taggert's funeral. Curtis blamed himself for Taggert's death and thought he should stay away, but Laura wouldn't hear of it and urged him to attend the celebration at the Floating Rib.

Laura reminded Curtis that Taggert had asked for his help, but Curtis thought he shouldn't have left Taggert alone in the warehouse. Laura replied that there would have been funerals for the kids, as well, if Curtis hadn't been there. She refused to listen to his self-admonishment and proclaimed that Taggert had put Trina's life in Curtis' hands. She added that Curtis had been Taggert's partner when he'd been needed the most, even though Curtis wasn't a cop.

In a room at the courthouse, Scott pleaded with Brad to give him something that he would be able to use in Brad's defense. Scott continued to press for the name of someone else who might have been involved but Brad insisted that Nelle was the only other person who knew the truth. Scott was determined to prove that Nelle was lying with her version of what had happened.

Julian arrived and listened to Scott and Brad outside of the door before making his presence known. He walked into the room, and Scott urged Brad to think about what he was doing. Scott stopped to talk to Julian by the door and mentioned that Julian's check had cleared. Scott admitted that he'd had his doubts.

Scott was surprised that Julian cared about Brad. Julian replied that Brad was his son-in-law, and Julian was there for him. Scott called it touching and noted that he was still waiting for Brad to give up a name. Scott was certain that someone else had been involved.

Once Brad had gone, Julian assured Brad that he would do all he could to Brad. He didn't want Lucas to lose anyone else after losing both Brad and Wiley, and Julian was the only person Lucas had left. Brad snapped that while he would "take the fall," Julian would get away free. Brad was angry and wondered if he should just confess to the truth that Julian had been a part of the lie "every step of the way."

Julian argued that it hadn't been every step, and he hadn't been the one to steal the baby. He declared that it was all Brad's fault for begging him to help, but he wouldn't abandon Brad, who wished that Julian would do just that. "Stick to the script," Julian urged. He would take care of the rest.

Many of Port Charles's citizens gathered for a celebration of life for Marcus Taggert. Jordan toasted that Taggert had been the bravest man she had known. Cameron and Elizabeth arrived, and Portia made it clear that it meant a lot for Cameron to show up. Trina gripped the folded American flag and gave Cameron a hug.

Mac asked if anyone else had anything to say. "Yeah, I do," Sonny said as he walked to the front. He wanted to pay his respects, and he asked for a glass. "Cops only," Mac replied. Sonny understood and walked up to Taggert's portrait. He noted that he would raise a glass if he had one. He went on to say that while he and Taggert hadn't liked each other and had battled often, Sonny had respected him. Taggert had been loyal to his loved ones and had been committed to the Code of Honor. Everyone looked at each other quietly.

Jordan spoke again and made it clear that Taggert had done all he could to keep Port Charles safe. He had planned to move back to be near his daughter, and he was a part of all of them. She raised her bottle of beer, as did all of the other adults who held them.

Sonny walked over to Portia, Elizabeth, Trina, and Cameron and expressed his condolences. He offered to do anything that might be needed for Portia, and she appreciated it. She noted that Taggert would have appreciated it, also. Sonny fixed Cameron's tie and wondered how he and Elizabeth were doing. He wanted to see Cameron back at the gym, and he spoke quietly to Elizabeth.

Josslyn pulled Sonny aside and asked him if she could stay longer. She felt that she was needed, and he agreed. Josslyn hoped that Trina was okay with Sonny's appearance, and she said that she was because Sonny and Taggert had respected each other. Trina spotted Ava and gave her a hug. Portia glared, and Jordan looked on.

Jordan asked Portia if she was okay, and Portia admitted that it hadn't been easy. While Taggert had loved her and Trina, her marriage had been over for a long time. She and her daughter had never stood a chance with Taggert's devotion to his job.

Trina requested that Cameron and Josslyn try to distract her, and Josslyn began to talk about her college visits and the fact that she wanted to go to Florida. Suddenly, Trina spotted Curtis and Laura standing at the bar. "What the hell are you doing here?" she shouted at Curtis. She blamed Curtis for Taggert's death, and she thought that Curtis should have saved him. Portia quickly got to her daughter as Trina screamed for Curtis to leave.

Portia looked over at Curtis; it was obvious that they knew each other. "You know each other?" Trina gasped. "We used to," Portia replied. Laura spoke up quickly and blamed herself for Curtis' appearance. She'd thought he should be there. Laura began to sing Taggert's praises, but Trina stormed off. Jordan kept her distance but watched Portia and Curtis as they chatted.

Portia asked for forgiveness for Trina's behavior. She added that Trina owed her life to Curtis, who insisted that he'd only been a backup. Portia noted that it had been years since they'd seen each other, and Curtis extended his sympathy for Portia's loss.

In Alexis' hotel room, she straightened Neil's tie as he got dressed to leave. They shared a kiss, and Alexis proclaimed that their night together had been a mistake. Neil proceeded to talk about their entire evening, starting with their surprise meeting at the opera. Alexis noted that what they had done couldn't happen again, but Neil announced that he wanted to tell the board the truth.

Alexis declared that Neil was insane, and the couple proceeded to argue over what they should do. Neil didn't think they could wait for two years to see each other, but Alexis was afraid that someone would see them and report them again. Alexis insisted that they hadn't acted on their feelings until after she had been finished with treatment. Neil headed to the door. He stated that he wasn't sorry about anything, and he kissed Alexis goodbye. She was rattled and took a deep breath.

Sonny stopped at the Quartermaine mansion to check on Michael, and Michael revealed that Nelle intended to pursue full custody of Wiley. Sasha excused herself, and Michael told his father that he'd taken a leave of absence from ELQ and had planned ahead for Nelle's pursuit. He added that his son was most important, and he was dreading Brad's trial. Michael thought that Brad should plead guilty. "Things have a way of working out," Sonny said as he departed.

In New York City, Alexis arrived at the review meeting for Neil, who was right behind her. They each took a seat at the conference table, along with the rest of the board members. Neil was asked if he had anything to add to the complaint, and he replied that he did not. Dr. Straus, the lead of the board, wanted to hear from Alexis.

The doctor wanted to know if Alexis' relationship with Neil had been personal. She asked if there was any truth to the complaint that had been made. Alexis went on to describe her meeting Neil at the bingo game, how she'd been excited to win and had kissed him. The kiss had been a compulsive move. Dr. Straus asked if there was anything to add.

Alexis enthusiastically spoke about Neil's excellent work as a therapist and noted that he had been involved in her daughter's removal from a cult. She wouldn't have had a relationship with her daughter if it hadn't been for Neil, and he had helped her as a friend. The doctor asked if they had become friends after Alexis' therapy sessions had ended.

Alexis replied that Port Charles was a small town, and she and Neil frequented some of the same places. They had had friendly chats. Dr. Straus asked again about the nature of the relationship, and she emphasized that she wanted a concise, forthright, and honest answer. Alexis stated that her relationship with Neil was "strictly professional" and cordial.

Cameron found Trina and Josslyn in the Floating Rib ladies' room. He was glad that Trina was still alive, but Trina was still upset that her father had been alone in the warehouse against a number of men. Josslyn reminded her that she had been able to say goodbye and should be grateful for the extra time with her father. Trina didn't see it that way. Cameron noted that he'd be grateful if Elizabeth and Franco would stop watching him so closely.

Both Cameron and Trina admitted they'd been pretending to be okay, and Trina declared that the morning had been awful. She was glad to have her friends there, and it could be terrible for them, too. "It is," Josslyn said. They shared a group hug.

While Elizabeth and Portia chatted about almost losing their kids, Ava wandered over with a martini in hand. Portia was glad that Trina had a strong support system, and Ava announced that she was there for Trina, too. "And what a wonderful role model you are," Portia said with a grimace. Ava replied that Portia could say anything she wanted because she was at her ex-husband's memorial. Ava walked away.

Jordan told Curtis that Cyrus had gone to great lengths to get what he wanted. She wondered why Curtis had never mentioned that he knew Trina's mother, but Curtis replied that he hadn't known who Trina's mother was. Laura approached Ava to say hello and admitted that she'd hoped to see Nikolas. Ava beckoned Elizabeth over and revealed that Nikolas had been moping at home. She wanted to invite Elizabeth and Franco to Wyndemere for dinner. Ava excused herself.

Laura pleaded with Elizabeth not to take Ava up on her offer, and Elizabeth responded that she'd be okay with not going but didn't know about Franco. Laura believed that Ava and Nikolas were up to something, and Elizabeth agreed. Laura pressed Elizabeth to get Franco to say no to dinner.

Trina felt better, and she, Cameron, and Josslyn made their way to Portia. Ava urged Trina not to return to work, and Portia sarcastically said, "How kind to let her mourn her dead father." Ava called Trina a "terrific multitasker" who probably wanted to return to work the next day. Trina admitted that she'd actually planned to return that afternoon. "You will do no such thing," Portia and Ava said in unison. Ava was adamant that Trina take the time off because her internship would be waiting. She hugged Trina as Portia looked on unhappily, and then Portia and Trina left. Portia looked at Curtis quickly as she departed.

Elizabeth offered Josslyn a ride home, but Josslyn didn't need it. Cameron joked that she had a car and bodyguards. Josslyn hugged Cameron. He was glad that she was safe, too.

Jordan received a text message from T.J. It read, "Need time away to think things over. Don't worry." Curtis was sure that Molly and T.J. would work things out. Jordan replied to T.J. that she wanted to receive a phone call from him. She wanted to hear his voice. "Trust but verify," Jordan told Curtis.

At the Quartermaines', Sasha returned to Michael. She hoped they didn't have to worry that Sonny would do anything to compromise Michael and Wiley. "Everyone thinks they know what's best for you," she said. She thought that Michael knew best. Michael talked about marriage being a business transaction in olden times, and while he'd protect Wiley by any means necessary, he would not have a marriage of convenience.

Michael didn't think it was fair to ask Sasha to marry him under the circumstances, and he would only want to get married for the right reasons. Sasha agreed they couldn't allow anyone else to dictate their lives. They shared a hug.

Brad sat in the room and heard the door open as he looked down glumly. He wondered when the arraignment would begin. "We got time," Sonny said as he walked inside. Brad looked frightened as Sonny glared at him. Brad asked him what he was going to do. Sonny replied that it all depended on what Brad was going to say at his arraignment.

Brad changes his plea to guilty Brad changes his plea to guilty
Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Applause broke out at Turning Woods as Brook Lynn finished her set in front of some of the residents. Mike jumped up and called for an encore. After Brook Lynn finished her encore, she spoke to Mike about his favorite song, and he reminisced about his wife and Sonny. He mentioned meatballs, and Brook Lynn revealed that she had a batch of Olivia's famous meatballs and sauce to heat up for him.

In Jordan's office at the police station, Curtis told her that he knew she had questions about Portia. Before they could discuss it further, Sam and Molly walked in. Molly was upset and informed Jordan that T.J. had not returned home for the second night. Jordan revealed that she'd received a text message from him, and she suggested that Molly wait to hear from him.

Jordan added that T.J. had been taking some time away to think, and he'd told her not to worry. Sam thanked her, and Jordan expressed her sorrow over the situation. Sam and Molly left. Jordan admitted she felt bad, and she was still worried about the text she'd received. Curtis suggested that after being together for so long, Molly and T.J. could discover that they didn't want the same things.

Laura appeared and announced that she wanted to check on Cyrus' support system at Pentonville. She wanted to have guards included, especially any that might have made any recent large purchases. She suggested that even Cyrus might have someone he cared about, too. Curtis suggested that Jordan talk to Cyrus at Pentonville, and she thought that was a great idea. She would also talk to the warden about visitors.

Jordan grabbed her coat, and before she headed out the door, Curtis urged her to be safe. Laura ordered Curtis not to "go rogue" and interfere with any police investigation. Curtis admitted he couldn't sit home and do nothing, but he agreed. He thanked Laura for forcing him to attend Taggert's memorial. Laura was sorry for what had happened, but she pointed out that Curtis had been Taggert's partner when he'd needed Curtis the most.

Curtis replied that Taggert's daughter didn't see it the same way, but he was aware that Trina had a heavy load. Laura was sure that Trina would eventually realize that Curtis wasn't responsible for Taggert's death. Curtis knew that Trina needed someone to blame, and Laura hoped that Portia would make the teen see the truth. Curtis agreed that that was something Portia was good at.

Laura asked how Curtis knew Portia, and he replied that he had known her "back in the day" but hadn't seen her for years and hadn't known that she was Trina's mother. Laura hoped that Portia would be able to make peace between Curtis and Trina, and Curtis thought the best thing would be to "take down" Cyrus.

At the board review in New York City, Dr. Straus confirmed that Alexis had stated that her relationship with Neil hadn't been personal. Alexis replied that Neil had made it clear that they wouldn't be able to pursue a personal relationship. The doctor asked Neil to sit in the witness seat, and he and Alexis switched places. The doctor wanted Neil to corroborate Alexis' statement.

Neil flashed back to the previous evening in Alexis' hotel room but he replied that his statement had been submitted several days in the past. The doctor stressed that she wanted his verbal statement, as well, and Neil declared that his relationship with Alexis had been strictly professional. Dr. Straus wanted to confer with the other board members, and they all left the room.

Neil quickly accused Alexis of lying, which in turn had made him lie. Alexis was glad that he had because she didn't feel it was right for him to lose his license over one night in the past. It was not right and not worth it. "What if I think it is?" Neil asked. Alexis insisted that he couldn't throw everything away, because he was good at what he did, and his patients needed him. Neil stated that he needed Alexis, and he thought the previous night had been about that.

Neil was adamant that he wouldn't have lied if he had testified first, but he couldn't betray Alexis after what she'd said. They disagreed over how important his work was, and Alexis insisted she'd told the truth in the first place. Neil wondered if the board would see through her lie, which would cause him to lose his license. Alexis thought it sounded like he wanted that to happen, and Neil said he only wanted her.

The board members returned to the room and sat down. Dr. Straus noted that Neil and Alexis had taken part in an improper and unethical evening at the bingo game because Alexis had only just stopped seeing Neil as a therapist. The received complaint had been from a third party, and because it was Neil's first complaint in an otherwise exemplary career, he would be able to continue to practice the same as always.

After the board members had gone, Neil voiced his opinion that he didn't think it was right to get his license back after a couple of lies. Alexis retorted that she would do it again because it had been the right thing to do. He quickly hushed her because he thought the walls could have ears. Alexis agreed they would play by the rules, and Neil reminded her that they wouldn't be able to see each other romantically for a long time.

Alexis didn't want to say goodbye. Neil insisted that he would have told the board about their most recent night, but both of their careers would end. Alexis wished there was another solution. They shared a hug, and Alexis left.

In a room at the courthouse, Brad was surprised and scared to see Sonny walk in. He wondered what Sonny was going to do, but Sonny replied that it all depended on what Brad said in the courtroom. He added that Brad had caused his family pain, and no amount of punishment would satisfy him. "Oh, God," Brad whimpered. Suddenly, Sonny grabbed Brad's cuffed wrist and pulled him up out of his chair. He would spare Brad if Brad pleaded guilty.

Brad stuttered and said that his lawyer had told him to plead not guilty, and he had agreed. He would get 15 to 40 years if convicted. Sonny tossed him back into the chair but grabbed him again as he lost his temper. He began to shout as he declared that he would not have Michael, who had to make up time with his son, go through a trial. "Who used to be my son. Mine and --" Brad started. "Shut up!" Sonny yelled.

"Wiley was never your son, and you know it!" Sonny said angrily. He demanded that Brad plead guilty if he wanted to take another breath. Brad was upset as Sonny walked out.

Out in the hallway, Scott told Julian that he was certain that Brad and Nelle had had an accomplice, and Julian had been smart to hire him for Brad's defense.

Brook Lynn was happy to see Sonny at Turning Woods, and she showed him the meatballs she had for Mike. She told him how much she'd enjoyed performing for the residents. Mike had a napkin tucked into his shirt, but Brook Lynn noticed that he wasn't eating. She asked him if he was hungry but then had an idea. She knew how difficult it was to "spear" a meatball with a fork, and she offered to feed Mike.

As Mike ate, Brook Lynn confided that she had a secret. She told him how she would eat a meatball even if it fell onto the floor, because of the five-second rule. Mike began to laugh and told her she was funny. Brook Lynn moved over for Sonny to sit down, and Mike told him how wonderful Lois had been, especially with the feast she'd provided.

Mike, Sonny, and Brook Lynn talked about Mike's favorite song, "Hooked on a Feeling," and he and Sonny reminisced about the old days. "Good memory, Dad!" Sonny proclaimed. Mike noted that in the end, family was the only thing one had.

After Mike appeared to be sleeping, Brook Lynn told Sonny about some research she'd done that proved that music helped Alzheimer's patients with their cognitive function. Sonny reminded Brook Lynn that if her dreams with music were realized, what mattered most was family. Brook Lynn agreed that she had needed to hear that. She leaned over Mike to say goodbye, and he thanked her for visiting.

Sonny sat with Mike, and they talked about old times again. Mike wished that Sonny had heard Lois sing. Before departing, Brook Lynn made a phone call to Ned. She asked him about Take Your Daughter to Work Day and insisted she was serious. She announced that she was ready to be a part of the business.

Molly and Sam arrived at the café, and Molly slammed her purse onto the table in anger. She complained that she'd been with T.J. for seven years; they had shared everything and supported each other, and he had been ghosting her. She continued to ramble on without allowing Sam to say anything. Molly declared, "Let him go and find himself. Who needs him?" Molly wondered why T.J. was doing what he was doing.

When Molly finally stopped talking, Sam suggested that Molly take T.J. at his word. She added that many, including her, had gone off. Molly maintained that T.J. was not like that, and she asked if he would only stay with her if they got married. She sipped her coffee. Sam reminded her that she was on parole and couldn't see her man, but Molly insisted that she didn't even have a choice.

Sam made it clear that it was her job to search for people, so she vowed to return T.J. "What are sisters for?" Sam asked as Molly expressed her thanks.

A guard led a handcuffed Brad into the courtroom, followed by Scott. The cuffs were removed, and Brad saw Lucas sitting in the gallery. Judge Lasser entered, then the assistant district attorney, Scott, and Brad introduced themselves. The judge read the charges of kidnapping of a minor in the first degree with intent to pass him as Brad's own, and first degree fraud for perpetrating the crime for 19 months.

"I plead guilty," Brad said. Scott jumped up and clamored that that was not what they had discussed. Brad wanted to waive his rights, and Lucas appeared to be in shock. Julian sat and looked on silently. Brad went on to say that Nelle had been lying, and it had all been her idea. The judge replied that that was all immaterial and would not lessen Brad's sentence.

Brad turned to Lucas and began to talk to him. He stated that he had wanted to give Lucas a family, and he hadn't been able to tell Lucas that their dream had died. The judge stated that Brad would have to sign a waiver indicating that he had pled guilty voluntarily. She would allow visitors until the waiver was prepared. Court was adjourned, and it remained quiet.

Scott yelled that Brad would be spending the rest of his life in a cage. Lucas quickly stopped Scott from harassing Brad, and Brad asked Scott to leave. He wanted to be alone with Lucas. When the men were alone, Brad told Lucas that he had done what he had for them. He had wanted to make Lucas happy. Brad admitted that Lucas couldn't hate him any more than he hated himself.

Lucas wished he could hate Brad, and he declared that they hadn't known each other very well. Lucas removed his wedding band and placed it on the table. He didn't know if they'd ever see each other again. Brad quipped that Lucas would know where to find him, and Lucas sadly pointed out that Brad was still making jokes.

Brad urged Lucas to find someone better. Lucas began to cry, and he and Brad embraced. Brad began to sob, and Lucas rushed out. Brad took a deep breath.

Julian stopped to see Brad and asked why he'd changed his plea. Brad disclosed that he'd had a visit from Sonny, but he'd kept quiet for Lucas. Julian thought it had been the right decision, but Brad suggested that Julian not relax. Sonny was going to kill him, and would do the same to Julian when he figured it all out. Julian noted that Brad would be in prison, and it was all over. Brad hoped that Julian had "covered your tracks."

Brad asked Julian why he was still hanging around because Sonny would be suspicious. Julian left. "Oh, God," Brad said, shuddering as he sat down.

"You sure look like you could use a friend," Brad heard someone say. He looked up. It was Britt.

Jordan paid a visit to Cyrus at Pentonville. He admitted that solitary had been lonely, but she noticed the book he had been reading. She told him that a daughter had seen her father die, but she doubted he had either feelings or empathy. Cyrus insisted he had feelings, and he loved children. He thought they would "build the next generation." He cited all that the next generation was capable of, and he mentioned the medical discoveries they would make.

Jordan asked if Cyrus was an expert on children besides getting them hooked on drugs. Cyrus complained that he wouldn't know about that because he was in solitary. He declared that there wasn't a person or a locked room that could "keep a determined man from doing what's necessary to get what he wants." "Do you have my son?" Jordan asked.

Britt returns in Brad's time of need Britt returns in Brad's time of need
Thursday, March 12, 2020

Brad was ecstatic when Britt entered the courtroom to visit him, and the friends embraced. He wondered if she'd gotten all of his voicemails, and she sheepishly told him that she'd been busy fighting to get her medical license back. She revealed that everything had worked out for her. She apologized for missing the arraignment, and she vowed that they wouldn't let Nelle win. "She already has," Brad said glumly, and he informed Britt that he'd pled guilty.

Britt exclaimed that Brad shouldn't have done that, and she knew that he hadn't meant to hurt anyone. She asked if something had happened, and he confessed that Sonny had made him "an offer I couldn't refuse -- plead guilty and live." She wondered why he hadn't given up Julian to Sonny, but he'd wanted to leave Lucas something. Britt thought that he should have at least given Liesl up, as she'd delivered Nelle's baby. Brad assumed that Liesl would have lied to get herself out of trouble, especially since she'd blackmailed him over it. Britt apologized on her mother's behalf, but Brad took responsibility for his "terrible decisions."

Britt knew what it was like loving a child that wasn't hers, and Brad was glad to be around someone who understood. She reminded him that they were friends and understood each other, "mostly." She just couldn't understand why he would let Julian walk away. However, she realized that Brad had passed up revenge out of his love for Lucas, so she was proud of him. She hoped that Lucas would understand one day. A guard entered to escort Brad out. He put cuffs on Brad, and Britt said goodbye to her friend. "It can't get much worse right?" Brad asked, and he and the guard walked out.

At Charlie's, Nelle asked Julian about Brad's arraignment. Julian replied that he wasn't in the mood for her and asked her to leave. Nelle returned to her table and left a message with Zahra to see what had happened. When she hung up, she zeroed in on someone at the door of the bar, and she saw Sasha and Willow staring in her direction. Sasha suggested to Willow that they could go somewhere else, but Willow didn't want to let Nelle chase them out. They entered and defiantly sat down at a table.

Sasha wondered how Willow was doing, and Willow replied that she was "coping." She thanked Sasha for the distraction. She asked for "juicy gossip," and Sasha talked about how she and Michael were discussing marriage. Sasha continued that it was hard to think of herself as a mother figure.

Nelle sat at the bar in front of Julian, and she asked why Brad had pled guilty. Regardless, she was happy that justice had been served, even though it couldn't erase "the suffering we endured." Julian informed her that no one was buying her act, and she wasn't fit to be a mother. She shot back that he wasn't exactly father material, and she would have a better relationship with Wiley than Julian had with Lucas. Julian reminded her that Wiley was a Corinthos, and that family didn't like to compromise, so Wiley likely wouldn't know she existed.

Nelle vowed to show the family that they would be wrong to keep Wiley away. Julian believed that Nelle only saw Wiley as a weapon against Michael and his family. Nelle talked about changing Wiley's name to William, and an astonished Willow overheard as she approached the bar. Willow chided Nelle for wanting to take Wiley's name away. "I'm sick of you," Nelle spat. She reminded Willow that Willow's son was dead, and Nelle would raise her own son how she wanted. Willow picked up a drink from the bar and threw it at Nelle.

Nelle grabbed a napkin to dry herself off as she growled that Willow would pay for that, and she threatened to have Willow arrested for assault. Willow explained that the drink had slipped out of her hand, and Julian confirmed the account. Nelle got up, and Sasha said that Nelle deserved more than a drink in the face. Nelle called Sasha a tramp that Michael would get tired of, but Sasha shot back that she was at least welcome in the house. Nelle stormed off to her table and sat down. Julian dropped the check off at Nelle's table, and she protested that she was going to get dessert. "Whatever you want, we don't have it," Julian replied. Nelle angrily gathered her things and left. Britt entered and sat down at the bar, and Julian asked for her order.

Back at their own table, Sasha asked how it had felt to throw a drink at Nelle, as she was jealous. Willow joked that she wished Nelle had "melted like the wicked witch she is." Sasha hated that Michael had to deal with Nelle as his child's mother, and she wished that there was something she could do. "It seems like there is," Willow commented. Sasha didn't want to jump into marriage if she wasn't ready, but Willow suggested that Sasha was ready and just didn't know it yet.

Michael was cleaning up Wiley's toys when Brook Lynn returned home. She informed him that she was to start at ELQ the next morning, and he looked forward to working with her when he returned the next month. The doorbell rang, and Brook Lynn walked away to answer it. She opened the door to Chase, who was there to see Michael. Michael approached the door as Chase entered, and Chase presented Michael with a six-pack of beer. Chase invited Brook Lynn to join them if she promised not to hit him with one of the bottles, but she excused herself to meet Ned. When Brook Lynn was gone, Chase stated that he and Michael needed to talk about Nelle.

Michael told Chase about the custody case, and Chase scoffed that it always seemed like it was the criminals with all of the legal protections. He admitted that they still hadn't found the missing evidence against Nelle, and he feared that she had another ally who'd helped it go missing. Michael insisted that they had to stop Nelle, no matter what, but Chase wondered how they could keep her away from Wiley. Michael explained about Diane's idea for Michael to get married, which caused Chase to choke on his beer.

Michael and Chase agreed that Sasha had been loyal and supportive during recent events, and Chase added that Michael had to put Wiley first. Chase advised Michael to make a plan, noting that he regretted not having taken care of Nelle when she'd killed Zachary Grant. Had he done so, Michael would never have had to deal with Nelle in the first place. Michael added that Wiley was worth all of the pain Nelle had caused. Chase advised Michael that his decision would depend on whether or not Michael wanted Nelle to have a permanent place in his and Wiley's lives.

Later, Chase was gone, and Sasha arrived home. She kissed him passionately. When they pulled apart, both started talking and then stopped. Sasha revealed that she'd been thinking about marriage, and Michael admitted that he had, too. She thought they'd prematurely declared marriage not an option, and she thought that, if it would sway the judge, it would be worth talking about.

Chase arrived outside of Charlie's and found Willow sitting on a bench. She told him that she'd needed some air, as Nelle had been inside. He offered to go elsewhere, but she replied that she felt better with him there. She kissed him.

Brook Lynn met up with Ned at the café, and he admitted that he'd been surprised to get her call about working at ELQ. He wondered what had changed her mind, and she thought she had something to offer to the family business. He reminded her that she would be starting as an assistant, answering phones and taking messages. She talked about the updates she wanted to do to the music around the company, and he liked her ideas.

Brook Lynn told Ned about her visit with Mike. She talked about how advanced his Alzheimer's was, but he still recognized the importance of family. Ned was impressed, and he thought there could be a real title in Brook Lynn's future. She didn't know who she was without singing, and she related that she'd never wanted to become a "corporate drone." "Me either," Ned agreed, but he commented on how ELQ kept pulling him back in. He was glad that Brook Lynn was focusing on her career and assured her that, in five years, she would be free to make all the music she wanted. He proposed that they go to karaoke night the next night after work to celebrate her first day. She happily agreed and hugged her father.

At Pentonville, Cyrus informed Jordan that no one could keep a determined man from doing what was necessary to get what he wanted. "Do you have my son?" she demanded to know. "Why? Is he missing?" Cyrus asked innocently. Jordan fired off a text to T.J. to call her ASAP. "If you hurt my son, I'll kill you myself," she growled. Her phone went off. She ignored it, but Cyrus suggested that she check it. She opened the text and saw a picture of a bruised T.J. tied up and unconscious. She demanded to know where T.J. was and what Cyrus wanted. He observed that she seemed like "the type of woman that would do anything to bring her son home safe."

At home, Curtis opened the door to Stella, who immediately asked what he'd gotten himself into. He promised that he was all right, but she refused to let him lie in order to protect her. He admitted that he felt awful about leaving Taggert to die, but Stella insisted that it wasn't his fault. He told her about how angry Trina was at him, but Stella assured him that Trina was young and needed somewhere to direct her anger. He wondered how long she would be in town, and she answered that she at least needed to spend some time with T.J. before she left.

A short while later, an obviously shaken Jordan arrived home and hugged Stella. She stammered that Cyrus had just gotten under her skin, and Stella couldn't imagine how hard it was to see the man who'd murdered a close friend. Jordan blurted out that Cyrus deserved to be dead instead of in prison, and she added that Stella couldn't stay there. "You're kicking me out?" a surprised Stella asked. Jordan asked for a minute with Curtis, so Stella went to the bathroom to "freshen up." "We're alone. Tell me what he really said," Curtis muttered.

Jordan is forced to work for Cyrus Jordan is forced to work for Cyrus
Friday, March 13, 2020

As Spinelli and Sam walked into the Floating Rib, they chatted about Liesl. Franco and Elizabeth were sitting nearby and overheard them. Franco wanted more information, and Sam announced that Liesl had been arrested. Spinelli added that Liesl had been the one who had tried to kill Franco. Franco was shocked, but Sam and Spinelli excused themselves and made their way to a table.

Elizabeth was sorry, and Franco was in disbelief. Elizabeth thought that Anna would have had a good reason to arrest Liesl. Franco pointed out that Liesl had always supported him and never judged him. It didn't make sense, and he wanted to see her. Elizabeth supported Franco's decision and urged him to go.

Spinelli was annoyed that Sam had cut him off before he'd been able to tell Franco about Peter, but Sam explained that they didn't want more people to know. She was afraid that Peter would feel cornered and go after someone they loved. Spinelli didn't think that Peter would go after Maxie, but he was concerned that Maxie had trusted the wrong guy again. Sam maintained that they couldn't help Maxie, and if they pushed her to choose between Peter and Spinelli, they knew who she would choose.

At the local jail, Liesl shouted and carried on but was pleased to receive a visit from Nina. She noted how good it was to see a friendly face, but Nina merely frowned at her. Liesl advised her niece not to believe the news about her, but Nina was angry. She shouted that she had always forgiven Liesl, but it had been getting more difficult. Liesl insisted that Peter had framed her, and he was the one behind the incidents that she'd been charged with.

Nina pointed out that Peter had changed and wasn't the same man that he had been before arriving in Port Charles. She declared that he had been trying to be a better person, "unlike some of us." Liesl retorted that Peter had only pretended to change while she really had. She wanted Nina to believe her. "Why should I?" Nina asked. Liesl declared that Nathan would want her to.

Nina grew angrier and yelled that Liesl had gone too far. She had used Nathan's memory to try to manipulate her. Liesl wanted to explain, but Nina added that Liesl was there because of herself. Peter was important to both Maxie and James, and Nathan would want them to be happy. Nina stormed off.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Sasha and Michael talked about marriage working for Michael in a child custody case. Sasha mentioned that she'd run into Nelle and had had a "sinking feeling" in her stomach. Sasha would do anything to protect Wiley. She and Michael grasped hands and noted how lucky they both were. Sasha felt that Michael had restored her faith in herself with his support, and she felt stronger with him.

Sasha and Michael both expressed their love, and Sasha declared that she loved Wiley, too. They both agreed that honesty and open communication would be the way to go. Suddenly, Michael got down on one knee and proposed. Sasha said yes, and they shared a kiss.

At Curtis and Jordan's apartment, Curtis tried to find out what was going on with Jordan. She told him she'd visited Cyrus and was feeling emotional. Just then, she received a text. It read, "Tell no one about T.J. Don't want to ruin Aunt Stella's visit. You'll have a visitor soon. Be alone." Curtis asked about the message, and Jordan replied that it was from ballistics. Nothing had been traced to Cyrus from the crime scene at the warehouse.

Jordan added that Cyrus had gloated when she'd visited, and she hated herself for revealing that she had been in pain. It wasn't over. Jordan told Curtis to take Stella to dinner because Jordan needed time alone. She planned on going to bed. Curtis agreed.

Curtis informed Stella of their dinner plans, although Stella wanted to support Jordan. She stated that family didn't skip out. Curtis suggested that Stella support Jordan with space, and Stella replied that she would still worry. Curtis revealed that he'd booked Stella a room at Metro Court. They headed out to dinner.

Willow and Chase sat at a table at Charlie's Pub. Willow admitted that she'd run into Nelle and had allowed Nelle to goad her. Chase wasn't surprised, and Willow guessed that she should have ignored Nelle. Chase pointed out that they needed to weaken Nelle's case. Just then, they were surprised when Harmony walked in, and they invited her to sit.

Willow acknowledged that some days were better than others, and she realized that Harmony had suffered a loss, too. Harmony was grateful for Chase, and she was okay as long as Willow was.

Julian served Britt at the bar, and she informed him that Brad was her best friend. She stated that she had visited with Brad, and she couldn't believe he'd kept the secret about Wiley all to himself. She thought it was unbelievable. She sat down and made it clear that Brad had never intentionally hurt Lucas, and she could never take a fall like that by herself the way that Brad had.

Britt announced that she was aware that Julian had been helping Brad. "What made you throw him to the wolves?" she asked. "You don't know what you're talking about," Julian replied. Britt divulged that Brad had told her everything, but Julian was quick to point out that Brad had been blackmailing him by threatening to tell Sonny everything. He thought that Brad had sabotaged himself by refusing to listen.

Britt thought Brad had changed and had grown more concerned with what people thought. She didn't care what people said about choices, and Brad had lost his nerve.

Harmony received a text message and said that it was from work. She had to leave, and she and Willow made plans to get together. Harmony tried to toss money on the table, but Willow and Chase refused to accept it. Harmony was happy for her second chance, and she left. Willow found the encounter interesting, while Chase hadn't realized that Willow and her mother had grown so close.

Willow explained that Shiloh had messed with Harmony more than her, and Willow was proud of her. Harmony had gotten free and stood up to Shiloh, and Willow wanted a relationship with her. Chase hoped that Harmony lived up to Willow's expectations.

Julian and Britt downed a shot after toasting. Britt grew philosophical, and she called Julian's bluff when he mentioned his family. Julian didn't think Britt knew anything about him, but she was aware that his relationships with Lucas and Sam were not good. He accused Britt of hurting people's feelings, but she didn't think there was a point to pretending. She thought it good to "take life as it comes." She told him to pour another round.

Diane showed up at the Quartermaines', and Michael revealed his wedding plans. "That's an absolutely awful idea," Diane proclaimed. She explained that marriage was supposed to show a stable environment for Wiley, and she admitted to a background check on Sasha. She was certain that Nelle's attorneys would argue about Sasha's previous conduct.

Michael was indignant as he asked who Diane had thought he would ask. Diane thought that Sasha's untruthfulness and fraud would hurt Michael's chances at custody. Sasha reminded Diane that she hadn't been legally charged, but Diane thought that Nelle's attorneys would get witnesses to testify.

Sasha agreed that Diane was right. Diane said she wanted Michael to marry someone with a good character, who was kind like Snow White or Mary Poppins. She added that he could also not marry anyone. She left, and Sasha began to weep. She was disappointed that she and Michael had been engaged for 15 minutes.

Michael was sorry but still thought that he and Wiley were lucky to have Sasha in their lives. They said they both trusted each other, and they kissed. Michael declared that it was "back to the drawing board" because they had to find a way to beat Nelle.

Jordan answered a knock at her door and was surprised to see Harmony. "Cyrus sent me," Harmony stated as she walked inside. She confided that she did what she had to do to get by. Jordan was angry to learn that Harmony was working for Cyrus. Harmony explained that she was overlooked and not suspected, and Cyrus wanted Jordan to be his inside person within the police department. Jordan would go through her for messages.

Jordan wanted to know how long it would be, but Harmony replied that it was up to Cyrus. Harmony could not make any guarantees about T.J.'s safety unless Jordan was unwilling to cooperate. Cyrus was powerful, and one couldn't go against him. Harmony worked for Cyrus, and so did Jordan.

Jordan wondered what Cyrus had on Harmony, and Harmony revealed that Cyrus had been the one to "pull strings" for her early release in order for her to be with Willow. He had threatened Willow if Harmony messed up. Jordan declared that people had been killed, and Harmony was an accomplice. She couldn't believe that Harmony was taking such a risk. Harmony thought it was a bigger risk to go against Cyrus.

Jordan wanted proof that T.J. was alive, and she wanted to have that information every day with the date.

Franco visited Liesl at the jail, and she told him it was all nonsense. She said she would never harm him. They cited various incidents from the past, and Franco wondered if they weren't really that close, after all. Liesl insisted that she'd never wanted Franco dead. "Except for that one time when you did," Franco said. Liesl said never, but he wondered if she had been worried that Drew would remember something to incriminate her when Andre had been performing surgery.

Liesl maintained that she had not been involved with Faison's "demented schemes." Franco thought maybe she had been, and had had to improvise and destroy anyone in her way, even her best friend. Liesl refused to allow Franco to throw away their friendship, and she told him that Peter was behind all of it. Franco knew how it felt to be wrongfully accused, but he wasn't sure what he was thinking. Liesl pleaded with him to believe her, but Franco didn't think he could.

At the Floating Rib, Spinelli declared that he wanted to expose Peter. Sam moved over to sit with Elizabeth, and she asked about Cameron. Elizabeth confessed that her son was having nightmares but was being strong. Elizabeth was grateful for Jason showing up to help Cameron. Sam had had no idea about it, and Elizabeth told her what had transpired at the warehouse.

Stella and Curtis sat at another table. He knew that Stella was worried about Jordan, but Curtis was confident that Jordan wouldn't keep anything from him. Nina walked in and was thrilled to see Curtis and Stella. There were hugs all around and some small talk. Nina noted that Curtis was happiest when he had family around, and she wished she could say the same thing. She believed that Liesl was guilty.

Back at Charlie's, Julian informed Chase and Willow that their meal was on the house because he had enjoyed seeing Nelle "taken down a peg." Chase was confused, and Willow had to tell him about tossing the drink in Nelle's face. She hadn't been able to stand hearing Nelle talk about Wiley and her plans for using the little boy. Willow had no regrets, and Chase wished he'd been there.

Julian and Britt enjoyed their continued rounds of shots, but Britt confessed that she couldn't be hungover when she visited Liesl. Britt was only happy that she was on the right side of the bars that time. In the meantime, she wanted to "let loose."

Willow hoped she wouldn't be arrested, and she vowed to always stand up for Wiley. She and Chase kissed, and Willow wanted to thank Julian again before they left. He seemed to have disappeared.

Julian and Britt made it to the back room as they made out and began to remove each other's clothing. They began to make love.

Spinelli and Sam drank a toast to Peter at the Floating Rib.

Curtis returned home and found Jordan still in the same clothing and not asleep. She told him she had been distracted. Curtis revealed that Stella wanted to help Jordan, and he was there for Jordan, too. They were in it together. Jordan stated that she was upset about Cyrus, and Curtis suggested they try to find Cyrus' weak spots because everyone had them. They had to take him down.

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