General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 27, 2020 on GH
Sonny and Cyrus reached an uneasy truce, while each plotted to take the other down. Molly confided to her sisters that she had slept with Brando. T.J. recalled something about one of his kidnappers. Lulu and Valentin vowed to do better for their daughter's sake. Portia decided to apply for a new position at the hospital. Carly saw through Sasha's lies. Alexis received bad news.
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Sonny and Cyrus reached an uneasy truce -- while each plotted to take the other down
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Sonny and Jason meet with Cyrus Sonny and Jason meet with Cyrus
Monday, April 27, 2020

At the Metro Court restaurant, Neil and Alexis talked about their crazy past few weeks. She observed that he seemed angry and wondered if it was at her or himself. "Both," he replied. She took the blame for everything that had happened in New York and for him losing his license. Just then, her phone chimed, and she saw that she'd received an email from the New York Bar Association. She revealed that the Accreditation Board had reported her to the bar, so they knew that she'd lied under oath, and they wanted to see her immediately.

At the hospital, Mac interviewed T.J. about his abduction. T.J. told Mac where he'd been walking when he'd heard a car behind him. He'd been jumped, beaten up, and put into a van with a sack over his head. When the van had stopped, he remembered hearing a train. He'd been chloroformed, and he'd woken up in a basement. He remembered that it had smelled damp, and he'd heard men above him. He remembered that one of his captors, a man with a Southern accent who had provided T.J. with smoothies, had had "My Old Kentucky Home" as his ringtone.

T.J. also remembered that it had sounded like constant construction going on outside the house. He also mentioned that the "Kentucky guy" seemed to have had taps on his shoes. When he was finished with the interview, T.J. got himself over to the elevator on his crutches. Felix emerged from the elevator and instructed T.J. to get some rest. However, T.J. revealed that he had an idea for a "sweet surprise" for Molly after all she'd been through.

Outside Charlie's, Molly informed Brando that the two women he'd been talking to had been her sisters, and she demanded to know if he'd told them that he and Molly had slept together. He insisted that he didn't talk about his private life, and she apologized for snapping at him. He wondered if the police had figured out who had abducted T.J. and why, but Molly replied that it was still being investigated. Sam emerged from Charlie's and asked if Molly and Brando knew each other, and Brando explained that he'd done some work on Molly's car. He advised Molly that it was ready to be picked up, and he left.

Sam and Molly sat down at a table in Charlie's with Kristina, and Sam asked about T.J.'s marriage proposal. Molly informed her sisters that she and T.J. had thought of a perfect compromise: entering into a domestic partnership. Sam wanted to make sure that Molly had agreed to the partnership for the right reasons. Molly insisted that T.J. was her soul mate and that they loved each other. Kristina wondered what the problem was, and Molly blurted out that she'd slept with someone else when she'd thought that T.J. had dumped her.

Molly explained that it had been a "one-night thing," and she barely knew the guy. "Good for you!" Kristina said enthusiastically, but Sam scolded her for not being helpful. Molly told her sisters about her fight with Jordan and then messing up her car on a curb. She continued that the mechanic she'd driven to had gone out of his way to avoid taking advantage of her. She added that they'd just met her one-night stand, as she had slept with Brando.

At Sonny's, Sonny expressed to Jason and Carly that he didn't feel right talking about a DNR for Mike, since his father was still having good moments. Carly explained that it was just a precaution, and she didn't think that Mike would want to live hooked up to a bunch of machines. Sonny thought that dealing with Cyrus was more urgent, and he asked Jason to set up another meeting that night. When Jason left to schedule the meeting, Sonny confided in Carly that he wished he could make things all right for Mike.

Later, Sonny and Jason were gone, and Carly let Brando into the house. He was there to retrieve some paperwork that Sonny was supposed to have signed for the garage, so Carly went to look for it. Brando complimented the remodel of the house that Carly had gotten done, and she expressed how proud of it she was. She handed the completed paperwork to Brando and asked how business was going. He replied that he'd had a few customers, including Molly. Carly mentioned that Molly was Sonny's niece and joked about giving her a family discount. "I will now," he replied, and he left.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Cyrus told Lulu all about Laura trying to get him to go back to Seattle, but he was proud to be the newest citizen of Port Charles. He wanted to prove that he could benefit the community by donating to Laura's reelection campaign, but Laura stated that it wasn't an election year for her. She suggested he donate to worthy causes like keeping Port Charles free of illegal drugs. Lulu wanted to finish her interview with Cyrus, even though he was interested in continuing his conversation with Laura. He figured that their paths would cross again soon, anyway. Just then, his phone went off, and he saw a text from an unknown number, summoning him to a meeting on the pier.

A few minutes later, Cyrus was gone, and Lulu and Laura agreed that Cyrus' words had sounded like a threat to Laura. Lulu's phone rang, and she answered it to Diane. She was surprised at what she heard, and she informed her mother that Valentin apparently wasn't going to contest her custody petition. They returned to Lulu's a short while later, and Lulu divulged that she didn't trust Valentin. Laura thought back to her last conversation with Valentin about her being a good influence on Charlotte, and Laura answered that she believed Valentin was telling the truth.

Brando arrived back at his shop, and he heard someone enter a few minutes later. He turned and saw T.J., who explained that he was there to pick up Molly's car. Brando revealed that he'd just finished it that morning, and he handed the invoice to T.J. T.J. wondered if Brando needed to check his ID or call Molly to double-check that it was all right for him to pick up her car. "Your license is fine," Brando replied, and he was satisfied that Molly's given address matched the one on T.J. license. T.J. handed his credit card to Brando, who took it back to the counter. T.J. looked at the invoice and called out, "Hold on a second. There's something wrong here."

In Jordan's office, Curtis and Jordan discussed the best way to take Cyrus down. Curtis knew that Cyrus trusted her, and he thought that she could use that trust to figure out Cyrus' vulnerabilities. Curtis promised that he was going to help Jordan however he could. There was a knock on the door, and Mac entered the office with a map. He told Jordan about his interview with T.J., and he pointed out on the map where he'd narrowed down where T.J. had been held. He said that he would interview neighbors and try to get local surveillance footage. He promised to keep in touch, and he left the office. Jordan didn't know what to do if Mac was led closer to Cyrus. More importantly, Curtis wondered what Cyrus would do if that happened.

Cyrus and his right-hand man arrived at the pier and met with Sonny and Jason. Cyrus warned Sonny that canceling their initial meeting could be taken as a sign of disrespect. "I'm here now," Sonny shot back, wanting to get the meeting over with. "We're talking business, and I'm gonna do all the talking," Sonny said.

Cyrus guessed that Sonny's absence had had to do with Mike, and he was relieved that it had had nothing to do with their actual negotiations. Sonny spat that Cyrus had made Mike a part of things when he'd almost killed Mike, trying to take Sonny and the rest of his family out. Cyrus reminded Sonny that he'd been in Pentonville during the attempted hits, but he was free. Sonny replied that being free didn't mean that Cyrus was untouchable, innocent, or safe.

Chase tells Finn the truth Chase tells Finn the truth
Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Nina motioned Jax into her office at Crimson as she finished up a phone call. She disclosed that she'd had to go to "Plan B" due to the rain at her tropical island photo shoot. She wanted a hug, and Jax obliged with an added kiss. He didn't see Nelle and hoped that Nina had fired her, but Nina informed him that she'd sent her assistant on some errands. She didn't want Nelle talking to anyone about Sasha cheating on Michael.

Jax was surprised to hear the news and felt sorry for Michael. Nina replied that she'd warned Michael, but he'd thought of Sasha as a "fallen angel" who had needed his help. She called Sasha weak at best and an opportunist at worst. "And you still miss her," Jax declared. "I miss who I thought she was, not who she turned out to be," Nina replied.

Jax offered to help Nina find her real daughter if she wanted to search, but Nina reminded him that he didn't need to save her. She was capable of doing things on her own. She only wanted to save her yes answers for special occasions. Jax began to kiss her and suggested they spend the afternoon at his place.

At Lulu's home, she sat with Laura on the couch and talked about the fact that Valentin seemed willing to give up custody of Charlotte. Laura confessed that she only knew what Valentin had told her, and she flashed back to her conversation with him at Metro Court. Lulu called him manipulative, but Laura was certain that the man had changed. He had seemed different, and she related the previous conversation to Lulu. Charlotte eavesdropped unseen.

Lulu reminded Laura that she had been fighting for custody from the beginning, and she thought that something had to have happened. Charlotte recalled her talk with Valentin when she'd admitted she'd seen him push Ava. Laura continued that Valentin's reasons were unknown to her, but she knew that he loved his daughter. Laura suggested that Valentin had put Charlotte's well-being ahead of his own. Lulu didn't buy it, and she didn't think that Valentin even had a heart.

Lulu wanted to know exactly what Valentin had said, but Laura replied that it wasn't what he'd said but the state that he had been in. She thought perhaps he'd been that way due to his recent losses, but she was a good judge of character. Lulu refused to accept any of it, but Laura thought that Valentin would do anything for Charlotte because he loved her that much.

Lulu maintained that she had never doubted Valentin's love for Charlotte, but it was how he had always shown it. She pointed out that he had left Wyndemere on the sly with Charlotte with plans to kidnap her. Laura defended Valentin and suggested that he might not have kidnapped her. He'd had a "life-altering" experience. Lulu still disagreed, and Laura asked how they would tell Charlotte.

"Go away! Leave Nina alone!" Charlotte yelled as she walked into Nina's office and saw her kissing Jax. The little girl wanted Nina to be back with Valentin. Nina stooped down to hug Charlotte and told Jax to stay. Nina explained that she and Jax cared for each other, and she would always be Charlotte's friend. Charlotte cried that her father was no longer fighting for her. "Dads are forever," Jax proclaimed.

Alexis spotted Valentin sitting at the bar at Metro Court, and she sat down beside him. She thought that Valentin looked like he'd lost his best friend. 'I have. She's better off without me," he said. He began to talk about child custody, but Alexis cut him short and offered to provide names of other attorneys. Valentin clarified that he wasn't looking to fight Lulu's pursuit of custody because he wanted Charlotte to have stability.

Alexis was surprised as Valentin explained that he'd demonstrated some regrettable behavior, even though Charlotte considered him to be perfect. Alexis admitted that she'd made her own mistakes, but her kids kept her grounded. Valentin couldn't imagine life without his daughter, but he was doing it for her. He would find the strength to walk away.

Alexis wondered how Valentin had arrived at his decision, and he asked why she was talking to him. He wondered if it was a new "thing." Alexis recalled saving him from ending his life, but he guessed from the looks of her, he should be worried about Alexis instead. He offered to listen as Alexis flashed back to her argument with Sam. Alexis confessed that she had made a mistake and could lose her law license.

Valentin didn't think it was the end of the world, and he maintained that Alexis was more than a job. Alexis confessed that she almost liked Valentin since learning they were not related. Just then, Valentin received a phone call from Nina, who wanted him to get to her office right away. She revealed that Charlotte needed her father.

Back at Crimson, Jax sat down with Charlotte and told her that no matter how little he saw Josslyn, she was still his daughter. He promised that Valentin felt the same because dads got a "special handbook" when their daughters were born. Valentin stepped off the elevator and rushed over. Charlotte was thrilled and hugged her father as Jax left.

Nina explained that Charlotte had been afraid that Valentin didn't want her anymore. Valentin asked for privacy, and Charlotte cried that he didn't love her. Valentin assured her that he did, and he asked how she could think otherwise. Charlotte admitted that she'd overheard Lulu and Laura talking, and they'd said that he wanted to leave her.

Valentin stated that he could never want to leave Charlotte, but he didn't want her making the same mistakes that he had made. She had to learn the difference between right and wrong. Charlotte insisted that she couldn't learn without him, and she wanted him to take her away. She knew that he was planning on leaving, and she wanted to accompany him. Valentin was distraught.

At Charlie's Pub, Molly confessed to Kristina and Sam that she'd slept with Brando after taking her car to his garage. Kristina was proud of her sister, but Sam was appalled. She consoled Molly by pointing out that she'd been hurt, and Brando had been in the right place at the wrong time. It had only been one night. Sam confirmed that Molly wanted to be with T.J., and she volunteered to pick up Molly's car at the garage. Molly wanted her to promise not to say anything to Brando.

After Sam had gone, Kristina assured Molly that she wasn't a bad person. She hadn't known the truth about T.J. when she'd slept with Brando. Molly announced that she knew what she had to do as she flashed back to her time with T.J. in the hospital. Kristina tried to talk her out of it, but Molly made it clear that she had to be honest with T.J. and tell him everything.

At the garage, T.J. handed Brando his credit card as he perused the invoice. T.J. cited that something was wrong, and he pointed out that Brando hadn't charged enough. Brando replied that he offered his first-time customers a discount in order to get them to return. The transaction was completed, and Brando revealed that Molly had been worried about T.J. in the hospital.

T.J. was curious about the remark because Molly's accident had happened before he'd been in the hospital. Brando quickly covered and remarked that he'd run into Molly at the pub earlier that day. T.J. hobbled to the door on his crutches just as Sam arrived. She revealed that she had planned to pick up Molly's car, too. T.J. exclaimed about the special deal that Brando had given Molly. "Really?" Sam asked. She announced that she had something to discuss with Brando, and T.J. left.

Brando reminded Sam that he had already apologized to Kristina for his remarks, but Sam mentioned the other sister that he'd given special treatment to. She pointed out that he had arrived in town with baggage, and she didn't want him to dump it on Molly. She demanded that he forget about their one night together.

Brando was insistent that he hadn't known that Molly had a boyfriend, but he didn't think it was any of Sam's business. Sam disagreed, but he told her to leave in order for him to get some work done. Sam ordered him not to mess with Molly -- or he'd have to deal with her.

At the pier, Sonny and Jason stood together as Cyrus stood with his own associate. Sonny wanted Cyrus to "crawl back" into his hole, or there would be a war. Cyrus explained that he couldn't go back to Seattle empty-handed, and Sonny declared that he was left with a "nuclear option." Cyrus suggested a "counteroffer," as Sonny and Jason began to walk away.

Cyrus claimed that he wanted peace without threats, and he suggested that he and Sonny not interfere with each other's business. He wanted to be able to put down roots and wanted the fresh air and friendly quiet of Port Charles. Jason wondered if that included Cyrus' sniper, whom Jason had glimpsed on a nearby rooftop.

"Is this how you want it to go down?" Sonny asked. Cyrus called Jason perceptive and claimed that the sniper had only been a precaution. Sonny noted that Jason was the only backup he'd needed, and Cyrus waved his man off. He wanted to proceed. Sonny had an offer, and he declared that Cyrus could take it or leave it.

Sonny stated that Cyrus could live in Port Charles, but he'd have to conduct his business elsewhere. He didn't want Cyrus going through his territory. Cyrus pointed out that with Sonny's large territory, it would be expensive. Sonny snapped that it wasn't his problem, and Cyrus extended his hand to cement the deal. Sonny hesitated but finally shook hands.

Chase returned home to his empty apartment with gym bag in hand. He looked around and flashed back to happier times with Willow. Just then, there was a knock at the door. He opened it to find Finn, who wanted an explanation for Chase's disappearance from Violet's birthday party. Finn noted that Chase wasn't his usual self, and Chase disclosed that he'd lost Willow after he'd cheated on her.

Chase talked about everything that had transpired with Willow and Wiley, and how he'd never spent any time with her. Sasha had been in the "same boat," and eventually, "one thing led to another." They'd slept with each other several times, and the last time, Willow had walked in on them. "That has to be the biggest load of crap I ever heard," Finn shouted. He wanted to know what had really happened.

Chase insisted it was the truth, but Finn called it a "doozy of a story." He knew that Chase was lying, and he and Chase argued back and forth. Finn was positive that Chase loved Willow, and he believed that Chase and Sasha had planned the scenario. He could see that it was killing Chase inside, and he urged Chase to "drop the act." Reluctantly, Chase agreed to divulge the truth after making certain that Finn wouldn't tell anyone. He also called Finn a pain in the ass. Chase admitted that he hadn't cheated but had needed Willow to think that he had so that she would marry Michael.

After finishing up their conversation, Lulu and Laura were unable to locate Charlotte. Just as Laura grabbed her keys and promised to find the little girl, Lulu received a phone call from Nina. She related that Charlotte was in her office and very upset. She was also with her father. Lulu stated that she was on her way, and Laura called out that she loved Lulu and Charlotte.

Jax rode the elevator up to Metro Court and spotted Alexis at the bar. The shared a hug, and he sat down. He noted that he'd just left Valentin and Charlotte, and the little girl had been afraid that Valentin was leaving. He wanted Alexis' levelheaded opinion, which caused Alexis to joke. Alexis was aware that Valentin had made some decisions, and he wanted to do the right thing, even if he suffered.

Cyrus walked into Metro Court with his associate. He was happy to be there, free and clear. He noted that Sonny thought that Cyrus would lower his guard, but he wouldn't play by Sonny's rules. They had to get rid of Jason first.

At the pier, Jason informed Sonny that Cyrus had shown up at Metro Court. Sonny thought the ex-con was "buying time." "I'm gonna take him out," Sonny vowed.

Lulu and Valentin arrive at a decision Lulu and Valentin arrive at a decision
Wednesday, April 29, 2020

At Chase's apartment, Finn asked for details regarding Chase's plan to cheat on Willow. He was incredulous as Chase continued to give his reasons for enabling Willow to marry Michael. Finn had a question for every comment that Chase made, but Chase pointed out that Wiley was only a defenseless child, unlike all of the adults involved.

Finn sighed and asked how sure Chase was that Willow would even marry Michael. Chase was positive that Willow would eventually follow her heart straight to Wiley. "Bro," Finn repeated several times in succession and exasperation. He thought that while Chase's intentions were honorable, his methods stunk, and a huge mistake had been made. Chase declared that he and Sasha weren't happy, either, but Wiley's safety was first.

Chase opened the door and demanded that Finn leave. Finn noted that he'd read that family and love were about being honest, no matter how difficult. Chase stated that he hated what he'd done, and Finn continued to argue with him. He thought it should be all Willow's choice to make. Chase slammed the door shut and proclaimed that it was too late. Finn urged his brother to find Willow and tell her the truth. Finn wanted Chase to move on it right away.

Michael walked into the Corinthos home and looked around. He ran into Carly and noted how nice the remodel looked. Michael told her that something had happened, but he was interrupted when his phone rang. He answered Sasha's call, and she told him that her things were out of the house. Michael was cold to her and gave her short responses. "I guess that's it," Sasha said tearfully. "Goodbye, Michael," she added. Sasha flashed back to her discussion with Chase as they had formulated their plan.

"Sasha and I are over," Michael told Carly, who believed that Chase and Sasha had been jealous. Michael reminded Carly that she had warned him about Sasha, and she'd been right. He had loved Sasha and had thought they had been real. Carly felt the same, although she suggested that Sasha couldn't be what Michael had needed. Michael agreed that Sasha hadn't wanted an instant family and had needed a way out. Carly promised that he would get through it and find the woman he deserved. They hugged.

Carly offered to help Michael, but he felt that she already had by not judging him. He was stressed with the custody fight "in limbo," and he wasn't sure what Nelle would do next. Carly suggested he take a run to clear his head, and Michael thought it was a good idea. Carly recalled several conversations she'd had with Sasha in the past, including the comment that she would not give Sasha a third chance.

At Metro Court, Willow sat at a table and spoke on the phone to Lucy to tell her about the apartment she needed. Nelle wandered over and mocked Willow about Chase breaking another heart but admitted she really wanted to apologize. She'd been rude for stating that Willow didn't mean anything to Wiley, and she thought they were alike -- two mothers whose kids had been cruelly taken from them.

As Nelle continued to berate Chase, Willow snapped that she wasn't about to join a support group with Nelle. Nelle declared that he'd "callously" tossed Willow aside just like her, but she didn't want Willow to blame herself. Nelle thought that Chase was a user and liar who liked to manipulate and seduce vulnerable women.

Willow called Nelle the manipulator, and she proceeded to list all of Nelle's crimes and misdeeds. Nelle had given Brad her baby and had used Willow's baby. "All's well that ends well," Nelle commented. She snapped that Sasha was more Michael's type, though. Willow said goodbye.

Soon after, Sasha arrived and sat at the bar. "Proceed at your own risk," Nelle urged. She warned that Carly would be out to strike Sasha down. Sasha snapped that she would leave if someone who mattered asked her to go. Nelle noted that her lawyer would want to talk to Sasha in order to have her be a character witness against Michael.

"I can't believe what a bitch you are," Sasha spat. "All of this coming from a backstabbing, boyfriend-stealing slut," Nelle replied. She added that they would chat soon, and she turned to go. Just then, Carly stepped off the elevator. She spotted Sasha and glared as Nelle called out that she'd heard that Michael's heart had been broken again. Nelle thought it was sad, but she would talk to Carly another time.

Carly headed to the bar and cut Sasha off from saying anything. Carly declared that Michael blamed himself for what had transpired, but she blamed Sasha.

At Charlie's Pub, Molly informed Kristina that she intended to be honest with T.J. Kristina argued with her. She wanted to know why Molly would risk everything. Molly explained that her relationship was built on honesty, and everything would be written all over her face. "Confessing is just a way to make you feel better at T.J.'s expense," Kristina stated.

Kristina played devil's advocate. She asked if Molly would have slept with Brando if she'd heard from T.J., and Molly pointed out that T.J. had been taken against his will. Kristina reminded her that she hadn't known that when she'd spent the night with Brando, and she asked why Molly had done what she had.

Molly stated that she'd been angry and upset, and Brando had made her laugh. Kristina pointed out that it had had nothing to do with T.J., and there was no reason to tell him. "Tell me what?" T.J. asked as he walked into the pub. Kristina greeted him with a hug, and Molly gave him a kiss. Kristina revealed that she'd heard the news about their domestic partnership. T.J. disclosed that he'd surprised Molly and picked up her car because he knew that things had been hard for her lately.

Molly admitted that she'd been a "little bit of a mess." "Yeah, was she ever!" Kristina exclaimed. T.J. thought something was wrong and that Molly had been looking at him strangely. Molly denied it, and T.J. declared that he and Molly were together and would stay that way. Kristina shifted her eyes from T.J. to Molly.

Molly wanted to call Sam who had gone to fetch Molly's car, but T.J. announced that he'd run into her at the garage. Kristina offered to get food, since her break was over, but Molly realized she had errands to run. She urged T.J. to stay and told him she'd be home for dinner. They kissed and professed their love.

Shortly after, Kristina served T.J. his food, and he noted that Molly seemed shaky. Kristina reminded him that her sister had been heartbroken and had thought that T.J. had ghosted her. She'd been lost without him, but it hadn't been his fault. She added that he and Molly had their entire lives ahead of them.

At Brando's garage, Sam told him off and shouted that if he didn't stay away from Molly, he'd have to deal with her. She made it clear that Molly and T.J. were together. They continued to argue and trade barbs, but Brando insisted that T.J. wouldn't hear anything from him. He asked if Molly would be "coming clean" to T.J., and Sam guessed that she would. She made it clear that ordinarily, Molly would never have slept with someone like Brando, but her heart had been broken.

Sam vowed to always protect Molly, who always saw the best in people, while Sam was more realistic. She was aware that Brando had been in prison, and Brando noted that that made two of them. He also pointed out that he was free, while Sam was on parole. He thought Sam's reaction had more to do with her and Jason than with Molly.

Sam argued that it was none of Brando's business, but he shouted that by that same thought process, he and Molly were none of Sam's business, either. He thought they should both mind their own business, and he wanted to get back to work. He changed his shirt, and Sam made a comment about a motorcycle that was sitting nearby. Brando asked if she was an expert.

Brando reiterated that he wasn't there to cause trouble and was in town to cover for Dev at Sonny's request. As she called for a car to pick her up, Sam wondered what was in it for Brando. Brando was glad that he would never have to see Sam again.

A car horn honked, and Sam realized her car was there. As she turned to go, Molly walked in and announced that she would not tell T.J. about her night with Brando. He stated that he wouldn't say anything, and Sam offered to walk out with her sister. Molly stated that she had to talk to Brando first, and Sam left.

Molly told Brando she hoped that Sam hadn't been too hard on him, but he thought she had just been acting like a big sister. He said he wouldn't say anything, and Molly made it clear that she'd made her own choices, he hadn't taken advantage of her, and it could never happen again. Brando declared that nothing had happened. Molly was sorry. "It was nice knowing you," Brando replied.

Lulu rushed into Crimson after receiving Nina's call. Nina asked that Lulu give Valentin a chance to make things right. Lulu had realized that Charlotte had overheard her talking to Laura about custody. Laura had believed that Valentin was sincere, but Lulu had disagreed.

Inside Nina's office, Charlotte begged Valentin to run away with her. She pointed to a door that they would be able to sneak out of, and no one would be able to stop them. Valentin told her he wasn't going anywhere, but she wouldn't see him for a while.

Charlotte asked if she was bad, but Valentin assured her she was a good girl. Charlotte wanted things to go back to the way they had been when she had been younger, and she wondered why he wouldn't fight for her. She recalled the discussion they'd had at Metro Court. She wanted Valentin to fight so they could be happy.

After a while, Charlotte and Valentin stepped out, and Lulu hugged her daughter. She told her how worried she'd been, but Charlotte exclaimed that she couldn't allow her papa to leave. He would do anything to keep them together, and Lulu replied that she knew that. Charlotte would, too. Valentin explained that there was a right way and a wrong way to keep a family together, and Charlotte would always be his family.

Charlotte was worried that she wouldn't see Valentin, but he promised that he always returned; she kept his heart beating. Lulu wanted to speak to Charlotte alone, and they went to Nina's office. Lulu wanted the child to be honest, and she asked if Charlotte had overheard Lulu's conversation with Laura. Charlotte admitted that she'd gone to the kitchen for a snack and had heard the women talking. She accused Lulu of never wanting to talk about her father in front of her and always changing the subject.

Charlotte continued that Laura had stated that her papa was walking away "for my own good," and Lulu had been glad. Lulu insisted that Charlotte had only heard a part of an adult conversation that she hadn't understood. Charlotte cried that Lulu never cared to ask her if she missed her father, and she missed him every minute.

In the outer office, Valentin thanked Nina for calling him, and Nina wanted to confirm that he wasn't fighting for custody. She'd never thought he would give up on his daughter. Valentin agreed that he deserved Nina's harsh words, but he would never give up on Charlotte. He had been trying to do the right thing, and he had been a bad influence. His voice was breaking as he added that he wanted to keep a distance. "Or be a better man," Nina advised.

Nina agreed that Valentin had done terrible things, but she couldn't accept his reasoning -- and Charlotte wouldn't, either. Charlotte loved her father unconditionally, and Nina was adamant that Valentin see it her way. He finally gave in as Nina continued her pep talk. "Be the man I know," she said. Lulu and Charlotte walked out, and Lulu told Valentin they needed to talk. Charlotte looked scared as her father replaced her in Nina's office.

As Valentin and Lulu held a discussion in Nina's office, Nina did her best to distract Charlotte. Nina told her that whatever her parents decided, it was because they loved her. Nina would always be there for Charlotte, too, and she hugged the little girl. Lulu and Valentin emerged, and Lulu told Charlotte it was time to go home.

Valentin declared that he wasn't going away, and he would pick Charlotte up the next day to go riding. Lulu vowed they would do better. "You deserve to be loved by both of your parents," Lulu said. The trio hugged, and the formerly brokenhearted Valentin smiled.

At the park, Michael prepared for his run. He reflected on happier times with Sasha, as well as the scene when he'd caught her with Chase. "Bad day? Wanna talk?" Nelle asked as she encountered Michael after his run.

Once he was alone, Chase looked at a framed photo of himself with Willow. "Find her and fix this," he recalled Finn saying. There was a knock on the door, and he opened it to find Willow standing there. She wanted to pick up her things.

Carly figures out Sasha's plan Carly figures out Sasha's plan
Thursday, April 30, 2020

At Sonny's, Josslyn and Dev approached Sonny, wondering if they were in trouble. Sonny replied that he had something to tell them, but he was waiting on one more person to arrive. Right on cue, the doorbell rang, and Josslyn let Brando into the house. Sonny revealed to the three that "the situation keeping you here has been addressed." Josslyn and Dev were ecstatic to learn that they could leave the house, and Sonny added that Brando was free to return to Chicago if he chose.

Josslyn remembered that Cameron had had an appointment at the hospital that afternoon, and she assumed that Trina would also be there, doing her homework in Portia's office. She proposed surprising their friends, and she hugged Sonny. Sonny still wanted his men to drive the kids around, to which they agreed. When they were gone, Sonny expressed his appreciation for everything Brando had done for the family, and he instructed Brando to just ask if he needed help reestablishing himself in Chicago. However, to Sonny's surprise, Brando wondered if he had the option to stay.

Brando explained that he liked Port Charles, and he liked running his own garage. Sonny clarified that whether to stay or go was up to Brando. He liked having Brando around, but he didn't want Brando to feel obligated to stay. Brando appreciated the choice, and he added that he didn't want to waste the opportunity Sonny had given him for the good things in Port Charles. Brando was grateful to Sonny, and the two shook hands.

At the hospital, Elizabeth wondered how Cameron liked his new therapist. He admitted that he missed Neil, and Elizabeth offered to listen if he ever wanted to talk to her. Trina approached, and Elizabeth greeted her with a hug. When Elizabeth walked away to tend to her work, Cameron thought back to the kiss he'd shared with Trina. "I can't do this anymore," Trina insisted. She knew that he'd been avoiding her, and she demanded that they talk about their kiss and why it would never happen again.

Trina explained that she loved Cameron's friendship, but she'd read up on how PTSD could mess with emotions. She knew that Cameron really liked Josslyn, and she didn't want him to blow his chances with her. "So, we're good?" he asked, and she confirmed that they were. The two embraced just as Josslyn and Dev arrived. Josslyn divulged that their house arrest had been lifted, and she'd been dying to go to the movies. After talking about what movie to see, Josslyn quietly asked Trina why both Cameron and Trina seemed so happy. Trina replied that she thought things were looking up.

Portia approached Elizabeth at the hospital for her opinion on something. Portia revealed that, even though she was new to the hospital, she was going to put her name in for Head of Internal Medicine. She wanted to know if she would be stepping on toes or inviting pushback. While Elizabeth wasn't comfortable speaking for the doctors, she assured Portia that she'd earned the respect of all the nurses. A short while later, Portia excitedly whispered to Elizabeth that she had an interview for the job in a couple days. Elizabeth sincerely wished her luck, and Portia thanked Elizabeth for the support.

Brook Lynn entered Charlie's and walked to the bar while looking down at her phone. Someone grabbed the phone out of her hands, and she angrily looked up and saw Julian. He demanded that she leave and never return, as he was angry with her for blackmailing him into "strong-arming" her producer. She took that as a confession to knowing all along about Wiley's true parentage and to cutting the brakes on Brad's car. Julian called her delusional, so she name-dropped Sonny again. He wondered if she really wanted his death on her conscience. Brook Lynn assured Julian that she had no intention of divulging his "dirty little secret." Just then, Dustin arrived and wondered what dirty little secret she was talking about.

Brook Lynn claimed that she was keeping it from Lucas that Julian had propositioned her the first time they'd met. She and Dustin sat down at a table to work on their song, and he assured her that it would be done by the Nurses Ball. She couldn't believe that he hadn't apologized for being late, but he reminded her that he couldn't just bail early when he was a teacher. "I can't believe my artistic Dustin is a teacher," she marveled. Brook Lynn made eyes at Dustin as they discussed their song. She thanked him for working with her on it, and he replied that he thought it was fun.

Sasha was sitting at the Metro Court bar when Carly approached. Carly informed Sasha that Michael blamed himself for Sasha's infidelity, but Carly blamed Sasha. She demanded to know why Sasha had cheated on Michael, as she'd believed Sasha when she'd said that she wouldn't hurt Michael and that the lies were behind her. Sasha claimed that she'd been uncomfortable being thrown into an "insta-family," and both she and Chase had been feeling frustrated. "You're lying," Carly stated.

Carly remembered how Sasha had urged Michael to marry Willow. She believed that Sasha had only wanted to make Michael think that she'd slept with Chase. Carly didn't want Sasha to confirm it, as she would be obligated to tell Michael. She continued that she admired a woman who could sacrifice her own happiness for something like Michael and Wiley, and she admitted that she would do the same. A tearful Sasha turned and left.

"Find her and fix this," Chase muttered to himself as he looked at a picture of himself and Willow. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Chase answered it to Willow. She told him that she was there to pick up her things. Chase tried to apologize to her, but she cut him off, as it was too painful. A few minutes later, she returned with two suitcases, hoping that she hadn't forgotten anything. They shared one last longing look, and she left. Both began to cry once he closed the door behind her.

Later, Chase was thinking back to some good moments with Willow when there was a knock on the door. He let in Sasha, who was there to check on him. He got her some water, and he answered that he was waiting for "the sense of knowing we did the right thing" to kick in. Sasha agreed, but she insisted that it had been worth it. She informed him that Carly had figured out the plan and also thought that they'd done the right thing. "Do you have anything stronger?" Sasha asked of the water, and Chase got up to get her something else. She took the opportunity to burst into tears.

Nelle approached Michael at the park, and he informed her that he had no patience to deal with her. She innocently shot back that impatience wasn't a good trait for a parent. She continued that she'd heard about Sasha, and she thought it was ironic that he'd only worried about Nelle hurting him. "We're done here," he stated. "We're just getting started," she replied coldly.

Nelle told Michael that she was willing to make a compromise with him. She offered for both of his grandmothers to keep their jobs if she got full custody, and he'd get one weekend a month. "Not happening," he answered quickly. He added that, even though her lawsuit was "bogus," both of his grandmothers would gladly leave their jobs if it meant keeping Wiley away from Nelle. He concluded that Wiley deserved better than Nelle, and he would have it. "It didn't have to be this way," Nelle said. She threatened that he would be sorry, and she walked away.

Michael picked up a large stick and began beating up a nearby tree until Willow approached. He told her about his interaction with Nelle, and Willow responded, "Good for you!" Willow only regretted that she hadn't been there to yell at Nell herself. Michael handed her the stick and insisted that it would make her feel better. She finally took the stick, and he advised her to imagine that the tree was Nelle. Willow repeatedly hit the tree and screamed about how much she hated Nelle.

When Willow was done, she revealed that hitting the tree had, in fact, made her feel better. She hoped that no one had seen it, but Michael reasoned that it was better to hit a tree than Nelle. "Depends on who you ask," she muttered. He apologized for all the havoc Nelle had caused, but she regretted nothing because she had Wiley in her life. She couldn't stand the thought of Nelle winning the custody battle, and Michael knew that Nelle wouldn't win. "Because we will not let her," he said.

Nelle arrived at Metro Court and informed Carly that Michael had just been abusive and threatening toward her. She'd been hoping to avoid warfare, but she would have to tell her lawyer and the court about the interaction. Carly made it clear that she didn't care how Michael treated Nelle. Nelle threatened that Carly would never see her grandchild again, and Bobbie would lose her medical license because of Michael's inflexibility. "We'll wait and see," Carly commented. Nelle questioned if Carly believed that Michael would win. Carly replied that no one could predict what would happen, but she had a good feeling about it.

ENCORE PRESENTATION: Celebrating General Hospital's 51st anniversary (2014) ENCORE PRESENTATION: Celebrating General Hospital's 51st anniversary (2014)
Friday, May 1, 2020

Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, General Hospital opted to broadcast special throwback episodes every Friday in April and May, 2020. The move was designed to help stretch out the supply of new episodes until it was safe for the cast and crew to return to work.

Today's episode was a rebroadcast of the episode that originally aired April 1, 2014. The episode was a special celebration of General Hospital's 51st anniversary -- complete with three Carlys. You can read the full recap of that episode here or in our Daily Recaps Archive, which has comprehensive Daily Recaps dating back to 1995.

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