General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 16, 2020 on GH
Sasha made a shocking suggestion to Michael and Willow. Brando accepted a job offer. Julian and Britt woke up in bed together. Robert looked into Liesl's claims that Peter had framed her. Lulu took advantage of Brook Lynn's mistake. Cameron and Trina shared a kiss. Portia denied that Trina was Curtis' daughter.
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Cameron and Trina kissed, Portia denied Curtis was Trina's dad, and Julian and Britt had sex
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Robert teams up with Liesl Robert teams up with Liesl
Monday, March 16, 2020

Sonny and Jason welcomed Brando to his new garage. Brando appreciated it, but he thought the men might have the wrong impression of him. Jason double-checked the door as Brando explained that he was an ex-con, and he would never return to prison. He was grateful that Sonny was looking out for his mother and Dev, but he would not be involved in a front for Sonny or a chop shop.

Brando made it clear that he wasn't judging Sonny, but Sonny replied that he didn't want Brando involved in any of his business. It was Brando's garage, and there would be nothing illegal going on as far as Sonny was concerned. Sonny placed the keys on the counter and announced that he had business to attend to.

After Sonny was gone, Jason noted that Brando didn't appear to be sold on the idea. Brando thought it was better that he return to Chicago. He wanted to know Sonny's deal. Jason assured Brando that Sonny had meant exactly what he'd said. Brando had the new business, and Sonny and Jason would do what they could to support Brando.

Jason added that Sonny and Carly were his best friends, and Brando had saved Carly's life, so they owed Brando thanks. Brando revealed that it wasn't all what Jason thought, and he proceeded to talk about how he'd been recovering from PTSD after being in the military overseas. He'd thought he'd worked it out until he'd heard gunfire at the coffee warehouse. His first thought had been to go inside, and he'd saved a woman who had been down. He hadn't been brave because he'd just reacted without thinking. Brando didn't think he deserved anyone's praise.

Jason only cared that Brando had been at the warehouse and that Carly was alive. Brando was glad he'd helped. Jason stressed that Sonny was a "stand-up guy," and he respected that Brando had had to change his life for them. He assured Brando that nothing would get in the way of that. Suddenly, there was a loud noise, and both men were startled. Jason pulled his gun.

Nikolas and Ava sat at the bar in Metro Court. Ava noted how depressed the atmosphere had been at Wyndemere, but Nikolas thought it suited him just fine. He suggested that Ava move to any number of other locations, but she didn't think it was wise for her to leave. She assumed that Nikolas would be tempted to cheat on her, and he would lose everything to her. She was doing him a favor.

Ava sipped her martini, and Nikolas agreed that he couldn't stop her from living in their home. He sipped his own drink and suggested that Ava could impersonate the loving wife in public, but privately, their marriage was only a business transaction after she'd blackmailed him. Ava was aware that Nikolas hated her.

Ava wanted to do some redecorating, but Nikolas refused to allow it. He pointed out that Spencer loved the house as it was. "In case he comes home?" Ava asked. Nikolas appreciated all that Ava had done for Spencer. She admitted that she should gloat over Nikolas' lack of a relationship, especially after Nikolas had used Kiki's memory against her and caused his son pain. She knew what Nikolas' own pain felt like, and it was the worst kind.

Nikolas hoped to repair his relationship with Spencer if the boy would ever hear him out. He asked Ava where she thought Hayden might have run off to, but Ava responded that she couldn't speak for Hayden. She thought that Hayden might have had an accident or gotten into some trouble. Nikolas didn't know how to explain it to Elizabeth. "You don't," Ava replied.

Ava suggested that Nikolas string Finn and Elizabeth on and get past Violet's birthday, but Nikolas didn't want to lie. He hated himself. Ava snapped that Nikolas always hated himself after the fact; sorry was easy, but making amends was harder. She thought that Nikolas should try not doing something bad in the first place.

At a table nearby, Anna joined Robert. She saw Nikolas and mentioned that she really had the urge to confront him about Hayden's whereabouts, but she agreed with Robert that it would be a waste of time. Anna disclosed that Violet missed her mother, although it was great for her that Anna and Finn were back together. She added, "Peter is no longer an issue." She looked at Robert and could see that he clearly didn't believe that.

Anna reminded him that Richard Hauser, a legitimate WSB agent, had been the one to produce the evidence against Liesl. Robert disclosed that he had read it, but Anna thought he needed a refresher. She proceeded to go over all of the details tying Liesl to the crimes and also revealed that both Jason and Drew had been in Liesl's clinic.

Anna was certain that Liesl had been afraid that either Drew or Franco would remember something regarding the memory transfer. Robert was skeptical, and he thought that the boxes had been checked off too neatly. He thought Liesl had been framed, but Anna retorted that he only wanted Peter to be wrong. She reminded him that both the WSB and local police had been satisfied. "Case closed," she said.

Anna accepted the fact that she couldn't stop Robert from hating Peter, but she wanted him to let it go. Robert made it clear that only one of them was right, and he hoped it was Anna. He got up from the table and left.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth tried to convince Franco that their burst pipes were not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but Franco whined about the money they needed for bills and house repairs. She reminded him that he had Ava's commission, and he joked about her positive demeanor. They shared a kiss.

Shortly after, Finn rushed over to Elizabeth to ask if she'd heard anything about Hayden. He was desperate to find her for Violet's birthday, and he guessed that Nikolas hadn't been able to find her. Nikolas had been dodging his calls and had refused to answer his door. Elizabeth pointed out that the news had been public about the danger being over, and she couldn't understand why Hayden hadn't returned. She stated that Nikolas had claimed that he'd only convinced Hayden to leave, but Elizabeth didn't know Nikolas anymore.

Scott stepped off the elevator and ran into Franco, who admitted that he was in a financial bind. Scott pulled his money clip out of his pocket, but Franco admitted that he needed $100,000. Franco ran down the list of goods that he needed for the house and the boys along with college tuition. Scott stared at him and admitted that he was "taking it all in." Franco wondered when the boys would stop growing.

Franco and Scott sat down on a bench in the hallway. Scott declared that he didn't have that kind of money but was willing to help Franco to get a loan. Scott didn't want Franco to be hard on himself and told him he had to expect "growing pains" with his family. The lawyer announced that he would have the pipes and heat fixed while Franco admitted that the boys had had fun with having no heat but a lit fireplace. Scott cited the "warmth of family" as he walked away.

At Charlie's Pub, Britt and Julian dressed in the back room after spending the night together. He offered to buy her breakfast, but she was in a rush to visit Liesl. He asked for her phone number, but Britt responded that she knew where to find him.

At the local jail, Liesl lay on a cot and grumbled about her plight in life. She loudly announced to no one that if she'd wanted someone dead, they'd be dead. She didn't mess around. She sat up. A short while later, she took pen to paper and didn't turn around when someone entered. Britt called out hello, and Liesl turned in disbelief. She was happy to see her daughter and exclaimed that she'd missed her. She hoped that Britt hadn't broken out of jail.

Sarcastically, Britt noted that she hadn't left jail to visit another jail. She wanted to know if Liesl had committed the crimes she'd been accused of. Liesl insisted she hadn't known anything about the memory transfer, and she had no reason to kill people. Britt pointed out that while a lot of her problems had been her own fault, many had been because of Liesl, and she wanted the truth. Britt informed her mother that she had gotten her life together.

Liesl insisted that Peter had framed her, and Anna had aided him. She called Peter "rotten to the core" and someone who had been involved with the memory transfer. She believed that Jason had started to "connect the dots," and she wanted Britt's help to prove her innocence. Britt knew that her mother could lie, and she didn't believe that Anna would ever frame anyone.

Liesl didn't think that Anna had done so consciously, and she declared that Peter was more dangerous than Anna realized. She wondered if he had had Nathan killed on purpose, and she was concerned, since Peter was living with Maxie and James. Suddenly, Liesl shouted that she should have killed Peter when she'd had the chance.

Shaken, Britt tried to shush Liesl. "I'm out," Britt declared. She had paid for her mistake and was on parole. She couldn't get caught up in Liesl's situation. Britt called for the guard to let her out and said goodbye. Liesl shouted Britt's name in vain.

At the Corinthos house, Carly exclaimed that a bullet had been found in Dev's backpack, and she didn't know when everything would be over. She thought it was too dangerous for Josslyn to go out, and she thought that both Josslyn and Dev should be homeschooled. Carly was worried that someone had been watching them.

Josslyn suggested that it could be possible to go to Australia with Jax, although that was more of a place to visit and wasn't her home. Furthermore, Josslyn admitted that she didn't want to leave her family, and Jax had just resettled in Port Charles. Carly was ecstatic and gave her daughter a hug. Josslyn thought she could handle homeschooling, although it wouldn't be the same without interaction. Carly announced that she would hire a tutor, and she suggested that Josslyn pick a teacher that she'd like to have for the job. Josslyn smiled.

Josslyn was aware that Carly was worried about all of them, and she wondered if her mother ever wanted to just "bail and go." Josslyn knew that Carly loved Sonny, though. "Every minute of every day," Carly replied. She made it clear that her job as a mother superseded her love for Sonny. The kids were all her first priority. She and Josslyn hugged.

Ava showed up at Franco's office at the hospital after he summoned her. He wanted to continue her portrait. Ava could sense that something was wrong, and Franco admitted he needed a lot of money. He was grateful to her for commissioning her portrait, and she assured him that his art would be lucrative again. Franco thought his talent might have disappeared, but Ava didn't buy it. She knew it was still there, and maybe something greater was waiting to appear since all the darkness had gone.

Ava emphasized that she'd hired Franco because he was a great artist, and she wanted something that would increase in value as a work of art. "Get to work," she said. Franco thanked her.

Anna rushed into the hospital and showed Finn a large box she'd received from the Post Office. It was a new tea set for Violet, straight from England. Finn confessed that Violet missed her mother, and he wanted her birthday to be special. Anna reminded Finn that Violet had him, and Finn stressed that the little girl would have a "legit tea set." Finn and Anna expressed their love for each other and leaned in for a kiss.

Elizabeth spotted Nikolas at Metro Court and demanded to know where Hayden was. Nikolas confessed that he couldn't tell her a lie. "She's gone," he said. He thought she'd had an accident or run into a bad situation. Elizabeth yelled that something terrible had happened, and Hayden had never had to leave in the first place. It was his fault if her sister was dead. She recalled how she'd depended on Nikolas and confided in him in the past. Nikolas acknowledged that he was still there. "You're not," she said.

"How's it going?" Robert asked Liesl as he arrived at her jail cell. Liesl thought he should be ashamed of himself, but Robert admitted that he didn't think that Liesl was guilty. He thought they might be able to help each other.

Josslyn admitted she'd rather be in school, but she would be okay with Mr. Phillips as her tutor. She thought that the incident that Cameron and Trina had been through had been strange and that she would have been more mentally prepared for it. Carly didn't think Josslyn's friends had the same resilience as she did, but Josslyn quickly stated that she'd learned it from Carly.

Carly was happy that Josslyn had made the homeschool talk so easy, but Josslyn was appreciative to have been included in the conversation.

Sonny showed up at Julian's place in the back of Charlie's. He announced that he had questions. He wanted to know why Julian had paid for Brad's defense. He assumed that Brad had something on Julian, and he indicated that if he found out that Julian had helped Brad, he'd have to address it.

Trina and Cameron confide in each other Trina and Cameron confide in each other
Tuesday, March 17, 2020

At the Metro Court restaurant, Sam was talking to Alexis about Molly when Alexis' phone went off. Noticing that Alexis was no longer paying attention to the conversation, Sam wondered if everything was all right with Alexis. She asked Alexis about the hearing, and Alexis informed her daughter that Neil had been reinstated. Sam was glad to hear it, but she instructed her mother to call Molly soon. Sam left to see what information she could get from Jordan as Alexis' phone went off again.

At the hospital, Elizabeth welcomed Neil to the staff, and he replied that he was glad to be there. She broached the subject of possibly having Cameron talk to Neil, and Neil agreed to talk to Cameron if Cameron agreed to it. A few minutes later, Neil bumped into Alexis, who congratulated him on the new job. He said that he couldn't have done it without her. She told him that she would "do it all over again," and he agreed. She excused herself to go to a meeting and walked away.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Trina told Portia that she was overreacting with all of the new restrictions Portia had put into place. Carly approached the table and offered her condolences to the two. Trina just wanted things back to normal, so Carly invited Trina to the house to visit with Josslyn. Trina jumped at the chance and left. Carly sat with Portia and offered that Trina could do homeschooling with Josslyn and Dev. However, Portia replied that Trina was determined to get on with her life.

Portia mentioned Ava to Carly, and Carly went on about all the things Ava had done to Carly's family, especially Morgan. Portia told Carly that the high amount of freedom Trina had been given had always worked out well, but Portia didn't like Trina spending so much time with Ava. Carly didn't blame her, and she suggested that Portia limit the relationship without cutting it off. Carly wished Portia luck and walked away.

At Sonny's, Josslyn invited Cameron to partake in homeschooling with her and Dev, but he turned the offer down. He was about to tell her what his last thoughts had been when he'd thought he'd been about to die, but the doorbell interrupted him. Josslyn let Laura into the house, and she was pleased to see Cameron. Laura asked for Sonny, but he wasn't there. She asked about the kids, who insisted that they were fine, and they asked about Laura. She replied that her prognosis was good, and it was her responsibility to make sure that things stayed safe in town. She hugged her grandson and left.

Josslyn assured Cameron that he could talk to her about how he really felt. Just then, Trina entered, and she complained about the tight leash Portia was keeping on her. Josslyn reasoned that it was a natural reaction, but Trina went off on Josslyn about how she wasn't as used to crises as Josslyn was. She stormed out onto the terrace, and Josslyn followed a few minutes later. Josslyn apologized, but Trina replied that she'd been the one to act like a "psycho." Josslyn promised that she would always be there for Trina, and the two embraced. Cameron emerged onto the terrace and told Josslyn that something was going on with her computer, so she ran inside.

Trina kicked herself for blowing up at Josslyn, but Cameron assured her that Josslyn understood. Cameron told Trina about how, when he'd thought that he was going to die, he'd thought about all the things he wouldn't get to do. He admitted to having nightmares about it, and she admitted the same. She added that the only thing making her feel better was knowing that they'd both made it out all right. The two got closer and shared a kiss.

At the hospital, Laura bumped into Elizabeth, and the two caught up. Elizabeth admitted that she was worried about Cameron, and Laura divulged that she'd just seen him. She thought that he was trying to be strong so that no one worried about him, so she advised Elizabeth to keep a closer eye on him. Elizabeth talked about her conversation with Neil about having Cameron talk to Neil. Laura thought it was a good idea; however, she advised Elizabeth not to pressure Cameron and to give him time to realize on his own that he needed to talk to someone.

At the shop, Jason and Brando heard a noise outside and drew their guns. Harmony entered, and Jason asked why she was there. She replied that a light on her dashboard had lit up, and she'd stopped at the first shop she'd seen. Jason introduced Brando and Harmony, and he assured Harmony that he would take care of covering any repairs she needed in exchange for her "stepping up" when he'd needed her to. Jason left, and she wanted to go to a different shop so that Jason didn't pay for her repairs. Brando replied that he would hate it if his first customer left, so she stayed.

A few minutes later, Brando returned inside the shop and assured her that the car was an easy fix. She related that there would be no reason to bill Jason for it. Brando wondered why Jason seemed to make her so nervous, and she explained how she'd dealt with Jason because of Dawn of Day. She wished him luck with the shop and ran out.

Sasha was playing with Wiley when Michael entered the room. He informed Sasha that there was nothing Diane could do and that Nelle was on her way for her first official supervised visit with Wiley. A few minutes later, Nelle arrived.

Chase found Willow at the hospital, and she told him that she'd been thinking about visiting Harmony at Turning Woods. She commented that Harmony had seemed jumpy lately, and she'd been hard to reach. Just then, Chase's phone went off, and he answered it to Michael. Michael told Chase that Nelle was there for a supervised visit with Wiley, but he could use more eyes on Nelle. Chase agreed, and he hung up. He told Willow the situation, and she offered to go, too, but Jason approached to talk to Willow. Chase kissed her and left.

Jason confided in Willow that he was concerned about Harmony. He told her about Harmony's new car being in the shop and how nervous she'd seemed. Willow admitted that she'd been worried about Harmony, as well. She thought that if Harmony had gotten mixed up in something dangerous, her pulling away would make sense, as she wouldn't want Willow anywhere near it. She added that Harmony had just gotten out of prison, and Willow didn't want her to go back.

Nelle was playing with Wiley when Chase arrived. Nelle threatened to tell her lawyer that Michael had invited a cop over to intimidate her during her visit. However, Chase informed her that he and Michael were good friends, and Chase was there all the time. Chase sat with Sasha while Michael went to get some snacks. Later, when Nelle was ready to leave, she assured Wiley that she would be back soon, and she took a selfie of them together.

When Nelle was gone, Michael took Wiley upstairs. When he returned, he explained to Chase and Sasha that his strategy to win custody had to be proving that he could give Wiley a good and stable life. Sasha insisted that he had to get married. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Michael went to answer it. When he opened the door, Willow entered and asked what she could do to help.

Jason returned to the shop and asked Brando how things had gone with his first customer. Brando told Jason that Harmony had seemed to be very nervous, and there really hadn't been anything wrong with her car.

Nelle arrived at the Metro Court restaurant and found Carly in order to tell her all about Nelle's visit with Wiley. Carly observed that Nelle was trying to provoke her, as Nelle had probably failed in provoking Michael. Nelle gushed that Wiley had lit up when she'd walked in, and she happily showed a disgusted Carly the picture.

Jordan was looking at the picture of T.J. on her phone and thinking back to her conversation with Harmony when Curtis entered her office. He informed her that Stella had made her flight and was on her way back to England. He instructed Jordan to cancel any plans she had that night, as he wanted to take her to the restaurant she'd been wanting to try. She couldn't, as she had to work, and Curtis warned her about burning herself out. She assured him that she was fine, but she needed to take care of Cyrus, since he was there because of her. They shared a kiss, and he left.

Jordan was looking at T.J.'s picture again when Sam entered Jordan's office, asking about T.J. Sam informed Jordan that she'd gotten a location on T.J.'s phone, so Jordan asked for it. Sam offered to take care of it herself, but Jordan insisted that Sam let her take care of it, as it was her son. Sam reluctantly agreed and sent the coordinates to Jordan. Sam asked Jordan to have T.J. call Molly when Jordan found him, as Molly was very upset.

When Sam was gone, Jordan loaded her gun and took one last glance at the picture of T.J. She opened her office door and found Harmony standing there. "I can't do this right now," Jordan stated. Harmony apologized but informed Jordan that Harmony had an update.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Curtis sat down with Portia. She smiled and said that she'd been meaning to talk to him in order to thank him for saving Trina. She also apologized on behalf of Trina for the attitude Trina had been giving him. Curtis understood, as Trina needed someone to blame for her father's death. He appreciated Portia's gratitude, and he hoped that she would express it by being honest with him.

Curtis has questions that only Portia can answer Curtis has questions that only Portia can answer
Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Sasha told Michael and Chase that Michael's best chance for getting custody of Wiley would be for him to get married. The doorbell rang, and Michael let Willow into the house. She asked what she could do to help, and Michael revealed that they were strategizing. When Willow entered, Sasha stared at Willow and insisted that Michael needed to marry Willow. "Absolutely not," Chase protested. Sasha argued that it was the best way to keep Wiley safe. "You need help," Chase blurted out, drawing scolding cries from Michael and Willow.

Michael commended Sasha for thinking outside the box, but he insisted that everything he did on Wiley's behalf had to be honest "from now on." Michael offered Willow a visit with Wiley, so the two went upstairs. "What the hell was that?" Chase demanded of Sasha and her "crazy" plan. Chase insisted that Willow couldn't marry Michael, since she loved Chase, but Sasha reminded him that Willow also loved Wiley.

A short while later, Michael and Willow descended the stairs and talked about Sasha's idea. Michael assured her that it was all right that she didn't want to marry him, as he didn't want to marry her, either. He knew that Willow would always be there when he and Wiley needed her.

Jordan picked up her gun and opened her office door. She found Harmony standing there. Jordan insisted that she didn't have time for Harmony, but Harmony demanded that Jordan make time. Jordan blew past Harmony, anyway, and arrived at the coordinates Sam had sent her. She saw a phone on the ground and picked it up. It was T.J.'s. She heard a sound behind her and pointed her gun toward it. She only found Harmony, who informed Jordan that T.J. had been moved hours earlier.

Harmony continued that she had something for Jordan to do in exchange for T.J.'s life, but Jordan only demanded to know where he was. Harmony didn't know, so Jordan threatened to kill Harmony. Harmony replied that Cyrus would just send a replacement. Jordan suggested that they work together against Cyrus, but Harmony didn't want to risk it. Harmony told Jordan that Cyrus had a shipment arriving at eleven that night, and Cyrus wanted Jordan to "look the other way."

At ELQ, Ned was on the phone sealing a deal with a partnering company. He assured them that he looked forward to working together, and he hung up. He called out for Brook Lynn and got no answer. He opened his office door to a ringing phone at Brook Lynn's desk, but no Brook Lynn.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Brook Lynn ate lunch at the bar, surrounded by shopping bags. Maxie and Lulu entered, and Lulu and Brook Lynn took their usual shots at each other. Maxie got between the women and pulled Lulu toward their table. Just then, Brook Lynn's phone rang, and she answered it to a furious Ned. She explained that she was at lunch, and she would be right back in the office.

When Brook Lynn returned to the office, Ned scolded her for leaving the reception desk unmanned. He handed her some papers and instructed her to scan, seal, and have the documents delivered immediately. He stressed how important they were and how they were "for your eyes only." When he was gone, she unpacked her shopping bags and decorated her desk with the contents. She began to record a video for her social media followers and gave a tour of her desk. A short while later, Ned questioned if she'd sent the documents, and she insisted that she had. When he returned to his office, she rushed to put the documents together.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Maxie wanted advice from Lulu. Maxie talked about how much she did at Crimson and how little Nina showed her appreciation for it. Lulu urged Maxie to talk to Nina "now, before you have a chance to talk yourself out of it." Maxie finally agreed and left the table. Lulu browsed social media on her phone and decided to see what Brook Lynn was up to.

Nina was sitting at her desk when Jax entered to check in with her about Liesl. Nina replied that she was done with Liesl, and she wasn't surprised about her aunt's actions. Nina asked about Josslyn, and Jax explained about Josslyn's "house arrest." Nina guessed that he had a contingency plan, and he promised to tell her about it after he talked to Josslyn.

Later, Jax was gone when Maxie arrived at the office. Nina asked Maxie to grab an old article for her, but Maxie refused. She stated that she was the Creative Director, and it wasn't her job to "fetch" things for Nina. She talked about all the times she'd done the magazine herself when Nina had taken time off, and how she'd lived at the office to get the issues done. "Something's got to give, and it's not me anymore," Maxie said. Nina agreed that Maxie was the reason that Crimson was thriving, and she apologized profusely for not recognizing her for it sooner. She offered to collaborate with Maxie to think of a new role, job title, and salary. She added that Maxie deserved everything she wanted.

Maxie returned to Lulu and excitedly talked about her conversation with Nina. Lulu insisted that Maxie deserved it all. Lulu's phone went off, and she looked at it. "Oh, my God," she muttered, and she said that Maxie would never believe what Brook Lynn had just posted.

Cameron and Trina abruptly pulled apart from their kiss just in time for Josslyn to emerge from the house. "What did I miss?" Josslyn asked, sensing the tension. When the three were back inside, Josslyn started to talk about schoolwork, and Trina suddenly excused herself. Jax arrived as she ran out, and Jax made sure that she was all right as she left.

Jax entered and asked how Cameron was, and he answered that he and Trina had each other and Josslyn to lean on. Jax advised that friends were a safe place to grieve, and Cameron muttered that he'd just kissed his safe space goodbye. Before he could explain the comment, he left. Jax urged Josslyn to go after Cameron if she wanted to, but she knew that sometimes being alone was better.

Jax offered to take Josslyn somewhere that she wouldn't have to dodge bullets, and she replied, "Yes, please." Jax wanted to take her to Lady Jane's house, but Josslyn reminded him that Australia was on fire. She informed Jax that she'd just had that conversation with Carly, and Josslyn didn't want to leave her home.

A short while later, Jax returned to Nina's office and told her about his plan for Josslyn. Nina wanted Josslyn to be safe, but she was also glad that Jax was staying in town. Nina wanted to discuss something with Jax, and she mentioned her conversation with Maxie. She had reworked the budget to give Maxie a raise and gave the new numbers to Jax. He hated to disappoint her, but he couldn't approve the change.

Curtis sat with Portia at the Metro Court restaurant and said that he had questions for Portia about Trina. Portia knew that Trina was the correct age to be his daughter, but she assured him that Trina was Taggert's daughter. Curtis thought Trina was wonderful, but he admitted that he was relieved. Portia apologized for letting him believe that she'd been single years earlier when she hadn't been, and she didn't blame him for how he'd broken up with her.

Portia added that she was thinking about transferring to General Hospital. Curtis was praising the hospital when Trina entered and immediately started screaming at Curtis. Curtis excused himself, and Trina spat that running away was what cowards did. Portia scolded her daughter and apologized to Curtis for Trina's behavior. When he was gone, Portia reminded Trina that Curtis had saved Trina's life, and he'd done so by honoring Taggert's request. Portia wanted Trina to reconsider the way Trina treated Curtis, as he was an honorable man.

Jordan returned to her office and found Curtis, who urged her to take a break. He revealed that he was there to tell her the truth, and he told her about his relationship with Portia and that Trina wasn't his daughter. Jordan liked Trina, but she was relieved that Trina wasn't Curtis' daughter. He agreed, and he reminded her of their promise to not keep secrets from each other. Just then, the phone interrupted their conversation.

A short while later, Curtis was gone, and Jordan put in a call to Mac. She advised him that she wanted to move the teams around. She asked him to "pull the team off the bridge" and move them farther west in order to "spread our eyes around." She asked him to let her know when it was done, and she hung up and looked at the picture of T.J.

Lulu exposes an ELQ confidential memo Lulu exposes an ELQ confidential memo
Thursday, March 19, 2020

Brook Lynn finished up on the phone with a client as Michael and Wiley arrived at ELQ headquarters. Michael wanted to see Ned, and Brook Lynn was quite professional as she checked Ned's schedule. Michael told her how good she was at her job, and Brook Lynn vowed to be the best assistant ever. Ned emerged from his office and handed Brook Lynn some filing.

Michael admitted he was giving Wiley a tour, and the trio talked about the office music that Brook Lynn hoped to fix. Ned was happy to have the entire family involved in the work. Michael and Ned returned to Ned's office while Brook Lynn watched over Wiley. The men talked about a business merger, and Michael admitted that he didn't envy Ned's position when the public would hear about the merger and subsequent layoffs. Ned was confident he had time to "spin it" and noted that shareholders would be happy. Michael was happy to have left the company in such good hands.

At the Corinthos house, Carly told Sonny about Nelle's visit with Wiley and the selfie Nelle had taken with the obvious intent to set Carly off when she'd waved the photo in Carly's face. Carly had been good and hadn't taken any action against Nelle. Jason arrived, and Sonny was anxious to hear about Brando and the new garage.

Sonny stated that he was aware that Brando liked the garage, although Brando still wanted to return to Chicago. Carly suggested that Brando might be around long enough to find that Port Charles wasn't so bad. She left to look after the kids, and Sonny turned to Jason for more information. Jason admitted that Brando wasn't happy but was aware that he wouldn't be going anywhere.

Jason proceeded to tell Sonny about Brando's first customer: Harmony. Jason noted that she'd driven up in a new car while living in a halfway house and working as an aide at Turning Woods. She had seen Jason and had been obviously nervous. Jason had convinced her to allow Brando to look at the car, and Brando had informed him that nothing had been wrong with it.

Sonny wondered if Jason believed that Harmony had shown up with the car because she had known that Brando was connected to Sonny. Jason thought it possible, but there was something that he didn't like. He had spoken to Willow, who had told him that Harmony had distanced herself from her daughter, and Harmony was either into something "shady" or trying to hide her car loan. Sonny urged him to keep looking.

A shirtless Brando punched a bag viciously at Volonino's Gym. Spinelli walked in and asked to share it. Brando held the bag for Spinelli who admitted that he was better at computer skills. Spinelli also confessed that he recognized Brando, and he officially introduced himself. He explained that he provided tech support for the Corinthos family and Jason, who were friends of his. He was also grateful to Brando for saving Carly.

Spinelli exclaimed how Brando had probably felt empowered as he had charged into the warehouse to save Carly. Spinelli divulged that he knew of someone else who needed rescuing, but that person had refused his help. That was the reason for his need to hit the punching bag. Spinelli went on to tell Brando that his dear friend was living with and involved with a dangerous man. Brando wondered if Spinelli had proof that the man was dangerous.

Spinelli declared that the man was a "master of deceit," and he asked Brando if he should respect his friend's wishes to bow out or fight for her. Brando took a gulp from his water bottle and suggested that Spinelli follow his gut, although Spinelli was worried about "negative repercussions." Brando thought that would be better than someone dying, and Spinelli confessed that the man had already eliminated others. Brando urged Spinelli to "step up." They were interrupted when Brando received a phone call.

"Hi, fiancÚ!" Anna said as she wrapped her arms around Finn at General Hospital. She told him she'd had a good appointment and planned to head to the gym. They began to talk about Violet's upcoming birthday party, and Finn admitted he was stuck on the guest list and the fact that Violet's mother wouldn't be there. Anna suggested they "concentrate on her," and she proceeded to place an order for balloons in Violet's favorite purple.

Together, Finn and Anna managed to prepare a guest list, and they talked about favors and games. They awkwardly realized that they might eventually be planning a wedding in the same way. Anna noted that they didn't have a date yet, although she understood that their previous issues had prevented that. She stuttered as she spoke, and she pondered if they would be moving on as a married couple.

Finn confirmed that he wanted to get married, and Anna admitted that she did, too. They hesitantly began to discuss various ideas for a wedding, and Anna guessed that Violet would want more than a simple ceremony with Anna dressed in a suit. Finn agreed that Violet would want "big and sparkly," and Anna admitted that she would want that, as well. They kissed and confessed their happiness with each other.

At the Crimson office, Jax met with Nina and told her that he wouldn't be able to provide a raise for Maxie. Nina argued that she needed to make her best employee happy, but Jax didn't think his other departments would appreciate his giving money only to the magazine. He didn't think it would look right, and Nina guessed it was because they were sleeping together.

Jax wanted to keep the boundaries straight and keep the fun and work separate. Nina shooed him out of the office because she had to talk to Maxie. She wasn't sure if they'd just had an argument.

Lulu and Maxie shared a table at Metro Court. Lulu looked at her phone and grew excited. She couldn't believe what Brook Lynn had posted on Facebook. It was a work desk video. Lulu and Maxie moved their seats close together so they could get a better look at the same time. Lulu gasped. "Is that a confidential deal memo?" Maxie asked.

Lulu exclaimed that she could actually read the memo. It involved a merger between ELQ and a medical tech company. It appeared they were about to close a local facility. Lulu pointed out that she'd been the only person to view the video so far. Maxie suggested that a good person would call Brook Lynn in order to get her to delete the post. "What about a good reporter?" Lulu asked innocently.

Peter arrived and spotted Maxie and Lulu, but before he could head to their table, Robert waylaid him. He wanted Peter to sit with him. Peter declared that he didn't have time because he had a deadline to meet, but Robert sat down with him at the bar. Robert noted how nice it was to be able to work anywhere, and he referenced a "taste of freedom."

Robert went on to say that he'd met with Liesl, who had claimed that Peter had been the one to kill Drew and sent the assassin to go after Franco and Andre. Peter thought it was sad that Liesl was trying to destroy him, and he noted that she had fooled him after he'd hired her at the Invader. Peter proclaimed that justice had prevailed.

Maxie stressed that things could be "messed up," not only for Brook Lynn but for ELQ and the Quartermaines. She and Lulu moved their chairs apart again. Lulu insisted that she had a right to report a data breach. Maxie agreed it was Lulu's call, and Lulu decided to check with Peter.

Olivia walked over to Peter and Robert and joked about Robert harassing her customers. Peter left, and Olivia asked Robert if he'd had any news about Dante. Robert replied that he didn't know anything, and Olivia was upset that there had been no chance to help her son. She noted that some people had already forgotten him as she eyed Lulu. Robert offered to make some inquiries off the record. Olivia received a phone message and ran off.

Lulu spoke to Peter and told him that while finances weren't her regular "beat," she thought the scoop would be important to the Invader. "Go for it," Peter urged her. He received a phone call and had to leave. "Nice job," he told Lulu before he departed.

Lulu rejoined Maxie, and the young women spoke about Maxie's promotion. Lulu was happy for her friend, and Maxie was excited. Lulu wanted to celebrate, but Maxie wanted to talk to Nina first. Maxie told Lulu to order Champagne, and she would return to share the bottle with her. Lulu made a call to follow up on her news discovery and asked for family comments.

At ELQ headquarters, Ned and Michael emerged from Ned's office. They found Wiley sitting on Brook Lynn's lap as they both enjoyed a snack she'd found in the diaper bag. Brook Lynn handed Ned a list of calls she'd fielded, and Michael thanked her for watching the baby. Just then, Ned received a phone call from Lewin, the man involved in the merger.

Ned was confused about the call, and he insisted that he'd not posted anything online. Lewin informed him that the Invader had had the news. At that point, Olivia stormed in and demanded to know what Brook Lynn had done. Ned finished the call and announced that their million-dollar deal had been called off. He was beside himself. Brook Lynn insisted she had only posted something on her personal Facebook page.

Michael tried to assure Brook Lynn that she'd made an honest mistake, and he had personally "blown deals" in the past. He was sure that Ned would be able to fix things. Olivia and Ned went into Ned's office, and Brook Lynn asked if she could watch Wiley again in order for Michael to participate and get the problem straightened out.

Sonny handed Brando a cup of coffee at the Corinthos house. Brando thanked him for the shop, and Sonny asked about Harmony's visit. Brando was aware that Sonny had already heard about it, and he assured Sonny that he'd had nothing to tell Harmony. He added that he was not supposed to have anything to do with Sonny's business, but it had found him.

Brando declared that he had been transparent to Sonny. He'd made a good life for himself, but there was something in between him and that good life since he'd arrived in Port Charles. Sonny admitted that he had no idea how long Brando would have to stay. Brando was unhappy, but he offered to help Sonny in order to be able to move on.

Sonny reminded Brando that he hadn't wanted to be involved in either of Sonny's businesses. Brando agreed that was true, but he was. He wanted to be able to tell Sonny's enemies whatever it was that Sonny wanted them to know. Sonny appreciated it, but he wanted Brando away from the business. Brando thanked Sonny for the coffee and announced he had to leave to "earn my keep."

Maxie arrived at Nina's office to tell her about a good idea she'd had for the magazine. Nina urged Maxie to sit down and extended her congratulations to Maxie for her new title. She announced that Maxie would be the Senior Vice President of Creative Marketing, and she proceeded to play up all of Maxie's new duties. Maxie was thrilled, and she asked if Nina had spoken to Jax and whether he'd approved her new salary. "Not in so many words," Nina replied.

Nina admitted that Jax was unable to find the money for the salary increase, and she couldn't, either. She thought that the increase might go forward the following year, and in order to appease Maxie, she offered additional vacation days or a work-from-home schedule. Maxie was upset and went on to talk about all she'd done for Nina and Crimson. She'd even missed time with her son. Maxie got up and walked out.

At Metro Court, Carly met with Jax to talk about Josslyn. He revealed that he'd offered Australia as a temporary new home, and Carly admitted that she'd offered the same. They acknowledged that Josslyn didn't want to leave town. Jax wanted Josslyn to reconsider it, and he disclosed that he wanted their daughter to get away from Sonny. Carly told Jax about the tutor she'd hired and that Josslyn would get to stay on the volleyball team. She acknowledged it would require bodyguards.

Jax and Carly began to argue over Josslyn's future and safety. Jax vowed that he would not lose Josslyn to mob violence in the same way that Carly had lost Morgan. Carly was hurt and furious, and Jax quickly apologized. He admitted that he was scared, and Carly felt the same way. They began to argue again, and Jax made it clear that Josslyn's safety was the most important thing to him. Carly wanted to keep things status quo, and she suggested they monitor and make decisions together.

Nearby, Lulu gloated over a comment that she read that was attributed to Clint Buchanan. He had noted how terrible and inept Brook Lynn had been. Maxie returned and told Lulu how horrible things had been with Nina. She'd been denied a raise, but she would get even. She got up and walked away.

Anna arrived at the gym and spotted Spinelli. She asked about the family, and they made some small talk. She talked about a playdate for Violet, and she proposed a family get-together. She noted that she would also invite Chase and Willow, Mac and Felicia, and Peter and Maxie. Before Spinelli could reply, Jason showed up. Anna announced that she wanted to talk to both of them about Peter.

Spinelli and Jason looked uncomfortable as Anna mentioned that Georgie spent time with Maxie and Peter and would notice if something was off. Anna pointed out that Peter had been exonerated, and she didn't want him treated like a criminal, because he wasn't. Spinelli replied that he had been trying to "live and let live." Spinelli received an alert and stepped away. He noted that he had two missed calls and voicemails from Maxie.

Spinelli listened to his phone messages. "Over my dead body!" he shouted. He ran past Anna and Jason and out the door. Anna continued to talk to Jason. She knew that he had influence with Spinelli, and she wanted him to "soften his attitude toward Peter." Jason replied that he was unable to do that.

At General Hospital, Robert spotted Finn and offered his congratulations on Finn moving back to Anna's house. Finn revealed that it had been important to Anna, and the evidence had shown Liesl to be the guilty party. Robert wanted Finn to "stay on guard" whenever Peter was around Anna. Finn asked if Robert wanted him to spy.

"Stay on guard means stay on guard. Nothing more," Robert replied. Finn mentioned Violet's party, and Robert wangled himself an invite. Finn ordered him to be cordial to Peter, and Robert said that he would practice but couldn't promise. He wanted Finn to keep his eyes open.

The meeting was over at ELQ, and Michael, Ned, and Olivia walked out of Ned's office. They had a new agreement, and Olivia would put out the announcement that ELQ regretted what had happened and would investigate. Ned offered to try to reach Lewin Montel in order to smooth things over. Michael thanked Brook Lynn for babysitting, and Brook Lynn told him he was less "judgy" than other family members.

At first, Ned asked Brook Lynn to order dinner for a long night's work, but then he changed his mind and told her to go home. "What's the Invader doing on my Facebook page?" Brook Lynn asked herself as she checked her page out. Then she realized it had been Lulu.

Nina placed a phone call to someone and stated that Maxie hadn't taken things well, and she needed a friend.

"You bitch!" Brook Lynn shouted at Metro Court. Lulu looked up and noted that she'd just been enjoying Brook Lynn's Facebook post. She sipped her Champagne and stated that she only reported the news. She found it interesting that Brook Lynn knew how to stay relevant as a "has-been."

Maxie finds a new job with Deception Maxie finds a new job with Deception
Friday, March 20, 2020

At Volonino's Gym, Anna tried to get Jason to accept Peter in some small way. She asked him to "soften your attitude toward Peter." He replied that he couldn't and wouldn't lie to Spinelli. She asked for even five minutes of empathy because she thought that Jason and Peter were similar. Peter had been a scapegoat. "Like you," she said.

Jason turned his back and walked away. He declared that he and Peter were not alike, but Anna persisted. She was aware that Jason was harassed by authorities and that people stared at him as he walked down the street. Jason retorted that he didn't care. Anna stressed that Peter was connected to many people in town, and Jason agreed that that included Anna. He accused her of using that relationship.

Jason proclaimed that he respected Anna, but Spinelli didn't want to see his loved ones hurt. Jason was convinced that Peter was the one behind the criminal acts. Anna argued, to no avail.

Spinelli rushed to Maxie's apartment and banged on the front door repeatedly as he shouted that he was there to pick up Georgie. Finally, the door opened, and Peter and Georgie were on the other side. "Oh, look, Georgie, it's your dad," Peter said. Georgie greeted Spinelli and asked him where he'd been because she'd been waiting for him.

Spinelli urged Peter to go about his business. Peter pointedly declared that he'd enjoyed spending some time with Georgie, and they'd bonded. Peter explained that he was the third person on the list for the babysitter to call after she'd had to leave. Spinelli realized that at number two, he'd just missed the call.

Spinelli took Georgie to the bedroom with a book. When he returned, Peter handed him a beer. Spinelli looked around and noted that Peter and Georgie had to have played with every toy. They made small talk about the little girl, and Peter noted that he would support Georgie, no matter what she wanted to do when she was older. Spinelli abruptly called out to Georgie that it was time to leave.

Peter revealed that he and Georgie were about to make sugarless cookies, and Spinelli expressed his dismay. Peter called him an adversary. He also stated that he and Maxie would be getting married at some point, and the men argued over the exact words that they'd each heard Maxie say. Peter maintained that he didn't want to rush Maxie into marriage but he asked if Spinelli's attitude was because he didn't trust Peter or if he still had feelings for Maxie.

Spinelli was upset and made it clear that Maxie had been his soul mate previously, but then he'd grown up and met Ellie. Peter had to be sure. He pointed out that jealousy could poison a relationship. He added that he and Spinelli needed to tolerate each other, or they would force Maxie to make a choice between them. Spinelli felt comfortable with that. "Are you?" Peter asked.

At the Crimson office, Maxie quickly spoke to Lucy Coe on the phone and told her she was ready to talk about her future. Just then, Jax stepped off the elevator and said that he was looking for Nina. Maxie snapped at him several times with heavy sarcasm and finally told him to ask Nina's assistant. "You are aware that's not me, right?" Maxie asked. She then offered to lead him to Nina's office, and she announced that the "cheapskate" was there to see Nina.

Maxie returned to her phone call, but Lucy didn't have time to talk and ended the call abruptly. In Nina's office, Jax realized that Maxie wasn't taking things well, but Nina told him that Maxie actually was. Nina also didn't want a rift with her sister-in-law. She sat down behind her desk and asked Jax to leave before things "snowballed." She had to solve the problem.

Maxie returned to Nina's office and handed her a paper. Jax apologized again for not having the money in the budget for a raise but said that he would make it up the following year. Maxie told him he couldn't do that, and Nina stood up. She'd read the paper. "Because she's resigning!" Nina shouted. "Quitting!" Maxie said deliriously as she waved her arms in the air.

Jax asked if it was all a negotiating tactic, but Nina knew it wasn't. Maxie declared that she'd proven she was capable of so much but hadn't been worth it. Jax wished her well and told her it would be difficult at that time to find a new job. Maxie asked if he was threatening her. She had to show her kids how not to give up. She added that she always landed on her feet, and she would only be unemployed until the following day. Nina couldn't believe that Maxie had another job lined up.

At Metro Court, Lucy ended her call with Maxie but was approached by Valentin, who wanted to speak to her about Deception. He suggested that she allow him to be her one and only investor in order not to deal with several others. Lucy awkwardly noted that she'd heard that the size of his wallet had been diminished because of Nikolas. Valentin assured her he had other sources of money. Lucy agreed that while it was intriguing, she wasn't interested. She wanted to deal with Crimson and Nina's money and influence.

Nearby, Brook Lynn gave Lulu hell, and the two women exchanged barbs and taunts. Brook Lynn noted that she had a job, but Lulu pointed out that her daddy had given it to her. Brook Lynn sat down at Lulu's table and accused her of trolling Brook Lynn's Facebook page for news. "You just spit in the face of all the Quartermaines," Brook Lynn said.

Brook Lynn reminded Lulu that she had grown up at the Quartermaine mansion, although Lulu pointed out that it had only been for a couple of years. They argued back and forth, and Brook Lynn accused Lulu of not even knowing what the secret document had been about. Lulu was well aware that the document had involved a merger between ELQ and a foreign med-tech company that would close a local facility and lay off many individuals.

Brook Lynn believed that Lulu was more concerned with getting back at her and not about the workers. Lulu pointed out that Brook Lynn was getting more attention than when she'd had her music career. In return, Brook Lynn considered Lulu to be jealous and stated that Lulu was only a perpetual victim with another broken home.

Lulu mentioned her hate of Brook Lynn who retorted that Lulu drove people away. She began to talk about Dante wanting to get away from Lulu because she'd been boring and a nag. Lulu retorted that Brook Lynn was a "has-been who never was." Suddenly, Lulu stood up and grabbed the Champagne bottle. She shook it and directed the spray all over Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn slapped Lulu, who slapped her back. The two women began to circle and fight, with hair pulling and kicks. Brook Lynn shouted that she wanted to kill Lulu. "Bring it, bitch," Lulu yelled back. Lulu managed to grab a glass from the bar and throw it at Brook Lynn, who ducked behind the table that had fallen over. Valentin grabbed his phone and recorded the event.

As Chase sat on the floor and cleaned up toys at Anna's house, Willow returned after putting Violet to bed. She stated that the little girl was wound up after playing with her uncle, but Willow was happy to hear Chase laugh. She declared that he didn't do it as much as previously, and she blamed herself.

Chase made it clear that he was happier with Willow but had been affected by Nelle, who had put everyone through a lot. Willow thought he might have been upset because she hadn't said no to the suggestion that she marry Michael. Chase replied that he'd been in shock, and he admitted that he and Sasha had discussed protection for Michael, Willow, and Wiley.

Willow was surprised, and Chase confessed that he and Sasha had had a talk at the Floating Rib. Willow was okay with it, and the two continued to share their thoughts on the matter until they were interrupted when Chase's phone rang. He had to leave on business.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael finished up a phone call with Ned. He informed Sasha and Carly that there had been another ELQ disaster. Carly wanted to talk about a plan for Nelle, but Michael informed her that he wanted to follow Diane's instructions. Carly made it clear that he had to win custody of Wiley by any means necessary.

Michael wondered if Carly meant by legal means. "Yeah, sure," she replied as she gave him a look. Michael felt that he wanted to handle things on his own. Suddenly, Sasha handed him his phone and told him there was time at the gym on his calendar. She wanted him to "blow off steam," and she admitted that she was the one who had marked his schedule.

After Michael agreed to leave, Sasha admitted that she had wanted to get rid of Michael so that she and Carly could talk. Sasha revealed that the past 48 hours had been a challenge, and Carly was aware that Sasha wanted to help. She also knew that Michael wouldn't let her. The women sat down, and Sasha confessed that she'd suggested that Michael marry Willow.

Sasha explained that Diane had thought it best for Michael to marry in order to get custody of Wiley. Carly realized that Nelle's attorneys would cite Sasha's fraud. Sasha pointed out that Wiley and Willow already had a connection, but Chase had "gone through the roof." She thought that Willow had been considering it, and Michael had, as well.

Carly was impressed with Sasha, who admitted that it would be good for Michael. "You're my kind of person," Carly declared. Sasha sighed that she had been kicked out of one family for lying but welcomed in another family for doing the same thing. Carly assured her that she hadn't lied, and it involved Nelle. Carly considered it to be justice, and she had a good feeling, thanks to Sasha's imagination. She suggested that Sasha "bend Michael's ear." She felt that they would have the perfect plan to take care of Nelle.

Anna arrived home and found Willow alone. Willow told her that Violet had been an angel, and Chase had been called in to work. Anna poured herself a drink and offered one to Willow. She admitted she'd skipped her workout.

The two women sat on the sofa, and Anna sipped her wine. They talked about Violet, and Willow was appreciative of the time they got to know more about each other. Finally, Anna sent Willow on her way because she had work to do. Willow assumed it was for the WSB, and Anna noted that some cases refused to be closed.

Jason punched the bag at the gym as Michael arrived and asked to share. Jason admitted he wasn't feeling it, and Michael was welcome to it. Michael could tell that something was wrong, and Jason confessed that someone he respected had lied to themselves. He thought it was their right, except not when someone else used the right to get away with murder.

Michael offered his help, but Jason replied that he would figure it out. Michael told him about Nelle's plan to gain custody and Sasha's suggestion that he marry Willow. Jason admitted that he would have thought it to be Carly's idea, and Michael admitted his mother had probably agreed. Michael pointed out that Willow was in love with Chase while he loved Sasha. It wasn't fair, and he had to find another way.

Lucy showed up at Crimson, and Nina yelled at her for "poaching my creative director." She was especially angry after all the negotiating they had done between the magazine and Deception. Lucy claimed she had not hired Maxie, but Maxie insisted she had. Lucy was confused, and Jax stated that Maxie believed she had a job with Deception. Lucy insisted it wasn't true, and she declared that Maxie needed to do a better job of listening.

Maxie held out Lucy's business card and reminded her that she had urged Maxie to get in touch if Nina didn't recognize her skills. Lucy maintained that that had only been in case Maxie needed a shoulder to cry on because she would never take Maxie away from Nina. Maxie was appalled that she'd quit for nothing. She stormed out. Lucy thought it had been quite a scene.

Lucy believed there had been some miscommunication because she would have never risked her deal. Jax didn't put it past her, and Nina announced that there was no longer a deal in place. There would be no endorsement.

As Brook Lynn and Lulu fought at Metro Court, Chase and another cop stepped off the elevator. "Break it up," Chase called out. He went to grab Brook Lynn, and she slugged him in the nose. "Oops," she said. Chase's nose was bloodied. Brook Lynn was cuffed, and he read her rights as he led her out.

Valentin gloated that Lulu had created an international incident, and she told him to get lost. She also ordered him to delete his video. "Too late," he said as she walked away. Lulu stepped onto the elevator as Lucy stepped off. Lulu ignored her. Lucy saw Valentin and suggested they sip some Champagne, her treat. She announced that they had business to discuss.

At Crimson, Nina was upset and wondered what she would do without Maxie. Jax suggested she hire Maxie back, but Nina wanted the extra money for her. Jax said he couldn't do it, and Nina knew that Maxie would have too much pride.

A miserable Maxie returned home and saw Peter and Spinelli. "Nobody talk to me," she ordered. She carried a box of her belongings, and she was clearly upset. She announced that she was unemployed. The guys tried to calm her down. She said that she could never go back, as she'd made a scene and insulted Jax to his face.

Just then, Maxie received a phone call from Lucy. Lucy officially wanted her to work for Deception. She also noted that Nina had pulled the deal, but Lucy had secured a new investor.

Valentin handed Lucy a drink at Metro Court, and they clinked glasses.

Chase put Brook Lynn into a jail cell at the police station. She swore that she had meant to assault Lulu and not him. Chase yelled at her to be quiet.

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