General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 23, 2020 on GH
Alexis drank a shot of alcohol then called Julian. Brook Lynn decided to sign over her shares of ELQ to Linc when Ned fired her. Michael rushed Wiley to the hospital. Nelle refused to consent to Wiley having elective heart surgery. Cyrus refused to release T.J. until Jordan found a way to get Cyrus released
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Nelle refused to consent to Wiley having elective heart surgery
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Sonny figures out Jordan's secret Sonny figures out Jordan's secret
Monday, March 23, 2020

Finn and Violet descended the stairs, discussing Violet's party, and they joined Anna and Peter in the living room. Violet took one of the pastries that Peter had gotten as she told him about her birthday party. She invited Peter, and Finn assured her that Peter was already on the guest list. Violet invited him to stay for a tea party, but he had to go and asked for a rain check. He hugged Anna and left.

A short while later, Finn descended the stairs alone and told Anna that Violet was discussing decorations with Roxy and her stuffed animals. Anna suggested that they set a date for the wedding, and Finn replied, "Name it, and I'll be there." Anna wanted Violet to be a part of the ceremony so they could commit to a life together as a family. Finn thought it was perfect and returned a short while later with Violet. Anna and Finn explained the idea to Violet and wondered if she wanted to do it. "No, thank you," Violet replied. She explained that she didn't want another mother.

A few minutes later, Anna was gone, and Finn tried to explain to Violet that no one would replace Hayden. Anna listened from outside the room as Finn assured Violet that there was enough room in her heart for everyone. He felt lucky to have her, and she returned the sentiment. He hugged his daughter and commented that they were lucky to have Anna, too. Anna entered and handed Violet a party invitation intended for Hayden. Finn assured Violet that Hayden would be there in spirit if she couldn't physically attend. Violet wondered if she could invite Hayden to the wedding, too, and Finn agreed.

At Kelly's, Franco was drawing dollar signs when Britt approached with an apology on behalf of Liesl. Liesl had told Franco that she was innocent, and Britt wondered if he believed her. Franco explained that Liesl had been a loyal friend, and he didn't believe that she would do anything to jeopardize being in James's life. Britt believed that James was the biggest argument for Liesl's guilt, as Liesl would protect her role in his life at any cost.

Peter arrived and sat with Franco and Britt, and they speculated on Liesl's guilt. Franco commented that Liesl was insisting that Peter had framed her. "Sorry to disappoint," Peter replied, but he had no intention of following in Faison's footsteps. Britt and Peter agreed that Liesl considered her own survival more important than anything else.

A few minutes later, Britt was gone, but Peter and Franco continued the discussion about Liesl. Peter thought that Franco was a good friend for giving her the benefit of the doubt. Peter believed that Liesl was broken and that there was no fixing her. Peter commented on how Franco had changed and proven the town wrong, so Franco wondered why Liesl couldn't be capable of the same. Peter replied that Faison was still controlling her from beyond the grave and that anyone who got in the way of her survival wouldn't live long.

Ava and Nikolas ordered their breakfast at the Metro Court restaurant, and Nikolas was surprised that she hadn't ordered alcohol. She replied that she wanted to be sober for her sitting with Franco. She invited him along to the hospital so he could visit Elizabeth. He doubted that Elizabeth wanted to see him, and he divulged that he'd told Elizabeth that he couldn't find Hayden. Ava chided him for depriving Elizabeth of hope, but he thought that his oldest friend deserved honesty. She didn't want him to sacrifice his friendship, and he wondered why she cared.

Ava explained that she was friends with Franco, and she didn't want to see his wife unhappy. Nikolas commented on the "special bond" between Ava and Franco. She said that, through all their history, they hadn't judged each other, and it was nice to be herself around someone. After he did her portrait, she was hoping to "give him back to the art world." She observed how few friends she and Nikolas had, and she thought that they would make each other less miserable if they had friends.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Felix spotted Lucas, and they questioned him about how much he'd be working. Lucas insisted that he was fine and walked away to tend to a patient. The two nurses agreed that they were worried about Lucas, and Elizabeth knew that Epiphany was concerned, too. Lucas returned, and Felix tried to talk to him, but Lucas rudely brushed him off and walked away again. Elizabeth took out her phone and said that she was "calling in the cavalry."

Britt arrived in a lab coat, and Elizabeth and Felix were shocked to see her. "Dear lord, the Britch is back," Felix muttered. Britt informed them that she'd worked hard enough to get her medical license reinstated, and she'd been temporarily hired to replace Kim. Just then, Nikolas and Ava entered, and Britt approached Nikolas.

Britt slapped Nikolas across the face and spat, "That's for Spencer." She yelled at him for how hurt Spencer was, but Elizabeth stood up for Nikolas. She and Britt traded barbs until Britt walked away muttering, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." Nikolas thanked Elizabeth for defending him, but he wondered if it was because she'd forgiven him, or if she just hated Britt more. "Whatever it was, it was against my better judgment," she said, and she walked away.

At Sonny's, Jason told someone on the phone that he would pick Danny up at the Quartermaines'. When he hung up, Sonny entered while on the phone, demanding answers. When he hung up, he informed Jason that Cyrus had had a shipment go through town the night before. Jason replied that their own guys and the police had surveillance around town, but Sonny suggested that some eyes had been diverted. He instructed Jason to make some calls and find out which cop was most likely to be in Cyrus' pocket.

A few minutes later, Jason assured Sonny that their guys at the police station were checking around. Sonny supposed that someone was being threatened into helping Cyrus, and he needed to figure out who it was. Jason revealed that T.J. was "off the grid," and he told Sonny about the situation. Just then, Jason's phone went off, and he answered and listened. When he hung up, he told Sonny that Jordan have given the order to move the cops off of the key route. Sonny didn't think it was a coincidence that she'd done that at the same time T.J. was missing.

At home, Jordan paced as she looked at her phone until she got a text. She looked at the picture of T.J. that she'd received and figured that it had been taken that day. She put in a call to Harmony and demanded to know where her son was. A few minutes later, Curtis emerged and invited her to breakfast, but she turned him down, citing work. There was a knock on the door. Jordan bolted to it, but she opened it to reveal Sam. She claimed that she'd been waiting on files from the office. Sam wondered if Jordan had heard from T.J., but Jordan promised to let Molly know as soon as Jordan heard from him.

Sam asked Curtis if he was available for breakfast so she could "pick your brain," and he accepted. He walked out to get a jacket, and Sam took the opportunity to ask what had happened when Jordan had visited the coordinates that Sam had given to her. Jordan replied that she hadn't found T.J. Jordan's phone went off, and she saw a text from Harmony that read, "I'll come when they're gone." Curtis returned, kissed Jordan goodbye, and left with Sam. Jordan shot off a text to Harmony saying, "I'm alone. Bring my son now!"

A few minutes later, there was a knock on Jordan's door, and she let Harmony in. Harmony revealed that Cyrus was pleased with Jordan's work, but he wouldn't give her what she wanted after meeting only one demand. Jordan informed Harmony that everyone was "disposable" to Cyrus. She figured that the good cops who knew her would figure out soon that something was wrong with her. "That's on you," Harmony replied. She added that Cyrus' next demand of Jordan was to get him out of prison, as T.J. wouldn't be free until Cyrus was.

Sam and Curtis arrived at the Metro Court restaurant, and Sam admitted that she'd invited him there "under false pretenses." She observed that Jordan had seemed stressed, and she wondered why T.J. couldn't just text Molly. She told him about finding the coordinates of T.J.'s location, which Curtis hadn't heard about. Curtis assured Sam that Jordan was only adhering to T.J.'s wishes. He gently suggested that Molly back off until they heard from T.J. again, and he got up and left.

Curtis returned home a short while later and challenged Jordan on why she hadn't told him about going looking for T.J. Jordan insisted that she didn't have time for the conversation and had to go to work. Curtis guessed that it was T.J.'s absence "tearing you up," and not work like she claimed. He knew that she was hiding something and urged her to share. "I don't know what to do," she cried, but they were interrupted by a knock on the door. She answered it to Sonny and Jason, who invited themselves in. "Cyrus has T.J., doesn't he?" Sonny questioned.

 Nina hires Nelle; Brook Lynn is fired Nina hires Nelle; Brook Lynn is fired
Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Chase arrived at Brook Lynn's jail cell at the police station, sporting a bandaged nose. He informed her that if she paid for damages, he wouldn't charge her for assault. Brook Lynn said she was sorry, and Chase let her out. He figured she could use a break. He handed his phone to her so that she could see that she had been written about in social media. He urged her not to read the comments.

Brook Lynn insisted that she'd stood up to Lulu, and her family would sue Lulu for defamation. Chase admitted that he knew it had been an accident that Brook Lynn had slugged him. Brook Lynn was emphatic that Lulu keep away from her because she had stabbed the Quartermaines in the back and would have to face them.

"It's a little sparse," Maxie commented as she, Sasha, and Lucy walked into the new Deception office. Lucy and Sasha shouted out words of encouragement as Maxie talked about all that she would need. Lucy poured three glasses of sparkling water and toasted to Maxie's first day and the future. Just then, Valentin walked in and announced that he was happy to be in time for the celebration.

Sasha noted that Valentin seemed to have gotten off the elevator on the wrong floor, but Valentin said, "Welcome to our team." He poured himself a glass of the sparkling water as Sasha and Maxie looked at each other in confusion. Lucy stuttered and maintained that she had planned on sending out a memo. Valentin made it clear that Deception needed capital, and he had needed a lucrative business opportunity. He called it a "win-win" situation.

Maxie and Sasha were dumbfounded as Lucy attempted to defend her decision. Maxie declared that she wouldn't have taken the job had she known that Valentin was involved. Lucy declared that Nina had "pulled the plug" on their deal, and she'd had to make the choice in order to stay in business. Sasha wondered if Valentin was doing it to get back at Nina or to get Nina back.

Valentin insisted it had nothing to do with Nina, and he was merely going to be a silent partner. Sasha made it clear that she was a 30 percent equity partner, and she was "wary to join forces" with him again. Lucy attempted to smooth things over and pointed out that the previous relationship between Sasha and Valentin had been a dress rehearsal. Sasha proclaimed that she would have to think about it. Valentin reminded her that they had been a good team, and they could do it again.

Sasha left, and Lucy attempted to persuade Maxie to think about it, too. Maxie was sorry to have quit Crimson, and she thought it possible that her position hadn't been filled yet. She hoped she could play the "family card." Valentin pointed out that if Maxie went back, Nina would never respect her again. "Take your own advice," Maxie snapped.

Valentin assured Maxie that she had been right to ask Nina for more, and opportunity only knocked once. He added that she shouldn't let anyone keep her from it. Lucy begged Maxie to reconsider and followed Valentin as he departed, leaving Maxie alone.

At Crimson, Nina sat at her desk and held onto her broken heart necklace as she talked to someone on the phone. She needed a replacement for Maxie. As other phone lines rang, she grew frantic and contemplated a new assistant. Just then, Nelle walked in. Nina ordered her to leave and threatened to call Carly for security. "Maybe we can help each other," Nelle said.

Nina put the necklace away and ushered Nelle out. Nelle declared that she should be considered to fill Maxie's vacant spot, but Nina replied that Nelle did not have the talent or experience to fill Maxie's shoes. Nina assumed that her assistant was away from her desk to help out elsewhere, and Nelle suggested that she could take a lesser position to help. Nina asked if Nelle needed a job for her custody battle.

Nelle went on to whine about Brad stealing her son and the necessity to fight for custody of her son. She wanted to prove that she could be a responsible person with roots in the community. She had known it would be a risk to ask for the job, but she thought that Nina would have understood, having had a child kept from her, too. "Guess I was wrong," Nelle admitted. She headed for the door, and Nina sat and looked at the necklace again.

Harmony and Willow enjoyed breakfast at Kelly's. Harmony wished she could help Willow more, but Willow assured her she was okay and taking things day by day. Harmony revealed that she loved her work at Turning Woods, and Willow suggested they take a ride in Harmony's new car.

Willow admitted she'd heard the news about the car from Jason. Harmony claimed that the car wasn't new but from 2019. She'd had the car checked out at Brando's garage, where he'd found something wrong, but it was all fine. "Is it?" Willow asked. She wanted Harmony to tell her what was going on, but Harmony claimed that there was nothing to tell.

Harmony was certain that Chase didn't like her, but Willow replied that it had been impossible to get in touch with Harmony over the past month -- plus she had a new car. She was aware that Harmony was worried about something. Harmony flashed back to a previous conversation she'd had with Jordan regarding working for Cyrus but told Willow that Willow should be the one to lean on her, not the opposite. She said that there was nothing she wouldn't do for Willow.

At that moment, Chase arrived and pulled up a chair. He asked if everything was okay, and he noted that the bandage on his nose had been an "occupational hazard." Harmony asked if there had been doubts about her, and Chase made it clear that "actions speak louder than words." Harmony insisted that she would always do what she had to for Willow, even if it turned out not to be easy. Willow assured her mother that she didn't have to do anything for her except tell the truth and live a good life.

Harmony insisted she would change things if she could, and she was glad that Willow was safe with Chase, "no matter what happens to me." She added that there were "no guarantees in life," and she wanted Chase and Willow to promise they would take care of each other. Harmony announced that she had to leave and kissed Willow goodbye. She grabbed her coat and headed out.

"Now I know something's wrong," Willow said. Chase thought that Harmony had sounded like she was giving a confession. Chase grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down again. He was aware that he was a suspicious cop, but Willow agreed that something was wrong.

"Cyrus has T.J., doesn't he?" Sonny asked Jordan at her residence. Jason urged Jordan to talk, and Curtis was shocked and wanted answers. After a few moments, Jordan gave in as Sonny pressed her to talk; the men were stunned into silence as she began. Jordan told them about the texts she'd received that she'd believed had been from her son until she'd seen a photo of T.J. He had been tied to a chair.

Jordan proceeded to say that someone had visited her, and Jason guessed it had been Harmony. Jordan explained all that she'd been told and what she'd done to allow Cyrus' drugs to get through. She'd had to do what he'd wanted in the hopes of getting T.J. back. Sonny understood Jordan's decision but considered her judgment to be "clouded." He noted that Cyrus had shown up in town for personal reasons. "And that meant you," Sonny said to Jordan.

Curtis made it clear that Cyrus was their common enemy, and he told Jordan they had to work with Sonny and Jason. Jordan revealed her background undercover work with the DEA, and Sonny guessed she had planted evidence and framed Cyrus. Jordan admitted she'd thought it had all been over, but she'd been wrong.

Jordan continued that her team hadn't celebrated when Cyrus had been convicted because they'd crossed a line. They'd done what they'd had to, and they'd gone their separate ways. Cyrus had known he'd been betrayed, and he'd started "picking [them] off." She had been closest to Cyrus, and he had her son to ensure she followed his orders. Curtis thought that Cyrus wanted something bigger.

Jordan believed that Cyrus wanted her to get him out of prison, and she fully expected to confess. Curtis didn't want her to do so, and he begged Jason to tell Jordan there would be another way. Jordan was adamant that she give Cyrus what he wanted -- freedom and a full exoneration. "That's exactly what you have to do," Sonny declared.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael, Ned, and Olivia discussed the calamity of ELQ business. Michael thought that it hadn't been a good idea for Ned to give Brook Lynn sensitive material when she'd been so new. Ned felt that Michael was attacking him, and the men began to argue. Olivia interceded and reminded them that they were all on the same side. Michael backed off and urged Ned to handle things as he wanted, and he turned to go upstairs. Ned stopped Michael and apologized, as he knew that Michael had only been trying to help.

There was a knock at Nina's office door. She assumed it was her assistant, but it was Nelle, who handed her several folders and updates. Nelle declared that Nina's assistant had never returned, and she'd taken it upon herself to get some of the work done. She could be useful, and her child deserved it. Nina reminded Nelle that she had almost blackmailed Valentin in her past employment with them.

Nelle insisted she'd grown up and learned some lessons, but she was sorry to have wasted Nina's time. She headed to the door, but Nina stopped her. Nelle didn't want to hear Nina tell her off. She congratulated Nina on the ability to turn her life around and thought it was too bad that Nina couldn't give her the same chance.

Nina recalled a previous conversation she'd had with Willow, who had begged Nina to expose Nelle in the magazine. "You're hired," she told Nelle. Nina had decided to "pay it forward."

"There's no place like home," Brook Lynn said as she plopped herself down on the sofa at the Quartermaines'. Michael teased her about missing the "comforts of home" while she'd been in jail, and Brook Lynn announced that she wanted a bath and a big breakfast before discussing ELQ business. Ned and Olivia walked into the room.

Olivia noted that she was disappointed with Lulu's behavior, and Brook Lynn agreed that Lulu only cared about herself. Lulu had been the one to start the fight by spraying Champagne in Brook Lynn's face. Olivia questioned Brook Lynn's status of victim. "Hell, yeah," Brook Lynn shouted. She added that they needed to call a lawyer to fight Lulu. Michael suggested that no response was the better response, but Brook Lynn reminded him that they were Quartermaines.

Ned noted that the business side of the fiasco was more important than the personal side. He thought the best thing would be to acknowledge Brook Lynn's mistake and terminate her employment. Ned and Olivia reminded a surprised Brook Lynn that she had been the one to put the confidential file on Facebook and had added to the problem with the public brawl at Metro Court.

Ned disclosed that the board members were in agreement, and there was more at stake than family. Brook Lynn pleaded for her job, and she snapped at her father that after tough love, a hug should follow. "Where's my hug?" she asked. She cried that she had many ideas for ELQ, and Ned was turning his back on her. Olivia tried to intercede, and Brook Lynn ordered her to stop interfering.

Olivia began to yell, and she told Brook Lynn to stop feeling sorry for herself because she'd blown a deal for ELQ and cost the company millions of dollars. Ned understood how Brook Lynn felt, but he stated that it was all bigger than both of them. He felt bad and said Michael had been right. Ned had set Brook Lynn up to fail by giving her the documents, but he wouldn't repeat it. "So much for loyalty," Brook Lynn said.

Sasha returned home and slammed the door. She told Michael about Valentin being the backer of Deception, and she was upset. Michael thought that Valentin was actually a smart businessman, but Sasha retorted that Michael didn't have to work with him. Michael suggested that Wiley could help to take their minds off of things, and they headed upstairs to see the little boy.

Ned told Olivia how bad he felt, but Olivia assured him he'd had no choice. She hoped that Brook Lynn would eventually understand and learn something. Ned confessed that his grandfather had said the same thing. He admitted that it never felt good to hear it, and it didn't feel good to say it, "and yet, here I am."

Brook Lynn dashed down the stairs on her way out. She was on the phone and left a message for Linc. She told him that she was willing to give him her ELQ shares in exchange for her record contract.

Michael raced down the stairs and shouted to Sasha that he was going to start the car. They needed to get Wiley to the hospital.

Nelle refuses to allow Wiley's surgery Nelle refuses to allow Wiley's surgery
Wednesday, March 25, 2020

At Crimson, Nelle was surprised that Nina had decided to hire her. Nina pointed out that Nelle was already familiar with the office, but the position would be an entry-level, "serviceable" assistant position. Nelle was agreeable, although a little disappointed. She and Nina shook hands just as Carly arrived. Carly wondered if she'd heard correctly. "Your girl got a job!" Nelle gloated.

Carly hoped that Nelle was lying, but Nina confirmed that it was true. Nelle began to taunt Carly, and Nina suggested that Nelle return the next day. Nelle thanked Nina for the opportunity and noted that she couldn't wait to see Carly every day.

Carly advised Nina that she would regret it, but Nina didn't think that she would. Carly reminded her that Nelle was a sociopath, and she was certain that Nina had listened to Nelle's sob story. She proceeded to go over all of the details, from Nelle's attempt at murdering Michael to the plot with Brad. Carly's voice grew louder and higher pitched as she spoke. When she was through, Nina assured Carly that she knew it all.

Nina confirmed that Nelle had played on her because she had needed a job to win custody, and Nina felt that she was in a perfect position to "turn the tables." Nina told Carly about Willow's plea for a magazine exposť on Nelle, and while she wouldn't do that particular piece, Nina thought she could help in other ways. She would be able to monitor Nelle and would eventually testify against her as her employer. She would use Nelle's tactics against her.

Carly thanked Nina and apologized for jumping to conclusions. Carly noted that she'd always tended to believe Nelle and pity her in the past for saving Josslyn. She added that she was aware that Nina was seeing Jax, and she thought that Nina should know that Jax had purchased Nelle's kidney from Nelle's father; Nelle had never chosen to help Josslyn or anyone else.

Nina understood Carly's position and admitted that she had refused to believe that Sasha wasn't her daughter, even though Sasha hadn't possessed the other half of the broken heart or known what it was about. Carly revealed that she had learned never to underestimate Nelle, and she thought that Nelle would be even more dangerous if she wasn't so crazy.

Nina quickly took exception to "crazy," and Carly understood. She instead affirmed that Nelle was different. Carly felt that she and Nina had had mental health issues and had been able to get through them, but she was certain that Nelle was still up to something shady. Carly was all in to help Nina and offered to have her security team collect all footage of Nelle around the building. She assumed that Nelle was already planning a new scam.

Nina felt that Carly and Nelle had too much history, and she wanted Carly to stay far away. She wanted to be the one to befriend Nelle and hope for her to slip in some way. Carly agreed, although she was convinced that Nelle was still trying to destroy her, and she would have to defend herself.

Monica welcomed Portia to the staff of General Hospital and sent her to do some paperwork. Portia declared that she was honored to be working at the hospital. Michael and Sasha rushed in with Wiley, and Michael announced that something was wrong. He told Monica about Wiley's breathing problems, and Monica stated that she would take the boy for testing.

Michael handed Wiley to a nurse; Monica was adamant that Michael not accompany them. Sasha urged Michael to stay calm. Portia received a phone call from the high school to let her know that Trina was not at school.

Sam met with her parole officer, Delores, at Kelly's. Delores was impressed with Sam's behavior, and she asked about Jason. Sam explained that she and Jason had been keeping their distance except for when it was necessary to exchange their son. They'd been doing so at the Quartermaine residence, which Sam considered a "neutral location."

Delores received a phone call and ended the meeting. Outside, she giggled with her caller and confirmed a meeting. Nearby, Spinelli tried to remain out of sight as he watched and listened to the parole officer. He phoned Sam to let her know what he was up to, and she warned him to not get caught.

Molly arrived and sat down with Sam. She was still waiting for word from T.J., and she wondered how Sam managed to keep her distance from Jason. Sam admitted that she'd thought T.J. had already contacted Molly because she had tracked his location via his cell phone. Jordan had gone to the spot. Molly demanded to know why Jordan hadn't told her she'd spoken to her son.

Sam confessed that she didn't know, but she was aware that Jordan and T.J. had texted. Molly went on to whine about handling the marriage proposal improperly, but she thought that T.J. was only making things worse. Molly wanted to know where T.J. was at that moment but didn't settle for Sam's promise to get in touch. Molly asked that she track T.J.'s phone again.

Sam did so and gave Molly the address. Molly was confused because it was Jordan's address, and she was angry that Jordan might be covering for her son. Sam replied that their own mother would do the same, but Molly jumped up and announced that she was heading to Jordan's place.

Sam received another phone call from Spinelli, who had followed Delores to a bar where she was having a cozy meeting with a man. Spinelli was hunkered down at the bar and had managed to learn that the man was a local councilman, Donald Raskin. He and Sam gloated at the fact that they might have a cheating case that would work in their favor, as both Raskin and Delores were married.

"The game's afoot," Spinelli said as he slipped down from his bar seat to follow the couple. Spinelli thought that Sam would finally have leverage against Delores that would enable Sam and Jason to be together. Sam warned Spinelli to be careful because she was the one who had normally done the field work. Spinelli promised he could be stealthy.

Ava was surprised when Trina showed up at the gallery, but she welcomed Trina inside. Trina was eager to get back to work, and she wanted to show Ava something she'd worked on from home. Ava admitted that she loved Trina's work, but didn't want the teen to feel pressured to return to work. Trina assured Ava that her father had always been a long-distance dad, and it felt like he'd just returned home, same as always.

Ava reminded Trina that that wasn't true, but she agreed that art was a "great solace." They talked about Franco, and as they were discussing him, Portia showed up and asked why Trina was there. Portia made it clear that she was always to know Trina's whereabouts, and she yelled at Trina for skipping school. She wondered why Ava hadn't thought it odd for Trina to be missing school, and Ava admitted she'd been surprised to see Trina. She and Portia began to argue, and Portia reminded Ava that Trina had recently been kidnapped and her father murdered.

Ava excused herself so that mother and daughter could talk. Trina apologized and admitted she'd needed a mental health day. She confessed that she could no longer take the stares of the kids in school, as if they had been waiting for her to have a meltdown. Portia assured her daughter that she could always talk about her father or anything else. Even though they'd no longer been married, Portia still loved Taggert, and she pointed out many of his good qualities. Trina was glad they could remember her father together.

Trina told Portia about Taggert's skill at texting her, and they joked about it. Trina declared that it was still all the same but different, and she wouldn't be receiving any more texts. It had meant a lot to her that he'd been thinking of her when he'd texted. Portia agreed that Trina needed space, but she had been extremely frantic, thinking that Trina might have gotten kidnapped again. She said Trina was her whole world.

Trina was extremely sorry, and Portia agreed that Trina could do her own thing when she turned 18. Ava sat at her desk nearby and wiped away a tear.

At Jordan's apartment, she told Sonny, Jason, and Curtis that she had to give Cyrus his freedom and exonerate him in order to get her son back. Sonny agreed, and Jordan snapped that he was in a hurry to agree. She thought that Cyrus could do even more harm out of prison. Sonny disagreed. He stated that Cyrus could do whatever he wanted behind bars because he had the guards in his control.

Sonny added that they couldn't retaliate while Cyrus was in prison, and Jason declared that once Cyrus was out, they could do so. Curtis asked if the mobsters could put an end to all of it. Jordan was adamant that she wouldn't support more violence, but Sonny promised that his hands would be clean. Jordan replied that that was because he was good at covering his tracks.

Curtis thought that if they had Cyrus released, it would sign his death warrant. If he stayed in jail, it would be T.J. who would be in danger. Jordan was afraid that if she confessed, Cyrus would disappear once released. Curtis did not want Jordan to sit in jail, and he wanted to find another way.

Jason thought there would be a way to exonerate Cyrus without Jordan taking the fall. Jordan argued, but she agreed that only her team members had been aware of the framing. Jason suggested that she claim the others had framed Cyrus without her knowledge, and she'd only just realized it when looking at the case. He and Sonny plotted out a scenario, although Jordan was reluctant to throw her team under the bus.

Jordan pointed out that her team members had been honorable men, and their families were grieving. Sonny stated that the men had already made the ultimate sacrifice. They needed to stop Cyrus and save T.J. Jordan reluctantly agreed to go along with it, and Sonny told her he'd be in touch. He and Jason left, and Curtis assured Jordan that T.J. would be okay and would be home soon. Jordan replied that it was the only reason to justify her actions. Curtis grabbed her hand.

Out in the hallway, Sonny told Jason that Cyrus would be on the outside, where they could get to him. Molly approached from another direction and heard the conversation.

At the hospital, Michael paced in the hallway as Sasha returned with coffee. He was anxious and told Sasha that Wiley had a genetic heart defect. He said he should have realized Wiley was his son all along. Sasha did her best to reassure him, and she told him that none of it was his fault.

Monica returned and disclosed that the hole in Wiley's heart had not closed up, and the boy needed surgery. She assured Michael that his own surgery had been done when he had been even younger than Wiley, and it had gone well. Monica thought it should be done as soon as possible. Michael agreed nervously, and Monica announced she would do the paperwork and prep. She added that they would also need Nelle's signature.

Shortly after, Nelle rushed in and accused Michael of doing something to Wiley. He attempted to explain, and he handed her the papers that needed to be signed. Nelle demanded to know why she was just finding out about the condition, and Sasha retorted that Michael had just learned that Wiley was his son. Nelle snapped that she hadn't asked Sasha. Nelle also felt that the surgery was too dangerous, and the baby would just need lifestyle changes. She and Michael argued. Nelle refused to sign the papers.

As Sam left Kelly's, she received another phone call from Spinelli. When she answered the call, it was Delores' voice she heard instead. She told Sam that her friend was in a "compromising position." Nearby, a cop was leading Spinelli out of the bar.

Spinelli gets arrested Spinelli gets arrested
Thursday, March 26, 2020

At the hospital, Nelle refused to allow Wiley to get surgery. Michael reminded her that he'd had the same condition and surgery when he'd been younger than Wiley. He explained that it would give Wiley a better quality of life, but she was stuck on the fact that it was considered an elective surgery. She argued all the bad things that could happen to Wiley as a result of the surgery, but Monica assured Nelle that Wiley would be completely safe. Monica offered for Nelle to get a second opinion, as she had colleagues all over the world. Nelle spat that they would all just agree with Monica, and Michael insisted that it was because Monica was right. Monica left to get some information for Nelle, and Sasha left to give the parents a moment alone.

Michael demanded to know why Nelle was risking their son's health. He accused her of trying to make him suffer since the day Wiley had been born. "Not everything is about you," she shot back. She related that she'd vowed to protect Wiley, and she urged him to give her some time to figure out other ways to heal Wiley. "You're not a doctor!" Michael exploded, and he added that she would have no say when she was excluded from the custody arrangement. Regardless of the future custody arrangement, she refused to agree to the surgery, and she stormed off to visit Wiley.

At the park, Chase and Willow were getting ready to go ice-skating, but he realized that he'd forgotten his skates in the car. When he was gone, Willow put in a call to Sasha and left her a voicemail reminding her that she, Michael, and Wiley were supposed to go ice-skating with Chase and Willow. When she hung up, Jason appeared, and Willow told Jason about her last concerning conversation with Harmony. Jason confided that Harmony was mixed up with dangerous people, so Willow should keep her distance. A worried Willow asked Jason to keep an eye out for Harmony, and he promised to try.

When Jason was gone, Chase returned, and he could tell that something was wrong with Willow. She told him about her conversation with Jason, and she admitted that she was "freaked out." Chase reminded her that it wouldn't be the first time that Harmony had been taken in by someone dangerous. Willow countered that she felt like someone was using her as leverage to get Harmony to do what they wanted. Just then, her phone went off, and she answered it to Sasha. Sasha apologized for forgetting about skating, and she updated Willow on what was going on.

A short while later, Sasha returned to Michael just as Monica returned with information for Nelle. Monica asked if Michael had made any headway with Nelle, and he replied, "Not even close." He asked what his options were, but Chase and Willow arrived before Monica could answer. Monica left to check on Wiley, and Michael and Sasha got Willow and Chase up to speed. Michael emphasized the importance of winning sole custody, but Nelle returned and questioned, "Who says you'll win?"

Nelle talked about how rare a father winning sole custody was, but Willow pointedly commented that the mother had to be deemed unfit. Nelle had observed that Wiley seemed happy and healthy, and she vowed to do everything in her power to protect her son. When she was gone, Michael ranted that Nelle was jeopardizing Wiley's health. Willow related that they had no choice but to do whatever it took to get Michael full custody of Wiley

Laura arrived at Sonny's to ask him for help. She figured that Sonny knew how the drugs had gotten into the city, and he insisted that he was as concerned about it as she was. She assumed that he was reluctant to tell her what he knew, but she needed him to understand that if there wasn't an end to the violence soon, she would have to "come down hard on crime," which included him. He divulged that the situation was "shifting." His phone went off, interrupting the conversation, and he got up to check it. He apologized, as he thought it could be Turning Woods.

Laura asked about Mike, and Sonny replied that Mike seemed haunted by the shooting. Jason arrived, and Laura wondered if he had anything to add about what was being done about Cyrus. He kept quiet, which Laura had expected. Sonny promised to get the situation under control, and he left. Jason chided Sonny for giving Laura any information, but Sonny insisted that nothing would tie back to them. He didn't want anyone to be traumatized like Mike was. He explained that Mike found comfort in old memories of his family. Just then, his phone went off, and he saw that it was Turning Woods.

Sam answered her phone to Spinelli and asked if he'd found anything. Delores answered, and Sam demanded to know what her parole officer was doing with Spinelli's phone. Delores instructed Sam to meet her at a bar in Queen's Point and hung up.

At the hospital, Alexis was surprised to bump into Neil, as she hadn't known that he'd already started working. He replied that he was getting settled in, and Alexis told him that she was there for a meeting. They discussed avoiding each other, but Neil thought that they could handle their run-ins. Kevin passed through as the two bantered. Just then, Alexis' phone went off, and she answered it to Sam. Sam needed help, as Spinelli had been arrested. Alexis promised to be there soon, and she left.

Kevin approached Neil, and they made small talk as they walked to Neil's office. Kevin was glad to have Neil there, and Neil replied that he was glad to have the job after his run-in with the board. Neil assumed that Kevin knew about what had happened, and Kevin admitted that he did. Neil insisted that he was over his short-lived relationship with Alexis, but Kevin called his bluff. He offered to listen to Neil, and he suggested that Neil informally become his patient if the legal confidentiality made Neil feel better. However, they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Neil let Laura in, and she asked for Neil's help with a crisis. She told him about the wave of drugs hitting the city, which she'd heard was Neil's area of expertise, and she explained that she was starting a clinic at the hospital. He wondered if Kevin was helping, as well, and Kevin agreed to. Neil promised to talk to Kevin soon to put some ideas together. Kevin wondered if Neil wanted to continue their previous conversation. Neil said that they could talk another time, so Kevin and Laura left.

Alexis arrived at the bar in Queen's Point, and Sam introduced Alexis and Delores. Delores explained that Sam had sent Spinelli to spy on Delores and dig up dirt to use as leverage against her. Spinelli insisted that it had been all his idea, and Sam had had nothing to do with it. Delores continued that she'd had Spinelli arrested for "unlawful surveillance," for which he could get jail time and a fine. Alexis knew the law and knew that he could only be arrested if he'd been taking pictures or video while people were "in the act of disrobing or having sex."

Delores dismissed the officer standing with them, and Alexis asked what Delores had been doing when Spinelli had been surveilling. Spinelli jumped up and yelled that Delores and the councilman had been in the backseat of a car. "One more word, and I'll let you rot," Alexis muttered to Spinelli. Delores claimed that she and the councilman had wanted to discuss a "sensitive legal matter" without reporters prying. Spinelli muttered to Sam that they had been discussing the matter naked. Sam asked if he'd gotten a photo, but he said that the combination of low light and intense rocking of the car had prevented him from doing so.

Delores reminded Alexis that Spinelli had basically admitted his guilt, so she figured that both he and Sam would end up in Pentonville. Sam talked about how embarrassing it would be for Delores and the councilman when the details of their affair surfaced in court. Delores accused her of blackmail just so that Sam would be able to see Jason. Delores added that she would consider dropping the charges if Sam and Spinelli stayed silent about the affair. "And if we refuse?" Sam questioned. "Quit while you're ahead!" Alexis hissed.

Sam reluctantly agreed, and Delores asked Alexis to guarantee that the two abide by the agreement. Alexis promised to drop them off at the police station herself if they didn't. Delores assured Sam that she would be more vigilant about Sam's parole, and Sam accused Delores of harassment. Delores shot back that it was "law enforcement," and she left. Spinelli apologized profusely to Sam, who lamented the loss of her one shot. "Now what?" she wondered.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Alexis demanded to know. She told Sam how terrible her choices had been, and she wondered if Sam had been thinking about her kids at all. Sam insisted she had been, because she was trying to put her family back together. Alexis continued that Sam's job was to do whatever she needed to get through her two years of parole. Sam accused Alexis of becoming a pushover and refusing to fight for anything anymore. Sam went on about how Alexis hadn't fought back against those keeping Alexis and Neil apart. She spat that she had previously admired Alexis, but she just felt sorry for her mother.

A few minutes later, Sam apologized to her tearful mother. Sam acknowledged that she'd been selfish, desperate, and stupid, and she regretted taking her anger out on Alexis. Alexis accepted the apology, but she asked for time. Sam decided to go home, and Spinelli left with her. As Alexis cried, a shot was pushed in front of her. The bartender had observed that she'd had a rough night, and he thought that she could use a drink. As she thought about the things Sam had said to her and everything that had happened between her and Neil, she picked up the shot and downed it.

 Carly locks Nelle on the roof Carly locks Nelle on the roof
Friday, March 27, 2020

Alexis sat at the bar in the establishment where she'd handled the dispute between Sam, Spinelli, and Delores. She downed the first shot that the bartender offered her. He handed her another, and she stared at it before picking up her phone. She attempted to reach both Finn and Molly but only reached their voicemail. She hesitated before dialing another number.

Shortly after, Julian showed up to take her home. As they walked out, the bartender called after Alexis. He wondered why she hadn't enjoyed the second shot.

In the Corinthos kitchen, Trina and Josslyn chatted about Cameron. They both agreed that he had been acting strangely, and he had been more "freaked out" than they'd thought after the warehouse incident. Josslyn suddenly realized that she should probably be more concerned about Trina, and she was apologetic. Trina replied that she was aware that Josslyn and Cameron only wanted the best for her, and her only wish was for them to treat her the same as they always had.

Trina thought that Cameron was "messed up" and had been doing things that hadn't been normal. He had been checking up on her often during the day. Josslyn admitted that he'd done the same for her after Oscar had died. Trina flashed back to her kiss with Cameron but told Josslyn that Josslyn was lucky to have Cameron. Josslyn declared that she was as lucky as Trina. Josslyn had had a crush on Cameron in second grade, but it was the three of them -- and it would stay that way.

In the car, Alexis disclosed to Julian that she'd had a fight with Sam, who had been distraught because of Alexis and the fact that she couldn't see Jason. Julian didn't think it was a loss, although Alexis stated that it was to Sam. She had told Sam to "suck it up," and Sam had called her a disappointment and cowardly for not fighting for someone she cared about. Julian hoped it was him, but he assumed it was Neil.

Alexis informed Julian that there was no Neil and Alexis. "There can't be," she added. She clarified that she and Neil had a non-relationship, but it had "hit a snag." She accused Julian of jumping to conclusions and reminded him that she was an alcoholic. That was why she drank, and it wasn't about Neil. She thought that even her good choices always turned into a mess, which led to mistakes. She always sabotaged everything.

Alexis continued that her excuse for drinking had been Sam, but she thought she'd made progress. It had been better than a kidnapping and a knife to her throat. Suddenly, she realized that Julian had missed the turn for her house. Julian announced that he was taking Alexis to a meeting. She told him that he didn't have to do it. "I know," he replied.

Up on the roof at General Hospital, Nelle realized that her phone was dead. Michael offered her a charger that he had downstairs, and he again tried to persuade Nelle to sign the forms for Wiley's surgery. Nelle reminded Michael that Monica had told them that Wiley wasn't in immediate danger, but Michael wanted the baby to have a better quality of life. They argued back and forth.

Nelle stated that she'd never recovered from her own surgery as a child, even though Michael had. Nelle only wanted her son to go home, and she was firm in her decision to not allow the surgery. She thought they could find a better option as Wiley's parents.

Inside the hospital, Ava and Nikolas waited for Franco to show up to continue painting Ava's portrait. Ava preferred that Nikolas not be there, but he insisted on staying. Nikolas and Ava played the loving couple until Franco informed Nikolas that he was holding things up. Franco gave an update on Cameron, and Nikolas suddenly got up to leave. "Goodbye, my love," Ava called out.

Elizabeth walked with Cameron and tried to convince him that he should talk to Neil. Cameron didn't want to do it, and he was extremely reluctant and resistant.

Finn and Ava chatted in Finn's office about Violet's upcoming birthday party. Finn was happy to say that he, Violet, and Anna made up "my family."

By the nurses' station, Portia introduced Neil and Britt before she left. Britt thought that Neil looked familiar. Finn and Anna ran into Britt shortly after, and Finn made a comment regarding Britt getting her license back. Britt thought that Anna had a habit of arresting Liesl, but Anna suggested that Britt's mother could finally pay for some of her crimes. Britt agreed that Liesl had a lot to answer for.

Britt admitted that she was aware that her mother was guilty, especially after having spoken to Peter. They'd been in touch, and he was her half-brother. She realized that she and Anna could be related but then heaved a sigh of relief as Anna said it made them nothing. "Thank God," Britt said. Finn thought that Britt and Peter shared a "unique perspective" as Faison's children, and Britt thought that was an interesting choice of words.

Britt revealed that Peter had told her that Jason believed that Peter was guilty, but Anna suggested that Jason had been too emotional. She declared that all of the evidence had proven Peter's innocence, and she and Britt were happy that Peter had been vindicated. Britt announced that she had to leave, and once she was gone, Anna said, "The britch is back."

Anna confessed that she was glad Britt was back so that Peter could get to know his sister. She put on her coat and noted that Peter was in a good place, and his future looked bright. "Not nearly as bright as ours," Finn quipped. They shared a kiss.

Shortly after, Portia spotted Carly and Sonny and informed them that she was Mike's new doctor. She announced that Mike was getting an x-ray for a wrist injury and hadn't spoken. Portia had learned that an aide at Turning Woods had noticed Mike's swollen wrist, and he had seemed to be having some pain. Sonny went to see his father, and Carly agreed to wait behind so as not to overwhelm Mike.

Carly spotted Michael as he descended the stairs from the roof. He told her about Wiley and about Nelle's refusal to sign surgery papers. Carly voiced her intent to take care of Nelle, and she headed to the roof.

Elizabeth delivered Cameron to Neil's office, and the doctor introduced himself. Elizabeth left, and Neil pulled up a couple of chairs. He and Cameron sat down, and Cameron confessed that he was only there because of his mother. He was fine, and he managed to sum everything up in less than a minute. He got up to leave, and Neil revealed that Elizabeth had paid for a full hour. Cameron sat down again.

Neil recapped Cameron's story, and at first, Cameron claimed that everything had worked out after Jason had shown up. Neil thought that the incident had been traumatic, and he didn't think Cameron should ignore it. He should work through the event and his feelings then make it through to the other side.

Cameron admitted that he kept thinking about Trina's dad, who had told Cameron to run from the warehouse. Cameron didn't want to be known as the one who'd left his friends behind. Neil pointed out that Cameron and Trina had been the only two people without guns, and Cameron had made the smart choice. Cameron wasn't certain if he'd been smart or a coward.

As Franco posed Ava as he wanted her, they talked about Trina. Franco thought that Trina was lucky to have Ava, but Ava reminded him that she hadn't been a good mother. She wondered if she had anything to offer Trina. Franco said she did. She'd made mistakes with Kiki, but Kiki had turned out "better than average." She'd had strength, intelligence, and confidence, and those were qualities she'd learned from Ava. He thought that Ava could share those with Trina.

Franco thought that anyone would be happy to have Ava in their corner. Ava was taken aback, and she thanked Franco for his kind words.

Michael encountered Sonny leaving Mike's room, and he filled Sonny in on Wiley's condition and the fact that Nelle refused to give consent for surgery. Sonny wanted to intervene, but Michael divulged that Carly was on it. Sonny realized it was handled. Michael believed that Wiley would be okay, but he was scared. He'd learned how to be a father from Sonny, who had been there for him and was important to him. Sonny was obviously touched.

Sonny told Michael that Mike's wrist was not broken but sprained, and he would be kept overnight for observation. They sat down, and Sonny added that Mike was asleep, although he'd sat with his father for a bit. Michael assured him that Mike was okay for the time being.

Up on the roof, Nelle heard the door open and presumed it was Michael again. She announced that they should try to work together. "Save it," Carly said as Nelle turned around. Carly added that whatever Nelle said had been wasted on her, but she had some friendly advice. She told Nelle that she'd "overplayed your hand" and had only wanted to use Wiley as leverage. She made it clear that if Wiley died, Nelle's leverage would "go up in smoke."

Nelle thought that Carly would be happy if Wiley died because then Nelle wouldn't have a hold on Michael. She believed that Carly thought the baby was "tainted" with Nelle as a mother. Carly called Wiley precious and a miracle and not tainted at all, especially with Michael as a father. He was at risk, however.

Nikolas left Franco's office and found Elizabeth. He walked with her and reminded her of how she'd gotten through her own traumatic experience. He said Cameron would do the same. Elizabeth admitted that Laura had told her to let Cameron figure things out for himself. She recalled how she'd had Lucky, Emily, and Nikolas to talk to after she'd been raped. She thought it was exactly like Cameron with his friends. Elizabeth thought she was "screwing up," but Nikolas assured her she wasn't. She had to get back to work, and Nikolas wished her luck with her son.

Britt got into Julian's car and told him that nothing was going on. He asked her if she wanted to eat, but Britt laughed. She pointed out that his text, "You up?" did not include food on the menu. He didn't have to "wine and dine" her because they were both in it for the fun.

Back in Neil's office, Cameron stood up, walked around, and sat back down. He continued his story after he'd run out of the warehouse. He'd tripped and fallen, and he'd thought he was going to die. Then Jason had shot the man who had held a gun on Cameron. He admitted he had felt mostly relieved. Cameron also thought it was unreal that the man had been killed. Jason had asked him questions about the inside of the warehouse, and he had asked Cameron to return with him.

Neil didn't think that sounded cowardly, and Cameron admitted he'd forgotten about that part because it hadn't happened. "That still matters, right?" Cameron asked. Neil told him it did. There was a knock on the door, and Elizabeth was there to pick up her son. Cameron agreed that it would be "cool" to see Neil again.

Back on the roof, Nelle suddenly agreed that maybe it would be a good idea for Wiley to have the surgery. Just as suddenly, she began to say no repeatedly. She didn't want Carly to win, and Carly couldn't tell her what to do. She was Wiley's mother. Carly grabbed the papers and left. She locked the door behind her. Nelle began to scream for Carly to open the door, but Carly merely looked at her through the pane of glass.

Portia arrived at the Corinthos house to pick up Trina, who received a text message from Cameron. It read, "Can we talk?" Trina replied yes.

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