General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 13, 2020 on GH
Robert had news for Liesl. Lulu learned that Valentin was a partner in Deception Cosmetics. Nina warned Jax that she was more like Nelle than he realized. Chase encouraged Willow to marry Michael. Charlotte put a snake in Ava's purse. Cyrus reached out to Jason. Sonny gave Nikolas a warning.
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Robert told Liesl he believed her, and Chase encouraged Willow to marry Michael
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Maxie implores Obrecht to plead guilty to her crimes Maxie implores Obrecht to plead guilty to her crimes
Monday, April 13, 2020

Nina was looking at the half-heart necklace when Jax entered her office with a big bouquet of flowers. He invited her to dinner at the Metro Court restaurant, but she asked for a rain check. She revealed that she was very behind on her work, as Nelle hadn't returned. Jax hinted that not showing up was a fireable offense, but Nina reminded him that Nelle was fighting for her child. He talked about all of the horrible thing Nelle had done, but Nina believed that she was more like Nelle than she wanted to admit.

Jax insisted that Nina was nothing like Nelle, but Nina went on about some of the crazy things she'd done in the past. He blamed her actions on mental illness, for which she'd gotten help. Nina suggested that Nelle was trying to turn her life around like Nina had, but Jax stated that it was too late for Nelle. Nina thought that Jax couldn't see who Nina really was, but Jax talked about what an amazing woman she was. He put some music on his phone and invited her to dance with him. She took his hand, and they shared a kiss as they danced.

At Kelly's, Brook Lynn and Dustin were discussing their songwriting venture when Lulu approached their table. Lulu and Brook Lynn immediately started bickering, and the argument veered toward Dante. Dustin stepped in between the women and scolded them, reminding them of their last public fight. Lulu apologized to Dustin, kissed him, and left. Brook Lynn accused Lulu of starting the fight, but Dustin observed that Brook Lynn provoked Lulu every chance she got. He informed her that he was only writing songs with Brook Lynn because Lulu had encouraged him to do it.

Brook Lynn rolled her eyes at Lulu constantly playing the victim, but Dustin called Brook Lynn a bully. Brook Lynn told Dustin her side of the story of when Carly had paid her to seduce Dante as revenge for sending Michael to jail. Dustin thought that Lulu could let it go if Brook Lynn offered a real apology. Brook Lynn knew that she was "over the top" like Tracy, and she saw his point. Dustin urged her to show the real Brook Lynn, because he believed that real creativity was produced from honesty. She asked if he was ready to write some songs. "I'm ready when you are," he replied.

Laura sat down next to Valentin at the Metro Court bar, and he was surprised to see her. Laura admitted that she'd seen Valentin's text on Lulu's phone, demanding her presence, but Laura had deleted it from Lulu's phone. She didn't want Valentin to upset Lulu again, as he'd given her plenty of reasons to mistrust him. Valentin replied that everyone had made mistakes. He wanted to ask Lulu to withdraw the custody suit and keep their current arrangement, as he believed that it would be the best thing for Charlotte. Laura suggested that the best thing for Charlotte would be being "done with you."

Valentin reminded Laura that Charlotte wouldn't exist without him, so he was willing to coexist for Charlotte's sake. He begged Laura to try to broker a truce between him and Lulu. Lulu arrived and approached Laura, and Laura asked Valentin for some privacy with Lulu. When he was gone, Lulu cried to her mother about Rocco not talking to her about Dante anymore. She couldn't believe that Dante had been gone for a year, and she wondered if things would ever get better. Laura commended Lulu on the job she'd done rebuilding her life. She hugged her daughter and made eye contact with Valentin from across the restaurant.

Anna let Maxie and Peter in so they could help her with the "goody bags" for Violet's birthday party. Maxie looked at the amount of supplies and chuckled that James's party had been half the size of Violet's, but it had still taken her and Liesl forever to put things together. She suddenly got melancholy at the thought of Liesl, and Anna informed Maxie that Liesl was being extradited to The Hague for trial as early as the next day. A shocked Maxie had no idea what to tell James or what to say to Liesl. She kicked herself for letting Liesl fool her. Anna thought that Maxie should see Liesl for some closure before she was extradited, so Maxie left.

In her holding cell, Liesl yelled about how she'd been asking for days to talk to Robert. Moments later, Robert arrived, and she again insisted that she was innocent. He informed her that he hadn't found any evidence against Peter, so she would be on her way to The Hague. He added that she was "far from innocent," anyway. Robert muttered that Peter would let his guard down if he thought that he'd gotten away with his crimes, so he had to stay silent about pursuing an investigation. Just as Liesl went on about convincing Maxie of the truth, Maxie arrived.

Liesl insisted to Maxie that she hadn't done the things she'd been accused of. Maxie replied that she was only there so say goodbye. She regretted thinking that Liesl had changed and letting Liesl into James's life. Maxie added that if Liesl didn't want to lose her family completely, she needed to plead guilty. Maxie thought that showing remorse and taking responsibility for her actions would show Liesl in a better light.

Liesl swore on Nathan's memory that she was innocent and would never do anything to hurt James. She continued that Maxie needed to protect James from Peter, who was "no different from Faison." Liesl cried and begged Maxie to believe her, but Maxie ran out. Robert promised to keep an eye on Liesl's family while she was gone, and Liesl warned that she would hold him to that promise until she returned. "You think you can beat the charges?" Robert asked in disbelief. "No prison can keep me from justice. Peter will suffer for his crimes, and I will get my family back," she vowed.

As Anna and Peter stuffed the goody bags for Violet's party, Anna told Peter how much she admired him for all of his hard work toward "rejecting Faison's legacy." Peter admitted that his life was better than he could have imagined, but he was nervous. He vowed to do everything in his power to keep what he had. He was a little sad that Britt had to leave town, as she'd gotten a better job offer in Boston. He knew that Anna wasn't a fan of Britt and wondered if she was happy to see Britt go. Anna admitted that she had her issues with Britt, but she was impressed by how Britt had improved herself.

Peter continued that his "chat" with Britt about Faison had helped him straighten things out in his head about their father. Anna offered to listen if he ever wanted to talk about Faison, but he didn't want to make her relive the horrors that Faison had put her through. "It's enough that you accept me," Peter insisted. Anna added that he'd proven every day that he was more than his father's son, and she was proud of him.

Peter and Anna finished the goody bags, and he wondered how many people would be attending Violet's party. Anna replied that there would be 30 children, plus the adults. She disclosed that Robert would be there, and she would make sure that he was civil with Peter. Peter insisted that he could handle Robert. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Anna let Maxie into the house. A crying Maxie ran into Peter's arms, and she wondered how she was supposed to tell James that he was losing his grandmother. Anna answered that Maxie could assure James that he had a whole big family who loved him.

Peter has a plan for Robert Peter has a plan for Robert
Tuesday, April 14, 2020

At home, Peter informed Maxie that he was going to Violet's party early to help set up, and Maxie agreed to meet him after she dealt with Lulu. She clarified that she was going to tell Lulu about working with Valentin at Deception. Maxie talked about how "blinded by hate" Lulu was, and Peter asked if Maxie had ever thought about talking to Lulu about it. "Are you insane?" Maxie wondered. She figured that it was a "huge, pointless fight." Peter wished her luck, and she left.

At the hospital, Willow had just finished reading to a child named Steven as he fell asleep. She left the room to talk to his mother, who assured Willow that listening to Willow read was always the highlight of Steven's day. Willow offered to return the next day, but the mother disclosed that Steven was being moved to hospice the next day. A shocked Willow hugged the sobbing mother.

A short while later, a dazed and upset Willow was sitting by herself at the hospital when Chase found her. He could tell that something was wrong, so she explained Steven's situation to him. She loosely related the helplessness of the mother's situation to her own with Wiley, except she didn't get a say with Wiley. Chase suggested that she go visit Wiley, so they shared a kiss, and she left.

At the hospital, Michael was on the phone with Diane when Sasha arrived. When he hung up, he informed Sasha that the custody hearing had moved to the next week, and his chances at full custody were "slightly better than fifty percent" unless he married Willow. Sasha insisted that he had to do it, and he said that he might if Willow wasn't with Chase. Sasha's phone went off, and she read the text from Chase inviting her to the Metro Court restaurant but instructing her to not tell Michael. She claimed that Lucy was having a "minor crisis" at Deception, and she left.

A short while later, Willow joined Michael, who informed her of the new hearing date. He added that his chances were better if he married her and that Sasha was on board with the "strategy." "You are what's best for Wiley," he stated. She replied that she would marry him in a heartbeat if it wasn't for Chase, unless Michael told her that it was the only way. He figured that he had more assets as his disposal than Nelle did, and he could beat Nelle with the best lawyer in the state. She made him promise that he was making decisions to look after Wiley and not her feelings.

At the Metro Court bar, Sasha and Chase talked about the possibility of Michael and Willow getting married. Chase thought back to all of his and Willow's milestones and called Willow the love of his life. Sasha knew that Willow couldn't compartmentalize like Michael could; she said Michael didn't want to marry Willow out of respect for Willow and Chase's relationship. Chase knew how broken up Willow would be if Nelle won custody, knowing that she could have done something to stop it.

Outside the Metro Court restaurant, Nelle wanted to talk to Valentin. He thought it was best for them to not be seen together, but she reminded him that they were in the same position, fighting for their children. "We don't have to be enemies," she told him, adding that they could be friends or more. "I'll pass," he answered. Nelle threatened to make trouble for him, but he reminded her that he had possession of all of her forged documents. He added that he'd never liked her much to begin with. She thought that he would regret not choosing to help her, but he didn't believe her. When she was gone, he made a phone call.

On the phone at a table in the Metro Court restaurant, Lulu instructed Charlotte to be ready for Violet's party when Lulu got there. A few minutes later, Maxie sat down with Lulu, who was disgusted that Valentin would buy a horse for a ten-year old. Speaking of Valentin, Maxie told Lulu all about her new job at Deception, and that Valentin was the "angel investor." Lulu knew that he would do something terrible, and she guessed that his money had been stolen. She advised Maxie to walk away, but Maxie said that she was only letting Lulu know as a courtesy.

Maxie continued that she would never spend time with Valentin socially, but he was a smart businessman. Lulu talked about all of his past wrongdoings, and Maxie had a justification for all of them. Maxie insisted that she didn't want to fight with Lulu, who thought that Valentin was trying to show her up somehow. Maxie commented that much of the conflict was in Lulu's head, and she wasn't going to let Valentin drive a wedge between her and Lulu. Lulu conceded that she was happy for Maxie's new opportunity, and she would "crush it." The two women left to get their kids for Violet's party, and Valentin watched as they went.

Anna was putting up decorations at the house when Violet burst into the room with Finn, raving about a bouncy castle. Robert arrived and informed Finn that there was a pony at the door. Finn and Violet ran to the door, and Anna quietly observed that Finn might have gone overboard. When Finn and Violet returned, Violet wondered if they could keep the pony, but Finn thought that Roxy would get jealous. Violet suddenly realized that she hadn't given Roxy a party hat, so she and Finn left the room again.

Robert wondered why Anna had summoned him early. She admitted that she'd heard about Liesl's extradition, and she hoped that Robert would let Peter move on in peace. Robert promised to be "the vision of politeness," and he added that "mutual coexistence" was the best that he could manage. Finn and Violet returned, and Robert and Anna talked about a pony they'd gotten for one of Robin's birthday parties and how it had destroyed the house.

Peter arrived, and Violet invited everyone outside to see her ride the pony. Anna and Finn followed her outside while Robert and Peter stayed inside to "help with balloons." Robert admitted that he'd been wrong about Peter, which Peter appreciated. Robert suggested "mutual coexistence," and Peter agreed. Anna returned to check on the men, and Robert went outside to see Violet. Peter informed Anna that Robert had claimed to accept Peter's innocence, but Peter wasn't sure if he believed Robert.

Anna insisted that Robert was an honorable man, and she hoped that he and Peter would maybe even like each other in a couple years. "Don't hold your breath," Peter commented. Anna continued that the two were grown men and could loathe each other if they wanted to, but that wasn't how family acted. Finn, Violet, and Robert returned inside with popcorn for a "taste test," but Violet beckoned everyone back outside to get their faces painted.

Peter promised to catch up after he made a phone call. On the phone, Peter told someone that "Scorpio may still be a problem. We need to move forward with our 'distraction.'"

Charlotte has a plan for Violet's party Charlotte has a plan for Violet's party
Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Sonny met with Jason in the kitchen at the Corinthos house. He wanted an update on Cyrus, and Jason revealed that Cyrus had left Metro Court and had obtained a suite at the Cosmopolitan. Cyrus had had a number of visitors, including Walker, who had been the one who'd killed Taggert. Jason noted that none of the four witnesses to the killing would be usable. "He wants leverage over law enforcement," Sonny deduced. He slammed his hand on the counter. "I think there's somebody else that needs a heads-up," he declared.

After Jason had gone, Nikolas and Ava arrived to pick up Avery for Violet's birthday party. Sonny greeted the newlyweds sarcastically and asked why it had taken Nikolas so long to crawl out from under his rock to say hello. Sonny made it clear that his bodyguard would drive Avery and Ava to the party, but he wanted Nikolas to remain behind in order to catch up.

Once Ava departed, Sonny informed Nikolas that he didn't want Nikolas' apology. Nikolas was aware that Sonny had been Spencer's friend and confidant, and Nikolas had made a bad call to include Carly in his secret return to town. He'd done what he'd thought had been best. Sonny maintained that he cared for Nikolas' mother and son, but he had no use for a man who had made the choice to betray his child. Nikolas flashed back to a conversation with Spencer.

Sonny declared that he had been close to Spencer and had had contact with him every night in one form or another. Sonny understood him because they'd both been abandoned by their fathers. Spencer hadn't mentioned Nikolas very often, but Sonny had known the teen had been lonely, even though he hadn't said it. Nikolas was sorry that his son had been in pain, but he thought that Spencer would understand Nikolas' choices to protect him one day.

Nikolas had another flashback to the day he'd revealed himself to Spencer with Ava by his side. Nikolas insisted that all of his actions had been for Spencer, but Sonny retorted that Nikolas had done what he had for himself. Nikolas thought that Sonny would have understood, but Sonny snapped that he wasn't a coward like Nikolas -- and Nikolas would be smart to remember it. He stated that Nikolas' actions had been those of a coward.

Nikolas declared that Sonny and Spencer had forgotten that Valentin had tried to kill him, and he'd had to protect Spencer in order to take back what belonged to him. Sonny had no sympathy for Nikolas, and he ordered Nikolas to stay away from the people he loved. He made it clear that that included both Carly and Spencer. Nikolas recalled Ava trying to explain his actions to Spencer, who had been upset because he'd believed his father had been dead.

Nikolas proclaimed that Spencer was his son, although Sonny informed him that Spencer considered himself to be an orphan. Nikolas replied that he had "cleared the road," and Spencer would have the opportunity to be the "man I could never be." Sonny ordered Nikolas to "skip the false humility" because he wasn't convincing. He didn't believe Nikolas felt sorry but rather thought Nikolas felt proud. He congratulated Nikolas sarcastically.

Sonny told Nikolas that he could do what he wanted, but if any of it touched Spencer, Sonny would intervene. "Understand?" Sonny asked. Nikolas rushed out of the house.

Lots of children and adults milled about Anna's house in anticipation of Violet's birthday party. Finn continued to check his watch and finally chased everyone outside. Chase and Willow arrived with a piņata, and Chase noted that he'd grabbed it from the deliveryman. Willow held the cupcakes, and Anna welcomed them inside. They all chatted about the party and hid the piņata when Violet returned to gush about the action outside, including the pony.

Willow accompanied Violet back to the party. "Wow, who knew you were fun?" Chase exclaimed to Finn. Nearby, Maxie spoke to Peter, who munched on a cupcake with purple icing. She admitted that the party had caused her to have anxiety about James's upcoming party. She told him it was a "mom thing," and she didn't want to be "out-partied." Peter gave her a kiss and asked how Lulu had taken the news that Maxie would be working with Valentin.

Maxie admitted that while Lulu hated it, she'd accepted it. "Does she?" Peter asked. Maxie thought that Lulu respected Maxie's choice.

Inside, Charlotte looked into a bag that had been hidden out of view. "Hi there, Nagini," she said to the snake in the bag. She told him they were going to have fun, but he would need to rest first. She needed him at his "fiercest." Lulu walked into the house, looking for Charlotte, and the little girl quickly secured the bag and jumped up to greet her mother.

Charlotte claimed that she was upset because the pony had had to give everyone rides, but Lulu thought the pony looked happy. She suggested that because Charlotte was so knowledgeable about horses, she should help the other kids. Nearby, Ava introduced Avery to Franco, and they joked about the popcorn. Franco stooped down to chat with Avery.

Olivia stood in the doorway and shouted out to Leo. Robert drew close, and Olivia mentioned how Leo was just like Dante and always in the kitchen. Robert murmured that he was sorry, but he didn't have any information on whether Dante had improved. Olivia remembered when Dante had returned home, and she reminded Robert that it had been more than a year. Robert felt bad for not having any updated information, and Olivia informed him that she wouldn't give up.

Elizabeth joined Finn inside and commended him on the party. Finn admitted he had wondered if he could deliver, and Elizabeth assured him that he was a great dad. Anna fetched Maxie and Peter in order for them to watch Georgie, and they dashed off in order to film her. Anna caught a glimpse of Robert inside with a very long wrapped gift, and Violet and Robert were prepared to open it.

Anna joined Violet and Robert, and they managed to unwrap the object. It was a gigantic didgeridoo, and Robert was prepared to play it. Willow explained the process of opening the piņata to Finn and Chase while Charlotte lurked nearby. A child ran inside to retrieve Willow, and Finn set the piņata aside. He and Chase talked about Willow's presence at the party, and Chase revealed that she had been upset over Wiley's custody battle. He enlightened Finn with all of the details. He wasn't sure that Willow would be able to handle it if Nelle won custody.

Anna found Jason at the front door. He explained that he wasn't certain that Cyrus would target Anna, but Sonny had wanted her to know that the drug trafficker had set law enforcement in his sights. Anna appreciated the heads-up, and she told Jason to thank Sonny for her. He asked if the WSB had ever been after Cyrus, but Anna refused to divulge any information. He was concerned and offered backup, but Anna promised him that she could take care of herself.

As Jason and Anna conversed at the front door, Sam and Danny happened to walk by. "Dad?" Danny called out. Anna excused herself, and Danny asked Jason if he was there for the party. Jason disclosed that he had only been there to talk to Anna, but Danny wondered if Jason would be able to stay. Sam declared that Jason was busy, but Jason wanted to talk to Danny about something important first. He wanted Danny to be a great big brother and look out for Scout and also his mother because Jason wouldn't be around for a while.

There were children running all over the place as Willow told Chase how much fun she'd had seeing his "gruf,f grumpy brother" having his own fun and making the day special for Violet. She'd even seen him riding on the pony. She noted that kids could change a person's life. Chase flashed back to his meeting with Sasha at Metro Court when they'd spoken about the possibility of Willow and Michael getting married. He grabbed Willow's hand and asked her to go for a walk.

Ava spotted Charlotte marching through the house, and Charlotte announced that she wanted to return to her "real home" at Wyndemere. Ava reminded her that the homestead belonged to her and Nikolas, but Charlotte could visit anytime. Charlotte noted that her horse Butterscotch missed his stall, and Ava joked that he wouldn't like to ride on the launch. "No, I don't think he would," Charlotte retorted before storming off.

Lulu arrived looking for Charlotte and hoped that the little girl hadn't been rude to Ava. Ava revealed that Charlotte had been upset about her horse, and Ava blamed Valentin for filling Charlotte full of "false expectations." Lulu started to say something but stopped, and Ava guessed that she had been about to suggest that the two of them get to know each other better, since they were sisters-in-law. Lulu assured her it wasn't that, and Ava joked that Lulu could have gone along with it.

Lulu declared that she hated Valentin and didn't want Charlotte caught in the middle of a feud between him and Nikolas. Ava promised to help but reminded Lulu that she and Nikolas had won out over Valentin.

Peter spotted Lulu, and they made small talk until Peter stated that he wanted to talk about Maxie. He thanked Lulu for her "non non-blessing" on Maxie's new job. Lulu assured him that Maxie meant a lot to her, and it was Maxie's mistake to make. Peter promised that he would keep his eyes wide open. "Just be ready to catch Maxie when Valentin knocks her down," Lulu declared.

Charlotte checked her bag again and talked to her snake. She promised to get him out soon. Franco and Ava walked inside, and Ava grabbed her purse. She wanted to check her calendar in order to make a date for her next sitting for Franco. He was anxious to get back outside to break the piņata. Ava joked about the former "town pariahs" at a birthday party. "We have come a long way," Franco agreed. Ava confessed that she still wasn't satisfied with her lot in life, and Franco couldn't believe it. She returned her purse to the table beside Charlotte's hiding spot.

Finn walked in and sat on the couch. Anna found him and asked what was wrong. He thought that maybe he should write Violet a letter from Hayden, although he considered the various ramifications of that. He admitted that Violet hadn't asked about her mother in a while, and Anna thought that the wise little girl would ask about her when she was ready. He hoped he would know what to say, and he flashed back to the great and not-so-great times with Hayden (and others) through their relationship.

Anna was adamant that the party had been great, and she thought he should enjoy it. Just then, Charlotte walked by with the piņata, and Finn asked where she was going. She told him she was keeping it safe. Anna raced to gather all of the kids, and Finn grabbed the piņata. Charlotte warned him to be careful and quickly added that she didn't want to see the candy fall out. She smiled as Finn set it on the floor.

A snake shows up at Violet's party A snake shows up at Violet's party
Thursday, April 16, 2020

Sasha stepped off the elevator at General Hospital and approached Michael as he finished up a phone call about ELQ business. He informed her that Wiley would be a patient a little longer, and he wasn't certain how many more days he might have with his son. He added that he was aware that he and Nelle weren't the first couple to "demonize" each other, although Sasha pointed out that Nelle really was a demon.

Michael joked about what Diane could say in front of the judge in that respect, and Sasha admitted she could picture it. Michael thought that Diane would be held in contempt for going that route, and Sasha suggested that Michael and Nelle be doused with water like in The Wizard of Oz. She noted that the lone remaining party would get custody of Wiley after the other person melted.

Carly arrived as Michael and Sasha were chatting, and she admitted she liked Sasha's idea. Michael noted that he could pay dearly if he ended up using the wrong approach in court. The trio discussed possible strategy, and Carly reminded the others that Nelle's crimes were all a matter of public record. Michael was afraid that Nelle would show she'd turned her life around and look more like the victim.

There were many flashbacks of various conversations that Nelle had had with Carly and Michael at various times. Carly was aware that Nelle was a master at playing victim, and Michael thought it best that he build himself up instead of attacking Nelle.

Jason spoke to Sam and Danny in front of Anna's house. He told his son that he couldn't be around them because of Sam's parole and the fact that he'd done some things that had had consequences. Danny was worried that his father would be arrested. Jason recalled conversations with Sam regarding their required separation, and he told Danny that things would be better without him.

Jason promised he would be around soon, and he wanted Danny to trust him. Danny promised to take care of Scout and Sam, and he and Jason shared a hug. Sam suggested that she and Danny look for Scout. Once Jason was alone, he phoned Sonny at home to let him know that he'd heard from Cyrus, who wanted to meet up with Sonny.

Willow confessed to Chase that she loved seeing Finn doting on Violet during her party, and she noted wistfully that kids could change one's life. Chase recalled a previous conversation with Sasha when they'd spoken about Willow, Michael, and the custody case. He grabbed Willow's hand and asked her to take a walk.

Maxie asked Robert to drop his vendetta against Peter because they even had things in common. Robert found that hard to believe, but Maxie mentioned that Liesl had tried to kill both of them. She noted that Robert had been able to recover, but Peter had suffered enough. Robert was not willing to change his mind, and Maxie realized that Robert would never see how wonderful Peter really was.

Robert recollected many of the conversations he'd had with Anna as they'd argued over Peter and also his meetings with Peter that hadn't been friendly ones. Robert admitted that he'd never see what Maxie had in Peter. Maxie stated that she was right, and the two separated. Peter emerged from the shadows nearby and made a phone call. He told the person he wanted a distraction for Scorpio. "Make it happen," he said.

Robert waylaid Olivia and asked her to do him a favor. He declared that he had "pressing business" but didn't want to disappoint Anna and Violet. He asked her to cover for him in case someone was looking for him and pretend she'd seen him in another room. He promised to be in her debt.

Aiden walked into the house, followed by Ava and Avery. He headed to the piņata, and the others stopped to chat with Charlotte. Ava suggested that Avery watch Charlotte ride her horse sometime, and she said she had been contemplating getting Avery her own horse. Charlotte told them about the best stall, and Ava reminded Charlotte that she and Nikolas owned the house. They finished their conversation, and Charlotte shouted for Aiden to get away from the piņata.

Jason arrived at Sonny's house, and they talked in the kitchen. Sonny grabbed a couple of bottles of beer, and Jason told him about his conversation with Anna and the phone call from Cyrus. Sonny thought that Cyrus had gone about things the right way in using Jason as a go-between. He suggested that maybe Cyrus wanted peace, but Jason suggested that there could be another ambush.

Sonny noted that Cyrus would be gone under Sonny's own terms. Jason thought that Cyrus could be trying to bluff Sonny into making concessions, and Sonny wondered what Jason's next move would be if he was Cyrus. Jason noted that Cyrus was far from his home base, had lost a shipment, and couldn't afford to make another mistake.

Jason thought that Sonny had the advantage, but Sonny reminded him that Cyrus had the police commissioner in his back pocket. Jason agreed that Cyrus was free to hurt them over time, and Sonny thought that was the key.

Robert managed to let himself into Maxie's apartment and began to snoop around. He thought back to a conversation he'd had with Anna about Peter's guilt. "Okay, Henrik, let's see what you're hiding," he muttered to himself. As he poked around and pulled out drawers and opened doors, he heard keys jingling at the door.

Willow tried to convince Chase that she was okay as they strolled around the park. She told him it was just the day, and she was able to handle a walk by herself. Chase informed her that he knew she'd been worried about the custody case, and Willow admitted she was concerned that Wiley's condition could get worse if Nelle refused to allow the surgery.

Chase thought that Willow was more of a mother to Wiley than Nelle had been, but Willow reminded him that she was not his mother. They talked about Wiley and Nelle, and Willow recalled the time she'd gotten into an argument with Nelle at Charlie's Pub. She apologized to Chase because it was the only thing they'd been talking about.

Chase thought there was a simple solution. "You marry him," he told Willow. She thought it was an insane idea, but Chase revealed that he'd had time to think about it. He added that it was her decision to make and not his. He thought she had to marry Michael to ensure that he received custody of Wiley. If she didn't agree, he felt she needed to step back and let it be Michael's problem. Willow remembered a talk she'd had with Michael in the past.

Back at Violet's party, Maxie found Peter and told him he'd missed Georgie having a session with the fortune teller, but she'd filmed it. Peter disclosed that he had to leave for Invader business. She tried to make him feel guilty by groaning over the time she'd be spending at the party, and she remembered their many times together, both before and after James's birth.

Elizabeth and Franco, along with Avery and Ava, ran into Aiden after Charlotte chased him from the piņata. The boy complained, and Franco invited Avery to accompany him and Aiden back to the popular party item. Ava exclaimed how she'd never thought she'd see Franco showing children a piņata, and she and Elizabeth laughed. Ava noted how happy Franco was with Elizabeth, and she wished she could say the same about Nikolas.

Ava admitted that she thought that she and Nikolas would be comforting each other as outsiders. Elizabeth pointed out that they were two completely different people. She explained that Nikolas had always listened to the opinions of others and could never do anything exactly right. He had given up on "better angels," she said.

Ava realized that that was why Nikolas was so lonely, and she confessed that he only wandered through the house. It had been as if he had been haunting it. He had gotten everything he'd wanted, but no one was happy for him. Elizabeth reminded Ava that Nikolas had done some pretty awful things, and Ava agreed that Nikolas was aware of that. It had taken a toll on him, though, and she had been unable to reach his emptiness.

Finally, most of the kids gathered inside for the breaking of the piņata. Anna announced that not everyone had joined them, but she thought the group was sizable enough. She told Violet to go first, but the little girl wanted someone else to have the honors. Anna spun her around as Violet pointed her finger. She landed on Charlotte, who suggested that Avery take her place. Olivia didn't want all of the rules to be changed, so Charlotte took her turn.

Gingerly, Charlotte walked up to the piņata and pulled on one of the dangling strings. She heaved a sigh of relief as nothing happened. One by one, Violet spun and chose the different children. Each one in turn removed a string with nothing happening. Anna had hoped that Robert would be around to see it. Finally, Violet took the last turn. She tugged on the string, and mountains of candy spilled out. The children all dove to the floor to retrieve some.

Ava grabbed her purse that had been sitting near the piņata before it had been strung up. She screamed and dropped it as a snake slithered out. Charlotte was all smiles.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Ava's surgery becomes a nightmare (2018) ENCORE PRESENTATION: Ava's surgery becomes a nightmare (2018)
Friday, April 17, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, General Hospital opted to broadcast special throwback episodes every Friday in April and May, 2020. The move was designed to help stretch out the supply of new episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

Today's episode was a rebroadcast of the episode that originally aired January 17, 2018. In the episode, Ava has a terrible dream about how she's lived her life. You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive Daily Recaps dating back to 1995.

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