General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 30, 2020 on GH
Julian confronted Neil about sleeping with Alexis. Molly met Brando. Jordan reached out to a mystery person for advice. Laura, Kevin, and Robert conspired to keep Cyrus locked up. Brook Lynn asked Dustin to collaborate on a song.
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Jordan reached out to a mystery person, and Laura, Kevin, and Robert conspired to keep Cyrus locked up
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Jordan is interviewed by Internal Affairs Jordan is interviewed by Internal Affairs
Monday, March 30, 2020

At the police station, Chase questioned Jason about the warehouse explosion, but Jason refused to say anything without his lawyer. An unsurprised Chase advised Jason to "get comfortable" and left.

Curtis and Jordan entered her office, and Curtis commented on how nice it was that Taggert's name had been added to the department's "roll of the fallen." Jordan regretted that she would soon be blowing up his career to save herself. Curtis reminded her that she was saving T.J., and he had faith in her ability to get through her interview with Internal Affairs. He thought that her team would understand, and he advised her to stay strong.

There was a knock on Jordan's office door, and Chase entered. He informed her that Jason was being difficult, and Jordan decided to take over for him in questioning Jason. When Chase was gone, Curtis got a text message from Portia asking to meet at the hospital if he had some free time. "You got this," he assured Jordan, and he hugged her and left.

Jordan entered the interrogation room, and Jason instructed her to take him through her story for Internal Affairs. He played the interviewer, and she answered his questions. Jordan hated trashing her team members' careers, but he thought that they'd known the possible consequences of their actions. She excused herself to think about what she was about to do.

Jordan returned to her office and took a burner phone out of the back of her cabinet. She made a call and insisted to the person who answered that it was important. She needed the person to tell her that what she was about to do was all right. A short while later, an officer knocked on her office door to inform her that a detective from Internal Affairs had arrived. Detective Cliff Simpson entered, and Jordan launched into an explanation about her undercover mission. Cliff wondered why she'd suddenly decided to revisit the case. She revealed that her other three team members were dead, and she'd wanted to understand why they'd been killed. Cliff understood her need for answers, but he asked what that had to do with Internal Affairs.

While walking through the park, Sam told Molly about the awful things she'd said to Alexis the night before. Sam realized that Molly had bigger problems, and she asked about T.J. Molly told Sam that she'd gone to Jordan's to ask about T.J., but she'd left after seeing Jason and Sonny leaving the apartment. Molly begged Sam to ask Jason if T.J. had been at Jordan's.

Later, Sam put in a call to Jason. She wanted to talk to him face to face about a "development with Delores." She added that Molly still hadn't heard from T.J., and she asked if Jason knew anything about it. Jason wondered why she was asking him. Sam replied that Molly had seen him at Jordan's, and she asked why he'd been there. He sighed and agreed that they needed to talk. He asked her to meet him at their "usual place," and she agreed.

At the gallery, Ava was on the phone with Nikolas, arguing about the launch, until he hung up on her. Trina arrived, and Ava made sure that Trina hadn't skipped school again. Ava admitted that she was afraid of Portia. Trina assured Ava that she didn't have school, but she did have plans, which was a problem. Ava reminded Trina that she could talk to Ava, and Ava made sure that no one was forcing Trina to do something that she didn't want to do. Trina confided that she was supposed to meet Cameron, but she'd messed everything up.

Trina told Ava everything about her history with Cameron and Josslyn up to the kiss she'd shared with Cameron. Ava thought that Trina should "kick him to curb," as she was too wonderful to be anyone's second choice. Ava advised Trina to protect herself, as there was nothing worse than being with someone who wanted someone else. Ava continued that Trina deserved better, but she believed that Trina should fight for Cameron if he made her happy. She concluded that if Trina could walk away, it was the best time to do so.

Cameron and Franco made small talk while walking through the park until Franco asked about Cameron's therapy appointment. Cameron didn't want to talk about it, so Franco was glad that Cameron had good friends around to talk about things with. Franco regretted the hard time Trina was probably having, and Cameron admitted that he'd probably made it worse by kissing her.

A surprised Franco had thought that Cameron liked Josslyn, and he wondered if it changed how Cameron felt about Josslyn. Cameron thought that he and Josslyn might be better off as friends, and then he talked about how amazing Trina was. Franco reminded Cameron that Franco and Elizabeth had started off as friends. Cameron informed Franco that Trina was supposed to meet him soon, so Franco turned to leave. Cameron asked Franco not to tell Elizabeth about the conversation, and Franco replied, "I wouldn't do that to you." When he was gone, Trina arrived, and she and Cameron awkwardly greeted each other.

At the hospital, Elizabeth unlocked the door to the roof and went outside. She spotted something under a tarp and discovered that it was an unconscious Nelle. She managed to wake Nelle and help her sit up. Nelle weakly told Elizabeth that she'd screamed for help for hours, and no one had heard her. Elizabeth wondered how Nelle had been out there all night. "Carly," Nelle spat.

Bobbie, Carly, Willow, Michael, and Sasha anxiously sat in the waiting room during Wiley's surgery. Sasha was thankful that Nelle had changed her mind and signed the consent form, but she wondered what had changed Nelle's mind. The group was talking about Wiley when Elizabeth pushed a wheelchair-bound Nelle out of the elevator. Michael asked what had happened, and Nelle responded, "Your mother. The bitch tried to kill me!"

Chase arrived at the hospital just in time to hear Nelle accuse Carly of attempted murder, and she recounted her story. Elizabeth confirmed that she'd found Nelle on the roof, but the door to the roof was supposed to be locked overnight, so security could have been the ones to lock it. Elizabeth was paged, so she excused herself while Nelle argued with Carly. Carly insisted that Nelle had left the roof to sign the consent form for Wiley's surgery. Michael informed a confused Nelle that the surgery was in progress as they spoke. Nelle added fraud and forgery to her charges against Carly.

A few minutes later, Bobbie returned with Wiley's file but observed that the consent form for the surgery seemed to be missing. "Wait until the judge gets ahold of this," Nelle threatened, and she believed that she would win sole custody. Monica approached the group and divulged that the surgery had gone fine, and Wiley was in recovery. However, she informed them that Wiley's case had been more severe than anticipated. She explained that in six months, Wiley would need a device implanted that would stimulate tissue growth and help repair weakness in his heart's walls.

Nelle yelled that the "illegal surgery" hadn't worked, and she demanded that Chase arrest Carly for fraud, forgery, assault, and attempted murder. Michael informed Nelle that she would also need to go to the police station for questioning, while he would be at Wiley's side when the boy woke up. Nelle scoffed and said that she would sue the hospital for millions. "Good luck," Bobbie muttered. Nelle demanded that Monica note in Wiley's file that Nelle's written and verbal consent were required for any procedures. "Noted," Monica replied flatly. Michael thanked Monica and Carly for everything they'd done, and Carly left to check on Sonny and Mike.

Bobbie told Monica that Wiley had gotten the help he'd needed, which was the most important thing. Bobbie thought back to a few hours before when she'd taken the consent form from Wiley's file and put it into the shredder. Monica thought it was a good thing that Wiley had two great-grandmothers looking out for him, and they fist-bumped each other.

Later, Michael returned to Sasha, Willow, and Chase, and he reported that Wiley was asleep. Michael wanted to make sure that Nelle would have no say in Wiley's medical decisions. He vowed that he had to do whatever it took to win full custody. Around the corner, Nelle was on the phone. She yelled into the phone, "I don't care how busy you are. I need to see you now!" She added that Carly thought she'd won, but Nelle vowed to have the last word.

Sonny arrived at Mike's hospital room and found Portia checking in on Mike. Sonny tried to hand Mike a cup of coffee, but Mike was silent and unmoving. Josslyn arrived with a deck of cards, hoping that Mike would help her play solitaire. As she sat with Mike, Portia took Sonny aside and informed him of a new development with Mike. She revealed that Mike's vitals were fine, but when they'd tried to get him into a wheelchair, his legs hadn't supported him. She couldn't find a medical reason for it, so she thought he was afraid of falling. Sonny just wanted to make sure that Mike wasn't in pain, and Portia left.

Sonny tried to offer Mike some water as Josslyn played cards next to Mike. Elizabeth arrived with a wheelchair to take Mike for some tests. Sonny tried to help Elizabeth get Mike into the wheelchair, but Mike pulled back and screamed at them not to touch him. Elizabeth talked to Mike soothingly as Sonny and Josslyn went to the other side of the room. Josslyn assured Sonny that Elizabeth was trained to know what to do in the situation, but Sonny hated seeing his father that way.

Later, Carly arrived and gave Sonny and Josslyn a small update on Wiley, and she promised to tell them the rest later. Sonny informed Carly that Mike had just returned from a full-body CT scan to figure out why he wasn't walking. Sonny and Josslyn were glad to have Carly there.

Curtis entered Portia's office, and she again apologized for Trina's behavior toward him. He promised that if being angry at him helped the grieving teenager, he could handle it. Portia also apologized again for her own behavior when they'd been together, but he brushed it off, since it had been so long in the past. She confided that Taggert had never found out about the affair, so it was their secret. However, Curtis admitted that he'd told Jordan. Portia liked Jordan, but she guessed that they would never be friends. Curtis insisted that Jordan wasn't the jealous type, but Portia reminded him that she'd betrayed Jordan's partner. He assured her that Jordan wouldn't take it personally.

Portia was terrified that Trina would find out about the infidelity. Curtis asked about Trina, and Portia admitted that her daughter was struggling. She added that she wanted to take Trina to see Taggert on the roll of the fallen at the police station, as it would comfort her to know that Taggert was getting the recognition he deserved. Portia related that Taggert had been married to his job, and she had never been able to reconcile being in second place.

Portia continued that Taggert had told her about the risks Jordan had taken undercover, and Curtis was shocked that Taggert had talked to Portia about the case. Portia replied that he'd told her everything he safely could so she didn't imagine the worst. She admitted that there was also a lot she hadn't wanted to know. Portia insisted that she'd cared deeply about Taggert even when they'd been breaking up, and he'd done everything he could to reassure her.

Britt tells Julian about Alexis and Neil Britt tells Julian about Alexis and Neil
Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Trina and Cameron met at the park. Things were awkward at first as Cameron thought about their kiss. He confessed that he had been able to forget everything when he played soccer, and Trina admitted it was the same for her when she went to the art gallery. She enjoyed being there, even if her mother wasn't happy about it. Trina relished talking to Ava, and Cameron admitted he had appreciated speaking to Franco.

Cameron mentioned his therapy session with Dr. Byrne, and he pointed out that he had only gone because of his mother. He warned Trina to be careful with Ava. She understood, though she felt that Ava had been supportive. She noted that she'd learned that after something happened, one found out they weren't alone.

Trina and Cameron joked about Josslyn and Dev being on "house arrest" in their huge house. Trina admitted that she had ground rules, also. She had to report her whereabouts to her mother in exchange for some space. Just then, Trina received a text message from Josslyn, and she gasped that she'd forgotten to check in with her after their last meeting.

Cameron was concerned that Trina might have told Josslyn about their kiss, but she assured him that she hadn't told Josslyn anything. Cameron suggested that things would be awkward for everyone if Josslyn found out, and Trina revealed that she'd chalked up her weirdness to her father's death. She added that they'd all been traumatized, and none of them had been thinking clearly. She had to meet her mother at the hospital, and Cameron had to meet his mother, as well, so he asked to tag along.

Julian and Britt lay in bed at Julian's place after spending the night together. They made love again, and Britt reminded Julian that it was all for fun. She added that they would go their separate ways afterward. "Till we meet again," Julian said, and they both laughed. Britt acknowledged that she had no plans to visit Liesl at the jail again because her mother never accepted responsibility for her misdeeds.

Julian noted that Brad had done the right thing, but Britt was sad and declared that her best friend was not a villain. Julian pointed out that Brad had betrayed Lucas, but Britt clarified that things were not always black and white. "I lost my best friend, and I don't know how to replace him," Britt said. She was lonely without him.

Julian handed Britt a glass of water as they got dressed. He declared that he was sorry about Brad, but there were other candidates to fill the best friend position. "Like you?" Britt asked. Julian replied that he was so horrible, and they both laughed again. He thought that they had things in common, like being the town "pariahs." Britt insisted that she'd committed her crimes as acts of love, and she hadn't held a knife to anyone's throat.

Julian insisted that he and Alexis were in a "better place" thanks to her therapist, Dr. Byrne but that Alexis had had to stop seeing him because she'd fallen for him. "Byrne?" Britt asked. She revealed that she'd met him at the hospital, and she had thought he'd looked familiar. She had finally recalled having a layover in New York City and seeing Byrne and Alexis in her hotel. She'd seen the doctor knock on Alexis' hotel room door, and they'd fallen into each other's arms before stumbling back into her room.

Julian quickly grew angry and accused Neil of taking advantage of Alexis. Britt ordered him to calm down and reminded him that Alexis was a grown woman. Britt had been able to see that Alexis had wanted it as much as Neil. Julian declared that there were rules, and Britt admitted she found that ironic. Julian announced that he was going to storm over to the hospital. Britt didn't want him to confront Neil, but she asked for a ride.

At Metro Court, Ned pushed in Brook Lynn's chair, and he sat down at the table, too. He apologized again for firing her but explained that the company couldn't afford another debacle. Brook Lynn enjoyed being taken out, but she was more focused on Dustin and Lulu, who arrived shortly after and headed to their own table. Brook Lynn called Lulu names and made it clear that she wouldn't let Lulu win.

Ned reminded Brook Lynn that it wasn't a competition, and it had really been his fault. He promised to find Brook Lynn a new job, but she turned him down. She had her music to concentrate on, and she belonged on stage. Ned was aware that Brook Lynn would continue to secretively work on her music, but she told him that Linc had finally given her what she'd wanted.

At first, Ned was worried that Brook Lynn had given in and had agreed to have sex with Linc. "Eww," she said and added that it was a gross thought. She refused to divulge details, much like Ned, who always wanted to keep his business dealings private. Just then, she received a phone call and excused herself from the table to take it.

Lulu continued to eye Brook Lynn as Dustin reminded her that it was all over, and he felt that Brook Lynn had been beaten up enough. He felt sorry for her and remembered the old days. Lulu pointed out that Brook Lynn had dumped him for not being able to help her in her career, but Lulu agreed that she had better things to do. She stood up and leaned over to kiss Dustin.

Olivia placed two glasses of water onto the table harshly and asked if she could take an order. She wanted to tell about the specials first. "A crock of mess sandwich with a side of bitter cress salad, topped with treacherous tomatoes," Olivia said. "Okay, point taken," Lulu replied. She apologized for having "trashed" the restaurant, but she wanted Olivia to know that Brook Lynn had started it.

Olivia wondered if that had been before or after Lulu had sprayed Brook Lynn with a full bottle of Champagne. Lulu insisted that Brook Lynn had been nasty, but Olivia accused Lulu of turning a simple Facebook post into a headline when it hadn't even been her domain. Lulu tried to defend herself, but Olivia thought that with Dante gone, Lulu had been acting out. She had expected Lulu to always remain a part of the family and not turn her back on them.

After Olivia had gone, Lulu asked Dustin if Olivia had been right. She wondered if she'd been desperate to punish Brook Lynn and not care who she hurt. She wanted the truth from Dustin. He paid Lulu several compliments but admitted she'd been impulsive. Lulu agreed she'd gotten out of control and shouldn't have published her news article. She'd wanted to get back at Brook Lynn and considered herself a bad person with flaws. Dustin liked her as she was, and he leaned in for another kiss.

Olivia wandered over to Ned's table and worried that "all hell is about to break loose" because she saw Brook Lynn smiling. Ned filled her in on Brook Lynn's contract, and Olivia wondered how she'd gotten out of it. Ned suggested it had been his "tough love," and Olivia retorted that would make him feel like he was "off the hook."

Ned confessed that he'd felt guilty since the day Brook Lynn had been born, but Olivia thought that everything that had happened had been Brook Lynn's own fault. She thought that if Brook Lynn was back on track with her music and unwilling to give details, then something was about to blow up.

Brook Lynn chatted on the phone to someone and told them to say "no comment" if they were asked about the ELQ incident. Lulu called out to Brook Lynn, but Brook Lynn ignored her. Lulu walked over to her and asked to chat. Brook Lynn joined Lulu and Dustin at their table and told them she had a meeting with Lucy regarding a "relaunching" at the Nurses Ball.

Lulu noted that she wasn't sorry about doing her job as a journalist but admitted she should have called ELQ for a comment instead of just publishing her article. She was also sorry for spraying Brook Lynn with the Champagne. Lulu held out her hand. "Are we good?" she asked. Brook Lynn agreed but announced that she wanted Lulu's boyfriend.

Laura saw Mac at the police station and informed him that she wanted to meet with Jordan. He told her almost rudely that Jordan was in a meeting. Laura reminded him that she was the mayor, and Mac backed down. They talked about Cyrus and his ability to get messages to his men on the outside of prison. Laura suggested that Internal Affairs might have a lead, and Mac asked if she was suggesting there was a "dirty cop."

Jordan met with Detective Simpson from Internal Affairs in her office. She agreed that he could record their session, and he asked about her involvement with the arrest and conviction of Cyrus Renault. Jordan spoke of her DEA team and how she'd gone back to the case files after the others had all died. She'd realized there had been a discrepancy with the evidence, and she thought it had been fabricated in order to send Cyrus to prison.

After testifying, Jordan emerged from her office with Simpson. He announced that the Department of Justice would be involved, and she promised not to leave town. Laura and Mac asked what had happened. Jordan merely told them it had been about her, and they'd have to wait. Mac and Laura exchanged a glance.

Shortly after, Laura completed a phone call and confirmed that the Cyrus Renault case would be under review by the Justice Department due to the evidence possibly being planted. Mac refused to believe that Taggert would have done such a thing, and he'd known Taggert well. Laura stated that if Jordan thought it was possible, then it had to be checked out.

Mac thought there had to be more to the story, and Laura wondered why Jordan had been unwilling to share. They both found it suspicious that Jordan had gone to Internal Affairs first and believed that something was going on. Laura thought that Mac would be the one to find out, and she wanted him to investigate.

At General Hospital, Finn and Alexis spoke after a meeting. He thought she'd been quiet, and he'd noticed her picking up her one-day sobriety chip. Alexis admitted it had actually been less than a day. Finn felt awful for missing her phone call, but Alexis felt that she'd let him down with her one drink. Finn reminded her they were on the same team, although he didn't believe she'd only had one drink.

Alexis assured Finn it had only been the one, and he asked what had changed. Alexis confessed that she'd been told she'd changed. "I stopped fighting for myself and what I believe in," she said. She'd protected someone she cared about and had crossed the line. She'd slept with the person, and she'd known it had been wrong but would do it again. Finn asked if the drink had been before or after.

Finn asked if it had been about Julian, but Alexis chuckled. She admitted that her ex was a good guy who had picked her up at the bar. Sam had called her a coward, and she couldn't be with the guy she wanted to be with. Just then, Neil walked into the office where Finn and Alexis stood, and Finn looked at Alexis strangely.

Neil quickly apologized because he'd thought he had a staff meeting in that office. Finn told him it was the wrong room, and he gave out the correct information. Awkwardly, Neil turned around to leave, and Alexis stated that she had another meeting. Finn called out that he had questions about a patient of his, and he finally managed to prevent the others from leaving.

Finn talked about his patient on experimental drugs who had confessed to some crimes. He wasn't sure if they were real or imagined. As he droned on, both Alexis and Neil flashed back to their last night together in Alexis' hotel room but snapped out of it when Finn finished. Alexis explained that from a legal standpoint, Finn was obligated to report any crimes if there had been a confession. Neil agreed to work with Finn to see if they could get to the bottom of it.

Finn invited Alexis to lunch for a future date, but she suggested coffee instead. Finn left, and Neil noted that he had been able to tell that Finn was concerned about Alexis. She told him they'd been having a post-A.A. meeting, but she was really fine. Neil pointed out that if his patients ever used the word "really," he'd be concerned, too. Alexis reminded him that she wasn't his patient. "Can I help?" Neil asked. He made it clear that it was as a friend.

Neil maintained that Alexis could still turn to him for help, but she revealed that that set off "alarm bells" in her head. She stated that it had been a mistake to try to reach him on the phone, and she showed him her one-day sobriety chip.

Curtis met with Portia in her office. She admitted that Taggert had told her about the DEA case, and Curtis wanted to know if Taggert had taken work home with him. Portia wondered why he cared and why it mattered. Before the conversation could continue, there was a knock at the door. It was Jordan, and Portia announced that Curtis had asked her whether Taggert had shared his work with her.

Portia said that Taggert had not talked about his job. Jordan revealed that she had bad news. She had met with an Internal Affairs detective, and an investigation would be opened into Taggert's handling of the case against Cyrus. Portia was confused, and Jordan continued. She said that two other team members had died under suspicious circumstances. She had revisited the case and had deduced that evidence had been falsified.

Portia thought it meant a lot because if Taggert had violated his own code of honor, it would have "eaten him up inside." Jordan and Curtis looked at each other. Portia asked about Jordan, and Curtis quickly interceded. He declared that Jordan had worked on the inside and alongside Cyrus. Portia had thought that the team had always been a team, and she was curious about Jordan having worked independently and without knowledge. "I knew nothing about it," Jordan proclaimed.

Portia made it clear that it was in the past, and she didn't know anything. She knew the information wouldn't stay quiet, and she was worried about Trina hearing it. She had to find Trina. Just then, Trina knocked on the door. Portia opened it to find her daughter and Cameron. Trina demanded to know why Jordan and Curtis were there.

Britt and Julian rode in the elevator to the proper floor. She urged him to take deep breaths and meditate. She also insisted that he not do anything he'd regret. They found the room where Alexis and Neil stood talking and looked in through the door's glass window.

Alexis said that it was the first day of her new life, and Neil grabbed her hand. He was proud of her. Just then, Julian burst through the door and shoved Neil up against the wall. "You son of a bitch!" he yelled.

Julian confronts Neil Julian confronts Neil
Wednesday, April 1, 2020

At Sonny's, Brando was helping Avery make macaroni necklaces when Carly entered, and Avery ran to Carly for a hug. Brando explained that he was there to drop paperwork off for Sonny, but when he'd seen the nanny busy with Donna, he'd offered to keep an eye on Avery. Carly observed that he was good with kids, but she wondered when the other shoe was going to drop with him. He insisted that he'd disclosed all pertinent information to them. He related that he'd seen that there were good opportunities for him in Port Charles.

Carly and Brando talked about Avery, and he was surprised to learn that she wasn't Carly's biological daughter. Carly talked about how unreliable Ava was, and Brando understood having an unreliable mother. He explained that he hadn't been an easy kid, but instead of fighting with Gladys, he had taken take off. Gladys had assumed that he'd been out making trouble, but he'd never told her that he'd actually been somewhere like the library so she wouldn't go looking for him. He liked to read about horses, so once, when Mike had been in town, he'd taken a young Brando to the track. He smiled thinking about it, and Carly asked if Brando wanted to go with her to the hospital to visit Mike.

At the hospital, Sonny asked Felix if there was something wrong with Mike other than his sprained wrist. Felix revealed that all of Mike's tests were negative, so he believed that Mike was too scared of falling again to get up and walk. Sonny returned to Mike's room and told him that he needed to get up and walk around, but Mike told Sonny to "scram." Sonny warned Mike that if Mike didn't get his strength up, he would be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. "I don't wanna do this anymore," Mike said.

Sonny promised not to force Mike to walk if he didn't want to, so he suggested that Elizabeth could help him. Sonny turned to leave to get Elizabeth, but Mike grabbed Sonny's hand. He asked Sonny to tell him a story "like you did when I was afraid of the dark." Sonny sat next to Mike and told him a story about a boy who was too afraid of falling to learn how to ride a bike. The boy had gotten a hand-me-down bike from a neighbor, and the boy's dad had eventually taught him how to ride a bike. The father had promised to buy the boy a new bike, but he never had. However, Sonny told a napping Mike that Mike had given Sonny something better than a new bike -- "a lesson."

A tearful Sonny said that Mike had taught him that falling was all right, but he had to get up and move forward. Sonny revealed that he was there to return the favor for his father. Mike woke up. Sonny suggested that they go for a short walk, and Mike agreed. Out in the hall a few minutes later, Sonny promised not to let Mike fall. Carly and Brando arrived and greeted Sonny and Mike. "This can't be. You're dead!" Mike cried when he saw Brando.

At the hospital, Portia figured that the accusations against Taggert wouldn't stay quiet for long, so she needed to update Trina before word got out. Just then, Trina and Cameron arrived at Portia's office, and Trina demanded to know why Curtis and Jordan were there. "It's not good news," Portia revealed. Jordan gently told Trina about Jordan's team falsifying evidence against Cyrus, but Trina refused to believe it. Trina was livid that Jordan was trashing Taggert's reputation when he wasn't there to defend himself.

Trina accused Jordan of betraying Taggert, but Portia explained that being gone didn't mean Taggert could dodge responsibility for what he'd done. Portia suggested that she and Trina go home and talk, but Trina refused to go anywhere with Portia. She sarcastically congratulated Jordan on ruining Taggert's reputation after he'd already been murdered, and she stormed out. Cameron promised to make sure that Trina was all right and followed after her. Portia and Jordan agreed that they wished they hadn't had to explain the situation to Trina.

On the phone, Valentin told someone that he'd officially gotten Brook Lynn's ELQ shares, but there was still a long way to go. He listened for a progress report, and he asked the person to let him know when the deal was closed.

Nina and Charlotte arrived at Kelly's, and Nina wondered if it was all right that a friend of hers joined them. She pointed out Jax, and the two joined him at a table. He talked about Josslyn and how she had visited him in Australia when she'd been younger, and Charlotte exclaimed that she'd always wanted to go there. Just then, she spotted a friend sitting at the counter and asked to sit with her. Nina allowed it, so Charlotte ran off. Nina's phone went off, and Jax remarked on how popular she was. She replied that she still hadn't found a replacement for Maxie, but she had hired Nelle as her assistant.

A shocked Jax warned Nina about Nelle, but Nina divulged that she had hired Nelle in order to keep an eye on her and to possibly help Michael's case in a custody trial. Nina insisted that she'd learned her lesson about being a "mark." Valentin entered, and Charlotte ran to him. Valentin asked for a word outside with Nina, and Jax offered to look after Charlotte.

Outside, Valentin wondered if things were serious with Jax, and she answered that they were dating and having fun. She added that there were no lies or secrets, and Valentin hoped she enjoyed it while it lasted. Nina declared that it was none of his business, and she demanded to know why he'd wanted to talk to her. He put forth a sincere apology for what he'd done to her. He hoped that Jax would appreciate her and not judge or reject her, but Valentin reminded her that he would be there just in case.

Valentin left, and Nina returned to Kelly's and found Jax on the floor. She asked if he was all right, and he replied that he needed to watch where he was going. He explained that he'd been getting a scone for Charlotte when he'd accidentally tripped. Nina eyed Charlotte suspiciously.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Lulu and Brook Lynn shook hands, and Brook Lynn accepted Lulu's apology. In return, Brook Lynn wanted to collaborate with Dustin. She explained that she'd gotten out of her contract with Linc, and she was relaunching her music career. She only wanted to work with people she trusted and respected, and she remembered how "gorgeous" Dustin's lyrics had always been. She begged for his help and reminded him that royalties could be on the table. He promised to think about it. She advised him not to take too long, and she left.

Dustin told Lulu that he was going to turn the offer down, as he was happy with his life and didn't want to "shake it up." Lulu urged him to do it, as he could reconnect with the writing part of himself. He didn't want Lulu to feel upset or jealous, but she didn't think that Brook Lynn was a threat. Lulu thought it was a big opportunity for him, but she advised him to watch his back.

While looking down at her phone, Brook Lynn bumped into Valentin, who was also looking down at his phone. "It looks like we were both so busy thinking about where we're heading that we missed what was right in front of us," he stated. "That's not a bad lyric," she marveled, and she got into the elevator as Valentin smirked.

At the hospital, Neil and Alexis were talking in the meeting room when Julian burst into the room, followed by Britt. Julian pushed Neil up against the wall and vowed to make sure that Neil never practiced again. He screamed at Neil about pushing Alexis "off the wagon." Alexis yelled that Julian was wrong, and she regretted trusting him the night before. Julian ignored her and demanded that Neil admit his lies, as Julian had proof. A crowd formed outside of the room as Julian accused Neil of luring Alexis to bed after treating her as a patient. Felix entered the room and advised that they take the argument elsewhere, as they were disturbing the patients.

Minutes later, Alexis tore into Julian in Neil's office for putting her private information on blast in front of everyone. He revealed that Britt had seen Alexis and Neil together in New York, but Alexis shot back that it was none of his business. He yelled at Neil again for driving Alexis to drink, but she growled, "Go to hell where you belong." Julian had only wanted to expose what Neil had done to her, and he asked her to hear him out. She stated that, after all their time together, he had no idea who she was, and she demanded that he leave.

When Julian was gone, Neil asked for the real reason that Alexis had had a drink the night before. She told him that she and Sam had fought and said horrible things to each other. She continued that the bartender had slipped her a drink, and she'd downed it, but she'd only had one. He wondered why she'd called Julian, and she laughed and said that he'd been the only one to answer the phone. He questioned why she hadn't called him, but she reminded him that they weren't supposed to talk to each other. He was sorry for the situation they were in, but she insisted that she didn't regret anything, regardless of what the board or her ex had to say. Neil feared that everyone knowing what had happened between them "could spell trouble" for them.

Britt found Julian at the hospital and demanded to know what he'd been thinking by attacking a doctor in a hospital. "He had it coming," Julian swore. She wondered why he was in Alexis' business, as it was no longer his place. He answered that he was over Alexis but not what he'd done to her. He felt obligated to help Alexis, but Britt informed him that he'd only made things worse. She told him that their "side thing" was no longer fun, so it was over, and she walked away from him.

Laura and Kevin put a plan into motion Laura and Kevin put a plan into motion
Thursday, April 2, 2020

Sonny helped Mike walk down the hall at the hospital, and he was happy that Mike was on his feet. Carly and Brando approached, and Mike pointed a shaking finger at Brando and said, "You're dead." Carly explained that there was a misunderstanding, and Gladys' son was actually alive. Brando greeted Mike and thanked him for taking him to the track years before. Mike claimed to remember Brando, but he said that he was tired, so Sonny took him back to his room.

In Mike's room, Sonny thought the surprise visit was nice, but Mike insisted that he didn't know who Brando and Carly were. He asked Sonny to "tell your boss" to "beef up security" and keep an eye on the two. "They're up to no good," he warned.

Outside the room, Brando wondered if Mike was always like that. "Pretty much," Carly replied. Brando revealed that he'd gotten the impression years before that Mike and Sonny weren't close. Carly confirmed that they hadn't been until Mike had gotten sick. Brando didn't know that he could deal with the situation like Sonny, and Carly hoped he never had to. Brando had to get back to the shop, so he said goodbye to Carly and left. Sonny emerged from Mike's room, and he revealed to Carly that Mike had had no idea who Carly and Brando were. Carly wondered if she could do something for Sonny, but he insisted that she'd already done a lot.

Sonny returned to Mike, and Mike was glad to see his son. He wondered when he could leave the hospital and go home. Sonny replied that they could leave as soon as the doctor said so, but in the meantime, he advised his father to rest. Mike closed his eyes to sleep, and he said that everything would be all right once they got home to Bensonhurst. Sonny returned to Carly and tearfully informed her of what Mike had said. He regretted that home was the one thing he couldn't give Mike, and he cried that he couldn't do it anymore. "Yes, you can. I got you," Carly assured him.

Sam and Jason met up, and Sam updated Jason on her failed plan to neutralize Delores. Jason informed her that she was lucky that she hadn't been sent back to Pentonville and that they needed to stop looking for a way out. He told a disappointed Sam that it wasn't worth the risk, especially with Cyrus around. He figured that Pentonville was like a war zone, and Cyrus had no limits of who he hurt. He also disclosed to Sam that Cyrus had T.J.

Ava was leaving a message for Franco about scheduling their next sitting when Trina entered the gallery, yelling. Ava ended the message, and Trina pleaded with Ava to help her understand something that made no sense to her. She told Ava about the new allegations against Taggert, and she hated that everyone was going to "trash" her father, who'd been a good man. Ava assured Trina that it didn't matter, because Trina's opinion was the only one that mattered to Taggert. Ava agreed with Trina that he'd been a hero and a great parent.

Ava promised to be there for Trina anytime Trina needed to talk, but she advised Trina to let Portia know that she was all right. Trina agreed and took her phone out to put in a call to her mother. When she was off the phone, she was glad to have checked in. Trina still feared that it wouldn't be enough if she was the only person to remember Taggert as a good man. Ava assured Trina that he had left an "incredible legacy," part of which was Trina, and she embraced the girl.

Molly burst into Jordan's, needing to talk about T.J. Jordan replied that she couldn't say anything, and that it was out of their hands. Curtis gently told Molly that T.J. was a grown man, and they needed to respect his privacy. Molly shot back that she was done being patient, and she was sick of T.J. ignoring her. She asked that Jordan tell T.J. that he and Molly needed to talk, and Jordan warned that she couldn't guarantee a response. Molly gave T.J. 24 hours for a response before she started to look for him herself. Jordan finally yelled at Molly to stop acting like a child and remember that she'd been the one to push him away. Molly spat that she'd never expected to be broken up with through T.J.'s mother, and she stormed out.

Later, Jordan regretted the way she'd talked to Molly, but she reasoned that she'd needed to make sure that Molly wouldn't go searching for T.J. Curtis assured her that she'd done the right thing and that everything would work out. Jordan wondered why Cyrus' freedom was taking so long, but Curtis reminded her that she knew how long things like that took.

Brando was at work in his garage when there was a knock on the door, and he opened it to Molly. He informed her that the shop was closed, and she attributed it to the bad day she was having. He asked what had happened, and she replied that she'd gone over a curb, and something was wrong with the undercarriage of her car. She figured that she would just call a tow truck, but he offered to check out the car for her and went outside.

When Brando returned, he assured Molly that the damage wasn't bad. She wanted to give him the business rather than the dealership, since he'd helped her, but he didn't want to take advantage of the fact that she'd only gone to his shop because it had been the closest. He finally agreed and told her that he had to take down her information. She asked about a website, but he replied that the shop had just opened, and it was a long story. She replied that she loved long stories, and he jokingly asked if she was a novelist. "I am," she answered, telling him about the romance novel she'd gotten published at age 16, despite knowing nothing about life or love.

Molly continued that she was a law student, and Brando asked if she would sue him if she didn't like his repairs. As long as he repaired it correctly and charged a fair price, she assured him that she had no grounds for a lawsuit. She related that she'd thought messing up her car was a "rotten end to a rotten day," but she was starting to believe that it had been a turning point.

Kevin sat down in the visiting room at Pentonville with Cyrus and introduced himself. Cyrus insisted that he wasn't crazy and that everyone wanted to see what made him tick. Kevin took some notes as he informed Cyrus that Kevin had interviewed many prisoners like Cyrus. Cyrus promised that Kevin had never met anyone like Cyrus. Cyrus recognized Kevin's last name, and Kevin replied that his wife was the mayor. Cyrus named her as the reason he was in solitary confinement. Kevin promised to send Cyrus' regards, and he left.

Robert was in the middle of an angry phone call when Laura arrived at the police station. When he was off the phone, he informed Laura that Cyrus' lawyers had the evidence in hand and would be seeking to get Cyrus out of jail. He demanded to know how she could possibly plan to stop it. "Watch me," Laura responded, and she walked away.

A few minutes later, Robert joined Laura in the interrogation room as she got off the phone, and he asked what her plan was. She promised to tell him when the time was right. In the meantime, Laura had Mac following leads on the warehouse shootings so they could tie them to Cyrus. She was aiming to keep Cyrus in jail long enough to find new charges that would stick. He reminded her that Cyrus could still run his organization from jail, and she replied that he didn't necessarily need to be locked up in Pentonville.

Later, Kevin arrived and joined Laura in the interrogation room. He informed her that Cyrus was a narcissist, and he'd made several veiled threats. He added that Cyrus had pride in his reputation as a dangerous man and didn't like when that reputation was minimized. Kevin believed that Cyrus was sane, but he felt that he could confidently recommend Cyrus' transfer to a psychiatric facility with medical supervision.

Robert entered and informed Laura and Kevin that the plan wouldn't work. Laura reiterated that she just wanted to keep Cyrus locked up long enough for a fresh case, but Robert knew that Cyrus' lawyers would see right through the ploy. Laura stated that she wasn't above doing whatever she had to do to keep Cyrus off the street, and she asked Robert for any suggestions. Kevin added that their plan was still a legitimate course of action. Kevin and Robert both worried for Laura, but she only worried about the city. She wondered if there were any other options to delay Cyrus' release.

CLASSIC EPISODE: Celebrating GH's 56th anniversary CLASSIC EPISODE: Celebrating GH's 56th anniversary
Friday, April 3, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, General Hospital opted to broadcast special throwback episodes every Friday in April and May, 2020. The move was designed to help stretch out the supply of new episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

Today's episode was a rebroadcast of General Hospital's 56th anniversary episode, which aired on April 2, 2019. You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive Daily Recaps dating back to 1995.

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