General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 18, 2021 on GH
Phyllis had concerns about ''Mike.'' Michael and Willow agreed to sign their annulment papers. Anna enlisted Kevin's help. Liz confronted Jason. Ava manipulated Josslyn. Cameron was accepted to Stanford University. Jax and Nina declared their love to each other. Ava figured things out and got her hands on Nelle's heart pendant necklace.
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Phyllis had concerns about ''Mike,'' and Olivia learned about Ned and Alexis' one-night stand
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Olivia questions Tracy Olivia questions Tracy
Monday, January 18, 2021

The man with the gun demanded that Lenny empty the cash box, and Phyllis pleaded with the man to put down the gun. "Leave them alone!" Sonny bellowed. The man yelled at him to be quiet until Sonny punched the man. The man ended up on the floor, and Sonny pointed the man's own gun at him. He said that the man owed Phyllis and Lenny an apology and a promise to never return. "Otherwise, I'll find a way to discourage you," Sonny added. The man apologized and promised not to return. "Get out!" Sonny exclaimed, and the man ran out of the bar.

Sonny slid the gun across the bar to Lenny, just in case the man returned. Phyllis was thankful that Sonny had been there, and Lenny observed how unintimidated Sonny had been of the man with the gun. As Lenny poured drinks for them, Sonny couldn't explain how he'd known how to handle the situation; he'd just done it. Phyllis thanked him, and Lenny wondered where Sonny would go. Phyllis suggested that they rent the room above the bar to Sonny, and he could work in the bar in exchange. She handed him the keys and directed him upstairs.

A short while later, Sonny returned downstairs in a change of clothes and heard Lenny speculating about which side of the law Sonny had been on. Phyllis only cared about who Sonny was "now," and not in the past. She thought that they owed Sonny a chance, as he'd saved them when he could have just walked away. Sonny made his presence known and thanked the couple for the job and clothes. Phyllis wondered if he could start that night.

Michael admitted to Willow that he'd been surprised to see Sasha, and Willow replied that she'd been trying to see if the friendship could be repaired. She thought it was time for her and Michael to figure out their own relationship, even though they'd agreed to figure out their respective feelings for Chase and Sasha first. Michael figured that she already had, since she'd kissed Chase. She apologized, but Michael acknowledged that their relationship was just supposed to be an arrangement. He knew that he would always care for her as a friend, but under different circumstances, he didn't think that they would have been more than friends.

Willow thought that she and Michael owed Chase and Sasha for their sacrifices, and the two owed it to each other to see if they could return to "normal." He agreed that moving on was best for everyone. He assured Willow that she would always be Wiley's mother and that he didn't regret anything that had happened, and she agreed. He figured that they didn't need to put off signing the annulment papers any longer.

Carly was crying at the Metro Court bar when Jax sat down next to her and wondered why she wasn't home. Carly answered that the only way she could get Josslyn to go to her Senior Assembly at school was to say that Carly was going to work. She revealed that she'd been dodging calls about a memorial service for Sonny, who hadn't even officially been declared dead. She continued that the attorney from Secaucus had told her that usually that happened if the person was missing for three years or if there was a disaster or catastrophe. She thought that having Sonny declared dead was like giving up on him, and Jax assured her that there was no rush.

Carly couldn't shake the feeling that Sonny's death was karma for keeping the truth about Nelle from Nina, but Jax assured her that it was a tragedy and not a punishment. He asked if she was having second thoughts about keeping the secret, but he thought it was too late to tell Nina. He wondered if he was "as bad as Valentin," but Carly insisted that he wasn't. She believed that keeping secrets from loved ones was necessary. "I never said I was in love," Jax clarified. "You didn't have to," Carly shot back. A few minutes later, Jax was gone, and Carly sat alone, thinking about Sonny.

Olivia met with Robert at the Metro Court restaurant and asked for a favor. She wanted him to teach her how to be a spy, and she confided that she wasn't sure that Tracy's story about Alexis driving drunk was true. She wondered if there was anything she could do to help prove that Tracy had set Alexis up. Robert thought that the only way was to trip Tracy up and get her to admit to her lies, and he agreed to teach Olivia the "fundamentals."

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned wondered where Tracy had been and why she hadn't returned any of his calls. She informed him that she'd been checking in on Alexis, and Ned was suspicious of her motives. She added that Olivia and Sam had been there, as well. Olivia arrived home and asked if everyone was ready for their dinner celebrating Ned adopting Leo. She wanted to make sure her son was all right with it, but Ned offered to go talk to Leo. When he was gone, Olivia wanted some "last-minute advice" for Leo on being a Quartermaine. Tracy replied that he should never call her Granny, and if he ever needed help, she was the one who stopped anyone who got in the family's way. "No doubt," Olivia commented.

Olivia thought back to her conversation with Robert, when he'd instructed her that the first step was to flatter Tracy, as everyone responded well to compliments. Olivia complimented Tracy's blouse and marveled that it made her look five years younger. Tracy offered to let Olivia borrow it so that Olivia could look five years younger, too. Olivia thought back to Robert's second step, when he'd instructed her to have the "mark" do a favor for her, as people tended to have "warm feelings" for those they'd done a favor for. Olivia realized that she needed a witness to sign Leo's adoption papers, and she asked Tracy if Monica would be back soon. Tracy offered to be the witness, as "no cares more about Leo becoming a Quartermaine than me."

Olivia remembered Robert's next instructions, when he'd told her to slowly turn the conversation to the subject of the investigation. Olivia was thankful that Tracy would be their witness, especially since she knew how distracted Tracy had been by Alexis' situation. Olivia related that she wished Alexis hadn't been sober enough to disable the security alarm, as it would have prompted the police to show up, and Alexis would never have gotten behind the wheel. She thought back to Robert's next instruction, "catch her in a lie." Tracy replied that she wished she hadn't let Alexis disable the alarm. Olivia thought back to her and Robert clinking their glasses together. She remembered Tracy seeming surprised about there being a security system, and she remarked that the coffee had been out in plain view on the counter.

Ned returned and reported that, while Leo missed his father, he was "delighted" to join the family. Olivia happily embraced her husband, and he walked away. Tracy took the opportunity to tell Olivia to say whatever she wanted to say to Tracy. "What actually happened the night Alexis drove her car off the road?" Olivia asked suspiciously.

Nina was going through a box of her personal items, and she happily pulled out a varsity letter. She found a small jewelry box and put her half heart necklace into it. Just then, Ava arrived at Nina's office, and Nina passed on her condolences to Ava and Avery over Julian and Sonny. Ava told Nina that Avery missed her father and was looking for a necklace she had that he'd liked. She told Nina about the necklace and how Carly had taken it for repairs, but she'd found out that Carly had picked it up weeks before. She wondered if Nina could talk to Carly or have Jax talk to Carly about it, but Nina thought that it was none of their business.

Nina updated Ava that she'd decided to stop looking for her daughter, and Ava wondered if it was what she wanted. Nina answered that she was at a dead end, but she had every reason to believe that her daughter had a good life. Ava wondered if things were getting serious with Jax, and Nina replied that he was making her part of his family. Ava asked if she got along with Josslyn, as the teenager was a lot like Carly. Nina replied that Carly and Jax had done an excellent job raising Josslyn, as she was terrific and a bit of a peacemaker. Ava suddenly said that Nina had given her a terrific idea, and she left.

Nina dug the necklace back out of the box and put it back on. Jax arrived, and Nina told him about the varsity letter she'd found from her volleyball-playing days in high school. She thought that Josslyn might want it for good luck, and Jax thought Josslyn would love it. Nina commented that she was part of Jax's family "for the long haul," but she immediately apologized for putting him on the spot with the comment. Jax insisted that his family was hers, and he told her that he loved her.

Josslyn, Cameron, and Trina arrived at Josslyn's and teased Cameron for falling asleep during their Senior Assembly. Josslyn thought she would have fallen asleep had people not been constantly approaching her with their condolences. She thought that it was time to take out her journal again, but Cameron thought she'd thrown it out. She corrected that she'd put it in the basement for storage so she could look back at it later. She thought it would be helpful to write about Sonny, and she left the room to go get it.

Trina thought that it had been a mistake to make Josslyn go to the assembly, as nothing for the three of them had been normal that year. Cameron thought that they would have a fresh start with a new year. Just then, Josslyn returned very upset, as she couldn't find her journal. Cameron thought it was around there somewhere, and he offered to treat the girls to coffee. Josslyn told them to go without her, as she wasn't great company, anyway.

Later, Josslyn opened the door to Ava, who was there to talk to her. Ava promised that she would always make time for Josslyn to maintain her relationship with Avery. She related that Avery kept talking about a necklace of hers that Carly supposedly had, and she described it for Josslyn. A short while later, Josslyn returned to Ava with the necklace. She handed it to Ava and clarified that she was only doing it for Avery. She spat that every time she saw Ava, she thought of how Morgan had lost his mind and eventually died because of Ava, and nothing would ever change that. Ava took the necklace and quickly left, leaving Josslyn alone with her tears.

At the café, Trina asked Cameron what he knew about Josslyn's missing journal. He admitted that Dev had stolen it and shown it to Cameron. However, he didn't want to tell Josslyn the truth and ruin her good memories of Dev. Trina thought that Josslyn would forget about the journal by the next day, but if she mentioned it again, they would tell Josslyn everything they knew. The two agreed and shook on it.

Olivia gets close to the truth Olivia gets close to the truth
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

At Crimson, Nina was embarrassed after she told Jax that she was a part of his family. He reassured her, and he told her that he loved her. Nina was shocked, and Jax repeated the sentiment. Nina admitted that it had been unexpected, and Jax revealed that it had been on his mind for quite some time. He'd never found the right time to say it, and he figured he should have known better and just said it. He was sorry for being late. They shared a kiss.

Nina insisted that she'd always been preoccupied with something else, but she pulled away from Jax suddenly. He thought that she was hesitant, but she promised that she'd both longed to hear the words and been afraid of them. She added that her experience told her that things would either be better between them or would start going downhill.

Jax promised that he and Nina would work together to make things better. Jax thought he should leave and give Nina some time to think about things, but she stopped him from going. "Te amo," she said as she proceeded to profess her love in a few different languages. She thought that English sounded the best, though. "I love you, too, Jax," she said.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth finished up a phone call to Terry, requesting a meeting about Franco's treatment. She turned around and ran into Sam, who admitted to overhearing Elizabeth's end of the phone call. Elizabeth informed her that Franco's tumor was back, but was "not like before." Sam grew anxious and expressed her concern.

Sam made it clear that she had been able to survive her experience with Franco, but she thought that everyone could be in danger and should be warned. Sam believed that Franco's violent behavior would return, although Elizabeth assured her that Franco had not experienced any aggression and had not been affected in the same way.

Sam wanted to know everything, and she and Elizabeth sat down on a bench in the corridor. Elizabeth noted that Franco's lone symptom might not even have anything to do with the tumor which was inoperable. She and Franco were hopeful that radiation would buy some time. She choked up, and Sam leaned over to comfort her. Elizabeth deflected Sam's hand and assured Sam that she was fine.

Sam revealed that Franco had shown up at her place, looking for Jason. She proceeded to tell Elizabeth about Franco having a bad headache, falling, and shouting. She'd invited him in for some water, and Jason had happened to show up. She'd left the men alone, and later, Jason had ordered her to call him if Franco showed up again. A shaken Elizabeth announced that she had to go home.

Jason found Britt sitting in an office where she was reading an old article online about Peter. Britt quickly shut the door and noted that Cyrus could be skulking around. Jason was sure that Cyrus had other difficulties to keep him occupied. Jason looked into a microscope at Britt's orders, but he had no idea what he was looking at.

Britt explained that it was the remains of a rodent who had ingested Cyrus' wonder drug, and it had been potent. Jason wondered if the drug was being handed out to patients, and Britt was offended. She maintained that she would never give an unknown, unapproved drug to patients. She explained that she could get her hands on whatever she wanted as chief of staff.

Jason declared that Cyrus was dangerous, and he didn't want Britt to take chances. She was angry and reminded him that she was the daughter of "two world-class criminals," and she didn't need his protection or his advice to stay out of it. She hoped that Jason hadn't expected her to do nothing after telling her about Cyrus trying to turn the town into some kind of "addiction hub."

Jason admitted that he didn't know Britt, but Britt suggested that he had known "of her." She was aware of her reputation and all of her names, but she planned on doing good with whatever time she had left. She added that she wasn't her parents. "Not your brother?" Jason asked.

Franco welcomed Cameron home. He refused the last piece of pie that Cameron had nabbed for him and admitted he wasn't hungry. Immediately, Cameron grew worried and asked if it was the cancer. He'd never known Franco to refuse any food. Franco explained that he was stuffed from a large burrito, and he promised to not respond in the same manner the next time. Franco produced an envelope addressed to Cameron from the Stanford University admissions office.

Cameron hesitated, but he grabbed the envelope from Franco's outstretched hand. Cameron admitted that he'd applied for early admission, but he hadn't told anyone about it. Franco teased him, and they tossed around the decision on whether they should wait for Elizabeth. Franco promised that he would have Cameron's back if the need arose.

Cameron sat down on the couch and opened the envelope. Suddenly, Peter's voice kept repeating, "Please meet Drew Cain," in Franco's head. Cameron was confused with the letter, and Franco grabbed it. Franco glanced at the letter and assured Cameron that he'd gotten accepted. He added that a rejection letter wouldn't have said, "Congratulations." He teased Cameron. "You did it!" Franco exclaimed as he and Cameron shared a hug.

Franco wanted to celebrate, and he began to run down a list of people to invite to a party. Cameron stated that he didn't want anyone to know, and he wasn't certain that he would attend the college. Franco assumed it had been Cameron's first choice, and he couldn't understand Cameron's reasoning. Cameron refused to discuss it, and he ordered Franco not to tell Elizabeth. He would let Franco know after he made a plan.

Alexis was annoyed when someone knocked on her front door, and she opened it to find Valentin standing there. She told him she had been asleep. He asked about the photos she had strewn about, and he declined a drink as she poured one for herself. Valentin noted that he had plans as Alexis babbled about how she had been a planner in the past. Suddenly, there was another knock at the front door.

Alexis asked if it was another intervention, and Valentin opened the door to reveal Martin. Valentin announced that it was the cavalry. Valentin introduced them to each other, and he revealed that Martin was there to represent Alexis in her DUI charge. Martin declared that he had agreed to help in return for Valentin rescuing Martin's mother.

Alexis announced that she had drawn up her own defense, and Martin cited not wanting to work for a "lost cause." "You know that I'm right here, don't you?" Alexis asked. She thought that Martin could save his retainer fee, and she pointed out that while she'd lost her license, she could still do the job. Valentin suggested that Martin look at Alexis' plan.

Martin read the document and pointed out several typos, including referring to Detective Chase as Defective Chase. Alexis insisted she didn't need Martin's counsel, but he was convinced that he could win for Alexis if she would swallow her pride. "Know they enemy," Martin said.

While Alexis declared that she knew the judge, Martin explained his relationship with the judge in full. He proclaimed that the judge drank whiskey, but he always handed his keys to someone else whenever he arrived at the country club in order for someone else to drive him home. He reminded Alexis that she had handed her keys to Tracy for the same reason.

Alexis stated that Tracy had had "duty of care." Martin agreed that Tracy had assumed responsibility but had not followed through. She had shown negligence, and that would be his defense. He and Valentin squarely placed blame on Tracy. Alexis looked thoughtful.

As the people at the Quartermaine mansion waited to celebrate Ned's adoption of Leo, Olivia continued to push Tracy for information on the night that Alexis' car had gone off the road. Tracy admitted there was more to the story, but she didn't think that Olivia would really want to hear it. Olivia did, and Tracy told her it would be painful.

Tracy divulged that on the night in question, Alexis had "gabbed" about Olivia's "sham" of a marriage, and she had called Olivia many names, including gold-digger, trash, and slut. Tracy added that she had been shocked. Olivia maintained that Alexis had been drunk, and Tracy agreed that there had been no filter on "Drunk Alexis." Tracy felt that Alexis had wanted Ned to "right her ship," and Olivia hadn't been good enough.

Tracy believed that Alexis and Olivia should be kept apart in the future. Just then, Ned descended the stairs and announced that Leo had been getting "antsy" about waiting for his celebration and for Sam and Lucas to arrive. "Buh-bye Julian," Tracy declared. She considered Ned to be Leo's real father because he had provided love and security. Olivia agreed, and Ned headed to the kitchen.

Tracy thought that Olivia shouldn't pay attention to anything that Alexis had said, and Olivia assured her she wouldn't. Tracy thought Olivia to be more than good enough, not only for Ned but for "all of us." Olivia wanted to believe Tracy but she thought there were still "holes" in Tracy's story.

Olivia revealed that the security company had been checked, and Alexis' alarm had not been turned off as Tracy had indicated that it had been on the night in question. She wondered how Tracy and Alexis had gotten into the house without turning off the alarm. Tracy laughed and asked how she should know. The woman began to argue. Olivia pointed out that Alexis was facing a DUI due to Tracy's lies.

Tracy asked Olivia who she thought had been behind the wheel of Alexis' car if it hadn't been Alexis. "You," Olivia said. She reminded Tracy that Tracy had been driving when she and Alexis had left Metro Court. Alexis had been wasted. She wanted to know what Tracy would gain by framing Alexis. Tracy admitted that she was doing it for someone else. She looked at Olivia pointedly, and Olivia realized that Tracy meant her.

Olivia didn't understand. Before it could be discussed further, Ned joined them along with Sam, who announced that Lucas would be late. Ned offered to grab Leo in order to start the party. Olivia looked at him warily. Sam asked Tracy how she felt to be a granny again, and Tracy retorted that she didn't respond to that word. She rudely ordered Sam to watch her step in the house because her betrayal had cost the family.

Sam offered to talk about ELQ, but Tracy refused. Olivia was quiet as she flashed back to numerous conversations she'd had with Tracy, Ned, and Alexis at different times. She suddenly put it together and grabbed her throat. She recalled Ned asking for forgiveness for doubting her faithfulness. "Oh, my God!" Olivia exclaimed as Ned returned to the group. She accused him of wanting her to forgive him for doubting her, but she had realized there had been a lot more to forgive.

Franco was on the phone with Liesl when Elizabeth returned home and slammed the door. She accused Franco of lying.

PREEMPTED: Due to Inauguration Day, General Hospital did not air PREEMPTED: Due to Inauguration Day, General Hospital did not air
Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Due to the Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden, General Hospital did not air. This was a planned preemption and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the preemption.

Regular programming resumed on Thursday, January 21, 2021, and picked up where the Tuesday, January 19, 2021, episode concluded.

Tracy admits the truth Tracy admits the truth
Thursday, January 21, 2021

At home, Elizabeth demanded to know why Franco had been having "secret meetings" with Jason. Franco said that he'd just wanted to tell Jason that his tumor had returned so Jason could help Franco if he reverted to his old self. Elizabeth laughed that Jason was more likely to kill Franco than help him, and she suddenly realized that Franco had asked Jason to kill him. She was angry with Franco for again sacrificing himself without a thought for his family, but he insisted that his family was all he thought of.

Elizabeth wondered why Franco would want to throw away his last days with his family, and she urged him to fight for his future. Franco related that that was why he'd gone to tell Jason that his tumor wouldn't be a problem, per Dr. Kirk, but he hadn't gotten a chance to see Jason. Elizabeth grabbed her coat and told him that she was "putting an end to this." When she was gone, Franco again heard Peter's voice saying, "Please meet Drew Cain." "What is happening to me?" he wondered.

Dante sat down with Maxie at Kelly's, and he wondered why she'd asked to meet him. She replied that she had some news to share. Peter returned to the table with a drink for Maxie. "Complete the mission," Dante heard himself say in his head. Maxie told Dante that she and Peter wanted to name their little girl after Lulu if Dante was all right with it. He thought that it was beautiful, and that Lulu would love it. Maxie asked how Rocco was doing. Dante answered that Rocco missed Lulu, but he was hanging in there. Dante excused himself to get coffee at the counter.

Maxie was frustrated that Dante refused to open up, and Peter suggested that she needed some one-on-one time with Dante. He left, and Dante returned to the table a few minutes later. The two talked about their kids until Dante wondered if she thought that Rocco was angry at him for leaving. She reminded Dante that he'd just been trying to protect his family. She inferred that he didn't like Peter, and Dante replied that he needed to get to know Peter better. He admitted that it was weird seeing her with someone who wasn't Nathan, so it would take time. "As long as you keep trying," she said, as she didn't want to lose him as a friend. He vowed that that would never happen.

Jason saw the article about Peter on Britt's computer, and she explained that she'd just been doing research on her brother. Jason warned her that Peter was a dangerous user. Britt had heard similar things from Liesl, but she didn't trust her mother's word. She thought that Jason seemed honest, so she wanted to hear what he had to say. Jason recapped her on everything that had happened with Peter, from keeping Jason captive for five years to Peter "saving" Franco and Andre from an assassin. He concluded that Peter wasn't the good guy he pretended to be, and Maxie stood to lose the most when the truth surfaced.

Britt didn't think Anna would cover for Peter, but Jason replied that Anna saw what she wanted to. He wondered if Britt would see what she wanted or see the truth. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and Peter entered Britt's office. Jason shot a warning look at Britt and left. Peter knew that it wasn't the best way to start a relationship, but he asked Britt for a favor. He claimed to need information for an article and asked her to log into the hospital's system and walk away. He promised that he wouldn't get her into any trouble. She logged into her computer, gave it to him, and left the room, promising to be back soon.

A few minutes later, Peter was searching through the computer when he heard approaching footsteps. He quickly took his flash drive out of the computer just as Britt returned. She revealed that she'd changed her mind, and he understood. He promised to see her soon and left. Britt looked at her computer and wondered what Peter wanted with Franco's medical records.

Elizabeth found Jason working out at Volonino's. He told her that he could have met her at the house. "I'd rather have this conversation alone," she replied.

Finn and Anna were sitting at the Metro Court restaurant when her phone rang. She saw that it was Valentin, and she rejected the call. Her phone went off again, and she explained that she just wanted to enjoy her evening with Finn. Just then, his phone rang, and he answered it to Alexis. She invited him over, as she needed to talk to someone, and he assured her that he was on his way. He told Anna about the call and hoped that it meant Alexis was ready to get help. He kissed Anna and left. She took the opportunity to look at her text from Valentin, which read, "We need to talk about Dante." She replied, "Tomorrow."

Kevin approached Anna and sat down, intending to reply to the message she'd left him. Anna informed him that she needed his expertise concerning Dante. She thought that Dante's sudden return seemed "off," and the WSB shutting down her inquiries about it made her believe that they were using him while disregarding his mental health. She didn't believe he was a threat to anyone, and all she knew was that Dr. Kirk was Dante's doctor.

Kevin related that he'd recently referred a patient to Dr. Kirk, who had only had space because he'd downsized his schedule. He wondered what had taken up the rest of the doctor's time. He resolved to find out. A few minutes later, he hung up the phone, and he informed Anna that Dr. Kirk's patient records were being sent to him. His phone went off moments later, and he looked at the files he'd gotten. He saw that Dr. Kirk had gone from having at least 25 patients down to four. He opened up the file with Dante's records and saw that most of it was redacted. Anna believed that that was a telltale sign of something "unorthodox" with Dante's treatment. Kevin handed his phone to her so that she could look through the files, and she found a file on Liesl, which was also heavily redacted.

Finn arrived at Alexis', and she launched right into an explanation about how Valentin had hired Martin to fight her DWI charges, and Martin wanted to argue that Tracy was to blame for Alexis' drunk driving. Alexis insisted that she hadn't driven drunk, but Finn wondered why Tracy would lie. "That's what I'm trying to find out," she replied. She remembered her heated conversation with Tracy at the Metro Court restaurant about Ned, and she realized that Tracy had been trying to keep Olivia from finding out about Ned's indiscretion. She needed to get to the Quartermaines', and Finn offered to drive her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia remembered how Ned had accused her of cheating on him with Robert, and then how he'd begged for forgiveness. She realized that there was a lot more to forgive him for than he'd let on. She demanded to know what had happened between him and Alexis. Tracy interrupted that Sam was there for Leo's dinner, and she reminded Olivia that Alexis was Sam's mother. Olivia accused Ned and Tracy of lying to her, but Tracy replied that there was no evidence of that. "Stop. This ends now," Ned stated.

Ned admitted that he'd made the stupid mistake of sleeping with Alexis. He knew that it wasn't an excuse, but he explained the terrible headspace he'd been in that night. He continued that both he and Alexis had been drinking, which angered Sam, but he insisted that he hadn't been sober enough to realize that Alexis was drunk. Olivia lamented that Ned had spent his life surrounded by liars, cheaters, and infidelity, as they'd been married for four years, and he still didn't trust her. He wanted to talk to Olivia privately, but Alexis entered and demanded the truth.

Tracy accused Alexis of being drunk, but Finn popped in and confirmed that Alexis was sober. Alexis insisted that Tracy had set her up, and Sam revealed that she believed her mother. "You're going to take the word of a drunk over me?" Tracy scoffed. Sam explained about the proof she and Olivia had obtained from the security company, which showed that Alexis' alarm hadn't been touched the night of the alleged incident. "Fine, I lied!" Tracy exclaimed. She admitted that she'd pulled the car to the side of the road, pulled Alexis behind the wheel, and called the police.

Tracy continued that she'd thought that Alexis would get the help she needed. Alexis chimed in that Tracy didn't care about her well-being, only getting her away from Ned and Olivia. Finn offered Alexis a ride home, but she told him that there was more to talk about, so he left without her. Sam assured Alexis that she would get the wheels in motion to get the charges dropped. She apologized for doubting Alexis, but Alexis knew that she hadn't given Sam a reason not to. When Sam was gone, Ned asked to talk to Olivia, but Olivia wanted to have an "overdue" talk with Alexis. Ned and Tracy left the room. Tracy tried to escape upstairs, but Ned demanded that she return downstairs.

Elizabeth warns Jason to back off Elizabeth warns Jason to back off
Friday, January 22, 2021

At the Corinthos residence, Josslyn descended the stairs and found Carly sitting in front of the fireplace, crying. They shared a hug, and Josslyn told her mother it was okay to cry. Josslyn noted how Carly had helped her through Oscar's death, and she was there for her mother. Josslyn remarked how she'd stopped at Avery's bedroom out of habit, but it had been empty. She called Ava "hateful" for taking Avery from them, and she was sad for Avery and all of them.

Carly promised it would all be okay and that Ava had promised not to keep Avery from them. Josslyn revealed that Ava had told her the same thing when she'd stopped by earlier because she'd wanted something for Avery. Josslyn admitted that she'd found Avery's half heart necklace in Carly's jewelry box and had given it to Ava. She'd done it for Avery.

Josslyn also admitted that she'd taken the opportunity to tell Ava off about what Ava had done to Morgan, and Josslyn would never forget it. She looked at Carly's face and asked if she should have refused to turn over the necklace. Carly assured her that it had been the right thing to do.

"Mike"/Sonny cleaned the tables at the Tan-o and insisted that he wasn't sleepy. Phyllis reminded him that he was still healing and needed to take it slow. Lenny found "Mike's" write-up for stocking the bar, and he made it clear that his clientele only liked certain drinks. "Mike" confessed that he was full of ideas. "It all came to me," he said.

"Mike" stepped out, and Lenny complained to Phyllis how annoyed he was that "Mike" seemed to want to take over. Phyllis maintained that their guest only wanted to repay them for their kindness. She couldn't understand how he'd seemed to know about guns, but she could tell he knew all about food and liquor.

"Mike" returned with more suggestions for the bar. "Put this place on the map!" he declared cheerfully. He began to wipe down the liquor bottles to make them shine. He said that he felt good, and he liked to keep busy. He considered himself to be a "new man." Lenny announced that he and Phyllis wanted to go to bed, and he emphatically declined "Mike's" offer to lock up or to handle the money.

Lenny told Phyllis that they needed to get rid of "Mike," and he suggested that the man might be on drugs. Phyllis didn't think that was the case, as he had no money. She thought that "Mike" might have a psychological disorder, and she thought they should show some compassion. Lenny didn't feel the same and reminded her that they knew nothing about their guest. Finally, he ordered "Mike" to calm down and either go upstairs to bed or go outside in the cold.

"Mike" promised to stop and finish in the morning. He was grateful for what Phyllis and Lenny had done for him. He had only wanted to make life easier for his friends.

Nina and Jax ran into Curtis sitting alone at a table at Kelly's. Nina asked if he was waiting for his beautiful wife, and she and Jax talked about having a double date. Curtis announced that he was alone, but he invited them to join him. Nina and Jax sat down, and Nina told him that she'd learned about her newborn daughter's transport to Florida in a meeting she'd had with her former nurse, Phyllis. Curtis offered to pursue leads, but Nina informed him that she was giving up her search.

Curtis was confused. Nina explained that she'd been too consumed with searching for her daughter, and she'd decided it was better to live in the present. Curtis asked if she was sure she could let it go. Nina felt that it was possible that her daughter didn't even know anything, and she had decided to let her daughter search for her instead. She had decided to close the chapter on things she'd lost and focus on things she'd found.

Jax assured Curtis that Nina had made peace with it. Just then, Jax received a phone call from Carly, who asked to see him. She told him it was important. Curtis offered to drive Nina home. After Jax was gone, Curtis asked if that happened all the time. Nina admitted it was a "recurring theme." "That's too bad," Curtis said.

Nina confessed that Ava and Valentin had warned her, but she saw it as Jax putting Josslyn first. She had known that Carly and Jax were friends, and she understood that Carly needed to lean on him due to current events. Nina felt secure in Jax's love.

Nina proposed that Curtis and Jordan visit her and Jax for dinner. "Sounds great," Curtis said, sounding less than enthusiastic. He stated that there was a lot going on. Nina asked if there was anything she could do, and Curtis just wanted her to be his friend. He also had a good feeling that Nina wouldn't have to worry about Jax's honesty. Nina suggested that she was the one who had been less than honest.

Curtis wondered what Nina could be hiding from Jax. She admitted that she couldn't emotionally let go of the search for her daughter. She fingered the half heart necklace that she was wearing.

Scott arrived at Franco's home after being summoned. He was annoyed at not being able to finish watching a movie. Franco announced that he wanted Scott to represent him. "What have you done?" Scott asked. Franco took offense and made it clear that he hadn't done anything. He wanted to be prepared, and he wanted Scott to represent him after his death.

Franco explained that his tumor had been getting worse, and he'd been hearing Peter's voice in his head. It had seemed to have something to do with Drew. Franco wanted authorities to know that if someone killed him, they had only been doing the right thing. He wanted to be killed before he hurt anyone. Immediately, Scott asked if Franco had hired Jason, because Jason was the only person who would have agreed to do such a thing.

Scott picked up his phone and announced he was calling the police. He wanted them to arrest Jason on conspiracy to commit murder. "But it was my idea!" Franco complained. He grabbed the phone out of Scott's hand. Franco maintained that he could turn out to be a dangerous menace, and he couldn't have Jake's father in prison. He wanted some kind of document.

Scott reclaimed his phone and declared that he would not be a part of Franco's plan. Franco retorted that he would hire someone else, and he wanted Scott's support. Scott made it clear that he would do whatever was in everyone's best interests. He ordered Franco not to die, and Franco replied that he wasn't planning on it. Scott departed.

Elizabeth found Jason punching a bag at the gym. "Having fun?" she called out to him. She revealed that she was aware that Jason had agreed to kill Franco, and she called it Jason's "dream come true." She was furious that she hadn't been told, and she noted that Franco wasn't a dog. Jason clarified that it hadn't been his place to tell her, and Franco had asked him to do it.

Elizabeth began to run down mundane daily events that could possibly set Jason off. She wondered what his criteria would be. Jason insisted that he would know if Franco had become a threat. He asked Elizabeth if she would know. He suggested that the brain tumor might already be affecting Franco, but Elizabeth was convinced that it was not and that it wouldn't. She declared that Jason's protection wasn't needed.

Elizabeth pointed out that Franco had a family who loved him, including Jake. She wondered how Jason could even think to take Franco from Jake. She declared that Franco was good to all her boys, and she asked Jason if he was jealous. She wondered if Jason would put in the time with Jake if Franco was gone. She didn't think that Jason could compare. Jason suggested that Elizabeth was really referring to life before the tumor because that life no longer existed.

Elizabeth vouched that Franco was still himself, and there could be treatment. He was not the same as he had been during the previous tumor. She ordered Jason to back off, and she warned that if anything happened to Franco, Jason would be sorry. After Elizabeth was gone, Jason loaded his gun.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Alexis exclaimed that she wanted to apologize and make amends. Olivia asked exactly what Alexis wanted to apologize for. She wanted to hear Alexis say it. Alexis admitted to sleeping with Ned, but Olivia called it "bull." "Sleeping didn't have anything to do with it!" Olivia retorted.

Alexis admitted that it was too sordid to talk about, and the details wouldn't help. She and Ned had been drunk, and they'd regretted it right afterward. Olivia asked why they hadn't regretted it beforehand, when they'd been getting undressed. She proceeded to be graphic as she recited the steps they'd have gone through. She reminded Alexis that afterward, Alexis had pretended to be her friend.

Olivia was curious to know if everyone had known except her as they had looked at her face. Alexis was ashamed. Olivia asked if Alexis had been issuing a warning when she'd told Olivia to be concerned about her marriage. She had been told that Ned had been helping Alexis with her grief over Neil's death. She accused Alexis of having no regrets until she'd been caught.

Alexis admitted that she deserved Olivia's wrath after damaging their friendship. Olivia pointed out that it had only been revealed because she had tried to help Alexis, and the joke was on her.

Out in the foyer, Tracy and Ned had words. She wanted to talk in the morning, but Ned was not about to let her go upstairs. He told his mother that she could be arrested for having framed Alexis, but she argued that she had only been trying to protect him. She reminded him that he had been the one who had cheated, and he was the one who had messed up another relationship. She had acted out of love. Ned thought it had been more about Tracy and her empty life.

Ned demanded to know why Tracy was even in town in the first place. She hadn't shown up after Brook Lynn had been in the hospital. He felt that she was there to control his life because Luke wouldn't allow her to control his. Tracy stressed that Ned had needed help, and her plan had almost worked. Ned retorted that her "near-perfect" plan hadn't worked because Olivia was too good to not try to fix an injustice.

Ned headed for the study to talk to Olivia, and Alexis walked out at the same time. Alexis found Tracy about to go upstairs, and she ordered Tracy not to go anywhere. She accused Tracy of setting her up and trying to save Ned's marriage. Tracy claimed that she had been trying to save Alexis, who began to tell Tracy off. Tracy had hoped that Alexis would go to rehab, and she was worried that Alexis would "implode" and take some innocent person down with her.

In the study, Ned confessed that he should have told Olivia the truth. She accused him of assuming the worst of her, but he'd only projected what he would have done -- and that was revenge sex. She complained that his mommy had arrived to fix it because that was what the Quartermaines did. She couldn't stomach being a part of the family, and she didn't want Leo involved with them, either.

Olivia refused to discuss things further, and Ned asked her not to give up. She began to cry, and Ned offered to leave. Olivia wasn't certain she wanted to stay in the house, but Ned suggested that she not uproot Leo. He added that he loved Leo and Olivia, and he would be waiting if Olivia was ever ready. He left the room, and Olivia began to sob.

Jax arrived at Carly's house, and she told him what Josslyn had done. She was frantic that they get the necklace back. Jax thought that things had gone too far, but she was afraid that she'd be blamed for Nelle's death, and he would be blamed for hiding the truth. Jax thought it crazy that she wanted to try to break into Wyndemere, but Carly remembered that Nikolas owed Jax.

Jax refused to go along with it, and Carly agreed it could damage his relationship with Nina. Jax revealed that he and Nina had both expressed their feelings of love, and Carly thought that was great. She didn't want him to break Nina's heart, though.

Jax agreed that Nina would be devastated to learn about Nelle, but he was certain that it would eventually come out. He thought he should tell her before someone else did, or she'd think that he was as bad as Valentin. Carly asked for more time. She would find the necklace and save them. Jax agreed to give her one more shot and asked for details. Carly thought it would be better if he didn't know anything. He wished her luck.

Elizabeth returned home and informed Franco that she couldn't get Jason to back off. She had warned him, and she was warning Franco, as well. Jason would have to go through her.

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