General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 17, 2020 on GH
The 2020 Nurses Ball kicked off as a telethon. Marcus Taggert was revealed to be alive. Peter learned that Maxie was pregnant. Ava discovered that Nikolas and Spencer were plotting against her. Robert had good news for Olivia. Nelle attacked Brook Lynn. Julian abducted Wiley.
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The 2020 Nurses Ball kicked off and Nelle attacked Brook Lynn
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Ava learns about Nikolas' plan Ava learns about Nikolas' plan
Monday, August 17, 2020

At Metro Court, Brook Lynn found Carly behind the bar and ordered a Black Russian. Carly suggested a sparkling water due to past events involving Brook Lynn in the restaurant, and she noted how less than thrilled she was that Brook Lynn was even there. Brook Lynn thought there was another reason that Carly didn't want her there; it might be Brook Lynn's fault that Michael was no longer CEO of ELQ.

Carly was shocked and couldn't believe that while Michael had been fighting in court for custody of his son, he'd been voted out as CEO. Brook Lynn explained how she'd sold her shares to Linc and hadn't realized he had been a front for Valentin, who had then voted against the Quartermaines along with Lucy.

Just then, Valentin showed up to meet with Brook Lynn. He assured Carly that Michael hadn't done a bad job as CEO, but he would do a better one. He hoped there were no hard feelings. Carly admitted that she really wanted to toss Valentin out, but she appreciated getting his money more. She sent Valentin and Brook Lynn to a table far away from her.

Brook Lynn demanded that Valentin apologize to her. He had destroyed her relationship with her family, especially her father; had put her with Deception, an "unknown quantity" that might fail; and had handed General Hospital to a drug lord. She sat down. Valentin maintained that Brook Lynn could have warned Ned. However, she was insistent that she'd had to get out of her music contract, and she'd thought that Valentin would do some good for the company.

Valentin defended Cyrus by making it clear that the ex-con had been exonerated. Brook Lynn pointed out that Valentin had been exonerated, as well. She asked if he was any less guilty. "Touché," Valentin replied. He thought that Sonny would correct the situation if Cyrus turned out to be a threat. He thought that Cyrus' time at the hospital could be brief.

At Wyndemere, Ava announced that she had planned a speech, but she no longer thought it was important. She was happy about her portrait, and she asked Franco to remove the covering. Everyone looked on in horror and disbelief. The face had been painted over with a monkey's face in black, and there was red graffiti on the side. It read CO77X, which was Franco's former "graffiti tag."

Elizabeth stepped up and urged Ava to confess, but Ava denied she'd been the one to ruin the painting. The women began to argue; Elizabeth mentioned Kiki and Ava's talent for manipulating everyone. Franco defended Ava and noted that he'd received a "pretty penny" for the painting. Elizabeth snapped that she'd rather be broke, and she left for some air.

Franco attempted to go after Elizabeth, but Nikolas stopped him. Franco snapped that Nikolas had nothing to say about Franco's wife. Lulu whispered to Dustin that Nikolas didn't appear to be "fazed" by the incident, and Ava screamed for all of the guests to leave. Maxie was disappointed and muttered to Peter that things were just getting good.

Franco wondered if Ava was okay, and she confessed that she wasn't. Franco assured her that the painting had been fine earlier when he'd covered it up. He griped that his past had left a mark that he couldn't shake. Ava insisted she hadn't wrecked the painting, but it had been her fault to try to show everyone the "power couple" that she and Nikolas pretended to be. She thought she should cut her losses and leave.

Nikolas found Elizabeth on the parapet. He admitted that while Ava was vindictive and selfish, he didn't believe she'd been the one to destroy the painting. Elizabeth declared that Ava would destroy whatever good was left in Nikolas because she was dangerous. Nikolas wondered why Elizabeth and Franco had arrived separately, and she admitted that she hadn't planned on attending.

Elizabeth said she didn't like to be reminded of Franco's past life because they had a good life. She added that Franco had wanted the money from the painting to go toward Cameron's college fund. She thought it was painful that Franco had been embracing his old self after she'd spent years telling everyone he'd changed. Nikolas stated that Franco had not been the first artist to want his work praised and had compromised. He hoped that Franco would turn things around.

Elizabeth felt the same about Nikolas. She told him he didn't have to stay in the marriage, because Ava would burn him. Nikolas insisted that he had a plan. "Come home for real," Elizabeth urged. She said that everyone missed him. Nikolas asked if she missed him, too. She said she did because he had been a big part of her life. He drew closer, and Elizabeth awkwardly pulled away and ran off to look for Franco. "Get away from Ava before it's too late," she called.

Inside, Lulu confessed to Dustin that she and Laura had hoped that Nikolas would turn out to be a better person, but he had been scheming with Spencer. They'd teamed up in order to make Ava feel guilty about keeping them apart and to force her to divorce Nikolas, thereby giving up her right to any of the money.

Ava stood nearby and listened as Lulu continued. Lulu thought it was an awful lesson of manipulation that Spencer had been learning from his father. Lulu was concerned that Nikolas had been the one to vandalize the painting. Lulu and Dustin headed for the front door, and Ava quickly hid from them. "Damn you, Nikolas Cassadine," Ava exclaimed.

At the Floating Rib, Anna and Finn discussed their wedding list. Anna wanted Finn to put aside his differences with his father for the wedding, but Finn promised that there would be a relationship "someday." Anna continued to press and pointed out that Gregory could have been at Violet's birthday party. Finn reminded her that Uncle Chase had been there, and just then, Chase walked up to their table.

Chase revealed that he had returned to pick up a forgotten credit card, but Finn insisted that he join in to help with the wedding planning. Chase sat down, and Anna asked whether Sasha would be accompanying Chase to the wedding as a "plus one." After a brief and awkward silence, Anna and Finn agreed there would be no more wedding talk.

Chase disclosed that Willow and Michael had been given full custody of Wiley, and everything had worked out as it was supposed to. He changed the topic quickly back to the wedding and asked Finn if he would be inviting their father. Anna proclaimed that she had just been focused on the same topic, and she jumped up to allow the brothers time to talk about it. She wished Chase luck.

Maxie and Peter arrived. Peter was happy to have an early night before Maxie tackled the Nurses Ball. Maxie was quiet, and Peter thought that he was more excited about her venture at the ball than she was. Maxie explained that she had the job she'd always wanted, but she was nervous that something could go wrong. "Big changes are coming," she said. She didn't want anything to get between them. She divulged that she had something to tell him, but Anna interrupted them.

Peter offered to get drinks; both women declined, but Maxie sent him to the bar to enjoy his own. Anna thought that Maxie was quiet. Maxie said she was fine but feeling a little overwhelmed. She had a responsibility to juggle her kids, the job, and Peter, and she was afraid she would let someone down. Anna told her not to worry and that she would eventually let someone down.

Maxie took it personally. Anna explained that Maxie was only human, and having it all was only a "demented advertising ploy." Anna had had to choose between her career and her daughter, also, and one would always have to make compromises. She assured Maxie that whatever worked for her would be fine -- and no one should judge, or they'd have to go through Anna.

Chase reminded Finn that Chase's mother and their father had been married for decades, and he thought that Finn should let go for Violet. Finn wondered if there had been a group meeting, since Anna had said the same thing. Finn didn't think a wedding was the proper time, and reluctantly, Chase had to agree. Finn was surprised that Chase was on his side, but Chase confessed that he'd never told their father about his breakup with Willow. He'd told Gregory that Willow "was the one," but he'd broken her heart.

Finn said that Chase had only been trying to do the right thing, but Chase made it clear that he couldn't let people know about the affair because it could jeopardize everything. Finn was taken aback that Chase had never told Willow the truth. He was insistent that Chase talk to her, but Chase replied that Nelle would never give up and would go to the judge if she heard the truth. Finn asked if Chase planned on an indefinite holdout.

Finn instructed Chase to confess to Willow soon, because the longer it took, the harder it would be to get back together. She would have more time invested in Wiley and Michael. Chase insisted it was about Wiley, and he would not break up the family. Finn thought it was more likely that they would be destroyed by the secret if it was prolonged. Peter overheard.

Peter returned to Maxie, and she told him she'd changed her mind about telling him something. Anna rejoined Finn, and he noted that his brother was an idiot.

Nina and Jax turned up at Metro Court, and Carly was surprised to see them so early. Jax told her about the drama at Wyndemere, and Carly revealed that Michael had received full custody of Wiley with no visitation rights for Nelle.

Valentin was sorry that Brook Lynn's family held her responsible, but he didn't think there was anything she could have done. He thought she had shown good faith, and he would return the favor. Brook Lynn informed him that he'd better come through for her because he'd cost her a lot.

Carly showed up at Nina and Jax's table with a bottle of her best Champagne. Nina's testimony had caused Nelle to "unravel." An embarrassed Nina deflected back to Willow and Michael's appearances for the judge's decision. Jax wondered if Nelle would ever get visitation rights. Carly sat down and said that Nelle could have supervised visits if she ever showed proof of being a productive citizen. Jax was happy that Nelle no longer had any power over anyone. Carly made a toast to everyone who had made Wiley's custody possible.

Lulu and Dustin walked in. They continued to talk about the party and Franco, and Lulu revealed that she had been a target of Franco's in the past. Brook Lynn wandered over to them and complained about not being able to reach Dustin on the phone to collaborate. Lulu snapped that he wasn't a border collie who went running when Brook Lynn called. Brook Lynn confessed that she'd been kicked out of the house.

Lulu couldn't believe Brook Lynn had been kicked out of Monica's house. Brook Lynn muttered that no one could make mistakes anymore. Lulu assumed it was a big one. Brook Lynn confessed she'd sold her shares of ELQ because she'd been stuck. Lulu and Brook Lynn argued, although Lulu admitted that the guy Brook Lynn had dealt with had been a creep.

Lulu thought Brook Lynn should have been honest because both the hospital and ELQ could have been saved. Dustin maintained that Brook Lynn had made a bad choice, but she wasn't a bad person.

Jax received a phone call and excused himself from the table. He returned and informed Nina that Evelyn thought she could trace the broken-heart necklace.

Valentin offered Carly a drink. He thought that Michael was capable for a rich kid. Carly stressed that Michael was his own person who had also fought adversity. He could adapt and adjust. He had done so to win Wiley's custody, and he would do so to be rid of Valentin. She had been celebrating with Jax and Nina, who were definitely a couple. "For now," Valentin replied.

Back at Wyndemere, Ava shouted for Nikolas while Franco looked for Elizabeth. Franco was sorry about the evening. He thought he could restore the painting. Ava revealed that she planned to "remedy the situation" as she looked for her "lying traitor of a husband."

Ava divulged that she'd overheard Lulu talking about Spencer and Nikolas working together. She accused Nikolas of defacing her and using his son to manipulate her. Franco urged her to get out of the toxic situation because she would lose everything. Spoon Island was creepy, and he thought what she was keeping was killing her. Ava cried that she had no one else waiting for her, and she was completely alone. She hated Nikolas, but he was better than emptiness. "You'll always have me," Franco said.

Ava pointed out that Franco had Elizabeth. Franco thought he should pack up and continue looking for Elizabeth, but he thought Ava should take his advice. "Another dream bites the dust," Ava said.

Franco found Elizabeth staring at the painting. He was sorry that he had allowed anything to get between them. She thought they could have communicated better, and Franco admitted he was hurt that Elizabeth hadn't wanted to attend the party. He always felt better with her by his side. Elizabeth hated Franco's past being exploited when he was okay with it. She thought his art should reflect his new personality. Franco admitted he'd loved the graffiti in the past.

Elizabeth suggested Franco enjoyed being the "bad boy" back in the spotlight, and Franco found it difficult to disagree. He decided he wanted to stay to start fixing up the painting. "Clean away," Elizabeth said. She added that it wouldn't change Franco's past.

Ava found Nikolas in his bedroom. She told him she'd overheard Lulu talking about his plan. Ava had considered leaving, but she'd changed her mind. She would see that Nikolas didn't get a single penny. They hated each other, and Spencer hated her, too, but she wouldn't stop until she got everything. Nikolas said that he wasn't walking away. They got into each other's faces as they argued and then kissed.

Ava pulled away. "How dare you!" she exclaimed. Nikolas accused her of kissing him first. Ava spat that she couldn't be manipulated, and she stormed out of the room. Both of them sighed.

The Nurses Ball begins The Nurses Ball begins
Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Nelle stood on the pier and looked at her phone tracker. "Hang tight, Wiley. This will be a night that Michael and his family will never forget," she said.

Curtis was surprised to see Jordan dressed in a robe with her hair in a towel. He wanted to leave for the Nurses Ball. He answered her phone when it rang, but the unknown caller hung up.

At the Quartermaine residence, Michael picked up Wiley's toys as Willow descended the stairs after reading bedtime stories to the little boy. She was exhausted but started to rush back upstairs to get ready after Michael reminded her of the Nurses Ball. Michael felt that he had to go, but he thought that Willow might want to stay home after being on stage with Chase the previous year.

Willow thought it was important that she attend, and she wanted to make her first appearance as Mrs. Michael Corinthos. Michael thought that Wiley was lucky to have Willow as his mother.

Shortly after, Michael tried to persuade Monica to attend the ball, too, but Monica thought it would be better to keep her distance due to Nelle's lawsuit that had been because of Monica. She wanted to look after Wiley, anyway, because she'd given staff the night off. Willow was ready to leave.

Sam modeled her Nurses Ball 2020 T-shirt to Jason in his room at the hospital. The words in green were enclosed in a big green heart. Jason approved. Sam revealed that she was there to double-check that Jason was still in bed with no thoughts of escaping, and she made him promise that he would stay put. Jason promised that he would stay as long as none of his loved ones were in trouble. The couple shared a hug, and Sam headed out.

Nina and Carly were the emcees for the Red Carpet at the Nurses Ball at Metro Court. They held onto microphones and introduced the audience to the volunteers who would be taking calls for the newly established telethon. Nina wore a brilliant red, sparkling gown while Carly was dressed in black. Nina explained that in addition to the normal aid to HIV and AIDS, there would be donations to front-line workers.

The first to arrive was Lucy in a glittering, form-fitting gown. She explained that the reason for the telethon was to be able to do more for the front-line workers. She, Carly, and Nina thanked those workers for their continuing courage and compassion. They waved and blew kisses to the camera.

The volunteers began to arrive, with all of them wearing the special T-shirts. Valentin was the first, and Nina couldn't hide her surprise. She said hello, and the couple had an awkward conversation followed by some silence until Carly interrupted and asked about Deception. Valentin disclosed that they would be matching all donations, and Nina said that was generous. Valentin responded that they were rising to the occasion. They appeared to be flirting.

Sonny was next, and he mentioned that the Nurses Ball was in memory of Stone Cates and in honor of Robin. Carly noted that Sonny had pledged to double the donations. They also flirted, and Sonny gave Carly a thumbs-up before heading inside.

Franco, who was alone, followed Sonny, and he admitted that the unveiling of his painting had not gone as expected. He was thankful that his previous work had been showing a resurgence, and he was hopeful for his future art. Nina asked Franco where Elizabeth was. Franco flashed back to his conversation with Elizabeth at Wyndemere the previous evening and how unhappy she'd been. Nikolas and Ava arrived and Nikolas asked Franco the same question.

Carly noted that Ava had gone from art dealer to art patron, and she wondered how things were working out. Carly asked if the painting had been worth what Ava had paid. "Absolutely!" said Ava, who was dressed in a black skirt, black boots, and a black jacket over her t-shirt. She called it an honor and said the painting had looked beautiful. Nikolas merely stated that he was happy if his wife was happy. He walked away.

Franco called it an honor to have had Ava sit for her portrait, and he began to sing Ava's praises. He dared anyone to stop her. Nina and Carly exchanged looks. "Well, this night is getting more and more interesting," Nina said.

Lucy rushed into the makeshift dressing room and demanded that Maxie hand her scissors. She wanted to show more leg for excitement and had to make a drastic cut to her gown. Maxie was appalled and refused to allow Lucy to cut the gown with her fabric shears. Maxie suggested that Lucy go through her extensive wardrobe hanging nearby instead because she wouldn't allow Lucy to destroy couture.

Lucy wondered why Maxie was sitting in the back when she was supposed to be out front and mingling. Maxie wasn't in the mood, but Lucy urged Maxie to "think bubbly" and go out to drum up some good for Deception.

Brook Lynn, known professionally as BLQ was next up on the red carpet. She revealed that she would be doing a promotional song for Deception but was only a small part of the show. She was happy to be home. Carly told her to enjoy her night, and Brook Lynn sang thank you. She blew a kiss.

Before walking down the red carpet, Olivia ordered Ned to remember that he loved Brook Lynn when he inevitably ran into her backstage. Ned noted that the Quartermaines didn't air their dirty linen in public. "Not the answer I was looking for," Olivia muttered. Once they reached the red carpet, Ned announced that they were "fashionably late." Carly thanked Olivia for the part she had played in getting the telethon off the ground.

Robert arrived alone, and he and Olivia seemed to be flirting as Robert noted how good she looked. Nina asked Robert if he had a date, and Robert replied that he was keeping his options open. He noted how much the Nurses Ball meant to his family and said that Robin had made sure to tell him that it was time to give back.

Sam arrived with Spinelli, and Carly made mention of Spinelli being behind all of the technical aspects of the ball. Nina wondered if there were any mysteries going on, and Spinelli began to talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing. Before he could go further, Sam kicked him, although she blamed it on her nervousness. She dragged him away.

Off to the side, Franco phoned Elizabeth, who was working a shift at the hospital. He told her he missed her, but she snapped that she'd heard about the red carpet and that he had plenty of admirers to keep him busy. She said she had to go and ended the conversation.

At the hospital, Elizabeth rushed into Jason's room and went off about Franco being caught up in his past. She continued to babble on without coming up for air, and Jason just looked at her. When she finally stopped, Jason asked if Franco had gone back to who he'd been in the past. Elizabeth began to talk nonstop again, but she noted that her husband was only nostalgic for the past and not regressing. Suddenly, she stated that she'd changed her mind. She would go the ball.

Lulu and Dustin showed up together, and Lulu mentioned that Dustin had cowritten the song for Deception. They were followed by Michael and Willow. Nina asked Willow about living with the Quartermaine-Corinthos clan, and Willow declared that they were amazing, welcoming, and kind. She was lucky. "No, we're the lucky ones," Michael said. Next, Nina introduced Jordan and Curtis. Small talk was made with all of the volunteers, along with ongoing love for front-line workers.

In other volunteer areas, Sam asked Sonny about Michael and confessed that she didn't think that Chase had seemed like the "cheating type." Sonny admitted that he thought that Chase and Sasha had been faking it, but he had no details. Willow and Michael talked about the books she'd read to Wiley. Everyone engaged in some small talk.

Ava admitted to Franco that she preferred the old days, but there had been a "buzz" about Franco's old art. She proclaimed that she would be there for it. Franco appreciated Ava's support, and he thought she should "give Nikolas hell." Ava flashed back to her conversation in Nikolas' bedroom when she'd told him she would take everything from him. "Oh, I intend to," Ava replied. Elizabeth appeared in the doorway and looked on.

Lucy nabbed Nikolas to talk about his scheme, but he revealed that Ava had overheard Lulu talking about it and had busted him.

As Jordan and Curtis prepared for the telethon, Jordan's phone chimed. She looked at it and announced that she had to leave for a work emergency. She turned down Curtis' offer to take her to where she had to go.

Ava spotted Julian, and he admitted that Nelle hadn't given him a choice about showing up. He knew she had been planning something. "God knows what," he said.

Nelle checked her tracker but claimed to be texting Julian about her upcoming number when Spinelli found her. "What a treat," Spinelli gushed. Spinelli declared that he was there to check the phone bank, and Nelle assumed that Spinelli was upset to see Maxie with Peter. She began to talk and noted that Shiloh had told her lots of "sketchy stuff." Nelle reminded Spinelli that she had been married to Shiloh. "Yes, who could forget such a pure and true love?" Spinelli asked.

Nelle continued that Shiloh had told her that Peter had orchestrated Drew's kidnapping in Afghanistan. Shiloh had planned to use that information as leverage in order to get out of prison. She had learned an "an awful lot." Spinelli turned and fled.

Brando ran into Sam and spat that his business with Molly was none of Sam's business as Sam continued to be rude to him. He made it clear that he would stay out of Sam's way.

Julian found Nelle looking at the tracker on her phone again. She insisted that he show his support for her when Port Charles would see her in all her glory.

Back at the Quartermaine mansion, Monica found Mr. Hopsicle on the floor. She picked it up and took it upstairs to Wiley, who would want his favorite toy.

Back at Metro Court, Spinelli interrupted Robert as he was talking to Olivia. Robert was annoyed, but Spinelli was excited. "We got him," Spinelli exclaimed. He explained that Nelle had connected Shiloh to Peter; Shiloh had been blackmailing Peter. He declared that Peter had helped Shiloh to escape, and they could take Peter down.

Maxie told Lulu that she loved the casual look of all of the volunteers. Lucy thought Maxie was glowing, and Maxie admitted that she hadn't told Peter about her pregnancy yet. Just then, Peter and Dustin walked over to them. Dustin expressed how he always felt like he was interrupting something between the two women, and Peter asked about their secret.

Nina and Carly wrapped up the red carpet coverage as all of the volunteers settled down at desks, laptops, and headsets in order to take calls. The Nurses Ball was going live. Franco sat with Elizabeth and smiled, but she ignored him. Lucy welcomed the television audience, and the phones began to ring.

Jordan waited at the pier for someone. She recalled a conversation she'd had with someone on her burner phone. Suddenly, someone showed up. "Looking pretty good. For a dead man," she said.

Maxie inadvertantly broadcasts her pregnancy Maxie inadvertantly broadcasts her pregnancy
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Jordan met Taggert at the pier. "Looking pretty good for a dead man," she said. She reminded him that he was supposed to stay away from Port Charles. "Turns out I had unfinished business," Taggert informed her. Jordan worried that he was taking a risk, and he'd either be dead or arrested, depending on who might see him. Taggert assured her that there was no warrant for him because he was dead.

Jordan refreshed Taggert's memory with all that she'd had to do in order to prove to everyone that he was dead. She agreed that it had been with his blessing, but he added that it had all been his sacrifice in order to save her son. They began to argue. Jordan was afraid that Trina would be a target again if Cyrus learned that Taggert was still alive. She asked Taggert why he'd had returned to town.

Taggert had believed that Jordan would have already gathered evidence against Cyrus, but she'd only had a press conference to save Cyrus' name. Jordan explained that she had had to appear to be cooperative with Cyrus, but Taggert accused her of being under Cyrus' thumb. He wanted to give Jordan a professional courtesy. He was in town in order to kill Cyrus himself.

Taggert planned on ambushing Cyrus as he left the hotel. He called it justice as opposed to murder, and no one would suspect a dead man of being the murderer. Jordan didn't think that Taggert could be a cold-blooded murderer. They began to argue again. Jordan insisted she had a plan. She wanted to bust Cyrus after he began to grow complacent.

Taggert considered Jordan's plan to be more of an idea, but Jordan wanted his trust. Taggert asked if Curtis was on board, and Jordan's silence convinced him that Curtis didn't even know that Taggert was still alive. He laughed. Jordan snapped that Taggert could take care of Trina, and she would take care of Curtis. She was afraid Taggert would make things worse, and she urged him to go back to where he'd been relocated.

Taggert agreed but promised to keep checking up on Jordan. He asked her to take care of his daughter and to finish up soon. Jordan assured him she would.

At the Nurses Ball at Metro Court, Lucy stood on stage, dressed in the same sparkly purple gown that she had worn on the red carpet. She reminded viewers that the ball was a telethon for frontline workers. All of the volunteers, wearing the same green accented T-shirts, continued to answer the phones backstage.

Franco thanked Elizabeth for showing up, and she admitted that she wanted to help the important cause. Franco asked if she was mad at him. "Should I be?" Elizabeth asked. Ava approached them and said that she hadn't realized that Elizabeth would be there but was happy to see her. Ava wanted to get back to the phones, and Elizabeth glared at Franco.

Peter told Anna that he was proud of Maxie, and Anna was sure that Maxie would do a good job. She would see Peter cheering her on. Spinelli was anxious to see Peter crash, but Robert slowed him down. He declared that Nelle's information was no proof of Peter's actions. Spinelli only wanted Maxie to know the truth about Peter.

Portia asked Curtis why Jordan had sung the praises of the man responsible for her ex-husband's death. Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina arrived late and ran into Portia and Curtis. Curtis tried to give Trina some inspirational words, but she snapped that she didn't need Curtis to tell her anything. Sam stood with T.J. and Molly. She confessed that Jason was recovering, but she was afraid he would bolt from the hospital. T.J. spotted Brando and called him over. Molly was horrified as T.J. chatted with him, and Brando admitted he'd rather answer phones than wear a tuxedo.

T.J. and Brando talked about boxing and sparring together, but Molly quickly reminded her fiancé that his hands were valuable. Sam agreed and emphasized Brando's baseball injury. Brando went along with her until she pulled him away. She wanted him to not be so friendly. Brando promised that he wasn't trying to make trouble, but Sam didn't believe him.

Lucy found Maxie and Lulu in the dressing room. Lucy was ready for Maxie to take the stage, make a pitch for Deception, and introduce Brook Lynn. She suggested that Maxie be funny, and she gave Maxie several tips. "No pressure or anything," Lulu said as Lucy walked off.

Amy, Epiphany, and Felix, who were all dressed in their blue scrubs, took to the stage to talk about the frontline workers. Lucy joined them and urged the public to donate. Lucy showed an enlarged photo of Sasha and noted that she was the Face of Deception. She added that the company would be matching every dollar donated, thanks to Valentin Cassadine. Lucy admitted that she was also a partner.

In the back, Lulu did her best to attach the microphone to Maxie, but she was having difficulty. They heard Lucy introduce Maxie, but they weren't ready. They made some small talk, and Lulu asked Maxie if she'd spoken to Peter yet. Maxie insisted that she needed the right time to tell him that she was pregnant. Unfortunately, the young women didn't know that their entire conversation had been broadcast throughout the building on loudspeaker. Disbelief crossed the faces of Mac, Anna, Spinelli, and Peter.

A horrified Lucy, still onstage, attempted to talk over Maxie and Lulu's voices. She announced that there were technical difficulties. Lucy rushed offstage as Maxie finally ran onto the stage. She didn't stop to listen to what Lucy had to say.

Maxie took the stage and introduced herself. Lucy ran back out. She revealed that everyone had heard Maxie talking; it had been broadcast not only throughout Metro Court but to their viewers, as well. An open-mouthed Peter finally stood up and made his way to the offstage dressing area. Lucy and Maxie departed the stage at the same time.

Brook Lynn hid in a room by herself and tried to calm her nerves. Dustin showed up, and she confessed that she wanted to perform but wanted to throw up. Dustin gave her a pep talk and reminded her of a previous performance from many years in the past. They grabbed hands as Dustin continued his reassurance. Brook Lynn realized that Dustin had always been "a knight in shining armor," and she realized that she had been an idiot for allowing him to get away. She pulled him into a kiss.

"Excuse me?" Lulu said as she made her way to Dustin's side. She demanded an explanation. Brook Lynn called it awkward, but Lulu retorted that that wasn't the response she had in mind. Brook Lynn suggested that Lulu knock next time, but Dustin quickly declared that there would be no next time. He was sorry if he'd given Brook Lynn the wrong impression.

Dustin continued that he wanted to be friends with Brook Lynn, and she could not avoid her problems or use nostalgia as a crutch. He added that they had been together long before, and she had been the one to end things. He had moved on. "Got it! No problem," Brook Lynn replied.

Lucy returned to the stage and mentioned that her creative director had stolen the spotlight with a doozy. Felix rushed out and whispered that Cyrus was waiting in the wings to talk. At first, Lucy refused, but she changed her mind. She told the viewers that there had been recent upheaval at the hospital, but it had been resolved. Cyrus strolled out and talked about his bad rap and worse reputation. He had overcome adversity and was grateful. He hoped he had a long and fruitful partnership with the city. Backstage, Epiphany noted that it was a "dire time" for the hospital.

"Is it true?" Peter asked Maxie when he finally found her. Maxie confessed that it hadn't been the way she'd wanted to tell him, and he asked why she hadn't said anything. He was all smiles, but Maxie was upset. She said that a baby with him was a dream for someday, but her situation with Deception was her current dream. She was scared that she wouldn't be able to sacrifice enough for both.

Peter was adamant that he would even sell the paper and be around 24/7 if that was what Maxie needed. He stated that they were in it together. Maxie admitted she wanted the baby, and Peter hugged her. He told her he loved her.

Cyrus trapped Portia and Curtis as they stood talking. Curtis was having a difficult time trying to locate Jordan, and he didn't think she'd be able to perform her number with Chase. Cyrus looked forward to seeing the police commissioner perform, and he also congratulated Portia on her new position at the hospital. He reminded her that she worked for him. "Lucky me," Portia replied. Cyrus considered himself to be the lucky one.

"This one's for you, Dad," Trina said backstage as she looked at a photo of Taggert. Lucy and Epiphany introduced the first group of performers. It was Josslyn, Trina, and Cameron, who was on guitar. All of the teens sang around a fake campfire as volunteers smiled backstage and enjoyed their performances. Jax complimented the trio afterward.

Cyrus walked away. Portia complained that he'd made her skin crawl, and she'd missed Trina's performance. Curtis pointed out that Cyrus had taunted her. Curtis assured her that she could watch the performance online, but Portia was sure that Trina would know. Portia only wished that Taggert had been able to see it. She added that he'd deserved better than what she had done to him. Curtis looked perplexed.

Portia hated that she was grateful to Taggert for saving Trina, but she was angry, too. She missed him even though they hadn't been together. Curtis maintained that one didn't stop caring about someone after growing apart. Portia clarified that there had been something between them, and that had been Curtis. It had been unspoken, but she hadn't been able to get over Curtis. She quickly stated that it was "ancient history." Awkwardly, Curtis suggested they head back to the telethon.

Brook Lynn angrily stormed into the ladies' room and looked into the mirror. She told herself she didn't need anyone because she was BLQ.

Jax found Nina having refreshments, and he told her he was happy for Maxie and Peter. Nina could only wonder about her own child, and Jax promised to double-check with his jeweler. Valentin asked how Nina was holding up, and Jax immediately answered that it was none of Valentin's business. Valentin asked if that was how Nina felt, but she told Jax it was time to get ready.

Anna and Mac found Peter and Maxie, who assured them the pregnancy was good news. Mac and Anna were elated, and Mac wanted to call Felicia. Maxie went with him, and Peter hugged Anna. He called her grandma. Anna flashed back to a previous conversation with Robert when he'd suggested that Peter could really be her sister Alex's son.

Next, Lucy introduced Jax and Nina. They performed a dance to an upbeat song. Valentin glared and headed to the bar for a bottle of water. Peter saw him, and Valentin offered his congratulations. He wanted to make up to Peter for being a horrible mentor and to give him advice instead. He wanted Peter to tell Maxie whatever it was that he was hiding because a child changed everything.

Dustin and Lulu congratulated Maxie and Peter, who decided to leave early. Robert urged Spinelli to keep his mouth shut. Spinelli agreed it wasn't the proper time to say anything to Maxie because they needed proof. He extended his congratulations instead and then told Robert that they had to act quickly. A child would connect Peter and Maxie more than ever.

 Nelle's kidnapping plan is put into motion Nelle's kidnapping plan is put into motion
Thursday, August 20, 2020

Monica settled in on the sofa at the Quartermaine mansion in order to watch the Nurses Ball telethon. As Wiley slept soundly with Mr. Hopsicle by his side, Nelle checked her phone tracker.

Lucy, in a long-sleeved royal blue gown, welcomed everyone back to the telethon, live from Metro Court. She explained that the Nurses Ball would continue to raise money for AIDS and HIV and would also raise funds for the frontline workers. She noted that Sonny would be matching donations for AIDS and HIV.

Elizabeth ran into Nikolas in the refreshment area. He admitted he had been nervous about answering the phones. Ava rushed over to grab bottles of water for a "parched" Franco, who had answered so many calls. Brook Lynn gave herself a pep talk in the ladies' room.

Julian knocked on the door of a dressing room, and Nelle let him in. She had summoned him, and he told her that everyone despised her, so whatever she had planned wouldn't work. "Well, tonight is going to be my greatest performance yet," Nelle replied. She called it a disappearing act. Julian asked if she would be going somewhere. "Let me just say that nothing and no one is going to get in my way this time," she said.

Julian chuckled and called Nelle delusional. She demanded that he give her more support, or she would talk to Sonny about Julian's secret. He asked if that was a threat, and she said that it was if he disappointed her. She vowed to be together with her son. Julian reminded her that she didn't even have supervised visitation, but Nelle whined that the judge had been in Michael's pocket. She made it clear that Julian would do things her way.

Julian told Nelle she was insane, but Nelle was insistent that they each had their own parts to play. Julian declared that he wasn't helping, but Nelle told him to "play ball" or face Sonny's wrath. Julian agreed to go along, and Nelle smirked that she'd known he would see it her way.

Martin arrived to take calls, and he and Valentin talked briefly about business. Martin noted that it sounded like Valentin was getting everything he wanted. "Not everything, no," Valentin said sadly as he glanced over at Nina and Jax walking by.

Nina and Jax hit the refreshment table, and Jax noticed that Nina had been wearing her broken-heart necklace. Nina explained that she wanted to keep it close because it was the only possible key she might have to her child.

Ned informed Olivia that they were next to perform, and he asked if she was still mad at him. She verified that she didn't like the way he'd been treating Brook Lynn. His daughter had merely made a mistake and hadn't conducted "corporate espionage." They began to argue, and Olivia told Ned it was time to choose between ELQ and his family, because to her, they weren't the same.

Lulu ended a phone call, and Dustin apologized about Brook Lynn. Lulu assured him that it hadn't been his fault and suggested that Brook Lynn lived to "push boundaries." She was also aware that Brook Lynn was hurting.

Anna spotted Finn, who had just arrived, as he completed a call. He was sorry for being late. She divulged that Maxie was pregnant, and the couple was "over the moon." Anna was happy that Peter could look to the future. Nina and Jax returned to the phone bank, and Martin took a seat as Lucy stood on stage and encouraged donations. She introduced Olivia and Ned. He played guitar, and they both sang. Brook Lynn stood backstage and cried as the other volunteers continued to take calls.

Martin suggested that he could be Valentin's corporate counsel. Valentin revealed that he thought of Martin as a friend, but Martin told him there would still be bills. Just then, Michael and Willow walked by, and Valentin confessed to Michael that while he had been impressed with Michael's work at ELQ, he would change things up. He asked Michael to stay on as vice-president of the Green Initiatives, but Michael scoffed. He had believed that Valentin had only wanted to take the company away from him.

Valentin insisted that he'd only wanted to make a profitable company more profitable, even if he did have a slight and satisfactory payback. He hoped that Michael would be smart and join him. Michael promised that there was always a war involving ELQ. Willow snapped that Valentin could have approached Michael as an ally instead and been honest. Sarcastically, Valentin noted that Willow was only a teacher and inferred that the conversation did not include her.

Jax and Nina looked on, and Jax confessed that he hated seeing ELQ in Valentin's hands. Nina wanted Jax to stay out of it because she knew Valentin better than anyone, and he would feel more pressure to prove himself.

Lucy took to the stage and announced Valentin as the next performer. He dedicated his song to anyone who couldn't be with the person they loved. He sat down at the piano and sang his heart out. Jax looked at Nina, who was touched by the song and eventually began to cry. "Can you feel me crying out now that you're gone?" the song went. Michael and Willow were each separately deep into their own thoughts. Olivia and Ned looked at each other and smiled, and the other couples also shared looks.

Lulu and Dustin took a break. She admitted that she had successfully avoided Valentin's number, and she also hoped to miss Brook Lynn's. She was tired of the other woman's non-stop hitting on Dustin and her digs at Dante. She also understood that Brook Lynn had had to deal with the creepy record producer, and she got it that Brook Lynn felt abandoned. Dustin teased Lulu for almost being sympathetic.

Nelle received a phone call from Julian, who had gone to the Quartermaine house. She ordered him to pick one of the many access points, find Wiley, and leave with him. She imagined that the cook and housekeeper were both asleep in their rooms, and he would only have to deal with Monica. Brook Lynn was able to hear Nelle from where she was standing.

Nelle warned Julian about not getting "cold feet," although he thought she should just follow the rules. She reminded him to pick up Wiley's kangaroo.

Martin told Valentin that donations had been "pouring in" after his emotional song. He hoped that Nina appreciated it. Valentin noted that Nina was with Jax, but Valentin considered Jax to only be a "shiny object." Valentin had plenty of his own interests to keep him busy in the meantime.

Ava complained to Nikolas that Elizabeth had been giving her "death stares" because she had the wrong idea about Ava and Franco. They were only friends. Just then, they heard Lucy introduce Nikolas, who walked to the stage and took the microphone from her. He said that he was thrilled to be back, and he began to talk about the recipients of the telethon and Nurses Ball. He revealed that he had donated one million dollars each to AIDS and to the telethon.

Nikolas called Ava to the stage, and she giggled nervously as she arrived at his side. Nikolas spoke of the frontline workers and announced that he would establish a scholarship for nursing students to honor his friend Elizabeth Webber. Ava grinned awkwardly as Lucy stifled a smile. Franco was disgusted.

Elizabeth gushed at Nikolas as he walked offstage. She was excited and honored. Nikolas stated that he was, and he reached his arms out toward Elizabeth. Franco jumped up from his seat and ordered Nikolas to keep his hands off Franco's wife. He added that her name was Elizabeth Baldwin. Nikolas had thought that Franco would appreciate his scholarship. Elizabeth was sorry that Franco was not more gracious, but she was touched. Elizabeth ran to the ladies' room to sulk in one of the stalls.

Nina found Valentin in the refreshment area. He strolled over to her, and she told him he'd performed a beautiful song. He thanked her and appreciated that she'd enjoyed it. Awkwardly, she said that she should get going. He noticed the necklace and said that all of his lies had only been to make her happy. Nina said she knew, but the ends didn't justify the means. He was sorry. She told him that an apology couldn't undo what he'd done. She walked away, and he was devastated.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica muted Lucy on the television as Julian creeped around outside. He put on a ski mask, and she got up to fetch her phone in the foyer. He walked in through the unlocked French doors.

Back at the telethon phone bank, Sonny received a text message. He told Carly that there had been no change in Mike's condition. He wanted to stay, though, because of all of the medical help that Mike had received.

Jax told Nikolas that he was generous, and Ava claimed to have known about the donations because they were a "power couple." Nina invited Ava to go to the ladies' room with her, and after they were gone, Nikolas told Jax that "power couple" were Ava's words. Franco was angry at Nikolas and called him a spoiled, entitled little boy. Jax suggested they play nice and put aside their egos.

In the ladies' room, Nina admitted that she'd fallen for Valentin's song because he'd sung with honesty. It had gotten to her. "Those Cassadine men. They seem to have a way of getting under our skin," Ava replied. Nina remarked how Nikolas had been trying to get Ava jealous, even though their marriage was only in name. Ava revealed that she and Nikolas had an infidelity clause. If he slept with another, woman she would end up with 90 percent of the estate. A shocked Elizabeth stood in the stall and listened.

Brook Lynn walked into the dressing room and stopped Nelle from leaving. She revealed that she'd heard Nelle on the phone, and the police would be showing up. She taunted Nelle that she would be returning to prison. Nelle claimed to have been practicing a song. "Save it," Brook Lynn snapped. She called Nelle a pathological liar; she knew that Nelle had sent someone to take Wiley.

Nelle called Brook Lynn crazy, but Brook Lynn replied that Nelle was the crazy one. Nelle was adamant that she was Wiley's mother, but Brook Lynn called her a kidnapper who had been caught in the act. Brook Lynn couldn't wait for Nelle to be cuffed. She pulled out her phone to call Michael, and Nelle knocked the phone out of her hands.

Brook Lynn remembered that Mac was in attendance, and she suggested that he be the one to arrest Nelle instead. Nelle picked up a pair of scissors and held them behind her back. Nelle asked that Brook Lynn pretend she hadn't seen Nelle. "Save it, bitch," Brook Lynn said. She announced that Nelle had messed with the last Quartermaine. Nelle swiped at her with the scissors.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica heard Wiley on the baby monitor, and she hoped that he would settle down. Soon after, she sighed that a disaster had been averted as the baby quieted down. Julian, who had been hiding, chloroformed Monica as Wiley continued to sleep.

Julian rethinks his involvement with Nelle Julian rethinks his involvement with Nelle
Friday, August 21, 2020

In the Metro Court bathroom, Nina made a comment to Ava about Cassadine men getting under their skin. As Elizabeth listened in from a stall, Nina wondered if Nikolas was trying to make Ava jealous, as Nina believed that flirting with a married woman was tacky. Ava casually talked about the "infidelity clause" in her and Nikolas' marriage agreement, granting her 90 percent of the Cassadine fortune if he cheated, so she didn't care if Nikolas got Elizabeth into bed.

Nina hoped that Ava wasn't messing with Franco and Elizabeth's marriage. However, Ava had heard that Elizabeth was "chronically unfaithful," so she thought Franco would deserve the truth. Nina had observed how Ava and Nikolas had been looking at each other and said that they were either good at pretending, or something had changed between them. Ava teasingly accused Nina of projecting her issues with Valentin onto Ava, and the two left. A distraught Elizabeth followed.

In the dressing room, Brook Lynn couldn't wait to see Nelle taken out in handcuffs in front of everyone. She went to call Michael first, but Nelle slapped the phone out of Brook Lynn's hand. Brook Lynn turned to go get Mac, who could arrest Nelle himself. Nelle took the opportunity to grab a large pair of scissors and hide them behind her back. She called Brook Lynn back and apologized, and she pleaded that Brook Lynn forget that she'd ever seen or heard anything from Nelle. "You've messed with the last Quartermaine," Brook Lynn spat. Suddenly, Nelle swiped the scissors at Brook Lynn's throat, and Brook Lynn fell to the floor.

As blood pooled on the floor, Nelle wiped her fingerprints off the scissors and placed them next to Brook Lynn. She said that Brook Lynn should have been nicer and more sympathetic to Nelle. However, with her plan having "gone south," she had to go. She grabbed her things and left the room.

As Julian looked on at the Quartermaine mansion, Monica listened on the baby monitor as Wiley got himself back to sleep. Julian crept up behind her and put a cloth over her mouth and nose until she was unconscious. He apologized and stated that he'd had no choice. His phone went off, and he saw a text from Nelle that read, "Timetable's moved up. Need to meet now. Is it done?" Scoffing, he left the living room and went up the stairs. A short while later, he texted Nelle, "It's done." Monica was still unconscious as he descended the stairs with Wiley and slipped out the front door.

Later, Julian arrived at the docks to meet Nelle and left Wiley in the car. He thought that Wiley deserved better than his crazy mother. He lamented his cowardice, and he sighed that he was "out of options." He thought back to his talk with Ava about dealing with Nelle permanently and pondered, "Or maybe not."

Nelle arrived and demanded that Julian put Wiley in her car, because she had to go. "Sorry, you're not going anywhere. You pushed me too far, and now I'm pushing back," he told her. He took out a gun and pointed it right at her.

As the volunteers took donation calls, Lucy welcomed the television audience back to the Nurses Ball. She introduced Epiphany, who talked about how every donation helped. As a front-line worker, she was happy to know that the community she helped to support supported her back. Lucy called the front-line workers heroes, and she talked up the upcoming entertainment.

In the makeshift call center, Carly informed Jax that Josslyn had called to check in. She'd wanted to talk to Jax, and he promised to call her back. Jax walked over to Nikolas and said that, while the scholarship was generous, he should have put more thought into it. When he walked away, Franco approached and backed Jax's point up. He suggested that Nikolas "shower generosity" on his own wife.

Michael was explaining some of the twists and turns of the Quartermaines' relationships to Willow, who recognized that "unconventional marriages" seemed to be common in the family. A few minutes later, Michael was puzzled to see that he had a missed call from Brook Lynn, but there was no message. Willow suggested that Brook Lynn wanted to make peace with Michael, but he countered that she didn't need to make peace with him. He tried to call Brook Lynn back.

A short while later, Michael handed a bottle of water to Willow, and they toasted to Wiley and their new life together. Carly happily watched from across the room. Willow's phone rang, and Michael admired her as she talked to the potential donor.

Anna complimented Valentin on his performance and his pledge to match donations. He congratulated Anna on Peter becoming a father and commented that becoming a parent made a person better than they ever thought they could be. Anna was certain that that would be the case with Peter. Valentin hoped so, as some mistakes were impossible to fix.

Michael informed Willow that they had to give Lucy their donation tally, and he suggested that they sneak out to be home with Wiley. She answered that he'd made her "an offer I can't refuse" and then shot a frightened look at Sonny after using the phrase. An amused Michael was sure that Sonny hadn't heard it, and the two walked out.

Sonny wondered where Michael and Willow were going, and Carly figured that they were going home to check on Wiley. Sonny was glad that Chase and Sasha's actions hadn't been Carly's idea, as it seemed "up your alley." She agreed, and he warned her to stay out of it, as they had too much going on. Carly asked if Sonny wanted to call Turning Woods, but Sonny knew that they would call if there was any change with Mike. He thought that the best thing he could do was help to support the front-line workers who had given his father such amazing care.

Olivia was trying to call Brook Lynn, and she informed Ned that his daughter wasn't answering any calls. However, she figured that it was expected "under the circumstances." Ned begged her not to lecture him, and she retorted that she lectured him because he was turning into Edward. He refuted the accusation, but she dared him to prove it. She told him to find Brook Lynn and talk to her. Ned rushed off to find Brook Lynn, but no one had seen her. Dustin figured that she was warming up for her performance, and Lulu offered to track her down.

Franco returned to Elizabeth and handed her a bottle of water. She informed her husband that Ava was "playing emotional chess with Nikolas, and we're the pawns!" She told Franco about Ava's plans, but Franco believed that Nikolas was the one who was "playing" them.

Amy found Lucy backstage and divulged that she couldn't find Jordan, as she'd been called away on a case. Lucy lamented that Jordan had not delegated it, and Amy figured that they would have to cut Jordan's number. Lucy instructed Amy to find Epiphany and Deanna and warm up, and she would stall. As Michael and Willow watched, Lucy got on stage and launched into a heartfelt speech about the front-line workers.

A short while later, Michael and Willow arrived home and talked about watching a movie and having some popcorn. They entered the living room and found Monica seemingly asleep. Michael tried to wake her, but she stayed unconscious. He was successful in waking her up a few minutes later, and she thought that she had to have dozed off, but she couldn't remember. A frightened Willow left to check on Wiley as Monica struggled to remember the night. Willow returned moments later and told them that Wiley wasn't in his room.

Lucy returned to the stage and introduced Anna. Anna talked about why the Nurses Ball was important to her. Aside from the marriage proposal she'd received there the previous year, she talked about her daughter Robin. She urged the television audience to give whatever they could to support HIV/AIDS charities, and the front-line workers.

Lucy thanked the volunteers, performers, and audience for making the Nurses Ball a success. She introduced the last performance of the night of an original song led by Epiphany, Amy, and Deanna. During the song, Sonny and Carly said goodbye to Nina and Jax, and they left. Nikolas and Ava linked arms and walked out, and Elizabeth and Franco glared after them. Nina and Jax left as Valentin watched, and he became sheepish when he realized that Anna had caught him looking. When the song was over, Lucy exited the ballroom and smiled from ear to ear.

Outside of the dressing room, Lulu assumed that Brook Lynn had "bailed" on her performance. Dustin replied that Brook Lynn had stage fright, but she'd never run out on a performance. They knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Dustin opened the door, and the two were horrified to see Brook Lynn on the floor. He instructed Lulu to call for paramedics as he felt for a pulse and tried to wake Brook Lynn up.

In the Metro Court lobby, Robert asked to talk to Olivia. He disclosed that he had a connection at the WSB who could get Olivia in to see Dante. She excitedly asked for the details. He informed her that Dante was at a WSB facility in Geneva, where civilians were not allowed, so he would have to go with her. He continued that they had a very narrow window to get in, so they had to leave the next morning. Ned looked on as Olivia threw her arms around Robert and thanked him profusely. He excused himself to go see Anna, as he knew that she would be annoyed that he'd missed her speech, and he left.

Ned approached Olivia and accused her of running straight to Robert after a fight. She clarified that Robert had found a way to get her in to see Dante, and she told him all about it. Ned promised to clear his schedule so that he could go with her, but she replied that Robert already had to sneak her in, so Ned couldn't go. Just then, Lulu approached the couple and told them that Brook Lynn had been attacked.

A short while later, an unconscious Brook Lynn was on a stretcher. Mac asked Dustin and Lulu if they'd seen anything or anyone strange around the room, but they hadn't. He advised them to call him if they thought of anything, no matter how small. Ned promised Brook Lynn that he wouldn't leave her side, and he followed as the paramedics wheeled her out.

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