General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 25, 2021 on GH
Nina made a startling discovery. Alexis was arrested and charged with attempted murder when she accidentally stabbed Dante. Britt confronted Peter about accessing Franco's medical records. Jackie conceded to Finn that she had never ordered a DNA test to confirm that Chase was Gregory's son. Phyllis had concerns about ''Mike's'' mental health when Sonny began to exhibit manic behavior. Tracy left town.
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Nina made a startling discovery about her daughter, and Alexis was arrested and charged with attempted murder
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Jackie's back and two people want her to tell their stories Jackie's back and two people want her to tell their stories
Monday, January 25, 2021

Willow and Michael sat in the living room and stared at their annulment papers. Michael assured Willow that there was no rush, but she reminded him that it was what they both wanted. Wiley entered with one of his stuffed animals, and Michael noticed that the ear on the animal was torn. He whisked the toy away to Monica for "surgery," leaving Wiley with Willow. Willow talked about how Wiley took after his handsome, sweet, loving father, and she thought back to all of the happy family moments they'd shared.

A short while later, Michael returned with the stuffed animal. Willow told Michael that it was his turn for quality time with Wiley, and she went to check on breakfast. Michael thought back to all of the happy family moments they'd shared, and he wished everything could be fixed as easily as a toy. Willow returned to fetch Michael and Wiley, and the three went off to eat breakfast. Later, Michael and Willow returned to the living room and only wished for happiness for each other. Michael signed the annulment papers, and Willow followed suit.

Sonny was fixing a wobbly table at the roadhouse when Lenny arrived. He informed Lenny that he'd also fixed the doors and cabinets. Lenny wondered if Sonny had slept, and Sonny replied that he would sleep when he was dead. Lenny put in a call to Phyllis and asked her to get there to talk about Sonny. Phyllis arrived a short while later, and she advised Sonny to slow down, as he could be making his injuries worse. Sonny insisted that he felt good, and he went on fixing chairs. He began to sweep the floors, and Phyllis urged him to return to the clinic with her to make sure that he was all right. She feared that he could have an illness that he couldn't remember he had. He thought it was "nothing hard work can't cure," and he left.

Later, Sonny returned and overheard Phyllis and Lenny talking about him. Phyllis thought that Sonny's actions seemed a lot like bipolar, for which he would need a doctor and some medication as soon as possible. A short while later, Phyllis returned and asked if Lenny had seen Sonny, as she'd looked everywhere and hadn't been able to find him.

At the Metro Court bar, Martin asked Valentin on the phone what he was doing to find Florence, as Martin was already doing his part by defending Alexis. Valentin informed Martin that he was following up on a lead, and he hung up on Martin.

As Maxie and Sasha entered the Metro Court restaurant, a reporter shoved a recording device in Sasha's face and asked if it was true that she'd almost died of an overdose. "No comment," Sasha replied, and Maxie angrily threatened to have Olivia throw the reporter out for harassment. The reporter left in a huff, and Maxie told Sasha that they needed to control the narrative. Just then, she spotted Jackie across the room, and she pulled Sasha out of the restaurant to tell her about an idea.

Chase sat down with Jackie at the Metro Court restaurant, and she thanked him for meeting her even though he was probably busy with the "bloodbath in the warehouse district." He jokingly accused her of pumping him for information, but she did ask if Cyrus was a suspect. Before Chase could respond, Martin interrupted the conversation and introduced himself to Jackie as "your next big story." He told Jackie about his missing mother, and Chase interjected that the authorities in Vermont were taking care of the investigation. Chase suddenly spotted Maxie staring at him, so he excused himself to talk to her.

Martin continued telling Jackie his story about how concerned he and Cyrus were for Florence. Jackie wondered if they were also concerned about all the rumors about Cyrus being a drug trafficker. Martin replied that Florence returning home safe was the only thing that mattered to them. Jackie promised to look into the story.

Chase approached Maxie and Sasha, and Sasha asked him to introduce her to his mother. She revealed that she wanted to "tell the world how I trashed my life." He worried that the story would make Deception more vulnerable, but Sasha needed to tell her story in her own words and knew that Jackie wouldn't "sleaze it up" like other journalists would. He warned her that his mother asked tough questions, and he wondered if she was prepared for that.

A short while later, Chase returned to Jackie and stated that Sasha had a story to tell, and she wanted Jackie to tell it. He told a brief version of Sasha's story to Jackie and claimed responsibility for the mess Sasha was in. Jackie wished that the two could have thought of a better solution to Michael's custody problem. She made sure that Chase had warned Sasha of the way that Jackie worked, and Chase answered that Sasha still wanted to go forward with an interview. "I like her already," Jackie remarked.

Chase beckoned Sasha and Maxie over and made introductions between them and Jackie. Jackie asked for Sasha's story from the beginning. When it was over, Sasha wondered if Jackie would do the story. Jackie didn't want the competition to beat her to it, but she warned Sasha that it wasn't just going to be a "puff piece" to promote Deception. Sasha assured Jackie that she wanted people to know that it was possible to learn from mistakes. As one last warning, Jackie advised that the truth could sometimes take on a life of its own with "unintended consequences."

Jax answered the front door to Valentin, who asked for a minute of Jax's time, but Jax replied that he had no time for Valentin. Valentin wondered if Nina knew what Jax was doing for Carly. "Good question! Do I?" Nina asked as she joined Jax at the door. Nina knew that Jax was Carly's best supporter, but Valentin suggested that Jax was also Carly's partner in crime. Valentin told them about the situation involving Florence. He believed that Jason had done it, Carly was involved, and Jax knew about it. Valentin reminded Jax that withholding information about a crime would make him an accomplice. Jax insisted that neither he nor Carly was involved in any criminal acts, and he shut the door in Valentin's face.

Nina assured Jax that she didn't believe Valentin, and she thought that he was just trying to drive a wedge between them. Jax wanted to talk to Carly about having Jason return Florence. However, Nina advised that that was the last thing he should do, and he should trust Carly to protect her family. Jax was surprised at Nina's words, and she answered that she didn't see Carly as a threat to their relationship, especially after all they'd said to each other. Both agreed that they'd meant every word, and they shared a kiss.

Valentin met with Martin outside the Metro Court restaurant, and Martin smugly updated Valentin on Jackie considering doing a story about Florence's abduction. Valentin thought that was a "serious miscalculation," as Jason didn't respond to pressure or public opinion. Martin pleaded with Valentin to tell him what to do. Valentin confided that he was working on something and would have a location on Florence soon.

Carly was thinking about Sonny when the doorbell rang. She was incredibly happy to open the door to Bobbie, and she asked for an update on their "houseguest." Bobbie replied that Florence was resting safely in the safe house, and the nurses she'd left in charge were very discreet. Changing the subject, Carly had something to tell Bobbie that she'd wanted to say in person. She told Bobbie about Nelle being Nina's daughter, and about the necklace that had ended up with Avery. She continued that she was going to Wyndemere to meet with Ava, and she wanted her mother to replace Avery's necklace with a similar one that Carly had found. That way, if Nina ever saw it, the halves wouldn't fit together.

At Wyndemere, Ava told Nikolas of her plans to have Carly over to discuss visitation for Avery, but a frisky Nikolas wondered if there were better ways for Ava to use her time. Ava needed to figure out the scheduling that day, but she added that it was a silver lining that Carly would owe Ava.

A short while later, Carly and Bobbie arrived, and Bobbie observed that the mansion looked much better than when Stefan had been in charge. Carly remarked that they needed to put Avery's needs first, and Ava agreed that they should put their differences aside. As Nikolas showed Bobbie around the room, Ava talked about how happy Avery had been to get her necklace back. Bobbie excused herself to "freshen up." Carly began to get argumentative about how Avery had grown up in her home. Nikolas shot back that Wyndemere would be Avery's home, and they didn't want to confuse her with too much back-and-forth. Ava gently suggested that Nikolas go riding, and he left to let her handle the meeting.

Ava apologized on behalf of Nikolas. Carly observed that Nikolas was trying to "stake his claim" on Avery, and Ava commented that Nikolas would be a part of Avery's life, whether Carly liked it or not. Just then, Carly got a text from Bobbie that read, "Can't find the necklace." Ava saw Carly's distress and wondered if there was a problem. "Your husband is the problem," Carly covered. The women took shots at each other's lives until Bobbie returned. Carly excused herself to cool down.

Bobbie reminded Ava that Carly was hurting because of Sonny, and she suggested that she and Ava work out the schedule. Ava remarked that she'd wanted to include Carly in Avery's life, and if Carly's harsh words were the thanks Ava got, she would make sure that Carly never saw Avery again. Bobbie didn't blame Ava for being angry, but she proposed that the two of them be adults.

Carly slipped into another room and looked for the necklace. She finally found it sitting in a dollhouse. She whispered a quick apology to Avery and took the replacement necklace out of her pocket. As she was about to switch the necklaces, she heard a sound coming from the doorway.

Carly gets caught trying to replace Avery's necklace Carly gets caught trying to replace Avery's necklace
Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Portia walked into the gym and spotted Curtis viciously taking his mood out on the punching bag. She did not acknowledge him as she walked by. Soon after, another patron informed Curtis that he had overstayed his workout with the bag, and his time was up. Curtis shoved the man, who fell up against the boxing ring. Portia rushed over to separate the men as they began to argue.

Curtis ripped off his gloves and stormed away. Portia offered to listen to his woes as a friend. Curtis replied that, as a private investigator, he should have been able to see that Jordan had been lying to him. Portia assured him that he had been looking at his wife as a husband and not as a P.I. He added that Jordan's first instinct had been to lie, and he wasn't okay with it. He needed something to change.

Curtis professed to be over his investigative work, and Portia asked what else he would do. She asked who would be by his side. Curtis admitted that that would be Jordan. Portia pointed out that he had decided what needed to be changed and who not to let go.

At Metro Court, Jordan and Anna sat at a table with cups of tea. Jordan suggested that Anna should have a big bridal shower, but Anna declined. She preferred enjoying her tea with someone who had worked equally as hard to get her "happily ever after." Anna admitted that she had been trying to put together her vows, and she asked if Jordan had any wisdom.

Jordan didn't think that Anna should take any advice from her, as her own marriage was falling apart. She told Anna what had transpired and all of the lies that she'd told Curtis. The fact that Taggert had turned out to be alive had been the "last straw" for her husband.

Nearby, Chase spotted Sasha and admitted that he'd been having second thoughts about her scheduled interview with Jackie. He knew that his mother would ask tough questions. Sasha replied that she knew what she was doing, although she felt that she had to tell Michael and Willow about the interview first.

Jackie stopped at the nurses' station at the hospital to pick up Sasha's medical records. She informed the nurse that Sasha had given her permission. The nurse checked and handed Jackie the file. Finn stood and watched, and he asked Jackie what she was up to. Although Jackie felt it was none of his business, she told him that she would be doing an interview with Sasha.

"Is everything a story?" Finn asked. He thought that Sasha and Chase's lies had cost enough. Jackie made it clear that Sasha and Chase had asked her to do the interview, and they would be showing it on GMA3 the following day. She was familiar with the couple's staged affair. Finn disclosed that he had attempted to talk Chase out of the "affair," and he had asked Chase to tell the truth.

Jackie laughed and declared that Finn had changed since he'd been young. Finn replied that he no longer took things at face value, and they began to argue over whether he might really be Chase's father. He was ready to discuss it, and he asked Jackie if she'd ever taken a DNA test. She said that she had not, and Finn was concerned that Chase might really be his son. He could see that he wasn't the only one who hadn't wanted to know the truth.

Jackie didn't want to talk in the open, and Finn showed her to an empty room and closed the door. Jackie insisted that Chase had been born a bit more than nine months after they had slept together. She agreed that technically, it was possible for Finn to be the father, but she believed that Chase had been conceived after her wedding. She added that Gregory had been "over the moon" about it, they'd had a life together, and she had fallen deeper in love with him. The truth didn't bother her. Finn stated that it mattered to him.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow and Michael talked about the annulment and how it would indicate that their marriage had never existed. They discussed their plans post-marriage, and Willow revealed that she had an appointment to see an apartment. She thought it was time to move out. They agreed that they had to consider Wiley and make a smooth transition for him. They made a plan for both of them to tuck Wiley into bed that night, and Willow left.

At Jax's place, he and Nina spoke about his relationship with Carly. Nina admitted that she respected women who fought for their loved ones. Jax appreciated that Nina could see Valentin's agenda as well as Carly's issues that Jax couldn't ignore. They discussed Carly's dependency on Jax, and he agreed to try to be more select when it came time to help Carly.

Nina began to flirt, and she and Jax began to slow dance in front of the fireplace. Shortly after, they were removing clothing. They ended up in bed, where they made love.

At Wyndemere, Bobbie tried to pacify Ava and stall for time. Ava was angry but was glad they could act like adults. Bobbie didn't want Ava to go after Carly because Carly had been a wreck while trying to remain strong. She had been hurt and defensive. Ava reminded her that Avery was Ava's daughter.

As Carly quickly tried to replace the necklace in Avery's dollhouse, she was startled when Nikolas walked into the bedroom. "Looking for something?" he asked. She dropped the necklaces on the floor and explained that she had been in the bedroom to cool off after her disagreement with Ava. Nikolas stooped and picked up one of the necklaces. Carly offered to explain it to Ava, but he left the room. She picked up the second necklace and followed him.

Nikolas headed straight for Ava and showed her what he'd found. Carly tried to explain that she had planned to surprise her daughters and have a duplicate necklace made for Donna. Nikolas suggested they call the police, as Ava accused Carly of stealing. Carly urged them to call the cops so they could accuse her of snooping through a dollhouse. Neither Ava nor Nikolas believed her story.

Nikolas declared that Carly had been trespassing, and Carly went off on Ava's trespassing when she'd switched Morgan's pills. She reminded Nikolas that he had faked his own death. Ava ordered Carly and Bobbie to leave the house. She considered Carly lucky that Avery loved her.

Sasha stopped at the Quartermaine house to speak to Michael and Willow. Michael informed her that Willow was out, and she told him about the national interview that she would be doing with Jackie. She disclosed that it was not about Deception but about her drug use and the lies that had led to it. Michael thought that Jackie would be "brutal," but Sasha thought Jackie would also be fair. She would try to keep Michael and Willow's names out of it.

Michael understood that he had played an important part in Sasha's life, and Sasha agreed that she would never deny his importance. Sasha vowed to protect him and Willow, and Michael assured her that he would take care of Wiley. He divulged that he and Willow had agreed to sign the annulment papers. He asked how Sasha would protect herself, and he admitted that he was afraid she'd start using again.

As they sat down to chat further, Michael revealed that he cared about Sasha. He assured her that he wasn't judging her. Sasha explained that she'd learned that the "allure" of the drugs would not go away, but she wouldn't act on it. She admitted that she had "tanked" Deception, and she couldn't disappoint Lucy and Maxie. Michael grabbed her hand and called her brave and strong. He said that he was "rooting" for her.

Sasha quickly pulled her hand away and stood up. She put on her coat. Michael proclaimed that he was not worried about the interview, and he wasn't ashamed to have loved her.

Willow went to the gym and saw Chase lifting weights. He asked if she'd spoken to Sasha, and he informed her of the upcoming interview. She told him about the annulment papers. "Why now?" Chase asked. Willow answered that she and Michael needed to see what was on the "other side" of their marriage.

Portia spotted Willow and praised her for deciding to take nursing classes. Chase overheard and asked about school, and Willow told him that she'd thought it had been time for some change. She'd thought about pediatric nursing and admitted she had lots to "sort through." Chase hoped there was room for him, and so did Willow.

Back at Metro Court, Anna saw Curtis at the bar and told Jordan they should postpone their massages. She revealed that she'd seen Curtis, and she thought that Jordan should go speak to him and "fight for him." Jordan took a deep breath. "Wish me luck," she said. She walked over to Curtis and begged him not to shut her out. She loved him, and she suggested an evening together without fighting.

Curtis replied that he would like that, and he loved Jordan, too. He had to refuse her invitation, though. He couldn't trust her.

Jax donned his shirt and raced down the stairs to answer the door. It was Carly and Bobbie, and Carly was desperate to talk to him. Nina had followed him, and she offered to get coffee.

Carly stepped outside with Jax and told him about what had transpired at Wyndemere. She wasn't sure which necklace Ava had, and she was distraught over all that had already happened recently. She was worried that Nina would learn that Nelle had been her daughter. She lamented trying to switch the necklaces, but she admitted she'd been angry when Ava had shown up at her house to get the necklace.

Carly was upset at all the loss she'd suffered, and Jax exclaimed that he was worried about Carly. He compared grief to being in a fog that could impair one's judgment, and Carly admitted she felt like she'd been in a fog. Jax got her to promise to call him the next time she wanted to do something. She cried, and they shared a hug.

Inside, Nina served Bobbie coffee. She told Bobbie that she knew that Carly wasn't a threat to her relationship with Jax, and she had been impressed with Jax's loyalty. Bobbie insisted that Carly respected Nina and Jax's relationship and would not get between them.

Anna arrived at the hospital and saw Jackie and Finn arguing by the elevator. She stopped to listen. Jackie exclaimed that Chase -- or Harry as she called him -- was happy the way things were. It wasn't enough for Finn. Jackie snapped that she wouldn't sneak around and attempt to do a DNA test. She told Finn to "go to hell," and she stepped onto the elevator.

Finn locked eyes with Anna. He was sorry that she had witnessed the argument. He had assumed that Jackie had gotten a DNA test in the past. He didn't want to hurt Chase, but he needed to know the truth. He asked Anna to help him.

At Wyndemere, Ava and Nikolas talked over drinks. Ava announced that Sonny was no longer a threat, although she still couldn't cut Carly out of her life. She declared that Carly would have to see her in order to visit with Avery. She didn't care why Carly wanted the necklace because she had everything she needed with her daughter and handsome husband. She clutched the necklace as she and Nikolas embraced.

Willow returned to the Quartermaines', and she and Michael divulged that they both had news. They learned that each had news of the interview. Neither of them was afraid of the press, and they both agreed they were more concerned for Sasha. Willow hoped the interview wouldn't backfire.

Peter divulges Franco's illness in the Invader Peter divulges Franco's illness in the Invader
Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Britt helped Maxie through her prenatal yoga at the gym, which left Maxie exhausted. She was appreciative of Britt's stepping in for Peter, who had been unable to make it due to a breaking story at the paper. Maxie felt bad that Lulu would miss the big story, but she thought it was good for Peter. Maxie spoke of her happy life with Peter, and Britt thought that Peter sounded great. Maxie wondered if Britt felt the same way about Peter, since he was Britt's brother.

Franco met with Liesl in a garage and complained about the wind chill. He asked about her progress in getting him fixed. "Science cannot be rushed," Liesl declared. Franco reminded her that he didn't have much time, but she insisted that she was doing all that she could. She was against his use of radiation, as it had no guarantees. She wanted to know more about Peter's voice and the memories in Franco's head.

Sasha showed up at Crimson in order to tell Nina about her upcoming interview with Jackie. Jax offered to make a phone call so that the women could talk privately, and Sasha and Nina went into her office. Sasha agreed that the interview was damage control, as she'd already been questioned by the press. Sasha declared that she had to do it, and it made her feel empowered. Nina admitted she couldn't argue, and she was proud of Sasha.

As Sasha and Nina chatted, Valentin stepped off the elevator. Jax told him that Nina was busy, and Valentin insisted on waiting. Jax assumed that Valentin was surprised to see Jax after his attempt to break up Jax and Nina. Valentin thought that Jax was doing a good job himself.

Jax stepped into Nina's office and informed her that Valentin was loitering. Nina sent Sasha on her way. Valentin wanted to know about Cyrus' mother. He noted that the kidnapping had been effective but reckless, and he thought it sounded just like a move that Carly would have made. He assumed that Jason had been taking the heat for Carly, and he suggested that Carly "reverse course." Jax thanked him, and Valentin left.

Sam banged on Alexis' front door until Alexis opened it silently. Alexis announced that she was celebrating the fact that she had received her driver's license and was no longer considered a drunk driver. She suggested that Sam join her in a toast. Alexis joked about her license and refused to listen to Sam's attempt at a lecture. She suggested that Sam look at herself critically instead. Sam didn't want to fight.

Avery walked hand in hand with Ava and Nikolas as they arrived at the hospital for Avery's physical. Nikolas offered to wait, and mother and daughter headed to the elevator. Nikolas spotted Elizabeth, who remarked that the trio looked like a real family. Nikolas replied that it had helped to emulate others, but Elizabeth assured him that her family wasn't perfect.

Nikolas disagreed, and he pointed out that Elizabeth and Franco had emerged looking strong after all that he and Ava had put them through. Elizabeth replied that it was good to know one's enemy because the invisible ones were hard.

"Pull the trigger," Peter told someone on the phone while he stood in his Invader office. Dante arrived just as Peter finished, and Peter informed him that there would be a big story appearing in the paper that could pose a risk not only to Peter but to the paper and the staff. He noted that Dante's position as head of security was most important, and he was about to earn his salary.

At Metro Court, where Sasha's interview would take place, Chase waited around with Jackie. He was surprised to see Willow and Michael walk in, and Chase introduced Willow to his mother.

At the bar, Jason stopped to see Carly in order to fill her in on family business. He stated that there had been pressure from the five families, and he wanted his own position to be secure. He needed to show the others that he was in charge, and he wanted Carly to have Sonny legally declared dead. He thought that a funeral was also necessary.

Carly knew that it all made sense from a legal standpoint, and Jason maintained that it would send a message. Carly thought it was disrespectful for her children to have a funeral, and Jason admitted he would be relieved if she didn't agree to it. He thought it would keep the family safe, though, and Carly agreed. Michael showed up, and Carly explained that she was overseeing the interview. Michael revealed that his marriage was over.

Just then, citizens all around Port Charles received alerts on their phones. "Oh, my God!" Carly exclaimed. Reactions were those of shock, fright, and dismay. Franco looked at his phone and saw a photo of himself on the front page of the "Invader's new issue. The headline read, "Records reveal the return of Franco's killer cancer. Will he strike again?"

Franco wondered why his diagnosis was on the front page because he had only shared it with Jason. Liesl suggested that someone at the hospital had leaked the news, but Franco was confused as to why Peter would do that to him. He had thought they were friends. He had told Peter about Peter's voice in his head, and he wanted answers. He stormed off. "We need to act," Liesl said to someone in a quick phone call.

At the gym, Britt recalled seeing Peter on her laptop at the hospital, and she was totally distracted as Maxie spoke to her. Maxie announced that she had to get to Sasha's interview.

Alexis was immediately anxious over the news, and Sam assured her that Franco had been treated and hadn't changed. They decided to go to the hospital.

At the hospital, Nikolas wanted to move quickly after seeing the alert. He believed that Elizabeth and her boys were in danger, and he wanted them moved to Spoon Island. They began to argue. Elizabeth insisted that she had faith in her husband, and she had spoken to the doctors. She merely wanted support because her husband was dying. They embraced as Ava and Avery stepped off the elevator.

Avery played with her half heart necklace, and she had a treat from the doctor. Ava disclosed that she'd seen the news, and she urged Nikolas to stay with Elizabeth as he looked over at her. He didn't think he could leave his old friend alone. Ava asked that Nikolas tell Franco that she was thinking about him. After Ava and Avery had gone, Nikolas offered his help.

Alexis and Sam rushed in, and Elizabeth assured them that the story had been incomplete. Alexis shrieked about Franco in her family's past. "And so?" Elizabeth asked. Alexis thought that protection was needed, and the two women began to bicker. Elizabeth turned to Sam and asked for help, but Sam refused.

Britt showed up at Peter's office, and he thanked her for replacing him at the gym. Britt informed him that it would be the last time she stepped in for him. She had seen his story, and she accused him of using her by swiping Franco's medical files on her laptop. Franco arrived just then and demanded answers, as well.

Peter wanted to call security, but Franco grabbed the phone out of his hand. Peter wondered if it was the old Franco or the "2.0 Franco." Franco replied that he was a husband and a stepfather, and he wanted to know why Peter had done that to him because he'd put Franco's family in jeopardy. He was adamant that the voices in his head had nothing to do with the brain tumor, and he made it clear that Peter should have asked questions.

Franco wondered if Peter had considered how people would react to the news, and he snapped that it would be on Peter's head if his family was hurt. Peter retorted that it wasn't his head that was the problem, and Franco quickly lunged at Peter and began to choke him against the wall.

Dante arrived and pulled Franco off of Peter and pushed him to the floor. Britt ordered Dante to let Franco up, although Dante wanted to call the police. Britt was livid, and she informed Peter that he would have a big problem with her. Peter ordered Dante to escort Franco out. Franco promised that it wasn't over.

Britt accused Peter of manipulating her, but Peter insisted the story had had to be told. Franco had voices in his head, and she'd just seen how violent he could be. Britt was angry that Peter hadn't received the facts from doctors, but Peter was convinced that people would thank him. Britt proclaimed that she had a responsibility to patients to protect their privacy, and she was certain that people would find holes in Peter's story.

Lucy arrived at Metro Court and introduced herself to Jackie, who was quite concerned that Sasha hadn't shown herself yet. Michael asked to speak to Willow privately, and they headed to the bar. He told her that Carly had been disappointed to hear the news about their marriage, but he didn't want Willow to move out.

Maxie showed up, and Jackie grew more frantic when Sasha still appeared to be missing. Suddenly, a broadly smiling Sasha appeared, and she expressed her appreciation for Michael and Willow's attendance. Lucy and Maxie whisked her off for hair and makeup. Ava and Avery arrived; Ava thought it would be a good time for Avery to visit with Carly. Ava kissed Avery goodbye and left her daughter in Michael's care. He stooped down to have an animated chat with his little sister. He told her all about the interview, and Avery announced that Sasha needed some good luck.

Carly wanted to speak to Jason privately. She told him that she needed to do something to feel helpful, and he made it clear that she was not to be involved in the family business. Carly told him about the necklace and her attempt at switching it out. She was afraid that Nina would see the necklace and figure things out. It would break Nina's heart, and Carly wanted to fix it. She wanted to end "Nelle's reign of terror."

Jason wasn't thrilled, but he said he wouldn't stop Carly. He would bail her out if need be, but it would mean he would have to divert his attention from something else. Carly promised to go to Jax. Jason felt that Carly kept moving in order to avoid the pain of her grief, but he didn't think anything she was doing would help that because she still had to grieve.

Sasha was all made up, and Jackie reminded her that the interview would be tough. Lulu asked Maxie to keep a skulking Valentin away. Lucy hung the half heart necklace around Sasha's neck, courtesy of Avery.

At the Invader, Peter declared that he loved Britt, but he warned her that she had better not be a threat to his family. "Or what?" Jason asked as he stood in the doorway.

At the gym, Nikolas frantically worked out at the punching bag as he flashed back to Elizabeth's plea not to allow Jason to take Franco from her. Ava showed up, though she'd thought that Nikolas would be taking care of Elizabeth. "I'm tending from afar," he said. Ava figured that Franco had his hands full, and Nikolas suggested that Franco would need a friendly face.

Nikolas thought that compared to Franco and family, he and Ava actually had things "pretty good." He proceeded to get down on one knee and asked Ava to marry him "for real."

Dante met with Liesl at the garage and told her what had happened with Peter and Franco. Liesl explained that Peter had attempted to discredit Franco in the event that Peter would be implicated. Dante thought it was "easier said than done," because Franco had a new reputation. Liesl was afraid of that. She clicked her pen and stated that Franco was the key to Peter's guilt, and Franco had to be protected.

At the hospital, Elizabeth continued to argue with Sam and Alexis until Franco showed up. He stated that Peter hadn't given the whole story, but Alexis was ready to arm herself. Sam didn't want to talk to Franco, and she shouted at him. Alexis ran to an empty room and pulled a small bottle from her purse. She eyed a syringe that was sitting on the table.

Carly received a pleasant surprise when Michael took Avery over to her. Avery only wanted to watch the interview, and Michael explained that his sister wanted to see her good luck charm on television.

The interview began. Sasha introduced herself and announced that she had almost died from a heart attack after her indulgence in drugs. Carly began to watch, and Avery pointed to Sasha's necklace. Carly was aghast to see the half heart necklace.

At Crimson, Nina set up her laptop as she began to watch the interview with Jax. She stared at Sasha's necklace in disbelief. "She's wearing my daughter's necklace!" she exclaimed. Jax shook his head.

Alexis accidentally stabs Dante Alexis accidentally stabs Dante
Thursday, January 28, 2021

As Dante stood in the snow-covered parking lot near Charlie's, he heard a voice in his head. "Complete the mission," it said repeatedly. Jordan was on her way into Charlie's and stopped to talk. Dante was distracted and didn't hear her at first. He stated that he had to go, but Jordan wanted to talk about his future. She suggested that he could return to the police department. Dante was curt and made it clear that he wouldn't be returning. He had something to tend to but would keep Jordan's offer in mind.

At the Invader office, Britt assured Peter that people would know what he'd done and why. Peter replied that he loved her, but he proceeded to threaten that she had better not do anything that would threaten his family. "Or what?" Jason asked as he stood in the doorway. He demanded to know why Peter had just threatened Britt.

Peter chalked it up to a "sibling disagreement," but Britt told Jason how Peter had used her hospital sign-on in order to access Franco's medical records. Peter had caused panic, and she was the one on the spot. Peter replied that he'd lost his temper, but lots of people had been hurt during Franco's violent spree in the past.

Peter claimed that he'd had to get the word out about the "potential threat." He was sure that Jason felt the same way. Britt shouted that no one could threaten her, and she wanted to call the police on Peter. Jason thought she should let it go, but Britt declared that it was her "butt" on the line.

Peter assured Britt that he'd covered his tracks, and Britt finally relented, although she was not happy about it. She read Peter the riot act and promised that next time, she would not only throw him under the bus but would be driving it herself. Peter thanked Jason for standing up for him, but Jason assured him that they were not friends. Peter suggested they be allies, because he was sure that Jason hated Franco more than he hated Peter.

At the Tan-o, Lenny and Phyllis discussed their inability to locate "Mike," who had disappeared the previous evening. Just then, "Mike" walked in, accompanied by a state trooper. "Mike" announced that he had already met Officer Finchley prior to arriving at the bar. The cop explained that he'd had to remove "Mike" from the local hardware store after he had refused to leave upon hearing that there were no job openings for him.

Finchley asked if "Mike" was one of Phyllis' usual strays, and Phyllis vouched for "Mike" and announced that she and Lenny would take full responsibility for him. "We will?" Lenny asked. The trooper agreed, told them to be careful, and left. "Mike" praised the two kind people who had helped him. Lenny asked "Mike" why he had left, and "Mike" confessed that he'd overheard Lenny and Phyllis talking about something being wrong with "Mike's" brain.

"Mike" added that he needed to go to a place where people would listen to all of his ideas. Phyllis made it clear that he had to take care of himself, and "Mike" finally relented. He went off to clean up. Lenny told Phyllis that he loved her big heart, but she'd gone too far. He felt that they'd repaid "Mike" already, and he could be dangerous. Phyllis didn't think so, but she knew he needed help.

Lenny thought that Phyllis was still trying to make amends for giving a baby away. Phyllis admitted that she'd had no idea it had been a con because she had thought she'd helped Nina. Lenny reminded her that Nina had understood. "Mike" returned, thanked them, and promised to leave soon. Phyllis declared that she'd promised the trooper they'd take responsibility for "Mike," and she thought he'd get tossed in jail if he left. She had conditions for him to stay.

Phyllis maintained that she recognized "Mike's" symptoms, and she wanted him to see a mental health expert. "Mike" chuckled and asked if she thought he was crazy. Phyllis clarified that he had some kind of mania, and it was only a medical term. "Mike" refused, but Lenny offered him a choice. "Mike" had to get help or deal with the cops.

Portia saw Curtis at the hospital, and he disclosed that he was there on a case involving infidelity. He told Portia about his client and lamented the fact that he would have to stake out a nightclub. Portia offered to listen and told him they all had both good and bad days. She offered to accompany him to the club. She thought they'd blend in as a couple. Curtis didn't think it was a good idea, but Portia told him it was just as friends.

Curtis revealed that there had been no progress with Jordan, though he wanted to work things out. He still couldn't get past her lies. Portia reminded him that she'd lied to him once, and he had gone away. She thought he had a hard time with secrets but declared that relationships were a "two-way street." Portia added that people weren't all perfect, and everyone lied. She hoped he would find forgiveness.

Sam, Elizabeth, and Franco engaged in a loud dispute over Franco's potential condition. Alexis ran into an empty room and took a drink from a small bottle of alcohol that she removed from her purse. Sam demanded to know about the arrangements that Franco had insisted he'd made for his condition. Franco explained that he wasn't the same person as in the past when he'd hurt people like Sam. He professed that if "evil Franco" returned, he would be "put down."

Elizabeth cringed, and Sam demanded clarification. Elizabeth wanted to leave, and she tried to pull Franco along. As the conversation grew louder and argumentative, Elizabeth reminded the others that they were in a public place.

At Metro Court, Jackie conducted her interview with Sasha, who related how her experience with drugs had commenced. As many stood around watching and listening, Carly and Nina, who was still sitting in her Crimson office, were distracted by the half heart necklace that Sasha was wearing. "Why would Sasha do this?" Nina asked Jax. Carly told Lucy that she wanted the interview to stop immediately. Lucy and Maxie declared that that wasn't possible. Carly insisted there had been a wardrobe malfunction.

Jax told Nina that it might be a different necklace, but she didn't think it was a coincidence. Jax announced that he would try to call Carly, but he was only able to reach her voicemail. Nina hustled onto the elevator to get to the restaurant area where the interview was being conducted.

Just as Nina stepped off the elevator, Valentin spotted the necklace, too. He quickly stopped Nina before she made a scene on national television. Carly's eyes grew big when she spotted Nina as Sasha spoke about the drugs and her heart attack. The interview finally concluded. Jackie hoped the tale would help someone else. Maxie and Lucy were eager to check Deception's social media.

Nina began to berate Sasha for her choice in jewelry and called her heartless. Sasha had no idea that she was even wearing the necklace. Nina kept asking why Sasha was wearing it. Jax quickly quieted Nina as he pointed out that Jackie was still there. Jackie exclaimed that she wasn't interested, and Willow took the opportunity to invite Jackie to ride with her and Chase to the hospital, where Willow had to sign some papers. Jackie was thrilled to accept.

Nina continued to question Sasha, who finally told her that wardrobe had chosen the accessories. Valentin called out that he thought Carly might know about it, and those still in attendance turned to look at Carly, who was standing with Avery. He noted that Carly had tried to stop the interview. Nina told Valentin to be quiet as he continued to add his two cents.

Nina asked Carly about the necklace. Suddenly, Avery yelled that the necklace was hers. The little girl was sorry that everyone was mad. Nina asked her where the necklace was from, and Avery told her she'd found it outside in the woods near the cabin. Michael thought it was a good idea for him to leave with Sasha and Avery. Nina asked for the necklace first, and Sasha removed it from her neck. She swore she hadn't even noticed it.

Carly whispered to Jax that she wasn't sure which necklace it was and whether or not it would match Nina's. Nina thanked Avery for finding it and realized it had belonged to her daughter.

At the hospital, the discussion between Franco, Elizabeth, and Sam grew louder and physical. Suddenly, Franco grabbed his head as he heard Peter's voice. "Meet Drew Cain," the voice said. Sam and Elizabeth tried to help him as he began to fall to the floor. Alexis, who had just begun to emerge from her empty room, ran back inside and grabbed the syringe she'd spotted.

Dante stepped off the elevator as a crazed Alexis lunged for Franco. Dante stepped between them, and Alexis stabbed Dante with the syringe. Dante staggered, grabbed his head, and fell to the floor. Alexis said she was sorry as Elizabeth began to tend to Dante. She shouted that he was having a seizure. Portia and Curtis were just stepping off the elevator.

Portia ran to Dante and began to give orders. She requested he be given some drugs. Later, Dante lay in a bed as his pulse was racing and his breathing shallow. Portia called for security and a lab tech to analyze the contents of the syringe. Alexis cried that she had tried to protect Sam from Franco, but Sam shouted that it wouldn't have happened if Alexis had been sober.

On another floor, Willow explained her change in careers to Jackie, who noted that she was always learning something new about Willow. "Me, too," Chase chimed in. He received a call and had to leave. He related that Dante had been attacked. Jackie understood that Chase and Willow were still trying to figure things out, but she was thrilled. She knew that Willow made Chase happy, and she was happy that Willow might give Chase the opportunity to make things right, especially with Michael out of the picture.

Jason stopped to talk to Britt, who wanted to know why he had defended Peter. He explained that it would be safer if Britt was Peter's ally. Britt retorted that she didn't need protection from anyone and noted that people would think that she needed protection from Jason, too. After Jason departed, Britt couldn't stop her shaking hands.

Curtis saw Jordan and told her about the attack. "Good seeing you," he said when he was finished. Jordan demanded that they have a real conversation, as it had been over a month since they'd been separated. She declared that they had to try to work things out. She wanted to stop waiting if Curtis did not plan on returning home. She walked away.

In Dante's room, Portia revealed that he'd received a near-lethal dose of lidocaine. She gave orders to the staff and maintained that Dante could die. Suddenly, he began to flatline, and Portia started to work on him.

Jason ran into Franco, who told him that Alexis had tried to kill him, but Dante had gotten in the way. Franco added that it could have been him that was dying, but Jason wondered why Dante had sacrificed himself.

Alexis sat on the stairs and sobbed. Chase began to ask questions, and she insisted she hadn't meant it. He asked Sam about it, and she stuttered that she hadn't seen anything because it had all happened so fast. Chase noted that Dante was not in good condition, and Chase needed to talk to him. Sam called out that her mother had stabbed Dante while trying to attack Franco.

"I'm saving you from yourself," Sam told Alexis. She thought that the day had to be Alexis' "rock bottom," and if it wasn't, then Sam was scared. She believed that Alexis needed to sober up, and she could do so in jail.

Chase related the details of his questioning to Jordan, and Jordan placed Alexis under arrest as she recited Alexis' rights. Chase placed the cuffs on Alexis, and he and Jordan escorted their prisoner out. Jason and Sam looked at each other somberly.

Nina has a realization about her daughter Nina has a realization about her daughter
Friday, January 29, 2021

At the clinic, Phyllis explained to the doctor that "Mike" hadn't eaten or slept in days, and he hadn't stopped moving. Sonny insisted that he felt great, and they were the ones who needed to get their heads checked. The doctor reasoned that she wanted to help Phyllis stop worrying about him, so she would recheck Sonny's bloodwork. A few minutes later, Sonny wondered what was taking the doctor so long, as he should be working at the roadhouse. He added that he wasn't a maniac like she thought. Phyllis clarified that she'd said he was suffering from mania, which just meant mood swings.

Sonny wondered why Phyllis cared so much about a complete stranger. She replied that she'd made a mistake years before with not doing her due diligence. She'd thought that she'd been doing the right thing, but she hadn't asked enough questions. She continued that she'd done something "absolutely wrong," and it still haunted her. The doctor returned and revealed that there were trace amounts of lithium in Sonny's blood, and she surmised that Sonny suffered from bipolar disorder. The doctor wanted to put him back on lithium and see how he fared, but Sonny refused to take it and called it a "con job."

Later, Phyllis held Sonny's lithium in one hand and a cup of water in the other. She insisted that it would help him, and if it didn't, they would go straight back to the clinic. Sonny commented that, while she'd been nothing but kind to him, she was still a stranger. After all the things he'd said and done, Phyllis told him that nothing had been more hurtful to her. He apologized and took the pills.

At the hospital, Robert bumped into Sam when he got off the elevator, and he demanded to know what was going on. Olivia ran in in tears, and Sam informed Olivia that Dante was in the trauma room. Elizabeth approached the group and informed them that Dante had had a setback, and Portia was doing everything she could to save him. An alarm went off, and Elizabeth made her way back to Dante's room as Olivia cried in Robert's arms. When Elizabeth returned a short while later, she assured Olivia that Dante had been resuscitated. She continued that his heart rate was normal, and the antidote was starting to work. Elizabeth said that Olivia could see Dante after he had some time to recover.

When Elizabeth was gone, Olivia wanted to know what had happened, so Sam told her. Olivia wondered why Dante would risk his life for Franco, and none of them could answer the question. Sam was sorry for what Alexis had done, and Olivia put no blame on Sam. Portia approached and informed Olivia that Dante was stable, but he couldn't have visitors yet. Olivia needed to go to the chapel and walked off. Sam walked away while texting Michael that Dante was in the hospital. Robert took the opportunity to make a phone call.

Mac was in Jordan's office when an officer escorted a handcuffed Alexis in. The officer took the cuffs off and left. Mac informed Alexis that he'd asked to use Jordan's office, as there was no reason everyone needed to witness her drunkenness. A shaky and crying Alexis told Mac what had happened, and she insisted that it had been an accident. She maintained that she'd just been trying to protect her daughter when Dante "came out of nowhere." He replied that if Dante didn't make it, her charges would be upgraded from attempted murder to murder.

Mac realized that it was Alexis' birthday, and she would be spending it in lockup. She muttered that everyone hated her, anyway, so no one would have wanted to celebrate with her. Alexis needed a lawyer and asked for Martin, since Diane was out of town. Mac thought about how she would be in rehab if she'd just taken the plea deal for the DWI, but she maintained that she hadn't done it. Mac commented that it had been hard to watch her descend into alcoholism -- and to watch her do it again after regaining her sobriety. "Is this the life you want for yourself?" he wondered.

A short while later, Mac informed Alexis that he'd sent a patrol to pick Tracy up for her false accusation. He added that Dante's prognosis was good, but she would still be charged with aggravated felony assault and attempted murder.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy told Luke on the phone that he'd been right to tell her not to meddle. She had to make things right with Ned before she returned to Luke, and she hung up. Ned arrived wanting to talk to Olivia, and Tracy wondered why he was the one who'd had to leave when Olivia had requested the separation. "I cheated," he stated. Tracy had heard Olivia leave shortly before Ned had arrived. Tracy instructed him not to chase Olivia, as he would give her all the power.

Monica arrived home from a cardiology conference and wondered what she'd missed. "Chaos, heartbreak. All thanks to mother," Ned replied. Tracy told Monica about what she'd done to Alexis, and Monica scolded her. Monica demanded to know why Tracy had done it, and Tracy replied, "For Ned." Ned reluctantly told Monica about cheating on Olivia.

Later, Monica wondered where Ned had gone, and Tracy replied that he'd gotten a call and flown out. Monica chided Tracy for "royally screwing up," and she believed that the only way to make it better was for Tracy to leave. Monica was surprised that Tracy hadn't been arrested already, but Tracy refused to run and thought that Diane could get her exonerated. Without Tracy around, Monica believed that Ned and Olivia could begin to repair their marriage, heal, and forgive. She urged Tracy to "do yourself and everyone a favor and leave now." Later, Monica answered the door to a cop with a warrant for Tracy's arrest. Monica replied that he was welcome to search the premises, but Tracy had left the country.

At the hospital, Jason and Franco couldn't figure out why Dante would risk his life to save Franco. Since Franco's diagnosis was common knowledge, Franco cracked that Jason had missed his chance to kill Franco, as many people would be waiting for revenge. Elizabeth approached and updated the two on Dante's condition. Elizabeth wondered if Jason was disappointed that Dante had stopped Alexis from killing Franco. She talked about how social media was filled with death threats for Franco, but she believed that Franco was saner than any of those people. As Sam overheard from around the corner, Elizabeth spat that Jason could sit back and wait for someone else to kill Franco rather than do it himself like Franco had asked.

When Franco and Elizabeth were gone, Sam approached Jason, surprised that those were the plans Franco had told her about. Jason insisted that he'd never actually agreed to it, but Sam knew that was only to avoid incriminating himself. The two wondered why Dante would save Franco. Regardless, Sam knew that Alexis was totally responsible, and Sam was the one who'd turned her mother in.

Franco joked to Elizabeth that his haters would have even more anger toward him when they heard that Dante had risked his life to save Franco. He told Elizabeth that he loved her, but he wished that she loved him less so she could listen to everyone else and leave him. "Too bad, I'm not going anywhere," she replied.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Nina put the two half heart necklaces together and declared that they fit. As Carly, Jax, and Valentin looked on, she observed that the custom-made clasps were exactly the same. Michael returned to the room and informed Carly that Sasha had taken Avery back to Wyndemere. He added that Avery was just worried about getting her necklace back. Jax turned to Valentin and wondered why he was still there. Valentin replied that he was the one who'd convinced Nina that Sasha was her daughter, so he wanted to be there if Nina found out who her daughter really was.

Michael related to Nina that Avery had found the necklace in a clearing in the woods near their family cabin. He added that the last time the cabin had been used had been when Nelle had kidnapped Wiley and taken him there. He didn't recall Nelle ever wearing that necklace, and Carly chimed in that there were a lot of hiking trails near there. Nina remembered Phyllis telling her that her daughter had been taken to Florida, and Michael disclosed that Nelle was from Florida. Nina muttered to herself that Nelle was the right age. Just then, Michael's phone went off, and he saw the text from Sam. "If Nelle is your daughter, I'm sorry for everything that happened," Michael told Nina, and he left.

Nina wondered if it was possible for Nelle to be her daughter, and Jax confirmed it. Carly jumped in that she'd seen the necklace and taken her suspicions about Nelle to Jax the day before, and they'd tried to figure out a way to tell Nina that would cause her the least pain. Jax demanded that Carly stop, and he refused to lie anymore. He informed Nina that she needed to know the entire truth about Nelle.

Olivia was in the chapel, praying, when Robert walked in and sat down next to her. She was asking for blessings for Dante, but she remarked that there weren't enough curses in the world for Alexis. Robert commented that Alexis was in a bad place. Olivia muttered that between Ned and Alexis, the DWI, and what she'd done to Dante, Alexis was clearly in a downward spiral. Robert thought back to Thanksgiving, when he'd walked in on a heated moment between Ned and Alexis, and he asked what the two had done. "Let's just say I don't want to see either of them anytime soon," Olivia replied.

As if on cue, Ned arrived, and he promised that he'd gone to the hospital as soon as Robert had called him. Robert apologized, as he'd thought she would want Ned there. Ned implored her not to shut him out, but Olivia demanded that he leave. When Ned was gone, Robert went out to make sure that Ned wasn't hanging around in the hall.

Down the hall, Robert said that he didn't know what was going on, but Ned should respect it if Olivia didn't want him around. Ned yelled for Robert to stay out of it, as it was none of his business. Robert remarked that Ned had hit "a new benchmark in selfishness." Ned vowed to wait as long as it took for Olivia to realize that he loved her and that he was all the support she needed.

Inside the chapel, Olivia cried as she tried to forget about Ned and focus on Dante. Portia arrived with updates for Olivia. Michael listened in from the doorway as Portia explained that Dante had received the antidote just in time, and his prognosis was good. When Portia left, Michael went in and greeted Olivia. She told him that she had to thank God, and Michael asked her to say a thank-you for him, too. She couldn't imagine losing Dante after everything they'd already lost, and she embraced Michael. He promised to get her if anything changed with Dante, and he left.

Olivia kneeled and thanked God for saving Dante. She added that she also had some "not nice, not pretty" things to say to someone else, and she hoped He understood. When she left the chapel, she muttered, "That drunken slut! As if sleeping with my husband wasn't bad enough, you nearly kill my son? I swear, Alexis Davis, you murderous bitch, I will make you pay."

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