General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 26, 2020 on GH
Franco was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Alex showed up at Anna's house. Spinelli and Sam tricked Peter. Sasha's drug use became apparent to several. Taggert resurfaced. Ryan vowed to make Ava pay for deceiving him. Epiphany and Milo broke up. Finn and Jackie discussed their past.
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Franco was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, and Alex showed up at Anna's house
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Anna and Finn break into a lab Anna and Finn break into a lab
Monday, October 26, 2020

Julian was on the phone as he walked up to the front door of Charlie's. He told the person on the phone that he knew Ryan was in isolation, but there had to be someone who could "handle" Ryan for Julian. He listened for a few moments and said, "Thanks for nothing," and he hung up. He entered Charlie's and found Alexis ordering another drink at the bar. "Nix that," Julian told the bartender as he approached. He instructed the bartender that that customer was getting cut off, and he asked for a minute with Alexis.

When the bartender was gone, Julian wondered why Alexis was at his bar when she could be drinking alone at home. She replied that she didn't care who saw her. Julian believed that she was either looking for a fight or looking for someone to stop her. Alexis shot back that she wouldn't go to him if she wanted to stop, but he reminded her of the night she'd called him from another bar after falling off the wagon. She explained that no one else had answered the phone, and that "this time," she didn't want to be sober. "You're the reason I'm an alcoholic," she growled.

Julian pleaded with Alexis to let him help her, but she blamed him for getting disbarred, for Neil losing his medical license and turning to drugs, and for Neil's death. "Haven't you done enough?" she asked. She informed him that everything he touched turned to garbage, "including me." She urged him to save himself instead of her and leave her alone. He finally agreed, but he refused to let her "piss away your life" in his bar. He informed her that he would call her a car, and if she didn't listen, he would call her daughters. She told him that, aside from Sam, he'd been a cancer on her life, and she couldn't wait until she never had to see him again. She ran out the door in tears.

At the hospital, Finn and Anna discussed their plan to get into the lab. Finn instructed her to say that she was there for a phlebotomy appointment if anyone asked. He made sure that she still wanted to go through with the plan, and she answered that it was the only way to prove whether or not Peter was her son. Finn disagreed, but Anna thought it was too convenient that Faison's genetic material was being studied by Kevin in the lab. She hoped that Faison had the marker for rheumatoid arthritis so that she could tell Peter that she "might" be his mother, as opposed to telling him that she wasn't. She believed that she was the one thing tethering Peter to "the good side," and she feared cutting that tie.

Consumed by his work in the lab, Kevin was startled when someone entered the room. He turned and saw Lulu, who had packed some dinner for him. He sensed that dinner wasn't the only reason for Lulu's visit, and she divulged everything about Dante's return to town. He could see that she wasn't sure what to do, as she loved Dustin, and part of her would always love Dante. Kevin assured her that no one expected her to sort through her feelings immediately, and he advised her to take her time. Lulu sighed in relief. Just then, her phone went off. She had to go, but she thanked him for listening, and he walked out of the lab with her.

A short while later, Anna and Finn arrived in front of the lab, and Anna picked the lock. They searched around in the dark room with flashlights, and Anna hoped that there would be a slide with Faison's DNA sitting around. Finn wondered why she couldn't just ask Kevin for help. She explained that Peter had donated Faison's body to science, so any other use of it had to be signed off on by Peter, which would defeat the purpose of keeping him in the dark. Speaking of being in the dark, Finn commented about how dark it was in the room. Just then, the lights went on, and the two saw Kevin standing in the doorway. "Is that better?" he asked.

Finn claimed that Anna had gotten dizzy after her phlebotomy appointment, so they'd found a place to sit down before getting her some food in the cafeteria. The two rushed toward the door, but Kevin mentioned that he remembered locking the door before he'd left. Dropping the act, Anna asked to speak to Kevin alone, as he deserved to know the truth. Finn left, and he got a text message on his way out from Chase, who was wondering if Finn had had second thoughts about their dinner plans. Referencing the memory experiments Dr. Cabot had performed on both her and Alex, Anna revealed to a surprised Kevin that she didn't know if Peter was her son, and Kevin was the only person who could help her get the truth.

Maxie sat with Peter at the Floating Rib and told him about Lulu's recent relationship drama. Just then, Dante entered the bar, and Maxie jumped up to hug him. Peter gave the two some time to catch up and headed over to the bar. Maxie welcomed Dante home and told him how much she'd missed him. He admitted that it was weird to be back, and she assured him that he would adjust. He asked about her life, and she told him about how grown up her kids were, leaving Crimson, joining Deception, and having a baby with Peter, to whom she was engaged.

Dante was surprised about Maxie and Peter being together, and he reminded her that Peter was the reason that Nathan was dead. She informed him that she thought about Nathan all the time. Dante thought that she was making a big mistake with Peter. Maxie vented about how she'd been getting earfuls about Peter from Robert and Spinelli nonstop. She urged him not to make her choose, as she didn't want to fight with him. Dante conceded that Nathan would have wanted her to be happy and loved, and that was all he wanted for her, too.

Jackie opened the door of her hotel room and found Robert with a big bouquet of flowers. She invited him in and inquired about the reason for his visit. Robert admitted that he was hoping she'd reconsidered her position in helping him take down Peter. "Return to sender!" she yelled, handing the bouquet back to him. She informed him that, if she discovered something bad about Peter, she would write a story about it, as she wasn't a cop. She urged him to "get off your ass and prove it" if Peter was that bad.

Changing the subject, Robert wondered what the deal was between Finn and his father, as he was under the impression that Finn was angry with his father for remarrying so soon after Finn's mother's death. "It's not that simple," Jackie replied, and she added that it also wasn't Robert's business. He insisted that he was only looking out for Anna. Just then, Jackie's phone rang, and she answered it to Peter. Peter informed her that her terms and conditions had been approved by the company, so she was free to start working with Lulu as early as the next day. She told him that she looked forward to working with him, and she hung up.

Robert revealed that he'd had fun hanging out with Jackie "the other night," which had made him think about the old days. He considered her a good friend, and he'd recently been reminded to not take relationships for granted. She told him that her schedule was erratic, but they could try to figure out another day to spend time together. "It's a date," he agreed, and he left. A few minutes later, there was a knock on her door. She assumed that it was Robert, but she was shocked to open the door to Finn.

Lulu arrived at the Floating Rib, and she and Dante were surprised to see each other. "What are the odds?" Dante joked. Peter approached, happy to see Lulu, but Maxie pulled him back to the bar for some non-alcoholic drinks. Dante couldn't believe that Maxie was pregnant, and Lulu commented that "life keeps moving along, whether we like it or not."

At Kelly's, Jason and Sam sat at a table outside, and Sam talked about some fun Halloween activities she wanted to do with the kids. Jason said that he would try to be there, but he had to be ready in case the situation with Cyrus changed. Sam wondered if she should be leaving town with the kids, but Jason promised to tell her anything she needed to know like he always did. Spinelli arrived and sat with them, and they talked about Brando's new job with Cyrus. Jason figured it would take a little while for Brando to get any pertinent information.

In the meantime, Spinelli suggested that he and Jason focus on Peter, who'd been "contained but not neutralized." Spinelli hoped that Peter would be gone before Maxie had the baby, as it would be harder for her to get away from Peter after that. Spinelli mentioned how Nelle had confirmed Peter's connection to Shiloh, and Sam demanded to know the details. Spinelli updated her on his conversation with Nelle at the Nurses Ball, from which he'd deduced that all of the evidence against Liesl had been fabricated by Peter to frame her.

"What about Anna?" Spinelli asked. Jason explained that Anna was seeing what she wanted to see, despite her status as a "super spy." Sam wanted to go into the restaurant to get another drink, and Jason offered to accompany her. Inside, she expressed how hurt she was that he'd never told her about Peter's Shiloh connection. She understood him not telling her information related to Sonny's business, but she reminded him that that didn't apply to every aspect of his life. He insisted that he wasn't trying to keep things from her on purpose, and it just hadn't crossed his mind to tell her. She replied that that was a problem they needed to figure out.

Robert arrived outside of Kelly's and asked Spinelli how things were with Maxie. Spinelli admitted that it had been difficult to sell, but Maxie believed that he supported her marriage to Peter. Just then, Robert got a text from Olivia telling him about Dante's release from the Geneva facility. The two men were surprised, as they'd thought that Dante had more treatment to go. They wondered why Dante would have been released so early.

Finn and Jackie's real relationship is revealed Finn and Jackie's real relationship is revealed
Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Carly was surprised to see Jax answer the door at the penthouse that Nina had purchased from Ava. She held a bottle of red wine taken from Sonny's wine cellar and had been prepared to give it to Nina as a peace offering. Jax informed Carly that Nina was at a meeting, and he added that Nina didn't drink red wine.

Carly offered to exchange the bottle of red for white, but Jax didn't think that Nina would forgive Carly for knocking over Nelle's headstone at the cemetery. Jax asked Carly what she had been doing at the cemetery because she shouldn't have been there. Carly suggested they open the bottle of wine, and she would tell him everything.

After being caught breaking into Kevin's lab at the hospital, Anna explained that she wasn't certain that Peter was her son. She had hoped that Kevin would help her. Anna confessed that parts of her past were a blur, and she could only recall the night of conception with Faison, Peter's birth, and his adoption. She had millions of memories of Robin's birth and had doubts about Peter after learning of the memory transplant.

Anna declared that she couldn't account for many dates, although that had been the life of an agent. She wasn't sure she wanted to know the truth. She sat down on a stool, and Kevin grabbed another for himself. He offered his help, and Anna explained that she had narrowed Peter's marker for rheumatoid arthritis down to Faison and Alex.

Anna acknowledged that she and Finn had been aware that Kevin had possession of Faison's brain, and she'd hoped for a sample to test. Kevin made it clear that he wouldn't release Faison's remains to Anna because they had been donated for research. They would need Peter's consent; he assumed that Anna had already known that, hence her break-in of his office.

Kevin divulged that he had already scheduled testing to learn about the relationship between sociopathy and autoimmune diseases and thought it would be worthy to test for things like diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. A teary-eyed Anna thanked Kevin. He made a phone call and told her that he had put a rush on the results. They'd have them the following day.

At the Floating Rib, Maxie apologized to Peter for taking some time to talk to Dante. She admitted that he had had reservations about their engagement, but "time stood still" for him.

Nearby, Dante chatted with Lulu. He admitted to being surprised about Maxie's news, but time had gone on. "Whether we like it or not," Lulu replied. They made small talk, and Lulu told him he'd definitely been missed on the softball team. Dustin arrived with a gift, and things were awkward as Lulu attempted to smooth things over between the two men in her life.

Dante admitted he hadn't been invited to Maxie and Peter's engagement party and had merely stopped by for a beer. Dustin suggested he stay in order for them to get to know each other. Dante retorted that with Dustin sharing a house with his son, Dante was the one who should get to know Dustin. Maxie and Peter rushed over, and Maxie exclaimed over Dustin's late arrival. He informed her he'd been tied up at school, and he handed her the gift.

Dante wanted to leave but asked to talk to Peter privately first. They wandered over to the bar, where Dante extended an apology for his reaction to Peter's engagement. He claimed to have been worried that Nathan would be forgotten. Peter understood and asked Dante about job prospects. Dante thought he could do security work, although he had a gap in his résumé. Peter thought he might have a lead.

Lulu was sorry about Dante's appearance, but Maxie assured her it had been great to see him. She stated that he'd been mostly supportive of her engagement, and the remainder of his opinion had been forgotten. Dustin announced that he would be permanently moving in with Lulu, and Maxie wondered why she was only just hearing about it.

Lulu stammered that a lot had happened, like new furniture. Maxie went off to call her sitter, and Dustin wondered if Lulu no longer wanted him to move in. Lulu insisted that she'd had no time to process anything or tell the kids, especially after Dante's return. She loved Dustin, and nothing changed that. Dustin hugged Lulu and told her he loved her.

Sasha arrived at Metro Court and wiped her nose before heading to the bar. She was unruly but smiling and overly happy, and she attempted to order a drink. The bartender suggested water. Valentin wandered over to her and made a comment about how happy she seemed. Sasha grabbed a cherry from someone else's drink, and the bartender took offense. Valentin offered to take Sasha to her room, and he gently tried to steer her away. "Get your hands off me," Sasha shouted.

Just then, Chase drew close and ordered Valentin to back off. Valentin attempted to tell Chase that he'd misread the situation, and Valentin had been trying to prevent Sasha from making a scene. He whispered that he'd called Chase previously because Sasha had needed a friend, and it appeared that she still did. Sasha announced that she was fine, and Chase told her to stop lying because Valentin had been trying to help.

Chase revealed that Valentin had called him after the Deception presentation, but he'd gotten caught up in Brook Lynn. He declared that Sasha had had mood swings. Sasha furiously snapped that she only wanted to forget her problems, especially after the sacrifice they had made and what they'd given up. She wanted to have fun. Chase hoped that Sasha would tell him if there was something else, but she insisted there wasn't. She didn't need a babysitter. Chase told her to call a rideshare if she opted to go elsewhere.

Nina sat with Curtis at a table and thanked him for helping her to search for her child. Curtis handed her a folder on all of the Phyllis Caulfields he'd spotted after accessing a database on nurses in the state of New York. He had narrowed it to six women. They didn't know if Caulfield had been the woman's birth name or married name.

Curtis continued that he would have to do an extensive background search and would possibly need to hire others to help him. He thought it could be too expensive a project, but Nina didn't care. Valentin stood nearby and eavesdropped before stopping at the table and offering to pay. Curtis referred to Valentin's offer as "blood money," and Valentin called it penance. Nina wanted to speak to Valentin alone, and Curtis left the table.

Nina stood up and walked a short distance. Valentin related that he still felt bad about Sasha, but Nina informed him that she had money and would do anything she had to do in order to not take money from Valentin. She didn't want him anywhere near the search. She grabbed her half-heart necklace and told him she'd moved on. She was quite happy with Jax. Valentin wondered where Carly fit in, since she was always first with Jax. Valentin cared about Nina.

Finn paid a visit to Jackie in her Metro Court room. She was surprised to see him, and he admitted he was surprised to be there. Finn made it clear that they needed to talk. Jackie told him she'd be meeting with Chase, and Finn noted that Chase wanted a family dinner. As Jackie straightened up her room, she noted that Chase had asked her to "mend fences."

Finn wanted Chase to continue to believe that Finn was angry at his father's quick remarriage, but Jackie thought he needed to hear the truth of what had happened between her and Finn. Jackie, who insisted on calling Chase by his given name of Harry, maintained that her son was an investigator and would figure things out. He had only been aware that she and Gregory had met through Finn when she'd shadowed him and other young doctors in Boston.

Finn recalled that he and Jackie had spent lots of time together, but Jackie insisted she'd stuck to her "standards" after having made mistakes in the past. Finn pointed out that she'd "hooked up" with his father after shadowing Finn. Jackie didn't feel the need to defend herself, but Finn asked about her marriage to his father after she'd slept with Finn the night before the wedding.

Jackie declared that Finn wasn't innocent, and it had been mutual. Finn thought she would have postponed her wedding, and Jackie admitted she'd had feelings for Finn but hadn't been able to admit it. She cared about Gregory but would have called off the wedding if Finn had admitted his own feelings instead of telling her to forget him after his kiss. She had looked for him at the wedding and after, but Finn had never shown up. They had made their choices.

Jackie said that while torn between Finn and Gregory, her marriage and her son had been part of her best years. She added that Finn had been the one who had wanted to keep things secret. Jackie had thought about telling the truth early, but too much time had passed, and there was too much to lose. She knew that Chase only wanted a family. Finn wasn't sure he could "bridge the gap" with his father, who thought that Finn hated him.

There was a knock at the door, and Finn grabbed Jackie's hand. He thought that things could get too complicated, "given what's at stake." Jackie opened the door to Chase, who was surprised to see Finn. He reminded Jackie that she was to have met him at the bar. He asked about Finn's presence. "Enough is enough," Finn replied. He announced that he and Anna would join Chase and Jackie for dinner. Chase hugged his big brother with glee.

At the Metro Court bar, Sasha seemed drunk as she bothered the bartender about changing the music. She flaunted the fact that she knew the owner and had dated her son. Suddenly, she accidentally knocked a collection of glasses off of the bar and onto the floor. As she stooped to pick up the contents of her spilled purse, Curtis rushed over to help. Hurriedly, Sasha covered up her cocaine packet. Valentin and Nina rushed to the rescue, also, but Sasha laughed and said that she'd been clumsy.

Sasha assured the bartender she'd pay for the glasses, and Nina asked if Sasha was okay. Curtis pulled Nina aside and told her that Sasha was "high as a kite," and it hadn't been the first time. The bartender wanted to call security, but Valentin announced his intention to pay for the damages. He put some money onto the bar and told the bartender to keep the extra. Nina offered to escort Sasha out.

Sasha tried to shrug Nina off, but Nina insisted she couldn't stand to see anyone in pain. She knew that Sasha was high. They left, and Valentin told Curtis he'd smoothed things over with the bartender. He had noticed Nina's concern after she'd spoken to Curtis, and Valentin wondered what had been said. "I think Nina's got it handled," Curtis said as he walked away.

Back at the penthouse, Jax poured a couple of glasses of wine, and Carly told him about the nightmares she'd been having with Nelle being present in them. She wondered if she could have saved Nelle, and she knew that Wiley would want to know about his mother. Carly didn't feel guilty, but she felt as if the nightmares were a warning of some kind. She had no clue what it could be, but she thought that something had happened the night of Nelle's fall that she'd forgotten about.

Carly was aware that it just didn't make sense, and Jax urged her to think about something else. He was sure she would get through it. Carly was pacified, and she hugged Jax in thanks. Just then, Nina and Sasha walked in. Nina glared at Carly.

Peter, Maxie, Lulu, and Dustin sat at a table at the Floating Rib. Peter stated that Dante had been polite. Peter had been thinking about a possible threat to the newspaper personnel due to the story they'd be investigating on Cyrus. He suggested that Dante be hired for security.

Dante left the restaurant and sent a text message to someone. He stated that he had infiltrated Peter's operation and was in.

Ava stabs Nikolas Ava stabs Nikolas
Wednesday, October 28, 2020

At Wyndemere, Ava found the dinner table set and a rose on the table. She walked out with the rose in her hand to find Nikolas, who observed that she'd gotten his message. As she gripped a knife behind her back, she wondered why he'd lured her out there. Nikolas clarified that he'd invited her, but she wondered if he saw another trip for her off the parapet as a "permanent solution" to their situation. He asked what was behind her back, and she replied, "Insurance."

Nikolas insisted that he didn't want Ava dead, but she thought that he wanted her out of his life so that he could have the money and Elizabeth. He thought back to the kiss he'd shared with Elizabeth, but he maintained that he had nothing but history and friendship with Elizabeth. He challenged her to tell him that she had sought nothing from outside their marriage, and she thought back to her kiss with Franco. He remembered that she'd told him to divorce her if his feelings were real, so he led her back inside and showed her the divorce papers he'd had drawn up. She wondered what the catch was. He replied that the price of a divorce was that, while she could have everything she asked for, she couldn't have him.

Ava accused Nikolas of giving her an ultimatum, but he clarified that it was a gamble for him on their night together not being just a one-night stand. He challenged her to own up to her feelings like he had. Ava angrily admitted that she had feelings for him, but they complicated things. He thought that her admission made things clearer than ever, but she vaguely explained that "certain people may pay" if they stayed married. He told her to just sign the divorce papers, but she asked for a minute to think. She turned toward him and accidentally stabbed him with the knife in her hand.

In shock, Ava observed that Nikolas was bleeding, and she dropped the knife. She ripped his shirt open, and the two kissed. Later, the two were in various stages of undress as he cleaned his wound. She asked what they were supposed to do with the divorce papers, and he informed her that they weren't real. "Arrogant son of a bitch," she spat as she slapped him. "Is it arrogant if I'm right?" he said with a grin. She grabbed the papers and left the room. "She likes me. She really likes me," he smiled.

Elizabeth got off the elevator at the hospital and bumped into Willow. She wondered if Willow was returning to work, but Willow replied that she'd been informed the hospital no longer needed a full-time teacher. She confided that she was applying for the nurse training program, and Elizabeth exclaimed that Willow would be a great fit. Willow continued that life had been good, and she mentioned her and Michael annulling their marriage. Elizabeth commented that sometimes the most unlikely marriages were the ones built to last, but it was no one's business. Willow praised Michael, and she wanted him to share all of his good qualities with someone. "It sounds like he already is," Elizabeth observed.

Franco grabbed his snack from a vending machine at the hospital, and Epiphany wondered if he was done yet. He apologized, as there were so many things to choose from. She stood in front of the vending machine and demanded to know if Franco had taken the last chocolate bar. She yelled that the only thing getting her through "eight hours of pencil-pushing hell" was knowing that there was a chocolate bar waiting for her. He wondered if she wanted half of it, and she growled that she wanted justice, satisfaction, and her job back. Cyrus approached and doubted that she would get it with that attitude.

Cyrus introduced himself to Franco and apologized for how his busy life had kept him from meeting Franco for so long. "Busy firing half the staff and alienating the rest," Epiphany muttered. Cyrus was sad to hear about the low morale from a "highly respected voice" in the hospital, and he promised to mention it to Britt. Cyrus offered for them to go to his office to talk about their ideas, but Franco informed Cyrus that they had plans for karaoke night at the Floating Rib. He invited Cyrus along, and Cyrus agreed. When Cyrus was gone, Epiphany glared at Franco and cursed him for inviting "the devil himself." Franco offered to make it up to her by buying a round at the bar.

At the Floating Rib, Brook Lynn sat in a booth and looked at a flyer for the karaoke night. Chase arrived at sat with her, and she promised to be out of his hair soon. Chase apologized for judging her choices, and he agreed to let her stay a little longer. He also conceded that "bringing families together is not in my skill set." Brook Lynn swore she was going to find a place, "but not tonight," and she showed him the karaoke night flyer. He remembered that her doctor had said she'd no longer be able to sing. She replied that it was unlikely, not impossible, and she wanted to see what would happen. She jumped up from the table.

Michael was hitting a punching bag at the gym as he thought back to kissing Willow. Dante arrived and observed that his brother was blowing off steam, and Dante could relate. He knew that Michael couldn't stand the thought of losing Willow. Michael revealed that he wasn't losing her, as they would still be co-parenting after their annulment. Dante wondered if the two had decided together, or if Michael had just told Willow what he'd thought she'd wanted to hear. Michael admitted that he wanted to figure out the marriage for real and make a life with Willow, but he hadn't told her. "Idiot," Dante stated.

Dante advised Michael that making life-altering decisions based on what he thought Willow would want wasn't fair to either of them. Just then, Willow arrived and sensed that she'd interrupted something. Dante replied that he was just giving Michael some brotherly advice, and Willow hoped that Michael took the advice. Willow had a class to get to, but she asked if Michael could take her home if he didn't mind waiting. He agreed, and she walked away. "I rest my case," Dante said with a smirk.

A short while later, Willow returned and told Michael that she'd blown off her class. She wanted to hear Dante's advice, but Michael informed her that Dante had left. She asked to hear it, and Michael reluctantly told her that Dante thought they should stay together. Willow remarked on how many fans they had. Both decided to get a shower before leaving, so they went into their separate locker rooms. When Michael was in the shower, he fantasized about Willow joining him. When Willow was in the shower, she fantasized about Michael joining her. When they were both finally done and dressed, they met up and left the gym together.

Carly and Jax were locked in an embrace when Nina returned home with Sasha in tow. "Just the person I needed to see," Carly exclaimed. Jax asked about Nina's meeting with Curtis, and she revealed that he was one step closer to finding her child. Carly was happy that Nina was continuing her search. Nina told Sasha where the shower and robes were and advised her to take her time. Sasha protested, but Nina insisted. When Sasha was gone, Nina would only say that Sasha wasn't feeling well. Carly offered to go talk to Sasha, so she walked toward the bathroom.

Jax informed Nina that Carly had visited with wine as an apology for her "scene" at the cemetery. Nina related that she and Carly never needed to talk about Nelle again. Jax figured that it would be awhile before Carly stopped looking over her shoulder for Nelle, and Nina was glad that Carly had him in her corner. Nina added that others might not understand Jax and Carly's relationship, but Nina did. "What other people?" Jax wondered. "It's not important," Nina replied. Jax reasoned that any time two people who were co-parenting got along, people talked.

Sasha locked herself in the bathroom and got out her baggie of drugs. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Carly asked Sasha to let her in. Sasha asked for a minute as she got her credit card out. Carly called out that she was worried, so Sasha put her things away and opened the door. Carly questioned why a nice girl like Sasha would "have a face like that." Sasha insisted that she was fine, not that it would matter if she wasn't. Carly thought that if Michael had known about Sasha's sacrifices, he would care. Sasha replied that she would never take away Michael's family by telling him, and Carly shouldn't, either. She grabbed her things and ran out of the bathroom.

Out in the living room, Nina asked if Sasha had found everything all right, but Sasha replied that she wasn't staying. She insisted that she'd only needed a moment to catch her breath, so Nina shouldn't give it another thought. She left the apartment as Carly emerged from the hall. Carly knew that Sasha was in a bad place and needed help, but Sasha hadn't wanted to listen to her. Nina answered that they couldn't keep Sasha there against her will, so they'd done the best they could for the night. "No, I can do better," Carly said, and she left.

Epiphany and Elizabeth grabbed a table at the Floating Rib, and Elizabeth asked Epiphany what was going on. Eventually convinced to share, Epiphany cried that she and Milo were breaking up. She explained that he'd been away for months, opening more franchises of his gym. She hated to admit it, but she and Milo had grown apart. She didn't want Elizabeth to make a big deal about it, but Elizabeth urged her not to bottle it up. Cyrus arrived and offered to buy the round that Franco was up at the bar getting. Brook Lynn appeared onstage with a microphone, and the music started. She tried to start singing multiple times, but she claimed it was in the wrong key and ran offstage. Chase followed her.

Brook Lynn was crying outside of the Floating Rib when Chase found her. He tried to coax her back inside by offering to do a duet with her, but she cried that she'd jumped in too soon. She called the performance her "swan song like nails on a chalkboard." Chase tried to reassure her, but she didn't know what she had if she didn't have music, which was her purpose in life. She ran off, and he ran after her.

Franco and Cyrus approached Epiphany and Elizabeth's table with everyone's drinks, and Cyrus asked to see the songbook. Elizabeth handed it over, and he flipped through it as Franco made suggestions. "Not today, Satan," Epiphany muttered as she stormed off to the stage. As the music started, Franco explained that Epiphany was just having a bad day. When Epiphany was done singing, Cyrus wondered how anyone could follow her. "The chairman of the board could!" Franco chimed in, amused at his own joke. "I could be persuaded," Cyrus replied, but his phone went off, and he requested a rain check.

Outside, Sasha was on the phone and asked someone for a refill. A few minutes later, she called the person back and asked where they were. She screamed that they couldn't leave her hanging, and when it was clear that the person had hung up, she threw her phone and screamed. Cyrus approached her and cracked that there were cheaper ways to channel her frustration. He asked her what the trouble was, and how he could help.

At the Floating Rib, Elizabeth excused herself to go to the bathroom. Franco commended Epiphany on a great performance, and he promised to get her some chocolate "next time." She told him that she would call it even if he bought the next round, and he called it a deal. Epiphany started talking about how helpful Elizabeth had been, and Franco replied, "Doorknob." "Say again?" Epiphany asked. Franco suddenly collapsed on the floor.

A health scare lands Franco in the hospital A health scare lands Franco in the hospital
Thursday, October 29, 2020

Nikolas arrived at Charlie's, and Julian greeted the "Prince of Darkness." Nikolas advised Julian to drop whatever scheme he'd dragged Ava into, because "lucky for you, I'm gonna save you." Julian insisted that he didn't need saving, and he instructed Nikolas to keep out of his business. Nikolas guessed that it had something to do with Nelle and with Ryan's sudden call to Ava. Nikolas warned Julian that Ryan wasn't known for his mercy, so Julian should let Nikolas set him up far away. Julian wanted to do things his own way. He told Nikolas to divorce Ava if she asked for it, and he knew that Nikolas would do what she wanted because he loved her.

Spinelli sat with Sonny outside the Metro Court restaurant and asked for Sonny's advice. He wondered how Sonny managed to do nothing when one of his loved ones was about to ruin their lives. Sonny advised Spinelli to stay out of someone else's personal life, as it usually backfired. Spinelli explained that Robert had instructed him to play the role of the supportive friend, but he feared that he wouldn't be able to pull it off. Sonny thought that Spinelli should give his honest support -- just because Spinelli couldn't do anything didn't mean someone else couldn't.

As Carly walked toward the bar in the Metro Court restaurant, she left Sasha a concerned message. She added that she would go into Sasha's room with her pass key if Sasha didn't get back to her soon. When she was off the phone, Cyrus approached and asked for a table, and he made a point to ask how Bobbie was doing. Before Carly could answer, she spotted Sasha arrive, and Cyrus remarked that his companion was there. He said that they could seat themselves, and he told her to send a server over for their drink order. He sat down with Sasha as Carly glared at them.

Spinelli walked through the restaurant, speaking on the phone, and promised to text the person when he arrived at their meeting spot. He caught sight of Sasha sitting with Cyrus, and he was so confused and flustered that he bumped right into Valentin. He apologized to "Darth Cassadine," who asked for a minute with Spinelli. He knew about Spinelli's hacking skills, and he offered Spinelli some work. "I'd no more consider working for you than have Maxie marry that -- " Spinelli stammered, and he covered by talking about fashion. Valentin informed Spinelli that Peter was like his son, so when Maxie and Peter got married, Valentin and Spinelli would almost be like family. Spinelli said that he had somewhere to be and ran off.

Sonny entered the restaurant and sensed that something was wrong with Carly. She pointed out Sasha and Cyrus, and she told him about the state Sasha had been in the night before. She believed that Sasha was using drugs, and Sasha had begged Carly not to get involved. She wanted to tell Michael, as she hated to see a good person like Sasha involved with Cyrus. Sonny advised Carly to get information first.

Sasha admitted to Cyrus that she wasn't sure why they were there, and he replied that he was having dinner with a new friend. She appreciated his kindness when she'd been in a bad place the night before. He observed that she didn't seem any better than the night before, and he assured her that she could confide in him. He told her that she seemed like a friend worth having. She wondered why, as he'd had to help her to her room the night before. He praised her "generous heart" for all the things she'd told him the night before, and he said that he had a knack for reading people. He thought that a friendship could be "mutually beneficial."

Sasha excused herself, as she had to wake up early the next day. He hoped that gossip from Sonny and Carly hadn't put her off from him. He reminded her that she had his number, and he advised her to call him for anything, day or night, as he would always have her well-being in mind. She walked away toward the elevator. Before she could get in, a man stopped her and said that she had dropped the purple envelope in his hand. She took it and got into the elevator. She opened it and found another baggie of drugs.

At the hospital, Portia made a call and told someone that she had outgoing correspondence that needed to be delivered immediately. As she hung up and put down the envelope addressed to Anna, Ava arrived. She asked Portia about Franco, as she'd heard that he'd been admitted. Portia replied that Elizabeth and Cameron were in with Franco at that moment.

Ava also took the opportunity to thank Portia for allowing Trina to continue working at the gallery. Portia knew that Trina trying to clear her father's name had been Ava's idea, and she appreciated Ava giving Trina a constructive goal to focus on "instead of feeding her sorrow and anger." She only wished she'd thought of it herself, and she thanked Ava.

At Anna's, she, Finn, Peter, and Maxie toasted to Maxie's birthday. Maxie thought about all she had to be grateful for and said that she couldn't ask for anything else. A short while later, Anna gave Maxie her gift, and Maxie was delighted to unwrap a new handbag. Anna talked about how proud she was of Maxie, and Maxie only hoped to balance work and motherhood as well as Anna had. Anna thought that Maxie would be even better than Anna had been.

Out in the foyer, Finn casually asked Peter to be his groomsman, and Peter accepted. He was honored, and he admitted that it made him feel like part of the family. Maxie and Anna emerged from the living room, as she and Peter had to leave for their dinner reservations. Maxie thanked everyone for the birthday love, and she and Peter left.

A short while later, Anna was trying to decide between a black witch costume and a white witch costume. Finn entered the room and disappointedly informed her that there was an emergency at the hospital that he'd been called in for. He advised her that Violet would still be trick-or-treating with Chase, and she would still be going to Elizabeth's for a sleepover afterwards. He thought that Anna could handle giving out candy on her own. She showed the two costumes to him and asked him to choose one. He thought that she would look beautiful in either, and he commended her for doing such a good job covering for all she had on her mind. He chose the white costume, kissed her, and left.

Later, the doorbell rang, and Anna opened the door to Valentin. She invited him in, and he told her that Peter had "a Spinelli problem." Anna scoffed that Spinelli needed to get over the fact that Peter was marrying Maxie. However, Valentin feared that Spinelli was working with Jason. Anna assured Valentin that she'd gotten Jason to back off. Just then, the doorbell rang again, and Anna answered it to a courier with an envelope from the hospital.

When Anna returned to the living room, Valentin saw the envelope. Valentin didn't need the proof to know whether or not Anna was Peter's mother, but he knew that she did. Anna opened the envelope and read the paper inside. Valentin wondered what it said.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Peter loved how openly Maxie enjoyed her birthday. She related that she was thankful for everything she had. As they were about to share a kiss, Spinelli appeared and asked to join. He sat down with them and talked about the gift he'd gotten her, a beginner's guide to Dungeons & Dragons. He hoped that he could teach Maxie so they could make it into a family game. She accepted his "olive branch," and she excused herself to go to the bathroom.

Peter appreciated Spinelli's change of heart, and he hoped that it was genuine. Spinelli understood Peter's skepticism, and he insisted that he was doing his best to support Maxie. He just wanted Maxie to have a happy and stable life, and Peter promised to do everything in his power to make that happen. Peter asked for forgiveness for his doubt, but every time he was happy, he waited for the other shoe to drop. Maxie returned just as Peter received a phone call. "Hello, Peter," a voice said. He asked who it was, and the woman replied, "You don't recognize my voice? It's your old friend Helena Cassadine."

Franco awoke abruptly in his hospital bed to a screeching toy monkey clapping cymbals. Ava entered the room and asked what he had. He raised his hand, and he held a can of spray paint. She asked about his other hand, and he held up a bloody knife. He snapped awake just as Elizabeth and Cameron entered his room. He joked that too much Jell-O had given him nightmares. He thought that Cameron had somewhere to be, but Cameron replied that it was just a "lame party." Elizabeth urged Cameron to go, and Franco would be home when Cameron returned. Elizabeth left the room to get Franco's discharge paperwork started.

Franco cracked that Cameron couldn't blame the party for the fact that Cameron was interested in two girls and unsettled about it. Cameron informed Franco that he and Trina had decided to be friends. Otherwise, he'd decided on no commitments for his senior year. Cameron knew that Josslyn didn't care about it, but Franco urged him to talk to her, anyway. He instructed Cameron to have fun at the party. Elizabeth returned as Cameron told Franco to "try not to die," and he left. Elizabeth was surprised that Cameron had decided to go to the party, and Franco informed her that he and Cameron had "an understanding."

Later, Franco was alone in his room when a worried Ava arrived. He told her to "come clean" about what she'd done, and she admitted to the game she and Nikolas had been playing with Franco and Elizabeth. She apologized profusely and hoped that he would forgive her. "Your turn," she shot back. Franco replied that whatever he'd done had been in response to Ava and Nikolas. Ava demanded proof that Nikolas had cheated on her so she could get her money and save a life. Franco was curious, but Ava decided that it was too dangerous to tell him. Franco was done being her pawn and said that she would leave Nikolas if she had any pride. He accused her of being addicted to the game, and he concluded that she and Nikolas deserved each other.

Portia asked Elizabeth how Franco was doing, and Elizabeth answered that he was acting like his normal self. Portia thought that Ava visiting him was probably lifting his mood. Nikolas arrived at the hospital and was happy to have found Elizabeth. He asked for her advice, as he was afraid to lose Ava. He continued that he'd made a mess of things, and she was the only person he trusted to help him figure it out. She blurted out that he couldn't trust her, either, and he wondered what she was talking about. She admitted that, when he and Ava had been playing Elizabeth and Franco, they had been playing the couple right back.

Portia asked a nurse for Franco's scans, and the nurse handed over a folder. She looked at the scans and picked up the phone. Franco emerged from his room and asked Portia if she'd seen Elizabeth. She promised to track Elizabeth down if Franco went back to his room, which he did. Portia put in a call to Terry and asked her for an oncology consult.

Julian was walking out of Charlie's as Ava walked up to the bar. He informed her that Nikolas had just been there, and he told her about their conversation. "You hooked him," he informed her, and he advised her to use it to her advantage. She suddenly remembered the fake divorce papers Nikolas had had drawn up, and she thought she could use them to convince Ryan of a divorce for long enough to get Nelle's letter. Julian invited her in for a drink, but she called out that she would be back later, as she would probably need one.

A short while later, Ava signed in at Pentonville and took a seat in the visitors' room.

Josslyn, dressed as a cheerleader, arrived at Charlie's, and Trina, dressed as Rey from Star Wars, met up with her. She wondered if Josslyn's guards would be with them all night, and Josslyn joked that she'd told them she would ditch them if they stepped on her fun. She insisted that she wouldn't actually ditch them, as they would get in big trouble. The girls weren't surprised that Cameron and Dev were late, but they decided to go in and get a table, anyway. As they sat down, someone dressed as Darth Vader looked in through the window at them and entered the bar.

Cameron and Dev arrived, and Josslyn hoped that things wouldn't be weird. Dev, dressed as a vampire, and Cameron, dressed as a sailor, sat down with the girls. Dev hoped they would have time before the party to make their plans for helping Trina clear her father's name. Josslyn pointedly said to Cameron that it could be too big of a commitment for him. Josslyn got up to get hot chocolate for the four of them, and a confused Cameron got up to help her. Dev asked Trina what that had been about, and Trina just shrugged as Darth Vader looked on.

Josslyn reminded Cameron that he'd said he wanted no commitments during his senior year, but he countered that he was never too busy to help a friend. Dev and Trina approached, and Dev mentioned the tension. Trina thought that they should just go to their party and make plans another day. She spotted the person dressed as Darth Vader and asked for a "family" picture, which Dev took. "May the force be with you," Trina said, and the four left Charlie's.

A phone on the bar began to ring, and Darth Vader picked the phone up to see that it was Trina's. When the call from "Mom" stopped ringing, the wallpaper on the phone was a picture of Trina and Taggert. Julian observed that the phone wasn't Darth Vader's, and he promised to make sure it got back to Trina. The person held onto the phone, and Julian advised the person to get out before he called the cops. The two got physical until Julian accidentally pulled the person's mask off to reveal Taggert.

Peter receives a phone call from Helena Peter receives a phone call from Helena
Friday, October 30, 2020

It was a stormy Halloween night in Port Charles. Jason found Sonny punching the bag at Volonino's Gym, and as he continued his workout, Jason filled him in on Sasha's suspected drug use and dinner with Cyrus. They agreed that Cyrus had possibly broken their truce. Jason suspected that the large amount of drug overdose cases in General Hospital could be attributed to Cyrus, as well.

Jason wondered if Cyrus had found an alternate route or way to get drugs into town, and Sonny agreed that it could be via the hospital. Jason thought the hospital made Cyrus look legitimate, and he suggested that Brando be removed from Cyrus' employment. Sonny wanted his cousin to continue his work with Cyrus because it would take time to get rid of Cyrus. As the thunder rumbled, the lights went out. Jason grabbed a flashlight and went to check on the generator.

At the pub, Julian wrestled with the man who had tried to swipe Trina's forgotten phone. Suddenly, the man's Darth Vader mask fell off. "You. I know you," Julian said to Taggert. Julian was certain he remembered the man from the pier when Nelle had abducted Wiley. Taggert assured Julian that he was wrong and had the wrong man. Julian admitted he'd made a mistake, and he offered to pour Taggert a drink on the house. Taggert turned and ran for the door, and Julian ran after him.

Ava paid a visit to Pentonville to see Ryan. They took their seats on opposite sides of the glass and picked up their red phone receivers. Ryan was surprised to see Ava on a stormy night, but Ava quickly announced that she and Nikolas had divorced. Ryan made it clear that he was Ava's Prince Charming, after all, and not Nikolas, but he wanted proof of the divorce.

Ava swiftly removed the papers from her purse and held them up to the glass for Ryan to see. She noted that they were "signed, sealed, and delivered." She flashed back to her conversation with Nikolas when she'd learned that the papers were phony, but she assured Ryan that she was single without a title or fortune. She added that it had all been for Ryan.

Ryan disagreed, and he reminded her that it had been in order to save Julian. Ava asked for Nelle's letter in return. At first, Ryan played dumb, but he finally sent the guard off to retrieve it. He admitted that it was necessary to pay people to do things for him. The guard returned and handed Ava the envelope with the letter.

Ava looked at the envelope and promised Ryan that it was the last time that he would ever see her. She removed the letter from the envelope and read, "Do you think I'm stupid?" She looked at Ryan. "Oops," he said. Ryan made it clear that he hadn't expected to believe her, and he was aware that the papers had been forged, thanks to his former forger cellmate.

Ryan began to scream and yell at Ava and called her a liar and traitor. He assured her that she would pay. As Ryan continued to scream, the guard removed him forcibly.

In the hallway at General Hospital, Elizabeth informed Nikolas that she and Franco had "played" Ava and Nikolas in the same way that the Cassadines had "played" Elizabeth and Franco. She added that she had been the one to blackmail Nikolas. Nikolas suspected that Elizabeth was really covering up for someone else, but she assured him that she had led him on. She'd first heard about the plot when Ava had been telling Nina about it. She accused Nikolas of pulling her and Franco apart and of playing games after he'd stated he had wanted to be friends. He had used her.

Nikolas insisted that his feelings had been real, but Elizabeth reminded him that she loved Franco. Nikolas asked about his check that hadn't been cashed, and Elizabeth admitted she hadn't had the "stomach" to go through with the blackmail payments. Nikolas was grateful. He asked if there were photos of Franco and Ava, and Elizabeth revealed that they had kissed.

Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that both he and Ava had broken the fidelity clause, and they needed to figure out another way to end their marriage. She wanted him to show her that he was sorry.

Terry visited Franco in his hospital room and, after Franco joked around with her, admitted that she was there in a "professional capacity." She revealed that his brain tumor was back in the same area, and she was sorry. Franco was shocked, and he assured her that he had no symptoms. He was not the same person he'd been in the past.

Terry asked if anything unexpected had happened, and Franco recalled his nightmare and his old symbol on Ava's portrait. He told Terry that he hadn't experienced anything unusual. She told him that more tests needed to be run. However, the tumor was inoperable, and symptoms would increase over time.

Terry wanted Franco to talk things over with Elizabeth, but he argued that he didn't want her or the family to know anything yet. He tearfully stated that he didn't want them to worry or be sad. Terry continued to argue with Franco's decision, but he was adamant. He wanted to work things out.

Just then, Elizabeth walked in, and Franco quickly told her that Terry had visited to check up on him. He had been deemed to be dehydrated and exhausted. They joked about going home, and Elizabeth told Franco to get dressed. He turned and looked at Terry.

Peter, Maxie, and Spinelli were sitting at a table at Metro Court when Peter received a phone call. He was confused about the caller's identity. "Don't you recognize my voice? It's your old friend Helena Cassadine," the woman said. Peter jumped up and told the others there had been a work emergency. He stepped away from the table quickly.

"This isn't real. You're dead," Peter said into the phone. "Am I?" the woman asked. She maintained that she had escaped death many times, and she noted that she had picked the perfect stormy night for her call. She told him that they had unsettled business, and she needed to see Peter to help her stay dead until she could reveal herself.

Helena related that she had leverage against Peter, and she would expose him for having abducted Drew. Peter denied knowing what Helena had referred to, but she told him she had proof. She wanted him to call her when he was ready to talk, or there would be consequences.

Peter returned to Maxie and Spinelli, and they wondered if he was okay. They said he looked as though he had seen a ghost. Peter claimed that there had been an issue with the server at work, but he had his IT department working on it. Spinelli told Maxie that he hoped she received the happiness she deserved. "I will," she said. He left to check on Georgie.

After Spinelli had gone, Maxie and Peter sat and chatted, although Peter seemed to be distracted. He agreed to put his phone on silent, and Maxie was happy that the storm would clear up eventually. "It certainly will," Peter replied. She was happy for the trick-or-treaters who would be venturing outside. They praised each other and agreed they had lots to look forward to.

Maxie received Halloween photos from her mother, and she decided to call her. She assured Peter that he'd find a way to work around his problems.

Spinelli made his way through a hallway filled with office doors. He found Sam sitting in front of a computer in one of them and wearing a pair of earphones. Spinelli was startled at first to hear Helena's voice, but he happily informed Sam that their plan had "worked like a charm." Sam thought it had been "brilliant."

Spinelli explained his use of audio equipment and software. He had assumed that Helena had known of Peter's involvement with Drew, and he figured that Peter would want to get rid of Helena permanently. He was especially happy that Maxie would see the truth. Sam didn't think it was foolproof, and Peter had never confirmed his involvement on the phone. Spinelli called Peter "cagey." Spinelli was sure that Peter would react.

At Anna's house, Anna disclosed to Valentin that Faison did not have the marker for rheumatoid arthritis, and therefore, Alex was Peter's mother. Valentin led a shaken Anna to the sofa to sit down. She asked him how he'd felt when he'd learned that his life had been a lie and that his parents hadn't been his parents. Valentin admitted it had been as though "the bottom dropped out of the world."

Anna felt the same way, but Valentin pointed out the good. She hadn't slept with Faison and hadn't been involved in giving Peter up. Anna declared that she'd been used, and she'd put herself through hell. She threw a glass against the wall, and it shattered into pieces. Valentin ordered her not to pick up the broken glass, and he offered to go into the kitchen to get a broom.

Anna didn't want to be treated as fragile, but just then, the lights went out. Valentin wanted her to feel shock. Anna proclaimed that Alex had known the truth all along, and she had been laughing at Anna. Valentin exclaimed that Alex had been laughing at him, too; his involvement had caused him shame. Anna wondered if she should tell Peter because she was scared at how it would affect him.

Valentin stressed that Alex needed to be eliminated, and Peter needed to be prepared. He would have an associate track Alex, who had to be "neutralized." Anna wondered if that was strategy or revenge on Valentin's part, and he refused to answer. He wanted Alex dead. Anna wanted him to leave, and Valentin urged her to make a decision on who should live. He chose Anna over Alex. Anna made several attempts to reach Peter, without success, although she decided that she couldn't give him the news on the phone.

Julian returned to the pub without catching up to Taggert. He picked up the Darth Vader mask from the floor. "Who the hell are you, buddy?" he wondered. He picked up Trina's phone and looked at the photo of Taggert and Trina on the locked screen. "What's the connection?" he wondered. His thoughts were interrupted when Ava walked in.

Ava asked for a strong drink and admitted she wasn't happy. She disclosed that Ryan had seen through the phony papers and had made threats against her. Nikolas arrived, and Julian filled him in. Ava admitted that while Ryan couldn't hurt her physically, he could hurt her family. She wondered if Nikolas would take pity on her and divorce her for real.

Nikolas replied that he wasn't ready to divorce Ava. He noticed she'd removed her wedding ring, but she assured him that had been for show. Nikolas promised that they'd find another way to solve the problem. "Isn't this the cutest!" Julian said. He asked if they could take their eyes off of each other long enough to develop a new plan.

Nikolas asked about Ryan's hold over Julian, but Ava and Julian refused to tell him about it. Nikolas hadn't thought they'd tell him, and he announced that he had calls to make. He walked out of the pub.

At the gym, Sonny sensed that someone was standing behind him in the dark. He pulled out his gun and turned around. It was Taggert. The lights flashed back on. "Aren't you a little too old to be trick-or-treating?" Sonny asked as he eyed Taggert's costume. Sonny asked Jason to make sure the building was secure, as Taggert explained that he'd heard about Neil's overdose. Taggert asked how long it would be before Cyrus was taken down.

Sonny admitted it would take time, and he also wasn't sure if Cyrus had been behind Neil's OD. Taggert was determined that Trina would not be caught in the middle of a war. Jason reminded Taggert that he was supposed to play dead in order to protect Trina, and it would be dangerous if anyone saw him. Sonny reminded Taggert that he had promised to protect Trina. He would place Taggert somewhere to be able to keep an eye out himself.

Sonny received a phone call and walked away. It was a collect call from Ryan at Pentonville. Taggert asked Jason if he would be placed in one of Sonny's safe houses. Jason revealed that the house next door to the Corinthos house was empty. Taggert laughed at the idea that he would be Sonny's neighbor. "2020's been one hell of a ride," he said.

Valentin called Anna and updated her. His associate would be starting out in Berlin in the attempt to locate Alex. The lights went on. "Happy Halloween, sister," Alex said. She was dressed in a witch costume and drew close to Anna. She struck Anna down.

Once Maxie left the table at Metro Court to make her phone call, Peter dialed the number he had from Helena's phone call. Helena's voice was set up on the other end; Peter agreed to meet with her the following night.

Anna lay unconscious on the basement floor as Alex answered the door to trick-or-treaters.

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