General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 3, 2020 on GH
Nelle was furious when Nina testified against her. Dante continued to struggle with his demons. Sonny made an important decision regarding Mike's treatment. Jason decided to give Carly power of attorney if anything happened to him. A motorcycle accident left Jason clinging to life with a traumatic brain injury. Valentin stepped up his campaign to seize control of ELQ. Maxie took a pregnancy test. Robert remained determined to get answers about Holly's disappearance.
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A motorcycle accident left Jason clinging to life with a traumatic brain injury
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Nina gives shocking testimony Nina gives shocking testimony
Monday, August 3, 2020

In a WSB facility in Geneva, Switzerland, a man twitched and tossed around on a bed. Suddenly, he woke up and realized he had been having a nightmare. "Yeah, he killed him. You didn't kill him," Dante muttered. He took some deep breaths and picked up his pillow that had landed on the floor.

Dante stood up and took a drink of water from a glass that had been sitting on the nightstand before pouring the rest over his head. He muttered that he had a headache, and he sat back down on the bed. "Find a distraction," he told himself. He stood again and picked up a pencil stub.

Dante sat a desk and pondered over a pad of paper. Finally, he began to write. He told his mother how much he missed her and his life, but he had wanted to keep everyone safe from him. He added that that was the reason that he would never send the letter. He folded it up neatly and tucked it between the mattress and bedpost.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned sat beside Olivia on the sofa and told her how much he loved and cared for her. He offered to talk about Dante, but Olivia announced that she had a better idea. She suggested they go upstairs. Ned laughed but received a phone call. He answered and, after finishing quickly, announced that the deal had gone through, so he had time for his wife.

Olivia grew angry and accused Ned of squeezing her in. She began to tell him off, and Ned argued back. He pointed out that he would normally be at the office. Olivia was aware that he had more important things to do, and she attempted to storm out of the room. Ned stopped her, and he admitted that he was aware that Robert had made her feel better.

Olivia whined that everyone had moved on from Dante, but Robert had been going through a similar issue over the missing Holly. She thought they could both be in denial but was happy she wasn't alone. Ned asked if she felt alone when she was with him.

Olivia admitted that she loved Ned, but he had been too focused on ELQ. Ned tried to explain that he was protecting Olivia and Leo, but she quickly asked about Dante. She pointed out that her family was not a corporation. Ned made it clear that his family owned a corporation, and it was his job to keep it going, especially with Michael being too busy with Wiley's custody.

Olivia accused Ned of trying to take over, although Ned denied it. He told her about a possible third-party hostile takeover who had been buying up shares. He needed to find out who the buyer was, and he complained that Michael had been "asleep." Olivia thought it a good time to "circle the wagons and pull together" to defeat the enemy and not attack each other. She believed that Ned was trying to stay powerful.

At General Hospital, Portia was offended that Cyrus had asked her about Trina, and she ordered him to never speak about her daughter. "Is everything okay here?" Laura asked as she joined them. Cyrus noted that it was good to see Laura, and she asked if he had a health issue, since she'd seen him at the hospital so often.

Cyrus assured Laura that he was in perfect health except for some allergies, and it was good to be breathing the Port Charles air instead of the air in prison. Laura noted that the air on the West Coast was good, too. Cyrus thought that the people of Port Charles were lucky to have Laura as mayor, but he had to leave for an appointment.

Portia told Laura that Cyrus had been disgusting for mentioning Trina, and she'd wanted to slap him. Laura thought that he "flaunted" his freedom, and Portia agreed that was true, while Marcus was dead, having his "name dragged through the mud." Laura declared that Marcus had been a good friend and cop. The women sat down to chat.

Portia noted that Marcus had been devoted to his work, but they had parted on good terms. Her emotions had been all over the place, and they included fear and sorrow. Trina had taken her father's death hard. Portia thanked Laura for talking to her about Marcus, as other people hadn't. She noted that Marcus had followed his own code of ethics and had taken a stand. Laura called Trina lucky.

Valentin joined Brook Lynn at a table at Metro Court. They had never met, but Brook Lynn knew who Valentin was. He called her a "worthy opponent." Brook Lynn made it clear that she was aware that he had been the one to use Linc to buy her shares of ELQ, and she wanted to know what his angle was. She informed him that the Quartermaines took care of each other, and she would tell her father.

Valentin suggested that Brook Lynn would revive her music career and have a profit margin with his purchase. He thought that she needed a break because Linc had ruined her reputation, and there were too many good singers to compete with. He would give her visibility and momentum, but she had to work with him.

Valentin thought that Brook Lynn had talent, he loved music, and she needed the right people in her corner. He thought that he would like to use her music to launch Deception at the Nurses Ball.

Brook Lynn wanted to know the catch, and Valentin ordered her not to tell her family that he had the ELQ shares. Brook Lynn accused Valentin of buying her off, and he agreed that was correct. She told him she had to leave, and she hurried away.

As Martin began to question Nina on the stand at Wiley's custody hearing, Nelle played with her broken-heart necklace. Nelle smiled as Nina agreed that she had hired Nelle because she'd thought the young woman had deserved a second chance. Martin noted that Nelle had formerly been Nina's nanny, and he mentioned the heartache that Nina had suffered due to her own lost child.

Diane jumped up to object and asked if Martin was trying to bond with Nina instead of question her. The judge ordered Martin to move along, and Nina admitted that she had been affected by her lost child, and no mother should suffer the loss of a child.

Upon further questioning from Martin, Nina agreed that she had confirmed her "initial impression" of Nelle. "Nelle is a compulsive liar," Nina stated loudly. She added that Nelle used people and manipulated them, and Nelle only saw the custody case as a contest. Martin quickly objected, and Diane called out that he couldn't object to his own questioning. Martin deemed Nina a hostile witness.

Martin asked Nina if she had been seeing a psychiatrist, and Diane reminded the court that Nina wasn't the one on trial. The judge agreed and put an end to Martin's line of questioning. Martin muttered and took a seat. Diane took her turn to question Nina, and Nina noted that Nelle had only married Julian to make a better case for custody. Martin objected, but Nina continued that Nelle had blackmailed Julian into marriage. In a nearby seat in the gallery, Carly couldn't contain her joy as Jax, Michael, and Willow looked on in shock.

"What?" Nelle called out as she jumped up from her seat. She called Nina a liar, and she asked if Carly had gotten to her. The judge warned Martin to control his client. Nina admitted that Nelle hadn't said exactly those words but had stated that she'd "resorted to desperate measures," and Julian had agreed to play by her rules because he "values his life too much."

"You double-crossing bitch!" Nelle screamed. She proceeded to tell Nina off. She exclaimed that Michael had forced Willow to marry him, and Willow had needed to avoid Sonny, who might see her "sleeping with the fishes" if she didn't go along. She accused Nina of hating her or being jealous because she had a child. She added that Wiley was hers. Julian tried to say something to Nelle, but she ordered him to shut up. Suddenly, she began gasping for air.

At the hospital, Cyrus finished up a conversation with another man and said goodbye. Laura saw them, and she called out to the other man, Tom. Cyrus hid around the corner and eavesdropped. Laura urged Tom to think twice before doing any business with Cyrus and explained that Cyrus' sentence had only been vacated. It didn't mean Cyrus was innocent. Tom ran off and ignored Laura's pleas to talk to her.

"Problems?" Cyrus asked as he approached Laura. She demanded to know why he was always around. Cyrus explained calmly that he was a businessman, and the hospital was facing a fiscal crisis. He thought that he could provide assistance. He added that he had already established a foundation for social justice; he loved the community, and he could help out.

Laura tried to tell Cyrus that his help wasn't necessary, and donors could be discouraged if he was to be involved in hospital business. Laura insisted that the Quartermaines were donors, and they didn't need Cyrus' money. Cyrus felt otherwise; he thought the hospital might need a new savior. Laura snapped that he was no savior, and she had friends on the board. They would not use Cyrus' laundered drug money.

Cyrus retorted that Laura shouldn't underestimate him and make false accusations. He stepped onto the elevator. Laura was clearly shaken up.

At the Quartermaine house, Ned tried to explain to Olivia that they needed to be ruthless at times, and everything was not all about peace and love. Olivia took the remark personally and was upset that Ned had been condescending about her feelings, pain, and belief in psychics. She stated that they were all real. She accused him of having no respect for her.

Just then, Brook Lynn bounded into the room. She announced that she needed advice on her career.

After a much-needed break, the custody case resumed. Nelle apologized to the court, and Diane recalled Willow to the stand. She wondered if Willow had been coerced into marriage, and Willow exclaimed that she had not. Diane confirmed that Willow had not received any financial compensation, and Willow announced that she was a teacher with a good job at the hospital. She didn't need anyone's money.

Diane asked about Willow's marriage, and she spoke from the heart. She explained that Michael was a decent man who had a foundation of trust, and that was how a life was built. He was fair and compassionate, he was able to compromise, and he never believed himself to be better than anyone else. Michael had suffered grief, injustice, and loss but had empathy toward others. She hoped that Wiley would turn out just like Michael.

The judge announced that he would take everything into consideration, and court was adjourned. Nelle thought that she had proven herself to be passionate. Carly thanked Diane, and Michael thought that Willow had been incredible. Carly hugged Michael, thanked Willow, and left. Michael was hopeful and wanted to celebrate, but he and Willow didn't want to jinx things. She suggested they go home to Wiley.

Out in the hallway, Nelle berated Julian for not holding her hand or showing some concern. She vowed that Nina wouldn't stop paying if Nelle lost the case. Julian suggested that Nelle had cost herself the case on her own with her behavior. He thought that Martin was a good lawyer. He told Nelle he'd return for the decision, and he left.

Martin sidled up to the bar next to Valentin at Metro Court. He revealed that Nina had upset his entire case. Valentin told Martin about Brook Lynn and Linc. Martin was worried that Valentin would lose his chance to take over ELQ, but Valentin didn't believe that Brook Lynn would say anything.

Jax found Nina staring out of the window in her office at Crimson. She was afraid that she would never live down her crazy past, but Jax disagreed. She had helped the judge to see the real Nelle. Nina stated that she had hired Nelle in order to spy on her, but Jax reminded her that she hadn't lured Nelle to the job. Nelle had intended to use Nina first. Nina admitted that she had thought Nelle's love for her son to be sincere, and she had seen her previous self in Nelle. Jax pointed out that Nina had worked to change, but Nelle hadn't. He hugged Nina and told her they were real, and he wasn't going anywhere.

Jax invited Nina to join him and Josslyn, but she declined. She had work to do. After Jax was gone, Nina sat at her desk and opened up the box that contained the broken-heart necklace. As she dangled it, Nelle burst through the door. "You betrayed me, bitch!" Nelle exclaimed. The necklace dropped to the floor.

Sonny makes a decision Sonny makes a decision
Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Alexis was surprised to hear Sam knocking frantically and calling out to her at the front door. Upon Sam's entering, Alexis thought it was a good idea to make some calming tea before hearing why her daughter was so upset. Sam admitted that she had been upset with Julian at the custody hearing, and she had slapped him. Alexis reprimanded her daughter and reminded her that she was on parole and couldn't slap people.

Sam carried the tea tray to the sofa, and the women sat down. Sam noticed Alexis having a problem with her wrist, and Alexis mentioned a previous injury that had been acting up. Sam admitted that she had listened to Julian testify to help Nelle's case, and she'd gotten angry that he'd spoken nothing but garbage. Alexis recalled that the last time Julian had appeared to be insane, he'd been blackmailed by his sister Olivia. The women realized that Nelle clearly had something on Julian.

Sam decided that that meant that Julian's new life was a lie, and Julian was only concerned with saving his own skin. Alexis was sure he was involved in something. Sam was aware that Alexis' feelings for Julian were complicated, and she appreciated her mother allowing her to rant about the man. Alexis pointed out that it was better to rant then to face an assault charge.

Sam changed course and asked Alexis what Neil had thought about Alexis' disbarment. Alexis admitted that she didn't know because she'd never told him about it. She had lied under oath, and it hadn't been his fault. They weren't together. Sam accused Alexis of making up excuses to not be with Neil, and Alexis asked why Sam wasn't with Jason. Sam reminded Alexis that she didn't want Sam to be with him -- plus Sam had a tough parole officer. She accused Alexis of allowing her pride to hold her back.

At a Metro Court table, Martin asked Valentin what he planned to do about Brook Lynn, but Valentin assured him that he didn't think Brook Lynn would talk. He thought that Brook Lynn was aware that he would make ELQ more valuable. Martin thought that the Quartermaines might want to keep their company, but Valentin felt that with all of the family fighting, they'd only be thankful at his taking control.

Valentin noted that he had the shares that had previously belonged to Brook Lynn, Nelle, Maya Ward, Skye Chandler Quartermaine, and Skye's daughter, Lila Rae Alcazar. Martin interrupted to comment that the name Chandler sounded familiar, and Valentin informed him that the family was from Pine Valley. Martin reminded Valentin that Michael had the largest control of stock, but Valentin replied that Sam controlled the kids' shares. He wanted Martin to pursue that angle.

"Have you lost your mind?" Martin asked. He wondered why Valentin thought that Sam would sell. Valentin assured him that he only needed the children's voting proxy, and he was certain that Jason was disinterested in anything having to do with ELQ. Valentin was certain a proper incentive could be offered.

Brook Lynn barged into the room where Olivia and Ned were talking at the Quartermaine mansion and announced that she needed career advice. Olivia was angry and urged Ned to discuss things with his daughter, and he could open up a "great big ELQ spreadsheet." She hurried out of the room.

Ned explained that Olivia had been feeling neglected, and she wasn't wrong. Brook Lynn thought her father was the "best husband ever," and Ned laughed. He had been caught up in ELQ business, but sometimes he felt like just getting away and letting someone else take over the company. He sat down. He admitted that he envied Michael sometimes because he'd learned lessons that Ned had still been having difficulty with, like setting priorities.

Ned revealed that the reason for his divorce from Brook Lynn's mother had been his "sense of duty" to his family and ELQ. He hadn't been there for Brook Lynn. He felt he owed his family, and Brook Lynn agreed that sacrifice was sometimes necessary. Ned stated that the company wasn't more important, but at that moment, it needed his attention. Brook Lynn thought it would be nice if someone "swooped in" and took control. Ned assured her it wouldn't happen. Brook Lynn looked panic-stricken.

At General Hospital, Cyrus ordered Monica to rethink her objection to him. Jordan joined them and wanted to know what they were discussing. Cyrus told her that he wanted to contribute to the community, although Monica interjected that he wasn't a part of the community. Cyrus argued that he was, and Monica retorted that he wasn't wanted there. She didn't want a convicted criminal to be attached to the hospital.

Cyrus insisted he'd been exonerated, and Jordan had helped him to prove his innocence. Cyrus wanted Monica's support. "When hell freezes over," Monica snapped. "That may come sooner than you think," Cyrus snapped as he walked away.

Carly rushed into the kitchen at home to chat with Sonny and Jason after the custody hearing. Before she could say anything about court, she asked about the situation with Mike. Sonny informed her that things weren't good, and he shook his head sadly. Sonny described how his father could no longer communicate, and Sonny had been trying to figure out what to do. Carly wished she could help, but Sonny needed time to think. He left the kitchen, and Carly repeated that she wished she could help. "You can't," Jason replied.

Carly believed that Mike wanted Sonny to let him go, but a written DNR didn't exist. She wondered how a person could let someone go, and she wished she'd insisted on it being handled earlier in time. Jason admitted that the experience had made him realize that he needed to be clear where his own life was concerned because he owed it to his family.

Jason announced that he needed someone to make a decision for him in case the occasion should arise. He wanted it to be Carly, and he'd spoken to Diane. He asked Carly to be his power of attorney. Carly admitted that she knew how Jason felt, and he would want the machines to be turned off. "Shouldn't it be Sam?" Carly asked.

Jason maintained that he wasn't afraid to die, but he wouldn't want to be stuck in an in-between place. He thought that in the event that Sam had the choice to make, she wouldn't let him die. Carly wondered what made Jason think that, but he stated that he trusted Carly and that she would know what he wanted. He had no one else. Carly admitted she'd do anything for Jason, but she threatened that he had better never put her in that position.

Sonny stood over Donna's crib and asked for her help because he had a decision to make. He promised that she would never have to make a similar decision. Sonny disclosed that he wanted to let go of Mike, and he just wanted things to be over. He recalled a wonderful visit that Mike had had with Avery, and he worried that his father might want to experience more joy. Just then, he received a call from Turning Woods.

Sonny returned to the kitchen and announced that Mike hadn't eaten in 24 hours, and the doctors wanted an answer on the feeding tube. He believed that Mike wanted to live, and he would allow the doctors to place the tube. Carly thought that Mike would think that whatever Sonny did would be the right thing because he would want Sonny to be okay. Tears rolled down Sonny's face. He stated that he wasn't okay with any of it.

Nelle rudely rushed into Nina's office at Crimson as Nina sat at her desk and dangled the broken-heart necklace. "You betrayed me, you bitch," Nelle shouted as Nina dropped the necklace onto the floor. Nina retorted that Nelle shouldn't have allowed her to testify if she hadn't wanted to hear the truth. Nelle accused Nina of siding with Carly, but Nina reminded her that Michael was the one that Nelle was up against, not Carly.

Nelle snapped that it was always about Carly, and Michael was merely Carly's puppet. Nelle whined that Carly had always ignored her until she had reached out to her father for the kidney for Josslyn. Nina argued that that wasn't true because Jax had told her the true story. He'd been the one to reach out, and Nelle knew it. She suggested that Nelle get her facts straight.

Nina went on to say that she'd been there when Nelle had first shown up. She had seen Carly "open up her life to you," as well as her house. Nelle had been the one to sabotage things by lying and drugging Sonny, so everything was all Nelle's own fault. Nelle's answer was that Nina was a "spoiled rich girl" who had never had to work for anything and had had everything handed to her.

Nelle continued that when she'd been judged as crazy, she'd gone to prison but Nina had gone to a "cushy mental institution" that had really been a "glorified day spa." After that, Nina had been rewarded with an editorship. Nelle wondered if Nina was better than her because she was an heiress. Nelle accused Nina of stabbing her in the back like everyone else had, but Nina retorted that it couldn't be everyone. Maybe Nelle was the problem, she suggested.

Nelle thought that Nina had believed in her, but she had lied. Nina clarified that it was Nelle who lied and manipulated people until they were dead or they "pulled back." She concluded that Nelle was the "screw-up" who would never change. Nelle had thought Nina was different and had cared about her, but she had always been let down.

At the Quartermaines', Olivia apologized to Ned for her outburst. She had tried to be upbeat but had been in pain, and she accused Ned of missing the cues. She had been grieving alone, and she was the one who needed Ned, not ELQ, which wasn't in danger. She added that if ELQ was sold, the family would be "richer than Midas." Ned insisted it was about priorities, and she was one of them. Olivia wanted him to show her, but they were interrupted by the doorbell.

Ned opened the door, and Laura stood at the entrance. It was clear to her that she had interrupted something, but Olivia invited her inside. Laura related that she needed ELQ's support in order to help out the hospital and keep it from falling into the wrong hands. She told them about Cyrus' meeting with board members.

Ned was happy to help but needed approval from other shareholders. It would take him a few days, but Laura was grateful. She said goodbye, and Olivia asked Ned if he had any idea of who was trying to buy all the shares. Ned revealed that a vote would "force the interloper to the surface." Outside, Laura called Jordan and told her the news.

As Sam prepared to leave Alexis' place, she received a text message from Jason. He wanted to meet her in a conference room at the hospital. She advised Alexis to get out of her own way. "Right back at you," Alexis replied. After Sam was gone, Alexis studied her phone. She looked at the contact information for Neil, but she didn't get in touch with him.

At the hospital, Jordan spotted Cyrus again and told him he was underestimating the hospital board members along with the mayor. She thought it would be harder for him than he thought to make a play for the hospital. Cyrus insisted he had a secret weapon, but Jordan was certain that Laura wouldn't believe that Jordan was backing Cyrus. Laura was too smart. Cyrus suggested that Jordan be smarter because he wanted the hospital, and she would help him to get it.

Sam met up with Jason, and he explained that because of Mike and all that Sonny had been going through, he wanted his own wishes known. He had decided to give his power of attorney to Carly. Sam was perplexed. She was Danny's mother, and she wanted to know why Jason had chosen Carly. Jason replied that her being Danny's mother was the reason; he didn't want Danny to possibly have to hold Sam responsible someday for making a decision. Sam asked if she was supposed to thank Jason, because she couldn't. She turned and left.

Brook Lynn returned to Metro Court and the table where Martin and Valentin sat together. It dawned on her that it wasn't a coincidence that Martin was the attorney for both Valentin and Nelle, who had also sold her shares of ELQ. She realized that Valentin had bought Nelle's shares.

Martin took off for the bar, and Brook Lynn sat down in his place. She had researched Cassadine Industries and had learned that Valentin had turned things around for that company. She wondered if Valentin would do the same for ELQ. Valentin explained that ELQ was in better shape, so it would be more like rebuilding an engine. He would provide more wealth and a boost to Brook Lynn's career. She only had to keep her mouth shut. Brook Lynn agreed to Valentin's deal, and they shook hands.

Martin and Valentin met again after Brook Lynn was gone. Valentin returned to the topic of pursuing the children's shares of ELQ. He noted that Sam was on parole and couldn't associate with known felons. Martin realized that meant Jason. "Love makes people do strange things," Valentin said. Martin clarified that he meant crazy things. Valentin wanted Martin to learn what he could about Sam's parole officer.

Sonny gives Mike permission to say goodbye Sonny gives Mike permission to say goodbye
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

At the Corinthos house, Sonny was thrilled to see Mike back to his old self after surgery. He was walking, happy, and full of life. "You did this to me. I mean for me!" Mike exclaimed happily. Sonny was confused until Carly gently woke him up. He told her how happy his father had been.

Shortly after, Sonny spoke to the doctor on the phone as he got dressed to go to the hospital. He informed Carly that the procedure to insert Mike's feeding tube was moving along. Carly wanted to go with her husband in order to chat, but he declined her offer. He thought it would be worth it for Mike's procedure to be done.

Alexis and Sam spoke on the phone. Alexis wanted her daughter to stop fussing about Alexis' wrist, which was fine, and she asked Sam about the text that Sam had received earlier. Sam informed her that Jason had wanted to meet, and Alexis quickly told her not to do it. Sam replied that it was about love. She was at Metro Court and spotted Neil sitting down at a table, so she abruptly ended her call with Alexis.

Sam rushed over to Neil. "What happened between you and my mom?" she demanded. She continued to press him for answers, and she accused him of "ghosting" Alexis. She also disclosed that Alexis had been disbarred. She sat down and berated Neil, and she accused him of using her mother's one drink to stay away from her.

Nearby, Nelle met with Valentin, though she was not happy about meeting in such a public place. She asked where "it" was, but Valentin suggested that she make peace with Michael just like he had with Lulu. "I suggest you give me what I need, or I'll blow you out of the water," Nelle replied.

Valentin admitted that he liked Nelle less than Michael, and he hoped that Michael received custody of Wiley. Nelle was insistent that her son needed her, and if she didn't receive Valentin's help, she would go to the Quartermaines and tell them that he was the mystery stock purchaser. She assumed that Valentin was after a takeover, and the Quartermaines would catch on, too.

Valentin assured Nelle that if she proceeded to kidnap Wiley, it would only prove how unfit she was, but he did have the documents that she wanted. He didn't think she'd stand a chance because Michael would find her. He directed her to the location of the manila envelope that contained the documents.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow and Michael were exhausted after tending to Wiley. Willow thought they all made a good team, and Michael agreed. He was hopeful that the judge would see it, too. Willow admitted she had been up much of the night and had checked on Wiley many times. She'd been worried about the judge's decision. Michael revealed that he'd checked on Wiley often, also, and they were surprised they hadn't run into each other.

Willow wondered if they should compromise with Nelle, and they discussed whether Wiley should know his real mother. Michael thought that Nelle was too emotionally unstable at that time. They talked about taking Wiley to the park later in the day because Nelle was already late for her visitation. As they headed upstairs, the doorbell rang. Michael descended the stairs and opened the door. It was Nelle. Michael reprimanded her for being over an hour late and told her that Wiley was napping. He suggested that Nelle arrange a new visitation.

Nelle complained that she would go to the judge, but Willow clarified that Nelle would have to wait to see Wiley until after his nap. She noted that Wiley's priorities were first. "You smug, selfish little..." Nelle began. She cut herself off and announced that the house was not a safe space for her, so she couldn't wait there. Michael suggested she reschedule.

Nelle pulled a stuffed bear from her purse and asked that Michael and Willow give it to Wiley and let him know it was from his mother. Willow pointed out a stuffed kangaroo, Mr. Hopsicle, that was Wiley's favorite. The women began to have words. Nelle accused Willow of wanting to be the perfect mother, but that would never happen because she wasn't Wiley's mother. Nelle declared that she was the real mother, and that would never change.

Nelle stood outside and looked at a tracking application on her phone. She smiled and uttered that she would always know Wiley's whereabouts. She pulled two new passports from the manila envelope and looked at them. There was one for her and one for Wiley.

Inside, Willow and Michael talked about their upcoming trip to the park. Willow thought that Michael was fearless, and he thought she was brave. He also thought that Willow would always be Wiley's real mother.

At Alexis' house, she and Diane sat on the sofa and shared a snack. Diane told Alexis about Nina's testimony and Nelle's outburst at the custody hearing. Alexis talked about a previous case of her own, and Diane guessed that Alexis missed practicing law. She wondered what Alexis would do, and Alexis confessed that she didn't have any plans.

Diane suggested that Alexis fight the disbarment, but Alexis said she already had. She'd perjured herself, so it was her own doing, and she had to move on. Diane was pleased to hear that Alexis and Sam were on speaking terms again, and she asked about Neil. "There is no me and Neil," Alexis responded.

Alexis explained that the last time she'd seen Neil, he'd been angry at her. She had received the email from the bar association, and he'd never followed up to ask what had happened. She continued that he hadn't appreciated what she'd done for him, and she wasn't going to chase him. She thought of him as "a lousy potential boyfriend."

Just then, the doorbell rang, and Diane rose to answer the door. It was Neil. Alexis introduced them to each other, and Diane announced that she had to leave for a client meeting. She gritted her teeth and, barely moving her lips, urged Alexis to call her later. Neil handed Alexis a DVD and told her it was the performance of Aida they'd seen in New York City. He was sorry to hear that Alexis had been disbarred.

Neil noted that he'd ordered the DVDs for both of them and would have dropped hers off earlier. He didn't finish his thought, and Alexis finished it for him. She snapped that he'd never wanted to see her again. Neil was aware that Alexis was angry at him, and he had been angry, too. He had been trying to get over losing his license, and he had also been angry at himself for taking advantage of her.

Alexis reminded Neil that it took two people, and they'd both been impulsive. Neil admitted he'd never been that way, and he thought it had been fun. Alexis agreed that she would not accept that as his apology. She'd lost her license and career just like him. Neil suggested they see each other infrequently at drag queen bingo, and Alexis told him she'd think about it. She showed him to the door.

As Sonny wheeled Mike through the hallway at General Hospital, Elizabeth saw them and walked over to say hello. Mike remained silent as he stared out into space. Sonny explained that Mike wasn't doing well, and he updated her. Dr. Knox arrived and announced that Eugene, the nurse, would take Mike off to be prepped. Sonny told Elizabeth that she was Mike's favorite, and she felt the same about him.

The doctor stayed behind to talk to Sonny; he told Sonny that insertion of a feeding tube could cause complications in the elderly and those with Alzheimer's. Sonny insisted that Mike was in good health otherwise, and he wanted the procedure done. The doctor vowed to keep Sonny posted.

As Sonny sat down to think, Felix spotted him. Sonny told him about Mike's procedure, and Felix hoped it went well. He would have loved to be Mike's nurse, but he had another patient, Yvonne Godfrey. She had had a tube inserted, also, but had developed a severe infection and pneumonia. She was on a ventilator. Sonny asked to see her; he'd had no idea she was there.

Sonny and Felix looked in on Yvonne. Sonny noticed all of the tubes and monitors. Yvonne was in restraints. Sonny asked Felix about the restraints, and he explained that she had tried to pull out the tube and vent but didn't appear to know what was going on. Her husband had wanted her life prolonged. Sonny thanked Felix for allowing him to visit.

Carly was happy to see Jason show up at the Corinthos house. She filled him on the feeding tube. She was upset, as she had researched it and learned that Mike's life wouldn't be prolonged. His last weeks could be torturous. She showed Jason a list of all the possible risks with a feeding tube, and she exclaimed that Sonny didn't want to know about it. She told Jason about the likelihood of restraints. She was certain that if Mike struggled, Sonny would be upset. She begged Jason to accompany her to the hospital to talk to Sonny.

Valentin ran into Sam at the bar at Metro Court and announced that he had a business proposal for her. He wanted the ELQ shares that were owned by Sam's children. She informed him quickly that they weren't for sale but Valentin informed her that he only wanted to borrow the voting proxy. He wanted the power to vote the shares until the children turned 18 years old, in which case the shares would revert back to them. He would then probably try to make other arrangements with them.

Sam made it clear that they would turn him down because they wouldn't need the money. She didn't need it, either. "Who says I'm offering you money?" Valentin asked. He proceeded to tell Sam all he knew about her parole officer, and the officer's strict rules regarding Sam's association with known felons. He might be able to get the parole condition lifted because he knew people.

Sam clarified that Valentin wanted the voting proxy in return. He added that he would also need Sam's secrecy. Sam was certain that Valentin was omitting something, but he told her to think about it.

At the hospital, Elizabeth found Sonny sitting on a sofa with his head in his hands. She asked him about the procedure, and Sonny informed her that he'd seen Yvonne. His father wouldn't want to be in the same condition. He was insistent that Mike was "still in there," given the recent good times he'd had. Sonny felt that if he didn't do anything, he would have failed both himself and his father.

Elizabeth assured Sonny that Mike would never think that and would defend any decision that Sonny made. Sonny was aware that Elizabeth had spoken to Jason about the situation, but Elizabeth made it clear that it wasn't her place to tell Sonny what to do. Sonny called her a trusted friend.

Elizabeth felt that the best decision for Mike would be to preserve his dignity and quality of life. She thought that Mike had become a "shell of a man." He had no spark, couldn't eat, and couldn't smile. He had no enjoyment. "What kind of life is that?" she asked. Sonny insisted that Mike still had his moments, but Elizabeth maintained that Mike would still die, even with the tube, because his heart would give out.

Sonny felt guilty and began to cry. "Grace comes when we're forced to make difficult choices," Elizabeth said. Carly and Jason arrived, and Sonny revealed that he had changed his mind. There would not be a procedure. He only wanted Mike to be comfortable, and there would be no heroic measures. He appreciated Carly and Jason giving him the space to decide. He had discussed it with Elizabeth.

Carly promised that Mike would thank Sonny for his decision. Sonny left to find the doctor, and Carly wept. She thanked Elizabeth and noted that they would all miss Mike. They would have to figure out how to say goodbye.

Jason and Carly found Sonny sitting by Mike's bedside. Mike opened his eyes, and as tears rolled down his face, Sonny explained that he'd spoken to the doctor, and there would be no procedure. Mike could sleep when he chose, and the family loved him. Sonny said that his love would last forever. He emphasized that if Mike didn't want to stick around, he didn't have to. He could go whenever he was ready. Mike began to cry.

Dante struggles with his treatment at the WSB facility in Switzerland Dante struggles with his treatment at the WSB facility in Switzerland
Thursday, August 6, 2020

At the WSB facility in Geneva, Switzerland, Dante did push-ups in his small room. He remembered a dream in which he was loading a gun and repeating, "I will complete this mission." He stopped and got up to look at the pencil and pad of paper on his desk. A doctor entered his room and asked why Dante kept refusing to partake in therapy. He warned Dante that the WSB could deem him a lost cause and consign him to the doctor's care for the rest of Dante's life. "I'm fine with that," Dante replied.

Dante talked about how dangerous he was, especially after he'd attacked a guard at the last WSB facility he'd been in. The doctor reminded him that he'd been traumatized, and the staff there was better trained to deal with that sort of thing. "It's not the staff I'm worried about," Dante muttered as he thought back to his dream about shooting Lulu. The doctor insisted that Dante could recover if he just trusted the process, but Dante didn't want to take the risk. He believed that there was a ticking time bomb in his head, and he didn't like what it looked like when the bomb went off.

The doctor wondered if Dante was all right never seeing his home or family ever again. Dante replied that everyone would then be safe from him. The doctor refused to give up hope on Dante, and he suspected from the presence of the pencil and paper that Dante hadn't given up hope, either. Dante thought back to his tearful goodbye with Lulu, and he invited the doctor to remove the pencil and paper from his room. The doctor wanted to leave it there. He hoped that Dante would change his mind before it was too late, and he left.

Sam arrived at the Metro Court restaurant to talk to Carly about Jason. Carly babbled on about how Jason was her best friend, so she'd wanted to make sure that his wishes were fulfilled. Sam thanked Carly, who insisted that Jason had just wanted to spare Sam from making a hard decision. Sam understood, and she'd realized that it would be worse for her children to lose her. Carly agreed that there was no option to do dangerous things when one had kids, as they had to be the first priority. Sam wished that she'd had that conversation before she'd gone after Shiloh.

Sam admitted that part of the reason she'd gone after Shiloh had been to get back to who she'd been before having kids, but she hadn't even considered the consequences. Carly asked about what had happened with Sam's parole officer. Sam told Carly about Spinelli uncovering Delores' affair, but the officer had caught him, which had only worsened Sam's situation.

Sam sighed and said that she was glad that Carly had Jason's power of attorney. She continued that she'd never want to struggle with that situation and have to tell Danny that she was the one who'd let his father die. Carly was grateful Sam saw it that way, and Sam added that she was glad that Jason had Carly. Carly insisted that Sam had nothing to worry about, as nothing would happen to Jason.

At Brando's shop, Brando informed Lulu that her car was ready. She thanked him profusely, as she'd been so excited about a lead she'd gotten that she hadn't even realized that she'd been driving on a flat tire. She was glad that the shop was there. "That makes two of us," they heard, and they turned to see Cyrus entering the shop. Lulu bitterly introduced the two and blamed Cyrus for the shooting that had put Brando in the hospital.

Cyrus reminded Lulu that he had an alibi for the night in question, and he had faith in her mother and the police commissioner to keep the peace in town. He asked Lulu to say hello to Laura for him, and he mentioned that he had a meeting with the hospital board. Lulu stormed out, so Brando asked what the problem was with Cyrus' car. Cyrus replied that his car was fine, and he was there to discuss other matters.

At the hospital, Curtis asked T.J. if they were still on for lunch, but T.J. had to postpone. He added that he'd taken the previous night off to reconnect with Molly, but otherwise, he was at the hospital full-time. Curtis scolded that T.J. hadn't had time to heal from what he'd been through and that he was going to burn himself out. Curtis added that he'd been there, and T.J. needed to put his loved ones first.

T.J. suggested that Curtis have the talk about work-life balance with Jordan, and he gave Curtis permission to "play on her mom guilt." T.J. told Curtis that he hadn't been getting any response from Jordan, which was out of character for her. Curtis thanked T.J. for the "good ammo," and he left.

At Deception, Lucy, Maxie, and Sasha marveled over Sasha's photos, and they chose one to feature at the Nurses Ball. Valentin arrived and asked if he got a vote, as he wanted to collaborate. Maxie had thought that he was a silent partner, but he reminded her that he knew a good business move when he saw one. He revealed that he'd found the perfect voice to go with the face of Deception, and Brook Lynn entered. He explained that she would write and perform a song to be used in all Deception promotions.

Brook Lynn guaranteed that she would work hard, but Maxie angrily chimed in that Brook Lynn would have nothing to do with the company. Brook Lynn spat that Maxie was only hesitant because of Lulu and how Brook Lynn and Valentin saw right through Lulu. Maxie snapped back at Brook Lynn, but Lucy interrupted by talking about how everyone had flaws. Lucy wanted to talk to Maxie, so they went out to the lobby, and Sasha sheepishly closed the door behind them.

Lucy demanded to know what was wrong with Maxie. Maxie replied that Deception was their baby, and she had a feeling that something "momentous" was going to happen. Lucy advised Maxie to get ahold of herself before Deception was dead in the water. They returned to the office, and Maxie agreed to work with Brook Lynn, as long as Brook Lynn stopped insulting Lulu. "Her actions speak for themselves," Brook Lynn muttered. Lucy loudly cleared her throat, and Brook Lynn apologized. Lucy had work to do for the Nurses Ball, so she left. Maxie followed Lucy out for a word with Lucy.

Brook Lynn proposed a celebratory drink to Valentin, and he agreed to meet her at the Metro Court restaurant. When she was gone, Valentin sincerely asked how Sasha was doing. She replied that she was trying to "throw myself into the life I have left." Valentin could relate, but he warned that no level of success could fill the void that Nina had left. He hoped that Sasha would have more luck than him.

A few minutes later, Valentin and Brook Lynn sat at the Metro Court restaurant. She wondered if Valentin would be as good for ELQ as he was for her. "Even better," he promised.

Maxie arrived at the hospital. She told the nurse at the desk that she didn't have an appointment, but she needed to see her OB/GYN.

Jason arrived at the courthouse and bumped into Chase, who wondered why Jason was there. Jason replied that he was renewing some permits, which he liked to do himself. Chase was glad to see Jason, as he still wanted to know where Jason had been on the night of Cyrus' warehouse explosion. Jason replied that he had nothing to say without his attorney. Just then, Jordan entered, and she asked for a minute with Chase. She sternly advised Chase not to cause a harassment lawsuit against the PCPD. Chase left, and Jordan told Jason that she would appreciate him not involving Diane. "We're on the same side, and I'd like to keep it that way," Jason stated.

Jordan feared that she would never get out from under Cyrus' thumb, but Jason promised it would happen. He advised her to play along with Cyrus, which could give Sonny and Jason an opportunity to take Cyrus down. Just then, her phone went off, and she answered it to Cyrus. He reminded her of their appointment at his new home, and he instructed her not to be late. When he hung up, Jordan told Jason about the call, and Jason thought about taking a ride by Cyrus' new home.

Jordan couldn't tell Jason to be her backup, but taking a ride was his prerogative. She revealed that she'd done her research on Jason and how he'd become involved with Sonny. She thought it was too bad, as he would have made an excellent cop. "I'll try not to be offended," he joked, and she left.

A few minutes later, Cyrus was pacing around his living room when there was a knock on the door. He let Jordan in, and he babbled on about how things had been when they'd first met. "Can we make this quick?" she asked, clearly irked. She remembered that he'd asked for help gaining control of General Hospital, and she wondered why he wanted it. He wanted to prove that he was a good person, but Jordan countered that he wasn't. He thought that having allies in law enforcement was the "best insurance policy" and that they would be spending a lot of time together.

As Chase exited Jordan's office, Curtis arrived and wondered if she was there. Chase informed Curtis that she wasn't there, and he told Curtis about their run-in with Jason at the courthouse. Chase offered to take a message, but Curtis figured that he would track Jordan down himself. When Chase was gone, Curtis took out his phone and called Jordan.

Sasha was happy to run into Chase at the courthouse, and she asked if he'd heard anything about the custody trial. He hadn't, and they both hoped that what they'd done had been worth it. Chase knew that Michael and Willow were the best parents for Wiley, so their plan would work, and it would have been worth it.

At the hospital, Lulu told someone on the phone that she was about to talk to some board members about the hospital's finances, so she would be unavailable. When she hung up, Lucy approached and informed Lulu that she had a very loyal friend in Maxie. Lulu figured that it involved Brook Lynn, and she confided that Brook Lynn's comments about Dante affected her more than she liked to admit. Lucy assured Lulu that Maxie had Lulu's back. Lucy added that, while she didn't know Dante that well, she thought that he'd want Lulu to be happy, whatever that meant for her.

Jason arrived at Brando's shop, and Brando informed Jason that he'd installed the part on Jason's motorcycle that he'd been waiting for. He also told Jason about Cyrus' visit to his shop and the "weird vibe" between Cyrus and Lulu. Jason instructed Brando to let him know if Cyrus returned, and Brando agreed.

Later, Jason lay unconscious on the road with his motorcycle on its side next to him.

Jason needs surgery Jason needs surgery
Friday, August 7, 2020

In a room at the hospital, Maxie picked up a pamphlet entitled "Basic Pregnancy Concerns." The nurse entered and informed Maxie that the doctor had just been called into a delivery. Maxie decided that she needed a time machine instead of a doctor, anyway. She had some meetings to get to and babbled on about work as she left the room. She advised the nurse that she couldn't have her visit to the office getting around as she bumped into Lulu. "Can't have what getting around?" Lulu asked.

A few minutes later, the nurse finished up with taking blood from Maxie as Lulu looked on. When the nurse left, Lulu suggested that Maxie call Peter. She wondered why Maxie hadn't just taken a home pregnancy test. Maxie revealed that she'd taken three tests, and they'd all been positive, but she knew that they could be unreliable. Maxie didn't know if Peter even wanted kids, and she felt selfish for thinking of her budding career. Lulu reminded Maxie that it was "your body, your priorities." Just then, the nurse returned with an envelope in her hand.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Anna and Peter talked about Anna and Finn's wedding, and Peter requested to not be seated near Robert. Right on cue, Robert approached the table and demanded to know why Peter had exploited Holly's death for an article in the Invader. Peter read an excerpt from Peter's article about how Holly had been "colorful" and "dangerous." Anna thought that sounded like Holly. Peter promised to consult with his editor and put out a revised article. He walked off to sit at the bar, and Robert sat with Anna in Peter's place.

Anna hated that Robert had never given Peter a fair chance, and she added that the article could have been much worse. She thought that it was easier for Robert to take out his anger on Peter than deal with his feelings. She informed him that there was a memorial service planned in England, but he revealed that he hadn't planned on going. "Why should I mourn an empty grave?" he wondered. He still had a lot of questions about Holly's accident, so Anna suggested that he get answers instead of directing anger at Peter. She reminded him to RSVP to her wedding, and she left.

Curtis bumped into Chase at the courthouse, and they related that neither had been able to get ahold of Jordan. Curtis knew she didn't have any appointments scheduled, and he wondered if she'd mentioned anything to Chase. Chase told Curtis about his run-in with Jason, and he figured that Jordan had wanted to talk to Jason about Cyrus. Curtis thanked him for the information and left.

Jason lay in the road, unconscious, with his motorcycle next to him. A few minutes later, a car stopped near Jason, and someone got out. Moments later, Curtis knelt next to Jason and checked on him. He made a call and urgently requested paramedics to their location.

At the hospital, Portia caught Finn smiling and looking at his phone. She assumed that it had to do with Violet, and she advised him to cherish the time with her before she fell "out of love" with her parents. She hoped that Violet wouldn't resent Anna who, through no fault of Anna's own, wasn't Violet's real mother. Portia figured that she was just projecting her own insecurities about her troubles with Trina. Finn and Portia thought that both girls would be all right.

Elizabeth approached Finn and Portia and told them that the paramedics were en route with the victim of a motorcycle crash. As she rattled off the patient's vitals, Finn noticed how distressed she was. "It's Jason Morgan," she revealed breathlessly.

In the Metro Court restaurant, Sam glared at Peter and vented to Carly about how he'd gotten a "free pass" for all the things he'd done. Carly could understand Maxie's blindness to Peter, but she thought that Anna should know better. Carly approached Peter at the bar and asked how things were going. She assured him that the Invader was an important tenant to the Metro Court, so he had her full attention. She continued that she prided herself on her ability to solve problems, just like Sonny. "His way of solving problems is more inflexible," she joked. As Sam watched, her phone went off, and she answered it to Curtis. Curtis informed her of Jason's condition.

Brando was finishing up at his shop when Sonny arrived. "You just missed Jason," Brando informed Sonny as he remembered Cyrus' visit. Sonny revealed that he was there about family business, and he told Brando about everything that had happened with Mike. "We're getting close to the end," a choked-up Sonny said, and he prayed that he'd made the right choice.

Brando told Sonny a story about Mike taking Brando to the track when Brando had been younger. Brando had loved horses and had bonded with one named Smokey. He'd learned that Smokey had gotten hurt at the end of the summer and wouldn't recover. Mike had taken Brando to say goodbye, and he'd told Brando, "if you love something, you love it all the way to the end."

Brando concluded that it had been a hard lesson to learn, but he was glad he had learned it. Because of that story, he believed that Mike would understand Sonny's choice, no matter what it was, and Sonny appreciated the story. Just then, Sonny's phone went off, and he answered it to Carly. Carly advised him to meet her at the hospital, as Jason had gotten into an accident. He promised to be right there, and he left the shop.

At Cyrus', Cyrus informed Jordan that she needed to "step up" and show him how far she was willing to go. She reminded him that she could only do so much as commissioner, but he advised her to pick one of his problems and solve it. She promised to do what she had to, but she vowed to never be a part of his organization. He warned that the safety of her loved ones was "directly proportional" to how valuable she was to him.

Cyrus informed Jordan that Laura was blocking him from acquiring control of the hospital. He wanted Jordan to clear a path and "take care" of Laura. Jordan refused to kill Laura, but Cyrus insisted that that wasn't what he'd meant, as he liked Laura. He continued that he needed a champion, and there was almost no one better to vouch for him than the police commissioner. She couldn't officially vouch for him, but he suggested that she speak up about how he'd been wrongly convicted and imprisoned. Jordan thought that that could cause Laura to lose trust in Jordan and fire her. "I suggest you make sure that doesn't happen," Cyrus stated.

Jordan's phone went off, and she answered it to Chase. He told her about Jason's accident, and she promised to be there soon. She advised Chase to take a full report, and she hung up. Cyrus advised her not to misplace her priorities. She shot back that she knew exactly what her priorities were, and she stormed out. He smiled as he watched her go.

A few minutes later, one of Cyrus' men entered the apartment with a bag. He asked how the meeting with Jordan had gone. Cyrus replied that she wasn't happy, but she was going to comply. He assumed that she was plotting against him, but he didn't want to do anything about it yet. "I have a bigger target in mind," he said. "With Jason out of the way, there's nothing left between Sonny and a bullet between the eyes," he concluded. The henchman pulled a bottle out of the bag, and Cyrus agreed that "the demise of Jason" was something to celebrate.

On the phone, Chase advised someone to send him pictures of the accident scene so that he could review them before he left. He asked that someone secure the site and said that no one should touch anything until he got there. Moments later, he received a picture of the scene. "None of this makes sense," he muttered to himself.

Carly and Sam arrived at the hospital, and they asked a nurse about Jason. The nurse replied that Jason was being treated, and she would give them information as soon as she had it. Curtis approached the women and told them about how he'd found Jason. He offered to go to the PCPD to see what else he could find out. He left as Elizabeth entered. She informed Carly and Sam that Jason was still unconscious, but he didn't seem to have any internal injuries. She disclosed that he was also getting "a battery of tests" to see if he had a brain injury.

Carly called Diane and asked if Jason's power of attorney paperwork had been filed. She instructed Diane to send a PDF of the paperwork to Carly, just in case she had to sign something on Jason's behalf. Meanwhile, Sam begged to see Jason and promised to stay out of the doctor's way. Peter arrived, and Sam yelled at him to back off. Brando got there as Carly returned and advised them that Jason wouldn't want them at each other's throats. Carly muttered to Peter that he shouldn't be there, and he immediately apologized for intruding and walked away.

Sonny arrived and clarified with Brando that Jason had been at Brando's shop before the accident. Brando confirmed it, and he grimly added that he had just finished working on Jason's motorcycle. Maxie and Lulu stepped off the elevator and were puzzled to see Jason's family gathered. Peter found them and explained what had happened. He asked if Lulu could do a story about it, but she thought that she was too close and couldn't be objective. Maxie wanted to check on Sam, but Peter warned that Sam wanted to be left alone. He asked why Maxie was there. Lulu answered for a stammering Maxie that Maxie had been taking care of Nurses Ball business for Deception.

Finn and Portia approached Jason's loved ones for an update. Finn explained that Jason was in overall good shape, even though he was still unconscious. He continued that they'd consulted with neurology, and they'd recommended an immediate exploratory procedure to see what kind of damage had been done to his brain. Carly chimed in that she had Jason's power of attorney, so Elizabeth gave her the consent forms for the surgery, and Carly signed them. "You better damn well save him," she told Finn harshly. Brando looked around at all of the worried faces.

Curtis followed Jordan into her office. She apologized for not being able to pick up her phone earlier, but she told him that "now isn't a good time, either." He figured that it was because of Jason, and she was surprised that he'd heard about it already. He informed her that he was the one who'd found Jason while he'd been out looking for her. He demanded to know where she'd been.

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