General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 4, 2021 on GH
Sonny resurfaced. Cyrus met Lesley Webber. Kevin received a medical update on Ryan. Franco told Peter that Drew's memories were returning. Britt and Liesl shared a reunion. Willow and Chase shared a kiss.
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Franco told Peter that Drew's memories were returning, and Sonny resurfaced
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Carly puts a plan into motion Carly puts a plan into motion
Monday, January 4, 2021

Ava and Nikolas entered a dark Charlie's, and Ava remembered how proud Julian had been of the bar. She added that she'd been proud of him for getting out of the business, but "being a Jerome is a hard habit to break." Nikolas wondered if she was expecting trouble, and she replied, "Nothing I can't handle." Just then, they heard someone trying to open the door, and Nikolas opened it to Alexis. Alexis explained that she'd seen the light on, but she didn't know what she'd been thinking. Nikolas assured Alexis that it was all right to have hoped that it was Julian.

Ava snapped that, after blaming Julian for so many things, Alexis had finally realized that she wanted Julian back. Nikolas scolded Ava, as Alexis was clearly suffering. Ava conceded that she wasn't blind to Julian's faults, but she had the right to be angry at anyone who'd hurt him while he'd been alive. Nikolas softly urged Ava not to take it out on Alexis, and Ava knew that Julian wouldn't want her lashing out at Alexis. Watching the couple, an incredulous Alexis questioned if the two had fallen in love. Ava answered that she and Nikolas had developed a deeper connection than expected. Alexis warned them that things would still end with them at each other's throats.

"When Nikolas sees you, does he see all of you?" Alexis inquired of Ava. "I believe he does," Ava replied. Alexis knew how "thrilling" it was to expose herself to someone in that way, but like her and Julian, it was toxic. She talked about how in love she'd been with Julian, but she said that he'd been like poison, like Nikolas and Ava would end up being to each other. "Enough!" Nikolas exclaimed, and he didn't think that Alexis should take out her pain on Ava, either. Alexis apologized, and Ava insisted that she and Nikolas were nothing like Alexis and Julian. "I hope you're right," Alexis commented.

Alexis warned Ava and Nikolas that the fun would end, and they would be looking over their shoulders for the other's lies and schemes. She added that they would realize it was an addiction, not love. When she was gone, Nikolas insisted that he and Ava would never be like Alexis and Julian, and Ava agreed.

Portia entered Jordan's office and asked to speak to Taggert before he was released. While Portia was there, Jordan offered an apology for not disclosing that Taggert was alive, and she acknowledged that Portia had a right to be angry. Portia reminded Jordan of all the help she'd given Jordan, and Jordan insisted that she appreciated the risks. Jordan explained that Trina had been watched, so everyone had been safer with the secret being kept. Portia wondered how Jordan would feel in Portia's place, and Jordan answered that she stood behind her choices.

Jordan informed Portia that Taggert would stay in custody, where he was safest, but she offered to set up some private visiting time with Trina. Portia informed Jordan that Portia had seen Curtis on Christmas Eve. She'd told him that she understood why Jordan had lied about Taggert, and she'd told him to go home to Jordan. She hoped that Jordan and Curtis could fix what was broken, and she urged Jordan to learn from Portia's mistake. Portia related that she was angry, but she wouldn't wish what she and Taggert had gone through on anyone.

Jason blamed Carly for Jason having to let Cyrus live, and he feared that Cyrus would escalate things. Just then, Carly's phone went off, and she read a text. She informed Jason that she'd solved things. Jason was suspicious, but their conversation was interrupted by the ringing phone. Jason answered it and instructed the guards to let someone up to the house. He hung up and instructed Carly to go upstairs, as Cyrus was there. "It worked," she observed, and Jason demanded to know what she'd done.

Carly ran to open the door, and an unhinged Cyrus burst into the house. He demanded to know where his mother was, and he threatened that there would be "hell to pay" if she wasn't back safely. Jason calmly answered that he didn't know where Florence was, but he would make some inquiries. Carly had a feeling that Florence would find her way back, and she thought that Cyrus was lucky that Jason had offered to help, as Jason usually found what he was looking for. Jason demanded that Cyrus leave, and he threatened to call the guards. Cyrus muttered that Sonny had honor, and Jason replied, "I'm not Sonny."

When Cyrus was gone, Carly explained that they'd needed leverage over Cyrus, and she'd seen to it that they'd gotten it. She updated Jason on what Laura had told her. She continued that she'd had Spinelli hack into Florence's facility's computer and arrange a transfer. She'd had two guards and a nurse take Florence to a safe house, where Cyrus would never find her. She disclosed that the nurse was Bobbie, who'd been happy to help, and she insisted that Florence would be fine.

Jason laid out two options for Carly. He proposed that he take Florence back to her facility in Vermont that night, or he could play things out under one condition -- that Carly wasn't involved. Carly argued, but Jason needed Cyrus to continue thinking that Jason was responsible so that Cyrus didn't retaliate against Carly. A stubborn Carly refused to apologize, and he admitted that he hadn't expected her to. He angrily stated that there were lines he never thought he'd cross, but she'd crossed one for him. He stormed out of the room and hit a wall on his way out.

At Jax's, Nina descended the stairs as Jax finished up a phone call with Josslyn. He informed Nina that Josslyn had refused to go to Australia with him, and he'd been counting on Carly to talk some sense into their daughter. He explained that Josslyn wanted to stay with Carly, and she wanted to be there to support Avery and Donna like her brothers had done for her as a child. Nina thought they were good reasons. Jax countered that he and Carly had agreed that Josslyn would go with him at the first sign of danger. Nina gently reminded him that Josslyn was no longer a child, and he probably needed a new agreement -- with Josslyn.

Nina continued that Josslyn was strong and wise beyond her years, but Jax didn't think that Josslyn should have to do that. Jax wanted to take Josslyn away regardless, but Nina thought that would be a mistake. She thought that he needed to respect his 18-year-old daughter's wishes and trust her judgment in order to preserve their great bond. A short while later, Carly arrived with no news about Sonny. Jax demanded to know if all hell was about to break loose and if Josslyn would be caught in the crossfire.

Martin met with Laura at the Metro Court restaurant and wondered what he could help her with. Laura asked Martin for leverage against Cyrus, but Martin reminded her that Cyrus had been cleared of all wrongdoing. He added that he made decisions based on the law and evidence, and there was no credible evidence against Cyrus. Laura couldn't tell if Martin was turning a blind eye or if he was working for Cyrus. Martin assured Laura that he neither worked for Cyrus, nor represented him. Martin disapproved of his brother's actions, but he acknowledged that he owed Cyrus for his financial support of Florence.

Laura insisted that she understood family loyalty, and Martin understood that the city was Laura's extended family. Martin promised that he wouldn't be her enemy. Laura asked him to be her ally, but Martin didn't want to take sides. She only asked that he not interfere if Cyrus had to face justice. Just then, they were interrupted when Cyrus ran into the restaurant, accusing Laura of kidnapping Florence. Laura swore that she'd had no idea, but Cyrus thought that she'd gotten Carly and Jason to do it for her. He told her about his visit to Sonny's house, and she promised to do everything in her power to locate Florence. Cyrus warned her that if anything happened to Florence, the fact that Laura was his sister wouldn't help Laura.

When Laura was gone, Martin remarked that he'd never seen Cyrus so afraid. He wondered if Cyrus was more afraid of Florence dying or of Florence never forgiving Cyrus.

A short while later, Jason opened the front door to Laura, who asked to speak to Carly. Jason advised her that Carly was out. "You'll do," Laura said curtly as she stepped into the house.

Dante learns that Liesl is his new handler Dante learns that Liesl is his new handler
Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Laura paid a visit to the Corinthos house to speak to Carly, but Jason informed her that Carly wasn't home. "You'll do," Laura said angrily. Laura went on to shout at Jason about using an elderly, innocent woman, who had been kidnapped, for ammunition. Jason insisted that he hadn't started it, and Cyrus had no proof that Jason had had Florence Grey kidnapped.

Laura accused Jason of being a master at covering up his tracks, and she demanded to know where Florence had been taken. She added that it was believed that Julian had planted the bomb at the Floating Rib on Cyrus' orders, and while Cyrus should be prosecuted, it was not Jason's place to retaliate. Jason remained silent.

Laura declared that she had visited Carly earlier out of concern and to tell her that she had a way of keeping Cyrus from taking advantage of Sonny's absence. She had told Carly about her new family relationships and the fact that she believed herself to be Cyrus' weakness. She had never thought that Jason would kidnap Florence and leave Laura to take the blame. She didn't think that Sonny would ever condone such an action.

Laura added that Florence was frail and easily disoriented and would be frightened. She'd never thought that Jason could be so cruel. Jason continued to stay mute. Laura stressed that nobody would win if Jason played by Cyrus' rules. She stormed out of the house, and Jason sat down and held his head in his hands.

Maxie and Peter sat at a table at Metro Court. Maxie was telling Peter about the marriage coordinator when Robert stepped off the elevator, stopped at their table, and read the wedding invitation out loud. He couldn't believe that the invitation stated that it was for Finn, Anna, Maxie, and Peter, and he was certain that it was a misprint. "It's true!" Maxie said happily.

Robert revealed that Jackie would be his "plus one," and Maxie burst out in tears because it made her think of Lulu. Maxie rushed off, and Robert sat down. He assured Peter that it was Maxie's hormones, but Peter reminded Robert that Maxie's best friend was in a long-term care facility. Robert wondered how so many lives could have been affected from one action. Peter asked Robert if he would have accepted the invitation if he'd known the wedding would also include Peter and Maxie.

Valentin sat at another table with Martin and looked over some business papers. He noted that Martin seemed distracted, but Martin stated that he was distressed over a sensitive manner. He proceeded to disclose that Laura was his half-sister, and Valentin stared at him in disbelief. Valentin confirmed that Cyrus was also Laura's half-brother, but before they could discuss things, Anna interrupted and asked to speak to Valentin.

Martin gladly departed at Valentin's request, and Anna sat down. She updated Valentin that Dante's release was classified information, and she had been unable to learn anything more. She would keep trying to find out what she could. Valentin only wanted to know if Charlotte would be safe around Dante, but Anna admitted that she didn't know. She spotted Robert and decided to speak to him.

Maxie returned and asked what Peter and Robert had been talking about. Robert replied that they'd been discussing the wedding, and he wished the couple happiness. He added that he'd always thought of Maxie as his daughter, and Maxie reminded him that Peter would be the son he'd never had. Anna arrived and exclaimed that she was happy to see everyone. She asked to join them.

Maxie received another message from the marriage coordinator, and she and Peter went off. Robert taunted Anna about the double wedding and wondered how she could have agreed to such a thing. Anna replied that she hadn't but suggested that Robert knew how Maxie was. Maxie had wanted it, and Anna had merely gotten lost in all of Maxie's ongoing conversations.

Anna claimed that Dante had been on her mind, and she had been worried about him. He had been a changed and guarded man. Robert thought he was just being cautious, and Anna asked if Robert had any insight into Dante's treatment. Robert replied that he didn't know anything, but Kevin had been familiar with Kirk's work. Anna received an alert about a meeting, and she had to leave.

Dante stepped off the elevator at General Hospital and spotted Elizabeth. He informed her that he'd received a message to meet with Kevin. Elizabeth told him how sorry she was to hear about Lulu and noted that Lulu was in a great facility. She'd also heard that Dante had run into the Floating Rib after the explosion, and she was grateful to him.

Dante confessed that he'd only acted in the moment, and he and Elizabeth agreed to set their kids up for a playdate. She directed him to the office where Kevin had mentioned he'd be waiting, and Dante thanked her for her kind words.

Carly arrived at Jax's house, and Jax demanded to know that Josslyn would be safe. Carly assured him that she'd handled Cyrus, and Jax wanted to know what she'd done. Jax and Carly proceeded to argue, and Jax reminded Carly that Josslyn should be the priority. As things grew heated, Nina stepped in and tried to stop them. Carly snapped that she didn't need Nina to provide any insight on raising her daughter.

Carly quickly apologized, and Nina gingerly agreed that she wasn't an expert. She announced that she had a meeting and had to leave, but she glared at Carly before she left. "Handled that well, didn't I?" Carly asked. She and Jax sat down with glasses of wine, and Jax urged her to stop beating herself up as she continued to feel bad. He thought that Nina knew all about Carly being stressed out.

Carly and Jax discussed whether Nina should know the truth about her daughter, and he proclaimed that Carly hadn't been responsible for Nelle's death. Carly was certain that Nina would turn Nelle into a victim, and Jax knew that Nina would be devastated. Carly teased Jax for being the protector of both Nina and Josslyn, although he felt that neither of them wanted to be protected.

Again, Jax asked Carly what she had done in order to "handle" things, but Carly only wanted him to trust her. He felt that she needed to trust him first if she wanted him to trust her with their daughter's life. Carly refused to divulge any information. She made it clear that Jason was handling business during Sonny's absence, but Jax suggested that the longer Sonny was gone, the more likely it was that he would stay gone.

Carly maintained that she and Jason believed that Sonny would return, and Jax found it hard to believe. He thought that Carly should face the truth. She stormed out of the house.

As Sam spoke to someone on the phone about a rehab facility for Alexis, there was a knock at her front door. She was surprised to see Franco when she opened the door, and he asked to speak to Jason. Sam informed him that Jason no longer lived there, and she suggested that Franco call him the next time. She acknowledged the pamphlet that she was holding from the rehab facility.

Franco admitted that he knew all about life getting in the way, and he turned to leave. Suddenly, he fell up against the wall. There was a screaming voice in his head that belonged to Peter, and it kept repeating "no choice." Franco grabbed his head and ordered the voice to stop. Sam insisted that Franco step inside while she fetched him a glass of water. He sat down and claimed that he'd suffered from a migraine.

Sam didn't believe him and asked who had been trying to hurt Franco. He wanted to leave, but Sam insisted he drink the water first. There was another knock at the door, and it was Jason, who was looking for his kids. Sam replied that they were at the Quartermaines', but he spotted Franco and demanded to know why Franco was there.

Sam announced that she had something to tend to, and she ran upstairs. Franco explained that it was possible that the symptoms he'd been suffering from were not due to the tumor, although Jason replied that they still could be. Franco appreciated Jason not telling Sam about it, and he went on to say that the doctor he'd seen had thought that the problem was due to the previous memory transplant.

Franco revealed that his treatment would be resumed in Port Charles, and he wanted Jason to trust that things would be okay. Jason wondered what would happen if that wasn't true. Franco reminded him to just stick to their bargain.

Sam returned, and Franco assured her that all was well. He left, and Jason told Sam that it had just been "Franco being Franco." Sam explained that Franco had collapsed in the hallway, but Jason insisted that she call him if Franco showed up again. Out in the hallway, Peter's voice resonated in Franco's head again. "No choice," it said.

Dante knocked on the hospital office door that he'd been directed to, but no one answered. He walked inside. Liesl, who was still wearing her blonde wig, smiled broadly. She admitted that she'd been the one to text Dante. "We have our work cut out for us," she said. Dante retorted that he didn't want to work with Liesl, and he wanted nothing to do with her.

Liesl insisted that she'd been exonerated, thanks to Dante. He asked about Dr. Kirk because he hadn't heard from him. Liesl responded that she was familiar with everything, and she revealed that the doctor had been killed due to urban violence in Geneva. Dante was incredulous, but Liesl insisted that "street crime is on the rise everywhere." She would continue Kirk's work until Peter could be handled.

Dante wanted confirmation from the WSB, but Liesl clicked her pen and stopped Dante in his tracks. Liesl claimed that she had been designated as Dante's handler in Kirk's place. Dante guessed he had no choice. Liesl was sorry to hear about Lulu and the fact that Maxie didn't have her friend with her. Dante revealed that Maxie and Peter were getting married before their baby was born, and Liesl was horrified to hear the news.

Nina arrived at Metro Court, and Valentin asked her to join him. She replied that she had a meeting, but she received a message about a delay, so she consented. She sat down, and Valentin confessed that he wanted to talk about Charlotte. He noted that his daughter had been writing in a journal that she would read with Lulu when she was able. He admitted that it had been his idea.

Nina was impressed with Valentin's fathering skills, but Valentin thought that Nina was a natural-born mother. She noted that Carly would disagree, and she revealed what Carly had said to her. Valentin was angry, although Nina felt that Carly hadn't been wrong. Valentin didn't want her to second-guess herself, and he thought that Charlotte was proof. He and Jax also agreed that she should keep up the search for her daughter, but Nina declared that she would stop if Jax thought that was the right thing to do.

Nina didn't think it was any of Valentin's business, but she divulged that she had reconsidered whether or not to continue her search. Valentin wanted Nina to open her eyes, because he felt that Jax would think it in his best interest for Nina to stop. He thought that Jax wanted Nina all to himself.

Peter returned to the table, where Robert sat alone, and he stated that Maxie was still with the marriage coordinator. Robert had to leave, but Peter wanted to thank him first for being a good sport. Robert replied that he'd meant what he'd said about Maxie being like a daughter, and he was only giving Peter a pass because Peter was Anna's son. He didn't want Peter to make him regret it.

Maxie returned and blabbered about the wedding food menu, but she noticed that Peter and Robert were quiet. She asked if everything was okay. Peter claimed that they had been fighting over the bill. "You win!" Robert declared as he handed the tab to Peter.

Anna showed up at the hospital, looking for Kevin, but she spotted Elizabeth instead. Elizabeth announced that it was her date night, and she revealed that Franco had seen someone from the WSB about treatment. She added that Kirk had died due to the violence in Geneva.

Anna was suspicious. She noted that she hadn't known Kirk and had only been familiar through the WSB. Elizabeth informed her that Dante had also been a patient of Kirk's, and she added that Kevin had wanted to see Dante. Elizabeth pointed out that a new doctor would have to be found.

Liesl reminded Dante that her presence had to be kept a secret, and she ordered him to leave first without anyone seeing him. She added that he would hear from her when it was "time to strike at Peter's heart." Once Dante was gone, Liesl added a face mask to her disguise and wandered out into the hallway. Just then, Anna stepped off the elevator and asked Liesl if she'd seen Dante. Liesl's back was to her.

At Metro Court, Laura saw Martin and took a seat next to him. Martin was irate about his mother's kidnapping, and Laura insisted that she had no proof that Jason had been behind it. He thought that Jason believed in "an eye for an eye," although Laura insisted it had all been her fault. She had told Carly everything, and she had known that Carly would tell Jason.

Laura had never thought that Jason would commit a kidnapping, and she thought it entirely out of character. Martin called it a calculated move, but Laura didn't want him to put himself in the middle of a war. She would help him; she had known Jason for a long time, and she knew that Jason would never hurt Florence.

Laura thought that if she could get Carly alone, Carly would intervene. Martin thought that Jason was made of steel and would be immoveable.

Elizabeth arrived all dressed up for her date with Franco, and she informed Maxie that she and Franco would be attending the wedding because Finn and Anna had invited them. She wanted to find the perfect gift for them, due to Peter saving Franco's life. She complimented Peter for making an impression on Franco.

General Hospital did not air General Hospital did not air
Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Due to ABC News coverage, General Hospital did not air. While this was not a planned preemption, there were no lost episodes as a result of the programming change. The episode originally scheduled for broadcast was shown in its entirety on Thursday, January 7, 2021.

Jordan puts Cyrus in his place Jordan puts Cyrus in his place
Thursday, January 7, 2021

At General Hospital, Britt informed Kevin that everything was out of their hands, and she made it clear that Lucas "knew his stuff." They turned and looked into Ryan's room.

Nikolas and Ava were clearing Julian's personal belongings out of Charlie's Pub when Ava suggested that Nikolas go home. He informed her that he wasn't leaving, as he didn't want her to be alone if any surprises turned up. He assured her that their marriage was real, if not conventional. Laura phoned and announced that she was on her way to see them.

Ava spotted a letter from Julian's lawyer that stated that she had been named the executor of Julian's estate. She hadn't expected it to happen so soon, and she found it "jarring." When Laura arrived, she extended her condolences to Ava and stated that Lulu was still the same. She disclosed that there were two new additions to her family: her newly discovered half-brothers, Martin and Cyrus.

The news was shocking to Nikolas and Ava. Laura explained the relationship and the fact that Cyrus had known about it prior to the bomb blast. She didn't think that he'd known about Lulu's presence at the Floating Rib at the time. Laura considered him to be a human being with wants, needs, and motives, and she planned to stop him after she figured out what those were. She received a phone call from Kevin, who asked to see them all at the hospital about Ryan.

Jordan sat at her desk at the police station and looked through a stack of folders until she found the one she wanted. She opened it and began to look through photos of the bomb blast's victims. Just then, Cyrus walked in and told her that he wanted her to deliver Jason Morgan. He thought it was time for Jordan to prove her worth because Jason had "overstepped" and kidnapped Cyrus' mother.

"That's a shame," Jordan replied. Cyrus accused her of making light of the situation, and he began to shout at her. Jordan retorted that there was nothing she could do because Vermont was out of her jurisdiction. "Wrong answer," Cyrus snapped. Jordan insisted she'd help if she could. Cyrus recited the date and time of Taggert's "death," and he accused her of helping to fake that death. He knew that Taggert was in a cell downstairs.

Jordan suggested that Cyrus could have told her to do otherwise, since he "called the shots," but Cyrus warned her of consequences if she didn't help him. "Get her yourself," Jordan said as Cyrus opened his mouth in shock. He asked her to repeat what she'd said. Jordan assured him that she would not do his bidding, lie for him, or protect him again. Cyrus was disbelieving and again threatened consequences.

"Bring it on," Jordan urged. She informed him that he had no leverage against her, as everyone who counted was aware of what she'd done, and Taggert would lie for her. She began to yell as she told Cyrus off. Cyrus insisted that his mother was frail and innocent, but Jordan merely stated that her son had been innocent, also. She wanted Cyrus to know how she'd felt when T.J. had been missing.

Cyrus accused Jordan of "relishing my misfortune," but Jordan replied that she was enjoying the respite. She was his last resort, and he couldn't do anything about it. "The field is even, Cyrus," she said. She was no longer wearing his handcuffs. After Cyrus was gone, Jordan received a phone call and told someone she'd take care of it. She tossed papers up into the air and onto the floor.

Maxie and Peter sat at a table at Metro Court, and Maxie admitted that she'd been impressed with Robert's take on their wedding. Peter figured that Robert would still show up for Anna and Finn, and Maxie realized that the couples shared a guest list. She looked over at a table where Elizabeth and Franco were holding hands.

Peter noticed, and Maxie admitted that she had a history with Franco. Peter announced that he would have done anything in order to have Maxie and their baby, and Maxie assured him that he'd only had to get out of his own way. She deemed that anything was possible with love.

Franco and Elizabeth were holding hands, and Franco was glad they were able to have date night while they still could. Franco admitted that Peter was still in his head, and he wasn't sure what to do about it. Elizabeth wanted to change the subject, and she and Maxie waved at each other. Franco declared that they didn't have to go to the wedding, and he didn't think that Maxie would even miss them.

When Elizabeth spotted Maxie getting up to go to the ladies' room, Elizabeth got up and followed her. Franco joined Peter and extended his congratulations. Franco revealed that he'd decided the best way to repay Peter for saving his life was to not attend the wedding. He was certain he could fake a migraine, and he knew that Maxie didn't want him at the wedding, anyway.

Peter replied that Maxie knew that Finn wanted Elizabeth to attend, and Peter could use a friendly face there himself. "Meaning you," Peter clarified. The men made some small talk and clicked their bottles together. Franco noted that he had very few friends after all his time in town, and he hoped that Peter did better.

Franco decided that he and Elizabeth would attend the wedding, after all, but he didn't think he had time to get a gift. Peter just wanted Franco to show up and to forget that Peter had saved him. Franco revealed that he had Peter's voice in his head, and it was believed that it was Drew's returning memories that the words pertained to. Franco explained that it was probably due to the memory transfer that had occurred in the past. Peter frowned.

Valentin and Martin sat nearby, and Valentin announced that he had billable hours for Martin because he wanted an investigation into Jax. Martin retorted that he couldn't care less because he had to rescue his mother. Martin got up to leave, but Valentin stopped him. Martin tore into Valentin and shouted that he wasn't like other "lackeys." He had more important business to tend to, and Valentin needed to step outside of himself for once.

"How can I help?" Valentin asked. He admitted he'd been insensitive, and he suggested that, along with other elements of their relationship, they could be friends. Martin looked around as if he suspected a joke had been played on him. He saw nothing, and he explained that his mother had been kidnapped by Jason Morgan in retaliation for Cyrus' actions.

At the hospital, Liesl donned her facemask and slipped out of the empty room where she'd met with Dante. She strolled over to the elevator and pushed the button. Just then, Anna stepped off as Liesl started to walk away with her back turned. Anna asked if the woman had seen Dante, and she introduced herself. Liesl replied that she was busy, but Dante spotted Anna and walked over.

Dante asked Anna if everything was okay, and she mentioned that the woman had seemed familiar. She turned to show Dante, but Liesl had managed to slink away. Anna proclaimed that she had found Dante by accident, and she'd had business with Kevin. Dante told her that there had been no news on Sonny, although a search had been ongoing. He didn't think the odds were good, although Carly believed that Sonny would return in one piece.

Dante added that he had gone along with Carly. "Lying can be matter how good the liar or how well intentioned the lie," Anna replied. She knew that he was aware of that. Dante stated that he had given up undercover work, and they talked about the past. They alluded to the possibility that Dante had faked his recovery, since he had been a skilled liar.

Dante noted that his doctor was dead, but he assumed that Anna had already been aware of that. He accused Anna of digging into his case. Anna noted that Dr. Kirk had been murdered, although she pointed out that there were no random acts of violence in Switzerland. She asked how Dante had found out. She maintained that she cared about Dante, and he hadn't seemed well.

Anna was suspicious of Kirk's death. Dante agreed that he felt the same, but there was nothing he could do. He was able to make Port Charles safe for kids, and he wondered if Anna could say the same. He walked away.

As Liesl skulked around, she bumped into Britt and knocked everything out of Britt's hands. Britt ordered the woman to pick everything up and yelled that she wouldn't tolerate rudeness on her staff. Liesl stooped to retrieve the papers and muttered that she was late for surgery. Britt was aware that there was nothing on the day's schedule at that time.

Suddenly, Britt got a whiff of the woman's perfume and announced that she only knew one person who wore the fragrance. "My mother," she said. Liesl declared that it was common, but Britt ripped off Liesl's facemask.

Britt demanded to know what Liesl was doing there, and Liesl pulled her aside. She thought that Britt should be loyal to the one who had given her life, but she was aware that both life and daughters tended to fall below expectations. Britt wanted to call security, but Liesl produced a paper. It was a notice from the WSB that absolved Liesl of all charges -- with apologies. Britt asked if it was real.

Liesl suggested that Britt call the WSB, and she said they even had a 1-800 number. They walked into an empty room, and Britt admitted that she felt relieved. Liesl wished that Britt had believed in her all along. Britt wondered why Liesl was sneaking around, and Liesl explained that if the wrong people spotted her, her mission could be in jeopardy. She pointed out that that mission was saving Britt's life.

"From Cyrus?" Britt asked. "Who's Cyrus?" Liesl questioned. "Your treacherous brother Peter!" Liesl exclaimed. Liesl had believed that Peter had changed, but he'd given her a "false sense of security." She was there to find proof, and he couldn't know that she was in town. Britt maintained that Peter loved Maxie and the kids, but Liesl replied that they were the only ones. She was sure that he would sacrifice Britt if he needed to.

Liesl grabbed Britt's hands, and she begged Britt not to tell anyone that she was there. If she found any evidence against Peter, Britt would have done her part. The women proceeded to compliment each other's hair, and Liesl was proud of Britt's professional "enhancement."

Britt hoped she wasn't ever fired as Liesl had been. Liesl asked about Cyrus, but Britt assured her mother that she would handle him. Britt gave her word to be quiet, she laughed, and the women shared a hug. They had missed each other.

Kevin stood in the hallway outside of Ryan's room and explained Ryan's condition to Laura, Nikolas, and Ava. He said that Ryan was suffering from "locked-in syndrome," which meant that part of his brain had been damaged by a blood clot. He compared it to a stroke. Ryan was near complete paralysis. Ava asked if Ryan was a vegetable, and Kevin replied that he was able to move his eyes, could hear, and could think. He was trapped.

Kevin declared that Ryan had no control over his body and would be released to a minimum-security facility. Nikolas thought he deserved to be wheeled into "heavily chummed waters." Kevin suggested that Laura get Mac to check on security protocols.

Ava wandered into Ryan's room and taunted him as he sat in a wheelchair. She called him a "vacant husk," and she touched his hand for a reaction. She could tell by his eyes that he could feel it, and she began to dig her nails into his hand.

In the hallway, Laura ordered Nikolas to steer clear of both Ryan and Cyrus. She stepped onto an elevator, and Nikolas went into Ryan's room as help arrived to wheel Ryan out. Ava revealed that she had been making sure the diagnosis had been right. She'd dug her nails into Ryan, and he hadn't flinched. She thought he might be masochistic instead. Ryan sat in his wheelchair in the hallway and smiled.

Anna spotted Kevin at the nurses' station and asked for some help. She wanted to know if he knew Dr. Kirk. Kevin called him a professional acquaintance who was a neuropsychiatrist. Anna mentioned that he'd worked for the WSB and had been murdered. Kevin hadn't known. He agreed that the doctor's title was far from that of a regular psychiatrist.

Kevin noted that Kirk had been brilliant and had dabbled in deep brain stimulation. He had been military and involved in psychological warfare like indoctrination and autosuggestion. Anna acknowledged that she'd received Faison's test results.

Laura ran into Cyrus and told him that she'd made inquiries into his mother's disappearance. She had reason to believe that Florence was safe, and she didn't want Cyrus to escalate. It was all she could do. Cyrus didn't think that was good enough.

Dante sat down at a table in Metro Court and eyed Peter and Franco sitting together. Elizabeth and Maxie returned from the ladies' room, and Peter assured them he was fine.

Michael gets news about Sonny Michael gets news about Sonny
Friday, January 8, 2021

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael clarified on the phone that the search for Sonny had gone from rescue to recovery. He promised to let Carly know, and he hung up. A dressed-up Willow entered the room, looking for a bracelet, and Michael remarked on how nice she looked. She disclosed that she was having dinner with Chase, but she offered to reschedule with everything going on. Michael replied that there was nothing anyone could do at that time.

On the phone in her office, Jordan thanked someone for the update and hung up the phone. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Jason arrived with Diane. Jordan told Jason and Diane about Cyrus' allegation against Jason that Jason had abducted Florence. She continued that she had to do her due diligence, because if Cyrus was telling the truth, federal authorities would get involved due to the crossing of state lines, which none of them wanted.

A few minutes later, Diane was gone, and Jordan informed Jason that Cyrus had no more leverage over her, which felt good. She'd appreciated her alliance with Jason, but she didn't want to have to investigate Cyrus' allegations. There was a knock on the door, and an officer handed a package to Jordan. Jason excused himself, but Jordan informed him that the package concerned him.

Portia arrived in front of Taggert's holding cell, and he was surprised to see her. He apologized for the pain he'd caused and informed her that he was going to plead guilty. Portia thought that he should fight to get his life back, but he reminded her that he was guilty. He added that he was exhausted, and he just wanted everything to be over. Portia urged him to think about Trina and to be the man that Trina thought he was. Jordan entered, not knowing that Portia was still there. "I was just leaving," Portia said coldly, and she glared at Taggert and left.

Jordan informed Taggert that Cyrus no longer had a hold on the police department. She promised to explain later, but she divulged that she had some bad news. She told him about what had happened to Sonny and that he was presumed dead. Taggert didn't know what to say, as he'd had a complicated history with Sonny. Jordan agreed that Sonny was a complicated man.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Dante was keeping an eye on Peter when Chase arrived. Chase welcomed Dante home and apologized for not reaching out sooner. Dante had heard that Chase had looked out for Dante's family while he'd been gone, and he thanked Chase for that. Chase was sorry about Lulu and believed that she would return soon. Chase had to get a table, but he wanted to catch up with Dante. He wondered if Dante would be sticking around town, and Dante replied that he was in town to be with his family and "tie up some loose ends."

Across the room, Peter asked someone if he could speak to Dr. Cabot on the phone, as he was the only person who could answer Peter's questions about a medical procedure the doctor had pioneered. He listened for a few moments and hung up disappointed. Sam approached him about coordinating dates for Peter and Maxie's bachelor and bachelorette parties. An angry Peter demanded that she "drop the act," as he knew that Sam didn't want to see him marry Maxie. She wanted to put their differences aside for Maxie, but he instructed her to stay out of his way, and he stormed out.

Sam noticed Dante watching Peter, and she sat down next to him at the bar. Dante claimed that he was just trying to "get a read on" Peter. Sam asked that he pass any interesting findings on to her, as she believed that they had "aligned interests," and he agreed. She expressed her regret for what was going on with Sonny and Lulu, but Dante replied that either could return at any time. He expressed his condolences for Julian, and Sam laughed that the world was a better place without him. Dante mentioned that Leo was probably hurting, and the two agreed to step up for their brother.

Later, Sam and Dante were sitting at a table, and Sam told Dante a story about a dinner party with her, Jason, Sonny, and Carly. When she was finished, Dante realized that they'd spent a long time telling stories about Sonny, as if they were already starting his wake. He added that it was sinking in that Sonny might actually be gone for good. "To Sonny," Dante toasted. "To Sonny," Sam agreed, and they drank.

Peter arrived at the hospital and found a nurse. He urgently asked her if she could get in touch with a former staff member for him, a doctor named Andre Maddox.

Willow arrived at the Metro Court restaurant, and Chase had thought that she was going to cancel. "I almost did," she replied. He would have understood, but he was glad to be there with her. She agreed. A short while later, Chase was telling her about what had happened to the K9 dog he'd taken to her class when she suddenly interrupted him. She no longer wanted to pretend that there wasn't an elephant in the room, and she added that they weren't there for small talk.

Chase and Willow rehashed the situation that had caused their breakup, and she told him that she couldn't just wish away the pain he'd caused her. Chase begged for a chance to show her that he was still the guy she'd once thought he was. The two leaned in for a kiss, but Willow pulled away. She cried that she was married, but she'd wanted him to kiss her. She excused herself, as the situation was way too complicated, and she ran out.

At the hospital, Cyrus informed Laura that her response to Jason taking Florence was unacceptable. "I don't give a damn," she spat. She informed him that there was nothing she could do, and she was sick of him lying to her face. She insisted that Florence was fine. Cyrus muttered that he knew the lines Laura was capable of crossing to get what she wanted. However, Laura had a city to run, so she turned to leave. Cyrus grabbed her arm, and they suddenly heard someone yell, "Get your hands off her!" Cyrus and Laura turned and saw Lesley.

"Who do you think you are?" Lesley demanded to know of Cyrus. Cyrus acknowledged that grabbing Laura had been out of line, and he apologized. Laura reminded Lesley that they were supposed to meet up in the city, but Lesley had thought that Rocco and Charlotte needed family around. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your assailant?" Lesley asked. She assumed that he was Cyrus, and he also knew who she was. He was glad to meet "the tramp who slept with my married father."

"You'll have to narrow down the list," Lesley cracked. "The one that binds us together," Cyrus answered, and he told Lesley who his father was. Lesley exclaimed that, if that was the case, he'd almost killed his niece. He accused her of betraying his mother by seducing his father, which he believed had set the wheels in motion for Gordon's death. Lesley insisted that she hadn't seduced Gordon and that he should have known better as her professor. He wondered how different his family's lives would have been had they not been forced to leave Port Charles. Laura asked for a moment alone with Cyrus, and an upset Lesley walked away.

A furious Laura balled up her fists and refused to let Cyrus use Lesley as a scapegoat for his lifetime full of horrible decisions. He countered that he needed her to resolve Florence's situation promptly. "How would you feel if something happened to your mother?" he wondered. "Spoken like an innocent man," she remarked sarcastically, and she walked away. She found Lesley crying in a conference room. Lesley couldn't shake the feeling that the recklessness she'd enjoyed in her youth had led them to the pain they were feeling.

Cyrus bumped into Portia at the hospital and was glad to see her. He'd heard about Taggert, and she wondered if he had something to ask her. He insisted that he was just sharing in her good news. "We're done here," she stated, and she walked away.

Carly took Sonny's stocking down from the mantel and looked up to see Sonny in the doorway. She snapped back to reality and saw that she was alone. Moments later, Sasha arrived and related that she owed Carly a thank you and an apology. She revealed that she'd been in outpatient therapy after her overdose, and she'd realized that she'd dismissed people who'd been trying to help her, including Carly. Carly regretted that Sasha had only struggled because of her sacrifice for Carly's family, and Carly would always be in debt to Sasha.

Michael arrived with news for Carly, as he'd heard from the New Jersey State Police. He informed her that the search for Sonny had gone from search and rescue to search and recovery. A tearful Carly insisted that Sonny would be found alive and well, as he'd survived worse. She excused herself to the kitchen, and Sasha expressed her condolences. Michael was afraid that Carly's denial was setting her up for more pain in the future. Sasha hugged an upset Michael, and she invited him on a walk to get some air. He thought a walk sounded good, so the left.

In the kitchen, Carly started to hyperventilate, but she told herself to stop, as Sonny would return. A solemn Jason entered the house and was looking around at pictures of the family when Carly returned to the living room. She babbled on about Sasha's visit until Jason interrupted her. He revealed that divers had searched the wreckage of the bridge. While they hadn't found Sonny, they'd found his St. Christopher medal, and he handed it to Carly.

Jason continued that the authorities thought Sonny had been pinned under the wreckage, and his body had been dragged downriver by the current. Carly began to hyperventilate. She remembered that she'd hated Sonny when they'd first met, and they hadn't been able to stand each other. "I don't know how I fell in love with him," she cried, and she collapsed in tears into Jason's arms.

It snowed in a remote wooded area where an unconscious Sonny lay.

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