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January 6 to 10, 2020
Laura was overjoyed when she saw that Nikolas was alive, but her happiness was short-lived when she learned that Nikolas had chosen to remain "dead" until he could take Valentin down. Laura and Lulu blasted Nikolas for needlessly hurting Spencer. Nikolas informed Valentin that Valentin was not a Cassadine. According to Nikolas, Valentin was Helena's son. Valentin tried to slip out of town with Charlotte, but Jordan caught up with him at the town's square and arrested him. Nikolas and Ava were married. Ava invited Liesl to stay at Wyndemere as a chaperon because Ava refused to turn over the codicil until she and Nikolas had signed a post-nuptial agreement. An enemy made a move against Sonny. Gladys gave Sonny some information about a doctor in New York City who might be able to help Mike. Jason and Sam offered to assist Robert in exposing Peter's crimes against Andre and Drew in exchange for Robert assigning a new parole officer to Sam's case. Finn was uneasy when Anna neglected to tell Mac about Peter's connection to the gunman at the hospital. Lucy was impressed with Maxie's business acumen and offered her a job at Deception. Jordan learned that someone from her past had died from an opioid overdose.
January 13 to 17, 2020
At Jordan's request, Marcus Taggert returned to Port Charles. Maxie was pleasantly surprised when Spinelli and Georgie stopped in for a visit and shared some news about their future. Nelle showed up at Shiloh's memorial service and announced that she was Shiloh's widow; Nelle had been granted parole for risking her life to thwart Ryan Chamberlain's escape. Willow was stunned when she discovered that Nelle was staying with Brad. Willow warned Chase and Michael that Wiley was not safe with Brad. Neither Dev nor Josslyn was able to forget about the kiss they had shared. Neil told Alexis that he'd had his medical license pulled because of his relationship with her. Anna was evasive with Robert when he questioned her about the investigation into the hit man who had tried to kill Andre at the hospital. Lulu was surprised when Brook Lynn recognized Dustin. Dustin explained that he and Brook Lynn had briefly dated back when he'd been a struggling songwriter and Brook Lynn had worked in a Manhattan bar. Ava urged Nikolas to sign the post-nuptial agreement because he would not get his divorce until Ava had what she wanted. Tracy warned Ned that ELQ was in jeopardy. Laura talked to Ned about her plans for the waterfront district and the piers.
January 20 to 24, 2020
Nikolas reunited with Spencer, but things did not go as Nikolas had anticipated. Spencer was deeply hurt that his father had chosen to take down Valentin rather than reveal that Nikolas was alive. Ava tried to act as peacemaker, but Spencer was too angry to forgive his father. Nina set her terms for working with Sasha. Charlotte took a pair of scissors and destroyed a Crimson cover photo of Sasha. Laura told Jax her plans for the waterfront district. Carly agreed to take Gladys to Sonny's coffee warehouse for a tour. Michael invited Nelle to stay at the Quartermaine mansion to keep her away from Wiley. Jordan gave Marcus Taggert a warm welcome then shared her concerns about the death of their friend, Bob Massicott. Taggert assured Jordan that he would help her look into the suspicious death. This week had preemptions due to the impeachment trial of Donald Trump.
January 27 to 31, 2020
Willow questioned Brad's fitness as a parent. Liz learned the truth about Nikolas' role in Hayden's decision to disappear. Nikolas agreed to sign Ava's post-nuptial agreement -- provided she remained faithful to him. Ava accepted Nikolas' terms on the condition that he also remain faithful to her. Shots rang out in three separate locations that left no doubt that Sonny and his family had been targeted. In Brooklyn, Jason shot a gunman who had taken aim at Sonny. On the docks, a gunman fired at Michael, but Laura fell victim to a stray bullet. Josslyn credited Dustin with chasing a gunman away and saving lives. At Sonny's warehouse, Carly was rescued by a man who was revealed to be Gladys' son, Brando Corbin. Brando was shot and taken to the hospital. Martin assured Valentin that Nelle had no idea that Valentin had been responsible for Martin representing her. Martin managed to get the serious charges against Valentin dropped. Sonny decided to return to Port Charles instead of admitting Mike to the trial program for Alzheimer's patients. Sasha had second thoughts about moving in with Michael. Jax and Nina shared a passionate kiss. Nina made it clear to Valentin that they were over.
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February 3 to 7, 2020
Taggert and Jordan feared that their long-buried secret might have led to Bob Massicotte's death. Gladys confessed that she and Brando had had a falling-out, and she had found it easier to tell people that her son had died rather than admit the truth about their estrangement. Sonny instructed Gladys to stick to the story that Dev was Brando's son. Sonny met with a drug lord named Cyrus Renault. Cyrus warned Sonny that the coordinated shootings had been a taste of what Cyrus had planned if Sonny refused to work out a deal with Cyrus. Nina told Maxie about the kiss that Nina and Jax had shared. Emma arrived for a visit. Sam tried to enlist Finn's help to expose Peter's crimes. Julian drugged Brad's coffee, but Brad never had a chance to drink it because Lucas woke up from the coma. Lucas didn't recall the details of Brad's confession, but he did remember the moments leading up to it. Lucas decided to hire Willow to help out with Wiley until Lucas was back on his feet. Nelle confided her plans to Martin, but she was careful not to mention that she intended to disappear with her son. Nelle was annoyed when Michael moved her into the boathouse rather than the main house. Laura slowly recovered from her injuries, and she offered Nikolas advice about his thirst for revenge. Lulu confessed to her mother that she had reservations about Dustin. Martin and Valentin had a surprising connection to Brook Lynn's troubles.
February 10 to 14, 2020
Brando answered Carly's questions about his estrangement from Gladys, his drug addiction, and how he'd turned his life around. Dev met Brando. Spinelli announced that he, Ellie, and Georgie were moving back to Port Charles. Brad told Nelle that he and Lucas were taking Wiley and moving to Portland, Oregon. Brad was pleasantly surprised when Lucas didn't raise any objection to moving. Nelle moved up her plans to sell her shares of ELQ to Valentin. Jax and Nina decided to explore a relationship and made love. Valentin was stunned when a DNA test revealed that he was not a Cassadine. Valentin contemplated killing Jax but instead got drunk and thought about Helena's lies. Finn told Jason and Sam about Anna's efforts to safeguard Peter. Finn packed up Violet and walked out on Anna when he realized that Anna was determined to protect Peter at all costs. Peter made a phone call to get Sam sent back to Pentonville. Sam and Jason had a close call with Delores, but Epiphany intervened to help Sam.
February 17 to 21, 2020
Peter was selective with the truth when Anna questioned him. Valentin bought Nelle's shares of ELQ. Trina persuaded Cameron to attend the Midwinter Formal with her as a friend, so Josslyn would see Cameron in a different light when the girls at their school went "gaga" over him. Trina shared a happy reunion with her father -- Taggert! Curtis confronted Jordan about her relationship with Taggert, and he questioned if she was Trina's mother. Jordan told Curtis the truth about her history with Cyrus Renault. Cyrus let Jordan know that he was in Port Charles for her. Sonny and Jason made a move against Cyrus. Lucas recalled Brad's shocking confession about Wiley on the night of the accident. Michael was stunned when Lucas revealed that Wiley was Jonah. Nelle knocked Willow out then attempted to abduct Wiley, but Michael and Chase arrived in time to rescue Wiley from Nelle's clutches. Nelle and Brad were arrested. Nelle put all the blame on Brad by claiming that he had taken advantage of her when she had been fading in and out of consciousness. Brad kept quiet about Julian having learned the truth about Wiley. Chase broke the heartbreaking news to Willow that her son had died of sudden infant death syndrome.
February 24 to 28
Michael settled Wiley into the Quartermaine mansion then introduced Monica to her great-grandson. Michael asked Willow to remain a part of Wiley's life. Lucas tried to pick up the pieces of his life. Julian promised to help Brad in exchange for Brad's silence. Brook Lynn easily pieced together Julian's role in Lucas' accident and blackmailed Julian by threatening to share her theory with Sonny. T.J. proposed marriage to Molly, but she told him that she had no desire to ever get married. Franco and Liz celebrated their wedding anniversary. Cameron and Trina were kidnapped by the driver taking them to the Midwinter Formal. Later, the teens were used as bait to lure Taggert to his death. Taggert enlisted Curtis' help to rescue the teens, but shots rang out, and Cameron fled with one of the gunmen hot on his heels. Jason arrived in time to save Cameron from certain death. Taggert was shot during an exchange of gunfire with Cyrus' men. Laura asked Sonny to deal with Cyrus. Carly visited Nelle at the jail to make clear that Nelle would never get near Wiley. Carly was stunned when she found a bullet in Dev's backpack. Sonny and Brando agreed that it would be too dangerous for Dev to go to boarding school. Josslyn perked up when she heard Dustin would chaperon the school dance.
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MARCH 2020
March 2 to 8, 2020
Taggert succumbed to his gunshot wound. A devastated Trina blamed Curtis for her father's death. Cameron offered Trina support. Dr. Portia Robinson raced to Liz's house to be with her daughter. Portia opened up to Liz about her history with Taggert. Molly became concerned when T.J. seemingly vanished. Jordan had heard from T.J. via a text message, so she suggested that T.J. just needed some time to cool off before he faced Molly. Nelle's lawyer managed to get the charges against Nelle dropped when evidence vanished from the police evidence room. Nelle expressed her gratitude to Valentin for making her problems disappear. Alexis and Neil had a chance encounter at the opera. Michael asked Ned to temporarily run ELQ while Michael took a leave of absence to bond with his son. Olivia expressed her concern when Ned opted not to tell Michael about the threat that ELQ faced. Michael decided to legally change Wiley's name to Wiley Quartermaine Corinthos. Michael and Sasha persuaded Willow to remain a part of Wiley's life, but Chase worried that it was a mistake. Brook Lynn's sleazy music producer Linc offered to let Brook Lynn out of her contract in exchange for her shares of ELQ. Peter framed Liesl. Anna arranged for the WSB to arrest Liesl Obrecht for the murder of Drew Cain and the attempted murders of Franco Baldwin and Andre Maddox. Violet confided to Anna that she missed Anna.
March 9 to 13, 2020
Sonny paid Brad a visit to persuade Brad to plead guilty to all charges. Brad took responsibility for his crimes, but he insisted to the judge that Nelle had been complicit. Julian breathed a sigh of relief that Brad hadn't named him as an accomplice. Lucas said goodbye to Brad. Britt surprised Brad with a visit. Britt stopped by to talk to Julian about Brad. Finn apologized for thinking the worst of Peter. Anna was delighted when Finn and Violet returned home with her. Diane suggested that Michael might strengthen his case against Nelle if he were married. Sasha insisted on marrying Michael if it meant that it kept Nelle away from Wiley, but Diane explained that Michael's wife had to be a paragon of virtue without a criminal record. Willow spent time with her mother. Stella returned to Port Charles. Curtis was surprised to meet Trina's mother at Taggert's memorial service because he had known Portia in the past. Jordan was horrified when she realized that Cyrus had abducted T.J. Cyrus sent Harmony to deliver a message to Jordan. Liesl assured Franco that she was innocent and that Peter had set her up. Brook Lynn went to work for ELQ. Alexis and Neil succumbed to temptation and slept together. Neil's medical license was reinstated when Alexis lied about her relationship with him.
March 16 to 20, 2020
Brando agreed to take the job at Sonny's auto shop, but Brando refused to do anything illegal. Julian and Britt woke up in bed together, but they kept things casual. Britt refused to believe her mother's claims of innocence. Robert decided to look into Liesl's accusation that Peter had framed her. Neil joined the staff of General Hospital. Finn and Elizabeth were desperate to find Hayden before Violet's birthday. Nikolas admitted to Elizabeth that he had no idea where Hayden had vanished to, but he feared the worst because Hayden should have returned to Port Charles when she'd heard the news that Nikolas was no longer living in hiding. Brook Lynn accidently posted a photo of a confidential ELQ contract online that Lulu took to the Invader as a story. Valentin recorded a violent confrontation between Brook Lynn and Lulu. Nelle secured supervised visitation with Wiley then taunted Carly with a photo of Nelle and Wiley's visit. Willow told Jason her concerns about Harmony. Sasha suggested that Michael marry Willow. Cameron and Trina shared a kiss. Curtis confronted Portia about Trina, but Portia assured him that he was not Trina's father. Carly decided to ask Dustin to tutor Josslyn at home until the danger that Cyrus posed passed. Maxie quit her job at Crimson. Lucy accepted Valentin's offer.
March 23 to 27, 2020
Sam's parole officer caught Spinelli spying on her during an illicit tryst with a married lover. Delores had Spinelli arrested, but Sam called on Alexis to help Spinelli. Delores agreed to drop the charges against Spinelli in exchange for his silence, but she warned Sam that the attempt to blackmail her had only made Delores more determined to keep a close eye on Sam. Sam lashed out at Alexis but immediately apologized to her mother for the harsh words. A shaken Alexis succumbed to temptation and drank a shot of alcohol, but she called Julian before taking a second drink. Ned was forced to fire Brook Lynn from her job at ELQ. Hurt, Brook Lynn decided to give her shares of ELQ to Linc in exchange for being released from her contract with the sleazy record producer. Jordan's hopes were dashed when Cyrus refused to release T.J. until Cyrus had been released from Pentonville. Sonny and Jason realized that Cyrus had used T.J. to control Jordan, so Curtis persuaded Jordan to work with Sonny to take down Cyrus. Sonny received a call when Mike was taken to the hospital for an injured wrist. Nina hired Nelle so she could keep a close eye on Nelle. Maxie and Sasha were stunned when Lucy revealed that Valentin had invested in Deception. Michael was alarmed when Wiley had trouble breathing. Monica determined that the hole in Wiley's heart had not closed; she recommended surgery, but Nelle refused to consent to the operation because it was considered elective. Cameron had a session with Neil. Britt thought that Neil seemed familiar, but he did not recognize her. Britt blasted Nikolas for hurting Spencer. Finn and Anna moved ahead with their wedding plans.
March 30 to April 3, 2020
Alexis attended a meeting and confided to Finn that she had relapsed. Julian publicly confronted Neil and accused him of seducing Alexis and compromising her sobriety. Brook Lynn was evasive when Ned asked how she had managed to persuade Linc to release her from her contract. Brook Lynn accepted Lulu's apology then asked Dustin to collaborate on a song. Jax worried that Nelle would turn the tables on Nina. Using a secret burner phone, Jordan reached out to a mystery person to ask for advice before she took steps to secure Cyrus' freedom. Trina refused to believe that her father had broken the law to convict a criminal. Cameron talked to Franco about the kiss that Cameron and Trina had shared. Sonny was forced to acknowledge that his father was declining. Laura and Kevin conspired to have Cyrus committed to Ferncliff, but Robert had another plan to neutralize the infamous drug lord. Molly confronted Jordan about T.J.'s whereabouts, but Jordan told Molly that it was time for Molly to accept that T.J. didn't want to talk to Molly. Molly met Brando when she had car trouble after hitting a curb. Jason decided that he and Sam needed space because he didn't want to risk Sam being sent back to Pentonville.
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