General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 7, 2020 on GH
Sam ended things with Jason. Julian discovered that Kim Nero had had a baby. Scott and Franco encountered Liesl at the clinic. Monica told Tracy about Ned's one-night stand with Alexis. Martin revealed that Cyrus was his brother. Ryan woke up.
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Sam ended things with Jason, and Martin revealed that Cyrus was his brother
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Gregory meets Violet Gregory meets Violet
Monday, December 7, 2020

In his room at the hospital, Franco paced around in distress as, in his head, he heard Peter's voice saying, "You have no choice." He was holding his head when Elizabeth entered and got him back into bed. He told Elizabeth about the voice he'd been hearing, and she wanted to call Lucas, but he wanted her to call Kevin. Kevin entered the room a few minutes later, and Franco told the doctor about his problem. Kevin suggested that hearing Faison's son was Franco's way of projecting his fear of turning into the bad person he used to be. Scott, who'd been listening outside the door, burst in and informed Kevin that he wouldn't let Kevin mess with Franco's brain again.

Franco assured Scott that he'd wanted to talk to Kevin. Kevin continued that there was a way to find out what was causing the voice in Franco's head, but it would be a long shot. He told Franco about a doctor in Geneva who was at the forefront of issues like Franco's, but Scott called it "malarkey." Franco insisted that he needed to know if the worst part of himself was returning. Scott offered to make arrangements, and he figured that Lucas would sign off on it. When Kevin was gone, Scott expressed his displeasure with Franco's choice, and he left.

Franco knew that Elizabeth wanted him to go to radiation, but he only wanted to put it off for a few weeks to make sure that he wasn't getting worse. Elizabeth understood, and she refused to let him go alone. Franco reminded her that she couldn't go, and she replied that Scott could. He added that he promised to "fight to the end" if he returned. Elizabeth cuddled with Franco on his bed and told him that their ending hadn't been written yet.

Chase arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and found Willow in the living room. She revealed that, since Chase had spoken his mind, it was her turn. She confessed that she'd been relieved to find out that the affair had been a lie, but she wished he hadn't waited so long to tell the truth, as things had become more complicated. Chase told her that the plan had been to tell the truth after Wiley was safe; however, he'd seen Willow and Michael together, and they'd seemed like a real couple. Willow informed him that she and Michael were no longer just platonic friends.

Willow continued that she'd never wanted to face life without Chase, and he agreed. He confided that Sasha had thought it was a bad and selfish idea to tell the truth, but Chase couldn't let Willow go on thinking that he'd stopped loving her, even if she hated him for it. Willow answered that it wouldn't have hurt so much if she didn't still love him, but she added that it didn't change how she felt about Michael. Chase was all right with no immediate solution, as he'd already gotten more than he'd thought he would. Whatever happened going forward, he was glad that she'd reached out to him, and she agreed. They said goodnight, and he left.

Violet finished coloring her picture and showed it to Finn. It was a "welcome home" picture and included the entire family, including Roxy. Finn thought that it was the best gift, and he instructed her to go get ready for bed. When she was gone, Anna pointed out that Violet's grandfather was missing. Finn reminded Anna that Violet and Gregory had never met. "Exactly," Anna said, and she wondered when the two would meet, since Gregory was in town. Finn supposed he could call Gregory, but Anna told him that that wouldn't be necessary. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Anna ran in to let Gregory into the house.

As she put her coat on, Anna informed Finn and Gregory that there were snacks and tea in the kitchen. Anna had to get to a meeting, and she and Finn bickered about her staying. She wished Gregory luck and left. Moments later, Violet descended the stairs and wondered who Gregory was. Finn informed Violet that the man was his father, her grandfather. Violet was excited to meet him, and Finn suggested that Gregory tell Violet her bedtime story. However, Gregory wanted to tell a story, and he and Violet sat down together on the couch. Finn looked on as Gregory told her a story about pirate Captain Cutlass.

When Gregory's story was over, Violet begged for another. However, Finn told her that it was past her bedtime, so she said goodnight and ran upstairs. A smiling Finn remembered the magical story from his childhood. Gregory smiled sadly about how people drifted away from things like magic and love as they got older. He informed Finn that he and Jackie were separating. He explained that their drastically different schedules had caused them to grow apart. Finn thought that the fact that they were separating and not divorcing meant that there was still a chance for them. Gregory replied that time was never guaranteed, and he revealed that he was going to stick around town until Finn and Anna's wedding. He told a stunned Finn that he was teaching online, which he could do from Port Charles, so Finn would be seeing a lot more of his father.

Later, Chase arrived with a big smile on his face. He admitted that Finn had been right about telling Willow the truth, but it was better late than never. Finn was happy for Chase, and he informed Chase about something else that would make him happy -- that Gregory was staying in town until the wedding. Chase related that his night kept getting better, and he hoped that Finn would one day realize that family wasn't a scary thing.

Peter sat down with Maxie at the café and talked about all there was to cover about the bombing, and he had a meeting with Dante. Maxie replied that every time she heard Dante's name, she thought about Lulu. She related that she'd never made a life decision without first talking to Lulu. However, she knew Lulu so well that she knew what Lulu would say, so she knew what to do. Maxie decided that she didn't want to wait any longer to marry Peter. Peter wondered if she was sure, as she'd had a specific vision for their wedding. She was sure, and she told him that she'd invited Anna over to help figure things out.

Dante was sitting at the bar of Metro Court restaurant, looking at a picture of Lulu, when Valentin sat down. Dante warned Valentin not to use Lulu's absence to keep Charlotte away from her family, and Valentin insisted that that wasn't his intention. He clarified that he wanted to schedule time for Charlotte and Rocco to have time together, and he clicked his pen. Dante was suddenly in a trance, concerning Valentin. Dante snapped out of it and claimed that he'd just been distracted by everything going on. Dante asked to look at Valentin's calendar, and Valentin passed the calendar over as he scrutinized Dante.

Peter arrived at the Metro Court restaurant and was surprised to see Valentin and Dante sitting together. Valentin replied that they were just finishing up. He promised to be in touch with Dante and left. Peter sat down with Dante and divulged that he wanted Dante to stop working for him. Dante wondered if he was being fired, but Peter countered that he valued the work that Dante had been doing. He clarified that, with Lulu gone and Dante taking on the role of a full-time parent, he advised Dante to take some time off and return when he was ready.

Dante insisted that he had a routine that worked for him and Rocco, and he needed a job to focus on. Peter understood the reasoning and made sure that Dante would be all right. Dante replied, "Absolutely. Once I give my word, I don't fail to finish the job." In that case, Peter promised to see Dante at work the next day, and Dante left. He took his phone out and made a call. He told someone that he'd "almost lost access to the target," but he was still on the job. Since he'd handed over everything needed to "exonerate the innocent party," he was ready to complete the mission.

Anna joined Maxie at the café, and Maxie started in on wedding talk. Anna understood why Maxie wouldn't want to plan a wedding without Lulu and advised her to take all the time she needed. Maxie countered that she actually wanted to move the wedding up to before the baby got there, as she didn't want to waste any more time. "We could have a double wedding!" she squealed. Anna unenthusiastically promised to think about it. Just then, Anna's phone went off, and it was a text from Valentin asking to meet. Anna told Maxie that there was something she needed to handle, but Maxie had something to take care of, anyway, and she left.

Valentin arrived a short while later, and he told Anna about his curious meeting with Dante. He was concerned that the WSB had released Dante too early, but Anna thought any odd behavior probably had more to do with Lulu than with Dante's PTSD. Valentin urged her to rekindle her friendship with Dante, as she was good at reading people. He explained that Dante would be spending a lot of time with Charlotte, so he needed to know if Dante was trustworthy.

Michael entered Sasha's room, and she was surprised to see him. She appreciated his visit while she'd been unconscious, but she didn't think he owed her anything after the way things had ended between them. "Are you kidding? I owe you everything," he replied. He'd heard that the cocaine she'd taken had been laced with something that could have killed her, and she commented, "No great loss." He told her how wrong she was, and she was happy to see the kind and caring look on his face, as she'd never thought she'd see it again.

Sasha commented on how many times Michael had picked her up when she'd fallen, and he assured her that everyone needed support. He knew that she acted "shatterproof," but he knew better. She advised him not to believe everything he heard. He shot back that he had a trusted source in Carly. Sasha was shocked that Carly had told Michael. She had hated lying to Michael, but everything had worked out how it should have.

Sasha maintained that she would do it all the same if she had to, minus the drugs, as Wiley was worth it. Michael thought that they could have found another way to get there, but Sasha didn't think they could have afforded the risk. She acknowledged that their relationship would have never worked out had she cost him his son. He could see that her actions had been out of love, and she was happy that he understood that.

Michael urged Sasha to get better and stronger and to tap back into the "kick-ass executive beauty queen" who didn't need drugs to give her confidence. "I forgot how good it feels to see myself the way you see me," she commented. Just then, Maxie arrived, and Michael said his goodbyes. Sasha urged him not to worry about her, as she always landed on her feet. When he was gone, Maxie revealed that she was there with a speech about Sasha getting her act together, but she thought that Sasha might no longer need the speech.

Later, Michael arrived home, and Willow asked about Sasha. He revealed that she was physically better, and he hoped that she would no longer seek out drugs. He asked about Chase, and Willow revealed that his visit had left her with more questions than answers. The two agreed that they wanted the best for each other. Just then, they heard Wiley begin to cry on the baby monitor. "Someone needs us," Michael said, and the two went to get their son.

Sam tells Jason to stay away Sam tells Jason to stay away
Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Curtis arrived home and found his apartment covered in Mexican décor, complete with music playing in the background. "Hola, mi amor!" Jordan called out. She poured a couple of glasses of tequila and admitted that she'd purchased the decorations at the airport in Mexico. As they shared in a toast, she wished Curtis a happy belated anniversary.

Jordan shared that she had realized their anniversary had passed, along with Thanksgiving. She disclosed that she had ordered the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers from Kelly's, and she hoped that Curtis wasn't disappointed. Curtis replied that he had everything he wanted except for Cyrus, but he quickly apologized for ruining the mood.

Jordan admitted that thoughts of Cyrus had bothered her, as well. Curtis assured his wife that things wouldn't have played out any differently if Jordan had been in town during the bombing at the Floating Rib. He thought that things could have even been worse. Jordan stated that she always thought about how she should have done things differently because there had been so many deaths.

Curtis argued that there were plenty of people who were better off because of Jordan. She appreciated his point of view. She talked about having to stop Cyrus after seeing so many dead kids. Curtis was appreciative of her difficult choices, and he presented her with a necklace. He teased that he hadn't forgotten their anniversary and had multitasked in Mexico, just as Jordan had.

Cameron, Trina, and Josslyn stepped off the elevator at General Hospital and looked around. Cameron complained that he wanted to do things differently, but Trina insisted that they had to take a risk in order to find out what had happened to Taggert. She had realized that her father had faked his death but had to have received help from others. She wanted Cameron's help in accessing Taggert's medical files.

Nearby, Sasha stopped at the nurses' station to talk to Epiphany before leaving the hospital. "So, what's next?" Epiphany asked. Sasha went on about returning to work at Deception, and Epiphany retorted that Sasha had been aware of what Epiphany had meant by the question. Epiphany noted that the drug in Sasha's system had been one that had never been seen, and she thought that Sasha should pursue counseling.

Sasha replied that she'd learned her lesson and didn't need any counseling because she didn't have a serious problem. Epiphany hoped that Sasha had a good support system and stayed away from those who meant harm. Sasha thanked Epiphany for checking on her and declared that she wanted things to get back to normal. Epiphany made it clear that if Sasha used the drugs again, it could be her last time.

Sasha asked about a missing bag among her things, and she flashed back to her dinner with Cyrus when the plastic baggie had been on her plate. She quickly told Epiphany that it wasn't important.

Trina urged Cameron to sign onto the network on his mother's work laptop; she maintained that Cameron had to be the one to do it because Portia's laptop wouldn't be able to access Taggert's records, due to their previous marriage. Cameron tried to think about his mother's patterns of passwords. The teens peered around the corner and watched Epiphany and Sasha. Trina announced that she would handle Epiphany while Cameron and Josslyn sat with the laptop.

Trina headed to the nurses' desk and asked Epiphany for help. She wanted to talk about her father. Specifically, she wanted to know how he'd died, what had been done to try to save him, and why it hadn't worked. She claimed it was to "fill in the blanks" in order to see things more clearly. Trina couldn't make sense of his death, and she noted that his body had been taken away very quickly.

As Cameron attempted to get into the laptop, Josslyn asked if he thought it was true that Taggert could be alive. Cameron didn't think so, and he thought that Cyrus had lied to Trina. Josslyn thought it was cruel, and she likened it to how she'd feel if someone had said the same to her about Morgan. She would be happy and would fall for it, too. Cameron called Cyrus a dirt bag, but he and Josslyn agreed that they had to follow through for Trina's sake.

Cameron had four tries to get into the laptop before he would be locked out, and he finally made it on the last attempt. Over at the nurses' desk, Epiphany told Trina she was sorry, but she didn't think the discussion would change things. She suggested that Trina talk to her mother instead.

Just as Cameron complained about how long it was taking to get the information, Epiphany turned and spotted him with Josslyn. Trina tried to stop her, but Epiphany demanded to know if Cameron was using a hospital laptop. He quickly put it into his backpack and acknowledged that his personal laptop looked just like his mother's. Cameron declared that all was good, and he, Trina, and Josslyn hastily departed.

"Mmm-hmmm," Epiphany muttered. "No, they didn't!" she exclaimed as she accessed Taggert's file on her tablet. It showed that someone had accessed the file a minute previously.

Cyrus was at home and received a text message from Martin. It asked that Cyrus meet him at Metro Court. Brando arrived, and Cyrus ordered him to get the car. He wanted Brando to drop him off at a meeting but added that Brando could have the rest of the evening off. Brando thought that he should stay close to Cyrus in case of an emergency, and it also helped him to stay busy.

Cyrus agreed. Brando also asked for more responsibility because he thought that he had proven himself during Sasha's overdose. "Did you, though?" Cyrus asked. The men began to bicker. Cyrus maintained that he had wanted Sasha to be dumped somewhere and not taken to the hospital. Brando was certain that Sasha wouldn't blow Cyrus' cover, as she had told him so when he'd visited with her.

Cyrus thought that Brando had more than a passing interest in Sasha, but Brando argued that it was in their best interest. Sasha had been upset and embarrassed with her overdose. Cyrus thought she was too unpredictable to trust, and addicts were easier to train. He snapped that Brando could have the responsibility of watching out for Sasha. He hoped Sasha didn't prove Brando wrong. He opened the door to leave, and Sasha was standing there. Cyrus smiled broadly.

Cyrus greeted Sasha, and she stormed inside. She asked if Cyrus was disappointed to see her, and Cyrus sensed that she was angry. Sasha shouted that he'd never visited her in the hospital, and even his driver had done so. Cyrus replied that he'd sent flowers, and he'd thought that Sasha had wanted her space. Sasha claimed that she'd thought they'd had a connection.

Cyrus admitted that he'd made a mistake and had squandered his opportunity. He asked for a second chance, and she offered to consider it because of Brando, who had informed her that Cyrus hadn't visited in order to prevent rumors. Cyrus had to leave, but he suggested that Brando and Sasha stay and wait for him. He would get another driver.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Brando demanded once Cyrus had gone. "Getting my revenge," Sasha snapped. She wanted Brando to help her search the place for the drugs she'd taken, in order for her to take some to the police. Brando adamantly refused, and he quickly ushered Sasha out the door. He wanted her to stay away. Sasha noted that Cyrus wouldn't be happy she'd gone, and Brando confirmed that he'd be unhappy with both of them.

At Metro Court, Martin was busy looking at his phone when he bumped into Sonny. He dropped the phone, and Sonny picked it up. Sonny wanted to talk to Martin, but the lawyer complained of his "trying day" because his car had been stolen. Sonny offered to track it, but Martin refused Sonny's help. He admitted that he was surprised at Sonny's generosity.

Sonny wanted to know where he could find Julian, and Martin suggested Charlie's Pub. As Martin began to walk off, Sonny grabbed his arm and pushed him toward a table. Sonny grinned as they sat down. He noted that Julian had done something and had no one to turn to for help. He assumed that Martin might have helped him.

Martin refused to answer. Sonny pointed out that the attorney was not in court, and the Fifth Amendment was of no use. "Has Julian asked you for help?" Sonny asked point-blank. "Yes," Martin reluctantly answered.

Sam and Danny played a board game at the penthouse while Jason looked on. When he cleared his throat, Danny was able to make the winning move. The family talked about rematches. After Danny went upstairs to see if Scout wanted to play, Jason sat down and told Sam that he had much to tell her about Julian. He revealed that Sam's father had been the one to plant the bomb at the Floating Rib, and he had proof.

Sam acknowledged that Julian was garbage, but she still couldn't believe it. Jason also disclosed that Julian had known about Michael's baby and had covered it up and that Nelle had blackmailed Julian into marriage because of the secret. Jason continued that Nelle had left the information with Ryan Chamberlain, and he believed that Cyrus had been responsible for Ryan's stabbing because Julian had gone to Cyrus for help.

Jason added that Sonny guessed that Cyrus was also behind Brad's stabbing and that Julian had owed Cyrus. He explained how the bartender at Metro Court had also been involved in getting the bomb detonated. Sam was heartbroken, and she worried about how it would all affect Lucas. Jason didn't think that Lucas needed to know. He revealed that Julian had gone missing after jumping from the turret at Wyndemere. Sam guessed that her father could be anywhere.

Jason announced that he might have to leave, and Sam insisted that she didn't want to know anything. She was upset that Julian had done what he had and was okay with it. "When you live the life of a mobster, you don't get a happy ending. You just don't," she said. Jason's phone rang, and it was Sonny, who wanted Jason to meet him at Metro Court. He had a lead, and Julian was still alive. Sam began to cry and told Jason to go.

Jason joined Sonny at his Metro Court table as Martin relocated to the bar. Sonny informed Jason that Julian had stolen Martin's car and had taken lots of cash earlier in the day. He stated that the car had a tracker, and Jason offered to have Spinelli trace it. Sonny lamented that he hadn't taken Julian down previously, but he hadn't wanted to deal with Alexis.

Plans were made to take Julian down in order to get to Cyrus. Sonny told Jason that if it didn't work, they'd get to Cyrus in another way. Sonny added that he had some "loose ends" to tie up.

Cyrus sat at the bar near Martin and ordered a drink. Martin passed him a note that he'd written on a cocktail napkin. It stated that Julian had stolen his car, and Sonny knew. Martin proclaimed that he'd wanted nothing to do with Cyrus' world, but he had wanted to let Cyrus know. Cyrus replied that Martin could have merely texted him.

"Well, why didn't I think of that?" Martin asked. He told the bartender that Cyrus would be paying for his drink, and he left. Cyrus signed the tab before leaving, as Sonny lingered nearby. Sonny headed back to the bar and told the bartender that he would pay for Martin's drink. The bartender disclosed that Cyrus had paid for it.

Back at Sam's, Danny returned and announced that Scout didn't want to play. He wondered where Jason had gone, and Sam asked him to sit down. She wanted to know how Danny felt about having his father home. Danny admitted that he and Scout loved it, but he acknowledged that they could never make any plans because they never knew when Jason would be there.

Sam agreed that Jason's job was unpredictable, and it was no one's fault. Danny complained that his father always had to leave, and he was afraid to ask about it. He hated the guards that were always around, and that was why his friends' parents were scared to have their kids visit. Sam offered to speak to them, but Danny said they were all afraid of Jason. He wished he had a normal family. Sam hugged him.

Shortly after, Jason bounded down the steps, and Sam was surprised because she hadn't heard him return. He placed his bag on the floor. "You're leaving," Sam said. Jason didn't know how long he'd be gone, and he admitted that he would miss Danny's Team Night. Sam revealed that she had already spoken to Danny, and he was upset. Jason was sorry, and so was Sam. She understood, but she couldn't do it anymore. "Please, don't come back," Sam said.

Martin reveals that he and Cyrus are brothers Martin reveals that he and Cyrus are brothers
Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Sasha and Willow bumped into each other at the park and stopped to chat. Sasha disclosed that she was out of the hospital and had stopped using drugs. She thought that they needed to get things out in the open. Willow asked if Sasha was referring to lying about sleeping with Willow's boyfriend. Willow stated that Sasha and Chase had broken her heart. Sasha was sorry.

Willow spoke about how she'd never had lots of friends while growing up, and the group that had included her, Michael, Sasha and Chase had been fun. It was the first time she'd had a real girlfriend. Sasha made it clear that Chase had always loved Willow, and Willow admitted that she knew it but couldn't trust it. Sasha began to weep.

Willow asked Sasha what was next. Sasha revealed that everyone had been kind to her, and her spot at Deception was waiting for her. She needed to get over her embarrassment. Willow suggested that Sasha seek counseling at the hospital; it had helped her. She added that Sasha had also helped to save a little boy from an evil monster. After the brief discussion, the women separated and went their separate ways.

Carly peered through the French doors in the back of the Quartermaine mansion and knocked when she spotted Michael inside. She admitted that her reason for not showing up at the front door was because she had wanted to avoid Monica. She wanted Michael to forgive her. He replied that he couldn't, although Willow would have had a difficult choice to make if she'd learned the truth from him earlier.

Michael assured Carly that Willow was okay, and Carly asked about Michael. She reminded him that it had been in Wiley's best interest for the truth not to be divulged, and she had also seen Michael's relationship with Willow grow. Michael snapped that his relationship with Willow was between him and Willow -- and no one else.

Michael confirmed that while he and Willow had been married and thinking as co-parents for months, their lives had been based on a lie and were therefore confusing. Carly insisted that while Michael had told her to stay out of it, she still wanted to insert her own advice. She advised Michael to take the time to sort things out.

Willow returned home and informed Michael that she'd run into Sasha, who had seemed better than she'd been. Willow declared that things were confusing, and Michael agreed. Willow wanted to make sure that they remained friends, no matter what happened, and Michael promised that he wasn't going anywhere.

As they celebrated their anniversary, Curtis told Jordan how lucky he was that she had come back into his life. They shared a hug, and then Curtis announced that he wanted to go over the information that he had obtained from the medical supply company in Mexico to search for anything on Florence Grey.

Jordan felt it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but Curtis pointed out that the postcard they'd found in Oregon had shown a possible significant attachment between Florence and Cyrus. He figured they'd be able to use the information for some kind of leverage and get Jordan out from "under Cyrus' thumb."

Jordan wondered if they should look at David Hamilton for a lead and possible connection to Cyrus, but it was Curtis' opinion that Florence would supply a stronger lead. She and her husband, Gordon, had lived in Port Charles, and there could be something in local records. He decided to go out for air and agreed that he would deny making his next move.

Epiphany arrived and informed Jordan that Jordan had a problem; someone soon would be figuring out that Taggert was still alive. She added that Trina had been asking questions and suspected that her father was alive. Also, Taggert had been showing up in disguise all over town, shadowing Trina and Portia.

Jordan was incredulous. She had no idea that Taggert had returned to Port Charles, and she wondered what Taggert had been thinking. Epiphany replied that he'd been thinking that he was a father and wanted to protect his daughter. She thought that Cyrus' influence in town had been growing bigger every day. Jordan was angry. She needed to get through to Taggert and send him away.

At Metro Court, Sonny asked Diane to use her courtroom skills in order to get the truth out of Martin, regarding his connection to Cyrus. They approached Martin and blocked him from leaving. Sonny pulled up a chair from another table, and they all sat down. Diane mentioned that Sonny, Mike, and Carly had been involved in shootings, while Sonny's cousin had been killed in the recent bombing.

Martin asked what it had to do with him, and Sonny suggested that Martin worked for Cyrus, who had caused the bombing. Diane noted that Sonny had seen Martin conversing with Cyrus, who had also paid for Martin's bar tab. Martin insisted there had been nothing criminal about that, but Diane snapped that the bomb had been criminal. Martin replied that Julian had been responsible for the bombing.

Diane was certain that Julian would have never thought of a bomb and had been coerced into doing it. She concluded that Julian would not have had a motive, while Cyrus would, because Jason had been the intended victim. Martin tried to get up to leave, without success. Sonny wanted Martin's connection to Cyrus explained, or he would assume that Martin had been involved in the bombing, also.

Martin quickly assured Sonny that he was wrong. "I have no idea what my brother has gotten into, all right?" Martin said. "Your what now?" Diane managed to sputter. "Your brother is Cyrus?" Sonny asked. Diane thought it was "bizarre enough to be true." She and Sonny began to ply Martin with questions.

Martin disclosed that Cyrus had changed his last name, and Martin had wanted nothing to do with him. Cyrus had always been angry and complicated and was also an alleged drug kingpin. Their mother had been ill and had no longer had medical insurance, so Martin had had to contact his brother. Cyrus had paid for her care since that time. Martin was grateful and had chosen not to look too closely at where Cyrus had obtained his money.

"May I go?" Martin asked. Sonny gently nodded his head, and Martin got up and left. Sonny was determined to find out what else Martin was hiding.

Cyrus and Laura ended up in stalls next to each other at the shooting range. After Laura got off several shots, she removed her goggles and ear protection and told Cyrus that she had been thinking of him. She thought that it was helpful to visualize, and she hoped he would never be in her sights.

Cyrus admitted that he was surprised to see Laura at the range, and she maintained that there was plenty about her that he didn't know. Cyrus wanted to be filled in on her history from her own perspective. Laura went off about Lulu being in a coma, which was probably because of Cyrus, and she wasn't in the mood. "Get the hell out of Port Charles!" she shouted.

Laura wanted Cyrus brought to justice for the bombing, and she ordered him not to deny his involvement. She admitted that she wanted peace more, though, and she wanted him to walk far away from the city. Cyrus replied that he couldn't do that for personal reasons. Laura wasn't aware that there was any personal connection, and Cyrus reminded her that he had once been a child and had had a family.

Laura pointed out that Lulu might not recover, and Cyrus mentioned that he was familiar with some good care in Vermont. Laura didn't want his help, and she suggested he resume his target practice. She warned him that she might have a stray bullet, and Cyrus laughed. He noted her wild streak, and Laura thought he might get to find out about it. Cyrus left, and Laura made a phone call to ask someone to meet her.

Jason descended the stairs at the penthouse and placed his bag on the floor. He announced that he was leaving and would probably miss Team Night. Sam revealed that she'd spoken to Danny, who had been disappointed. She began to cry that she was sorry and couldn't do it anymore. "Please, don't come back," Sam said.

Jason sent a message to Sonny that he was held up, and he told Sam that they needed to figure it out. He wanted to clarify what she'd meant, and he asked if she wanted him to move out. Sam admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about Danny almost dying, which had reminded her of her brother's death. She wouldn't be able to survive if she lost her child, and the bombing had been her breaking point.

Sam clarified that she could do something for Danny and let Jason go. Sam made it clear that she didn't want to end things, but she had to. There was always a crisis, or she had to take the kids away for their safety. Sam didn't want to risk the kids' lives. She had thought things could work. Jason had hoped that the day wouldn't arrive because he wanted things to last. He wouldn't fight her.

Sam spoke about Morgan's devastating death, and she realized she should have learned. She had to do what was best for the kids, and Jason wanted that, too. He began to cry and said that he would go if that was best. He would hate it, and he would miss Sam. Sam recalled the day they'd first met and how she'd had no idea they'd fall in love and have kids.

Jason began to receive phone calls from Sonny, but he ignored them. He was thankful for every day that he and Sam had been together and for his family. He and Sam agreed they didn't want the marriage to be over, but there was no choice. Jason thought it was wrong to walk out, but Sam disagreed.

Sam's phone rang, and she answered Sonny's call. She handed the phone to Jason, and he told Sonny that everything was ready. Sonny asked to be picked up at Metro Court. Jason ended the call and tossed the phone onto the coffee table. He had to go. They both cried. Jason proclaimed that he would always love Sam, and she loved him. They were making the choice for their kids. "It's everything," Jason said as he grabbed his things and left. Sam sobbed.

Curtis arrived at the shooting range, and Laura told him about her encounter with Cyrus. Curtis told her about the medical supply company, and while he searched his phone, Laura told him that she'd thought Cyrus had been sincere. Curtis hit the jackpot and discovered that the supply company shipped to a care facility in Vermont, called Mountain Landing Long-Term Care. He asked Laura if she was up for a road trip. "Florence Grey, here we come!" Laura exclaimed.

At Metro Court, Carly stood at the bar as Sonny told her about Martin's revelation. She couldn't believe that Sonny was leaving, but he explained that he had a lead to follow up regarding Julian. Just then, Cyrus stepped off the elevator and made his way to the bar. He extended his condolences to Sonny for the death of his cousin and called it a tragedy.

Cyrus hoped there was no misunderstanding. Sonny replied that there would be no misunderstanding when he learned who was responsible for the tragedy. He would have all of his facts straight.

Franco arrives in Switzerland Franco arrives in Switzerland
Thursday, December 10, 2020

Tracy arrived at the Quartermaine mansion and tried not to be offended that Ned had left during her visit. Olivia explained that he was just on a short consultation trip out of town. She commented that she was grateful to have her marriage back on track. She had to go to work, so she said goodbye to Tracy and Monica and left. Tracy demanded to know what Monica had been thinking when Olivia had talked about her marriage being back on track. Tracy eventually got it out of Monica that Ned had cheated on Olivia. A furious Tracy knew that Olivia wouldn't ignore infidelity, but Monica informed Tracy that Ned had already refused to tell his wife the truth.

Tracy wondered if they could pay the other woman to stay silent, but Monica didn't think that Alexis could be bought off. A shocked Tracy commented that Alexis had only ever been trouble for Ned. "Drunk lips sink ships. And they sink marriage," Tracy said. She wanted to fix the situation herself, but Monica didn't think it was Tracy's business. Tracy left the house to "head it off at the pass."

At the hospital, Finn hoped for the all-clear so that he could go back to work. Anna was impressed with how he'd spent his time off, and remarked that the visit from Gregory seemed to have gone well. She started talking about her meeting with Maxie, but Finn was interrupted by a message from Violet's school about not having her immunization records. He offered to meet her Anna after his appointment so he could take care of things, so she left. A few minutes later, Elizabeth sent Violet's records to the school as Finn told her about the visit with Gregory. Elizabeth believed that Violet must had to have thought that Gregory was a good guy.

Sam opened her door to Alexis, who begged Sam for one more chance. Sam reluctantly let Alexis in, and Alexis apologized for what she'd said to Sam on Thanksgiving. She was sorry for constantly disparaging Jason, as Sam was an adult who could make her own choices, which Alexis had to respect. Sam yelled at Alexis to stop, and she accused her mother of insinuating that Sam should respect Alexis' choice to drink. Alexis only wanted to be in Sam and the kids' lives, as she loved and missed them. "Not enough to do what's best for us?" Sam wondered. She informed Alexis that what she Alexis did in her life affect affected everything.

There was a knock on the door, and Sam let Elizabeth in. Alexis promised that she would be there if Sam needed her, and she left. Elizabeth asked to talk to Jason, but Sam revealed that he was out of town for work and didn't know when he would be back. Elizabeth briefly told Sam about Franco's condition, and that she thought it would be good for Jake to spend some time with his father. Sam told Elizabeth about her and Jason's separation. She admitted that she admired Elizabeth for doing what she had to do to keep Jake safe, and Elizabeth replied that she just wanted peace and happiness for both of their families. Elizabeth admired Sam for putting her kids first, as well. She knew that she would never be the first person Sam called, but Elizabeth offered to be the second if Sam needed anything, and Sam agreed.

At the Metro Court bar, Alexis sat down and ordered her "usual." Olivia sat down next to her and talked about how worried she and Ned were about Alexis. She wished Ned was there, as he knew how to get through to Alexis, but Alexis insisted that she had no desire to talk to Olivia. Olivia offered a "redo," and she asked how Alexis' day was going. "Pretty crappy," Alexis replied cheerfully, and she told Olivia about her problems with Sam. Olivia thought that Alexis should talk to Ned, as he'd been going through something similar with Brook Lynn. However, Alexis made it clear that she didn't want to talk to anyone.

Olivia told Alexis that friends didn't abandon each other, and she wished that Alexis would talk to her. Alexis brushed her off, so Olivia instructed the bartender to cut Alexis off. She said that Alexis knew where she Olivia would be if Alexis wanted to talk, and Olivia walked away. A few minutes later, Alexis found Olivia in the middle of the restaurant and wanted to talk. Olivia offered to go somewhere more private, but Alexis refused. Olivia was worried about Alexis, as she was drunk in the middle of the afternoon. As Tracy arrived, Alexis informed Olivia that she needed to worry about herself and her marriage.

Dante was walking down the steps at the hospital when his phone went off, and he answered it to Dr. Kirk. The doctor requested a progress report, and Dante reported that nothing in the hospital's files about the attack on Franco and Andre during the memory procedure incriminated Peter. Dr. Kirk ordered Dante to find more proof for Peter's misdeeds and clicked a pen into the phone. "I will complete the mission," Dante said. As he hung up the phone, Anna burst into the stairwell and invited him out for coffee to catch up. He accepted, and they left.

At the café a short while later, Anna and Dante talked about Lulu, and Dante revealed that he was just trying to "put one foot in front of the other." She wondered what had happened in Geneva, as she and Robert had lost track of him for months. He wondered why she was interested, and she insisted that she cared. She asked why he was being so secretive, and he replied that his "deeply personal" experience was no one's business but his own. She hadn't meant to pry, and she was glad to see that he had recovered. She knew how much a long undercover assignment could mess with someone's head. Changing the subject, he asked about Anna and Finn's upcoming wedding.

At the hospital, Maxie wished that she could tell Lulu that the baby was doing fine. Peter thought that Lulu would want Maxie to keep moving on, but Maxie countered that it was easier said than done. She started talking about their double wedding, and she hoped that Anna had talked to Finn about it. Just then, they rounded a corner and found Finn. Maxie wondered if Anna had talked to him about the wedding, and he replied, "Whatever Anna says goes." "I can't wait to walk down the aisle with you!" Maxie squealed, hugging a confused Finn.

Finn admitted that Anna didn't hadn't get gotten into the details of Maxie's wedding idea, so Maxie talked about how much sense a double wedding made. Finn sputtered that he would go along with whatever Anna wanted. "I knew you'd go along with it," Maxie said happily, and she vowed that the double wedding would be a celebration that Port Charles would never forget.

Later, Anna returned to Finn at the hospital, and he told her that he'd been given the all-clear to go back to work. He revealed that something else had "come up," and he asked Anna about their apparent double wedding with Maxie and Peter. Anna replied that that had been what she'd wanted to talk to him about, and he confessed that he he'd thought that was what she'd wanted. She was shocked and appalled that he would agree to it, and she revealed that she had planned to use him as the "bad guy." He advised her to let him in on her plan the next time, as they were now stuck with it.

Maxie and Peter arrived at the café and saw Dante. He offered them his table, as he had to go. He said goodbye and left. Peter observed that the encounter had seemed weird, but Maxie countered that Dante got a pass, since he was grieving. She wondered how he would feel if something ever happened to her, but he vowed that nothing would ever take her away from him.

At the WSB complex in Geneva, Franco and Scott introduced themselves to the receptionist. The woman couldn't find an appointment on the schedule for Franco, and she added that Dr. Kirk's next available appointment wasn't until March. Franco replied that he couldn't wait that long, but the woman told him that the office was closing, and she went into the back. Franco and Scott walked around the halls until they stumbled upon Dr. Kirk's office. As Scott was about to open the door, the receptionist found them and threatened to call security. As they walked back to the front, Franco quickly explained that he might die soon, and Dr. Kirk was his last hope.

In Dr. Kirk's office, Liesl urged the doctor to go to Port Charles immediately to keep Dante in line, but he assured her that Dante was still following orders. He asked her to go with him, but she replied, "It's not our time yet." Dr. Kirk promised to push Dante harder so that he would complete the mission. Just then, the receptionist buzzed into the office through the intercom, and she told him that there was a man from Port Charles there to see him. Liesl quietly told Dr. Kirk to find out who it was, and the receptionist said that it was Franco. Liesl asked Dr. Kirk to see Franco, as he was a "dear friend" who must had to be in trouble to be so far from home. She assured the doctor that she would go into another office while he met with Franco.

A few minutes later, Franco and Scott entered Dr. Kirk's office and introduced themselves as Scott handed over Franco's medical records. Dr. Kirk apologized for the appointment mix-up, but he wondered why a clinical psychiatrist had referred Franco to Dr. Kirk. "It's a long story," Franco said as Liesl began to listen outside the office door. Franco told the doctor about his brain tumor, the voice he'd been hearing, and his past. Scott thought it was just the fear talking. Franco appreciated Scott's company on the trip, but he asked Scott to be quiet or leave. Scott left, as he was jet-laggedhad jetlag, anyway. Franco continued and talked about Andre's experimental memory treatment and wondered if there could be a correlation to that. "It's possible," Dr. Kirk admitted.

At the front of the office, the receptionist told Scott that she was leaving, and she couldn't let him stay there unattended. He promised not to cause trouble, but she urged him to go to the café on the corner, and to tell Franco to meet him there. The two got into the elevator, and the doors closed. Since everyone was gone for the day, Liesl crept out and took the laptop off of the front desk to look for why Franco was at the clinic. Suddenly, the elevator doors opened again, and Scott got out. "You?" he exclaimed when he saw Liesl.

Dr. Kirk is killed in Geneva Dr. Kirk is killed in Geneva
Friday, December 11, 2020

At the WSB facility in Geneva, Dr. Kirk told Franco that he believed that the voice that Franco had been hearing in his head had been a leftover memory from Drew Cain. Franco explained how his personality had changed after his tumor had been removed, and he was terrified of what might happen. The doctor was sure he could help.

Out in the hallway, Scott spotted Liesl, although she claimed that he had the wrong person when he called out. He was positive he was right, and he asked why she was out of prison. He wondered if she had escaped. Liesl made it clear that she had been framed but had been exonerated, and Scott was sure that no one in Port Charles knew about it.

Liesl maintained that no one in Port Charles could know. She noted how amazing Franco was, and Scott assured her that Franco believed her to be guilty, also. Liesl vowed to explain it all to Franco, and he would "see the light." "I'm all ears," Franco announced as he walked out of the doctor's office.

Liesl went into Kirk's office, and Scott ascertained that neither Liesl nor Kirk could be trusted. Franco disagreed because he was sure that Kirk would be able to help him. Franco related that Kirk had more research to do, but Kirk believed that he could put a stop to the voice in Franco's head. Scott felt that Liesl and Kirk had an agenda, and he aimed to find out what it was.

Inside the office, Kirk felt that Liesl had taken a big risk by allowing Franco and Scott to see her. She assured him that it hadn't been intentional. The doctor noted that he had sent the staff home in order for the two of them to be alone together. "Now?" Liesl asked. Kirk grabbed her and pushed her down onto his desk.

At Metro Court, Olivia insisted that she had a great marriage. "Are you sure?" Alexis asked. Olivia was curious about Alexis' thoughts on the subject, but before anything could be said, Tracy rushed over and interrupted. She grabbed Alexis' arm and headed over to the bar while rambling about Luke's greetings for Alexis.

Alexis and Tracy sat at the bar, and Tracy admitted she'd heard about Alexis' troubles. She wanted to help; she and Luke wanted to offer Alexis a job in Amsterdam. She told Alexis about how they needed a lawyer for their new enterprise. Alexis declared that she'd lost her license, but Tracy was certain that Alexis still had her knowledge and experience. She talked it up and suggested that Alexis could start over.

Alexis wondered what had gotten into Tracy because she was aware that Tracy never did anything for anyone unless it involved a Quartermaine. Suddenly, she realized that Tracy knew that Alexis had slept with Ned. Tracy gasped and said, "What?" Alexis declared that Tracy was faking and told her to knock it off. She noted that she and Ned had had one drunken night together, and it hadn't meant anything.

Alexis continued that Olivia should know that Ned had cheated on her, but Alexis wouldn't be the one to tell her. Tracy was afraid that Alexis would slip after drinking too much, and Alexis was insulted. She stood up to leave, and she told Tracy to go to hell. Tracy insisted on driving Alexis home, and she demanded that Alexis hand over her keys. "In that case..." Alexis said. She gulped down the last of her drink.

Nikolas and Ava sat down at a nearby table. Nikolas announced that he wanted to celebrate, and he had a surprise for Ava. He thought that they needed to start over, and he handed her their post-nuptial agreement. Ava was offended, but Nikolas suggested that they destroy it together. A pleased Ava ripped it up, and they toasted to new beginnings and love. Nikolas declared that that was one less threat to their happiness, and there was only one more to get rid of.

Sam arrived, removed her coat and sat down at a table with Carly. Sam revealed that she had told Jason not to return home, and Carly knew that it had been a big decision that had cost a lot. Sam explained that her kids were the most important thing to her, and she had realized that she couldn't let her last memory of Danny be his found baseball cap the night of the explosion. She wanted her kids to have beautiful lives, and that couldn't happen with Jason.

Sam couldn't recall exactly what she'd said to Jason, but she knew that it had involved fear and regret. Part of her had wanted Jason to fight, but she had known that wouldn't have been possible. Carly knew that Sam had been scared, but she hadn't known that Sam had felt that way. Sam admitted she hadn't known, either, until the last couple of days.

Sam explained that she'd spoken to Danny about his feelings, and the worst part had been that he'd told her he couldn't have friends visit because their parents were afraid of Jason. "Our life with Jason is over," Sam said. She stressed that it wasn't Jason's fault. "He is who he is," Sam said. Carly pointed out that Jason hadn't changed, but Sam had.

Sam noted that the price of losing Jason was her kids' bright futures. She thought that she had grown up. She quickly apologized to Carly, who assured her that their choices were different, and Sam had done what she thought was right. Sam wiped away some tears and said she was at peace. Carly assured Sam that she'd made the right decision, and Carly was there for her. After Sam left, Carly called Jason and left a message that she was there for him and loved him.

At another table, Olivia sat with Dante and asked about Lulu. She revealed that she had been making recordings with Rocco to send to his mother. Dante wanted advice and admitted that he didn't know what to do about Rocco. He thought he should take his son home with him, but he was concerned that he had become a stranger to Rocco. He had noticed Rocco's body language, and he could tell that his son didn't feel the way he should about his father.

Olivia blamed herself for running interference without meaning to. She felt that she'd built a wall between Dante and Rocco by keeping Rocco at the Quartermaines' and involving him in activities there. Dante disagreed and was grateful for Olivia's help. Olivia thought that Dante should take over and take Rocco home.

Olivia thought that Dante and Rocco needed each other, and she was certain that Dante could handle it. She suggested they do it slowly and set up a schedule. Dante was appreciative, and he thanked Olivia for showing up in Geneva, also. She was the reason that he'd returned to town. Olivia proclaimed that she would never give up on Dante, and she knew he'd been struggling to do his best. She was proud of him.

Olivia thought it was sad to see people "buckle" like Alexis had. The woman had been "spewing hate" while she'd been drunk and had insinuated that she knew something about Olivia's marriage.

Somewhere in New York City, Jason returned to a car and sat next to Sonny. Jason believed that Spinelli would be able to locate Julian. He also announced that he and Sam had split up. Sonny was aware that the experience at the Floating Rib had scared Sam, and Jason explained that he had known nothing about the situation until he had arrived there.

Jason stated that he hadn't known how Sam had felt being close to losing Danny or even how Sonny and Carly had felt over losing Morgan. Sam had connected the two situations. Sonny was sorry but not surprised. Jason continued that he'd been caught up in a lot, and he hadn't noticed that Sam had changed. He hadn't been able to fight her or comfort her. "I let this happen," Jason shouted as he pounded the steering wheel in frustration.

Jason thought he should have fought against having any children, but Sam had really wanted one. He loved Danny, and Sonny knew that Jason would die for Danny. Jason declared that Danny's life had been ripped apart. "That's on me," he said as he began to cry.

Jason was surprised at Sam's timing, but he couldn't leave Sonny's business. He would blame himself if anything happened to Sonny and Sonny's family. His only choice was to do what Sam wanted. Jason disclosed that he'd told Sam she was doing the right thing, although he'd noticed that Sonny hadn't gotten over his father leaving until he'd been grown. He didn't want the same for his kids. Sonny thought it was different because Mike had run away. Jason received a call from Spinelli.

Julian wandered through a hallway and stopped in front of an apartment where he knocked on the door. A woman answered and peered through the chained opening. Julian announced that he was looking for Kim Nero, and the woman informed him that he had the right place. Julian announced that he was an old friend. "You're Charlie," the woman said.

The woman unlatched the chain and let Julian inside. She admitted that she'd seen photos of him, and she was aware that Julian had helped Kim though her son's death. She stated that Kim was at the hospital and had never gotten over Oscar's death. Julian replied that he'd hoped to reconnect and say goodbye. Suddenly, the sounds of a baby crying from another room were heard.

The woman checked on the baby as Julian looked at his framed photo. The woman returned and told him that she was the nanny, and the baby was Kim's. She added that Kim had known she'd been pregnant before she'd left Port Charles. She revealed that the baby's name was Andrew, and they called him Andy. Suddenly, a fire alarm went off, and the nanny announced that they should probably leave. She grabbed the baby and left the apartment.

Out in the hallway, the nanny stopped to make a phone call. She informed Kim that she had gotten rid of the man, and the man had no idea that the baby was his. After the nanny had gone, Jason spoke to Sonny on the phone and announced that he was going inside. He drew his gun and burst through the apartment door. There was no sign of Julian.

Julian jumped into a back alley just as Sonny approached with his gun. Sonny announced that they had lots to talk about.

Ava and Nikolas stood over Ryan's bed at General Hospital. He was unconscious, and the only sound was the beeping of the monitor. Nikolas exclaimed that Ryan would never be able to threaten, blackmail, or manipulate Ava again. Ava wished she had killed Ryan previously, but Nikolas was adamant that Ryan couldn't hurt them anymore. Nikolas grabbed a pillow and suggested they make sure.

Just then, Felix walked in and demanded to know what Ava and Nikolas were doing there. Ava stated that they were checking on Ryan, and she was surprised that there was no security outside of the room. Felix replied that there would be security if they thought that Ryan would be awake. Felix couldn't give out any information, but he hoped that Ryan couldn't even remember his name if he awoke after what he'd done to Kiki. He still missed her.

Ava thanked Felix, and Felix left. Ava asked Nikolas if he had really been about to kill Ryan. "No, we were. Together," Nikolas declared. They left Ryan's room, and Nikolas promised to make a plan at the first sign of life from Ryan. He would be there for Ava. In the room, Ryan moved his finger. His eyes fluttered, and soon after, they opened.

Tracy and Alexis rode to Alexis' place with Tracy behind the wheel. Alexis understood that Tracy wanted Ned to be happy, and she'd suggested that Ned tell Olivia the truth. Tracy was aghast, as Alexis continued that she was sure that it would all come out. She felt bad, and Olivia didn't deserve it, but she thought that someone should tell Olivia the truth. Tracy's eyes grew wide in anger.

Back in Geneva, Franco stopped to call Elizabeth to share some good news. Liesl and Kirk finished up their romp, but Liesl was disgusted. She didn't think that having sex in the office was very romantic, and she accused Kirk of wanting sexual favors. She wanted her freedom, and she didn't think that Kirk could handle a woman like her.

Kirk was annoyed and announced that he would call Anna to let her know that someone was out to get her and her son. Liesl ordered him to put the phone down, and she pulled a knife. They began to tussle just as Scott walked in. Scott slugged Kirk and knocked him out. Kirk fell to the floor. Liesl leaned over the doctor and announced that he was dead. The knife was protruding from his heart.

Tracy and Alexis were still in the car, but they were pulled over on the road. They sat in different spots, with Alexis behind the wheel. She appeared to be asleep. Tracy muttered that Olivia was the best thing to happen to Ned, and she couldn't trust Alexis. She was doing what she needed to do.

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