General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 30, 2020 on GH
Tracy returned for a brief visit. Lulu was transferred to a long-term care facility in Manhattan. Cyrus told Trina that Taggert was alive. Laura confided to Curtis about David Hamilton's death. Julian escaped certain death. Chase revealed to Sasha that he had told Willow the truth.
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Lulu was transferred to a long-term care facility in Manhattan and Julian cheated death
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Tracy returns to Port Charles Tracy returns to Port Charles
Monday, November 30, 2020

Out on the patio at Sonny's house, Jason told Sonny that there was no news on the explosion at the Floating Rib other than the confirmation that it had been caused by a bomb. Sonny was certain that he knew who had been behind it.

Inside the house, Sam begged Alexis to stay for Thanksgiving dinner, but Alexis insisted that she wanted to be far away from Sonny and Jason, even though there were guards at the house. She wished that Sam and Carly would feel the same way. Sam snapped that Alexis had been "hammered on tequila" the previous evening and couldn't remember anything.

"Is it really more important for you to be loyal to Jason than to be a responsible mother?" Alexis asked Sam before departing. Sonny and Jason walked inside, and Sonny asked Sam about her family. Sam admitted that Scout was too young to know anything that had been happening, and Danny had taken things in stride. Carly noted that Josslyn was upset about Dev, but the lockdown was normal to her.

Jason was certain he'd been careful and had not been followed. Jason wondered if someone on the staff at Metro Court had heard him make plans to play pool at the Floating Rib. Carly revealed that there was a new bartender named Eli. She checked the work schedule and announced that he was working. Sonny and Jason decided to head to Metro Court. Jason asked Sam if she was okay. "Sure," she said. She looked anything but okay.

At the Quartermaines', Willow and Michael revealed that they had both learned that Sasha and Chase had lied about their relationship. Willow admitted that she wasn't ready to talk to Chase about it yet. Michael stated that Sasha had been asleep in her hospital room.

Olivia was ecstatic that she would be having full control of the kitchen in order to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Monica and Ned exchanged a look, and Ned assured his wife that no one in the family expected a traditional dinner. Monica declared that it was okay to cancel it, but Olivia insisted that Dante had wanted a normal Thanksgiving for Rocco.

Ned was surprised when Alexis arrived. She revealed that Olivia had invited her because she had known about Alexis' problems with Sam. Ned wondered why Alexis had accepted, but Alexis was adamant that she had refused the invitation several times. She was afraid that Olivia would grow suspicious. Ned suggested that Alexis stay sober, and she snapped that he was afraid she'd drink and reveal their secret.

The doorbell sounded, and Robert was the next to arrive. Ned remarked on there being another surprise guest, and he asked Olivia if she had invited the entire city. Olivia wondered if Ned thought that Alexis and Robert would be a good match. She called out for Willow and Michael to join in for some punch.

As the Quartermaines and their guests sat and sipped drinks, Olivia noted that Robert and Alexis had a lot in common; both were lawyers. Alexis quipped that she was no longer a lawyer. Robert mentioned Molly and her future plans, and an awkward conversation ensued when Alexis made some sarcastic comments about Robert's career path. Olivia laughed and told Alexis she was funny, but she got up quickly to check on the turkey.

Robert stood up just as fast and announced that he had to check on something. He followed Olivia and asked her what she was doing. He made it clear that he and Alexis had never had any words for each other.

Ned remained with Alexis and stated that he was glad she wasn't drinking. They discussed how fearful Ned was that Olivia would hear about them or notice a strange awkwardness between them. Alexis suggested that Ned act normal so that no one would suspect anything. They didn't see that Robert had returned and had overheard them until it was too late.

Alexis went off to refill her club soda, and Ned joked that family gatherings could be eventful. Robert replied that he wasn't certain what he'd "stumbled into," but Olivia was his friend; if Ned hurt Olivia, Robert would hurt Ned. Suddenly, Olivia began to scream, and everyone ran to her side. She related that she had accidentally set the oven at the wrong temperature, and the turkey had been ruined.

Monica announced that the Quartermaines had not had a successful Thanksgiving turkey in decades, and she thought that everyone knew what they had to do next.

Julian packed his things at Wyndemere as Ava looked in on him. She announced that she'd given the staff strict orders to avoid that wing of the house. They began to argue over the bombing at the Floating Rib as Julian maintained that it had been an accident. He insisted that only Jason should have been killed.

Ava wondered why Julian hadn't tossed the bomb into the harbor to get rid of it. She proclaimed that one always had choices when backed into a corner. Julian asked if that was like when Ava had shot and killed Connie Falconieri. Ava looked as though she'd been slapped, but she quickly reminded Julian that she had shot Connie in order to protect him.

Ava added that she was sorry to have done that, although Julian thought it was a little late for Ava to have a conscience. She insisted that she had grown since then, while he was still a weak coward. She urged him to keep packing because she wanted him gone. She wanted to check on Lulu.

At General Hospital, Brando looked at Dev's death certificate. Sasha woke up, and Epiphany told her that she looked good. She wished Sasha a happy Thanksgiving. Sasha couldn't believe it. Epiphany told her that she'd had a heart attack due to the amount of illegal drugs she'd taken, and she had been asleep. Epiphany explained that Sasha would need her support system.

Sasha replied that she had no family, and Epiphany revealed that Michael had been by her side all night until he'd been asked to leave. Sasha was pleasantly surprised. Brando arrived to visit, and Sasha was disappointed. She told him she was better, although the previous night was a blur.

Brando shared that he'd been the one to get Sasha to the hospital, and Sasha admitted she'd been using coke because it had been a "rough year." Brando revealed that he was an addict, too, although Sasha insisted that she was an occasional user. Brando told her that he recognized the "warning signs." Sasha began to argue, but Brando recalled having seen her wiping her nose as she'd left a ladies' room. He stated that she hadn't even asked Cyrus about the drugs he'd placed in front of her.

Brando confessed that he was trying to save Sasha and had plenty of experience to do so. Sasha filled him in on her mishaps after breaking up with Michael. Brando explained that short-term use eventually grew to a way of life. He wondered if she had been "scared straight" or if she would call her dealer once she left the hospital.

Sasha reminded Brando that it was a holiday, but he told her about the incident at the Floating Rib. She was the only one he could help. He revealed that Dev had been killed, and he couldn't deal with it at the moment. Sasha asked him to help her do a few laps in the hallway.

Laura spoke to Tracy on the phone. Tracy was at the airport and waiting to hear from Luke. She promised that Lulu would receive the best medical care. Once the call was finished, Laura spotted Nikolas, who told her that both Griffin and Patrick had agreed with Lucas' assessment of Lulu. Nothing more could be done for her. Nikolas offered to contact Elizabeth in order to get hold of Lucky, but Laura didn't think there was time. There were decisions that had to be made.

Dante sat beside Lulu. Her head was bandaged, and there were tubes, lights, monitors, and a breathing tube. He was unhappy that he had left town in order to protect her, and he had learned his lesson. He wanted her to wake up for a Thanksgiving miracle. He wanted to tell her how sorry he was.

Laura walked in and declared that she wanted to talk to Dante about Lulu's treatment, as she thought he should have a say in the matter. She maintained that Lulu would not wake up anytime soon, and she thought the medical care should be provided elsewhere. Dante asked Laura if she was giving up.

Laura assured Dante that she would never give up hope. She thought that a long-term care facility was needed. Dante wanted more time with Lulu because he had already wasted so much of it. Laura left them alone, and Dante returned to Lulu's side. He bent over and kissed her forehead.

Ava arrived and found Nikolas. He told her how Lulu had only suffered from a headache after the explosion, but she had collapsed due to swelling in the brain. He didn't know if she would ever wake up. He also told Ava that several doctors had concurred on the diagnosis. He concluded that Lulu hadn't been as lucky as Franco. Ava was horrified to hear that Franco had also been involved in the explosion, and Nikolas provided a list of others. He declared that whoever had committed the act had blood on their hands.

Suddenly, Nikolas remembered that he was supposed to have made arrangements for Julian to leave town, and he promised to attend to that. Ava told him to let her worry about her brother.

Back at the Corinthos house, Carly handed Sam a mug of tea. She knew that Sam was shaken up. Sam explained that she'd thought that Danny and Jason had died, and it had been the worst hour of her life. She thought about Dev. It broke her heart that Josslyn was accustomed to living as she did. She was worried that Danny would have nightmares, and she wouldn't be able to help him.

Carly understood how Sam felt but pointed out that Sam had known about Jason's life when she'd decided to have a baby. Carly had known about Sonny's life every time that she'd married him. She thought one had to live with it, but Sam suggested that she couldn't. Carly knew that Sam was scared, and she suggested they talk.

Sam admitted that she had experienced violence in the past, but it had been different this time. Her son had almost died. She was worried that the family could be with Jason the next time someone tried to kill him. She'd had peace in the past when Jason had been gone, and she thought it had felt normal. She had enjoyed it.

Sam felt that her loyalty to Jason was in direct competition with her motherly instincts. Carly again understood because she'd experienced the same. She stressed that danger went hand in hand with the territory. Sam maintained that that was her reason for not being able to sleep.

Jason and Sonny found Eli on the terrace at Metro Court. He told them the terrace was closed for the holiday, but Sonny announced that he wanted answers from Eli. Jason strong-armed Eli until Eli admitted that he was new in town and had wanted to make some extra money. He had passed on a message to an unknown person to drop off a package.

Eli insisted that he'd had no idea that the package had contained a bomb. He suggested that Sonny call the phone number on his phone. Sonny dialed and reached Julian's voicemail. "Son of a bitch!" Sonny exclaimed.

Back at the hospital, Laura walked with Nikolas. She told him that she hoped that Dante wouldn't cause drama. Nikolas knew that Laura would never give up on Lulu. Suddenly, Epiphany announced that Laura had visitors. All of the people who had been at the Quartermaine house appeared. Laura began to cry.

"You're all here!" she said. Olivia acknowledged that the group should have been at the hospital all day. Alexis ran over to hug Laura and Nikolas. "Where else would we be?" Ned asked. Willow, Michael, Robert, and Monica were all in attendance, too. Sasha and Brando rounded the corner, and after spotting the group, especially Michael, Sasha suggested that she return to her room.

Michael asked Dante how he was, and Dante told him that he felt that long-term care for Lulu was wrong. Michael thought it would be just what Lulu needed, and he shared his own experience of being in a facility. Dante thought it felt like giving up, but Michael knew that Laura would never give up on Lulu -- and he wouldn't either.

Dante spoke to Laura and apologized for being out of line. He thought that Laura was right to do what was best for Lulu's care. He grabbed her hand and admitted that he would never stop loving Lulu.

Monica gathered the group together to remind them that it was Thanksgiving. She wanted to conduct a group prayer. Among other things, she noted that it had been a senseless time; however, with faith and hope, things would get better. They could all lean on each other. Laura hugged her, and Ned and Olivia arrived with boxes of pizzas.

There was a huge surprise when Tracy showed up and announced that eating would be before singing. Laura sobbed as she hugged Tracy.

Ava returned to Wyndemere to have a talk with Julian as he continued to pack. She held a gun behind her back.

Julian jumps from the parapet Julian jumps from the parapet
Tuesday, December 1, 2020

On Sonny's private plane bound for Mexico City, Jordan and Curtis discussed their plan once they landed. Jordan wanted Cyrus' hold on her to be over, and Curtis was determined to get the information they needed to beat the ex-con. Curtis wondered why Cyrus would have purchased medical equipment in Mexico City as they had learned from the vacant house in Oregon.

Jordan maintained that she would have to return to Port Charles before Cyrus grew suspicious of her absence. Curtis received a phone update from Portia, regarding Lulu. Once he was done, he asked Jordan how well she spoke Spanish. "Bueno. Muy bueno," she replied.

During a major thunderstorm, Jason and Sonny conversed about Julian. Sonny noted that he had stayed out of it when Julian had been in on Duke's murder and when Julian had held a knife to Alexis' throat. He had been pushed too far with Julian's bombing of the Floating Rib and the death of Dev. Jason noted that retaliation against Julian would not stop Cyrus, but Sonny disagreed.

Sonny believed that Julian had to pay. Jason thought that Julian could name Cyrus and have information that they could use. Sonny replied that they could get the information and then kill Julian. They decided to go to Wyndemere in pursuit of Julian.

At Wyndemere, Julian continued to pack his things as Ava returned home from the hospital. He asked if Lulu was dead. "Might as well be," Ava replied. Julian asked about the gun that Ava held behind her back. She admitted she wasn't sure what she planned to do, and they argued again about the bombing at the Floating Rib.

Ava began to scream at Julian. She felt that he should have known that Cyrus always lied, and the results of the bombing had been no exception. Julian insisted he'd had no choice, but Ava continued to yell at her brother. She couldn't imagine that Julian thought he would have owed Cyrus nothing more than a month's drinks on the house for going after Ryan.

Julian claimed he'd been desperate, and Ava shouted that he was always desperate. She had asked him to run away. Julian was sorry, but Ava retorted that that had never stopped him from making bad decisions. She thought he should have told Lucas the truth in the beginning, and they would have gotten through everything. Julian only wanted Ava's support, not her judgment.

Ava snapped that innocent people were dead because of Julian, and he announced that he would be leaving. "No, you won't," Ava stated. She ordered him to step outside as she pointed the gun at him. She vowed to tell Jason the truth. Julian begged Ava to let him go, but Ava insisted that Cyrus would use the family as leverage as long as Julian was still alive. They argued over Nikolas, and Ava made it clear that she loved him and was choosing him over Julian.

Ava insisted her choice wasn't easy, as she loved Julian, too, but he had wasted his choices. She added that Cyrus and Sonny both wanted Julian dead, and she would be merciful and responsible. They headed to the parapet and stood in the pouring rain. Ava admitted that things would be easier to clean up.

Ava ordered Julian to kneel, and he refused. He wanted her to tell his children he loved them and not to go with fear. He was sorry for the pain he'd caused and for being a failure. Ava called it a sacrifice. "Goodbye, Julian," she said. Julian was certain they'd see each other again soon enough because they would be headed to the same place, and it wasn't heaven.

Maxie stepped off of the elevator at General Hospital and spotted Brando, who had just been looking at Dev's driver's license. She asked him if he needed any help. "I'm good," he replied. She was sorry about Dev, and she thought Brando looked lost. She suggested that he go home. He told her he was working and was unable to leave.

Nearby, Cyrus asked Portia about Lulu's condition, and she reminded him that she was unable to share any confidential information. Cyrus declared that as the mayor's daughter, Lulu deserved the best care. Portia noted that all of the patients in the hospital received the best care. She also suggested that Cyrus not offer any condolences to Laura because his concern would not be welcome. Cyrus shook his head in disbelief.

Maxie saw Cyrus and went over to him. He recognized her from Deception publicity, and he asked about Sasha's trouble. "What trouble?" Maxie asked. She was dismayed to hear about Sasha's heart attack, and she couldn't understand how it could have happened to someone of Sasha's age. Brando informed her that it had been due to a drug overdose.

Laura looked into Lulu's room as Dante and Nikolas visited and talked to the patient. Laura flashed back to when Lulu had been an infant. Kevin arrived to tell her that Tracy was there, and Laura turned around. Tracy handed her a cup of coffee from Kelly's, and Laura thanked her for being there. Tracy disclosed that she had still been unable to reach Luke to tell him about Lulu, and she insisted that Lulu's injuries would have been recognized sooner if Monica had still been in charge.

Kevin stressed that that was impossible to know. Tracy couldn't believe that the "she-wolf" Britt was in charge, and Kevin admitted that everyone found it a "little difficult" to accept. Tracy wondered what had happened to Port Charles and who would put things right.

Charlotte and Valentin arrived to visit Lulu. Charlotte was worried that her mother would be able to know that Charlotte was scared. Suddenly, she spotted Nina and ran to hug her. Nina announced that she was there for "backup," and Charlotte was excited that Nina had accepted her request. Valentin thanked Nina, who noted that friends showed up for each other.

Charlotte asked Nina to accompany her to Lulu's room, and Valentin smiled. When Nina and Charlotte headed off, Martin walked up to Valentin. "Lovely picture," he said. He suggested that things had ended up for Lulu just the way that Valentin had wanted them to. Valentin glared at him and replied that Martin was being too cynical. He acknowledged that he was hurting because Charlotte was hurting.

Martin wondered if it would be a good time to pursue the custody battle before Laura intervened. Valentin fired Martin on the spot and went to join Charlotte and Nina at the elevator.

Kevin motioned Nikolas and Dante out of Lulu's room, and they joined Laura, Portia, and Tracy. Portia announced that the team from the long-term care facility had arrived to transfer Lulu. Laura thought it was time for everyone to say goodbye. Portia directed Laura to the conference room to speak to the team.

Curtis and Jordan entered the medical care supply company in Mexico City. Curtis did all of the talking in Spanish, and he told the woman behind the desk that he was the chief logistics officer for a start-up medical supply business. He indicated that his "assistant," Jordan, had forgotten to schedule a visit at the business. He wanted to partner with the company, and he wanted to take a tour.

The woman, Abril, noted that the business was closed for the day. Curtis went on to shout and criticize his "assistant." He vehemently expressed that he shouldn't have hired her, and he should fire her. Abril quickly called security. While Curtis told her it wasn't necessary, a man from security showed up. Abril explained the situation, and she asked if they could make an exception for the tour if they accompanied Curtis. The man agreed.

Curtis rudely told Jordan to wait behind. Before they left, Abril whispered in Jordan's ear that she had had a similar boss and understood the situation. As soon as the others left, Jordan rushed behind the desk and inserted a flash drive into the computer to obtain the files. She managed to complete the upload just before the group returned.

Jordan was waiting on the correct side of the desk when the door opened. Curtis thanked Abril and the security man for the tour. He was sure their companies would be successful working together. Abril suggested that his assistant call her.

Back at the hospital, Maxie spotted Laura and Kevin as she stood with Brando and Cyrus. Laura cried as she told Maxie the latest and suggested that Maxie say goodbye to Lulu. The women shared a hug. Cyrus told Laura that he was sorry to hear about Lulu, and she was in his prayers. He wanted Laura to reach out if there was anything he could do. Laura slapped him instead.

Brando and Kevin stepped in. Cyrus guessed that Laura didn't want his help. Laura gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. "Oh, my God!" she said. She snapped that the Floating Rib bomb would be traced to him. "Nothing will stop me from taking you off this earth," she shouted. "Do what you must, Mayor Collins. No one's ever stopped you before," he replied. Laura stormed off, and Cyrus looked close to tears. Nearby, Martin viewed the scene.

Cyrus was in a bad mood and yelled at Brando that he was dismissed for the day. "You certainly know how to clear a room," Martin said. He didn't think that Laura had been convinced of Cyrus' sympathy. Cyrus replied that he hadn't asked for Martin's opinion, and Martin chuckled. "Tell me, Cyrus, all these years, you ever known me to wait to be called upon?" Martin asked.

Close friends and family began to stream into Lulu's room to say their goodbyes. Tracy sat and tearfully told her that Luke would give Lulu hell, and she could do the same back at him. They both loved Lulu. Nikolas was next, and he was sorry that he had promised to protect her but had failed. He'd broken promises and her heart many times. He was trying to be the man and big brother she wanted, and he wouldn't break that particular promise.

Charlotte grabbed Lulu's hand and promised to take care of Rocco. Nina stood silently. Valentin declared that Martin Grey hadn't been all wrong. Valentin admitted that he'd tried to take Charlotte from Lulu, but his mind had been changed. They all needed Lulu, and he would keep Charlotte safe. Valentin told Charlotte that she'd been brave, and he knew that Lulu could hear her. He agreed that Rocco would need Charlotte.

Nikolas saw Nina and asked if she'd seen Ava. His wife had told him she'd had something to take care of, and he'd expected her to be finished earlier. He was concerned.

Maxie declared that she would be sending Deception products to the facility along with a beauty expert in order for Lulu to be pampered. She sobbed that everyone would be waiting for Lulu. Dante walked in and comforted Maxie.

Laura admitted that things had gone well with the facility team, and she told Kevin that they would take good care of Lulu. Laura wanted her love to get Lulu back. Kevin was certain that Lulu sensed it.

Dante spoke to Lulu about how he had thought that leaving was the worst thing. He had realized that the ones left behind had suffered the most. He cried that he didn't know how to fix Lulu's broken heart, but he would wait for her. He wanted her forgiveness. He would let her go only if she wanted him to.

Laura was last to say goodbye. She knew that Lulu could hear her, and she knew that Lulu's body needed rest. She didn't want her to stay away too long. She spoke of Lulu's ability to fight to overcome, and she wanted Lulu to fight to return. Lulu had her heart, she added.

Jason and Sonny rushed into Wyndemere with guns drawn. As they reached the parapet, Julian jumped into the surf below. Ava revealed that she'd told Julian that Sonny and Cyrus were after him. She'd heard about Lulu and had decided to kill Julian herself.

Downstairs shortly after, a soaked Ava was wrapped in a blanket. She told Sonny that she had wanted Julian's killing to be quick in order to save him. She had wanted to protect him. His children would be safer. Sonny didn't think it was over, but Ava declared that it was over for her. Jason announced that he'd looked everywhere, but there was no sign of Julian.

Back on the plane, Jordan worked on her laptop with the flash drive's files. She revealed that Cyrus had an account with the medical supply company and with a patient with the last name of Grey.

Jason and Sonny returned to Sonny's house, and Jason asked how Sonny wanted to handle Cyrus. Sonny reminded Jason that Cyrus didn't know what had happened to Julian, and Jason suggested they leave a trail for Cyrus to follow. Sonny thought a bullet would be the end. Jason wondered if Julian could have survived. Sonny replied that if he had, Sonny would make sure that Julian wished he were dead.

Julian lay unconscious somewhere on shore amidst a pile of rocks.

Everyone stood by solemnly at the hospital as Lulu was wheeled out of her room. Ava returned and grabbed Nikolas' hand. Charlotte waved at Lulu and hugged Nina. Kevin and Laura accompanied the stretcher as far as the elevator. Laura told her daughter that she had always rejoiced in her. As the elevator doors closed, Laura broke down, and Kevin wrapped his arms around her.

Cyrus requests a meeting with Sonny Cyrus requests a meeting with Sonny
Wednesday, December 2, 2020

"Surprise!" Peter and Maxie yelled as Anna arrived home with Finn. Peter related that Violet had helped with the "welcome home" signs, and she was very proud of her father. When Anna and Peter were alone, she wondered how Maxie was doing. Peter thought that Maxie was relieved to get her mind off of Lulu for a while. A few minutes later, the four sat talking in the living room, but Maxie was spaced out. She blurted out that she wanted to talk about Alex and why she'd been so obsessed with Maxie and the baby.

Anna explained that Alex hadn't always been like that, and she'd even saved Anna's life once. She continued that family had always been important to Alex, who had been kept from having a family because of her choices and mistakes. Maxie thought it was sad that Alex had to pretend to be someone else in order to receive love. She remarked that it was creepy how much digging Alex had done for details about their lives. She admitted that what had been bothering her the most was that she'd been rescued and that Finn was mending, but Lulu wasn't all right.

Anna thought that Lulu would want Maxie to focus on the happy things in her life like the baby and the impending weddings. Speaking of the wedding, Anna revealed that she and Finn had decided to make their wedding small and intimate so that they didn't have to wait so long to get married. Peter thought they should let Finn get some rest, but he advised Finn that Violet had a surprise planned when she returned home from school.

When Peter left the room to get his and Maxie's coats, Maxie asked Anna why Alex would say that Alex and Peter were alike. Anna replied that Alex had just been trying to cause trouble, and she instructed Maxie to let it go. They made their way out to the foyer, and Peter wondered what they'd been talking about. Anna claimed that they'd been talking about how much they loved him. "Well in that case, I love you too, Mom," he replied, and he hugged a tearful Anna.

When Maxie and Peter were gone, Anna returned to Finn and thought that things were "looking up for a change." Outside, Maxie couldn't believe how close Finn and Anna's wedding had been to not happening because Finn had almost died. Peter reminded her to focus on happy things, which reminded her that she had an idea to run by him about their wedding.

Jordan and Curtis arrived home, discussing the "Grey" lead they'd gotten. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Jordan answered it to Cyrus. She was surprised that he already knew that she and Curtis had arrived home, and he replied that he liked to keep track of "key personnel." She informed him that it had been a long trip, and she was tired. Cyrus told her that things hadn't been the same without her in charge, and he hoped that she would be back at work soon. When he was gone, Curtis wondered if Cyrus was onto them, but Jordan assured him that Portia had done a great job of doctoring Jordan's medical records.

Curtis looked through the medical records that Jordan had copied from the computer in Mexico, and he saw that the person they'd been looking for in Oregon was named Florence Grey. Curtis revealed that he'd tracked Florence and her husband back to Port Charles, where they'd lived years before. He figured that he'd only find information in paper records, and Jordan thought that the hospital might still have them. She mentioned that she coincidentally had an appointment there later.

At Sonny's, Josslyn and Trina were packing up some of Dev's things in his room. They joked about some of his antics until they became serious and agreed that they would miss him.

A clearly upset Sam listened as Carly walked Brando through what would happen at the service she was planning for Dev. Brando promised not to let Gladys make another surprise appearance. Sam commented that it would be a lovely service for a boy who never should have died in the first place. Just then, Josslyn descended the stairs and approached Brando. Even though he wasn't Dev's real father, she wanted him to know that Dev had considered him a good friend, and Brando said that he'd felt the same. Josslyn handed Brando a bracelet of Dev's to have. She explained that he'd been wearing it when he'd first gotten there, and he'd never taken it off in Turkey because he'd never been settled very long. Brando thanked her and said that he would wear it with pride. He thanked Carly for arranging Dev's service, and he left.

Later, Carly called up the stairs for Trina, as she'd gotten a call from the guard that Portia was there. Moments later, she let Portia into the house. Carly said that she'd heard about how Portia had helped Lulu, and she expressed how grateful her family was for it. Portia only wished she could have done more. Trina arrived downstairs as Portia's phone went off, and she checked the text. Trina wondered if they were still going to breakfast, and Portia replied that they had a quick stop to make on the way.

Upstairs, Josslyn got frustrated with some packing tape and threw it across the room. Sam entered the room and offered her help. Josslyn wished she was putting all the effort into helping Dev with his college applications, as he'd been excited to go to college in America. Josslyn knew that Sonny and Jason did their best to protect everyone, but she admitted that she sometimes wondered what life would be like if they were "safe, normal people." As Carly listened in, Josslyn figured that would never be possible in Port Charles, but she would never want to leave. She concluded that "my life is here, and that's the way it is."

Carly entered the room and suggested to Sam that they let Josslyn get back to what she was doing. Downstairs, Carly insisted that she knew what Sam was going through, but she urged Sam to talk to her and to leave Josslyn out of it. Sam explained that she'd only been listening to Josslyn. She wondered what she was supposed to tell Danny once he started asking questions. Carly replied that, if the truth would hurt the children, then they didn't need the truth. "I need better for my kids," Sam replied. Carly divulged that she'd told her own children that they had parents that loved them, and whatever was happening in the world, their mother would always keep them safe.

Elizabeth was with Franco in his room at the hospital when Cameron entered. Franco passed on his condolences to Cameron about Dev, but Cameron didn't want to talk about it. Franco hoped that Cameron wasn't hiding his grief on Franco's account. Cameron asked about Franco's surgery, and Elizabeth explained that the size of Franco's tumor had been reduced with the hope that radiation could eliminate it completely. Franco asked Elizabeth for something out of the vending machine, so she left the room.

Franco confessed to Cameron that he was scared. "That's all I got. Your turn," he said. "I'm more than scared. I'm terrified," Cameron admitted. Franco promised to do everything he could to stick around if Cameron could promise to start expecting good things to happen in his life. Cameron agreed, and the two embraced.

Out in the hall, Elizabeth bumped into Martin, who asked for a word with Elizabeth. He reminded her that he'd represented Franco when he'd had Drew's memories. He took an envelope out of his briefcase and informed her that Franco had filed a will as Drew. He handed it to her and told her that Franco could "dispose of it as he sees fit." He stated that he was officially off the case. He gave Elizabeth his best wishes for Franco's speedy recovery, and he walked away.

In an exam room at the hospital, Curtis and Jordan told Portia about the lead they'd found. "What do you need from me?" Portia asked immediately. Curtis assured Portia that she shouldn't feel obligated to help them, but she was happy to do what she could to help take down a drug dealer and murderer who had affected her own family. Jordan explained that Cyrus had already been at her door, pressuring her to get back to work, so Portia agreed to refuse to clear Jordan for work. "Anything else?" she asked. Curtis broke it to her that they needed access to hospital medical files from 40 years in the past.

A short while later, Curtis and Jordan left the exam room after their meeting with Portia and bumped into Martin. Martin hoped that Jordan would feel better soon, and he walked away. Suddenly, it clicked with Curtis and Jordan that Martin's last name was Grey.

Trina found Cameron at the hospital and asked about Franco. Cameron updated her on Franco's tumor and the possible treatment. She thought it sounded encouraging, but Cameron didn't look happy. Cameron confided that he felt guilty for being happy about Franco's news while Dev was dead. Trina assured him that he could feel both happy about Franco and sad about Dev at the same time.

Later, Cameron was explaining a social media app to Franco when Elizabeth returned to the room with Franco's snack. Franco was tired, so Elizabeth promised they would see him soon. Franco called out for Cameron to remember their deal as they left. "What deal?" Elizabeth wondered when they were out of the room. Cameron replied that he and Franco had thought up a deal together to make their futures much brighter. As Franco tried to get to sleep in his room, he heard Peter say in his head, "I'm telling you, I want this to happen now."

Brando arrived at Cyrus', and Cyrus appreciated Brando being there, despite his loss. Brando replied that it helped to keep busy. Cyrus asked if there was anything he could do, and Brando replied that he would "do anything to get my hands on the bastard who killed my son." He questioned if Cyrus knew who had planted the bomb, as he had his "ear to the ground," but Cyrus claimed that he didn't. Cyrus figured that Sonny would assume Cyrus was behind it, and he wanted to clear up the misperception. He wondered if Brando could ask Sonny for a meeting, and Brando agreed to try. He went out in the hall to make the call, and Cyrus locked the door behind him.

In Sonny's office in Pozzulo's, Jason informed Sonny that the shoreline had been searched for miles, but there had been no sign of Julian. Sonny thought that Sam needed to know that Julian had planted the bomb at the Floating Rib, and Jason knew how hard it would be for her to hear. Jason wondered if Sonny thought Ava was covering for Julian, but Sonny replied that Ava knew what he would do if she took Julian's side. Just then, Jason got a call from Brando, and he put the phone on speaker. Brando told them the situation. Sonny replied that he was willing to listen if Cyrus wanted to talk, "but I got terms."

At Cyrus' apartment, Cyrus' henchman emerged from another room and wondered if Brando believed that Cyrus had had nothing to do with the explosion. Cyrus thought that it was in Brando's best interest to believe it. He informed the henchman that Julian had claimed that Taggert was alive. He instructed the henchman to draw Taggert out of hiding, as they had the perfect means at their disposal. There was a knock on the door, and Cyrus let Brando in. Brando informed Cyrus that Sonny had agreed to talk under the condition that Cyrus went alone.

A short while later, Cyrus and Brando arrived at Pozzulo's, and Sonny reminded Cyrus that he'd wanted Cyrus to go alone. Cyrus explained that Brando was Sonny's family, and Sonny instructed the guard to put Brando at a table. At the table, Brando took out Dev's bracelet and put it on. Inside the office, Sonny questioned if Cyrus had something to tell him about the explosion. Cyrus replied that he was there to give Sonny everything he was looking for.

At the café after finishing breakfast, Trina told Portia that she'd decided to go to school. Portia said that a couple days off would be understandable, but Trina wanted to feel normal. She wanted to walk in like it was a normal day and pretend everything was all right, but she hinted that she couldn't do that with Portia looking over her shoulder. Portia instructed Trina to go straight home after school, and she left. Trina was looking at the picture of herself and Taggert on her phone when a man approached her and asked if she was Trina Robinson.

Someone breaks into Martin's office Someone breaks into Martin's office
Thursday, December 3, 2020

Ava looked out into the distance from atop the parapet and thought about her confrontation with Julian the night before. She was startled when Nikolas joined her, and she explained it away as PTSD from when Julian had pushed her over the edge of the railing. Nikolas had seen her on the bluffs that morning and wondered if she'd been looking for someone or something. Ava claimed that she'd just been thinking about the explosion and wondering how anyone could want to hurt so many innocent people. She wanted to be able to comfort him about Lulu, and she gave him a hug.

Nikolas had to believe that Lulu would return, as her kids needed her. Ava assured him that it was all right to admit that he needed Lulu, as well. Nikolas had realized how much he'd depended on Lulu to be his moral compass. Despite how angry Lulu had been at Nikolas, Ava emotionally commented that sisters were supposed to forgive brothers. Nikolas wondered if Ava was actually talking about her and Julian. He also asked if she'd heard anything about who had planted the bomb, but she told him that she'd only heard rumors that Cyrus had been responsible. Nikolas dubbed Cyrus a "dead man" if it was true, but Ava instructed him to let the police do their jobs.

Ava returned inside, and Nikolas followed. He admitted that, despite the way their marriage had started, he'd been relieved to have her with him when Lulu had been taken away. As his wife, she reminded him that by his side was where she was meant to be. He wondered if it had just been for show, and she answered seriously, "Not a bit." "Are we married for real now?" he questioned. She admitted that she'd been thinking that she loved him, and she meant it. Nikolas wanted it to be real, as well, but he didn't want any threats to it like Ryan or Julian. Ava assured Nikolas that Ryan would no longer be a problem, as Julian was gone. After bickering about what "gone" meant, Ava finally blurted out that Julian was dead because of her.

At the hospital, Martin wished Jordan a speedy recovery and left. Curtis suddenly realized that Martin's last name was Grey. Laura arrived and welcomed the two back, and the couple expressed their condolences about Lulu. Because of the assumption that Cyrus had been behind the explosion, Laura told them that it was imperative for them to find something to use against Cyrus. "We may have a lead," Curtis revealed. Just then, Portia approached, and Laura updated her on Lulu. Jordan also informed Portia that Laura was privy to the details of their undercover ruse, and Jordan and Portia walked off to an exam room for a private conversation.

Laura confessed to Curtis that she hadn't been honest about the 40-year old case file. She told him about the accidental death she'd caused, and she apologized for being too stunned to immediately tell him about it. Curtis assured her that she could tell him anything. He went on to tell Laura about the trip he'd taken with Jordan, and that it had yielded the name of Florence Grey as Cyrus' mystery patient. Curtis wondered if Laura knew the name, and Laura divulged that Florence had been married to her biological father, Gordon Grey.

Laura explained that Gordon had been her mother's mentor, and they'd had an affair. When Laura had been born, Gordon had told her mother that Laura had been dead, but Laura was thankful that she'd been raised by a good family. She continued that she hadn't even lived with Lesley until she'd been a teenager. Curtis told her that they needed to figure out why Cyrus cared about Florence so they had some leverage over him. Laura replied that she knew almost nothing about her father and even less about his wife. Curtis related that the only pattern he'd seen was that Laura seemed to be the center of it all.

In an exam room, Jordan was sorry that there had been a bombing on her watch, but Portia reminded Jordan that she had been out of town. Jordan thought that if she'd been there, she could have gotten some kind of heads-up from Cyrus, but Portia didn't think there was anything Jordan could have done about it. Portia was hopeful that Mac could make a case against Cyrus. She added that Jordan could tell her anything, and she would keep it to herself. "There's something I haven't told you," Jordan admitted. However, she only told Portia that she and Curtis had uncovered some clues and that their trouble with Cyrus could soon be over.

Carly met up with Taggert outside the house, and he wondered where Trina was. Carly answered that Trina was at school, and Taggert hoped that Trina had a bodyguard. Carly replied that Portia had vetoed the idea, as Trina was eager to get back to normal. Taggert threatened that Trina better not be in any more danger, and Carly wondered if he would blame himself, Cyrus, or Sonny. He knew that Cyrus was the real problem, and she reminded him that Sonny was on his side. Taggert just wished that Sonny would move faster against Cyrus. Carly insisted that Sonny knew what he was doing, but Taggert was sick of sitting around doing nothing.

Carly thought that Taggert should be thanking the family for helping him regardless of all he'd done to them in the past. She added that they were only helping him for Trina's sake. He was grateful and explained that he was just antsy and frustrated. Carly updated Taggert on Trina's plan to clear his name and assured him that Trina would never see him as anything other than a hero. She urged him to trust Sonny to handle Cyrus when the time was right. Taggert hoped that Cyrus wouldn't get the better of Sonny first, as many more people would die.

Martin entered his office and found his blinds closed, even though he remembered leaving them open. Just then, someone burst into the room, but Martin sprayed the intruder in the face with pepper spray. "What the hell?" Julian exclaimed. A few minutes later, he was washing his face as Martin explained that he'd been carrying pepper spray since his mugging. He wondered if Julian knew anything about that, but Julian claimed not to. Martin asked why Julian had broken into his office, and Julian asked if the answer was covered under attorney-client privilege. "For the right price," Martin replied.

Julian explained that Sonny, Jason, and Ava thought he was dead, and they would keep looking until they found a body. He continued that he needed to leave town or risk being killed by one of the three -- or by Cyrus. Martin wondered what he could do as an attorney. "Help me get out of town," Julian said, but Martin shot back that he wasn't a travel agent. Julian informed Martin that, while hiding out, he'd done some snooping.

Julian assumed that there was cash in Martin's safe for the purpose of keeping it off the radar of the IRS, and Martin didn't deny it. Julian demanded the cash and Martin's car keys. Martin wondered why he would agree, and Julian showed Martin an envelope Julian had found containing an interesting picture. Martin acted like he didn't care about it, but Julian reminded Martin that there was something written on the back. He questioned whether or not Martin would want Sonny to see it. Martin reached for his pepper spray, but Julian grabbed it first. He demanded that Martin open the safe as he pointed the pepper spray at the attorney, and Martin complied.

Martin pulled a copy of Nelle's letter out of the safe, but Julian called it useless. He believed that Sonny would kill Martin if he found out that Martin had been sitting on the information for months. Martin grudgingly gave Julian a large pile of cash, and he asked for the photo in return. Julian replied that he needed it for "insurance purposes." Julian warned Martin not to tell anyone about seeing Julian, or Julian would make sure that Martin's secret got exposed. "Go to hell, Jerome," Martin spat. Julian answered that he would spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder, so he was already there. Julian emptied one of Martin's briefcases, put the money inside, and left with it.

In Sonny's office, Cyrus told Sonny and Jason that, if they wanted to know who was responsible for the explosion, they needed to look no further than Julian. Cyrus explained that Julian had been desperate for Cyrus to kill Jason before Sonny uncovered "some new transgression," but Cyrus had refused, not wanting to violate the truce. He believed that Julian had taken matters into his own hands, and he imagined that Julian had gone on the run. After a moment of silence, Cyrus offered to see himself out, and he left with Brando.

Sonny and Jason agreed that Cyrus was definitely responsible for the explosion, though they definitely believed that Julian had gone to Cyrus for help. They both knew that Cyrus was the one who wanted Jason gone so that Cyrus could get to Sonny. Jason knew that if Julian had planted the bomb, he'd definitely had help. Sonny said that Cyrus was wrong if he thought he'd properly covered his tracks.

At the café, Trina told the strange man talking to her that she didn't know him, so he had no business with her. "Not even if it's about your father?" he asked. She answered that her father was dead, and the man needed to leave her alone before she called the cops. The man insisted that he wanted no trouble, but there was important information that she needed to know about Taggert. He advised her to stick around, and she would be told everything she needed to know. She watched as the man walked out.

A short while later, Cyrus sat down with Trina, and she angrily told him that she was meeting with someone. He revealed that he was there to meet with her, and she got her stuff together to storm out of the café. Cyrus insisted that he had her best interests in mind. "Like you did with my dad?" she spat. Cyrus told her that Taggert hadn't actually sacrificed his life for his daughter because he wasn't actually dead. Trina refused to believe anything he told her, and she blamed him for Taggert's death. Cyrus maintained that Taggert had faked his death in order to protect Trina from the criminals.

Trina demanded to know where Taggert was, but Cyrus admitted that he didn't know. Trina wanted proof, but Cyrus could only say that he'd gotten the information from a "trusted source." He wished he could help her locate Taggert, "but most people around here are hostile to me." "I wonder why," Trina shot back with an eye roll. He hoped that she found her dad. Trina refused to believe him and stormed out of the café. Cyrus made a call and told someone that he'd met with Trina. He believed that she would find Taggert for them.

Ava tells Nikolas the truth Ava tells Nikolas the truth
Friday, December 4, 2020

Carly entered Pozzulo's while on the phone with Avery. She was surprised that Avery was upset about not being able to find her necklace, but Carly reminded Avery that Carly had to get the clasp fixed. She added that she didn't know when it would be ready. In Sonny's office, Jason had just gotten done saying that Julian had no one left to help him when Carly entered. Carly informed Sonny that he had a problem in Taggert. She didn't think that he would stay hidden for much longer, so Sonny promised to talk to him.

Sonny informed Carly that Cyrus had just been there, and he'd blamed the bombing on Julian. However, Sonny believed that Cyrus had ordered Julian to do it because Cyrus had leverage over Julian. Sonny revealed that Julian had known for months that Wiley was Michael's son, and a livid Carly realized that that had been what Nelle had blackmailed Julian with. Sonny also assumed that Julian had chloroformed Monica and kidnapped Wiley. Carly demanded that Sonny make Julian pay, but Sonny replied, "Maybe he already did."

Speaking of Nelle, Carly had something else to tell Sonny and Jason. She updated them on her belief that Nelle was Nina's long-lost daughter, and Sonny and Jason were shocked. She added that Jax knew, but he wasn't going to say anything. Sonny hoped that Jax would keep his mouth shut, as Jax knew a lot of the family's secrets.

"You'll never believe what happened!" Trina cried as Josslyn let her into the house. "I guess that's my cue to leave," Jax commented. He hugged Josslyn and left. Trina confided that her father could be alive and in hiding. She insisted to a skeptical Josslyn that it made sense for Taggert to fake his death and recover in secret. Josslyn wondered who had told Trina that, and Trina replied that it had been Cyrus. Josslyn reminded Trina of how dangerous Cyrus was and that she should be nowhere near him.

Trina maintained that she neither liked nor trusted Cyrus, but something inside her was screaming that it was true. Josslyn gently suggested that Trina wanted it so badly that she was grasping at straws. Trina figured that Josslyn would do the same thing in Trina's place, and Trina vowed to find out one way or another. "I've got you," Josslyn promised, and she offered to talk to Sonny and Carly about it. Trina made Josslyn pinky swear not to tell anyone, and Josslyn agreed. She wondered what Trina's plan was. Trina replied that she needed more information, and she knew just where to start.

At the hospital, Britt put in a call to Charlie's and asked for Julian. She was shocked to find that he hadn't been there all day, and she declined to leave a message. When she was off the phone, Chase approached and asked to see Sasha's toxicology results. Britt asked for a warrant, but Chase informed her that he was investigating the substance, not the patient.

Later, Chase was gone, and Britt asked Lucas for a word. She said that Brad had told her that Lucas had barely looked at or talked to Brad during their visit. She added that she hadn't expected a reconciliation, but she hadn't expected him to be cruel. Lucas reminded Britt what Brad had done, but Britt countered that Lucas would have lost way more if not for Brad. She informed Lucas that Brad had had help keeping the secret about Wiley. She divulged to a skeptical Lucas that everything Brad had done had been for Lucas, and he'd wanted Lucas to keep the family he had left.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas asked Ava where Julian was, and Ava only promised that Julian would no longer be a problem. Nikolas urged her to tell him if she loved him at all. Ava divulged that Julian was dead because of her. She told him about what had happened on the parapet the night before as a result of Julian's involvement in Wiley's kidnapping spreading around. She sobbed that she'd always known that Julian would meet a violent end, but she'd been scared that Sonny would have made him suffer. Nikolas suggested that Julian had survived his jump, as Ava had. Ava replied that she'd had Nikolas to save her, while Julian had no one. She admitted that he'd seen her on the shore that morning, searching for Julian.

Nikolas wondered why Ava would want to kill Julian if she'd already let herself be blackmailed by Ryan for Julian's sake, but he figured that she was better off without Julian. Ava revealed that Nikolas was her family and her future and that she'd chosen him. Nikolas agreed that he chose her, and he assured her that she could trust him. She wanted to tell him the whole truth, and she insisted that she'd had nothing to do with what had happened. She told Nikolas that Julian was the one who'd planted the bomb.

Ava continued that Cyrus had threatened Julian's family, and Cyrus had lied to Julian about the circumstances of the explosion. Nikolas was furious that Ava had hidden Julian there the night before, but she insisted that she hadn't known the extent of the damage. Once she'd found out, she'd decided to choose her own future over family. "You're all I have left," she muttered. Nikolas related that he'd felt alone for most of his life, so he was ready to move forward with her and build a future together. He hoped that she wouldn't regret her choice, as he loved her, too. The two shared a kiss.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow told Michael that it was "time to face the truth." Michael was thankful that he and Willow were good friends, but he confessed that his feelings had deepened. Willow agreed that they'd been "on the verge of something new" before they'd found out the truth about Chase and Sasha. Willow thought that learning about the lie changed things, but Michael wasn't so sure. Michael hadn't been back to see Sasha since she'd woken up, as he was still angry and didn't want to say something he'd regret while she was still recovering. He wanted to forgive Sasha, but he wasn't sure if he could.

Michael remembered how much pain he and Willow had been in, but Willow countered that they didn't have to second-guess the relationships anymore. Willow thought that they owed it to themselves to figure out their feelings toward their exes, as they couldn't move on until they were both sure that Chase and Sasha were behind them. Regardless of what happened, she knew that she and Michael would always be friends, and he agreed. He added that they would be Wiley's parents no matter what.

Nina entered Sasha's room at the hospital, and Sasha insisted that she was fine. Nina was glad that Sasha was feeling better and admitted that she'd been worried. She took Sasha's hand and told her that, even though she wasn't Sasha's mother, she still cared, and she didn't want Sasha to throw away her life on drugs. Nina instructed Sasha that she had her whole life ahead of her, so she needed to wake up and do better. Sasha appreciated Nina's concern. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Chase entered. Nina instructed Sasha to call if she needed anything, and she headed toward the door. Sasha called out that she hoped that Nina found her daughter, and Nina left.

Chase asked how Sasha was feeling, but she wondered if he was there as a cop or a friend. He insisted that he was a friend first, but he had been at the hospital on official business. He revealed that her toxicology report had shown that the cocaine she'd taken had been laced with an amphetamine, which had caused her heart attack. He asked where she'd gotten it, as he was trying to track down the "bad stuff," but she accused him of interrogating her. He blamed himself for not seeing that she'd been struggling, but she called herself weak. She commended him for keeping it together, but he admitted that he hadn't. He confessed that he'd told Willow the truth about their affair. "How could you do that?" Sasha bellowed.

Chase explained that he'd wanted Willow to know that he still loved her, even if it didn't change anything. She demanded to know if Michael knew, and he assumed that Michael probably knew. Sasha realized that that had been why Michael had stayed with her all night while she'd been unconscious. She excitedly figured that meant he still cared. "Don't get ahead of yourself," Chase told her, thinking back to catching Michael and Willow together. "What do you know?" she asked. He informed her that Michael and Willow's marriage seemed to be "real," so he wasn't sure about the status of their annulment.

A stunned Sasha wondered what Willow had said to Chase when she'd learned the truth. He replied that she'd been shocked and really had no reply. "That's it then," Sasha said dejectedly. She added that she'd known that she and Chase would never be forgiven. Just then, Chase's phone went off. He announced that he'd gotten a text from Willow, and she wanted to see him. When Chase was gone, there was a knock on Sasha's door, and Michael entered.

Later, Chase arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and found Willow.

Nina and Jax met at the café, and she apologized for being late and "scattered." She revealed that she'd visited Sasha, and she'd been worried about Sasha. Jax commented that Sasha was lucky to have Nina, especially after all of Sasha's lies. Nina replied that Sasha was alone and lost, so the past seemed unimportant. Jax commended her for always seeing the good in people, but Nina reminded him that everyone made mistakes. She hoped to have some kind of relationship with Sasha one day. Jax wondered whether she'd forgiven Valentin if she'd already forgiven Sasha.

Nina answered that what Valentin had done was wrong, but she understood wanting to comfort loved ones. She admitted that sometimes it went too far, and the truth was always best. Jax needed to tell her something, but she interrupted and decided that it wasn't that simple. She thought that the truth was sometimes too brutal and that hope was sometimes the only things that could sustain someone. She'd been dreaming of finding her child, but due to every dead end, she got by by hoping that her child had a good life, even if she was never part of it. Jax took her hand and said he thought that her intuition about no longer looking for her child might be right.

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