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Michael and Willow decided to get an annulment. Valentin and Brook Lynn slept together. Lulu assured Dustin that her future was with him. Trina and Cameron agreed that they were only friends. Dev manipulated Josslyn. Carly was plagued by nightmares about Nelle.
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Valentin slept with Brook Lynn and tried to drive a wedge between Nina and Jax
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Sam confronts Alexis Sam confronts Alexis
Monday, October 19, 2020

Alexis opened the front door after hearing a persistent knock. She was surprised to see Sam, who spoke to her mother abruptly. "You seem put out," Alexis stated. Sam confessed that she had been worried about Alexis and was still concerned that Alexis had missed Mike's funeral. Alexis again acknowledged that she'd forgotten to set her alarm. "Well, getting hammered does funny things to your memory," Sam snapped.

Sam accused Alexis of thinking it had been more important to drink, and Alexis retorted that she didn't answer to Sam. Sam revealed that she had picked up and smelled Alexis' drink at Metro Court after Alexis had left, and she knew that Alexis had been drinking vodka. She told Alexis that the first step to getting better was honesty.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and Alexis rushed to open it. A deliveryman handed her a bottle in a brown paper bag, and Alexis showed her vodka purchase to Sam. Alexis insisted that she wasn't hurting anyone, and she told Sam to leave. Sam maintained that Alexis was hurting herself and those who loved her, but Alexis accused Sam of showing a "holier-than-thou" condescension instead of love.

Alexis and Sam began to argue, and Alexis urged Sam to go home to Jason unless their reunion wasn't "all it's cracked up to be." Sam replied that she and Jason were doing fine, and it was Alexis who concerned her. She made it clear that Alexis couldn't drive her away, and she offered to call Finn in order for him to take Alexis to a meeting.

As Alexis continued to sip her vodka, she noted that Finn would only say that he couldn't convince Alexis to do something she didn't want to do. Alexis suggested that Sam drink with her instead. Sam argued that she wouldn't enable Alexis, which caused Alexis to grow angry. She pointed out all the years that Sam had needed enabling due to her unhealthy addiction to Jason.

Alexis declared that she preferred her bottle because it didn't judge, lie, or criticize. It made her feel better, and at the moment, she liked it more than Sam. She wanted Sam to get off her back or leave. Sam replied that she hadn't wanted to argue, and Alexis was certain that she wouldn't lose her family. She would only do as she wanted. Sam headed to the door but vowed to be back. Alexis sniffled and drank her vodka.

Brook Lynn sneaked back into the Quartermaine house to retrieve her tote and overheard Monica and Ned talking behind the closed door. She put her ear close and heard Ned state that he'd cheated on Olivia with Alexis. "Now you have really done it!" Monica exclaimed. Ned was aware that he'd made a mistake, but he'd thought that Olivia had been cheating on him with Robert.

Monica noted that infidelity ran in the family, but she'd thought that Ned would have learned a lesson from the past. Ned threatened to "blow my top" if Monica so much as mentioned bigamy. "Better than blowing your chances with your wife," Monica said. Monica suggested that Ned tell Olivia the truth, but Ned insisted that the information would go with him to his grave.

Just then, Olivia descended the stairs and saw Brook Lynn with her ear pressed up against the door. "And who are you spying on?" Olivia asked. Inside the room, Ned declared that the truth would destroy his marriage, and Monica insisted that it would be better if he tried to save his marriage before the truth emerged elsewhere. She asked who knew the truth.

Ned replied that only Monica, Alexis, and he knew the truth, although he mentioned that Alexis was no longer in recovery. Monica thought that Olivia would figure it out. They were interrupted when Olivia and Brook Lynn walked in. Olivia asked why Brook Lynn had been standing at the door and listening to the conversation. She assumed it had been serious and asked what Monica and Ned had been talking about.

Brook Lynn revealed that Monica had summoned her to the house to set a trap between her and Ned, but Ned had hurt her. She had left but returned because she'd thought of more to say. Olivia told her it was time to clear the air, but Olivia grew excited and announced that she had something to tell everyone. Ned wanted a private moment with Brook Lynn first. Olivia and Monica left the room, and Ned closed the door.

"So, how much did you hear?" Ned asked. Brook Lynn told him, and Ned insisted he'd made a mistake. Brook Lynn noted that mistakes happened, and she wondered if hers had been worse. Ned replied that he regretted cheating, and he blamed it on Brook Lynn for having deleted Olivia's phone message. Brook Lynn clarified that Ned was saying that it had been her fault that her father had cheated.

Ned called Brook Lynn impulsive and selfish, and he said his mistake was between him and Olivia. Brook Lynn asked if Ned would be covering it up, and he admitted that he would. Brook Lynn called him a hypocrite for not taking responsibility for his actions, although he expected her to do so. She urged him to blame someone else in the future or look into a mirror.

Michael flashed back to a conversation with Willow regarding Wiley's adoption as he punched the bag at Volonino's Gym. Chase arrived, and Michael confessed that he had been trying to clear his head, but it hadn't been working. Chase offered to spar with him, although Michael didn't think it was a good idea. Chase confirmed there would be no punching.

Pads and mitts were donned as Chase told Michael about the investigation into Nelle's death. Michael was uneasy and pointed out that Chase was acting as if nothing had happened between them. He noted that Chase had broken Willow's heart, and Michael blamed him more than Sasha.

Chase asked why, and Michael went off about how he'd thought he'd had everything he'd wanted; he'd thought that he and Sasha had had something real and that he and Chase had been friends. It had cost Willow a lot, too. Chase agreed that Michael wasn't wrong, but his life had been on a different track, as well. Michael had been easier to talk to than Finn, and Michael agreed that Chase had been his best friend after Morgan's death.

Chase and Michael continued to spar. Chase pointed out that he was glad that Wiley had gotten the parents he had needed. Just then, Michael slugged Chase in the face, although he claimed it was not on purpose. Michael wished things were different. "Me, too," Chase said as Michael left.

Carly met Diane at the police station, and Diane pointed out that it was good not to be late. She admitted that a detective wanted to question Carly about Nelle's death because he probably wanted to take down a Corinthos. She asked if there was anything that Carly had left out of her original statement.

Carly insisted she'd told Diane everything, but Diane recalled another time in the distant past when Carly had lied. "But Carly, things are seldom clear-cut with you," Diane noted. She didn't want Carly to withhold anything. Jordan greeted them, and Diane asked why a visiting police officer was allowed to question Carly. Jordan called it a professional courtesy.

Jordan informed Diane and Carly that the visiting cop was Detective De Leon, and she had declined his invitation to attend the questioning. She wanted him to enjoy Diane's full defense strategy. Diane prepped Carly and stressed there were to be no surprises. The questioning would be in the interrogation room.

Detective De Leon arrived and mentioned that he understood that Carly had been the last person to see Nelle alive. Diane introduced herself to the detective and held out her hand. The detective finally took it as Diane noted that Carly had already given her statement. De Leon replied that he'd read it, but he had further questions. He would get a subpoena if Carly refused to answer.

Diane noted that De Leon would have to show cause in order to get a subpoena, and he had none. Carly announced that she would answer questions, and Diane verified that there would be a recording that she would have access to, or she'd see the detective in court. The detective was impressed with Diane's tactics.

Sasha dropped her purse outside of Charlie's Pub, and as she stooped to pick up the spilled contents, she spotted her bag of cocaine. As she picked that up last, Willow walked up to her and asked if she needed help. Sasha sputtered that she was clumsy, and she thought that Willow should hate her. Willow suggested they share glasses of wine and talk.

Inside, Nina and Jax shared a table. They spoke about Sam having to decide what to do with Drew's share of Aurora, and Nina thought that Jax could handle it all. Her phone rang, and she answered quickly. She told the caller what she wanted for Nelle's gravestone and nixed a funeral. She suggested a prayer at the graveside.

Nina finished the call and acknowledged that Jax didn't agree with her decision to pay for Nelle's arrangements. She was also doing it for Wiley, who might want to visit his mother's grave someday. Jax assured Nina that she could do what she wanted, but he reminded her that Nelle had caused problems. Jax received a phone call from Jordan, who wanted to see him regarding further questions on Nelle's death.

After Jax had gone, Valentin joined Nina, and she told him about her project in trying to locate Phyllis Caulfield. She provided details and the fact that the nurse might be able to lead her to her child. Valentin volunteered to help. He thought the woman would be easy to track down. Nina declined the offer; she assumed that Valentin would only want to control things. She needed to find her child on her own. "Or with Jax," Valentin replied.

Nina believed that Jax would be helping her and not lying, and she trusted him. Valentin retorted that Nina should ask Carly what Jax was capable of because he had no doubt that Jax had lied in the past. He added that Carly would always come first with Jax; he said that he and Ava agreed on little, but they agreed on that. Nina received a message and had to leave. She announced that she wanted Valentin to remain in her life for Charlotte's sake only.

Sasha and Willow grabbed a table and recalled finishing a bottle of wine between them when they'd been with Chase and Michael. They women both admitted to missing when they'd all been friends. Willow asked Sasha about Deception, and Sasha disclosed that it was on the "brink of disaster" because of her.

Willow didn't think that Sasha should be so hard on herself, but Sasha insisted that she'd "crashed and burned" while Willow had been perfect when on the stand at the custody hearing. Sasha couldn't believe she was asking for sympathy after cheating with Willow's boyfriend. Willow insisted that one didn't have anything to do with the other.

Sasha admitted her confidence was "shot," and losing Michael had been harder than she'd thought. It was too late to go back. Willow recalled a conversation with Michael when she'd said they might want to open up their hearts to others. She asked what Sasha would do if she had another chance, and Sasha asked Willow the same question.

Sasha thought the answers would be the same for both Willow and herself, but there was no going back. Willow admitted her little family was happy. Sasha said she didn't think they should spend time together again, and it was time for her to leave. Willow insisted on picking up the tab.

Brook Lynn found Valentin sitting at the bar, and she sat down beside him. He confessed that he was drinking to get drunk, and Brook Lynn wanted to join him.

Jax arrived at the police station and told Jordan he'd already said everything he had to say about Nelle. Jordan informed him of the detective who was questioning Carly in a new investigation, but Diane was with her. Jordan asked Jax if he'd seen Nelle alive, and he emphasized that he hadn't seen Nelle or heard anything. Carly had been upset that Nelle had gotten away, and he had wanted to leave the search to the police.

"Anything to add?" Jordan asked. Jax flashed back to a previous conversation with Carly after Nelle had fallen. He told Jordan that he had nothing more to say.

In the interrogation room, Detective De Leon revealed that Nelle's cause of death had not been from drowning. She had suffered a traumatic fall. He asked Carly if she had pushed Nelle. Carly was emphatic that she had not pushed Nelle, and the detective stated that Carly had wanted Nelle to die. Carly admitted that Nelle had been "twisted and dangerous," and she was relieved that Nelle was dead.

De Leon asked Carly if she had pursued Nelle and pushed her, but Carly maintained that she would have never tried to kill Nelle because Nelle had wanted Carly to destroy herself. Carly would have never given Nelle the satisfaction. She added that she had already given her sworn statement.

After questioning, Diane was annoyed that Carly had confessed to being relieved at Nelle's death. Carly insisted it was the truth, and the detective would have known if she'd lied. She hadn't killed Nelle. Diane asked how many times over the years Jason had been interrogated, and she said he'd never volunteered any information. She urged Carly to take a lesson.

Diane explained that one should never explain, interpret, or comment on feelings. They could lead to motives and convictions. She was sure the detective didn't believe Carly, but he had no proof. Diane announced that she needed several drinks and would bill Carly double because she required more out of Diane than any other client.

Jax found Carly and asked if she was okay. "I honestly don't know," Carly replied. Jax asked why Carly hadn't phoned him, but she assured him that she'd had Diane to protect her. She informed him of the autopsy results and that the detective had believed she'd pushed Nelle. He had no proof, and she'd stuck to her story.

Carly thanked Jax for always helping her and talking sense to her. She hugged him and said that she could always count on him. Nina had just arrived and saw the couple sharing the hug. She was not pleased.

Michael returned home and announced that he'd made a decision. Willow related that she'd made a decision, too.

Olivia saw Ned and Monica, and Ned announced that Brook Lynn had left again. She wanted nothing to do with him. Olivia promised to "build the bridge" because she was on a "hot streak." She revealed that Dante was home after he'd heard her voice in Geneva. He would stay with them. Monica thought it was nice to have a detective in the house.

Sasha located Chase at the gym as he punched the bag violently. He told her she'd just missed Michael, and Sasha replied that she'd been having wine with Willow. She thought that Willow was moving on. "So is he," Chase said in reference to Michael, whether Michael was aware of it or not.

Brando accepts Cyrus' job offer Brando accepts Cyrus' job offer
Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Dante tossed and turned during a nightmare in his bedroom at the Quartermaine mansion. "I will complete the mission," he repeated. When a door opened, he turned and shot Lulu. Dante awoke with a start and sat up in bed. He made his way to a table and grabbed a bottle of pills. He shook them out and put one into his mouth. There were multiple scars across his back.

Downstairs, Michael saw Willow upon his return from the gym. Michael declared that since Nelle was no longer a factor, there was no reason for them to remain married. "Unless we want to," Willow said. They both expressed their mutual admiration for each other. Michael admitted that while he had everything he could have wanted, Willow deserved more than companionship. He said she deserved love.

Michael recalled Willow saying that she'd always be in love with Chase, but Willow replied that she'd been in a "free fall." Michael thought she could have love with someone else, if not Chase, and she wouldn't be able to find someone if she was still with him. Michael wasn't certain that he would find anyone and admitted he had a terrible "track record." He thought they should try and thought they had been getting too comfortable with each other, which would make it more difficult later on.

Michael opened the study doors and was shocked to see Dante standing at the front door. The brothers shared a hug, and they spoke about Mike's passing and about Sonny. Dante noted that Michael had been the "good brother" by being there. Michael introduced Willow, and Dante noted that Michael looked happy.

Dante confessed that he'd heard about Willow and Michael teaming up, and he told Willow she'd married into the two most dysfunctional families in Port Charles. Willow replied that she'd had a wonderful time but would miss it. Dante was surprised, and Michael explained that their goal to have custody of Wiley had been met.

Michael and Willow shared that they'd decided on an annulment, as they had no grounds for divorce. They had no reason to stay together. Willow added that their situation had changed, but she had enjoyed it. Dante thought the couple looked genuinely happy together and informed them that an annulment could take a long time. Michael stated that they weren't in a hurry.

Chase phoned Brook Lynn from the gym and left her a voicemail. He told her she could continue to stay with him. After he ended the call, he spotted Brando arriving and asked him why the investigation into Jason's motorcycle accident had been closed. He knew that the defective stabilizer that Brando had installed wasn't something the company could claim as their problem.

Chase wanted to know if someone had intervened on Brando's behalf. Brando declared that he wanted to begin his workout.

Lulu sat at a table in Charlie's Pub, and Dustin peered inside before joining her. He thanked her for meeting him and admitted he'd been worried since he'd left her with Dante at the house. He thought that things had seemed tense, but he knew that she still loved her ex-husband. Dustin proclaimed that he would understand if Lulu wanted to give her marriage another try, and he would let her go.

"Are you breaking up with me?" Lulu asked incredulously. Dustin pointed out that she and Dante had a history together. Lulu grabbed his hand as he explained that he was trying to make things easier for her. Lulu assured him that things would be harder without him. She hadn't expected to see Dante, but she would merely make room for him in her life.

Lulu maintained that Dante had been the one to end things, and she wanted Dustin to stay where he was as they followed through on their plans. Dustin hugged her, though Lulu appeared to be confused.

Brook Lynn and Valentin sat at the bar as Valentin confessed that it was his desire to get drunk. Brook Lynn apologized for being a "judgy bitch," and Valentin expressed surprise. He had thought she hated him. Brook Lynn admitted she'd reconsidered and deemed him a strategist who was not a hypocrite. Valentin replied that others considered him a hypocrite, and Brook Lynn guessed that one of those others would be Lulu.

Brook Lynn called Lulu the "queen of double standards," but she quickly apologized for proceeding to rake Lulu over the coals. Valentin admitted that he agreed with Brook Lynn's assessment, and Brook Lynn guessed that co-parenting with Lulu had been a nightmare.

Valentin disclosed that they'd had their days in court, but he'd realized he had been doing harm to Charlotte and had considered giving Lulu full custody. He didn't want Charlotte to turn out like him, and in addition, he had a dangerous past. Brook Lynn told him that she had wanted to be like her father, but she had disappointed him.

Brook Lynn spoke about Chase telling her to return home, and she thought she could. Valentin didn't agree and mentioned that she would have to swallow her pride. She would be treated as though she had been in the wrong, and he knew that Brook Lynn would not want to give her family the satisfaction. Valentin acknowledged that he would act the same.

Brook Lynn and Valentin continued to get closer to each other. Brook Lynn thought that Valentin's expectations got him in trouble. She noted that she was a singer who couldn't sing. Valentin called himself a lover who couldn't be with the one he loved. "Poor us," Brook Lynn murmured. "Poor, poor us," Valentin replied. Brook Lynn grabbed Valentin's tie and pulled him close for a kiss.

At the Port Charles police station, Nina gazed into the interrogation room window, where she saw Carly and Jax talking. She recalled Valentin telling her that Carly would always be first with Jax. Carly and Jax emerged from the room and saw Nina, who stated that she was there to sign some paperwork. Carly revealed that a detective had questioned her about Nelle's last night, but she only wanted to stop thinking about it. "The sooner Nelle's forgotten, the better!" Carly exclaimed.

Jax explained that he didn't have to speak to the detective, as he had nothing to add to his previous statement. He, too, was waiting for paperwork. Carly was sorry that Jax had been involved, but he reminded her that he had been the one to start the vendetta with Nelle. Carly announced that she was meeting Sonny at Metro Court, and she left.

Jax asked Nina about the paperwork, and she admitted she was there because of Nelle's burial. She hadn't wanted to say anything in front of Carly. Jax thought it was better that Carly hear about it from Nina rather than someone else.

Jordan told Curtis about De Leon's questioning of Carly, and Curtis suggested that the detective had pushed for a reinvestigation into Nelle's death in order to nab a Corinthos. Jordan agreed, but she felt the only criminal who had been pressuring her had been Cyrus.

Jordan had the paperwork ready for Jax to sign, and they went off to take care of it. Curtis greeted Nina, and she told him she was in need of the "most fabulous P.I. in the world." She told him about Phyllis Caulfield and what she knew about her. She thought it would be simple, and she hoped the woman had information about Nina's child.

Later, Curtis and Jordan conferred over Nina's request. Curtis didn't want Nina to be disappointed again, but he also thought that things looked awfully suspicious and simple. Chase interrupted them and asked to speak to Jordan. They stepped out of the office, and Chase began to ask about Jason's motorcycle accident. He was sure that Brando had been hiding something.

Jordan made it clear that the case was closed, and there were plenty of other cases for Chase to pursue. Jordan returned to Curtis and told him that she was concerned that Chase would figure out that she'd been compromised because Cyrus had been pushing her too hard. She thought that Chase had been trying to piece things together, and she wondered how long Chase would trust her, especially after she'd handed a file to Cyrus.

Jordan confirmed that while much of the file had been blacked out, it had been a murder case. She would find out all that she could. Curtis thought it could have something to do with the hospital.

Chase sat at his desk and made a phone call to obtain the file on Jason's accident. He told the person on the other end that he had write-ups to do. After the call was finished, he received a call on his cell phone. The caller informed him that he'd left his wallet at the gym. Chase grabbed his jacket and headed to Volonino's.

Sonny joined Sam at Metro Court after receiving her request to meet her. She revealed that she needed his help because Alexis had chosen to start drinking again. Sonny admitted that Alexis had seemed "off" to him. Sam asked how Sonny had recovered, and he explained that he'd had help and had wanted to honor those he'd lost by living his best life. He was confident that Alexis would get better.

Sonny drifted over to the bar where Diane sat drinking, and she informed him that Carly was the most difficult client she'd ever had. She assured him that his wife hadn't been arrested but had admitted fighting with Nelle. The detective had believed that Carly had pushed Nelle, though. She told Sonny about the updated autopsy report.

Diane added that the detective wanted to charge Carly, but he had no proof, no evidence, and no witnesses. Sonny didn't think there was anything to worry about, but Diane thought the only problem would be Carly herself. She thought De Leon had been convinced that Carly was guilty due to her name and would have charged Sonny if he could.

Diane insisted she'd protected Carly, and she proceeded to list all that she'd done. She added that the detective had mentioned Nelle's fall down the stairs at the Quartermaines' and had compared the two events. Sonny thought that Diane should have ended the questioning at that point. Diane explained that Carly had been cooperative except for the fact that she'd mentioned that she had been relieved at Nelle's death.

Diane thought that Carly's admittance to a struggle with Nelle had worked in her favor in case there was a sign of Carly's DNA. Diane just wanted Carly to keep her mouth shut. Sonny agreed that Diane had earned her money.

Carly rode up to the Metro Court restaurant in the elevator and thought about Diane's advice regarding the things Carly had said to the detective. She stepped off the elevator and spotted Diane and Sonny and flashed back to trying to reach Nelle's hand on the cliff. She walked past the bar, and as she stood alone, Sam startled her. Carly jumped out of her skin.

"Are you okay?" Sam asked. Carly admitted that she was on edge after speaking to the detective, and Sam told her she understood. Both women agreed the case should have been closed.

Nina and Jax headed up to the restaurant, and Nina felt unsure about telling Carly anything about Nelle's burial. Jax suggested they go to his home instead, but Nina declined because Jax had a meeting with Sam.

Jax and Nina approached Sam and Carly, and Nina asked to have a word with Carly. Jax and Sam went in one direction, and Carly offered to grab a table for Nina. Once they were seated, Nina revealed her plan to have a proper burial for Nelle because she couldn't have the young woman buried in a potter's field. She had purchased a plot at Woodlawn.

Carly whined that Mike and Morgan had been buried in the cemetery, as well as Willow's baby. Nina assured her the plot would be on the opposite side, but Carly was angry. Nina thought it would help Wiley in the future to be able to visit his biological mother's grave, but Carly thought it helped Nina, who seemed to identify with Nelle.

Carly exploded that Nelle had tormented her family for years, but Nina only wanted to make herself look better. She thought it would be a better idea just to help Wiley and let everyone move on. Carly got up and left Nina sitting there.

At another table, Jax asked Sam about conducting Aurora business, and she confessed that she wasn't ready. Jax asked her to think about selling her part of it, but Sam was adamant that the company was Scout's inheritance. She wondered if Jax could handle both divisions, but he said he could not because he wouldn't feel comfortable. They agreed that maybe someone else could run Aurora, and Sam decided she had someone in mind.

Nina met up with Jax and told him that things hadn't gone well with Carly. Jax was sorry, and while he thought that Nina cared, her care was misplaced.

Carly returned to Sonny after Diane had gone, and she told him that Diane was charging double for her case. Sonny revealed that he'd heard that Carly had talked about being relieved at Nelle's death, and Carly told Sonny about her discussion with Nina. Carly thought it sounded as though Nelle was still "orchestrating" everything herself.

Sam placed a phone call to Michael and asked for his help with something.

Back at the gym, Brando slugged the punching bag and thought about Sonny urging him to take a job with Cyrus. Just then, Cyrus arrived. He was happy that Brando had agreed to a meeting. He noted that he had a truce with Sonny, and the meetup at Sonny's gym was okay. Brando gruffly replied that Sonny didn't tell him what to do.

Cyrus told Brando about the job he wanted Brando to do -- drive Cyrus around and provide security. Brando was agreeable, and Cyrus also mentioned a chance for promotion. Brando wondered how many people actually wanted to kill Cyrus. Cyrus told him that there were none, but it could always change. Brando accepted the job.

Cyrus proclaimed that he wanted Sonny to be told, and he wanted to know if anything happened that he should know. Brando made it clear that Sonny and Jason would never tell him anything, and Cyrus assured Brando that he only wanted Brando to drive. As they shook hands, Chase arrived and saw them.

Sam has a proposition for Michael Sam has a proposition for Michael
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

A robed Brook Lynn emerged from the bathroom in Valentin's hotel room, surprised that Valentin hadn't joined her in the shower. He replied that he'd considered it, but he'd wanted to give her privacy. He added that he didn't regret their night together, and he hoped that she didn't. "Not for a second," she assured him. She thought it had been a "perfect escape from reality," but she informed him that it couldn't happen again.

Brook Lynn didn't like getting involved with people who were in love with someone else, and she thought it was obvious that Valentin still loved Nina. She reminded him that Nina was with Jax. "For now," he said nonchalantly. He invited her to breakfast, and she accepted. However, she figured that since they hadn't left the room yet, it was "technically the same night," and she dropped her robe. "I like the way you think," Valentin said, smiling.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Chase left a voicemail for Brook Lynn. He knew she was mad at him, but he scolded her for going silent and threatened to put out a missing person's report if she didn't check in soon. When he hung up, he bumped into Sam, and he told her that he had some follow-up questions about Jason's accident. She advised him to ask Jason. Chase warned her to be careful, because if he was right about Cyrus being behind the accident, Cyrus would try to hurt Jason again, and he didn't want Sam and the kids to be collateral damage.

Across the restaurant, Jax sat with Nina as she looked down at her phone. She apologized and explained that it was about Nelle's burial. He observed that she was going through a lot of trouble for someone who'd called her a "crazy baby stealer" in court. Nina just thought that Nelle's life could have been different if someone had intervened, and it was a tragedy. Jax told her that she could cope with Nelle's death however she wanted, but he couldn't participate.

In the foyer at the Quartermaine mansion, Willow descended the stairs as Michael talked to Diane on the phone. He said that the priority was making sure Willow was Wiley's mother, and he asked her to let them know when the paperwork was ready. When he hung up, Willow asked if there was a problem. He replied that there wasn't, except for Diane not minding her own business and thinking that the couple should stay together. Michael hoped that she would stay at the house until the annulment was finalized, and she agreed. He invited her to breakfast after his meeting with Sam, and they left.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Willow sat down at the bar as Michael walked off with Sam. Jax saw them and left Nina's table to join them. At a table of their own, Sam explained to Michael that Jax's half of Aurora, the print division, was thriving, but her half, the digital side, wasn't doing great. She proposed that Michael become CEO of her half of Aurora. Michael replied that he didn't have experience in a media company, but Jax talked about how great of a job Michael had done at ELQ, modernizing the company and investing in green initiatives.

Sam continued that she trusted Michael enough to run the company until Scout was old enough to run it herself. Michael appreciated their faith in him, but he was strategizing how to get ELQ back. Jax suggested that Michael let Ned worry about that, and Michael could go back in the future if he was needed. Sam added that he was the first person she'd thought of for the job, and she thought that he was the best fit for it, as well. Michael finally accepted the position. He asked for as much information as possible to make the transition smoother. Jax shook Michael's hand, welcomed him aboard, and left.

Sam had wanted to talk to Michael alone, and she apologized to him for her part in Valentin being able to take over ELQ. She told him about what Valentin had done about her parole officer. Michael didn't blame her, and he insisted that she'd made the right choice, as family was more important than anything.

Chase sat down with Nina, and he was confused about why she'd wanted to meet. Nina disclosed that Nelle was being buried that afternoon, and she'd thought that he might want to be there. Chase listed off all of the terrible things Nelle had done to him, and Nina recognized that Chase would never forgive Nelle. Chase told her that burying Nelle was Nina's choice, but he wouldn't be a part of it.

Just then, Chase and Nina saw Brook Lynn and Valentin get off the elevator together. The two approached the table, and Brook Lynn assured Chase that she'd gotten all of his messages. She continued that she hadn't listen to them, as she'd been "busy." Nina accused the two of leading Nina and Chase to the wrong conclusion, and she doubted anything had happened between them. "You'd be wrong," Brook Lynn shot back. Chase reminded Brook Lynn that Valentin was the reason she was estranged from her family, but she snapped that it was Ned's fault. Speaking of Ned, she remembered that she'd left her songwriting bag at the house, so she left to retrieve it. "So, who has questions?" Valentin wondered.

When Chase was gone, Nina called Valentin "hooking up" with Brook Lynn inappropriate. She accused Valentin of taking advantage of Brook Lynn's trauma, and of enabling her lashing out at her family. Valentin was pleased to see that Nina appeared jealous, and he thought that she shouldn't care. She insisted that she didn't care, but he suggested that she wasn't as over him as she claimed. Jax returned and saw the two together.

Chase sat down with Willow at the bar, and he told her about his sparring with Michael the night before. He'd told Michael that he was happy that Willow was adopting Wiley, and Chase believed that Wiley couldn't ask for a better mother. He was glad that she was happy, as it was all he'd ever wanted for her. He hoped that Michael did better by her than he had, and he got up to leave. She stopped him, and she said that there was something he needed to know about her and Michael.

In the Quartermaine living room, Monica asked Ned if he'd apologized to Brook Lynn or confessed to Olivia yet. He hadn't, and Monica wondered what was stopping Brook Lynn from running to tell Olivia. "Tell me what?" Olivia questioned as she entered. Ned claimed that he figured Brook Lynn might run to Olivia with her side of the story against Ned. Olivia insisted that Ned and Brook Lynn needed to communicate, and things would get better. Ned wasn't optimistic.

The doorbell rang, and Monica let Brook Lynn in. She quickly informed everyone in the foyer that she was only there to get her bag, and she wasn't staying. "I wish you would," Monica replied. Monica and Olivia convinced Brook Lynn to hear Ned out, so she agreed to have him help her look for her bag. The two went into the living room, and Monica commented, "It's a start."

Brook Lynn immediately found her bag and told Ned that she would "sneak out the back," as she didn't want to fight again. Ned agreed, and he apologized to her for all he'd done. He insisted that she was more important to him than anything in the world. Brook Lynn was sorry for hurting her father. She continued that Valentin had told her the night before that he was only trying to build something for Charlotte to be proud of, so Brook Lynn believed that he would only make ELQ better.

Ned was surprised that Brook Lynn had seen Valentin, and she admitted that they'd spent the night together. An angry Ned believed that she was paying him back for hurting her, but she insisted that she was a grown woman who knew what she was doing. He yelled that Valentin was manipulating her like he had with the ELQ stock. She was disappointed that he still had no faith in her, and she informed him that she'd been happy that day until she'd tried to talk to him. She stormed out of the house, past the shocked Olivia and Monica.

At the hospital, Nikolas invited Elizabeth on a walk, but she couldn't take an unauthorized break with Britt around. A short while later, she found him sitting on a bench and informed him that it was her scheduled break time. Nikolas started that he was there to apologize for something, and he would understand if she didn't forgive him. He confessed that he'd tried to manipulate Franco and Ava into having an affair. Nikolas explained that he'd thought that he and Elizabeth would both be better off, but he should have respected her choice to be with Franco. Elizabeth accepted his apology, as she didn't want to fight anymore, and she'd done her fair share of wrong.

Nikolas confided that his plan had been to make Ava so unhappy that she would look for comfort outside of their marriage, but it hadn't gone to plan. He talked about the side of Ava he'd seen when she'd been with Avery, and he liked "the real Ava" without her "suit of armor." Elizabeth suggested he take his own armor off, as he could be a better person. Elizabeth admitted that she wasn't a fan of Ava, as she'd been friends with Kiki and had heard all about Ava's wrongdoings. Nikolas told her that failing their kids was one thing he and Ava had in common. Nikolas also mentioned the moments when he and Ava had connected. Elizabeth thought that he should tell Ava about his feelings, as it could change things.

At Charlie's, Julian urgently updated Ava on Sonny wanting Julian to sell Corinthos Coffee again. "So what?" Ava asked. Julian thought that Sonny had been reminding Julian that he was under Sonny's thumb, and he imagined how fast he would disappear if Sonny ever got Nelle's letter. He demanded that Ava stop stalling on her divorce, and he wondered if his life or her marriage mattered more. Ava believed the correct question was how to save Julian and get Nikolas' money. Julian thought that Nikolas had had feelings for her, but she replied, "Recent events have proven otherwise."

Ava told Julian about Scott's blackmail, and how she believed that Franco and Elizabeth had been in on it. She also mentioned the small piece of a check she'd found on the hospital floor with Nikolas' signature, leading her to believe that Scott had also caught Nikolas doing something he shouldn't have. Julian believed that they needed to end the marriage, as she had plenty of money and didn't need Nikolas', anyway. "Don't presume to know what I need," she warned, and she informed Julian that Nikolas would be her husband until she chose to let him go.

A short while later, Ava was making a drink for herself when Nikolas arrived home. She was glad to see him, as she had something important to discuss with him. "Me, too," he replied, and he added that it was something he should have told her awhile before.

Nikolas reveals his feelings to Ava Nikolas reveals his feelings to Ava
Thursday, October 22, 2020

Carly lay in her bed and dreamed about Sonny standing in front of her and holding Josslyn's heart. There was blood all over his hands, and she realized that Nelle had stolen it. Carly screamed and woke up with a start.

Carly went downstairs to the kitchen and found Jason there. She told him she'd been taking a nap. He handed her a cup of coffee, and she confessed that she'd been having nightmares about Nelle. She might have been worried because of the burial that Nina had arranged for Nelle. Nina had claimed to be doing it for Wiley, but Carly thought that Nina was doing it for herself.

Carly rehashed Nina's past and noted that while Nina had turned her life around, Nelle hadn't been able to do so. Carly was upset that Nelle would be buried in the same cemetery as Morgan and Mike. Jason didn't care and asked Carly why Nelle still bothered her. Carly declared that even though Nelle was dead, she felt like Nelle still wasn't done with her.

Carly thought that she had PTSD, but Jason thought that if Carly felt that something was off, it probably was. He assured Carly that she had great instincts. Carly added that Nelle had blamed Carly for everything that had happened in her life, and Carly thought there was something she was supposed to remember but couldn't.

At Wyndemere, Ava informed Nikolas that she had something to discuss with him. Nikolas revealed that he had something to say, also, and he attempted to stop her from talking several times in order to speak his piece. He admitted that he hadn't been honest "about us." "What makes you think I'm interested in anything that comes out of that mouth?" Ava snapped.

"Because you like this mouth," Nikolas replied. Ava sat down. "Speak," she ordered. Nikolas awkwardly stopped and started, and Ava rushed him along. They bickered back and forth, and Ava stood up again. "Use your words," she urged. Nikolas stated that he had thought Ava to be a conniving and treacherous opportunist, and Ava admitted she could be ruthless and selfish.

Nikolas continued that he'd been getting to know her, and he had "inconvenient feelings" in their marriage of convenience. Ava was dumbfounded, and Nikolas agreed that he wasn't supposed to have those feelings. He wished that he had done things differently upon his return to Port Charles, and being with her was "more good than bad." Ava deemed Nikolas' odd compliment to be appropriate for her epitaph.

"I've fallen for you," Nikolas finally managed to say. He hadn't meant to, and it had happened in spite of the good advice he'd gotten from others. They both fondly recalled Ava setting fire to Helena's portrait. "Am I alone in this?" Nikolas asked as Ava sipped her martini. "You feel it, too," Nikolas said. Ava recalled finding a piece of a check on the hospital floor that had contained Nikolas' signature.

Ava informed Nikolas that she felt annoyed and insulted that he expected her to fall for his line. She suspected him of wanting her to lower her guard in order to manipulate her. He reminded her of their tryst at Sonny's cabin when they had wanted each other. "Was it as real as when you're with Elizabeth?" Ava asked.

Nikolas insisted that Elizabeth had nothing to do with it, but Ava didn't buy it. She declared that Nikolas groveled for Elizabeth's approval. Nikolas assured her that Elizabeth was his oldest friend, and their brief affair had been over some time in the past. Ava wanted Nikolas to look into her eyes and convince her that he hadn't thought about Elizabeth and going back to her.

Nikolas admitted he had, but it had been a fantasy, and Elizabeth was in his past. "And I'm your future?" Ava retorted. Nikolas demanded to know if Ava returned his feelings, but she refused to play his game. Nikolas declared that he had received his answer, but he wanted her to believe him. "Actions speak louder than words," Ava exclaimed. Nikolas asked what he could do. "Divorce me," Ava replied.

At Metro Court, Jax asked Michael to distract him. He'd been watching Nina and Valentin having an animated discussion, and Jax knew that Valentin wanted Nina back. "Can't say I blame him," Jax admitted. He knew that a formerly married couple had an understanding, and it didn't go away. Michael hoped that Jax was right.

At a nearby table, Nina informed Valentin that she was determined to move on. He asked her permission to do the same unless she expected him to wait for her. Nina assured him there was no chance, but Valentin didn't believe her. He pointed out that Jax was her rebound, and she was Jax's "Plus One." Nina took offense.

Valentin insisted that Jax loved Carly, and he was unable to finish the sentence that Nina loved Valentin because Nina cut him off. She promised that Carly didn't threaten her. Nina was aware that Jax and Carly were co-parents, and she hoped that she and Valentin could do the same. She wanted him to stop bothering her about Jax.

Valentin wanted the same courtesy regarding Brook Lynn, but Nina expressed how appalled she'd been to see him with the young woman. She thought he should have known better. Their voices grew louder, and Jax rushed over as the conversation appeared to grow heated. Jax managed to spill the beans about Nelle's burial, as he'd suspected that had been what they had been discussing.

"What?" Valentin asked. Nina lowered her head in agony. Valentin, who had gotten up, sat back down. "Why?" he asked. Nina insisted the grave was for Wiley to visit. Valentin was certain that Wiley would never visit Nelle's grave. He reminded Nina of their own horrible mothers.

Nina announced that she couldn't be late for the graveside prayer, and she left. "What? You're not going with her?" Valentin asked a grinning Jax. Jax sat down and admitted that he agreed with all that Valentin had said. Valentin noted that he was aware of Jax's role in Nina's search for her child; he threatened that there had better be a real child to locate.

Jax replied that he hadn't been trying to win Nina's gratitude, and he would help her as much as she wanted him to. He wasn't in charge of Nina's life. Valentin called Jax enlightened, and he asked if Jax would be as objective for Carly. Valentin was sure he wasn't the only one who noticed their relationship.

Jax reminded Valentin that he and Carly had a child together. Valentin didn't think that Jax cared about Nina as much as the fact that he had never gotten over Carly, but Jax felt that Nina understood Carly's place in his life. He flashed back to the cliff by the cabin after Nelle's fall. Jax left. Valentin thought that Jax was hiding something.

Nearby, Chase told Willow that she had a wonderful family, and he was glad that she was happy. He hoped that Michael would do better by her than Chase had. Willow wanted to tell Chase something, but he didn't want to hear it. He had set everything in motion, he was happy for her, and he was no longer a part of her life.

"It's not what you think!" Willow proclaimed as she thought about the conversation she'd had with Michael regarding an annulment. Chase still didn't want to hear it and urged her to "hold onto it." "Hold onto what?" Michael asked as he walked up to the couple. He was sorry about interrupting, but Chase assured him it was "no big deal."

Chase proceeded to add it wasn't the same as when Brook Lynn had walked in with Valentin. "Wait, hold on!" Michael said, asking, "Brook Lynn was with Valentin?" Chase revealed that Brook Lynn and Valentin had spent the night together, and Michael sighed. Chase added that he wasn't a gossip.

"What was she thinking?" Michael asked. He forecasted "World War Three" at the Quartermaines' when they heard about it. Chase assumed that Brook Lynn would be staying on his sofa, but they agreed that Brook Lynn wasn't a user like Nelle had been. They proceeded to talk about Nelle's burial, and Michael stated that Wiley could visit the grave when he was older.

Michael and Willow agreed that they had no desire to attend the burial, and Chase thought that he should face Nelle one last time. Willow wanted to leave Nelle in the past.

Shortly after, Michael and Willow sat at the bar. He asked if she was okay, but he knew she wasn't. Willow admitted she wasn't sure, but she admitted she would always hate Nelle, who had been responsible for all the good in Willow's life. Michael argued that the good in Willow's life had been a result of Willow's choices. He cited that Willow could have been angry and taken it out on others like Nelle had.

Willow replied that she'd had Chase there to support her. "Until he wasn't," she said. Michael felt like things had been like the old days with Chase, and Willow admitted she'd felt like that, too. She conveyed that there were two Chases: one who had loved her and the other who had thrown her away. Michael believed that Chase regretted it and missed Willow. Michael didn't know what Chase wanted, and Willow told him it didn't matter.

Willow couldn't imagine getting back together with Chase because she would always remember his betrayal as they had a nice dinner and poured the wine. She concluded that it would hurt to pretend that everything was okay. Michael grabbed her hand and extended an offer. He thought that as long as they were still married, he had a lot of studying to do to learn about wines for his new position. He asked Willow if she'd study with him and enjoy dinners and wine.

Willow assured Michael she wasn't giving up wine and would love to take part. She told him he was making an annulment difficult because he had given her someone to trust and talk to. She planned to honor their marriage for as long as it lasted. Michael planned to do the same.

Sonny found Jason in the kitchen when he returned home. Sonny revealed that he had been with Diane as they'd gone over Mike's will. While Mike hadn't had a lot, he'd had a piece of a dream, Sonny said. He showed Jason a photo of a horse; Mike had owned it, and Sonny would buy out the other owners.

Sadly, Sonny explained that his father was gone, and he couldn't continue to try to keep doing what he thought Mike would have wanted. He had to let Mike go. Jason revealed that Brando had accepted a job with Cyrus and knew what to expect. Sonny asked how it would go if Brando was ordered to kill him. Jason didn't think that Cyrus would try that again. Jason believed that Cyrus gaining control of the hospital, police, and mayor would leave Sonny isolated.

Jason thought that Cyrus would attempt to take Sonny out in that way and take over Port Charles. He thought it would be hard, though, because Cyrus didn't have loyalty and secrecy. Sonny was concerned that Brando would get closer to Cyrus, but they would take Cyrus down if he broke their truce.

Nina stood alone at Nelle's graveside as the priest said a prayer. She was surprised when Chase showed up, and she thanked the father when the prayer was over. Chase realized that he would have still been working in Maine if he hadn't met Nelle, so he'd benefited from her. Nina was convinced that if Nelle could have had one person to support her, she'd have turned out differently.

Chase noted that he'd been fooled by Nelle in life, and if Nina thought she could have saved her, she'd been fooled in death. He felt that Nelle had had ample chances to turn her life around, with plenty of people to support her. She had been broken and had never been able to accept love, kindness or support.

Nina revealed that she'd made some horrible choices throughout her own life, but she'd had friends and family to fight for her. Nelle had had no one, and Nina could only give her a decent burial in order for her to rest in peace. After Chase left, Nina apologized to the young woman in the grave. Nelle hadn't deserved the life she'd had, and Nina wished things had been different.

Nina was shocked when Carly arrived.

Britt meets with Jax Britt meets with Jax
Friday, October 23, 2020

Cameron was clearing tables outside of Kelly's when Trina arrived. She hadn't heard from him in a while and she wanted to know what was going on with him. He apologized for his new job keeping him busy, and he thought back to reading Josslyn's faked journal entry about their kiss. She made sure that he wasn't too busy to help her clear Taggert's name, and he promised to help. She was thankful to her friends for their help, but she could sense that Cameron had been holding something back. Cameron admitted that he was afraid he'd messed things up with their friend group, as he had feelings for Trina and Josslyn at the same time.

Cameron continued that he felt like a jerk, but Trina blamed herself for sending him mixed signals. He was ecstatic to not be alone in being confused by feelings. Trina assured him that feelings were messy, and they could frequently change. They both confided that they'd thought about their kiss a lot, and Cameron wondered what they were supposed to do. "This," Trina said, and she grabbed him and kissed him.

When Trina pulled away, she confirmed that they were only supposed to be friends. "What about me?" he wondered, and she replied that her ego would love for him to have a crush on her forever. Cameron asked for her opinion on him and Josslyn, but she didn't want to get involved. Cameron decided that, since it was their senior year, he just wanted to have fun and have a break from the relationship drama. "For how long?" Trina teased.

Josslyn was about to leave the house when Dev caught her and asked where she was going. Josslyn was adamant on talking to Cameron, as he'd been ignoring her since they'd kissed at the dance. She thought that they needed to clarify where they stood. Dev didn't want to see her hurt, but he figured that Cameron's silence meant that he wasn't into her. Josslyn wanted to talk to Cameron, since they'd been friends for so long, but Dev thought that talking would just create drama in the friend group.

Later, Dev was gone, and Trina arrived at Josslyn's. She confirmed that everyone was in on helping her clear her father's name. Trina joked about Cameron's claims of wanting to take a break from relationship drama for their senior year. "Sounds good to me," Josslyn halfheartedly replied. Trina thought that less time spent on drama would mean more time clearing Taggert's name.

Dev entered Kelly's, wanting to check in with Cameron after reading from Josslyn's journal. Cameron didn't want Josslyn to know that he'd read it, and he asked Dev not to say anything. "It stays between us," Dev agreed with a smirk.

Julian looked at an unsigned postcard from Pentonville that read, "Dear Julian, How's it hanging? Need Sonny's mailing address -- he's unlisted. Please advise." He left Ava a message wondering if she'd heard from Ryan, and he urged her to call him back. Sam entered Charlie's, and Julian asked what he could do for her. She told him about Alexis falling off the wagon, and he promised to do whatever he could to help. Just then, they saw Cyrus enter, and a disgusted Sam insisted that she didn't need Julian's help. Julian advised Cyrus that he was in the middle of something with Sam, but Sam chimed in, "We're done here."

Cyrus launched into another pitch about buying Charlie's. Sam's phone went off, interrupting the pitch, and she walked away to answer Molly's call. She proposed meeting to discuss Alexis, as their mother had been "off." At the bar, Julian chided Cyrus for talking about business in front of his daughter. He also again refused to sell the bar. Cyrus suggested keeping Julian on as manager and giving him a "substantial salary" to evolve their partnership. Julian reminded Cyrus that they had no partnership, but Cyrus countered that they'd entered into one as soon as Cyrus had provided an alibi for Julian.

Julian wondered if Cyrus was threatening him, but Cyrus claimed he'd only been reminding Julian of the "good turn" Cyrus had done. Cyrus left, and Julian made a phone call. As he told someone that he needed to make someone disappear, Sam returned. He hung up, and he asked Sam what he could do for Alexis. Sam instructed him not to serve Alexis if she went to Charlie's, and he was offended that she'd think that he would do that. "The list of things you would never do gets smaller and smaller," she replied. She warned him to leave Alexis alone, and she stormed out.

Jax bumped into Jordan and Curtis at the Metro Court restaurant. He told Curtis that Nina had mentioned she'd hired Curtis to help find her child. Curtis questioned whose idea it had been to keep the search going. Jordan walked away so the two could talk. Curtis wanted to make sure that Jax wasn't manipulating Nina with the search for her child like Valentin had. "Absolutely not," Jax promised. Both expressed that they appreciated the other looking out for Nina. They both worried that no child existed, but each man was glad that Nina had the other's support. "We'll be there," Curtis said, and the two shook hands.

Alexis sat down at the Metro Court bar and ordered a vodka on the rocks. Britt sat down later and ordered a glass of wine. A drunk Alexis suggested that Britt switch to vodka, but Britt answered that it was too strong for her, since she had a meeting soon. "Meetings. I remember those," Alexis said wistfully. Britt wondered if there was someone she could call for Alexis. "A dating service," Alexis said, and she babbled on about how her boyfriend had died, and she was looking for a new one. Britt asked how many drinks Alexis had had. Alexis didn't want Britt to report back to Julian, but Britt insisted that she didn't report to him.

Britt apologetically told Alexis that she hadn't known that the relationship between Alexis and Neil was supposed to have been a secret. Alexis appreciated that Britt hadn't been actively trying to destroy her life. Jordan approached and asked Britt for a minute of her time. "Do you need an attorney? I don't have a license," Alexis commented. They walked away, and a concerned Jax walked over to Alexis. She informed him that it was exactly what it looked like, and Sam knew, so he shouldn't "sound the alarm." She asked him to join her for drink and not a "lecture, pity party, or intervention." A few minutes later, Jax was gone, and Alexis ordered another drink.

Outside of the restaurant, Jordan informed Britt that public health and law enforcement went hand in hand, and she wanted to continue the collaboration she'd had with Britt's predecessor. Britt agreed and asked how the hospital could help. Jordan listed off a few things to watch out for, and she concluded with "drug abuse." Britt replied that Cyrus had mentioned drug abuse, as well, and she praised him for his "progressive" view of decriminalization. Jax emerged from the restaurant, and Britt disclosed that she had a meeting scheduled with him, so Jordan left.

Jax sat down, and Britt joked about how obsessed Liesl was with him. He congratulated her on the job, and he asked what she'd called the meeting for. She revealed that she needed money for a new research program she was developing at the hospital. Jax wondered why Cyrus couldn't donate the money, since he'd already had enough to buy his way onto the board. Britt answered that Cyrus couldn't give enough to sustain the program, and she knew that Jax had a history with the hospital. He commented that he also had a history with Monica, and Britt disclosed that some things were out of her control.

Jax told Britt that sometimes one had to work with people they didn't care for in business, and he hoped that Britt didn't know anything about Cyrus' dealings. However, he also thought it was possible that she understood who Cyrus was and didn't care, and he didn't want to do business with people like that. "As long as Cyrus is in charge, the Bank of Jax is closed," he concluded. Britt snapped that it was interesting how he could have such high standards for others, considering who his brother was. Jax insisted that he'd severed ties with Jerry years before. "Keep telling yourself that," she called out to his back as he left.

A few minutes later, Britt put in a call to Cyrus. She informed him that she'd met with Jax. Cyrus wondered if she'd secured the financial backing. "Not exactly," she answered.

Jordan sat down at a table with Curtis, and the two wondered why Jax and Britt could be meeting. Jordan informed him that she'd tried to figure out whether or not to focus on Britt as a way to get to Cyrus, but she wasn't sure yet. Curtis assumed that Britt was either in on it or looking the other way. Jordan only knew that Cyrus wasn't putting money into the hospital for any good reason.

Nina was standing at Nelle's grave when Carly arrived. Nina was surprised to see her, so Nina wondered why Carly couldn't let Nelle go. Carly admitted that she didn't know, but she hoped visiting would help her forget about Nelle. She looked forward to the day when she didn't have to think about Nelle, who would become a distant memory. Nina didn't think it would be possible for Carly to forget about Nelle, since Nelle was Wiley's mother. Carly snapped that Wiley might have a hard time accepting his "nightmare" of a mother, but he would have plenty of family to support him.

Carly accused Nina of making Nelle's death about herself, and she insisted that Nelle couldn't have been saved. Nina reminded Carly that, since Nelle was dead, Carly didn't have to fight Nelle anymore. "Why isn't that enough?" Nina wondered, and she stormed out of the cemetery. Carly kneeled next to the grave and asked herself why she couldn't let it go. She reached out for a flower on the grave, and a hand suddenly popped out from under the dirt to grab Carly's arm. "Let me go!" she screamed as she struggled to break free, knocking over the headstone in the process.

Nina returned and demanded to know how the headstone had gotten knocked over. A shaken Carly claimed that she'd tripped, but Nina didn't believe her. Nina put in a call to Jax and asked him to meet her at the cemetery, as "your ex-wife is having a moment." Jax arrived a short while later as Nina attempted to fix the headstone. "I hope you have more luck," Nina growled at Jax, and she left. Jax wanted to know what was going on with Carly, but she insisted that it was nothing that needed to be discussed. "It's over and done with," she said, cringing at the gravesite.

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