General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 22, 2021 on GH
T.J. and Molly legalized their domestic partnership. Nina enjoyed a visit with Wiley. Curtis decided to buy a nightclub. Liesl found the letter sent by D. Marick to Peter. Ava paid Ryan a visit. Martin reunited with Florence. Franco decided to move out.
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Finn was notified his DNA test results were in, and Liesl found the letter sent by D. Marick to Peter
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Cameron shows his support for Franco Cameron shows his support for Franco
Monday, February 22, 2021

In his room at the hospital, Brad left a message for Lucas. He informed Lucas that he was in the hospital for a follow-up procedure after his stabbing. He added that he'd seen Lucas with Felix, but he was there on the tenth floor. He said that he and Lucas didn't even have to talk, but he pleaded with Lucas to swing by and maybe show him pictures of Wiley.

Britt invited Jason along with her to deliver Valentine's goodies to the kids in the hospital, but he replied, "I'm not big on holidays." She accused him of being chicken, and he visibly tried to figure her out. She insisted that he couldn't read her, but he thought that she knew how the lonely kids felt. Jason joined her in the elevator with her cart of goodies, and she exclaimed, "Let's get to work!"

Later, Britt and Jason returned with an almost empty cart. A little girl tugged on Jason's jacket and informed him that she had been in the bathroom when the two had visited her room. Britt apologized to the little girl, Berkeley, and Jason handed her a bag. "Yay! Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Cupid!" Berkeley exclaimed, and she ran off with her bag. Britt knew that helping her out wouldn't have been Jason's first choice in Valentine's Day activities, but he admitted that he'd had worse nights. He wished her a happy holiday and left.

As Brad looked out the window in his room toward the hall, Britt arrived with one last Valentine's bag. She advised him to take it back to Pentonville so that the other inmates would think that he'd gotten lucky. She gave him the bag and hugged him.

At the Port Charles Grill, Willow knew that both she and Chase wanted to act like the previous few months had never happened. She thought that they needed to learn from the time and use what they'd learned to find their way back to each other. Chase was more than happy to do that. He remarked that he'd really enjoyed the wine she'd chosen, and she related that Michael was having a wine cabinet put in at the gatehouse. She loved living at the gatehouse, since it was so close to Wiley. He wondered if she was ready to go, and she answered that she was. He asked where she wanted to go next.

Still at the hospital, Michael got a text message that the nanny couldn't get Wiley to stop crying. Sasha offered to accompany him, but he didn't want to ruin her night. She figured she could go visit more with Brando, and Michael thought the choice between Brando and a screaming child was easy. "I'm coming with you," she said, and they left.

When Michael and Sasha arrived at the Quartermaine mansion, Michael headed toward the stairs to go check on Wiley. Sasha asked to tag along, as she understood meltdowns. When the two returned downstairs, Michael commented on how Wiley had stopped crying as soon as he'd seen Sasha. He added that Wiley had missed Sasha, and he admitted that he had, too. Sasha thought that she would make the same choices all over again, but she was happy that the previous few months were behind them. Michael suggested that they focus on the "here and now." "What do you have in mind?" she wondered.

A short while later, Michael was beating Sasha at a game of chess. He thought the game could be a good distraction. He related that he'd been talking to Kristina, whose mother was having a hard time staying sober. Sasha recognized that he was wondering if she had any urge to use anymore. She told him that she got a lot of good tips in her sober classes, so she hadn't thought about it at all that night. When their game was over, Sasha decided to leave, as she was having trouble leaving behind what they'd had together. Michael disclosed that there was "emotional scar tissue" to deal with, and he needed to learn to trust her again, which was why he'd wanted to start over. As the two got closer, the door burst open, and Chase and Willow entered.

Willow apologized for interrupting and explained that she'd just wanted to check on Wiley. Michael updated her on what had happened that night. He promised Sasha that he would make up for the night soon, and she kissed his cheek and left. Michael wished Willow and Chase a happy holiday and went into the living room. Willow thanked Chase for a lovely evening and promised to do it again soon. He kissed her cheek and left, and she joined Michael in the living room. He invited her to watch a movie, Love Actually, with him, and she recognized it as a movie where everyone was in love with the wrong people.

At the Port Charles Grill, the server returned to Nikolas and Ava's table with another gift for Ava. Nikolas asked the server who had sent Ava the first gift, the cockroach in the glass case, but the server answered that it had been at the restaurant when he'd gotten there. Nikolas asked the server to "ask around," so the server walked away. "I hope this one is from you," Ava muttered, and Nikolas agreed. He didn't want the first gift to ruin the night, and she refused to let it. She opened the second gift to find a beautiful bracelet, and he pointed out the engraving on the inside reading, "June 13th, 2016." He reminded her that it was the day they'd first run into each other on the flight to England. They reminisced about the day as he put the bracelet on her wrist.

The server returned and informed Nikolas and Ava that the gift had even been there when the manager had arrived for the day. He handed Ava an envelope that had accompanied the gift and walked away. On the front of the envelope was typed, "Mrs. Cassadine." She tore open the envelope and read, "Secrets and cockroaches, the only two things that always survive, except for us." They both assumed that it was from Ryan, but they wondered how he could have done it.

At the city hall office, Molly feared that something had happened to T.J., but Kristina knew that he would be there. "It's Valentine's Day; love wins," Kristina assured Molly. Just then, T.J. burst into the office and apologized for being late. He hoped that Molly wouldn't mind another guest, and Jordan entered. Molly was happy to have Jordan there. Molly and T.J. handed their paperwork and identifications to the clerk. Jordan muttered to Kristina that the clerk didn't seem friendly, and Kristina replied, "Don't get me started."

When it was time to sign the documents, Kristina and Jordan ceremoniously handed Molly and T.J. pens. Even though he'd wanted to get married, Molly told him that a domestic partnership seemed right, and he agreed. Molly signed, then T.J. signed, and they embraced. The clerk congratulated them and handed back the official documentation of their domestic partnership. Jordan took some pictures of the happy couple. Just then, her phone went off, and she walked away to answer it. She answered the phone to Nikolas, who updated her on Ava's gift, and he asked about Ryan's condition. Jordan assured him that she was kept in the loop about Ryan's condition, and there had been no change.

When Jordan returned to the group a few minutes later, T.J. was shaking the clerk's hand and thanking her. Jordan expressed how proud she was of T.J., who called it the best night of his life. Jordan found a song on her phone and thought it was perfect for a first dance. T.J. reminded her that it wasn't a wedding, but Molly chimed in that she would enjoy a dance. The clerk smiled in the background as Molly and T.J. danced, and Jordan took pictures.

Nikolas informed Ava that there had apparently been no change in Ryan's condition, and they needed to figure out who had helped Ryan. Nikolas added that, once Ryan was taken care of, they could plan their wedding. The two looked forward to spending the rest of their lives together.

At the club, Portia assured Curtis that they could leave if he wanted to. He answered that he didn't want to go yet, and she agreed. He grappled with when to tell his client that his wife was cheating on him, as the client had wanted to know as soon as possible. Portia urged Curtis to call the client the next day, as otherwise, the client would always associate Valentine's Day with cheating.

Curtis talked about Jordan, which started Portia talking about Taggert. However, she didn't want to talk about failed relationships on Valentine's Day. Curtis thanked Portia for her help, as he'd blended in better with her. She admitted that she'd had fun "playing detective," and he thought it was good to get outside one's comfort zone and "shake things up." He mentioned that the owner of the club was having financial issues, and the club was for sale. He thought that it could be time for him to shake things up, too.

Franco showed Cameron the hair that had fallen out of Franco's head and joked that they would save a lot of money on shampoo. Franco remarked that Jake had made a great banner for Franco and Elizabeth's "Valeversary," and Cameron shakily chimed in that Aiden had made a cake. Josslyn and Trina reminded Cameron that he'd also written a song for the two, but he ran upstairs instead. Elizabeth apologized to the girls for Cameron's rudeness, but they insisted that they knew Cameron had trouble expressing his feelings. They followed Cameron upstairs, and Franco wished that Cameron would worry about normal teenager things instead. He hoped that the girls would get Cameron to talk to them.

In the bathroom, Cameron looked in the mirror and told himself, "You can do it. You have to." He went on about showing Franco, Aiden, and Jake that sickness wasn't scary or weird, and he needed to step up as a big brother. There was a knock on the door, and Trina and Josslyn insisted that he let them in. He opened the door and said that he'd only let them in because he needed their help. He told them that he wanted no pushback, and he held up an electric razor.

Josslyn and Trina protested and refused to shave Cameron's "gorgeous hair" off. He wanted to support Franco, and he thought that Josslyn would do the same if Carly got sick. Josslyn urged him to sleep on it, but he refused. "This is your last chance. Are you sure?" a tearful Josslyn asked. "Absolutely," Cameron answered, and Josslyn began to shave a crying Cameron's head.

Elizabeth got some chicken broth for Franco, and he confessed that he'd seen their night going differently. She suggested that they finally go on their honeymoon when he was feeling better, but he was frustrated that it wasn't enough. She insisted that it was, and she wished a happy "Valerversary" to the love of her life. They were talking about possible honeymoon spots when she wondered if he felt well enough to kiss her. As the two got closer, Trina and Josslyn returned downstairs. Trina told the adults not to be alarmed, and Josslyn warned them that the intention had been good, but the outcome would be distressing. Cameron returned downstairs with a hat on. He took it off to reveal a buzz cut, shocking Elizabeth and Franco.

Josslyn insisted that she and Trina had tried to talk Cameron out of shaving his head. An emotional Franco wondered why Cameron had done it, and Cameron answered, "Two bald heads are better than one. I am with you, Franco. I'm in this with you all the way." Elizabeth expressed how proud she was of Cameron, and Franco requested to be there when Jake and Aiden saw Cameron for the first time. Elizabeth, Josslyn, and Trina had fun giving Cameron and Franco different hats to try on. Franco proclaimed that it was the best Valeversary he could have asked for.

The case against Carly and Jax is closed The case against Carly and Jax is closed
Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Maxie met with Nina in Nina's Crimson office and admitted she'd heard the talk about Nina at Sonny's funeral. Nina admitted that she'd been furious after she'd overheard a conversation between Carly and Jax regarding Nelle's death and the fact that they'd been present. She was angry that Jax had encouraged Carly to keep quiet, and she'd lost her composure at the cemetery. Everyone had stared at her.

Nina felt that the people who had stared should have been more focused on what Carly and Jax had done rather than to look at "crazy Nina." She confessed that she'd gone to the police commissioner to complain because Carly and Jax should have been held responsible for Nelle's death. Maxie was dumbfounded, and she reminded Nina that Nelle had been a "raging psychopath."

Nina agreed but added that Nelle had also been a person, and she should know how Nelle had died. Nina pointed out that Nelle had been raised without love with a father who had "sold her for parts." Nina broke down and began to sob. Maxie sympathized, but she made it clear that many people had had difficult lives for many reasons but had turned out to be good. Nelle had decided to hurt people.

Nina wondered if Maxie thought she should drop it and just leave Carly and Jax out of her life. Maxie thought it was for Nina to choose, but she asked how Nina would have acted if she'd been in Carly's shoes. She asked if Nina's first thought would have been to save Nelle from falling or to think that Nelle might have tricked her and pulled her over the edge of the cliff.

Nina insisted that Jax and Carly had lied many times, but Maxie asked if Nina thought that prison would be the right place for them. Nina admitted that Maxie was right; she hadn't thought about Carly's children but had focused on Wiley. Maxie encouraged Nina to do that, and Nina was thankful for having such a good friend. Maxie reminded her that they were family, and they had made the pact with Britt over Nathan's grave.

"The sparrow has landed," Britt whispered to a disguised Liesl, who was sitting at a table at the local nightclub. Britt insisted that she wanted a code name just like the one that Anna had. Liesl insisted that "scarecrow" was a name of derision for Anna. Britt revealed that Anna had pumped her for information on Liesl's whereabouts, but Britt had remained silent.

Britt wondered why Liesl was dressed as she was, since she'd been cleared of charges and set free. Liesl explained that she wanted an "element of surprise" in order to unmask Henrik. She knew that proof was out there somewhere, and she also wanted revenge. She needed to protect Maxie and James, as well. Britt divulged that she'd run into Peter at the cemetery as he had been making promises to Nathan. Liesl was furious and appalled.

Britt added that she'd told Peter all about Nathan's goodness and how Maxie had loved him. She asked if Liesl had ever thought that Peter would follow in Faison's footsteps. Liesl was proud of Britt's talk about Nathan, and she cited that Peter was "no Caesar." She declared that Peter had been desperate to maintain the illusion of being a good guy, but his mask would crack. Britt wondered if Liesl had a plan, and Liesl admitted that it was time to confront Peter.

Liesl made a phone call and learned that Peter and Maxie would be out to dinner. It was time that she visited their place while no one was home.

Anna and Finn made arrangements to escalate their search for Liesl. Finn was ready to spend the rest of their lives together. After Finn headed out to Peter's place, Valentin showed up. He revealed that he had spoken to Peter, and it was not only "as bad as we feared" but was worse. He blamed himself for Peter's rocky start to life, but Anna assured him he wasn't responsible. She guessed that Peter had been lying all along.

Valentin disclosed that Peter had admitted to framing Liesl as well as having arranged the hit on Andre and Franco because of Franco having Drew's memories. He considered Peter good at making people disappear if they appeared to be getting too close to the truth. Anna realized that Peter had arranged for Drew's plane to go down.

Valentin mentioned that Peter had publicly blasted information about the return of Franco's tumor, and Anna realized that it had been to discredit Franco. She also suspected that Peter had been working with Helena and Faison at the time that Drew had been abducted in Afghanistan. Valentin admitted he'd known about it already, and he hadn't told her because he'd hoped Peter's bad behavior had been in the past.

Valentin had figured out that Peter's redemption was all a lie. Anna felt bad that she had stood up for Peter all along, and she felt that she was to blame for any harm he'd done. Alex had given her the memory of Peter's birth in order for Anna to protect and raise him, but she'd chosen to turn her back on him and carry the guilt instead. Valentin thought about his own attempt to make up for the damage he'd done to Peter early on.

Anna grabbed Valentin's hand and asked what they should do. "At what point does protecting Peter put those we love most at risk?" Valentin wondered. Anna's eyes filled with tears.

Peter returned home and ignored the pile of mail sitting on the table. There was a brown envelope with the return address of D. Marick sitting in the pile. There was a knock on the door, and it was Finn. He had their wedding attire in hand. The men dressed in their tuxes and were happy with their look.

After assessing that the outfits were perfect, Finn and Peter changed back into their everyday clothing. Finn admitted he was corny, but his life had changed with Anna's love. Peter agreed that he felt the same about both Maxie and Anna. If Anna hadn't been his mother, his life might have continued down the dark road that he'd been on.

After Finn had gone, Peter received a phone call from Anna. She asked him to stop at her house because there was something important that they needed to talk about.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael informed Willow that Carly had confirmed that Nelle had been Nina's daughter. Nina had been upset with Jax and had also believed that Carly had been responsible for Nelle's fall. Michael also disclosed that Jax and Carly were to be interviewed by the FBI because Nina had insisted that a crime had been committed.

Willow recalled all that Nina had done for Wiley before learning that Nelle had been her daughter, and she empathized that people did terrible things when they were grieving. She wanted to help Wiley and Nina to get to know each other. Wiley joined them, and Michael was happy to see Wiley and Willow together. They agreed that Nina should know the toddler, although Michael wasn't sure it was the right time. Willow believed that it could help Nina.

Jax joined Alexis at a table at the Bistro for some coffee, and he told her what had happened with Nina at Sonny's funeral. He disclosed that he was due to give a statement to the FBI, and he confirmed that Nelle's death being an accident had been simplified. Alexis wasn't able to give any advice, and Jax explained that he wanted to do what was best for Nina.

Jax was sorry for Nina's pain, and he wasn't sure what to do. Alexis declared that it was Nina's word versus Carly's word, and she wondered how the interview would benefit Nina. Jax wanted Nina to know that he was on her side. Alexis urged him not to throw himself under a bus.

After Jax had departed, Finn spotted Alexis and sat down with some coffee. He admitted that he was dreading all the fuss of the wedding but had been made to realize that the fuss was for everyone else. He thought that Alexis looked happier or "happyish," and she showed him her second 24-hour chip and the three cups of coffee she'd already had. He knew how difficult things were, and he promised to be there for her.

Finn grabbed Alexis' hand and urged her not to argue with what he had to say. He complimented her on being captivating, brilliant, and kind, and he insisted that she stop treating herself the way that she had been. She deserved better, and he wanted her to do what she had to do to get better.

Carly sighed as she waited in the interrogation room at the police station with Diane. They were waiting for the federal agent, Wilson, to arrive. Carly announced that she would stick to her original story and acknowledge that Nina had misunderstood what she'd overheard. Diane admonished her for not telling Nina about Nelle to begin with, and she wondered if Jax would try to protect Nina instead. Diane explained that the Feds would look for inconsistencies and would use Carly due to Sonny's criminal enterprise.

Special Agent Wilson arrived and sat down. He asked about the conversation that Nina had overheard about Carly being present during Nelle's fall. Carly maintained that she stood by her original statement and had not been present. Nina had been mistaken. Carly insisted that she couldn't remember details of her conversation with Jax, as it had been her husband's funeral, and the day was a blur.

The agent asked about the night in question, where Jax fit in, and if Carly had anything to add. Carly stuck to her story and had nothing to add. The agent sent her outside to wait, and at that point, Jax was waiting to interview. He stepped into the room with the agent.

Maxie showed up at the nightclub for her last date with Peter before the wedding. She saw Britt and joined her for a "mocktail." Maxie talked about how good it felt to have sisters again after the pact they'd made with Nina at Nathan's grave.

Liesl broke into Maxie and Peter's apartment and began to look around.

At Crimson, Nina heard a knock on the door. It was Willow and Michael, who held Wiley in his arms. Michael asked if it was a good time for a visit. "Hi!" the little boy called out as he waved to Nina.

Carly was summoned back into the interrogation room. Agent Wilson indicated that without evidence, there was no reason to pursue the case, and it would be closed. Diane walked him out. Carly was happy it was over, but Jax assured her that Nina wouldn't be happy. Carly didn't care.

Peter's pursuers get closer Peter's pursuers get closer
Wednesday, February 24, 2021

At the Bistro, Carly and Jason hugged in celebration of the charges against Carly and Jax being dropped. Carly complained that Nina still believed that Carly could have saved Nelle, but she believed that Nina only saw the daughter that she hadn't been able to raise or love. Carly declared that while Nina was Wiley's grandmother, she was, too, and she vowed to make certain that Nina was emotionally stable.

Liesl broke into Maxie and Peter's empty apartment and began to search in the dark for some incriminating evidence against Peter. She held her flashlight in front of her as she wandered around. She was determined to find it. She bent down to pick up the stack of mail that she had knocked onto the floor earlier and noticed the brown envelope that contained a return address from D. Marick.

Liesl sat down and opened the envelope. Inside, there was a letter and a flash drive which she inserted into the laptop on the desk. Alex appeared on the screen and said that she was probably dead, and she wanted Peter to hear the truth.

Britt and Maxie shared a table at the nightclub. Britt admitted that she'd never had sisters, and she was happy to be "linked" to Nina and Maxie. She wondered how it would be if she said something to someone who might not want to hear it. Maxie quickly went on the defensive and began to shout. She assumed Britt had been referring to Peter and Maxie's upcoming marriage.

After Maxie was finished with her tirade, Britt offered to leave in order to allow Maxie a quiet date night with Peter. Maxie suggested that she would prefer a relaxing night at home instead, and Britt quickly stopped her. She reminded Maxie that it could be her last night out before her wedding and the birth of her baby. Maxie mentioned how late Peter was, and Britt wondered about Maxie's trust.

Maxie quickly retorted that it had nothing to do with trust but with concern. She was worried that something had happened to Peter. Britt wanted to support Maxie, who assured her it wasn't needed. Britt asked why Maxie was always so quick to jump to Peter's defense if she didn't care about anyone else's opinion of him.

Maxie was certain that Peter would prove everyone wrong. She pointed out all that he had come from and all that he'd done. He also had Anna as his mother. Britt wasn't convinced and admitted that she doubted Peter's goodness, as she knew more about Peter's background. Maxie had a bad feeling, but Britt stopped her from leaving for home again. Britt pointed out all the reasons as to why Peter might not have called. She finally agreed to accompany Maxie home.

Peter arrived at Anna's house after receiving her summons. She told him she thought it was time they face the truth together. She wanted to know if Peter had been honest because she felt it was the right time for him to come clean if there was something he needed to tell her. Anna divulged that she'd spoken to Valentin, who wanted Peter to be happy and not go down the wrong path.

Anna showed Peter the file she possessed that linked him to the assassin David Black. Peter wondered why she still had the document and asked if she had others. Anna proclaimed that she had wanted to protect Peter, and she had tampered with evidence. Peter insisted he was innocent, but Anna spoke of her concern for Maxie. She ordered him to say something if the paper trail was real in order to clear his conscience.

Peter claimed to be confused. He didn't understand the link to him and accused Liesl of creating the lie. He admitted that while he might have had contact with Black, Liesl had concocted the document. He thought it should be destroyed. Peter asked Anna if he could take a closer look. It was a bank statement that proved payment had been made to Black.

Peter thought that destroying the document would keep Liesl away. He noted that he believed that Liesl had set herself free and would go after him and turn Maxie against him. Anna announced that she wanted the Peter who she believed him to be. Peter took the folder and tossed it into the roaring fire. He maintained that there was no moving backward but only a look to the future. He would see Anna on their wedding day, and he couldn't wait. He kissed her and left.

Anna phoned Valentin and told him that she'd given Peter a chance, but Valentin had been right. She began to weep as she declared that they had to stop Peter.

Michael, Willow, and Wiley paid a surprise visit to Nina at the Crimson office. Nina spoke to the little boy gently. She began to identify herself as his grandmother but stopped herself short. "I'm Nina," she said. She made mention of Nelle being Wiley's mother, but Michael quickly corrected her. He emphasized that Willow was Wiley's mother.

Nina appreciated the visit, and she apologized for her scene at the cemetery. Michael indicated that Carly had been cleared of charges, and the case had been closed. He hoped that Nina could move past it. Nina admitted that she'd received a phone call from the Feds, and her only concern was for Wiley. She stooped down onto the floor to match Wiley's height and spoke to him about polar bears. She led him to her desk and plopped him on her lap in order for them to interact on her laptop.

As Nina entertained Wiley, Michael told her she was a natural. Babysitting was mentioned, and Nina couldn't wait. As she joked and interacted with the family, Carly stepped off the elevator and listened. She stood in the doorway as everyone looked up in surprise. Carly made it clear that it was past Wiley's bedtime, and Michael agreed they should get home.

After Michael, Willow, and Wiley had gone, Carly closed the door. She suggested that Nina had better play her cards right, or it would be the last time she'd be with Wiley. Nina reminded Carly that Wiley was her grandson, too, and it was all up to Michael and Willow. Carly mentioned Nelle, who had given Wiley away, and the women argued over Nelle's death.

Carly noted that she was no longer under suspicion. Nina asked Carly how long she would have remained silent and kept Nina from Wiley. She was Wiley's grandmother, and Carly could not take him away like she had taken Nina's daughter away. Carly accused Nina of spiraling out of control, but she said they needed to compromise. They'd both made mistakes.

Carly added that Nina should work things out with Jax and let go of her bitterness. Nina retorted that she hadn't asked for advice. Carly threatened that Nina had better not pull a similar stunt again like she had at the cemetery. She stormed out, and Nina was angry.

At the Quartermaines', Robert told Olivia that Alexis had been arrested. He asked about Ned, but Olivia preferred to talk about Robert's life instead. She asked if he'd made peace with Maxie's choice of husband. Robert admitted that if he gave his blessing, he'd be lying; if he opposed it, there would be damage. He made it clear, though, that he wouldn't do nothing, and he and Olivia shared evil grins.

Robert removed his coat as Olivia offered to help. She revealed that Peter had fired Dante and had stated that Dante hadn't been a "good fit." Robert told her the stabbing was an ongoing investigation that he couldn't discuss. Olivia went to fetch one of Ned's special bottles of wine that he'd been saving. While she was gone, the doorbell rang, and Robert opened it.

It was Alexis, and she wanted to talk to Olivia. Robert didn't think it was a good idea. Olivia returned with the bottle and stopped short when she saw Alexis. Olivia agreed to listen to what Alexis had to say, although Robert tried to talk her out of it. Finally, he grabbed his coat and asked for a rain check on the bottle. The women headed into the study. Olivia gave Alexis five minutes to talk.

Alexis indicated that her drinking had been out of control, and she was sorry for what she'd done to Dante. Olivia admitted she was surprised to see Alexis and had figured that she'd be out drinking. Alexis made it clear that she took full responsibility for what had happened, and it was only her first day of sobriety. She called Olivia a good friend, and she wanted to make things up to her. She asked how much time she had left. Olivia declared that Alexis was "off the clock" and told her to continue talking.

Alexis was thankful for Olivia's forgiveness, but Olivia quickly replied that she hadn't forgiven Alexis. Olivia noted that Alexis had missed Sonny's funeral, but Alexis explained that she hadn't wanted to draw attention to herself. Olivia wondered if Alexis would have stabbed Dante with the syringe if she hadn't been drinking, because she felt that Alexis would keep hurting people if she didn't get help. Oliva added that Alexis needed actions, not just intentions. She thought that Alexis had taken the first step by showing up.

In another area of the house, Michael and Willow spoke about Wiley's successful visit with Nina. Willow complimented Michael on reaching out to Nina. Willow had to leave, as she had an early class in the morning. Michael apologized for ruining Willow's Valentine's Day with the movie, but she assured him she'd enjoyed it. She hoped she and Chase hadn't ruined Michael's evening.

Michael acknowledged that he'd be dating Sasha, and Willow established that she was with Chase. They agreed that had been the reason for the annulment. Willow left, and Michael was clearly unhappy.

Robert joined Jason at the Bistro and clarified that Jason had been running Sonny's businesses. He wanted Jason to keep an eye out for Peter. Jason assured Robert that he hadn't forgotten about Peter. Jason spoke about the Invader article about Franco that had not really had anything to do with Franco's tumor but had been about trying to shut Franco up. Jason received a message and had to leave. He revealed that he had to make a trip out of town.

"I do believe I've struck the mother lode," Liesl exclaimed excitedly after viewing the flash drive at Maxie and Peter's place. She chuckled at the mother reference. Suddenly, she heard Britt and Maxie noisily returning home. Maxie tried to get Britt to lower her voice as Liesl quickly hid. The women entered, and Maxie called out for Peter. Britt took off her coat.

Maxie wanted to call the police, but Britt urged her to wait a little longer. Britt thought that Maxie should rest for the baby while Britt attempted to reach Peter instead. Maxie headed to her bedroom, and Britt called out that it was clear. Liesl emerged from her hiding spot, and Britt explained that she could sense that her mother was still there.

"Henrik is as good as dead," Liesl crowed. Britt quickly pushed her out the front door. Awhile later, Maxie returned to the living room and was surprised to see that Britt was still there. Just then, Peter arrived and assured Maxie that he was fine. He promised not to let her worry again. They shared an embrace.

Ava pays Ryan a visit Ava pays Ryan a visit
Thursday, February 25, 2021

In Finn's office at the hospital, Finn looked through Franco's scans, and Elizabeth wanted his opinion. He reminded her that cancer wasn't his specialty, but he divulged that the tumor appeared unchanged after Franco's first round of radiation. "Damn!" Elizabeth exclaimed in despair. After calming down, she admitted that she was mad at herself for being mad at Franco for getting sick. She talked about how Franco had hidden his diagnosis and had made plans without her, which Finn assured her was common.

Elizabeth lamented that Franco had put radiation off to go to Switzerland, and she wondered if the delay had made him too sick to get better. Finn thought that Franco was "too damn annoying to die," and the two shared a chuckle. She talked about Franco's side effects and about Cameron shaving his head in solidarity. "It looks like you have Franco covered, but who's covering you?" Finn wondered. Elizabeth replied that she had Laura, Bobbie, and Epiphany to confide in, and Finn urged her not to forget about him. She thanked Finn for "talking me off the ledge," and she left.

Asleep at home, Franco tossed and turned as he heard Peter's voice in his head repeating, "Please meet Drew Cain. You know his brother, Jason." Franco called out for Jason until Cameron tried to wake Franco up. Startled, Franco leapt up from the couch and pinned Cameron down with his fist drawn back. He backed off as soon as he realized it was Cameron and profusely apologized. Cameron took the blame and wondered if Franco remembered anything about his apparent nightmare, which Franco didn't. Cameron informed Franco that he'd been calling out for Jason. "Everything is always about Jason," Franco complained.

Cameron thought it made sense that Franco was having a nightmare about Jason, since Jason hated Franco. Franco questioned why Cameron cared about what Jason thought. "Just in case I have to do something about it," Cameron replied. Franco advised that there was nothing anyone could do about Jason, but Cameron countered, "The hell there isn't." Cameron talked about all the people who thought that Franco deserved to die, so he wanted to defend his family. Franco didn't want Cameron picking fights with anyone, especially over him.

Franco advised Cameron that he needed to continue to be "honorable" because Jake and Aiden looked up to Cameron, at least until Cameron went to California for college. Cameron stated that he was staying put in Port Charles, which he'd decided on Valentine's Day. He thought that so much had changed since he'd filled out his applications that he might not even go to college at all. "You didn't leave me when I was in trouble. Why would I leave you?" Cameron said.

Sam admired the nightclub, and she pointed out a few women at the bar, ogling Curtis. She jokingly asked if she needed to call Jordan to save him, but Curtis commented that Jordan had enough to do saving herself. Over a drink, Curtis told Sam about him and Jordan, and Sam understood why he was questioning himself. He admitted that he'd also been questioning his career choice, as he was sick of dealing in other people's dirty secrets. Sam wondered what he wanted to do instead. "You're looking at it," he replied.

Sam warned Curtis that he'd still have to listen to people's problems, but Curtis answered that he could go home at the end of the night without thinking about them. "Go for it," Sam encouraged him, and she mentioned how much she missed being a private investigator. Curtis offered to sell his half of their private investigation firm so that he could use the money to close the deal on the nightclub. "Let the bidding begin," she said.

Jordan was in her office when Portia arrived, demanding that Jordan give Cyrus whatever he wanted in order to help Taggert go free. Jordan assumed that Cyrus hadn't told Portia what Cyrus had asked for in return. She explained that Cyrus wanted Jordan to give up Jason's leverage, which would leave the town open for a mob war and a drug epidemic. Portia didn't care what Cyrus wanted, as she just wanted to protect Trina's happiness. Backtracking, Portia just asked for Jordan to get Portia in to see Taggert, as he'd been refusing to see Portia and Trina. "Tell her it's on me," Jordan offered, but Portia didn't want to lie to Trina.

Jordan replied that it wouldn't be a lie, as effective immediately, she would bar Taggert from having visitors. Portia jokingly asked if Jordan was willing to face Trina's fury, and Jordan thought that she deserved it. "It's the best I can do for now," Jordan said, and Portia replied, "I'll take it for now." Portia expressed her condolences about Curtis and Jordan's relationship. "Cyrus has ruined a lot of lives," Portia commented, and she left.

In a house in Vermont, Bobbie read a romance novel to Florence. Florence remarked that Martin had read to her all the time, but it had been "nothing steamy like this." She remembered how Martin's soothing voice had lulled her right to sleep. Bobbie could see how much Florence missed Martin, and she promised that Florence would see her son soon. Bobbie had to go get Florence's medication, so she left the room.

Outside in the woods, Jason told someone on the phone, "I see it, but don't do anything yet. Let's see how this plays out."

In a car outside the house in Vermont, Martin crammed fried chicken into his mouth and reasoned that he only ate like that when he was nervous. He added that no one made fried chicken like his mother. He wondered why Jackie was convinced that that was the house Florence was in. She told him to look in the backseat, and he grabbed a bag of garbage. Inside the bag were two empty pill bottles, the labels of which Martin recognized as being things that Florence took, and Bobbie was listed as the patient. Jackie explained that a nurse who owed Jackie a favor had reached out to someone who helped Bobbie out when she needed a break.

Martin questioned why Jackie hadn't called the police, but Jackie didn't want Florence to get caught in a shootout between the police and Jason's men. Martin wanted to know what the plan was. Jackie explained that she'd gotten the layout of the house from renovation plans in the county clerk's office, and she'd committed the layout to memory. She guessed that Florence would be on the first floor, since she could be more easily moved. She continued that the guards worked twelve-hour shifts, and their best opportunity to get into the house was a changeover, "which is now." He asked what the plan was if they got caught, and she responded that there wasn't one, "so don't get caught." Martin muttered to himself that he would "live to regret this" as he followed Jackie out of the car.

A few minutes later, Martin followed Jackie through the house. She entered a dark room, and Martin called out for Florence. He turned on the lights and saw Jason sitting there. "Wrong room," Jason said. Jason had been wondering if they were ever going to get out of the car. Martin demanded to see his mother. Jackie warned that if she could track Florence there, Cyrus could, too. She reasoned that Florence had told Martin that she was doing well, but Martin just wanted to see it with his own eyes.

A few minutes later, Jason led Martin and Jackie to Florence's room, and Martin and Florence were ecstatic to see each other. Martin expressed how much he'd missed her. Florence assured him that Bobbie and "Mr. Blue Eyes" were taking wonderful care of her. Jackie chimed in that Cyrus was anxious to see Florence, too, but Florence crossed her arms and said, "That man can wait." She called Cyrus a "lost soul," and she wondered where she and Gordon had gone wrong with him. Jackie wondered if Florence could tell her about that, and she took a recorder out.

Outside the room, Bobbie asked Jason if they would have to let Florence go, since Martin and Jackie knew where Florence was. Jason replied that it was too soon to know what would happen and how Cyrus would react.

At the hospital, Nikolas handed a wad of cash to the guard outside of a room and instructed him that it was for "30 uninterrupted minutes." As the guard left, Laura stepped off the elevator, and Nikolas pulled her away to discuss wedding ideas. Ava crept around the corner and went into the room. She coolly wondered why Ryan was back in the hospital. She looked through his file and discovered that he had bedsores. She taunted him over how helpless he was, so she was impressed that he'd managed to get her a gift. She vowed to identify whoever had helped him so she could put an end to it.

Ava continued that the note had been a nice touch. She wondered if she was supposed to be scared, because, if anything, he should be scared of her. She offered to show him what she did to pests. She took the cockroach out of her bag, dropped it on the floor, and stomped on it, almost reducing it to powder. As she cleaned off her shoe, she asked if he liked her new scent. She took out a perfume bottle, which she made a point of saying had been a gift from Nikolas, and sprayed perfume on Ryan. She remembered that he was allergic to perfume and advised him to "sweat it out. There's nothing like an itch you can't scratch."

Outside of Ryan's room, Nikolas informed Laura that he and Ava wanted to plan for a late spring or early summer wedding. Laura commented that it was enough time to make peace with Spencer, and she wondered if Nikolas had talked to his son since Nikolas and Ava had decided to renew their vows. Nikolas had talked to Spencer, and he called Spencer's response "less than enthusiastic." Laura advised Nikolas to keep reaching out to Spencer, as he wouldn't change his attitude overnight. She thought that Spencer would "come around" when he saw how happy Nikolas was with Ava.

Nikolas asked Laura what was going on with Cyrus, and she told him about Florence's abduction. Nikolas didn't think an abduction sounded like something Jason would do, and Laura suspected that Carly had started it. She continued that Cyrus was holding her and Jason responsible, and Nikolas ranted that Laura had had nothing to do with it. She revealed that Cyrus believed she had the means to get Florence back, but Nikolas advised her to stay out of it. She wished she could, but she feared that Cyrus would lash out, and she didn't want her family to be around when it happened. Nikolas commented that he didn't need any more enemies.

Ava joined Nikolas and Laura, and Nikolas asked if she'd had a good chat. She joked that it had been pretty "one-sided." Nikolas thanked Laura for the advice, and he and Ava left. Laura looked into the room Ava had emerged from and saw Ryan. As she walked away, the guard returned and entered the room. He told Ryan that he'd picked up Ryan's mail, and he began to read a fan letter to Ryan. On the top of the remaining stack of mail was a piece of mail returned to the sender. The sender was Ryan, and the addressee was Spencer.

Peter orders Spinelli to stay away from the wedding Peter orders Spinelli to stay away from the wedding
Friday, February 26, 2021

Jordan showed up at Anna's house in order to get Anna to Metro Court for the wedding. She found Anna sitting alone and brooding, with a cup of tea in her hand. Jordan noted that Anna didn't seem excited about her wedding, and Anna flashed back to Peter tossing evidence into the fireplace. Anna claimed to be fine, but they were interrupted when the doorbell sounded.

Jordan opened the door to Valentin, who was dressed in his tuxedo and ready for the wedding. Anna sent Jordan ahead because she wanted to talk to Valentin in private. Anna told Valentin that she was devastated and angry at herself because Peter was not the man she had thought he was, even though both Robert and Jason had warned her. Peter was beyond their help. She and Valentin agreed that they would have to make sure that Peter wouldn't be able to hurt anyone else.

Anna disclosed that Peter had acted entitled and had disregarded the truth when he'd thrown her file into the fire. She felt that he was a man who was responsible for his own choices, regardless of the fact that Faison had been his father. She added that he had had Drew killed, and he'd attempted to kill Franco and Andre. Anna admitted that her hope for Peter's redemption had gone up in flames with the evidence. She had wanted to give him a chance to tell her the truth.

"I'm done," Anna said. She declared that Peter had to face justice. "Not quite yet," Valentin replied. He reminded her that they would need proof of Peter's crimes, and they couldn't tell Maxie the truth because it could get Peter killed. He pointed out that Maxie would tell Spinelli. Anna realized that Spinelli would tell Jason, and Jason would probably kill Peter, although he wouldn't leave a trace. Anna didn't want Jason to be involved, and she didn't want Maxie to be hurt. She didn't want the WSB involved, either.

Curtis arrived at Finn's hotel room at Metro Court. He was dressed in his tuxedo and ready for Finn's wedding. Finn thanked Curtis for helping him to get his life on track. Chase arrived shortly after and exclaimed over his brother's "big day." Finn poured Curtis some coffee, and when there was a knock at the door, Chase announced that he had invited Gregory to join them. Finn was not thrilled.

Gregory poured himself some coffee and admitted that he was preoccupied about Jackie. He noted that both of his sons had made the pain and heartache of his two marriages worth it. Just then, Finn received a text message that the results of his DNA test were in at the hospital.

Chase asked about the message, and Finn told him that there was an emergency at the hospital, and he would have to leave. He promised that he would return shortly. When Gregory called Chase "son," Finn glanced at him abruptly. After Finn had gone, Chase joked that he couldn't believe that Finn had stayed in a hotel and avoided his bride. Gregory admitted that he had done the same, but he hadn't heard from Jackie in the 24 hours prior to their wedding. He'd thought she had changed her mind.

Chase wondered if Gregory had been paranoid, and Gregory divulged that he had been. Jackie had been much younger than him, and they'd fallen in love quickly. He had never known what she'd seen in him. Gregory admitted that he'd never asked her where she'd been the day before the wedding. Chase appeared perturbed.

Outside of a room elsewhere in the hotel, Britt barred Peter from getting near Maxie. He quickly grew defensive, but she reminded him that the groom couldn't see his bride before the wedding. She suggested they get drinks instead and mix them with coffee, since it was still early.

Inside the room, Maxie finished up a phone call with Felicia, who was out of town, taking care of a sick, elderly relative. She told Maxie to open up the gifts that were present. Nina wanted to help Maxie get ready instead, but Maxie wanted to make sure that Nina was in a wedding mood. Nina insisted that she would never get to help her own daughter, so she was happy to help Maxie, who she loved.

Nina picked up one of the gifts for Maxie to open. It was a blue garter. The second gift contained earrings that had belonged to Georgie and another family member before her. Nina admired Maxie for finding a new love, but Maxie told her how upset she was that James had referred to Peter as "daddy" instead of calling him by his name. Nina was sure that Nathan would want James to have a father, but Maxie wasn't certain that Nathan would want him to be Peter.

Maxie confessed that she hadn't received Nathan's blessing when she'd visited his grave. She hadn't been able to sense his presence like usual but had felt a coldness instead.

Jason ran into Sam in the lobby as she did her own pre-wedding chore. They chatted about Carly and the charges against her that had been dropped. Sam remarked that Carly was lucky to have a friend like Jason. They were joined by Spinelli, who was dressed in a tuxedo but called it a "cursed day." Spinelli confessed that he was glad that Georgie was sick because the wedding would be a farce. Sam loudly called out hello to Britt and Peter, who were headed their way.

Spinelli wondered why the groom was in the lobby, and Peter announced that he wanted to speak to Spinelli alone. They went off, and Britt told Jason that she hadn't heard anything about the board's vote at the hospital. Sam was curious about it, and Jason merely told her that he'd been "keeping tabs" on Cyrus.

Britt asked Sam about Dante, but Sam only said that he was fine. "Good talk," Britt called out as she walked away. Jason wanted to know about Alexis and the incident at the hospital, and Sam filled him in. She mentioned that Franco had been talking to himself, and Sam had been scared.

Curtis spotted Jordan, who disclosed that she had been waiting for Anna to get there. Things were awkward between the two, and Sam interrupted to ask Curtis about the paperwork for the sale. He assured her he'd take care of it, and Sam walked away. Jordan wondered if she was allowed to ask what it was about.

Curtis told Jordan that he had realized that he had been unhappy doing investigative work, and he'd decided to change the direction of his life. He planned on buying a nightclub. Jordan hoped that everything would work out, and she asked him to save her a table at the nightclub. He agreed, and she proclaimed that she had to look out for Anna. "You look incredible," Curtis shouted as she waited by the elevator. She stepped onto it and began to cry.

Peter informed Spinelli that he was tired of Spinelli's games, and he did not want Spinelli to be at his wedding. Spinelli shouted that he didn't want to be there, and Peter gruffly ordered him to leave. As Peter stood by, Spinelli made a phone call to Maxie and told her he was sick and had to go home. He wished her the best. Peter urged him to pretend to be sick if he ran into anyone on his way out. "This marriage nauseates me," Spinelli exclaimed.

Maxie informed Nina that Spinelli had left, but she thought it had been difficult for him to attend, anyway. She thought it was hard for Nina, too, and she didn't want Nina to be there, either.

At General Hospital, Lesley and Laura shared some coffee in a conference room and gloated over Lesley's successful maneuver with Monica. Lesley declared that the hospital would always be first, despite her relationship with Monica.

Cyrus stormed off an elevator and spied Jackie standing at the nurses' station. "What the hell is this?" he asked angrily as he slammed his tablet down on the counter. The front page of the Invader screamed a headline about Cyrus' mother denouncing his criminal ties. Jackie calmly told him it was journalism, but Cyrus accused her of being an accessory to a kidnapping if she had spoken to his mother.

Jackie noted that Florence hadn't seemed to be held against her will, but Cyrus demanded to know her location. Jackie assumed that the location would have been moved, and she added that Florence hadn't wanted to see her son. Jackie added that Florence's mind had seemed clear, as opposed to Cyrus' opinion of his mother's condition. An assistant interrupted to tell Cyrus that the board meeting was about to start. "We're not done here," he shouted as he left.

Cyrus entered the conference room and found only Laura and Lesley present. He asked where the other board members were. Laura announced that the meeting had already been held. "It's all over," she said. She disclosed that the board had read the newspaper article and had met early. Lesley announced that Cyrus' drug would not be submitted to the FDA for approval. She and Monica had made sure that the board had seen the article.

Cyrus was angry and yelled that Laura and Lesley had had no right to meddle. He declared that the hospital needed the income that the drug would provide. Lesley was sure that Cyrus would be the one to profit. Cyrus promised that it wasn't over. After he was gone, Laura gleefully declared that "that felt so good!" Lesley replied that she and Monica had felt that Cyrus was wrong for the hospital, and Laura revealed that it had been Cyrus' first major setback.

Out in the hallway, Jackie ran into Finn, who divulged that he was there because something had come up. Jackie asked if it was about Harry, and Finn admitted that his DNA test results were in. Jackie insisted that he couldn't go through with it. Cyrus left the conference room and saw Jackie and Finn involved in a fervent conversation. He shook his head and proceeded to take a phone call from a board member.

Jackie accused Finn of still not caring about people. She made it clear that Gregory would always be Chase's father, and they were close. She was afraid that Chase would lose everything, and she pleaded with Finn to reconsider. He finally agreed that it wasn't the right day to look at the results.

Lesley revealed that she was leaving town, but she would be consulting with Lulu's doctors. She and Laura grew emotional, and they hoped that Lulu would get better.

Cameron offered to make Franco breakfast at home, but Franco declined. Cameron was headed to work at Kelly's, but Franco wanted to talk about Cameron's decision to forego Stanford. Cameron argued that it would be best if he stayed, and Franco asked if Cameron wanted to do that after Franco had attacked him. Elizabeth entered at the end of the conversation and was perturbed to hear about an attack.

Cameron and Franco explained, although their points of view on the incident differed. Cameron revealed that he had decided to postpone college, and he confessed to Elizabeth that he had been accepted at Stanford. Franco didn't want him to take a break to help them out with finances, but Elizabeth wanted to talk about what had happened the previous night. Franco announced that he could no longer stay in the house because he didn't want to be a danger.

Elizabeth suggested that Franco check into Shadybrook as they had discussed previously, but Cameron began to argue with them. He insisted that Franco had been having a nightmare and had been startled when Cameron had woken him up. He stormed upstairs when Franco and his mother refused to veer from their plan. Franco reminded Elizabeth of their agreement, although Elizabeth guessed that Franco had just been startled and wasn't dangerous. Franco revealed he'd been dreaming about Jason.

Franco began to pack his things and stated that he would spend the night at Metro Court before checking into Shadybrook. There was a knock at the door, and it was Jason, who wanted to talk to Franco. Cameron returned. "What are you doing here?" he asked. Jason replied that he'd heard that Franco had been talking to himself. Cameron argued with his parents about staying to hear the conversation, but he finally relented after stating that he believed Jason to be a threat.

Elizabeth announced that the agreement between Franco and Jason was off. Franco informed Jason that he'd been hearing a voice in his head, and Elizabeth explained that the doctors had believed it to be leftover Drew memories. Franco added that it was Peter's voice.

Sam and Britt returned to Maxie's hotel room, but she was gone.

Maxie stood at Nathan's grave at the cemetery. "Me again" she said. She had to check in because she wasn't sure what she should do, and she needed Nathan's guidance. Suddenly, she heard footsteps and looked up. "Oh, my God, what are you doing here?" she asked.

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