General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 15, 2021 on GH
Nina overheard a revealing conversation between Carly and Jax. Sonny continued to suffer amnesia, but he had a dream about Carly. Jason shot Brando. Britt reached out to a specialist about the tremors in her hand. Molly planned a special Valentine's Day for T.J. Portia helped Curtis with an undercover assignment. Felix invited Lucas out for drinks.
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Nina overheard Carly and Jax discussing Nelle, and still-amnesiac Sonny had a dream about Carly
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Family and friends prepare to say goodbye to Sonny Family and friends prepare to say goodbye to Sonny
Monday, February 15, 2021

In Port Charles, friends and family prepared to attend Sonny's funeral.

At the Tan-o, it was evident that both "Mike" and Lenny missed Phyllis, especially after her call to check in. "Mike" complained that Lenny had been driving him "nuts." A local police officer walked in and announced that he was there because of "Mike." He proceeded to mention that there had been several local robberies. Lenny stood up for "Mike" and told the officer that his employee had been doing well since he'd started on meds.

"Mike" was angry and told Lenny that he could speak for himself. The cop began to question "Mike" on his whereabouts the previous evening, and "Mike" explained that he'd worked late, locked up, and gone to bed. He suggested that the cop either check "Mike's" pill bottle or toss him in jail and allow the "real perp" to continue his string of robberies.

Lenny assured "Mike" that no one had accused him of anything, but "Mike" told the cop to take him in or get off his case. "Mike" went to the back to make some fresh coffee, and the cop told Lenny that he was sorry he hadn't checked "Mike's" prints on their first encounter. When the cop had the chance, he poured out the contents of "Mike's" mug and took it with him.

Phyllis met with Nina at the Crimson office. Phyllis was surprised to see that Nina wasn't as happy as she'd expected her to be after finding her daughter. Nina showed her a photo of a young Nelle, and asked if the girl could be her daughter. Phyllis suggested that Nina ask the young woman herself, but Nina revealed that Nelle was dead.

Phyllis was aghast as Nina explained that she wasn't certain the girl in the photo was her daughter. She told Phyllis about Nelle's death, and she stated that Phyllis would be the only one who could identify the man who had taken the baby Nelle as his daughter. She presented Phyllis with an old photo of Nelle's father, and Phyllis confirmed that that had been the man to whom she'd given Nina's baby.

"So, Nelle really was my daughter," Nina said sadly. She couldn't believe that they had actually lived in the same town together for years. She told Phyllis that Nelle had done some terrible things, and she thought it was because Nelle hadn't had anyone who had loved her. She suspected that Nelle could have been a good person if only someone had been there for her. "It should have been me," Nina concluded.

Phyllis asked about Jax, and Nina disclosed that Jax couldn't help her. In fact, he had suspected that Nelle had been her daughter and had kept it a secret. Nina admitted that Jax had learned the news after Nelle's death and had claimed that he hadn't wanted to hurt Nina with the information.

Nina revealed that she had a grandson, and that gave her a chance to reconnect with her daughter. Jax had kept her from Wiley, also, and it should have occurred to him. Phyllis suggested that Jax had made a mistake, but Nina wondered if he would have realized that Wiley was her grandson. Phyllis urged Nina to not give up on Jax.

Molly, Sam, and Kristina arrived at Alexis' house and urged her to get dressed in order to attend Sonny's funeral. Alexis didn't want to go, but Kristina made it clear that she needed her mother's presence. Alexis agreed to go upstairs and get dressed, and Molly offered to help her. Alexis declined, and Molly realized how obvious she had sounded. She informed her sisters that she had eliminated all of Alexis' vodka bottles the previous night.

Molly acknowledged that Alexis' future didn't look too good unless she could persuade a judge that she was sober and remorseful. She sat down with Kristina and Sam, and they discussed Alexis' plight. They all agreed that it was up to Alexis to determine what the future would be, but they knew she hadn't been reliable.

Alexis descended the stairs after overhearing the conversation, and announced that she needed to retrieve her phone. She suggested that her daughters head to the car without her. Once Molly, Sam, and Kristina had all departed, Alexis snatched a hidden bottle of vodka and took a swig from it. She turned and saw Molly watching her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael asked Willow to help him choose a tie for Sonny's funeral. Willow confirmed that they were still family, and she informed him that she had decided it was a good idea for her to move into the gatehouse. She also declared that Michael wasn't bad for an ex-husband.

In another room, Olivia and Dante talked about Sonny and about Dante's regret that he hadn't had more time with his father. Olivia was sorry about the choices she'd made as a young woman. Dante assured her that perhaps he had not been meant to meet his father until later in life, and he was grateful for both of his parents. Olivia noted that she would never forgive Alexis for almost killing Dante.

Shortly after, Dante and Michael shared a toast as they discussed Sonny. Olivia began to cry when she saw the brothers bonding. Dante told her there would be plenty of time to cry, and Michael asked for more opinions on the tie he should wear. Michael told Willow how Sonny had taught him how to tie a necktie, and Willow straightened it out.

Jax stopped at the Corinthos house to talk to Josslyn. She expressed how lucky she was to still have her father, even though she had also loved Sonny. Josslyn admitted that she always panicked whenever Jax or Carly left a room; she was always afraid that something would happen to them. She had never been like that in the past. Jax promised she wouldn't always be that way, and she had to play the odds.

Jax explained that horrible things had happened in the world, and people had died; however, those people would want her to live her life to the fullest. He added that grief and fear were normal, but he didn't want her to give in to it.

Upstairs, Carly got ready for the funeral. There was a quiet knock on the door, and Jason walked in. She told him she couldn't do it, and there was a piece of her that was missing that would keep her moving forward. She told him about her day. She'd been okay until she'd thought about the funeral with no body in the casket. Sonny was gone like Morgan and Mike, and she couldn't say goodbye.

Jason knew about Carly's missing piece, but he knew that she would never quit. They spoke about the past, and Carly insisted that she couldn't see life without Sonny. Jason agreed that there would be holes that might never be filled, but she would get through it. He reminded her that they'd been aware of the life they'd made, and he assured her that she needed to be there for everyone else. He tried to reassure her, and he maintained that Sonny would have never gotten through life without her. She had made Sonny whole.

Carly and Jason joined Jax and Josslyn. Josslyn asked Jason if he thought there would be trouble somewhere while the family was all preoccupied. Carly promised that Jason had handled everything. Carly asked Jax for a ride to the church, and she asked Josslyn to run upstairs to retrieve a necklace.

Carly asked Jason to reassure Josslyn after she departed for the church. Josslyn returned, and mother and daughter expressed their love. Jason exclaimed that he knew what Josslyn was going through, and Josslyn suspected that her mother had asked Jason to talk to her. Josslyn was confident that Jason had taken all the necessary precautions. Jason told her that life couldn't be controlled, and there were no guarantees.

Jason continued his heart-to-heart discussion with Josslyn, and she admitted that Jax had given her similar advice. She still thought it was scary to step outside, but Jason thought she was brave.

At the church, Carly told Jax that Josslyn had been terrified that bad things would happen. Jax disclosed that he had spoken to her, but she'd still been worried. Carly remembered all that Jax had warned her about when she'd married Sonny, and she knew he had a right to be angry. Jax insisted that he'd had differences with Sonny, but he knew that Carly had loved Sonny, and Sonny had loved her and Josslyn in return. Jax wanted to be there for Carly and Josslyn. Carly and Jax were both very grateful.

Nina showed up and asked to be directed to Jax. As she got to the spot where he and Carly were conversing, she stopped to listen. Carly had asked Jax about Nina, and she admitted that she felt bad. She didn't want to think about the cliff incident. She wanted that night to die with Nelle. Nina couldn't believe what she'd heard.

 "Mike" remembers someone as Sonny is laid to rest "Mike" remembers someone as Sonny is laid to rest
Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Laura spotted Brando at General Hospital and expressed her dismay that his boss hadn't allowed him to attend Sonny's funeral. "What kind of a heartless bastard would do that?" Cyrus loudly asked as he drew close to them. Cyrus wanted Laura to acknowledge that he had a heart, and she agreed that while he'd had a childhood, his present actions were the ones that counted.

Cyrus admonished Brando for not asking, but Laura suggested that Cyrus would have seen the request as being disloyal because Cyrus was narcissistic. Cyrus announced that Brando could accompany him to the church in order for Cyrus to pay his respects. "Oh, hell no!" Laura exclaimed.

Laura demanded that Cyrus not attend the service. She accused him of wanting to "rub it" into Jason and Carly's faces. Cyrus was sure that Carly was aware of his mother's abduction, and he added that he'd taken the time out of his day to attend. He would need some other diversion. He suggested that Laura join him for coffee instead, and while Laura regretted having to miss the funeral, she considered it the price that she had to pay. Cyrus urged Brando to go alone.

At Alexis' house, Alexis took a swig from a hidden bottle of vodka, but when she turned around, Molly was standing there. Molly asked her mother if something was wrong, and Alexis claimed to have had a difficult time finding her phone. She handed Molly the scarf she'd left behind. Molly was glad that Alexis was hanging in, and Alexis sheepishly retrieved the bottle she'd just stashed in the cabinet.

Kristina and Sam returned from the car, and Molly revealed that Alexis had found another bottle that Molly had missed. Alexis confessed that she'd consumed some of it. The girls all just wanted their mother to get better, and they gave her a pep talk. Alexis turned and retrieved a couple of additional bottles that she'd had hidden away. They all shared a hug.

At the Tan-o, Lenny announced that he had some errands to run. He hoped that "Mike" hadn't been thinking about the run-in with Officer Finchley. "Mike" declared that cops didn't bother him. Lenny asked if "Mike" had remembered something, but "Mike" replied that it wasn't anything specific. Lenny insisted that the cop was a good guy but had been bothered by the increase in local robberies.

Lenny added that "Mike" was bound to be a suspect, but he recalled being suspicious of "Mike" early on, too. The men chuckled that they had taken a step forward and were even sharing Phyllis' chili.

Michael and Willow arrived at All Saints Chapel prior to Sonny's funeral service. Willow grabbed Michael's hand, and they shared hugs with Josslyn and Trina, who arrived right after them. Michael told Josslyn that it all felt like a bad dream, but it was real. Sasha arrived, and Willow excused herself after noting that she was glad to see Sasha. Michael assured Sasha that it was okay for her to be there because they were still friends.

Dante and Olivia walked in, and Dante told his mother he wanted her to be civil to Alexis. Olivia gave him a hard time, but she called her son a saint.

In a back room, Carly and Jax spoke about the night that Nelle had fallen off the cliff and died. Jax admitted that he had hated keeping the information from Nina, but he didn't think that anyone should know that Carly had been on the cliff. Carly rehashed how she'd tried to help Nelle while thinking the fall had been a trick. They didn't know that Nina was outside the room, listening to their conversation.

Jax assured Carly that it hadn't been her fault, and they would never know if Carly could have saved Nelle. Carly thought that Jax had been right that they should hide that information from the cops. She announced that she had to find a way to say goodbye to Sonny, and they were startled when the priest announced that someone was looking for them. It was Jason, and he walked inside.

Carly wanted to go over the service with Father Reyes, and Jax wanted to go to Josslyn. Carly wasn't sure that she could get through it, but Jason declared that everyone was there for both Sonny and her.

Dante and Michael admitted that they kept expecting Sonny to walk in. They mentioned that Morgan's funeral had been the same; they hadn't known for sure if he'd been dead. Dante regretted missing Mike's funeral. Carly informed Michael that it was the right decision to have the funeral because it would send a powerful message and keep them safe.

Spinelli arrived with Diane, and he briefly reminisced to Jason about his relationship with Sonny. He thought that Sonny had done more good than harm. Diane wiped away a tear, and she stated that Sonny had touched people in a positive way. They were followed by Sam, who hugged Jason and admitted that she was there for him. Jason couldn't believe it; he and Sonny had a lot of history. Sam shared that Alexis was sick at home, and Molly had chosen to keep her company.

Brando walked in and extended his condolences to Carly who was standing with Kristina. The young woman began to badmouth Brando because of his employment with Cyrus, but Carly reminded her that Brando was family. She hugged Kristina and promised they'd get through it.

Nina found herself at Nelle's grave, and she stooped down to wipe away the snow. "If only we had known," Nina cried. She was sorry that they hadn't had the chance to spend time as mother and daughter. She stated that fate had not taken Nelle away; it was Carly who had done so. Nina went on to say that Jax had lied, and Carly could have saved Nelle. She complained that Jax had only cared about Carly.

Nina was sorry that Nelle had struggled to find her way while Carly always got what she wanted. Nelle had asked Nina for help, but Nina had turned her back. She promised she would get justice for Nelle. "Whatever it takes," she concluded.

As an old tune played on the radio at the Tan-o, "Mike" sat and wiped off some glasses. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, and a woman's shadow reached out to him. "Mike" ran outside after her. "Who are you?" he asked. He wondered if he knew her. They embraced, and "Mike" told her not to go. He declared that he had missed that closeness and the woman, and he never wanted it to end. The woman resembled Carly.

Suddenly, "Mike" woke up with a start when Lenny returned noisily. "Mike" confessed that his meds made him drowsy. He'd heard a song and had had a dream. He'd been happy, and he hadn't wanted it to end. "I remembered someone," he said.

Alexis descended the stairs after changing her clothes, and Molly held out a mug of tea. Alexis took a sip as Molly asked Alexis about her defense strategy. Alexis admitted that temporary insanity was the best plea; however, she was broken, and the public was aware of it. She only wanted a drink.

Alexis admitted that she wanted to be sober, but she didn't know how. Molly thought that Alexis was the strongest person she knew, and she made it clear that everyone made mistakes. Alexis stated that she wanted to plead guilty instead, but Molly pointed out how that would be a bad decision. She knew that Alexis could still consult or volunteer, and she needed to fight and win. Alexis wanted a drink, and she and Molly shared a hug.

Back at the hospital, Laura and Cyrus sipped coffee in takeout cups. He sat down and spoke about Laura killing David Hamilton and getting no time for it. Laura explained how it had been an accident. Cyrus related how he had accidentally killed his father, but his family had tossed him out of the house at the age of 17. He wondered how things would have been if the same had happened to Laura.

Laura admitted that her mother had taken the blame at first, and when Laura had recalled what had happened, she'd admitted it. She had been young, and eventually, it had all been declared an accident. Cyrus asked if her life would have been as good if her mother had told the police that Laura had killed Hamilton. Laura admitted it would have been different.

Laura commiserated with Cyrus, and she insisted that she knew desperation, also. She had done some awful things. Cyrus thought they were not very different from each other, but Laura disagreed. She considered her terrible acts to be mistakes, while Cyrus considered his to be achievements. She chose love, family, and community, while Cyrus lived off of people's weaknesses.

At the chapel, Jax thanked Trina for her presence, and Josslyn stated that she was okay. Brando spotted Sasha and told her that Laura had taken care of Cyrus. Sasha was surprised that Cyrus had permitted Brando to attend, and he proclaimed that Cyrus would want a full recap. He asked Sasha if he could sit with her.

Carly stood in the doorway, and Michael told her it was time. She grasped his and Jason's hands as they walked slowly down the aisle to their seats. The organ began to play, and Father Reyes began the service.

Dante recited Psalm 23. Kristina talked about Sonny's love and support and declared that she would not say goodbye. Michael stated that Sonny had taught him how to face difficult situations "head-on" and had cheered him on while lending him a shoulder.

It was Carly's turn, and she forced herself to rise and walk to the front. She declared that Sonny loved loud, big, and intense. She couldn't say goodbye, and he would always be with her. She would see him in his children's eyes, smiles, laughter, and memories. The attendees looked on tearfully.

Soon after, everyone gathered in the cemetery. The priest led the graveside prayer, and everyone laid a white rose on top of the freshly dug grave. Jason kneeled down to the ground and touched the dirt. Carly went last. "I love you," she said.

Nina returned from Nelle's grave and looked crazed as she glanced around. She caught Jax's eye and shot him daggers. She informed him that they needed to talk immediately, and when he explained that he couldn't because Josslyn needed him, Nina added that Carly did, too. Her voice was raised, and the crowd all looked in their direction. "I know what you did," Nina whispered.

Nina pays Jordan a visit Nina pays Jordan a visit
Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Phyllis returned to the roadhouse, and Lenny and Sonny were happy to see her. Lenny revealed that Sonny had remembered something, and Sonny told Phyllis about his dream. She thought that, once the medication lifted the "fog," he would start to remember more. Sonny asked about her trip, and she regretted that she hadn't been able to give her client the answers she'd wanted. Lenny offered to take her home so she could drop off her suitcase, so they left Sonny in charge. The sole customer in the roadhouse was ready to go, but Sonny thought the man was too drunk to drive. The man handed Sonny his keys to "do the honors."

Later, Lenny and Phyllis returned and found the bar a mess, with broken glass and tables and chairs thrown around. Sonny returned and wondered what had happened in the bar.

Nina watched the mourners at Sonny's grave for a few moments until she approached Jax, wanting to talk. He offered to talk later, but she yelled that she needed to talk "now. I know what you did." Dante wondered what was going on, but Olivia muttered that she didn't want to know. Carly walked over to Jax and Nina, and she advised Nina to keep her voice down. "I know what you both did to my daughter," Nina bellowed. Jason asked Michael to take Josslyn and Trina home, so the three left. Carly told Nina that it wasn't the time or place to talk about it. "Too damn bad," Nina shot back.

Sam asked if Jason needed her to do anything. He instructed her to get everyone out except for Diane, and Sam complied. Nina said that she knew that Carly and Jax had both witnessed Nelle's death, and she accused them of desecrating Nelle's body. Carly replied that Nelle had been a horrible person, but Nina reminded Carly that she wasn't judge and jury. She wondered if Carly had even tried to save Nelle, and Diane advised Carly to walk away from the conversation. Carly insisted that she'd tried to save Nelle despite all of the horrible things Nelle had done, but Nina didn't believe her.

Nina ranted about the town full of "Carly enablers," and she offered that Carly could have Jax, since Sonny was gone. Carly remembered "this side" of Nina and observed that Nina and Nelle were pretty similar. Nina stated that she was not impoverished like Nelle had been, and she could stand up for herself against anyone. She called Carly selfish, and she thought it was poetic justice that Sonny had fallen to his death like Nelle had. She turned to leave, but Jax stopped her. Nina lamented how he'd convinced her that he would never lie to her, but he was just like everyone else. She glared at him and walked away.

Curtis arrived at Jordan's office, and Jordan was glad to see him after two months of him living at the Metro Court hotel. She told him that she'd made them an appointment for marriage counseling, but he didn't want to go. He talked about the law-bending reasons they'd been having problems, so she suggested that they just not go into specifics with the doctor. He believed that they couldn't fix things if they couldn't even speak freely. He was tired of the secrets and lies, and he revealed, "I can't live like this anymore."

Jordan reminded Curtis that his job also dealt with secrets, which he acknowledged. He thought that the things she'd kept from him throughout the previous year had gone beyond work. He wanted to go home, but he thought that nothing would change. He wanted them both to figure out who they were as individuals so that they had a chance together. A crying Jordan clarified that he wanted a separation. He hoped that it wouldn't be forever, but he believed that they'd become dysfunctional as a couple.

At the hospital, Cyrus intercepted Britt right before she was about to get into the elevator. Portia listened in to the conversation, as she figured the two of them would be up to no good. Cyrus informed Britt that he'd called a board meeting that he wanted her to attend, as the board would be talking about everything he and Britt had been working for. Portia approached the two and asked if everything was all right. Britt insisted that everything was fine, and she walked away. Because she was a department head, Cyrus invited Portia to the board meeting, as well. He said, "Winds of change are blowing through General Hospital. Trust me, you don't want to miss it."

A short while later, Portia and Britt took seats at the board meeting as Cyrus talked about the new pain medication he'd spearheaded that was outlined in the packets in front of everyone. The board members agreed that the new drug could give a lot of financial help to the hospital. Cyrus reported that the drug was ready to go to the FDA immediately, so he put forth a motion for unanimous consent. "I object big time," Lesley called out from the doorway of the conference room.

Cyrus reminded Lesley that her board position was honorary, so she got no vote. She knew that, but she advised those who did have a vote to "use it wisely." Cyrus insisted that the science behind the drug had been peer-reviewed, and he called on Britt to back him up. She confirmed it, but she added that the drug was not in her field of expertise. Portia wondered if his peer reviews had been adequate, considering he'd been in prison for drug-related offenses. One of the board members scolded Portia, as Cyrus had been framed and exonerated, and Jordan had vouched for him. Cyrus noted her concern, and she continued that she did have the right to block the motion for unanimous consent. Cyrus announced that the vote would happen at their next meeting, and he adjourned the meeting.

A short while later, Britt was alone in the conference room, and she pulled up Jason's number on her phone.

Cyrus bumped into Lesley, and he wondered what her big show at the board meeting had been about. She shrieked that he was responsible for putting her granddaughter in a coma, and she demanded to know how he slept at night. He told her that she might have delayed things, but the board was enthusiastic about the new medication. "That's how I sleep at night," he cooed, and he walked away.

Cyrus found Portia and assured her that he wouldn't hold the meeting against her. Portia explained that the drug seemed addictive, and if it was prescribed wrong or too casually, lawsuits would certainly cost the hospital. She assured him that she would question anyone's peer review. Cyrus informed her that his offer about getting Taggert out of jail and danger still stood, but Portia needed to get Jordan to do her part. He walked away. Portia spotted Curtis exit the elevator, and she ran over to him. She apologized for putting him in the middle, but she needed to talk to him about Jordan.

Olivia, Dante, and Sam arrived at the Quartermaine mansion, and Monica was surprised to see them so early. Monica sincerely asked if there had been a problem with Alexis, but Sam replied that Alexis hadn't even been able to make it to the funeral, so it hadn't been her fault "this time." Olivia wondered why Alexis hadn't been there to support Kristina, but Dante interrupted and asked her to go check on the kids upstairs.

A short while later, Olivia returned downstairs and remarked to Monica that Leo would miss living there. She continued that it had been nice of Monica to let her stay, but it wasn't her home. "It is as long as I say it is," Monica replied, and she insisted that Oliva had become a Quartermaine, just like Monica had. "Like it or not, you're one of us," Monica assured Olivia.

Later, the doorbell rang, and Monica was surprised to open the door to Lesley. Monica questioned why Lesley was there, and Lesley replied that she wanted to talk about the hospital. She asked for Monica's help exposing Cyrus "as the monster he is."

In the living room, Dante poured drinks for himself and Sam. He thought that something had to have been up with Alexis for her to not attend the funeral, but Sam only said that Alexis hadn't been feeling well. He wondered how Sam was doing not being with Jason. She admitted that their relationship was strained, but she was no longer a part of Jason's world. Dante observed that Sam seemed to be starting a new chapter in her life, and he asked who she was going to be. Sam didn't know, but she was excited to meet the new Sam. "I am, too," Dante replied, and they drank as a smiling Olivia looked on.

Back at Carly's, a livid Diane scolded Carly, Jax, and Jason for not giving her the entire truth about Nelle death, and she demanded that someone start talking. Carly and Jax told Diane what had happened that night, and Jason wondered what the ramifications could be. Diane wasn't sure yet, but she reminded them that their lies to the police were already public record. Just then, Jason's phone went off, and he left to deal with "business." Diane continued that they were lucky that Nina had no evidence to back up her claims if she went to the police. She thought that the PCPD might decide to leave it alone.

Jason arrived at the hospital and joined Britt in the conference room. She told him about the board meeting and her fears about the highly addictive new drug being fast-tracked. She handed him an informational packet, and he promised to look it over. She informed him that the vote would be sooner than she'd anticipated, and she wondered why Cyrus was rushing it. Jason answered that, with Sonny gone, Cyrus saw an opening.

In her office, Jordan looked at a picture from her and Curtis' wedding. "How did we get here?" she wondered, and she put the picture facedown on her desk. Just then, there was a knock on her door, and Nina burst into the office. Nina claimed to have new information to report about Nelle's murder.

Cyrus' patience with Brando grows thin Cyrus' patience with Brando grows thin
Thursday, February 18, 2021

Curtis stepped off the elevator at the hospital, and Portia ran over to him. She didn't want to put him in the middle, but she had to talk to him about Jordan and Cyrus. She told him about Cyrus offering to not cooperate in the case against Taggert but said Jordan had turned down the offer. She figured that meant Jordan had leverage against Cyrus, and she asked Curtis to talk to Jordan. Curtis doubted that Jordan would tell him anything, especially since he and Jordan were officially separated.

A few minutes later, Portia led Curtis into a conference room to talk, and she was sorry to hear about the separation. He explained that he was tired of secrets and lies, but Portia reminded him that secrets and lies were part of Jordan's job. Curtis countered that it made him wonder what else Jordan was keeping from him, and Portia admitted that that was the reason she and Taggert had divorced. Curtis added that he also wanted to refocus his own life, as he was tired of his own job involving secrets and lies. He figured his last job would be wrapping up soon, and he wondered if Portia's offer to help still stood. "I'm in," she said, and she wondered what she could do. "Be my valentine," Curtis replied.

Phyllis, Lenny, and Sonny stood in awe at the wreckage left behind at the roadhouse. Lenny discovered that the money box was empty, and Sonny instructed a crying Phyllis to wait for the cops before she touched anything. Phyllis was glad that Sonny hadn't been there, as he could have been hurt. Lenny demanded to know where Sonny had been, as he was supposed to have been watching the bar. Trooper Finchley entered the bar and chimed in that he also wanted that answer.

Sonny explained that he had driven a drunk customer back to his motel room and walked back. He added that he'd locked up, and he'd only been gone for about 20 minutes. Finchley didn't believe Sonny, and he observed that Sonny had shown up in town just as the robberies had started happening. Finchley mentioned that he'd run Sonny's fingerprints, and Lenny argued that Sonny hadn't given permission for that. The trooper admitted to taking a coffee cup Sonny had been holding back to the station, but he hadn't been able to get any clear prints from the cup. Finchley reasoned that he just wanted to stop the robberies before more places were hit. Sonny shot back that the cop wouldn't find the culprit if he was fixated on Sonny.

Sonny invited Finchley to check his room, and Finchley left to do just that. Phyllis didn't think Sonny could stay there anymore, for his own good. However, Sonny thought he and the couple needed each other, especially since he believed that the bar was being targeted. Finchley returned, having found nothing incriminating in Sonny's room, and he instructed Lenny to get the police report for the insurance claim the next morning. "I have my eyes on you," he warned Sonny, and he left. "He's like a dog with a bone," Phyllis muttered, and she made sure that Sonny would be all right incurring Finchley's wrath. Sonny refused to leave as long as the bar was still facing trouble. Lenny suggested that they start cleaning up, and Sonny replied, "I'm your man!"

At the hospital, Cyrus wondered if Sonny's funeral had been sadder for Brando because he'd still been estranged from Sonny when Sonny had died. Brando shrugged and said that they'd never really had much of a relationship, anyway, so he was glad that Cyrus had given Brando a job when he had. Cyrus commented that Brando might not have a job much longer, as he'd made no progress in finding Florence. "You're not as useful as I originally thought," Cyrus added.

Brando informed Cyrus that he'd been able to rule out several cars as Florence's transport vehicle from security footage, but Cyrus growled that it wasn't good enough. Brando asked for more time. Cyrus said that he'd hired Brando for information on Sonny, but Sonny was dead, and Jason had no loyalty to Brando, so Brando needed to prove his worth in other ways. Cyrus demanded that Brando find Florence, or he threatened to "terminate" Brando.

Jason looked through the information book for Cyrus' new drug, and he wondered how the FDA would approve it. "By lying," Britt answered, and she flipped to the page outlining lab trials on mice. She explained that the trials were fiction, and she'd done her own trials that completely contradicted what was in the information book. She opened up her laptop to show Jason her own findings, but she opened the folder of her work and found that it was empty. A shaking Britt feared that Cyrus had found her work and had it deleted, and Jason instructed her to take some time but do nothing. "Time is something I don't have," she muttered.

Britt feared that Cyrus would go after her, but Jason promised that he wouldn't let that happen. He thought that he had enough leverage "for now." Just then, Jason's phone went off, and he read a text from Brando asking to meet at the Saint Street Alley "ASAP." Jason advised Britt to be careful, and he left. When Jason was gone, she made a phone call. She shakily asked for an appointment with Dr. Walsh and named herself as the referring physician. She explained that she was having intermittent tremors in her right hand, and she asked for the earliest available appointment.

Jason met up with Brando, who told Jason about Cyrus' latest threats. Jason stated that Brando had a problem. Brando was livid that Jason seemed to be leaving him on his own. "So be it," Brando said, and he walked away. Jason took out his gun and fired a shot in Brando's direction.

In Jordan's office, Nina explained to Jordan everything she'd overheard Carly and Jax talking about in regard to Nelle's death. "Are you accusing them of lying to the police?" Jordan questioned. Nina needed to know what had really happened to her daughter, and Jordan was taken aback. Nina updated Jordan on how she'd figured out that Nelle was her daughter. She continued that Carly was responsible for Nelle's death, and she needed to be held accountable. A few minutes later, Nina was gone, and Jordan sadly looked at the wedding photo on her desk. She picked up her coat and left her office.

Carly informed Jax that Diane would be back the next day to go over everything again, and they hoped that the PCPD would leave the case alone. Josslyn arrived home, and she asked her parents what Nina thought Carly and Jax had done to Nelle. Carly told Josslyn the whole story, and Josslyn believed that Carly and Jax had done the right thing. Carly knew that Nina was just grieving, and she assured Josslyn that she'd survived worse.

A short while later, Carly let Jordan into the house, and Jordan was glad to see that Jax was there, too. Jordan wanted privacy, so Carly asked Josslyn to go check on Donna. When Josslyn was gone, Jordan apologized for having to talk to them so soon after Sonny's funeral, but all allegations needed to be investigated. Carly maintained that she hadn't killed Nelle, and she wondered if she needed to call Diane. Jordan assured Carly that having Diane there wasn't necessary, but alerting Diane for future notice would be a good move. She explained that Nina wouldn't let it go, and Jordan would have to notify federal agents, since the case dealt with other states, as well. As Jax walked Jordan out, Josslyn returned downstairs and wondered if Carly was going to be arrested. Carly assured Josslyn that there was no evidence against her, since she'd done nothing wrong, and everything would be all right.

Valentin met with Martin at the Port Charles Grill, and Martin accused Valentin of avoiding him. They bickered over the right way to find Florence until Jackie arrived and told Martin that she'd found Florence. She sat down and told the men about Bobbie's new job in Vermont, and Valentin thought it made sense. "When do we leave?" Martin wondered, but Jackie informed him, "I work solo." Martin needed to see for himself that his mother was all right, but Jackie was convinced that he would ruin everything. As they argued, Valentin saw Nina arrive, and he excused himself to go talk to her.

Cyrus arrived and wondered if Martin and Jackie were planning a trip. Jackie told Cyrus her hunch about where Florence was, but Cyrus assured them that he already had someone on the case. Cyrus vowed to keep Florence safe at all costs, and he walked away. Martin feared that Cyrus would move Florence to a new secret location if he found her first. Martin begged Jackie to let him go with her, and she finally agreed.

Valentin approached Nina and remarked that he hadn't seen her in a while. She updated him on what had been going on with her, and she told him that he and Ava been right about Carly always being Jax's first priority. Since Carly and Jax had lied about Nelle being her daughter, she didn't know how she could believe anything they said about the night Nelle had died. Valentin hated seeing her in pain, but Nina thought it was ironic, considering all the pain he'd put her through. Valentin swore that he would do anything to make it up to her. "Prove it. Help me make Carly pay," she replied.

Valentine's Day in Port Charles Valentine's Day in Port Charles
Friday, February 19, 2021

It was Valentine's Day night in Port Charles. Cameron sat in his living room as he played his guitar and sang. When there was a sudden knock on the front door, he grabbed his guitar in preparation to hit the unknown visitor. It turned out to be Trina and Josslyn, who cheerfully bounded inside. They were ready to celebrate Valentine's Day with him. Cameron explained that he had been ready to protect his family after they'd received some threats.

Trina and Josslyn admitted that they hadn't been able to attend the school dance without Cameron, and they had arrived with a bunch of treats. They all agreed that while it had been a rough year, they had all gotten each other through it. The banner that Jake had made for the occasion appeared to be falling down, and the trio went in search of tape in order to fix it.

Cameron noted that there was tape in his book bag, but before he could stop Josslyn from going through it, she not only found the tape, but also his acceptance letter from Stanford. She and Trina were excited and congratulated Cameron until Josslyn noticed the date on the letter. It was a month old.

Cameron admitted that he wasn't sure that he would attend; he'd not only "suck" at soccer, but would also miss his family and friends. He couldn't be apart from Josslyn and Trina. Josslyn replied that life would change, anyway, and she promised that they would all stay in touch. She and Trina thought that Cameron should go.

Chase arrived at the Quartermaine mansion to pick up Willow for their date. She had been in the house to get Wiley to bed, instead of at the gatehouse. It was awkward between them and Michael, and then Sasha arrived for her own date with Michael. It turned out that both couples had arranged to have dinner at the Port Charles Grill, but Michael indicated that he would be able to change his reservation to Metro Court, since he had an "in."

After Willow and Chase had gone, Sasha admitted that she'd hated the awkward scene. Michael agreed that everyone had been "perfectly nice," and while he didn't regret what had happened, he missed the old times. The friendship with their small group was not the same.

Shortly after, Michael announced that Olivia had been able to obtain him a table at Metro Court. Sasha admitted she had been surprised that Michael had asked her out that night, but he explained that they could get to know each other again. He told her she looked beautiful. Before they were able to leave, Michael received a phone call from Carly.

Portia and Curtis sat at a small table at the local nightclub. Curtis thanked Portia for accompanying him on his stakeout, but Portia joked that it wasn't like she had plans. Curtis reminded her of the case that he was on, and he teased that Portia looked as though she was having a good time. Portia replied that between her life at the hospital and the tough times with Trina, the evening felt like a vacation for her. They shared a toast.

Curtis spotted the couple that he was following, and he was able to take a photo of Portia with the couple in the background. Curtis and Portia spoke about Curtis' client who would receive the photo, and Curtis followed the couple in order to get more shots of them. When he returned to the table, he showed Portia the photos he'd taken of the cheating spouse.

Curtis was ready to leave, and he exclaimed his delight in having a partner to work with. Portia was willing to do it again, and she announced that she wasn't ready to leave yet. She asked for one more song, and Curtis agreed.

Kristina handed Molly a bouquet of flowers before they headed into an office. Molly happily announced that she was ready to make a commitment, and T.J. was on the way. She was hopeful that Alexis and Sam wouldn't be upset, but she had felt that simple was the right way to go. It would be just her and T.J. starting their lives together. "Not if I have anything to say about it," said the woman behind the counter.

The woman made it clear that it was time to close, but after Kristina and Molly pleaded their case, she agreed to remain open for another 20 minutes. Molly was anxious as Kristina tried to calm her down. She noted her surprise at Molly's choice of Valentine's Day for her ceremony, but Molly maintained that she'd wanted to give the day some meaning. It was all about true love.

After 20 minutes had passed, the woman was ready to go. Molly was frantic and rushed outside to see if T.J. might be parking his car. Kristina begged the woman to stay, and she proceeded to slide a large wad of money across the counter.

Franco and Elizabeth walked into the Port Charles Grill. They overheard a seated couple talking about them, and the couple got up and left after expressing their fear at Franco's presence. Franco revealed that he didn't feel well. Ava and Nikolas walked in, and Elizabeth told them about the couple who had departed.

Franco excused himself, and Elizabeth told Ava and Nikolas about Franco's treatment. She congratulated them on their engagement. Franco returned as Ava acknowledged that the engagement was all thanks to Franco. Elizabeth revealed it was their second anniversary. Ava and Nikolas headed to their table, and Franco admitted that he felt nauseous. He also grabbed a clump of hair that had fallen out.

Franco and Elizabeth sat at their table, but Franco was unable to eat. He declared that he would just watch his wife eat. Elizabeth mentioned his new course of treatment, and she assured him they would have a long and happy life. She insisted that they leave.

Ava and Nikolas sat at a table by the fireplace. They spoke of their unexpected and happy life together and clinked their glasses. A waiter deposited a wrapped gift on the table for Ava. She tried to guess what it was and finally opened it. She frowned in dismay as the opened package revealed a roach in a glass covered container. Nikolas promised to find out who had sent it.

Chase and Willow arrived and sat down nearby. Chase told her how beautiful she looked, and Willow returned the compliment. They decided to order wine, and Willow suggested a red wine that she had learned about during the wine tutoring class she'd taken with Michael. She gushed about her experience.

After Chase noted that he'd spotted work being done at the gatehouse, Willow proceeded to babble on about all of the renovations that Michael had been having done after she'd mentioned some changes in the kitchen. She noted that Michael had been stalking her and buying everything that she liked.

Willow apologized, but Chase understood that Michael was part of her life. He admitted he was feeling "pretty damn great" in the moment, though. Chase spoke about his family getting along, and he hoped that his relationship with Willow would grow in the same way that his family's had.

At General Hospital, just as Jordan stopped into Brando's room to question him, Jason arrived right behind her. Brando was lying in bed with his bandaged leg exposed. Jason stated that he was there to visit. Brando maintained that he had heard a shot and felt pain, but he hadn't seen anyone before he'd been shot in the leg. Jordan wondered if Jason had anything to add, but he didn't.

Jordan continued to press for answers, and she wondered if the shooting had been by either Sonny's gang or Cyrus' gang. Brando didn't know, and Jordan surmised that it might have been a warning. Brando thought it could either be random or even a gift. He looked at Jason.

Jason suggested that the longer Brando was out of commission, the less time he would have to do Cyrus' bidding. Brando was adamant that he had to get back to work, but Jason saw it as a way to slow Cyrus down. Jordan knew there was more to the story, and she was determined to figure it out. "Dude, why the hell did you shoot me?" Brando asked Jason as soon as Jordan had gone. He demanded an explanation.

Jason proclaimed that Cyrus had threatened Brando for not finding Cyrus' mother, and Jason had put Brando "out of commission" for a while. Brando was okay with that, but he thought that Jason could have warned him before shooting. Jason disagreed and thought it had been easier the way it had been done.

There was a knock at the door, and Sasha and Michael walked in. Brando assured them he was fine, although Michael wanted to know who had shot him. Jason announced that he would let Brando tell them, and he left. Brando related that he didn't know anything about the shooter, and he asked Sasha about her own recovery.

Sasha answered that she was doing well, and Brando sent her and Michael off for the evening plans he guessed they'd had. As she and Brando exchanged meaningful looks, Sasha promised to return. Brando looked after them longingly.

Out in the hallway, Britt told T.J. how impressed she was that he had stayed late on Valentine's Day. He admitted that he hadn't even been on the schedule, and he was in a hurry to leave because he had a big night planned. Britt joked that her heart belonged to the hospital. As T.J. stepped onto an elevator, he noted how much Britt had changed. She mumbled that she still had tricks, and she marched into a room to visit with Brad.

Britt sat on Brad's bed as they celebrated Valentine's Day by filling gift bags for young patients. She revealed that she'd gotten him out of prison by claiming that he needed a second procedure after his prison stabbing. They joked and teased. "Does Lucas know I'm here?" Brad asked.

Britt claimed that she hadn't seen Lucas much and didn't know, although Brad reminded her that she made the schedule. He suddenly noticed that Britt's hand was shaking, and he asked her about it. Britt insisted she was fine and under lots of pressure. Brad tried to pursue it, but Britt was unwilling to discuss it. She needed to deliver the bags, and she declined Brad's offer to help. She reminded him that he had to remain unseen.

Out in the hallway, Britt accidentally knocked some of the bags off of the cart. Jason walked over and offered to help. Britt asked him for help in delivering the bags unless Jason thought he was too "badass" to do so.

As T.J. tried to rush out, he received a call about a patient. As he concluded his call, an elderly man and husband of a patient stopped to chat. The man mentioned that it was his wedding anniversary, and he hoped that T.J. found long-lasting love, too.

Close by, Lucas and Felix joked about their not having any plans for the evening. Felix suggested they go out for a drink. Lucas and Felix rode the elevator and stepped off on another floor. Lucas made it clear that he wasn't ready for a date. Felix assured him that it was not a date, and they would go out as friends. Brad overheard their voices in the hallway, and he peered through the window blinds. Lucas was showing Felix a photo, and they cemented their plans for drinks.

Jordan ran into T.J. in the hallway. She was aware that he was angry at her, but she offered to help after hearing him attempting to arrange for a car-share without success. He admitted that his car wouldn't start, and he was late in getting somewhere. He asked for a ride, and Jordan readily agreed. She even offered to use the siren.

Elizabeth and Franco returned home. Elizabeth informed Cameron, Josslyn, and Trina that Franco hadn't been feeling well. Franco joked as he showed Cameron his clump of hair.

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