General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 16, 2020 on GH
Brook Lynn left town with a secret. Brad was attacked and rushed to the hospital. Michael and Willow learned the truth about Chase and Sasha's deception. Sam arranged an intervention for Alexis. Laura confided to Scott that Cyrus was interested in an old case that involved her. An explosion tore through the Floating Rib.
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An explosion tore through the Floating Rib
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Sasha is rushed to the hospital Sasha is rushed to the hospital
Monday, November 16, 2020

Brando heard yelling. He burst into Cyrus' apartment with his gun and saw Sasha struggling on the floor. Cyrus explained that she'd just collapsed with no warning. Brando demanded to know how much substance she'd taken, and Cyrus claimed that he hadn't seen her take anything. Brando took his phone out to call an ambulance, but Cyrus ordered him to put it away. "She could die!" Brando cried. "Not here," Cyrus replied, and he demanded that Brando get rid of her, as Cyrus didn't want her death tied to him. Brando picked her up and carried her out into the hallway.

In Sonny's office, Sonny and Jason discussed how best to deal with Cyrus. Jason knew that if they took Cyrus out, there would be someone to replace him. Sonny wanted to shut Cyrus down as soon as they could. Just then, Sonny's phone rang, and he answered it to Brando. Brando informed Sonny that there was "a situation" as Sasha gasped for air on the floor.

Brook Lynn informed Ned that she couldn't stay in Port Charles. He replied that she wasn't considering his apology. He told her that they were a lot alike, so he'd been punishing her for his own failures. He went on that Edward had done that to Tracy, and Ned had sworn to never do it to Brook Lynn. Brook Lynn countered that she'd been wrong to expect Ned to buy her out of her music contract, as it had been easier than owning up to her mistakes. She continued that she needed clarity, which she couldn't get in Port Charles. She assured Ned that she loved him, and he replied that he would miss her. Brook Lynn advised Ned to do everything in his power to hold onto Olivia. The two embraced, and she left.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Martin informed Valentin that his request regarding Charlotte wouldn't be easy. Valentin insisted that, if something happened to him, he didn't want Lulu telling Charlotte all about how bad he was. Martin wasn't sure that Nina would have anything nicer to say about him, but Valentin maintained that he wanted Nina to have full legal rights to Charlotte. "That's where you come in," Valentin told Martin.

At home, Carly saw the necklace around Avery's neck, and Avery called the half heart necklace her "good luck charm." Carly remembered talking to Nina about Nina's long-lost child, and she realized, "Oh, my God, it's Nelle." She asked Avery where she'd gotten the necklace, and Avery replied that she'd gone "exploring" in a clearing in the woods outside of the cabin she'd stayed in with Ava. Carly claimed that the clasp on it was loose, so she was going to fix it so that Avery didn't lose it. She unclasped the necklace and took it from Avery.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Nina took her necklace off and decided that "fate" was telling her to stop looking for her child. Jax thought it was too soon to give up, and he offered to talk about it with her over wine and a foot rub at his house. Just as she agreed, Jax's phone went off, and he answered it to Carly. "I need to see you now," she told him. He replied that he was with Nina, but Carly said that it was urgent, and he needed to go to her house without Nina. When he hung up, he told Nina that Carly needed him, and she urged him to go.

When Jax was gone, Valentin sat down with Nina to talk about Charlotte. He explained that he wanted her to have legal rights to Charlotte should something happen to him. She ecstatically accepted, adding that she didn't want anything to happen to him. Since he was there, she asked him for an objective answer on something. She updated him on all that Phyllis had told her about her child, and she wondered if she should stop looking, even though Jax had encouraged her not to. Valentin admitted that he sided with Jax, and she thanked him for the advice. He walked off to the bar, and Nina got into the elevator. She put her necklace back on with a smile.

Valentin bumped into Brook Lynn at the bar, and she said goodbye to him. She told him about her trip and that she needed to figure out how to do right by herself while also doing right by others. Valentin commented that Port Charles would be a lot less interesting without her. He urged her not to lose her impulsivity, as it was "wildly attractive," and he admired her for it. He hoped to see her around sooner rather than later, and he left. As she took a pregnancy test out of her bag, she muttered that he didn't have to worry about that.

Jax arrived at Carly's, and she blurted out that she thought Nelle was Nina's daughter. She showed him the necklace that Avery had found in the woods. Jax updated her on the information he'd learned from Phyllis, including the baby's journey to Florida, which convinced Carly even more. A suddenly anxious Jax agreed with her.

Jax wondered how he was supposed to tell Nina. "You're not," Carly replied. Carly knew that Nina would "crucify herself" for somehow contributing to how Nelle had turned out. Jax admitted that he'd just convinced Nina to continue her search. Carly figured that there was nothing to find, and Jax would be there to "run interference," just in case. Jax didn't want to lie like Valentin had, but Carly urged him to let the truth be buried with Nelle.

Olivia was standing with Sam and Lucas when Julian arrived, and he questioned if something had happened to Leo. Sam explained that Leo had made a "flying leap" off of the swing set at the park, and all he needed was a tetanus shot. Olivia wondered what he was doing there, and he replied that he was there for an update on Ryan. Olivia needed to finish Leo's paperwork, so she told Julian what room their son was in, and she walked away. Lucas advised Julian to stay away from Leo so that Leo wasn't put through the same things that Julian had put Sam and Lucas through. "Some people don't cut it as parents. You are one. Deal with it," Lucas finished, and he and Sam walked away.

Julian followed after Sam, and he wondered why someone who attracted danger like Jason did was allowed to be around the kids. Olivia approached and explained that Jason kept his word and would give his life for the people he cared about. Speaking of loved ones, Julian informed Sam that Alexis was "in a free fall." Sam spat that she would figure it out, and he needed to stay away from Alexis.

Willow and Michael were in the process of undressing each other when Chase burst into the room. A shocked Willow covered herself up, and an equally shocked Chase stammered an apology and ran out. Michael followed Chase down the stairs and questioned why Chase was there. Chase claimed that he'd wanted to thank Willow for her support at the hospital and let her know that Finn was all right. He apologized and explained that Monica had directed him upstairs, and Michael brushed it off. Willow descended the stairs, still in shock. Chase said that he was happy for them, and he left.

Back upstairs, Willow assured Michael that she regretted that Chase had walked in on them, but not what he had walked in on. Michael confessed that it had meant a lot to him, and she agreed. Just then, Michael's phone went off, and he answered it to Jason. Jason advised Michael to meet him at the ER, and he explained the situation. Michael promised that he would be on his way, and he hung up. When Michael was gone a few minutes later, Willow cleaned up Wiley's bedroom. She had a thought, and she took her phone out to send a text.

Sasha was wheeled into the ER on a stretcher, and the paramedic informed Lucas that she had likely overdosed. Lucas asked Brando what she'd taken, and Brando replied that he thought it was cocaine. Michael arrived as Sasha was taken to a room, and he walked over to Sonny and Jason. A few minutes later, Lucas emerged from Sasha's room and confirmed that Sasha had overdosed, and he added that Brando had taken her to the hospital. Lucas continued that whatever it was that she'd taken was like cocaine that had been "kicked up a few notches." He supposed that it was the properties of the drug and not the quantity of the drug that had caused her to overdose.

Sonny texted Brando from across the room to ask if Brando had been there with Sasha. Brando replied, "No, I came in after. But for her to OD that fast? Would have to be a mountain of cocaine. Or it wasn't cocaine." Sonny showed Jason the text exchange. Lucas explained to Michael that it seemed that Sasha's drug use had been a "recent development," and Michael assumed that she'd started using after they'd broken up. Lucas concluded that she was stable, so Michael asked to go in and see her.

Cyrus entered Sasha's room and wondered how the patient was doing. A few minutes later, he made a phone call about his "new product test drive." He suggested that they "tweak the formula," and he hung up. "I had high hopes for you," he told an unconscious Sasha, and he feared that she was more trouble than she was worth. As he went to pull a plug in her ventilator, Michael suddenly pulled Cyrus out of the room and demanded that he stay away from Sasha. He knew that Cyrus had given the drugs to Sasha, and Michael couldn't wait for Cyrus to be exposed as the coke-pushing dirt bag he was. Sonny advised Michael to go see Sasha, so Michael went into her room.

Cyrus informed Sonny that he would expect a public apology from Michael for his outrageous allegations. Sonny and Jason agreed that they hadn't heard Michael say anything. Cyrus warned them that there would be trouble if they didn't reconsider that. Sonny replied that he never worried about trouble because, for 25 years, anything that troubled him just disappeared. Brando approached and informed Cyrus that his car was waiting. As they were walking away, Brando figured that Cyrus wouldn't have wanted to "declare open hostility" in public. Cyrus growled that the next time he told Brando to get rid of someone, he didn't mean taking them to the hospital.

Chase was sitting at the Floating Rib with a drink when he got a text from Willow that read, "I think we should talk." A short while later, Willow arrived, and he apologized again for barging in on her and Michael. She insisted that she wasn't there for an apology, and she was sorry that he'd had to see her and Michael together. He admitted that he was surprised after she'd told him about the annulment, and she related that it had surprised her and Michael, too. She continued that "so much" of their lives had been dictated by outside forces, but they were finally able to make their own decisions.

Chase maintained that he was happy for Willow and Michael and sad for what he'd destroyed. "Me, too," Willow confessed. Just then, Willow's phone went off, and she answered it to Michael. He advised Willow to get to the hospital and told her why. When she hung up, she told Chase about Sasha, and the two left together.

Olivia returned home and suggested that Ned reach out to Alexis, as she'd heard that Alexis wasn't doing well. He agreed to, and he updated Olivia on Brook Lynn's departure. Olivia remarked that it seemed mature, and space could be good for her to get her head on straight. Ned wished Brook Lynn could do that in Port Charles, and Olivia assured him that Brook Lynn would return.

Julian's phone went off, and he saw a text from Cyrus asking to meet at Charlie's. A few minutes later, Julian was already inside the bar when Cyrus arrived. Julian commented that he'd had a bad day, so he had nothing for Cyrus. With a smirk, Cyrus advised him not to worry, as "I've got something for you."

Willow and Chase arrived at the hospital, and Michael told the shocked twosome about Sasha. He commented that she was fighting for her life, and he didn't know how things had gotten so out of control. Across the room, Sonny wondered if Jason thought that Cyrus had gotten the message about disappearing troubles. "Loud and clear," Jason answered. Sonny believed that Cyrus needed to think about how Sonny's other problems had gotten solved so he could "back the hell off."

Michael and Willow hear the truth about Sasha and Chase Michael and Willow hear the truth about Sasha and Chase
Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Cameron bounded down the stairs at home and announced that he was heading to Josslyn's house for SAT preparation. Elizabeth and Franco had been discussing Franco's brain tumor, and Cameron noticed the sad expressions on their faces. He jokingly asked who had died, but neither of the adults laughed.

At first, Elizabeth and Franco did their best to try to hide the fact that something was wrong, but Franco finally disclosed that his brain tumor had returned. Cameron couldn't believe it, and Elizabeth explained that they had been waiting to get more information on it. Franco added that it was inoperable, and Cameron was adamant that the family needed him to live.

Franco pulled Cameron onto the sofa beside him and admitted that he was the happiest he'd ever been. He promised to do what he could. Cameron urged Franco not to give up. He finally realized how Josslyn had to have felt during the time that Oscar had gone through his similar illness. Suddenly, Cameron jumped up and tearfully exclaimed that he had to leave.

Nikolas and Ava stepped onto the elevator at Metro Court before heading to Sonny's house to pick up Avery. Nikolas noted that he'd done his best not to mention Ryan's name, and Ava admitted how happy she was that Ryan was out of her life for good. They agreed that it had been odd that Ryan had been attacked just prior to telling Sonny something important.

Sonny arrived home and found Carly looking thoughtfully at the broken heart necklace. He asked if it was Avery's lucky necklace, and Carly informed him that she needed to get the clasp fixed. They noted that Ava was late to pick up Avery. Sonny disclosed that Sasha had been admitted to the hospital after having a heart attack after an overdose, and Michael was with her.

Carly was shocked, but she asked if Sasha had been using cocaine. She had noticed Sasha's condition previously. "Three guesses who she got it from," Sonny said.

Out on the patio, Trina and Josslyn were testing each other on vocabulary words with flash cards when Dev showed up. He asked if he could join them, but the girls didn't want his help. Josslyn reminded Dev that he had said some horrible things and had crossed the line. Dev argued that Trina had done the same, but Josslyn accused Dev of blaming Trina for having called him out.

Josslyn declared that Dev had said awful things about Cameron. Trina noted that Dev didn't appear sorry, and he apologized for not being a good friend. Both of the girls began to pull up various flash cards to describe how they felt about Dev and his superior attitude. They accused Dev of being upset because he hadn't been able to get Josslyn when he'd wanted her. Trina snapped that Dev had no right to trash-talk.

As Trina and Josslyn continued to give Dev a difficult time, Cameron arrived and ordered them to stop. Josslyn explained that Dev had been "uncool," and she and Trina had been letting him know how they felt. Cameron asked if it had really been that bad and enough to warrant ending their friendship. Josslyn agreed that it hadn't been. Cameron stated that nothing could be taken for granted because one never knew if something could happen.

Trina asked Cameron if he was okay, and he merely stated that they were seniors and would soon all be going their own ways. Josslyn suggested they regroup the following day, and the girls got up and left. Dev thanked Cameron for his support. Cameron maintained that they were all friends, and it couldn't be that serious. Dev flashed back to forging Josslyn's journal.

Nikolas and Ava arrived, and Sonny informed them that Avery was packing some books for her sleepover. They joked about it briefly, and Sonny guided Nikolas to the study when Nikolas received a phone call from Spencer. Sonny told Ava that he wasn't a fan of Nikolas, but Avery appeared to like him. Ava replied that Nikolas liked the little girl, and he had been supportive.

Sonny and Ava touched on the attack on Ryan, and Sonny pointed out how effective it was for Ryan not to "pop up anytime soon." Ava wondered if Sonny was accusing her of attempting to kill Ryan and reminded him that she and Sonny had been together when Ryan had been attacked.

Sonny replied that Ava could have made arrangements for the attack. She told him that she had been just as shocked as he had been, but she hadn't shed any tears. They sat down by the fire. Sonny confessed that he still felt as though something was "off" about the incident. Ava proclaimed that Ryan had killed more than one cellmate, and he had enemies both on the inside and outside of prison.

Sonny thought the timing had been too convenient. He didn't understand why Ryan had wanted to play games with him "out of the blue." As Sonny and Ava chatted, Nikolas drew close and listened in. Sonny noted that Ryan had reached out to both Ava and him and then had been "taken out." He uttered that there would be consequences if Ava was lying.

Nikolas burst into the room and ordered Sonny to back off. Sonny accused him of walking in on a private conversation, but Sonny and Ava were both shocked when Nikolas announced that he had been the one who had ordered the hit on Ryan.

At Elizabeth's house, she happily announced that she had successfully made an appointment with Terry for later in the evening for testing. She didn't know what the family would do without Franco.

Michael stood in the hallway at General Hospital and looked through the window of Sasha's room. He told Willow and Chase that he felt as though he was in an "alternate reality" with Sasha being unconscious due to an OD and heart attack. Chase noted that Sasha had seemed on edge when he'd seen her, but she had claimed it had been due to Deception. Willow believed that Sasha had hidden her broken heart.

Willow declared that Sasha was still in love with Michael, but Michael insisted it was complicated. He thought it was more than a broken heart, and Sasha had had no one to talk to. Willow went off for some coffee, but Chase found her sitting alone on a bench. She told him she'd needed a moment, and Chase offered to listen.

Willow thought it was awkward, but Chase sat down beside her. He stated that there was no unfinished business between them, and she could move on. He'd only wanted her to be happy. Willow replied that she hadn't wanted Chase to suffer, and she prayed he didn't. Chase maintained that it wasn't Willow's place to shield people from pain, but Willow stubbornly suggested that she should have told Michael about Sasha's feelings for him.

Willow suspected that she had been afraid because she hadn't wanted Michael and Sasha to have a happy ending when she and Chase couldn't. She berated herself, but Chase tried to make her see that Sasha had made her choices. Willow thought that things could have been patched up. She and Chase argued.

Portia and Britt talked about a patient at the nurses' station as Jason walked by and stopped to listen to them. Portia was upset that they'd lost a young patient, who had been only a year older than Trina. She wasn't looking forward to talking to the boy's family. Britt appeared to be unconcerned, but after Portia walked away, she slammed her fist down on the desk.

Jason followed Britt as she walked away from the desk, and he found her sitting in the hallway. She told him she needed alone time, and she spoke about how unfair life could be. She'd thought the boy who'd died had been quite different from what he'd actually been -- a poetry major. She was feeling pretty down and thought that Port Charles had really changed since she'd been there last. There had been an overwhelming amount of drug-related cases.

Jason exclaimed that he needed to know about the drugs in Sasha's system. There were several possibilities, and Britt accused Sonny and Jason of being responsible for the drugs entering the city. Jason didn't find Britt very knowledgeable. He went on to discuss Sonny's charitable nature, and he stressed that Sonny did not traffic in drugs. He had been trying to keep them out of Port Charles, and it had been a very recent problem.

Britt asked how the drugs were getting in, and Jason maintained that it was all through the hospital. She sarcastically asked him if he thought there was a meth lab in the morgue or something equally ridiculous. Jason blamed it on Cyrus. Britt pointed out that Jason didn't know if she could be allied with Cyrus, and she might run and tell him. Jason guessed that he'd find out.

A mysterious-looking doctor spied on Portia as she walked around the hospital. Soon after, he waited for an elevator until someone pulled hard on his arm and forced him into an empty room. "Just what the hell do you think you're doing?" Epiphany shouted at Taggert. She found fault with his cheap get-up, to boot. Taggert admitted that someone else knew he was alive, and he'd wanted to make certain that Portia and Trina were safe.

Epiphany understood, and she disclosed that Portia and Trina talked about Taggert all of the time. He was surprised to hear that about his ex-wife. Epiphany confessed that the whole situation with the mob reminded her of her son who had been killed, and that was why she had agreed to help Taggert. She didn't want Trina to end up like her son.

Taggert thanked Epiphany for saving him twice, and she apologized for her reaction. She blamed Cyrus for everything. She ordered Taggert to get out of the hospital and the city before he could be exposed.

"Now it's time to settle accounts," Cyrus demanded as he met with Julian at the pub. He had arranged for Julian's protection. Julian insisted he was loyal, but Cyrus snapped that he would get a dog if he wanted loyalty. He stressed that debts were forever, and he was amazed at Julian's flip attitude. Cyrus thought that Julian should be very afraid of him, and he pulled a piece of paper from his pocket.

Cyrus noted that the secrets that Ryan had kept were a threat, and Nelle's letter was just that. He urged Julian to cooperate, or he would have to go to Sonny. Cyrus divulged that Sonny had been blocking his operation, and he thought that Sonny should lose his right-hand man, Jason. Cyrus emphasized that accidents could happen, just like the one that Lucas and Brad had been involved in.

Cyrus wanted Julian to wait for instructions and deliver a package. He mentioned how many buildings were in disrepair. The package would go wherever Jason went, and he thought it was surprising that one of the buildings hadn't gone up yet. He imitated an explosion. Julian was concerned that a bomb would kill innocent people.

Cyrus felt it could be done with "due diligence," but Julian stressed that he didn't want blood on his hands. Cyrus suggested it would be "theirs or yours," and it was Julian's choice. Julian flashed back to a conversation with Sonny regarding Taggert, and he offered to give Cyrus something different.

Cyrus didn't think it would be worth much, but Julian stated that Sonny and Jason were hiding something. He wanted a new deal and all debts cleared. He proceeded to announce that Taggert was alive, and he knew it for a fact.

Carly showed up at the hospital and found Michael looking in on Sasha. Michael blamed himself for the turn of events, and he told his mother that Willow believed that Sasha still loved him. Michael professed that Sasha had no one to talk to, and perhaps he should have handled things differently. He wanted her to pull through. He and Carly shared a hug.

Portia stepped off an elevator and spotted Michael. She informed him that he was still listed as Sasha's next of kin, which allowed her to discuss Sasha's condition. The young woman had been stabilized, and the next few days would be critical. Michael insisted he hadn't known that Sasha had been "using," and Portia revealed that there could be withdrawal symptoms.

Michael and Carly entered Sasha's room, and Michael sat down by the bed. He spoke to Sasha continuously and regretted what he had said to her in anger. He had been in pain, but he hadn't realized the extent of Sasha's pain. Carly recalled an earlier conversation with Sasha, and she announced that Sasha and Chase had never slept together.

At the same time, Chase told Willow that he had never cheated on her. It had all been a lie.

Nikolas takes credit for Ryan's attack Nikolas takes credit for Ryan's attack
Wednesday, November 18, 2020

At the hospital, Chase confessed to Willow that he'd lied about having an affair with Sasha. He insisted that the only time he'd kissed Sasha had been when he'd heard Willow's key opening the front door of their apartment. She didn't believe him, so he thought it was time to tell her the whole story. She didn't want to have the conversation in public, and especially not where she worked, so she and Chase went into an empty conference room.

Willow demanded to know why she should believe that Chase was telling the truth that time. Chase explained that the only way Willow wouldn't have hated herself for choosing Wiley over Chase would be if Chase had made her hate him first. He knew the kind of dirty tricks Nelle played, but Willow chided him for playing God. He told her that he and Sasha had realized that the only way that Michael and Willow would do right by Wiley by getting married would be to take themselves out of the equation. "How dare you make fundamental decisions about our relationship without including me!" Willow shouted.

Willow questioned why Chase was only telling her the truth then, as she and Michael had won custody months before. Chase had thought that a breakup of the marriage could have cause Nelle to reopen the custody suit. Willow reminded him that Nelle's body had been found weeks earlier, and the danger was over. He insisted that he'd always wanted to tell her, but every time he'd seen the couple, he'd been able to tell that they were falling in love. He'd realized that they were creating a real family, and he didn't want to hurt her again. When she'd visited him at the hospital while Finn had been in surgery, he had no longer been able to deny that he still loved her and had never stopped.

Chase continued to a tearful Willow that she deserved happiness after the heartbreak he'd caused her, but he'd always hoped that they would find their way back to each other. Almost losing Finn had put things in perspective, and he'd decided to be honest. He didn't want her to blame herself for Sasha's issues, and he concluded that he'd broken up with Willow because he loved her. Willow excused herself to get back to Michael and Sasha, and she dashed out of the room.

In Sasha's room at the hospital, Carly admitted that Chase and Sasha had lied about having an affair. Michael demanded that his mother tell him everything she knew. She told him about Chase and Sasha's plot and how the two had sacrificed their own happiness to save Wiley from Nelle. He was angry with Carly for not telling him, but she insisted that she'd only gotten Sasha to admit it the week before. She thought that Sasha and Chase had been smart and noble, and she'd kept her mouth shut because she'd wanted the plan to work.

Michael cried that he was an adult, so no one was allowed to make life choices for him. Carly conceded that he had every right to be angry, but she hoped that he could see that Sasha's intentions had been good. He didn't know what would happen next, as things were a lot more complicated. Carly could see that he was starting to have feelings for Willow, which made sense, since they had so much in common. Michael didn't want to talk about Willow in Sasha's room, and he asked to be alone with his ex-girlfriend. Carly insisted that she would always be there for Michael, and she left the room.

Michael sat down next to Sasha. He remembered how angry and betrayed he'd felt by Sasha and Chase, and how upset he'd been to lose two important people in his life. He assured an unconscious Sasha that Wiley's life was better, thanks to her sacrifice. A tearful Willow observed from the doorway as Michael took Sasha's hand and wondered how he could ever repay her.

At Sonny's, Nikolas claimed that he'd ordered the hit on Ryan so that the serial killer would "never hurt my wife again." Sonny observed Ava's confusion and thought that Nikolas was lying. However, Nikolas had wanted to deal with his wife's tormentor, and, as a Cassadine, he had the connections to do so. Sonny related that the problem was that Ryan was still alive. If Ryan awoke from the coma, Sonny figured that there would be a big investigation, and an "aggressive D.A.," trying to make a name for herself, would throw the book at Nikolas. He continued that it would cause a headache for Ava and Avery, and he didn't want that for his daughter. Nikolas vowed that there was no way the attack would be traced back to him.

Just then, Sonny's phone went off, and it was Taggert wanting to pay Sonny a visit. Sonny advised Nikolas to clean up his mess so Sonny didn't have to, and Sonny left the room. Ava wondered why Nikolas would claim credit for the hit. Nikolas replied that it was obvious that Ava or Julian had done it, so taking credit for it would stop Sonny from digging any deeper. "That's almost sweet," Ava said as she smiled. Nikolas didn't want to know any details about what had been going on with Ryan, and he advised Ava to convince Julian to leave town as soon as possible.

When Nikolas and Ava were gone, Sonny let Taggert into the house, and he reminded Taggert that he was supposed to be in hiding. Taggert admitted that Epiphany had seen him at the hospital. He promised that he'd been discreet, but Sonny scolded him for constantly getting spotted. Taggert explained that he'd owed Epiphany a thank you for all of her help. Sonny agreed that she'd been loyal and that, moving forward, they would need her on their side. Sonny informed Taggert that the "cool" war with Cyrus wouldn't remain so for much longer.

At Charlie's, Julian informed Cyrus that he didn't know details, but Taggert was alive, and Sonny knew. Cyrus didn't believe Julian, but Julian insisted that he'd seen Taggert, and Sonny hadn't been surprised when Julian had confronted him about it. Julian thought that the information was worth more than delivering a bomb meant for Jason, and he asked if they were even. "We're far from even," Cyrus replied. He continued that desperate people were willing to say anything, and he still needed someone to take care of his "Jason problem." Julian refused, as he didn't want any part in potentially hurting innocent people. He called Cyrus' bluff and dared him to go tell Sonny about Nelle's letter, as Julian would be long gone by then.

Cyrus wondered how Julian could leave his loved ones, and Cyrus flipped through photos of Julian's family members on his phone. Cyrus explained that threatening family members had always been his best insurance policy. Julian couldn't believe that someone was again trying to control him by threatening his family, and he wondered what it was about him that caused it to happen over and over. Cyrus answered that Julian had never learned that there were consequences for actions, and Julian could only blame himself.

Cyrus informed Julian that the package with the bomb would be delivered "shortly." He instructed Julian to hold onto it, not open it, and deliver to the given location as soon as possible. He continued that he was keeping up his own end of the agreement, as he'd taken care of the last loose end Julian hadn't tied up. "You're welcome," he offered. He added that he would be in touch, and he left. A few minutes later, Julian was cleaning up the bar and thinking about his conversation with Cyrus when there was a sudden pounding on the door of Charlie's. Julian reached under the bar and picked up a baseball bat.

At the hospital, Britt thought that Jason had taken a big chance by telling her his theory about Cyrus. She wondered how he knew that she wouldn't go running to Cyrus. "I guess we'll find out," he replied. He told her that he'd seen how she'd reacted to the news of the college kid's overdose, and he knew that she hadn't signed up for drug trafficking. She wondered what he expected her to do. He only wanted her to keep an eye out and let him know if anything out of the ordinary happened. Britt thought that he already had people at the hospital, but Jason reminded her that they'd all been fired, reassigned, or had their hours cut.

Jason continued that he needed a new source that he could trust, but Britt informed him that trust wasn't something that people normally associated with her. Jason figured that Britt just needed to be given a chance. Just then, his phone went off, and it was a text from Sam asking where he was. He put his phone back into his pocket as Britt said that she refused to help start a war. She admitted that she occasionally bent the law, but she didn't want to contribute to a man's death, no matter how bad the man was. Jason only asked that Britt keep her eyes and ears open, and "do the right thing when the time comes."

When Jason was gone, Britt made a beeline for the phone. She made a call and asked someone to do a complete inventory of the pharmaceutical department and to get the results to her as soon as possible. A few minutes later, paramedics burst into the hospital with a stretcher, and Britt assumed that it was the patient from Pentonville. The paramedic replied that the man had barely made it through the transfer.

Britt was shocked to look down at the patient and see Brad. She asked what had happened, and the paramedic only knew that Brad had been attacked in his cell. He continued that Brad was stable but needed to get to an operating room as soon as possible.

Danger looms at the Floating Rib Danger looms at the Floating Rib
Thursday, November 19, 2020

Peter viciously beat the punching bag at Volonino's Gym until he finally heard Maxie calling out to him. She told him that she had assumed he would be at the Invader for an emergency because he'd stood her up at dinner. She was happy to have found him. Peter stated that he'd forgotten about dinner because he was consumed with being able to protect his loved ones.

Peter still couldn't understand why Alex had kidnapped Maxie, but Maxie was certain it was because Alex had been a psychopath, and she didn't think that Peter would have been able to prevent it. She assured him that Alex was no longer a threat, but Peter replied that they had other threats: enemies and associates of Faison and Jason. Maxie was shocked. She thought that Peter and Jason had resolved their issues.

Maxie pointed out that she would always perjure herself for Jason. "And trust me, I have," she concluded. She knew that Jason would always have her back, too. Peter admitted that he'd been able to notice that mob activity had been escalating, and he was afraid they'd be caught in the middle. He didn't think they could be too careful. Maxie was of the opinion that they couldn't live in fear but should enjoy all the good they had in their lives.

"Where did all this worry come from?" Maxie asked. "I think the worrying is coming from us," Peter replied. He explained that building a family and all it entailed was new to him, and he'd never had more to treasure or to lose. Maxie knew that Peter would do whatever it took to protect them. "You have no idea," he said.

Carly walked down the stairs at General Hospital and bumped into Jason. She informed him that Sasha would pull through, although she was worried about Michael. Carly had told Michael the truth, and he had been upset with her. He had felt betrayed. Jason revealed that he was there to follow up on a lead, but he wasn't sure how promising it would be.

Carly promised not to ask questions, but she asked if it was about Cyrus. She was concerned enough about the truce ending to make arrangements for her kids to get out of town. Jason agreed that was a good idea. He was hoping that Britt would help him. Carly couldn't believe that Jason might be working with Britt and told him that everyone hated her.

Jason reminded Carly that everyone had hated Carly once, too, but he'd made up his own mind about her. Jason thought that Britt had realized that Cyrus had dragged her into something that wasn't good.

Britt looked in on an unconscious Brad and managed to convince his guard to leave them alone, as she was the chief of staff. She sat down beside the bed and assured Brad that he would be okay, and the rest was up to him. She grabbed his hand and told him that she needed him; he couldn't leave her with her mother, and Brad was her only friend.

Shortly after, Brad opened his eyes as Britt slept on a nearby chair. Britt awoke and gave Brad a big hello. He couldn't remember what had happened, and Britt disclosed that someone had tried to kill him. Britt admitted she'd been worried. Brad insisted he'd been a model prisoner, and he couldn't remember anything. After considering it, Brad decided that he knew who had been behind the attack.

Brad recalled eating alone in the cafeteria in the prison, and one of Cyrus' crew had approached him. He'd never seen or met Cyrus, and he wondered how Cyrus even knew that Brad existed. After further contemplation, Brad decided that Julian had been behind the attack because he wanted Brad to die. Britt recalled Jason mentioning that Cyrus had been trying to make a deal with Julian.

Brad began to grow agitated; he was afraid that someone could get to him and either kill him in the hospital or back at the prison. He didn't think there was anywhere that he could go to be safe. "I'm a dead man," he said. Britt knew of someone who could help.

"I must complete the mission," Dante muttered as he stood at the pier. Lulu spotted him and noted that he had his thinking face on. She explained that Rocco had originated the name. Dante asked Lulu where she was going, and she disclosed that she had a deadline. She was headed to the Floating Rib to pick up dinner for herself.

Dante admitted he'd gotten carried away with Cyrus, and Lulu suggested he apologize to her for undermining her. Dante apologized, and Lulu accepted. He insisted that he would never stop caring about her. "Me, either," Lulu replied tearfully. She turned and left, and Dr. Kirk showed up shortly after. "Is she gone?" the doctor asked.

Kirk revealed that he had been appointed Dante's handler, and he wanted to catch up on Dante's activities. Dante disclosed that he had been able to access Peter's computer, and he had the files on the flash drive that he held out to Kirk.

Kirk inserted the flash drive into his device, and Dante noted that it proved that the evidence linked to Liesl for the attack on Andre and Franco had been fabricated. There was no evidence to prove that Peter had been behind it. Kirk declared that it suited his needs. "Your needs?" Dante asked. He thought Kirk's assessment was premature.

Kirk made it clear that people should be in jail for the crimes they had committed, and Peter was their target. Dante was afraid the bureau would tip off Peter. Kirk clicked a pen several times. "Complete the mission," Dante uttered. Kirk assured him it would all make sense another day. Dante repeated his statement and left. Kirk phoned Liesl and told her the news. "You're as good as free," he said.

Laura sat at a table with Scott at the Floating Rib and told him he might be in danger. Scott assured her that he always received death threats, and he tried to guess who was behind it. Laura informed him it was Cyrus who was after Laura and therefore a threat to Scott. She told him that Cyrus had managed to obtain the file of a 40-year-old case from someone in the police department.

Laura explained that the file had been heavily redacted, and she hoped that Cyrus wouldn't be able to figure out what she'd done as a kid. Scott insisted his role had been minor, but Laura thought that Cyrus might try to blackmail Scott. Scott wondered why Cyrus had chosen to get the file from the police when anyone who remembered the case would be able to fill him in.

Laura assumed that Cyrus had wanted something official. She had had many encounters with Cyrus, both before and after he'd been in prison, and she thought his interest in her was personal. He'd already asked Lulu and Kevin about her. Laura admitted she'd had Cyrus tossed into solitary, which was the least he'd deserved, and she'd hoped that Kevin could declare him insane.

Before the conversation could continue further, Lulu walked in and spotted Laura. She was surprised to see her mother, and she couldn't believe that Laura's first stop had been to visit with Scott. Laura stated that she'd caught an earlier flight and had had to see Scott about a legal matter. Scott gushed about Laura's request that he join her campaign that would be up in two years. Laura quickly told him that nothing was set in stone. She hurried Scott along, and he finally left.

Lulu was suspicious, but she took Scott's seat at the table. Laura asked about Dante, and Lulu told her that much had changed while much remained the same. Laura knew that Lulu loved Dustin but would always love Dante, too. Lulu wistfully replied that she loved Dustin but was in love with Dante.

At the Corinthos house, Sonny told Taggert that the cold war with Cyrus was about to change. He promised that he had his eyes out for Portia and Trina's safety, and he revealed that Julian knew that Taggert was alive. Sonny added that he had eyes and ears at the hospital, too.

Just then, Carly walked in and stopped short as she stared at Taggert in disbelief. "I don't mean to be rude, but aren't you supposed to be dead?" she asked. Sonny handed her a glass of wine. Taggert cleared his throat and explained that he'd had to play dead in order to protect Trina. Sonny assured her that he'd only known about Taggert since the Nurses Ball, and Epiphany and Jordan had been the ones to help Taggert to fake his death.

Carly began to list all of the people who knew about Taggert, and she noted that Trina had been grieving. Taggert thought it was better for her to grieve for him than vice versa. Carly was worried that Josslyn would find out, and she declared that Taggert shouldn't be there. Taggert promised to tell Trina the truth after Cyrus had been dealt with. He hoped his daughter would forgive him. Carly thought she would eventually, but they had to protect their kids by any means necessary.

Sam sat at a table in the Metro Court restaurant with Danny. They talked about the two Thanksgiving dinners they would have, and the boy wondered where Jason could be. Sam assured him that his father would show up. They could hear Alexis speaking loudly at the bar, and Danny pointed out that his grandma was having a good time. Sam excused herself and walked over to the bar.

Alexis introduced Sam to the two men she had been conversing with, two former colleagues with the firm where she'd been employed first. Sam asked to speak to Alexis privately, and Alexis assured her that she'd only had one drink. Sam didn't think it would stop at one, and she hoped her mother had a ride home.

Alexis promised that she'd secured a ride in both directions, and Sam proclaimed that there would be no lecturing. "I'm done," Sam said. Sam returned to Danny, who asked if his grandmother would be joining them. In the meantime, Cyrus showed up and offered to buy Alexis a drink. Instead, she tore into him and called him a drug pusher. She listed all of the drugs that Cyrus handled, including the heroin that had killed Neil.

Cyrus got into Alexis' face and grabbed her shoulders. He suggested that she didn't want to make a scene because if she embarrassed him, he'd have to embarrass her. "That's enough!" Jason ordered as he arrived at the bar. Alexis agreed with Jason that Cyrus had better remove his hands, and he pulled them away.

Cyrus noted that his and Jason's paths kept crossing. He hoped their truce wasn't jeopardized, and he hoped that Sonny felt the same. He had only returned to the bar for his forgotten credit card. He left, and Sam returned and asked Alexis if she was okay. Alexis confessed that she'd let loose on Cyrus about Neil, but she'd realized that Neil would never have shot up in the bed right next to her. Something didn't feel right to her.

Alexis decided to go home, and Sam announced that it had been wrong to keep Alexis from her grandchildren. She wanted Alexis to return home to get herself together and return to Sam's place to see the kids. "I think it would be good for you," Sam said. Alexis agreed that she would like it.

Sam informed Jason that it would be a good time to confront Alexis because Molly was already at their place to babysit for Scout. She suggested that Jason take Danny somewhere, and Jason agreed that they could visit the Floating Rib to play pool. As they chatted, the bartender seemed to be listening and interested in their conversation.

Sam placed a phone call to Diane and said that she needed Diane. It was about Alexis. The bartender made his own phone call and announced that he knew where Jason would be.

Julian gingerly opened the front door of the closed pub for Ava. "What on earth is wrong with you?" she asked. Julian suggested that she leave because it wasn't a good time, but Ava wanted to update him on the latest. She headed to the bar and told him that Sonny had asked questions about Ryan. She thought that Sonny had been figuring things out, but Nikolas had confessed to arranging the hit on Ryan. Sonny had believed him.

Ava poured herself a drink as she assured Julian that he was in the clear. She wanted to know who was really responsible for Ryan's stabbing. She was hopeful that Julian hadn't decided to accept a favor from Cyrus, and she accused Julian of having a death wish. Julian wanted to protect Ava, and he made it clear that he wouldn't share any details. He hugged her, and she told him she loved him.

Ava and Julian began to joke because Julian didn't return the sentiment, but Ava stressed that he was her family, and that would never change. She wanted Julian to allow Nikolas to help him to disappear. Julian insisted he was doing what was necessary. Ava grabbed her purse and headed to the door. Julian expressed his love for Ava, and she smiled. On the way out, she almost tripped over a package outside of the door, and she urged her brother to pick up his mail.

Julian picked up the package and took it inside. He received a phone call. He was told to drop off the package at the Floating Rib.

At the Floating Rib, many of the citizens of Port Charles were gathered to spend the evening. Jason and Danny were among them.

An explosion rocks the Floating Rib An explosion rocks the Floating Rib
Friday, November 20, 2020

Molly and Sam anxiously awaited Alexis' arrival at Sam's place. Molly felt that Kristina should be present for Alexis' intervention, and Sam noted that their mother was out of control. She thought that Alexis and Kristina wouldn't be a good fit. There was a knock at the door, and Sam welcomed Diane to the venture. The sisters were dismayed to see that Valentin followed Diane inside. Diane noted that she'd sought more help in order to help Alexis, her best friend.

"I would befriend the devil himself if it would get her back on track," Diane announced. "Thank you, Diane," Valentin retorted. "I, too, am enjoying our newfound friendship," he added. Valentin pointed out that the situation was supposed to be about Alexis and not him. Sam declared that it was a delicate situation, and she wasn't sure that Valentin would make it better.

Valentin believed that he could offer a "unique perspective" on things, and he wouldn't judge Alexis. Diane divulged that Valentin and Alexis had an understanding. "Can you tolerate Valentin for the sake of your mother?" she asked. Sam ordered Valentin not to undermine her, or she would kill him herself.

Dante ferociously punched the bag at Volonino's gym. Sonny spotted him and asked if he wanted to talk. Sonny knew that Dante had been struggling and avoiding him. Dante denied avoiding his father and claimed he'd been busy with a new job. Sonny grabbed the bag, and Dante resumed his punching. Dante promised that his new job wasn't as a cop, although Sonny noted "once a cop, always a cop."

Dante admitted it was Lulu. He couldn't be with her, but he couldn't stay away from her. Dante was aware that he had been the one to seek the divorce, but he hadn't realized how he would feel when he returned. Lulu was with another guy, and he didn't want to disrupt things by telling her he still loved her. Sonny asked if Dante thought that Lulu would want him to give up.

Dante insisted he couldn't "go all caveman" on Lulu. Sonny understood Dante's feelings, and Dante teased his father by even discussing feelings in the first place. Sonny noted that Dante had had a life, and the feelings were still there. He suggested that Dante wasn't the only one, and he should ask Lulu how she felt.

At the hospital, Elizabeth and Franco discussed getting dinner at the Floating Rib, although Franco wasn't sure how he felt about eating after getting his test results. Elizabeth proclaimed, "The fight is on," as they talked about the confirmation that Franco's brain tumor was inoperable. They sat and sipped some coffee as Elizabeth divulged that she'd made arrangements for Franco to see Patrick Drake on the West Coast.

Elizabeth stated that Patrick was the best in his field. She couldn't believe that Franco wasn't arguing with her, and shortly after, she announced that they would depart the following week. Franco was in awe of Elizabeth's positive attitude and called her amazing. Elizabeth said that she loved Franco and would never let him go. She only needed to make arrangements for someone to watch their boys.

Franco admitted that sometimes he felt terrified and wanted to give up, and Elizabeth explained that it was balance. She was hopeful and informed him that fate belonged to both of them. Franco assured her that he would do whatever he had to do. They talked and laughed about the boys as they decided to go to the Floating Rib for dinner, after all. They stepped onto the elevator.

At the Floating Rib, Lulu sat with Laura and admitted that she'd never stopped loving Dante. She added that her heart still raced when she saw him, and she was confused. She loved Dustin, and she felt guilty. Lulu was tearful as she explained that Dustin had entered her life when she'd needed it and had helped her to open her heart. They were building a life together.

Laura maintained that Lulu couldn't erase her history, just as Laura still had feelings for Scott. He was part of her past. She thought that Lulu should decide who was right for her future. Lulu reminded Laura that she and Dustin had made plans, but Laura shrugged and said, "Plans change." Lulu was annoyed at the advice, but Laura continued that life could be wonderful and difficult at the same time.

Laura concluded that love was a gift, and decisions that had been made might change. Lulu wasn't sure she wanted things to change; she was happy with Dustin and her kids loved him. Then she'd seen Dante, and her love had been "bubbling up." Laura thought that Lulu needed time and space, and she suggested that Lulu tell Dustin that they should wait before cohabitating.

Lulu thought that was a good idea. Laura announced that she had to leave, but she told Lulu that she liked Dustin. She kissed the top of Lulu's head, and after Laura was gone, Lulu phoned Dustin and asked him to join her.

Nearby, Jason and Danny played pool. Jason explained the finer points to his son. Danny mentioned the fact that his grandma Alexis had been acting weird, and Sam had been upset. Jason thought that one's instinct was to help someone because one cared, but Danny pointed out that the worry involved Alexis' drinking.

Danny made it clear that he hadn't been spying, but he'd heard Sam talking. Jason explained that Sam was worried because sometimes people couldn't stop their drinking. Danny hoped that Alexis wouldn't forget them, and Jason assured him that family didn't give up on each other.

Cameron and Dev arrived. Dev had something to say to Cameron, and Cameron revealed that he needed the distraction because Franco's brain tumor had returned. He told Dev about the prognosis. Dev was sorry. He flashed back to the phony writing he'd done in Josslyn's journal and announced that he had to talk about something he'd regretted doing. Dev wanted to make it right.

Dev asked Cameron if he remembered the journal, and Cameron gushed about how much he'd appreciated Dev showing it to him. Before Dev could say anything further, Danny interrupted and invited Cameron to the pool table. Danny showed off his skills. Jason received a text message from Laura asking to see him and announced that he had a call to make. Cameron offered to keep an eye on Danny.

At the pier near the Floating Rib, Julian arrived with the bomb in his backpack. Cyrus approached him and noted that Julian appeared to be stressed. Julian wanted Cyrus to take the bomb back because he refused to hurt a "bar full of people." He added, "Hell, no!" emphatically. Cyrus insisted that Jason would be taken out when he was alone, and until then, "a package is just a package." Julian confirmed that the bomb wouldn't go off until Jason was alone.

Cyrus handed Julian a burner phone and ordered him to phone Cyrus when he was finished. In the meantime, Alexis had been in the area and stayed out of sight until Cyrus was gone. "Fancy meeting you here," she said. She was surprised to see Julian with Cyrus, and she wondered what Julian had gotten himself into. Julian insisted he was out for fresh air and had run into Cyrus.

Julian proceeded to tell Alexis about Cyrus' desire to buy Charlie's Pub. He asked if she'd been drinking, and Alexis stated that she had been out walking. Julian wondered what Alexis was doing to herself, and Alexis snapped that she was a survivor and could do whatever it took to get through it all. She continued that she'd only had two drinks and was trying to clear her head before going to Sam's to see the grandkids.

Julian complimented Alexis for being the "positive light in my dark life." He added that it had been his own fault if he'd failed. Alexis thought it sounded as though Julian was saying goodbye, but he replied that he was doing everything he could in order to stay. He admitted he'd been feeling melancholy, and he suggested she get moving. Alexis was concerned, but she walked away. Julian picked up the backpack and wiped a tear from his eye.

Back at the hospital, Britt tried to leave a phone message for Jason. She uttered that she had seen something, and he needed to get to the hospital right away. "Problems?" Cyrus asked as he walked over to her from behind. Britt assured him that she couldn't go to him with every minor problem. Cyrus spoke about improving the hospital and how he liked to keep tabs on things. He noted the great staff. Britt smiled and said she looked forward to "playing my part."

While waiting for Alexis to show up at Sam's place, Diane read about the steps of an intervention out loud. Valentin felt that Alexis would feel like she'd been attacked, and he wasn't convinced that she would even show up.

Alexis finally arrived and hugged Sam and Molly. She wanted to run upstairs to see the kids, but Sam told her that Scout was asleep and Danny was out with Jason. Just then, Valentin and Diane emerged from another room, and immediately, Alexis asked if it was an intervention. She called it an ambush and wanted her coat in order to leave.

Sam and Molly professed their love for Alexis, but Alexis felt as though she'd been betrayed. Diane insisted they were on her side, but Alexis was angry. She declared that she'd been withheld from her grandkids, and then they had been used as bait. She had no intentions of staying.

Again, Alexis demanded her coat, and Valentin stated that Sam was desperate and scared. Alexis announced that it was her life and her choice. Diane handed Alexis her coat, but Sam barred the door. She shouted that if Alexis left, she would lose her support system, and they wouldn't be there for her. Sam continued that Alexis had fought like hell for her, and she would fight the same for Alexis. They wanted her to stay and listen.

Laura met with Jason out on the pier by the Floating Rib. She told him she wanted an update on Cyrus. Jason informed her that the truce was still holding, but he thought she should talk to Sonny. He mentioned that Sonny had been at the gym, and Laura noted her intent to find him.

Jason returned Britt's call, and she told him she needed to see him. She couldn't talk on the phone. Jason told her he was with his son and couldn't get away. Britt entered Brad's hospital room with pain meds. Brad hoped that Jason would be there, or he would be as "good as dead."

Laura found Sonny at the gym, and after a big hug, Sonny called for Dante to show himself out. Laura assured her former son-in-law that she'd understood his choices, and she had no doubt that he and Lulu would figure things out. She noted that she'd just seen Lulu at the Floating Rib. Dante announced that he had to go, and Sonny smiled.

Sonny was glad for what Laura had said, and Laura thought that things would be fine. She noted that Jason had told her where to find Sonny. She had something to discuss.

Julian made his way into the Floating Rib and sat down at a table. He opened his backpack and placed it on the floor under the table. He fidgeted and scrolled through family photos on his phone. Cameron and Dev watched Danny play a video game, and Dustin arrived to sit with Lulu.

"God help me," Julian muttered as he recalled a previous conversation with Cyrus about the bomb. He got up and left, leaving the backpack behind.

Lulu told Dustin that Dante's return had "thrown me for a loop," and Dustin said he understood. She loved Dustin, and he felt the same about Lulu. He admitted that he'd stopped to reevaluate their plan to live together. Lulu sighed in relief. She agreed that it didn't feel right. Dustin didn't want any doubts; he placed a small box on the table. He proclaimed that he wanted to build a life. He got down onto the floor on one knee, opened the box, and proposed.

Jason returned and insisted on springing for dinner for Cameron and Dev. He agreed that Danny could play the video game a little longer. Dev tried to talk to Cameron again about the journal, but Cameron spotted Elizabeth and Franco walking in. He wanted to speak to his parents first. Cameron apologized for "freaking out," and Franco replied that he had thought that Cameron had taken things well.

Dev grabbed a table and kicked the backpack under the table. He got to the floor and looked at the bag. "What the hell?" he asked. He headed over to the bar and told the bartender about a suspicious package.

Julian walked along the pier and pulled out the burner phone. He hoped that Cyrus answered.

Dante arrived and approached the Floating Rib from the parking lot. Suddenly, the bomb exploded inside the bar.

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